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I think my cat is into you (And I am too)

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Among every valuable life lesson Seokjin has learnt from his friends, especially Park Jimin, there's one that always ends up getting to him. One that really stands out from the others, smacking him in the face for being a fool all the times he faces it. 

That life lesson is titled « Hyung, please, you can never trust a pretty boy », and they (those brats Jimin and Jungkook) call it the Seokjin rule , meaning that everytime a pretty guy battes his lashes at Seokjin, there's a big fucking storm coming for all of them. It's not his fault, but he has to agree that, indeed, it occurs more times than Seokjin is proud to recognize.

Like every single hero has their Aquiles heel, Seokjin's demise are pretty boys. It's not only sexual attraction, it's his body and mind betraying him and shutting down every single time a pretty guy stands in front of him. There isn't anything he can do, only wait until he gains the confidence to address them without letting out a terrible pun and make an idiot of himself.

According to Seokjin's stance on the matter, handsome boys like himself are the punchline because most people don't know how to differentiate between pretty boys and handsome guys. Handsome guys know they are handsome and live with it, using it with all clearness. They don't need to fool anyone, because everyone with eyes can see their facial structures. There isn't a secret to handsomeness, you just are, period . There isn't power in being handsome, because you have to be something else in order to attract people. Smart, witty, cute… you name it. 

Being pretty, that's a whole other monster. 

Pretty boys can be handsome, but they don't need to be handsome to be pretty. That's the difference. Being handsome is not a choice, being pretty is. Pretty boys carry themselves with confidence, they know they drag everyone's eyes by just standing there doing nothing. Pretty boys are deceiving, because they seem cute and harmless until the act stops and it's already too late. Pretty boys love to ruin lives, and they are really good at doing it, especially when it comes to ruining Seokjin's life.

Right now, one pretty boy is determined to ruin Seokjin's life, and it's a lost battle from the beginning.

By the time he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees it’s darkness. Confused, he let’s a groan escape, trying to focus and remember who he is or where the hell he is. The soft touch of his silk sheets reminds him that he’s home, at bed, and today it’s sunday, and he’s been dragged out of a beautiful dream where some pretty guy was railing him. Needless to say, Seokjin isn’t happy about it.

Altaria, the white furry cat, presses her long nails against Seokjin's belly, purring when she feels her owner dragged away from the dream world.

“Good morning to you too, lady.” Jin grunts, the cat just meows , as a complaint.

According to cats are nocturnal, but most to Seokjin's surprise (and sanity) Altaria seems to be from a special breed that preferred sleeping at every single time rather than be awake at any given hour of the day. The few spurts of activity his cat has are mostly limited to the moment she hears the food bag being shaken in the kitchen.

Smart kitten.

Now, Seokjin is awake. Altaria jumps to the floor and runs with her tiny paws towards the kitchen, probably to eat and find a place where she can sleep without being bothered by the noise. 

Again, smart kitten.

Seokjin finally finds the courage to search for his phone and look at the hour. The light of the screen blinds him for some seconds, which makes him groan again. Finally, he can see his screen lock, a picture of Jungkook, Jimin and him with the "Charlie's angels" pose at the karaoke. Jin smiles softly at the image before he finally checks the clock and groans again.

“4 A.M. Sure. Fuck it.” Seokjin mumbles, standing up, his own anger waking him up.

When he went to sleep, he didn't put on his ear plugs because he hoped the party at his neighbor's house would stop early. Jin doesn't know why he expected anything at all from that fucking petty brat. Once again, he had been fooled by those beautiful smart eyes. 

As his walls echo the awful EDM music at Taehyung house, Seokjin tries to get out of the bed. It's cold outside, and he doesn't know where his slippers are. Fuck it. He leaves the bed barefooted and walks angrily towards the door, he leaves it open when he walks in the hallway towards the next door, smacking it rather than knocking it. He tries to collect all of the anger in his body before he faces his neighbor. This time he won't be fooled. Not again.

Some drunk dude opens and he’s about to say something, but the idea of facing Kim Seokjin right now seems to be pretty scary, because he just shouts a name and leaves. Jin waits. His anger penting up as seconds pass. 

The loud music can be heard in the whole hallway, and what pisses Seokjin the most about this situation is the fact that everyone in this building -and probably in the rest of the buildings of the streets, must be hearing it. It’s impossible not to. But no one says anything, no one complains, and it’s draining, and frustrating, and he’s really mad right now.

“Wow, you look so pretty barefaced, hyung .” The sultry and feline voice says, as the man walks out of the crowd. 

Motherfucking Kim Taehyung. Seokjin wants to scream because he looks so good . Leather pants, pink silk shirt falling over him with so much grace, his dark hair cupping his face with strong and harmonic features. God must have received his paycheck the day he created Kim Taehyung, because he had to be really happy in order to bring so much perfection into the world.

Taehyung's compliment doesn't go unnoticed. Seokjin feels his ears redden, and he doesn't know if it's because of it or because of the anger. 

“What?” He answers, closing his eyes in order to focus. He’s tired, angry and sleepy. “What the- shut up! Kim Taehyung, it’s four in the morning. Can you please turn down the volume of your very against the rules party?”

“Against the rules? What rules?” He says, laughing. “Oh, are we bothering you, hyung? I’m so sorry. No one complained so I thought it wasn’t that loud.”

Jin bits his tongue, but it doesn’t work. “You know exactly why no one complains.”

“Oh, do I? How so?” Taehyung says, amused. Jin wants to punch him in his pretty face, but he can’t, he knows he can’t.

Seokjin tries, and tries really hard to swallow his anger and his pride and turns around just to go back to his apartment and hope that, by some miracle, someone calls the police on him and they crash the party. 

But then, Altaria comes out of his apartment, running towards Taehyung. And the traitor goes and purrs before she starts rubbing herself against Taehyung's legs. The bastard smirks. Seokjin wants to disappear.

“Hello, lady.” Taehyung says, holding her and caressing the white furr. Altaria purrs and meows, letting Taehyung do whatever he wants.

One important detail about Altaria, she's a foster cat. Seokjin found her in the streets, barely alive, soaked wet with thousands of wounds on her body. He didn't have the heart to let her die there, so he took her home, cleaned her, dried her and took her to Jungkook's clinic downstreet. The cat was so drained and tired she didn't even fight. 

The cat almost didn't make it, but in the end she survived. Jungkook called Seokjin asking him to come to the clinic. When he arrived, his friend's arms were full of bloody scratches. 

Hyung, no one in the clinic can get even close to her. She's really scared .

When the white cat saw Seokjin, she straight up jumped into his arms, purring. Dumbfounded, Jin stared at Jungkook, who just smiled.

Seems that she likes you .

Altaria doesn't like strangers. She only likes Seokjin. When she hears people other than him in the apartment, she hides under his bed and hisses at anyone who dares to come close. In the end, Jin ended up buying a bigger sofa for sex dates in order to protect the physical integrity of his guests.

So the fact that Altaria absolutely adored Kim Taehyung is another reason why Seokjin can't stand Kim Taehyung. 

“Don't put your dirty hands on my baby.” He says, getting closer to grab Altaria softly against his chest.

They say pets look like their owners and Jin wishes Altaria hadn't inherited his weakness for pretty boys.

“Trust me, I would much rather prefer to put my dirty hands all over you.” Taehyung's perfume hits him hard. It's deep, and sexy, and noticeable only when someone gets close. Classy. “But you won't let me.”

