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Not all men are created equal. It was a truth that Izuku Midoriya learned all too well. Izuku was born in a world of Quirks. Over 80% of the population had a quirk and even then most of these Quirkless were elderly. A quirk was, essentially, a special super power that they controlled. This could be anything as mundane as growing eyes on the back of their head to powerful like creating and manipulating fire. And as quirks became more common place, society changed. It began to bend to fit those with quirks and soon, human society began to revolve around those with strong quirks. Heroes were created as a new occupation to help combat the growing crime rates of those with powerful quirks feeling they could do whatever they want. They called those powerful criminals villains. Izuku idolised these heroes. When he was younger, he wanted to be one.

But Izuku was one of the unlucky ones. He was born without a quirk. In a society like his, that was a death sentence. It didn’t take long for everyone to abandon him. The only one who he could still count on was his mother. And yet, he hung on to his dreams. Even after everyone branded him useless. Even after his best friend abandoned him because he didn’t want to be seen with a weakling. Even as everyone told him he was wrong and stupid. He kept dreaming.

He studied heroes. It was a hobby but even he had to admit it was pretty weird. Even still, he couldn’t help it. He told himself that one day, the books he filled with information about heroes would be useful. When he was a hero. Then it would matter. It would matter somehow. It just had to matter somehow. It wouldn’t matter how much he was mocked. How much he was pushed down. If he became a hero- WHEN he became a hero- then everyone would know. They were wrong. He knew it. They had to be wrong.

Izuku knew his history. In the past, there were only people without quirks. In that time, anyone could be anything they wanted. It was a constant anecdote in pre quirk era movies. Izuku didn’t know when that idea died. But he was determined that it would live through him. But everyone has a limit.

Izuku’s came on a day like any other. He went to school as always. His old friend and his cronies did their usual jeering at him for being quirkless and no-one stopped them. He didn’t expect them too anymore. Kachan’s future was more important than any quirkless kid anyway. But his teacher just had to announce to the class he applied to UA as well. Bakugo made sure to corner him in the classroom at the end of class. Izuku left with his shoulder badly burned, trying to ignore the scent of burning fabric and roasting flesh, and a message from his old friend. “ If you want to be hero, take a swan dive off the roof and pray to be born with a quirk in the next life.”

It hurt. The words more than the injury. But Izuku moved on. Kachan didn’t mean it. He was still his friend. Deep down. That was what he told himself as he fished his torched notebook from the school pond and moved to leave for home. That was when it happened. He was attacked by a villain but was saved by an unlikely person. His hero. All Might. All Might saved his life. Izuku needed to ask him but his nerves got the better of him. He became an unintentional passenger on All Might Airlines flying across the city. He wasn’t supposed to.

It was here he learned a dark secret. All Might was injured. So badly injured. His muscular form wasn’t his real form. Because of a fight Izuku had watched over and over as he was growing up, a fight against the great villain All For One, All Might was forced to turn into a skeletal figure after using his quirk, his insides mostly destroyed. The dangers of hero work even got to the symbol of peace, a man who always had a smile on his face and encouraged everyone to do their best. Despite this knowledge, in a fit of desperation to cling to his dream, he begged All Might to tell him he could be a hero even without a quirk. But All Might just shook his head. “ You need to be realistic.” He didn’t even stop to comfort the clearly broken Izuku before he left.

Izuku leaned against the rail of the building he’d been abandoned on, looking down at the street far below. The cars. The people. Everyone looked so small from up here. He could see across a lot about the city. Izuku judged he must be at the top of the local shopping centre. It was the largest building in the area he could think of. As he looked down, the words he heard that day swirled around in his head. 

“ Be realistic.”

“ Take a Swan Dive off the roof. Pray for a quirk in the next life.” Izuku looked down. He seriously considered it. Then the face of his mother flashed in his mind. He couldn’t do that to her. Not to her. The rest of the world could burn but his mother? Sweet Inko who had been saddled with the burden of a worthless, quirkless child? No. Not her. Izuku screamed falling back, away from the edge.

“ THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!” He shouted. Izuku sat up. His eyes were drawn to nearby. Smoke was rising from the buildings. The sound of police sirens and fighting echoed out from the city streets. Another Villain. He wondered who was on duty. He laughed dryly as a though entered his head.

Who was getting hurt?

It wasn’t the heroes. It was probably the villains. But what about everyone else? Izuku sat there silently. “ Everyone else, huh?” Izuku leaned back and pulled out his phone. He entered the search engine and absentmindedly typed in ‘Civilian casualties hero’. He slowly scrolled through the list. At first it was just news reports. People tragically dying to villain attacks before heroes could save them. Heroes dying in the line of fire. That sort of thing. But the more he scrolled, the more incriminating things he found. Izuku got up. He needed a bigger screen.


He returned home, taking the back streets to avoid the fighting, and slipped in through the front door. “ Izuku? Is that you?” He heard his mom call from the front room

“ Y-Yeah. It’s me.”

“ Oh thank god. Have you seen the news?”

“ Villain attack. Yeah. I know. I’ll be in my room.”

“ Well, that’s part of it but…” Inko trailed off as she heard Izuku’s door close above her. Izuku threw his bag into his rooms corners. He paused as he saw All Might’s smiling face covering his room. He couldn’t help but feel that it was more hollow than when he left that morning. Izuku ignored the feeling and went for his computer. When it logged on, he entered the same thing he did into his phone and scrolled through a few pages till he found the interesting parts. It was an old report. A small story in an independent newspaper about a number of accusations that Number 2 hero Endeavor was doing more harm than good. People who had been horrifically burned by the pro hero. He wondered how this story hadn’t circulated more. He looked into the paper. He really wished he hadn’t.

The story on Endeavour had come from an issue before it was announced it was closing down operations. As it turns out, the newspaper was sued because of the story but settled out of court. Their crime was defamation. The Hero Commission had issued the law suit and the resulting pay out had crushed the newspaper and run them out of business. The story was buried. It wasn’t the only story that ended this way. A journalist was fired from a fairly high position in his newspaper for issuing a story about a number of sexual assault allegations involving pro hero Midnight. Another was a collection of heroes who’s reckless behaviour had killed innocents. This paper was crushed as well. All Might’s name came up a few times in that story. Other stories included how some petty thieves had their arms crushed beyond repair for stealing some money for their family. Another involved the straight up murder of a suspected villain in his own home but because he was thought to be working for at the time wanted organisation, Villain Factory, all charges were dropped. The sun long set before Izuku took a break. He looked up at the poster of All Might above his bed. “ How many lies have you been involved in?” He muttered.

The Hero Commission was corrupt beyond repair. Rotten to the core. The people had been led to believe that the heroes were paragons of justice but that couldn’t be right. Not from all he had read. All the proof was in those articles. Images of people who were suffering not because of Villains abusing their powers. But of Heroes doing the very things they were supposed to be protecting others against. Children idolised them. Wanted to be them. He wanted to be…

The realisation hit Izuku hard. He felt hot. Far too hot. He found it hard to breathe. He pulled his burned school blazer on and headed for the front door. He needed air. “ Izuku honey?” His mom asked him. “ Where are you going?”

“ I’m going for a walk.” Izuku lied. It wasn’t the walk he needed. He just needed air. He needed to clear his head.

“ Alright. Dinner will be ready soon.”

“ Alright.” Izuku said dismissively. “ Love you, Mom.”

“ I love you too, Izuku. Be safe.” Izuku didn’t respond. He just closed the door and went down the stairs of his apartment building, stepping out onto the street level. He looked up at the sky. The moon suspended in the sky and clouds swirling around it. He walked over to the nearby park. The cold air helped a little but he had to undo the top few buttons of his school shirt just to feel like he could breath again. He sat down with a sigh on a park bench and exhaled deeply. All the stories he’d seen ran through his head. He had wanted to be a hero. If he did become a hero, would he have done something like that? He shuddered to think.

“ Excuse me. Are you alright?” He heard a deep voice ask.

“ Huh.” Izuku looked up sharply. Looking down at him was a man in a suit. His face was indescribable. Just a thick black mist with two golden lights were his eyes should be. A mutant quirk Izuku realised. “ Oh. I'm fine.”

" Are you sure? You’re shaking and you look awfully sickly.”

“ I am?” Izuku looked down at his hands. As the man had said, his hands were shaking. Far beyond any amount of chill he was feeling could bring. In fact, he still felt boiling. However, despite this, Izuku was shaking like a leaf. His whole body was.

“ Indeed you are. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“ No. Don’t worry about me, sir. It’s fine.”

“ Is something on your mind?” Izuku paused.

“ I… Yes. There is. But I don’t think it’s anything to worry you about sir.”

“ Ha. I’m a bar tender. I’ve hear worries from a variety of different people from all walks of life.” The mist man sat down next to Izuku. “ I do not mind hearing you out.”

“ Well. You see… I’m quirkless so…” Izuku sighed.

“ I don’t see how that means I should worry about you less.”

“ Huh?”

“ Please. Go on.” 

“ I… Alright then.” Izuku started slowly. He told the mist man that he had met a hero and that hero had told him he couldn’t be a hero because he was quirkless. That’s all he had meant to say. He kept All Might's name out of it. But the more he talked, the more he ended up going. He went on about his old friend, Kachan, and how he really thought about taking his advice. He talked about his mother and how he just wanted her to be happy. Then he talked about what he searched for. His findings. His thoughts. He couldn’t hold himself back. The words just came. He fully expected the mist man to stop him. To get uninterested and realise he was a freak. But that time never came. The man listened intently from beginning to end. And when Izuku finally finished, panting slightly from his rambling, the man slowly nodded.

“ I believe I understand your problem.” The Mist Man told him. “ You found out that even something that shines as brightly as the hero industry also has its own shadows and you don’t quite understand how to process it.” The man looked up. “ Truthfully, I’m not sure how quite to help you understand those feelings, but I do understand how you feel. Heroes are treated like deities in this age as Villains are treated like demons. It’s easy to forget both are as human as each other and the general public. No man is perfect. But the hero industry… it’s far from that.”

“ Yeah. I found that out the hard way.”

“ I know someone who shares your mind set. I work for him in fact.”

“ You do.”

“ I do.” The man stood up. “ My name is Kurogiri by the way.”

“ Oh. Right. Sorry, I never introduced myself either. I’m Izuku Midoriya.”

“ A pleasure to meet you, Midoriya.” Kurogiri seemed to smile. “ My quirk is called Warp Gate. It allows me to open portals to any place I have been too or envision, within reason. I cannot, for instance, warp from here to America or New Zealand. I can reach as far as Yokohama however.”

“ Wow. That’s really cool.” Izuku gasped. Kurogiri’s eyes widened slightly as Izuku immediately got lost in his own little word of mutterings. All kinds of speculations about Kurogiri’s quirks were spoken, answered with the most probable answer and then stored away in Izuku’s mind. Kurogiri listened in for a moment before clearing his throat. “Oh. Sorry. Was I mumbling again?”

“ Indeed you were.”

“ Sorry. I didn’t mean too. I know it’s really creepy. I’ll stop.”

“ I do not mind. Is it a habit?”

" Yeah. I just really like quirks. They’re so fascinating to me. I’ve studied a lot of hero quirks. I… When I still wanted to be a hero, I thought they’d help me some day, you know?” Izuku laughed slightly. “ It’s really stupid, I know.”

“ No, it’s quite interesting actually.” Kurogiri told him. “ By the way, and I understand if you don’t agree to this, but I mentioned a friend of mine who has the same mindset you have now. With my quirk, I could take you too him. Of course, I could also return you at any time as well but I feel he may be able to convey a message about what your feeling.” 

“ Go with you?” Izuku asked.

“ For a short time, if that is what you wish. Don’t feel like you have to. I just believe it is something that would benefit you greatly.” Izuku paused. For all intents and purposes, Kurogiri was a complete stranger. He knew he shouldn’t trust him. And yet, from what he had said, Kurogiri seemed like a nice guy. He listened to Izuku’s worries despite knowing his status as Quirkless. And he was probably the most sincere person Izuku had ever met. He knew he shouldn’t but Izuku slowly nodded.

“ Alright. Just for a bit.” Izuku told the mist man. Kurogiri seemed to smile again.

“ Right this way then.” Kurogiri opened a gateway. Izuku looked amazed for a moment before gathering himself again. With a breath, he stepped through.

That evening, Izuku Midoriya went missing.


“ And enter.” Izuku sighed in relief. “ Finally. Done.”

" Is it that website of yours?” Tomura Shigaraki asked, not looking up from his game.

“ Yep. All finished.” Izuku stretched. On his laptop screen was a mundane looking blog website with a plain black background and red headers. The website was simple. It was designed so the average everyday person would simply over look it. But people who understood the meaning behind the name would likely check it out. Those were the people he was looking for. Not the usual run of the mill person but those who were suffering under the corrupt hero society. The blogs name was Venality. The tag line? “A blog for those suffering under saviours.” Izuku had already detailed his own story under the Pseudonym “Usagi”. His struggles with being Quirkless and his journey to the truth.

“ Why do you even need a blog anyway?” Shigaraki asked.

“ Because.” Izuku smiled innocently. “ We can’t exactly tear down this society without just us can we? Call it a recruitment drive.”

“ Ha.” Shigaraki laughed dryly. “ I trust Giran to find us talent more than I trust your stupid website. But, Sensei trusts you. So I guess I’ll let you do whatever.”

“ Don’t worry, Tomura. This will work. I bet… hmm.” Izuku pondered the thought. “ Wrath of the White Witch special edition. You’ve been looking for that for a while, right?” This got Shigaraki’s attention. He grinned.

“ You’re on, Usagi. I’ll be glad to let you buy it for me.”

“ Just you wait and see, Tomura. Just you wait and see.”

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Shoto Todoroki hissed as his sister, Fuyumi, tightened a clean set of bandages to his burned body. “ Sorry.” She muttered.

“ It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Shoto reassured her. He was used to this. Another night in the house getting tended to by his siblings after a rough training session by his father. His father was the number 2 hero in Japan, Endeavour. As his successor, Endeavour was training his son to be better than anyone. Better than his eternal rival, All Might in particular. What Shoto wanted didn’t matter to him. What Endeavour called it was training. Training to be number one. Training to surpass anyone. But that’s not what it really was. Shoto’s training was just one way Endeavour took his anger out on the world. It was common for Shoto to get new burns and injuries from his father every night. Then his father abandoned his family and left to supposedly capture villains. Shoto stood up and put his shirt back on over the bandages. “ Thanks Fuyumi.”

“ It’s fine but…” Fuyumi sighed. “ I wish you didn’t have to go through this.”

“ Yeah. So do I.” Shoto admitted. The two sighed.

“ Come on. Natsuo should be done cooking dinner soon.” Fuyumi told him.

Shoto retired to his room a few hours later and collapsed onto his bed. He stared at the moon coming through his window. The sky was pretty cloudy but mostly nice. He wondered what real children did on evenings like this. Truthfully, Shoto didn’t know what a real family was supposed to be like. He had two siblings, a mother and a father. His father was a tyrant. He commanded his family about the place with no care about their feelings. Shoto got the most of it, being his fathered prized creation, leaving his siblings behind to rot. His mother had a breakdown when Shoto was just a little boy, earning him a scarred face and his mother a permanent room in a mental hospital. Shoto didn’t hate her for it. She was a gentle soul and he visited her when he could. He hated his father who pushed her into it. He wished he’d been born into a different life.


“ I’ll see you tomorrow, Todoroki.” One of his classmates, Momo Yaoyarozu, told him waving as they parted at the school gates.

“ Yeah. See you.” Shoto nodded before walking away. He didn’t really feel like going home today. He didn’t on most days. But he’d tried being late a few times. His father just found him and increased the work of that evenings his ‘training’. He learned it was better to get it over with. He passed by a TV store and stopped. The news was on, showing a boy with green hair. The title underneath read “Boy Missing in Musutafa”. Shoto’s eyes tried to read the announcers lips but eventually he gave up. A kid going missing was pretty rare news. Usually it was about the daily hero activities or villain’s doing something stupid. It must have been a slow day. As he walked, his thoughts lingered on the boy. What sort of a life must he have had to run away from home? Or was it a kidnapping? Shoto sighed. If only he could just run away from his problems.

He passed through the park, a few thoughts on his mind, when he stopped. He felt eyes on him. It wasn’t the first time he’d felt something like this either. Normally, he just ignored it. Shoto was the son of a high profile hero after all. Usually he just left it alone. He knew he should. But today, he turned to the gaze. There he spotted him. A man in a dark red hoodie, scars covering his face, looking at him from across the park. As soon as their eyes met, the man looked down and started walking away. Shoto watched as he vanished into the crowds. His eyes lingered on where he was. He wondered who that was. A fan of Endeavour perhaps? Or perhaps the opposite.

Over the next month, Shoto kept his eyes out for that man. Every now and again he thought he saw him. A red eye watching him from behind the cover of a crowd. A scarred hand passing him by. Shoto started to believe he was seeing things. It was almost a month later until he was certain he’d found him again. He spotted him in the distance one Sunday afternoon. Shoto felt them again. Wistful eyes on him. He made sure to take his walk to a more open area, back to the park he first saw him. Then he found him in the crowd. Again, he tried to run off. This time, Shoto wasn’t having it.

He chased him through the crowded streets of Musutafa, making sure to keep his eyes on him. The man knew he was chasing him, trying to lose him through the streets with thought out movements but Shoto wasn’t shaken. He followed his stalker until he slipped into an side alley. “ Wait.” He called. The man stopped. It was just the two of them now. The man sighed. “ I know you’ve been watching me. Why?”

“ I don’t know-”

“ You can’t lie like that. You know I’ve seen you multiple times.”

“ Damnit…”

“ What do you want?” Shoto asked, threateningly. “ Are you after me because of my father?”

“ No, that’s not-”

“ Is it a ransom or something? Trying to figure out a routine so you can kidnap me?”

“ No, I would never-”

“ Then what? I don’t understand why you would be stalking me.”

“ Well, you see-”

“ I can probably go to the cops, you know. Trying to keep tabs on a pro heroes family is-”

“ Touya Todoroki.” Shoto froze.

“ What?”

“ My name. It’s Touya Todoroki.”  Shoto narrowed his eyes.

“ That’s not possible. He’s-”

“ Dead? Is that what that bastard told you? That I died? What was his excuse? A villain attack, I guess.” The man chuckled dryly. “ Though, in a sense, I suppose he’s right. Technically, my life as Touya Todoroki has been dead for a long time. But though I threw the name away, I could never bring myself to throw you all away too.” ‘Touya’ looked over his shoulder. “ So. How are they? Natsuo? Fuyumi?”

“ Fine.” Shoto answered cautiously. “ They look after me.”

“ Yeah, I guess someone's gotta do it.” ‘Touya’ laughed slightly. “ Let me guess. The old man has you training most days.”

“ Huh?”

“ He calls it his way to surpass All Might but it’s obvious what it is. It’s just his way to take his anger out on something without getting into another law suit.” Anger formed from ‘Touya’s’ tone. “ Did the others ever tell you my quirk? I doubt you remember it. My flames are hotter than his but it damages my body if I use it too long.” As if to give an example, ‘Touya’ raised a hand, lighting it up in blue flames. “ The old man didn’t care. He pushed it as far as it could go. The result wasn’t exactly pretty.” Shoto looked away from the man. “ After you showed your quirk was better than mine, that bastard threw me away like a broken toy. I got out but…”

“ Do the others know?”

" Mom does. I drop by the psych ward every now and again. She worries about you.”

“ Yeah. I know.” Shoto sighed. “ You could have just introduced yourself sooner, you know?”

“ Ha. Probably. I just figured it would have been simpler if I made sure you kept safe from a distance, you know?”

“ It would have made us happier knowing you were actually alive.”

“ Couldn’t risk him knowing. You could imagine what he’d be like, right? Knowing his former creation has been running around behind the scenes…” ‘Touya’ looked down. “ Well, I’m trying to save you from him. I really am. But doing it the legal way is impossible with the hero commission at his back.”

“ The commission?”

“ Endeavour is one of their golden boys, right behind All Might in the rankings. Like they’d let something like abuse allegations hit the main stream. And I just… don’t see another option than just…”

“ Tearing it down.” Shoto finished slowly. ‘Touya’ didn’t react. “ Touya-”

“ Dabi.”

“ What?”

“ I told you. Touya Todoroki has been dead for a long time. As soon as I started down this path. I’m Dabi now.”

“ Dabi?” Shoto narrowed his eyes slightly. “ Is that who you think you need to be?”

“ To save you and to destroy this damn society of corrupt heroes and powerless cops, yeah. It’s who I need to be.”

“ I see.”

“ So. What are you gonna do?” Dabi turned around, eyes shining. Shoto could see them better now. His face, covered in scars and held together staples and crude stitches. “ Are you going to try and stop me?” Shoto looked down. Legally, he should. He was the son of a hero and the man in front of him was threatening to break the law. If he wasn’t already a villain, he soon would be. But, in his heart, he knew. Everything that Dabi, that Touya, was saying was right. If anything, he was more justified in his actions than most heroes were in theirs. Shoto met Dabi’s gaze.

“ Can we meet again?”

“ Huh?”

“ We’re family. You shouldn’t have to skulk around like this. I want to meet with you again.”

“ Ha. Seriously?” Dabi smirked. “ You’re a strange man, brother. Most people would have just reported me to the cops by now.”

“ Most people haven’t been through what we’ve been through. Not with him.”

“ Yeah. Not with him.” Dabi sighed. “ Right. OK. Sure. It’ll be nice but… don’t tell them about me. Please. I… I’ll tell Natsuo and Fuyumi I’m alive when I’m ready just…”

“ Don’t worry. I can keep a secret.” Dabi smiled.

“ Thanks little brother. I’ll see you around.” With a mutual smile and a nod, Shoto watched as Dabi disappeared into the shadows of the alley way. He waited for a few minutes after he was gone. He wondered if he should have asked to go too. Shoto sighed and began heading home. At least he knew he had someone out in the world that had his back.


Over the next month, Shoto met up with Dabi every couple of days. Sometimes it was a walk back after school. A few times they met up and played in an Arcade together. They even went to see a movie once. Shoto had never been allowed to do such things before. His father looked down on other people. Said they’d just make him weaker. Shoto never cared that he was weak or strong. He just wanted to be normal. Normality wasn’t allowed at home but with his brother, he finally felt a sense of normality. A sense of freedom.

 It was one day after training that Shoto found it. He’s just returned from one of his day trips with Dabi and had brushed off his father on his return. Lately, he’d gotten bored and started looking into the Hero Commission's dark side and slowly growing more and more annoyed at the people who protect his father. That was when he noticed it. A small blog and chat room with the name “Venality”. Something about the name drew him into clicking on it. The blog’s design was simple. A black background with simple triangular designs, red headers and white text. Only one thread had been posted by the user and seemingly the admin, someone by the name of “Usagi”.

Usagi’s thread seemed interesting. Replies were blocked and it was a few paragraphs long. Shoto read through it out of curiosity. It told the story of a young boy who wanted to be a hero. However, he was soon diagnosed with quirklessness and, as such, was quickly cast down and shunned by society with everyone, even his own father, abandoning him. Despite all of that, the boy still wanted to be a hero and prove everyone wrong. He soldiered through abuse, both physical and mental, and everyone looking down on him. That was until the ay he met the number one hero All Might and All Might himself shot the idea down. After that, the boy found out just how corrupt the hero industry really was. He decided to make the blog to see if he can find and talk to like minded people. Shoto had to admit. He sort of understood his predicament.

Obviously, Shoto wasn’t quirkless. Had he been, he was certain his father would have thrown him off a cliff. But suffering under a society that revolved around quirks and especially from the corruption in the industry. He understood. He entered the chat room next. From the posts, he wasn’t expecting much. But entering the chat room, he found even less. Just Usagi. Alone online. Shoto leant back from his computer. It was clear this Usagi guy knew a bit about how this world worked. It wasn’t exactly fair. Shoto also didn’t know if he even wanted to talk. According to the post, the blog had only been active for just under two weeks. After a few minutes of cautious pondering, Shoto made an account


-Crucible has entered the Chat-

Usagi: Huh?

Usagi: Oh.

Usagi: Sorry. I wasn’t expecting company.

Crucible: I can leave.

Usagi: NO

Usagi: Er, No. Please. Stick around. 

Crucible: Is it really just you?

Usagi: Eh heh heh. Yeah. 

Crucible: I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked

Usagi: Nah. Kinda buried in the search engine this place.

Usagi: Speaking of which, how’d you find here?


Shoto paused. He’d read Usagi’s story so he knew, in so many words, what the guy had been through. At the same time, he didn’t know how much of that was true. And, better yet, how much he wanted to divulge of himself. Shoto wasn’t stupid enough to blindly trust some stranger online. But, he supposed, there’s no harm in answering a few basic questions. If it got to personal, he’d leave. He leaned forwards over his keyboard.


Crucible: Got bored. Looked through the Internet. Found this place.

Usagi: Read my story?

Crucible: Surreal.

Usagi: Ha. I suppose that’s one way to describe it.

Usagi: And to answer your question, It’s all real.

Crucible: So you’re a Quirkless Kid?

Usagi: I know. It’s rare, but that’s my life. A rarity.

Usagi: For better but mostly for worse. At least, so far. Who knows? Maybe I’m destined for great things.

Crucible: I don’t want to think anyone is destined for anything.

Usagi: Oh? And Why’s that? Tough expectations on your shoulders or something?

Crucible: I’d prefer we change the topic.

Usagi: Ha ha. That’s fine.

Crucible: Thanks

Usagi: No worries. We all have things we’d rather not talk to others about. I won’t push you into revealing those things.

Usagi: That being said, I’ve gotta ask. What sort of stuff do you like? Games, music. That sort of stuff.


Shoto went to answer but then stopped. He glanced around his room. His father had never let him have anything like that. Hell, even his laptop was an old thing Fuyumi got him that he had to hide under his bed so his father didn’t burn it down to molten steel. Games. Music. That was all a distraction. He still listened to the odd track at school during IT and when others forced it on him during lunch. He’d never really thought about it before. Was that what real kids listened too?


Crucible: Don’t have any

Usagi: What? Dude, how sheltered are you?

Crucible: No Comment

Usagi: Gimme a minute. Let me share some of my favourite tracks with you.


And that’s how the rest of Shoto’s night was spent. Listening to tracks sent to some random guy he met on a chat room. He had to admit. It was time well spent.


As the weeks went on, more people slowly started entering the chat room. At first it was just him and Usagi. Then came Toxicity, a plucky girl who had joined their music sharing extravaganza with some punk and dance tracks that were nothing like Shoto had heard before. Violet was next, who had her own troubles that everyone helped talk her through. Finally came Brainstorm, who was just seeking a place to belong. Since then, he was the only one who hadn’t shared his story on the main blog. No-one minded. They let him move at his own pace. Usagi had even told them that, if they needed it, anyone who wanted to get away from any pain in their life could drop by his place. It had crossed his mind but it wasn’t something he decided to do.

Not until the day he found his brother bleeding near the family home.

It was supposed to be a good day, or at least as good as he could get it. His father was busy was hero work, so his training was cancelled. He was free to spend time with his real family during the evening and then talk to his friends online at night. At least, that was the plan. However, he was stopped by a familiar looking shadow in an ally near his home. Something about it seemed wrong. Perhaps it was the unhealthy stagger. Maybe it was the new burns in his coat. Maybe it was the red smears where he left his hand. Shota followed after him. “Brother?” Shota asked cautiously. 

“ Shit…” Dabi muttered. He groaned, leaning against the shadowy wall, clutching his side. “ Course. Schools got out, didn’t they. Wasn’t keeping track of time.” Dabi interrupted himself with a pained cough.

“ What’s…” Shota stepped forwards. His eyes widened as he saw Dabi’s state. He was covered in soot and new burns. Not the type he’d given himself either. This definitely came from an outside source. It was far too familiar. “ What happened?”

“ Got unlucky. Ran into that…” Dabi coughed. “ Bastard. I think he... had a few ideas of who I was but... he dismissed me as a criminal. Things got heated and… I ate a point blanc Flashfire Fist. Managed to get away. Got here. Hurts like hell.”

“ I’ll get help.”

“ No. No, you… you shouldn’t get involved.”

“ You need medical attention.

“ I’ll… work something out.”

“ You know the types of burns you have, right?” Dabi looked down. “ You’ll die if you don’t get help.”

“ I can’t risk hospitals.”

“ Then come home.” Shoto told his brother. “ Fuyumi knows how to deal with burns like those. Father’s not gonna be home until late, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“ I… I dunno.”

“ The way I’m looking at it, you don’t have a choice.” Dabi looked up, only to met with a confidant glare from his younger brother. He sighed and then nodded.

“ Fine. Give me a hand.” Dabi put an arm around Shoto’s shoulder and the younger brother helped guide him through the back allies, avoiding any prying eyes, before cutting across a street and through the Todoroki house’s back door. 

“ Fuyumi!” He shouted. “ We need help!”

“ What are you shouting ab…” Fuyumi stepped into the kitchen and immediately froze. “ Oh my god.”

“ Fuyumi, he needs urgent medical attention.”

“ Right. I see that.” Fuyumi sighed. “Bring him to my room. I’ll make space.” Shoto nodded, following his sister. He helped Dabi to lie on her bed. Fuyumi pulled her first aid kit from off a shelf and looked over him, tending to his burns. At his sisters request, Shota stepped outside.

“ These are really bad.” She muttered. “ What happened to you, Touya?”

“ Surprised you figured me out that quick.” Dabi joked.

“ I tended your burns long before I tended Shoto. I recognised you from your old injuries.” Dabi sighed at his sisters words. “ Are you going to tell me or should I make a guess?”

“ Has it ever been anyone different?”

“ You got into a fight with father. Of course you did.”

“ Hey, I didn’t want a fight. He was the one who chased me down.” Dabi winced as Fuyumi worked on one of his more major burns. “ I didn’t want to talk to him. Hell, he didn’t even recognise me. Just figured I was part of some street gang he’d finished moping up. And you know his temper. Doesn’t like believing he’s wrong.”

“ Why didn’t you just come home, Touya?”

“ Didn’t want him to think he won.” Dabi admitted with a sigh. “ I want to… I want to change society so that pricks like him can’t abuse kids like us. I wanted to make a world where Shoto, Mom, Natsuo and you could live without that bastard’s shadow looming overhead.”

" You didn’t have to go this far.”

“ What else could I do. I tried doing this the legal route. Became an anonymous informant to a few newspapers. The story never saw the light of day. The fucking Commission saw to that.” 

“ So what? You think getting getting called a villain and having father incinerate you is going to change the world?”

“ I…” Dabi paused. “ I’m working on it. I just need means.”

“ Touya.”

“ It’s Dabi now.”

“ Touya.” Fuyumi repeated, more forcefully.

“ You’re not going to change my mind, Fuyumi.”

“ Yeah. I know. You never did listen to me.” Fuyumi leaned back, finished bandaging Dabi’s wounds. “ I just wished you told us you were alive earlier.”

" I… I’m sorry. I never meant to worry you.”

“ I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like I was blaming you. It’s just… it’s been hard for all of us, you know?” Fuyumi sighed. “ It’s just been… difficult since you left. Natsuo has been spending as much time as he can out of the house, usually spending it working. It’s obvious he’s planning on moving out. I’m not going to be here come the new school year either since I’m going to College. I’m worried about Shoto. UA will be good to him but…”

" Is UA his choice?” Fuyumi remained quiet. “ I figured.” Dabi growled, sitting up. “ See, this is exactly the shit I’m trying to prevent. I won’t let that bastard turn Shoto into a mini version of him.”

“ I don’t think Shoto will let himself become that.”

“ But you know that won’t stop him trying.”

“ Better than anyone.” Fuyumi sighed. “ Just stay safe and don’t do anything rash, will you?”

“ Can’t agree with that.” Dabi grunted as he stood up. “ Thanks for patching me up, Yumi. It won’t be a regular thing. Promise.”

“ You aren’t going already are you? At least wait for Natsuo to get back.”

“ Sorry. Can’t risk the bastard finding me here. I’m sorry, Yumi. I… I just can’t.”

“ You’re still scared of him aren’t you?”

“ I…” Dabi grit his teeth and looked down. From behind the door listening in, Shoto knew the answer. He knew his sister did as well. He knew Natsuo would and so would his mother. Because they were all the same. Anger slowly built up inside him as he walked over to his room and slowly shut the door. His eyes fell on his computer. He remembered something. He quickly turned his computer on, opened the browser and went into Venality. He found that Usagi and Violet were online, laughing about something that happened in Violet’s life. Instead of joining in, he sent a private message to Usagi.


Crucible: Hey Usagi. I need a favour

Usagi: What’s up?

Crucible: That place you mentioned a while back? For if our lives got to rough?

Usagi: You want the address?

Crucible: Yes. For me and my brother.

Usagi: I won’t ask. If you want to tell me, you can.

Usagi: Though it’ll be nice to meet face to face.


Usagi sent an address. Looking it up, it was of a small, unassuming bar in Yokohama’s Kamino ward. A thirty minute train ride and a five minute walk. He knew they’ be safe there. And Usagi had proven himself a friend. Todoroki found himself stuffing some clothes into his school bag along with his laptop before changing out of his school clothes into a hooded jumper, slinging his bag over one shoulder.

He found Fuyumi and Dabi by the front door. “ Wait. Touya.” He called out. The two turned to him. “ I’m coming with you.”

“ What?” Touya raised an eyebrow. “ No. You can’t.”

" Why not?”

" It’s just…”

“ You can’t say it’s safer here. Or better for me. I know Fuyumi and Natsuo can just move out in a few weeks. They’ll be gone by the new year anyway.”

“ But it’s not safe out there either.”

“ I’d take my chances. Besides, I know a place we can stay.”

“ Huh?” Shoto handed the address he scribbled down in his school planner over to his brother. “ Hmm. I know where this is. Been there once or twice. It wouldn’t take too long to get there but...”

“ Please. I don’t want to stay here. Take me with you.”

" Shoto.” Dabi looked to Fuyumi for her thoughts. She simply nodded slowly.

“ I understand. Don’t worry. Go.”

“ Are you sure, Yumi?” Dabi asked.

“ I don’t want to see Shoto suffer any more. He’ll be safer out there with you. I’m sure of it. I can cover for him. Say he never came home or something.” Fuyumi gave Dabi a concerned look. “ Just get him far away from him.”

“ Thanks Fuyumi.” Shoto smiled at his sister. “ Sorry about all of this.”

“ It’s not your fault.” Dabi gave a defeated sigh.

“ Alright. I’ll take him.”

“ Just… promise you two will be safe.” Fuyumi folded her arms. “ I’ll… I’ll make sure Natsuo and I get out of here soon. When we are, let’s meet up again. Somewhere safe.”

“ It’s a promise.” Dabi nodded.

“ Stay safe, Sis.” Shoto added. Fuyumi brought the two into a tearful hug.

“ You two as well. I’ll miss you.” Not long after that, the trio separated. Shoto and Dabi headed to the nearest train station and headed to the address. As they did, Shoto opened up and explained everything about Venality to his brother, explaining about his new friend Usagi and how he got the address. It was enough for Dabi to stop worrying enough to make it through the places doors.

The address in question opened up to reveal a simple if slightly run down bar on the second floor of a building with it’s entrance around the back of a barber’s shop. The bartender, a man who’s body seemed to be made entirely of purple mist, looked up from cleaning glasses. A man with grey hair played video games on the bar’s television, barely offering him a glance. From a small table off to the side, a green haired boy, a tired looking boy and a girl of seemingly Indian descent sat talking. As soon as he saw them, the green haired one stood up and approached them. “ Hi. How can I help you?”

“ Uh.” Shoto was caught slightly off guard. “ I, uh, we got the address from a blog. A friend told me to-”

“ Ah.” The Green Haired boy grinned excitedly. “ Crucible, right?” Shoto nodded. “ Cool.  My name is Izuku Midoriya. But you probably know me better as Usagi. It’s nice to finally meet you face to face.” At hearing the name, Shoto let himself relax. The small bar quickly became home to Shoto, more comforting to him than his old home ever had. And he owed it to Usagi for giving him both a home and a new founded purpose in life that quickly opened up as he met the man behind the bar. The enigmatic man only known as Sensei.

Chapter Text

Toru Hagakure was used to being forgotten about. Used to teachers forgetting to hand her paper due to not seeing her or marking her absent due to missing her in a head count. Used to her classmates “forgetting” that she existed and apologizing in the most mocking tone you can imagine, dripping with poison that perfectly matched the cruel sneers on their faces. She was used to her own parents sometimes not noticing she was in the room or accidentally leaving her behind on walks or in shops.

Toru hated her quirk. It was the cause of all of this. Some days, she’d wake up, look in the mirror and see the pink wall behind her staring back at her and wonder if she even existed herself. Her quirk made her invisible. She couldn’t even see herself. Ever since she was five, this was her life. Cursed to wander between being alive but not being seen. She sometimes wondered if she should just let go and fade from existence. Figured no-one would miss her. Why would they miss what they can’t even see?

But she existed. I mean, she had to right? She could see other people as they wandered about the school, minding their own business as they pushed past her. She’d watch the faces of passer-by's faces twist in confusion as they looked back at who they bumped into and were met with nothing. They wondered if they were going crazy. Toru bit her lip.

That pain was the only way she knew she truly was real. Not just some phantom passing through life. She’d often run a hand through her invisible hair just to remind herself it was there. Long and… what colour was it? Was it black like her fathers? Red like her mothers? Maybe it was like her grandmothers, pure silver. She’d trace lines across her arms. What was her skin colour? Her mother was Indian. Her father was Japanese. What was she? How about her eyes? Were they blue? Green? She’d seen some people in pictures with black eyes. That would be interesting. The more she wondered, the more depressed she became. Once or twice she drawn one of her mothers small knives she used for cutting vegetables across her arms just to remind her self she had something underneath what she couldn’t see.

It was maddening. Was she real? Someone had to see her, right? She heard someone could cancel quirks out there. Would that person be able to see her? If they could cancel her quirk, could she see herself? Would others be able to see her? Could she finally figure out of she existed. She was here, wasn’t she? She heard herself speak, even if her classmates often pretended not to. Or did they not? Was it only her? No, sometimes people responded to her. So she existed. She had to.

Or was she lying to herself? Maybe she really wasn’t real? Maybe her parents were illusion her insane mind made up just to believe people knew she was real. Her mother could turn things invisible. A cup. A plate. Her father could change his skin colour. A strange quirk, but she’d seen people who’s only quirks were controlling their finger nail length so it was possible. The two combined managed to make a girl whose skin colour was nothing and she couldn’t turn it off. She’d tried. Oh, how many times she’d tried. But maybe they weren’t real. Maybe she wasn’t real. After all, remove her clothes and there was nothing to tell someone was standing there. 

But she could see. But maybe she was a ghost. But people could speak to her. But maybe she was hearing things. But people felt her. But maybe it was the wind. But. But. But.




She bit her lip and felt the pain. Tried to calm herself down. She could feel so she was real. But she needed someone else to see her. She existed. But she didn’t.

She screamed in the middle of a park once. No-one could tell who did it. They all looked around confused. No-one could tell the heroes who had done it. Or where the sobbing was coming from. She felt so alone.

Her only real solace was messaging people online. But they were big chat rooms. Her nagging voice always kept saying that they were talking to someone else. So she kept searching. Looking for a small enough room. Somewhere she knew for certain they were talking to her. That they could see her. That it wasn’t some part of her mind tricking her into believing she existed when it was her fooling herself with false promises.

That was when she found it. Venality. A blog buried in the search engine. She looked at the forum posts and found only two posts, one made months ago but the second only two weeks ago. She went onto the blog. Three people active and talking. Perfect. She hastily made an account.


-IExist has entered the chat-


IExist: please


Toru watched the screen. The air felt heavy. The semi active conversation between the three already there didn’t update. No-one answered her either. Seconds past that felt like centuries. She felt her heart crushed in her chest. Her skin on fire. They had to see her. They had to know she was real.

But what if they didn’t.

But they had to.

But what if she really wasn’t real.

But she had to be.

But what if. What then? If they didn’t answered.

The screen moved.


Usagi: Hello? We see you.

Crucible: Who is this.

Toxicity: Hey. Are you OK?


Toru gasped. They… They answered her. They… saw her.


IExist: Am i

IExist: real

Usagi: Well, we see you. So I guess you have to be. Ha ha.

Toxicity: What sort of question even is that?

Crucible: Troll

IExist: no

IExist: but you

IExist: i’m

IEXist: i

Usagi: Are you OK? Wanna talk about it


Toru’s eyes blurred with tears. Finally. She finally found it. People who could see her. People who knew she existed. She had found her answer. Finally. Finally.


IExist: Help me

IExist: please

Usagi: Don’t worry. We’re here.

Usagi: Tell us everything


And she did. Toru let loose a stream of words. She knew that a lot of the words lacked basic English and were filled with more typos than anything she and likely her new saviours had ever seen. But she didn’t care. She just let it all go. And when she stopped, she felt somehow lighter.


IExist: im sorry

IExist: its just

IExist: i was so scared

Toxicity: Sounds like you been through a lot.

Toxicity: But don’t worry. We’re here for you

Crucible: Sorry.

Usagi: Come on. Stick around. We’ll prove you’re real without a shadow of a doubt.

IExist: I

IExist: Thank you.


Toru changed her name on the blog to Violet after that, naming it after a character she related to in some old animated movie she watched pretty frequently. Over the next few weeks, she found herself feeling lighter. She couldn’t see it, but she knew she was smiling more. It still hurt. When the teachers forgot her or the other girls in her class “accidentally” forgot about her or forcibly pushed her because they “didn’t know she was there”. It still hurt for her parents to not notice her at home. But, when ever she felt lost, she knew she had a place where she could confirm her existence. She had friends that knew she was real. Usagi. Crucible. Toxicity. Brainstorm. Those four were real. And she was real. That was enough for her. That’s what she thought. Then she got a private message from Usagi.


Usagi: Say. Violet.

Usagi: I have a question.

Violet: ?

UsagI: Say, for the sake of argument, I found a way to fix your quirk.

Violet: You found what?

Usagi: Would you take it

Usagi: Oh. Well. I found a possibility.

Usagi: It’s just I’m not exactly supposed to say what online

Usagi: But if you’re interested, I can give you a location. We can meet there.


From anyone else, Toru probably would have thought this was a scam. It seemed suspicious. A secret method to fix her? It seemed like it was underhanded. Black Market. Maybe even villainous. But this was Usagi who was telling her. When she had no-one, he helped her. She trusted him.


Violet: Tell me where and when. I’ll be there.


The location was that of some poorly rated bar in Yokohama. From her home, it would take about an hour to get there by train. But, at this point, she’d take as much time as she could. So, the next day, she dressed up in clothes that she knew would allow her to be able to be easily visible, a hooded jumper, long trousers and gloves, said she was meeting a friend to her parents and left that morning. She reached the bar just before mid day, after a bit of fumbling around trying to find the right entrance. She was thankful that someone, a rather jovial older man with a scarf and missing tooth, was understanding of her mistake and showed her the proper door, not even questioning why a girl like her would be looking for a seedy bar. Perhaps that should have been her second warning that her life was about to change.

She stepped foot inside. The place was empty, though she imagined that many places like this would be on a Sunday morning. She nervously stood in the entry way, nibbling her lip. When the bartender, a man who seemed to be completely made out of purple smoke, spoke up, she jumped. “ Can I help you?”

“ O-Oh. Erm. No, it’s fine. I’m just… looking for a friend.”

“ Are you perhaps Violet?”

“ Huh?” Toru nodded slowly. “ Right. That’s me.”

“ Midoriya told me to expect you. Please, take a seat. He and Tomura are having a rather…” A loud crash echoed from the back rooms, followed by some faint swearing. “ Heated gaming session.”

“ I see.” Toru felt her mouth twitch but she sat down at the bar nevertheless, pulling her hood down.

“ My name is Kurogiri. Would you like something to drink, miss.”

“ Just water for now.”

“ Of course.” Toru watched Kurogiri turn his back and grab a small bottle of clear liquid from the fridge behind him and poured it into a glass.

“ So, Midoriya tells me your here for a quirk related reason, correct?”

“ That’s right.”

“ He didn’t give me much details, but I’m guessing your quirk is invisibility related. Are you unable to deactivate it.”

“ No. I can’t.” Toru answered sadly.

“ I see. That must be difficult.” Kurogiri placed the glass of water in front of her. “ I shall go and fetch Midoriya for you. Feel free to turn the Television on while you wait. Remote is on the side.” With that, Kurogiri vanished into the back rooms. Toru took a sip of her water. Midoriya must be Usagi, she figured that much. But did that mean that he lived here? She remembered back to the site. Usagi told the tale of a quirkless boy who got tired of living and, after being refused his dreams by even the number one hero himself and getting tired of being thought of as useless and being abused at almost every turn, ran away from home. Perhaps this is where he ended up. She took another sip.

“ Hey, Violet.” Toru turned her head. Standing at the far end of the bar stood a young boy about her age with green hair, freckles and a bright smile that didn't seem to match the dull look in his eyes.

" You’re… Usagi?”

“ Yeah. That’s right.” He nodded. “ My name is Izuku Midoriya. You can call me what you want though.”

“ Toru Hagakure. It’s nice to meet you.”

“ Ha ha. I don’t think we can call this a meeting, really.” Izuku scratched the back of his head.

“ Heh. I guess your right.” Toru smiled softly. “ So. About why I’m here.”

“ Your quirk right?” Izuku looked over Toru, humming. “ So, you really can’t turn that off, huh?”

“ No.”

“ I can see right through you. That’s crazy.” Izuku muttered. “ What happens if you hold your hand in front of a flashlight?"

“ Huh?” Toru was taken aback by the question. “ Is that… important?”

“ Oh, well I was just curious about your quirk is all. Like, if you shine a flashlight into the palm of your hand, does the light still come through the other side? Or is it like when you shine it through a glass of water? No, but I can see a shadow so…” Izuku shook his head. “ Ah. No. Sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. That must have seemed really creepy. I’ll stop now.” Izuku bit his lip.

“ It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“ No, it’s not. But I can’t help myself. Until I met Sensei I didn’t have a quirk and they’ve always fascinate me. So, when I see a new one, I can’t help but think about the crazy things people are capable with it and…” Izuku covered his mouth with his hands. “ I’ll stop. Promise, I’ll stop.”

“ Really. Don’t worry about it.” Toru shifted nervously in her seat. “ You were saying? About my quirk?”

“ Oh. Well, the person who helped me and my… roommate Tomura. We call him Sensei. Sensei’s quirk is special. It allows him to… fix broken people.”

“ Like those with quirks that hurt their users?”

“ Or people with no quirks at all, yes.” Izuku confirmed. “ I asked him. He said, if you want, that he could help you. But… well, he’s not here exactly. We’d need Kurogiri to take us, but he has offered to help.” Izuku coughed. “ I made that sound way more shady than it actually is.”

“ But… he can fix… this?” Toru took off a glove and raised her hand. Through it, she still saw Izuku. Like her hand wasn’t even there in the first place. She could only prove it was there by digging her nails into her palm.

“ Yes. He fixed me. He can fix you.”

“ Then I’ll do it.” She said without hesitation. “Please. I just want to see what I look like. Just once.” Izuku nodded.

“ Kurogiri. We’re ready.” From the shadows, the bartender returned and nodded.

“ This way please.” A shadowy portal opened up before her. There were many signs leading up to this. That passing through this gateway would never allow her life to be the same. Izuku’s ominous warnings. The buildings seedy owner. Perhaps even the entire purpose of Venality seemingly being a place for those “abandoned by society”. Izuku called them broken. Perhaps that’s exactly what she was. All she wanted was a chance. A chance to show everyone she existed. To be fixed. Anything was worth the risk. She passed through.


Toru didn’t remember even falling asleep. The room she woke up in was a bit more run down than she remembered her room being. It took her a slight moment of panic to remember that she came to a bar in order to get her quirk fixed. With an annoyed growl at the glaring light above her, she covered her eyes with a hand. She didn’t even remember what had happened. But, after stepping through that bartenders portals with Usagi, everything when blank. She sat up. She assumed she was still in that bar Usagi lived at in a spare room somewhere. There was no windows so she couldn’t tell the exact time. She noticed her hooded jacket hanging over a chair within arms reached. She reached out to grab it to get her phone. Then she stopped.

Her hand.

It’s skin colour was lighter than her mothers but still darker than her fathers and most Japanese people. Her palm and forearm were littered with a few scars from where she had cut herself just to make sure her arm was still there. She quickly went for her phone, finding it where she left it in her jacket pocket, and turned the phone’s camera on. She gasped as she looked at it. 

Looking back up at her was a face she had never seen before. It combined her father’s green eyes and her mother’s red hair and was dotted with freckles. The skin was the same as that of her arms. Her eyes seemed tired. She slowly brought a hand to her face and watched as the stranger mirrored. Was this… her? Her face. Her skin. Her eyes. Her.

“ Ah. Toru. I’m glad you’re awake.” Toru looked up to see Izuku entering the room.

“ Usagi.”

“ How do you feel?”

“ Strange.” She admitted. She looked back down at the face in her camera. Her face. “ This is me, right?”

“ Yeah. I can see you perfectly. Sensei managed to fix you.”

“ I don’t… remember anything?”

“ Yeah. I know. Same thing happened to me first time around. Sensei can erase memories of the people who meet with him. He’s a… rather enigmatic person and he likes it that way. He apologises.”

“ That’s his quirk?”

" Kind of.” Izuku admitted. “ Sensei’s quirk is that he has multiple quirks.”

“ Multiple?”

“ Yeah. He can take the quirks of others and transfer them to others. He uses it to help people. He takes away dangerous quirks from people who can’t control them and fixes people like us by giving them quirks to help control existing quirks better.”

“ Did he take mine away? Is that why I’m normal?” Izuku shook his head.

“ No. He gave you a new one.” Izuku folded his arms. “ I think he said the quirks name was Limiter. It allows the user to deactivate quirks within an extremely short range around them. Like, you’d have to be touching someone to even have a chance to effect them with it.”

“ And that’s what turned my invisibility off?”

“ Yep. Think of it as a sort of on/off switch for your quirk.” Izuku smiled. “ In theory, you should be able to use it with a thought. It might take a bit of practise though.”

“ Why would I ever want to turn it back on?” Toru grumbled.

" Because you’re quirk is amazing.” Izuku answered. “ You remember my hobby right?”

“ That quirk analysis thing you mentioned on the blog?”

“ I don’t believe any quirk is useless. Maybe we’re broken, but we’re not useless. I mean think about it. With your quirk, you could be the perfect spy or infiltrator. You could just walk past the heaviest defences without anyone knowing your there or sit in the corner of a room listening to secret conversations. And I wasn’t joking earlier when I was talking about you possibly using light as a weapon. Believe me. You have an amazing quirk. You just need to hone it properly.”

“ Hone it. Huh.” Toru had always thought her quirk a curse. She hated it. How it made her feel. How it made her question her sanity and her own existence. She hadn’t thought about the positives of her curse. What Usagi was saying? Was it all true?

“ Do you know what the tag line of Venality means?”

“ You mean that thing about it being a place for those abandoned by… people?”

“ Yeah.” Izuku frowned. “ This society places too much of a value on quirks. But not just any quirks. Quirks that can be used to turn children into soldiers. Only people with strong quirks can succeed in this world. The rest? The people with weak quirks or no quirks at all? Those who are deemed as villains or dangerous because of what they were born with?”

“ The broken.” Toru realised.

“ Right. We’re swept aside. Used as stepping stones for the so called heroes.” Izuku grit his teeth. “ They can do whatever they want and no-one can stop them. Those who try are crushed. It’s not fair.” He looked up, eyes burning with determination. “ But Sensei. Tomura and Kurogiri. We’re trying to change that. They won’t listen to reason, so we may have to get a bit… forceful. But it’s all for the best.” Toru grit her teeth.

“ You mean… you’re villains?” She asked, slowly.

“ I suppose.” Izuku closed his eyes. “ But I was rejected by heroes but a Villain fixed me and gave me purpose. If standing by those who accept me makes me evil, then I’ll be evil. I don’t care.” Izuku took a deep breath, waited three seconds, and exhaled. “ Sorry. I don’t mean to snap.”

“ It’s fine. You don’t need to apologize all the time, y’know? If anything, I should be saying sorry. You helped me so much. All of you here. And I still called you Villains.” Toru gave Izuku a nervous smile. “ If anything, you’re the heroes.” Izuku seemed taken aback by this. He blushed deeply and looked down, bashful.

“ U-Uh. W-W-Well. I-I-It’s… fine. D-Don’t worry.” He laughed nervously. “Besides, your m-mostly right. In the eyes of the law, I g-guess we are Villains.”

“ So, there are more people like us?”

“ Y-Yeah. I, erm, I made Venality to try and, erm, try and fine them.” Izuku swallowed, trying to get his nerve back. “ I’m Quirkless, Crucible has an extremely over bearing father, Toxicity is treated like a monster and ostracised while Brainstorm is treated like a Villain outright because of his quirk. There are things people just get away with in this society. If people think your a Villain or your Quirkless or someone in the right place is attacking you, there’s nothing you can do. It’s not right.”

“ And… you want to help them?”

“ Helping a few people isn’t enough. That’s why Sensei wants to…” Izuku stopped. “ I’m getting to far ahead of myself. You… probably don’t want to be involved with all this.”

“ Cause the law sees you as Villains, right.” Toru said. Izuku nodded.

“ I understand if you just want to leave here and wash your hands of all this stuff. I can still help you with your quirk if you want. We won’t force you to join the… illicit stuff.”

“ But… you’re seriously trying to help… y’know. People like us.” Izuku nodded. Toru paused for a moment. In reality, she knew from everything she’d been taught that she should run. Run, call the police or a hero or someone and never looked back. That these people were dangerous. Evil. Then she looked back down at her hand. Her actual hand. She could see it. She briefly remembered what she’d been too. Supposedly good, law abiding students psychologically bullying her because of her quirk and teachers and her parents not helping matters, even if she knew they didn’t mean it. Her damaged mental state. Her constant questioning of if she was real or not. And none of it was helped by anyone in hero society. But these people? Usagi, the mist man bartender and the enigmatic Sensei? They did. They fixed her. She steeled her nerves. “ You helped me. I want to help you.”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Absolutely.” Izuku smiled.

“ Then I guess I’ll let Sensei explain to you what our plans are.” That day Toru Hagakure turned her back on the society that had hurt her and never looked back.

Chapter Text

If there was a time where he was happy, Hitoshi Shinso couldn’t remember it. His family was always poor. His mother left when he was young, leaving him with only his father. His father, who tried so hard but he saw so little of. It was easy to find himself retreating inwards. He didn’t talk to many people. He just tried to keep his head down. Apparently, it made him an easy target for bullies.

He was bullied for a few years but silently accepted it. When he finally got tired of it and asked why they were attacking him, his quirk manifested. The trance that the kid found himself in seemed like he became frozen in time. The other kids noticed and ran off, screaming to a teacher that Hitoshi had cursed their classmate. It took him a while and pressure from teachers and students alike to finally release the kid from his quirk. He later found out that it was a mind control quirk. Everyone avoided him for that. No-one wanted to get cursed by the creepy loner. Hitoshi was fine with that, or so he told himself.

Then Middle School came. And the kids became more brash. More creative. They found a way to keep his mouth shut, tying a stick in it or forcing a dog muzzle on him, and the bullying commenced, now under the guise of his classmates protecting themselves from a villain. The teachers did nothing. When ever Hitoshi tried to get them to back off, they’d tell someone Hitoshi was threatening to brainwash them and he’d get in trouble. Eventually, he just gave up and shut down whenever the inevitable beatings came. He just hid his injuries from his tired from work dad, cooked something up for dinner, wrapped any major injuries up with some first aid tips he got online and tried to live his life.

Then, one day, he found it. A small blog buried in news of the actions of heroes and villain attacks. He was looking up videos on Eraserhead, his favourite hero. Because Eraser was underground, most videos or pictures of him were taken by the public. He never liked media attention. An enigmatic hero like that. Hitoshi couldn’t help be drawn to him. Then he found Venality. A small site. Only three main story posts. One was a story about a Quirkless kid who was rejected the chance to be anything in the world by even a high ranked pro hero just because he was Quirkless. The third, a story about a girl who’s quirk made her invisible, making her question her very existence until she found the blog. And the second? The second he could empathise with. A girl treated like a monster due to her mutant appearance and deadly quirk. Just like he was treated like a Villain for his loner nature and dark seeming quirk.

He moved on to the PMs. There were four people talking. They were just talking. Like normal people. Friends. Hitoshi didn’t feel like it was right to interrupt. But he couldn’t stop himself from watching. And watch he did. For a few hours. Then the next day. And the next. And the next. It was creepy. He knew it. But he couldn’t help how… normal these people seemed, despite what the stories had depicted them as. He wondered how that could be. How they were so strong. How he could be stronger.

Then, one evening, Usagi logged on alone. Hitoshi had the site on more or less all the time so he wouldn’t lose it though wasn’t convinced he wanted to bookmark it or not. He was surprised to see a message pop up.


Usagi: You know, lurker, as the systems administrator, I can see everyone who’s on the PMs.


Hitoshi’s blood ran cold. He knew? All this time watching and he knew? Hitoshi panicked. What should he do? Close the site? Message back? He was in two minds. On one hand, he had no right to join in with whatever was going on here. But , part of him wanted to. Wanted to be a part of the normality.


Usagi: I don’t mind. But, if you want to talk, we can. I’m sure the others won’t mind.


Hitoshi read the message over a few times. Wouldn’t mind? Was Usagi right? Would they accept him? They didn’t know him or his quirk. But, on the other hand, they accepted the girl who was treated like a monster, Toxicity. Surely, he could let his heart soften. Just once. Giving in, he made an account.


-Brainstorm has entered the chat-

Usagi: Hey there.

Brainstorm: hey

Brainstorm: sorry didn’t mean to be stalking

UsagI: Don’t worry about it. I get people being nervous with something like this.

Usagi: We aren’t all social butterfly’s, after all.

Brainstorm: yeah

Usagi: So. You got a story?

Usagi: Don’t feel pressured. You don’t have to say.

Usagi: We still don’t know that much about Crucible, after all

-Crucible has entered the chat-

Crucible: What was that?

Usagi: Ah ha ha ha. Nothing important.

Brainstorm: id rather not

Usagi: Understandable.

Crucible: A new arrival. Hey.

Brainstorm: hey

Usagi: Man, now we have to of you.

Crucible: Quiet

Usagi: Ha ha.

-Violet has entered the chat-

Violet: Sorry. Am I late? I got held up.

Usagi: No, your fine.

Violet: Phew.

Violet: Oh. Hey. I just noticed.

Violet: Welcome Brainstorm ^w^

Brainstorm: thanks

Usagi: So. Why Brainstorm, if you don’t mind me asking.

Brainstorm: its related to my quirk

Usagi: I see.

Usagi: And that is

Brainstorm: id rather not say.

Usagi: Cause it’s villainous?


Hitoshi bit his lip. He’d already messed up.


Usagi: You know we don’t care right? I mean, I’m quirkless.

Usagi: We won’t judge.

Violet: Nope.

Violet: But Usagi might go into hyper analyst mode.

Usagi: I would not

Crucible: Would

-Toxicity has entered the chat-

Toxicity: Yeah, he would.

Toxicity: Heya guyz!

Violet: Hi Mina! <3

Toxicity: So, what’s up?

Crucible: Yo

Usagi: We were welcoming Brainstorm

Toxicity: Who?

Toxicity: Oh shit. New guy. 

Toxicity: Sorry. 

Brainstorm: its cool

Toxicity: So that’s why Sagi would go super mode

Toxicity: KK. I see it.

Brainstorm: whats hyper analyst mode

Violet: Usagi loves quirks. And talking about quirks.

Violet: like A LOT.

Brainstorm: a lot

Crucible: Really. A lot.

Toxicity: Yup.

Usagi: I’m not that bad

Usagi: OK. Maybe it is.

Toxicity: OK. Just scrolled up.

Toxicity : You know, my quirks pretty villainous.

Brainstorm: huh

Toxicity: I make acid. Like super acidy acid

Brainstorm: it cant be that bad

Toxicity: I’ve burned through so many tables on accident.

Toxicity: It really is that bad.


Shinso hummed in thought. Was it really OK? As he was thinking, others shared theirs. Violet was invisible, as he’d read, and Crucible could create both fire and ice. It was pretty cool thinking about it. Finally, he relented.


Brainstorm: mind control

Usagi: Seriously?

Brainstorm: yes i know its weird

Usagi: No. Not at all. It sounds awesome. How does it work?

Violet: Oh boy

Brainstorm: if i ask someone a question and they answer within a short time frame i can force them to obey me

Toxicity: Now I get it.

Toxicity: People get on your back about it, huh?

Brainstorm: yeah

Toxicity: Yeah. Me too.

Crucible: We won’t judge. Don’t worry.

Brainstorm: really

Violet: Trust us, Brain. Don’t worry about your quirk. We’re here if you need us.

Usagi: Does it have a range?

Brainstorm: dunno

Usagi: Hmm. Can you check?

Violet: Usagi.

Usagi: Oops. Sorry.

Brainstorm: no problem


Hitoshi smiled slightly, a strange, unfamiliar yet comforting warmth filling his chest.


Brainstorm: and thanks


For a while, Hitoshi’s life was better. Almost too good to be true. School was still the same. Same students mocking him for his quirk, trying to rile him up so he’d get in trouble. Same accusations of being a villain. Same threats. Same everything. However, his home life was still better. Finding Venality had actually made him happy. A foreign feeling he thought himself numb too. He actually had a place to talk about his problems. Everyone did. He helped talk others through some tough times. He and Toxicity, or Mina as she asked to be called, bonded over mistreatment. It was nice.

His father also noticed the change. He seemed a lot happier his son seemed a lot happier. It seemed to help him work harder too. Hitoshi liked seeing his old man happy, not worrying about him. Their schedule didn’t change. Sometimes his father came back earlier or later but Hitoshi always cooked for him thanks to him being exhausted from the work day, they talked for a little bit during dinner and then Hitoshi returned to his room. Hitoshi was starting to think about High Schools. Maybe he could get into UA. He wanted his life to stay this normal. But then Hitoshi received a harsh lesson. Life wasn’t fair.

His father was late that day. It was nothing unusual. Sometimes his father went out drinking after work with some friends. He just made put his father’s portion of dinner in the fridge and went out his day. Then, while he was doing his homework and watching Usagi and Mina argue over Ramen flavours, he got a knock on the door. He opened it to a pair of police officers, one tall and thin with rough looking skin and a smaller, fatter one with black teeth. “ Is this the home of Ranmaru Shinso?” The shorter cop asked. Hitoshi nodded. “ Is your mother home?”

“ No. She… doesn’t live here.” He said carefully.

“ I see. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this son, but your father has passed away.” Hitoshi froze.

 “ W-What?” He asked, disbelieving.

“ It happened at 4:47 this evening. There was a fight between Mount Lady and a Villain. Your father was caught in it and was killed when a building collapsed.” The taller one said. Hitoshi’s mouth fell open. His father? Dead. Why? Why?! “ We’re sorry for your loss.”

“ Why…”

“ You want us to take you to a relatives or-”

“ No. I’ll… I want to be alone.” The two gave Hitoshi a sympathetic look.

“ Are you sure, Kid?”

“ Positive.” Hitoshi answered bitterly. “ Thank you for informing me but leave me alone.”

“ Alright kid. Stay safe.” Hitoshi didn’t answer, simply closing the door in their face. This had to be a sick joke. His father? Dead. That couldn’t be. He returned to his room and sat in silence. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t feel the tears running down his face. He didn’t register the gradually updating blog on is desk. He just felt empty. It was a few hours before he finally came back to his senses. He was filled with a sudden feeling of want. He didn’t want to be alone. But now he was. He looked over to his laptop. He really wanted to talk to someone. Anyone. Only one person was still online.


Brainstorm: usagi

Usagi: Hmm. What’s up?

Brainstorm: i

Brainstorm: hes gone

Usagi: Are you alright?

Brainstorm: no

Usagi: Want to meet up

Brainstorm: yes


That’s how Hitoshi found himself at a bar one city over late at night. Usagi met him at the door. “ Brainstorm?” He asked. Hitoshi looked up. “ I’m Usagi. Izuku Midori-” Hitoshi cut him off. He just grabbed him and broke down crying.

“ He’s gone.” Was all he could say. Izuku just silently accepted it. After a while, Hitoshi broke the hug. “ Sorry.”

“ Hey. Nothing to be sorry about.” Izuku looked over to the bartender, a man who’s entire body seemed to be made of black smoke. “ Mind if we use one of the spare rooms, Kurogiri?”

“ Not at all. It seems your friend is going through something difficult.” The bartender nodded. “ It’s open as long as he needs it.”

“ Thanks.” Izuku led Hitoshi in back and sat him down on a bed in one of the side rooms. “ Want something?”

“ I just want someone to talk to. I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“ Sure. What happened?”

“ It’s my father. He… He was killed.”

“ Oh.”

“ He was caught in the crossfire. Some villain attack late this afternoon. He was crushed by a falling building.” Izuku’s face fell.

“ Mount Lady, right?”

“ Yeah. That’s what the cops say.” Izuku groaned.

“ Ugh. I hate her.” Izuku growled. “ She has the second highest collateral rate of all heroes. Only one higher than her is Endeavour. And the civilian casualty rate… it’s too high. And yet the commission will sweep it under the rug as always.”

“ As always?” Izuku sighed.

“ I don’t mean to get worked up. I’ve just studied up on facts when it comes to heroes. It’s scary what you find really. You never here about all the lives that heroes ruin in their wake. Lives lost. Irreparable injuries. The news will blame it on the villains. And the commission? The corrupt cesspool will dispose of everything not fitting of the narrative.” Izuku shook his head. “ No. Sorry. This isn’t about them.”

“ You think Mount Lady did this?” Hitoshi asked angrily

“ I’d have to do some digging but…” Izuku didn’t need to say anymore. Hitoshi clenched his fists so hard his knuckles became white.

“ Is she gonna get away with it?” Hitoshi asked.

“ I highly doubt she knows she even did anything wrong.” Izuku admitted. Hitoshi was seething. How could she not know? She killed her father. The only person who had ever cared for him. How dare she just get away with that. How dare she. Izuku gave Hitoshi a sympathising smile. “ You can stay with us for as long as you want. Tomura gets a bit excitable, but he’ll welcome you like he did me. And Kurogiri is as nice a carer as they come.”

“ Thanks Izuku.”

“ No problem. You look like you need a friend right now.” Hitoshi looked up and smiled. He did. He really, really did. So Hitoshi stayed.

It wasn’t meant t be a permanent affair. But, as he heard Izuku talking, found himself agreeing with what he was saying, Hitoshi was asked if he wanted to meet the buildings Landlord, a mysterious man called Sensei. A week later and he’d moved his stuff from the empty apartment and left all the rest of the stuff for his other family members or put into storage. Officially, he’d moved in with one of his friends after all his family members rejected him. Unofficially, he’d found a palace to belong. And Hitoshi was never going to give that up. Not to the people that took everything from him once. Not without a fight.

