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The Royal Lieutenant

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It was a stormy night at sea. James had ordered almost every man below deck due to hurricanes. The storm bellowed and made the ship creak. It felt as if the ship was about to sink.

A Russian ship passed by and they saw the Dauntless. The storm is too powerful. Their ship was broken down into pieces after an big explosion. A girl , who is eighteen years old, dressed in a Russian Navy uniform is the only survivor.

James saw her and pulled her up. Making sure she was alive. He thought she was a man due to the clothing. He brought her below deck and laid her in one of the beds.

The girl is unconscious. Her brown hair has some ash in it because of the explosion. There is blood flowing down from her forehead. She is lucky to be alive.

James wipes the blood away from her forehead and he gets the ash out of her hair.

She opened her eyes slowly as she feel something is touching her face and hair .

James jumped a little seeing she was waking up.

"Are you alright?" James asked her seeing her fear. "You don't have to be afraid you're safe" James told her.

"I am fine. I only remember that I am on the navy ship...and it exploded because of the storm...." said the girl.

"Well you're safe now....I'm Captain James Norrington. And you are?" James asked softly.

"Perseus...Perseus Evans..." She lied.

"It's nice to meet you Perseus" James said to her with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too captain..." she said to him with a small smile.

"Are you wounded anywhere?" James asked looking her.

"I think I hit my head when it exploded." she answered him .

"I saw that. I'm sure you'll be fine its not that bad." James told her.

"I hope so....oh no! The crew! " she exclaimed as she remembered the crew that was with her earlier.

"I told my men to look for any other survivors." James said softly.

"Thank you captain ... I am from Russia actually."

"We can take you there after we make a stop at Port Royal."

"I don't mind staying in Port Royal." said the girl softly.

"Okay good.....we'll need a place for you to stay as well"

"Umm...I guess I can live in the streets..." said the girl. "I don't want to be a burden."

"I have a guest bedroom. And I don't think you'd be a burden"

"Thanks for the only know my name and where I am from....why did you help me?" She asked.

"I like to help people"

"I guess I have lost my commission." said the girl.

" you haven't" James said softly.

"How...?" She asked.

"Well I would think you haven't........." James told her.

"Haven't what...?" She asked.

"Lost your commission"

"I think I lost is my idea to go for a trip to Jamaica...." she replied him with a sad look on her face. "They trust me....and now they lost their life because of me..."

"I don't think you lost it over one mistake. There are most likely more survivors than we think." said James. "And I'm sure they would not blame you for a storm that you could not control."

Her face is ash white. "How can the people in Russia trust me after I lost their family in a hurricane...? I was foolish...I...I....I may also lost my title because of this..." she said as her body is shaking "My father may take it away from me...."

"Calm down its alright. If you loose it I'm sure you'd find another job or something."

"Join the navy again? The last time I joined because of my father wanted me to spy on them...of how they worked..."

"Oh............" James said looking at her with a soft expression.

"My father would never forgive me...he would force me to marry someone sooner than I think if he ever find out."

James gave her a confused look. 'why would his father have to force him to marry someone?' He asked in his head.

"King." She replied him with a simple word.

"You're a prince???" James asked shocked.

"Umm...Yes " She partly lied.

"That's awesome!" Said James.

She smiled at him. Her face is quite soft for a "boy" .

James smiled back at her.

She looks down and look at her hands.

James was still a little shocked from learning that Perseus was a prince.

She feels bad that she is lying to him.

James looked at her curiously. She noticed his look and gives him a question look.

"Why did you father have you work in the navy?"

"He wants to know the Navy well...he don't want them to work against him. So he ask me to join the navy under a fake name." She replied.

"Intresting. Why does he think the navy would work against him?"

"He is just he just takes cautions."

"Oh that's understandable."

"Where are we now?" She asked.

"Port Royal. In Jamaica"

"I guess I will need to join the Navy, right?" She asked.

"Only if you want to." Said James.

"I don't mind , commodore." She said.

"Alright. Can you walk?" James asked her.

"I think I can..." she said as she stands up and starts to walk but fall to the ground few seconds later.

James caught her and helped her walk.

She blushed when James caught her when she fall to the ground.

"I'll help you." James said having her arm over his shoulders. He had his right arm around her waist.

"Thank you captain " she muttered.

"You're welcome" James told her. He smiled brightly.

James guides her to the door. He opens it while still holding onto her.

She walks in. "You know, you can stop holding me." She said.

"You're not going to fall?"

"No" she said but her legs are shaking.

"Alright" James said letting go but making sure to hold her hand in case she fell.

She walks towards a chair and sits down. She looks up at James.

James looked down at her noticing how feminine she looked. He didn't say anything though.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Nothing" James told her.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" James told her looking at her features.

"Sure." She said not so convinced by his answer.

James smiled as Theodore Groves walked in "Sir is he alright?" He asked.

She looks a little bit sacred as one more people come in. Lucky for her, her navy uniform is quite loose , so others won't be suspicious .

James nods "yeah he's fine." He said.

"Can I join the Navy? I mean after I have recovered."

"Yeah" James and Theo said at the same time.

