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Deku’s sick

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After teaching all day and finishing the first shift of night patrol, the only thing Aizawa wanted to do was grab himself some pre-packaged food, eat, and pass out. Specifically, in that order. He should have known his problem children would make that impossible.

The only reason Aizawa was in the student’s dorm looking for food was his inability to complete the grocery shopping for the second week in a row. Too many villain attacks had kept him from completing the mundane task, despite his many attempts. He knew he could risk stealing from the staff kitchen, but it was much easier to steal something from one of his students. He doubted they would even notice. Kaminari always kept plenty of snacks in the pantry.

The student’s dorm was eerily quiet at 2am. The space itself was so often filled with screaming teenagers; it was almost impossible for a moment of tranquillity on the main floor. Aizawa savoured the small moment of peace and breathed in a deep breathe. He regretted it immediately when a rancid smell filled his senses. Usually, the dorms would smell of Sato’s cooking and Yaoyorozu’s herbal tea. Tonight, it smelt like a stale sickness. He knew, somewhere in his tired brain that he should be concerned by the smell, but the part of him aching for sleep convinced him it was nothing. Likely it was simply a failed cooking experiment from class 1-A. Curling his lip, he resolved to ignore the smell and quickly get his snacks before being interrupted.

That was until he noticed the sound of rustling sheets coming from student living room. Then, a small whimper.

Aizawa let out a deep growling sigh, his body sagging in exhaustion. It was probably just a student passed out in front of the television that needed to be woken and returned to their dorms. At least that was what Aizawa was hoping to find.

With how exhausted he was, he thought about just leaving them there. It was their own mistake for falling asleep in the common area and not their own bed anyway. However, he had plans to run combat skills tomorrow during the practical and whichever student was passed out on the couch would undoubtedly be in poor shape the following day and therefore an easy target.

Cursing softly under his breath, he began shuffling towards the living room, ready to scare the hell out of whichever student it was so they never passed out in the common area again. Rounding the corner, he looked around and found the source of the noise.

Passed out on one of the larger lounges, was two figures curled together, spooning. The green and blonde hair was unmistakable, and the shock of what he was seeing made Aizawa completely freeze. That was, until an undeniable rage washed over him. Of course, it was Midoriya and Bakugou, the two students which had undeniably caused him the most trouble in his entire career, getting into fights at nearly opportunity with both each other and villains. And here they were cuddling and not in their dorm rooms? The situation was completely inappropriate.

He activated his quirk, his capture gear curling in his hands ready to strangle the two brats. He stomped towards them, ready to begin the lecture of a lifetime, until he heard Midoriya release another whine, followed by a sickening gurgle. Then, green eyes snapped open, hazy, unsure, and pained. Aizawa stopped and frowned at the behaviour. He watched as his student stiffened, before letting out a sickening burp.

“Kacchan…” he whimpered.

Throwing his legs over the edge, the young boy curled his arms around his stomach and gagged.

“Kacchan,” He called out again.

This time the blonde woke with a deep, panicked breath. Blearily, he scanned the room, rubbing sleep from one of his eyes. Once he looked at Midoriya, he bolted into action.

“Bucket, fuck, Deku…” He shot upright, before scooping up a bucket which was placed beside the couch. Just in time, he threw the bucket underneath Midoriya’s watering mouth, catching the vomit while the smaller boy heaved and gagged.

Midoriya quickly curled himself around the blue bucket and let himself shake and heave as his body expelled the contents of his stomach. As he shook, Bakugou rubbed his hand against his back, closing his eyes as the adrenaline of suddenly waking began to leave him.

“Go on, Deku, get it all up,” he muttered.

Aizawa stood and watched what was happening, unable to move. No longer blinded by his rage, he took in the complete sight in front of him.

There were multiple used tissues scattered around the floor, water bottles both full and empty on the coffee table, two buckets (one currently in use), a bowl of water, wash cloths, and, something which made Aizawa cringe, an All-Might plushie and blanket on the couch beside the boys.

Now, even with his sleep deprived brain, Aizawa realised his error. One of his students was seriously ill. The rancid smell he noticed earlier was stronger and now he knew the source was his students’ vomit. The guilt of making assumptions washed over him.

He stepped to move towards the boys but was stopped by another gurgling sound. Midoriya let out another whimper.

“Toilet?” Bakugou asked softly.