Chapter Text

Mina Ashido’s life was a lonely one. Everyone she ever knew kept her at arms length. It wasn’t that she didn’t have friends or a caring family. She had both. But, there was a reason that everyone stayed a few steps away from her when she appeared. Her quirk was a nasty one. It allowed her to secrete Acid from her skin. This acid was, by all accounts, deadly. She could use it to burn through pretty much any non organic material. She never used it on people though. No matter how many time mean girls tried to push her into it, she never gave in to the very real urges to melt their faces off. So she knew why everyone kept their distance. Why no-one dared touch her. No hugs from her mother. No kisses goodnight from her father. No high fives from her friends. She got it. It hurt, but she got it.

Opposed to the general belief of the people in her life, Mina had very good control over her quirk. She didn’t need special gloves to live her life or a special uniform in school, as was the rumour. Everyone was cautious. Around such a terror to society as she was perceived as. Oh, her parents had offered to buy them but they weren’t needed. But they just didn’t trust her. It may have had something to do with her burning her uncles hand off when she was 5 and her quirk had barely just manifested, but to still be judged for that nearly a decade years later…

There was only one person who didn’t treat her an highly infectious patient and that person was Eijiro Kirishima. His quirk allowed him to harden his skin into stone, making him less effected by her quirk than most. This allowed him to be less cautious around her than most, knowing he had a quirk that protected him. Even if she and him weren’t really that close, just classmates really, it was reassuring to know that someone out there didn't think she was too hazardous to be around.

She was really bored when she came across the blog, searching random terms into a search engine on a rainy weekend to see what she was find. There was something about Venality that attracted her attention. She wasn’t sure what. But, reading the story of the Quirkless runaway, Usagi, hit a nerve with her. Someone rejected, bullied and alienated because of a quirk, or lack thereof in this case. She could relate. Mina stretched, her eyes dancing over the screen to find a way to contact the author of this post. He sounded like he needed a friend. She found her opening in a small link in the corner of the site to a chat room, wasting no time signing up.


-Toxicity Has Entered The Chat-


Toxicity: Hello Yellow Fellows

Crucible: What?

Usagi: Huh?

Usagi: Oh. Sorry. Hello.

Usagi: Welcome.

Toxicity: Wow this place is pretty barren.

Usagi: Honestly, I’m surprised more than just me is here.

Usagi: I set this up only three weeks ago. 

Toxicity: For a new chat room, I suppose two people in three weeks isn’t too bad.

Toxicity: I don't think?

Crucible: Who even are you?

Toxicity: Huh?

Toxicity: Me?

Toxicity: Mina.

Usagi: You know your not supposed to share your real name on the internet, you know

Toxicity: Try getting a cute nickname out of Toxicity

Usagi: Tox?

Toxicity: oh

Toxicity: Meh. Mina works better.

Toxicity: I read your story. Relatable.

Usagi: Are you Quirkless too or do you just have a scary quirk?

Toxicity: The Latter. Sorry.

Usagi: No problem. We are rare specimens in this age.

Crucible: What are you? A Zoo animal?

Usagi: Some have argued that in the past.

Toxicity: Same tbh

Usagi: Sorry. Was that too much?

Toxicity: Nah. It’s Cool.

Toxicity: I just have an appearance that’s a bit…

Toxicity: Well, Dad has a Mutant Quirk. It rubbed off a bit on me.

Crucible: Like a lot of kids these days.

Usagi: I get it. 

Usagi: Well, either way, nice to meet you Mina.

Crucible: Yeah

Toxicity: Hee hee.

Toxicity: Nice to meet you guyz too


From behind her screen, Mina grinned ear to ear. She was sure this was the start of a beautiful friendship.


A month later, Mina waved good bye to her friends at the local arcade and started to head home. She loved the old arcade. Specifically, the DDR machine. She could dance for hours, losing herself to the music and forgetting her problems. Her other friends were the same. They didn’t notice it as much as Mina did, but it was the only time they actually touched her. Excited hugs. A friendly high five at the end of a heated game. It was a place filled with memories and she loved her game for it.

Didn’t hurt that she was also known for being absurdly good at the game.

She was heading home, excited to tell Usagi, Crucible and the newer additions to the group, Violet and Brainstorm, all about her matches. She was swept up in her thoughts when an arm roughly was thrown over her shoulders. “ Huh?!”

“ Don’t move or I’ll kill you.” Mina glanced up. Hanging over her shoulder, a wide grin on her face, was a school girl with messy blond hair.

“ W-What?”

“ Don’t worry. I just need your shoulder for a minute, Bestie.” The girl giggled. Mina panicked slightly. Who was this girl? She was distracted by sudden shouting. 

“ I found her! Toga! Stop where you are an put your hands up!” Mina didn’t even need to look up, recognising the authoritative tone of a police officer. Mina’s skin paled slightly. This girl was a criminal. A possible Villain. She was about to shout for help before the girl grabbed her wrist hard, giggling wildly before taking off at a sprint, dragging Mina behind her.

“ H-Hey!” She shouted.

“ Come on Bestie!” Toga laughed as she ran. Behind her, she could hear the cop speak into his radio.

“ Toga’s on the move with an accomplice. All local heroes, move to intercept.” Accomplice?

“ Hey!” She shouted back in vain. “ I’m not- Woah!” Toga tugged Mina harshly into an alleyway and kept running. After a few seconds, she kicked down a door and rushed inside, closing it behind her.

“ Phew. Made it.” Toga looked back at Mina with crazed eyes. “ You’re a good runner, Bestie.”

“ I’m not your Bestie!”

“ Aw, come on.” Toga pouted.

“ What do you want with me?”

" Well, those assholes were chasing me and I needed a pal.” Toga shrugged. “ I like your hair. It’s cute. It goes well with the horns.”

“ Uh. Thanks?” Mina shook her head. “ No. Let me go. I don’t wanna be a part of this.”

“ I mean, you can go whenever you want. But, with those fucks outside wandering around, they might get the wrong idea, you get me? I don’t wanna see my new Bestie get hurt.” Mina paused, mentally cursing. The cops had said something about her being an accomplice to her kidnapper. If she left immediately, she would probably get arrested. She growled. “ Come on. Let’s talk. I want to know more about you.” Toga grinned, sitting on some splintering stairs next to the door. Mina sighed, relenting to the demands of her kidnapper.

Mina learned that the girls name was Himiko Toga and she had some… complicated feelings about love. She seemed to idolise a serial killer who had been on the rise lately called Stain. Her talks about loving him so much she wanted to murder and become Stain was unsettling. Still, Toga never did anything to hurt Mina. She just rambled on about various things on a scale of unsettling topics, from kittens to Villain attacks to her latest victim. After an hour, Mina finally managed to get away and return home. She hoped it was the last she’d see of the girl. She was wrong.


Over the next couple of weeks, Toga tended to ambush her on the way home. It was never as bad as the first meeting anyway. Toga just appeared, talked to her about her day and asked about her day and then left, waving goodbye. Mina never knew what to think about the girl. But something was… odd. Toga was never scared to touch her. She’d throw her arm around her shoulder, jab her side playfully or force a handshake or a high five out of her. She thought that would end after she showed off her quirk to the girl on their fifth meeting. But it didn’t. Toga never stopped treating Mina the same she’d seen other girls treat each other on the playground. Not like a dangerous bio weapon but like a normal girl. She knew she shouldn’t, but she began looking forward to Toga’s surprise appearances.

One night, she’d noticed Usagi talking about Villains. He was saying that he was studying about them. She hadn’t asked why, just assuming it was for a school project or something. But he listed a few he’d known about. Some more famous ones, like All For One and Destro, to some lesser known ones, like Gigantomachia and Killer Bee, to some up and coming villains, like Stain and Magne. Mina got curious.


Toxicity: What about Himiko Toga?

Violet: Who?

Toxicity: People in my school are talking about her.

Toxicity: Says she’s been giving the cops and heroes the run around.

Usagi: Uh. Let me check my notes.

Usagi: Oh right.

Usagi: She’s a serial Killer with a shapeshifting quirk

Crucible: Like Stain?

Usagi: Yes and No

Usagi: She was a fairly notorious stalker with records dating around a year back.

Usagi: She probably has a higher body count than stated but it’s hard to pin crimes on her.

Brainstorm: cause of her quirk

Usagi: Yeah.

Violet: That’s a bit creepy.

Toxicity: She’s a bit on the younger side.

Toxicity : Or so the rumours say.

Usagi: It’s hard to say. After all, shapeshifter

Usagi: Though it’s generally agreed that’s her appearance due to it being her usual appearance.

Violet: Why the sudden interest, Mina?

Toxicity: No reason. Just heard rumours is all.


She didn’t want to say the real reason. She was a bit curious about Toga’s history. She knew Toga was trouble. She knew she shouldn’t like the feeling of being around someone with a body count. An actual Villain, hunted by police and villains alike. And yet she was the only person who treated her like a normal person. So, she let herself indulge. Even shared her phone number with her.

Then, three weeks after they’re first meeting, 4PM on a Sunday, Mina got a text from Toga. Apparently, she wanted to hang out this evening. Have some fun. Mina wondered the exact terms of this fun. She knew she shouldn’t. That didn’t stop her meeting up with her at the Arcade an hour later.

The two had fun at the venue Mina chose for about an hour, dancing away like there was no tomorrow. Mina learned that Toga had no sense of style when it came to dancing. Not quite two left feet, but she seemed to ignore the screen for her own manic movements. She wasn’t playing to win. Just to play. That’s what Mina thought at least. She’d hoped that would be all tonight would be.

Then it was time for Toga’s activity.

In hindsight, perhaps Mina should have been worried when she was handed a surgical mask and gloves and told to put them on and put her hood up. The alarms didn’t start ringing in her head until when she was told to wait at the end of an alley and then Toga ran off. She waited for a while for Toga to return. She started to think she’d been strung along as a fall guy or something. Then she heard struggling from further in. And Toga screamed.

Mina ran into the alleyway. She found Toga’s hand in the grip of a large man in a bright costume scowling down at her. “ Quit struggling, Toga. This is the end for you.” He shouted. Toga scowled, desperately swinging her knife at him but kept missing. No, Mina realised, not quite missing. It was more like everytime she got close to hitting, the blade was repelled.

Toga screamed again in desperation. Mina moved instinctively. She formed acid, burning through the surgical glove on her right hand, before she threw it forwards. Toga noticed the attack in coming and spun around him, using the hero as a human shield from the acid assault. The man screamed as his flesh began burning up from Mina’s acid, his grip on Toga’s wrist loosening just enough for Toga to take the initiative. She stabbed him in a spot weakened by Mina’s acid with her knife. Her second strike to a different part was enough to bring the hero to his knees. Toga pushed him down to the ground and started stabbing. Over and over to the parts Mina herself had weakened.

It was then recognised the Hero’s costume. The Repelling Hero, Red Stone. His quirk allowed him to repel metal objects that get near his skin, allowing him to make most conventional weapons villains used, from bullets to pipes, completely useless against him. Unless, of course, his skin was injured. Or burned.

 “ What have I done?” Mina muttered. The hero was dead before her, Toga driving her knife into him over and over again just to make sure, growling something about him being a ‘Fake Hero’. And Mina couldn’t take her eyes off it, watching frozen as her friend murdered the Pro Hero. And a part of her hated herself for having done something so horrendous. It was her fault. This man was dead because of her.

Toga stood up finally, admiring her job and wiping her blade on her shirt, spitting on the man. “ Just the man Stainy would hate.” With a giddy smile, she walked back over to Mina. “ Nice work, Bestie. You’re the best.”

“ B-But I…”

“ What? First time?” Toga giggled. “ Glad I could share it with you.”

“ I… I…”

“ It feels reeeeally good, doesn’t it?” Toga said darkly. “ The feeling of knowing that someone's life was in your hands and you chose they didn’t deserve to walk away.” Mina looked over to her friend slowly. She stared into her manic, red eyes, taking in her blood soaked form. “ It’s great right? Right?” How could it, her mind screamed. To have a hand in taking a life? It filled her such a strange feeling. Her heart raced. Her skin burned. Her chest felt like it was on fire. She felt so weird. And, from such an act, she couldn’t accept that it was possible positive. It just couldn’t be. Then she felt a warm, blood covered hand on her arm, staining Mina’s own skin in the hero’s blood and suddenly, Mina didn’t know what she thought. 

She hated to admit it, but a part of her was happy with this outcome. All her life, people had kept their distance from her. They said they were her friends or her family, but even so they refused to risk coming in contact with her in case they’d get hurt, with no thought for what that was doing to her. That hero would have been the same. But the person he was trying to hurt? Himiko Toga was the only person who, even knowing of her quirk, cared enough to treat her like a normal person. Part of her felt sick from what she did. But part of her felt pride. Pride she protected a friend slowly replacing anger that someone would dare take something so precious away.

“ Don’t worry.” Himiko grinned. “ I’ll help you enjoy that feeling.” Toga placed a hand on Mina’s cheek and leaned in.


Usagi: You mentioned being interested in Himiko Toga, right Mina?

Toxicity: Yeah. Why?

Usagi: They she has an accomplice now.

Toxicity: Huh? Seriously?

Usagi: Yep. No-one knows who they are but apparently they’re a girl who wears a lot of pink.

Usagi: And maybe a type of fire quirk.

Toxicity: I thought Villains didn’t like sticking out. Why Pink?

Usagi: Who knows.

Usagi: Anyway, just thought I’d let you knows.

Toxicity: Thanks Sagi. You the best. <3


" Who’re ya talking to, Bestie?” Himiko asked.

“ Just a friend online.” Mina answered dismissively, a drop of acid running off her little finger. The man under her foot screamed in agony. “ Apparently news has gotten out you have an accomplice.”

“ Ooh. You got a name yet?”

“ Nah. All they know is that I dress in pink.”

“ Maybe you should dye your hair. I’d love to do it for you, if you wanna.”

“ Eh. I don’t care. Let ‘em find me. It won’t matter.” Mina smirked. It had been a few weeks since the twos run in with Red Stone. Himiko was true to her word. Mina enjoyed the feeling of inflicting pain now. They met up a few nights a week now. At first, Mina tried to insist she was being strung along. That she didn’t enjoy what she was being forced to do. But one bad day with a few bullies changed that mindset. She laid into a cop who tailed Himiko, using her quirk to melt him down to size. She also learned that enough of her quirk could bypass the limiters that stopped it doing to humans that it did to tables. That was a fun day. Since then, she enjoyed her work with her girlfriend. It was the perfect way to blow off steam after a bad day. Just as good as the dancing at the Arcade they did before their night's out.

“ So, I got a new place I wanna try after this.” Himiko hoped off her place sitting on a dumpster and drew her knife. “ My turn.”

“ Sure.” Mina took her foot off the man and traded places, watching as Himiko began her less than surgical incisions. “ Where’s this?”

“ It’s a bar a few blocks over.” Himiko explained. “ It’s a pretty quiet place. Mister Giran told me about it.”

“ Your weapons dealer?” Himiko raised an eyebrow.

“ Yep. Seemed like fun. Wanna come, Bestie?” Mina shrugged.

" Sure. Night’s still young.”

" Hee hee. Yay.” Himiko giggled. “ Then I guess we’d better finish up and get to our date.” Mina smirked. Despite saying she’d be fast, it still took Himiko another five minutes to finish up. Mina was used to it. Himiko treated her work like an art form. After the two got cleaned up, they headed across town, keeping their heads down as police cars whizzed past them, and arrived at the bar. It was a pretty unassuming and decently well hidden place. With Himiko’s weapons dealer being the informant about it, she doubted it was a simple, conveniently out of the way bar either. “ Hello!” Himiko announced as she burst through the door.

“ Good evening.” The bartender, a man whose head seemed to consist entirely of black smoke, nodded a welcome. “ What can I get you?”

“ Beer!”

“ Are you underaged?”

" Does it matter in this place?” The bartender laughed before pouring Himiko a drink. He glanced up at Mina.

“ Nothing alcoholic for me thanks. You have Cola?”

“ Coming up.”

“ So boring.” Himiko taunted.

“ Hey. I still have school in the morning. Mom and Dad barely tolerate being out so late as is.”

“ Excuse me.” Mina and Himiko looked over to the voice. Sitting at a table just out of view of the door was four other kids who looked around Mina’s age. Three boys, one with green hair and freckles, one with black and white hair and heterochromia and a tired looking purple haired boy, and a girl who looked south Asian or Indian. “ Sorry. Just wanted to say hi. You two are new here, right?”

“ Yep. First timers.” Himiko beamed.

“ Sorry to be a bother.” Mina smiled.

“ Not at all. I’m Izuku. Izuku Midoriya. These are my friends.”

“ Shoto.” The multi coloured hair boy said.

“ Hitoshi Shinso.” The tired boy waved.

“ I’m Toru Hagakure. It’s nice to meet you.”

“ Himiko Toga.” Himiko gave them a friendly wave. The group’s eyes widened somewhat, recognising the name.

“ She’s harmless.” Mina reassured them. “ I’m Mina. Mina Ashido. It’s a pleasure.”

“ Huh? Mina?” Toru looked surprised.

“ Yeah?”

“ Hang on a moment.” Izuku looked at her. “ Toxicity?” Mina’s eyes widened in shock.

“ Wait! Are you guys…”

“ I’m Usagi.” Izuku waved.

“ Crucible.” Shoto nodded.

“ Brainstorm.” Hitoshi smiled.

“ Naturally, that makes me Violet.” Toru nodded.

“ Oh my god!” Mina laughed happily. “ That’s so cool. Man, you guys hang out together and didn’t tell me.”

“ Technically, three of us live here.” Shoto shrugged. “ Toru comes by for quirk help.”

“ Cause is certainly not the lively conversations with you two I come by for.” Toru snarked. Shoto simply shrugged.

“ Agreed. Talking is too much effort.” Hitoshi said simply

“ We had our reasons. Sorry.” Izuku scratched the back of his head. “ But, if you’re with Himiko, does that mean…” Mina flinched. Right. Of course Izuku would know what Himiko looked like. Izuku noticed, but laughed. “ Hey, I won’t judge. Actually, this is perfect. I know it’s sudden, but how would you feel about joining our gang?” Mina looked surprised but then smiled. Behind her, Himiko just smirked before taking a gulp of her drink. Looks like their night's out just got a whole lot more interesting.

Chapter Text

In Izuku’s eyes, Venality had been a striking success to gather four talented individuals under his leadership. Shoto, who refused to use his last name, son of the number two pro hero, a hatred to heroes and an extremely powerful and well trained quirk. Toru Hagakure, who had come quite a long way with her own quirk under Izuku’s guidance and a better love for it thanks to Sensei’s gift, made the perfect spy, especially if Giran could get her a suit that turned invisible with her like he requested, and resented hero society for leaving her to suffer. Hitoshi Shinso, who had somehow to make fast friends with Tomura thanks to their shared love of games, resented heroes for killing his father and couldn’t wait to pay them back tenfold for their corrupt attitude. Finally, Mina Ashido, the partner an girlfriend to the increasingly notorious serial killer Himiko Toga, was happy to just have something to do with friends who treated her with a general level of respect. The site had even drawn in a few more powerful entities in Dabi and Himiko Toga, who were more than happy to help him, Tomura, Kurogiri and Sensei in their tasks. Even better than he had thought. When Sensei told him and Tomura they were moving forwards with their plans, Izuku was all too happy to put his name forwards for their next task.

UA Academy was a place where the next generation of top heroes gathered, trained and were sent out into the world as the new perfect soldiers of justice, ready to crush villainy at any level. It had many popular and notorious alumini, from top 10 heroes such as Endeavour and Ryukyu, to more minor heroes like Manual or Eraserhead. Even All Might graduated from those hallowed grounds. That knowledge just made Izuku want to crush it even more.

He got what he needed from those he could count on. Sensei granted him the quirks he needed and he’d trained them well. Izuku called the quirks together Tempest. He claimed he could control wind through his legs and use it in a variety of ways. In reality, this one quirk was a combination of three. First there was Bound, allowing him to jump far, far higher than a regular person. Then there was Air Walk, allowing him to propel himself through the air up to five steps at a time. Finally there was Air Shot, allowing him to fire wind projectiles from his legs with a strong kick. It took a while but, with some help from Kurogiri, Tomura and, later, Hitoshi and Shoto, he managed to finally master the quirks. HIS quirks. That felt so good to be able to say. He wasn’t broken or useless. Not anymore.

He decided he also needed a decent disguise to get into UA. After all, his good friend Kacchan was also trying. He didn’t want to get caught. So he dyed his hair. Or, moreover, he had Dabi do it. Dabi seemed to be well versed in dying hair. He did his own often enough. He dyed the red half of Shoto's hair at his brother’s request. Izuku decided he wanted the same. He grew his hair out as well. By the time the UA entrance exams came around, his hair was beginning to cover one of his eyes, which took some time to get used to. 

“ So. How do I look?” Izuku asked his friends. It was the night before the Entrance exam. The gang had all gathered. A sort of party to mark the beginning of their plan. Even if it didn’t work out in the end, at least they were having fun now. The Venality squad as Dabi had dubbed them were sitting together in their usual corner. Himiko and Dabi had taken to annoying Tomura by challenging him to various video games on the Bar’s small TV. Kurogiri just watched, entertained by the chaos.

“ How do you simultaneously look like an emo and a nerd?” Mina joked.

“ It’s a talent.” Izuku joked, earning a laugh from the others.

“ Hey, Izuku.” Toru asked. “ Why are you even disguising yourself so heavily anyway? I mean, the hair dye. The coloured contacts. I think those clothes are also a size too big.” Izuku scratched the back of his head.

“ Well, the clothes were the only uniform Giran could get at such short notice. But, I did run away from home to be here.” Izuku reminded her. “ Besides, there’s someone I used to know who’s absolutely going to be there.” Izuku glared down at his hands. Shinso and Shoto frowned looking away.

“ Who?” Mina asked, confused at the reaction. The three remained silent. Mina and Toru shared a confused look. Izuku grit his teeth.

“ Katsuki Bakugo.” He spat. “ It’s because of him…” Izuku growled.

“ H-Hey. Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to explain.” Toru said.

“ No. Hitoshi and Shoto know. It’s only fair.” Izuku raised his hand to his right shoulder. “ You know how, in the story on Venality, that I mentioned being abused for being Quirkless. Well, I used to have this friend.” The word friend was spoken with such venom it made Toru tense up. “ Well, when we were kids, we made a promise that one day we’d be heroes together. But then he learned I was quirkless. And he went from a good friend to being the worst bully you could ever imagine. And no-one cared. Mom would never believe the son of her good friend could ever be a violent thug. And he was Aldera’s star student thanks to his quirk, so no-one bothered him there either. No-one stopped him or his thugs. Even as he turned his quirk on me.” Izuku pulled his sleeve down. Toru gasped as a deep red, hand shaped burn became visible across his shoulder. “It’s not the only mark he left on me. That’s Katsuki Bakugo. A symbol of a system that has failed so many.”

“ Oh my god…” Toru covered her mouth.

“ Izu.” Mina pulled her friend into a hug. “ I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

“ Don’t worry, Mina. It’s fine.” Izuku patted Mina on the head. “ I’m hoping I don’t run into him on the day. But, if I get in, it’s only a matter of time. As annoying as it is, with Katsuki’s destructive quirk and personality, he’s undoubtedly going to make it past the Hero Entrance Exam.”

“ So a thug like him is going to be a hero.” Hitoshi sighed. “ Heroes really are just villains with a badge, huh.”

“ You’ve seen what the bastard does on a regular basis.” Shoto grumbled. “ It’s not exactly surprising.”

“ Yeah. That’s why I’m happy to tear down everything this hero society has built.” Izuku smirked. “ Perhaps we can make something better from the ashes.” Or maybe, Izuku thought, he’d just watch the world burn. It didn’t deserve anything else.


At one time, seeing UA stretch out in front of him would have rendered him speechless, excited at the idea of the possibility he could eventually walk the halls as a student himself. Now though, he was smiling for a different reason. This was just step one in Sensei’s plans after all. Getting in would make things run smoother. Even if he failed here, he’d also applied for the General Course. He just needed to do well enough in the written test and score adequately in the Hero entrance exam and he was in. From there, Stage two could begin. But he was getting ahead of himself.

“ So, assuming the hero entrance exam is a simple thing, it should just be a few exams. No big deal.” Izuku muttered. “ Of course, this is a hero exam. The exam is something to do with fire power. I’m not exactly sure what but…”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Hmm?” Izuku looked up. Next to him, a sort of concerned look on her face, was a girl with brown hair and round cheeks.

" Sorry. It’s just… well, I couldn’t help but hear you talking is all.”

“ Oh. Was I mumbling? Sorry. I do that when I get nervous.” Izuku made sure to disguise a lot more than just his outward appearance when he came to UA. He’d practised talking with a lower tone of voice to hide himself better in a crowd from people who knew what he sounded like. He tried doing a lot to try and stop him from muttering. He didn’t do it as often now, but when he was nervous or things got heated, the habit would slip out. After coming to the League and meeting so many new people who were actually nice to him, Izuku’s confidence had also rose. He didn’t need to fake a new stance. While part of that had to do with him heavily damaging his left leg in training thanks to the down sides of the trio of quirks Izuku now had, it was mostly due to him keeping his eyes forwards instead constantly glaring at his feet. He had a new, confidant stride all of his own now.

“ Ha ha. It’s fine.” The girl told him. “ So, are you also taking the hero exam?”

“ Yeah. I just hope I trained enough for it. I imagine they won’t be pulling their punches. Need the best of the best, or so they say.”

“ I hope they’re a little lenient. I dunno what I’ll do if they make us start facing off against actual villains or something.” Izuku laughed. “ I’m Urakaka, by the way. Ochako Uraraka.”

“ Akitani. Mikumo Akitani.”

“ Well, good luck, Akitani. Maybe we can make it into the same class next year.”

“ Maybe. Good luck, Uraraka.” With a gleeful grin, Uraraka nodded, heading inside. Izuku sighed. He really had to learn to curb his creepy habits.

He spotted Bakugo in the crowd when he headed into the meeting hall. He decided to give him a wide berth, sitting across the room and further down from him, taking a seat next a silver haired girl with her hands resting over the edge of the chair in front of her. They exchanged a nod of greeting before Izuku sat down. It took about 15 minutes for everyone to get settled and the man in charge of the event to arrive. With a sigh, Izuku already raised a hand to his ears.

“ You may want to cover your ears.” He muttered.

“ Huh? Why?” The girl asked.

“ Pro Hero Present Mic. His quirk allows him to project his voice as powerful sound waves.” Izuku glanced over to her. “ He’s really loud.” The girl nodded, deciding to heed Izuku’s advice. Just in too as Present Mic opened the assembly with his trade mark shout.

“ YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!” He shouted, making the crowd of students flinch at the sudden volume. “ WELCOME LISTENERS TO UA! CAN I GET A HEEEEEEEY!” No one said a thing. Mic coughed nervously. “ Right. Refined responses.” Present Mic wasted no time getting to work explaining the days events. The Hero Exam was a simple ten minute quirk showcase, fighting robots in a specified zone with other students. Izuku looked down at the card he had been given, showing a picture of him a few months ago when he was first getting his Mikumo disguise finalised.

Izuku agreed to this plan just over a month after he came to live with Tomura and Kurogiri, a few days before he posted Venality. Since then, he was given a few quirks that synergised well and was trained to fight, filling his once tiny frame out with some muscles. At the same time, Sensei had gotten to work creating an entire faked profile for Mikumo Akitani. He was born in Osaka but his parents were killed in a tragic accident when he was 5, forcing him to live with his uncle in Musutafa. He was home schooled but still met the required exam result threshold to attend UA. He had a faked medical history, with a broken leg when he was ten being the only notable feature on an otherwise clean bill of health which was done in part to excuse the slight limp his quirks gave him, no criminal record and even a fake, three year old passport.

" Ground B, eh?” Izuku muttered.

“ F for me.” The girl beside him said. He figured she was just being nice, not wanting to call him out on his habits. He focused back to Present Mic explaining the rules. There were four types of robots. The weakest was worth 1 point, the middle difficulty worth 2 and the strongest was 3 points. However one went unsaid.

" Excuse me!” Izuku looked over. “ However, on the hand outs, there are four types of robots stated. Is this a misprint? If so, such a prestigious academy should be ashamed for such misinformation and wasting ink.” Izuku sighed.

“ Obviously, it’s not.” He spoke aloud. “ It’s likely some secret part of the test or a roaming obstacle that we’re supposed to avoid or something. Present Mic was likely about to explain before you started complaining. Sit down and stop wasting everyone's time.”

“ What was that?” The boy shouted.

“ Woah. Woah. Sorry, but Listener 2234 is right, Listener 7111. I appreciate the concern, however I was getting to that. No need to worry.”

“ I apologize for my outburst then, Sir.” With a bow, the boy, 7111, sat down. Izuku sighed, shaking his head. Mic went about explaining about robot four. As Izuku had guessed, it was an obstacle worth 0 points. The idea was it was to be avoided. It wasn’t invincible, but there was no point to taking it out. Izuku had to wonder if that was the truth. Maybe it was and the idea was to trick people into trying to take it out of some underlying promise they made up about an automatic pass. Maybe it was meant to open up some other way to get points.

“ It’s a bit like a video game.” The girl beside him muttered. Izuku had to agree. The whole thing was set up like a game, collecting points with a goal of being the winner. But, if this were a game, there were likely a few hidden mechanics to it from being to easy. Izuku just had to figure out what that could be.

“ Now then, as is the motto of our beloved school, Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!” Mic shouted. Izuku smirked. Let’s see just how further beyond he could take this. This was going to be fun.


Izuku was happy to see neither hide nor hair of his old school bully when he got on the bus to Training Ground B. After getting changed into a PE kit and having his card checked to make sure he wasn’t going to the wrong sector, he was allowed on and was taken over to the right area. The exam was described as an Urban Combat Simulator, so it wasn’t exactly surprising to him when he saw the fake buildings peering at him from over the walls. He glance around, taking in his opponents. There was a few stand outs. A blond student with a strange looking belt. A girl with hair shaped like a mushroom. He also noticed the brown haired girl, Uraraka, from earlier. So he’d be going against her, huh? Izuku smirked. He wondered what she could do.

“ Excuse me.” Izuku glanced over. “ I believe you are the one who correctly surmised the purpose of the fourth robot, correct? Standing before him in an ugly, skin tight, blue tracksuit was the student who had interrupted Mic, Student 7111. Izuku nodded, taking a moment to examine the boy. What immediately jumped out at him was the jets attached to the back of his legs. “ I just wanted to wish you luck and apologize for my out burst earlier.”

“ It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.” Izuku hummed. “ So, are you related to Ingenium by chance?”

“ Oh?” 7111 looked surprised. “ I am. He is my elder brother. How did you guess?”

“ You’re quirk is similar to his. The jets on your legs. Just like he has in his arms.” Izuku put his hands into his pockets. “ I’m a big fan of heroes. I’ve done my research on a lot of them. My friends call me a miniature Quirk Analyst but I’m not sure I’m quite that good.”

“ Hmm. I see. How interesting.” 7111 saluted. “ My name is Tenya Iida. Once more, I wish you luck in this exam.”

" Right. Mikumo Akitani . Pleasure to meet you, Iida.”

“ YOOOOOOOOO!” The groups attentions was caught by Present Mic all the way back at the main campus, screaming at them. Izuku assumed he was speaking to everyone at once using his quirk. Smart usage for a teacher. “ THERE AIN’T ANY COUNTDOWNS IN HEROICS! GO GO GO!” Izuku raised an eyebrow and sighed. He watched as everyone else bolted.

“ Well, so much for subtlety.” Izuku stretched. He channelled Bound in his legs, feeling the cold wind swirl around him. He loved that feeling. The feeling of power from actually having something fate denied him all those years ago. He scoured it for a few seconds before launching off into the arena, taking to the skies and moving around the arena.

With the control over his trio of quirks, cleaning up robots from place to place was fairly simplistic. He spent most of the time in the air, hoping from roof to roof to recharge his usage of Air Walk. The main roads were a scrap heap with in a few minutes. Izuku hoped between there and the side paths, raining Air Shot after Air Shot down on robots from above. Before he knew it, he counted 57 points before he finally landed on a high building over looking much of the arena. His legs ached from the wind pressure Bound and Air Shot forced on his legs while he used them. 57 points. That was probably enough for the general course. He decided to watch for a while. Scout out the potential quirks the Hero Course would end up with this year.

He saw the people below desperately searching for more robots to take out for points. They were running out. Izuku judged the bots on the side path were meant to circle around in the latter half of the exam. Of course, most of them had been taken out en route, either by him or others. One of the roads had bots completely immobilized in a forest of Mushrooms, completely stopping anything from advancing down that lane. The boy with the belt seemed to be running out steam too, judging by the fact he could be seen slipping into a side alley clutching his stomach. On another roof, he noticed a large student with a number of arms, ears at the ends of some of them. Iida was giving no quarter, making the best of his quirk to bolt around the main roads, kicking apart the few robots that remained. Then there was Uraraka who seemed to be caught out in the chaos, looking around like a lost puppy. Some students had collapsed from over usage of their quirk. Others were just looking around, desperate for a few more points. It was honestly pathetic.

Then, all at once, everything got more interesting. The ground quaked, dust rising from the center of the city. Izuku made his way across to the opposite side of the building to get a closer look. A gigantic robotic hand smashed a building apart as it rounded the corner. Izuku suddenly understood Present Mic’s warning. The 0 pointer robot, Robot Number 4, was easily larger than any of the buildings in the fake city. It towered above everything as it smashed effortlessly through the streets, creating a cloud of dust at its feet from debris. With a single swing of it’s fist, the entire street became a ruin. Understandably, the examinees began sprinting away down side paths and the main road just to avoid the carnage. Izuku was close to moving away himself. But then he paused. He saw movement in the rubble. A single girl. A girl with brown hair.

Izuku realised something as he propelled himself forwards. He was right. The robot was meant to facilitate something. For middle school students, 10 minutes of continuous Quirk Usage, especially those with overly physical quirks, was dangerous. Certain quirks harmed their users with over usage. That’s why the time limit was as it was. Not long enough for students to get hurt to majorly but long enough for certain quirk users to feel winded. That was why the 0 pointer showed up at 7 minutes. In certain research papers, that was the limit those who hadn't trained their quirks could last using them continuously. As such, the exam then reached its second phase. If students noticed or not wasn’t important. This was a test of cooperation.

After all, what was a hero if they couldn't rescue people.

Quickly judging the weight and size of the robot, Izuku charged wind into his left leg and released it as a powerful shot, knocking the robot back slightly. Not enough to destroy it, but enough to give him enough space. He used Air Walk to land safely next to the rubble. “ Hello again.”

“ You’re-” Uraraka began but Izuku shook his head. He grabbed the large chunk of rock the girl was trapped under and began to pull it up.

“ Later. Right now, Crawl.” Uraraka nodded, moving herself free as Izuku held it up. Once she was out of the way, he dropped it, grabbed her and leapt forwards with Bound, just in time for the robot to smash it’s hand down on their position. At a safe distance, he let Uraka down and looked back, smiling lightly. All Might was definitely wrong. He could have been a hero if he put his mind to it. 

“ TIIIIIIME’S UP!” Present Mic’s voice echoed around the arena. The 0 pointer ground to a halt. Izuku let himself breathe. Game Over. He’d probably done enough to pass. 57 points plus a possible bonus multiplier for saving people. That was the theory anyway. He looked back to Uraraka.

“ Hey? You alright?”

“ Yeah. Thanks to you.” Uraraka gave him a pained smile. “ But my leg. I think it’s twisted.”

“ They really need to work on the safety procedures with that giant robot.” Izuku grumbled. “ Someone could have died.”

“ I’ll agree with you there.” Izuku and Uraraka looked down, spotting a small, old woman at their side. “ It really was reckless for them to put the Mark Four’s back into the exams. Last time they showed up, 16 students were nearly hospitalised. Luckily, it would seem it was just you this year, young lady.” It took a few moments for Izuku to realise who was speaking. Then it clicked.

“ Are you Recovery Girl?” He asked.

“ Why that I am, dear. It was a good thing you did saving this young girl.” Recovery Girl smiled. She moved next to Uraraka. “ Let me see your leg, Dear.”

“ Alright.” Izuku let Uraraka down, letting Recovery Girl work her magic. Recovery Girl’s kiss immediately did away with the red bruises all over Uraraka’s legs. She handed out a sweet to the tow before moving on to those less injured. “ Can you walk?”

“ I think so, yeah. Just a bit tired.”

“ If I remember right, that’s the draw back to Recovery Girl’s quirk. She can heal any injury with a kiss, but her target is left tired. The worse the injury…”

“...The more tired I’ll be. Right.” Uraraka stood up, stumbling slightly and stifling a yawn.

“ Well, if you’re fine, I’m going to head back to the bus to change.” Uraraka nodded letting Izuku go on his way. He figured that might be the last he saw of her.

At least until she caught back up with him as he was about to leave. She offered him another massive thank you and the two traded numbers. Izuku wondered after she ran off. He never saw her quirk and never asked what it had been. He was curious. He wondered how many of the people he had taken note of had passed the exams. He had already written down the quirks of the people he assumed had graduated from the group, at from the ones he had seen. Mushrooms. Lasers. Leg Engines. But he hadn’t seen hers. He hummed. Maybe he’d follow up with her after all.


A week passed between the exams and him getting his results. At Kurogiri’s suggestion, he waited to open them until later that evening, when everyone had a chance to gather. They all sat around the bar, staring at the small, metal projector Izuku had fished from the envelope. Tomura had dispatched the thing it came in. Said it felt good to dust something from the top hero school even if it was something so minor. Izuku promised to let him have the projector after he was done with it.

“ So. How do you turn this doohickey on?” Toga asked.

“ Probably some button or something.” Dabi said, shrugging. “ Try pressing the side things in.”

“ Think you got in, Izuku?” Toru asked.

“ If I judged it right.” Izuku shrugged.

“ Better hope your math isn’t off.” Shoto snarked.

“ I trust him. Izuku’s better at analysis stuff than I’ll ever be.” Hitoshi folded his arms, leaning back in his chair.

“ Come on. The excitement is killing me.” Mina beamed.

“ Get on with it already.” Tomura grumbled, taking a large gulp of his soda.

“ Well, Midoriya?” Kurogiri asked. Izuku nodded, pressing down on the projector. Immediately, it sprung to life, firing a blue beam into the air. The man on the screen made most in the room tense up and Tomura to spit take. In a big, yellow suit and tie, that ridiculous grin on his face, stood All Might. Izuku fought the urge to smash the projector. His face brought back bad memories of that day. A hollow grin and a message about being realistic. Now what? Did he recognise him? Probably not. He’d likely wiped the moment from his memory, replacing it with his daring act of saving his bully.

“ Greeting, Young Akitani I AM HERE!” He shouted. “ It is a pleasure to announce the results from your Hero Examination in person! Er, Projection!"

"All Might?" Shoto raised an eyebrow. " What's he doing?"

"As the new Heroics teacher in UA, it was decided that I would be here to do it. As exhausting a process as recording all of these may be. Ah ha ha." Tomura groaned. "Now then, without further a do, you're results! In the Written exam, you scored exceptionally well, with a near perfect 94 points. In the Practical Exam, you also did  well, with a score of 57.” Izuku nodded. As expected. “ Usually, this would be enough for you to pass, however there is more to this exam that must be explained!”

“ More?” Mina asked.

“ He’s probably going to say that there’s extra points for saving people.” Izuku shrugged.

“ Psh. Really?” Dabi laughed.

“ Hey. It’s a hero school.” Toga grinned darkly. “ Wouldn’t be one if they didn’t teach you how to look good on camera saving idiots, would it?”

“ Ha. You have a point, Miko.” Mina laughed, resting her head on her girlfriends shoulder. All Might continued.

“ For you see, the Entrance Exam was not graded on Villain Points alone. A secondary point system, not told to you all, was implemented into the ranking, acting as a way to measure Virtuous acts in the exam venue. These points we called rescue points.”

" Called it.” Izuku said, laughing.

“ And you, Young Akitani, gained 25 Rescue Points for your daring deed in rescuing Young Uraraka. This brings your points to 82. Congratulation, my boy! And Welcome to your Hero Academia!” The video stopped. Everyone paused. Then Izuku started laughing. There was a resounding cheer. The celebration begun. Part 1 of the plan was completed. And better yet, enemy number one was in a place they could easily keep tabs on him. Everything was better than expected. Izuku couldn’t wait for Sensei to hear this.


“ Congratulations, Young Bakugo, and Welcome to Your Hero Academia!” Katsuki replayed the message again. He looked down at a picture. Two boys playing when they were much, much younger. Katsuki, blond hair still spiky as ever, grinning like an idiot holding a bug net. Beside him, smiling a bit less enthusiastically, green haired and freckled face, stood Deku. Izuku. His missing friend. Katsuki closed his eyes.

“ I did it Deku. I made it in. Just like I said I would. I’ll become a hero. And I promise you. I will find you. I know I was an idiot before, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’ll be your hero again. Just wait for me.”


In an apartment in mid town, a young girl sat in the corner of her room, clutching a letter in her hands crying. “ This wasn’t how this was supposed to be.” She sobbed. “ I’m sorry everyone. I’m a failure.”


“ Well done, Midoriya.” All For One said with a grin. He thought back to that fateful moment 8 months ago when Kurogiri brought a poor, quirkless boy before him. A Quirkless boy who was questioning everything about how society worked. A boy who had seen All Might's true face. He decided to take him under his wing. Only know, with this news, could he finally shut up the nagging thought he was wasting resources. Izuku Midoriya was a worthy investment. He’d brought powerful personnel under his cause, was a positive influence on Tenko Shimura, had quirk profiles on a number of heroes and had managed to breeze into UA with quirks he acquired less than a year before. The boy was extremely talented. To think society itself pushed such a boy to his arms. He’d have to thank All Might for that next time they met. But there was time to wait. He was excited to see where the boy would go next. What a joy it would be to watch.

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be different. She was going to be a hero. Ochako Uraraka had promised her parents that. Promised her friends that. Promised the world that. People always said she would do great things. Her quirk, Zero Gravity, allowed her to remove the gravitational pull of objects. This couldn’t be used on people. Clothes holding people was an entirely different story however.

Her parents ran a construction company. It was nothing major. Didn’t really get that much business outside of the odd reconstruction job from villain attacks destroying the local area. It was enough to keep food on the table but it was always clear to Ochako how much her parents were suffering monetarily. As she grew older, she begged them to let her help so many times. She had plans. She could use her quirk to make the heavy materials weightless so they could sell they’re cranes for money. That sort of thing. But they refused. So she decided on a different approach. She was going to become a hero. Then, she'd use the money from that to help them.

Then the day came. She was confidant she could do it. She charged forwards into the Hero exam was such vigor. She grabbed a few robots and smashed them into the ground. In the first few minutes, she gained 18 points. She tried to go for more. Then a robot next to her exploded. Others followed nearby. She looked up. Above her, leaping through the air, was the boy she met at the gates, Mikumo Akitani, firing projectiles from his legs into robots on ground level, stopping on a rooftop for a few seconds before leaping forwards and continuing on. Ochako grit her teeth and kept moving.

By the seven minute mark, She was only at 20 points. All the robots around her were quickly being taken out. The boy who interrupted Present Mic’s explanations, 7111, sped through the area with his quirk, kicking robots to pieces. A blond boy in a white shirt blasted some away with a shining laser. She wandered into an area only to find them locked down with mushroom spores. She started to panic. She was running out of time.

Then the worst case scenario happened. The 0 pointer rounded the corner. Dust and rubble was flying around her. Before she knew it, she was pinned. She wanted to scream. This wasn’t enough. She hadn’t done enough. She had to do more. But her arms were pinned in a bad position and she couldn’t feel her legs. Then, he appeared again. And Akitani saved her life. Part of her wishes he’d left her die when she heard Present Mic end the exam and she knew she had failed. 20 points.

The confirmation came a week later in the form of a letter. “ We apologize but you did not make it into the Hero Course.” It read. “ However, due to your performance on the written exam, we can offer you a place in UA’s General Studies Course. We apologize if this is a disappointment, but due to the results you achieved, we cannot grant you any higher place. We hope to see you at UA in the new school year. Sincerely, Principal Nedzu, UA High School.” Ochako crushed the letter in her hand as she huddled up in the corner of her room, tears streaming down her face.

“ This wasn’t how this was supposed to be.” She sobbed. “ I’m sorry everyone. I’m a failure.”


Three days after what was probably the worst day of her life, Ochako got a text message. Not that it was unusual for her to get them. She got them from friends and family all the time. But it was the sender who was strange.


Akitani: Hey

Akitani: This is the right number right?


Perhaps it shouldn’t have been strange at all. They had, after all, traded numbers. She just hadn’t expected her saviour to check in so soon. Either way, she texted back.


Uraraka: Yeah. It’s the right number.

Uraraka: Hey.

Akitani: Cool. I was worried I’d entered something in wrong.

Akitani: Wanna meet up?

Uraraka: ?

Akitani: It’s fine if you don’t want to.

Akitani: I just wanted t catch up.


She knew fine well what he meant by catch up. He wanted to know how she did. She could probably guess how he did. He mentioned having around 60 points from robot kills alone. If there were other factors, he probably scored even more. With such a great quirk, he undoubtedly got in. It just made her even more depressed. Even still, she’d been stuck in her room for two days, barely moving. With a resigned sigh, she agreed. Akitani sent an address.

It was a small Cafe a few stops away that Akitani met her at. She’d never been to the place before. She wasn’t sure she had the right place until she spotted the boy sitting in a booth, waving her over. “ Hey.”

“ Hey.” She said, smiling.

“ How’ve you been? Leg OK?”

“ Yep. Recovery Girl works wondered.” She laughed nervously.

“ That’s good to here.” Akitani paused. “ Are you alright? You seem on edge.”

" Yeah well…” She sighed. “ You wanted to talk about UA, right?”

“ That was part of it, yeah.” Akitani frowned. “ Didn’t go well?”

“ I mean… they let me in the General Studies course but…” She looked down at her hands. “ It wasn’t what I wanted.”

“ Man. Sorry. I thought you’d get in for sure.”

“ So. I guess you made it?”

“ Yeah.” Akitani nodded. “ I’ll get my class name and location when I get there I figure.” This confirmation only made Ochako feel that much worse about herself. Tears filled her eyes.

“ I’m such a failure.” She muttered, holding her head in her hands.

“ Hey.”

“ It’s all my fault. I failed. And now… I don’t know what to do.”

“ Wanna talk about it? I may not look it, but I’m a fantastic listener.” Ochako laughed slightly. Then she nodded slightly. She found herself spilling everything to her. Her aspirations. Her family troubles. Her insecurities. Everything. She didn’t mean to. She didn’t want to burden him with it. But she found, when she started, she couldn’t stop. When she finally finished, catching her breath, Akitani simply leaned back in his seat. “ I think I get it now. You really want to help your folks, huh.”

“ Yeah. They mean everything to me. Even if it’s a little, I just want to help. And if I became a hero, I could have solved all their financial burdens so easily. But now? I failed them.” Akitani thought for a few moments.

" I might know how you could get a lot of money.”

“ You do?”

" Well, maybe not a lot. It’s not hero wages or what have you, but it is something.” Akitani shrugged. “ It might not be your kind of work though.”

“ But the pays good though?” 

“ Yeah. Giran’s always bragging about his business and how great it is.”

“ Giran?”

“ A friend of my Uncle, yeah. He’s a nice guy. Bit off colour with his jokes, but he’s a good man.”

“ And… you can get me a job with him.”

“ I can try. Just depends. What are you willing to do to help your folks?” Ochako didn’t have to think before answering.

“ Anything.”


She excused herself after dinner the next evening, claiming she was meeting some friends for a spring break party. Her parents didn’t stop her. She figured that they were just happy she was going out again. Ochako took the train and headed to the location Akitani sent her. She arrived in a small bar above a barber shop in Kamino. Strange place. Bit out of the way. Still, it was pretty cozy looking. “ Greetings miss.” The bartender, a man with a head made entirely of black smoke, asked. “ May I help you?”

“ Um. I’m… My name is Ochako Uraraka, Sir. A friend of mine said this was the place I could meet a man named Giran.”

“ Ah yes of course. Mikumo Akitani, correct?” The bartender nodded. “ Yes, he told me to expect you. Unfortunately, Giran is running a bit late and Akitani is out right now.”

“ Really? That’s a shame.”

" He’s running an errand with some of the other residents. He won’t be back til later. I can pour you a drink while you wait. On the house.”

“ Uh. Soda please.”

“ Coming right up.” The man began sorting out Ochako’s drink. She looked around the room more carefully. From the back, the echoes of angry shouting could be heard. Kurogiri sighed. “ Ignore that. He’s an avid gamer with a short temper. I apologize.”

" It’s fine.” Ochako answered quickly. Kurogiri placed Ochako’s drink down.

“ I apologize again for the wait. If it’s not formal, Giran tends to be late.”

“ It’s a bad habit.” Ochako turned her head sharply. In the door way stood a man with shifty eyes and a sly smirk with a fluffy scarf slung lazily around his neck, over a dark blue business suit. “ So, are you who I’m meeting here, missy?”

“ Are you… Giran?”

“ That I am. Kagero Okuta, codename Giran. At your service.” The man bowed slightly. “ So. Ku says your in need of a job, that right?”

“ Right.”

“ Alright then.” Giran shoved a hand in his pocket. “ I’ll need you’re name and quirk info first.”

“ Ochako Uraraka. My Quirk is Zero Gravity.” She answered without hesitation. She didn’t really trust the man, but she needed the money. She wasn’t willing to do absolutely anything, but she trusted Akitani enough to hear what this Giran wanted. “ I can make anything I touch with my five fingers weightless.”

“ Time limited?”

“ No. I release it by touching my finger tips together. If it’s too heavy or I left it too long, I feel nauseous.”

“ Hmm. Interesting.” The man scratched his scraggly beard. “ Alright. Did Ku tell you what my work is?”

“ No.”

“ Trust that kid to leave everything to me.” He sighed. “ Hmm. Kurogiri. How long has it been since I got here?”

“ 2 minutes. 17 seconds.”

“ Alright. Then I suppose I’ll explain quickly. I’m a broker. I sell information and goods to others. Special equipment. Weapons. None of it’s very… uh, what’s the word…” Giran snapped his fingers twice.

“ Legal?” Ochako answered, cautiously.

“ Yeah. That’s it. I work with both people who want things and people who are willing to sell. I’m a business man.” Giran’s smirk widened. “ But, in the eyes of the law, I’m also a C rank Villain. Or at least I was last I checked.” Ochako grit her teeth. A Villain? This was the type of guy who Akitani suggested she work with? Was she willing to go that far? “ So, can you work with that? Speak your mind. I won’t kill ya for refusing. Just answer in the next…” He looked over to Kurogiri.

“ 30 seconds.”

“ 20 seconds then. Time’s money after all.” Ochako bit her lip. Could she? Was the money worth working with a Villain? After all, just two weeks ago she had applied for a hero school. She paused. But why had she wanted to be a hero? It hadn’t been for a love for the industry. In that case, it had been for the money. Was this really any different? “ 10 sec-”

“ I’ll do it.”

" Ho?”

“ I’ll work for you.” Giran smirked.

“ Then come on.” Ochako looked surprised. “ I didn’t chose today randomly. I got a meeting in about an hour. I wanna see how you handle yourself. You’re quirk’ll come in handy. If you wanna finish you’re drink, bring it with.”

“ That’s my glass, Giran.” Kurogiri said exasperated.

“ Oh come on. We’ll be back afterwards. Also, I want a drink for the road too. Working with that bird man is always thirsty work.” With a sigh, Kurogiri reluctantly poured Giran a shot of whiskey. Giran grinned taking the glass. “ You coming, missy?”

" R-Right.” Ochako grabbed her drink and ran after him. Giran drove her out to a warehouse a few miles away. He smoked while he drove. Ochako had to open a window to not get suffocated by it. At least he was nice enough to offer her one, but she didn’t smoke. Her father, yes, but not her. 

“ So then.” Giran asked when they reached the warehouse. “ Show me how you’re quirk works.” The man motioned to a stack of crates on a wooden pallet. With a nod, Ochako dragged her hands over the crates and the pallet. Giran watched gleefully as they began to float. She begun to feel light headed, but did her best to keep her stomach down. She didn’t want to make a bad impression on her first job. “ Can you move ‘em around at all?”

“ Yeah. They’re more or less just balloons now. Why?”

“ I trust the Shie Hissaikai not to steal my shit, but with heavy stuff like this I tend to have it out waiting for them. Smaller stuff I slide across a table but I can’t do that with such big cargo. Sometimes, lesser gangs try to hold me up and steal the stuff. I’m not a tough guy, so they think they can take from me. Idiots forget I sell information, so I always get payback one way or another. Still having a quirk like yours for transactions like this could be quite nice.”

“ This is dangerous work, huh?”

“ Yeah. I trade stuff with Villains and Mafia Gangs City wide. But the pays good. That’s what your after, right?” Ochako nodded slightly. “ So, parents?”

“ Huh?”

“ Ha. I’ve seen all kinds of Villains in my time. All sorts of motives. Some do it for the thrill. Some are forced into it. Some do it cause they think they’re doing the right thing. Some do it cause they can’t get by any other way. And some do it to support other people. That last one is you right?”

" R-Right. My parents… their business is in danger. I was gonna be a hero. Help them out with the pay y’know. But then UA…” Ochako frowned. “ They…”

“ Nah. I get it. Sometimes, dreams get crushed by the harshness of reality. Don’t worry, missy. We won’t let you down like they did.” Giran stretched. “ What size of clothes do you wear by the way?”

“ Size?”

“ Well, ya can’t meet with a mafia family dressed like that.” Giran laughed. “ I’ll help you suit up. We’ve got a while before the meet up after all.” Ochako nodded. During the set up, Giran asked more about Ochako. In return, he let her ask things about him. Giran was a pretty laid back guy. He seemed to dodge questions about his past, but Ochako didn’t pry. He had apparently been in the business for close to 15 years at this point, haven worked his way up from a place close to Ochako was just getting into. He admitted to having a few partners over the years, but preferred to work solo. Apparently, the only reason he accepted to even hear taking her on was because he owed the man taking care of Akitani a few favours.

Ochako walked out into the warehouse with Giran 45 minutes later in a black shirt and long skirt, fingerless gloves, boots and tinted visor to hide her face with. Giran walked on ahead, leaving Ochako next to the merchandize. Three men waited for them. One a man in bird shaped medical mask holding a briefcase. Another was someone in a black plague mask with a long white raincoat. The final was a bald, black eyed man with a medical mask. “ Giran.”

“ Hello there, Chisaki. It’s good to see you again.” The bird man, Kai, eyed Ochako in a way that made her tense up. She tried not to show her nervousness on the outside however. These three men were members of a Yakuza group known as Shie Hassaikai, one of Giran’s better known customers. As a group, they were mostly known for several gang wars that crushed a lot of competition and having a strangle hold on drug and weapon trades in their local area. They were high profile Villains.

“ I wasn’t aware you had a new assistant.”

“ That’s Singularity. She’s just giving me a hand today. That’s all.”

“ Hmm.” Chisaki shook his head. “ Fine. Do you have the parts we asked for?”

“ Surgical equipment and the parts for an MRI machine. Everything you asked for.”

“ Show me.” Giran nodded to Ochako. Using her quirk, she floated one of the boxes over to the gang members. The bald man raised an eyebrow at the quirk but the other two appeared unphased, only moving to investigate the box when the girl released her quirk. Ochako didn’t see much of what was inside. Just a few neatly laid out white plastic boxes she assumed from Giran’s talk was some of the surgical equipment was requested. Chisaki looked over the contents of one of the boxes carefully. “ Hari.” He said, closing it.

“ Yes, sir?” The man in the White Raincoat said.

“ Give him the money.” With a nod, the man reached into his coat, pulling a stuffed envelope. “ 500,000 yen. As promised.”

“ Too kind.” Giran took the envelope, slipping it into his suit. He nodded at Ochako. She nodded back, moving the rest of the boxes over to the mafia group. “ I trust you have ways to move these?”

“ Rappa, Hojo and the others can take it from here. You needn’t be concerned.”

“ Then it was a pleasure doing business with you, Chisaki.” Giran bowed slightly before walking back across the Warehouse. After he passed her, Ochako followed behind. She got back into his car and watched the Warehouse as they sped off. Ochako finally let herself go, grabbing a platic bag in case she needed it as the nausia from her quirk finally hit her. “ Quick and painless. My type of deals.” Giran smirked. He glanced over at Ochako. " Doing alright there?"

" I-I'll be fine." Ochako reassured him. “ Those guys were…”

“ The head of Shie Hassaikai and three of his underlings, yep.”

“ Three?” Ochako asked, confused. She took off her visor. Giran smirked.

“ The two men and the briefcase.”

“ Huh?”

“ You were confused right? How Chisaki had one yet had his man hand me an envelope for payment instead of having the money in that briefcase like all the movies? Well, that’s the trap. One of the Shie Hassaikai’s Eight Precepts has a quirk that allows him to transfer himself into an object.”

“ So the briefcase was the fourth man using his quirk?”

“ Right. Thing was probably empty. If some thug tried to steal it, they’d be in for a nasty shock.” They arrived back outside the bar soon after. Ochako retrieved the plastic bag with her normal clothes in them from the car’s boot. “ Oh. Here you are by the way. You’re cut.” Giran handed her a small, white envelope. “ I got 500,000 from that transaction. I gave you a fifth. Good enough?” Uraraka choked.

“ A-A fifth? But that would be-”

“ 100,000 Yen, yes. I also gave you another 50,000 for a first job bonus.” Giran shrugged. “ You did good. I don’t work on any sort of set schedule. I’m just available when I’m needed. I work one deal one week then maybe five deals the next. But, I like you. I’ll keep you on. A fifth is the usual rate. I don’t always get paid as much and sometimes I get paid more.” He gave her a side glance as he turned back to the bar. “ As long as your still interested, that is.” Ochako nodded enthusiastically.

“ T-Thank you, sir.” Giran laughed.

“ Don’t worry about it. Come on. Let’s give Kurogiri his stupid glasses back. He probably has a spare room for you to change back as well.” Ochako nodded, following him in. When she was in side, she saw him. Sitting at a table with a small group, two boys and two girls, was Mikumo Akitani. He waved over to the two.

" Giran. Uraraka. Hey.”

“ Hey. Zuku. How’s it been?” Giran waved at him. Ochako looked at him confused.

“ Zuku?” Akitani flinched at the question.

“ Huh? Wait, is she not one of your Blog Buddies?”

“ Not yet. We met at UA.”

“ Ah.” Giran scratched the back of his head. “ Well, that’s awkward.” Giran walked back over to the bar. “ Welp, you can explain. My jobs done. She did well by the way. I'll keep her on. Thanks for the introduction.”

“ Glad to hear.” Akitani laughed nervously. Ochako looked at him, concerned. “ So. You have questions?”

“ Some.”

“ I’ll explain. First of all, I’m not actually called Mikumo Akitani. Just to clarify what Giran was saying. It’s Izuku Midoriya.”

“ Izuku?” That name rang a bell for some reason but she didn’t know why.

“ Yeah. Come on. Sit down. I’ll introduce everyone and I’ll explain everything.” Ochako had a bad feeling about this. Still, she owed him a bit for introducing her to Giran. Sitting down, she decided to let him explain.


With a hefty sigh, Ochako collapsed on the living room sofa. She had just started UA a few days ago and already she wanted to drop out. It was exhausting work. Even worse was that her homeroom teacher was Present Mic. She was going to get a migraine being with him every day. She was distracted from her own issues by a excited conversation coming from her parents room. She got up, confused, and pushed the door open slowly. “ Mom? Dad?” Her parents paused, looking up at her. Her mother was crying but grinning from ear to ear. Her father gave her a warm smile. “ What’s wrong?”

“ Nothing is wrong, honey. We just got a really big job offer.” He explained. “ Remember the news of that destroyed department store from a week back?” Ochako nodded cautiously. “ Well, we got an offer to fix it up. The pay out is gonna be massive. Our biggest job in years.” Ochako’s eyes widened.

“ Seriously?”

“ Yeah.” Her mother nodded, sobbing.

“ Don’t worry about us, honey. I think we’re gonna be fine for a while after this.” Ochako was elated. She remembered the news well. A week ago, a local, high profile department near her place was completely smashed up in side. A call sign left behind seemed like it was the work of a group of villains known for destroying buildings, doing it to try and ruin greedy business men. It was a popular place that Ochako herself frequented. Her parents getting hired to fix the place was amazing. The owner was incredibly rich. He’d likely pay twice as much as any usual fix up job for work well done. Maybe more.

But in reality, there wasn’t a villain group who attacked it at all. At least, not the one reported. She’d done it. After hearing about her parents money troubles, Izuku came up with the plan and she, Mina and Shoto had executed it, smashing the place to pieces. Ochako slightly regretted it afterwards, but at the time it was amazing fun. And, after all of that, here were the fruits of her vandalism. Her parents getting a well deserved job by a high profile client. If they were lucky, they’d get there name out there. Maybe more high profile clients would hire them.

When Izuku told her everything, he meant everything. His discovery, they’re purpose in the bar, his missions in UA. Everything. And she didn’t know what to say. He offered her a place with them. She couldn’t answer. But he gave her a website. After hearing her parents so happy and knowing she’d helped them- That they’d helped them- she had only one answer now. Who cared about doing a little bit of bad if it helped the people she cared about in such a major way? She opened up Venality, made an account and typed a simple message into the chatroom.


Singularity: I’m in.

Chapter Text

Izuku tugged at his sleeves as he walked through the halls of UA, making it way to his classroom, smirking. Class 1-A was known to be the best of the best when it came to what UA had to offer. Where all the students who had the best potential ended up. In reality, it was more likely that the 36 students who passed the Hero Entrance exam and the additional 4 who got in through recommendation were randomly shuffled into either 1-A or 1-B regardless of quirks, aptitude or potential. He was excited. Not just for all the plans that were working in the background, those would come later, but for all the new quirks he’d get to see. Old habits never die, after all. His hobby may not be for hero use anymore, but he still loved quirks and seeing how they tick.

Reaching the large door marked 1-A, Izuku opened it up and stepped inside, greeted by loud arguments from two students. As he moved to a seat in the back of the class, he refused to look at it. Mostly cause he recognised one of the voices. He cursed mentally. Of course he’ be put in the same class. The one person who could ruin everything. Just his luck.

“ Oh. Hey. It’s you.” Izuku looked up upon sitting down. Sitting next to him was a silver haired girl with her hands resting on the table. Izuku racked his brain, trying to recall who the girl was. “ You’re the guy from the assembly.”

“ Oh right. We sat next to each other there too right? Before the exam.”

“ Right.” The girl nodded. “ I’m Reiko Yanagi. It’s nice to see you again.”

“ Mikumo Akitani.” Izuku smiled at her. He honestly hadn’t expected to ever see the girl again. But it seemed she made it in as well. He wondered what her quirk was but decided against asking for now. He looked back over to see Iida and Bakugo still arguing. “ Are they ever going to stop?”

“ They haven’t for 5 minutes now. Ever since that blond guy got here.”

“ He seems the type to start arguments for fun.” Izuku huffed. He shared small talk with Yanagi while watching other members of the class trail in late. And yet he found it odd that there wasn’t a teacher waiting for them. He had assumed a teacher would be there to welcome them as they entered and explain the curriculum and school rules. Then it would be off to the Entrance Ceremony and Orientation in the assembly hall with normal classes starting in the afternoon. So why… Izuku paused, his eyes drawn to a long, yellow thing under the blackboard. Was it a rug? No, the texture was off. It looked more like a… Izuku’s eyes widened. So there was a teacher after all. “Iida. Stop talking.” He said curtly.

“ Hmm?” Iida looked up. “ Ah. Akitani. I didn’t notice you-”

“ No. Really. Stop talking.” He gestured to the front of the class. Others took notice too, bringing their own conversations to a close. A heavy sigh came from the sleeping bag.

“ Finally. What took you so long?” A tired voice asked. The Sleeping bag rose up, startling a number of the class before it turned around. The bag dropped to the floor, revealing a tired looking bag. “ It took you all two minutes before you noticed I was even in the room. That’s not gonna work. This is UA after all. Not some kiddy school where you can take your time to try and succeed. You kids aren’t anywhere near rational enough.” Izuku’s eyes ran over the tired man, taking note of his long hair, dark clothes and the capture weapon around his neck. He couldn’t place him. As far as heroes went, he looked way too plain. He was either out of uniform or was an underground hero. “ I’m your home room teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice too meet you, I guess.” There was a murmur of confusion amongst the class. “ Right. You’ll find your PE uniforms in your lockers. Put them on and meet me out back.” With that, he left. Izuku narrowed his eyes. This was going to be more difficult than he predicted.


“ A quirk assessment test?” Izuku asked, confused.

“ But what of the Entrance Ceremony sir?” Iida asked. Aizawa shrugged.

“ If you want to be a hero, you shouldn’t have the time to worry about such pleasant events.” He said coldly. “ One of the best traits about UA is how unrestricted to usual school traditions it is. Teachers have full reign to do whatever they want in lessons, with in reason obviously. It also means I can choose to skip useless ceremonies like Orientation.” Aizawa pulled a rubber ball and a phone from his pocket. “ You kids do things like this in middle school, right? Ball throw. Long Distance Run. Sit ups.” He showed off the list on his phone. “ General physical fitness tests were your quirks weren’t allowed to be used, right? You’re averages on these scores were sent to us. At least for most of you.” Aizawa eyed Izuku. His gaze switched to Bakugo. “ Bakugo. What was your highest score on the softball throw?”

“ 67 meters.” He stated. Izuku remembered the same. He only got 34 meters himself. His classmates had teased him. Called him weak. He repressed the memory.

“ Try again with your quirk. Do what you want, just stay in the circle.” Aizawa passed Bakugo the softball. With a grunt of acknowledgement, Bakugo stepped up to the mark. He took a deep breath, stretched and pitched with explosive force, sending the ball flying. Izuku flinched at the sound. The ball flew though the air at high speeds before falling to the ground somehow unscathed. Aizawa showed the phone off. Everyone gasped in shock. 705.2 meters. “ This is the most rational way to get a good level of where you’re all at with your quirks.” Aizawa told them. 

“ 750 meters?” A boy with a large headband with a zigzag pattern muttered in shock. “ Seriously?”

“ Heh. This could be fun.” Another boy with spiked hair said, grinning. “ A little contest to start out the year.”

“ We can use our quirks to our fullest potential.” A dark haired girl with a ponytail surmised. “ A perfect measurement tool.”

