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They were back in National City mainly because Lena wanted to be surrounded by her own comfortable space but also because she had to prepare more clothes for tropical weather and buy Kara new ones.

Jack’s wedding wasn’t for another month, so Lena decided to use that time to get to know Kara better.

It had also been a month. It’d been a month since she met Kara. A month since Kara fucked her brains out and claimed her. A month since Lena claimed Kara and never touched her again.

Well, not in that way, at least.

And it was affecting Lena’s body and perhaps also her soul.

Freshly mated couples often got a week off from work to enjoy the raw bliss of being mated to each other. They continuously bit each other to permanentize the glistening and swollen mark on their shoulders. Usually, the sharp ache of body contact deprivation would vanish once they were close to each other.

But Kara and Lena weren’t close. Not in the intellectual sense and not much in the physical sense either. It was difficult because they had nothing in common. No same food likings, no same hobbies or music taste because Kara grew up in a different environment.

A different planet.

Lena was always tentative when it involved physical engagement with Kara. Restrained even if it didn’t lead to any sexual activities, and Kara wasn’t unobservant. Sweet and cautious Kara always noticed it when Lena’s body visibly tensed as Kara brushed her fingertips over her alabaster flesh.

They weren’t fighting or having any kind of argument. It was simply Lena’s fault that she wasn’t adapted to sudden human touch after four years of being deprived of it.

Human touch, Lena had to stifle a laugh.

Kara wasn’t human, of course. She was a Kryptonian.

As time went on, Kara’s touches became more familiar. There was always a soft hand squeeze here and there, a protective touch on Lena’s thigh while watching a movie and sometimes hugs even.

Of course they were all initiated by Kara. She had always taken the initiative to touch Lena.

It took Lena some time to realise that and when she did, she placed her hand on Kara’s thigh for the first time while watching another movie. She didn’t miss the way Kara’s head had shot in her direction, showing that Kara had also been aware of the fact that Lena never initiated a touch.

She knew and didn’t protest or say anything because she had faith Lena would come around eventually and start a physical touch that didn’t necessarily lead to sexual activities.

And then Lena fell asleep on Kara’s shoulder while watching a documentary about penguins. By the time she woke up in her bed, she had noticed that Kara must’ve carried there.

The same Kara who slept in the guest room to leave Lena some space but somehow always ended up sleep-floating next to Lena as if her body was gravitating towards the warmth that Lena apparently possessed.

That realisation made Lena’s heart twinge, in a scary but good way.

And sleeping with a Kryptonian in the same bed was challenging. It didn’t come from one day to another that they decided to share a bed without it being connected to sex.

It started to occur when Kara’s nightly nightmares had increased. Generally, they involved Kara’s painful memories of her time in the torture chambers on Maaldoria. Kara would wake up gasping but then going back to sleep after she had calmed down.

But around this time of the month, it was the monthly anniversary of her parents’ death. That meant her nightmares included terrible images of her dead parents. Those pictures left her in glistening sweat, tensed muscles, loud heaving and many tears.

The first time Kara had such an intense nightmare in Lena’s penthouse, she floated to Lena’s bedroom and held Lena’s hand while trying to fall asleep.

Surely Lena was startled awake at the sounds of Kara sobbing on the floor while holding her hand to her cheek.

“Hey, what’s wrong baby?” Had spilled out of Lena’s mouth faster than she could prevent it.

That was the second time her heart twitched.

She invited Kara to join her under the sheets and hugged her tightly while Kara sobbed herself to sleep as Lena hummed an old Irish resonance from her childhood.

On one night Kara didn’t stop crying despite being in Lena’s arms. That terrible nightmare must’ve shaken Kara up so much that her body’s tremble never lessened. In the midst of everything Kara hiccupped something with her husky accent.

“I miss my mom.”

And how Lena could profoundly relate to that statement.

Her heart fluttered again because she finally had something in common with Kara. It might not have been the best thing to have in common, but it was something.

