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early mornings

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There’s a soft ray of light that falls through a gap in the curtains, landing directly on Venti’s face. It moves over his cheeks and warms his skin, until Venti frowns and turns his head, burying his face in the pillow.

Unfortunately, he cannot breathe like this. He slowly pries his eyes open, blinking as he looks toward the window. Diluc’s arm is lazily stretched out over his waist, the blanket tangled around his body in the most inefficient way, some parts covered and some not. Diluc mumbles something in his sleep and Venti turns his head, craning his neck as he tries not to move around too much. It doesn’t work very well.

“Hmmm,” Diluc makes a disgruntled noise, pulls Venti closer and presses his head into the small space between Venti’s neck and shoulder. Diluc’s soft hair rubs against Venti’s skin, but it’s not uncomfortable, only a bit ticklish. He smiles, shuffling back to snuggle up even closer.

“Morning,” Venti says, his voice a little deeper than usual, still heavy with sleep.

The other man doesn’t reply, only makes another sound before he tightens his grip around Venti’s waist, wrapping his arm around him entirely. Venti’s back is completely flush against him now, and Venti can feel the warmth of Diluc’s bare chest through his shirt.

Diluc begins to let his hands travel under it, only touching very lightly, caressing the other’s skin. Venti can’t help the laugh that comes from his chest. “Tickles…”

Not caring at all, Diluc continues to move his hands, smiling into Venti’s shoulder. Venti is full on laughing now, squirming as he tries to get away before the tickling suddenly stops, and Diluc holds him still. There’s a hardness that presses into Venti’s lower back, and he hears Diluc whisper into his ear, “Don’t move so much.”

Venti feels the corners of his lips curl up as he teases, “Hm?” He wiggles against him a little. “Ah, Sir Diluc, so early in the morning?”

“Hnn…” Diluc groans, now hugging Venti with both arms as he rocks his hips forward, searching for friction. He stills. “Sorry.”

Venti moves a bit, suddenly missing Diluc’s hands, both amusement and confusion in his tone when he speaks again, “What?”

“Sorry, I—”

Venti turns his head again, trying to give the other man a look. “When did I complain?”

A small ‘oh’ leaves Diluc’s mouth, and then he moves his hips again, holding Venti as he bites lightly into his shoulder. Venti hums, taking Diluc’s wrists and pulling at them, urging him to touch.

Diluc’s left hand climbs up to the bard’s chest, two fingers scratching over a nipple before they pinch down on it through the shirt, and Venti finds himself moaning quietly, whining as he humps forward with his hips, only to meet thin air. Diluc seems to get the message, changing his position so he can pinch the other nipple with his right hand instead, making sure to give attention to the little nub because it makes Venti squirm so beautifully. His left hand travels down, palms Venti’s cock through his underwear, and finds that Venti is already just as hard as himself.

Venti whines, arching his chest to meet Diluc’s fingers that tug at his nipple while he rocks his hips back and forth, wanting to feel both Diluc’s thrusts from behind and the pressure from his hand. They’re both breathing heavily, eyes closed and feeling as if in a daze, lazily moving against each other without any effort to chase their climax.

He doesn’t know how long they keep doing it like this, but eventually, Venti starts to feel impatient, the now very wet underwear that’s sticking to his cock starting to irritate him.

“Diluc…” He whines, pulling at the other’s wrists again. It takes a moment until Diluc reacts, lifts his head and finally opens his eyes, meeting Venti’s gaze. Venti turns around in his arms, struggling a bit when he tries to get his pants off. Diluc doesn’t even think of helping him, instead uses both hands to cup Venti’s face and presses their mouths together. Venti groans but welcomes the tongue entering his mouth, pressing back and finally slipping out of the underwear. Using his arms to support himself on the mattress, he gets up and swings one leg over Diluc’s torso in one swift motion, sitting right on top of him.

“Ah—” Diluc moans, his eyes falling shut again when he feels the pressure on his crotch, and Venti moves to rub his own cock against Diluc’s clothed one, sighing in relief.

“Lube,” Venti says, almost demanding, and Diluc begins to feel around with his hand on the nightstand, nearly knocking over a glass of water before he finds what he’s looking for. He stares up at Venti who’s waiting for him to hand him the lube, but Diluc doesn’t want to. He opens the bottle as he speaks, “Let me do it.”

Venti doesn’t really care, only nods and moves forward a bit, so that Diluc can reach behind him more easily. He slicks up his fingers, warming the liquid before he brings them to Venti’s entrance, slipping the first one in while his other hand lands on Venti’s hip. Venti sighs in relief, welcoming the finger that starts to thrust in and out. His eyes are closed, the hint of a frown on his face, as if he’s completely focused on what Diluc is doing, mouth hanging open slightly. Diluc adds another finger, slowly working him open, and Venti supports himself on Diluc’s shoulder, moving with Diluc’s hand.

Eventually, Venti opens his eyes again, focus suddenly shifting. He uses one hand to reach behind himself and his knuckles bump against Diluc’s, whose eyes go wide when he realizes what Venti wants to do. He’s too slow to react before Venti pushes one of his fingers in alongside his.

Diluc’s hips buck up and he groans, “Fuck, Venti, you…”

Venti looks down, his voice coming out a bit more unstable than he wanted, “Aah—, you’re… taking too long, nnh…”

Diluc instantly pushes in again, curling his fingers together with Venti’s, hitting his sweet spot and making him cry out. It feels weirdly intimate, and Diluc can’t stop staring at Venti’s face, lost in pleasure as he concentrates on what they’re doing, trying to match their movements. Venti manages to add another finger, biting his lip as he does so, slowly stretching himself even wider. Diluc tries to curl a finger around one of Venti’s, tries to guide them to move against his prostate together, and Venti moans at the gesture, wanting to chase the feeling, but it seems impossible in this position.