“ Ha. As expected of UA.” A dark haired boy with elbows like tape holders shouted happily.

“ Fun, huh?” Aizawa said, coldly, snapping the class back to reality. “ You’ve got three years to become Pro Heroes. You think that’s gonna be what? All fun and games?” He rolled his shoulder, flashing a sadistic grin. “ Alright then. You want a ‘Friendly contest’ do you? I’ll give you something to work for then.” Aizawa eyed them all, cold eyes glowing lightly. “ The person who comes in last place in this exercise will be deemed as someone with no potential.” He announced. “In other words, you’ll be expelled on the spot.” The entire class tensed up. Izuku was interested now. So that was the type of person Aizawa was. But perhaps, supposing it was true, he could use that to his advantage. He put the thought in the back of his mind for now.

“ B-But that’s not-”

“ Fair?” Aizawa cut the red haired boy off. “ Natural Disasters. Big Accidents. Selfish Villains. These are all calamities which cannot be predicted. Tell me, are they fair?” The class fell silent. “ As heroes, it is your job to alleviate and amend these events. If you thought this was going to be a fast and fun journey to being a superstar, too bad because UA is going to be one hardship after another for three long years. You’d better get used to unfairness cause you’re gonna be faced with it a lot.” Aizawa grinned. “ Welcome to the Hero Course. Go Beyond. Plus Ultra. Overcome adversity with all you have. Come and show me what you’ve got.” Izuku smirked. Aizawa didn’t take any shit. He was serious to a fault and expected people to get results or die trying. He liked his teacher already.

The first test was the 50 meter dash. He decided to take this time to begin scouting his classmates. 19 other potential recruits to his cause. If he saw a weakness, he could learn how to exploit it. He just needed the opening.

Iida was slower than he expected. He’d known his brother, Ingenium, to be able to reach blistering speeds with his own quirk. However, Iida only reached the 50 meter mark in 3 seconds. Faster than others in his class, but Ingenium could hit twice the distance in the same time. But the engines on Iida’s legs were different than those on Ingenium’s suit. Perhaps it was a sort of support item to enhance Ingenium’s speed or perhaps his quirk was more developed. Izuku couldn’t say.

The next person of interest was Yuga Aoyama, the blond boy with the strange belt from the entrance exam. He tried to make a show of the race by blasting himself across the starting line while facing away from the goal. However, after a second, Aoyama’s laser faltered and he fell to the ground. By the time he got up and fired again, finally crossing the finish line, the other runner, the mushroom haired girl also from the entrance exam, had beaten him. Being flashy didn’t really get him very far.

Then there was Shihai Kuroiro that had an interesting way to reach the finish line faster than his opponent, Tokoyami Fumikage. As the buzzer went, Kuroiro seemingly vanished. However, as Tokoyami, who had flown off towards the finish line without noticing his partner’s vanishing act, reached the end, Kuroiro reappeared, emerging from Tokoyami’s black feathers and using him to boost past the finish line a full half second ahead. Aizawa allowed it. Izuku smirked, admitting that the plan was pretty unique.

Finally the time came for Izuku to race. He gritted his teeth when he found his opponent was Bakugo. He remained silent. He didn’t even look up at him. He couldn’t bare it. His mind raced. Why, of all people, did he have to be here? He could have lived with barely seeing him in lunch if they were in separate classes, but instead there he was. The same loud, obnoxious, abusive jackass that he always was. He wondered if Bakugo even knew Izuku had ever vanished in the first place. Even if he did, he was probably ecstatic, thinking he took his advice. The thought pissed Izuku off. He channelled wind in his legs and waited. The buzzer sounded and Izuku pushed forwards using Bound, sending a burst of wind outwards. The sound of the explosions created by Bakugo made him flinch slightly on instinct but he tried his best to tune them out, focusing on propelling himself forwards using Air Walk and Bound. The next sound he heard was the robot announcer. “ 4.13 seconds.” He stopped, getting his breath back. Then he heard it again. “ 4.57 seconds.” Izuku looked up. He beat Bakugo? Bakugo looking angry.

“ Hey! What the hell?”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Your stupid wind gust knocked my explosions down. You made me slower, asshole.” Bakugo growled. He had? A small smirk crept onto Izuku’s face. He’d messed up Bakugo? He could be expelled happily now.

" So? You still finished faster than most.”

“ But I could’ve been faster if not for you.”

“ Oh relax, Bakugo. It’s not the end of the world.” Izuku shrugged.

“ Why you…”

“ That’s enough.” Aizawa grumbled, hopefully making a mental note to never pair each other up again. “ We’re moving on.” Izuku gladly walked away. The less he had to deal with his old “friend” the better.

The second test was grip strength. Izuku wasn’t exactly surprised he didn’t get that high in this one, only reaching 56kg. His quirk was in his legs, after all. Doing things with his arms wasn’t going to get much done. Still, it did show off some other interesting quirks.

For one, the boy with the multiple limbs from the entrance exam, actually made it in to the Hero Course, which is better than Izuku thought he’d do. His name was Mezo Shoji and his quirk, which granted him two extra sets of arms and probably a bit more judging what Izuku saw from a distance in the Hero exam, basically allowed him to apply three times the power of his already hefty muscles onto the device, giving him an impressive 540kg.

Another impressive competitor with just a bit less at 480kg was Rikado Sato. His quirk apparently increased his strength when he consumed sugar. His partner, Eijiro Kirishima, managed 440kg just by hardening his skin in rock. Strength quirks were interesting. It meant a persons body was a weapon but it limited them in range. Izuku’s mind already whirred with ideas on how to overcome people like that in the future.

The third test was the standing long jump. Izuku managed to breeze past this one quite easily with a single usage of Bound, clearing the sand pit by a sizeable margin. A lot of others managed this one quite easily as well. Aoyama and Bakugo flew over it, Tokoyami showed off his quirk, using the creature he spawned to launch over the pit, having it grab the other side and pull him over, Tsuyu Asui used her quirk to just barely bound over the pit and Ojiro used his tail as a springboard to fire over it. The others didn’t quite do as well however.

The fourth test was repeated side steps. Izuku managed to cheat this once using Air Walk to repel off the sides, slow down for a few steps and then repeat the process. Not many people seemed to use their quirks for this one. Izuku assumed it was from having quirks unsuited for it. There was only one major exception, that being Kinoko Komori, who managed to summon two large, apparently tough and bouncy mushrooms to just bounce between at a high rate. Noting that she was, as he suspected, the person who trapped a large amount of robots in the hero exam, he decided to keep an eye on her.

Fifth came the Softball Throw, the exam Bakugo had already completed. He had jokingly asked Aizawa if he could kick the ball instead, which was rebuffed. As a result, his score only ended at 50 meters. Izuku was fine with it. He’d gotten good scores in the 50 meters race and the standing long jump and decently in the side steps. He also had the run to do good in later. So he stood back and watched the others.

Yanagi did pretty well. He wasn’t sure how her quirk worked, however she was able to easily levitate the softball using it and fired it outwards at high speeds, landing a 161.5 meters. Izuku gave her a thumbs up when she was walking back, earning a small smile from her.

Denki Kaminari was the next person of interest. His quirk practically turned the ball into a laser beam as he charged it with lightning and fired it out at blinding speeds, ending up with 317.3 meters. What interested Izuku more was him placing a hand to his head afterwards. If his quirk was electrical based, he wondered what would happen if he overcharged his quirk too much. He doubted he’d have to wait long to find out.

The next few tests were fairly routine. Practically no-one used their quirks for the seated toe touch or the sit ups, making it a fairly boring half hour to get through before the long distance race. That was a bit more eventful if only because he could use Bound and Air Walk again to finish the race a lot faster than he could when he was still in Aldera. However, by then, all the people with the physical quirks to excel at these sorts of tests Izuku had already mentally marked down. Other simply couldn’t use their quirks for this. The likes of Jiro, Sato, Koda and Awase were looking pretty nervous for the results. With the threat of expulsion looming over their heads, Izuku could understand why.

Izuku came 8th in the Quirk Apprehension test, still a solid 5 places behind Bakugo, but not bad all things considered. He took a look at the last few spots. Surprisingly, a few people he expected to be low down, like Yaoyarozyu and Koda had done well for themselves. However, most of the people he assumed wouldn’t do well, like Jiro and Awase, were low down. Kinoko bit her lip hard upon reading the results. Despite doing well on the side steps, the other exams had made it clear she wasn’t very physically suited, understandable for her quirk, Izuku thought. Aizawa stretched, stifling a yawn. “ You all did pretty well today. Some better than others, though what else is new in society. Some are stronger in some aspects than others. Nothing to be worried about. By the way, I was lying about the whole expulsion thing.” He turned off the hologram. Everyone paused. Izuku could feel the relief Kinoko was feeling as her shoulders fell and she allowed a smile to cautiously return to her face. “ It was a rational deception, really. Had to know what you’d do when you were being serious.”

“ Are you serious?!” Sero gasped.

“ I mean… wasn’t it obvious?” Yaoyorozu asked, confused. Izuku chuckled.

“ Yeah. I don’t think any teacher can expel someone day 1, lesson 1, right?” He joked. But Izuku knew. He saw it in Aizawa’s expression. He was serious before. Likelihood is, if anyone didn’t show any potential, he would have followed through with his threat. He saw it in the way he’d glared at him earlier. Aizawa didn’t know much about him since his records were fairly minimalistic and that made him suspicious. But, after seeing it with his own eyes, he confirmed everyone deserved to be here. This was Aizawa’s own Hero Entrance Exam. And everyone passed.

“ Alright. Everyone can get changed. There’s handouts in the classroom with your curriculum on it. Be sure to check them out when you get back. After that, feel free to head home. Classes start tomorrow morning.” He gave them a lazy wave and wandered off. Everyone finally let themselves breath.

“ Man. He’s terrifying.”  Sero said.

“ What did we do to get stuck with him for three years?” Kuroiro asked.

“ Come on everyone. Don’t be like that.” Yaoyarozu told everyone. “Sure, he’s… eccentric, but I’m sure as a hero, he’s a good guy.”

“ But which hero even is he?” Awase asked. “ I’ve ever seen him before.”

“ Eraserhead I think.” Izuku mused.

“ Huh?”

“ He’s an underground hero. I think he’s Eraserhead. I didn’t recognise him without his signature goggles, but after a while, I started to get where I recognised him from. His quirk allows him to Erase Emitter and Transformation quirks. I guess it makes sense he’d make for a good choice as a teacher, huh?”

“ How’d you know that?” Bakugo asked, suspiciously.

“ Eh. I’m a big fan of heroes from all walks of life.” Izuku shrugged. “ Underground. Mainstream. Whatever.”

“ You mentioned analysing their quirks, correct?” Iida exclaimed. Izuku just laughed at that.

" I wouldn’t say analysing really. It’s just a creepy hobby. But I am interested in learning about quirks.” Izuku smiled. “ Who knows though. Maybe if heroics gets boring, I could open my own Quirk Analysis agency.” Izuku laughed again, presenting it as a joke. But he wasn’t lying. Quirks were fascinating. He wondered how his classmates quirks ticked. Oh well. He had plenty of time to learn.


Izuku thought he’d be done for the day after he got his lesson plan and left. Iida and Yanagi seemed to want to talk more, walking to the station together. He didn’t mind. If he could learn more about them, perhaps he could find a weakness. The league always needed new members after all.

Life isn’t always so simple.

He was stopped by Bakugo slamming a hand down onto his desk. “ We need to talk.”

“ Then talk.” Izuku said dismissively. “ Is this about the 50 meters?”

“ No. This is about where you’ve been for the last 8 fucking months.” This caused Izuku to freeze up. How? What tipped him off? Was his disguise not enough? His actions too similar? No, they were patched up. He made sure of it. No, it was what he said in regards to Eraserhead. His creepy hobby. He mentally cursed.

“ I’m sorry?” He asked, trying his best to keep calm. "What are you-"

“ Don’t fucking apologize to me, Deku.”

“ Excuse me? Deku?” Izuku’s eye twitched. “ That’s not my name.”

“ Where the fuck did you run off to? Auntie’s been worried sick after your vanishing act. She really though you’d died, asshole. So where-”

“ I don’t know what you’re talking about" Izuku snapped. " Quit it with these accusations. I don’t know you, Bakugo.”

“ Like fuck you don’t.”

“ What are you talking about?” Iida asked. 

“ This fucker here went missing eight months ago. I want to know how the hell eh got into UA and how he has a quirk now!”

“ You’re delusional.” Izuku said, annoyed.

“ Izuku!” Bakugo shouted. “ I don’t know what this crap with the name Akitani is or the fucking makeover, but I know who you are. You’re coming home with me now!”

“ Like hell I will. I don’t even know who you are. So back off.” Izuku shouted, backing off.

“ Oh no you don’t, Deku!” Bakugo raised his hand. Izuku saw it and his eyes dilated. Time slowed. He could see them. The explosions dancing in his palm. He was suddenly back in Aldera again. Bakugo grabbing him in the shoulder. The searing pain. The smell of burning cloth and flesh. The sneer in his voice as he told him to jump off a building. It was all just like that day again. He felt wind gather in his legs. Instinctively, he kicked forwards.

“ GO AWAY!” He screamed. A powerful burst of wind, sent Bakugo flying across the room, knocking tables and chairs aside and smashing him into the blackboard at the back of the classroom. Izuku staggered back, shaking. “ Stay back. Just… go away. I won’t… You won’t hurt me. Never again.” Izuku felt faint as he collapsed to the ground.

“ Akitani!” Iida was at his side.

“ H-Hey.” Yanagi looked over at him in shock. Bakugo held his head, dazed. The few people left in the class looked over, silent. Iida looked up.

" Someone get a teacher!” Awase and Sato nodded, running off.

Izuku wasn’t sure what happened next. All he knew is he was back in middle school, darkness around him as everyone in his life shouted at him, telling him he was worthless. Quirkless. Useless. He shouldn’t have been born. Izuku retreated inwards, digging his nails into his arms. When he finally snapped out of it, several hours had passed. He was lying on a bed in the infirmary. “Where…”

“ Akitani.” He looked up to see Iida, Yanagi and Recovery Girl next to him. “ Are you alright?” Iida asked.

“ Y-Yeah. What happened?”

“ That Bakugo guy started yelling at you, saying you were another person or whatever. Then he activated his quirk and you… activated yours.” Yanagi looked worried. “ Are you…” Izuku collapsed backwards in the bed.

“ Damn it.” He cursed. Tears formed in his eyes. “ Damn it! I thought… I thought I was over it…”

“ Akitani…” Iida frowned.

“ This boy is clearly under some kind of traumatic break. Do any of you know the number of his carers?” The two shook their heads at Recovery Girl’s questions. She hummed. “ His phone?”

“...bag…” Izuku muttered.

“ Thank you.” Recovery Girl found it. After a few careful words, Izuku unlocked it and guided her to the right number. Iida and Yanagi watched over him as she rang Kurogiri, explaining the situation. Thirty minutes later, a disguised Giran arrived to pick him up in his car. He thanked his classmates for their actions and walked him to his car, driving him back to the bar. Izuku didn’t speak a word the entire time. 


Katsuki Bakugo punched his punching bag hard. He fucked up. He fucked up AGAIN. He heard all of what Akitani was saying and was reminded of Izuku. That wasn’t it though. The freckles. The facial features. Even the hair style to an extent. It was all to similar to be a coincidence. So he pushed and pushed and then… “ Fuck!”

Was he right? Was he wrong? Izuku never had a breakdown like that. But the words. “You’ll never hurt me again.” That stung. Even if it wasn’t Izuku, coming from someone like that in that tone. It hurt so much.

Katsuki brought his head to the bag. “ Fuck. I’m sorry, Izuku. I… I never meant it to end up like that.”


Izuku left his room three hours after getting back, finally deciding he was mentally well enough to face the world. He hated what had happened back in class 1-A. He thought he was over it. Thought he was ready. But he wasn’t. He really, really wasn’t. As he opened the door, however, he was met by Tomura. The older man let himself in, closing the door behind him. “ What happened?” Tomura asked.

“ What do you mean?” Izuku asked, sitting down on his bed.

“ You know what the fuck I meant.” Tomoura grumbled, scratching at his neck. “ When Giran brought you in, you looked so broken and beaten. I’ve never seen you like that before. You scared us. So the fuck?” Izuku sighed.

“ Remember how I mentioned that bully of mine?”

“ That blasty prick?”

“ Yeah.”

“ So?”

“ He’s in my class again.” Tomura’s eyes widened slightly.

“ Seriously?”

“ Yeah. And he accused me of being… well me.”

“ He figured it out?”

“ I don’t know. He might have thought he had and jumped at his speculation without thinking. He’s really good at that.” Izuku snorted.

“ So, he tried some shit?”

“ Yeah. But that wasn’t the problem.” Izuku looked down at his hands. “ He went for me with that stupid quirk of his and I just… well, you know I’ve never been very good around explosions. I flinch and tense up.”

“ Yeah?”

“ Well, when he went for me, I was back in Aldera that day eight months ago. He was burning my shoulder with a touch, yelling at me and telling me to kill myself. I just shut down. Because it was him. It’s always... Him.” Izuku tightened his hands into fists, his knuckles turning white, feeling his nails pierce his palm.

“ That’s fucked up.”

“ Ha. Tell me about it.” Izuku managed to crack a smile. “ But I did, apparently, blast him across the classroom with one of my quirks.” Tomura burst out laughing.

“ That’s awesome.” He chuckled. Then his face slowly became serious again. “ You don’t have to go back to that place, you know.”

“ Yeah. I know.” Izuku nodded. “ But I’m going to. I won’t let him win. I can’t.” Izuku growled. His face contorted in anger as he spoke.“ I want to crush him. I want to crush him with all my might. I want to crush him and all the people who let him even try to become a hero. Someone like Bakugo. He doesn’t deserve happiness.”

“ Damn right.” Tomura nodded. “ You show him. No-one messes with Player 2.”

“ Right. I’ll make him feel like a low level mook when I’m done with him.” The two shared a laugh. Izuku smiled. “ Thanks Tomura. Talking to you always makes me feel a lot better.”

“ Heh. Glad to help.” Tomura patted a four fingered hand on Izuku’s back before standing up. “ Come on. Let’s go meet the others. Then you can tell us how the rest of your day was, explody fucker not counted.”

“ Ha. I can mention him. After all, I crushed him in the 50 meter sprint.” Izuku laughed. He felt a bit better now. He could continue. After all, he had a target in his sights. He’d kill Bakugo with his own two hands one day. But patience was a virtue. Until then, he’d just have to learn how suppress his traumas. He hoped his new family could help with that.

Chapter Text

Despite knowing he didn’t need to and probably wasn’t expected to after the previous days breakdown, Izuku still showed up to school the next day. A few people gave him some concerned looks, others who weren’t present quickly caught up by those who were. “ Hey Akitani.” He glanced over to see Yanagi looking at him with a worried expression. “ Are you… sure you should be here today?”

“ If this is about yesterday, I’m sorry for worrying you. But I’m fine now. I should so long as Bakugo keeps his distance. I have a… thing about explosions. I live with my uncle now. A villain… he killed my parents. Blew their car up. I barely managed to escape myself. Ever since then…”

“ It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“ I’d just… rather pretend that didn’t happen is all.”

“ Right.” Yanagi smiled. “ So. How do you think today will go? Apparently, All Might might be taking out Hero Lessons this afternoon.” Izuku forced a starstruck smile.

“ Seriously? That would be amazing.” He said, outwardly happy but inwardly seething. He hated the fact All Might was a teacher. Seeing that grinning idiot multiple times a week, the same broken excuse for a man who told him he couldn’t be a hero. To be realistic. In a way, he was right. But that didn’t mean he wanted to break his spotless teeth anymore.

The class grew silent suddenly. Izuku looked up and froze. An annoyed expression on his face, Bakugo entered the room. He glanced up, saw Izuku and looked back down. “ Hey. Akitani.” He called. Izuku remained silent. “ Sorry. I… know that probably ain’t shit from me. I thought you were someone important to me. But I was wrong. I didn’t mean it.” He looked over. “ I’m still gonna be number one though. None of you extras can stop that.” Izuku was stunned. Katsuki Bakugo owning up to his mistakes and apologizing? He’d sooner had believe hell could freeze over, the sky could fall and that dead would rise just to breakdance i in the streets. He mentioned losing an important person to him. Surely Bakugo couldn’t have meant him. Izuku watched him quietly. Was he finally growing up?

“ I don’t forgive you.” Izuku called. “ But I accept your apology. Just give me space.”

“ Fine.” Bakugo huffed. Izuku leaned back in his chair. It was too little too late.

Aizawa seemed shocked to see him when he entered the classroom. Regardless, he continued home room like normal. So did the rest of the teachers. It seemed everyone assumed it was best to just let the topic die. Even so, Izuku couldn’t help but notice nervous glances every so often from his peers. People also avoided Bakugo like the plague during lunch break after hearing what he did. For someone as popular and well loved as Bakugo was in Aldera to be avoided and abandoned made Izuku happier than it probably should have. Especially seeing as he was the one with a few friends to talk too.

Then came the fated lesson. The two lessons after lunch was completely taken by Hero training, led by the man himself, All Might. Izuku clutched his arm tight. Bakugo had broken him. He couldn’t let All Might do the same. He just couldn’t. He had to be stronger than that.

All Might entered the room as loud and bombastic as Izuku would have imagined, bursting in the room in his Silver Age attire, making the room gasp in awe at the majesty of the Number One Hero. Izuku faked the same actions but inside he had other questions. Like how many at UA knew about his condition. That would be interesting to know. The man had clearly memorised a script Nedzu or someone had given him since he explained the lesson plan without many holes in his explanation. Then he presented the class with a number of suitcases and told to meet in Ground Beta, blasting off. Izuku sighed. This was going to be a long afternoon.


Izuku’s costume, if you could even call it that, was made to be pretty simplistic. Since his quirk was focused around his legs, he had his suits trousers and boots be specially fitted with devices that alleviate the air pressure that builds up through the use of his quirks. The rest of his suit, however, was just a simple design. Nothing heavy enough to weigh him down. In the end, he settled with a minimalist design. A red shirt with black gloves, a few pouches tied down to a belt to store things in and a more bulkier bottom half that ended up looking more like suit trousers due to the materials needing to be a bit more weighty than his top to allow for the pressure aliviators. Tomura had wanted to add some things. As had Mina, Toga and, surprisingly, Dabi but he decided simple was better and mailed it off. He was surprised to find a mafia styled coat added to the design when he got it though. He’d have to ask Kurogiri how the extra page with his handwriting got there. Still, he could always take it off if he needed too and it was comfortable, so he let it slide.

He took time to look around at the costumes of the other on his way out. Iida’s was very obviously inspired by his brother, with the suit of armour idea he had going on. Reiko had an elegant, if a bit short, yukata with a furred colour and black mask. Bakugo, bombastic and over the top as ever, had taken to wearing a sleeveless, black costume with flame hair pieces and grenade like gauntlet on his arms. Others were either over the top, like Aoyama’s glittering cape and knight costume, to simplistic, like Jiro who looked like she just pulled some clothes from her closet at home and put them on, to somewhere in between, like Komori’s mushroom designed witch outfit.

Izuku threw up the collar of his coat and pulled at his sleeves as he entered ground Beta. “ You know what they say.” All Might began. “ Clothes make the man. And I see you all have put together quite the fine assortment of costumes. Now then, before we start, any questions.” Izuku smirked as he watched half his class bombard the number one hero with questions, some relevant and some not. Watching the man squirm doing something he was clearly out of his depth in was cathartic for him. Izuku couldn’t be a hero, or so he claimed. All Might clearly couldn’t be a teacher. Maybe he should’ve been realistic before using his position to get a job here. “ All right. Let me get to the explanation!” All Might announced, glancing down at a sheet of paper. Izuku sighed. Definitely a script.

All Might, or rather his script, described the situation pretty well. The class would be split into ten teams of two randomly and then randomly given a designation, either Hero or Villain, before randomly being forced to face off against one another, one team of Heroes vs one team of Villains. The arena would be a building in Ground Beta. The goal would be simple. The Villain team sets up a fake bomb anywhere in the building. The Heroes have simply to touch the bomb to win. The Villains are on a fifteen minute time limit to defend the bomb. If each side takes down both members of the opposite team, they automatically win. A fairly simple game all things considered.

Izuku smirked slightly when he was put on the Villain team alongside Komori in team B. He looked over the other teams. He felt sorry for Iida having to put up with Bakugo. However, Bakugo was in team D, another Villain team. He wondered if that decision was as random as All Might said it was or if they were put in the same faction to purposely avoid a confrontation like had happened the day before. He noticed Komori in her red and white spotted outfit approach him out of the corner of her eyes. “ Hey. You’re Akitani right?”

“ Yeah. Mikumo Akitani. You’re… Komori, right?”

“ Yep. That’s me. Kinoko Kimori. Nice to mush you.”

“ Mush… me?”

“ No. Mush you. Y’know. Like Mushroom.” Izuku remained silent. “ Sorry. Bad joke.”

“ It was.” Izuku agreed. “ So, your quirk let’s you grow Mushrooms?”

“ Yep. All sizes. All kinds. As long as I know that they exist and how they work, I can spread their spores and grow ‘em.”

“ I see. You were in Ground Beta in the exam too weren’t you? You shut down robots by covering them in Mushrooms.”

“ Ah. I thought I recognised you yesterday. You’re that guy who was flying around in the entrance exam.”

“ Yeah. My quirk is Tempest. I channel wind in my legs and use it in a  number of ways. I can jump high, walk on air or fire air as a projectile.” Izuku scratched the back of his head. “ Not really sure how I’ll do in doors though. It could be an issue.”

" I’m sure you’ll do well. You seem pretty strong.” Komori said, smiling. “ Come on. Let’s think up a plan.”

“ Sure. But first of all, what are the abilities of some of your mushrooms?”


If yesterday was a test of physical prowess, then today was a test of ingenuity at least for half the class. The Villain team were given free reign for where to hide their bombs from their opponents. The height of this ingenuity was probably already reached in the first round with Awase and Yaorarozu on the Villain Team. Combining their quirks, they were able to lower the bomb on a pulley system down the back of the building and then weld the bomb to the wall, sitting on it until the timer ran out. Their opponents, Sero and Kirishima, never thought to look out of the windows for them, so wasted their time checking the rooms in the building until the timer ran out. All Might didn’t seem too impressed by it. Probably not a bloody enough solution for him. Izuku, on the other hand, thought the strategy was well done. After all, Villains never did play fair.

Bakugo and Iida went second, taking on Aoyama and Yui. It ended as fast as Izuku had expected when he heard the words “Bakugo” and ”Villain” in one statement. After all, Bakugo never was one to pull his punches nor was he any sort of patient. Even if he had changed his attitude, those facts hadn’t changed here. He left Iida behind, ambushed the two and removed them from the board in less than a minute. Swift, decisive and above all, messy. As to be expected from Bakugo.

Izuku found out more of what Yanagi’s quirk could do in her match. She was paired with Ojiro, facing off against the hero team. Having Ojiro destroy a few walls with his tail, she was able to make use of the rubble to fire repeated ranged assaults at Shoji, perfectly pairing with Ojiro’s melee barrage. Izuku thought they’d won, forgetting as the Villain team had what Shoji’s partner, Kuriro’s, quirk was. Thanks his quirk allowed him to fuse and travel through black substances, the black paint of the corridors made traveling easy for him, allowing him to easily move around Yanagi and Ojiro while Shoji played distracting, reappearing behind them and touching the bomb. Izuku decided he needed to know the specifics of his classmates quirks for later use.

The fourth match was the most boring match of them all. Tokoyami and Asui facing off against Sato and Koda. Or, as it ended up being, just Sato. Koda was a bit timid, so, even in a simple exercise like this, he didn’t really work well with others. He wondered how someone like that even got into the Hero Course. The most interesting thing about the Villain team was their preparation. Even though Tokoyami and Asui moved for an ambush strategy, Sato was ready for them. In fact, he seemed to know he was coming. But, since Sato’s quirk wasn’t intelligence based, Izuku had to wonder if Koda had helped in his own way after all. It ended with a Hero victory regardless, but it made Izuku think about the hidden potential of his classmates.

Finally, it was his turn. He and Kimori agreed to hide their bomb on the third floor, exactly half way through the building. This was so Komori could spread her spores in both directions in case they suddenly got attack from above instead of below. Of course, this was made before Izuku even knew his opponent. He was worried about two people when he made that decision: Tokoyami and Shoji. Both could easily scale a building if they so wanted to. However, as the teams dwindled down, they were left with the odd pair of Jiro and Kaminari. 

Izuku knew Kaminari’s quirk at a base level from the previous day. He could generate electricity. A lot of it if yesterday’s ball throw was any example. However, he figured that he probably had a limit. Jiro on the other hand, he knew nothing about. She was pretty quiet, not interacting with anyone aside from the occasional snide remark here or there. Her quirk seemed to have something to do with her headphone jack like earlobes, but Izuku couldn’t say for sure whether or not that was from a mutation or not.

Izuku stood outside the room, waiting. Komori had been asked to wait inside, only acting when Izuku said too. He had a good view of both stair wells from his place. He just had to wait for them to climb onto his floor. Thankfully, that hadn’t taken long.

Kaminari’s hands sparked mere moments after he spotted Izuku. “ You sure you’re alright to do this?” He asked.

" Worried?” Izuku chuckled. “ Appreciate it, but don’t hold back on my account.” Wind channeled in Izuku’s legs. “ I won’t hold back against you.” Kaminari grinned.

“ Well. You asked for it.”

“ Wait, you idiot. Somethings wrong here.” Jiro told him. “ There’s something in the-”

“ No need to worry about that. I got this.” Kaminari chuckled. Lightning burst and crackled all over his arms. He grinned as he pulled back, ready to fire his electricity forwards

" Komori! Now! Izuku shouted. In an instant, Mushrooms began sprouting all over the corridor. Unfettered, Kaminari fired , the current bursting through the air. But not as far as he wanted. As they spread, they struck the mass of mushrooms steadily continuing to grow and were halted. Izuku barely had to dodge. He smirked, pulling back his leg for a kick. Then he stopped, confused. Kaminari had started wandering around with a dopey grin on his face.

“ Hey! What the hell?” Jiro shouted, shaking her partner. Izuku wondered what the heck just happened to Kaminari. Regardless, he couldn’t stop now. He unleashed a powerful Air Shot through the Mushrooms, kicking up the spores they released. Jiro, a shocked expression on her face, suddenly collapsed to the floor. “ What… What just…”

“ Hypholoma Fasciculare.” Komori proudly stated as she stepped out of the room. “ Also known as the Sulfur Tuft. It’s spores can be used as a paralytic. Don’t worry. I made sure to drastically reduce the amount of spores they could produce before I spread them out. I’d hate to have accidentally killed a classmate on my second day.” The cross eyed girl smiled.

" The plan was pretty simple. All we needed was a gust of wind, and I’m pretty good at making those.” Izuku shrugged. “ You alright?”

“ Not… right now.” Jiro groaned. Izuku laughed nervously. Then he looked over to Kaminari. He wondered what had happened to the boy. He just sort of… short circuited he supposed would be right. Perhaps with too much power running through his body, his brain got caught in some sort of an system overload and shut down momentarily, leaving him. Well, brainless. He helped the up and out of the building, the paralytic spores being so diluted that Jiro starting moving again after only 5 minutes. Kaminari however stayed down and was taken to Recovery Girl. Izuku frowned. What was going on with that boy?


“ What’s on your mind today, Midoriya?” Kurogiri asked, cleaning a glass while Izuku sat at the bar scribbling things down in a notebook.

“ Nothing. Just working on my notes on my classmates.”

" You’ve been staring at that page for ten minutes.”

“ Huh?” Izuku looked up, confused. “ Have I?” Izuku looked back at his book. Denki Kaminari’s page stared back at him. Todays events ran back through his mind. Something bothered him. There were times were someones body couldn’t acclimate to their quirk properly. Dabi was the perfect example. His flames were incredibly intense but his skin got burned by it if he used it too much. But Kaminari was different. Because he’d recognised the reaction. It was an overload, made from the electricity not being able to disperse properly into the ground. But Izuku couldn’t for the life of him figure out why it was occurring. Cause the electricity could easily pass through his skin and clothing, so it should return to the ground naturally. The reason was bugging the hell out of him.

“ Is there an issue?”

“ Yeah. Kind of.” Izuku explained to Kurogiri the situation and everything that had happened today with Kaminari in the Battle Training lesson earlier that day. Kurogiri hummed. He place the glass he was cleaning down.

“ I see. Fascinating.” Kurogiri said slowly. “ I wonder if he himself is unaware of how electricity moves.”

" Huh? What do you mean?”

“ Well, electricity needs to disperse in the ground or it will simply overload the source, as you well know. However, what is the main protection against electricity?” Izuku’s eyes widened.

“ Rubber.” He breathed. “ You’re saying he never noticed that?”

 “ It’s possible. However, if his shoes and that in the design specifications of his costume are just regular shoes or boots, then it’s entirely possible…”

“ No, you’re right. I’m such an idiot. I never noticed.” Izuku hastily wrote down the idea.

“ Are you thinking of helping him?”

“ I am.” He said. “ It annoys me knowing someone overlooked something that obvious. Hero or not, someone has to tell him.” Kurogiri laughed.

“ All Might truly was wrong about you.”

" Yeah. Shame he never realised that.”


Izuku slammed his hands down on Kaminari’s desk the next morning. “ H-Huh? Akitani? What are you-”

“ Sorry, Kaminari. But I need to see your shoes.”

Chapter Text

As far back as he could remember, Denki Kaminari had always been the class clown. But it had never been on purpose. He didn’t like his quirk. Sure, it was powerful. The ability to generate a thousand volts at will always would be. But there was a major drawback. He called them Blackouts, those times were his brain short circuited. Until he could reconnect it, his body danced around like an absolute moron. Ever since others found out about that little quirk, everyone stopped taking him seriously. And he hated that fact.

He pretended to accept it, reluctantly forcing a Blackout just to make others laugh. Pretended he was perfectly fine with the face people were getting laughs out of his misery. But, deep down, he hated them all. They didn’t think about him. They just wanted a cartoony dunce dancing around with his thumbs up, making stupid noises just for their enjoyment. He was their clown. But even clowns had their bad days.

He asked a lot of people to help with the problem. Teachers, Quirk Counsellors, his parents. None of them figured it out. None of them could fix him. Kill the clown. Stop the Blackouts. Whatever. He was trapped like that for fifteen years of his life. But he had one last hope.

UA was the greatest Hero School in the country. They had access to everything. Resources, personnel, anything that would make a Hero the best they could possibly be. If anyone could fix his problems, he’d find them there. So he applied and went through the entrance exam, narrowly avoided a Blackout after short circuiting enough robots to pass and made it in. UA. Where his prayers could be answered. Or so he thought.

The first Blackout of UA came on day 2. He was facing off against Akitani and Komori in some kind of capture the flag sort of mission alongside Jiro. He charged a little bit too much power into his attack and bam. Blackout. He woke up half an hour later in Recovery Girl’s office. “ Are you alright now?” She asked.

“ Yeah. I’m… used to it.” Denki sighed.

“ A drawback of your quirk, if I must guess.”

“ Yeah. I don’t know why it happens. It’s just… I use a bit too much juice and I knock myself out. Except my body keeps moving. I just can’t see it.”

“ I see. That sounds hard.”

“ It is.” He looked up. “ You wouldn’t happen to know a way to fix it, would you?” She shook her head. “ Damn.”

" Sorry. I’m a nurse not a quirk counsellor.”

" No. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Denki told her, trying to sound upbeat.

“ If you ask your homeroom teacher, we can try and set something up for you Denki nodded.

“ Thanks Recovery Girl. Can I go get changed now?”

“ You may.” Denki nodded. With a small bye, he headed back to the changing room to get out of his costume. He felt a pang of worry . He’d heard the whole “ask your teacher” answer before in Middle school. He’d followed that line of inquiry before to no avail. Apparently, his quirk had no fault. The reason that it happened must have been a outside problem. They blamed him, offering no solutions. Denki sighed. Maybe UA would be a lost cause after all.


The next morning began strangely. He’d barely sat down at his desk and begun to relax when a pair of hands slammed down on his desk. Looking up, shocked, he saw Akitani bearing down on him, grinning.  H-Huh? Akitani? What are you-” He started before being cut off.

“ Sorry, Kaminari. But I need to see your shoes.” Denki blinked.

“ Huh?” He said blankly. “My… shoes? Why?”

“ Oh. That probably sounded really weird huh?” Akitani laughed nervously. “ Uh, I just wanted to check something real fast.” Denki was confused. Maybe Akitani just wanted to check the make but this was a really strange way of asking. Regardless, he raised his foot onto his desk like he was asked. He became even more confused as Akitani began prodding at the bottom of the shoe. After a few minutes, he laughed. “ Ha. He was right.”

“ What?”

“ Oh. Yeah I guess I should explain, huh? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.”

“ Sit down, Akitani.” Aizawa said, entering the room. “ Whatever you and Kaminari are talking abut, it can til lunch.”

“ Yes sir.” Akitani nodded. He looked back at Denki. “ Wait for me at lunch. I’ll explain.” Akitani walked back to his desk, leaving Denki wondering what had just happened. Akitani seemed to have figured something out. Something to do with his shoes? What? It left Denki distracted through the rest of the morning. Akitani didn’t strike him as someone who was very eccentric. His quirk was strong and he seemed pretty smart. He had a bit of a rough, snarky streak, especially towards Bakugo. These two definitely didn’t get along. He heard he had a breakdown because of Bakugo after Denki had left for the day. Clearly, he had his own problems. Maybe that snarky edge and attitude that seemed to just deflect everything, good and bad, coming his way was his way of defending against a rough life. He had a slight limp with his left leg. Maybe that had something to do with it. Who could say? But it did make him wonder. What had he found?

He got his answer as promised at lunchtime. Akitani asked to see the boots in Denki’s costume. He didn’t know why he was so focused on his foot wear. Still, he let him. Akitani’s smile widened as he looked them over. “ So it’s the same.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ You know how they make the soles of shoes out of rubber?” He asked. “ Cause it’s a really sturdy material. It protects your feet from all sorts of damage wandering around out side could bring.”

“ Where are you going with this?”

“ Rubber’s also a really good insulator. The best in fact.”

“ I mean, yeah. You’re talking to the walking lightning rod. My house is covered with the stuff.” Denki shrugged. “ My whole family have some sort of electrical based quirk, so we need to stay safe. So practically everything we use is made of rubber so we don’t accidentally break it.”

“ But that’s the point. Because of it, you’re a broken circuit.” Denki gave Akitani a strange look. Was he insulting him? “ Let me explain. Do you know how circuits work? Positive to Positive. Negative to ground?”

“ Uh. I think I heard that on a cartoon once?”

“ Well, if a circuit doesn’t have that Negative to Ground connection, it overloads. The electricity can’t disperse anywhere.

“ I don’t get it.” Akitani sighed.

“ Fine. I’ll get to the point. The soles on your shoes in your suit are made of rubber."

“ Yeah? Why wouldn’t they be?”

“ Because they’re made of rubber, your quirk can’t discharge the excess electrical energy you produce with your quirk into the ground. So, you overload.” It finally clicked.

“ Are you talking about my Blackouts?”

“ Is that what you call it when you start…Uh..." Izuku started doing a strange motion with his thumbs up. Denki sighed, recognising the motion from recordings of himself.

“ Yes. That’s what I call it.”

“ I can work with that.” Akitani nodded. “ Anyway, right now this is just a theory but I think it’s pretty likely that this is the root of the problem.” He looked up from the boots at Denki. “ Mind if we test it?”

“ Like… right now?”

“ I mean, we can get lunch first, but during Lunch time, definitely.” Akitani nodded. “ If that’s alright with you of course.” He wondered if Akitani was playing a trick on him for a moment? Leather soles in his shoes. It sounded ridiculous. Like he’d notice something so simple yet so obviously detrimental. Or someone else would have. But the Quirk Councillors on focused on his quirk, not the conditions surrounding it. Denki also wasn’t exactly the brightest of kid. If he’d listened a bit in science class, then maybe he’d have learned what that whole negative to ground thing was about. Maybe cause neither his parents nor his sisters quirks involved discharging their electrical powers through their body like his did was how they didn’t notice it. It sounded like it should be a lie. But the more he thought about it, the more sense it made.

The two got lunch to go from the cafeteria and headed over to the gym, eating and chatting about things, mostly around the pairs quirk. Izuku explained about his quirk, Tempest, and how he could gather wind in his legs and expel it in various ways. However, the gathered wind tended to create pressure that crushed his legs if he left the gathered air alone for too long. He mentioned how he accidentally broke one of his legs that way when he was first learning how to use it, the bone shattering from the pressure and his flesh torn up. It was also why his left leg was weaker than his right.

Denki was somewhat surprised when Ectoplasm, the person on guard, just let them in to the gym. He assumed it was because they were part of the hero course so they could get away with training whenever. At Akitani’s request, the man even granted them a clone to use as a test dummy. Denki kicked off his school shoes and socks, feeling to cold of the wooden floor with his bare feet. Akitani stood off to the side. “ So, you just want me to fry Ectoplasm?”

“ With the same power as you did yesterday.”

“ Is that… alright?”

“ It is fine.” The Ectoplasm clone stated. “ My clones tend to be used as training dummies by the hero course in lessons, as I’m sure you’ll soon find out.”

“ R-Right. OK.” Denki looked down at his hands. He was a bit worried. What if Akitani was wrong? What if it wasn’t the shoes? Maybe he was just damaged. After all, Akitani had called it a theory. But he wasn’t going to get anywhere second guessing himself. He calmed his nerves. Maybe he could finally kill the clown. He felt as his body started to become charged, electricity crackling around him. He focused the power into his arms and began charging the power into physical form. He looked up at the figure of Ectoplasm’s clone and unleashed all he had as a powerful beam of lightning. Watching the lightning arc through the air before colliding with his target, electrocuting the clone into non existence. Then he waited. The power was the same so the feeling should come soon.

But it didn’t.

He felt an odd feeling as the electricity he charged exited his body. Instead of feeling an intense heat and pain in his head, he felt like he was cooling down. He shook his hands of a slight numb feeling from the lightning beam he fired, but other than that he felt fine. Better than fine. Just… normal. After an attack like that, normal is the last thing he should be feeling. Hell, after a small discharge, he usually felt some discomfort. But not this time. He felt better using his quirk now than he could ever remember being.

“ Hey. Kaminari? Are you feeling alright?” Akitani asked

“ Y-Yeah.” Denki said, dumbfounded. “ I’m… perfectly fine.”

“ Looks like you managed to discharge the excess power successfully then.” Akitani smirked. “ Guess he was right after all.”

“ He?”

“ Oh. A friend of my Uncle.” Akitani leant back against the Gym wall. “ He works at the establishment I live above. My uncle runs it and his friend works behind the counter. The way your power bugged me. It was him who suggested you may not be grounded.”

" And, this grounding issue? It’s all because of rubber in the soles of my boots?”

“ Yep. Seems like it.” Akitani scratched the back of his head. “ I was reluctant to believe it was that simple as well, to be honest.”

“ No. You…” Denki was dumbstruck. Was it… over? Now he knew the problem, he could have it fixed. He was sure of that. But, after all this time… would the Blackouts stop? Had he finally killed the clown? “ Thank you, Akitani. Seriously.”

“ Ha. Don’t mention it. I’m just glad I could help.”

“ I apologize for interrupting.” The two looked over as the real Ectoplasm re-entered the gym. “ However, Lunch period is almost over. I must request you return to your classroom now.”

“ Yes sir.” Akitani nodded, kicking off the wall. Denki, reluctantly now, put his shoes back on. “ Are you good to get going, Kaminari?”

“ Yeah.” Denki nodded happily. Maybe UA wasn’t such a bad place after all.


Denki and Mikumo started hanging out a lot after that. He learned a lot about the wind controller. For one, he had a bit of a mischievous streak. His cold snark at Bakugo wasn’t just for show. On more than a few occasions, Denki would see him flash his cruel smirk in Hero Training before coming up with some scheme to completely shut down the opposition. He was a fast learner too. Without even being told, he was able to figure out the inner workings of peoples quirks. He figured out Tokoyami’s weakness to light from a shift in movements the bird boy had in certain scenarios, closely judged Yanagi’s weight limit for her quirk and was able to help Aoyama work out a few kinks in regards to the stomach cramps he had after using his quirk for too long. He even predicted Bakugo’s fighting style down to his opening move, a strong right every time. A lot of their classmates came for him for help.

But he also learned that, for everything he said about heroes and his love for them, he had a cynical side as well. He sometimes talked heroes who caused far too many casualties, like Endeavour or Mount Lady, complaining on how he was sure the Hero Commission was covering up for them, even showing off some news stories buried deep in search algorithms. He had a bit of respect for certain Villains too, specifically those who didn’t harm civilians. He brought out research data about how people become Villains, saying most of them start from a place of desperation and either lose control or become too deeply involved to quit, assuming they even reached that far before getting taken down by heroes without even getting a hearing or help. Denki tried to argue against it, but he had to admit. It was pretty unfair. Not getting the help you needed. He knew that feeling all too well.

Denki found himself agreeing with some of Mikumo’s arguments more as the weeks went on. Honestly, thinking back on it, the commission always had seemed a bit shady. But everyone was too distracted by the flashy heroes to see it. It was admittedly way too easy to ignore but, looking into it on his own time, he could see where Mikumo was coming from. But, he imagined that with such a strong personality and ideals, Mikumo would become a hero and fight from within the system to change it. It’s probably why he was in UA in the first place. To get recognition and convince others in the system to help him out so, when he became a pro, he could gather enough traction to reform the system.

That’s when Denki came across a chatroom in his research. A chat room with six individuals and six stories. Six people failed by the system fighting for change, or at least who could connect with each other through that factor. He watched them talk like some kind of therapy group for half hour before, boredly, Kaminari decided to make an account

-Blackout has joined the chatroom-

Usagi: Ooh. A new challenger approaches.

Blackout: Don’t mind me. This place seemed interesting is all.

Usagi: No. It’s cool.

Usagi: Welcome.

Toxicity: Hiya.

Violet: What’s up?

Singularity: So. What’s your story?

Blackout: My story?

Usagi: You don’t have to share if you don’t want too.

Crucible: We don’t force it out of people.

Blackout: Actually, I’m kinda here cause of a friend.

Blackout: He was going on about problems in the system and I kinda started my own research

Blackout: Brought me here.

Brainstorm: independent or newspaper

Blackout: Where just students, dude.

Blackout: Though, I did have a few quirk related problems

Usagi: Did you get help?

Blackout: Tried too.

Violet: Let me guess. They told you you’re quirk was working fine right?

Violet: That any problems was a personal issue?

Blackout: How did you guess?

Violet: Cause I was the same. Quirk Counsellors are crooks.

Toxicity: Just like the people who send them

Usagi: Amen

Violet: Amen

Singularity: Amen

Violet: Jinx

Singularity: Damn it.

Crucible: Children.


Denki laughed. He continued talking with them for a while. Interestingly enough, it seemed they all had similar ideas to Mikumo about things, even if a lot of them seemed a lot less willing to look for reform and were just angry at being let down so many times. He decided to tell Mikumo about Venality the next day.

“ Oh. So that really was you last night.” Mikumo said, laughing. Denki was taken aback.

“ Huh?”

“ I’m Usagi. I knew the writing style reminded me of something. I was worried to ask in case I was wrong.”

“ Wait, but I though Usagi was…” Denki cut himself off. Mikumo was smirking again.

“ Come with me after school. There’s someone I want you to meet. I think it’ll help you understand everything a lot better.” Perhaps Denki should have mentioned this to someone. According to Venality’s blog posts, Usagi created the site. But there was a problem. Usagi was Quirkless, or so he claimed. Mikumo, however, had an amazing quirk. He wondered briefly is Usagi was a shared account. Maybe with a friend or even his Uncle. That didn’t make sense either though. Everyone in the server mentioned they were in High School now. Besides, what reason would Usagi have to lie about such a thing? Denki was curious about who this person Mikumo wanted him to meet was. He trusted his friend through. So, at the end of the day, he texted his folks that he was going to hang out with a friend after school and went with Mikumo.


When he woke up, Denki didn’t remember the face of the man he had met. He didn’t remember his voice, the room they were in or even passing out. However, he remembered crystal clear the words that they shared. And it became clear to Denki what Mikumo, or Izuku as he learned his name actually was, was truly doing in UA. He wasn’t a hero wannabe with revolutionary ideals. He was a spy. A villain.

Before UA, that news would have shook him to the core. His friend? A villain? No way. He would have ran away. Found a cop. A hero. Exposed everything he’d heard and let them deal with the aftermath. But now? Denki wasn’t sure what to think now. Cause he knew everything that man had said was true from experience. People were abandoned or mistreated because of their quirks and misdiagnosed as faults when they really just needed a bit of help. He knew that. But the suggested answer to that was to tear down society and seize the reigns of power for themselves. A lot of people would be hurt in that process. A lot of people wouldn’t come out the other side alive.

It took a while to process everything before he even realised he were he was. A small bedroom in, he assumed, the Kamino Ward bar Mikumo or Izuku or whoever brought him too. He throat was way too dry. So he decided to move. Outside his room, he met an older man with deep purple hair and scars all over his body. Despite the appearances, he was friendly. He helped Denki to the bar, asking if he was alright after dealing with “the old man” as he called him. Apparently, his first meeting was the same. No real memories of the enigmatic man himself. Just what had been said.

He met Mizuko in the bar, who handed him a cold soda and introduced him to Shoto and Hitoshi. The other two boys were pretty quiet but Mizuko more than made up for it. Denki admitted. He was conflicted. Hell, he didn’t even know what to call his friend. He was pretty sure he could still call Mizuko a friend. He suffered a lot. He remembered him fully explaining his story. Apparently, Bakugo was more of a prick that Denki ever thought possible but that was a feeling he’d get to another day.

“ So. Now you know.” Mizuko said.

“ Yeah.” Denki nodded.

“ I trust you as a friend, Denki. That’s why I figured I’d give you the chance. If you want, you can join us.”

“ As in… this… what was it called again?” Mizuko hummed at the question.

“ So far all we have is ‘League’ as a definite. League of what, we don’t know. It’s the only word any of us could agree on.”

“ Right, so this League. You’re… villains right?”

“ That’s how the world would class us as.” Shoto agreed.

“ I… think that should bother me far more than it should.”

“ Probably.” Hitoshi nodded.

 “ But it doesn’t?”

“ No. It doesn’t.” Denki sighed. Then he looked up. Mizuko was smirking. Denki could only chuckle upon seeing it. That boy was crafty. And, admittedly, Denki was alright with that. The clown had haunted his life. But, where everyone laughed at him and gave the clown life, Mizuko had seen that he needed help. And he helped him. The clown was dead. Now, there was only Denki Kaminari. And he made his choice. Perhaps this country did need a jumpstart after all.

Chapter Text

All For One sat back, watching the surveillance footage of his Kamino base, home of Tomura’s League. He watched Izuku and his friends talk at their usual corner table, Tomura sitting at the bar with Touya Todoroki and Himiko Toga, Kurogiri serving him a drink. He grinned. “ You know, Kyudai. With his knowledge, skill and charisma, Izuku Midoriya could have made a great hero, with or without a quirk. He could have easily reached the heights of popularity and reformed this corrupt world in any way he wished. He could have completely cut down openings men like me use to recruit innocent people into villainy. He could have made Quirkless people seen as more equal in society. He could have even torn down the Hero Commission and reformed it should he have wished.” Beside him, the doctor raised a sceptical eyebrow

“ You believe so, sir?”

“ Look what he did with a new found purpose and a laptop." All For One grinned. "He brought together 6 people, betrayed and broken by the system and, knowingly or not, turned them down a path they can never return from. He’s the perfect strategist for my successor.” All For One chuckled. “ And I have All Might to thank for it. Now isn’t that ironic?”


" An attack on UA? Ain’t it a little early for that, Mizuku?” Denki asked. Izuku shrugged.

“ Maybe. But we’re not trying to win. Just trying to shake things up a little.” Izuku leaned in. “ We’re looking for one thing. A time when All Might is in the lesson is the major point. Preferably in one of the larger facilities, like Ground Epsilon. Somewhere far away from the campus so it takes a bit for other teachers to reach us.”

" So when?” Shoto asked

“ No idea.”

“ Huh?” Toru’s eyes widened in surprise. “ What do you mean you have no idea. You’re in the hero course.”

“ Yeah, that’s true.” Denki shrugged. “ But all we know is lessons. We don’t know lesson plans till the day.”

“ That’s the problem. Without lesson plans, we can’t plan an attack accurately.”

“ So. How do we get it?” Mina asked. Izuku smirked.

“ Toru.” Everyone turned to look at the girl. Toru looked nervous.

 “ H-Huh? Me?!”

“ Yep. You’re perfect for this mission.” Izuku nodded. “ If you can get into the staff room, you can download the lesson plans for the whole semester from Eraserhead's computer.”

“ Yeah, but don’t they have scanners?” Toru asked, timidly.

" At the front gate.” Ochako nodded. “ We have to keep our ID on us at all times or the intruder alarms go off. If someone enters late without one.”

“ Oh, I have a plan for that too.” Izuku looked over to Mina. The girl grinned.

“ So. Are we on?”

“ Yep. I’ll leave the next stage of the plan to you and Toga, Mina.” Mina giggled excitedly. The others looked at each other in confusion. Seems like he was up to no good again. Denki smiled. Then again, when were they ever up to any good in the first place. He could get used to this.


Dressed up like an unassuming intern, complete with red cap covering her horns and oversized dungarees, Mina walked through the lobby of Juko News. In front of her, dressed in a nice suit and disguised as a freelance journalist she swiped some blood from earlier in the week, was Himiko, marching towards the chief editors room like she owned the place. No-one dared stop her as she burst in the room. “ Tell me where the Editor-in-Chief of Juko news is.” She declared. The two people in the room stood up in shock.

“ What the..” One of them, a large boned man with dark haired tied back in a bun cried in surprise.“ Mister Tokuda?”

“ Same place as always, Taneo.” A red haired woman in a striped shirt grumbled.

“ Ah. You’re here. Perfect.” Himiko gave a coy smile.

“ You didn’t call ahead.”

“ Yeah, well. This is really recent news. Figured I’d share it with you before others caught wind of it.”

“ I see.” The Editor-in-chief glanced up at Mina. “ New intern? What happened to the other one?”

“ Eh. You know how it is.” Himiko shrugged. “ Some people don’t have what it takes.”

“ Ha. I get that. Never took you as the type to drop people that fast though. Ah well.” The Editor sat up. “ What’s your news?”

“ So, you know how All Might’s in town. Has been for a few months now.”

“ Yeah. Almost a year. Figured he just moved out here. Why?”

“ I know why he’s here.” This caught her attention. Himiko grinned. “ He’s teaching.”

“ What? Seriously?” 

“ Yeah. Here. From an informant in the school.” Himiko fished some pictures from the jacket she was wearing and tossed them on the table. Three photos secretly taken by Izuku just for this moment. Mina suppressed a smirk as the Editor-in-Chief gasped, grabbing a photo and looking at it intensely. Hook, Line and Sinker.

“ Are these real?”

“ Real as ever. As you can see, he’s a heroics course teacher at UA high.” HImiko placed her hands in her pockets. “ So, how much will this get me?”

“ For this scoop, 20,000 Yen. For following up on it-”

“ As much as I’d love to, my sis’ getting married, so I’ll be heading down to Kyushu for a few weeks.”

“ You have a sister?”

“ Hey. I don’t share all my private details with you.”

“ Eh. Fair.” The woman stood up, beaming. She held out her hand for a handshake. Himiko accepted. “ Well, we’ll follow up on this. It’ll be a real scoop.”

“ Careful. The news won’t be a secret for long. If I know, others will too.”

“ Right. We’ll get a team ready and head- ouch!” The woman pulled back her hand sharply.

“ You alright?”

“ Ugh. Electric shock I guess. Felt like I got stabbed.”

“ Hey, don’t be so hasty.” Himiko laughed. “ Anyway, I gotta go prepare. I’m the photographer after all. Can’t be late to the festivities.”

“ Give your sister my best.”

“ Will do. Good luck on your scoop.” Himiko gave the Editor-In-Chief and her employee a lazy wave. “ C’mon, Li. We’re leaving.”

“ Yes sir.” Mina muttered, following close behind. They were barely round the corner from the agency before Himiko transformed back and the two broke down laughing. “ I can’t believe how easy that was.”

“ I know right? Zuku was right. These journalists will eat up anything to do with heroes.” Himiko grinned. “ So, how did stuff go on your end?”

“ Recorded and sent already. By tomorrow, I imagine every news agency in Musutafa and beyond will know where All Might’s hiding. This is gonna be such a fun shit show to watch.”

“ Hee hee. I know, right?” Himiko stretched. “ So, since we have the time, wanna do something?”

“ Business or Pleasure?” Mina asked slyly.

“ Heh. Can’t we do both.” Himiko smiled darkly. Mina nodded excitedly. The day wasn’t out yet. They still had some personal errands to run before returning to the bar. It’s not like Mina was going to share all the fun she and her girlfriend had after all.


Toru watched from afar at the crowd of reporters gathered in front of the UA campus at lunch the next day. It was amazing. Every major and minor news agency was there. Apparently a recording between the Editor-in-Chief of Jaku news and a private informant had gotten around, saying why All Might was in town. And everyone was excited to see if this was the truth. Toru was impressed with how meticulous these vultures were to tear into fresh meat.

She unseen through the crowd towards the gate. The outfit Giran had gotten tailor made for her was ingenious. It incorporated parts of her DNA into the fibre of the suit. When she activated her quirk, the suit turned invisible with her. The suit itself wasn’t much. A skin tight body suit and flat shoes she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing if it didn’t turn invisible. She had asked Giran to make a better design that she felt comfortable wearing visible as well as invisible for the real event, which the man agreed to do what he could for her. 

Passing through the gate, she heard the alarm go off. But, to the reporters, this was just a signal. Some of them came in with her, sending the entire campus into lockdown. Toru didn’t care though. It was just the distraction she needed. When she got there, because of the security alarm, every teacher was gone. It let her work without interruption.

Thanks to Giran again, Toru was given a hacking tool to bypass the password on Aizawa’s computer. Then she put in Izuku’s USB stick and downloaded all of the pro heroes files into it, removing it safely and logging back out. Easy. However, as she tried to leave, two teachers entered the room.

“ Geez. Can you believe these reporters?” Midnight sighed, collapsing to the staff room sofa and putting her feet up. “ Breaking in like that. I knew having Toshinori here was gonna be trouble.”

“ I’m more concerned they know he’s here.” The other hero, Thirteen, said, sitting opposite to her. “ Nedzu and the Commission went to great lengths to stop the media learning that. It just makes UA more of a target.”

“ Hmm. I wonder about that. Probably some of those damn vultures used a tracking quirks or just stalked him to the gates. I’m honestly surprised it took this long.”

“ I suppose you’re right.”

“ So, you’re taking 1-A to the USJ at the end of the week right?” This caught Toru’s attention.

“ Yes. They finished refurbishing it a little later than intended, but it’s up and running again. We have a lot to catch the students up on. Unfortunately, Aizawa argued against a joint exercise between 1-A and 1-B. Said the students weren’t ready.”

“ Psh. I bet he’s just worry Kan’s class will out shine his.” Midnight laughed. Silently, Toru opened the door and stepped outside. “ Huh? Did you not close the door properly?”

“ Huh. I thought I did. My bad.”

“ Eh. It’s fine. Just letting a draft in is all.” Toru grinned as she quickly headed through the halls and back out of the school building. She slipped inside a car Dabi had hired, threw on her big, winter coat to hide her embarrassing attire and deactivated her quirk.

“ It done?” Dabi asked. 

“ Yeah. I did it.” Toru nodded. She was grinning from ear to ear, her cheeks flushed.

“ Looking at you, I’m assuming it’s your first time doing something like this.”

“ Huh? Uh. I mean. Maybe?”

“ Ha. It feels good, don’t it?”

“ Yeah.” Toru admitted. She felt so alive. She wondered if this is how Mina and Toga felt when they killed people. Not that Toru could ever do something like that. Still, breaking into a secure place like UA and stealing secrets? Plotting the down fall of a national icon like All Might? It was exhilarating. “ I could get addicted to this.”


Shoto watched as Izuku scribbled down notes on his classmates. He’d spent three weeks learning about them, studying meticulously every tiny detail about their quirks and fighting style in their base, unrefined form. His page on his own bully was more than three times that of anyone else. From what Shoto had read, Izuku let his emotions run wild on all the ways to crush Bakugo. But Izuku also made everyone promise not to touch him. Bakugo was his prey. It was personal.

Shoto’s mind was drawn to the existence of a certain name on Izuku’s list. A name he knew all too well. Momo Yaoyarozu. The Yaoyarozu’s were a law firm that dealt with hero related crimes, usually defending them against quote-unquote unsubstantiated claims. In other words, they were on the Hero Commission’s pay role. Shoto had to wonder if Momo knew any of the sleazy dealings her parents were up to. He assumed not. She always spoke of them so highly. Then again, he had been forced to do the same. The question came naturally.

“ I want to talk to her.”

“ Huh? You mean Yaoyarozu?” Shoto nodded. Izuku hummed. “ I don’t know. She’s incredibly intelligent and resourceful, sure. But you’d be revealing yourself if she’s already in on it.”

“ I don’t think she is.”

“ How can you be so sure?”

“ She was the only person I could call close to a friend I’ve had in my life.” Shoto explained. “ We were in the same class. The Bastard dragged me to some of the Yaoyarozu’s stupid parties. The way she seems to idolize heroes and her parents. I don’t think someone that smart would if she really knew what they were up to.”

“ Hmm. You make a fair argument. He does seem way to smart for that.” Izuku agreed. “ But she also seems way to smart to be that naïve.”

“ You’d be surprised. She’s smart, true. But that just means she underthinks things a lot.”

“ Ah. Can’t see the forest for the trees.” Izuku nodded, understanding. “ I can see that actually.”

“ So?” Izuku tapped his finger on the bar counter before nodding.

“ I suppose you could if you want. There’s always the risk she tells other people though.”

“ That’s fine. I’m happy with being here. I’ll take the fall if this decision falls through.”

“ Then I’ll trust you, Shoto. You know Yaoyarozu better than I do.” Izuku gave Shoto an earnest look. “ I’ll convince Tomura to let you and Dabi deal with Yaoyarozu. Do what you want. Just don’t compromise us too much.”

“ Don’t worry. I know where I stand.” Shoto nodded. “ Thanks, Izuku. Trust in me. I’ll get results.”


Giran let out a heavy sigh as he leant back in his seat. Ochako looked up from the paper work they were sorting. “ Problems?”

“ I know I’m getting a lot of work from Tomura and his League, but this is getting exhausting.” Giran complained. “ Wanna take a break?” Ochako shrugged.

“ Sure. You’re the boss.” Giran took this moment to get out of his chair and stretch. The two headed up to the open roof of the Warehouse. Giran pulled out a cigarette from his jacket and offered Ochako one, but she held a hand out, refusing. Maybe one day she’d get wrapped up in some kind of moment and accept his offer, but not now. She just leant against the roof’s railing. “ So. How’ve you acclimated?”

“ You mean to being a Villain?” Ochako chuckled. “ Not the career path I envisioned for myself. But it’s fine. Working with you has been fun. And I think meeting Izuku at the Entrance Exam may have been one of the better accidents in my life.”

“ Heh. So this is all a happy accident?”

“ Heh. I suppose so. But, honestly, I don’t mind it.” Ochako looked up at the night sky. “ My parents are making good progress in that mall job. They always did pride themselves over being quick and efficient. A rise in Villain activity tends to mean more damage to property. If they do a good job, I suppose they’ll be called more often for that.”

“ So you’ll break the world just so your folks can fix it right back up for a profit?”

“ As bad as it sounds…”

“ Ha. What? Think the guy who deals shit to Villains is going to judge you for being selfish?”

“ Yeah. I guess you’re right.” Ochako smiled. She was nervous before, back when everything was first explained to her. But that feeling had long since vanished. Ochako felt free when she was working with Giran, Izuku and the League. Free to do whatever it took to help her parents. Nothing came before then. Not the world. Not the people living in it. Definitely not any sort of hero that would try and stop her. Breaking the world didn’t sound to bad if it meant her parents coming out better. Maybe she should change her goals.


Hitoshi joined the others in the bar. After a week of planning, Izuku and Tomura were finally ready to share their ploy with everyone. Despite staying only three doors down from him, he felt miles away when it came to what he actually knew. Shoto knew a little bit but it was nothing substantial. Hitoshi snorted. Trust Izuku to keep everyone in suspense. “I’m glad everyone made it.” Izuku said, smiling. “ I understand it’s a school night. Not every school is as untethered as UA.”

“ It’s fine.” Mina shrugged. “ I’ve skipped morning classes before. I can just lie in a little later and head in around third lesson.”

“ Huh. I never thought to do that before.” Toru admitted.

“ It’s surprisingly easy.” Mina grinned. “ Teachers never bat an eye of you say you were working late or you had a doctors appointment or something.”

“ Wow. I never knew.”

“ Thank you for your golden information. Can we get back on topic?” Shoto asked, glaring at Mina. Mina pouted.

“ Just because you don’t go to High School…” Mina looked over to Izuku and nodded.

“ Alright.” Izuku glanced over to Tomura. He sighed.

“ Kurogiri. Send him in.” The group looked surprised as Kurogiri bowed, opening a warp gate behind him. Out of the gate emerged a beast none of them had seen before. It’s skin was dark purple, it’s chest bare and just a pair of shorts and skull like shin pads covering its bottom. It’s faced was a bird like beak around sharp teeth pulled into a permanent grin, matching perfectly with it’s crazed eyes. Most disturbingly of all, it’s brain was visible, bare and unprotected.

“ What the fuck is that?!” Denki shouted, alarmed.

“ That’s an ugly motherfucker.” Dabi mused.

“ This is Nomu Unit 0185. Codename: Battalion.” A voice echoed from the tv in the corner of the room. “ It is the culmination of combining physical enhancements and numerous quirks into a single being. Think of it as a weapon. A weapon with power and durability equal to that of All Might.”

“ Equal to All Might? That thing?” Ochako gasped.

“ But of course. I’m not one to make things that are cheap in quality.” The voice chuckled darkly. “ I believe this is the first time some of you are hearing my voice, even if we have talked before. You may call me Sensei.”

“ You’re that guy who erased any memory of you as a person after I met with you.” Denki said.

“ Same with us all.” Hitoshi spoke up.

“ Indeed. I must apologize for that. As I am sure you’re aware, being the man who funds this organization and with a quirk as notorious as mine, I decided I’d rather be safe than sorry. So, since I was unaware if you were serious about joining Tomura’s… you’ve taken to calling it the League, have you not?”

