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Retirement had always been a foreign concept to Levi. He had figured that it was one of those things he could only dream about. After all, being in the survey corps was the equivalent to signing up for an untimely death. As far as he was concerned, his end would occur in the mouth of some titan. It was a death he had made peace with.


However, some sort of fate had intervened and before he knew it, he had recieved the retirement he had never been courageous enough to voice out.


He had opened his own tea shop.


It hadn’t been easy, of course. Initially the government hadn’t been willing to give him much beyond a certain amount of money every month. But once queen Historia had recovered from giving birth to Princess Ymir, they had changed their tune quickly.


The queen had awarded his years of service with a plot of land and a fairly large house. There was also a monthly payment of more money then he had ever seen in his life. The house had needed some improvements. But Levi was in relatively good shape, so he fixed whatever needed to be fixed with his own hands.


He rather enjoyed the laborious task. But what he was more thrilled by was the wholesome outcome.


His tea shop had a nice, modest corner in the city. And much to his delight, it was always hustling and bustling. Many flocked to it, initially out of interest of seeing Humanity’s Strongest Soldier. Most returned once they realized that the tea was amazing.


The house was divided into two parts, with the lower floor consisting of the cafe and the upper floor was where Levi lived. There was a plot of land that he owned, in the more rural areas, where he had paid some farmers to grow tea leaves and certain fruits and vegetables for his shop.


It had taken two years of hard work but his venture had paid off. His very own tea shop had been established and was making plenty of profits.


Levi no longer had to fight titans, or watch his cormades die in the battlefield. His life now consisted of a nine to five job, like most civillians. And he couldn’t be happier about it.


Meeting you only amplified that happiness.



Levi had recruited his staff in a far more different manner then others would. For one, they were all former misfits. Three teen boys and two teen girls–who had grown up just like him, stealing to survive. Levi liked to think it was a way of paying forward what Kenny had done for him- if the man hadn’t met him when he had, Levi would have died sitting next to his mother’s corpse.


After he had settled them all into their jobs, he hadn’t seen any need to recruit anymore people. They were running the shop just fine, and all Levi needed to was supervise a little.


Then you came into the picture.


You were so…delicate. Even shorter then him. Levi privately admitted to you being quite the beauty, with your sweet face and gentle smile. Your clothes were baggy, hiding a figure he often found himself wondering about. 


He had thought that you were younger, maybe 18. But you had informed him you were actually 28. You had been a chef at the palace, but due to personal reasons, you had quit and desperately needed a job.


Levi had known he didn’t actually need a chef, his shop was running just fine with the one he already had. But, he was so starstruck by you, so confused by what he was feeling, that he had ended up hiring you anyways.


You were rather timid- not really making eye contact with anyone, keeping your head down as you worked. You didn’t bother making friends with the others, the age gap making it awkward for you. But you ended up making friends with him.


It had started out small, and Levi admitted, because of him. He had left you in peace for the first two weeks, but he was so inexplicably drawn to you, that he had to interact with you. So he ordered you to make him tea.


It didn’t take you too long to understand how he preferred his tea, and within weeks, you were bringing him tea everyday, without even being ordered. It was made just the way liked it.


At the start, he tried to contend himself with brief conversations, often restricted by his inability to ask you to sit down and drink tea with him. Once he learned you were quite the cook, he made it a point to show his preference for your cooking.


You had been so grateful to get a job from him, even though you had known he didn’t need to hire you and was still paying you quite generously. You immediately took the bait and began bringing him meals in the afternoon.


It was only when Levi gruffly ordered you to bring your lunch with his that you started to eat with him.


And thus began his friendship with you.



Growing up in the underground, the notion of love had never been taught to Levi. The most genuine warmth he had ever experienced was his beloved mother. He struggled to remember her now, time having messed with his memories. But he knew that the most he had ever felt loved was with her.


His mother’s lullaby, its lyrics long forgotten in his youth, was something he sorely missed. Her embrace was something he had longed for on his worst days, but he had forced himself to accept that it would be a long time till he would ever see her again.


He had also accepted that he would never have someone in his life who cherished him the way she had. Not even as lover.


