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Dancing Queen. | Ayakashi Akashi

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Enju Yoinara received word from his students something terrible has happened. He didn't hesitate and began running towards the school gates, each of the raindrops landing on him in a chorus. His dark shoes splashed against the puddles, causing the rain to soak into his pearl-white pants. Yoinara groaned but didn't let such a pitiful thing disrupt his main priority, getting to the school. Nature's tears continued to fall on his puffy grey hair as the man thought to himself, could this be a prank from the class? Are they all in on this? He tore such crude thoughts out of his brain, the pain and grief in their voices said otherwise.

He found Ia, flabbergasted; she stood outside of the classroom without her usual enthusiastic face. Her heart was pounding in her chest; her eyes spoke pure fear and concern. Yanking Yoinara's arm, she exposed him to the worrying scene.

There sat Kashima with Yuki resting on her lap. Kashima had an anxious look painted across her face. Yoinara approached the girls and asked Yuki what's the matter. He received no response. He gave Yuki a poke at the cheek yet still no reply. Now becoming startled, the teacher checked her pulse.

Fortunately, she was still breathing. Yoinara questioned the others to see if an ambulance is on their way.

Kashima's pupils decreased, thinking she's failed her duties as class rep for not even requesting an ambulance.

Yoinara calmed his student down, reassuring her that it's okay. Enju got back up and entered the classroom, prepared to make the call.

That was until Yoinara was stopped.

Rokuro Yamakagashi, the troublemaker of the class, in nauseating condition. He was hanging tightly above the classroom ceiling. His mouth hung open, his dry lips coated with deep red blood. The tough rope covered the corpses remaining neck, lines of stained crimson ran down his head in an untidy manner. The student was torn apart. Multiple cuts and bruises patterned across his body, resulting in even more bloodlust to be spilt. Rokuro's bright red eyes slowly rotting away into nothing but a dark void. His blue hair was even more matted than before, streaks of the repeatedly-mentioned red disgustingly mixed in. His skin was pasty white and cold implying that he'd been dead for some time.

The traumatising stench of pure blood dominated the teacher.

Yoinara's stomach began to hurl, he couldn't bear to look at this nightmare for another minute.