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Fly Me Into the Clouds

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Mo Ran looks up from his phone when he hears persistent shuffling next to where he's sitting. In front of him, a young man dressed in a clean, white dress shirt and slacks is trying to store his suitcase in the luggage compartment above, clearly struggling, yet stubbornly refusing to ask for help. Mo Ran blinks again— the man is beautiful, his phoenix eyes concentrating on the task at hand with his lips pressed together in a determined frown.

Mo Ran gets up— and delights in the fact that he towers over the man— to help him place his luggage where it had been struggling to go for the past minute. The stranger turns around in surprise, and just stands there blinking, mouth opening and closing, clearly lost for words.

Mo Ran laughs internally, how cute.

“Don’t worry about it, helping out gorgeous strangers takes no effort." He says, and had the audacity to wink at him.

To his glee, the tips of the stranger's ears turns red, a prominent contrast against his pale skin.

Mo Ran finds himself wanting to bite that ear, nibble on it till the stranger is gasping and trembling in his arms.

What the hell are you thinking about, Mo Ran?! Get a hold of yourself!

After a pause, the man clears his throat and mumbles out a quiet "thanks" before scrambling to sit in his seat by the window. Mo Ran shakes his head to himself, this was going to be an interesting flight.


The start of the flight goes by without much interruption, Mo Ran goes back to his phone and the nameless stranger opens a book to read silently.

If Mo Ran caught him sneaking glances, he himself would be a hypocrite to call him out.

It isn’t until 30 minutes later when Mo Ran notices his companion's head starting to loll... but the man snaps out of it quickly, glancing around to make sure no one saw it, and Mo Ran pretends to be invested in his phone once more.

5 minutes later, Mo Ran tenses up when he feels the stranger’s head drop onto his shoulder, hair tickling his face as he cautiously tilts his head over slightly to get a better look.

He forces himself to relax— to accommodate the weight on his shoulder as he breathes in the scent of the nameless man. He smells nice, like haitang blossoms and clean soap. It oddly brings Mo Ran comfort and makes it easier to grasp a hold of the situation.

It seemed like he was fully out, not knowing just what kind of position he was in right now. Mo Ran chuckles internally, this situation was not what he expected to find himself in when he saw this man today. He leans forward slightly, taking full liberty to study his features— he couldn’t help it, this man was too pretty for his own good.

His face was tranquil in his sleep, dark eyelashes fanning his cheeks like feathers, with the ridge of his straight nose dipping in an elegant arc that had Mo Ran wanting to trace with his fingers. With relaxed, thin, straight eyebrows and rosy lips looking exceedingly kissable, he made for a captivating sight that had Mo Ran unable to look away.

Fuck, he’s even more beautiful up close, Mo Ran thought to himself. Seeing as he wasn’t wearing too much, he carefully draped a thin blanket over him, just to be safe.

The flight was still 3 hours away from being over, Mo Ran went back to his phone, making himself comfortable. After all, he couldn’t complain when a gorgeous beauty was sleeping on his shoulder.


When Chu Wanning blinked his eyes open some time later, he realized he was still on his flight to Beijing. Head still groggy with sleep, he takes in his surroundings and freezes. Shit, he thinks in alarm. He had fallen asleep on a stranger. Mortifying shame coursed through him and he straightens his posture immediately... Only to notice the thin blanket covering him slip off his shoulders.

Chu Wanning had never felt so dumbfounded in his life.

A chuckle was released next to him just as he looked over, face flushed with embarrassment. The man whose shoulder he was sleeping on had a charming smile dimpling his face as he looked at him, eyes glittering with mirth.

Chu Wanning broke eye contact instantly, looking down at his lap with indignity as he felt his ears continue to redden. "Sorry about that, I must have passed out." Every word he managed to squeeze out burnt with humiliation. He wished a hole could appear under him to swallow him up.

Watching his nervous reaction, Mo Ran had never wanted to smother another person into his arms so much in his 22 years of living. "It's all good, hope I was comfortable enough." Mo Ran said this with a grin, couldn't help teasing this adorable blushing stranger. Before Chu Wanning could be assaulted by another round of mortification, he said, "I'm Mo Ran by the way, nice to meet you."

Chu Wanning glanced up again to catch his still grinning face, and his heart sped up a little. Why did his face have to be so charming?! “Nice to meet you too, my name is Chu Wanning.”

Mo Ran’s eyes twinkled as he commented, "What a beautiful name to match a beautiful face."

How shameless, Chu Wanning thought to himself, the blush on his cheeks ever constant. He looked away and picked his book back up, determined not to make any more eye contact with Mo Ran for the rest of the flight. He really didn't think his thin face could handle it.

Mo Ran snickered to himself at this strange behavior, he really was too endearing.

Soon after, the pilot's voice crackled over the intercom, announcing the landing of the plane and for everyone to strap in the safety belts.


As Chu Wanning unboarded the flight, he caught something out of place on the edge of his vision; it was a wad of paper tucked into the side of his carry-on. Plucking it up with his free hand, he unfolded it and stared at the words on it in disbelief:

Applying for the role of being your cushion to lay on
-Your plane shoulder boy ;)