When it came to the romance department, Levi hadn’t ever gotten into a relationship. Sure, there had been offers, but he had never indulged himself. He had turned down countless love confessions, feeling rather uncomfortable. Maybe it was that no one really knew him, or it was just that he wasn’t interested at all. He had even thought of himself as incapable of feeling love again–the way he had let people into his heart, even if just as friends, only for them to die. It had left him cold to the core and unwilling to even entertain the idea of friendship, let alone romance.


Humanity’s strongest soldier was destined to spend the rest of his life alone–but then he met you.


You and your soft presence, making him feel things he hadn’t ever felt before. You made him feel warm, but different then the way his mother had. Often times, you left him feeling out of breath and with his heart beating erratically.


It had started out so small, hardly noticeable ot even himself. But one day, you had smiled at him, Levi recalled fondly, and it had made him want to smile back.


Things had only spiralled out of his control afterwards. There were days he would get so overhwlemed by his strangely strong emotions for you, that he would avoid going into work. Only to find himself missing you.


The days he didn’t cowardly hide away, he found himself basking in your presence. You weren’t some chatterbox, finding the silence to be just as soothing as he did. It was what made the two of you mesh so well.


It didn’t take him long to grow out of his phase of uncertainty, Levi had a good idea of what he was feeling. But he wanted to see more of you, know more about you, so he could make a proper decision. But just watching you was driving him crazy.


The way you tucked your hair in behind your ear as you worked, it made him wish he could do it for you. He was sure your blush would be adorable.


The sweet way you giggled at his horrible jokes, it made the darker part of him long for you to reserve that laughter just for him. It had actually made him go out of his way to ensure that your interaction with males was limited. The ugly, jealous part of him couldn’t tolerate anyone so much as looking at you.


How tired you got while working hours and hours end- it made him wish he could just lessen your work to nothing. The possessive part of him insisted that you didn’t need to work for anyone else. That you should only be cooking for him. Levi often told himself, trying to stay in control, that he would make it so soon enough.


Your delight when you were around little children, you often gave them discounted desserts. It made his traitorous mind imagine little kids that looked exactly like you.


His feelings for you had grown exponentially-his initial curiousity about you hadn’t been sated by any means. In fact, he thought about you more each day that went by. His mind had begun to conjure up a future for the two of you.


It was a future where he could see himself waking up to you every morning, and ending his day with you in his arms.


A future, Levi thought to himself, he was determined to turn into his reality.


Even though he could tell you didnt quite feel the same. But time could change feelings right?



If there was anyone on the Island of Paradise that could get away with murder, it would be Humanity’s Strongest Soldier. Even in his retirement, the military knew better then to press charges against him. Or even say out loud that he had committed the crime.


On a rainy day, Levi’s staff watched him walk out of the tea shop, cloak in hand, a knife hidden in his boot. He had stormed out, with his eyes screaming murder, and no one had enough courage to stand in his way, let alone ask him anything.


He would come back the next day, looking calm. His staff, unfazed by the blood stains on his clothes, had carried on with their work. They knew better then to ask.


You, on the other hand, did not. You didn’t have the same childhood they had, for their lives had been riddled with crime and unfairness. You were soft- innocent. And so, so concerned about him.


You checked him for wounds, fussing over him, much to his delight. You had no idea that every hiss of pain was absolutely false, he hadn’t sustained a single scratch. But for the sake of keeping your attention, he would keep at his acting.


And besides, the entire reason he had gone out was to fight for you. You had, while sobbing, told him the reason you quit your previous job-a scummy noble, Travis Wills, had been trying to force you to marry him. Levi hadn’t been able to keep his rage to himself, and in his mind, rightfully so. The man’s body would never be found.


He would never tell you, of course, in fear that you would be scared of him. It would remain one of his secrets.


He would love and cherish you beyond anything. You would only ever see your gentle, soon to be ex Boss, as your lover who could do no wrong.


You would never meet the monster in him.


At least, he hoped you wouldn’t.


A/N: Heyooo. This is smaller then usual and I don’t even know if I tackled yandere Levi well! Do tell if y'all liked it. Till next time ⭐.