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a heart that will not ever go astray

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Arthur has been sitting at the campfire for the past two hours, and that alone should've been enough to realize there's something terribly wrong with him. Charles has never seen him sitting without doing anything - he's not even drawing or scribbling away in his notebook - for more than twenty minutes.

There's wood to be chopped and the horses need feeding, and yet Arthur is sitting still, staring at the flames with an intense expression. Well, intense. If looks could kill that fire would be extinguished.

"What's wrong with him?" Hosea asks when it becomes clear to him too that Arthur is not his usual self.

"I have no idea," Charles answers trying not to sound too worried. Hosea knows a lot of things, and judging by the way he always asks him about Arthur, he knows way more than Charles is comfortable thinking right now.

Hosea rolls his eyes and flicks him on the shoulder just as he'd do with a kid. As he does with Jack when the kid is being unreasonable, or with John almost every day for a variety of different reasons.

Charles thinks he should be offended, but he's really not.

"You saw anything unusual?"

"Not that I know of, no. I saw him reading a letter, nothing else."

"A letter?" Hosea asks, a suspicious look in his eyes. Mary-Beth joins them at that same moment, with a mean scowl that resembles Miss Grimshaw's one.

"A letter from Mary Gillis. She's asking for help after she broke his heart! The nerve of that girl."

Hosea visibly bristles, and Charles isn't sure if it's because of what Mary-Beth said, or if it's because she said it in front of Charles. Probably both.

Charles does his best not to feel like he's intruding on something private - he's doing precisely that, even if it's not his own fault. Hosea seems to come to the same decision because he turns to him and whispers something about this Mary Gillis, the woman who apparently broke Arthur's Morgan heart.

Charles remains silent, unsure of what he should say. He doesn't even know what to think, honestly. He's seen Arthur Morgan as an enforcer, as a gunman. He has seen him angry, fighting viciously to kill someone or to keep someone else alive. He has seen him happy, embarrassed, tired, and quiet.

But Charles has never thought of him as someone who could have a broken heart.

Arthur is still staring at the flame, but what Charles sees in his eyes is no longer anger. He recognizes it as something else, something that makes his chest tighten with sorrow. Hosea saw that too because he knows Arthur better than anyone else.

"Arthur," Charles calls, stepping towards the campfire. "Let's go hunting."

"What- you mean right now?"

"Yes, now."

Arthur looks a bit confused, but something in Charles' voice convinces him not to argue. He gets up, nods briefly, and takes what he needs to go hunting.

It's not much, but if Charles can do something, anything, to keep the sorrow away from Arthur's eyes, he'll do it.