"Thank you." She said. " clothes are wet...can I have some clothes for me to change?"

"Theo go get him some clothes. Please" James told him as he went to get some clothes.

She waits for Theo to come back.

Theo returns with some clothes and the both of them exit the room.

She stands up and change into the clothes.

Theo and James were helping the others unload.

She walks out the room. And saw them unloading with the others.

Andrew bumped into you "Sorry didn't mean to bump into you" he said as he carried a large crate.

"It's alright. Do you need help?" She asked Andrew.

"Uh no I've got it."

"Okay. " she said as she looks at James who is quite far away from her.

James was at the harbor talking to the governor.

She walked over to them.

"Oh Hello. You must be Perceus" Govneror Swann said.

"I am. It's an honour to meet you governor." She said.

He smiled at her. "I suppose you'll be staying with James here." He said with a smile.

"Yes. He is nice enough to let me stay at his house."

"That's good" Govneror Swann said.

"Yes. But I will try and find a house soon after I have enough money."

He smiled then looked at James "Elizabeth missed you" he told James.

She looks at the both of them and thinking who is Elizabeth.

"I'm sure she did. How is she?" James asked "She's with that boy again. I told her to not hang out with that boy. But she doesn't seem to listen to her father anymore" Governor Swann said.

Ekaterina is completely confused of their conversation .

Theo walked up to her. "Elizabeth is the Governor's daughter. The Govorner wants James to marry her" he explained whispering to her.

"That's nice." She whispered to Theo , she can't help but feel jealous.

James and The Govorner talked for a while until Elizabeth showed up. She walked up to James and hugged him.

She feels so jealous that she walks away from the group.

Elizabeth didn't look happy with James. But she managed to make everyone think she loved him.

She was looking at her sword once she went back to the room. It is a beautiful sword with gold handle. It has some diamonds that has written the short form of her real name.


James walked back to her.

She didn't notice him.

"You alright?" James asked.

She jumped. Her sword dropped onto the ground.

"Sorry for startling you" James said picking up her sword and then looking at it before giving it back to her.

"It's fine." She looks at her beautiful sword. "My father gave this to me when I am 15."

"What do the letters stand for?" James asked.

She looks a little bit nervous but she said "My full name."

"Oh that's interesting" James told her.

"Why?" She asked him.

"Well there isn't a P in the initials" James said.

Her face turns into ash white.

"What is your full name?" James asked.

She remains silent.

James stayed calm about it. "Are you hiding something?" James asked.

" Екатерина Луиза Изабель Романова" she relied quietly in Russian.

James looked at her "you're a...." He didn't finish his sentence. "Sir Miss Swann is looking for you" Theo said walking in the room "I'll be there" James said walking to where Elizabeth was.

She sighed in relief when he left .

Theo looked at her "Come on....let's get off this ship and relax a little before we have to leave again" he said with a smile.

"Sure." She replied Theo with a timid smile on her face.

Andrew was carrying a smaller crate now. He was walking on the harbor when he tripped and fell into the water. The crate spilled all over the harbour.

She can't help it but laughs at him.

Theo giggled "Andrew are you alright?" Theo asked as someone helped him back onto the harbor. "You should really watch your step Lieutenant" The man said as Andrew pulled some seaweed out of his mouth..

Jasmine is walking around and when she saw Andrew pulled the seaweed out of his mouth , she laughs at him and run to tell James about that.

James laughed when he heard about it. "I'm sure everyone will laugh when they hear that" James said with laughter.

"I think I am going to tell everyone in the town about this."

James laughed even more.

"I am going to tell Ame first!" Jasmine went to find Amethyst and tell her the story. When she heard it, she laughed loudly.

James went with her. "And someone had to help him back on the harbor." James added with laughter.

"James! Who is the one that will live with us?" Amethyst asked James.

"Did I heard it correctly Jamie? Her?" Asked Jasmine.

"No I just studder a lot" James said to Jasmine.

"But I heard you said her as well!" Amethyst exclaimed.

"I said him" James said.

"Fine then." She looks defeated.

Andrew and Theo were racing each other to where James was.

Ekaterina is looking at the sea at the fort.

James walked over to her. He was being silent.

"Captain." She called him out of respect.

"You can call me by my name" James said.

"If you are can call me by my name as well."

"Alright. Ekaterina" James said.

"You keep my secret. Why?"

"Because I wanted to."

She hugged him without noticing it herself.

James blushed a little but hugged her back while smiling.

She realised what she has done. She blushed softly.

James was blushing a lot now. He smiled.

She kiss him on the cheek. She slightly blushed when she do that.

James smiled and kissed her back. "I won't tell anyone about you I promise" James said.

"Thank I cannot join the Navy as I am a girl?"

James smiled at her.

She gives him a question look.

"You can still join but I won't say anything of you being a girl" James said with a smirk.

"Thank you. I guess I owe you." She said smiling.

"You don't owe me" James said.

"If you said so."

James smiled and kissed her cheek again.

"The sword. It's beautiful . Isn't it?"

James nods.

"I was thinking to use this sword when I joined the Royal Navy here, but I am sacred that others will find out ..."

"They won't."

