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All colors will agree in the dark

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Day 0 : Friday


The heavy front door was torn open with great enthusiasm and instantly words flooded through the warm spring air.

"Well, finally! I thought you would let me down too today. I swear, the more I rely on someone, the more difficult-“ but Midoriya broke off his sentence as Todoroki pushed past him into the deserted hallway without a word of greeting.

“Father has died”, he informed Izuku and looked at him blankly over his shoulder, “three hours ago”.

The world stopped for a moment and Midoriya closed his mouth in shock. He had known that Enji Todoroki was in critical condition in hospital. But he hadn't expected Shouto to still come to the party if his condition deteriorated further. And now, ... he had passed away. And Shouto was standing in front of him. And he didn't know how he could help him. Looking for an answer, Midoriya’s eyes darted over the scattered people in the kitchen. His mouth opened and closed, and the entire time he felt a pair of mismatched eyes on him. Still thinking about something to say, he put his hands on Todoroki's shoulders and manoeuvred him mechanically towards civilization. Distraction didn't sound so bad, he thought.

“I'll get you something to drink — no, not water” he carefully slapped the pale hand away that wanted to grab a glass, “and then we'll go outside. There is still some food left and Denki said something about a jacuzzi in the garage!” He grabbed a bottle of gin from the kitchen table at random and filled a mug up to half full. He checked the label briefly, opened the refrigerator, and pulled out a bottle of tonic. As he was about to fill the cup, he hesitated, thought about it, divided the contents deftly into a second one, and poured both up to the brim with sparkling tonic. Then he put one of the cups into Shoto's hand. His counterpart barely reacted, if at all, his reaching for the mug with gin and tonic was half-hearted. He was not keen on being pushed around by the smaller one again, so he just followed Izuku without another word into the garden. The music played in the background, at a volume that would not bother the neighbours (yet) until the sun would set.

The two boys went down the steps between the beds full of flowers and finally sat down on the steps, a few meters away from the others, with a view of the adjacent wheat field. Todoroki swallowed. Izuku took a sip of his drink and let his gaze zoom-out into the distance. When Shouto finally began to untie and retie his shoelaces but not to speak, Izuku took a deep breath and dared to ask:

“When is the funeral?”

“Next week” the answer came posthaste “on Thursday.”

“That late?”


“Isn't it? I thought — it seemed to me — why are they waiting so long with it?”

Shouto considered this for a moment. Six days to wait... he didn't know if it was a long or a short period of time. For himself, it was an incomprehensible state of mind to know that his father was no longer alive, but not yet six feet under.

“They probably can't open his last will.” He thought of the thousands and thousands of documents in his father's study. „Or haven't found it yet. Maybe something is still missing.”

“Or they just can't use it immediately since it has so many burned holes and a lot of changes. You know, because he always had to change out your names. Depending on which of you he liked the most. Or not." He snickered at his joke and took another sip of his drink.

“Smooth” Todoroki replied, tracing the rim of his mug with one fingertip.

“He was an asshole. Through and through. From the small toe to the crown of his head.” the green-haired one tried consolingly.

“He was my father too.”

“One doesn't exclude the other.” A small noise was heard to his left and Midoriya could have sworn it was an amused gasp.

“Will you miss him?” he finally asked earnestly and watched his friend's reaction.

“I don't know. But I think so. He was always in the spotlight, so I got used to feel safe the shadows behind him. I think that will change. And I guess I won't like that.”

“Hm. I understand.”

For a long time, they were both silent, listening to the laughter of their friends in the garden behind them and the distant rustling of the cars on the main road. When Izuku saw out of the corner of his eye how Todoroki sipped the first sip of his drink, he asked: “Already got some ideas to make your father turn in his grave?”

The gin tonic from Shouto's mouth splashed as a stream in the flowerbed, his cup following shortly after. As Izuku calculated, his friend had choked on his drink and was now busy slapping at his chest, gasping. The green-haired waited patiently for the other one to stop coughing, until he gently put a hand on his friend's shoulder. When Todoroki turned to him, mouth twisted, he looked into his face and smiled.

“ There's still a bit of time before then, but I think we'll come up with something fitting." The tears, which naturally well up in your eyes after choking on anything, now overflowed without being asked and Izuku used the firm hand on Shouto’s shoulder to slowly pull him into a loose hug. The dam broke and Izuku provided a safe haven for the bitter floods. Gallows humour had its advantages.



Meanwhile in the driveway:

“Are you sure you don't want to come in?”

At that Katsuki peered past his red-haired passenger towards the house and then turned away, disinterested. Kirishima heaved his backpack out of the footwell but made no move to get out of the car anytime soon.

“There's gonna be a barbecue. And Denki said something about an extra-large sauna!”

“And I said no. Trice already. And now get outta my car. I'm no fucking taxi.”

