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Fuck college; Fuck Seokjin too (In A Good Way)

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Taehyung had been thoroughly stressed out these days, dealing with his stupid finals. All his teachers were shitty, he felt like he’d hardly learned anything all year, and now he was expected to take and—somehow, someway, by the grace of God or the devil or some higher power—pass a bunch of stupid fucking exams.

He was honestly pissed at the world right about now.

He was pissed off at whoever had hired his stupid, good for nothing, asshole teachers that didn’t know how to teach a damn thing. He was pissed off at whoever the fuck made him think that going to college was a good idea. He was pissed off at whoever had invented college in the first place. He was pissed off at whoever had even invented the word ‘college’. He was pissed off at whoever invented finals too.

He could not even begin to figure out how to express enough the amount of fucks that he did not give about college at this point. He could give ten billion shits less about his education. He would rather die than even so much as write his name on even one of his study guides, let alone all of them. He’d rather burn in the fiery pits of hell than open up one of his stupid, overly expensive, basically useless textbooks. He’d rather be best friends with his worst enemy than read a single, bullshit sentence from said textbooks too.

At this point, he wanted to drop out. Not only from college, but also from life in general. Was there a way to drop out of life? God, he wished there was.

He was a big ball of pure anger and hatred. He felt like if real life was a cartoon, he would be surrounded by flames every time he so much as thought about college. He wondered if anyone had ever gone on a murderous rampage just because they’d gotten so angry about how stupid college was before? He might just end up being the first person to do it.

“I’m paying thousands of dollars to suffer,” He fussed to Jin for the billionth time that day. It was noon. “I’m paying thousands of dollars to damn near teach my own self because my teachers are all absolutely useless. I’m paying thousands of dollars to have a mental breakdown every other day. When I’m finished with college, I won’t even be able to afford the therapy I’ll need after dealing with the trauma of going through final exams because I’ll be too busy paying the government back the thousands that I actually owe them, plus a couple thousand more. At what point are we as a society going to move past the idea of college? I’m telling you, this is going to be my villain origin story!”

“Baby, you really need to relax,” Jin sighed as he watched his angry boyfriend pace the living room like an agitated tiger in a cage. “I know how hard this is for you—hell, just a year or two ago, I was you. I know how difficult this time of year is, but you’ve gotten through it for the past two years and you can get through it for two more. I know it’s frustrating and exhausting and I know it’s hard, but fussing about it isn’t going to help anything. You need to put that energy on doing your work instead.”

No, I don’t think I will!” Taehyung huffed. “I’m not doing this shit. I’m not, I don’t care! I don’t give a shit! Not one shit! I don’t! I’m not doing not one fucking study guide, I’m not writing not one fucking essay, I’m not turning shit in! I’m not doing it!”

“Taehyung,” Jin sent him a stern look. “You can’t just not do your work. As miserable as you are now, I’m sure you’ll be a whole lot more miserable if you end up with all F’s and having to repeat the year.”

“I don’t care!” Taehyung stomped. “I’m not doing it!”

He realized that he was behaving like a bratty little child, he realized that he probably looked crazy right now, but did he care? No.

He was fed the fuck up. School had been difficult this year and he had just about reached his limit. At this point, he didn’t care if he flunked his classes. He was about ready to drop out and just pat himself on the back for giving it a try in the first place. Maybe he could print off a graduation certificate from online? Maybe he could just tell people that he’d gotten his degree and hope they wouldn’t fact check him.

“Taehyung,” Jin sighed as he stood up and went over to the pouting boy. “You just have a little more to go, okay? You just have to get through the next few weeks and then you’re done for a couple of months. I will help you do your work and I’ll help you study. You’re gonna pass all your tests with flying colors and have all your work turned in on time!”

“No.” Taehyung was still being stubborn. “I simply will not do it.”

“It wasn’t a suggestion,” Jin used his ‘Listen to me or you’re getting punished’ tone and watched as Taehyung shifted a little, clearly still in the mood to argue, but definitely not trying to get himself into trouble with Jin. “I want you to be a good boy and do your work like I told you, okay? We’ll take today to just relax and you can cool down and get ready to start being productive tomorrow. Okay?” Taehyung grumbled to himself and Jin raised his brows. “What was that?”

“I said okay.” Taehyung lied before stomping over to the couch to sit down. “I’d like to spend today watching war movies then.” It was how he coped with his anger.

