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Big, Blond, Beautiful, and a dick

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They had been dating for a little over two months when Colonel James Rhodes comes to visit the tower. The whole team is sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast when a sleep rumpled Tony comes flying into the room. “Jesus Christ Stark watch it.” A still tired Hawkeye says as he moves his coffee away from where tony has flung himself into a chair. Steve looks up from the paper he was reading to smile at his boyfriend. Steve still couldn’t believe he got to call tony that. They had danced around each other for months until Steve had finally kissed Tony after Iron Man had been crushed under a sixteen-story building. “Whatever Hawkass, I’m in such a good mood not even a grump like you can bring me down.” Tony says around the piece of toast he had shoved in his mouth. Bruce glares at his teammate over his cup of tea. “What on earth could have you so excited and awake after the all-nighter we pulled in the lab last night?” The smile that spreads across Tony’s face is radiant and Steve wants to find a way to keep it there forever. “Rhodey got a two weeks leave and his staying at the tower.” Natasha looks at him from across the table. “Colonel Rhodes is coming here?” She makes a sound very close to a snort. “Good luck captain.”

Confused, Steve looks at the redhead for an explanation. “Colonel James Rhodes is Tony’s best friend from college. He’s very protective of Tony and from what Pepper has told me he won’t care that your Captain America, he will want to make sure your good enough for his precious Tony.” Tony rolls his eyes at the assassin. “First, I still don’t like that you and Pepper get together to talk about me and plot your global takeover. And second, Rhodey is not that bad. You make it sound like he’s out to protect my virginity. Which let me tell you had not needed protection for a long time.” He gives an over exaggerated eyebrow wiggle at that. Natasha rolls her eyes and pats Steve on the cheek on he way out of the kitchen. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your getting the shovel talk.”

Rhodey arrives the next day and Steve is a bit ashamed to say that no matter how much Tony insisted that Natasha was exaggerating, Steve is slightly terrified to meet Colonel Rhodes. The panic he has felt since finding out Rhodes is coming has been slowly building as they wait for Pepper to arrive with the Colonel. Tony is bouncing on the balls of his feet where he stands next to Steve. The rest of the team minus Thor, who was with Jane at the moment, is all in the common room with them. Steve knows that they all want the Colonel to like them by the way they are dressed nicer then what they usually wear on a Saturday. The elevator doors open and Pepper, looking sharp and strong like she always does, steps out with a man Steve guesses is Colonel Rhodes. “Platypus!” Tony is across the room and latched onto Rhodey before Steve can even think about introducing himself. Rhodey chuckles and hugs his friend back. “Hey Tones. It’s good to see you too.”

Clint walks forward and extends his hand to James. “Clint Barton aka the coolest person on this team.” Rhodey laughs and shakes his hand. “I see being humble is not a requirement for joining superhero teams. The introductions continue until only Steve is left. James steps forward first. “Captain, It’s an honor to meet you.” Steve shakes his hand and smiles. “You too. Tony seemed very excited that you were visiting.” Rhodey smiles. “I haven’t gotten leave in a while and for the past three months I haven’t gotten to make any personal phone calls. I have to admit I’m scared to hear about what Tony has been up to. I have honestly no clue. ” For a moment Steve panics. Dear God he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know we’re together. Before Steve can try to answer Tony is there talking about some new update for the war machine, "iron patriot Tony", and they’re in the elevator heading to Tony’s lab. “It’s ok.” Steve thinks. “Tony and I will tell him and everything will be ok. You are Captain America and you will not be scared by something Natasha said.” For some reason Steve still doesn’t feel any better.