“ I mean, we are a League of Villains. Might as well accept that fact.” Tomura shrug.

" The League of Villains. I see.” Sensei laughed. “ As I was saying, since I was unaware how you would react following our meetings, I decided it would be safe to simply erase myself from memory as such that no-one makes heroes or the police aware of my presence. However, your being here now and your actions thus far give me cause to trust in you all. Now then, Izuku. If you could.”

“ Yes Sensei.” Izuku nodded enthusiastically before looking back towards the group.“ The plan is simple. Thanks to the files we obtained from Giran, we now have 50 villains to use as foot soldiers for an invasion of the USJ facility in UA High School. According to the lesson plans set out by Eraserhead, he, Thirteen and All Might will be leading a lesson there in three days time. We’ll be dropping in on them.”

“ And by we, he means us.” Tomura folded his arms. “ We’ll use Kurogiri to warp in from Giran’s Warehouse dead centre of the USJ. Izuku and Kaminari will already be there, after all.”

“ I’ll be sitting this one out.” Ochako said suddenly.

“ Are you sure, Chako?” Toga asked, sadly.

“ Yeah, it’s for the best. Fun as it would be, I do still go to UA. If I took a day off only for a Villain with my exact quirk and features to appear in the USJ, it would be really obvious.” Ochako laughed. “ But have fun for me?”

“ I’ll make sure to save you a finger.”

“ Sorry Toga, but no killing.” Izuku said.

“ Aww. Why not?”

“ We’re not trying to kill the students. I might be able to get more on our side yet after all. Years still young, after all.” Then he smirked. “ The heroes are fair game. But maybe leave All Might for our super weapon, would you?”

“ We’ll have Hagakure drop in an hour earlier to get the systems in the USJ taken care of.” Tomura stated. “ Then, once the students are in position, we’ll have Kurogiri split ‘em apart.”

“ The USJ is split into multiple disaster zones. As long as we keep the students pinned down, dealing with the Eraser, Thirteen and All Might should be a simple affair.” Izuku shrugged.

“ You have other plans?” Hitoshi asked.

“ A few. Dabi and Shoto already know their role. Denki and I will join Hagakure after the class splits up. We can monitor the hero activity in UA from there. Everyone else, go wild. Just make sure the students stay pinned down. The rest will fall into place naturally, so long as their isn’t any unforeseen issues.”

" So, are we really going through with this?” Toru asked nervously. “ Are we really killing All Might?”

“ Nervous?” Mina asked.

“ It’s not everyone's hobby.” Ochako reminded her. 

“ What about Eraser’s quirk though?” Hitoshi reminded Izuku.

“ Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Izuku smirked. “ I have plans for that.” Hitoshi hummed. In truth, he had once been a huge fan of Eraserhead. In a few ways, he still was. Knowing what he could do, it made him worry. He also felt slightly sick on the idea of killing him. Hitoshi closed his eyes and breathed, calming his nerves. Eraserhead was a hero. Just like Mount Lady. If he was in his way to get to her, then that’s all there was too it. He looked around the room. Despite the mutated monster in the corner of the room, the room was a buzz with nervousness but mostly excitement. It was a strange thing being excited to kill a hero. And yet, Hitoshi was beginning to feel it as well. Their first outing as a team. Making their mark. Revealing themselves to the world. Perhaps the act was heinous, but Hitoshi was past the point of caring. He was going to avenge his father. That was all that mattered. Anyone who got in the way of that was just collateral damage.


Izuku laid back in the seat of the bus as it travelled to the USJ. The plans were set. Nothing could stop it now. By the end of the day, something would happen. Either a hero would leave the building in a body bag or their first plan would end in failure. Either way, it didn’t really matter in the long run. Winning or losing was secondary at best. They needed to draw some attention for the future. And besides, Izuku thought watching Yaoyarozu talking with Jiro at the front of the bus. Maybe there was a prize to get out this ordeal at the end of the day. He’d just have to wait and see.

Chapter Text

The drive to the USJ couldn’t have taken more than five minutes yet, to Izuku, it felt like an eternity. The anticipation was building up inside of him. He couldn’t wait much longer. It was getting harder to hide his excitement for what was going to happen as the bus pulled up for what was going to happen.

As he got off the bus, however, he noticed something was wrong. Someone was missing. Someone integral to the entire scheme. All Might was missing. Izuku racked his brain. That couldn’t be. All Might was supposed to be there. It said so on the lesson plan. That couldn’t have changed in less than a week. Then it dawned on him. He’d only half listened to the chatter of the classroom that morning, but someone had said something about All Might taking down a villain that morning. And, with All Might’s injury lowering the time he had in his buffer form… Izuku silently cursed. Of all the days.

As Thirteen led the class into the USJ, Izuku kept his head down as he tried to calm his nerves in case any anger he felt was reflected in his expression. Denki walked close by him as they trailed behind the rest of the class. “ This wasn’t part of the plan.” He muttered.

“ All Might was always secondary. But the fact he’s not here derails a lot of my planning.”  Izuku whispered back. 

“ So what now?”

“ We’ll keep to the schedule. If he isn’t already enroute, the news that the USJ is under siege will have to coax him out. Toru should already have control over the security office. We can’t stop now.” Denki nodded slightly. 

The USJ was far larger than Izuku had been expecting. Instead of one large area that shifted props and problems depending on the situation it was comprised of several, like some kind of indoor amusement park. Izuku had to admit, it was impressive. Seeing the various zones spread out from the stairs, he could only imagine what sort of exercises and tricks each of the five areas held.

“ Shipwreck. Landslide. Fire. Storm. Mountain Rescue.” Thirteen began. “ These grounds hold everything you’ll need to understand and perfect your responses to natural disasters and scenarios you’ll come across in your tenures as Pro Heroes. Welcome to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Facility.”

“ All Might was supposed to be here, but it seems he’s running late.” Aizawa announced. “ It sucks, but he’s an idiot. It can’t be helped.”

“ Allow me to say a few things before we begin.” Thirteen said, seriously. “ As you may well know, my quirk, Black Hole, allows me suck in and destroy objects and individuals. It is a quirk that has allowed me to save many people. However, it could easily kill people if I’m not careful. I know some of you are the same. While it is easy to forget in this day and age, Quirks are dangerous. One wrong step and you could hurt or possible do worse things to someone you may try and save. You’re young. That’s why we’re doing the best we can to make sure not just you but your quirks are ready. That is the purpose of the USJ. To make sure you’re ready for the all too real situation you’ll get where you’ll have to regulate your quirks or harm the people who need you the most. That is what I hope you’ll learn in my facility the most. That is all.” There was cheer of agreement from the students. Izuku remained silent. That was obvious. A quirk could hurt as it could save.

They were about to find that out first hand.


Toru put her feet up as she observed the entire USJ from the security cams. She took out three glasses she borrowed from Kurogiri’s bar and poured herself a small glass of Soda. Man she thought. What is with all those stupid outfits? Armour? Space Suits? Some of them are even walking around half naked. Ugh. These people must hate fashion. With a shrug, her eyes fell onto the console. “Let’s see. Doors. Doors.” Toru smiled as she found it, pressing it down. The doors behind the heroes clicked shut, locking. “And now, the first part of every good movie. The lights.”


Before everyone could even calm down, the lights above flickered and were snuffed out. Outwardly, Izuku acted just as surprised as everyone else. Internally, he was laughing. It was starting. His plans put into motion. Let’s see how heroes handled the plans of someone they scorned one too many times. “Hey.” Kirishima shouted. “ What’s going in the plaza?” Izuku watched as Aizawa spun around in panic. He took notice down in the plaza below as Kurogiri’s portal opened up.

“ Thirteen, get ready to protect the students.” The space hero gave him a small nod. First out of the portal, dressed in his usual all black outfit now just covered in a number of hands, was Tomura Shigaraki. Seeing them, Izuku never did ask if they were real or just props. All he knew is that Sensei had given them to Tomura after adopting him. Others quickly followed, many of them being villains Giran had contacted for this job. None of them had met him in person, though admittedly, that was the point. They moved to surround the leader of the League. Twenty Villains standing around. He assumed Kurogiri already had the others stationed in the five zones. The last one out was Battalion, the giant, muscular Nomu, before Kurogiri himself, retaining himself as a large black fog

Eraserhead’s capture weapon began rapidly flying around him, ready to begin combat as the villains began their advance. Tomura and Izuku’s eyes met. He raised an eyebrow, as if to ask where All Might was. Izuku shook his head slightly. He wasn’t with them. Tomura’s eyes narrowed in anger. “ Force All Might out of hiding!” He ordered the army of mooks.

“ V-Villains? Real Villains? Here?” Komori gasped.

“ How can this be?” Iida asked.

“ Thirteen. What of the intruder sensors?”

“ Of course we have them. However, it seems we’ve been cut off from the main campus. They won’t know.”

“ So you’re saying no-ones coming?” Izuku asked. Thirteen nodded sadly. “ No way…”

“ Hmm. But if that’s the case then, this plan was probably premeditated. This wasn’t just some hideout point before raiding UA properly. They knew we’d be here.” Yaoyarozu realised, shocking the others. Aizawa hummed in thought.

“ So these Villains have a way to knock out the security system do they?” He clicked his tongue in annoyance. “ Thirteen, start evacuating everyone. Get outside and try contacting the school.” Before anyone could voice any concern, Eraserhead leapt into action against the villains. Izuku watched as he erased the quirks of three villains and knocked them out in a single move. Thirteen began trying to get the students to the door. However, before they could, the second plan began.

Kurogiri warped in front of the escaping party. “ My apologies, but I cannot allow you to leave.” The group slid to a halt, looking up and the shadowy mass. “ It is nice to meet you. We are the League of Villains. Sorry to drop in unannounced, however, in order to remove All Might from the board, this was a necessity.” Kurogiri hummed, his eyes slowly looking over the students who were frozen in shock and fear. “ We thought All Might would have been here today. However, it appears someone made a mistake. No matter. I suppose we shall have to entertain ourselves in another way.”

Izuku watched as Thirteen moved to stop Kurogiri. However, before she could, Kirishima and Bakugo launched forwards. “ H-Hey!” He shouted. “ What are you-” Izuku was cut off by a loud explosion, making him flinch on instinct.

“ You won’t beat us, you bastard!” Bakugo shouted.

“ We’ll beat you down!” Kirishima backed him up. Izuku fought from sighing and shaking his head in disappointment. He didn’t expect any of his classmates to be that reckless. Then again, this was Bakugo he was talking about. As the cloud of dust settled, Kurogiri was revealed to be unharmed.

“ My, how dangerous. That won’t do.”

 “ Move!” Thirteen shouted at the two bots. Seeing one of her finger caps off, the two nodded before falling back so Thirteen could activate her quirk. 

“ My apologies, but I can’t allow that to happen.” Suddenly, a powerful black fog swept through the class as Kurogiri expanded his quirk. Even Izuku was surprised by this. As used to his regular warp gate as Izuku was, he’d never actually seen Kurogiri warp out a group this large. He forgot just how much Kurogiri’s body could expand for his quirk. As the gate swept passed him, Izuku found Denki in the crowd and nodded. The two passed through fog, teleporting.

“ So, nothings really going to plan, huh?” Izuku heard Toru say as he arrived in the USJ security booth. Denki shook the feeling of disorientation from his head as he arrived next to him. Toru poured the two a glass of soda each. Izuku took up a chair.

“ How is everything?”

“ Aizawa is handling himself pretty well in the plaza. Kurogiri took care of 14 students, though some got out of range. Everyone else has begun moving on the students that were warped.” Toru looked up. “ Why did you ask Kurogiri to scatter them randomly? You know their weaknesses.”

“ Cause if they put two and two together, they’d figure out there’s a traitor in UA.” Izuku shrugged. “ I decided to make it look like we don’t know what the quirks of the students are.”

“ Where the hell is All Might though?” Denki asked, annoyed.

“ His god damn injury.” Izuku grumbled. “ He got into to many fights this morning. He’s probably resting up just so he can make a fifteen minute or so appearance near the end of class. He need him here. Now.”

“ So what?”

“ Toru. Who’s left?” Toru brought up the entrance cameras. Izuku scanned over the people there. 

“ Let’s see… Well, obviously, Thirteen. But also… glasses kid, six arms, muscle man, tape elbows, ghost girl and that plain looking chick.”

“ Iida, Shoji, Sato, Sero, Yanagi and Kodai. Alright.” He thought for a moment. “ In that case, unlock the doors.”

“ Huh? Why?” Denki asked.

“ If Thirteen is as smart as I believe she is, she’ll get Iida to make a run for it. As far as they’re concerned, some villain is blocking their signals. They haven’t thought we just got into the security office and took control.” Izuku looked over. “ So, we’ll keep them guessing. If they can get Iida to the main campus, All Might is bound to charge in, injury be damned, instead of letting the other pro’s deal with the situation. He’s that type of idiot.” Toru smiled before nodding. She released the door locks.

“ So. Now we wait?”

" Yeah. We can sneak into the Landslide zone pretty easily from here, so let’s kick back and watch the show.”

“ Sorry, but there’s no sound.” Toru said, messing with the keyboard.

“ Where’s everyone?” Denki asked. Toru hummed, moving from camera to camera.

“ Ok. Sho and Dabi are in Landslide, Toshi’s in Fire and Mina’s in Collapse with Himiko. The students are scattered all over the place with 2 in each of the six zones.” Toru explained. “ Who do you want to check in on first?”


“ Hey! Is anyone else out there?”

“ Kaminari. Is that-” Hitoshi chuckled as the jet black hero student went slack, switching off this voice changing mask that Giran had procured for him.

“ Man, are you all that stupid?” He wondered. 

“ So. What are we going to do with him?” Hitoshi looked up at the trio of villains behind him. He sighed. How’d he get stuck in charge of one of the raid teams he just didn’t know. He hoped the others were having a better time of it. He’d already had to remove his jacket, sending it back to the bar via Kurogiri, just from stepping into the Fire zone.

“ There should be one more student here. Some kid with a big tail. Find him and take him down. Don’t kill him. I want another puppet for when All Might arrives.” The trio grinned, moving on. “ How do people have so much energy?” After a few minutes of waiting around for the few villains they brought along to report back and failing to do so, Hitoshi made the jet black hero student follow him before moving out himself. It didn’t take too long of walking down the burning main road of the fire zone to encounter the problem student in question. Upon seeing Hitoshi, the tail kid raised his fists.

“ Are you another villain?”

“ I don’t know. Am I?”

“ Don’t toy with me.” The kid growled. Hitoshi chuckled. If he wanted to, perhaps having another doll to use later would be interesting. But that wasn’t what Zuku had wanted from him. Instead, he just made a motion with his head. From the shadows, his current thrall leapt, punching at the tail kid. The tail kid looked both confused and betrayed.

“ Kuroiro? What are you doing?” The hero student, Kuroiro, didn’t answer, just staring ahead blankly. Hitoshi just laughed. “ What did you do to him?”

“ I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself.” Hitoshi said smugly. “ Well, Kuroiro was it? Deal with him.” At his command, Kuroiro sunk back into the shadows. Hitoshi thought back, thinking about what the boy called Kuroiro could do. Something about the colour black? He didn’t remember. However, he watched silently from the background as the two classmates fought. With a smirk, he thought back to the name he was called in middle school. They were right. His quirk really was the perfect quirk for a villain. He was happy to have it.


Mina laughed as she leapt backwards, spreading more of her acid across the zone while avoiding her opponents attacks. “ Slow as ever I see.” She laughed. Eijiro Kirishima grit his teeth. Echoing around them, explosions from Bakugo’s quirk and his angry shouts rang out as he was locked in his own battle with a group of villains led by Himiko. Eijiro had already dealt with Mina’s entourage. Mina flicked some acid at a nearby support pillar before flipping out of the way before the place crashed down. A few seconds later, Eijiro emerged from the rubble.

“ Mina. What the hell?” He growled. “ Why are you with a group of Villains?”

“ Well, my quirk always was scary and deadly, right?” Mina said nonchalantly. “ Figured I might as well stopped pretending.”

“ This isn’t you!”

“ Excuse me, mister most popular guy two years running, but what the hell do you know about me? Last I checked, we only ever interacted during group tasks. Don’t act like you’re my friend just cause we were in the same class.”

“ Mina…”

“ You know how lonely it is? Watching you all from afar? You boys being all rough and tumble in sports while I was forced to sit out in PE in case my quirk melted the ball? To see everyone having friends, elbowing each other and patting each other on the back while no-one dared even come with in a few feet of me in case I somehow melted their finger off or something?” Mina scowled. “ You had everything I ever wanted, Eiji. Awesome friends. Awesome quirk. Awesome prospects. I had none of that.”

“ You had friends.”

“ Could you call them friends if they treated me like I had some sort of highly contagious disease?” Mina grinned. “ But then I actually made friends who’d actually treat me like a normal person. They weren’t scared of me. They didn’t do what you did and activate their quirk before giving me a high five.” Eijiro looked guilty at the accusation. “ I have actual friends now, Eiji. I have a girlfriend. I’m actually happy. And you. You, mister more holy than thou thinking just cause you’re a hero, think you have a right to try and trample that happiness. Well screw you, Eiji.” Mina spread acid in her hands. “ I’m gonna melt you down to size.”

“ Mina. I’m sorry. I wish I noticed.” Eijiro said, getting into a fighting stance. “ But you’re in the wrong here. And as a hero, it’s my job to take you down.”

“ Then come on, hero. I’m waiting.” With a shout, Eijiro charged. Mina smirked. This was turning out to be a very fun day.


Shoto had one job in the USJ attack. Speak with Momo Yaoyarozu and convince her to at least hear him out. He owed her that much. She arrived with some kid with a stupid bandana in the area that Kurogiri dropped him off ten minutes earlier, already separating the two from the drop. As she landed, Shoto created a small ring around the two using his ice quirk, counting on his brother and the mook parade to deal with the other one. As Shoto approached, Momo immediately pulled a metal pole from her body and prepared to attack. “ Relax.” Shoto said simply, reaching for the mask on his face. When he was asking for a costume, he focused on two thing. Assisting the circulation of the heat and cold to keep his body temperature regulated while not effecting his quirk to much and someway to hide the very telling scar that covered his eye. Having something that so obviously gave away his identity wasn’t something he wanted. One day, he and Dabi planned to reveal everything. But the League needed to be bigger first. As his mask folded into the collar it was built into, Momo gasped.

“ No way. Shoto?”

“ Heya, Momo. Been a while, huh?” Shoto smiled. Momo looked shell shocked, barely keeping the grip around her weapon.

“ Shoto. But… I heard…”

“ I went missing? Kidnapped? Is that what that bastard started saying about me?” Shoto let out a dry laugh. “ Can’t just tell everyone I got sick of his bullshit and ran away, could he.”

“ What are you…”

“ Did I ever tell you how I got my scar?” Shoto asked. “ My mom poured boiling water on my face because I looked too much like him. That’s how far he broke her. He destroyed my brothers body until I came into being to take his place. He’s made my life and the life of my siblings a living hell. And you know why he can do that? Cause of your parents.” Momo gasped. “ I’d show you the numbers, but I’m sure you can find them yourself in your parents logs. You should do your homework, Momo. You won’t like what you find, but I think you’d understand my choice better if you do.”

“ I don’t understand. What are you saying?” Shoto sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“ You promise to hear me out? If you do, I promise I’ll let you and your friend outside leave unharmed. I just wanted to talk.” He gave her an earnest look. “ You were the only person I could trust outside my family before. I wanted to give you a fair chance. So please.” Momo looked at him, likely trying to scan his expression or stance for any sign he was trying to trick her. After a while, she lowered her hand. She remained tense, ready to defend. But her will to attack wasn’t there.

“ Talk.”

“ Thanks.” Shoto smiled. He was happy he could do this. Just a face to face talk with someone who would listen. Whether she accepted what he was about to say or not, that didn’t matter. He was just happy to be given the chance to try.


Izuku watched as Kurogiri swiftly took down Thirteen and Iida managed to get out. “ Right. I reckon, when All Might arrives, we’ll have 5 minutes. 5 minutes until the other pros reach us.” Izuku surmised, finishing his drink as he leant back in his seat.

“ Man, these hired thugs really aren’t anything impressive.” Denki sighed as he watched Asui and Koda deal with the thugs in the Shipwreck Zone.

“ Not like they were supposed to be.” Toru reminded him, watching Komori and Jiro deal with their designated opponents in the mountains.

“ Yeah. I suppose.” Denki agreed. That was when he noticed it. Izuku’s eyes furrowed, looking up at the small screen detailing Eraser’s fight.

“ Toru. Mid cams.” He asked. Toru nodded, flicking the camera’s over. The three gasped in shock. Aizawa was on the ground, his arm being mangled brutally by the Nomu.

“ Woah. What’s going on?” Denki asked. “ Aizawa is getting manhandled.”

“ Look at his other arm.” Izuku pointed out the revealed tendons around his elbow. “ Looks like Tomura was having fun while we were watching the others.” Izuku held his hand out. “ Toru. Comms.”

“ But what about Aizawa?”

“ I doubt he can hear us anymore.” Izuku pointed out the blood dripping down his face and the half dazed expression he held. Toru giggled before handing it over. Izuku put the earpiece in. “ Having fun, Tomura?”

“ Hmm. Oh, it’s you. I thought you weren’t talking to me anymore.”

“ Hey, it’s not like anyone can hear us.”

“ Heh. I suppose not. Still, I hear a kid got out. So it’s game over for us.” Tomura grumbled. “ Wasn’t Hagakure supposed to be on that?”

“ Don’t worry. I had her unlock the doors.” Tomura took a double take at that statement.

“ Excuse me?”

“ All Might’s not here. So, to get him here, we had to give him a message.” Izuku shrugged. “ Think of this as a 1-Up. A second chance. It’s not like All Might is our main goal, but taking the Final Boss out early is always useful.”

“ Hacking the game I see.” Tomura let out a dry laugh. “ So, how is everything in the other locations?”

“ Mountain, Squall and Shipwreck were always free wins. The hero course is finishing up and heading your way. As for Fire, Collapse and Landslide, our actually party is handling things well. I’ll have them head back your way when All Might arrives.”

“ Good. This was a mess, but at least we’re starting to clean up.” Tomura sounded happy. Then, suddenly, a loud crash eched from the entrance. Everyone went quiet. Toru zoomed the cameras in on the entrance as All Might stomped on in, throwing the jacket of his suit off and tearing of his tie. Izuku looked at him and was suddenly gripped by fear. Because All Might wasn’t smiling. He was always smiling. But not now. He connected his feed to everyone’s earpieces.

“ Everyone. This is Usagi. All Might has arrived. Return to the Central Plaza for evacuation.” He called before removing his earpiece. “ Toru, I’ll leave the rest to you.” The girl nodded. He glanced back to Denki.“ So? Back to class?”

“ You mean with… him here.” Izuku watched the screen. He swallowed hard.

“ Unfortunately.”


Hitoshi watched his thrall and the UA student fighting each other, neither giving each other time to breath. It was entertaining to watch. He was lucky he was able to control someone so easily able to avoid getting hit. Hitoshi had never really relied on his own physical strength. Against bullies, he used trickery to get out of getting ganged up on. In the end, heroes were the same. Bullies. Criminals. Whatever. And watching them fight was quite the spectacle. He was brought out of his thoughts by an explosion from the main plaza and a sudden voice on his ear.

“ Everyone. This is Usagi. All Might has arrived. Return to the Central Plaza for evacuation.” Hitoshi sighed.

“ On my way.” He replied before turning to leave.

“ Where do you think you’re going?” The tail kid shouted. Hitoshi looked over to see him leaping at him.

“ Kuroiro. Don’t let him catch me.” Hitoshi ordered. At the order, Kuroiro burst from the tarmac, intercepting the tail kid’s attack and pushing him back.

“ You damn coward.” Tail kid growled as Kuroiro began laying into him.

“ Guilty. But trust me. You don’t get far in life by playing fair.” Hitoshi waved at the tail kid with the back of his hand as vanished into the city line, heading back to the main entrance. “ Catch you around, hero.” Hitoshi figured he could make it to the zone’s exit before his quirk wore off Kuroiro. It’d have to be enough. Seeing All Might at work. He was curious just how terrifying he could be up close. Hitoshi smirked. He wondered if the heroes would like to see that side of him too. He could certainly make that happen.


“ Everyone. This is Usagi. All Might has arrived. Return to the Central Plaza for evacuation.” Mina’s head perked up at the statement. She sighed. She was having a lot of fun catching up with her old school mate, but all good things had to come to an end at some point. As Eijiro wasted time looking for the source of the echoing explosion from outside, Mina leapt backward, firing large amounts of her acid at nearby structures.

“ Well, Eiji. It’s been fun but it looks like it’s about time for me to bounce.”

“ Hey!” Eijiro stepped forwards only to immediately jump backwards as two buildings came tumbling down between the two. Mina laughed out loud. She gave him a salute and a sly grin.

“ Let’s play again later, Eiji. I’ll be waiting.” She broke off into a sprint. Behind her, all Eijiro could do was shout her name and try and smash through the rubble to chase her down. As she reached the end of the zone, she met up with Himiko being chased by the blasty prick Izu warned them about. Giggling, Himiko grabbed her hand and the two ran. They had bigger fish to fry.


A loud bang echoed around the zone. “ Everyone. This is Usagi. All Might has arrived. Return to the Central Plaza for evacuation.” Izuku’s voice echoed in his ear.

“ Well. Looks like times up.” Shoto said, putting his mask back up. “ Thanks for listening. Means a lot.”

“ How much… of what you said was true?” Momo asked, warily.

“ All of it. If you want, you can find out for yourself. You’re parents have records of past cases, right?” Momo didn’t answer. “ I’d check them out if I were you. You might find out being a hero is nothing to be proud of. If you want to learn more, find Venality. Stay safe Momo.” That was his last words to her before he burnt through his own ice structures and made his escape. Dabi met him at the foot of the Landslide zone.

“ All good?” He asked

" All good.” Shoto nodded. “ I just hope she listened.”

“ That’s not up to us. Come on.” Dabi smirked. “ We have a hero to meet.”


The final battle between All Might and Nomu was well underway when everyone met back up at the Central Plaza, with the two titans of physical strength punching away at each other. Asui and Koda had already been given the task of getting the broken body of Aizawa back to the entrance. From Tomura’s count, it had been three minutes. “ Hmm. This is getting close.” He muttered to Kurogiri, scratching at his neck nervously. “ Where are the others?”

“ All Might. Won’t you help me?” A female voice echoed.

“ Young Komori. Stay-” All Might froze up. Nomu slammed a fist into his face, sending him crashing into the ground. Shinso walked up next to Tomura.

“ Predictable.” Shinso complained. “ Should I finish this now and just have him transform?”

“ No. Let’s give him some humility.” Tomura grinned. “ Tell him to finish off Eraserhead and Thirteen. ”The next to join them was Ashido and Toga, explosions echoing behind them.

“ Incoming!” Himiko said in a sing song voice. Tomura growled.

“ You’re enjoying yourself too much.” He glanced over to Shinso. “ Change of orders. Make him tear this kid apart.”

“ How cruel.” Shinso said, chuckling. “ Still, knowing who it is, I’m sure Zuku won’t mind” Shinso sneered at the number one. “ Where’s all that fight gone All Might?” 

“ Vile Villain. I’ll sho-” Again, All Might froze. Shinso laughed.

“ Muscleheads like you just don’t learn.” He said mockingly. “ Now then. All Might. Get up and Smash this annoying, explody brat for us.” The three watched as All Might slowly rose from the ground. He took one stiff step towards the student chasing Toga and Ashido. Then another.

“ Young… Bakugo. R...un…” He gasped out. Bakugo stopped, looking surprised as All Might walked towards him, clearly trying to hold himself back.

“ A-All Might?” Bakugo asked in disbelief.

“ You’re so cool, All Might. Fighting against a quirk like Brainstorm’s to save one of your pathetic pupils.” Tomura began scratching at his neck furiously. “ You’re so cool it makes me sick. It’s why I hate people like you. You can’t just accept you’ve lost so you fight against it with all you’ve got. It’s pathetic.” The five Villains watched as All Might struggled against his own body. He rose his fist, readying a mighty smash and then…

The ground beneath his feet shattered as he brought it down. He panted as the spell came undone. Shinso widened his eyes in shock.

“ I lost control of him.” He said in disbelief.

“ What?!”

“ You… How dare you…” All Might growled. “ HOW DARE YOU TRY AND MAKE ME HARM ONE OF MY STUDENTS?!” Shinso staggered back at the angry shout, falling on his ass. Mina flinched at the volume. Even Toga stopped smiling, looking genuinely intimidated for once. But Tomura just kept scratching as All Might charged, only to collide head first into a wall of Ice. Dabi and Shoto ran over to them.

“ Bad timing?” Dabi asked slyly as All Might shattered through the ice. Explosions echoed behind them as Bakugo went on the attack only to be rebuffed by a plume of blue fire. 

“ Nomu. Kill him.” Tomura ordered. Immediately, the beast was back in actions, slamming into the Number One. As they watched, Dabi and Shoto pushing back Bakugo behind them, a voice filled their ears.

 “ The heroes are here.” Hagakure announced. “ You got thirty seconds.” Tomura’s scratching became faster. He watched as All Might turned his attention back to the Nomu. Around them, the mooks were starting to wake back up. One last push is all they needed. There were multiple loud thuds, like miniature explosions echoing from the Nomu’s body now as All Might sped up.

“ He’s no more weaker than ever. Did he lie to me?” Tomura wondered. “ Or is there something more to it?”

“ It’s his state. He’s currently as strong as ever.” Shinso reminded him. “ In time, he’d be weaker. But he hasn’t reached that state yet. I told you to just let me force him out of that form.” Tomura clicked his tongue in annoyance. All Might was shouting now. Random gibberish about peace and justice. It made him sick. He drove his fist into his Nomu’s stomach and blasted him through the roof of the USJ. Tomura growled.

“ Game over then. Kurogiri.” A black mist began surrounding the lead members of the League. “ I hope Izuku’s primary objective worth this feeling of humiliation.”

Chapter Text

The heroes were quick to round up the villains who attacked the USJ and save those who needed saving but the class was shell shocked at seeing so much destruction and the near death of two of their teachers. This was a villain attack. The type of thing they’d have to get used to if they wanted to continue in their profession. It made Momo nauseous. Not just because of the ferocity of their opponents, but of who one of the Villains ended up being.

She kept quiet about Shoto’s identity. She didn’t know why. She knew she should of told the police about that she knew the identity of one of the escaped members of this League of Villains like Kirishima had. In the end, out of the 57 known villains who had attacked the USJ, 7 escaped. Two of them were known criminals. One was Himiko Toga, a well known serial Killer however now they had a name to follow up on regarding her rumoured accomplice, Mina Ashido. The second was an anti hero activist known as Dabi who appeared a few years ago. Other than that, there was a warp villain, Kurogiri from what the leader had said, Brainstorm, someone who had a quirk powerful enough to control All Might himself, Shoto Todoroki, with a frightening dual quirk utilising both Ice and Fire, and their leader, Tomura Shigaraki from what the Warp Villain had said, a man who could disintegrate matter at a touch. There was also the matter of how they got in. What was thought to be a Villain with a power jammer quirk was in fact a villain who snuck into the security office and had destroyed the equipment before making their escape, meaning no-one could use the camera footage of the attack for an investigation. It was clear they knew what they were doing.

Momo sat in her seat in class thinking about the whole ordeal. She didn’t know what to think. Nowhere felt safe anymore. She expected a Villain to pop out in UA any moment. It didn’t feel over. She thought back to everything Shoto had told her. The Hero Commission’s corruption and hiding things. Hero lawsuits that her parents dealt with behind the scenes. Endeavours abuse. Everything didn’t feel real. “ Yaoyorozu?” Momo jumped at the voice. She looked up sharply to see Akitani looking at her with a concerned look. “ Are you alright?”

“ Oh. Yeah. I’m fine.”

“ It’s fine to say no, you know? I don’t think anyone is alright after today.” Momo looked down at her desk.

“ Yeah. You’re right.” She glanced back up. “ Where were you and Kaminari by the way? You just seemed to show up when the heroes arrived?”

“Oh that.” Akitani laughed. “ There’s an underground series of warehouses and corridors where they have all the equipment and stuff. We got thrown down there. Whoever hacked the security systems activated some of the robots we fought at the Entrance Exam. Between that and the entire place being maze like, it was a miracle we found each other let alone an exit.”

“ Oh. Right. I see.” Momo said.

“ You were in Landslide right? I heard from Awase that you got trapped in by a Villain. That must have been scary.”

“ Yeah. It was.” But not for the reason Akitani probably expected. “ Can we… not talk about it?”

“ Oh. Sorry.”

“ It’s fine. Anyway, I’m going to go home. I’ll… see you later.”

“ Right. See you, Yaoyorozu. Stay safe.” She nodded before heading home. Even still, the USJ never left her mind. Neither did Shoto’s words. She had three days off to recover from the USJ. She had a lot of time to think about it.


Momo knew she shouldn’t be doing this. Her parents never let her into the study. When she was young, she was always amazed by the thought of what wonderful treasures could be hidden away in the walls of bookshelves. Nowadays, she knew that most of them were just records and law books. She’d asked her father about a year ago and that’s what he told her. She admittedly never really cared about her parents jobs. Because of their jobs, she met a lot of pro heroes, which got her on her current path.

And yet, here she was at 1AM at night. She couldn’t sleep. She left it alone for a day but Shoto’s words kept running through her head over and over. She looked into it online too. She found a lot of lawsuits in papers she’d never heard of in years. Endeavour. Mount Lady. Edgeshot. Ryuko.

Midnight. That one hurt. It had been that very hero that had put her up for recommendation in the first place. Said she had spunk. Talent. She could do anything she put her mind too. According to the papers, she had far too many sexual allegations. The amount that would bury a politician or movie star.

All Might having lawsuits was a strange thing to wrap her head around. The man just saved the lives of her, her classmates and two of her teachers yet there he was. Not as many as the likes of Endeavour or Midnight, but there was several for him too, mostly regarding damaged property or near lethal assault on petty thieves.

It wasn’t all her parents, of course. Some agencies had their own personal lawyers and their were other agencies who specialised in hero law. However, out of all of them, the Yaoyarozu’s were one of if not the most known of these. They’d earned a reputation as an iron stalwart that defended the heroes of justice in the courtroom like those heroes did out in the streets. As a child, she was proud to share the name. It was like a fairy tale to be attributed so this entity that was like a faithful knight or a prince charming or whatever.

That childish sense of wonder hadn’t stopped her from creating a key with her quirk and breaking into her parents study. It had given her pause but it hadn’t stopped her. She needed to know if what Shoto was saying was true. She quietly shut the door behind her and locked it again before turning her attention to the books and papers in the room, using the dimmed light of her phone to read. Most were harmless enough. Just a bunch of useless law books, as her father had once stated. Some were just data records. Not much information from those. Most were harmless. Most.

She unlocked the draws of her fathers desk with a lock pick set and got to work reading what was inside. One of small diaries in there was a bunch of payment logs. Most of them came from the Hero Commission. Very large sums at that. She initially wrote it off as a general payment for heroes who could afford to pay legal fees. Small time people like Manual and the like. Then she found the other book a few draws down and everything she read online, the payments and even the data log made too much sense. 

The money from the Hero Commission was compensation with a little extra. Compensation for bribery, forgery and anything else they needed to have made to make heroes come out of a legal case. Comparing the data log, business history record, payment transaction record and old stories online, she was able to make a pretty comprehensive list of everything her parents had been involved with over the years. Some increasingly shady law suits in certain heroes involving destruction of property and harm to civilians. Momo wasn’t surprised to see Endeavour and Mount Lady’s names propping up a lot in those cases. The Hero Commission simply couldn’t let heroes be seen as having any kind of faults, so these law suits always came up in their favour. Forging of evidence and bribing of judges at best. The hostile takeover and forcible shutting down of news companies and the silencing of reporters at worse. And it could all be sourced back to two groups. The Hero Commission and her parents.

Momo was left feeling cold and sick. She replaced the documents and left the room, wishing she’d never entered. It was 4AM when she returned to her room but she didn’t sleep. She tried but her mind was overflowing with the consequences of the knowledge she’d gained. Her parents were criminals. Corrupt lawyers facilitated by the Hero Commission itself. The very Commission she would eventually work for. The heroes she idolized and met? Broken the law more times than she could bare to count. And Shoto… Shoto, the Villain who attacked the USJ. He was right. She remembered his last words to her before he left her in the Landslide Zone. “Seek Venality.” Momo’s thoughts froze at the reminder. She went for her computer.

Venality. The idea of being willing to be corrupt or immoral for money or other payment. It became quickly apparent to her that Shoto hadn’t meant the meaning was about the League of Villains but rather those they opposed. It took her almost all day of following various avenues of reasoning and, admittedly, passing out from exhaustion around 8AM to reach what Shoto actually meant for her to find. It was pretty hard to find, being buried ten or so pages down in the search engine, but she eventually found a small blog called Venality. A blog for those suffering under saviours. It was a bit on the nose, but she empathised with those who had already found solace from the blog. But the names of those on the blog? Toxicity outright called herself Mina, Crucible was obviously Shoto from the story and Brainstorm’s quirk matched perfectly with the Villain who brainwashed Kuroiro and tried to do the same to All Might. It was clear what this actually was. Even if all the League wasn’t on here, some if not all of them were part of it. This was what Shoto wanted her to find. The second she noticed activity, she made an account and talked.


-Forge has Entered the Chat-

Usagi: Hey. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new member.

Forge: I know who you are.

Usagi: I’m sorry I don’t follow.

Forge: The League of Villains.

Forge: I know it’s you.


She didn’t know what to expect from being so forwards. Frankly, she didn’t care. She was sick of being scared and worried. In the last few days, everything she knew seemed to be flipped on its head. She didn’t know what she knew anymore. This blog was her last line of inquiry. So she was going all in. She was surprised at Usagi’s next message.


Usagi: Momo Yaoyorozu. Not gonna lie. Didn’t actually think you’d show up.

Usagi: Didn’t seem the type.

Forge: And what do you know about me?

Usagi: More than you think I do, believe me.

Usagi: Even if you don’t know it, we’ve actually met a few times before.

Usagi: I didn’t think you’d go along with all of this, but Shoto insisted we try.

Forge: I’m not going along with anything.

Usagi: Sure you’re not.

Usagi: So Wanna meet up?

Forge: What?

Usagi: You want answers. I can do you one better.

Usagi: I can introduce you to the entire League.

Forge: You’re lying

Usagi: What reason do I have to lie?

Usagi: You came here of your own free will. I’d rather not explain what you want to know on something as easily accessible as the internet.

Usagi: You’re choice.


She shouldn’t. She really shouldn’t. Trespassing in her father’s study was one thing but meeting with Villains? Villains who had tried to kill her not three days earlier? She shouldn’t. But she wanted to know. Needed to know. She’d risked a lot to get this far. Wasted too much time. Learned too much cursed knowledge. She needed closure. So she agreed.


Shoto met her outside a barber shop in Yokohama City and silently led her to a bar around back. Momo kept her head down. It felt wrong interacting with known Villains. And yet, here she was regardless. The warp gate villain welcomed the two in, now dressed in a bar tenders suit that seemed out of place from what she saw of him a few days prior when he teleported her across the entire length of the USJ. Thinking back, he did have that sort of polite, servile way of speaking she had grown used to in her household. She didn’t say anything to his greeting. Shoto simply gave him a kind smile and a nod before leading her around back. He knocked on one of the doors along the corridor behind the bar and let Momo in.

Momo glanced around the room. It was simple. A bed. A desk with a laptop open on it. Wardrobe. A completely loaded bookshelf. A TV attached to the wall. A typical, if somewhat bare room. She expected this to belong to the head of the League. Tomura Shigaraki. The villain who destroyed their teachers elbow with a touch.  However, the kid who had his back to her was familiar in another way. He had dark hair, a small frame and was muttering to himself. “ Izuku.” Shoto said, getting his attention. “ Momo’s here.”

“ Hmm? She is?” The boy, Izuku, looked up. “ Hmm. Earlier than I thought. Oh well.” Momo gasped as the boy spun around on his swivel chair.

“ Y-you’re… Akitani?!” She exclaimed. Akitani laughed at her surprise.

“ Hey, I told you didn’t I? We’d met several times? What, you thought we bumped into each other at the mall or something?” He asked slyly.

“ I… I never thought-”

“ That your classmate would be a mole. No, I understand. Completely reasonable assumption. Though, come on. You had to find it weird that Denki and I just vanished for the entire USJ incident.”

“ Kaminari too?”

“ Not at first.” Akitani shrugged. “ But enough about that. First, let me introduce myself fully. My name is not Mikumo Akitani, as I’m sure Shoto probably made obvious. The names Izuku.” 

“ You mean... Izuku Midoriya, right?” Momo mused. She remembered the story from almost a year ago. It was a minor story but a child going missing was a problematic affair. She remembered asking some heroes her parents worked with about it, but all just said not to worry about it or that it was out of their jurisdiction. It was a case that everyone forgot but never closed.

“ Ah, you remember my case. That saves time.” Izuku stretched. “ Then let’s talk about you. What did you find?” Momo bit her lip. “ I won’t force you to rush it.”

“ Shoto was right.” Momo said sullenly. 

“ About the court cases?” Shoto asked.

“ Yeah. It took a bit of comparing dates and some online research but…” Momo sighed. “ Did you know about all of this? All this time?”

“ Not many people want to look into it.” Izuku admitted. “ But, no piece of data is ever gone for good when we’re talking about the internet. I’m sure you found that out, right?” Momo didn’t answer. Not that she needed to. Izuku knew.

“ B-But it could just be fake right. Like… I don’t know…”

 “ Vengeful families of villains trying to make up a story on a hero that brought in a loved one.” Izuku nodded. “ Some of them are, don’t get me wrong. There are false allegations flung around all the time.” He leaned in. “ But then why would the Hero Commission silence people?”

“ Defamation.” Momo said.

“ Yeah, that’s part of it. But they wouldn’t be so scared if it wasn’t a little bit true.”

“ Everything you read about the bastard is completely true.” Shoto stated. Momo didn’t have to ask who he was referring to. Endeavour was always a contentious figure. But he was a hero and a surprisingly intelligent detective. People over looked his violent streak because of that. “ I don’t doubt anything from what I’ve been through.”

“ OK then. You want concrete proof then?” Izuku hummed. He turned back to his computer, typing a way. Momo watched him rapidly switching through windows of his laptop, barely able to keep up with his high speed research. Momo could tell he was used to doing this just from watching his focused stare and his blistering pace. “ I sent a plan in a PM in Venality.” He told her. “ It’s Midnight’s patrol route for the last hour she’d working. 9PM-10PM. Tail her. She’s well known for trying illicit stuff on night’s she’s not expected to be working for a few days afterwards.” He looked back over to Momo. “ Will that do?”

“ And if she doesn’t?”

“ Feel free to do what you want with this information afterwards. But you know heroes aren’t pure. They’re as much violent thugs as a lot of Villains. At least we accept that fact.” Momo didn’t know what to think.

“ We won’t force anything on you.” Shoto said.

“ He’s right.” Izuku confirmed. “ It’s up to you.”

“ I’ll think about it.” Momo admitted. “ I’m still not sure about all of this. It’s… a lot to take in.”

“ Take your time.” Shoto folded his arms. 

“ Would you like a drink?” Izuku offered. “ We still have homework. I’d much rather discuss that than heavy topics.”

“ Homework?”

“ Don’t tell me you of all people forgot. Mic set us one about common sayings in English.” Momo groaned, covering her eyes with her hand. In all the excitement around Villains and secret plots and uncovering her parents dirty laundry, she completely forgot everything else involving school. Izuku laughed. “ Well, there’s a first time for everything.”

“ I suppose.” Momo admitted. 

“ I don’t miss homework.” Shoto admitted.

“ Just cause Dabi and Kurogiri are home schooling you.” Izuku pouted. He got out of his computer chair with a stretch. “ Welp, no time like the present.” The next few horse felt like a friendly time with friends at a café, doing a study session just like she had in middle school. It didn’t even dawn on Momo until she got back that she just hung out at a bar owned by a Villain with other villains. Everything felt normal. She liked that feeling.


She’d been doing a lot of things against her better judgement since the USJ. What was one more? Perhaps it wasn’t the best reasoning for stalking her former idol, but she found any reason was a reason she could justify that evening. Dressing up in an old big coat and a scarf to cover her face, she watched Midnight from a far. The heroine wandered around, keeping an eye out for trouble and greeting passer-by's in the street. The typical hero routine. Not everyday was nonstop villain attacks after all. Sometime, the best a hero could do is make people feel safe just by being seen.

In the initial hour, Momo assumed that maybe this was a trick after all. Midnight was just being her regular cheerful if somewhat provocative self. She joked around with people out for the weekend for parties and night's out before moving on with her day. Just the ideal hero image. In her thoughts, Momo lost her towards the end of the night. But she was sure it didn’t matter. After all, she seemed to be just doing her job.

A call for help distracted her. It was in an alley not far from where she lost Midnight. Perhaps the pro had heard it. The idea of Midnight taking down some robbers was something that excited Momo, so she went to investigate. What she found was not a man being assaulted by robbers.

It was a man being confronted by Midnight.

Momo watched frozen. The memories of the sexual assault allegations entered her mind. Over 50 of them from a number of sources. All squashed by the Hero Commission and dealt with by her parents under the table. She didn’t want to believe them. But now, in front of her eyes, it was happening again. Her idol assaulting a man. It was true. And if this was true, what else was true? What else was a legitimate issue just brushed away to make sure a hero could keep a good image?

Something inside her broke. Her actions moved faster than her thoughts could register. She didn’t realize what she was doing until she’d already slammed a created metal bat over the pros head, knocking her to the ground. She barely registered the mans thanks and him running away. Momo flipped Midnight over with her bat. The hero looked dazed, not sure what was going on. Anger built up in Momo. This was the woman she’d looked up to all these years. The one who put her on the path to being a hero. Who told her she could do anything. Just a common criminal. A rapist. She’d been lied to. Lied to all her life. She mashed her bat into Midnight’s head, knocking her out cold. “ How dare you!” Momo growled angrily. Tears pricked her eyes as realisation hit her. She smashed her bat into the pro again. “ How dare you lie to me!” She swung again, harder this time. “ All this time. You and my parents.” Again. “ How dare you make me think you were just!” Again. “ You’re nothing but filth!” Again. “ You and all of your type! Trying to hide behind the Commission so you can do anything you want! It makes me sick!” Each of a sentence was punctuated by a hit. She let her anger take over, swinging over and over for minutes on end til she finally stopped due to tiredness.

Midnight wasn’t dead. Maybe she should be but Momo wasn’t so far gone to become a killer just yet. Leaving her to die in a disease ridden back alley was already more than she deserved. A small laughed escaped Momo’s lips as she looked over her handiwork, a noise that suprised her. She felt light headed but other than that, she felt good. Powerful. She’d broken the legs, ribs and right arm of someone who very much deserved it. She dropped her bat, listening to the low clang as it hit the ground, delivered a last swift kick to the heroes side and staggered away.

She couldn’t go home after that. She knew, the way she felt, she’d probably end up doing something she might regret. So, instead, she got on the train and headed for Yokohama. Not half an hour after she’d finished, she half collapsed through the doors of the League’s bar, breathing heavily. Her eyes were burning, her vision blurred. There was the sound of a scraping chair as Shoto got to her side, kneeling down and putting a careful hand on her shoulder. “ Momo? Are you alright?”

“ It was true.” She sobbed. “ it was all true. Midnight… she was no hero. She… I couldn’t just…”

“ Hey. it’s alright. Just breath.” Momo grabbed tightly to her old friend, tears falling from her eyes.

“ I… I didn’t think I just…”

“ It’s alright.” Shoto repeated. “ Easy.”

“ She deserved it.”

“ I know.” Shoto nodded. The two remained in silence for a few minutes before Momo got her composure back enough to let go. A glass of water was placed on the floor beside her. She looked up at the bar tending smoke villain.

“ To help calm your nerves.” He said simply. She nodded.

“ Thanks.” 

“ Not a problem.” The man bowed before heading back behind the counter. Momo and Shoto never moved from the floor but they did move to a different part of it, just out of the way of the door. They remained silent, Shoto waiting for Momo to talk. “ Sorry.” She finally said, sullenly. “ After tonight, I just…”

“ It made the news, you know?”

“ Huh?”

“ Midnight’s assault? It made the news. She was rushed to hospital. Haven’t mentioned if she’ll recover.”

“ I hope she doesn’t.” Momo said bitterly. “ I… I couldn’t bring myself to become a murderer. But a part of me wishes I had. Cause when she recovers…”

“ She’ll likely go right back to her old ways, yeah?” Shoto asked. Momo nodded.

“ I’m starting to sound like Stain.”

“ Ha. Maybe. But the way I see it, that idiot just goes after people he thinks are evil. Bet he thinks that’s everyone." Shoto looked over at Momo. “ But you have the numbers.” Momo smiled lightly.

“ Yeah. I do.” She said. She had a lot of numbers. It might take a week or three to copy down the correct information, but she could definitely make a list. A big list. A list of people who don’t deserve their reputation as a hero. A list of people who needed to be brought down. One way or another. She told herself it was for the good of everything but, thinking back on how she felt when she beat Midnight half to death, a part of her knew there was a bit more to that. “ Will you help me?”

“ We all will.” Shoto nodded. “ What about you? Will you help us?” Momo took a deep breath. Three days ago, she’d have laughed at the offer. Three days ago, she’d have called in every hero she knew. Three days ago, nothing would have made her think twice. But nothing was as she thought it was three days ago. It was a darker world than she could have possibly imagined. There was no justice. No hero without it’s dark secret. Her world had changed.

“ I’m in.” So she’d changed with it.

Chapter Text

After the League’s first major outing, Izuku expected things to change. He was right of course. The news reported on the attack as a big assault on the heart of society, painting them as horrific demons and praying for the safe recovery of the heroes that had been injured in the line of fire. The attack on Midnight was associated with the raid, with some news outlets theorising that the teachers of UA were being targeted by the League. The last part, while an idea he’d admittedly not thought of, was wrong. Izuku was surprised that Shoto’s plan had worked. He’d clearly underestimated Momo’s faith in the hero system. But a new ally was always welcome. Especially one with such a powerful quirk, vast array of connections and incredible intelligence as she had.

The bar also had a new permanent resident, alongside himself, Tomura, Shoto, Dabi, Hitoshi, Kurogiri and Himiko. A side effect of the order to teleport people randomly that neither Izuku not Kurogiri had anticipated was that Kirishima and Mina would come into contact. While Mina didn’t care in the slightest, even going as far as it being the most fun she’s had in months, it did mean her secret was out. She had Kurogiri warp her valuables from her room to a vacant room in the bar, leaving a message on a mirror written in pink lipstick for the cops. “Catch us if you can” with a small drawing of her and Himiko under it. She’d shown the picture to the others on Venality, laughing about it.

However, other than that and beefed up security in UA, nothing had really changed. Izuku had thought it would have resulted in some new, powerful members interested in the group after such a daring attack or some new groups looking to provide them with resources but nothing of the sort came. It was almost disappointing. Apparently, they needed something a bit bigger. But Izuku couldn’t plan for that yet.

Despite the attack on UA facility, the faculty decided to go ahead with the annual sports festival regardless. Izuku didn’t know what to feel about that. On one hand, it was good to be able to get an example of the best UA had to offer for future plans. On the other, he didn’t like how they were prioritising publicity over the safety of their students. The Sports Festival was a prime opportunity for someone to attack after all. Tomura had suggested it. Thought they weren’t being taken seriously. Izuku was inclined to agree with the latter statement but still decided against it. Even being stealthy, they couldn’t win against the entire hero community. Not without higher numbers of skilled individuals.

The day of the announcement that the Festival would go ahead ended with a large crowd of students crowding the doors of class 1-A. There was an annoyed clamour from a few of the students in the classroom. They couldn’t get out while the crowd was there. The usual suspect decided to fix that. Izuku sighed as Bakugo strode forwards. “ Outta the way extras!” He shouted, releasing a small explosion from his hands. A few scattered at his threats but most stood their ground.

“ He’s gonna give us all a bad name at this rate.” Jiro complained.

" Leave him be.” Izuku said. “ Violence is the only thing Bakugo knows what to do properly. That and being extremely unlikeable.”

“ I can agree to that.” Yanagi admitted.

“ Man. So this is the type of garbage they let into Class 1-A, is it?” A loud, snooty sounding boy said before laughing bitterly as he approached the head of the crowd. “ How pathetic.”

“ Eh?” Bakugo grunted.

“ I’m just saying a class overrun by a group of simple thugs shouldn’t get their hopes up that they can beat Class 1-B.” The blond haired boy declared. “ We will crush you with every fibre of our beings. You utter useless weaklings will rue the day that you thought you-”

" Useless, huh?" Izuku asked, cutting him off, a dark edge to his tone.“ Your name is Neito Monoma, right?” 

“ Huh?” Monoma looked over at him. Izuku looked down at his notebook, making sure he had his data in order.

“ I'll take that as a yes. Your quirk is copy. It allows you to use up to three quirks of anyone you touch but only for 5 minutes at a time. In the hero entrance exam, you came 36th. In other words…” Izuku looked up, smirking. “ You’re a leech. Without anyone else to rely on, you become basically quirkless. In fact, you barely scraped by stealing what you could from others. And you are calling us useless? Sounds like you’re the one with everything to prove.”

“ Why you-”

“ You know, Eraserhead and Thirteen were injured pretty badly in that attack. Are you calling them weak and worthless despite their storied history? Please tell me, Monoma. How would have you done anything better.”

“ I never-”

“ Because, from what I’m hearing from you, a person who wasn’t even there and only seems to have basic knowledge of the event, you sound like your class could have done a lot better. So go on. Grace one as useless as I with such knowledge. I’m waiting.”

“ Izuku…” Momo mumbled, her tone warning him to stop pushing.

" You can’t can you?” Izuku chuckled. “ Listen, it’s simple. Prove your worth at the Sports Festival, Monoma. Same goes for the rest of you.” Izuku stood up, grabbing his bag. “ Talk all you want. Unless you can back it up with actions, none of us are going to take you seriously. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got homework to do.” Izuku pushed his way passed Monoma and the crowd, a few other members of the class happy to use the frozen crowd to get out of the rough situation. 

“ Now you’ve done it. They’ll be gunning for us now.” Denki said worried. Izuku shrugged.

“ What does it matter? We’ve got two weeks and the entire school database in my laptop thanks to Toru.” Izuku flashed his wicked smirk again. “ I’m pretty good at planning. Monoma calling me useless is something he’ll live to regret.”


Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye. While some of his classmates spent the entire two weeks training, Izuku mixed with a detail plan on how to deal with the quirks of everyone in Class 1-B plus some extra nasty quirks he found in the other courses. He gave his findings to Denki, Momo and Ochako to help them prepare better themselves.

The other members on the League were split on what they would do for the tournament. A lot of them just decided to stay in the bar, either out of already being known or simply not wanting to go out. The only people who decided to go were Shoto and Toru, Shoto wearing some sunglasses and shifted his long hair to hide his scar. Toru herself had been requested to sneak into UA for the Sports Festivals curriculum to give Izuku and the others more intel, which she did happily. Something about the visits had become a thrill for her. Before she hated not being able to not be seen. But now that she could freely become fully visible, not being able to be seen when she was somewhere she was not had become ecstasy.

Izuku had a plan set up for the entire Sports Festival, though left it up to the others if they wanted to got along with it. The idea was that he was going to end in the middle of the pack for the first round so he could move fairly unnoticed in the second round then purposely lose the third round during the second match, not reaching the podiums. Enough to make it look like he was trying but not enough to draw to much attention to himself. He fully expected the more competitive Denki to abandon the plan in rounds 1 and 3. Maybe Ochako would as well. Momo seemed rational enough to go with him though.

Izuku didn’t really pay too much attention to the opening ceremony. He sighed and shook his head in disappointment in the all too predictable announcement from Bakugo that he was the strongest there was and he would beat every single other student in the arena with a hand tied behind his back. He always was too prideful for his own good. At Aldera, it made him someone people hid behind. Here, it just made him a target. He ignored Monomas taunts as he headed for the starting line of the first round, though Bakugo was far less patient than he was. It was quite enjoyable to see Monoma steal Bakugo’s quirk and blast him in the face. That was cathartic.

The rules of the first round were detailed by Vlad King, this year referee. Usually, this was Midnight’s job, however, due to Momo’s handiwork, she was currently in the intensive care ward of the Musutafa Central Hospital having her bones welded back together. The rules were simple. Make a lap around the outer arena. The first 42 people to pass the finish line would advance to the next stage. Anything, beyond killing or heavily wounding other students, was allowed so long as everyone stayed on the path. As it was an obstacle course, random obstacles would be presented. Even Izuku didn’t know what these would be so it appeared they really were last minute additions so the teachers couldn’t tell favourites what was in store.

Izuku tapped the toe of his shoe against the dusty ground, waiting for the lights to dim down. From above, he listened to Present Mic and Aizawa ramble on about how exciting all of this was. “ What utter drivel.” He grumbled.

“ Mikumo.” Momo said beside him. “ Keep calm.”

“ I’m always calm, Momo.”

“ You don’t look calm.” She folded her arms. “ It’s Bakugo, isn’t it?” Izuku looked over to her. “ I can’t say I can understand having someone like that in your life, but I can tell you want to beat him. Don’t you?” Izuku focused on the lights again.

“ More than anything.” He admitted. “ But I can hold back.”

“ I hope you’re right.”

“ GET READY!” Present Mic shouted over the loud speaker. The first light went out.

“ Let’s focus on getting past this first. We can worry about Bakugo later.” Momo nodded.

“ HERE WE GO!” The second light went out. Izuku charged wind into his legs. He watched everyone else, serious expressions, ready to shoot forwards at the mark. The last light went dark. “GOOOOOOOOOOO!”


Toru and Shoto watched as half of the student body was almost blown away by Bound as Izuku launched forwards. “ AND THERE OFF! SEEMS SOMEONES A BIT EXCITED, WOULDN’T YOU SAY?” Present Mic shouted.

“ Akitani’s quirk is powerful and has a list of uses. The others should be careful around him.” Aizawa said coldly, his voice muffled by the bandages around his face. Toru laughed nervously.

“ He’s excited, huh?”

“ He never shows it, but in this case he has something to prove.” Shoto narrowed his eyes. “ If were competing against the bastard, I’d be the same.”

“ That Bakugo guy really is a sore spot to Izu. To unleash a powerful blow right out of the gates even with his plans to not get too noticed. He’s in two minds about this.”

“ That’s what worries me.” Shoto admitted. “ You saw what Bakugo was like in his little pledge. That must have hit a nerve.”

“ He really is something.” Toru grumbled. “ Pissing off an entire student body with a few words is a talent not many people have.”

“ And seeing as the person who despises him the most is competing…” Shoto stopped himself. Toru got it. She was a bit worried. The first time Izuku and Bakugo interacted in UA, Izuku lost control of his emotions. And this time, All Might was watching them. Judging them. She hoped the others would help keep him in check.

“ AND THE STUDENTS HAVE REACHED THE FIRST OBSTACLE! ROOOOOOBOT INFEEEEEERNOOOOOO!” Mic declared. On the screen, a small army of robots could be seen blocking the students path.

“ Those are the things Izuku fought at the UA entrance exam, right?” Shoto asked. Toru nodded.

“ Yeah. I got the designs with some of the data I stole from the servers. Despite appearances, their armour is really weak and their fire power is limited.” She explained. “ Still, someone without a physical quirk would have a hard time bringing even the weakest down. The largest is the exception to those rules. It actually has armour and, due to its size, it’s formidable in battle. I’m just glad I didn’t have to apply here. With the exception of Toshi, the rest of you could smash right through those thing but I’d be hard pressed to even take down one.” 

“ Stopping is detrimental.”

“ Yeah.” Toru agreed. The two watched as the students moved passed the robots in various ways. Izuku used Bound to leap from robot to robot, bypassing them by going over them and continuing onto the next length of the course. Some students pulled ahead of him by taking the more direct approach. Bakugo blasted straight through, using his quirk to clear a path for himself and, consequentially, a lot of others. Iida simply ran through using his quirk but had to slow down as the course took a sharp turn. A lot of others were able to either slowly pass by clearing a path or get around on other means. After around 60 had cut through, Kaminari short circuited one of the largest, blocking the path behind him.


“ The hero course should be familiar with those robots. Their ease of taking them down or avoiding them just shows their progress.” Aizawa mused. 

“ I can’t see Chako. You think she made it through all right?” Toru asked nervously.

“ I don’t think Kaminari would have blocked the path without making sure she got past.” Shoto reasoned. “ It doesn’t surprised me that the hero course is the main focus of this though. In reality, the other courses are just there to make them look better.”

“ That doesn’t seem fair.”

“ It isn’t. But what else do you expect from this society at this point? It's all about the heroes. Everyone else can worship them or hang themselves.”

“ Yeah. I suppose you’re right.” Toru nodded.


“ Bakugo is skilled and he knows it. He doesn’t make threats.” Aizawa explained.


“ Unsurprising really. Iida’s quirk, like his brothers, is built for speed. Akitani’s meanwhile is made for manoeuvrability. In a race, it’s reasonable that they’d have an edge. Just like the ones behind them in the top ten. From Sero’s tape to Shiozaki’s vines, a lot of them have quirks to help them outmanoeuvre their opponents. Others are simply just faster naturally.”


“ Stop that.”


“ What the hell?” Toru exclaimed. “ Is that… legal?”

“ Hmm. Seems Izuku might get further ahead than he intended.”


“ GO IZU!” Ashido shouted as the rest of the League watched the broadcast from the bar. For the occasion, Sensei had bought them a far larger TV so they wouldn’t be huddled around the small box they had before. “ GO CHAKO! GO DENKI! GO MOMO!”

“ Would you shut up? They can’t hear you.” Tomura grumbled.

“ They can feel my support. I know it.” The dust villain rolled his eyes.

“ Looks like they’ve made it to the next obstacle.” Dabi mused.


“ Is that even safe?” Shinso asked.

“ I wouldn’t be so worried. They won’t let their toys get broken live on air.” Tomura shrugged. “ Besides, it’s not that bad. Most of those brats can by pass the tightropes in a number of ways. Watch.” Everyone’s attention was on the screen. Tomura was provern right. A lot of the students treated the wires like nothing. Some, like Izuku, just leapt through the air over them. Others simply didn’t care and kept running over the ropes. Others still took a safer, more slower approach. There was a surprised gasp as someone from the Support Course shot into the top five by blasting herself through the Fall with wire shooters and jets. “ These kids are crazy and stupid. The threat of a little fall isn’t going to stop them.”

“ That’s super cool!” Toga cheered.

“ Izuku isn’t sticking to his own plan.” Some of the group looked up. Kurogiri, watching from the bar, poured the group some drinks. “ He’s broken into second place. This obstacle just makes that lead more obvious. He planned on staying near the centre of the group with the others. However, he’s chasing after first place with frightening conviction.”

" That kid in front is his old school bully, isn’t it.” Tomura asked. Kurogiri nodded. “Tch.”

“ He’s the one who did the announcement too.” Shinso said. “ Even I’d feel fired up to try and beat if I was involved and I don’t even have a history with him.”

" Izuku’s usual plans work because he can keep his cool around even the most intimidating foes or he isn’t personally involved with the people he can’t control himself around, like Katsuki Bakugo and All Might. However, in this event, he’s being faced with them both. I imagine he’s having to try and balance his anger towards the two with being rational.” Kurogiri went on. “ He wants to prove himself. Prove he’s surpassed his old school bully. Surpassed the incorrect expectations All Might had of him. Prove not just to himself but the world that he isn’t the worthless boy they thought he once was.”

“ I had no Idea Zuku was so caught up in all of that.” Ashido frowned, looking back to the screen with a concerned look. “ After everything he’s done for us, I forgot he has problems he has to work through too. Man, I’m such a shitty friend.”

“ Oh come on, Bestie. Don’t be like that.” Toga rested her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“ She’s right Mina. Izuku isn’t one to confide in others.” Shinso reasoned.

“ As much as he despises heroes and wants to see the world burn, he puts everyone before himself. He’s a suicidal idiot who doesn’t care if he dies.” Tomura folded his arms, leaning back in his chair. “ I hate how much he makes me worry. That dumbass. He better get his act together soon.”


Momo continued running, keeping to the middle of the pack like Izuku had planned. Unfortunately, Izuku wasn’t sticking to that plan. Denki and Ochako had also ran off who knows where. She made it passed the Fall with some difficulty. She’d fallen back to, she assumed, 30th. She aimed for the early 20s. Perhaps it was a bit stupid but the competitive air was starting to get to her. She listened as Present Mic’s voice echoed around. Ahead of her, some of the students had stopped again. “ EVERYONE HAS BEGUN ARRIVING TO THE FINAL HURDLE! WE’VE SEEN A LOT OF EXPLOSIONS IN THIS EVENT FROM A CERTAIN LISTENER BUT HOW ABOUT A FEW MORE? THAT RIGHT! IT’S THE MIIIIIIINEFIEEEEEELD!!!!”

“ Are you kidding me?” She hissed. It didn’t deter her though as she broke through the stopped crowd without fear. She quickly ran through her mind about the specifics of the item she needed to make before pulling a mine detector from her body and holding it out in front of her. At every beep, she side stepped and kept running.

Looking up, she spotted Izuku and Bakugo flying through the air ahead of the group. Explosions rocketed ahead as Iida burst through the crowd, the mines activating just barely too slow for him to get caught. Looking around she saw others. Class 1-A had all made it through. So did 1-B by the looks of it. She saw a few from the General Course, including Ochako, as well from other courses as well. The Support course girl from before speed through the arena, her hover boots making the mines useless. There were a lot of impressive contestants racing alongside her. But it wouldn’t be enough to stop her.

Suddenly, she felt a strong weight on her back. Her speed slowed slightly. Had someone used their quirk on her to make her feel sluggish. She wrote that idea off. She didn’t feel slow mentally. It was just like she was being weighed down. Like something was stuck to her… She looked over her shoulder.

“ Huh?!” She exclaimed. Attached to her back was a small, purple haired thing, clutching to her like a baby gorilla. “ What the hell are you doing?”

“ Catching a ride, sweet cheeks.” The boy said, grinning. Momo gave him a disgusted look. “ Like I’m gonna win without a lift. You see these mines? I’m not dying here.”

“ They’re non lethal. Stop being such a baby.” Momo growled. “ Who even are you anyway?”

“ Ha. Don’t know? I’m Minoru Mineta. Class 1-B.”

“ Ugh. 1-B again. You people just loving getting in our way.”

“ Hey, we’re not all like Monoma you know! Not all of us care about your supposed sense of superiority he keep parroting on about day in and day out! He has a complex! I just wanna pass this stupid round and you were just the closest girl I could find!”

“ Closest… girl?”

“ Yeah. Hee hee. Best there is.”