Jin chuckled and agreed. “Whatever you want, baby.”


So, they spent the day doing just that. They cuddled up together on the couch and watched war movies until around eight at night and then Jin told him that it was time to turn the TV off and start getting ready for bed.

Taehyung argued briefly but once again Jin sent him a warning look and he grew quiet again and begrudgingly agreed.

Jin ran him a soothing bubble bath and allowed him to soak for about an hour and applied a face mask for him while washing and massaging his hair. Taehyung was more than relaxed afterward and drowsy enough to lay down and got to sleep at a decent time.

The next morning, Jin woke him up bright and early, fixed him a nutritious breakfast, and then made him get all his school supplies and sit at the kitchen table to work.

The essay was going to be the most difficult thing for Taehyung to do, so they decided to start on that first. For the first half of the day, they sat together researching the topic thoroughly, making some notes, and preparing to write it. Then after the research was done, Taehyung began typing it up while Jin fixed dinner.

The essay was finished just three days later—which was a new record for Taehyung. Usually, he either wrote one paragraph every other day for a few weeks in a row or typed the whole thing in one night, hoping to finish it before midnight when it was due.

He felt a lot better about this one. He felt like it was actually well written, and like he might actually get something higher than what his usual essay grades were—A ‘C’. If he was lucky.

When the essay was complete, they moved on to working on the study guides and actually studying for his exams. Jin helped him study efficiently, using flashcards and other study methods that worked best for him, and making sure that he didn’t focus too much on the things he already knew and actually worked on studying the things he didn’t know well.

It was still difficult and still stressful, but it was significantly less stressful with Jin’s help. Not just with the studying itself, but with making sure that Taehyung wasn’t stressing too much.

He made sure Taehyung ate well every day, slept well (and for more than just a few hours) every night, and took frequent breaks so that he didn’t get overwhelmed too. He pampered him, giving him massages and relaxing baths or showers, made sure he had downtime to do the things he enjoyed while also not neglecting his studies completely, and kept him on track.

Taehyung felt prepared when it was time to take his finals, and he was confident that he’d made a great grade on all of them afterward. His grades wouldn’t be in for a few weeks, but unlike usual, he wasn’t anxious to see them. He truly felt like he’d done well, and if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t care because he knew that he’d done everything he could to prepare for them. He’d done his best and that was all that mattered. Jin assured him of that.

“I’m so proud of you,” Jin hugged him tightly after he’d finished with his final test. “You’ve worked so hard these last couple of weeks and I know you did amazingly on your tests! You’ll probably end up making the highest grade in the class!”

“If I do, it’s because of you,” Taehyung grinned as he pecked the man’s lips. “I wouldn’t have gotten through these last few weeks without you. You worked just as hard as me, probably harder. You didn’t have to do so much for me, but you did.” He pouted.

Jin pecked his lips again. “Of course I did! I don’t mind helping you when you need it. I know how important your education is to you—Even if you do occasionally rant about wanting to abolish all universities forever when you’re fed up with studying,” He chuckled. “I want you to do really good in school because I know how important that is to you. I really don’t mind helping.”

“I don’t know how to repay you for being the best boyfriend in the whole world.” Taehyung sighed before pecking his lips again.

“No need to repay me, my heart.” Jin smiled. “Now…You’ve worked really hard for the past few weeks. I think you deserve a reward.”

“A reward?” Taehyung perked up. “What kind of reward?!”

“Anything you want. You pick.”

Taehyung thought for all of two seconds before smirking. “Your dick.”


“Your dick. That is my reward. Another reason I hate school; We’ve hardly been able to remember that sex even exists this past month because we’ve been too busy. A man can only go so long without have a dick up his ass. What do you say? Can I have your cock?”

Jin cleared his throat, his ears growing red as he let out a disbelieving laugh and looked away from Taehyung. “I thought you’d ask for ice cream or a movie night or something.”

“Well...If you’d rather do that—“

“No, no, no!” Jin blushed even more, clearing his throat again as he realized how desperate he sounded. “I’m not objecting, I’m just a little surprised, is all.” And he wasn’t sure why. This wasn’t the first time Taehyung had asked for his dick as a reward, but it never failed to shock him how blunt Taehyung could be. At least he was honest about what he wanted.

“Great!” Taehyung grinned, walking the man over to the couch and pushing him down. Jin landed with a shocked gasp and barely had time to blink before he had a lap full of Taehyung.

