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Tears doesn't fit on your beautiful eyes

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  You and Arthur has been together for a while now, living together with the other Ghosts on this huge mansion which you resides. To be thinking that you are fell in love with that legendary King of Britain who are reborn on the times you lived now.

   Well, you gotta say, living with a person that is like him is like a blessing from the Gods. He is a literal angel who always looks for you and caring you like you were his lover, or maybe you are one, but sometimes you felt that you may be doesn't fit to be it. Arthur always assuring you that his titles from the past is no longer needed, so you can put that thoughts away.

   Speaking of which, you were nowhere to be found around the mansion. Even after he asks his fellow Ghosts of your whereabouts, they didn't see you. That leaves to him to find you by himself.

   "_____! Where are you? There's something I need to talk with you," the tall King calls for you, as he walks through the hallways

   He is worried with you acting strange lately, so it would be nice if he can find you and sit you down, talk about it over a cup of tea. After looking everywhere, he's finally entering the small library room where he and the others usually reads book there.

   His bluish-colored eyes suddenly widens, as he hears small sniffles on this room. His first instinct is to inspect the study desk, in case you were hiding there.

   And yup, he was right.

   "There you are... I've been looking for you everywhere..." the worried Arthur finally relieving to find you hiding underneath the study desk

   "A-Arthur..." you calls, as you looks up upon hearing him finding you

   Before Arthur could reach down to scoop you up, he sees trails of tears and your swollen eyes. Your breath hitched, a result that you were crying for some time now.

   "Hey, what's wrong? Why did you cry?" the pale-haired man kneels down to reach your levels who were hiding underneath the desk

   You couldn't answer, resulting only tiny sniffles and hitching breathes came up from you. Arthur then looks to your surroundings, seeing spell books were on your feet. Perhaps, you were struggling with studying magic, considering that you were now living with the resurrecting figures of greats, and magecraft are an absolute need to protect them.

   "Magic is so hard... No matter how much I learn, I always fail on performing it..." you finally said between sobs, seeing that Arthur is looking at the books near you

   The King nods before speaking, "I can get what you've said and been doing. I also learnt magecraft back in Camelot, it's a necessary need as Merlin would say."

   "Of course you are..." you mutters, turning away from him

   "Oh, I was like you too the first times learning the spells. I ended up being grounded by him whenever I cry because I failed on performing it," Arthur retells, before softly chuckles on that

   You looked to him, that he was more than just the wise King you knew, as you imagine of how a younger teary-eyed Arthur would pout whenever the great wizard Merlin grounded him.

   "What am I gonna say, is that the process of learning takes time and patience. Even for myself, I spent so many years to become what I am now," he says again, that kind smile is always present

   It always so alluring, everything about Arthur. He cares about you, able to guess whatever struggle you currently had, knows the best thing to comfort you, and that makes you tearing up again, feeling all of this granted kindnes for you.

   "Ssshhh... tears does not suit your beautiful eyes..." he whispers, leaning closer to your face

   Arthur then moves strands of your hair aside, and he slowly kisses the corner of your teary right eye. His lips is so soft when making contact with your skin. After that, he moved gently to your left eye to do the same. All of a sudden, the sorrow you had, disappeared and buds into a warm and fuzzy feeling you always expected from him.

   You smiled, unexpectedly.

   The King smiles too, as he draws back. "That's more like it. I love it even better when you smile, you know?"

   "A-Arthur!" you hit him playfully, pink colors decorates your face now

   He softly chuckles again. "Well then, are you good already?"
   You nods to his question. Then he said again. "Might as well let's take a night stroll together."

   Your hand found its way to the gloved one, and he slowly stands up while helping you too. The two of you then walks outside the library, onto the gardens at the front of the mansion.

   The moon is shining full tonight, with its light enveloping you and Arthur with a softly yet mysteriously. The accompanying wind is not too cold, perfect just how it is. You looked upon your hand that is linked with his'. You don't know why he always wears gloves, moreover he often wears his full outfit outside.

  "Summer's coming soon, why don't you wear the ones I gave you?" you asked him

  "The summer here is hotter than how it is on Britain. I rather not trying to risk myself on the heat..." Arthur answers, before lightly laughs upon his answer

   Even leisurely in times like this, he always speaks formally and regally. As expected as the legendary King himself, as you think to yourself.

   You then ask him again, "Arthur, why you took me on a stroll? Don't you get bored already doing this everyday?"

   Ever since he lived here, he would always strolling during the twilight hours. Not to mention he would sometimes swings his Excalibur to dummies you had prepared for him. You thought that the residents of this mansion needs something to relieve the bitter memories they had on their past lives.

   "I think it's nice, to take you with me for once a while. It seems like that you are belongs to me truly, when we are alone like this," he says to you, while looking at you lovingly

   And yes, he is desperate to felt love after what happened with his dear Guinevere, who was seized by his most loyal knight, Lancelot, and the final moments where he was stabbed by his own son, Mordred. You already knew his story before his rebirth on this world, so you looks back at him, while holding his hand.

  "Yeah, I think so too..." you answered

  The pale-haired man then brings your hand up close to his face, then he lightly rubs his face onto your hand, like how a cat would do. After a while, he then gives small pecks upon your hand, by each finger.

   "I love you, _____," he whispers to you, but still loud enough to be heard by you

   And you answer, with a prominent blush on your face. "I know, Arthur... I love you too."

   You lost count already of how much Arthur has said that to you, each carries the weight of not wanting to lose you from his sight, just like Guinevere on his previous life. You knew it, and perhaps you have to do your best to fill up the empty patch of his heart.