“You're disgusting.” Seokjin answers, rolling his eyes.

“You love it.” 

Seokjin snorts. “No, I don't.” Yes, he does, but he shouldn't and that's the energy he has to keep.

“You wanna smile so bad.” Taehyung says, standing against the doorframe. “C'mon, y'know I love your smile.”

One's biggest enemy is himself. Seokjin fights against the smile, but in the end he does it. “Fuck you.”

In all fairness, this wasn’t a fair fight from the beginning. In any given circumstance. And it should piss Seokjin off even more that Taehyung is… it’s acting like this, but it doesn’t. His ears are burning, and he decides not to give in and turn around again towards his apartment.

In the end, Taehyung turns off the music and Seokjin smiles again against his pillow and it's not fair at all. He wants to scream, but he ends up falling asleep with Altaria curled up against his chest, the faint scent of Taehyung still floating in her hair. 

This time, the beautiful man in his dreams turns out to be Kim Taehyung himself. Needless to say, Seokjin isn’t happy about it.



Seokjin likes his job more than the normal person usually likes theirs, and he means it. Being a consultant in a popular law firm is more than enough for him. He earns a living, has his own office and everyone trusts his gut. No one asks too many questions, which is fine. 

Sometimes it feels kind of small, kind of underwhelming, but the real world feels too heavy for Seokjin, and he's not ready to handle it. Not yet. Not after what happened when he tried.

Someone knocks at his door and just by the sound Seokjin knows who it is. When Jimin opens the door, he exhales the air he's been keeping.

Park Jimin, the youngest aspiring head of the prosecutor's office in the history of the country. A pretty boy, of course, and Seokjin's best friend. 

He looks tired and drained. Jimin's been working non stop in a gang case since half a year ago, and he isn't even close to catching the head, which seems frustrating, and it is. 

“Another witness resigning.” He says, rolling his eyes. “I swear to God, sometimes I feel he's playing with me.”

“Don't make it personal.” Jin warns, offering Jimin a cup of tea, which he grabs. “He's a bad guy, Jimin, a bad guy that doesn't want to end in prison, of course he's gonna do whatever it takes.”

“I'm so fucking done with it, hyung. I'm sure that motherfucking Kim asshole is just trying to set me up.”

“Well, of course the old head of the prosecutor's office doesn't want the youngest gayest addition to the team to be the aspiring candidate for his place.” Jimin scoffs. “But also, you aren't alone in the case, he's been trying to catch the Park family his whole career. You're the first prosecutor he trusts enough to let assist him in the case.”

“I'm very good at my job, thank you.”

“Yes, you are.” Seokjin responds, laughing. “But just so you know, I'm very angry at you.”

Jimin purrs and lets his cup on the desk before sitting on it. “Taehyung? He called me last night to tell me about your little disagreement.”

“Really?” Seokjin tries not to sound hopeful. By the smug expression on Jimin's face, he fails. “I hope you told him to fuck off.”

“Nah, I got mad at him for not having the balls to ask you out.”

Jin spits his coffee, coughing and feeling terrible about his beautiful carpet. “Are you nuts!?” He shouts, before stopping himself. He doesn't want to get caught discussing personal matters at work hours with the aspiring head of the prosecutor's office.

“What?” Jimin answers, unbothered. “You like him, he likes you. You're amazing, he's amazing. I don't see the problem.”

“He's a pain in the ass.”

“Yeah, he said the same thing about you.”

“See? Asshole.”

Jin grabs his case files and collects them, moving around to put them in place. “You should stop setting me up with boys after the mess with Yoongi.”

“You mean the one who is getting married in two weeks with Hoseok?” Jimin laughs, Seokjin tries not to smile, but he does anyway because one, Jimin's laugh is contagious and two, he has to admit, it is pretty funny. “I can't believe you set those two up. On your own date.”

“I had work and I'm used to asking him to cover me. Plus, Yoongi and I would have never worked together. I already have one lazy cat and that's enough for me.” 

“Yeah, hyung, we get it, you hate having a life outside of this office.”

“The pot calling the kettle back.”

“I think it's the curse of law careers, y'know.” Jimin says. “That and the fact that we put too much pressure on us all the time.”

Seokjin doesn't answer, he knows where this conversation is going to lead and he doesn't like it. “What about you? Have you met another pretty gang member?”

Jimin blushes, hard. “That was one time and it was a huge mistake and it almost ends my fucking career. I didn't know.”

“How is he, by the way?”

“Very far away I hope. He sent me a postcard from a beach in Portugal. Nice place. Anyways. I kind of met someone at the botanic garden the other day.”

“You did?” Seokjin asks, raising his left eyebrow. 

“He seems very nice and very normal. And he was a mess when he asked me out. Cute.” 

“Oh my God.” Jin laughs, crossing his arms. “You are so whipped, look at you, all fidgety and jumpy. I haven't seen you like this since highschool. Oh . That's why you've been spending so much time at the botanic garden lately. You had a crush!”

Jimin blushes harder, standing somewhere between flustered, mortified and mad. “Shut up! I like plants. They're… neat.”

It's not usual to see serious, scary, workaholic Park Jimin all nervous and bothered. Seokjin doubts anyone apart from him or Jungkook had ever seen him like this. Not even his own parents. 

“Neat. Plants are neat. Good job, head of the prosecutor's office.”

“Tae is right, you're a pain in the ass.”

The mention of Taehyung's name makes something inside Seokjin. “Wait until I tell Jungkookie. He's never gonna shut up about it.”

“Don't you fucking dare or I'll start sending here every single annoying lady who tripped on the streets I find.”

Jin shivers. “Fine. Fine. I'll be good.” He won't. “see you friday night?” Jimin makes a face. “Please, you promised.” Jin says. Something stings inside of him. He misses his friend.

“I have to make extra hours if I wanna go on that date, hyung.” He says. Jin sighs because he knows how busy Jimin is and how little personal life he has. “Please, don't be mad?”

“I'm not mad.” He isn't, he just wishes Jimin wasn't that busy. “But if we're gonna start sharing you with some dude I hope he's worthy.” He adds.

Jimin smiles softly, his eyes fixed on the carpet. “I got a feeling he is, hyung.”

“Get out of here.”

Jimin leaves, and as soon as he's out, he texts Jungkook with a cup of tea emoji and a “ my place this afternoon .” He just sends a finger's up.




In the world there isn't anything more entertaining than two losers who hate to lose playing Mario Kart. Altaria is having the time of her life watching Seokjin jumping over Jungkook just so he can't throw his blue shell against him from the counter. She yawns and jumps towards the room.

With time, she got used to Jungkook, (everyone loved Jungkook. Everyone). She still wasn't kin to Jimin, though, but Jimin wasn't kin to her either, so it wasn't a big loss. 

“Hyung! Stop that!” Jungkook complains, laughing when Seokjin starts tickling him just so he ends in the last position. “You're a terrible person.”

Jungkook then holds Seokjin and it's clear that Jin has already lost the physical battle. “Auch. Let me go!”

But his friend doesn't. Instead, he tickles Seokjin in revenge, who laughs until there are genuine tears in his eyes. Jin tries to fight, but it's pointless. 

He's saved by a knock on his door. Jungkook, unwillingly, lets him go. 

Taehyung is there, with Altaria in his big strong hands. He doesn't look as smug and witty as usual. “You let your bedroom window open.” He says. 