"I hope so..."

James smiled and kissed her cheek.

Unfortunately, Theo came in at this very moment.

"Captain?" He asked.

Her face is very pale.

"Yes?" James said turning around to see Theo.

She is avoiding to look at the both of them.

"Why did you just kiss his cheek?" Theo asked.

Her face flushed when she heard the question.

"Uh.......I didn't you must've been seeing things Theo" James said.

" must have seeing things as we are just talking about the Royal Navy in Britain."

James nodded agreeing with her.

However, Theo doesn't believe that.

Theo walks off.

Ekaterina sighs in relief.

James turned back to Ekaterina.

She looks at him in the eyes.

James smiled then hugged her.

She looks shocked. "You are not afraid that he will come back?"

"No he won't say anything" James whispered.

"Okay. I think I will join the Navy soon. As I need to join as a midshipmen first again."

James nods.

She went out and go to sign in the Navy at the dock.

James walked with Elizabeth through the town.

She was given a redcoat's uniform and she changed into it in her room.

James was now alone at the harbor.

She goes to find James in her new uniform.

James sat on one of the crates full of bordem.

"Hello, Captain!" She said "Do you need any help?"

"Oh no we're finished getting all the crates away. I was just waiting on you." James said looking at her.


James stood up and lead them to his house.

She walks after him.

James stopped at a large house. He unlocked the door and held the door open. "Make yourself at home" James said with a soft tone in his voice.

She walks in and looks around. "It's beautiful!"

"Thank you" James said smiling.

"So where is my room?"

"Upstairs to the right. Next to mine" James said as he went to his room.

"Okay. " she said and walked into the room. She looks around the room. It's beautiful and it looks a bit like her room in Russia.

James walked in his room and shut the door.

She looks at herself in the mirror. She didn't recognise herself with the uniform on.

James knocked on the door .

She opens it and looks at him.

"Thank you James." She said and kiss him on the cheek. She takes it and looks at him.

James was blushing so much. He smiled at her than went back to his bedroom.

She takes off her uniform and puts on the nightdress. She puts her hair down and remove the makeup on her face.

James put his pajamas on before putting his uniform away.

She puts her uniform on one of the chair in her room.

James hopped in bed and looked up at the ceiling.

She goes to the bed and soon fall asleep on it.

James falls asleep.

She is having a nightmare. She screamed in the middle of the night, thinking the ship has just exploded.

James was by her side hugging her close.

She is sobbing. She is thinking about the people that were aboard the ship .

James cradled her and wipped the tears away from her face.

Her long brown hair is covering her face. Her head is at his chest area which makes part of his pyjamas wet because of her tears.

"You're alright" James said calming her by pulling you closer to him.

"I have a nightmare...the exploded behind me...I would be dead if the sailor didn't thrown me overboard...he saved my life..."

James just hugged her.

She cry herself to sleep.

James kissed her then fell asleep hugging her.

She wakes up the next day and she saw James is on the bed with her. Her eyes widen. She feels her cheek turns red.

James had his arms wrapped around her. He snuggled a bit closer to her while he was asleep. He smiled happily.

There is a knock in the front door. She feels herself frozen in James's arms .

The knock got a bit louder.

She tries to wake him up .

James eyes pop open a bit then he goes back to sleep. "Sir are you home?" Andrew yelled from outside.

She shakes James. "Wake up Andrew is outside!"

James woke up. "Huh? Oh shit" James got up and ran to the front door.

She sits on the bed waiting for James to come back and tell her what happened.

Andrew told James about something that had happened at the bar an hour ago and then he left. James walked back to Ekaterina. "There were pirates at the bar. Andrew said that there could be more." James told her.

"Okay. I guess we need to fight them." She said and she gets up, grab her uniform on the way , go behind the curtain and change into her uniform.

"They already caught the pirates in the bar. Andrew said they surrendered without a fight. He suggested just looking around in case there were anymore" James said explaining to her what Andrew had told him.

"Alright." She put the wig on and put some makeup on so that it can cover her feminine look.

"You look really different" James said.

"I know I am really different when I am not wearing the makeup."

"Yeah" James said then he kissed her cheek.

She flashed an evil smile at him. And she "accidentally" kiss him on the lips.

James cheeks flushed dark red as he pulled her closer into the kiss.

She kiss him and she feels her cheek turns red and hot to touch.

James smiled and pulled away from the kiss. He was blushing so much. He smiled at her.

She gives him a small smile and walked out of the room. She walks around and check if there's a pirate.

James put his uniform on in his room then ran out to catch up with Ekaterina.

She is walking near the tavern when she felt someone grab her and a pistol is at her head in a few seconds later . She is shocked.

James saw what had happened and his eyes widened.

"Goodbye lad." Said the pirate, he is going to shot her.

James shot the pirate right in the head before he could do anything.

She is shaking . She looks at the pirate who was killed by James and she starts sobbing because of the near death experience.

"Are you alright?" James asked.

"I am not...I am so afraid just now...." she said and continue to cry.

James hugged her. "You're alright I promise."

"I...I think we need to report this to the commodore..."

"Yeah we should." James said.

James followed her.