“W-Wait, shouldn’t we get lube? Or a condom?”

Taehyung had already reached inside Jin’s shorts, pulling his already stiffening cock out. He licked the palm of his hand and began stroking the man, Jin gasping and his eyes growing wide as Taehyung stared at him with eyes full of lust. “I’ll get your cock nice and wet, no need for lube.”

“T-The condom?”

Taehyung pouted, tilting his head. “We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, hyung. Don’t you wanna cum in me?”

Jin groaned. Taehyung continued talking.

“We both know we’re clean, no need for a condom. Consider you filling me up with your cum part of my reward.”

Taehyung lifted himself up and pushed his pants down to his mid-thigh, just enough so that nothing would be blocking Jin’s cock from slipping inside him.

When Taehyung lined Jin’s cock up with his entrance, Jin was just about to warn him to be careful and go slow but before he could, Taehyung had sunk all the way down on him letting out a pleased sigh as he did.

“Shit!” Jin hissed, grabbing a tight hold of Taehyung’s waist. “Fuck—So tight. Seems like we haven’t fucked in forever.”

“We haven’t,” Taehyung pouted, resting his hands on Jin’s shoulders as Jin began slowly lifting him up and pulling him down on his cock. He let out a quiet whine as he tried to pry Jin’s hands away from his sides so he could move at his own pace—a much quicker pace—but Jin simply gave his ass a firm smack to get him to knock it off. Taehyung let out a startled gasp and a quiet moan.

“Give yourself time to adjust,” Jin told him. “There’s no rush. Just enjoy the feeling of my cock filling you up. Doesn't that feel good?” He thrust his hips up and Taehyung moaned once again.

“Y-Yes,” He mumbled shakily. “Feels good, hyung!”

Jin let out a pleased hum and spent the next few minutes moving Taehyung up and down on his cock slowly, enjoying the boy’s quiet whines and whimpers. After a few minutes though, he decided to let Taehyung have his way. This was supposed to be his reward, after all. So, he loosened his grip on the boy’s waist. “Go ahead, baby,” He murmured. “Ride me.”

Ride him, he did.

Taehyung quickly steadied himself and eagerly began bouncing up and down on the man’s cock. His quiet whines and whimpers turned into loud mewls and moans, which were only muffled by Seokjin’s lips as he pulled him in for a kiss.

Taehyung thought he must’ve died and gone to sex heaven. Maybe it was just because it’d been a while since they’d done anything, but he could swear that sex had never felt this good before. When Seokjin fisted his cock and began stroking him in time with his bouncing, he nearly came right on the spot.

Any other time, Taehyung wouldn’t have argued, but this time, he wanted to come from nothing but Jin’s cock.

He pushed Jin’s hand away and pulled away from the kiss. “Just wanna come from your cock, alone, hyung. Don’t need anything else—fuck! Just-Just need hyungie’s cock!”

“It’s all yours then, Taehyung,” Jin groaned. “Use that cock, baby. You deserve it. That’s right, just like that,” He lifted his hips to meet Taehyung’s every time, and Taehyung let out a loud cry, resting his head on Jin’s shoulder. “Good boy. Such a good boy. You’ve been so good, baby. You deserve hyung’s cock.”

Taehyung bit down on Jin’s shoulder and let out a shaky breath, his eyes glazing over before fluttering shut. His body began shuddering and he could feel his orgasm quickly approaching, and Jin could tell that he was close so he took over for him, holding him tightly as he fucked him quickly, motivated by all the pretty sounds Taehyung was making right in his ear.

Before long, Taehyung’s moans were increasing in volume, Jin’s shirt was being drenched with cum, and so were Taehyung’s insides. They both reached their climaxes nearly simultaneously, and Jin groaned as he gave just a few more deep thrusts, enjoying the feeling of finally getting to cum inside of his boyfriend for the first time since they’d gotten together. The wet squelching sound that filled the room as he continued to fuck his cum into Taehyung had him feeling faint. He wished he had more to give.

“All full of hyung’s cum,” He murmured, stroking the panting boy’s hair. “Just like you should be. Such a good boy, baby. I’m so proud of you. Hyung’s so proud of you!”

“Mm,” Taehyung hummed tiredly before letting out a yawn. He’d had a long day today. “Proud enough for a round two?”

“No, proud enough to get you cleaned up and settled in bed.” Jin chuckled.

Taehyung whined. “You’re no fun.”