His bedroom balcony is connected to Taehyung's bedroom balcony, so Altaria sometimes jumps to Taehyung's house uninvited.

“Did I? Shit. Sorry.” He says, grabbing the cat. He notices Taehyung staring at the inside of the apartment. “Let me guess, you're cooking again.” 

“Yeah. Y'know. The lady has impeccable taste.” He says, but he focuses more on Jungkook, who walks and hugs Seokjin from behind. “And you are?”

“Oh, you've never met Jungkookie?” Seokjin wonders. Taehyung legit frowns and turns around.

“Anyway, don't be so negligent and leave the balcony open. Sometimes you're just too careless, Seokjin-ssi.” He says, walking directly inside his house and closing the door without waiting for Seokjin to answer. 

Jin closes his own door and lets Altaria on the ground, dumbfounded. “Seokjin-ssi? He has never called me Seokjin-ssi.” 

“I wonder why.” Jungkook says, smug. That confuses Seokjin even more. “C'mon hyung.”

“What?” Jin hates when Jungkook acts like this.

“Nothing.” He answers, snorting. “I have to go, but honestly… I think that was really cute.”


But, obviously, Jungkook doesn't answer any of his questions and just leaves. Jin goes to his room and closes the balcony. Altaria puts one of his little paws on the balcony, meowing. 

“Stop that.” Jin complaints, rolling his eyes. The cat meows again. “Stop arguing with me, young lady, or you're going to get grounded.” Altaria meows again. Seokjin groans. “Fine.”

He opens the door and lets the cat out, but just in case he grabs his robe and goes outside too, ready to stop the feline if she tries to jump to his neighbor's place. 

Seokjin stays quiet. And at some point he can hear Taehyung getting out towards his balcony. The wall separating the two balconies protects Seokjin from being seen. 


Like a spring, Altaria leaves Seokjin's lap and jumps towards Taehyung's house. Instead of saying anything, Jin just waits and listens. He hears his cat purring and rubbing against the boy.

“You did amazing, young lady. Here.” Taehyung gives something to Altaria. “Who was that guy anyways, hm? You like me better right?”

Jin knows he shouldn't be smiling at Taehyung's antics right now, but he does anyway. “Against all odds, she does.” He says, smirking. He hears Taehyung getting startled. 

“Hyung? How much have you…”

“Next time if you have a problem I will prefer you not using my pet against me.” Jin answers, amused, calling Altaria back. 

Taehyung doesn't respond, and Jin would give anything to see his face right now. “What was that about?”

“You were just being too noisy.” Taehyung argues. 

“Are you fucking kidding me? You are telling me that I was being too noisy.”

“Your laugh is annoying.”

It hurts a little. Barely. But Seokjin is kind of self-conscious about his laugh. “Wow, you're really an asshole.”

He doesn't wait for Taehyung to respond, just gets into the apartment and closes the balcony. He doesn't like feeling like this, so… bothered. It was just Taehyung messing with him, like always.

Except all the other times Taehyung seemed to be just playing innocently, and this time he seemed to be throwing darts at Seokjin, which wasn't funny. 

Taehyung has never failed to make Seokjin smile in the four years they have been neighbors. He's annoying and childish, but also really charming. This is the first time he's said something like that. 

Jin tries to forget about it. Taehyung probably just had a bad day. That is it. He turns on the TV and goes to the kitchen to make dinner. Altaria follows him quietly, maybe sensing his distress. 

Smart kitten. And also, a traitor.



Kim Namjoon turned out to be nothing like Seokjin and Jungkook expected, and that was relieving.

Every single time Jimin announced he was seeing someone, both of his best friends feared the awkward moment of the meeting, the moment to find out that, once again, Jimin was floating around some buffed tattooed asshole who only cared about Jimin's flexibility. 

If the Seokjin rule was about pretty boys, the Jimin rule was about trouble. And there was always so much trouble. Like the gang guy. Honestly.

In Jimin's defense, it wasn't his fault. The guys were nice in the beginning. But all of them, without failing, started acting up once they met Jungkook, probably because Jungkook was buffed and tattooed too and kind of intimidating, which was Jimin's type. Plus, Jimin adored Jungkook, like everyone else in the world. So the meetings were always awkward and ended up in Jimin arguing with the asshole and then passionately making out with them on the street. 

This meeting was awkward too, but for different reasons.

Kim Namjoon was tall and big, but he wasn't tattooed, and he wasn't intimidating at all either. He was more on the nerdy side, wearing big clothes, big glasses and almost throwing away the whole table when he stands up to shake their hands.

“So, what do you do for a living?” Jin asks, serving some beer on the glasses. 

“I work at the botanic garden.” He answers, his back straight. The only thing he didn't say was sir at the end of the sentence, but honestly, it was implied. 

“So you're a botanist.” Jin adds, trying to get some more words out of the boy.

“Yes. Hm. Yes, Seokjin-ssi.” Namjoon answers, stiff like the table.

“You can call me hyung.” 

“Yeah, me too.” Jungkook answers, jokingly. His boyfriend, Mingyu, smacks him on the shoulder. Jimin is too preoccupied staring lovingly at his date. “Auch! Sorry. It was a joke. Ouch.”

“Don't mind Jungkook, he's a child.” Jin says, staring back at Namjoon, who smiles back at him. “I assume you two met at the botanic garden.”

Namjoon nods. “Jimin was always asking things. You know, names of plants. He seemed to be really curious. And I thought he was really cute and my best-friend knows him so I kind of asked if he was single.”

“Who's your best-friend?” Seokjin asked. Jimin hit one of the glasses then, throwing the beer towards Jin.

“Holy shit! Sorry!” He shouts. Jin steps back, staring at his ruined jeans. “Oh God, hyung, I'm so sorry.” 

“It's fine, don't worry, I'm gonna go try to clean myself a little.” 

The bathroom break turns out into a fresh air break. Just when Jin is about to get inside again, some guy opens the door for him. 

“Thank you.” He says, smiling softly.

“Oh, you're more than welcome hyung.” The sultry voice answers. Jin raises his head and meets Taehyung deep, beautiful almond eyes, and it punches him directly in his lungs. 


“Hey, I'm also Jimin's friend, remember?” He says, as he walks inside the bar. Seokjin just follows him. 

Deep inside, he feels kind of relieved. First, because like it or not, Taehyung is really funny. Second, because now he's not the only single guy on the table. 

At least he thinks Taehyung is single. He tries not to mind very much how weird it feels to think he's not.

“So this is the asshole who's stealing my soulmate.” 

If Namjoon was awkward before, now he seems like a puppy on trial waiting for his owner to scream at him because he accidentally broke an expensive vase. 

Anyways, when Taehyung watches Mingyu's arm over Jungkook his face seems to light up. Seokjin thinks it's weird, but he promptly forgets about it.

“I'm not stealing him from anyone, Jimin isn't a thing .” Namjoon responds, and he grows up a little as he speaks. Everyone in the table stares at the sudden display of aggression coming from the bonsai nerd. This is the closest Namjoon has been to talking back in the whole evening. 

Jimin sighs lovingly and Taehyung gives Namjoon a big smile, offering his hand. And wow. That boxy smile is beautiful. Namjoon shakes it, awkward again. “I like you already, Kim Namjoon. Now I get why Jimin has been pinning on you for years.”

Jimin's face goes blank, Namjoon lets out a confused laugh. “Sorry, what?”