“Aaaah, Diluc, I… enough…”


Diluc takes his fingers out, waiting as Venti moves back a little and pulls his pants down, his neglected cock finally springing free. Venti moves them together one more time, giving a few pumps, although his hand can barely wrap around the both of them. Diluc stares, rolling his hips up to meet Venti’s hand, suddenly feeling a hint of possessiveness tug at his chest. He wants to hold Venti, wants to wrap his hands around his waist and hold him as he gives him everything he needs, wants to make him feel so good that he begs him not to stop with that sweet, beautiful voice of his—

In an instant, Diluc’s hands grab on to Venti’s sides, and Venti barely has time to process what he’s doing before Diluc heaves him to the side, almost lifting him up as he turns him around so that his back meets the mattress. He blinks and Diluc is already on top of him, kneeling with his grip still firm on Venti’s waist. He’s yanked forward a little, and the back of his thighs presses against Diluc’s legs.

Venti looks at him, eyes going soft as he makes a small, needy sound, his hands searching for purchase on Diluc’s arms. Diluc leans down, covers Venti’s lips with his and begins to lick into his mouth again. It’s slow and sloppy, but Venti welcomes his tongue, curls his own around to play with it. Diluc continues what he’s been doing before this, rubs their cocks together, only his hand is much bigger than Venti’s, and it feels a lot better.

Venti starts to moan into Diluc’s mouth, unable to keep his hips still, too aware of how empty he feels after they already prepared him. He cries, “Diluc, nnh, Diluc, come on…”

Diluc breaks the kiss, pulls back a little so he can take in the sight before him. He lets one hand slide over Venti’s body, from his neck over his chest, pushes up his shirt so he can properly squeeze a nipple.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Master Diluc.”

There’s no way Diluc could still tease him after that. He takes the bottle of lube again, slicks up his dick and presses his fingers in one more time to make sure he’s properly stretched. Venti squirms, trying to get the fingers to hit his sweet spot for a second but Diluc is too quick, pulls them out so he can line his cock up with his hole.

Venti is always loud in bed, even when it’s barely six o’clock in the morning and they just woke up, but it’s not like Diluc minds at all, and it’s not like the walls are too thin either. He actually enjoys it a lot, although he would never outright admit to it, but he loves when the bard keeps telling him how good it feels, how much he loves to be filled with Diluc’s cock, how he doesn’t want him to stop—

Diluc snaps out of his thoughts to remind himself that they’re not quite there yet. Venti has closed his eyes again, that cute frown back on his face, waiting for Diluc to fill him. Diluc pushes in slowly, reaches out to grab a pillow and gently touches Venti’s lower back, carefully lifting him up so he can slide the soft cushion under.

Venti mewls when the movement helps to get Diluc’s cock all the way in, and he throws his head back. “Diluc, ah, aahh, so good, you’re… so big… hmmnnnn…”

Diluc groans. His hands are on Venti’s waist, holding him in place as he pulls out a little, then pushes back in. He starts with slow, steady thrusts, building up pleasure as Venti keeps moaning, his voice sounding so sweet that Diluc doesn’t want to make any sounds at all, but he can’t hold back completely either.

He begins to thrust in with more force, deliberately aiming for Venti’s prostate, and he makes sure not to take his eyes off him when he hits it, taking in the small spasms of his chest as he arches his back, watching as his face twists in pleasure when another high pitched moan leaves his mouth. “Aahh, there, there Diluc ah, more, please…”

Diluc only makes a soothing noise in return. “Mn.”

He keeps his grip, making sure that Venti doesn’t slip away from moving around too much and slams in, hitting that spot over and over again, drawing more and more of those moans and pleas out of the bard.

“Nnnh…… Diluc… Diluc…… ahh, wanna come………”

It’s too early for Diluc to feel any need to drag this out for too long, and he wants to come too, so he doesn’t tease him. He continues fucking into him, hums in reply before he decides to let go of Venti’s waist and take one of his hands instead, intertwining their fingers. Venti squeezes it and Diluc returns the gesture, letting him know that it’s okay as he goes to touch Venti’s cock with his other hand, and then Venti comes, white liquid spattering all over his pale chest.

Diluc feels his orgasm wash over him when Venti tightens around him. He groans, cum filling Venti up before it drips out and onto the mattress. Eventually, Diluc’s thrusts become slower, with the both of them starting to calm down.

Giving another short squeeze to Venti’s hand, Diluc slips out and let’s go, leaves the bed to grab something for cleanup.

Venti makes a displeased noise when Diluc wipes the cum off his chest, grimacing at the gooey feeling. “So sticky…”

Diluc huffs a laugh and smiles, continuing his work until they’re both clean, then takes another towel to wipe Venti dry.

When he’s about to leave again, Venti grabs his arm, pulling him back into the bed.

“I’m just going to put the towels away.”

Venti’s voice sounds a bit tired when he protests, “Leave them on the ground.”

“It won’t even take a minute—”


“Okay, okay, fine.”

He drops the towels to the ground and climbs back into the bed, pulling Venti close. The room is fully lit by now, although it’s still early, but another day has already begun. Venti curls up next to his chest, reveling in the warmth of Diluc’s body.

Diluc doesn’t have the heart to interrupt the moment, even if they should probably get up, so he indulges him a bit, playing with his gradient hair and caressing his bare skin.

He really gets way too soft when it comes to the bard.