Dead parents and trauma.

They usually said the best way to get rid of hiccups is to hold your breath. The first thing that had popped at the top of Lena’s head was to kiss Kara.

And so, she did.

She pressed her soft lips on Kara’s trembling ones and let them linger there.

Kara whimpered and curled her fingers around Lena’s head as if Lena would cease to exist if she didn’t cup her cheeks.

Time faltered around them as the kiss intensified itself by the yearning of both parties. The twitching in Lena’s heart boosted up as it pumped fresh blood in her veins.

The air of the bedroom loaded itself with the scent of how much they both needed this kiss. It was like a magnet drawing them together in until nothing further was between them.

They parted with kiss-swollen lips and panted in need for some new oxygen. Kara rested her head on Lena’s chest and muttered one last thing before dozing off.

“Thank you, Lee.”

In the morning Lena woke up with blueish bruises on her hips. Hand imprints of Kara holding her tightly. It wasn’t bad, Lena had had worse. The pain was by far less hurtful than it looked. Lena didn’t mind at all until Kara got a glimpse of them.

And how Kara’s face fell was exactly the same way as the day Lena had yelled at her that she didn’t want any children with Kara. It was more painful to watch Kara’s expression than the stinging she felt on her bruises.

After that Kara put on her Kryptonite bracelet again. And took it off. On and off, effectively inflicting pain on herself because she was the reason Lena had bruises.

“I’m the worst mate ever.” She howled and knelt on the floor while repeating the motion.

“No, Kara. Stop.” Lena tried to reach for Kara, but Kara was much faster to flinch away from Lena’s grasp.

Lena never thought she would have to do this, but she actually threw herself at Kara and ripped the bracelet out of Kara’s hands. She stomped on it, breaking the bracelet into thousands of pieces. The Kryptonite stone she hid in a lead-sealed suitcase away from Kara’s grasp.

Kara didn’t touch her anymore, only if necessary. In bed she kissed Lena’s hand goodnight and moved to the very edge of the bed, turning her back on Lena.

At first Lena could understand. She knew Kara was afraid of hurting her again, so she waited patiently despite her body burning for Kara’s extinguishing touch.

She made a new bracelet for Kara, calling it the ‘red sun bracelet’ because it mimicked the effects of Kara’s red sun or any other red sun but when she made it, she only thought of Kara’s sun.

Kara thanked her kindly while clasping it on. The transition was painless and smoother.

“I am still not going to touch you.” Kara clarified while rubbing her new bracelet.

Lena placed a tentative hand on Kara’s tense shoulder. “Kara please, I told you it doesn’t hurt anymore.” She begged helplessly.

A tear ran down Kara’s cheek as she moved away from Lena’s hand. “I never pleaded for your touch when you weren’t ready, so you should at least give me the courtesy to do the same.”

That cut deep.

So, they were back at square one.

Their planned date was scheduled for the next day. Lena wasn’t sure if they were going or not. She wasn’t even sure what they were going to do since Kara had found it an impeccable idea to surprise Lena for their date.

“Kara?” She called out for her the next day.

Kara stopped chewing her toast bread with jam and murmured a short “Lee?” with stuffed cheeks and carried on with the crunchy sound of her chewing.

Lena gulped heavily, having doubts about how to insert such a question in the conversation. “Are we still on for that date today?” She blatantly threw in the open.

At the mention of the date Kara’s eyes widened. Panic started to rise within Lena as she guessed it was a misplaced question.

But in less than a minute Kara finished eating her toast, cleaned up the kitchen with superspeed and settled in front of Lena. Her movements were so fast that a mild wind breeze rushed through Lena’s dark hair.

“Wear something light and comfortable,” Kara advised her, gazing upon her eyes with an expression that displayed the raw fondness of her feelings. “Oh, and a swimsuit.” She added with a quick smile.

