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honorary brother

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Tommy wasn’t an idiot. Well, maybe he was an idiot sometimes, but right now he wasn’t.

He knew for a fact that he couldn’t stay in his little dirt hole for long, the adrenaline from looting Techno running out by the minute. Joy wore off to be replaced with sorrow, loneliness, and bitter sadness. When the cold set in, Tommy knew he’d have to leave the little home he’d created under his older brother’s base.

He scoffed at the phrase. Older brother. The older brother who’d killed him. The older brother who’d destroyed his country and everyone he loved. The older brother who’d left him behind when he needed him the most. Tommy didn’t want anything to do with Techno, not after what he had done.

So he ran. He ran aimlessly, with branches scraping his arms, and lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. He ran until he couldn’t run any longer. It felt like hours and hours had passed and Tommy’s legs were ready to collapse underneath him.

“...Tommy? Tommy is that you?” A familiar voice startled him enough to stop sprinting through the woods and trip over a root sticking out of the ground. “Oh my god, Tommy, are you okay?” A figure came out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a man in a creeper mask.

Tommy smiled from his place on the ground. Sam. He could trust Sam, more than anyone else on the server. Sam was always there for him.

Voice shaking a bit, he slowly rose while brushing the dirt off his tattered clothing.

“H-hey big man! Long time no see, eh?” Tommy said, grinning. The other man smiled, making his way towards him.

“Hey, Tommy! Whatcha doing all the way out here? You’re a long way from home, right?”

Both their smiles dropped quickly, Sam’s at the state of the other boy, and Tommy’s at the mention of home. Home. The word meant nothing to him anymore. He didn’t have a home. Not in Logenshire, not in L’manberg, and certainly not with the Blood God.

Sam’s concerned voice shook him from his melancholy thoughts.

“What the hell happened to you? Dream said you were doing well, not looking like a… I don’t even know how to describe what you look like right now!”

Tommy flinched slightly at the mention of Dream’s name, turning away from the other man.

“Heh, haven’t you heard? I got exiled. Again. And by Tubbo this time! Surprise, surprise, the country came before… it came before I did.” Tommy shrugged, before turning back to Sam brightly.

“Anyways, enough about me! How are you doing, Sam? Still working on your redstone projects-?” He started before being abruptly interrupted.

“What do you mean enough about you, Tommy? Look at you! You’ll freeze to death in no time out here! Come back over to my base, we need to get you some new clothes. You’re only wearing one shoe, for goodness sake!” Sam fretted, grabbing the other boy’s hand while no less than dragging him in the opposite direction that Tommy had been running.

- - - -

Having someone take care of him felt nice, Tommy thought. He didn’t really ever have that while growing up, with two older brothers who were off having their own adventures, and a distant father who had clearly favored the eldest.

So, sitting in a warm room with a steaming drink in his hands and soft clothes adorning his body was a rather new experience for him. He watched quietly as Sam came in and out of rooms, moving and adjusting supplies, and checking in on him every once in a while.

He sipped from the mug he was holding, some kind of tea that Sam had brewed. Speaking of the man, he finally approached the couch that Tommy was on, dusting red powder off of his hands.

“You doin’ okay?” Sam asked, flopping onto the couch. The younger boy rolled his eyes, snickering.

“I’m doing exactly as okay as I was five minutes ago when you asked,” He said, grinning. “Anyways, big man, I’m bored from sitting here. Is there anything to do around here?” His eyes gleamed. He hadn’t been able to do anything without Dream knowing in a while, and he was eager to get back on his feet.

...Dream. Tommy wondered how he was doing. Technically, Tommy had betrayed him and disobeyed his direct orders so maybe this really was all his fault-

“Tommy. Tommy, don’t go spiraling on me, stay with me.” Sam interrupted his thoughts, nudging his shoulder.

“And to answer your question, no, there’s not much to do in my base, but if you want, we could go look at the stars? The view is really pretty from the top of the mountain,” He offered.

Tommy shrugged and got up, flinging off the blanket and setting the cup down on the table next to him.

“It’s not like I have anything else to do! Let’s go big man!” He exclaimed, heading towards the door.

Sam laughed softly before following him and pulling the lever to open the side of the mountain. They slowly made their way up the peak, with Tommy cracking jokes the whole and shivering from the cold night air.

Finally, as they reached the top, they both lay down on the dewy grass and flicked their vision up to the sky.

Tommy gasped slightly at the sight. There weren’t any lights or lanterns outside Sam’s base, so each star looked like a sequin sparkling just out of reach. He’d never seen anything like it.

He surprised himself by feeling his eyes burning, thinking about the family he thought he had. Tommy would never experience things like this with them. Not with his dead brother. Not with the traitor. And not with the only father he’d ever known.

Sam looked up at the starry night sky, before glancing back to see Tommy trying to keep tears from falling from his eyes. Surprise became understanding and he was determined to not let Tommy suppress his emotions for any longer than he has already done.

“Hey. Hey, Tommy look at me.” Sam tried gently. The other boy stubbornly looked to the side, refusing to make eye contact. “Tommy, look, it’s okay to cry. You don’t always have to be strong all the time. You’re a kid, and it’s not fair that any of this was dumped on you to begin with. Not a single person, and especially not you, deserves to go through this, okay?”
He finally looked back at Sam through watery eyes. The masked man slowly held his hands out to Tommy, encouragingly. He hesitated before throwing himself into the others’ arms, tears streaming down his face.

“T-they all left me, Sam… I’m their brother, their son, their friend, and they all left me.” He hiccuped, burying his face into the crook of Sam’s neck.

“Shh, it’s alright Tommy. I’m here now, it’s okay. I won’t let them hurt you again.” He soothed, holding onto the younger boy.

He cried and cried until there were no tears left to flow, and he was left sniffling against Sam’s shoulder. After taking a few shuddering breaths, he pulled away from the other man who was still holding onto him kindly.

“Feeling any better?” Sam asked softly, rubbing circles around the small of Tommy’s back.

The younger nodded idly, enjoying the warmth from the others arms wrapped around him.

“Yeah… Yeah, I think I am. Who needs them anyway, y’know? I can make my own family, with people who care for me!” Tommy announced, grinning through tears.

Sam sighed, pulling away to look the other boy in his eyes.

“You know they do care for you, right? Philza, Techno, Ghostbur, Tubbo? They all care so much, even if they don’t show it. I’m definitely not saying you shouldn’t make your own family, by all means go ahead! Just.. don’t think that they don’t care, because I know that they really do.” He smiled sadly, not knowing what else to say.

“...Even Tubbo?” Tommy asked, looking away. Did they really? It always felt like he was an outsider, someone who didn’t belong. Tubbo had exiled him for goodness sake! But maybe he was wrong? Maybe they did actually care?

“Even Tubbo,” Sam confirmed, beaming at the other boy before getting up. Tommy sat and pondered for a bit, before raising up from the ground. “But anyways, it’s getting real cold outside, so it’s probably time that we head in, yeah? You can stay here for as long as you need to, no need to ask.” He finished, starting the descent to his base. Just before he was out of view, he called back from over his shoulder, “You can stay up there for a few minutes if you’d like, but come down soon, okay?”

Tommy nodded in confirmation, and glanced at the trees that lined the outskirts of the clearing. He felt… cared about. Not just by Sam, but by his brothers, by his friends, by people in general. Maybe life wasn’t quite as terrible as he thought it was.

He smiled, looking back one last time before making his way down to his temporary home. Perhaps it was that warm feeling that spread through his body that distracted him from the blue clad man, staring silently through a pig mask, hidden by the trees.