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FOR A BETTER FUTURE - Reading books of new generation

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Celaena Sardothien felt the flame inside her extinguish while Rowan told her those words. She didn't know why she cared, but hearing her say it was like a bucket of cold water.

She didn't have anyone. She had lost everything.

Aedion. Her parents. Chaol. Dorian. Nehemiah. Sam. And now Rowan, too.

He was about to turn around and leave when a book appeared there in the middle of the hallway.
Rowan stared at them and cautiously approached to pick them up, his friend coming out of his room as if warning of the power that the book emanated. But when he touched it, they disappeared into a white light.


Feyre was drowning. Choking on the prison where Tamlin wanted to lock her up.

She couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe.

Therefore, when the book that gave off a warm and safe light appeared, Feyre grabbed it, screwing it with the consequences of his gesture, of when it could be potentially dangerous. She disappeared into a white light.

Bryce was sitting on her couch, her eyes now drained of tears.

Hunt had cheated on her, he hadn't told her about synth.

What would Sandriel do to him? And Malleus?

Ruhn held her in her arms, Fury merely looked her in the eye coldly, although it was understood that she was sorry for everything. A book appeared in front of her and nevertheless touched him. Soon after, they disappeared into a white light.


Jude was getting impatient. All She wanted was for Dain to be crowned.

Then She would have the power. She wanted power.

She didn't want to be helpless in front of Cardan anymore, Nicasia... and Locke... Locke just made fun of her.
A book appeared on Val Moren's arms, and was heard dissolving in pure light.