Something light and comfortable with a swimsuit shouldn’t be that hard for Lena. She owned a whole room of various clothes for every season with matching shoes and yet the perfect outfit for the date was nowhere to be seen.

She wanted to impress Kara, but she didn’t know how far she could go to not make it look like a provocation. Kara was still preferring to keep her hands to herself and Lena really didn’t want to test her endurance since she knew how quickly affected Kara got by Lena’s creamy body.

After minutes of rummaging in her dresses, Lena opted for an olive-green silk dress that matched her eyes and a black bikini underneath. Makeup was not necessary since Lena was certain that they were going to swim somewhere.

With her hair tied in a loose bun and whisps of dark locks dwindling around her exposed shoulders, she exited her closet room and padded to the living room. Kara was nowhere to be seen or smelt.

“Kara?” Lena called out softy while holding her small purse tightly.

The realisation that this was the first date Lena was going to after many years was settling within her and it made her even more nervous.

Kara appeared in a blur and the way she was dressed left Lena’s jaw on the floor. She was wearing tight beige shorts with a white camisole. All buttons were open, exposing her strained abs and a baby blue bikini top.

The sight made Lena’s mouth water and by the looks of it, Kara was having a similar reaction to Lena’s olive-green dress.

“Wow,” Kara gulped, “You look beautiful and stunning,” She roamed her gaze once more and nodded in confirmation. “and amazing.”

Lena blushed, “Thank you, darling.” She tucked one of the free strands of hair behind her slightly flushed ear. “And you look quite fetching.” She glanced up to meet Kara’s pearl blue eyes and noticed her bottom lip caught between her teeth and her gaze clearly under Lena’s eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Kara quickly apologised, “I don’t have the right to stare at your boobs after what I said to you yesterday.”

Lena quirked an eyebrow. “You think you had a right to do it before that?”

Kara’s eyes widened dramatically. “Oh Rao, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.” She fisted her own hands tightly. “I feel terrible about it.”

“Kara I was just teasing you.” Lena strode forward, reluctantly placing a hand on Kara’s fisted one.

The tension left Kara’s shoulders as she breathed out. “I guess I deserved that.” She flashed Lena a bashful smile.

“I suppose that makes us even after what I said to you at the DEO.” Lena said, grabbing Kara’s other hand. “Now let’s go and have some fun.”

With that said, Kara squeezed Lena’s hands and scooped her up in bridal style. Lena yelped and secured her arms Kara’s neck to hold on tightly. Kara walked to the balcony with a broad grin, not leaving Lena’s piercing green eyes out of her sight.

“Kara what are you doing?” Lena asked with a lightly panicked voice.

“Having fun.” Kara beamed and took off in the air.

Lena yelped and buried her face in Kara’s neck. Throughout the whole flight she didn’t dare to blink an eye open. Thankfully the flight was less than 10 seconds long otherwise Lena would’ve thrown up her breakfast from this morning.

As Kara lowered them gently on the side of a road Lena could quickly make out that they were close to the coast of National City.

The air smelled fresh and salty like pure raw fish and the faint sound of waves filled Lena’s senses. They were close to a beach.

“Kara don’t we need towels and other stuff for the beach?” Lena asked when Kara interlaced her fingers in Lena’s and started walking towards the crowded but not exploding full beach.

Lena hadn’t gone to a beach since her vacation in Bahamas and even there she rarely stayed long at the beach. Her skin had always been sensitive towards the sun hence she didn’t like it.

“Don’t worry about it, I have everything set ready.” Kara smiled encouragingly.

They walked closer to a blue and white checkered towel with two plaited picnic bags and a sun umbrella next to it.

Lena was at loss for words. No one had ever set something like that up for her. It was endearing and perfect and it made Lena’s heart burst.

“Kara wow, did you make all of this?” Lena inquired as they sat down together.

