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Bedroom Fun

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Rey has been asking her boyfriend Flip all week about different kinks and if he would be comfortable with them he said yes to all of them. So she decided to put on bright red lingerie on and lay in bed just before he gets home.




“Rey sweetheart I’m home.” “I’m in here honey.” He walks to the direction he heard her.




She was laid out on the bed. “Oh Rey so what kink is this?” His face was completely red. “Flip I want you to breed me.” as she lifts up her butt in his direction. “ He gets on the bed and presses his clothed erection behind her and whispers. ”Okay darling I am going to fill you with my pups, But first I need to taste you my needy little thing, now get on your back sweet thing. She does as she is told. He brings his fingers under her underwear “Mmm so wet and needy for me.” She starts to pant. Flip starts to pull her underwear down Rey helps him by moving her hips up, Immediately he licks a stripe in her folds. “Mmmm you taste so good so sweet.” He dives right in and as he does he inserts two fingers. “F flip mmm” Flip starts to suck on her little nub. He starts going faster. Rey is rolling her hips into his mouth. “Flip i’m close” Hearing this he starts to suck even harder on her nub and still keeping a steady rhythm with his fingers. “Cum for me Rey cum for me.” “FLIP! I’m cumming!” He works her through her orgasm.




Flip gets on top of her kissing her deeply then looking into her eyes. “I’m going to fill you up to the brim” “Oh Flip I need you please I feel so empty.” He takes his jeans off with his flannel boxers. He starts to line up with her and slowly pushes in “mmm so tight I can’t wait for you to be round with my pups” “Oh Flip ohh honey I want to have as many pups as you want.” Flip starts to slowly move then picking up the pace as Rey brings her legs on his shoulders. “Honey I don’t think i’m gonna last long Flip mmmm.” He starts to move faster and faster fucking her into the mattress. “Flip I’m gonna cum” “Cum for me Rey cum.” “Oh Flip Flip I’m cumming!” “Rey i’m going to claim you” his thrusting starts to become harder as he bites her neck. “Rey i’m gonna i’m gonna cum oh sweetheart I want you to have my baby.” “Flip I want your baby give it to me honey cum please give it to me.” “Sweet heart I’m cumming”




As soon as he is done he pulls out and grabs a pillow and puts it under her hips “Don’t want to waste anything sweetheart. He brings his fingers over to her folds and stuffs cum back into her that has came out.




Kissing her. “well sweetheart we may have something to look forward to soon.” “Flip honey what do you want to do next?” “Sweetheart we will figure that out tomorrow.” He looks over to her “Rey honey I can’t wait to be a dad.” She looks at him and gives him a kiss. Tears are coming out of the corners of his eyes. “Oh honey. I love you Flip Zimmerman."