“ Pig.” In a swift motion, Momo shrugged the jacket of her school uniform off her back, already just resting on her shoulders so she could have access to her quirk more readily and leaving her in just her sleeveless shirt. She pushed back with her Mine Detector in a swift motion, pushing Mineta backwards. An explosion echoed from behind her, the force pushing her forwards slightly. She snorted. “ Serves you right.”


“Too fast…” Izuku muttered. They were closing to the end now. He was still in second place. Bakugo was right in front of him. With a bit more speed… He shook his head. Get control of yourself, he thought. Izuku landed, breaking into a slight jog. He couldn’t get too much attention in the next round. He knew that the next round was a cavalry battle. The likelihood is those who placed higher in this would find the next round far more difficult. He needed to slow down.


“ He’s probably hit his quirks draw back. He’s done well enough.” Aizawa said dismissively. He felt a slight breeze as Iida passed him by. A few others followed, the support course girl, some of Class 1-B and Tokoyami. Izuku crossed the line just after them, landing him a solid 8th place. Higher than he wanted, but it would have to do.

“ Iz… Mikumo.” Izuku looked over his shoulder. Coming in behind him was Momo and Ochako, finishing around the same time. 

“ Oh. Hey guys. Sorry. I didn’t mean to get so far ahead.”

“ No worries.” Momo reassured him. “ This is a contest after all. You deserve a little fun.”

“ Yeah.” Ochako nodded. “ Still though, I thought they were trying to kill us there. Robots, a big drop into nothingness and then a minefield. Are they crazy?”

“ No crazier than the other students.” Momo grumbled, rolling her shoulder.

“ Oh yeah. What happened to your jacket?” Ochako asked.

“ I’ll explain later.” Momo sighed.

“ Hey guys. Wait up.” Denki shouted, running up to them. He bent over, panting. His gym uniform was covered in dust.

“ Man. You look like hell.” Izuku joked.

“ Fucking landmines!” Denki growled. “ I was doing well until I reached there then… Agh! Man, I wish I could fly like you, Mizuko.”

“ I didn’t realize how effective my quirk was until I saw the obstacles.” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck. A loud shout from the stage caught his attention. Vlad King raised an arm to the screen. Faces and numbers flashed across the screen. The Winner was Katsuki Bakugo, followed by Tenya Iida and Shiozaki Ibara in third. Izuku ended up in Eighth place. Momo finished 15th with Ochako right behind her in 16th. Kaminari ended up in 24th place. Overall, all of 1-A got passed the first round alongside most of 1-B, with the exception of Mineta who got blasted back to the beginning of the third stage after his encounter with Momo and couldn’t catch back up, and a few members of the other courses, most notably the support course girl who had made waves among students and spectators alike and Ochako. Overall, 57 students finished before they decided to move on. Most gave up after being blown away or their path was blocked after the first obstacle. Some stopped due to exhaustion. Others didn’t want to risk a broken bone or several from the obstacles.

The next round was a point based cavalry battle. As Izuku expected, the places that everyone got in the obstacle race determined the points they got in this event. The lowest points went to the last place, with 5 for 42nd place slowly growing in intervals of 5. This meant, at eighth place, Izuku had a score of 170. Fairly high but not anywhere near the top spot. Bakugo in first place was saddled with a very rich 10 million points. Anyone with that was all but guaranteed to claim victory. So everyone would be targeting it.

Between him, Denki, Momo and Ochako, the group’s count came to 525 points. Despite being on the higher end of points to take, Izuku doubted that many people would be willing to try with the 200 point top 5 on the field. Even if Bakugo was terrifying, people would still be gunning for him the most. The goal was to end in the top four to qualify for the next round. So, the simplest idea would be to ambush others while they were hunting for the top pointers and take the points of the teams with the least score. Even if they finished in fourth, that was a victory. There was no seeding in the tournament, so coming in first likely had no benefit other than a personal feeling of superiority.

“ So, how’s this gonna work?” Denki asked.

“ I’ll be one of the… what do you call the bottom people again?” Izuku asked.

“ Horse.” Ochako said. “ Have you ever done a cavalry battle before,, Mikumo?” Izuku shook his head.

“ No-one trusted me as either part, so I always sat these things out in Aldera.”

“ Shame. It’s pretty fun.” She looked over to Momo and Denki. “ So, which of you two want to be the rider?”

“ Huh?” Denki asked. “ You're not gonna do it? You’re probably lighter.”

“ Yeah, but with my quirk, I’m better suited as a carrier. I can float the rider if needed.”

“ I’ll do it.” Momo said confidently. “ Kaminari can use his quirk with his legs if needed. I can do my best work if I have both my arms free.”

“ That makes sense.” Izuku agreed. “ You can make a shield to protect our points or a grappling hook to snatch points from afar. You probably are the best bet for a rider.”

“ Then the team is sorted then!” Denki shouted, punching the air happily. There was a chattering of agreement.

“ Oh. I guess this is a bad time.” The group looked over. Looking nervously at the ground was Jiro. “ I was just wanting to see if Yaomomo wanted to team up with me. Looks like I was a bit late though.”

“ Yeah. Sorry Kyoka.” Momo rubbed the back of her neck.

“ N-No. It’s cool. Good luck or whatever.” Jiro sighed, walking of dejectedly. Izuku raised an eyebrow. Was she disappointed that she couldn’t work with her friend? Well, that didn’t matter right now. Now they had a game to win.


The twelve teams gathered around the arena. Toru smiled as she saw Team Izuku together, Momo riding high on top, Izuku in front, Kaminari to the left and Ochako to the right. “ They look ready to go.”

“ With Momo on top, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Izuku trying to target Bakugo this time around.” Shoto mused. “ His quirks also pretty good for moving fast. Combining Bound and Zero Gravity, they can probably fly for the entire match. I’m more worried about the scoring.”

“ According to the board, our team has the fourth highest points after Bakugo, Tetsutetsu and Tokoyami’s teams.” Toru folded her arms. “ That’s concerning. They’re still a high value target.”

“ Even if most other teams focus on Bakugo, there’s a chance Izuku’s team gets targeted by those trying to take the outliers.”

“ So, it’ll be a battle of the Vultures between Izuku and others.”

“ If you want to phrase it like that.”

“ BATTLE START!” Present Mic shouted. The match had begun. As expected, of the 11 other teams, nine of them immediately charged Bakugo. Toru watched as Izuku went around them. He wasn’t alone in that. Team Monoma seemed to be doing the exact same thing. While the others were fighting over Bakugo’s points, Izuku and Monoma picked off the weaker teams to get themselves higher points. Even as they noticed each other, they seemed to share a silent agreement and continued on their way. By the middle of the match, most of the points were in the hands of both of them while the others went after Bakugo, who blew them back with quirk as Kirishima and the others worked on defence. 

Bakugo’s team was well synergised in defence. Thanks to Kirishima, Bakugo had a steadfast wall to work with. The support course girl had armed them with a bunch of tools as well as Sero being able to balanced them out of they went of course by taping and pulling them down to the ground. With Bakugo’s power, they were able to shrug off attacks from all angles. As much as she hated to admit it, Bakugo was good. As expected as the top of the Hero Course. He reflected everything wrong with the hero society they lived in. Loud, brash, flashy, always looking for a fight and willing to use others and ignore others as he saw fit. It made her want to see him crushed and broken in a pool of his own blood. She could see why Izuku despised the boy.

By the score update at the ten minute mark, only four teams had points. Team Bakugo, who was stating out of the way while keeping a hold of their winning number, Team Yaoyarozu and Team Monoma, who had more or less everyone else's points, and team Tokoyami who had been good at evading Izuku and Monoma’s joint effort to take his team down. At this point, it was clear to everyone watching that Izuku and Monoma were more or less just working together, competing to see who could get the most other teams points. From what Toru could see, it was a tie at the moment. With Tokoyami being the tie breaker. Toru could see Izuku’s frightening smirk from her seat. “ He’s getting competitive again.”

“ Ha ha. I’m just happy to see him blowing off some steam. He’s been working too hard lately.”

“ Yeah. He always seems so tense. He does his best to hide it but…” Shoto nodded.

" We all see it.” Shoto admitted. “ Even if he doesn’t think we do. He works too hard. I can understand why. It’s why I used to work so hard before I ran away from home.” Shoto’s eyes narrowed. “ He has a lot to prove.”

“ AND IT’S OOOOOOOVEEEEEER!!!” Present Mic announced. Everyone else ground to a halt. “ WHAT AN EXPLOSIVE EVENT! LET’S SEE THE SCOOOOOOORES!” Everyone’s attention rose to the screen. In fourth place, managing to hang on through the dual assault, was team Tokoyami. In third place, with only a few points less than second, was team Monoma. Following on from that was Team Yaoyarozu. Then, finally, against all odds was Team Bakugo, managing to keep hold of his 10 million points. Toru scanned her eyes over the score boards, eyeing the sixteen students who made it into the final round. She swallowed hard. This was going to be tough for her friends to overcome.

Chapter Text

Izuku and the others joined Shoto and Toru for lunch. All throughout it, however, he was wondering about how the brackets for the final round would look. His plan for the third round hadn’t changed. He would lose in purpose on the second round while not showing too much of what his quirk could really do. If he did that, it would make working in disguise as his true calling all the easier and he could continue as a mole in UA. However, one thing worried him. Bakugo.

It was always Bakugo. Every time he had a problem, it was Bakugo. During the first round, he got so ahead of himself because of what Bakugo said and the fact he was always right there in front of him the entire race. And Izuku just couldn’t catch him. Even now, even after he’d gotten so much stronger, he STILL couldn’t do it. Did he really have so much left to go? The prospect pissed him off. It was hard enough to keep his emotions in check during the usual Hero lessons when he was forced to train alongside his old so called friend. But if he was forced to fight against him… He had to take himself out of the contest before that happened. He couldn’t afford to lose himself. Not now.

Returning to the arena, his body felt cold. He was nervous. He had this feeling of anticipation that weighed down heavily on his entire form. He glanced his eyes around the other fifteen students standing in the arena, waiting for the announcement of the brackets. His eyes met Momo’s. She mimed slow breathing. Izuku got the message. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt as his heart beat slowed and his body cooled down. He just needed to remain calm. He just needed to stop thinking about it.


“ No. Stop that.” Aizawa sighed.


“ This is a joke.” Izuku grumbled. “ They’re making us beating the crap out of each other a spectacle.” Izuku already knew the students. Most of them came from the two Hero Course classes. Only two didn’t. The sixteen were made from the four winning teams from the previous round. From Team Bakugo, there was Katsuki Bakugo, Hanta Sero, Eijiro Kirishima and Mei Hatsume. From Team Yaoyarozu was him, Izuku Midoriya under alias Mikumo Akitani, obviously, Momo Yaoyarozu, Denki Kaminari and Ochako Uraraka. From Team Neito, Izuku’s rival in the second round, was Neito Momoma, Kosei Tsuburaba, Sen Kaibara and Ibara Shiozaki. Finally, from Team Tokoyami, there was Fumikage Tokoyami, Tenya Iida, Kyoka Jiro and Reiko Yanagi.

“ NOW THEN! LET’S SEE WHO LANDS WHERE ON THE BRACKETS!” Mic yelled. Vlad King ushered everyone’s attention to the screen. Izuku narrowed his eyes while scanning the brackets. None of them had been forced to fight one another. Not yet at least. Ochako was first of theirs on the list, match three, taking Sero. After that, match four, was Denki taking on Yanagi. Match Six was between Momo and Iida. Finally, match eight, him taking on Monoma. He looked around to see where everyone else lay. He silently cursed. Match Seven: Bakugo Vs Tokoyami. This was bad.


Match one was boring. There wasn’t really any other way to describe it. Kirishima vs Mei was a mess. Kirishima’s main weapon was his hard skin making him a perfect weapon for both offensive and defensive plays. Mei, on the other hand, did neither offence nor defence, simply preferring to dodge around the arena using her support items and then spouting of some gibberish about how great they are to potential investors. Izuku admitted. These support items were very advanced. But showing them off like this wasn’t fun for the audience or her opponent. After 10 minutes, Vlad King announced Kirishima had wn due to lack of action from his opponent.

Match two was marginally less boring. Kosei Tsuburaba facing off against Sen Kaibara, both members of Class 1-B and, as such, both peoples that Izuku only had minor knowledge about. According to the data retrieved by Toru, Tsuburaba’s quirk was Solid Air, which allows air he breathed to turn into barriers. On the other hand, Kaibara’s quirk, Gyrate, basically allowed him to turn his body parts into drills by rapidly rotating them. In this battle, it was a battle between sword and shield. And it was a completely one sided affair. As much as he tried, Tsuburaba’s breath shields couldn’t hold back Kaibara’s drill arms and it ended in a fairly quick and very effortlessly on the part of Kaibara.

Match three was one Izuku watched with more interest. Ochako taking on Hanta Sero, his class mate. Sero was an interesting person. His quirk allowed him to fire tape from his elbows. It gave him a surprising amount of versatility when it came to battles. Ochako on the other hand had gotten a lot better since the entrance exam. Thanks to her work with Giran, the amount she could lift before feeling ill as well as how well she could control objects she removed the gravity of had drastically increased. As such, this fight was the most interesting one yet.


Ochako exhaled, calming her nerves, as she stepped out into the crowded stadium. She wondered if her parents would see this. They’d been awfully busy lately with odd jobs following their successful and swift rebuilding of the mall she had a hand in destroying. A simple high profile job was all they needed for business to really pick up. She’d never seen her parents working so hard and yet she’d also never seen them so happy. Work gave them life so she was happy to deliver it to them when needed. The mall wasn’t the only thing she’d brought down for her folks to build back up after all.

She looked across the arena as her opponent stepped up. She remembered who this was from Izuku talking about him. Hanta Sero. His quirk let him fire sticky tape from his elbows. Niche quirk but when you just needed to immobilize your opponent, dangerous. “ IT IS TIIIIME FOLKS FOR ROUND NUMBER THREE! ON ONE SIDE IT’S OCHAKO URARAKA” SHE’S ONLY A GENERAL COURSE STUDENT, BUT SHE’S STANDING UP HERE WITH THE HEROES TODAY! AND ON THE OTHER, CLASS 1-A’S HANTA SERO, ACCOMPLISHED HERO TO BE!”

“ Sero’s quirk let’s him shoot tape from his elbows. If Uraraka’s not careful, it’ll be over quick. Her quirk, on the other side of things, let’s her remove the effects of gravity from any object she touched.” Aizawa said, sounding as bored as ever.


“ Sero has trained a lot as a part of the Hero Course. As a member of 1-A, he’s been through a Villain attack. Uraraka, general course student she may be, has already shown great strength to get passed a number of Hero Course students to get here. She’s an unknown factor, yes, but not one that can be underestimate. It could go either way.”


“ I’m being impartial. As should you.” Ochako growled lightly in annoyance. They weren’t taking her seriously. She slowly loosed the jacket of her uniform, pulling her arms free and resting it on her shoulders.

“ WELL, IMPARTIAL OR NOT, WE’LL GET OUR ANSWER ON THE VICTOR SOON! BEGIIIIN!” As soon as the word was given, Sero shot his tape out at Ochako, wrapping her up in a swift motion. She expected as much. As Vlad King started raising his arm to declare Sero the winner, Ochako removed the gravity of her jacket and shrugged it off, sending it high in the sky covered in the tape that was meant to bind her while she dropped to the floor and ran at the hero course student. With a grimace, the boy quickly cut the tape and tried again. Ochako dodged to the side, quickly releasing her hold on her jacket and brushing her fingers across the tape she barely managed to avoid, careful not to get stuck to it. As Sero tried to cut it again, she stopped him with a swift yet powerful blow, slamming her fist into the boys temple.

When Ochako joined the League and explained what she did with Giran, Dabi was surprised to learn she had no idea how to defend herself. So, together with Himiko and Mina, they taught her some moves. She learned how to be quick on her feet from Mina, learning how to spot someone tells and how to move accordingly. Most of this training was done on a DDR machine, which Ochako found both strange yet oddly entertaining. From Himiko, she learned how to use a knife and how best to hold and swing it to get the most damage to a foe while also defending herself the most. Finally, from Dabi, she learned close quarters combat. It wasn’t a real martial art she learned, more like street fighting than anything official. However, it was frighteningly effective.

The blow staggered Sero, stopping his movement and dissorienting him. Because of this, she was able to grab Sero’s wn tape, weightless and easily manipulated thanks to her quirks power over it, quickly bind his hands together and brutally slammed him into the concrete, knocking him out. Yet another move Dabi taught her. She wondered if he was proud. She stood up panting, pulling her hands free of the tape with some effort.

“ WITH A BRUTAL KNOCKOUT BLOW, IT IS OVER! THE GENERAL COURSE NEWCOMER HAS OVERCOME HER OPPONENT WITH A KNOCKOUT BLOW! THE VICTOR IS OCHAKO URARAKA!” There was a murmur of discontent before the applause slowly came. She wondered if it was because she wasn’t a hero course member but she still put down a member of the hero course or if it was because of how violent she was. She couldn’t say for sure. Either way, she left the arena with her head held high. She hoped she made everyone, both in her home and in the bar, proud.


The fourth match was Denki against Yanagi. Yanagi was a person Izuku had, at one time, considered trying to turn to their cause but wrote it off around the USJ due to how quick she became an acquaintance of his. Despite appearances, she was certainly a steadfast believer in the system with no flaws in her past or personality to exploit, making her similar to Iida in that regard, the other of his classmates that decided to initially hang around him. Her quirk was strong enough, though perhaps not in this situation. There wasn’t any rubble to fling. So long as Denki kept it that way, she couldn’t use her quirk at all. And keep it that way he did. It was a pretty simple finish to a fight. Despite Yanagi’s attempt to avoid the attacks, Denki’s wide range and high power eventually caught up with her, stunning her long enough Denki to shove her out of the ring. The fun prospect, Izuku found, was that the next fight was Denki Vs Ochako. That would be interesting.

Match 5 was Class 1-A’s Kyoka Jiro vs Class 1-B’s Ibara Shiozaki. From his readings, Izuku knew Shiozaki’s quirk was strong and Jiro’s quirk worked best with an amplifier, something she didn’t have on her. With Shiozaki’s quirk to create vines from her hair and sending them through the ground, Izuku figured Jiro would be taken down fairly easily. However, that wasn’t what happened. From beginning of the fight, Jiro was very alert. She plugged her jacks into the ground and waited. Then, as Shiozaki struck, she moved, dodging forwards. Then she repeated the tactic. It took a few movements to figure out Jiro’s plan. One wrong move and she was out. She couldn’t escape Shiozaki’s vines once she was ensnared. So she simply did her best to figure out where they’d come from and move to avoid it all while moving towards her rooted foe. She just needed to get close enough. Then, when she did, she jammed a jack into Shiozaki and unleashed a series of high frequency soundwaves. Shiozaki countered with one last strike and, though she grabbed her, it was too late. As she fainted, the vines loosened. Jiro won. Izuku raised an eyebrow. He hadn’t expected that.

Izuku looked up at the screen. Three more matches. Then it was his turn. But first, it was Momo and then Bakugo. Izuku bit his lip. He just hoped Monoma’s bite was as good as his bark.


“ LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! IT’S TIME FOR THE SIXTH FIGHT OF THE FIRST ROUND!” Present Mic announced as Momo walked onto the arena. “ AND WHAT A MATCH WE HAVE TODAY! AIZAWA! THEY’RE YOUR KIDS! HOW ABOUT YOU GIVE THEM THE INTRODUCTION THEY DESERVE!” An annoyed sigh and a slight shuffle could be heard through the microphone as Eraserhead got into position.

“ This match is between the two heads of 1-A’s homeroom. On one side, Momo Yaoyarozu, daughter of the Yaoyorozu Law firm’s heads. On the other, Tenya Iida, brother of the Pro Hero Ingenium and successor to the Iida family Hero firm. There. Done.”


“ You don’t pay me to be energetic.”


“ Exactly.” Mic sighed.

" Hey, Tenya.” Momo waved over at the boy. 

“ Hmm?” Momo took a few steps forwards and offered her hand.

“ No hard feelings, right?” Tenya looked surprised. Then he smiled and accepted the handshake.

“ Of course not. This is but a friendly contest.” Tenya reassured her. “ Please. Hold nothing back.”

“ Of course not.” Momo nodded. Both hopped back to their starting points.

“ LOOK AT THAT FOLKS! SUCH GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!” Mic declared. “ NOW THEN! AS WE ALL KNOW, THERE’S NO COUNTDOWNS IN HERO WORK! BEEEGIIIIN!” At the heroes yell, Tenya blasted forwards. Momo wasted no time, summoning a shield from her arm to block the resulting spin kick. She grunted at the force behind it. Nevertheless, she pushed him back and swung back with a created steel bat. After the Midnight affair, she had come to find the balanced weight of the weapon a lot more comfortable than the familiarity of her usual sword. Tenya leapt backwards to avoid the blow.

“ Not bad, Tenya. You’re just as strong as ever.”

“ And I’m glad you are not going to go down to my first attack. It has been too long since we did this, Momo.”

“ Heh. Yeah. Let’s spar Tenya.” Momo said gleefully. Tenya smiled confidently before rushing forwards again. Momo dodged and countered with her bat. The fight was completely reactionary based, with each of them matching each other blow for blow. Momo and Tenya had practically grown up together. Although he wasn’t in their class, he, Momo and Shoto all went to Soumei Academy, even if Tenya was in a differant class, but they’d known each other for far longer than that. Both Tenya and Momo decided they wanted to be heroes and often helped each other with their quirks, training with each other. Unlike a lot of other of her parents friends, the Iida’s weren’t villainous heroes. Over his years, Tensei had been in only a handful of legitimate cases. Most simple property damage, which he paid out himself as an apology. One had ended, tragically, with the death of a civilian by his own fault. He personally gave up his license for three years after that event and spent those three years working to attone before coming back to Hero work. Tensei was a good hero. She knew Tenya would be too.

After five minutes, Momo took a deep breath. This had gone on long enough. Pushing back IIda again, she quickly formed a large sheet and wrapped herself up in it. Watching through a gap, she noticed Iida’s surprise before he started charging his quirk. She knew what his thoughts were. He assumed the sheet was probably metal and she was using it as both reinforcement against his attacks so she could pull something large, like a canon, out of her body, as well as censorship so that she could use more of her body to do so without getting UA in trouble with television networks. Iida was going to rush in and break through the cover before she could.

However, that was what she wanted him to think.

As soon as Iida got close, Momo moved the sheet quickly, forcing Iida to run through it, before pulling, tangling him up. Iida lost control of his speed and fell, skidding across the floor and landing with a loud crash outside the ring. “ TENYA IIDA IS OUT OF THE RING! THE WINNER IS MOMO YAOYOROZU!” As Momo walked over to Iida, still desperately trying to untangle the sheet from around his engines, the crowd roared above. Momo smiled proudly before helping Iida with the sheet.

“ That was a dirty trick.” Tenya told her.

“ Well, we weren’t getting anywhere your way.” Tenya laughed.

“ Well played, Momo. I shall have to keep an eye out for that the next time.”

“ Then I’ll have to mix things up again the next time, won’t I?” Momo helped Tenya up from the floor and, with a laugh and a wave, the two left the stadium together.


Izuku knew how match Seven would end before the first match had even started. Bakugo, the walking fireworks display, was facing off against Tokoyami, who’s major weakness was bright lights. It was such an unbalanced fight that Izuku had to wonder if it was purposefully rigged in Bakugo’s favour. He wondered if this is why he was here as well. Izuku broke down last time he faced Bakugo. Were they wanting him to do so again? Izuku didn’t want to give them that satisfaction.

He decided he’d play around a little with Monoma before letting him stealing his quirk and beating him. He decided bowing out in a close loss would be better for him in the long run then losing his temper in a fight with Bakugo, win or lose. He walked onto the arena with this plan in mind as he looked over to the smiling face of Monoma. “ So. You’re my first opponent?” Momona asked. “ I was hoping we’d meet in the finals. Prove my self with actions. That is what you said, yes?”

“ I think so.” Izuku smirked. “ Still, I have to appreciate a guy who uses my tactics well.”

“ The Cavalry battle was fun. I’ll admit. You’re not bad, Akitani. But I’m still going to win.”

“ You can try. I won’t let you win easily.”


“ Both are strong and smart. Monoma’s copy quirk let’s him use the quirks of anyone he touches for a period of time. Akitani’s Tempest lets him generate wind in his legs and use them in a number of ways. As we’ve already seen, both quirks are versatile and both fighters are intelligent. It’s an even match between the two.”

“ AN EVEN MATCH BUT ONLY ONE CAN MOVE ON. WHICH ONE WILL IT BE? THE ANSWER WILL COOOOOOOME… IMMEDIATELY! BEGIIIIN!” Monoma decided against moving so Izuku took the first move. He blasted forwards with Bound towards Monoma. However, the second Monoma moved to take his quirk, Izuku used Air Walk to change his trajectory, moving through the air behind the 1-B student and kicking him in the back, sending him tumbling to the floor.

“ I’m not letting you take my quirk that easily either.” Izuku taunted. Monoma growled as he got back off the ground. Izuku didn’t give him a chance to retort blasting forwards again. This time, Monoma was ready for his feint but he wasn’t quick enough as Izuku dodged into the air above him and then shot down, smashing Monoma into the floor, leaping back off him. “ Done yet?”

“ Oh no. Nowhere close.” Monoma stood up, a cocky smirk on his face. Izuku noticed the air starting to build into his legs. Monoma copied Bound. Guess it was time to lose then. With a content smile, Izuku charged forwards a third time, ready for Monoma to counter. Likely leap in the air and crash down on him.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Izuku watched in horror as Monoma’s attempt to use his quirk back fired horribly. The wind pressure sent Monoma spiralling off in a random direction. Izuku mentally face palmed. Izuku had months of rigorous training to master Bound and had Air Walk to help control his directions in the air. Monoma, safe to say, didn’t. Monoma’s use of Bound sent high into the air before hurtling down. Right into the stands. “ NEITO LEAPT OUT OF BOUNDS! THE WINNER OF THE ROUND IS CLASS 1-A’S MIKUMO AKITANI! GUESS THE ORIGINAL IS ALWAYS BETTER IN THE END!” An eruption of cheers echoed around the arena. Izuku did his best to look happy as he left put in the inside, he was somewhere between incredibly angry and terrified. His next opponent was Bakugo.


The first match of the second round was between Kirishima and Kaibara and was a fairly even match. Both had a powerful offensive quirk while Kaibara was able to pierce Kirishima’s defences with his quirk, making them even on a defensive level as well. In the end, it came down to skill and even then, it was a very close match. They wore each other down swing by swing but, in the end, the victory went to Kirishima after a decisive knockout blow. 

Toru looked pumped up as Ochako and Denki walked onto the stage for their fight. “ Chako and Denki, huh?” She said, turning to Shoto. “ Who do you think is gonna win?”

“ Denki. Easily.”

“ Huh? Why?”

“ Ochako got lucky with Sero. He produced something for her to use. Denki on the other hand…” Toru hummed, realizing what he meant.

“ She doesn’t have anything to use her quirk on. Denki’s quirk doesn’t break the ground so she can’t use loose rubble link someone with a more destructive quirk like Bakugo.”

“ Right.” Shoto nodded. “ As I said. Easily.” Toru found herself agreeing with him.

The fight between Ochako and Denki was an unfortunate mirror of Denki’s fight with Yanagi. Ochako really had neither the means to deal with Denki’s high power, high ranged assault nor the ability to get closer by any real means. In the end, just like before, she was stunned and pushed out of the ring. Another concise victory.

The next match was Momo vs Jiro, a fight set-up that made Toru a bit sad for Momo. She hadn’t known Momo for long but she couldn tell she really believed in what she was doing. In their League, a lot of people had different motives and different lengths they would go. Toru, for example, really didn’t like the idea of killing but she would fight for her friends if needed and hacking was more her strong suit. Momo, however, for her ideals of being a punisher of the heroes who thought they could hide behind the Public Safety Commission meant she had come to terms with the idea she’ll have to kill to be that. Even still, she wouldn’t hurt good people. From what she had told her about Jiro, she wasn’t an entirely good person but she was still someone she’d consider a good friend which was enough.

Jiro seemed uncomfortable about the set-up as well. However, with a few kind words before the fight, Momo didn’t hold anything back. She knew exactly what her friend was capable of and fought furiously with no opening for Jiro to exploit. Like with Iida, any openings Jiro thought she had ended up leading her into a trap. Throughout the battle, Momo’s stern yet friendly smile never faltered. She was confidant and, above all, terrifyingly efficient. Though the fight took a while to finish, Momo never seemed to lose control of the situation, like a chessmaster dominating the board. In the end, Jiro never stood a chance.

The final match of the Second Round was the one both Toru and Shoto were both the most worried about. Izuku Vs Bakugo. The worst case scenario. They hoped Izuku would finish fast with out much pain to himself. They knew the likelihood of that was extremely slim. Neither said a word as the fight started. Bakugo made the first move, rocketing forwards. Izuku froze up as he charged. Then, air burst from him as he made his move, kicking under Bakugo’s blow and launching him across the arena. It seemed like that was it.

Then Izuku moved again. He bounced around the sides at high speeds, appearing in front of Bakugo’s trajectory and kicking him down to the arena floor before he could leave the ring, creating a crater from the impact. Present Mic and the crowd shouted in surprise that Izuku just stopped his opponent from losing. But Toru and Shoto knew. This wasn’t a friendly match anymore.


The League flinched as Bakugo slammed into the concrete. “ Oh no.” Ashido muttered, hands in front of her mouth. “ Izuku…”

“ That bastard from the last round.” Shinso murmured. “ If only he could control Zuku’s quirk better.”

“ We may have to hold a prison break after this.” Dabi said, half jokingly.

“ I’m down.” Toga said, not at all jokingly. Kurogiri remained silent but it was clear he’d become tense. Tomura took a deep breath and stood up. Everyone’s attention fell on the League’s leader suddenly. His cold eyes lit up as he glared down at the screen.

" Kick his ass, Izuku! Don’t you dare lose!” He shouted, surprising everyone. Tomura didn’t care. Like hell this little punk was going to win. Izuku was facing him now. If he didn’t win, Tomura knew he’d just get even worse. And Tomura couldn’t allow that. “ I’ll kill you if you lose, Izuku. So show no mercy. Crush him. Pay him back tenfold.” He grinned manically. And when you do , he thought, we can celebrate with a drink.


The fight started and Bakugo charged. Izuku didn’t see him after that. He smelled the smoke. Saw the crackling of explosions. He knew what would happen if it connected. His shoulder ached. No. He wouldn’t let that happen again. He wouldn’t be the one getting hurt today. Izuku swore it as he smashed Bakugo into the concrete and landed, walking towards his sworn enemy. “ Get up, Katsuki.” He spat. “ We’re not done yet.”

“ What the hell…” Bakugo growled as he rose up. He looked over only to get a face full of Air Bullet.

“ We’re not done.” Izuku repeated. “ So get up. You wanted your absolute victory. Try and take it.”

“ You fucking presumptuous bastard. One good shot and you think you’re king?” Bakugo growled. “ I don’t get your fucking issue. Think you can get over your fucking trauma by beating me, huh? Well sorry. I ain’t gonna be your therapy cushion.” Bakugo shouted before firing off an explosion. Izuku flinched slightly before gritting his teeth. He leapt high into the air. Using Air Walk, Izuku danced around Bakugo’s explosion, faltering slightly in each jump, before propelling himself down, bringing his heel down on Bakugo’s head and smashing back into the ground.

“ Call me what you want, but you’re pathetic. A tiny man who feels the need to prove he’s better than anyone else by pounding anyone who he sees as stronger than him into paste and destroying anyone whos dares defy him.” Izuku stomped down on Bakugo’s chest as he launched off him. “ You’re not a hero. You’re a bully. A bully who needs to learn his fucking place.”

“ Big words.” Bakugo said, getting up. He coughed slightly before grinning. “ Big words from someone who’s taking his anger out on a shadow of the problems he’s facing. So what? I piss you off cause my quirks loud or I look like some dipshit villain. I ain’t any of that.” Bakugo’s voice rose in anger. “ I’m here because I made a promise! I’m gonna become Number One! Then, I’m gonna find my friend! And if you or any other shit head thinks they can get in my way, I’ll just blow you away!” Hearing this statement made Izuku’s blood boil.

“ Friend? Friend?!” Izuku shouted, venom in his voice. How dare he, he thought. How dare he call him his friend after everything that had happened between them. “ You don’t have any friends! You have followers! Minions! People follow you out of fear, Katsuki! No-one respects you! No-one even likes you! You’re a bully who pushes people around! But, sooner or later, they’re gonna find out the real you!” Izuku leapt up in the air. “ The sad, pathetic excuse for a man who’s scared he’ll never find his way to the top! And when they realize that, realize they’ve nothing to fear, they’ll abandon you! And when that time comes, I hope-” Izuku as cut off by an explosion rocketing right past his ear. Instinctively, he flinched. All his momentum from his quirk vanished.

“ You hope I’ll what?” Bakugo asked, mockingly. “ What’s the matter? Didn’t think I’d take advantage of everything I could when you were spouting shit? Tough luck. Now go ahead and get blown apart!” Izuku could only watch helplessly as Bakugo charged up a powerful explosion in his left hand. As soon as Izuku was in range, Bakugo slammed his palm to his foes chest and fired. “ HELL DYNAMO!” The scent of burning flesh filled the air as Izuku crashed across the arena. Bakugo panted. “ Yeah. How’d you like that… you piece of shit?” As the smoke cleared, the crowd gasped in horror. The explosion had burned away the top half of Izuku’s uniform and singed his long fringe off. A massive, bright red bloody burn coated his entire chest and parts of his face. Izuku rose, growling like a mad beast, his eyes glowing with rage. Bakugo got ready to fight. Then he froze.

Over the many years of abuse from Bakugo and his cronies, Izuku had suffered numerous scars and burns. Now, most of them were on display to the world. Scars from blades, school instruments and scratches from quirks. Faded bruises left behind from strikes that broke bones. More over, burn marks by the tens scattered all over his body. A lot of them could be mistake for marks by flames or acid. Some were. But not all of them. Bakugo’s eyes were locked to his shoulder. He went pale, shaking as he saw the hand shaped burn mark etched into it. He knew exactly what it was from, down to the exact time and date it happened. It was at that moment that all doubt of who Mikumo Akitani really was died. Bakugo didn’t even resist as Izuku shot forwards, plowing his leg into Bakugo’s ribs. Izuku glared down at his bully. “ Die, Kacchan!” He growled through gritted teeth. Bakugo went flying, shooting across the arena once more. He wasn’t stopped this time. He crashed into the stone archway of one of the fighter entrances of the arena, falling to the ground with a hail of rubble. Izuku panted. His vision went white as he fell to the ground. For the first time that day, the crowd fell silent.

Chapter Text

The fights continued but the air remained heavy after Izuku and Bakugo’s match. Izuku was disqualified for endangering the life of his classmate but Bakugo was in no state to fight in the next round either. Momo was let through to the finals by default. Denki didn’t have as much luck with Kirishima as he had the previous two opponents he had. Thanks to Kirishima’s quirk, Denki’s lightning was more or less useless. That, his lack of focus after the last match and finally getting tired from using his quirk all day, Denki folded.

The finals match against Momo and Kirishima was a very close match. Neither’s hearts were really in the battle, but they still tried to give a good showing. Eventually, Momo was able to run down the clock on Kirishima’s hardening quirk with her barrage of items. She finished the fight by finally breaking his rock hard skin with a blast from a cannon before knocking him out of the arena.

The staff at UA tried to make the award ceremony more sunny. The top three, Denki, Kirishima and Momo, were wheeled out onto the stage in their respective positions. All Might’s appearance to hand out the medals certainly helped bring real life back into the arena, as the stadium burst into gasps and cheers for the presence of the Number One Pro. He gave everyone their medal and a substantial amount of praise before allowing Momo to make a victory speech. Momo took a deep breath.

“ Thank you for this opportunity, All Might. I’m happy and proud to be standing here as the winner. However, I must also commend my opposition. None of the people in this entire Festival made it easy on me to make it here. Kirishima, Kaminari, Jiro, Iida. All of them fought hard and with great valour. Anyone of us could have made it here. It was only luck that it was me.” Momo looked down. “ I also must apologize. As one of the class representatives of Class 1-A, I am responsible for the members of my class, Bakugo and Akitani included. However, both are tough people with great determination and both have been through a lot in their lives. Life isn’t as easy for some of us as it is for others. I must request that you forgive them for their behavior.” Momo looked back up determined. “ However, I am a hero course student. As are those who stand on this podium. As is Akitani and as is Bakugo. And as such, I hope those who do wrong know, no matter how protected you feel, you are Villains. And we will not stand for your wicked ways. Those who attacked the USJ or those who hide behind larger groups thinking yourself safe, your day will come. We Heroes will make sure of that.” The crowd cheered in admiration for Momo’s speech as she handed the Microphone back to All Might.

“ Give a round of applause to our valiant winners ladies and gentlemen!” He announced, earning an even louder cheer from the audience. “ Today was an exciting day. Despite any unfortunate hiccups, I hope everyone here and everyone at home enjoyed watching thoroughly. And remember. Go Beyond!”

“ Plus Ultra!” The rest of the crowd finished. Momo gave a fake smile, clapping along with everyone else like nothing but happened. Inside though, she prayed for her friends safety and vowed to destroy every hero who thought it was a good idea to put him through that. Destroy them and burn everything they worked for to the ground.


Izuku didn’t wake up the day of the Sports festival. He was taken in to the Musutafa General Hospital with Bakugo at first, Bakugo being treated for internal injuries while Izuku was being treated for his burns. However it didn’t take long for Izuku to be transferred straight to Jaku under the orders of Doctor Kyudai Garaki. Kyudai got straight to work on All for One’s orders in using the best tools he had to repair the heavy scarring and bleeding Izuku suffered in his battle with Bakugo.

“ How is he doctor?” All for One asked.

“ The girl is tending to him now. He’ll live. However, I doubt he’ll be waking up for the rest of the week and that's just the shortest guess I have.” Kyudai admitted. “ He suffered heavy trauma, physical and mental, all in a very short time frame. He’s lucky he’ll survive. Not without marks though. That explosion tore straight through his chest and damaged a part of the left side of his face. We were able to repair some of it with facial reconstruction, but he’ll be left with some scarring on the torso and his left eye will need replaced. That’ll take time”

“ Use all the resources you need, Doctor. I’d hate to lose such a valuable asset at this stage in the game.”

“ Of course.” Kyudai nodded. “ I’ll do all I can. Still, I think it may be best to take him out of UA after that. We can’t afford another breakdown like that from this kid. Not while he’s a mole.” All for One rested his head on his fist as he thought.

“ With Yaoyorozu, Kaminari and Uraraka in UA, I suppose Izuku doesn’t need to be there now we have more… emotionally stable spies.” All for One mused. “ That’s even supposing they allow him back. They’ve already moved to blame it on him even if Bakugo has the lighter injuries.”

“ I expect that Bakugo brat to be up by weeks end. According to the reports I was given, his wounds are more minor. His entire rib cage is basically gone and he has a fractured skull, but the doctors are already performing operations to weld them back together. I won’t be surprised if he comes out even healthier than before. Heh. Well physically at least. It might take time for a guy as proud as that to get over a loss that devastating.”

“ I am glad to hear of your report, Kyudai. How are the Nomu?”

“ We got three more lesser Nomu for a future raid of young Shigaraki ready for you. #199: Icarus, #201: Spitter and #204: Gigant. Nomu #0207: Edge is nearing completion. I’m getting so close to perfecting my children. I’ll make a masterpiece in no time.”

“ You have all the time you need.” All for One told him. “ I shall inform Kurogiri about Midoriya’s condition. I’m sure his friends must be worried.”

“ He’ll be back. You want me to do any… modifications while I have him.”

“ Tempting, but I would rather you keep him unchanged for now. I can’t afford anything messing with that unique mind of his. Perhaps in the future to make sure he and the others from Venality don’t decide to become turncoats, but not now.”

“ RIght. In that case, I’ll get back to it. I’ll speak to you later, sir.” Kyudai signed off from the computer in his lab, leaving All for One alone in the darkness. He chuckled.

“ Izuku Midoriya.” He said to himself. “ You never cease to amaze me. A perfect back up should my plan for Tomura fall through. I shall help you crush the world to ash and dust. Do stay alive to watch that most glorious of conclusions.”


A week later and everything had returned to mostly normal inside of UA. The Sports Festival had been a major talking point around the country as it always had been. Some news articles focused on the immense new strength of the third year Mirio Togata that left him with a broken arm after smashing the shell armour of Tamaki Amajiki in the final round. However, most news stories were based on the first years events. From the victor of the entire event, Momo Yaoyarozu, to the brutal battle between Bakugo and Akitani that overshadowed the whole thing, everyone was talking about it.

Bakugo returned to UA at the beginning of the week following the Sports festival. Despite some minor bruising, he’d basically made a full recovery. Physically at least. Mentally, he felt awful. Old memories and words he long regretted kept entering his head. Sleeping had become near impossible. Every time he tried, his head was filled with flashes of memories he just wished would stop. Jeers in his own mouth. Laughing as others beat his oldest friend. Smoke. Burning cloth and flesh. He’d ignored it back then but that day haunted him. The last day he’d seen Izuku. Then he saw Akitani’s body, burned and covered in scars. He understood why he always changed behind the cover of a shower curtain when they were changing. But then again, there never was a Mikumo Akitani was there? It had always been him. And Bakugo was too stupid to see it. Izuku Midoriya, the boy he’d been searching for, had came back. And what did he do? He hurt him again.

Bakugo wanted to apologize. But, when he got up, he was told that Izuku wasn’t in the same hospital. He assumed he’d see him again at UA, but day after day, he never came back. Aizawa finally announced it as he was handing out recommendations for hero internships. “ Shouldn’t we wait for Izu… For Akitani to get back before we do these?” Bakugo asked. Aizawa went silent for a bit before returning to his desk.

“ I was going to wait til it had been finalized, but I suppose you deserve to know this ahead of time.” Aizawa said. “ Mikumo Akitani is no longer a member of Class 1-A.” He announced. Katsuki felt his heart sink.

“ The hell?” Bakugo shouted. “ Did you fuckers expel him? Cause I did far more damage than-”

“ No, we didn’t. We would have suspended him until the end of the internship period, but not expelled. He was removed from UA by his carer and transferred to another school.”

“ Where does he live?” Bakugo asked suddenly.

“ Why do you need to know?”

“ I need to see him.”

“ I can’t tell you that. Confidentiality is a major factor UA, as with all schools, abides by.”

“ Dammit.” He slammed his hands down. His glare changed targets. “ Sparky! Four Eyes! Spooky hands! You were his friends! The hell does he live!”

“ Sorry. He never said.” Yanagi admitted. Iida never answered. Something had been off about his since the Sports Festival but Bakugo didn’t know what.

“ Sorry man.” Kaminari gave him a sympathetic smile.

“ Dammit! Stop hiding it from me!”

“ Bakugo! Calm down!” Aizawa shouted. Bakugo collapsed in his seat.

“ I need to speak to Izuku. I just found him again. Why?”

“ Izuku?” Asui asked. “I thought his first name was Mikumo, Kero.”

“ Shut up, frog face. You don’t know shit about him.” Bakugo was torn up. He’d been so close and never even noticed. But now? He was further away than ever. He’d failed again.


Izuku returned to the bar wrapped, bandages all around his chest and his injured eye. He was still in a coma but Kyudai had deemed it safe for him to return to the bar for the time being, so long as Kurogiri kept a close watch on his condition. Toru sat by his bedside for a while when she heard he was back, silently watching for any sign the boy who save her life was still with her.

“ Hey? Toru?” She looked up to see Mina entering the room, putting a glass of Soda down on the bedside table for her. “ You alright?”

“ Should I be?” She asked, her voice choked up. “ Izuku. He saved me. When my quirk was ruining my life, he reached out and introduced me to the one man on this planet who fixed it. He saved me life. And now?” Her vision blurred. “ I was there, Mina. I watched it helplessly from the stands. I knew Izuku was in pain but I… I couldn’t help him. Not like he helped me.”

“ Hey. It’s alright. Don’t blame yourself.”

“ Don’t worry. I don’t.” She admitted. She balled her hand up into a fist, watching as her knuckles paled. “ It’s their fault.” She spat. Mina didn’t stop her. “ You’re right, Mina. You. Himiko. Momo. You’re all right.”

“ Right about what?”

“ Your methods. I’ve been far too passive. But if these people are going to hurt Izuku like this and then blame him for almost dying…” Her voice shook with rage as she let out a choked laugh. “ Then I’ll kill them. I don’t care any more. They don’t deserve the mercy I’ve been giving them. It’s time I stop hesitating and start getting serious.”

“ Are you sure, Toru?” Mina asked hesitantly. “ I know this is a serious situation and, hell, I’m right beside you when it comes for wanting some pay back on those fuckers in UA but… that ain’t a thing you can come back from.”

“ You seem fine.”

“ My girlfriend helped with that.”

“ It’s fine, Mina. Really.” Toru looked at her friend with a confidant glimmer in her eye. “ I want to do this. Izuku has done so much for me. So have all of you. I don’t care what I have to do anymore. Not after this. They’ll pay dearly for this. And believe me when I say that they’ll never see me coming.”


Hitoshi slammed his fist into the wall of his bedroom, shaking the light hanging above. He couldn’t believe this. His best friend was nearly killed live on air. And what did UA do? Nothing. What did the media do? Report on it like it was a sports match. It made him sick to his stomach. Everyone was so happy to go along with all of this, treating it all like some kind of game. Like this wasn’t children that they were main fight with deadly, mostly untrained abilities. Like they weren’t just being raised into soldiers for the so called greater good. This world was too far gone.

“ Angry?” Hitoshi looked up to the scarred face of Shoto. He nodded. “ You have every right to be.”

“ How about you?”

“ Livid.” Shoto growled.

“ You know something, Sho. After all this time, my view has been solely set on seeing Mount Lady dead at my feet.” Hitoshi admitted. “ I didn’t care about the rest of the Leagues goals so long as that happened. But now…”

“ One hero isn’t enough, is it?” Hitoshi shook his head. “ I was the same as you. I wanted to kill the Bastard and protect my mom and siblings from him. But now? After all of this? There’s nothing good about this. Any of this.” Fire danced across Shoto’s left side as he spoke in a low, threatening tone. Hitoshi wasn’t the only one serious about this.

“ We’re the League of Villains, right?”

“ Right.”

“ Then we shouldn’t feel bad about embracing the role. Right?” Hitoshi asked this slowly. All his life he’d been called a villain. Recently, he’d been proving them right in the worst ways possible. But he hadn’t thought of himself as Villain entirely. He’d been worried of the commitment. But now? With his friend lying in a coma from burns and mental injuries? That reluctance seemed stupid. Shoto agreed, nodding.

“ If this corrupt world wants to paint us as the bad guys, let’s be the bad guys.” He said simply. Hitoshi smiled. That sounded like an idea he could get behind.


Ochako stood on the top of the warehouse, staring up at the starlit sky hanging above the city feeling the cool wind on her bare arms. She hadn’t cooled down. She felt like she was still burning. She had felt like this for a week, but now, after seeing Izuku lying in bed unmoving? She felt even worse. She didn’t know what to do to fix it. “ Hey missy. You doing alright?” She heard Giran ask as he steeped outside. He shuddered slightly. “ God it’s freezing. How are you standing here like that?”

“ I feel like I’m on fire.” Ochako said monotonously. “ I hate it but it’s not stopping. It’s not stopping and I don’t know what to do.”

“ Hmm. I getcha.” Giran leant forwards over the rail. He pulled his box of cigarettes from his jacket and pulled one out. He offered Ochako the box. She took one and let Giran light it. “ So. The kid?”

“ Yeah.” 

“ He’s a good guy. Better than should be in this profession. But that’s how the world works. It’s cruel. The worst people are risen up as saviors. The best demonized as villains. But we gotta live with the hand we got dealt. That’s why I’m here.” He glanced up. “ You kids? You could leave this life. There’s better options.”

“ No. I won’t.” Ochako said. “ I can’t leave them all behind. Not after all they’ve done to help. You too, Giran.”

“ Heh. Don’t go lying and saying I’m a good man. I just help my own people. We all do.”

“ And I’m grateful.” Ochako sighed. “ I’m gonna kill them.”

“ Kill who?”

“ I dunno. UA. The Pros. All of them.”

“ You ever killed before?”

“ No. But I don’t think letting people go is something I can do anymore. Not after the Sports Festival. Not after what happened. If they can just accept something like that being fair…” Ochako shook her heads. “ No. They deserve what’s coming to them.” Giran watched her carefully, making sure she was absolutely serious.

“ Alright. Then you better be ready to start helping me deal with troublemakers.” He said. “ If you think you’re ready to take that leap of faith, I’ll make sure you’re as equipped as you can be. Give ya a less painful landing in that spike pit.”

“ You sure?”

“ Oh course. We’re partners you and I. What are friends for?”

“ Heh. Thanks Giran.” Ochako smiled. The heroes would pay. They’d pay one day. She’d make sure of that. But the job came first. And if the job helped her achieve her true goals, all the better for it. Money didn’t seem to matter as much anymore. This was for her friends. And she’d do anything to help protect them.


Denki rested his head on the bar counter, groaning. “ Are you alright, Kaminari?”

“ Nope. Not at all.” He admitted. “ Can I confess something to you, Kuro?”

“ It’s what I’m here for.”

“ I was never too invested in the whole League thing.” He said. “ Like, Mizuko was all for it and I owed him shit for helping me with my quirk but the whole Villain life? Nah. Didn’t think I was down for that.”

“ But you’ve changed your mind?” 

“ Yep. Totally. UA’s a sack of shit. It can fucking rot.” Denki grumbled. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but Denki was just pissed off. How dare they? Mizuko got blasted to fuck. Even Bakubitch admitted he should’ve been the one punished. But the announcement said he got disqualified. Yeah, he won. They couldn’t exactly disqualify the loser. But they had to know how made it made him look in the media’s eyes. He’d already read so many stories blaming him for nearly killing his opponent, calling him an out of control thug, conveniently forgetting that Bitchugo almost toasted him. “ I don’t feel anything for any of ‘em anymore.”

“ So. In for a penny?” Denki laughed.

“ Yeah. In for a pound. I’m with you all to the end now. For Mizuko’s sake.” He grinned. “ I don’t care anymore. I don’t think any line’ll bother me after the week I’ve had. What’s the line? It just takes one bad day or some shit.”

“ The Joker, correct?”

“ Hey. You know your stuff.”

“ It is something I pride myself on.” Kurogiri chuckled.

“ I’d tip ya, but you don’t have a cup.” Kaminari snickered. “ Nah but for real. I think I’ll even be alright killing. Yaomomo’s doing it. So’s Mina. I can give it a try myself.”

“ If you are certain you can stomach it, I’m sure it would be appreciated.” Kurogiri bowed his head. “ I also pray that Izuku has a speedy recovery. Tomura has been especially agitated as of late. He tries to deny it, but Izuku means a lot to him. I think he sees some of himself in the boy.”

“ Heh. He does have the whole “aloof older brother” shtick down, don’t he?” Denki chuckled. He liked it here. It was homely. But people were gonna try and take it. Take it and hurt all his friends. He couldn’t let that happen. He made a silent apology before making his vows. He was a League member full time now. And when you're a League member, anything goes.


Momo smashed her bat into the Pro Hero Magnum over and over again, using his already broken body to relieve stress. Magnum was piece of work.  She was glad the world was rid of the filth. But there was more than just single heroes to focus on any more. UA. The Hero Commission. They were both complicit in the same things. She was an idiot to focus on one when the other so obviously stared her in the face. She’d need to do background checks and maybe have Toru steal some of their classified documents, but she could do a full assessment of UA and it’s crimes in under a week. But she wasn’t focused on that now. Another heavy swing took the head of Magnum’s corpse. Maybe she’d done enough after all.

“ You know. I was tracking Magnum too.” Momo gasped. She immediately spun around at the voice, creating her mask of choice, the theatre mask of Tragedy, over her face and swinging her bat around as she did. The man behind her raised his Katana to block the blade. “ Didn’t expect anyone else to be after him.”

“ 14 records of aggravated assault. 9 assaults of property damage. 5 accounts of murder. 37 accounts of violating the peace due to drunken outrages.” Momo recited the list from memory. “ Scum like him don’t deserve to keep playing hero.”

“ Completely agreed.” He looked past her. “ But your technique could use some work.”

“ As could your belief system, Hero Killer Stain.” Stain grinned.

" So you know me.”

“ Know of you.” Momo corrected him. She lowered her bat, glaring at him. “ I am Forge. And I’ve been doing your job for you. And doing it far better. As I said, your doctrine needs work. You’ve hurt actual heroic heroes you know? Like Ingenium.”

“ Ingenium was trash just like Magnum.” Stain argued. “ He’s killed people in the past.”

“ The only innocent he killed cause him to revoke his own license.”

“ An obvious publicity stunt.”

“ And all of All Might’s selfless acts aren’t?” She asked. “ 56 accounts of needless assault. 45 of avoidable property damage. 38 of manslaughter via negligence. And that’s just the reported cases. He’s no less pure as you think any other heroes are.” Stain clicked his tongue.

“ What? You think you’re any better?”

“ I’m doing what you think you’re doing. Killing people who deserve to be killed.” Momo folded her arms.

“ Don’t make me laugh, fake. Trying to be “pure” with my motives. How pathetic.”

“ I’m fighting to make a difference.” The two glared each other down. Stain huffed before sheathing his katana and turning around.

“ Stay out of my way. The next time we meet, I won’t be so friendly.” He warned before walking off into the shadows. Momo scoffed at him before leaving in the opposite direction. So that was the mighty Stain? Just another hypocrite. He was more of a danger to society than someone trying to help. An idea began forming in her head. Momo smiled. Maybe someone should take him down a peg. She needed a plan and data. To track his patterns. After all, going where he was going next was just as simple as choosing the right offer. Maybe this internship would be useful after all.

Chapter Text

Tenya Iida was trained from birth to become a hero. He knew this yet he didn’t resent the decision. His brother, Tensei, became a hero before him. Seeing his brother risk life and limb to save people. It made him proud to be related to him and made him want to strive to the same heights. To be a person who could change the world like his brother had. It made all the training worth while.

Reaching UA wasn’t a problem, even is he had been kicking himself for failing to notice what his classmate, Akitani, had about the Entrance exam. However, he didn’t let that hold him back. He continued to strive to make not just himself better, but all his classmates as the class representative. It pained him to have to abandon people in need at the USJ but all the proved is that he needed to become stronger. Faster. Someone people could rely on. He just had to.

The Sports Festival was a turning point. He at first strove to make his brother and parents proud, striking through the first two rounds at a good pace. He didn’t mind losing to his good friend Momo in the first round of the tournament. He was just happy it was too someone he knew deserved the victory. But then, as he was still reeling from a destructive end to the second round, he got a phone call. He never made it to see Akitani in the nurses office. He ran like a shot down to the general hospital to see his brother.

During the Sports Festival, while on patrol, his brother, the Pro Hero Ingenium, was ambushed by the Villain Hero Killer Stain and had barely gotten out with his life. Even still, he was paralyzed from the waste down, ending his hero career. As a hero, Ingenium was dead even if Tensei Iida had lived.

When he was younger, he remembered that Tensei had temporarily retired as Ingenium. His actions had caused a young man to get killed. Tensei, to atone, decided to retire for a few years, train to make himself better so that such a thing wouldn’t happen again and then retook the hero license exam later. It was the biggest mistake he’d ever made and he made sure Tenya knew. He told his brother to be better than he was. And Tenya promised to be so. Even still, despite everything, he knew his brother wouldn’t approved of what he was doing. But he felt he had to. In his brother’s name, he decided he would strike down the Hero Killer Stain.


Stain was sighted in Hosu just before Internships began. So that was where Tenya went. He took an internship with the Pro Hero Manual that was offered with him. It was all a front. He wasn’t really interested in the usual hero work that was offered under Manual, though he did try to learn as much as he could from the veteran hero. Manual was an old friend of Tensei, the two having gone to UA together. Manual was a few years younger than he was but Tensei had ended up being a mentor to him and a lot others in UA at the time. As part of his years Big Three, Tensei was an icon. It was for that reason, he couldn’t let his near death be in vain.

The event that gave him a break begun one night four days into his internship when a mysterious trio of villains began attacking Hosu. Tenya took this opportunity to slip away from Manual and begin his hunt in earnest. From what Tenya knew, the likes of Endeavor, Native and Uwabami were in Hosu, along with their sidekicks and interns. They didn’t his help. So he searched and he searched. Main streets. Back alleys. He searched everywhere. Until, he found him.

Stain was busy taunting the Pro Hero Native when he arrived. Tenya tried to sneak up on him from behind. However, it didn’t work. “ You’re armour makes you loud, boy.” Stain said mockingly, looking behind him. Tenya tensed up. “ You look like some Ingenium fanboy.”

“ You hurt my brother!” Tenya growled. “ That is why I am here!”

“ Huh? So not some Ingenium fanboy but a vengeful brother.” Stain turned his full attention to Tenya. “ Let me guess. Whole cities going to hell thanks that bastard Shigaraki but you came to deal with me.”

“ For my brother’s sake, I have. I am Ingenium and I will strike you down, Hero Killer.”

“ Eh? Strike me down?” Stain laughed, pointing his Katana at the hero in training. “ You know. Hero is a title for those who have achieved great things in life. But you? You’ll never be anything but a fraud who prioritises his own desires. You being attached to the same tree as your brother has made you just as rotten as he was.” Suddenly, Stain pushed forwards. Tenya moved to dodge, grunting in pain as he was caught in the side. “ Pathetic.” Stain raised the blade up to his lips. A sudden pain flooded Tenya’s body as he collapsed to the ground. Stain raised his sword up, ready to finish him. Tenya cursed. Was this all he could do? Was he going to die like a dog in a back alley in Hosu? Never to see his brother again? Never to avenge him? He couldn’t allow that. He couldn’t.

“ Killing kids now, Stain?” A voice called from the other entrance to the alley. Tenya was barely able to look up. There were three figures in the way. The one in front, their entire body covered in simple black armour and their face covered with a theater mask of Tragedy, pointed a steel bat at Stain. Her voice, indistinguishable due to a modulator, laughed. “ What? Is he one of your unworthy now too?”

“ Man. You’re the person my lover looks up to?” The second, a girl in a sleeveless top and with pink skin and black eyes, jeered. “ What a joke.”

" Let’s get this over with.” The final figure, a man in a mechanical lion’s mask, a black suit with a red tie and a long coat, sighed. If they could, Tenya’s eyes would have widened. Two of the figures were people from the League of Villains. The Lion Masked Villain, Crucible, who attacked Momo and Mina Ashido, part of the serial killer pair of herself and Himiko Toga. That must mean the Mask of Tragedy was a new member.

“ What do you League dogs want?”

“ Isn’t it obvious?” The Mask of Tragedy asked. “ You’re attracting too much attention.”

“ So you’re here to kill me, Forge? Don’t make me laugh.” Stain crouched slightly, getting into a fighting position. “ Even with your gang of idiots, you can’t beat me. You’re just trash like the rest.”

“ Oh, can I kill him, Forge? Please? Please? Please?” Ashido begged. “ He’s so-ho-ho obnoxious. It hurts me emotionally AND physically.”

“ I want first shot.” Forge said. She muttered something just out of Tenya’s ear shot. Before Stain could move, Forge swung her bat. Stain looked at her in surprise. Then, suddenly, a slash mark appeared, cutting through his costume. Stain grunted.

“ Tricky bitch. So that’s your quirk.” Stain growled. Tenya didn’t know what he’d just seen. She swung from range but still cut him. Perhaps, he thought, Forge’s quirk was a long ranged quirk. Even if she was using a bat, she could still cut. The most likely answer was that she could create wind blades by swinging a her weapon. But she didn’t see wind channel into her weapon like it did when Akitani used his quirk. Did she not need to do that? Forge made some more swings. Stain charged at her, leaping above where swings would be. 

“ Crucible.” Forge commanded. He nodded. From his left side, a large amount of ice shot forwards. Clicking his tongue, Stain flipped backwards, avoiding the flurry of icicles. However, as he landed, something odd happened. Stain grunted in pain. His ankle had started bleeding. As he checked that, two slashes appeared on his chest. The slashes from Forge from earlier? How could that have been possible? Before Stain could question it, Ashido ran in, laughing. Stain countered with throwing a pair of knives. As Ashido dodged around them, one cutting through her arm, Stain swung with his sword. Mina countered with her acid, which burned straight through the metal. Ashido laughed. It was at this point Tenya knew something. Not only did Stain not know his opponents quirks, since he would have dodged out of the way of Ashido instead of letting his sword get broken, but the League likely knew his. The team they set up was perfect and keeping him away, not letting them be cut, while also creating great pressure at range.

Stain rushed in again at Ashido, know using the broken sword as his edge. Ashido stepped out of the way, allowing Crucible to cover her. However, Stain just kept charging. He picked up one of the thrown daggers and, with a horrific smirk, brought it to his tongue. Ashido grunted as she collapsed, the same trick Stain used to paralyze Tenya being used on her. He turned his attention back to Forge and Crucible. “ I’m going to kill you!”

“ Big words from a small man.” Forge jeered. She thrust her bat like a rapier. Stain leapt to the side, jumping around the large amount of ice. The moment he stopped however, a stab wound appeared in his side. Tenya was confused. How was this working? Forge was making actions with her bat, but when those actions hit Stain were seemingly random. A sudden heat rushed through the alley. At first, Tenya had thought Endeavor had arrived, adding more chaos to the fight. However, when he looked up and saw it’s source, he was shocked. The flames were coming from Crucible. Fire and Ice? Who were these people? Not caring about his opponents anymore, Stain charged forwards, using the ice as cover to avoid Crucible’s attacks and to block Forge’s quirk. He propelled himself into the air and dropped from above on Forge. The girl raised her bat to block only for Stain to change his movement at the last moment. He dropped to the ground and swung up with his broken blade.

“ What?” He gasped. A loud metallic clang echoed around the alleyway as Stain struck what seemed to be thing air. Tenya looked closer. A strange static rippled across the air as Stain pushed down reminding Tenya of an out of focus television set. Something was there. A humanoid shape, both arms raised holding two daggers. They were invisible. Tenya’s eyes widened. That explained it. How Forge’s “quirk” had worked. It wasn’t air blades at all. That’s what Forge wanted them to think. Instead there was a fourth person, invisible and striking as Forge had.

“ Too bad, hero Killer. This is the end for you.” Forge brought her bat down on Stain’s head with a sickening crunch. The man fell to the floor. Tenya couldn’t tell if he was alive or dead. He watched, paralyzed, as the Villains stepped forwards. Crucible froze Stain’s legs to the ground and stepped forwards towards Ashido.

“ You good?” He asked.

“ I’ve… been… better.” Mina joked. Crucible sighed. Tenya noticed something as Forge approached him. He felt blood rush back into his body. Whatever Stain had done, it was over. Forge stopped next to Native. The bat in her hands vanished. The black armour around her body parted as a new weapon came from her hand, a katana identical in design to what Stain’s had been. Tenya tried to get up. He had to save Native. These hopes were dashed by a sudden weight on his back.

“ I wouldn’t.” A quiet voiced told him. The Invisible Villain. He swore.

“ 37 accounts of drunken lawlessness.” Forge began. “22 accounts of Domestic Abuse. 17 accounts of Public Endangerment. 6 accounts of injuring people while driving under the influence.” Forge drove the blade through Native’s neck. “ That’s Native’s list.”

“ List of what?” Tenya asked.

“ List of crimes he’s been reported for over his life time that should have been guilty verdicts. They were over turned by the Public Safety Commission to keep his public image up. Victims silenced. Judges paid off.” Tenya remained silent. “ 4 accounts of property damage. 1 account of manslaughter via negligence.” She listed off. “ Those were the crimes of Ingenium.”

“ My brother-”

“ Was a good man.” She finished. Tenya looked surprised. “ 4 accounts of Property Damage paid off with his own wages. 1 account of Manslaughter via negligence he pleaded guilty to and worked hard to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.” She turned to face him. “ In general, heroes are scum. They hide behind the powers that be because they know that they’ll be protected for any crime if they do. Some heroes have taken more lives than we Villains. I won’t pretend we’re saints either. But some people deserve death. Stain’s doctrine was warped. He viewed every hero that wasn’t All Might as corrupt scum without looking at the facts. All Might is scum, but there are those like your brother that actually deserve to be called heroes.” Forge began leaving. “ Be like that and we probably won’t meet again.” She glanced over at her allies, raising a hand to her ear. “ Kurogiri. We’re done.” A black, smokey portal appeared at the far end of the alley. Crucible helped Ashido through first. Tenya felt the weight on his back lift. Finally, it was Forge’s turn. She drove the Katana through the Hero Killer’s back before walking off and disappearing into the night, leaving Tenya lying there in the dark alleyway with two corpses.


Tenya was questioned for days about the Hero Killer incident, seeing as he was the only one who made it out alive. He told the story a number of times. Four members of the League of Villains appeared, killed Stain and Native, spared him (no, he didn’t know why) and vanished. Two of the Villains were known. Two were unknown. They didn't ask for quirks so he never told them. Apparently, the three villains who had attacked were three Nomus like the one at the USJ. However, they were far weaker. Endeavor had killed two of them on his own.

After finally being let go, Tenya had his own time to reflect on the incident. In the USJ, Tenya had seen only one Villain in action: Kurogiri. He’d ran away before Tomura got to Aizawa and he wasn’t around to see the others that hadn’t been captured. However, this incident proved one thing. The League were far too strong of a force. From only four of their members, he knew that. Mina Ashido’s Acid burned through the steel of Stain’s sword insanely fast. Crucible could use both Fire and Ice at an insane degree of power. The invisible villain, Forge called them Violet, was fully invisible making trying to predict their attacks and movements impossible. Finally, there was Forge who seemed to, as her name suggested, could summon weapons from her body, like Momo but he prayed less versatile.

There was another thing that bothered him. The numbers. They stuck. And when he looked them up, they matched. According to some old news stories from a rumor tabloid, Native was apparently a drunk and an abuser. He doubted his spouse would mourn his loss too much. Looking up recent deaths of heroes, it was hard to tell which one of the victims belonged to Stain and which were Forge. Even still, he looked up them. He found a lot of interesting facts. For one, all of them had been in some sort of drama over the years. A lot of drama in fact. A lot of the cases that came to heroes were settled out of court as to not cause a scene so it was hard to find official court records of cases involving heroes. Those that existed were usually probated by the Commission or the various Hero Agencies involved. But they always seemed to pop up in tabloids.