Kara nodded, “Well, it was Alex’s idea, but I prepared everything while you were making yourself ready. I hope that’s okay and doesn’t make you uncomfortable being around other people?”

“It’s perfect.” Lena breathed out with a smile and glanced at the picnic bags.

Meanwhile Kara fished out a plumeria flower out of the picnic bag and tucked it behind Lena’s ear. She ran a finger alongside Lena’s jaw and lifted up her chin to meet her gaze. “No, you’re perfect.”

Lena’s heart fluttered and her cheeks tinted themselves in red, almost matching the colour of her pink lips. Her lips parted and she inhaled Kara’s deep captivated scent. Slowly, torturously slowly, they closed the gap between them but before their lips could meet a beach ball flew towards their direction.

Without flinching, Kara caught the ball with superspeed and threw it back to the boys who were playing soccer. They apologised quickly and moved along.

“Kids,” Kara shrugged her shoulder with a smile and began eating one of the tuna sandwiches she had prepared earlier.

“Yeah, kids.” Lena agreed and reflexively placed a hand on her belly. She held it there for a second and suddenly felt a short movement in her stomach. It felt like a bubble of air moving inside her belly except the bubble felt solid and hard rather than like air.

Her breath hitched and she searched for the movement by pressing her hand further into her stomach, but the kick was not there anymore. It couldn’t be the kick of a pup, it would be too early for that because it had almost been two months since she and Kara had sex and babies usually start kicking around the 20th week.

“Are you feeling unwell, i :zhao?” Kara checked. She must’ve gotten a whiff of Lena’s distressed pheromones.

“No, everything is fine.” Lena squeezed Kara’s hand and released breezy pheromones.

Kara relaxed immediately and unpacked two sets of cold drinks out of the small freezer from the picnic bag. She handed one to Lena and let her take a sip.

Lena dipped her lips in the green and fruity looking drink and gave a sound of pleasure. “Oh, this tastes delicious. I’ve never drunk something like that, what is it?”

“It’s a cocktail I learnt to make on Krypton. Unfortunately, there aren’t all ingredients on Earth, so I had to improvise. It is made of some herbs, plants, creamy coconut, sweet pineapple and zesty lime juice and it’s good for your health and growth.” Kara explained while drinking her own juice.

They continued to have a light conversation while digesting their food. Kara who had a fast metabolism took off her clothes and walked to the water after Lena politely turned down to join her. She wasn’t really a fan of public beaches or swimming pools where dozens of children have peed in it and the water was too cold.

The day was cloudless, and the sun was burning on Lena’s skin despite her being under the umbrella. She had taken off her olive dress because it was sticking to her like a wet cloth and it was making her itchy.

It was the first time Lena wore less clothes and showed more skin in public since becoming a public figure. Her still red biting mark was throbbing in attention and Lena feared that some members of the press could snap a picture and spread it on the internet, so she consciously (but made it look subconsciously) placed a hand on her shoulder to hide the bite.

Yet the urge to stay under the umbrella while glancing at Kara through her shades was stronger than to join the Alpha into the cold and refreshing salty water.

Unfortunately, hiding her biting mark did not have the effect she aimed for, nor the one she feared.

“Hey there, beautiful.” A tall dark-skinned man grinned at Lena.

He wore tight green swim shorts which barely covered his bulge. His body was well toned but not as well as Kara’s and when Lena met his glance with a raised eyebrow through her shades, she had to inwardly roll her eyes at the bald head of the Alpha.

It reminded Lena of her mentally sick brother.

“Can I help you?” Lena darkened her voice to a low and monotone tone.

The bald Alpha chuckled in what appeared to be a flirty way, but Lena had grown a thick and immune skin of such manly flirting, it barely affected her. “You seem like you need company, and my friends and I were wondering—”

“Please go and mind your own business.” Lena interrupted him. She knew in which direction this was going and she had no intention to give this man any kind of hope.