“Years? No, what? They met at the botanic garden a month ago.” Jin answers, Taehyung stares at Jimin and his eyes widen. 

“I mean! He talked so much about you it seemed like he has been pinning over you for years.” No one seems convinced at all by the response because Taehyung is a pretty terrible liar. No one except for Namjoon, who blushes and gives Taehyung a flustered smile.

“Wow. That's… he talks about me?” 

“All the time.” Jungkook says, rolling his eyes.

“Jimin only has two conversation starters lately, work and you.” Seokjin adds, drinking from his glass.

“Okay, I'm gonna kill all of you. Slowly. And painful.” Jimin says, growling. 

“But that's so cute.” Namjoon answers, smiling at Jimin like he is a precious bonsai. Which honestly, it makes Seokjin want to throw up a little inside his mouth. “You are so cute. God.”

“Cute. Clearly we haven't met the same person.” Jin answers, the rest of them laugh except for Namjoon and Jimin, who keep staring at each other.

Seokjin has never seen Jimin stare at people like that. At evidence? All the time. Good cases? Maybe. People? Not at all. It was like watching a miracle happening in front of his eyes, seeing Jimin smiling at Namjoon.

“So.” Jimin finally says, staring back at Seokjin. “Siyeon-noona told me there was an open place for you in their firm and that you rejected it once again.”

He can feel Jungkook's deadly glare on him. Yes. Siyeon offered him a place as a criminal lawyer in their firm. Seokjin thought about it, but he ended up rejecting it. The reason why Jimin and Jungkook are mad is because he never told anyone about it.

“Yeah. Well. I like being a consultant.”

“You're throwing your career away, and for what?” Jimin answers, Namjoon, Mingyu and Taehyung seem to feel that they don't belong to this subject.

“Hyung, please. Seriously? That case again?”

“You two are the ones who bring it up all the time.” Seokjin answers, without looking. “Can we not talk about it tonight?”

“That meat looks delicious.” Taehyung interferes, Seokjin stares at him, he lets out a grateful smile. “Don't you think, Namjoon hyung?”

“I'm vegan.” Namjoon answers, awkwardly.

Jimin throws a venomous stare at Taehyung. “He knows.”

“Sorry, you told me so many things about Namjoon I forgot this one.”

The subject gets buried under Jungkook's, Jimin and Taehyung's banter. Seokjin excuses himself to go home early anyways, because it always leaves a sour taste in his mouth. 

“Wait. I'm going back with you, it's dark outside.” Taehyung says, grabbing his coat. 

“I'm a big boy, Taehyung, I can protect myself from the darkness.” Seokjin argues, but not too much. 

“I signed up to be your white gentleman, you can't refuse my help.” 

“I never asked for one in the first place.”

Taehyung shrugs his shoulders. “Too bad I'm already on your paycheck.”

“Oh.” Namjoon says, smiling like he finally understood something out of what happened tonight. “I didn't know you two were a thing!”

Jimin and Jungkook scoff, coughing to hide their laughs. Jin feels his ears redden heavily, and he's about to say it's because of the beer just to avoid Taehyung's teasing when he realizes Taehyung isn't teasing him or giving any snarky comments. 

He's flustered, too, grabbing his coat. “We aren't a thing.” Jin says.

Yet .” Taehyung answers, which makes Seokjin laugh. 

“Only in your dreams, pretty boy.” Seokjin teases, trying to avoid the stares.

“In my dreams we're already married.”

“Ew, disgusting.”

They leave the bar teasing each other. But while they are walking back home, Seokjin feels somehow like he owes Taehyung.

“Thank you for getting me out of that one. It was really nice of you.” He says.

“Oh, trust me, I know what it's like to be under Jimin's desire for perfection. I suffer it myself.”

“Really? How so?”

“When we were little, I always wanted to be a doctor. A surgeon. But then, when I finally got into med school, I ended up being a nurse. He thought I was chickening out.”

“Were you?”

Taehyung breathes in and out slowly. It's the first time Seokjin has seen him being serious about anything. Maybe it's the beer, he's a bit tipsy, but it looks so good on him.

“It depends. I mean at first I was kinda settling for what I thought was easier, to be honest. But then… I found out how much I loved it, how much I enjoyed being a nurse. Jimin doesn't get it because he has always known what he wanted and he never chickens out of anything.”

“Sure thing.”

“What about you? What was the whole fuss about?”

“Used to be a state lawyer, now I'm just a consultant. Jimin thinks that I'm settling because I am afraid.”

“Are you?”

“Maybe.” Jin answers, with honesty. “But it is my choice and my call to make, not his.”

“Do you like it? Being a consultant.”

“Yes.” Jin answers, his brain trained to answer that question without missing a beat.

Taehyung stops in front of his unit's door. “Then why are you just a consultant?” He wonders. Jin frowns a little in confusion. “Y'know, I'm not a doctor, but I'm not just a nurse. I'm a nurse, I love being a nurse, I wouldn't be anything else. I am not settling because I am scared. That's the difference.” He says, like it's so obvious and so easy. “Good night, hyung.” 




Karaoke nights are the best nights. Just the three of them, the triple J's drinking mojitos and mimosas and singing until their throats give up. Tonight it's Friday night, and Jungkook and Jimin are waiting for Jin to pay the pizza guy and serve their dinner. Three huge pizza's plus french fries, fried chicken plus the snacks Jungkook brought from his own house. Jimin was in charge of the booze, because he was amazing at cocktails. 

“Will you just stop screaming, you're gonna wake Taehyung up.” Jin asks, entering the living room carrying the food.

“Worried about your boyfriend, hyung?” Jimin answers, amused. “He's probably awake now dying to knock on your door.”

“Stop that, right there.” Jin says. But when someone knocks at the door and Jungkook and Jimin smile slyly, Jin almost blushes.

Keyword, almost .

It has to be the pizza guy. Please, let it be the pizza guy.

It isn't. It's Kim Taehyung in his pajamas (which consist of baggy pants and a t-shirt) carrying Altaria on his hands. This time he just looks sleepy and tired, and Jin feels like shit for thinking how hot he is instead of anything else. “I swear to you I thought I let it closed.”

Taehyung just snorts. “She seemed distressed, and I'm tempted to believe she learned how to open the door just to get away from Jimin. Which, honestly, is a mood.”

Seokjin shouldn't laugh, but he does and he internally blames it on the mojitos. “That's cruel.”

“He was just born with two tones over what's normal. What he doesn't have in heigh, he has it in voice power.”

Okay, now Jin is openly laughing, and Taehyung is smiling and he's so pretty . “Stop that.”

“Having a good time with you very much against the rules party?”

“Shut up.” 

“Make me.” 

For one second, just one second, one blink of an eye, Seokjin feels tempted to do it. It terrifies him. 

“In your dreams.”

“Oh, yes, all the time.”

“I hate you.”

“Taehyung!?” Jimin screeches. “Come here! Get in! My soulmate should be here with me.”

“He's right, y'know.”

“This is still my house.” Something inside Seokjin warns him about this. About letting Taehyung in, about how much he can't stop smiling right now. 

“But Jimin is my lawyer, do you really wanna face him?” But he turns it off.

“Fine, but just because my cat likes you.”

It obviously heads towards the storm. Because Taehyung and karaoke seem to get along pretty well. Seokjin is having a good time, it's been really long since the last time.

“Okay, that's it, you need to see our version of I can't stop me .” Jimin says, making Jungkook and Jin gasp for very different reasons.