"Midoriya cancelled earlier, so you can come f-” Bakugou’s head turned so quickly to the side, it almost snapped his neck. His eyes sparkled dangerously.

“Did he tell you? Fucking nerd, I can't believe it!”

“What?” Eijirou asked, puzzled. He honestly had no idea whether Midoriya had cancelled or not, he was just grasping at the last straw to get Katsuki to stay.

“… What?” grunted the other.

“I only guessed” said Kirishima quickly with slightly raised hands, “it's mostly because of him that you're in a bad mood. So I thought – maybe – if he’s not there-”

“I'm not in a bad mood. I'm just my normal angry self. Now leave.”

Kirishima did not move, but only looked dejectedly at the blond.

"It doesn't matter what I say, does it? You're not coming in, right?"


"And will you tell me why for once?"


“All right ... If you change your mind-”

“Get out of here now.” He pressed the palm of his hand directly into Kirishima's face, pressing it firmly against the windowpane. When Katsuki saw his breath leaving damp streaks on the window, he let go with a disgusted hiss. The redhead started to giggle, grabbed the handle of the car door, and got out very very slowly. He raised his hand to wave, but before he had the chance to say anything else, Katsuki sped away with screeching tires. The car door had closed by itself.



Back in the garden, Izuku and Shouto were still sitting in the back, out of earshot, talking quietly. Shouto's tears had dried up within a few minutes and they both tried to steer the topic in another direction. The effort was not really successful.

“Where's Momo?” Todoroki turned his body to Izuku but avoided his gaze. “We argued after I got out of the hospital. I don't want to talk about it.“

“What a fucking day ...” Izuku muttered and fell back on the grass. His bum ached from sitting and his shirt was still drying from… Shouto.

“Shitty day. Shitty week. Everything is ... too much. I-”

“Let's go on a road trip together. Just for a few days” Izuku suddenly suggested “We'll be back next week, Thursday, if we plan it right away and start well prepared.”

Todoroki seemed to think until he too sank back into the grass, face turned towards the sky. Again they were silent for a while until suddenly both broke the silence:

“I'll pick you up” “Stupid idea, I-” “Tomorrow morning, at eight in front of your house” “We do not have a car” “I'll have one by then”  

Then an excited silence followed and both began to grin.

Izuku’s heart became light and heavy in equal parts. Getting out of town tomorrow morning would have consequences that he didn't really want to face yet. But then again, it was him, who suggested a road trip. And Shouto seemed to welcome any distraction.

“Do you want to ask Momo as well?” Todoroki shook his head slightly. “No, I think it would be good to just be a few days… without obligations. In all respects.”

“Alright. Then at eight sharp.”

"Did you have other plans for the weekend?" asked Shouto, turning his head to the side and frowning. "I have a feeling I forgot something."

"Nothing official." Izuku murmured back and exhaled a long breath.

Red and white strands of hair began to move with the wind as Shouto began to pluck grass from the ground next to him.

“If you're not free, just say so. I don't want to stop you from doing anything important.”

“My deadline expired yesterday.” Izuku sighed after thinking for a moment, shrugging his shoulders slightly. “You know, the one with Kacchan.”

Shouto immediately shot up and peered down into his best friend’s face. His eyes were big and bright as usual but clearly, there was something else bothering him. Something, he didn't want to address just yet.

“What does that even mean? What now?”

“Right now I feel like the loser he always accuses me of being.”

“You aren't a loser.” One corner of his mouth found its way up a little, but the other remained unchanged and crooked.

“I don't want to talk about it. Sorry, Todoroki-kun.”

“He's not here, is he?”

“… I don't know. But if he behaves the way I think he would, then he wouldn't come here today” He shivered slightly and rubbed his upper arms. The sun had been gone for a while now and even if its rays dragged the day on for a few more hours, the temperature began to drop. Spring was just as unsure about its evenings, as Izuku in front of a certain blonde guy.

“Do you want to go inside?”

“I want to jump into the jacuzzi!”

“We haven't found any trace of a garage so far. Let alone a Jacuzzi. Did you even bring swimming things?"

“You weren't even looking...” accused Izuku playfully, ignoring the fact that indeed, he didn’t bring any bathingclothes. Both got up and headed towards all of their friends.


As it turned out later, there was no garage. And neither a sauna nor a Jacuzzi. Denki had told each of them something else to lure as many guests with female company to his home as possible. Mineta was obviously having a bad influence on him. Actually, just a few of the guests seemed to be seriously bothered by that. Except for Eijirou, who could hardly cover up his sadness about the absence of the promised barbecue. Nonetheless, everyone had fun that night. More or less sincere. And as the hours wore on, Izuku caught himself quite often looking up hopefully as soon as the old doorbell rang.