Her eyes turned to Kara who was watching the whole interaction with a stiff pose as if she was ready to jump in between as soon as the Alpha would step closer to Lena. It made her smirk inwardly.

He let out a surprised sound and curled his dark brows in confusion supposedly because he’d never been turned down in his past. “No need to get rude babe, I’m just tryin’ to be friendly.”

As soon as the pet name ‘babe’ rolled out of his mouth, Kara rose out of the water and appeared in less than a blink between Lena and that Alpha. “Is there a problem here?” She lifted her chin and released dominant pheromones. She stood tall and protective in front of Lena while the droplets of the salty water ran down her flexed muscles.

The sight made the glistening sweat of Lena’s body drop to her clit. “No, I don’t think we have one,” She replied with a coy smile, “This man was just about to leave.”

The Alpha glanced between them a few times, but he didn’t give up. “Nah babe, don’t put words in my mouth before I put somethin’ else in yours,” He licked his lips and packed his bulge while blatantly undressing Lena with his eyes. “I don’t think your Alpha is taking care of your needs, but I sure will.”

In that moment Lena could have sworn she saw Kara’s eyes heat up in anger and shame. “Don’t look for problems where there are none.” She growled and fisted her hands. Her body trembled and she breathed heavily.

Lena was sure Kara would’ve thrown him into space if she didn’t reach out for her to calm her down. “He’s not worth it, baby.” Lena released soothing pheromones while stroking Kara’s hand. The action made Kara soften in the matter of seconds.

Kara turned her gaze to Lena, dropping her posture of steel and smiled at her warmly for being called ‘baby’ in public. She lingered her eyes on Lena until the Alpha spoke up again.

“As if this Alpha could do anything to me.” He hardened his jaw.

Oh, if he knew, Lena thought to herself.

“Listen dude,” Kara glowered at him, “She is mine, end of discussion. If you can’t live with that you better do because I know three different ways to grill you using only my eyes.”

Lena had to gulp at the possessive energy that Kara radiated. It was clear that she wanted Lena all to herself and didn’t like sharing. It made Lena’s clit twitch.

Luckily, the Alpha finally faced his defeat and walked away.

As soon as he left, Kara dropped to her knees with her shoulders sagged and let out a silent whine. “He’s right,” She said with a shameful expression plastered on her face. “I’ve not been the protective and understanding mate to you I mean, you literally begged me to touch you a day ago and I refused to do it.” She explained it as if she couldn’t quite believe it herself. “What kind of mate does that make me?”

“Kara,” Lena cupped her face and looked at her earnestly. “We are quite the unusual couple and it’s not easy for both of us, but we’re trying in our own pace.”

“But it’s my job to—”

“No buts,” Lena interjected, “You don’t have to treat me based on some society influenced standards or what you think people expect from you. Just be yourself with me.”

Kara nodded with a sniffled smile and gently lowered herself on top of Lena’s body. Her still cold and wet body sent refreshing shocks of pleasure to Lena’s core. It was exactly what Lena needed.

“’Tis okay?” Kara checked with a muffled voice while mildly rubbing her body on Lena’s to scent mark her.

Lena moaned silently in response so that only Kara could hear. She secured a hand around Kara’s neck to encourage her to do something, anything.

That was the green sign Kara needed to latch her mouth on her mark and suck on it while rolling circles with her tongue. It was pure bliss for Lena, and she didn’t mind being in public. She felt Kara’s cock swelling at the sounds of pleasure she made, and the hard member pressed between her thighs made her wet folds clench around nothing.

“Can I, can I bite you?” Kara suddenly asked with a shy voice.

They were surrounded by a lot of people and kids but at this point Lena didn’t even mind about PDA. She nodded frantically and reassured Kara’s worried expression by sucking on her earlobe as Kara lowered her head again to suck on her mark.

It was a thrilling feeling of pure euphoria. The hunger and craving inside Lena’s mind, soul and body was finally stilling and her heart was beating furiously while by the looks of it Kara was having a similar experience.