Jungkook loves making I can't stop me , and Jin does too, but not in front of a stranger, much less a pretty stranger, much less because he knows Jimin is doing this to fuck up with him.

“Now you are too drunk.” He says, removing the mimosa from Jimin’s hands.

“I do think that I need to see your version of I can’t stop me .” Taehyung says, sipping. Jin throws a venomous look at him, but Jungkook is already removing the coffee table and leaving a huge space between the TV and the sofa while Jimin plays the song and gives one of the microphones to Jin.

Seokjin sighs but he stands in position with his friends. He’s not shy about his love for TWICE and their songs, he just thinks it's kind of weird singing this particular song in front of Taehyung. Which shouldn’t be at all, because that would mean that he’s refraining himself from Taehyung, and he’s not, because he doesn't like Taehyung like that.

He thinks about him, sometimes, in that way. Jin lets himself get trapped into the ‘What if…’, enjoying a bit too much the idea of surrendering to Taehyung’s charm. Then, Taehyung does something that reminds Seokjin that he’s just playing his pretty boy game, a game Seokjin is tired of losing already.

But maybe I can’t stop me hits way too close to home in this scenario. Especially when Seokjin comes forward and stares at Taehyung in the eyes and sings I already know the answer but I still keep going, I don’t wanna do this, there must be another me inside me . Especially when Taehyung holds his stare, visibly swallowing slowly, not missing one beat, and it feels like he’s staring inside of Seokjin, reading him, reading what he feels and the things he can’t dare to say. 

And then I’m surrounded by that Spot spot spotlight. as it shines on me, I’m swept into the darkness, I see the end, I know it’s not right, I can’t stop me, can’t stop me . Maybe it’s stupid feeling like this singing a cheesy song, like it holds a special meaning because Seokjin can relate to it, he can relate to the feeling of wanting something that he shouldn’t. Maybe, deep down, he knows Taehyung isn’t pretending to like Seokjin just to piss him off, maybe he means it, all the big talk about putting his dirty hands all over Jin. It doesn’t feel right. Seokjin doesn’t do that. He’s not the one night stand type, but Taehyung is a pretty boy, and Kim Seokjin is prone to letting himself be fooled by pretty boys.

Anyways, the song ends and they laugh it off. Seokjin tries to forget about it. Jimin and Jungkook leave towards their homes and Taehyung stays to help Seokjin clean the mess up. They banter innocently until Taehyung grabs Jin’s waist to move him out of the way and  Seokjin gets startled by the way the touch burns on his skin. He stares at his neighbor, the two of them are close, too close for Seokjin’s sanity. Taehyung’s perfume lingers on his nose. 

“Hello, pretty, do you come here often?” He wonders, teasingly, but there’s more this time behind that beautiful deep low voice.

“To my kitchen? What do you think?” Jin teases, smiling. 

“Too corny?” Taehyung wonders, his hand still in Jin’s waist playing with the remaining pieces of his sanity. Now he’s smiling like the bastard he is, like he knows he has won, but also with a hint of sweetness and tenderness that melt Jin’s heart.

He hates Taehyung so much.

“You? Always.” 

“Are you mad? y’know, for me crashing your party uninvited.”

“Well, Jimin did invite you.” Jin answers, against his better judgement. But it’s true. He isn’t mad at Taehyun, not at Jimin either. He’s not mad at all. “It’s okay, you’re kinda fun.”

“Kinda. Okay. I see.” 

Taehyung steps back a little, removing his hand from Seokjin’s waist, and it feels wrong for some reason. But Seokjin is too prideful to complain. Altaria rubs herself against them, happy now that Jimin is gone. Taehyung grabs her and holds her close to the chest, caressing the cat softly. 

“Hello, pretty lady, where were you?” He wonders. Jin’s heart melts a little when he feels Altaria purr on his hands.

“She was hiding, she despises Jimin, but you already know that. Plus, she doesn’t like strangers at home in general.” Jin answers. “I don’t get why she likes you this much.”

“What can I say, I’m a charmer.” Taehyung jokes. 

“No, really.” Jin caresses Altaria’s furr. “Sometimes I get a little bit jealous.”

“You shouldn’t, your cat loves you.” Taehyung answers, smiling. He’s so sweet. Stop.

“I love her too. The night I found her I was… lost, and scared, and she helped me forget about shit for just one night. It was enough.”


“Yeah. I had just quit being a lawyer when she came into my life. It was… like a signal. Altaria was a very, very tiny kitten, hurt and soaked wet, probably starving. His mother had died giving birth and she was the only one alive among her siblings.”

“Wow.” Taehyung said.

“Yeah. I wanted her to survive so bad… I was feeling helpless, I needed to help someone, to be useful to someone. She barely made it, Jungkook is still surprised about it.”

“What a strong lady.” Taehyung said, holding her like a baby and rubbing her belly. 

“I know it sounds silly but we share a special bond, I can’t really explain it, y’know.”

“Why Altaria?”

“It’s my favorite pokemon and she looks like Altaria’s wings.” Seokjin answers, flustered. Taehyung just laughs.

“My favorite one is Umbreon.” He says, Seokjin raises his eyebrow. “Well, eevee in general. I love its evolutions.”

“I would’ve taken you as the dragon type.” Jin answers, Taehyung raises his eyebrow. He’s so hot. Fuck. “What? You have that vibe.”

“Do I? I don’t know.”

“Yeah, kinda.” 

They keep chatting for some time while Seokjin cleans the kitchen and then it’s late but he offers Taehyung a cup of tea anyways. They move their conversation to the couch and Jin finds out that Taehyung tried to get into art school just to piss off his rich parents, but then he realized how harmful that was for himself and got into med school last minute. 

“It didn’t work and I ended up in nurse school.” He says, caressing the cup slowly. 

“And the rest is history.”

“Well, yeah.” He says, getting comfortable on the couch. “What about you? Has it always been law school?”

“Harvard law school, in fact, specialized in criminal law and criminology.” Seokjin answers. Taehyung’s eyes widen and he whistles. 

“Wow. Really? Isn’t that like the best law school?” 

“I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s the one I wanted.”

“That’s how you met Jimin.”

“We were roommates.” Jin answers, nodding.

“Did you know that he had a crush on you?” Taehyung wonders, amused. Jin laughs.

“Yeah, he told me when we graduated and moved from Harvard. Hilarious.” 

“So, let me get this straight, you both graduated at the same time, now Jimin is a candidate for the head prosecutor’s office, the youngest in history, and you…”

“And I’m just a consultant? Yeah. Well. First of all, I’m not a workaholic like him, plus, Jimin knows and we all know he’s not gonna get that position, but an aspiring candidate is more than enough.” Jin answers. “He’s way too young to be head of the prosecutor’s office, but he’s still one of the best, if not the best.”

“But you were first in your class.”

“So, he has told you.”

“I kinda asked him not to keep pushing you to do something you weren’t sure about.” Taehyung confesses, which seems just too sweet to Seokjin.

“Wow, thanks.” But then, Jin feels like he owes Taehyung an answer. “I love my job, and I love what I do right now. Help people on a small scale. I know it doesn’t seem like much, it doesn’t feel like much either. But… I don’t know, it’s a tough job, y’know. The one Jimin does, the one I did at first. One mistake can get people killed.”