With red cheeks, Midoriya nodded, before handing the bucket to Bakugou and rushing towards the bathrooms in the opposite direction of their teacher.

Bakugou blinked slowly, struggling to keep his eyes open. Aizawa was taken away by how exhausted his student looked. His face was pale, and his shoulders slumped, like the weight of holding his body up was too much strain. It took some time for him to realise he was holding the vomit filled bucket. Once he did, he curled his lip up in disgust and let out a raspy grunt.

“Gross,” he muttered.

Slowly he detangled himself from the All-Might blanket, balancing the bucket carefully as he stood.

Aizawa waited with crossed arms for his student to notice him. Instead, Bakugou simply shuffled from the couch, and made his way to the kitchen. Clenching his jaw, Aizawa moved to follow his student, keeping his footsteps light but still loud enough not to startle to the boy should he notice.

In the kitchen, Bakugou went to work cleaning the mess of sick, turning on the kitchen tap to rinse the bucket. Aizawa stood in the entrance watching his student work.

“Are you just going to stand there watching me, or are you going to fucking help?” Bakugou did not look up from the kitchen sink.

“Bakugou,” Aizawa raised his eyebrow. He felt somewhat relieved his student knew he was there. He’d thought he had failed his class on their situational awareness if one of his top students didn’t realise someone was in the room. “Want to explain to me what is happening.”

“Pretty fucking obvious, isn’t it?” he turned off the tap and dumped the water from the bucket. “Deku’s sick.”

“It looks quite serious,” Aizawa said instead of reprimanding the boy’s language. “How long has he been ill?”

Bakugou sat the bucket on the counter. He ran his hands over his face, scrubbing his eyes with the heal of his palms.

“Vomiting started at 8pm. Been happening nearly every hour. I called Auntie Inko, but she’s out of town for work. Couldn’t come get him. I’ve got this though,” He finally looked up at his teacher, exhaustion painting his face. He was working on auto pilot, talking mechanically, without thinking. “Not the first time I’ve looked after shitty Deku.”

Aizawa took a moment to take in the information.

“That is serious. If he’s been this sick, he may need to go the hospital. He could be seriously de-hydrated.”

“No,” Bakugou growled, shaking his head. He brought his hands to his neck, massaging the tight knots. “Can’t go to the hospital. They won’t take him.”
Aizawa frowned.

“Why not?”

“Hospital won’t treat Deku. Won’t admit him cause his Quirkless… fucking assholes. Too much of a fucking risk hazard or some shit,” He growled. “Turning away a fucking eight-year-old, absolutely fucked…not making that mistake again…”

He trailed off, grumbling and cursing to himself, like he had forgotten his teacher was even there. He picked up the bucket and stomped past Aizawa out of the kitchen.

The teacher stepped out of the way of the growling teen. He was struggling to make sense of Bakugou’s words. He couldn’t deny the way his chest constricted at the thought one of his students was denied medical care. But the reason made no sense. Midoriya had a quirk. He opened his mouth to interrogate but was cut off by another voice.

“Kacchan?” The soft words echoed through the quite room.

Midoriya stood on shaky legs, hugging his arms around his stomach. The young boy was wearing a white sleep shirt, and All Might Pyjama bottoms. He was pale and shivering, and his eyes were blearily gazed.

“Nerd, what are you doing? Go lay down!” Bakugou’s usual angry tone was cut short by the exhaustion in his voice. He walked over to the shorter boy, holding out the cleaned bucket just in case.

“Needed you…” he whispered. “Stomach’s hurting.”

Bakugou nodded in understanding.

“Come on, sit down and I’ll use my quirk.”

Grabbing the green boy’s arm, Bakugou led them both over to the couch surrounded by their stuff. He sat down, and Aizawa was once again left in shock as he watched Bakugou pull Midoriya to sit between his legs. Carefully, he wrapped his arms around Midoriya’s stomach and began to let of a few small explosions in his palms. Midoriya sagged against Bakugou’s chest, relief washing over his face as the quirk massaged and heated his aching stomach.

They sat like that for a few moments, exhaustion setting in as they both closed their eyes.

“Are you going to leave or just keep standing there like a creepy fuck?”

“Huh?” Midoriya looked at the blonde with tired eyes.

“Language, Bakugou,” Aizawa grunted.

Midoriya snapped his head up to look at his teacher. Immediately, his head began spinning and he let out a small groan, bringing his hands up to hold his head.

