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Touhou Project AU: Mama Konngara

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Somewhere deep within the underground's caverns...

Meira held on to the robe firmly, despite the swaying movement of the pulley. Either way, she would not let go of the rope, mainly because she promised to play with the one below her. In fact, below her and attached to the rope was a bucket, and inside was the green-haired tsurube-otoshi, Kisume. The bucket youkai laughed as the human was trying to keep herself steady.

"You really gotta get used to this, y'know?" Said another voice, "I mean... Meira, you're good, but you're just not getting used to this, are you?"

A girl with blonde hair tied in a bun, clad in a poofy brown dress with golden straps flipped down from the ceiling. She was the earth spider youkai, Yamame Kurodani. Yamame could control diseases, but she usually held back these powers. Despite her ability, Yamame has a bright personality and wouldn't want to attack humans if she could avoid it.

"How do you know how to swing on Kisume's bucket like this?" Meira somewhat challenged, "You've been doing it for a long time, anyways."

Yamame chuckled. "I'm not one to brag, but... I've been playing with my own silky strings! However... I'm afraid they're only used for trapping things, so I can't let you get caught in them!"

"Mom would hate that."

"Now that you mention Konn," Yamame suddenly paused, before continuing, "She sure has softened down over the past few years, hasn't she?"

Kisume listened intently as Meira added, "Well... I'm pretty sure word has spread around about what happened last year."

"Last year?" Yamame looked puzzled for a moment, before she started recalling something. "Oh! That incident with the 'Mima' lady!"

"Mom was pissed."

"I'm so sorry you had to witness all of that!" Yamame exclaimed as they began to walk through the caverns, "It must've been so scary..."

"Scary at first? Yeah," Meira sighed, "But now I know not to trust that green-haired bitch."

Yamame and Kisume gasped while Meira sighed, "Sorry if I sound annoyed, girls. I just can't forgive Mima for what she's done."

"Lashing out at The Devil herself?" Yamame questioned, "That's quite the penalty, if you ask me."

"Yeah... she'll get that penalty," Meira muttered, "If she ever decides to come back again."

The three all heard some chuckling nearby, and peeked around from one of the walls to see Konngara and her childhood friend, Yuugi, talking. Yuugi was a tall oni with long, straight blonde hair, red eyes, and a single red horn coming out of her forehead. She wears a white, short-sleeved shirt with red trim at the cuffs, neck, and bottom and a dark blue semi-transparent skirt with red highlights and trim. Her wrists and ankles are manacled, with short, broken chains attached to the manacles.

"So... how are things goin' Konn?" Yuugi asked, "I heard you've been taking care of two human girls."

"Everything's fine," Konngara responded, "Well... those two 'human girls' are my daughters."

"I thought humans and youkai couldn't crossbreed. Turns out I was wrong, wasn't I?"

"It's a rare occurrence."


"Mom?" Meira asked, slowly making her way around her "hiding spot", "Who's this?"

Konngara turned to Meira and explained, "This is Yuugi Hoshiguma, a friend of mine since I was a young girl."

Yuugi chuckled at the sight of Meira. "This is one of your kids, Konngara?"

The Devil nodded, "Yes, actually. Her name is Meira. The other one, Reimu, is being taken care of by the kikuri back at home."

Yamame frowned. "Aw... we coulda met Lil' Reimu! Maybe another time."

"Maybe next time," Konngara said to the earth spider, "But... what were you doing with Meira back there?"

Yamame awkwardly explained, "Well... y'know how the underground's usually dangerous for humans? Me and Kisume wanted Meira to get around that, so we tried making Meira swing back and forth on the rope connecting Kisume's bucket to the ceiling."

Meira rolled her eyes. "I tried telling her that I've been in here for a few years... she didn't listen."

"I'd say that's a good ol' strategy," a drunken voice said from one of the caverns, "Except whenever I try to swing on a vine, I always fall to the ground an' pass out!"

Everyone turned and saw a orange-haired girl with brown eyes and two long straight oni horns on her head, decorated with ribbons. She wears a tattered pale pink blouse, a long purple and pink skirt, and three chain accessories tied to her belt. However, she was staggering back and forth, confusing Meira a bit.

"Heard from Konn, too," the girl said, pointing at Meira, "You're her older daughter, right? Coulda thought you were takin' things a tad bit too seriously for your age."

Meira somewhat frowned. "I'm perfectly fine."

The girl laughed, "I was just kidding! Anyways, my name's Suika Ibuki. I'm one of Yuugi's friends."

Konngara flushed. "Suika... not around my child."

"Wha?" Suika asked, a bit puzzled at what Konngara meant, only for Yamame to whisper to the oni, "Being drunk around the kid. I know that's your thing, but c'mon."

"Don't worry," Suika reassured, "I may be drunk, but I'm not settin' a bad example, am I?"

"No," Yuugi shook her head, "Not in the slightest!"

"Aha! That's my fellow deva!" Suika exclaimed, putting up a fist, "Galfist!"

"Wai-" Before Konngara's pleas could reach their ears, Suika and Yuugi did, what they apparently called, their version of a "brofist". Unfortunately, since they were both oni, that meant they had tremendous strength, causing a small shockwave that sent Suika flying into one of the cave's walls. Yuugi laughed, while Kisume and Yamame quickly clung to the ceiling (the former hid in her bucket, while the latter used her silky webs to do the job), and Konngara firmly gripped onto Meira's body, protecting her from being moved by the blast.

Needless to say, Konngara would have shouted at Yuugi, had the shockwave not only affected Suika, but she pushed that thought to the back of her mind.

"Say," Yuugi said, turning back to the group, "Konn, didn't you want to come to the city with us? To have a spar, just like back then?"

"No," Konngara sighed, "I've... changed my mind."

"Guess it's just me and Suika," Yuugi muttered, dragging the aforementioned oni, by one of her horns, away.

"Hey! What about me and Kisume?" Yamame cried, running after Yuugi.

"You both got a low tolerancy," Yuugi told her, "As much as I hate to admit it."

"Oh, fine," Yamame pouted. She and Kisume began to make their way back home, not before waving back to Konngara and Meira, however.

The mother and her daughter watched as Yuugi slowly made her way passed the bridge to the city, passing Parsee Mizuhashi, a hashihime and the guardian of the bridge with wavy blond hair and green eyes, pointy ears, and her skin appears to have pale chartreuse tint to it. She wears a dress which resembles the traditional dresses of Iran's nomadic people, the top being brown with purple borders, with a white criss-cross pattern and a pink sash. The bottom is blue and purple with again the white criss-cross pattern and black with criss-crossed red strings hanging on the bottom edge. She has a pink scarf tied around her neck and pink puffy arm socks.

"Mom, who's that weird-looking lady?" Meira asked, pointing at Parsee.

"That's the guardian of the bridge, dear," Konngara explained, "She is, however, quite jealous of others. I don't know if I could cross paths with her without her constantly saying how she's apparently 'jealous' that I have two children under my wing... or maybe it's because of my job."




"Yeah, mom?"

"Reimu... she's saying her first words!"

"Ma...Ma. Mama!"

"I've... never been so proud before, dear!"

Konngara hugged the toddler tightly to her chest, while Meira stared at her little sister. However, the noises from Reimu were enough to warm her heart at least.

Meira softly smiled. There was nothing to be jealous about, wasn't there?