“Oh, yeah, I know.” Taehyung teases, which makes Jin smile again. “No but really, Jin, I know how you feel. It’s too big of a responsibility. I get it, trust me. One of my mistakes can also get people killed, and it sucks so much.”

“The difference between you and me is that one of my mistakes got someone killed.” 

Normally, Seokjin wouldn’t talk about it, it’s been at least three years since it happened. He’s gotten over it. Taehyung doesn’t push it, he just waits. So Seokjin tells him about it.

“It happened during my first year working as a state lawyer. Someone assigned me this case… a man. He told me someone was framing him, and y’know, you’ve been working for some time, you kinda expect for them to say it, they all do, so I trusted the evidence and didn’t put too much thought into it.” 

He feels terrible about it. “I mean, I did everything in my hand to prove his innocence, but the evidence was heavy, it was an open and shut case. We got it hard.”

“What happened?”

“He was convicted, two years, no parole. For some reason, something felt wrong about it, so I moved some people at the prosecutor’s office. They found out about some leads that indicated that the evidence presented on my trial could’ve been forged. I tried to file an appeal, but I didn’t know and no one was making things easy for me. By the time I finally got an appeal hearing, it was too late. The man was killed in prison.”

“Holy shit.” Taehyung mumbles. Altaria leaves his lap to rub against Seokjin, purring. He smiles and caresses the cat. “Did they ever prove that the evidence was forged?”

“Yeah. That day I couldn’t handle it anymore and I… left. One tries not to be cynical of the justice system, because you think… you think you have to trust in it, but then you become part of the problem, y’know. I didn’t want that.”

“Well, you didn’t forge the evidence, you weren’t the only one working on the case, someone else could’ve realized.”

“I was his lawyer.”

“You did everything you could.”

“Did I? Or did I let myself be fooled by my own judgement? He had the priors, he had the vibe, the evidence was solid. Maybe I didn’t do it.”

“Well, but you can’t punish yourself your whole life for one mistake.”

“I sent an innocent man to prison, Taehyung.”

“No, a judge sent a man to prison after a public accusation from the prosecutor’s office. Then, you tried to appeal the sentence and prove that the solid evidence was forged. You did everything you could, Seokjin.”

“You don’t understand.”

“Oh, no, I’m surrounded by doctors every single day, trust me, I know that face, the It’s all my fault I haven’t done enough to save them all face. Damn, I had that face every time someone at the E.R. died. We all get there eventually, sexy, you’re not alone.”

“Jimin hasn’t lost a case ever.”

“He will, eventually, and you won’t ask him to stop doing his job because of it, right?”.

Touché. “God, you’re as annoying as him.”

“I asked him not to push you because I know what it’s like to be on your shoes. But you have to get over it at some point. You can’t save everyone, but you can try.” Taehyung says. “For me, failure means that you have surrendered completely, not that you make one single mistake.”

“That’s nice from you.” Seokjin answers, because Taehyung looks cute nagging him like he is his grandparent. “You’re cute, Kim Taehyung.”

“Just cute?”

No, he’s also handsome, pretty and hot, but Seokjin isn’t going to fall for it. “Barely cute and hella annoying.”

They say goodnight reluctantly, Seokjin wishes he was sure enough to ask him to stay, but he doesn’t want to make himself look like a fool. If Taehyung really wanted him, he would’ve asked, clearly, without teasing. They are just playing, and Seokjin can’t lose this time.




Jimin looks radiant. After two months dating Namjoon, one (Seokjin and Jungkook) would think that he would be over it, but he looks better and better every single day. It’s starting to be quite annoying to Seokjin. Don’t get him wrong, he loves the fact that Jimin is happy, it's just… 

“And he’s so fucking good in bed, hyung. Like. For real.”

“Jimin, TMI.” Seokjin says, pinching the bridge of his nose while he waits for the waitress to give him his take-out coffee. 

“Sorry.” He says, even though Jin knows he’s not sorry at all. “But he’s just… God. I’m not even that mad about Kim senior closing my case for the moment.” 

He sounds pretty mad, but not as mad as he would’ve been without Namjoon. “That sucks, I’m sorry.”

“I’m mostly frustrated at the fact that I haven’t been able to put the head of the Park family behind bars.” Jimin answers, grabbing his coffee. Seokjin pays for both of them and they walk slowly towards the Prosecutor’s Office. “But I will. Trust me.”

Jin smiles softly. “I know you will. By the way, I’ve talked to Sihyun-noona.”

Jimin glares at him, hopeful. “And?”

“For the moment I will mostly keep being a consultant under her firm.” Seokjin clarifies. “But I’ll accept some cases now and then to help them.”


“She made me promise that I will work full time as a lawyer in a year or so.”

Jimin screams and hugs him. “That’s great news, hyung! I can’t wait to face you in court.” 

“I can, believe me.” Seokjin teases, smiling too.

It was a hard decision, calling Sihyun and accepting a role he didn’t know if he was going to be able to fulfill. The woman had a lot of expectations, scary expectations, and Seokjin hadn’t practiced in years. That was scary. Many things in his life were scary at the moment.

Jimin and he kept chatting for some time as they walked towards their respective offices. At some point, Jimin stops on his tracks and stares at Seokjin, frowning. “Okay, are we still avoiding the elephant in the room?”

“What?” Seokjin asks, confused.

“What about Taehyung?”

“What about him?”

“Didn’t you two have a moment at karaoke night? I mean. That’s what he told me.”

“Don’t rat your best friend like that!” Jin complaints, but he doesn’t deny it. To be honest, he’s not very sure about what happened that night. He just knows that Taehyung thinks they had a moment. A real moment. 

“Kim Seokjin.”

“Don’t.” Jin interrupts him. “Listen, I know you’re trying to do some good here, but I don’t want you to do that thing where you think you can solve everything. We’re not your case, Jimin, I’m not a case.”

Jimin seems about to protest, but something in Seokjin’s face tells him not to. “Well, fine, but you two are being stupid.” He says, sighing and going back to his office. 

Jimin is pissed, but there’s nothing Seokjin can do about it. It’s not Jimin’s life, it’s his. He doesn’t regret telling him to stop before it was too late. Jimin is always like this, trying to meddle into everyone’s lives and solve them. Jin’s life doesn’t need solving. He’s not a case, there isn’t heavy evidence proving that he likes Taehyung, or that Taehyung likes him, and it doesn’t have to end like a trial where he gets exposed and Jungkook and Jimin decide where he stands at the end. This isn’t like this.

Maybe he’s specially protective over his thing with Taehyung because it’s his , what he feels for Taehyung, the doubts and the desire and everything else, that’s his secret. It belongs to him, it’s part of who Seokjin is. The way he likes watching Taehyung on the balcony reading some book or painting ugly pictures with his sunglasses on, the way he always laughs when Taehyung ends up putting his clean underwear over his head while they’re doing laundry in the middle of the night because his shift just ended and Seokjin is still up working on some case. 

There are many things about him and Taehyung he hasn’t told anyone, not even his friends, because he likes it like this, because talking about it makes him feel like he’s going to manifestate it or something. That shit is scary.

Still, on his way home he picks Taehyung from the clinic and they walk together home. He tells him about Sihyun and Taehyung congratulates him with a bear hug, raising Seokjin from the ground. It takes him by surprise, but not in the bad way.

“Wow. Hey. Wait.” Jin grabs Taehyung by his shoulders, dizzy. “That was scary.”

“Sorry, I’m just too happy for you, hyung.”