It was a strange rabbit hole Tenya fell down. He didn’t know how Forge kept track of them all and what the crimes were. The evidence seemed all over the place. However, there were patterns. Destroyed companies. Disgraced journalists. All seemed to fall on more major stories. Endeavor. Gang Orca. Best Jeanist. All Might. These court cases were buried in the algorithm. But they existed. How many were fake? How many were real? It was impossible to say. That’s when he changed tactics. He researched victims. Their stories. Most didn’t end well. That’s when he found it.

Venality. It was a blog that had been active for roughly a year at this point yet wasn’t very active. A handful of users had posted stories online. The names were interesting. Usagi. Crucible. Violet. Brainstorm. Toxicity. Singularity. Blackout. Forge. They all had a story to tell. Tenya sat back in his seat. The names were very interesting. Tenya couldn’t help but log in and have a chat. Nothing serious. But if he could prove they were the same, this could be a huge breakthrough.


-Steam has entered the chat-

Crucible: Huh?

Steam: Good Evening. I do hope I am not interrupting.

Steam: I am not a fan of clustered chat rooms.

Violet: No worries

Forge: You’re welcome to stay.

Forge: But this is a bad time.

Steam: How so?

Crucible: We’re discussing a friend.

Steam: A friend?

Brainstorm: hes in a coma

Steam: I see.

Steam: How thoughtless of me.


Tenya narrowed his gaze. The League had a casualty? Counting the names online, one was missing. Usagi. The sites founder. What had happened?


Brainstorm: its cool

Toxicity: Usagi.

Toxicity: He got into a bad fight with a bully.

Steam: That would be the quirkless boy, yes?

Crucible: Right.

Blackout: Parrantly, this bastard’s been bullying him his whole life cause of it

Blackout: And now he went too far.

Steam: Despicable.


As Tenya thought about how best to respond, he received a message on another channel. A private message from Forge. He swallowed hard as he read it.


Forge: Leave now, Tenya Iida.

Steam: What are you saying?

Forge: Don’t make me regret letting you live.

Forge: Drop this and leave.

Forge: You don’t belong here.

Steam: My investigation brought me here.

Steam: I won’t back down.

Forge: You tried to find us?

Steam: No.

Steam: I followed your numbers.


The screen went quiet for a bit. Then Forge replied.


Forge: How far are you willing to fall for true Justice?

Steam: What are you talking about?

Forge: Heroes aren’t what you think they are.

Forge: Would you kill to change that?

Steam: Never.

Forge: Then leave.

Steam: Who are you? Why do you care?

Forge: You’re a better man than I ever was.

Forge: Don’t change. Leave. 

Steam: How would you know the type a man I am


It took Tenya a few minutes before it clicked. The power to make objects. The long ponytail. The mastery of statistics. Her claim that she knows him. The he is better than her. Cautiously, he typed.


Steam: Momo?


A message appeared on screen.


-Your account has been deleted by a System Administrator-


“ What is going on?”


He tried to visit Momo the next day but it appeared she was out with friends. This worried him. What he found on Venality had made him curious. But the fact Forge obviously knew him. The quirk. Everything. He needed to speak with her about this. So, he did something a bit unorthodox for someone like him. He camped outside the station until she got back. 

He had to wait a bit. He got dinner at a nearby cafe so he didn’t lose her. She didn’t come back until 9PM and even then, she was in disguise from the few people still wandering around. He stopped her with a hand to her shoulder. “ Momo.” He said softly. She sighed before turning around, feigning an unknowing smile.

“ Oh. Tenya. Hey. What are you-”

“ Venality.” The single word made Momo flinch. Her body fell, giving up.

“ Yeah. I figured you wouldn’t give up just by me perma banning you.” She turned and began walking back home. “ Come on. Let’s talk more privately. Mom and Dad know you. They won’t mind you coming in late with me. Heck, they might even bug you to stay the night.”

“ I just need answers. I don’t mind how long this takes. It’s also been a while since I stayed over at your families manor.” Tenya had a feeling that Momo didn’t want to be in this situation. She’d tried twice to make Tenya not even follow this line of reasoning. As expected, the families staff and Momo’s mother was happy to see him, asking about his parents and apologizing over his brother. The two escaped to Momo’s room. Momo sat on the edge of her bed. Tenya took up a chair. They started after drinks and snacks were left on a tray on a central table.

“ I’ve only been a part of the League for about a month.” Momo explained. “ It was after the USJ. A… friend of mine approached me during it. And he told me a lot of interesting facts that I never knew.” Momo tossed Tenya a small notebook. Tenya opened it. There was a lot of calculations in there. Every few pages, there was a name of a hero. Some were already crossed out. Native was one of those names. Under each name was a serious of numbers and abbreviations. “ He was right.”

“ A friend.” Tenya mused. Armed with that knowledge, something else dawned on him. A male who could use both Ice and Fire as part of his quirk and was an old friend on Momo's. It all matched someone who went missing mid last year. “ Shoto Todoroki.”

“ Right as always.” Momo nodded. “ See those calculations? Comparisons between online data and sets of data I found in my parents studies. They’re all official cases that were brought to court. If they’re in green, they’re fake. If they’re in blue, they were legitimately handled. The black is those that were paid off by the Commission.”

“ And the red?”

“ Those done specifically by my parents.” Momo said spitefully. “ We’ve been lied to for our whole lives, Tenya. Heroes aren’t what we think they are. Most of them are vile, abusing their power for their own selfish needs. Some are good, but not all of them. As Forge, I’ve been… dealing with the problem case by case.”

“ You mean murdering them.”

“ The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It may not be a clean job, but I’m doing this for the good of us all.”

“ And what of Himiko Toga? Or Mina Ashido? Even Tomura Shigaraki? Are they doing it for the good of us all? Can you justify the USJ with that line of reasoning?”

" You don’t get it. I don’t agree with some of their methods, but they’re my friends now. They help me and I help them.”

“ So murderers get a free pass if they’re your friends? Is that right?” Momo growled. 

“ This is why I didn’t want you involved, Tenya. You’re a good person. We need good heroes for the future.”

“ A good hero would turn you in.” Tenya told her. “ Which is why I’m not a good hero. Because I cannot do that.”

“ Tenya…”

“ I don’t support your actions. Even if I have seen the data myself, I don’t believe it changes what you’re doing is wrong. But I can’t bring myself to bring you down. So I’ll remain silent for now.” He promised. “ But can you promise me that the League won’t hurt our class again?”

“ I cannot. I’m sorry. But, if it makes you feel any better, Usagi made Tomura agree to a no killing students policy.”

“ That… both worries me and makes me a bit more relieved.” Tenya admitted before rising from his seat. “ I cannot stay any longer. I thank you for the information and I am sorry about your friend. But I cannot, for my sake, stay.”

“ I understand. I’m sorry Tenya. I hope, one day, you get it. But I know you won’t.” Momo walked over to him and offered a hand shake. Tenya accepted it. They both knew that their friendship had just ended. Neither could walk the same path any longer. Neither of them judged the other for it. Tenya left the Yaoyorozu residence with his heart in turmoil. Even so, he decided to stay loyal to his last promise and prepare himself for what came next. The League wouldn’t stay dormant forever. He had to be ready to face that eventuality head on.

Chapter Text

It had been just over three weeks since the Sports Festival. In UA, Denki and Momo had just dealt with their finals. Momo, despite having to work with the recently former friend that was Tenya Iida, was able to work well with him and take down Eraserhead. Denki, on the other hand, was trapped with Kodai, was taken out of the running by the Principal’s mad assault forcing a time out. Izuku, in the meantime, hadn’t woken up.

Toru sat down to watch over Izuku again. She’d been there whenever she could. If she wasn’t at school or at home, she spent all her time at the Villains bar, watching over Izuku. She was joined by Shoto, Mina and Momo at times, but it was clear she’d taken it hard. It had taken time for Toru to gather her thoughts on why.

To her, Izuku was a very dear friend. It was because of him she could live a normal life. She made her...well, her. Visible. Normal. She hadn’t had a mental breakdown in months. Then, after giving her a sense of self, he gave her purpose and people who cared about her. People who were willing to help her. She owed him everything. So, naturally, feelings of familiar affection were to be expected from that. That’s the excuse she used. Whenever her heart rate increased whenever they talked or the feeling of worry that came over her whenever he came back to the bar after being treated by Recovery Girl in UA. It was all natural. Why wouldn’t it be? That’s what she thought.

It took some teasing from Mina and Himiko and the threat to never speak to him again for that idea to break. When she saw him almost die, her heart nearly died with him. Seeing him confined to a bed, unconscious, caused her undeniable pain. She just wanted him to open his eyes. For the first time since he helped her, she wanted to be seen and couldn’t be.

When she saw Izuku slowly sit up, groaning and rubbing his eyes, confused about where he was and what was happening, Toru couldn’t stop herself. She grabbed him in a crushing hug. “ Woah. Hey. Toru? What’s happening?”

“ 3 weeks. You left me alone for three weeks, you dummy.” Toru sobbed.

“ Huh? Wait? I need a reminder. Everything’s so foggy.”

“ Y-You can see me… right?”

“ Has your quirk been acting up again?” Izuku asked, sounding worried. “ I see you perfectly.”

“ That’s all I needed to hear.” Toru said happily.

“ Geez.” Izuku sighed. He brought his hands up and hugged Toru back. “ You’re such a worrywart, you know that?”

“ I think this time is justified.” Toru pouted. 

“ Yeah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to sleep that long.” The two sat in silence for a while. Toru became painfully aware of that fact. She knew she had to tell him. She wouldn’t get a better time. 

“ S-So. Izuku. D-Don’t freak out but… erm…”

“ Huh?” Izuku looked confused. Toru went bright red.

“ I um…” She muttered. “ you.”

“ Sorry. I didn’t catch that.” Izuku asked. Toru squeaked. She took a deep breath.

“ I love you.” She said quickly. Izuku paused, registering what Toru was saying. When he did, it was his turn to go red.

“ W-Wait. A-A-Are you serious?!” Toru nodded nervously. “ W-Well. It’s just… I never…”

“ I-It’s fine. I… I don’t want to force you into a-anything. I… I just felt…” Toru turned to leave. “ I-I should tell everyone you're alright so-” Izuku’s warm hand gripping her wrist stopped her.

“ Wait.” He said. So she did. Izuku took a few moments to get his thoughts in order. “ Toru. You’re definitely special to me. You’re the first person I was able to help. I mean, really help. I’m grateful to even get the opportunity. I’ll admit. Love was kind of the furthest thing from my mind.” Toru looked down. “ But… I…” He coughed. “ I-If you're serious about it, I… I wouldn’t be opposed to… trying. It’s just… in my past… these things… they’ve always been too good to-” Izuku was cut off as Toru quickly kissed him. It was short but sweet, leaving Izuku dazed and Toru blushing even heavier.

“ S-Sorry. That was pretty… Himiko of me.” She said nervously. “ But… I wouldn’t lie like that. I mean it Izuku. Really.”

“ Then…” Izuku smiled. “ I love you too, Toru.”


When Izuku walked into the bar, everyone looked up in shock. It was like a ghost had just walked into the bar. But here Izuku was, three weeks after being knocked into a coma, alive and well. He sat down at his usual stool, was given his usual drink and swallowed it all in a single go. “ Man, I needed that.” Izuku sighed. “ So.” He looked back. “ Catch me up.” Momo was happy to step to the challenge. In his absence, Momo had stepped up to take his place as the League’s strategist. She didn’t know how everyone worked as well as Izuku did so she couldn’t manage everyone as perfectly, however her plans had merit. With the usage of the weaker Nomu Sensei gave them to use, she was able to kill the Hero Killer, a major thorn in the League’s side. Since then, Giran had reported people wanting to meet with the League, hearing the news. She already had Giran working on dossiers for each.

Izuku was a little annoyed to find he’d been blamed for what happened in his and Bakugo’s match. He was a bit more understanding of Sensei’s decision to pull him out of UA after the battle. Izuku lost control and, in his efforts to mix his anger with pulling his punches, he almost lost his life to one of Bakugo’s fully powered explosions. The bandages over his left eye were proof of that mistake. Apparently, Sensei wanted to have it replaced as soon as he could but couldn’t risk further brain damage while his was in a Coma. Izuku would have to organise what he’d do with that with the enigmatic man later.

Finally, they had their next opening. UA was holding a training course in the summer in a hidden forest owned by the Wild Wild Pussycats. It was a perfect, out of the way place. It was almost like they were asking to get ambushed. Planning was already going ahead. With Izuku back, Tomura hoped things would go smoothly. Izuku stretched. Hearing he wasn’t a student was the best news he’d heard in… well, three weeks apparently. Now he didn’t need to pretend. He could go all out. He grinned. “ Call Giran. I want those dossiers.”

Giran and Ochako arrived with in the hour, Izuku earning a big hug from Ochako for being save. Giran mentioned he had some new toys for Mina and Hitoshi to play with, handing them two suitcases. Apparently, Giran had a new supplier going by the name “Alchemy”. And they were good. Giran dropped a few Dossiers on the table. Izuku wasted no time getting Momo, Shoto and Toru to help him look them over.

The first dossier was for someone known under the alias of Twice. He was a troubled man and a personal friend to Giran. His quirk, Double, allowed him to create clones so long as he has data on the person and is able to touch them. These clones retained abilities and personality of the original however don’t retain memories from anything before their creation and were easily destroyed. He seemed like someone who wanted a place to belong. Izuku empathized with that.

Next up was Spinner who, from Giran’s description of him, was a Stain fanboy. The media attention around the attack on Hosu and the death of the Hero Killer had initially lead to the assumption that Stain was part of the League and had died in an attack gone wrong, taken out by some vigilante. This wasn’t true but the initial idea spread like wildfire before the truth came out that the League were responsible for Stain’s death. By that time, it seemed like a cover up. Izuku had to commend Momo for her handling of the situation. People like Spinner were easily controlled by false believes. He could be useful.

Mister Compress was an interesting one. He was someone Izuku had recognized from a number of broadcasts. He’d often hold up places that were often frequented, like banks or museums, take all the money with his quirk and make the entire thing a show. He was a showman and beyond that, a thief. His alias came from his quirk, which allowed him to compress anything into small balls for easy transportation. If he was interested in the League due to it’s rising popularity, who was Izuku to say no.

Magne was another person Izuku empathized with. She was a transgender woman, so naturally that made her a target from a lot of people with a lack of understanding, either naive or malicious. Her quirk, Magnetism, allowed her to magnetize people, men becoming south poles and women becoming north poles, who then attracted or repelled each other depending on how they interacted. While didn’t know if she wanted acceptance and couldn’t find it in the hero world or wanted in for lesser reasons, she had quite the list of previous crimes under her belt. And, either way, he didn’t mind.

Mustard was apparently someone who was sick of life. He had managed to track down Giran, a feat that wasn’t easy, and had somehow managed to get enough money to pay for a suit he got from Alchemy. His quirk, Gas, allowed him to spread a gas that a poisonous gas that forced people to sleep as so long as it was in their system. He was young, even younger that Izuku and his friends, but he was smart, knew how to use his quirk and had access to resources. Izuku could at least give him a fair shot.

Muscular was a name that echoed back half a decade. An absolute Juggernaut that had been on the police’s most wanted list ever since he killed the pro hero couple Water Hose. His quick, muscle augmentation, basically made him a walking tank, able to smash through anything he wanted at will. Izuku would never let such a man into his League. The man was a murderer. He didn’t just target heroes like Izuku wanted. He targeted civilians too. Massacred them by the tens when he could. He was violent and unstable. Izuku paid Giran to tip of the police to his location.

Moonfish was the same on a whole nother level. A death row inmate whose quirk allowed him to grow his teeth rapidly, turning them into a deadly weapon. He was a cannibal, a serial killer who targeted people of all ages from the youngest of children to the oldest of pensioner and had done far worse things that made even Himiko sick to think about. Izuku had to wonder why this dossier was on his desk in the first place. Tomura didn’t want him. Izuku didn’t want him. He didn’t even want to try and ask Sensei because he was sure he didn’t want him either. He paid Giran double what he paid for Muscular and watched as Tomura dusted the file.

“ So. Is that everyone?” Momo asked, leaning back in her chair. “ 5 hits. 2 misses.”

“ I think, with everyone we have, that should be enough.” Izuku agreed. “ So, the plans to what? Fake a kidnapping, kill some heroes and get out?”

“ Yes.” Momo nodded. “ I thought, with you in a coma, having myself bow out of UA for a while would have been helpful. Though with you awake, that isn’t needed.”

“ Sensei also asked us to kidnap Ragdoll.” Tomura stated. “ He wants her quirk for his future plans.”

“ Right, I see.” Izuku nodded. “ I can understand that.” Izuku thought back to all he could remember. The day of the Sports Festival was still hazy in his mind. But bits and pieces made it through. And one of them made the gears turn in his mind. “ But let’s repurposed the kidnapping plans.”

“ Huh?”

“ It’s fine if you and Denki want to be quote-unquote taken. However, I think I have an idea of someone that we might be able to turn to our side. A prideful kid with a chip on his shoulder and rage to give to class 1-A.” Momo looked at Izuku in shock.

“ Are you talking about…” Izuku nodded.

“ I am. Neito Monoma.” Izuku smirked. It had felt like a long time since he was able to plan like this. Maybe three weeks wasn’t too much of an overestimation after all. He missed this.


Giran’s warehouse was used as a meeting grounds for the initial team being warped out to the Forest by Kurogiri. They decided to travel in waves of five over three days as to not be as noticeable. Ragdoll’s quirk, Search, was dangerous. If they got too close in too large a group, she’d notice them and warn the other heroes. Izuku had to assume this one person forewarning system was part of the reason that UA decided to ship the first year students so far away from civilization in the first place.

The first five to go was Izuku, Toru, Hitoshi and the new hires of Hiiro Nagayoshi aka Mustard and Jin Bubaigawara ak Twice. Out of everyone, Mustard and Twice Izuku was the least confidant about. While Mustard was backed by Alchemy’s support items and Twice by Giran’s word, there was too much that could go wrong with them. Not as much as Muscular or Moonfish, but still too many variables.

“ Is this everyone?” Mustard asked, sitting on a crate looking bored. “ I thought this was some big operation.”

“ Don’t worry. We’re just moving separately.” Izuku told him, pulling at his sleeve as he entered the warehouse. With no need to keep his identity a secret, Izuku had repurposed his hero suit into his villain attire. Only major differences was that he could his hair shorter, though still a bit of a mess, and washed the black die out of it, returning it to his natural color, and that he had Alchemy make him a mask, black and robotic with rigid spikes coming from the sides, giving a bit of a demonic rabbit feel to it. It was installed with a bunch of neat tech, such as the red eye pieces that he could use as binoculars to zoom in, a gas mask filter and had a voice modulator installed in it. “ I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Usagi. I am the League’s chief strategist. These are my colleagues, Violet and Brainstorm. I thank you both for coming.”

“ No problem. What a loser.” Twice answered.

“ So, what’s the idea? Go in there and kills some hero students?” Mustard asked

“ No. The Pros are fair game but no killing the kids. They might useful later down the line.”

“ I think they’re younger than me. Technically, they aren't the kids in this situation.”

“ Fine then. No killing anyone under 17. Better?” Izuku smirked. Mustard clicked his tongue.

“ Just do your job.” Hitoshi sighed.

“ Our mission is to kidnap three peple. One is the Pro Hero Ragdoll. The second is 1-B student Neito Monoma. The last is 1-A student Momo Yaoyorozu.”

“ Though, the last one will come easier than the first two.” Toru added. “ We have two moles in the Hero Course. Momo is one of them.”

“ Wait, you guys thought that far ahead?” Twice asked. “ Impressive. Predictable.

“ We try.” Izuku chuckled.

“ Izuku. We’re ready.” Kurogiri appeared in the centre of the room.

“ How’s the situation, Kurogiri?”

“ The UA students are en route to the facility as we speak. According to Kaminari, the students were kicked out of the bus half way and forced to fight through the forest as training. Additionally, Iida hasn’t let Yaoyarozu out of his sight since they entered the forest.”

“ Troublesome as always.” Izuku grumbled. “ We’ll deal with that another time. Right now, we should go. Call it a scouting mission.”

“ Hmm. Is the fun finally starting?” Mustard kicked off of the crate and onto his feet.

“ Finally. This should be fun. This is gonna be boring. ” Kurogiri opened the portal, letting the group enter. UA wouldn’t know what hit them.


“ I brought cake.” Toru called cheerily, uncloaking. She placed a large cake down on a blanket in the groups camp.

“ Ooh. I love cake. I hate sweet things .” Twice sat down and wasted no time taking a slice onto a paper plate.

“ Where’d you get that?” Hitoshi asked.

“ That large student from 1-A with the big lips is eating a boat load to train his quirk. They weren’t gonna miss one.”

“ You risked getting that close for cake?”

“ It was worth it.” Hitoshi sighed at Toru’s reply as she picked up her own slice.

“ So where’s Izuku?”

" He’s-”

“ HEYO PARTY PEOPLE!!!!” Hitoshi flinched at the sudden screaming. 

“ HIMI-MINA IN THE HOUSE!” From his spot looking over the forest, Mustard looked over as Mina, Himiko and their group appeared.

“ We’re not in a house.” He snarked.

" Camp then.” Himiko grinned.

“ Hey Himiko. Hey Mina. We have cake.” Toru offered.

“ Really? Awesome.” Mina laughed.

“ Mind if I have some, dear?” Toru looked over. The rest of the group, Ochako, Magne and Compress, reached the camp, catching up after Mina and Himiko had run on ahead.

“ Sure.” Toru nodded. “ Nice to meet you by the way. Toru Hagakure. In the field, I’m called Violet.”

“ Kenji Hikishi. Call me Magne.” 

“ And I am Atsuhiro Sako but you refer to me as Compress.” Mister Compress took off his top hat and bowed dramatically. Mustard rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to the forest. “ Is this everyone?”

“ Izuku went to meet with one of our spies.” Hitoshi explained.

“ Denki or Momo?” Ochako asked, sitting down next to Twice and taking a piece of cake for herself.

“ Denki. Momo can’t get away from Iida. He’s convinced we’re going to try something.”

“ I mean, he’s right.” Mina shrugged. “ Man, this is delicious. Toru, where’d you get it? You have Kurogiri portal you to bakery or something.”

“ Nah. Just stole it from the heroes.”

“ Perfect use of resources.” Magne said laughing.

“ You have to steal more tomorrow. This is heavenly. It’s so gross. ” Twice told her. Toru nodded. Hitoshi pinched the bridge of his nose.

“ Why is the 13 year old the least childish person here?”

“ Ha. Age is just a number, as they say.” Compress joked.

“ Ha. Yeah. I suppose these idiots prove it.” Mustard smirked. 

" Fully agreed." Hitoshi sighed.

“ Toshi!” Mina called. “ You gonna have some?” Hitoshi sighed. Reluctantly, he took a piece for himself before the other could finish.


The last group arrived a few hours before night fall. Shoto, Dabi and Spinner arrived last, bringing a Nomu with them, a blue helmet providing some defense to it’s exposed brain even if it’s mouth, nose and eyes were covered. Izuku made a mental note to talk with whoever was making these things about their outfitting. “ Well. Seems like we’re all finally together.” Izuku said, stretching. “ Just in time. Denki tells me they’re doing a test of courage tonight.”

“ Ooh. I loved those.” Mina squealed happily. “ Think we can join in?”

“ Heh. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Looking out towards the cabin in the woods where the 1-A students were staying, Izuku activated his mask. He pulled on the edge of his sleeves. “ So then. Everyone remember the plan?” There was a general murmur of agreement. “ Good. Then it’s time. Let’s show UA that nowhere is safe from us.”

Chapter Text

Momo and Awase were put on the same group for the bravery test, as much as Tenya wanted to go with her. She was having trouble keeping him off her ever since he learned she was a spy in the League of Villains. However, he kept his word. No-one else knew. Not a student nor a hero. Another silver lining is that he didn’t suspect Denki at all. While his eyes were on her, Denki was free to move. His “nightly walks” were the perfect excuse to meet up with Izuku and report in before he slipped her a note whenever she berated him for taking too long on his return. Despite his astute nature, she still had the perfect cover as the second in command of the class to pull that trick.

When the flames and gas began, Momo was fast to let Awase step ahead of her, creating her bat and smashing the conscious out of him before creating her Villain Costume and slipping away. It wasn’t long before she ran into a fellow masked figure passing through the forest. The two stopped, looking over each other. “ A lovely choice for a mask. Do you also like the theater?”

“ I enjoy plays. As long as their of good quality. There’s nothing worse than idiots ruining something classic like Hamlet.”

“ Ah. I agree. I agree.” The masked man nodded sadly. “ I am Mister Compress. And you?”

“ Momo Yaoyorozu. Code Name Forge.”

“ Ah. I thought as much. Slipped away in the chaos. I respect that.” He nodded. “ Are you aware of the plans?”

“ That we’re kidnapping Neito, Ragdoll and myself. Yes.”

“ Good. That saves time.” Compress said happily. “ I’m hunting for Ragdoll.”

“ She’s further up in the forest. The idea was that she was handing out our class tags opposite where Mandalay and Tiger were sending them off. She should be north.”

“ Ah. So I’m going the wrong way. Such a travesty.” Compress shook his head. “ Well, I must thank you for your aid. May I request it further?”

“ Mine and Blackout’s roles are done now the attacks started. We’re free to do what ever we want now. So I’m happy to help, Mister Compress.”

“ My thanks.” Compress bowed. “ Please. Lead the way.” Momo nodded before the two became rushing through the forest. It was a shame. The Pussycats were good heroes. But certain things had to be done. And she would do them without hesitation. That was the descon she had made.


The heroes watched in horror as Pixie Bob was dragged away. Magne brought her magnet down, pressing it down on the heroes head. “ I wouldn’t make a wrong move unless you want to see this poor kitten’s head pop.” She warned. Tiger growled. The students looked on in horror.

“ Tiger… won’t you… help me?”

“ Pixie. Don’t wor-” Tiger suddenly froze up. Behind Magne, Hitoshi sighed, stepping into view.

“ Tiger!” Mandalay exclaimed. She looked sharply back to the league, gasping as she saw Hitoshi. “ You. The Mind Control Villain.”

“ Man. You people. Don’t you pay attention?” The students gasped. Hitoshi guessed they must be scared. Four scary villains pinning a pro hero to the ground while the another pro hero just came under their control? They must be worried. Hitoshi chuckled. “ Been a while, huh?”

Hitoshi had been put in charge of Team B. The group had split in three. Izuku had control over Team A, who were split and roaming the forest cleaning up the students and looking for their targets. Team B was meant to deal with the other members of the Pussycats and was lead by him. Team C was meant to deal with the group still at the heroes main base with Crucible in charge of that operation.

“ W-What’s the League doing here?” One of them, he recognized the kid with the tail from the USJ, asked.

“ Why indeed.” Hitoshi sneered.

“ Are you going to be sour to them all the time, Brain?” Ochako asked, teasingly, before stepping forwards.

“ Like they deserve less.”

 “ I’ll give you that one.” Ochako shrugged. Pulling a bow she had been practicing with Compress, Ochako began addressing her crowd. “ Greetings, oh noble heroes. My name is Singularity. This is Brainstorm, Magne and Spinner, my comrades in arms. We’re here for a simple reason.” Ochako let out an ominous laugh before activating her belt, causing various twigs and rocks to rise from the forest floor. “ To crush you.”

“ Tiger. Pin Mandalay.” Swiftly, the mind controlled hero did as commanded. The students didn’t have time to assist however. Ochako and Spinner rushed in to combat them. Hitoshi hoped for their sake these kids were better trained than they were at USJ. Cause, for the sake of his friend, neither Hitoshi or Ochako were holding anything back.


Denki rocked in his chair. Outside, he already knew what was happening even before Mandalay’s message entered his brain. Villains were attacking. Seems Hitoshi and his team had already made their move and were handling the cats quite nicely. After the they’d put him through over the last few days, he welcomed the news. Aizawa had rushed out to try and put a stop to what the League had planned. A loud explosion and the sent of smoke from the entrance signaled that didn’t end like he wanted to. Vlad King rose to assist. However, before he could, the window of the make shift classroom exploded as a cascade of ice burst through it. “ Sorry there, teach.” Shoto said before stepping in through the window. “ I’m a bit late to class.”

“ Crucible of the League of Villains?!” Vlad growled. “ Everybody, get away from the windows.” Kaminari backed away to the back of the class. As he did, he felt a small round device being pressed into his hand. Discretely, he used his powers, charging the device with electricity. He felt as Toru took it, swapping it for a pair of knives.

“ Himiko is nearby. Pretend.” Denki smirked. Pretend to be Himiko, she says. So act as crazy and flamboyant as possible. He could do that. Toru vanished from his field of view. He took a few careful steps forwards as the others were distracted by Vlad attacking Crucible, using his blood to counter Shoto’s flames. As Vlad got in close, Shoto let Vlad grab him.

“ Give up, Villain!” Vlad growled.

“ Ah ah ah. I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Vladdy.” Denki said. He’d been around Himiko enough by know to get a good handle of her antics. Giggling. Crazed glares. Creepy talking point. Now he just had to apply it. He wasn’t an actor, but he guessed he didn’t have to do this for long. So he could at least have fun with his role. He raised a knife to Sero’s throat, holding his arms behind his back, making sure to shove Sero’s shirt into his tape holders to block them.

“ K-Kaminari…” Sero said, panicked. “ W-What are you doing.”

“ Shut up for now. You’re handsome. Probably better in my colors, but it’s up to the count over there if you get to that point.”

“ You. You’re Himiko Toga, aren’t you.”

“ Give the man a prize.” Denki did his best crazed grin. “ Now, mind putting my buddy there down? I have more hostages than just tape guy.”

“ Where’s the real Denki Kaminari?” Vlad asked. Man, he was actually buying the act? Denki let out a laugh, warping it into a manic giggle like Toga usually used.

“ If I recall, he should be out cold somewhere in this forest. Well, that’s before my pals dragged him off. Couldn’t tell you where he is now. Of course, you might not find him one piece unless you stand down, hero. Or can you live with two kids lives on your conscience.”

“ Don’t… do it Teach.” Sero gasped. “ Take that… bastard down.”

“ Sero…” Vlad grit his teeth.

“ So what’s the call, Vladdy?” Vlad remained silent. “ Tick. Tick. Tick.” Denki muttered. “ Think I’m gonna be patient forever. If you don’t chose now, I’ll kill this guy. Then I’ll move on to big lips. Then Blondie. And I’ll go on until you have a room of corpses because you are so goddamn boring to work with.”

“ Damn you, Toga. I’m going to-” Vlad was cut off by the power shutting down.

“ Looks like we’ve run out of time. Thanks for playing, Vladdy. You were an awesome guest.” Shoto activated his quirk, pinning Vlad to the back wall with ice. At the same time, Denki brought the blunt end of his knife down hard on Sero’s head, knocking him out. “ Deal with the extras.”

“ On it.” Another wave of ice smashed into the UA students, with one sole exception. Denki placed a hand on Monoma's back and gave him a short, high voltage jolt before catching him as he fell. With a short salute to the others still trapped, he left the room and ran into the tree line.

“ Nice acting, Den.” Himiko said, meeting him. Toru fizzled into existence next to her. “ I almost thought you were actually me.”

“ You’re easy to imitate. Just be as bat shit crazy as possible.”

“ You’re too kind.” Himiko giggled.

“ The Shoto and Dabi clones should be able to hold off Aizawa and Vlad for a bit longer.” Toru said. “ We should get going.” Toru handed Denki a duffel bag. “ Ready to join the fun?”

“ Dude, I’ve been ready for a long time. Let’s get this party on the road.”


Izuku sat watching the flames and gas rise across the horizon from his hiding spot, a small alcove that was close enough he could get involved if need be but enough out of the way no-one would find him. Or at least, he thought that would be the case. Apparently, he was just raiding someone else's hiding spot.

He was just a young boy but he held a sour enough expression he looked more world wizened that most people he knew. Izuku saw him, removed his mask and just sat down without saying a word. It took a few minutes before the kid came out from hiding. “ So.” Izuku said. “ I assume you come here when you want to be alone.”

“ W-What?”

“ I get it. Sometimes this crap hole of a world gets too much and you just need a way to clear your thoughts. Sometimes being alone is the best thing for you.” Izuku nodded. “ I went through that a lot growing up.”

" Weren’t you… lonely?”

“ All the time. Everything in my life fell apart before I was your age. Everything else was just the fallout. Maybe, if I lived my life a bit differently… Heh. No time for regrets.”

“ You… aren’t with the heroes are you?”

“ No. I’m not.” Izuku admitted. “ I won’t hurt you though. And I’ll be out of your hair soon enough. You should stay here until it’s over. It’s the safest place for you.”

“ You sound sad.”

“ Huh?”

“ Your voice. It’s like… I dunno. You're trying to sound like you're not but you are.” Izuku closed his eyes.

“ I’ve done a lot of things I might have regretted once upon a time in the last year. But, in this society, what else can I do?”

“ Did you lose people too?”

“ Huh?”

“ My mom and dad… Cause they were heroes, they…” The kid looked like he was about to cry.

“ No. Well, maybe. I was hurt by this world in other ways.” Izuku brought a hand to his burned shoulder. “Far more personal ways.” He sighed. “ I’m sorry, kid. No-one should have to lose parents as early as you have.”

“ It’s not your fault.” The kid admitted. “ I don’t think it’s really the heroes either. Or the villains. I just think… I dunno.”

“ The rules of society need changed. The way it does things just doesn’t work.”

“ Yeah.”

“ Never lose yourself, kid. Fight the good fight.” Izuku smiled warmly at the boy. “ It’s Izuku by the way.”

“ Kota.”

“ Nice to meet you Kota.” Izuku looked back out on the blue flames lighting up the night as Kota sat down next to him. It was a nice night all things considered. He knew that, soon, he’d receive news of something he’d have to take care of personally. But, right now, a silent moment with a like minded kid was just what he needed to clear his head. And for that, he was grateful


Mina laughed as she fired her acid forwards. Eijiro darted out of the way to avoid getting hit, resulting in another tree to fall in the forest. Mina had watched her old friend and his bastard, bully of a new one pass through the forest on their way to find the source of the quirk. The emergence of an out of control Dark Shadow had split the two up however. A perfect opportunity if she’d ever seen one. She started blocking his path by using her acid to topple trees, leading him out of the gas’ effective radius. Then she struck. “ Come on Eiji. Dance for me.”

“ Damn it Mina.” Eijiro growled, wincing as some drops of acid splashed on his leg. “ Stop this.”

“ No can do, Eiji.” Mina said mockingly. “ You chose your path and I chose mine. A few ‘Don’t do this’ aren’t gonna change that.”

“ Damn it.” Eijiro burst forwards, punching forwards. Mina flipped out of the way. “ You don’t remember it do you?”

“ Remember what?”

“ It was back in Middle school. Our senior year.” Eijiro said, dropping down to sweep Mina’s legs. Mina tripped up slightly but was quick to regain her balance, kicking back towards Eijiro. “ There was a Villain attack. I couldn’t do a damn thing about it. But you? You saved people that day. It was a real manly thing you did. It made me want to try even harder. To become a hero.” Eijiro blocked Mina’s kick, the young villain using him as a spring board to get further away. “ Seeing you like this? After what you did? I can’t accept it.”

“ Yeah? And where did that get me?” Eijiro swung forwards. Mina created a barrier from her acid which Eijiro slammed his fist into, recoiling as the acid began eating away at his stone skin. “ Saving a bunch of dumb asses did nothing to help me. They thanked me and we kissed my ass for about a week or two, sure. But they still avoided touching me in case they’d get hurt. They didn’t trust me enough to control my powers. Just like you never did.” Eijiro winced at this. Mina grinned wildly. “ So what? You thought a full makeover and a more outgoing attitude would make yourself less weak or something? Your idol is dead and if you thought of me as some kind of icon, you can keep dreaming.”

“ Mina.” Eijiro looked pained before letting out a long breath. He looked back up, more determined than ever. “ Fine. If that’s what you believe, then I’ll stop you. I don’t care what it takes. I’ll bring you down and I’ll bring you back.”

“ Eh? Bring me back? Man, you’re as delusional as you are slow.” Mina shook her head, dumbfounded. She began bouncing on her heels, snickering at the thought. She was actually happy that Eijiro had changed. It wasn’t that he was a timid coward or anything before. He tried his best. He just was a bit quieter in the past. Now, he was loud and using his quirk to protect others the best he good. Mina smirked. The harder they fall the more satisfying the feel. “ Come at me Eiji. I have all the time I need to beat you into the dirt. Don’t die on me.”

“ Mina. Here I come.” Eijiro got into a wide, imposing stance, activating his quirk all over his body. Mina smirked. He really was serious this time. Acid formed all across her arms as Eijiro began his assault. This was gonna be fun.


Ochako fired the debris as a barrage as Iida and Ojiro charged forwards. Unfortunately, someone knocked the Mind Control out of Tiger at some point in the fight but not before he choked the consciousness out of Mandalay. He and the remained UA students begun their assault on the Villains to rescue Pixie Bob. With his permission, Magne stepped into the fray, Hitoshi keeping a foot to Pixie Bob’s neck to keep the pressure on the heroes, all while using his voice modulator to record the voices of the heroes from their shouts. Ochako knew she just needed to give him space and make her enemies more focused on her that they slip up when Hitoshi uses his quirk.

“ I won’t forgive you for using me as a weapon!” Tiger roared, slamming his fist into Magne’s steel magnet.

“ My. Aren’t we hasty?” Magne said mockingly. Spinner spun in from behind at the hero.

“ Die you fake hero!” He cried. However, his blade was knocked off course by Iida kicked it. The belt at the top of the conglomeration of blades came loose, sending some of the blades flying. Ochako took this opportunity to tap some, removing their gravitational pull and adding them to her orbit.

“ Preciate it.” Ochako chuckled. She darted around the clash in the middle, charging at one of the students at the side of the fight who seemed to be looking for a good time to strike. She grabbed two knives from her orbit and swung.

“ Kuroiro. Look out.” She was blocked by Ojiro smashing the ground between the two. As she was distracted, Kuroiro kicked at her. Ochako used the magnetism of her gauntlets to call some of the other knives up, forcing Kuroiro to a halt under risk of getting stabbed. 

“ You alright?”

“ Yeah. Tha-” Kuroiro froze up. Ojiro slapped him immediately with his tail to snap him out of the mind control. “ Damn it. Not again.” Behind her, Ochako heard Hitoshi laugh. He was having a lot of fun with this. Suddenly, Ochako was lurched back. Where she was just standing, Tiger connected his fist with the ground.

“ Be careful, dear.” Magne told her as she came to a stop.

“ Thanks, Magne. But a bit of warning next time. My quirk makes me sick enough.”

“ If there’s time, I’ll do so next time.”

“ What’s the plan then?” Spinner asked. 

“ Hold out until the signal.” Hitoshi told them. “ I’ll admit. I underestimated Tiger at least. The kids have also definitely gotten better.”

“ Well, in that case, it’s simple.” Ochako used her belt to stop her orbit, suspending the objects around her, allowing her to move them into lines. “ We play hard to get.” With a smirk behind her visor, she fired everything she had at high velocity. These people let Izuku down when he needed them the most. She wasn’t going to hold back.


Aizawa was in hot pursuit as Himiko ran through the forest. After swiftly dispatching the Dabi clones and, with the help of a freed Vlad King, smashed the Shoto clone soon after, he begun his pursuit of the apparent infiltrator to the Hero Course while leaving Vlad to assist the others out in the forest. It wasn’t long with his superior mobility that Aizawa was able to leap ahead of her Himiko as she broke into a clearing. “ Toga. Stop. There’s nowhere for you to go.”

“ Oh no. The big bad Eraserhead has stopped me in my tracks. Whatever will I do?” Himiko said mockingly, faking a swoon. She giggled, grinning wildly. “ Have I been a bad girl? Are you gonna tie me up and punish me? Careful. I have a girlfriend.”

“ I assume Ashido is nearby as well.” Aizawa said. His hair and capture weapon begun to flow wildly. Before he threw his weapon to apprehend Himiko however, there was a brief sparking noise before the ground beneath him exploded. Caught out, Aizawa was sent flying across the clearing. Looking back up, he was able to see a new figure in what looked to be red, black and yellow biker gear, bolts of lighting decorating it.

“ Y’know, I don’t know how anyone can be intimidated by a crappy ass hero with a stupid ass name.” Denki asked, his voice masked by a robotic, auto-tuned voice modulator. “ Just goes to show you. They’ll let any idiot be a hero these days.”

“ Another one?”

“ Nice to meetcha. No shit for me to hack this visit, so I’m on the field. Names Blackout.” Denki announced. “ And I’m here to fry you.” He sent a spark of electricity through the ground. Himiko had been deliberate in her movements to bring the pro here. Aizawa was always a dangerous target. They needed a plan to deal with him. An open area with nothing to swing off of littered with electronically activated mines seemed like a good idea. “ Miko. I’ll deal with this guy.”

“ Thanks kindly, Out.” Himiko kissed the side of his biker helmet before running on her way to meet up with the Nomu clone currently carrying Neito to Dabi for extraction. Assuming everything else was in order, that’s when they’d get the signal. Til then, Denki was happy to have some fun with the man who’d made his life hell for a semester with his crappy stress tests and petty threats to keep him and the rest of the class in line. Seeing Aizawa start moving again, Denki set off some mines around him.

“ Careful. If you keep moving, you might lose a leg.”

“ When did you people have time to set up a minefield?” Aizawa said through gritted teeth. Denki shrugged.

“ Maybe that scanner of yours should’ve been checking the perimeter a bit more. Not that she’ll get the chance anymore…”

“ What did you say?”

“ Oops. Cat’s out of the bag.” Denki smirked. “ Or maybe I should say she’s actually IN the bag? Ah ha ha ha.”

“ You were after Ragdoll? But why kidnap Kaminari and Monoma?”

“ A strategist, I am not. But the four we came to pick up are pretty important to the bosses plans. That’s all I can say.”

“ Four?”

“ Man, I just need to stop talking, huh?” Denki laughed. “ Or maybe, I’m saying this shit cause there ain’t anything you can do to stop us.”

“ We will stop you.” Aizawa’s hair and capture weapon started to go wild. Denki felt his quirk cut off and internally began counting to twelve as the teacher began his assault. Aizawa barely made it part way before another mine went off. Denki smirked. He didn’t have to win. Just buy time. But the more damage he could do, the better.


Dabi and Shoto watched as Compress and Momo returned. “ Got her?” Dabi asked. Compress pulled a marble from his pocket.

“ One collared cat. As requested.” Compress told him. “ Thank our traitorous friend for the assist. She has quite the batsman's arm.”

“ Not too good I hope. We need her alive.”

“ I’m not that careless, Dabi.” Momo told him before taking a seat next to Shoto on a rock jutting out of the clearing. “ So. What’s everyone else up to?”

“ Radio calls from Mustard says he’s taken out a good portion of the hero students. He had some trouble with two of 1-B’s kids so I had Twice clone me to help him retreat. Haven’t heard from him since so it might have failed.”

“ Dabi thinks pretty fast. Slow poke. Slow poke. ” Twice said, nodding.

“ Toshi’s team is having a bit of trouble with Tiger, though they managed to handle the other two pretty well. Some of the UA brats were there too. Guess we were a bit quick in our attack.” Dabi shrugged. “ Not that it matters. Toru’s team managed to grab their target. Denki’s keeping Aizawa busy for his grand debut as Blackout. Toru’s with him just in case.”

“ And the others in the forest?”

“ Dunno. That Nomu doesn’t have a radio but I imagine it’s running wild, last I heard from Mina she found that Kirishima kid and Izuku turned his comms off.” Momo looked up at the last one. “ He’s not gone running off on his own. Don’t worry. Kurogiri found him. He’s just watching the chaos from a cliffside with some kid.”

“ Some kid?”

“ Ask him, man. I’m not all knowing.”

“ Seems like everything is going smoothly.” Compress said, elated. A slow thudding made the group look up. The Nomu, #207 codename Edge, entered the area, roughly tossing the unconscious body of Neito Monoma onto the forest floor. “ And that makes two.”

 “ Brother.” Shoto looked up at Dabi’s words before nodding. Both of Endeavours rebel children raised an arm into the air. Red and blue combined, sending a multi colored inferno shooting into the air. It was decided that, in order not to confuse the others, Dabi and Shoto’s combined attack would be the calling sign for the League to regroup in case them or their clones came into combat separately. There were a number of others if one of both was taken out of commission, but this was the primarily agreed upon one. Mission complete. Time to regroup. Front row seats for a show none of the league wanted to miss.


The plume of flames rocketing in the air sent embers all over the forest, only adding to the overwhelming inferno. For Hitoshi’s team, locked in battle with Tiger and the students, it was a welcome sign. “ This gotten tiring.” Hitoshi muttered. He played with his voice modulator. “ Is everyone OK?” He called out in Aizawa’s voice, redirecting his voice.

“ Aizawa!” Iida called, turning only to freeze.

" Don’t let anyone hit you. Push them back.” Iida crouched down at Hitoshi’s orders. As Tiger tried to grapple Magne, Magne activated her quirk. As Iida got between them, Tiger was repelled across the forest floor. Magne turned to leave, making sure to deactivate her quirk. Ochako kept Ojiro and Kuroiro at bay with a barrage of shrapnel before making her escape into the forest. Hitoshi and Spinner both quickly followed, Magne at their back.

“ Think we did enough?” Spinner asked.

“ I’d say it’s likely” Hitoshi said. “ After they deal with Iida and make sure Mandalay and Pixie Bob are still breathing, they’ll be on our heels. We should be able to cover enough distance to make it back safely before then.” Beside him, Ochako giggled.

“ I can’t wait for this. It’s gonna be great.”

“ Aren’t you guys taking a bit of a risk doing this though?” Spinner asked cautiously. “ I mean, I get it. Bosses orders but…”

“ He brought us together.” Ochako said. “ I trust him. And Sensei.”

“ Brave and bold.” Magne chuckled. “ It’s not the worst idea in the world.”

“ It just seems too flashy is all. Not sure Stain would approve.”

“ I don’t think Stain approved of a lot of things we do.” Hitoshi snarked. Behind them, the faint sound of jets warming up echoed through the forest. “ Enough talk. Let’s get to the others. Seems Mustard’s gas has stopped. We’re probably late.”

“ Run fast and don’t look back. My kind of plan.” Magne said.

“ This is why I like you, Magne. Straight and too the point. Not like the jokers I’m used to working with.”

“ I take offence to that.” Ochako said jokingly. The group were almost there. One last push. They couldn’t wait for what was awaiting them just pass the tree line.


Toru watched the flames explode from the horizon, hands in the invisible pocket of her jacket. After her complaints about the initial design, Giran had been nice enough to get the design changed. The cat suit was still there, but it was bulkier, warmer and less embarrassing to be seen wearing visibly now and mask that seemed to be inspired by some old pre-quirk era movie about insect based super heroes. She watched as Denki leapt backwards to a safe distance as Toru pressed a button, setting all of the mines off in a chain reaction, allowing Denki to reach her position in the resulting smoke screen.

“ Catch me if you can. Y’know, assuming there’s anything left of you.” Denki sneered before the two took off into the forest. “ So. How’d I do?”

“ Your targeting could use some work.” Toru admitted. “ But your timing was on point.”

“ Twelve second. Ten seconds. Nine seconds. Seven seconds.” Denki recited. “ Thanks to the USJ, his timings really did go down from what Tomura counted before.”

“ That man is trouble. If there’s a big brawl between us and them in the future, you can bet his annoying quirk is gonna cause us troubles.” Toru sighed.

“ Can’t you do that too?”

“ Yeah. If I touch people and activate Limiter. But then my cover would be blown.”

“ Yeah. True. Didn’t think about that.” Denki admitted. Behind them, they heard motion through the trees. “ Man, he’s a tough bastard.”

“ Less talking. More running. He needs to be there.” Toru smiled. “ Seeing such a man’s broken face. I brought a camera for the occasion.”

“ What? Why?”

“ He asked me too. Wanted to savour the occasion.” Denki just laughed at that.

“ Man. He’s having too much with this.”


Izuku watched the pillar of flames burst from the forest. With a sigh, he rose up. “ Welp. I’m heading off. Look after yourself, Kota.”

“ Are you gonna get in trouble?”

“ People call me a bad guy. In that respect, everything I do is trouble.” Izuku judged.

“ Will I ever see you again?”

“ Maybe. Probably not. I might make the news at some point.” Izuku smiled as he reactivated his mask, watching as the pieces sprung to life around him. “ Don’t follow my path, kid. Find a better one. For the both of us.” Izuku gave the kid a back handed wave, meeting up with Kurogiri at the end of the path.

“ Are you prepared for this, Izuku?”

“ No going back now.” Izuku replied. “ Let’s go say hi to the heroes, shall we?” Kurogiri nodded, opening the portal. Izuku pulled at his sleeves. It was finally time.


The Villains met up in the clearing at roughly the same time, dragging along a crowd of heroes and students who were hot on their heels. The Nomu blocked them from passing a certain point, becoming a buzzing barricade of blades between the League and the heroes. Aizawa, Vlad and Tiger stepped between the students who had gathered, Kendo, Tetsutetsu, Iida, Kirishima and Bakugo, to keep them from harm. “ Stop!” Vlad shouted.

“ We already did that, dumbass.” Himiko jeered. “ We’re just waiting for our ride. Can you, like, wait a little bit. There’s a good boy, Vladdy.”

“ Why you…”

“ What’s the matter?” Hitoshi asked. “ We’re done here. Think you running after us is gonna make us suddenly drop everything and fight or something?” Vlad opened his mouth to retort but Tiger and Aizawa quickly stopped him.

“ Don’t respond to that one.”

“ Keh. The brainwashing bastard.” Vlad grit his teeth.

“ Where are the students you took?” Aizawa shouted.

“ Who could you be referring too?” Compress asked, taking four marbles from under his hat. “ Could it be Neito Monoma? Or is it Denki Kaminari? Or perhaps Momo Yaoyarozu? Hmm. Questions. Questions.”

“ Neito?!” Tetsutetsu shouted. “ What do you bastards want with Neito?!”

“ Ah yes. Let us just to tell you our master plan.” Mustard snorted, shaking his head. “ Are all heroes this stupid?”

“ In my experience, yes.” Hitoshi nodded.

“ Very much so.” Mina agreed.

“ Stupid, Naieve or both.” Shoto said.

“ And all of them Fake.” Spinner added.

“ So then, kids.” Dabi asked. “ Which one of you is gonna move first? We’re right here. What’s stopping you?”

“ Landmines.” Denki laughed. “ Definitely landmines. Or maybe just fucking cowardice. I can’t really tell.”

“ They won’t dare move.” Momo said in an analytical tone. “ They have too much to lose. They’ll wait until we reveal our hand. Then, I imagine we’ll see Eraser’s hair fly as they move to the offensive.” She eyed Iida, taking note of his annoyed yet nervous expression, as if he was begging her not to do this.

“ There are other heroes on the way.” Tiger growled. “ You won’t get far.”

“ Who says we want to get far?” Magne asked. “ This forest is awful anyway. I’d much rather take a shortcut.”

“ Shortcut?” As if to answer Kendo’s query, black mist burst into the area behind the villains. The others started smirking as Izuku slowly stepped out, dressed in his full attire, coat hanging from his shoulders and red eyes of his mask glowing.

“ You are much too loud.” Izuku said playfully. The Heroes were immediately on edge. “ Oh, don’t be like that. You all look like you’re going to pop a blood vessel. How’s about you relax a little. We’re not going to hurt you. Heh. Not physically anyway.”

“ You. Are you Tomura Shigaraki?” Aizawa asked.

“ Tomura? Nah, he’s back home with a glass of whiskey waiting for the good news.” Izuku bowed dramatically. “ My name is Usagi, the leagues chief strategist. Though, maybe you know me from somewhere else.”

“ How would we?” Bakugo asked angrily. “ If I’d seen that ugly mask somewhere, I know I’d remember.”

“ Aw. So vulgar. As per usual.” Izuku shook his head. “ Come on. You really don’t know? Aizawa? Nothing?” The group remained silent. “ Man. You guys don’t pay attention. Or did I just leave that little of an impression.”

“ W-Wait a minute.” Kirishima said, skin paling. “ T-That outfit…”

“ Wow. I’m surprised it took the guy with rocks for brains to actually notice.” Izuku said, elated. Aizawa’s eyes widened.

“ It can’t be…”

“ Oh. But it is.” Izuku raised a hand slowly to his mask and pressed the necessary button to deactivated. The heroes looked on in horror as the mask slowly, piece by piece, undid itself, revealing the face of the person in side. Iida gasped.

“ A-Akitani?!” He exclaimed. “ B-But you-”

“ Were in the hero course for all of one semester. You can’t be a Villain.” Izuku said in mock horror. “ I’m honestly surprised you never noticed. Where do you think I went during the USJ? I just popped back in at the end. Ran into Kaminari. How many robots did you store down there? Doesn’t UA have better storage rooms? Seriously.”

“ Akitani. You were the traitor to UA.” Aizawa said, dark realization in his tone. Izuku flashed a smirk.

“ So, I guess Nedzu thought up that little theory, did he?” Izuku chuckled. “ Yup. Since day 1. It would have been longer, but explosions for brains decided I didn’t need my lungs. And you just let him keep on going. Not gonna lie. That one hurt.” Izuku feigned a look of betrayal. “ By the way, I feel I should come clean about something else since I’m exposing all my lies here. See, my name is not Mikumo Akitani. There isn’t a Mikumo Akitani actually. Never was. I mean, seeing as who I actually am, using my real name would’ve set off red flags immediately. I think I’m still on someones data base somewhere. Probably buried. No-one wants to search for Quirkless kids after all.” Izuku dramatically posed. “ Well, that one cop can stop searching now. Cause here I am. My real name is…” Then he paused. He looked through the crowd. Past Aizawa. Past the other heroes. Past the other students. They landed on the one frozen in fear, confusion, anger and so many other emotions he didn’t know how to process at the same time. “ Say my name, Bakugo.” Everyone turned to look at him.

“ No…”

“ Come on. It’s not hard. Say it.”

“ It… It can’t be…”

“ Everyone’s waiting.”

“ I won’t believe.

" Say. It.”

“ It can’t be you.”

“ SAY IT!” Izuku shouted, anger seeping through his playful tone. Bakugo paused.

“ Izuku Midoriya.” He said quietly.

“ Say it again.” Izuku asked triumphantly. “ Louder. So everyone can hear.”

“ Izuku. Midoriya.” Bakugo spat.

“ There we go.” Izuku grinned. “ There. We. Go. That’s right. That’s my name.”

“ Why?” Bakugo asked. Izuku stopped. His eye twitched in annoyance.

“ Why? Are you actually asking me that question? You of all people?” Izuku laughed. Then he glared at Bakugo. “ No.” Izuku spat. “ YOU don’t get to asked me that question.”

“ Damn it. Just listen Dek-”

“ MY NAME IS NOT DEKU!” Izuku shouted. “ That is not my name. I am not called Deku. I have never been called Deku. You have no idea how much I despise the name Deku. And you. You have no right to label me with such a demeaning title!” Bakugo looked down, biting his lip. Izuku exhaled deeply to calm himself down.

“ What do you want, Midoriya?” Aizawa asked.

“ Me. Respect. A friend who didn’t burn me three out of seven days a week. To feel wanted for once.” Izuku said, counting with his fingers as he went. “ But that WAS what I wanted. What I want now… well, we already took what I wanted. So, there’s nothing you could offer me.” Izuku slowly backed up. “ If you want ‘em, there’s a warehouse in Kamino. You’ll know which one. Around this time in three days, send All Might there. Alone.  We’ll give you your pet cat back. Maybe the students too.”  Izuku reactivated his helmet. ”If you’re lucky.” He nodded to the others, who turned and began to leave. Like clockwork, there was a sudden rush forwards as Vlad, Aizawa and Tiger shot into action. “ Nomu.”

Edge roared. Blades shot from all over its body, creating a barrier of spikes to halt the heroes advances. Then it slowly became darker and darker, shuddering. Izuku gave the group a backhand wave before walking through the portal, other Villains following suit. Mina blew Kirishima a kiss. Compress bowed. Dabi gave them a middle finger as he walked off. Everyone else barely reacted before leaving. After they’d all left, the gate closed. Just in time to avoid any shrapnel from the Nomu exploding into a rain of blades and tools.

Chapter Text

The heroes and police arrived an hour after the Villain’s got away. By that time, Aizawa, Vlad, Tiger and all the students who could still move had escorted the students that could not, either from injury or gas, to safety. There were many major injuries but thankfully no fatalities. Everyone was escorted back to Musutafa and confined to the local hospital. The official story is that they were being held there until the doctors were sure that everyone was clear of any effects of the poison gas or any injuries sustained in combat. In reality, it was a safety precaution. In three days time, they knew at least a few members of the League would be in Kamino. It gave the heroes time to prepare.

Katsuki hadn’t stopped staring up at the ceiling of his hospital room since he got there. He was sure that life had to be mocking him. He’d spent the last year training up to get into UA and then to become a hero all to try and find one person. Then that person ended up in his class and he hadn’t noticed. Then, when he finally realized, he left UA. Then, finally, he appeared before him, not hiding who he was. But he was with a group of Villains. It had to be a bad joke.

He thought back to the that day almost a year ago. He hadn’t thought much of it when it happened. He just did what he always did. Blew off steam on the stressful day at Aldera on his old, worthless friend. Deku was such a fucking annoyance. He was quirkless. Useless. Yet he always went on and on about being a hero. He never gave up. It pissed him off. That day was an especially bad day. A teacher called him up about his grades faltering. Told him he needed to do better. He of all people needed to do better. It pissed him off thinking someone thought they knew better than he did. Fucking extra. The breaking point came when his teacher announced that Deku- weak, shitty, quirkless Deku- was trying to steal his well deserved spotlight by applying for UA.

He backed Deku into a corner and placed a solid hand on his shoulder to stop him running. Then he activated his quirk. His anger of the day fueled it. It wasn’t the first time he’d burned the worthless freak. He deserved it, always following him. He ignored the stench of burning cloth and cooking flesh. Then, as his extra sidekicks held Deku back, he blasted the nerds creepy notebook and tossed it out of the window. He would never be a hero. So he’d never need it. Then, watching as he looked brokenly down at the thing floating in the filthy school pond, Katsuki uttered those words.

“ If you want to be hero, take a swan dive off the roof and pray to be born with a quirk in the next life.” They were just words. He didn’t think anything of them. He’d said worse in the past. But then Deku skipped school the next day. And the next. And the next. The hag told him that Izuku had gone missing. Katsuki remembered what he’d did the last time he saw his old friend. What he said.

He was in denial at first. No way the idiot would have done it. He wasn’t that stupid. Was he? No body was found, so he had to be alive. But, as weeks turned into months and no sign of the nerd was found and the cops stopped looking, Katsuki got a sinking feeling. What if it really was his fault? Some of those crappy extras took the joke too far. Said they were glad Izuku killed himself. He almost blasted them apart for even joking about it. It wasn’t right. He should have known that back then. Why didn’t he?

Izuku was smarter than anyone else he’d known. Maybe he could have been a hero. Maybe he couldn’t. But those creepy books, filled with notes on heroes, pictures, how their quirks worked, how they fought. He was a genius in ways Katsuki never would be. In the past, knowing that just pissed him off more. But if he’d only been more supportive as a friend. Who cares if he was Quirkless? He was still Deku. Still Izuku. He should have known that. He should have stayed by his side. They were gonna change the world together. Be the greatest heroes ever. When had that changed?

Katsuki decided then and there. He’d become a hero. He’d rise through the ranks. He’d find Deku. He promised. Technically he did. But he never wanted it to be like this. The words echoed in his mind. “ You don’t get to ask me that question.” Said with such venom. Where had that anger come from? Katsuki knew. Of course he knew. But was that really why. Was it his fault Izuku was what he was now? He didn’t think he could bare the answer to that question.


Tenya couldn’t sleep the first night in the hospital, right after the Villain attack. He was so sure that if he kept a close watch on Momo, he could prevent her doing something. And yet, for all his attempts, he failed. The Villains still came. His classmates still got hurt. Momo still got away. With Kaminari. With Monoma. With Ragdoll. He blamed himself. How could he not? He knew Momo was a League member. If he told someone and they apprehended her, maybe they wouldn’t have known where they were. Maybe he could have prevented this.

What Momo was doing was wrong. He knew that. And yet, whenever he thought about telling a hero about this, he could find every excuse not to do it. He promised. She was still his old friend deep down. She just needed time to realise what she was doing was wrong. He knew deep down she wouldn’t. But he still couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He never said a word about Venality either despite knowing perfectly well most if not all the people in that small group were members of the League. Part of him worried that made him an accessory to the League’s actions. Now Three of his classmates and a Pro Hero had fallen into the Leagues hands for whatever nefarious purpose the villains had in mind.

Two, he reminded himself. Two of his classmates. Momo was still involved already.

Speaking of being involved already, Tenya was still having trouble getting his head around of Akitani, or rather Izuku Midoriya, being a Villain. Not like Momo, who just came in contact with the wrong person at the USJ and it snowballed, but from the very beginning. Before he’d ever even met him. He was always working for the League as a spy. It wasn’t something that Tenya would believe if he hadn’t seen him first hand. Even then, he would have argued it was Himiko Toga pretending to be him if she hadn’t been right next to him. Akitani had been such a good friend to him. His notes had helped a lot of the class in helping control their quirks, helping people like Tokoyami and Kaminari the most and suggesting support items here and there. Was it all a lie?

Tenya’s mind was a mess. He needed to gather his thoughts. But how could he with so much for him to come to terms with. He sighed. Then he heard a loud banging at the Hospital door. “ I do not believe it is locked.” Tenya called. The door was pushed open. “ I am surprised you came to talk to me of all people.”

“ You’re the class rep, ain’t you?” Bakugo asked. Tenya smiled slightly.

“ I do suppose I am.” Tenya turned his head, giving Bakugo his full attention. “ Well? What’s the plan?” 


“ I can’t believe you raided a UA camp.” Fuyumi said with a heavy sigh as she walked through the halls of the mental hospital to visit her mother, Rei. Flanking her were her on the run brothers, Shoto with his sunglasses and long hair hiding his burn scar and Touya with the hood of his ruined looking coat up and a scarf hiding his face. She’d been surprised when, the afternoon after the news reported another attack by the League of Villains, they’d called her up. She knew usually they had their teleporter friend for this. “ Why me?”

“ Sorry for the trouble, Yumi.” Touya said, his voice muffled slightly. “ But we wanted to see you as well as mom. Shame Natsuo couldn’t make it.”

“ Yeah. Wish he could have been here too.” Fuyumi admitted. Unfortunately, Natsuo was busy with work so today it was just them. It was a bit of a shame. It had been a while since the five of them- the true Todoroki Family- had been together. Not since the new school year had started. Then life started getting hectic.

Fuyumi knew. Of course she knew. So did Natsuo. She was pretty sure her mother did too. So long as they didn’t get hurt and didn’t hurt those who didn’t deserve it, she didn’t mind. She wished there was a better way for them to go about what they were doing, but she understood why they were doing it. Her father wasn’t going to be stopped by pretty words and the hundred and first law suit after all. She’d left him behind. She and Natsuo both. They’d moved out a few months after Shoto had, ignoring any threats or requests that they stay and leaving that old man alone in that old house for him to rage against thin air for the rest of his days. She wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

“ Seriously though. UA?”

“ No-one died, Yumi.” Touya argued weakly.

“ They're saying that there was an 80% casualty rate.”

“ Overestimated.” Shoto shook his head. “ I’d say 55% personally.”

" You say that like it makes it any better.”

“ You’re just gonna complain whenever we come to visit, huh.” 

“ Only if you keep being so reckless.”

“ That ain’t changing.” Touya laughed.

“ Yeah. I thought you’d say that.” Fuyumi sighed. “ Well, as long as you’re safe, I suppose I can overlook your illegal activities.” The trio stopped outside one of the room doors. As Fuyumi opened the door, Shoto and Touya removed their disguises. “ Mom?” Rei turned from tending to the flowers on her window sill and turned, her face immediately lighting up. Fuyumi smiled. So long as she could have moments like this more often, she could tolerate a little bit of lawlessness and disorder in her family. Just as long as these peaceful moments could one day be more permanent.


Neito groaned as he woke up. His ears were ringing. He didn’t quite remember when he’d went to bed. Last he remembered was laughing at the fact more 1-A students had failed the written exam that 1-B students. Who cared that he was the only one in his classed who failed? Seeing 1-A was worse than his class in some way was worth it.

As he came back to reality, he became aware of a few voices. “ How strong is your gas supposed to be again, Hiiro?”

“ He’d be awake by now so long as the antidote was administered correctly. You did do it correctly, right Blackout?”

“ Dude. I can use a syringe.”

“ Come on guys. Let’s get along. Fight. Fight. Fight.

“ Fight. Fight. Fight.”

“ Please stop encouraging them.”

“ Hmm? Well, looks like you can use a syringe properly, Blackout.”

“ Eh?”

“ Come on. I see your eyes move. Man, he’s a heavy sleeper. Crucible. If you would.” A sudden chill shocked Neito awake. Looking around, he found he was not in the 1-B guest room at the Forest Training Camp but rather in some run down bar while tied to a chair. There was eight people in front of him. A tired, purple haired kid. A guy in a red and white mask. A giddy, psychotic looking school girl. A man in a bartenders outfit with a body made entirely of black mist. A guy in a gaudy looking biker’s attire. A kid in a gas mask and military like outfit. A guy with a horribly scared face. And finally, most troubling of all, Mikumo Akitani. “ Morning. Or, well, evening I guess.”

“ Where… is this?”

“ Yokohama.” Akitani said casually. “ Welcome to my place, Monoma. Well, it’s not my place actually. It’s Sensei’s. Still I live here so…”

“ Get to the point.” The purple haired guy said with an annoyed sigh.

“ Oh. Right. Right.” Akitani pulled up a bar stool, taking a seat. “ Can’t let me have my fun, can you Toshi?”

“ Compress has rubbed off on you in the wrong way.” Akitani just laughed at this.

“ Akitani. What is all of this?” Neito asked through gritted teeth as his mind caught up. He was still feeling groggy. What had happened was a blur but he vaguely remembered some kind of explosion.

“ Well, I suppose I should explain. First of all, I’m not Mikumo Akitani. My name is Izuku Midoriya. And I suppose you could call this your recruitment party. Welcome to the home base of the League of Villains.” It was this statement when Neito’s brain finally woke up fully and his memories returned. A Villain attack. A Villain with a Lion headed mask broken through the side of the building and that bitch Himiko Toga took one of the 1-A Students hostage. Then the lights went off and he felt a sudden shock in his back. Everything faded to black.

" My what?”

“ Honestly, there are a few people in UA that could be sitting in that chair right now.” Akitani, or Midoriya as he called himself, said with a shrug. “ Though, honestly, your quirk is the most versatile.” Midoriya leaned in. “ So. That’s why you’re here.”

