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Ritual Family

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Chapter One


Harry held the new baby close, sighing as he ran a finger gently over silky soft skin, “She’s beautiful,” he complimented as he glanced up at Hermione.


“Yes, she is,” she beamed. Her daughter was only four days old; her two-year-old son was already rushing towards them. He had been spending time with Harry and Draco while Hermione and Ron settled Rose into their home.


“Hugo, slow down,” Draco said as he came up behind the toddler and swung him into his arms.


“Unca Drac, Unca Drac, I’ma big boy!” he giggled as Draco tickled his tummy.


“Yes, you are as you’re a big brother now,” he nodded as he walked over to his husband and their friend. “She is gorgeous,” he whispered as he knelt down, keeping Hugo in his arms so he could see his baby sister again.


“So,” Ron said as he walked in. 


Molly Weasley had quickly taken over the kitchen to cook, and her husband followed. Telling everyone that he was going to be the taste tester for their meal. Not that anything would be bad. Fred and George were out in the garden with most of the adult Weasleys, and their assorted spouses, entertaining most of the children. The oldest of those children was Teddy Lupin, the seven-year-old was as smart as his father, but there was a clumsiness about him that reminded everyone of them of his mother.


Andromeda was seated across from the group as she asked, “When are you and Draco going to have some children?”


Harry and Draco froze. It was a topic that they talked about often, but so far, they had done nothing about it. Both of them came up with various reasons to put off the decision even longer. “Oh, erm,” Harry stumbled as he looked down at Rose, “We…”


“We’re unsure, Auntie Andy,” Draco was the one to finally answer, standing up and settling Hugo on his hip, “We’re still trying to decide how we should.”


“Well, there are a few options,” Andromeda stated.


“We know,” Draco nodded, wanting to find a way to get out of this talk.


Ginny walked in and laughed as she saw the look on their faces, “Do you want children or not?” she asked them, sitting down. Every single Weasley had a child, at least one. With only Charlie having the most with his husband, that he told no one about until after the war. They had four children together, two sets of twins. Much to Fred and George’s delight. It only added to the twins, their own twins, they had with their respective spouses Lee Jordan and Angelina Weasley. Fleur and Bill were hoping for a third soon. While Percy had the one as well.


Harry thinking of all the children he was Uncle to shook his head, “We have so many nieces and nephews, why-“


“Cut the crap,” Ginny rolled her eyes.


“Crap, crap,” Hugo laughed as he clapped his hands.


“Ginny!” Hermione admonished her friend and sister-in-law.


“Sorry,” she said, though she didn’t sound sorry at all.


“Crap! Crap! Crap!” Hugo giggled as he continued to shout for all to hear.


“Hugo,” Hermione said, her voice going stern, “No more of that word, it’s bad,” she told him.


“Swory mummy,” he pouted as he looked at his mother.


“Good boy, Hugo,” she smiled, waiting a moment for him to smile back before looking back at Harry, “You know, having children is fine,” she reminded him.


“We know, we… we do want children,” Harry said, Draco nodding along with him.


“We do, we just… we’re waiting,” Draco said, this time Harry was nodding in agreement with him.


“Harry,” Hermione said with the patience of a saint, “You and Draco have mentioned children on and off since you married three years ago. Both of you want children, so why are you waiting?” she asked the two of them.


Ron looked over at them, “Yeah, why are you waiting?”


“Is it because you don’t know which route to go?” Ginny asked the two, all three of them cornering the married couple.


“I… er… it’s-“ Harry cut himself off, a panicked look in his eyes. Draco felt much the same.


“You have surrogacy,” Hermione answered, “Then there is adoption, though that’s hard to do in the Wizarding world, as not have family that they are given to. But there are occasionally children that need a good home,” she added, nodding a few times, “And then there is-“


“The Ritual,” Andromeda smiled, “I have seen it happen a few times. It’s how Ted and I were able to have Nymphodora. I couldn’t carry to term, so it was the only way open to us,” she told the two.


“We… we know of the different ways, we’re just waiting,” Harry told them.


“We’re waiting for when it’s the right time for us. At the moment it isn’t,” Draco added, smiling at them all.


The four adults in the room looked at the couple. It was the same thing they said each and every single time. No matter when they were asked. And each of the four knew why the couple said one thing. That there was something else behind their hesitation in making a decision on what to do.




It was two weeks later when Hermione rushed to Harry and Draco’s home. “Draco,” she said as she held Rose in one arm and Hugo clutched tightly in the other.


“Hermione, is everything alright?” he asked, shocked at the state she was in.


“Harry and Ron were on a raid; they were both hurt. You must have had the floo on silent since they asked me to come and see you,” her voice was shaking as she told him.