Taehyung must have noticed how close they are right now and he steps back, biting his bottom lip.

“It’s fine.” Seokjin says, rolling his eyes. “C’mon, I’m starving and I’m sure Altaria feels lonely.”



It goes around like this:

Taehyung is resting his head on Seokjin's tummy while reading one of Percy Jackson's books. Jin has the whole collection on his shelf. Seokjin is scrolling through twitter absentmindedly and Altaria is comfortably laying in Taehyung's lap.

“Oh my God, hyung, is his mother dead?!” Taehyung wonders, without looking. 

“I'm not telling you! Keep reading and you'll find out.”

“But I need to know. Hyung. Hyuuung.” He raises his head, puppy eyes on display. “I can't keep reading if she's dead. You don't understand.”

“I'm not spoiling the book to you, seaweed brain.” 

Taehyung's expression softens at that. Seokjin doesn't know at what point it became normal for them to be like this, but that's fine. It's fine as long as they keep their distance and don't mess things up. He likes being on good terms with Taehyung, no more parties until three A.M., no more loud sex against the walls, just the two of them and Altaria, reading and spending time together.

Taehyung groans in frustration and goes back to reading. 

Then, on another day, they decide to go on a walk together. It's cold outside, and it snowed last night, but the streets are full of life and the park looks beautiful with all the snow. 

They grab a coffee on their way and Seokjin can see that Taehyung is trying too hard to act as an adult, which seems funny and impossibly endearing for him. He ends up throwing a snowball against him and by the time they come back home, they're soaked wet, probably dirty and more likely in the process of catching a cold. Seokjin doesn't mind.

Another day, Seokjin is finally invited to Taehyung's apartment. He leaves his bedroom balcony open in case Altaria wants to join. They sit there as Taehyung paints something similar to a landscape. 

“You don't get my art.” He complains, when Seokjin grabs Taehyung's glasses to try and understand what's happening on the canvas.

“No, I don't.” Jin replies, snorting. Taehyung pouts. “But it looks kinda cool, I don't know.” 


“Yeah. It's like you don't care.” Seokjin says. “I like that about you. You don't care about how things are supposed to be, only about what you can do with them.”

Taehyung stays silent, and then stares back at the painting. “I don't get it.” 

“That's because you're a seaweed brain.” Jin replies, laughing when Taehyung pokes his cheek with a dirty brush. “Stop that! I work in a very prestigious law firm, you jerk!”

But Taehyung pokes him again. “Shh, I'm creating.”

“I'm already a piece of art.”

“Yeah, you are.” Taehyung answers, staring at him in the eyes, making his heart skip some beats. 

He's used to Taehyung's compliments, to how utterly inappropiate and stupid they are. Seokjin isn't used to Taehyung complimenting him like this, so genuine and soft, and endearing and out of nothing. It's driving him crazy. How genuine, and soft, and endearing Kim Taehyung can be. 

“Stop being cute, it's not going to work.” He says, removing the brush from Taehyung's hand and poking at his forehead.

“Fiiiine. You're so boring.”

And then, on another day, it happens. If someone asks Seokjin why or how, he probably would be unable to answer. 

He's washing dishes, and then a glass breaks on his hand and cuts him. It's not much, but it hurts and there's a lot of blood and Seokjin doesn't have a good relationship with blood. Luckily for him, Taehyung is there and grabs him before he passes out. 

After taking care of the wound (because he's a nurse, and his "i'm a nurse" face is hot) he puts a Shin-chan bandaid over it. “Hyung, you need to be more careful, what would you have done without me?” He asks, half joking, half serious. 

“Hm… I think I would've survived.”

“You were as white as that wall.”

“That wall is pink.”

“My point still stands.”

Seokjin laughs, endeared by Taehyung's worried expression. “Don't worry too much, Taehyung-ah. I have you here, don't I?” 

“What if one day I'm not here anymore?”

That thought sparks something inside Seokjin, but he buries it back to the depths of his brain. “I'll call you. I know you'll come to me.”

“What if one day I don't. You're so mean to me I may get tired of waiting.” He says, but he doesn't sound too convincing, which makes Seokjin smile.

“Waiting for what?” 

Flustered, Taehyung avoids Seokjin's gaze and grabs his first aid kit, standing up. “Anyways, just be careful, okay? I don't want you to get hurt.”

It's so painfully innocent and genuine that Seokjin can resist the sudden burst of bravery. He grabs Taehyung by the wrist and kisses him on the cheek. It's short, quick, his lips barely touching Taehyung's cheek, but Seokjin feels his ear redden because it's kind of stupid. He's not a teenager anymore, please. 

But also, it's so scary, the thought of dating and going to places, and kissing, and being naked in front of someone. It's been so long, and he still doesn't trust that Taehyung knows what he wants, he doesn't trust himself to know what he wants. 

But it seems more than enough for Taehyung to wait a little bit more. Just a little bit. 




“Okay, spill.” Jimin says, sitting in front of him at the restaurant. “Because Taehyung refuses and I'm gonna slaughter both of you.”

“I don't know what to tell you.”

“Oh my God, Jungkook, are you seeing this? He's smiling .” Jimin let's out an excited scream and Jungkook snorts. Seokjin hates them so much. “You're in love.”

“Shut up. I'm not. He is super annoying and I…”

And he, what? He likes it? He likes the way Taehyung makes him laugh and smile without effort? He likes the way Taehyung makes abhorrent figures on a white canvas? He likes how careful, and pretty, and funny, and utterly sweet and thoughtful Taehyung is? 

“And you?” Jungkook wonders, amused.

“I think I like him.” Jin groans, rolling his eyes. “A lot.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Jimin answers, rolling his eyes. “May I know why you haven't done anything about it yet?”

“I don't know, okay? I'm… I don't know.”

Jimin frowns. “Jin?”

“He's too good to be true, okay? And I like it but sometimes I have this tiny part of my brain telling me What if he's just playing with you ? And then I can't stop thinking about it and I want to get as far from him as I can. And it's very annoying.”

“I think it's very human to be insecure.” Jungkook answers, drinking his soda after. And then, he keeps talking. “But give the man some credit, he's been pinning over you for years.”

“Speaking about that.” Seokjin stares at Jimin, avoiding the subject. “I almost forgot about what Taehyung said, that thing about you crushing on Joon for years, what was that about?”

“Namjoon is best-friends with Hoseok hyung. I met him at a party some years ago, he held the door for me. I never forgot about him, not once. One day I asked Hoseok hyung and he told me that he worked at the botanic garden. I spent so much time going there until I gained the courage to speak to him. It's pathetic.”

Both Jungkook and Seokjin coo at that. “So fucking cute.” Jungkook says, Seokjin noods. 

“I mean, it turns out that I did enjoy spending time among plants, it was nice after the things I see in my daily life, y'know. And turns out that he was also checking me out as I learnt some facts about mimosas.”

“Stop, I'm gonna throw up.” Seokjin says, earning a kick on the legs. Deserved. “Our little Jiminie is having such a crush. And then you go and pretend you're some kind of sex god. That's so funny.”

“Shut up, like you're not crushing on Taehyung like a teenage boy.”

“Shut up! I'm not, I'm a perfect functional person.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Kids, both of you, stop now.” Jungkook says, earning two kicks on the legs. Deserved. “Hey! That's not fair!”

They eat their food teasing each other, and Seokjin is really the luckiest person in this world. 



“Are you scared?” Taehyung wonders, panting.