“ It’s not happening.”

“ At least here me out first.”

“ No. I don’t think I will.” Monoma snarked. “ Let me guess. You saw my overwhelming animosity for Class 1-A and thought you could twist that in a to make me sympathized with you?”

“ I was going to suggest that the heroes clearly aren’t taking you seriously. I get how it feels, you know? Feeling like your second best. Like everyone around you is mocking you. Calling you weak. Worthless.” Midoriya explained. “ We get that.” Neito laughed.

“ You really don’t know anything about me.” He said mockingly. “Worthless? Second best? I’ll never let 1-A forget that 1-B is a hero course as well, don’t get be wrong, but don’t mistake that for an inferiority complex. At the end of the day, we’re all heroes. I don’t need to be number one. I’m not Bakugo.” Neito glared at Midoriya defiantly.  “ You know, Akitani or Midoriya or whatever you want to call yourself. You are exactly what I hate about 1-A. You’re arrogant. You think you know so much more than everyone else. Like you’re owed something. I don’t know what you’ve been through but it’s obvious why you’re here. You just want to feel like you’re better than someone. It’s pathetic.” Midoriya grit his teeth. “ Did I strike a nerve?”

“ You are good at that.”

“ Well, you were a member of 1-A. I know just how to rile you losers up.”

" Yes. You do.” Midoriya sighed. “ Looks like I missed the mark. I figured you were better than that, Monoma. But it seems you’re just as blinded by your worship of heroes as everyone else.”

“ Worship? Is that what you think it is?”

“ Blinded to the truth. If you just knew all the incidents that heroes got into then-”

“ Then what? I’d suddenly jump ship?” Neito sneered. “ No-ones perfect, you know. No system either. It’s obvious things slip through the cracks. To try and what? Bring it all to it’s knees just cause you got slighted? That’s not the warped sense of ‘the ends justify the means’ heroism you think it is. You’re all just petulant children throwing a tantrum and blaming the world for your own pathetic problems. You’re no a savior. You’re a joke.” The League members fell silent, glaring at him.

“ Can I kill him?” Toga asked in a dark, threatening tone.

“ Unfortunately, I promised Sensei that he could have him if he wouldn’t comply.” Midoriya grumbled. “ You don’t know what you’re talking about, Monoma. But I can see we’re done here.”

“ There was never anything to be done with.” Neito said definitely. Midoriya nodded to the villain in the Biker get up. Neito spat on the Villain as he placed a hand on his chest. Electricity filled his body. As his vision faded, he cursed the Villains who captured him and hoped soon he’d be able to pay them back. If not him, then the heroes who would inevitably come to take them down. His only wish is that he could see it in person.


“ So. How’d my babies do?” Mei Hatsume asked Giran over the phone. She was currently in her home lab, by which she meant her parents somewhat spacious shed, currently working on blueprints and watching a small TV drilled into the corner.

“ Glowing reviews, Alchemy.” The man told her. “ Worked like a charm. The League’s impressed with your skills. Usagi said he wants to meet you and talk tech.”

“ Maybe one day. I think I’ll keep working through you if you don’t mind. I’d rather not get to involved with people capable to deal not one but two hefty blows to UA’s hero course.”

“ Ah. Fair. Fair.” Giran laughed.

“ So. What’s their game plan?”

“ They’re luring All Might out to somewhere in Yokohama for some reason. Opposite side of the city from me. Closer to their bar. Not sure why though.”

“ All Might? Of all heroes? Man, they’ve gotten ballsy.”

“ Eh. If anyone can do it…” Giran trailed off. “ Check the news.”

“ Hmm?” Mei turned her phone onto loud speaker before changing the channels. On the news, in front of dozens of cameras and reporters, stood three of individuals. The homeroom teacher of 1-A, Shoto Aizawa aka Eraserhead, homeroom teacher of 1-B, Sekijiro Kan aka Vlad King. and the Principal of UA, Nedzu. “ What is this now?”

“ Seems like UAs playing clean up.” Giran mused.

“ UA never plays clean up. Not personally.”

“ So you noticed, eh?” Giran chuckled. “ Yeah. It’s incredibly rare for any heroes to personally appear in front of the media like this. It ain’t natural.”

“ What are they up to?”

“ Way I see it? A distraction.”

“ A distraction? For what?”

“ They’re keeping the media away from Kamino if I had to guess.” Giran hummed. “ Unless there planning something bigger.”

“ You mean like a raid or something?”

“ Hmm. Maybe. Or maybe they’re trying to keep the media off All Might.”

“ Is Singularity there tonight?”

“ Nah. She’s at home. Usagi decided it was best to keep the League as separated as possible until after this was all over. I haven’t been there either since I got that request.” A faint tapping came from Mei’s phone. “ I’m gonna hang up now. I’m gonna head to a pal of mines in Musutafa. I feel like being here is suddenly a bad idea.”

“ Alright. I’ll call you up when I’m done with my new baby.”

“ Good luck on that.”

“ Good luck on getting out of Yokohama in one piece.”

“ Duly noted. Catch you around, Alchemy.” The phone line went dead. Mei turned the TV up and sat at her desk watching, wondering what chaos was going to go down tonight.


Spotlights filled the skies of Yokohama, shining up from a warehouse in the city centre. Izuku returned inside, dusting off his hands. “ It’s all done.” He announced. “ We should have incoming for those two jokers pretty quick.” Tomura stretched as he finished tying Monoma and Ragdoll together. Momo glanced up from her laptop and nodded. Toru just looked nervous. They were the bait. All Might was the big fish. That’s all that they needed to be tonight.

“ How many heroes do you think will show?” Tomura asked.

“ Judging by the fake ass press conference, more than one.” Izuku reasoned. “ Momo. How is everything else?”

“ Readings are all over the place.” Momo said. “ Reports on heroes are conflicting. It’s hard to say what’s happening.”

“ So they’ve taken control of the flow of information.” Izuku muttered. “ Then that must mean they’re planning an ambush. But where? Here? Or have they finally combined their big thinkers to find our main base.”

“ Is everything going to be alright, Izuku?” Toru asked nervously. “ Being on the back foot like this. I don’t like it.”

“ Neither do I but we can’t be ahead all the time.”

“ So let’s make sure we’re ready for whatever shitty plan they throw at us.” Tomura said. “ Forge. How’s the bar team?”

“ Hitoshi prepared a small strike force in case of an attack. He, Mustard, Twice, Mina and Toga are there with clones of the rest of us. Ochako and the others have already fallen back to that safehouse you got off Giran. They’re preparing for your other little scheme for when the party really gets started. If the Number Two shows up, Dabi and Shoto are on standby”

“ I trust Ochako to get it done.” Izuku nodded

“ It seems that you have everything all planned out. Well done, Izuku.” The groups attention were drawn to a shadowy figure emerging from the Nomu lab underneath the warehouse. Dressed in a fine, black suit and a mechanical mask covering his blank face, he cut an imposing figure. Izuku couldn’t help but smile brightly. It had been a while since Izuku had seen him in the flesh, but this plan was all due to him. The demon returning from his grave.

“ Are you sure you’re ready, Sensei?” Tomura asked.

“ I thank you for your concern, Tomura. However, I believe it’s time I stop relying on you children to get the job done. You’ve done a fine job. However, I think it’s time I remind the world the terror that is All For One.”


Katsuki looked up at the lights from the streets of Yokohama, cursing. “ We’re running out of time.” He muttered.

“ Don’t worry.” Kirishima reassured him. “ We’ll make it in time.” Katsuki looked over his shoulder. The group of Kirishima, Iida, Kendo and Tetsutetsu gave him a confidant, reassuring look. He grinned.

“ Then let’s stop wasting time.” He said before the group started moving through the crowds. Izuku , He swore. I won’t mess up this time. This time, I’ll save you.

Chapter Text

All For One wasn’t sure about Izuku Midoriya the first time Kurogiri brought the child before him. He was a small, trembling young boy in a middle school uniform, sans the blazer, with a burned shoulder. Kurogiri assured him that the boy was worth speaking too. And he did so like how Kurogiri had turned out. He decided to humor him. And he was so grateful that he had.

It quickly became apparent from their talk that Izuku was an incredibly smart young boy. He was quirkless but All For One could fix that little flaw. A mind like Izuku’s, which seemed to be hot wired to analysing the finer details of the world, was also to valuable to lose to the Nomu creation process. Luckily, Izuku already hated everything in this world. His classmates bullied him, his father abandoned him, other adults ignored him and a certain hero told him to abandon his dreams. He’d have to thank All Might for such a gift.

He watched from afar as Izuku and Tomura quickly grew a close, brotherly bond. Tomura was his future King. His plans for Nana Shimura’s grandchild were many but he needed a guiding hand before that could happen. Izuku became that guiding hand. His incredible mind was given purpose. And he was very eager to be of use. He gave Izuku a few quirks so he’d be useful in the future and left his two favourite creations to their own devices. And how great those devices turned out to be.

Venality wasn’t something All For One would have assumed would have worked. But, as it turned out, a lot of people were looking for someone to confide in. He learned over the years he’d been alive that there were a lot of ways to manipulate someone. Money. False promises. Love. Making someone feel they owed him something. Exploiting weaknesses. He’d used them all. Seeing Izuku use the same methods albeit unknowingly was quite an interesting thing to behold. Soon, through manipulation and a bit of luck, he’d gathered a handful of like minded, powerful teenagers with the will to topple hero society.

There was no Gods. There was no Demons. No Monsters. Only man. No man was perfect. But the Hero Commission decided in order to scare people into following the law and making a peaceful society that they’d portray heroes like that were. If only they were a little more open, then the shock these children had when they learned life wasn’t a fair placed, where guardians of justice protected them from the demons of the shadows, wouldn’t have been as volatile. It was always amusing to watch human creations destroy their creators.

All For One decided that it was time. He had a successor. His successor had a partner and an entire, loyal organization at his finger tips. He’d gotten to a point where he felt it was fine to move on to the next stage. It was time for him to return to center stage. Whether he won or lost this fight, it didn’t matter. He’d win in the end. With such a powerful force of loyalists, he was confidant of that.


“ I’m not sure about this plan, master.” Kyudai said.

“ It is a risky play, I agree, however I also believe the outcomes to be worth that risk. Best case scenario is that I can kill All Might, take One For All and cripple this country for our future assaults. The worse case scenario is that I end up in Tartarus, which allows us to move forwards with future plans more smoothly.”

“ Or that muscle brained fool could kill you.”

“ I suppose he could. But to that, he’d have to go all out. With his injury, he’d lose One For All doing that. As such, Japan would still lose it’s symbol. I consider that the second worst case scenario. Worst case scenario assumes he doesn’t lose his quirk after he’s done with me.”

“ And if other heroes ambush you during your fight?” All For One smirked.

“ My dear Doctor. With my newest quirk, there is no worry of an ambush. If I recall correctly, Search allows me to detect up to 100 people in a given range. Even stealth quirks cannot bypass it. I don’t need to worry about anything so rudimentary.”

“ Hmm. I suppose so.”

“ I shall leave Tomura in your hands, Doctor. He’ll need all the help he can get when I’m gone.” All For One said, rising from his chair, feeling as the medical devices fell off of him. He tensed his muscles a few times, testing to make sure he was in a fit state and smiling when he felt no pain. “ Contact Gigantomachia. Though I feel he will want some kind of show of strength as proof.”

“ I shall have Kurogiri on that as soon as the world calms down.”

“ Good. Well then.” All For One began to move towards the stairs. “ Good Luck, Doctor. I shall leave everything in your capable hands.”

“ Have fun, Master. I know you’ve been antsy for a while without something to kill.”

 “ Ha. You know me well.”


All For One, Tomura and Izuku stood on the roof of the Nomu Storage Warehouse, waiting for the heroes to come. Using Search, he could see them. Hiding in the shadows, waiting for the orders. Gang Orca. Best Jeanist. Mount Lady. Yoroi Musha. Tiger. Together with about three dozen police officers. “ They’re here.”

“ Hiding in the shadows are they?” Tomura asked, scratching his neck. “ What are they? Bats?”

“ Probably waiting for All Might or something.” Izuku reasoned. “ I didn’t think they’d actually abide by our conditions anyway.”

“ So, what’s the game plan, Sensei? Do we take the initiative?” 

“ No. That would be playing into their hands. Let's wait for them to…” All For One’s eyes were drawn to one of the back alleys near the warehouse. “ Well now. This is a surprise.”

“ What’s the matter? Found something?” Izuku asked. All For One nodded.

“ Five UA students. It seems they’ve come for theirs allies.”

“ Which ones? I’ll come up with a plan.” All For One hummed in thought, wondering if it was wise to reveal that information. If Izuku Midoriya had a weakness, it was his anger. His festering rage built up over years of being treated like he was worthless simply because of something outside of his own control. If the boy being in UA had proven anything, it was that his rage was a powerful weapon but also a deadly weakness. If he lost control at the wrong time, the outcome would be disastrous. Then again, with everything that was happening tonight, or moreover who it involved, perhaps a way to cool off was exactly what the boy needed.

“ Tenya Iida. Kendo Itsuka. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Eijiro Kirishima. Katsuki Bakugo.” Izuku flinched at the last name. “ I would imagine they saw the lights and came to rescue Neito Monoma.”

“ Momo and Denki as well.” Izuku said. “ Only Iida knows about Momo and he doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush to tell them anything.”

“ They won’t find Kaminari here.” Tomura chuckled.

“ Momo’s been compromised but Denki hasn’t. We had Hiiro knock him out and left him in one of the bars back rooms for the heroes to find.”

“ As long as we can maintain one spy in UA, it should be perfectly fine.” All For One looked down at Izuku. “ What will you do with this knowledge?”

“ The mission comes first.” Izuku said. “ But if I can, I want to kill Bakugo.”

“ In this battle, the world will be distracted by my battle with All Might. At this time, the students and other heroes will be left without eyes on them. I understand a lot of your group have issues to work out with some of the others gathered here. I will not stop you from attempting to achieve what you wish tonight. However, I must also request that you retreat when prompted too.” Izuku’s eyes lit up in excitement.

“ Really? You mean it?”

“ Don’t let us down, Izuku.” Tomura told him. Izuku nodded, smiling confidently.

“ Don’t worry Sensei. We won’t let you down.”

“ I trust in you, my boy.” All For One turned to go back inside. “ They’re making their move. It’s time we make ours.”


Hitoshi watched the broadcast silently from the bar, swirling Soda in his glass. Mina, Toga and Twice were joking around, mocking the seriousness of the heroes. Mustard sat in the corner by the door. “ So. When do you think the party’ll start?” Mina asked.

“ Hopefully soon. These heroes droning on about responsibility and how sorry they are is gonna put me to sleep.” Toga giggled.

“ You don’t look tired.” Hitoshi snarked.

“ But I’m getting there!” Toga stomped her foot childishly.

“ Are you sure you should be here, Toshi?” Mina asked, frowning slightly. “ You were out cold just an hour ago. Isn’t the process-”

“ Don’t worry about it. I feel fine.” Hitoshi stopped her. “ Fine enough for this at least. You forget I’m used to a lack of sleep.”

“ You kids should really look after yourselves, you know. Go jump off a bridge.” Twice said, deepening his voice to sound more profound. “ I can clone all of you if you wanna bounce.”

“ Psh. And miss out on all the fun? Fat chance.” Himiko grinned.

“ We don’t even know if they’re really coming anyway.” Hitoshi shrugged. “ At the very least, they’ll be attacking the Nomu Facility on mass. This place might still be a mystery to them. And if not and SHE comes…” Hitoshi dug his nails into his palm. “ I need to be ready.”

“ Toshi…” Mina gave him a concerned look.

“ It shouldn’t matter what they do.” Mustard leant back in his chair. “ We can’t lose.”

“ I wouldn’t be so sure.” The group looked up. The Kurogiri clone, cleaning a glass, looked up at the screen. Most of the League were cloned, watching the broadcast with them. Izuku decided to use them as bait. A contingency plan if the heroes raided. It would be easier to get away if there were a lot of false targets. The rest of the League was elsewhere tonight. Ready for their own fun and games. “ Heroes are as crafty as we Villains. Even if they don’t use their heads as often as us, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get caught in their web.”

“ And doing such a thing would be quite the detriment to us.” The Compress Clone said, rubbing the brim off his hat.

“ If they come, we’ll crush them.” The Clone Tomura said. “ If not, someone else will. That’s all that needs to be said.” The discussion was quickly interrupted by a knock on the bar door.

“ Pizza delivery.” Everyone went quiet. Hitoshi looked over to Mustard, who nodded, opening some of the vents on his costume. Before everyone could get to their masks however, the wall off the bar was smashed open.

“ Oh come on…” Hitoshi said through gritted teeth as he saw the star spangled costume of All Might baring down on them.

“ Kurogiri! Gate!” The Tomura clone commanded. With a nod, the Kurogiri clone went to work. However, they were cut off as Kamui Woods burst in after All Might, grabbing everyone in the bar with his power. “ Grr. What a pain.”

“ All Might. Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?” Hitoshi asked. All Might simply glared at him. “ So I guess you’re still sore over the USJ incident, huh? What? Afraid I’m gonna make you hurt a comrade this time?”

“ All Might. All the League have been detained.” Kamui told the Number One.

“ Good. Remember to ignore Shinso. Don’t reply to him or he’ll make you release them all.”

“ Understood.”

“ Oh? So you know who I am?” Hitoshi hummed. “ How? I’m genuinely curious.”

“ The Police worked day and night to find out who you all were. We most of your identities, Hitoshi Shinso. After your father died, your home address became a mystery even to your own remaining family members. All we had to do to make sure it was you was follow you back here on security cameras. It’s how we found this place.”

“ I see. How very astute of you.”

“ Well this is annoying.” Mustard growled. “ I can’t use my quirk like this.”

“ Heeeey. Let me go.” Toga shouted flailing around. “ The only person allowed to tie me up is my bestie.”

“ She’s right you know.” Mina grinned. Kamui flinched as acid started to eat through the bark of his tree. As she did, however, Gran Torino sprung into action, kicking Mina in the head, knocking her out.

“ Such impatience.” He declared, bouncing around the room. “ It’s really in your best interest to-” Gran Torino kicked the Dabi clone only for his his boot to pass right through it. “ What?” Hitoshi burst out laughing.

“ What? Thought we didn’t see you coming?” The heroes glared at the Brainwasher. “ We’re smart enough to sneak a spy into your halls and plan not just one but two successful attacks. Did you really think we wouldn’t take precautions against an attack on this scale?” All Might growled. He looked to Kamui Woods.

“ Find the fakes.” Woods nodded, applying pressure to everyone he had in his grasp. The heroes watched as most of the room collapsed into sludge.

“ The League…” Gran Torino exclaimed. “ This is…”

“ Everyone! Out of the bar!” All Might shouted. Before they could, a plume of orange burst through the room. Kamui Woods yelled in pain as he was lit on fire. Using the weakened grip, Hitoshi and the others broke free, Toga pulling Mina free before she fled to the back rooms, Hitoshi and the others on her tail. In the back rooms, they met up with Shoto and Kurogiri. Shoto placed a frozen hand on Mina’s cheek, shocking her awake.

“ Ah!” She squealed. Then she pouted. “ I can’t believe that old guy got me like that!”

“ It’s fine. Kurogiri.” Hitoshi looked up at the smoke Villain.

“ Of course.” There was a loud smashing sound as the police burst through into the bar. Everyone retreated through the portal. Hitoshi smirked. The night had only just begun.


As the attack on the bar was taking place, the heroes were making their move on the Nomu facility. With Mount Lady as their opening act, the heroes smashed through the walls of the facility, searching for the League. However, they were immediately pounced on my a group of Nomu. It didn’t take long for them to wrap them up, quite literally in Best Jeanist’s case, and begin their search proper.

“ Two of the Hostages are secure.” Best Jeanist confirmed as he pulled an unconscious Neito and Ragdoll from a cell in the room. Tiger was quick to grab Ragdoll in both of his arms to see if she was alright. At Jeanist’s urging, he took both of them to safety as the remaining heroes continued their search. This could easily be a trap. With how powerful the USJ Nomu was, six of them could have easily been enough to defeat All Might. But Jeanist noted that these Nomu didn’t seem to be complete. After DNA investigation, they seemed to be scientific made monstrosities made from combining multiple quirks and enhancements to a poor person, transforming them into a modern day Frankenstein’s Monster.

“ Building secure. There’s no-one on the bottom floor.” Yoroi Musha announced.

“ So where is…” A slow clapping interrupted Gang Orca’s question. The heroes looked up sharply. Usagi sat, mask up, staring down at them from a top a flight of stairs broken in Mount Lady’s initial assault. “ Usagi!”

   “ Well now. I guess those brain cells of yours really do work when you want to turn them on.” Usagi said. “ So, who’s behind this raid? Sir Nighteye? Nedzu? True Man? No wait. That’s a detective. I always forget about that one”

“ Your plan has failed, Midoriya.” Jeanist declared.

“ Failed? What are you going on about now?” Usagi shook his head. “ Man, you really are dense. Did you think the Nomu’s were my trap?” This gave the heroes pause.

“ What are you talking about?”

“ I drew you here for a reason. I knew All Might wasn’t going to show up alone. He’s a coward. And with that injury…” Usagi looked back up. “ Well, anyway. When they get here, you’ll figure it out.”

“ Don’t think you’ll get any reinforcements, Usagi. Your hideout-”

“ -is under attack?” Usagi tipped his head at Mount Lady. “ Is that what you think? That you pulled the wool over our eyes with a media broadcast? Definitely not a Nighteye plan then.” Usagi stood up. “ Well, I’ll get out of your hair now. I have bigger fish to fry right now.”

“ Wait! What did you do to Ragdoll!” Tiger shouted.

“ Sorry, Tiger.” A second voice echoed. The heroes attention was immediately grabbed. “She had a good quirk. I wanted it.”

“ Who… are you?” Tiger asked.

“ Another new member of the League?” Mount Lady theorized. Jeanist’s eyes narrowed. Something about the new figure made his blood run cold. His body screamed at him to run. But he stood his ground.

“ Is that your line of thought, my dear? No, I’m nothing so plain as a new member of the League.” Jeanist moved, using his quirk to bind the man in place. Even so, he kept talking. “ I am the person who started the group you call the League of Villains. You’ve been quite rude to my protege and his allies, I’ll have you know.” Jeanist flinched as the man broke free of his quirk. 

“ How?” Jeanist asked.

“ Best Jeanist, your quirk could never hope to hold someone of my caliber. Stick to bank robbers.” The man jeered. Then he raised an arm. Energy charged in it, causing it to expand. “ I’m not interested in you. I must request that you leave.” In a swift motion, Jeanist quickly used the fibers of his fellow heroes clothing to throw to safety just before the attack his, blowing away an entire block of the city with a powerful jet of air, leaving the ground a crater. Jeanist groaned, barely able to stay conscious, pinning himself to the ground as to not go flying himself. “ My. As I should have expected from the number 4 hero. You are quite remarkable.” He raised his hand again. “ However, I have no need of a quirk like yours. As such, I must make you vanish.” With the last of his power, Jeanist roared, sending the fibers of his denim jacket at his foe. He was too late. With a sudden pain in his abdomen, he felt the last of his power failing him. He was barely able to register something landing behind him. That and a last couple of words before he fell unconscious.

“ All For One. I am here.”


Katsuki and the others were frozen to the spot. They couldn’t move. They saw Neito get rescued and heard All Might and other heroes were attacking another of the Leagues bases. They thought it was over. Then that man appeared. He appeared and reduced an entire city block to rubble with the flick of his risk, defeating five pro heroes, including two members of the top ten, with no effort at all. Who was that guy? Suddenly, a voice called to them.

“ Do you see now? None of you ever stood a chance.” They knew who it was but, in their state, they could hardly breath let alone think. “ This is the power of Sensei. Of All For One. That’s the pinnacle of power. That’s the boogeyman you Heroes are being trained to combat. But you’re nothing but fodder in his wake.”

“ This society will fall. That is the only option it has.” A second, more feminine voice called from the opposite side. “ The corrupt Commission. The worship of you would be heroes. We’ll crush it to dust and rebuild it.” Bakugo was the first person to regain his footing enough to recognise what was happening. On one side of the alley they’d been watching the events unfold from, in her sleek black outfit and mask of Tragedy, stood Forge. On the other, his robotic, rabbit like mask on and large coat over hanging from his shoulders, stood Usagi. They’d blocked them in.

“ Izuku…” Bakugo started.

“ Are you going to stay and watch the carnage? Or are you going to run away like the coward you are, Katsuki?”

“ We’ll let you run.” Forge told them. “ If you want to run.” Iida glared down at Forge.

 “ I won’t run.” Katsuki said. “ I’m here… to save you.”

“ Huh?” Usagi tipped his his head to the side, sounding somewhat amused by the sudden declaration. “ Save me? Is that what you want? To save me?”

“ I failed you before, Izuku. But not today. Today, I make things right.”

“ Why are you talking like some hero here to save some hostage?” Usagi asked. “ Are you stupid or something? I’m a Villain, Katsuki. You know who’s fault that is right?”

“ Yes. I know.”

“ Hmm.” Usagi turned to walk away. “ Come on then. Save me.” He sneered. Charging his quirk in his legs, Usagi leapt away, bouncing between the walls of the buildings. Katsuki narrowed his eyes and ran after him.

“ Bakugo!” Kendo shouted. She was stopped from following as rubble fell, blocking the path. 

“ This is between Usagi and Bakubitch now, princess.” The hero students looked up. Above them, the pink skinned Mina Ashido looked down upon them.

“ Mina…” Eijiro grit his teeth

“ Kendo. Tetsutetsu.” Iida said slowly. “ Get to Neito. Make sure he makes it out alright. That’s our objective here.”

“ What about you?” Tetstutetsu asked.

“ We’ll cover you.” Kirishima announced. The two looked at the 1-A students. It was Kendo who relented first.

“ Get out of here alive, Iida. I don’t want to lose another friend.”

“ I promise.”

“ Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Mina jeered. Kendo ignored her. 

“ Let’s go, Tetsu.” Tetsutetsu reluctantly nodded. Both made their way through the alleyway. As promised, Forge let them past. Iida narrowed his eyes at Forge.

“ Momo.” He said. Kirishima looked up.

“ What did you say?”

“ So much for not telling anyone, Tenya.” Forge chuckled. She removed her mask. Kirishima gasped in shock.

“ W-Wait! Seriously!”

“ I refuse to lie for you anymore.” Iida announced. “ Where is Kaminari?”

“ He’s fine. We left him at our main base as a present for the so called Heroes. He was just a means to an end anyway.” Forge shrugged. “ Mina. Deal with Kirishima. Tenya’s mine.” Mina grinned.

“ With Pleasure.” Iida and Kirishima primed their quirks. The fight between All Might and All For One echoed on in the background. This was going to be a fight for their lives. They needed to come out on top.


“ I can’t believe you let the Villains escape.” Endeavor boomed. All Might had leapt off to help the Warehouse team after they lost contact with them. Kamui Woods was on the way to the nearest hospital for severe burn injuries. Edgeshot was leading the investigation on the rooms in and around the bar for any traps or information. They’d already recovered one of the hostages. From the last report from Jeanist’s squad, that just left Momo Yaoyarozu. Gran Torino sighed at Endeavor's accusation.

“ We didn’t let them do anything. We misjudged how prepared they were.”

“ If you’d just let me in-”

“ You would have torched all of our potential leads, Todoroki.”

“ Better dead than allowed to keep doing this whenever they please.”

“ Must you always argue for violence.”

“ He has too. It’s in his nature.” The two looked up sharply as a plume of azure flames burst towards them. Gran Torino was quick to leap backwards, up to the bar, while Endeavor soaked up the flames, grunting as he felt the heat. Flames hotter than his. The two looked down as two Villains approached them. One covered in numerous burns and the other in a Lion like mask. Dabi and Crucible. 

“ So you didn’t all run away.”

“ We're here for you.” Crucible said simply.

“ Ain’t we just.” Dabi smirked. “ Hey. Honored Elder. Mind if you keep out of this one?”

“ Like I would agree to such a demand.” Gran Torino spat. 

“ Suit yourself.”

“ Are you alone?” Endeavor asked.

“ Alone as two people can be.” Dabi smirked. “ Don’t worry though. We’re not clones this time.”

“ Endeavour. Tonight, you die.” Crucible announced.

“ You scum. Think you can defeat me. You’re pathetic to even have such an idea.” 

“ Well, we already froze Edgeshot. Might wanna go grab him before he dies from hypothermia or something.” Dabi shrugged. “ No reinforcements. Just you and us.” Endeavor and Gran Torino stared them down.

“ Fine by me. I’ll burn you villains to ash.” Endeavor decreed. The raid of the bar had just been the beginning. This was Endeavour’s true fight. And he vowed he’d be victorious.

Chapter Text

Izuku watched as Bakugo ran into the area. An old park near a now evacuating housing block. He sat on one of the building rooftops as he spoke. “You know, it was somewhere like this where you first beat me up.” He called down. “ Do you remember? You were bullying another kid and I stepped in the way. It was awfully unheroic of you.”

“ I remember. You pissed me off with that pathetic look in your eye while trying to act tough. You never did give up. That’s what annoyed me the most about you. No matter what happened, you never stopped wanting to be a hero. You never gave up, even though you were powerless. Seeing you try so hard made me feel like I wasn’t trying hard enough. You never stopped reaching for that shitty impossible dream of yours.”  Bakugo looked up as Izuku hopped down, using Air Walk to safely reach the ground, keeping his eyes trained on his old friend. “ But then you did. Why? Why did you become a Villain?”

“ I thought I told you, Katsuki.” Izuku glared at his old friend. “ You don’t get to ask that question.”

“ It was my fault, wasn’t it.”

“ Yes. It was. You told me to kill myself. So I did. The Izuku you once knew? He killed himself. Then he returned as me. A spirit of vengeance. Here to crush you, All Might and everything you stand for.”

“ No. You aren’t. You’re still the same stupid Deku who followed me around when we were kids. That never gave up. Who wanted to become a hero. I can see it.”

“ Is that what you think?” Izuku said. “ That’s strange. I thought I was useless. That’s why you called me Deku right? I didn’t have a quirk so I was useless? I’d never amount to anything other than your punching bag and a thing for everyone else in that piece of shit middle school to take the piss out of.”

“ That’s not-”

“ It wasn’t? Is that the truth of the matter? Or are you only saying that because I have made something of my life now. Because you and All Might were both wrong. Because I’m a threat.”

“ Damn it Dek…” Bakugo stopped himself. “ Izuku. We were kids fucking around. I didn’t know what I was doing. Ain’t like those shit head teachers were in any hurry to stop me.”

“ Shifting the blame as always, I see.” Izuku sighed, annoyed. “ It was always up to you though. Fuck the teachers. Fuck the other kids. If you were ever really my friend, you’d never have thrown me away. I just wanted to help you. What was so wrong with that?”

“ Nothing but-”

“ But nothing! I hated it. I hated you. But I was too broken too see what you were doing was wrong. You forced me to think I deserved it. You know how much torture it takes to force that outlook on a person?” He looked up at the smoke filled sky.  “ Then tell me this. After everything you’ve done. Everything you put me through. That you got away with. Why?” Izuku’s voice cracked. A tear rolled down his cheek. “ Why did you get to live out your dream? Why are you the hero now? Why did that get to happen to you when I became a Villain? It’s… It’s just not fair!” Bakugo looked down. The question hurt.

“ I don’t know.” He admitted. “ In Aldera, you’re right. I was nothing but a bully. A villain. I tried so hard to change. To find you. To save you. But I couldn’t. I still ended up the same short tempered, foul mouth idiot who pushed you away.” Bakugo looked up, more determined then ever before. “ But now… I am here. And I will save you.” Izuku looked down, a mix of confusion and amusement on his face. He burst out laughing.

“ Who are you trying to imitate there? All Might?” Izuku asked through his laugh. “ Man, that doesn’t suit you.”

“ Hey, I’m trying.” Bakugo said pouting.

“ Who’d you intern with?”

“ Best Jeanist.”

“ Seriously? Figured you were a Mirko guy. She’s way close to your attitude. Or is it just because he was closer to the top?” Bakugo looked away, annoyed. “ Ha. I knew it. You never change, Kacchan.” Izuku chuckled. Then he sighed. “ That’s why we’re in this mess. Cause you never change. Stubborn to a fault.”

“ I can try.”

“ Ha. Don’t kid yourself.” Izuku sighed. “ You’re like Endeavor. Violent quirk and a bad attitude. If you knew the things he’s done…” Izuku shook his head. “ Either way, you can’t change. It’s not in your nature”

“ Of course I will.” Bakugo sneered. “ I’ll be number one, the type of guy everyone can look at and feel safe knowing I’m around to save their dumb asses. You included. Just watch me."

" Ha. You really think so?” Izuku smirked. “ Fine. In that case, I’ll be your number one rival. As we said I’d be all those years ago.” Bakugo looked down.

“ Yeah. Guess we did promise that, huh. But… I didn’t want it to be like this.”

“ Yeah.” Izuku admitted. “It’s not what I dreamed either. But I don’t regret it. I found something I never at Aldera or with you. A place I’m respected. A place I can belong. And I’ll protect it. Even if it means having to break you.” Izuku begun charging air in his legs. “ No. Especially if it means having to break you. I’ve been waiting a long time for this chance. No cameras. No rules. Just me and you.”

“ Mother fucker. You can try breaking me but I’ll knock your ass out and drag you home so fast your head will spin.” Explosions popped in Bakugo’s palms. Izuku chuckled at Bakugo’s declaration, shaking his head in disbelief. When had he gotten so stupidly altruistic?“ So, have you thought of a hero name yet?” Izuku asked.

“ I was thinking something flashy. Lord Explosion Murder.”

“ No.” Izuku deadpanned. “ That’s childishly stupid.”

“ I don’t hear you suggesting a better name.

“ I would if you had asked me.”

“ Well I’m asking now.”

“ How about… Dynamight? Spelled like All Might spells Might.”

“ Corny.”

“ Better than yours.” Bakugo huffed but found himself nodding in agreement as both readied themselves for a fight.

“ Fine. I’ll take you down here and now. Get ready for the fight of your life, Usagi.”

“ And I hope you decide to use the name for yourself eventually, Dynamight.” Izuku activated his mask. “ If you live that long.” Both charged.


The flames that spread through Kamino Ward lit up the sky that night. From the streets of Musutafa, Ochako glanced up at the news being broadcast on various holographic screens projected on buildings across the main street. All Might against his old Nemesis All for One. That was just what was happening on the surface however. The news didn’t see the rest of what was happening that night. All of Izuku’s plans finally being realised and new plans just being started. A lot was happening tonight. So much she wanted to be involved with.

Sensei, All For One, was a man with a storied past. He’d lived a long life, being born shortly after the dawn of quirks in the first generation. Since then, almost 120 years had past. He’d lived that long due to stealing longevity quirks and other quirks to keep him young-ish and powerful. All Might’s quirk, known to the media at large as Superpower, was called One For All and was passed down from person to person, becoming stronger with each generation. All Might was not the current holder of the quirk but the powers remained, if weaker than they were. Izuku wasn’t sure if it was natural weakness or if he’s passed it down already. However, All Might and All For One still had a more personal rivalry after the two almost killed each other. Today, that rivalry ended. One way or another.

Meanwhile, across the ward, another fight was just starting even if the media didn’t know it. Izuku assumed the police would take this opportunity to try and stamp the League out. Endeavour would likely be called upon for support if that were the case. The chance to kill or at least weaken as many heroes as possible was not a chance they could let past. So, when he made his move, it was time Shoto and Dabi made theres. The two always had a vendetta against Endeavour. Now was their chance to make a mark. Stop any reinforcements from assisting All Might. Put their old man into the ground.

Speaking of rivalries, Izuku’s last text to her suggested that UA students had gotten close to the warehouse. There’d be more fights than just between heroes tonight. If Bakugo was one of the hero students that had come to the warehouse, then Ochako knew Izuku wouldn’t let him leave. Not in one piece. Another problematic situation would be if Iida showed up. Momo was very adamant about trying to protect him when the others learnt he knew her identity as Forge. They were close. Giran mentioned that when people on opposite sides get too close, either through prior friendships or a too personal rivalry, it never ended well. Sometimes they’d join forces, even if temporary. Sometimes, it ended with someone changing sides. Usually, it ended with a messy breakup. Ochako liked Momo. She was kind and caring, like a big sister. She didn’t want her to get hurt.

She put her thoughts aside. She had a mission herself. Tonight, All Might died. Even if it wasn’t literal, the message needed to be clear. Tomura mentioned that All Might had gotten weaker since the year began. His limit was becoming shorter. His strength in his big form was becoming less. Even if he survived this fight, Sensei was a powerhouse. The likelihood is, at the rate All Might had been going, his power wouldn’t last. So, those not at the base or at the Warehouse were given a task. Wipe All Might from the face of the earth. Erase the symbol of peace conceptually as Sensei was literally. Break one of the Pillars of Hero Society.

Ochako removed her coat and threw on her helmet before breaking through the locked door of Sir Nighteyes hero agency. She slowly progressed up the building, placing bombs in key places as she did. She stopped in Nighteye’s office. Sir Nighteye and All Might had reportedly had a falling out six years ago. However, his office was set up like a hero museum piece for All Might. Posters. Figures. Memorabilia. It was a fan boys wet dream.  Ochako laughed at it. Taking this opportunity, she decided to do what she promised Izuku and rifled through the files in Sir Nighteye’s draws for anything interesting.

“ Huh? What is this?” Ochako mumbled. It was the file on a student. Mirio Togata. Class 3-B of UA High School. Nighteye’s intern. Her eyes scanned across the page. Quirk. Permeation. Special notes… “No way!”

“ Who’s there?” Ochako looked up sharply. Standing in the doorway was All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. “ So, you’re the intruder. My agency has alarms you know.”

“ I know. Just didn’t expect the big man himself to appear.” Ochako folded the file and slipped into a pouch on her belt.

“ So, you must be Singularity, the gravity Villain with an unknown alias that attacked UA’s forest training grounds, am I correct?” Nighteye asked. “ What does the League want with my agency?”

“ Oh nothing too serious. But you were the sidekick to the Number One hero. People still think of you that way, you know?”

“ I am aware.”

“ Good. You should be.” Outside, an explosion echoed. “ That would be Central Station I imagine. The All Might Statue there. The one near UA should be next.”

“ All Might statues?”

“ You’re aware right? About All Might’s injury and his weakening state?” Nighteye’s eyes widened slightly. “ Are you aware that one year ago, All Might revealed that injury to a Aldera Middle School Student? Is All Might even aware he did that? Memory like sieve, I tell you.”

“ How do you-”

“ You’re the genius. You figure it out.” Ochako said snidely. Nighteye hummed.

“ Are you trying to say that the person All Might revealed himself too joined your League?”

“ Not just joined. His name is Izuku Midoriya.” Nighteye sighed.

“ So that’s it. The catalyst for the Leagues success.”

“ You got it. You can tell him afterwards, but I don’t think it’ll matter after tonight.” Ochako pulled the trigger device out of her pouch. Nighteye noticed. He went to pull something out of his pocket. “ Night night, Sir.” Ochako pressed the button. Explosions rocked the building. The ground collapsed. Ochako knelt down, pressing a hand to the ground, keeping a platform for her to float on, using her belt’s orbit device to protect herself from falling rubble, as Nighteye fell. She didn’t know if the fall would kill him. Frankly, she didn’t care. The age of All Might was over. Right now, she needed to get this information to Izuku.


Mount Lady groaned as she rose from the rubble. In the distance, through her blurry vision, she could just make out a fight between the man who blew her and the others away and All Might. She fought against the pain. She needed to help. “ Mount Lady. Are you alright?”

“ K-Kamu-” Suddenly she froze. Why couldn’t she move?

“ Three minutes have passed.” She heard a voice say. “ Face me.” Her body turned. Before her was a boy with purple hair. He lowered the muzzle like device down to his neck, giving her a clear look at his face. She silently cursed. Hitoshi Shinso aka Brainstorm. Quirk: Brainwashing. If anyone answers a question of his, he can bring them under his control. Quirk is released with a strong enough attack to the one being controlled. She remembered him from briefing. In her dazed state, she forgot about him completely. “ I bet you don’t know who I am. Or rather, you don’t remember the reason I despise you, Mount Lady.” He said, his voice filled with anger. It was eight months ago. You were fighting a Villain with the ability to fire his upper arms as a high powered missile and regrow it near instantly. In that fight, you collapsed a building in your hasty attempt to stop the villain. The building was condemned so you thought it would be safe. But you killed someone by doing that.” Killed someone? She had? She wracked her brain trying to remember the incident but her memory failed her. “ His name was Ranmaru Shinso, my father. He was just on his way home from work when he caught up in your rampage. YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE HIM FROM ME!”  A blue flash emanate from his left side before shards of ice burst forwards. Mount Lady screamed in pain as Icicles stabbed through her body, keeping her from moving. “ Five minutes have passed.”

“ That’s not… your quirk.”

“ It is now. Thanks to Sensei. It’s owner wanted nothing to do with us, so he gave it to me.” Shinso raised an arm. “ Copy. I can borrow an emitter quirk for five minutes. So I took Crucible’s before he left and came to find you. I’ve been dreaming of this day for eight months. The day I finally avenge my father.”

“ P-Please. I’m sorry. I don’t…”

“ Want to die?” Shinso asked, mockingly. “ Neither did he.” Shinsho punched his fists together, causing them to spark. “ I’m in two minds. I don’t know if I want to make you suffer or kill you swiftly to avoid getting caught.” Mount Lady shook helplessly in fear as the boy approached her a wicked grin on his face. “ Well, we’ve got til the shows over. I’ll take as long as I can. Try not to die to quickly will you? I want to enjoy this.”


The building came crashing down as Mina flipped away from Eijiro’s raging assault. “ You’ve gotten better at dancing , Eiji. You used to be so slow but you’re learning.” Mina taunted. “ Still, I’m the queen of the dancefloor. You won’t be able to steal my crown.” As if to contest that, Eijiro burst out of the rubble, fist raised. Mina grinned as he was intercepted by a large metal disk. Mina took the opening, firing a barrage of acid at Eijiro, forcing him back into defence. “ Preciate it, Yaomomo.”

“ It’s natural for dance partners to support each other, right?” Momo said, ducking under Iida’s attack. Momo pulled a number of Matryoshka dolls from her side and tossed them at Iida. Iida kicked one, only for it to explode, sending him flying backwards. Mina grinned.

“ Ha. You get it.”

“ Class Rep! Are you alright?” Kirishima shouted. Iida growled, rising from the ground.

“ You hid grenades in the dolls so I wouldn’t see them.” He realised. “ That could have killed me!”

“ What? Thought we were still playing around in the Sports Festival or something?” Momo asked. “ I don’t want to hurt you, Tenya, but I warned you. Get in my way and I won’t hold back.”

“ Why?” Kirishima growled. “ Why Yaoyorozu?”

“ Is that really a question you should be asking that now?” Mina asked, rushing in, fist laced with acid. Eijiro quickly activated his quirk to mitigate the incoming damage. Iida raced to his classmates side, kicking down at Mina, who fell back, meeting up with Momo.

“ Kirishima. You need to focus.”

“ Class Rep. How long have you known?”

“ For a few weeks now.” Iida admitted. “ I should have said something sooner. I know. However, Momo and I…”

“ Yeah. I get it. This is tough. Fighting a friend.”

“ I’m ready to put my feelings behind me.” Iida said. “ I imagine Kendo and Tetsutetsu should have evacuated a safe distance by now. We should make a escape too when we can.”

“ Are you sure?” Kirishima asked. “ What about Bakugo?”

“ I’m worried about him too. Especially when facing off against someone like Akita… Like Midoriya. However, there’s nothing we can do for him now.” Kirishima clicked his tongue. Mina laughed.

“ Huuuuh? Is the honorable Class Rep suggesting you save your own asses? Ah ha ha. How pathetic. Aren’t you supposed to be a hero? Grow a backbone.”

“ If you can’t save everyone, then save the most useful, right?” Momo spoke analytically. “ How very like you, Tenya. Cold and logical. Even if you hate it, that is the smartest play. Two heroes to be can do more good if they escape than risking death to save one person. But we were taught that heroes had to be above such cold logic, weren’t we? If they’re in front of you, you must put in the effort to save them.” A steel bat appeared in Momo’s hands. “ Show me that effort, Tenya.”

“ Momo…” Iida gave her a sad look. With a deep breath, that quickly became fierce. He turned his body and crouched down, grabbing Kirishima with one arm. “ Hold on.”

“ R-Right.” Eijiro nodded. Mina giggled, blowing holes in the bottom of her shoes with her acid and prepared to give chase. Momo took a step back to get out of their way.

“ 3...2...1…” Mina said giddily. Iida took off like a shot, taking Kirishima along with him as he ran. “ Hey! I never said Go!” Mina prepared to go after them but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She looked back. Momo shook her head.

“ They’re not a priority. Let them go.”

“ But… they know.”

“ It’s fine. It’s as Izuku says.” Momo said. “ We don’t need multiple spies, so giving up my secret to allow me to act more freely is a sacrifice I’m willing to take.” Mina gave her a concerned look.

“ But you have way more to lose than Izu or Denki. Is that alright?” Momo sighed. It was clear she was conflicted about this but at this point it was out of her hands.

“ The ends justify the means.” She said simply. “ No cost is too great for the end goal.” Mina empathized with her. They weren’t like Toru or Shoto who still had family or Hitoshi who’d had his taken away. She’d given up her family for this as well. So had Izuku. But it didn’t hurt her quite as much. She wondered if Izuku missed his mother. Mina decided to stop thinking about such things. They weren’t done yet.

“ Shall we contact Kurogiri?”

“ Right. I’ll leave that to you.” Momo told her. “ I… have somethings I need to think about.”

“ OK. I’ll leave you to it.” Mina nodded. “ And Yaomomo?”

“ Huh?”

“ After this is over, let’s grab some disguises and head to the arcade. You, me, Himiko and Ochako. I’ll teach you guys how to dance.” Mina gave her the brightest grin she could manage. Momo smiled slightly.

“ Thanks Mina. I’d appreciate it.”


An inferno raged through the streets of Yokohama as Endeavor and Gran Torino took on the Villains with twin fire quirks. Endeavor growled. Who were these two? According to them, they’d frozen Edgeshot in the bar. Tsukauchi led a team to rescue him while they distracted the duo. So they had a hidden villain with an ice quirk. The League was annoyingly versatile.

“ If this keeps going, you three will burn down the area. All Might’s already having enough trouble by the sounds of things.” Gran Torino grumbled. Endeavor had to admit he was right. Whatever was happening at the warehouse, they could hear the destruction from here. Was it some kind of a new Nomu or had some massively powerful villain arose? Was this all Tomura Shigaraki? No way such a scrawny kid could fight All Might to a stand still.

“ Let me get in close. I’ll end this with a single blow.”

“ I’ll trust you on this, Todoroki. Distract them so I can get close.” 

“ Of course, honored elder. Whatever you say.” Gran Torino huffed at Endeavor's response. Endeavor increased the intensity of the flames and drew back his arms before unleashing a powerful blaze straight down the street, utilising his Flashfire Fist’s powerful Hell Curtain technique to give Gran Torino cover as he rushed in after it. Dabi and Crucible ducked into cover to avoid the initial blaze before reemerging for a counter attack. Gran Torino was the one who entered their sight first, charging straight for Dabi. As Crucible lined up a shot to defend his partner, Endeavor appeared next to him. “ Flashfire Fist…”

“ Crap.” Crucible muttered.

“ Jet Burn.” Endeavour smashed his fist into the left side of the Villain’s helmet before unleashing the flames, blasting him down the street.

“ No!” Dabi shouted. He fired a plume of azure flames to get Gran Torino off of his back before retreating to his partners side. “ Brother. Are you…” Crucible slowly raised a hand, stopping him from worrying before slowly rising to his feet. The mask around his eye began to fall off, shard by shard. Endeavor's heart sank at what he saw. A blue eye surrounding by a red scar. Something Endeavor had seen so many times before.

“ S...Shoto?” He asked, his voice broken. Gran Torino looked over at him in surprise. Crucible huffed coldly before taking his helmet off and discarding it.

“ Hello, dad.” Shoto spat. “ Did you miss me?”

“ He’s your son?” Gran Torino exclaimed. “ But how?”

“ How did I become a Villain?” Shoto asked. “ Ask him. He should know because he’s the reason.”

“ M-Me? But I-”

“ Do you know what he did to me? No, not just me. To us. His own family.” Shoto asked, cutting Endeavor off. “ He only used my mother as a way to get a strong heir with the powers of both fire and ice. When my siblings proved they weren’t strong enough, he cast them aside. The only ‘love’ he ever showed me was an endless stream of burns, bruises, broken bones and beatings. I wasn’t even alive to him. Just a tool to do what he knew he was too weak to do and surpass All Might.” Shoto growled. “ And as for my brother…”

" He thought I was better off dead.” Dabi finished. Endeavor looked back up, sharply.

“ No. You can’t be. Touya!”

“ What’s the matter, pops? It’s almost like you’ve seen a ghost.” Dabi grinned. “ Tell me something, gramps. You heroes are supposed to save people like us and arrest people like him, yeah? So why didn’t you save us?”

" Enji.” Gran Torino asked in shock. “ Is what they’re saying… is it true?” Endeavor couldn’t reply. After Shoto went missing and Natsuo and Fuyumi abandoned him, Endeavor did a lot of reflection on his past actions. He knew, in hindsight, he’d been a fool. He knew how he treated his family and how wrong he’d been. He regretted it all. But his children wouldn’t speak to him. His wife refused all visits from him. And now this. He lowered his head. This was truly all his fault.

“ What’s the matter, old man? Feeling regret?” Dabi jeered.

“ It’s too late for that.” Shoto said coldly. A flood of cold air reached Endeavor.

“ Enji!” Gran Torino shouted. Endeavor cried out in pain as his entire left arm was frozen solid by Shoto’s ice. Dabi flew at him like a shot, already charging up this blue flames in his arm. He grinned.

“ Let’s see if I remember this right. Flashfire Fist- Jet Burn.” He declared as he slammed his fist into Endeavor's frozen arm. The explosion of heat and flames that followed sent a searing feeling of pain through Endeavor's body as the ice cracked and shattered, removing Endeavor's arm along with it. Getting his composure back quickly, Gran Torino kicked him back before he could unleash a second blow. Dabi laughed as he landed. “ What do you think? Have I mastered your technique? Am I your perfect successor?” Dabi shouted. “ Well I never wanted to be that. Neither did Shoto. You made your bed, you bastard. Lay in it.”

“ Farewell.” Shoto said bitterly. Both brothers brought back an arm before unleashing a flood of flames forwards at the two Heroes.

However, it was stopped by a flood of water, splitting the flames around the villains targets.

“ Manual! Wash!” Gran Torino exclaimed. The normal hero nodded at the old man. The Washing Machine looking hero kept is eyes focused on his targets. They weren’t alone. Dabi and Shoto glanced around as a number of Heroes arrived. Fourth Kind. Death Arms. Uwabami. A number of reinforcements for the hero side. A heavy wing beat could be heard above.

“ Crucible. Dabi. Give it up. You’ve lost.” Hawks announced. He looked down on Endeavor, noticing his injury and gritted his teeth. “ You two have some nerve.”

“ Looks like we’re done here.” Dabi said, clicking his tongue. “ You lot need to learn some manners. Stay out of a family feud.”

“ Next time, we finish this.” Shoto said bitterly. He created a wall of ice around the two. Death Arms and Fourth Kind charged in, slamming their powerful fists into the ice, shattering like glass. Just in time to see a dark, misty portal closing. The two Villains were gone.

“ Todoroki! Enji, stay with us!” Gran Torino shouted.

“ Hey. Old man.” Hawks cried out in shock. “ Damn it! Someone get a medic!” Endeavor couldn’t answer. His vision slowly faded. The pain burned where his arm used to be. But what hurt more was the knowledge. Shoto. Touya. Both were lost to him now. Lost due to his mistakes.


Izuku leapt backwards to escape a fiery barrage of explosions from Bakugo’s palms. As the fight went on, Izuku’s attire had gotten more and more damaged. He discarded his burned coat and his mask had been blown off by a point blanc explosion to the face. The rest of his attire had been singed. Bakugo wasn’t fairing much better. Unlike Izuku, his clothes weren’t protected in anyway. His coat and shirt jacket had been blown off and the rest of his clothes were torn from repeated trips to the ground. The buildings around the park had been long since deprived of their windows. The park itself was a ruin. 

Bakugo leapt into the air and rapidly begun spinning. Izuku charged as much wind into his right leg as he could, twisting it back. “ HOWITZER IMPACT!”

“ GRAND TEMPEST!” The two attacks met in mid air, blowing each other back. Izuku broke through the wall of one of the apartment buildings. Bakugo smashed through the garden wall and collapsed in the flower bed just beyond it. However, undeterred despite many injuries, the two rose back up again. “ Give up… Katsuki…” Izuku growled. After the fight began, he found his anger returning like it had in the Sports Festival, not just in the background like when he was talking but full force the second the first explosion rang out. And that anger fueled his attacks and his determination to win.

“ Never. Not… until you… come back with me.” Bakugo wheezed. Like Izuku, Bakugo was being driven by a powerful force. However, it wasn’t hatred but an overwhelming sense of responsibility to drag Izuku back by the ear. It was his fault Izuku became part of the countries most wanted Villain organisations. It was his responsibility to help him. To bring him back from the brink. To restore him to the hero loving, never giving up, happy go lucky Deku he’d grown up with. He’d let him slip through his fingers far too many times. Not this time, Katsuki vowed. Not this time. 

“ That’s not happening.”

“ Then I guess I’m not giving up.” Izuku clicked his tongue.

“ Suppose I’ll have to fix that then.” Gathering as much strength as he could into his legs, Izuku burst upwards. Reaching high enough, Izuku kicked off the wall of one of the apartment buildings, cracking the wall as he pushed off it before leaping to another wall and repeating the process. Using the speed from Bound and Air Walk to gain Kinetic energy into his legs, he finally pushed off into the air above Bakugo before unleashing a rapid torrent of Air Bullets down on the area below him. “ Air Hail!” Bakugo grunted, unable to find cover in the ruined playground. He had to think quickly before the intense storm of Air Bullets tore him to shreds. With a feral roar, Bakugo raised his palm to the sky, unleashing the biggest explosion he could muster, .

“ HELL DYNAMO!” Izuku grit his teeth as he was engulfed in flames and feel to the ground, heavily singed but luckily not burned like the last time. Izuku might  have smiled if he wasn’t in so much pain. Bakugo was learning to limit the damage he could do.

“ Not bad…”

" I’m sorry, Izuku. But this is the end.” Bakugo raised his palm, ready to finish the fight. Izuku closed his eyes, waiting for the final blow. Seemingly appearing out of thin air, a dagger stabbed straight through Bakugo’s palm just before he could unleash his explosion, causing his quirk to backfire, launching Bakugo back across the park.

“ Izuku! Are you alright?” Izuku grunted in pain as he sat up, a warm hand helping him. Opening his eyes, he saw Toru become visible, phasing into the world like a TV tuning in from static.

“ Toru… What are you doing here. I told you to-”

“ The fight is over, Izuku.” Toru told him. “ Sensei… He lost.” Izuku lowered his head, recoiling from the news.

“ Damn it. I hoped it wouldn’t happen. But… we were prepared for this outcome.” Toru helped Izuku to his feet.

“ I’ve called Kurogiri. He’ll be here soon. He’s evacuating the others first.”

“ Good.” Izuku smiled. “ At least they’ll be…” Izuku was cut off by his own pained coughing. “ Crap. I went too far again.”

“ Izuku…” Katsuki shouted, using a broken wall to get himself up. Toru glared at him from behind her mask, raising her knives defensively.

“ This will only take a second.” She said. Izuku stopped her with a hand to the shoulder.

“ No. We’re done here.”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yeah.” The familiar sound of a shadowy portal echoed behind them. “ Let’s go.”

“ OK. If you’re certain.” Izuku put arm around Toru, letting her help him to the gate.

“ Izuku! Wait!”

" Sorry, Katsuki. Let’s settle this another time. Call it a draw.” Katsuki growled.

“ I’ll bring you back one day. I promise.”

“ Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Izuku smirked before the two vanished through the portal, leaving Bakugo alone for his injuries to catch up with him.

Chapter Text

The aftermath of the Kamino Incident was seen as the Hero Commission as a loss for them. While they did some damage to some of the Villains major players, such as Crucible and Usagi, as well as capturing All For One, the League’s leader, and taking their bases in the Kamino Ward, the price was seen as too high. In the fight with All For One, All Might’s weakened state had been revealed and he had lost the last of One For All, forcing the number one hero into retirement. On top of that, the next best bet for the number one hero, Endeavor, had been badly wounded, losing his right arm in the battle with Crucible and Dabi, now known as Shoto and Touya Todoroki. Obviously, this news wasn’t shared publicly.

As well as the loss of the top two heroes, one permanent and one that they’d been assured was temporary, a number of other heroes had been injured. The entire Warehouse raid team had been heavily injured by their brief encounter with All for One. While it was thought they’d all survived after the fight, the mutilated corpse of Mount Lady was found nearby, icicles through arms and torso and electric burns covering her entire body. Edgeshot was taken to the hospital suffering from frostbite. Additionally, following the bombings that took place that night, Sir Nighteye was found severely injured but miraculously clinging to life by his sidekick, Bubble Girl, in the ruins of his hero agency.

Of the four hostages, three were recovered. From the Villains main base, Denki Kaminari was found in a back room, unconscious due to Mustard’s quirk, by Edgeshot just before he was ambushed by Crucible. Ragdoll and Neito Monoma were rescued from the Warehouse, with Tiger shielding Ragdoll with his own body for much of the fight and Monoma being rescued by UA students when the fighting started. Both had their quirks taken by All For One. The final hostage, Momo Yaoyarozu, was reported to have been the true identity of the Villain Forge, who had been in UA as a spy similar to Usagi.

These reports had come from a group of UA students that had been at the scene. The Commission decided to throw out any crimes they committed on that night, such as vigilantism, due to their actions and the fact they still needed them now the Symbol of Peace had left. Of the five students, Kendo Itsuka and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, had rescued Neito Monoma from being in the crossfire between All Might and All For One, Tenya Iida and Eijiro Kirishima had defended their classmates from the Villains Forge and Mina Ashido and escaped to give invaluable information about not only Forge’s identity but a chat room some of the members used, which was quickly shut down, and Katsuki Bakugo had been found injured nearby by the rescue team and had apparently fought off Usagi to stop him getting involved with the main fight.

While the main fighting had been in Yokohama, there had been bombings in Musutafa as well. All of them had been related to All Might in some way, be it plaques, statues or, most majorly, the agency of All Might’s former sidekick. It was clear that, after the battle with All Might, the Villains were sending a message. All Might was dead. He hadn’t actually died, but they were right. The Hero All Might was gone. And now they needed someone else to protect them. The League of Villains had vanished into the night, leaving them on the back foot. It was time to put some plans together. The Commission wasn’t about to let Villains have the run of the place.


Izuku woke up to the annoyed face of Tomura Shigaraki. He hadn’t lasted long when he passed through the portal. A few steps maybe before he nearly collapsed on the cold concrete of Giran’s warehouse if he didn’t have Toru to catch him. The gang were quick to move into a new base that they’d secured ahead of time just in case of a situation like this. Kurogiri had already moved everyone personal items from the bar to the rooms in the complex.

“ So. Is this about Sensei?” Izuku asked.

“ You’re hopeless, you know that?” Tomura sighed. “ I can’t believe you ran off on your own just to try and fight that explody bastard”

“ Hey. I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“ Think, you idiot. We just lost Sensei. We can’t lose you too.” Tomura growled. “ You're our strategist and… well, you remind me of an annoying girl I… used to know. So, remember that and stop being so stupid.” Izuku lowered his head.

“ Yeah. You’re right. Sorry.” He said. “ If it weren’t for Toru, I’d have likely gotten arrested myself.” He tightened his hands together. “ I thought I was strong enough. But it seems, after all this time, he’s still just out of my reach.”

“ You should stop comparing yourself to trash.”

“ Maybe. But he’s always been my goal.” Izuku looked up. “ Don’t worry. I’ll still be more than capable to help you take down this selfish world. So…”

“ I thought you were passed that. I’m not gonna throw you away cause of one mistake. You’re more useful than that.”

“ Yeah. I know.” Izuku sighed. “ I hate how he makes me feel this way.” Izuku slapped his cheeks. “ No time for self pity. Tell me how it looks.”

“ Pretty good, all things considered. We lost Sensei, our home base, Nomu creations facility in Yokohama, Forge’s spot in UA as a spy and I think that Violet's existence was discovered. Though we gained so much more conceptually, or so Kurogiri and Forge are saying.” Tomura took a seat in Izuku’s computer chair. “ All Might’s gone. His quirk gave out. On top of that, Magne, Spinner, Compress and Singularity completed their bombing missions successfully. Mount Lady is dead. Shinso made sure of that. As well as that, though they couldn’t kill the bastard, Shoto and Dabi removed one of Endeavors arms. Other heroes are injured. Yaoyorozu is writing up a full report.”

“ I see. I never expected Momo and Toru to remain hidden forever, especially since Iida knew both facts and he’s in no rush to join us. Quite the opposite in fact. Ah, if only we had a quirk that extracted memories from people.” Izuku lamented, falling back on his bed. “ What of Denki?”

“ He was ‘rescued’ by the heroes.”

“ Good. We still need him in play at UA. Ochako’s fine where she is, but she isn’t in the position we need. It’ll be useful for when we turn our sights there. But right now, it’s not our target.” Izuku hummed. “ Well, I think everything went well all things considered.”

“ There’s one more piece of information though. I think you’ll like this. It’s probably our biggest prize.” Tomura grin widened. Izuku looked up at him, interested. Tomura unfolded a report from his jeans pocket and handed it over to him. Izuku took it, skim reading it.

 “ Mirio Togata. UA student. One of the Big three, if I recall. Class 3-B. Quirk: Permeation. Special Note…” Izuku stopped. His eyes widened in surprise. “ Where did you get this?”

“ Singularity found it while raiding Sir Nighteye’s office.” Tomura told him. “ This kid is apparently his apprentice or some thing.”

“ I can see why. All Might must still trust him.” He smirked. “ This is valuable knowledge. So All Might truly was weakened because he already passed it on.” Izuku sat back up. “ Let’s stick to our plans for now. We need more men for the next step. We can deal with this later.”

“ So. What’s our next trick?”

“ Hmm. I think our best bet is to try and gain the partnership of someone with a lot of resources, man power and reputation.” Izuku reasoned. “ I think we should plan carefully before making our next step. A few weeks just to get our footing again. Then, we’ll move onto the next stage. Message Giran. I want a meeting with Kai Chisaki.”

“ Oh? That Yakuza thug?”

“ He’s the closest person with everything we need.” Izuku said nonchalantly. “ Whether or not he serves or we become business partners, we should at least try. Let’s say… one month from now. I think that’ll do nicely.” Izuku rubbed his bandaged eye. Things were about to get real interesting around here. This was going to be fun.


Toshinori Yagi walked through the halls of Tartarus’ depths, flanked by the duo of eight armed guards that served as it’s lead protectors. He ignored the noises echoing from the other rooms as he made his way to the deepest cell that Tartarus had. A cell made for holding the devil himself. Still dressed in his yellow suit after being called straight out of UA on request from Detective Tsukauchi. Their interviews on the recently caught All For One weren’t goin anywhere. However, the Villain had asked for a single person and said, if they were brought, he’d answer the proposed questions. Unfortunately for Toshinori, he was the person asked.

These last four months had been a roller coaster. He’d become a teacher to find a successor for his quirk, One For All, which was passed down from generation to generation, powering up as it went. And he had found one. A perfect user, powerful and with a just heart. However, soon after he passed it down and began private tutoring on how to master the quirk, Villain attacks began rising. The League of Villains made its existence known by attacking the USJ. Then Hosu. Finally, the Wild Willd Pussycat’s forest training grounds UA was using and Yokohama. The last derived him of One For All’s last vestiges, forcing him to retire. However, in the end, he did take out his biggest rival. The man he thought dead yet showed up as the League’s leader. All For One.

The League had been a mystery when it first attacked. While they were able to capture the majority of the Villains, a small group escaped. In their interrogations, it seems these were the leaders of the group, with one notable exception. When they appeared again in Hosu, it was just Nomu which the heroes thought odd until they found the Hero Killer and Native dead and a UA student claiming it was the work of League members. Then came the attack on the Pussycat’s training ground and their strategist revealed themselves as a former member of Class 1-A who made waves in the Sport’s Festival, Mikumo Akitani aka Izuku Midoriya, someone logged as missing for a year prior. An investigation into the League was able to compile a list of most of its members secret identities, with more coming to light during the Heroes raid on the Leagues bases in Yokohama. Some were troublesome to know. He had a lot to confront All For One about.

When Toshinori entered the cell, he noted the security around it’s sole inhabitant. All For One was chain to the back wall and surrounded by guns and separated from the visitor area by a wall of bulletproof glass and steel. When someone entered Tartarus, they didn’t leave. The security of the place made very sure of that. “ Ah. All Might. How nice to see you again? How are the wounds?”

“ This isn't a pleasure call, All For One.”

“ Ah yes. I did ask for you.” The man laughed. “ I’ll talk to you and you alone. Get rid of the entourage.” Toshinori narrowed his eyes. “ What? Worried I’ll escape?” With a sigh, he nodded to the guards, ushering them to leave. “ Isn’t that better?”

“ I am here. Now, answer my questions.”

“ Of course. I am a man of my word, after all. What is it you wish to know?” Toshinori opened a file that Tsukauchi had given him. Questions and files on the League.

“ Where is the League hiding?”

“ I’m not going to tell you that. We both know it’s not going to be that easy.”

“ You said you’d answer.”

“ And I did. My answer is that I’m not telling you.” All Might growled.

“ Then let’s go through some of your pawns.”

“ They’re not pawns, All Might. I’m not like your Commission. Each one of my pieces has power and purpose. They may serve my king, but each is a promoted piece.” All For One grinned. “ But please. I’ll be happy to enlighten you.”

“ Let’s begin with the USJ Incident.” Toshinori began. “ Your League attacked the USJ to draw me out and kill me, correct?”

“ It was a good plan but alas, no-one can predict your foolish bravado. If not for that and a string of interruptions, you’d likely be dead by now.” All For One said, matter of factly. “ It wasn’t even my plan either. Tomura and Izuku are rather resourceful.”

“ Let’s talk about them. What you told me about Tomura Shigaraki. Is that true?”

“ Every word of it. Tomura Shigaraki’s real name is Tenko Shimura, grandson of your mentor. Because of Nana’s poor decision to abandon her child, his father grew up to resent heroes and he grew into a rather bitter old man who wasn’t exactly kind to his children. And when poor Tenko’s quirk was formed after one of his father’s tirades, well… one by one, his family was never destined to last. I found him in the aftermath, covered in the blood of his family, and took him in.”