“Easy kid, you’re in pretty bad shape.”

Aizawa made his way over to the students, kneeling in front of the cuddling pair. Midoriya’s face was pale, expect for his flushed cheeks that were a deep pink. His hair was matted to his forehead from sweat and his eyes were hazy with sickness, rimmed red.

“Why didn’t either of you come and get me?” Aizawa reached his hand up, ignoring Midoriya’s slight flinch, and laid the back of his palm against his problem child’s forehead.

“You’re a teacher,” Midoriya mumbled, eyes downcast. “Didn’t think you’d care.”

Aizawa’s heart clenched. Sure, he had his troubles with Midoriya in the past, but for his student to not come to him while this sick because he believed Aizawa didn’t care? That was unacceptable. Keeping his face purposefully blank, Aizawa continued.

“Of course, I care, you are my student,” Aizawa ignored the distrustful look Midoriya and Bakugou gave him. This was something he needed to address with them both in future, he realised, but tucked the thought away to deal with the issue at hand. “Look, your burning up and from what I’ve heard you’ve been quite sick. You may need medication to bring your fever down. I think we need to get you to the hospital.”
Midoriya’s bottom lip trembled and he furiously began shaking his head.

“I already told you, we can’t go to the fucking hospital,” Bakugou’s growl was slowly becoming a gruff whine, like he was a child complaining to his parent.

“Ka-Kacchan’s right,” Midoriya choked out. “We can’t go to the hospital.”

“Why not?” Aizawa kept his voice soft and level, despite the anger and confusion he felt. “I need to know what’s happening right now, so I can help you two, ok? Please tell me.”

Tears began to stream down Midoriya’s face, but rather than wailing or sobbing, he cried silently.

“They won’t accept me,” Midoriya rubbed his eyes. “I’m quirkless and they won’t admit me because they said I was too difficult to look after. Every time I get sick, Mom and Kacchan have to look after me because no matter how sick I get the hospital won’t take me. It doesn’t even matter that I have a quirk now because they already have me down as quirkless.”

The words were a mumbled mess, tumbling from the child’s mouth without filter, much like Bakugou earlier. Aizawa tried to take in the explanation but he was struggling to understand. He needed more information, but with the utter exhaustion painted on his students faces, he knew they wouldn’t be able to answer many more questions tonight.

“No hospital then, ok,” Aizawa noticed the relief on both boy’s faces. “But we need to get you to Recovery Girl, Midoriya. You need to be on an IV and you might need anti-biotics, depending on what’s wrong.”

Midoriya made a noise of protest. Bakugou set of some more minor explosions, massaging the other’s stomach once again.

“She won’t heal me anymore,” Midoriya’s bottom lip continued trembling. “She said she won’t heal me after the sports festival.”

Aizawa clenched his jaw, his eyes widening. He fought to keep his quirk under control and avoid scaring the already shaken students, but his murderous expression was hard to hide.

“What?” Bakugou stared at Midoriya with disbelieving eyes. “What the fuck, Deku?!”

Midoriya groaned and laid his head back so it rested on Bakugou’s shoulder. He stuck his nose into the blonde’s neck, trying to hide his face.

“Oh no, you don’t get to do that,” Bakugou reached up and grabbed Midoriya’s cheeks, pushing his face back. “What did that bitch say?”

“Bakugou, let him go,” Aizawa sighed. “But he is right, this is very concerning, Midoriya. You need to speak up and tell me exactly what happened.”

Midoriya sniffled.

“It’s not a big deal,” he pouted. “I kept hurting myself with my quirk and I didn’t know how to use it. She said if I kept hurting myself with it, she wouldn’t heal me. I didn’t mean to hurt myself so much, but I only had it for a few months, and I didn’t know how else to use it.”

And just like that, any hope Aizawa had of sleeping tonight vanished. He had thought he could just take his student to Recovery Girl and leave it at that. Head back to his apartment, sleep until class the next morning. What he hadn’t expected was the sudden knowledge that not only had his student once been denied medical care from a hospital, but also a UA teacher. All because his quirk had supposedly come in months ago, meaning his student had been quirkless beforehand? None of it made sense.

“That’s fucked!” Bakugou barked. “How dare she? Does she expect you just to fucking heal yourself? That’s her job!”

“It’s my fault, I need to be better at controlling my quirk!”