“Just a little.” Seokjin groans, trying hard to focus on his own strength rather than how close they are. “Go on, seaweed brain.” 

Taehyung jumps, Seokjin tries to hold him up, fighting to achieve the pose on the TV. “You okay?” Taehyung wonders.

“I'm just not sure about this couple Yoga thing, Taehyung.” Seokjin shouts, as he feels his arms give up. “Oh God. Down. Right now.”

He tries to put Taehyung down himself, both of them end up crashing on the couch, out of breath. Terrible. “It helps develop confidence between partners.”

“Well, first of all we aren't partners and second of all we have enough confidence, we don't need to build up more.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, fidgeting. 

“Well, I'm sure I don't want you to kill us in order to build up our bond or some shit. This is torture. I don't like Couple's Yoga.”

“Hyung, you need to be more proactive, I want us to be kissing before this century ends.”

“If you wanna kiss me just ask like a normal person.”

“Okay, Can I kiss you?”

An awkward silence falls into the room. Seokjin stares back at Taehyung. It's hard to believe it's going to be so anticlimactic, but again, Taehyung tried to woo him by practising couple's yoga, which seems so stupidly Taehyung that feels endearing to the core. 

“Just like that?”

“I mean, you told me you liked how I didn't do things how they were supposed to be.”

Touché. “Well, yes . But…”

“Do you wanna kiss me or not?”

It's supposed to be a simple question with a simple answer. Except that Seokjin can't find it, so he bites his tongue. “I… yes. Yes. I want to kiss you. But I… do you really want to kiss me?”

“Been wanting for the past four years but thanks for noticing.” 

“That's not what I mean!” Seokjin groans, he feels frustration penting up. “I mean, sure, you like my face, I get that a lot, but I don't go out there kissing people just because they like my face or my body.”

“You're overcomplicating 'I don't hook up' way too much.” Taehyung states. He's probably right. “But that's cool because I wanna kiss you for your soul or whatever, not because your face, even if your face makes me wanna cum in my pants.”

“Disgusting.” Seokjin rolls his eyes. 

“Anyways the point is that you know that I fucking simp for you, hyung. I've always licked the floor you stepped on. For some reason I don't understand, you wanna kiss me. I don't know. Seems like an open-close case to me.”

“open-shut.” Seokjin corrects him.

“Okay master of law stuff, whatever.” 

“You're such a child, seaweed brain.”

“You love it.”

“I do.” He does, and that's scary. “Okay you can give me one kiss and only one kiss and then we will decide if we proceed until the end.”

“That's a very sexy way of putting having sex.” Taehyung purrs. Seokjin tries to hold his smile, but he fails. “Come here, smartass.”

Taehyung kisses the way he paints, which makes it seem generic but it's the most accurate way Seokjin can describe it. His touch is soft and gentle, like the way he holds his brushes, but the feeling is harsh and hungry, like the way he creates. A little bit awkward too, but that's fine. A first. Their first.

On a scale of 1 to 10 Seokjin would rate this kiss an 8 out of 10. His arms hurt a lot and he wishes he had time to brush his teeth first, but the rest of it feels amazing, burning. Jin melts, pliant under Taehyung touch. It's so soft and gentle, it makes his stomach tingle in a pleasing way, like the feeling of laughing for too long and then breathing but not being able to stop giggling. Kissing Taehyung feels like every good thing that doesn't end, like rebelling against everything Seokjin stands for.

It feels good. Especially when Taehyung gets braver and deepens the kiss, making Seokjin shiver and hold up a whimper. 

“Hey. Wait.” He says, breaking the kiss. 

“Too much?” Taehyung asks, he looks like he's making a terrible effort not to kiss Seokjin again. God. He's so fucking cute.

“No, it's just… are we really doing this?” Jin wonders, feeling funny inside. “y'know.”

“Having a sexual intercourse or developing a healthy relationship with tons of corny shit and cuddles?” He wonders, making Jin smile again. He just can't stop doing it. “I like both options.”

“You wanna do that?” He wonders, licking his lips and noticing the way Taehyung's eyes darken as they follow his tongue. 

“I'm starting to think you're being vague on purpose.” Taehyung grunts. He's so sexy. “Do I want have sex until the walls separating our homes fall off with my dick? Yes. Do I want to have that sex everyday before going to work and when I come back? Yes! Have I fantasized about the idea of you fucking me into oblivion? Every single night since I've met you. Have I also fantasized about being in a relationship with you and watching movies together and hold hands and kiss you goodnight and…”

Seokjin kisses him back and it feels right. This is the way it is supposed to be, and at the same time, it's Taehyung, so it's also the weirdest way it could have happened. 

“I like you, seaweed brain.”

“I'd rather prefer another pet name, y'know.” 

“You sure?”





“And that's why, your honor, I think this case is clear enough. My client has proof beyond reason. Dear members of the jury, I invite you to consider every single piece of evidence shown during our trial and to make the right choice. Thank you so much.”

Jungkook and Namjoon hold his breath while Jimin goes back to his sit. Seokjin stands up, raising his eyebrow with determination and stares back at his boyfriend, crossing his arms. 

“I really can't believe you hired Jimin to make your arguments about which house should we choose to move in together.” He says, rolling his eyes.

“You were making way too many good points and I couldn't compete with that.”

“But don't you think hiring a lawyer was going a little bit too far!?” 

“No! You argue for a living! I haven't won a single argument since we're together!” 

“What my client wants to say is that you were hiding evidence that proved that his house was more suited for a couple than yours.” Jimin points out, with a smirk.

“You shut up right now in this moment!”

“But he's right.”

“Because my couch and my dishwasher are older than yours. And that's bullshit because according to the statistics, the brands I bought could last up until four years more than yours.” Seokjin points out, raising his left eyebrow. “Plus, my final point. Altaria likes it in here and cats get really stressed when they move houses, to which Jimin hasn't been able to prove against.” He says, holding the cat. 

“He does have a point.” Taehyung says to Jimin.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. But, again, things haven't been normal since he started dating Taehyung. “Okay, you, kitchen, now.” He says, pointing at Taehyung.

“But my client…” Jin throws Altaria to Jimin's lap, he screams and she hisses as Taehyung is being dragged to the kitchen.

“Okay. That's it. Honey, I love you but we don't have to do this yet, y'know.” 

“We don't?” Taehyung asks, holding Seokjin by the waist. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. We can… Y'know. Keep doing it as we've been doing it. Changing places every two weeks. Is comfortable and funny and no one has to mess with it.”

Taehyung smiles and nods and kisses Seokjin on the tip of his nose. “Okay.”

“So I win, again. 20 to 0.” His boyfriend groans and Seokjin laughs as he's pinned against the counter. “Such a sore loser.”

“Tell me you love me.”

“Or what.” Jin teases, a smug smile on his face.

Taehyung gets closer, and whispers in his ear. “Or I'll fuck you so hard while your friends are listening behind the door that you won't be able to look at them for the rest of your life.”

Seokjin holds back a gasp, not expecting Taehyung to be so straight forward. He shouldn't love it as much as he does. “You wouldn't.”

Taehyung pushes him against the counter stronger and caresses his legs. “Is that a dare?”

“Fine. Fine. I love you.” 

Taehyung kisses him deeply and Jin kisses him back. “You're so good to me, hyung.”

“Wait until everyone leaves, you're gonna swallow every single word you've said.”

Taehyung laughs. They wouldn't have it any other way.