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The Royal Lieutenant

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Ekaterina and James married three months later in the Palace. It was an extravagant wedding. Their friends , family and people in many countries attended.

James was happy. After the wedding, he hugged Ekaterina and kissed her.

She kissed him back.

James smiled at her "I love you" he said to her softly.

"I love you too." She said smiling.

Three months later, she found out that she was pregnant.

James was snuggling with her.

"James?" She asked.

James looked at her. "Yes, love?" He asked.

"I am pregnant." She said, she is a bit scared of his reaction.

He smiled and kissed her lips.

" do you feel?" She asked after the kiss.

"I'm happy about it." James said.

She smiled.

James kissed her cheek.


-Time skip-


Six and a half months later, Ekaterina's water broke.

James had called in a maid to help.

Kate is screaming in pain.

James held onto her hand as the maid came in to help.

Ten minutes later, a baby girl is born.

James smiled full of joy.

But Kate has a pained expression on her face.

James looks at Kate and notices her expression. "Kate what's wrong?" James asked.

She doesn't reply. The maid checked on her and noticed what's wrong immediately. " seems she is having twins." the maid said.

"Oh" James said looking a little shocked.

She gives birth to a baby boy five minutes later.

James smiled happily.

She smiled softly when she saw the babies.

James held one of them.

"What should we named them?" Kate asked. She is holding the baby girl.

"Elexa and Tom?" James asked.

"It's too common...I want something special..."

"How about Sara and Stephen?"

"I am thinking the baby boy named after you actually."

James nodded.

"So James Lawrence Norrington II ?"

James smiled and agreed with her choice.

"And the about Vitalia? Vitalia Callista Norrington."

"I love that name" James said as he smiled then kissed her.

Three months later, Jasmine Norrington and Theodore Groves get married, they have their first child one year later. They named the baby boy Stephan James Groves.

And one month after the Groves married, Andrew Gillette married James's younger sister Amethyst. They have a baby girl two years later, little Liliana Janice Gillette.

The Norringtons welcomed their third child Streila Willow Norrington when the twins was five. And the family lived happy ever after.

A/N : I know this is short....but never mind.