“But Kacchan-”

“Enough,” Aizawa lost control and activated his quirk. The two boys shrunk back. Even Bakugou who usually only scoffed and rolled his eyes leaned away from his demonic looking teacher. “Midoriya, that is entirely unacceptable behaviour of Recovery Girl and I will be having words with her about this. However, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a student and currently need medical attention. Bakugou, I will need your help to bring Midoriya to the infirmary.”

Midoriya closed his eyes and leaned back into Bakugou again, sagging into his chest. Bakugou stared at his teacher, before his gaze flicked over to Midoriya. He looked conflicted, like he wasn’t sure if Aizawa was someone he could trust. In the end, the exhaustion pulling at the boys will slowly won out.

“Fine. We’ll go and see the healing bitch,” Bakugou grumbled. “Come on nerd.”

Midoriya groaned and threw his head back.

“Don’t start. Get up,” Bakugou moved his hands to gently push against Midoriya’s back.

“But ‘m tired, Kacchan.”

“You think I’m not?” Bakugou said. “I’ve been up with you the whole night, Deku.”


“Don’t be idiot. I knew what I was signing up for. Now let’s go. If we can get you treated with actual meds and an IV, you should be able to keep your fluids up. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve made you drink if you keep fucking vomiting it up.”

Finally, Midoriya nodded, and slowly stood on shaking legs. He stayed standing for a few moments, before he began swaying precariously, his face draining of the small amount of colour it had. Just as his knees buckled, Aizawa lurched forward and caught his student.

“Watch it, problem child.”

He wrapped Midoriya’s arm around his shoulder, and Bakugou was quick to slide against the boy’s other side.

The walk to Recover Girl’s office was slow and strenuous. Midoriya had gone completely pale, his eyes shutting as he walked. Dizziness swarmed his head, making it impossible for him to concentrate. Bakugou was trying to support as much of the other boy’s weight as he could, but with the little sleep he had, and the bulk of Midoriya’s body being muscle, he didn’t have the strength to carry the nerd completely. He bit his cheek, repressing a scream of rage at the realisation. How could he be a hero if he couldn’t even carry the damn nerd. He tried to take on more weight, but Midoriya teetered dangerously towards the teacher, his head slumping against his chest. With a deep sigh, Aizawa adjusted Midoriya, scooping his arm behind his knees and picking the small boy up so he could carry him completely.

“Honestly, for someone so small you sure are heavy, problem child,” Aizawa grunted.

Midoriya let out a small whine, but otherwise did not respond. Meanwhile, Bakugou glared at his teacher, his teeth grinding together. He should be the one carrying Deku. He was the one looking after the nerd.

“Bakugou,” his teacher continued his brisk walk towards the infirmary. “You’ve done a good job taking care of Midoriya tonight. Well done.”

His eyes widened, his mouth falling open at the teacher’s words. Shaking his head to clear the shock, he clicked his tongue and looked away, hiding his reddening cheeks.


They walked into the unlocked infirmary. The room was dark.

“Bakugou, lights,” Aizawa ordered.

Bakugou grumbled but flicked the light switch by the door. Aizawa stomped into the room, carrying Midoriya towards the infirmary bed. Gingerly he laid the sick boy out,
supporting his head as he lowered Midoriya down.

“I will go get Recovery Girl. Bakugou, can you watch after Midoriya a little while longer please?”

“Tch, whatever,” Bakugou grumbled, but made his way over Midoriya’s bed.

Aizawa ran his hard through Midoriya’s tangled hair before stepping away. He walked to the door, intent to find Recover Girl and drag her out of bed to his student. Before leaving, he peaked over his shoulder to check the two were alright.

Standing beside the hospital bed, Bakugou ran his hand over Midoriya’s forehead. Midoriya blearily opened his eyes, and managed a small, sickly smile when he saw Bakugou’s concerned expression.

“Lay down, Kacchan. ‘m cold,” Midoriya mumbled.

“Stupid nerd, your so demanding,” Bakugou grumbled, but sat on the bed gently, before laying down beside Midoriya.

He slid across until he was pressed against Midoriya, wrapping his arms around his neck and pressing his face into green hair. Midoriya, in turn, tangled his fingers into Bakugou’s black sleep shirt and pressed his nose into the other boy’s neck. Aizawa watched as their breathing evened out and they fell asleep.