But as soon as the feeling came, it vanished when Kara finished refreshing Lena’s biting mark. Luckily it left Lena satisfied in a way she had never experienced before. Her cunt was still aching, but her body and soul felt satiated.

Kara glanced up and locked her gaze with Lena’s. They panted against each other’s faces and Kara swallowed as her eyes brightened up with an idea. A devilishly smirk formed itself on Kara’s face as she presumably visualised the idea in her head.

“Kara?” Lena quirked an eyebrow as an unspoken warning.

“I think we both need a refreshment.” Kara grinned and picked up Lena. She carried her towards the water despite Lena’s protests of it being full off fish and too cold for Lena’s liking.

“Kara no!” Lena screamed as she felt drops of water being splashed on her body while Kara ran further into the water.

“Kara yes!” Kara objected.

Eventually, Lena let go of her stubbornness and squealed as Kara threw her into the ocean and twirled her around.

“It’s freezing cold!” Lena yelped with a mixture of a laugh and cry. “And exhausting.” She added while trying to float.

Lena hadn’t swum in nearly a decade and her muscle memory was very aware of that fact. She panted and tried to reach out for Kara who was swimming towards her.

Thankfully her mate was actually capable of literally floating. Kara fixed her hands on Lena’s ass and pulled her closer while she floated with her body underwater. Normally every person would sink under if they didn’t move their arms and legs while floating vertically in the water, but Kara just floated.

Their gazes drilled into one another’s eyes and Lena was convinced the reason her heart was beating fast wasn’t just because of her physical exertion.

Kara rested her head on Lena’s shoulder and hugged her tightly. “I’m so happy you exist.” She twirled Lena around once more before letting go of the hug.

Lena’s heart twinged in its familiar way like it had been in the past couple of weeks whenever she wasn’t just close to Kara. It was when she also felt most connected to her.

During her two months with Kara, the blonde had managed to bring out her happy childhood memories from her past. And the best thing was that Lena just didn’t remember those memories, she felt them as she relived them with Kara.

Kara brought her inner child back to living and it made Lena’s life more colourful and enjoyable. She knew she and Kara had still a lot to establish given that Kara had bitten her again, regenerating the intense feeling of her bite mark. But she knew that they could make it together.

In that moment she wanted to do nothing more than to kiss Kara to show her that the feeling went both ways.

She collided their lips in a searing kiss and held Kara as close as possible while pouring all of her repressed feelings into it.

Kara whined and kissed her back with an eagerness that Lena knew was only reserved for her. Their lips danced with each other in a pleasant rhythm that Kara led on. She tightened her hold around Lena’s waist and lifted her up to display her strength.

Lena moaned and let Kara deepen the kiss as the scent of Kara’s hypnotic pheromones invaded Lena’s senses. She took over the kiss and assaulted Kara’s mouth with an intense hunger. It made Kara grunt in surprise, but she let her explore her mouth.

Heat rose in Lena’s chest as she unfolded all of her emotions into the kiss. She didn’t feel the waves crashing onto her body or the smell of the salt. She just felt Kara against her, letting her explore at her own pace.

They parted after a relative amount of time and panted into each other’s parted mouths.

“Rao,” Kara whispered, “This was the longest and best kiss I’ve ever received.”

Lena just chuckled in response and pecked Kara’s lips again just because she could.

“I think it’s safe to say that I completely nailed this date thing as you humans call it.” Kara smiled proudly and tapped her own shoulder.

At that Lena couldn’t stifle the full belly laugh that burst out of her. She threw her head back in laughter and Kara joined her. Together they laughed for about five minutes until Lena didn’t hear Kara laugh anymore.

She adjusted her head and opened her eyes to be greeted by the most raw and enamoured look of Kara who had glanced at her laughing for a short while.

In this exact moment Lena realised that she was falling in love with Kara Zor-El.