“Okay, okay,” he murmured going pale as he listened, “Erm, we… we should take the kids to Molly, she’ll be able to look after them,” he nodded, hurrying from the room and calling out, “Teddy!”, the young seven-year-old was staying with him and Harry for the week.


“Uncle Draco,” Teddy called out as he ran out of the playroom that had been done up for him. The house-elf they employed, watching over the child as Draco did a little bit of the paperwork that came with the Malfoy Family holdings.


“Teddy, you’re going to have to and stay with Molly for a little while. I need to go and do something,” he smiled, trying to make sure that the child didn’t notice that something was wrong.


“Okay,” he nodded, still smiling as Draco led him towards the office, where Hermione was waiting for him.


Hermione led the way through the floo. Draco walked out of the fireplace after her, Teddy secure in his arms. Hermione put Rose in the bassinet that was always kept in the living room of the burrow. They could hear Molly in the kitchen. Setting Hugo down as well, Teddy being set beside him. The two children went to the toy corner and began to play. Draco used the spell that would keep them there. And followed Hermione to the kitchen.


“Hermione, Draco,” Molly smiled. The red-headed witch looked at the two of them. It didn’t take long for her smile to drop when she saw the worried looks on their faces, “What’s happened?” she asked the two of them.


“We just got word from the Auror office, the raid that the two were on went belly up,” Hermione answered her.


“I had the floo on silent, so Hermione had to come and tell me that they were hurt,” Draco added, looking towards Hermione, and hoping for a bit more information.


“The two were in the main raiding party and the intel was bad,” Hermione began to explain, “there were more wizards there than first thought. So, they had to fight three times as many, according to Seamus. The two were hurt when one of them used a blasting spell near where they were hiding.”


“So, it hit them? The spell?” Molly asked, clutching as her chest.


“No, just the wall next to them. It collapsed on them. But they're okay. Said that they were still conscious when they were taken to St Mungo’s. So, they’re being treated there at the moment,” she answered, reassuring Molly that both of the men were going to be fine. Though there was still that worry that something could have gone wrong while they were talking.


“Right, leave the children here and go and make sure that they’re fine. I can keep the three of them overnight,” Molly said as she began to usher the two towards the living room where the floo was.


“Thank you, Molly,” Draco said, kissing the woman’s cheek before heading through the floo.


“Oh, that boy,” Molly chuckled as Hermione soon followed him.


Hermione and Draco rushed through St Mungo’s, heading towards the right floor and waited for a healer to come and get them after they had informed the staff that they were there. The two of them didn’t have to wait as long as they feared.


“Mrs Weasley, Mr Potter Malfoy?” the healer asked as soon as he spotted the two after walking out of the ward corridor.


“Yes,” Draco nodded as the two of them walked towards him, “How are they?” he asked, worried for Harry and for Ron.


“They are doing well, treatment is almost over,” he smiled at the two of them, “Mr Potter Malfoy has a broken arm and leg, but they are already being healed up. He also has a concussion, so we are going to have him in overnight to make sure everything is fine. Mr Weasley is much the same, though he only has a broken arm. We’re doing the same with him and keeping him in overnight. Both of them should be absolutely fine by morning.”


The two slumped where they stood, gripping at each other for the silent support that they were. This had happened a number of times in the past few years. But each time the two would be each other’s support when their husbands got hurt.


“They’re going to be fine,” Draco murmured, Hermione nodding along with him.


“Can we go and see them?” Hermione asked next.


“Of course, we’ll take you to them, they’re both awake, and word of warning, visiting times will end in around an hour,” the healer said as he led the way to the room that the two of them were in.






Were the two calls as soon as they were inside the room. Their husbands on their beds, looking wide eyes and almost scared as their spouses headed towards them. Hermione wrapped her arms around her husband and held him, “Don’t keep doing this to me Ron,” she murmured, eyes filling with tears.


“I’m sorry, ‘Mione,” he murmured, rubbing her back with his good arm. The other had been immobilised to make sure the potion worked properly.


“Just stop scaring me like this,” she told him, leaning backwards.


“I’m sorry,” he carried on, trying to reassure her that everything was fine.


“Harry,” Draco said, approaching him and carefully hugging him, kissing his cheek and then his lips, “You really need to stop this,” he muttered, sighing and shaking his head.


“I’m sorry, Drake,” he told him, smiling sleepily, “It just happened, one minute everything was fine, and then it all went to hell,” he muttered, sighing as he felt Draco lean against him that little bit more. The solid weight of his husband against him, reminding him that he was safe.


“Just, be careful, I don’t want to lose you, Harry,” Draco said softly, as he let his husband go and sat beside him, taking hold of his hand. 


“You won’t, Draco, you won’t, I’ll make sure of that,” Harry yawned, but instead of giving in to sleep, he turned towards Draco and began to talk, asking about Teddy and how Draco’s day had been. He missed being with his husband and godson each day while he worked.