" You turned him into a weapon.”

“ If you think of him a weapon, then you’re the exact reason he despises heroes in the first place. He’s no Weapon, All Might. He’s as human as you or I.” All For One chuckled. “ Perhaps that’s not quite the best comparison though.”

“ And Izuku Midoriya? How does he fit into your scheme?”

“ In Chess terms, he’s the Queen to Tomura’s King. Dangerous in his own right but the game continues without him. He’s a tactical mastermind and it’s because of him Tomura has such a following. He gathered those people like you and your ilk threw away and rebuilt them as a powerful fleet ready to sink the sun.” All For One paused. “ Do you remember him, I wonder?”

“ He was a good student. He would have made a good hero.” Toshinori stated.

“ No. Before UA. You met before. Did that day slip your memory?” Toshinori paused. He knew this was a trick question. Something to made him doubt himself. A lie. No. All For One was a lot of things. A murderer. A thief. The thing that goes bump in the night. But he wasn’t a liar. That was one of the most dangerous things about him. He told the truth. Sometimes twisted. Sometimes not all of it. But he always told the truth.

“ Let’s move on.”

“ No, let’s not. You don’t remember do you? I know the day quite well because that was the day I met him as well. A poor boy with his world broken at his feet desperately trying to pick up the pieces. You taught him the true face of hero society.” All For One laughed. “ And I must sincerely thank you for that.” Toshinori grit his teeth, trying to hold back his anger. He could never have done such a thing to the boy. Not to one with such a fantastic quirk and an incredible mind. This was just another of All for One's tricks. It had to be.

“ Let’s. Move. On.”

“ Very well. If you insist.” All For One leant his head back in his bindings. “ Who do you want to talk about next? Momo Yaoyarozu? How about Shoto Todoroki? That’s a fun one.”

“ Mina Ashido.” Toshinori said. “ According to all records she was a hard working, happy go lucky middle school student until around 10 months ago. Her personality started changing slightly after than point. Next thing anyone knew, she was raiding the USJ. What did you do to her?”

“ That one wasn’t me.” All For One admitted. “ If you want Ashido’s story, you’ll have to ask Himiko Toga.”

“ Don’t lie to me. We have the logs of Young Midoriya’s blog. She changed after joining Venality.”

“ The Children of Venality are all Izuku’s pet projects. I had no hand in any of them. The only ones I personally got to join the League were Tomura, Izuku and Kurogiri. So, if that’s why you’re here, I’m afraid you’ll not get much from me since I don’t have much to give.” All For One tipped his head slightly. “ All I can give you is stories. Like how Hitoshi Shinso was abused his entire life for a supposedly villainous quirk for example. Would you like to hear the of the true face of Endeavour perhaps? Or how about the link between the Yaoyarozu Hero Lawyers and the Commission?”

“ If you don’t know, I’ll skip ahead.” Toshinori took out a few files. “ There are three villains we don’t know the true identity of.”

“ Up from six I would imagine.”

“ Who are Singularity, Blackout and Ghost?”

“ Is that what you dubbed the Invisible one?”

“ It is.”

“ It’s generic but I suppose it works.”

“ Answer the question.”

“ UA’s security is so lax.”

“ Answer-”

“ Nedzu’s had how many attacks on his students now? And that’s not even getting into the spies. I didn’t even put that much effort into creating a fake background to check for Izuku’s fake identity. Perhaps this was for the best. You heroes were getting lazy.”

“ Answer! My! Question!” All For One looked at Toshinori with a hint of disappointment in his expression.

“ No. I believe we are done for today.”

“ I’m not finished.”

“ But I am. Perhaps we can continue this another day. Perhaps on the outside of this miserable room.”

 “ No, All For One.” Toshinori said, rising from his chair. If the Villain wasn’t going to speak, he wasn’t going to waste his time looking at him any longer. “ You’ll never see the outside again.”

“ Let’s put a pin in that one for now, shall we All Might?” All For One said, grinning. Something about that made Toshinori uneasy as he turned to leave. All For One was always scheming. But no schemes in the world could breach the walls of Tartarus. He had to believe that. For now, the biggest threat were the rest of his League. And retrieving Tenko Shimura. He owed his mentor that much.

Chapter Text

Katsuki hesitated to enter the apartment complex. He’d barely just gotten out of hospital before he came down. News had gotten out. The battle of Kamino Ward had revealed quite a lot of things, so the news had a lot of ammo.There was the secret of All Might and his retirement, the injuries and deaths of other heroes, the damages done to Kamino Ward and the sudden reappearance of the long thought dead All For One. However, one piece of news was most prevalent. The names and faces of the suspects among the League of Villains.

This was allowed by the Police and the Public Safety Commission to let the cops gather information more smoothly while letting others get away from a potential dangerous person. That was before the damn vultures started hounding the family members and friends of some of the League members. The parents of Mina Ashido. A friend of Magne. They’d tried getting to the members of 1-A after finding out about Izuku and Momo. Several had been arrested for breaking into the grounds of the Yaoyarozu Family manor. But there were others that they tried to get to and failed, either due to them not being able to be found or due to them being under heavy guard. One of these people was the mother of who was the self admitted strategist for the League.

Katsuki hadn’t seen his Auntie Inko since the start of the school year. Ever since Izuku went missing, she never gave up on him. She still waited for him to come home. She didn’t come to his place anymore to see the old hag. Didn’t want to miss him. It was one of things that had made Katsuki determined to find his old friend. The other was a sense of responsibility and trying to atone. Not that it had worked. In a cruel way, they were right. Izuku was alive. But neither had wanted this.

He’d borrowed the key from his mother without asking and let himself in. The apartment was eerily quiet. The dust and dim shadow of gloom that hung over it spoke of an abandoned place. But, like a ghost, Inko sat in her front room looking down at some papers and a picture. A picture of a green haired boy grinning whilst wearing an All Might halloween costume. She didn’t hear him until he spoke up. “ Aunt Inko?”

“ Huh?” The woman looked lost. She’d thinned from lack of eating over the last year and looked sickly. There were dark rings under her puffy red eyes from a combination of no sleep and a lot of tears. “ Oh. Katsuki. Hello.”

“ Not doing too good huh?” Inko nodded. She looked back down.

“ How could this happen?” She asked, solemnly. “ My baby. How did I fail so much of a mother to let this happen?”

“ Auntie. It’s not your fault.”

“ Who’s else must it be?”

“ Mine.” Inko looked up sharply.

“ No. Don’t you dare.”

“ He doesn’t hate you, Auntie. He hates me. He’s has every right to as well.” Katsuki sighed. “ Can I get some things off my chest?” Slowly, Inko nodded.

“ I’ll make some tea then.” Before the tea was ready, Katsuki was already talking. A flood of regrets poured from his mouth. Everything, the bullying, the injuries, UA, Kamino. He told his aunt everything. And Inko just listened. Quietly waited for him to finish. “ I’m sorry.” He finished with. “ You have every right to hate me too.” Inko took a long, silent sip of her drink. Then she sighed.

“ I don’t hate you, Katsuki.”

“ What?”

“ How could I when I already knew?” Inko put her cup down. “ I’m his mother. I’ve seen his injuries of course. But I turned a blind eye. I didn’t want to believe that Izuku’s closest friend had turned on him. Not like the rest of the world. Not like his father.” Katsuki looked down. “ I threatened to take him out of Aldera multiple times. I blame that place for not stepping in, not you. But Izuku… he’d always talk me down. At the time, he blamed himself.”

“ But it wasn’t his fault.”

“ I know.” Inko nodded. “ It’s not yours either. We both failed him.”

“ Auntie-”

“ Don’t. Just… promise me something.” Inko gave Katsuki a determined look. “ You bring him home.”

“ I promise.” Katsuki nodded. “ I’ll bring him back.”

“ Good.” Inko gave him a shaky smile. “ That’s all I need right now.”


The air around Class 1-A was heavy when they gathered in front of the dorm building. It was fairly obvious of why. When the year began, there was 20 students, all bright eyed and ready to become the next generation of people to save people from Villains. Or so they thought. However, it was clear from the fact there was now only 18 of them that wasn’t the case. Out of all of them, Bakugo and Jirou were taking that fact the hardest.

Mikumo Akitani and Momo Yaoyarozu had both made their own impact in Class 1-A. Mikumo, or Izuku as he was now known, was a boy with a powerful quirk and a sharp mind. Many of his classmates came for him for help with their quirk. His analytical skills allowed him to put together different ways suits and quirks could be adapted to cover up weak points in their fighting styles. Momo was another important member of the class as the classes Vice President. She was smart, well respected by both her peers and teachers, had a strong quirk and a beautiful face. There was no doubt both would have been good heroes.

That’s why them both being missing was so alien. Because they weren’t going to be heroes. Not any more. Following the Battle of Kamino Ward, it was revealed that the two former star students were nothing of the sort. It hurt knowing two of their friends had been colluding with the League of Villains.

However, Denki Kaminari had to try his best to keep up the act that he was sad as well. In reality, he laughing at them all internally. Cause they thought that was all they had to worry about. Denki had been helped by Akitani and introduced to the league, where the boy reintroduced himself as Izuku Midoriya. After being freed from the curse that was his quirks weakness forcing his brain to short circuit, Denki figured he owed Izuku one and kept quite. When Izuku almost died at the Sports Festival and no-one seemed to care, instead blaming him for ruining the fight and injuring his opponent Bakugo, he was infuriated. Now they all felt sorry for themselves and Denki didn’t care at all. This was karma as far as he was concerned.

He was only able to finally let himself finally let it all out when he collapsed to his bed, laughing at the whole situation. To them, he’d been kidnapped after being used as a disguise by Himiko Toga and was found barely alive by heroes. His excuse to stay was to get back at the villains and to prove himself as a great hero. In reality, he was just another spy in UA. He was surprised UA’s security was so lax he could just waltz back in without issue. The only thing different was that Venality had been forcibly taken down after Iida told everyone about it, which sucked since it cut off an easy avenue to chat with the others. Still, there were other ways he could do it. The group texted each other now while Izuku designed another chat room that wouldn’t be so easily discovered. Something abut the Deep Web.

Denki was knocked out of his thoughts by a knocking. “ Kaminari? Are you alright?” Kirishima’s voice called from the other side.

“ Yeah. Just a bit tired, y’know?”

“ Yeah. I get it.”

“ You alright?”

“ Just thinking about things.” He admitted. “ I think we all are.”

“ Yeah.” Denki agreed. “ It’s been a hard couple of weeks.” He got up and opened the door. “ Still though. We have to band together, yeah? Can’t let a bunch of villains beat us.”

“ Ha. Too true. Honestly, I’m surprised you came back.”

“ Psh. Like I’d give up.” Denki grinned, winking.

“ Seriously though man. If you’re having troubles, my rooms always open. I… know you and Akitani were close.” Denki went silent at Kirishima’s statement. Slowly, he nodded.

“ Thanks.”

“ It’s cool. Are you joining the rest of us? Think Kinoko and Sero are preparing some sort of crazy thing for later.” Denki shook his head.

“ Nah. I’m still real tired, so I think I’ll just go to bed early.”

“ Alright. See you in the morning then.”

“ Right.” Denki gave him a smile and a wave before closing the door on him and leaping back onto his bed with a smirk. “Sucker.” His phone buzzed. He looked down and chucked slightly. 


Mikumo: So. How are the dorms?
Me: Less fancy than I expected

Me: No En Suite Bathrooms which blows.

Mikumo: That was the worst part about the bar

Mikumo: Thankfully, Giran got us an apartment complex that remedies that.

Me: Don’t rub it in

Mikumo: Sorry.

Mikumo: Any news yet?

Me: Nah. We’re stuck here for a few days before a last week of holiday lessons

Me: Then it’s Term 2

Mikumo: Well, have fun playing Hero

Mikumo: If you need anything, give Kuro or Toru a holler

Me: Sure you’re alright with me borrowing your girl?

Mikumo: I trust you not to try anything

Mikumo: And if yu do, she’ll likely dismember you before I get the chance

Me: Remind me to never get on Toru’s bad side

Mikumo: Noted XD


Denki chuckled. Man, he missed everyone. Still, he had a mission still to do. He could have his fun later.


“ I can’t believe you actually did that.” Fuyumi exclaimed. Shoto and Dabi sat across from their sister. Kurogiri’s place wasn’t the only hidden establishment meant for the less legal side of the general populace to gather. Unlike some of the others, Shoto’s face wasn’t actually known to the public. Nor was the true identity of Dabi. Seems even with all the new security measures people were taking, some peoples secrets were too important to sacrifice.

“ He’s still alive, right?” Dabi asked.

“ Yes. But he’s confined to a hospital bed. When I saw him, he seemed… It was weird seeing him so quiet.” Fuyumi tapped against her glass. “ They’re talking about making him a prosthetic. Making it fireproof. He should be able to get back to hero work afterwards, but it probably won’t be for a few months. After the next rankings at the very least.”

" Gives us time to get stronger then.” Shoto said simply. “ We’re not done yet.”

“ What are you guys even planning anyway? A lot of people got hurt in Yokohama, you know.”

“ You knew this would happen.”

“ Yes. I did.” The three went silent.

“ So. How’s Natsuo?” Dabi asked.

“ Ha. You should have heard him when they showed Father on TV. Rung me up right away, laughing about it. He’s the number one fan of you both.”

“ Ha. Seriously?” Dabi smirked. “ That’s awesome.”

“ It worries me, honestly. I hope he doesn’t run off to join your group. I have a hard enough time worrying about you both already.” Fuyumi laughed lightly. “ I still support you, you know.”

“ Good. I was worried this was you turning us away.” Shoto admitted.

“ We’re family. I’ll stick by you no matter what happens. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of the outcome, I can’t say father didn’t deserve it. But, there are people who got hurt who shouldn’t have.”

“ People get hurt all the time, Yumi.” Dabi said, shrugging.

“ That doesn’t mean you should hurt more.”

“ I get it.” Shoto nodded. “ It sucks but the ends justify the mean.”

“ I seriously hope so.” Fuyumi sighed. “ I don’t want more people at my door apologizing about a relative getting injured.”

“ Ah, the glory of annoying neighbors.” Dabi smirked.

“ Ha. Tell me about it.” Fuyumi sighed. “But seriously. Stay safe. And good luck.”


As was too be expected following such a massive attack, the police were out in force with special orders regarding members of the League. What those orders were was things that Izuku wanted to know. To Mina and Himiko, him sending Toru in to download them like they knew he’d done was boring. That’s why they’d broken into the basement of an empty store. Himiko flicked through the phone of the police officer currently handcuffed to a dusty shelf, screaming bloody murder as Mina played with him. “ Man, this guy is sooooo boring.” Himiko huffed. “ His phones filled with pictures of his kids and his wife and his friends with gross messages to them.”

“ Hey.” Mina asked the cop. “ Where are your orders written down? We need them.”

“ I-I’ll never tell. You crazy bit-” The man was cut off by his own screams as Mina melted one of his fingers off his hand.

“ I need your tongue. Not your fingers.”

“ Psh. Check this out, Bestie. Guy plays Waifu gacha games. Dude, you have a wife.” Himiko jeered. “ Aren’t you a but old to be spending money on half naked elf chicks?”

“ Wait seriously?” Mina laughed. “ That’s pathetic. Oh right. Were was I?” Mina melted another finger off. “ Oops. I already did that. Ah well. I have seven left. So talk.” 

“ You… You won’t… break me. I’ll die… before-” Mina melted another finger off.

“ Man, you go on and on.” Mina glanced over to Himiko. “ Hey Miko. You got this guys home address?”

“ Hmm. Let’s see…” Himiko flicked through his phone. “ Nope. But I have his daughter’s school. Hmm. Let’s see. Ketsubutsu by the looks of it. General course. She’s pretty.”

“ Leave her out of this!”

“ Well that depends on you doesn’t it. You wanna talk or should I go and remove her fingers instead?” Mina asked sweetly. The man grit his teeth and relented. Seemed liked Police were increasing everywhere with more undercover cops to watch them. They weren’t just looking into the League but those who may have connections. Suppliers and allies. Their major target at the moment seemed to be Giran, who they were having trouble finding a concrete location on, and the Shie Hassaikai, who they believed to have ties with the League. Himiko snorted at that.

“ Why’d we run with some washed up Yakuza group. Just a bunch of gross old men. No thank you.”

“ You’re not with them?”

“ Nah, but I’m happy you told us you think so. A reward is in order, I believe.” Mina flashed a sadistic grin. “ As a reward, I’ll make sure your family can still recognise you at the morgue.” Mina giggled as she outstretched her arm. She may have to break that promise. Depends on how much fun she and her girlfriend could have before they were needed again.


Izuku hummed as Mina and Toru relayed their findings to him over texts, tapping his finger against the nearby table. After the Kamino incident, Izuku had once again been injured in his fight against Katsuki Bakugo. Everyone was thankful it wasn’t another three week coma, instead his injuries being solved by bandages and time. His body ached if he used it to much, so fighting was out of the question for now. “ I see. So that’s how it is. So they already predicted our next move. I’m impressed. Seems the heroes can actually do some pretty impressive work when backed into a corner.”

“ Think it’ll be a problem?” Momo asked, sitting across from him.

“ No. But it’ll be fun to see what happens.” Izuku smirked. “ We have just over a week and a half til we meet up with Overhaul. It’ll be interesting to see what we can get out of him.”

“ He’s Yakuza. Their time is over.” Tomura sighed, taking another glass from Kurogiri. After they moved into their more secure base, one of the first things that Kurogiri did was set up the bar again. Apparently, he really enjoyed his cover as a bar keeper, claiming it was relaxing in a way. The others didn’t complain. He was good at mixing drinks.

“ He’s still got a lot of resources and a lot to prove if Ochako’s information can be believed.” Momo reminded the League’s acting commander.

“ So he’s useful.” Hitoshi surmised. “ We can take what we need and throw him away when needed.”

“ Pretty much. Still, his men are strong. I’m hoping we can take some with us.” Izuku thought back to some of his filed on Shie Haissakai. Overhaul was a man with a very strong quirk. As were a lot of his top commanders, the Eight Precepts, and many of those under them. Still, being underlings couldn’t have made everyone happy. And he was an expert at exploiting things that didn’t make people very happy. “ Toshi. Heard back from Denki yet?”

“ Apparently, UA is having their kids develop special moves.” Izuku looked leant over the back of his chair to look at him.

“ Special Moves? Like that loud, obnoxious ‘Random America State Super Punch’ crap All Might does?” He asked. Hitoshi nodded. “ Why? That’s a year two thing.”

“ For the License Exam.”

“ That is also a second year thing.” Momo leant forwards. “ Why are they doing that for 1-A now?”

“ Because they lost All Might.” Izuku realised. “ They need new soldiers. It likely why Iida, Kirishima and Katsuki didn’t get expelled and charged under the Vigilante Act.” Izuku thought. “ When is that?”

“ Ten days from now.”

“ So a day before we meet up with Overhaul, eh?” Izuku hummed.

“ What are you scheming this time, Izuku?” Hitoshi asked.

“ Oh. This and that. Say Momo. How long do you think before they deactivate our IDs from the system?”

“ 3 months of inactivity is the usual limit. It’s so graduates can come in and get some Support items they forgot or ask teachers for advice during office hours. After a year after a student leaves or graduates, the cards are deactivated manually. Of course, under certain circumstances, cards are deactivated manually as soon as possible.” Momo answered nonchalantly. “ That’s what Midnight told me once at least. Could have changed since then. Why?” Izuku smirked.

“ I was thinking of having a retirement tour of the identity Mikumo Akitani.” He said. “ All the profiles of students soon to be allowed to legally use their quirks for heroics. I’d very much like to see what they’ve got in store for us. I’ll figure out the specifics soon.”

" You’re gonna risk breaking into a place with multiple heroics teachers and students using an identity they know is yours?” Tomura asked.

“ If Twice’s clone passes the guards at the front gates, I’ll be free to wander.” Izuku shrugged. “ I’m not so stupid to put the real me in harms way. And I won’t be alone. I’d like to have one or two more than just Toru, but I think a break in is exactly what these hero coursers need to wake up.”

“ Give ‘em a scare, huh?” Hitoshi chuckled. “ I’d be fine with that idea.”

“ It’s a risky move.” Momo said, worried.

“ True, but it’s not like we ever got anywhere without risking something before.” Izuku stretched. “ Don’t worry. We’re not gonna get caught. I just want to use their haste to our advantage.”

Chapter Text

Toru slowly crept through her house, making for the door. She felt like she’d been sneaking around a lot lately. Behind the backs of her parents. Behind the backs of teachers. Behind the backs of heroes. A year ago, she wanted to be rid of her quirk. She saw it as a curse and it almost drove her insane. However, thanks the efforts of Izuku, she loved the quirk now. The things she could pull off because of it. The feeling of ecstasy, stronger than any drug, when she did it. It was heaven. Maybe she was a Villain now but she didn’t care about that. She was doing what she loved with who she loved. Who else could say the same?

A soft creak of the floor board made her flinch. She snuck into the foyer and went for her shoes “ You know, if you wanted to sneak by me, you should have turned invisible.” Toru gasped in suprise, turning sharply to see her mother standing in the hall, arms folded and a somewhat annoyed expression on her face.

“ And then I’d have to leave the house naked.” Toru reminded her mother who just shook her head.

“ Yeah. I suppose you got me there.” Her mother frowned. “ You know, you’ve been sneaking off an awful lot lately.”

“ I’ve been meeting friends.”

“ I understand that, but with all that’s been happening lately, I can’t help but worry.”

“ It’s fine, Mom.” Toru started putting her shoes on.

“ Where are you going?”

“ Uh… Secret.”

“ Toru.” Her mother said in a demanding tone. Toru sighed.

“ So, a friend of mine has a mom who works for the Commission. And she found out where some of the hero students are doing their license exams. So we were just… going to go watch?”

“ Toru…”

“ We’re not gonna break in. Just ask some teachers for an autograph.” Toru said, nervously.

“ Why don’t I believe you?” Toru laughed nervously. Her mother just sighed. “ Try not to get arrested. I can afford your bail but I’d rather not pay it.”

“ Right. T-Thanks?” Toru stood up, picking up her bag. She gave her mother a wave. “ See you later.”

“ Just stay safe. Alright, Toru.” Toru just gave a nod and a smile before stepping out of her house. Then she let out a breath, letting a confidant smile creep onto her face.

“ Sorry Mom. No promises.”


The hero Entrance Exam was set to start at 10PM, with the Hero Course of the random schools across the country arriving by 9:30. However, the League was watching over the arena it was to be held in before any of the buses even arrived. Izuku, Toru and Twice watched the place from nearby. “ Sure this plan is gonna work?” Twice asked.

“ Probably.“ Izuku shrugged. “ I have confidence.”

“ Wasn’t Himiko supposed to be here?” Toru looked over at Izuku.

“ She’s en route. She ambushed a Shiketsu Student at their hotel and took their place on the bus.” Izuku showed a string of texts from Himiko to Izuku. Reading some of them caused her to blush lightly.

“ D-Did she really need to m-mention how much trouble… fitting into the shirt she’s having?”

“ It’s Himiko. You know what she’s like. I imagine she sent worse to Mina.” Izuku looked back down. “ Denki’s on his way as well with the rest of UA. Should be here early by the sounds of things. I’ll wait til they’re all in before making my way after them.” Izuku was back in his UA uniform for the first time since the end of the Sport’s Festival. His hair was still cut short though he’d had Dabi dye it back from green to black again. He had his card on him ready to enter. Beside him, Toru was wearing what looked like normal civilian clothes. However, they’d been modified much like her Villain attire to turn invisible with her. If she or a clone of hers got caught, she could claim she was a hero loving student who snuck in to get an autograph. Twice, as was typical of him, was still wearing his usual red costume. His role was mostly support. He had a clone of both Toru and Izuku ready to go. They’d go in first. Kurogiri would get the genuine articles in later. All they had to do was wait.

It was 9:34 when UA arrived. Fairly shortly after was Shiketsu. Izuku saw as Himiko, disguised as a female student, looked over at their hiding spot a few buildings away and gave them a smile and a wink before going in with the rest of the school. Ketsubutsu came shortly after with a class headed by Ms Joke. “ There’s plenty of heroes here today. Toru, you need to get that schedule fast. I wanna know about any surprises.”

“ Don’t worry, Izu. I got this.” Toru smiled.

 “ Good.” Izuku waited until 9:40 before making his move. He nodded to Twice who created a clone and sent it running down. Izuku watched as it took 5 minutes to reach the entrance, apologize profusely to the Commission guards at the entrance and handed over it’s ID. After a few seconds, it was let right in. Izuku laughed. “ I can't believe that actually worked. Man, how careless can you be?”

“ Shall we make our move then?” Twice asked. “ I’m ready when you are. I’m not ready yet. Never will be.

“ Right. Let’s give these hero students a show, shall we?” Izuku pressed a button on his phone, calling Kurogiri. A few seconds later, a portal opened. “ Just give me a few minutes to get changed.”


Shota Aizawa watched as the test begun and his class split up, heading off in different directions. There were a few leaders during this fracture. Bakugo took a small group one way. Iida took another a different direction. Several scattered in pairs or solo. Aizawa nodded in approval. That was good. Spreading out so the enemy didn’t have a concrete position on them was a smart plan. Especially with what was about to happen. His friend Emi Fukukado, the Pro Hero Ms Joke, sat next to him. There were a few teachers from the courses in attendance along with men and women from the commission to watch each student.

Emi was a teacher for Ketsubutsu. Before then, they’d met on the field during their own internships. Emi was an overly happy woman, annoyingly so at times. It went with her quirk. Still, like Hizashi and his late friend Oboro, she’d proven to be someone he could confide in. Her teaching style was also surprisingly similar to his. She may not threaten expulsion as often as he did, but she had her own tricks and rational deceptions to keep her kids on their toes. “ Say Shota.” She asked. He glanced over at her. “ Did you tell them?”

“ Should I have?” Shota responded. Joke giggled. 

“ Man. Cruel as ever I see.” Emi said. “ Didn’t even give them a warning about the little tradition we have at the Provisional Exam. Thanks to Sports Festival, we have a good idea about your classes quirks.”

“ They already know how cruel life can be. They can survive a few ambushes.”

“ If you’re certain.” Emi looked at Shota as he continued to watch. The siren went, initiating the start of the first test. Almost immediately, the battle begun, with Ketsubutsu striking UA first. “ You’re taking it hard, huh? Midoriya and Yaoyorozu?” Shota narrowed his eyes slightly. “ It wasn’t your fault, y’know?”

“ But I should have seen it coming.”

“ If what the news says is true, the League are crafty. I mean, Yaoyorozu is a well trusted name. How could we have known their daughter was secretly a villain?”

“ That’s the troubling part.”

“ Hmm?”

“ I spoke to them personally, you know. Yaoyorozu’s parents. They didn’t notice a thing. But their servants? The Head Maid? She said that, after the USJ, Momo changed. Her demeanor around their manor seemed a bit harsher and stayed out longer at night's. Her tone when regarding her parents seemed a bit more heartless.”

“ They could tell that?”

“ Serving staff are good at telling if something wrong with people. It’s in the job description. It’s why bartenders are a good source of intel.” Shota told Emi. “ If what she said was right, it wasn’t until after the USJ that Yaoyorozu joined the League. She was isolated with Crucible of the League. I don’t think they fought.”

“ How’d you figure?”

“ Do you know who Crucible turned out to be?”

“ His identity was revealed?” Shota nodded.

“ Not many people know this. The Commission is keeping it under wraps cause of what it means if people found out.” Emi gave him a serious look. “ His name is Shoto Todoroki, son of Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor. According to Gran Torino, his brother, Touya Todoroki, is the man who became Dabi.”

“ Endeavor's dead kid and missing kid are with the League? That’s nuts!”

“ Gran told me when I last met him and Tsukauchi about this League business. Said they blamed Enji for abusing them, trying to make some kind of Ultimate Hero that could surpass All Might. The League found them, took their anger and pointed it at everything and everyone.” Shota frowned. “ Shoto was classmates with Yaoyorozu. That must be how he got to her. Old trust and some unknown manipulation. Whatever it was, it must have been convincing.”

" And that other boy. He said he was with the League the whole time, right?” Emi asked. Shota nodded. “ They knew what the strongest points of the Hero Industry are and applied pressure in the right places. UA and All Might. With out them as symbols of peace and security, it’s likely villains will start coming out of hiding.”

“ With the League in the right place to profit from the chaos.” Shota growled.

“ Right now around 70 students have passed. Guess that means were almost three quarters of the way done.” Mera’s tired voice echoed around the arena. Emi looked up at the listings of those who passed

“ Hmm. Hey looks like your class is doing pretty well all things considered.”

“ I told you they were talented.”

“ Heh. I guess I shouldn’t have…” Emi froze. “ Shota. 67th place.”

“ Hmm?” Shota looked up. His eyes widened as he read the name. UA High School- Mikumo Akitani. “ Emi! Let’s go! We need to warn Mera!”

“ Right.” Emi nodded. Shota cursed as he began to rush. What was his former student planning now?


“ Scarfy got your message, Izuku. Completely oblivious. ” Twice’s voice came through his earpiece.

“ Good. Now we wait.” Izuku stood on the roof of one of the buildings in the city area. Surrounding him were five students from two high schools who had tried to ambush him. It was a stupid plan. He saw them coming a mile away and ambushed them while they thought they were ambushing him. Even injured and alone, he was easily able to over come it. Now they were out cold. Izuku already handed his coat off to Kurogiri to put in the waiting room. They’d be tracking the markers when they knew he was there.

The portal opened again, Toru popping out. “ Hey, Izu. I got them.” She said happily. “ My clones off hacking into the systems now, blocking camera access so Twice can begin Momo’s plan.”

“ Which is?” Toru handed Izuku a sheet of paper, still warm from the printer. He looked it over. “ Oh. So that’s what they’re planning. I’m surprised Gang Orca is here after Kamino. Sensei gave him and the other heroes a beating.”

“ I’m guessing the gang members are to compensate for his weakness.” Toru shrugged. “ Momo’s got some things in the works. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about everyone pulling a USJ 2.0?” Izuku burst out laughing. 

“ That’s perfect. A shame I won’t be able to join in.” He looked back at her. “And the information on the other students?”

“ In a pen drive on your desk.” Toru confirmed. " I also stole that Mera guy's ID from the security office like you asked."

“ Perfect work as always.”

“ Hee hee. I try my best.” Izuku gave Toru a kiss on the cheek before looking back over the exam. “ How’s Himiko?”

“ Passed. 83rd. I think she may have cut someone’s hand off to do it.”

“ They’ll walk it off.”

“ True.” Izuku and Toru looked up as the announced spoke once again.

“ 5 people left to go. Better hurry up.”

“ We should get off the roof if it’s going to explode, huh?” Toru said, looking down over the desperate struggle the remaining students were having to pass. Izuku stretched.

“ Yeah, that would probably be for the best.” Izuku turned, pressing a button on the collar that turned into his helmet to call Kurogiri. " Come on, Toru. Let’s get some better seats for the show.”


Katsuki and Iida met up in the waiting area for the second round. “ I see you didn’t have any trouble out there, four eyes.”

“ It was touch and go for a moment there, but we all made it through on our end.”

“ Yeah. Some flesh molding bastard from Shiketsu ambushed us and a bunch of other students. The idiot decided to take me out of the running instead of passing himself. Sparky and Shitty Hair helped kick his ass.”

“ Welp, seems everything is done and done. Congrats to all who passed or whatever.” The Commission guy said nonchalantly. “ Everyone who didn’t pass, please leave the area. Those who can’t for whatever reason, we’ve sent guys to get you so please sit still. Everyone else, take a look at the top one hundred.” The screens in the room lit up, showing the people who passed. All 18 students from Class 1-A had passed as had most of Shikestu and Ketsubutsu as well as various others from other schools. As they were looking through, Katsuki froze up.

“ No fucking way.” He muttered. “ He… can’t be here.”

“ Bakugo?”

“ 67th place. It’s… Izuku.” Iida looked up sharply letting out a short gasp. 67th place: Mikumo Akitani, UA High School.

“ How can this be?”He asked. “ This is more than just a mix up on a form.”

“ Those bastards. UA must have kept his record on file. He just waltzed on in in his disguise and took part.” Katsuki looked around the room sharply, trying to find his old friend. “ He’s not here.”

“ I doubt he would be.” Iida narrowed his eyes. “ He’s toying with us.”

“ Excuse me.” The announcer said. “ Sorry, this is gonna take a little longer than we would like. Something came up. Please be a bit patient. The second round will begin in a half hour. Please don’t leave that room.”

“ Seems that they know somethings up.”

“ Excuse me!” Iida and Katsuki looked up, seeing a tall boy from Shiketsu, grinning like an idiot. “ I have a query!”

“ Ah. Yoarashi.” Iida greeted him. “ What seems to be the problem.”

“ My classmate seems to be missing! Have you seen her?”

“ Which one is this?”

“ Camie! Uh, That is Utsushimi! She is the girl who you saw with Shishikura and myself this morning!” Iida and Katsuki looked at each other before shaking their heads.

“ Hmm! That is concerning! If you see her, please tell me!”

“ Of course. Good look in finding her as well as in the rest of the exam.”

“ And you, Iida! Bakugo!” The Shiketsu student bowed, plowing his head into the floor, before walking off.

“ A missing student. I hope she just went to the bathroom.” Iida remarked. Katsuki hummed. He doubted that. He had a feeling. Something bad was about to happen.


After 25 minutes of searching the grounds top to bottom, Izuku watched as all the heroes and guards returned to their seats. Izuku had been using their search as a game of hide and seek. If he thought he was about to be caught, he simply called Kurogiri and changed places. He purposely sat opposite where he knew Aizawa and Ms Joke were sitting earlier, hoping to catch their eye. In that 25 minutes, Momo had given him a run down of the plans. It seemed as though the idea behind the second stage was a fake Villain attack and a rescue mission. Momo’s idea was a simple one.

After all, why fake a a Villain attack when they could see how the students reacted to a real one? Izuku liked the idea. So, he went along with it. For once, he was letting himself be used in someone else's plan. He didn’t mind. He trusted Momo. She was smart and her tenure as the League’s strategist in the Hosu incident had proven she was capable.

He saw them across the way returning, Aizawa looking annoyed. Ms Joke tried to calm him down with her usual positive energy. Izuku couldn’t say that it worked. Aizawa gave her annoyed glare. Then he looked up and froze. Izuku gave him a cheerful smile and a wave before he stood up and began to head back inside.

At first, he wondered if Aizawa had followed him. After a few minutes, he felt his quirk vanish and he knew the man was behind him. Living life as Quirkless had allowed him to have an appreciation for his quirk he doubted anyone born with one could understand. He recognised the feeling of warm power as he used it and the full, complete feeling he had when it was there. But he also remembered the feeling of powerless emptiness he felt when he was Quirkless. It was the same when Aizawa used his quirk. He gave Aizawa an embarrassed but cheerful smile, scratching back of his head. “ Oh. Mister Aizawa. Sorry. I got lost. I was just running along to the exam hall now.”

“ Don’t mess with me, Midoriya.” Aizawa growled. Izuku chuckled, dropping the act.

“ Aw. Teacher. So Rude. Don’t you care about your students.” Izuku said mockingly, leaning against the nearby wall.

“ What are you doing here?” Izuku glanced the other direction, seeing Ms Joke standing there, cutting off the only way he had to escape Aizawa.

“ Oh, a few reasons really. A few tests to run, you know?” Izuku answered, vaguely. “By the way, you should probably remove my ID from the UA system. So sloppy. It’s no wonder I was able to get in to the Hero Course to begin with.”

“ Talk.” Aizawa growled

“ You’ll both find out in...uh..." Izuku glanced down at his wrist, like he was checking a watch. " I'd say a minute or so. It’s too late to stop it.”

“ But we can still take you in.” Izuku smiled, looking at his teacher with a cocky, victorious look.

“ Oh come now. We both now that’s not going to happen.”

“ You have nowhere left to-” Suddenly, an explosion rocked the building. The second stage of the exam was beginning.

“ Oh. Looks like times up.” Izuku smirked. He pressed a button on the small black band around his wrist. Black mist began to surround him. Noticing this, Aizawa shot forwards, trying to catch the Villain before he could escape. Izuku smirked. “ Don’t worry, Eraserhead. We only repeat the classics.” Just before his scarf could reach him, Izuku vanished into the smoke as Kurogiri returned him to their safe house. He spun on his heel, looking the smoke villain in the eyes. “ Well?”

“ The plan is already underway.” Kurogiri told him.

“ Then I suppose I’ll leave this up to Momo.” Izuku took up a chair, putting his feet up. It was a shame not to be able to take part in this, but he’d had his fun and gotten what he wanted. It was only right to let others have some as well.

Chapter Text

The area was blown apart as the second exam got underway. It was described as a simple rescue simulation, saving people from the Help Us Group, better known as the H.U.G, who were posing as civilians. The entire arena based of multiple locations was blown to pieces to simulate a disaster site. It was supposed to be simple. However, as a black mist appeared in numerous places, it soon became apparent that it was anything but simple.

Momo smiled behind her mask as she and Shoto emerged in the centre of the stage, flanked by some masked clones Twice made of some of the other members. “ So, I hear someone wanted Villains.” She called. “ Well, worry no more. The second round of your little exam is underway. Who needs some show offs pretending to be Villains when you can have the genuine article.”

“ We are the League of Villains. Try not to act too stupidly.” Shoto said with a shrug. The hero course students around them looked somewhere between perplexed and terrified. Some of them, the students from UA especially, knew exactly what was happening. Others thought they were actors too, like the hostages. Momo drew a bat from her arm.

“ Now then? What was your mission? Ah yes. A rescue. Crucible. If you would?” Crucible nodded. A wall of ice burst free, smashing into the designated rescue zone and sealing it off. “ Let’s see how long it takes for you to start realising that yes, this is real. Yes, we are the real League. Yes, you could die. This isn’t your exam anymore, heroes. It’s ours. Let’s see how worthy you really are. Will you rise to the challenge? Or will you fold?”

“ Allow me to introduce myself.” Shoto said, removing his Lion shaped mask and revealing his scar. “ I am Crucible of the League of Villains. My real name is Shoto Todoroki, son of Endeavor.” There were some gasps at that. “ Come on then. Show me if you’re any better than my old man.”


The destroyed building shuddered violently again. A group of students fought to keep it from collapsing as another group desperately tried to dig through the parts that already had to rescue to H.U.G member. From a top the ruins, swinging her legs off the edge of where she was sitting, Mina grinned, dropping another glob of acid onto the building supports, causing the entire structure to shudder. “ Come on. You’re almost there. Don’t give up.” Mina flashed a manic grin. “ I wanna see your despair when you try so hard just to know you couldn’t save everyone. That’s part of being a hero too, you know? Hee hee hee. Thank me for my lesson. And try harder.”


Magne pressed down hard on a member of the H.U.G’s skull with her magnet, her foot crushing the wind out of a students lungs as she slowly pressed her weight down on their chest. The group of students before her could only watch, frozen, none of them daring to move. “ If you don’t hurry, they are gonna die you know?” Magne taunted. “ So then. Who’s gonna be the brave young boy or girl to try and save the hostages next?” She smirked. “ Or are you just gonna let ‘em die?”


In the factory zone, a series of explosions added to the already collapsing debris piling up around the hero students. Dabi laughed, launching another fire ball into a gas canister, blowing it up. “ Come on, heroes. It’s your job to win in bad situations like this, right? If you end up working with that bastard when he gets a new arm, you’d better get used to this. He’ll use you as cannon fodder. So come on. Face the heat. Or are you too busy wetting yourself to give the Villain what for?”


Shota and Emi ran through the arena halls, listening to Mera call things over the announcement system. “ Attention. No-one outside the exam is to enter while it’s active, hero, staff or student. This may not be ideal, but it’s part of the exam now. Anyone who tries interfering will be charged with Vigilantism.”

“ The League’s attacking. How can he say this is part of the exam?” Emi asked, angrily.

“ I wonder about that. Let’s go see him.” Shota and Emi quickly made it to the announcers booth. Sitting at the mic, dressed in a Shiketsu High uniform, spinning a hat on a finger, was Mera, his feet up and watching the carnage unfold with a chaotic glint in his eyes. On the ground, bleeding from a head wound was another copy of Mera. The Shiketsu Mera looked over as Shota and Emi burst in.

“ Well now. What took you so long? I was beginning to think no-one would show up.” Mera said, grinning.

“ Mister Mera? What’s going on?” Emi asked, confused. Shota narrowed his eyes.

“ No. You’re Himiko Toga.” 

“ Heh. You got me. Not like it was a secret.” Toga said, laughing. “ Still, took you all morning and a different form to figure out I was even here. You only knew Izu was here cause he let you know. I thought you heroes were trying to up security. Was that all hot air or are you just really bad at this?”

“ Give it up Toga. You can’t beat the two of us. Not with your skills.”

“ Au contraire. I don’t need to.”

“ What do you-” Emi was cut off by Toga leaning into the mic, not breaking eye contact with the two heroes as she did so.

“ Attention all Commission Staff!” She began, panic evident in her voice. “ I’m being attacked by Eraserhead and Ms Joke in the announcers booth. They’re in league with the League of Villains. Some one save me before-” Toga released the button. The form of Mera melted away, quickly being replaced by the young girl, grinning like a maniac. “ Enjoy.”

“ You can’t think that’ll work.” Shota growled. Toga simply hopped up on the ledge of the booth and spun around. 

“ Who knows?” She giggled before hoping backwards, down into the battlefield below. Shota knelt down by the real Mera, checking his pulse.

“ Is he alright, Shota?”

“ Yeah. He’s still breathing.” Shota looked up. “ Mild concussion but otherwise, he’ll be fine.”

“ Phew. That’s-” 

“ Freeze!” A group of Commission guards burst into the room. Shota grit his teeth.

“ Hey! It’s not what you think!” Emi tried to defend herself. “ The shape shifting Villain, Himiko Toga, she did this and disguised as Mister Mera.”

“ Don’t… listen to...her…” All eyes fell to the unconscious body of Mera. “ Those two… they… attacked me.” Shota watched the face of Mera as his voice wheezed out. But not from his mouth. It wasn’t moving. Shota’s eyes widened. “ Isn’t that… right… curs?”

“ Emi! Don’t-”

“ What?! Of course n-” Emi fell limp.

“ Tell them… you did it… your motives… as the League spies.” Mera’s voice sounded

“ Yes.” Emi spoke emotionlessly. “ Shota and I are the Leagues Spies. We assaulted Mister Mera.” The guards got ready to fight. Shota growled. He passed his eyes across the crowd. Behind the guards, he saw the form of Hitoshi Shinso salute mockingly at him before disappearing. Shota swatted Emi on the back of the head. “ Ow. What just…”

“ Later. I don’t think we’re getting out of this now.” Shota and Emi got ready as the Commission guards attacked.


Katsuki and Iida paled at the sight of Forge and Crucible stepping onto center stage. “ It… can’t be.” Iida said. “ Momo. Shoto. Why? How are they here?”

“ Fucking Izuku must’ve figured out we’d be here and decided to follow up after fucking Yokohama.” Bakugo growled. “ Shit.”

“ Iida. Bakugo.” The two looked up. Inasa Yoarashi of Shiketsu and Yo Shindo of Ketsubutsu ran up to join them. “ Your class was attacked by that so called league, yeah?” Shindo asked. “ Are these guys…” Iida nodded. “ Shit. What the hell?”

“ These are the same people behind All Might’s retirement!” Yoarashi scowled. “ This is not good!”

" What can we do?” Iida thought.

“ Momo’s power involves creating items from her body. Shoto can use both fire and ice. While I’d love to suggest we keep close to minimize what Momo can do, with Shoto with her, that’s not going to work.”

“ You know ‘em?”

“ That bitch Forge was a part of our class until Yokohama.” Bakugo told them.

“ A spy! How despicable!” Yoarashi stated.

“ Momo, Shoto and I are all alumni of Kosei academy. I don’t know much about Shoto but Momo is an old friend.” Iida told them sadly.  “ I think they tricked her somehow, but she seems resolute in what she’s doing now. We have to bring them down.”

“ A long ranged specialist and a close ranged combining their strengths? This is gonna be tricky.” Shindo admitted.

“ What are your quirks?”

“ Well, as you saw in round 1, I can create vibrate anything I touch. I can use it to create localized, low magnitude earthquakes.” Shindo told the two.

“ My Quirk is called Whirlwind! It allows me to freely manipulate air currents around me in various ways!” Yoarashi stated.

“ So we got ground and air, eh?” Katsuki smirked. “ That’ll make things interesting.” Katsuki eyed Yoarashi. “ Yo. Blowhard. Can you use that wind of yours to lock down Crucible’s flames?”

“ Put out the flames with intense wind.” Iida nodded. “ Good thinking. If Shindo can destroy his ice with his tremors, then you and I can handle Momo.”

“ Handle the kid of Endeavor, huh? Sounds fun.” Shindo smirked. “ Is that true, by the way?”

“ It is. He went missing around a year ago. To think he’d be Crucible.” Iida shook his head. There was no time to be thinking that now. “ Shindo. Yoarashi. If you can handle Sho… If you can handle Crucible, Bakugo and I can put the pressure on Momo. I can have the members of my class nearby take on those thugs to give us room.”

“ We’re in this together now. Let my class back yours up.” Shindo reassured 1-A’s class rep.

“ We must push them back! Everyone has to work together!” Yoarashi proclaimed. “ Let’s defeat these Villains!”

“ Heh. Now you’re talking!” Bakugo grinned, slamming a fist into his open palm. “ Let’s crush ‘em.”


“ This is boring.” Mina growled. She’d spent ten minutes watching these pathetic worms who called themselves heroes squirm around, pulling people from the rubble. She spent that time hearing the works of the others. Fiery explosions set off from Dabi. The messages from Himiko designed to spread confusion among the heroes present. Now a giant pillar of ice erupted from the middle of the compound. She was tired of playing with her food. She covered her arms with acid and hoped down, spreading her quirk everywhere and listening as the remaining support beams and rubble keeping the buildings from tumbling down began collapsing behind her. She began laughing as she heard screams echoing.

Izuku had given them an interesting order the day before the invasion of the exam site. Before, like at the USJ or the Forest Training Grounds, there was one rule he abided by. No killing students. Heroes? Fair game. Just not the students. However, after Yokohama, his attitude had shifted slightly. He and Tomura seemed to have plans they kept from the others. Even Shoto, Momo and Shinso didn’t know the full scope of Izuku’s plans and they were the closest to him, other than Toru. Toru was another factor entirely. With her relationship to Izuku, Mina figured she knew but could never be too sure. Either way, one thing Izuku told them before leaving Momo to plan the attack was new. No Mercy.

Mina may not have had the tactical mind of Izuku and Momo or the foresight of Shinso, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew what the order meant. As did the others. She knew that without even asking them by how they shifted at the order. Some, like Momo, Shinso and Denki. They became more serious with their actions. Others were like her. Others like Shoto or Toru or Ochako. They were elated. These idiots were gunning for a hero license. Mina saw it as her role to teach them what that meant. Yokohama was the beginning of something. A war between the Heroes and the League. In her mind, everyone in between would have to pick a side or die in the crossfire. Maybe not all the League would agree with that concept, but she knew some totally would.

Behind her, the sound of rubble smashing caught Mina’s ear. She glanced behind her. “ Well. We sure do meet in fun places, don’t we Eiji?” Mina giggled. Eijiro Kirishima rose to his feet. Other heroes with more defensive based quirks were with him, protecting others from being smashed to pieces by falling debris. He immediately activated his quirk.

“ Get everyone to safety. She’s mine.”

“ Are you certain, Kirishima?” A Shiketsu student who seemed to be made of hair asked. He nodded.

“ We have a score to settle.”

“ We won’t let you fight alone, Kirishima.” Another UA student with weird looking head, Takoyummy or something, told him, getting ready to fight. The hairy Shiketsu student joined them. Others nodded, making to lead the injured away. Mina simply laughed.

“ Man. Hero Syndrome, am I right? But fine. I’m game.” Mina started stepping side to side, warming up for the dance ahead. “ The more the merrier.”


17 people. That’s how many heroes tried to step up to save her hostages. 12 people. That’s how many she brought down. Some ninjas tried throwing stuff at her but she magnetized someone else in her way. Some students tried a direct approach and she smashed them aside with her magnet. Some tried stealth but they were far too clumsy. Magne sighed. Like everyone else in her life before becoming a Villain, these heroes weren’t taking her seriously. “ Are you done?” She asked, smirking. She eyed the crowd. She saw a familiar face. The tail kid from the Forest. Interesting spot to see someone she recognized. Or maybe not.

“ We can’t keep rushing in without a plan.” He told the remaining 5 students. A blond girl with sharp teeth glanced over.

“ Agreed. What are you thinking?”

“ Not with that guy listening.” Magne smirked, waiting for the attack. Suddenly, the tail kid broke from the group and launched at her. Magne activated her quirk, dragging him to her. She used her quirk to drag tail boy to her and swung her magnet. However, the boy seemed to be expecting that. He latched on to the pole with his tail. Before she could shake him free, One of the students, a strange boy with blue skin and a rock like face, hardened some muddy water from the two large ninja students, propelling the female from before who’d tucked her body into itself like a turtle at Magne.

“ Here I come!” The girl shouted from inside herself. Magne snorted. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get rid off the nuisance latched onto her weapon, she magnetized the turtle girl and the tail kid together. However, she noticed too late that was exactly what they wanted. Using the force, tail kid let go of Magne’s magnet and used a powerful swing, knocking turtle girl into Magne. Magne stumbled backwards from the blow, losing the concentration needed for her quirk. In that moment, the ninja duo created a muddy wave, retracting the injured closer to them as tail kid and turtle girl retreated to their group. Magne rubbed her stomach.

“ That’ll bruise.” She muttered before looking up. “ Not bad heroes, I’m impressed. But this is a rescue mission and I’m still a dangerous Villains. So I guess it’s your time to play defensive.” Magne flipped the magnet in her hand, slamming it down into the concrete. A number of the clones fell back from messing with various other heroes to back her up. “ Now it’s our turn to go on the attack.”


Dabi grit his teeth as he dodged out of the way of a pair of rocks spinning back at him fro behind before being caught by the shifty eyed ass who threw them. He lit up his quirk to counter. “ Melee attackers. Now is your time to strike.” A voice called. As ordered, three students struck. Two in white uniforms, one with claws and another with tentacles coming from her arms, and the 1-A brat with the big lips and the ugly, yellow costume struck from multiple sides. Dabi was forced to wrap his flames around him to stave them off. “ Retreat. Tomi.” Dabi’s flames flickered as he was assaulted from a sudden stream of cold air from the roofs above by a white uniformed student with a mask.

“ Ugh. So what?” Dabi growled. “ You some kind of tactician for these heroes?” From her spot in the ruined factory, a fourth student in white with pale blue hair sipping from a tea cup looked down at him.

“ I try to be.” She said simply. “ Dabi of the League of Villains. You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”

“ Thanks. I try.” Dabi pulled back an arm, only to get struck in one of his scars from a fifth and final white uniformed student from above with a large glove and a slingshot. Dabi was sick of this. So many high and mighty people looking down on them. Some members from UA and other schools had already escorted the injured to safety while this group, commanded by the white uniformed bitch, held him back. Immediately afterwards, the Boomerang guy was at it again. Dabi blasted the rocks apart. “ You guys are testing my patience.” Sick of being locked down, Dabi ran forwards. The front line folded, rushing backwards into the factory. When Dabi hit a certain point, a barrage of cold air and rocks from above stopped him again.

“ Now, Toteki.” The ringleader shouted. The boomerang guy threw more rocks, arcing them above him. Dabi looked up, shielding his eyes as a container full of liquid fell on him, soaking him. He growled.

“ Water?” He questioned.  No, something was wrong. He brought his arm up to his nose and sniffed. He recoiled at the harsh smell. “ Gasoline!”

“ Simple water wouldn’t douse your flames. They’re very intense. I saw as much here and on the news. However, the scars covering your face and arms prove you aren’t immune to the intensity. Your opening gambit proved the canisters in this area could explode. A simple investigation into your own actions fueled my plans.” The mastermind sneered. “ So, with this, the flames will burn fiercer for you. I you try to activate your quirk again, you’ll immolate yourself. So don’t try it.” Dabi eyed as he was surrounded by the front line again. “ Give up. You’ve lost.”

“ Lost?” Dabi said quietly. “ Is that what you think?” Then he grinned. As the trio tried to attack him, he activated his quirk, exploding into azure flames. He felt the pain as the flames seared his entire body, burning away his shirt and jacket. But compared to what he felt when he was younger, this was nothing he couldn’t handle. “ You think I can’t handle pain? You don’t know shit from what I’ve been through. When I was a kid, my loving father did worse than this almost daily. Names Touya Himura, bitch, son of heroism's biggest fucking asshole. Thanks for the power up. Now, fucking die.”


Momo clicked her tongue as she hoped back from Bakugo, causing him to blow up the ground where she was standing. The sounds of engines behind her distracted her from Bakugo’s rage. She dissolved the suit on her back and launched a net out to ensnare Iida before blocking Bakugo with her bat, causing it to get blown to pieces like the other three she’d summoned. She glanced over to Shoto for support but found nothing as the ground was rocked, smashing apart the wall of ice Shoto built to hold back Inasa’s winds. “ This was your plan, wasn’t it Tenya?” Momo asked as her old friend rushed her again.

“ Not just mine. We all came together to think on how to counter the two of you.” He declared. “ Recipro Burst!” Momo rolled under the spin kick Tenya delivered, only to end up right in the path of another explosion, pushing her away. She hit her lip before summoning a blanket to cover her, making sure it was fire proof, and pinned it down with some copies of Magne’s weapon. Then, she got to work.

“ DIE!” The loud voice of Bakugo echoed as an explosion rattled the blanket but it still held. Momo was barely able to finish a large speaker like device. Tenya’s eyes widened, clearly recognizing it. Shoto created a barrier of ice around him. Momo put headphones over her ears and flicked the switch. A high pitched sonic wave pierced the area from the LRAD she’d created. Tenya got down low and covered his ears. Bakugo screamed in pain from being the closest to it. Even so far back, Shindo and Inasa were also struggling with it. Momo began counting to fifteen.

She barely reached 7 before the device was kicked over, smashing against the ground. Momo quickly leapt backwards to clear a distance, quickly pressing a button on her wrist, sending a signal to the others. Time to retreat. Standing over the LRAD was Aizawa. He glared at her with red eyes. “ Mister Aizawa.” Iida said, panting.

“ Sorry it took so long. We were held up.” Behind Momo, one of the clones was destroyed as Ms Joke entered the fray.

“ Mrs Fukukado.” Shindo said happily.

“ Get to safety, kids. Leave this one to us.” Momo frowned as the two heroes loomed over her.

“ Hmm. So that’s that. Fine.” Momo muttered pressing a button on her wrist. Then she put her hands up. “ Fine. You got me.”

“ What are you doing here, Yaoyorozu?” Aizawa asked.

“ Didn’t Izuku say?”

“ Answer me.”

“ Simple.” Momo smirked as a dark mist began surrounding her. “ Helping with your test.”

“ Shit. Don’t-” Aizawa tried lunging forwards but was too late as Kurogiri evacuated Momo to safety.


Mina created an acid barrier, sliding back as the force of the Shiketsu students mass of hair crashed into it. “ Haven’t you heard of a barbers?” Mina taunted him through gritted teeth. “ You really need one.”

“ Speak for yourself, slobberpuss.” She heard as the shadowy creature from the bird like student slammed into her side. Knocked back from this attack, Eijiro rushed in, swinging a hardened fist into her, sending her to the floor.

“ Three on One. Man, you guys are the worst.” Mina spat.

“ Give it up Mina. You can’t win.” Eijiro told her.

“ Come on Eiji.” Mina spun on her back before lifting herself onto her hands. “ Do I look like the type of girl to give up.” Eijiro’s eyes widened.

“ DOWN!”

“ Acid Disco!” Mina announced. Using her abilities as a dancer she spun on her hands, firing a stream of acid 360 degrees from her feet, forcing her attackers back, before pushing up and landing upright. As she got ready to strike with her opening, a beeping came from her wrist. Mina huffed. “ Already? Ugh. Fiiiine.” Mina pushed the button on her wristband to call Kurogiri. “ Well, I guess we’re gonna have to cut this one short. You ran out on me last time, so I guess it’s fair I do it this time, yeah Eiji?”

“ Tokoyami!” Eijiro looked over at his classmate.

" Dark Shadow!” Tokoyami commanded.

“ On it boss!” The shadow shot forwards. Mina simply mockingly saluted and stuck her tongue out as she vanished from the complex to safety. Her only regret was not being able to hear Eijiro’s inevitable cursing. And that she didn’t leave her mark on her rival now she could finally go for the kill. Oh well. There was always next time.


Magne stopped at the beeping on her wrist. She hummed, watching the hero course students running to get the injured to safety. “ And it was going so well too. Oh well.”

“ Stop right there, Magne!” Magne glanced up as she pressed the button on her wrist. Judging by the hats, the people surrounding her were from Shiketsu. Probably failed students and teachers.

“ Sorry. But I can’t be bothered to deal with people who don’t catch my attention. If you don’t mind, I’ll be going.” Magne said dismissively as black mist began surrounding her.

“ I said stop.” Magne turned to see a Shiketsu student in black lobbing a chunk of meat at her. Instinctively, she moved to swat it out of the air. As she touched it though, she felt odd. The world seemed to warp as she vanished into Kurogiri’s fog.


With a pained groan, Dabi brought himself down, sitting on a piece of rubble. After an intense show of his powers burning a lot of the students, the ringleader decided to order a retreat. Dabi decided to let them go. He didn’t feel too good after that. His felt like his scars had ground a few inches each. His clothes and wristband, usually made to withstand his flames, were ash due to gasoline that he'd been doused in. He didn’t know when to retreat. “Fuck.” He groaned. “ Took it a bit too far.” A brief shuffling brought his attention over to a girl in Shiketsu attire approaching him.

“ Wow.” She said, pushing the brim of her hat up to reveal Himiko grinning at him from under the hat of the uniform. “ You look like shit.”

“ Ugh. Himiko.” Dabi let himself relax. “ I feel worse.”

" So. Hard times?”

“ They poured gasoline over me, the fucking miscreants. My own fire hurts me but that shit was like being at the hands of the old man again. It should’ve just called Kurogiri.”

“ Speaking of which, the alarm went off. Momo said you weren’t calling in, so I came to find you.” Himiko offered Dabi an arm, which he took, letting her pull him up. She pressed the button on her own wristband to call in Kurogiri. As the mist surrounded them, Himiko smirked. “ By the way, you got a pretty big-”

“ Don’t. Don’t even finish that thought.” Dabi sighed. This was so embarrassing.


Dabi was met by a heavily blushing Momo tossing a towel at him and yelling at him to go change. Shoto helped him into their joint apartment upstairs. Magne came back a pile of meat. After some panicking, Toru was able to use Limiter to free Magne from the mess of flesh she’d been turned into. “ That fucking brat.” Magne swore.

“ You alright big sis?” Himiko asked. Magne nodded.

“ Fine. But I wish I got a better look at the fuck. I’d go back there and flatten him.”

“ How’s everyone else?” Izuku asked.

“ Good.” Mina flashed a thumbs up.

“ All fine.” Himiko smiled, spinning the Shiketsu cap on one finger. “ I like this style of hat. Izu. Get Giran to get me red one.”

“ Ha. I’ll ask him, Himiko. Don’t worry.”   

“ Yay.” Himiko grinned.

“ Did you find what you were looking for?” Tomura asked from his place at the make shift bar. Izuku looked over and nodded.

“ Yeah.” He nodded. “ From Mera’s laptop. The names of the heroes on their pay roll. All their underground schemes. All of it. Toru downloaded the data as always. I got the information I wanted as well. Names, quirks and locations of an entire generation of heroes to be. When they enter the board, I’ll be ready for them.” Tomura raised an eyebrow.

“ And?”

“ We have a copy of Mera's ID. He's a pretty big deal in the Commission. If they're hiding anything else, we'll drag it out from the shadows. But we can deal with that later. Cause next on the agenda...” Tomura clicked his tongue, scratching at his neck.

“ Yeah. Yeah” He growled. “ Guess it's finally time we meet with them. Let's see if these Shie Hassaikai goons can really get us what we need."

Chapter Text

“ Well, that was some unwanted excitement.” Mera announced to the hall of students that were still able to be there. “ Still, you handled yourself well out there. It may not have been the exam we expected to have, but the information we gathered from it proved useful so we decided to use it. Please turn your attention to the screen. These people have passed.” Katsuki looked up, scanning the screen.

After the League retreated, the medics were brought in. The fake rescue mission had quickly turned into a real one. What the exam was meant to be was a fake fight for their lives against Gang Orca, who was found frozen in a waiting room alongside his sidekicks, surviving though with some major burns from Crucible’s flames. Mera also had to step in to address the claims that Aizawa and Ms Joke were league spies, confirming that he was attacked by Himiko Toga which is how the false announcement was made. That didn’t fix the broken noses of the Commission security guards, but it did stop the teachers from Shiketsu trying to arrest them. In the end, what was meant to be a simple test turned out to be something that heavily injured almost 60 people and had even killed several from other schools and a few members of H.U.G, mostly thanks to Mina Ashido dropping buildings on people and crushing people to death under the rubble. Overall, it was a disaster. A part of Katsuki was troubled that such a thing was what they were being judged on. Then again, such a thing is what they were expected to face regularly.

Bakugo smiled as he found his name and face in the list of examinees. Glancing around, he found the rest of his class somewhere on the board. The two idiots who fought with him and Iida were there too. Overall, 43 people passed the exam. People who’d fought hard. People who’d tried to help each other and the H.U.G evacuate to safety. People who’d shown what the needed qualities to be a hero. He knew Izuku was still out there. And Katsuki wasn’t going to find him sitting in some dusty classroom.

“Bakugo. Iida.” On their way back to their bus, the two were stopped by Inasa and Shindo running up to them. Shindo gave them a steely, determined look. “ Here.”

“ Hmm?” Iida took a sheet from Shindo. A bunch of names and numbers were written down on it.

“ If you need us, call!” Inasa told them. “ They made an enemy of all of us this day!”

“ Intelli from Seiai and Shin from Seijin helped us get these from the different schools.” Shindo said. “ She and the others share our message. If you need us, call. We’ll be there.”

“ Heh. Are you serious?” Katsuki chuckled. “ I’ll think about it.”

“ Thank you both.” Iida said, smiling. “ I can put together something for the heads of each school. Like a chat room. We can coordinate movements using it.”

“ Keep it small.” Bakugo said. “ No-one else needs to know about it. We don’t know where the League is watching from.”

“ Be careful. This is all going to get a lot worse before it gets better.” Shindo said

“ Of course!” Inasa nodded. “ Everyone! Look after yourselves!” With a last few words of farewell, the reps from each school left to head home. There were preparations to be made.


A few days following the attack, Aizawa called a few friends to a cafe in Naruhata. He entered the Hopper’s Cafe, waving to the owners as he sat down in his regular booth in the far back corner of the place. He told Ichiro he was expecting friends before ordering some coffee. It took about an hour for the two he asked to finally arrive. “ Shota. I didn’t know you knew a place this cute.” Emi teased him, sitting opposite him. “ A perfect first date.”

“ This isn’t a date.”

“ Oh c’mon!” Hizashi shouted, taking a seat next to his friend. “ Give the lady some love!”

“ See. Mic has my back.”

“ You’ll scare the cats.” Shoto complained.

“ Still such a cat person.” Hizashi grinned. “ Yours’ll get jealous if you come here too often.”

“ Do you still live in that crummy midtown apartment in Musutafu with the black cat and the big fluffy one?” Emi asked.

“ Oh. You didn’t know? He recently adopted another one. Right after the Sports Festival. It’s like a tiger cub, all red and strippy.” Mic smiled.

“ Aww. Why don’t you tell me these things Shota?”

“ Enough. This is NOT why I called you here.” Shota grumbled. He breasted, straightening up. “ This is about the League.” His two friends immediately become more serious. “ They’re becoming more brazen.”

“ Why bring this up with us though, Shota?” Emi asked.

“ I want a personal opinion. If I try this talk with Tsukauchi or Nedzu, they’d just tell me it’s being worked on.”

“ Yeah. Those guys are always so secretive.” Hizashi agreed.” So, what’s this about?”

“ Further actions to take. I don’t think it’s rational for Tsukauchi’s secret task force to be keeping us all in the dark about the League’s actions.” He said. “ I want to be able to protect those kids. The provisional exam proved that what they’re doing means I can’t do that.”

“ Hey. Give them some credit.” Emi said. “ Nighteye’s still out of commission and, even with him, you can’t expect them to be able to predict the future.”

“ Attacks by Selfish Villains are just more unpredictable disasters. It ain’t fair, but that’s why we’ve gotta be ready at all times.”

 “ Being ready isn’t enough.” Shota stated firmly.

“ You want to find them, don’t you? Strike first.” Emi looked up at Shota. “ This isn’t like you, Shota. You don’t usually chase things.”

“ Not unless I think it’s needed.”

“ Like Villain Factory.” Hizashi mused. “ 1-A. You really care about them, huh?” Shota didn’t answer. “ Heh. Alright. We’ve always done these things together. What’s one more suicide mission?”

“ You make it sound so dramatic, Mic.” Emi smiled. “But these guys did mess with my kids too. I suppose some payback wouldn’t go amiss. I’m in.”

“ Thanks.” Shota let a small smile creep onto his face. As annoying and overly cheerful as they were, he was happy to have such good friends. He made a silent vow to the memory of Oboro. He would not let a single one of his kids meet the same fate his old friend had.


Tomura’s group suited up and entered the warehouse as Twice went to collect their guest. Izuku had decided on the security detail. He had decided a one on one meeting between Tomura and Overhaul would likely not end very well, so decided to go with him, alongside a few of the League members. He had Toru and Hitoshi keep watch for any of the Shie Hissaikai’s other members while having himself, Shoto, Spinner, Magne and Mina back up Tomura inside. At Giran’s request, seeing as they were borrowing his warehouse, Ochako was also to make sure the place didn’t get beaten up. “ How long is this going to take?” Tomura asked, tapping his foot impatiently.

“ Twice is taking a more indirect route. A crime boss and a Villain in a car together is sure to cause some kind of drama if they’re spotted after all.” Izuku shrugged.

“ And you’re sure this is gonna work?”

“ He’s Yakuza. I doubt he’s going to be so stupid to turn us down.” Spinner jeered.

“ Yaku-what?” Mina asked.

“ Yakuza, dear.” Magne told her. “ Back in the day, before quirks were a thing, they were a big deal. They were crime bosses in charge of a vast network and were untouchable due to the power and influence they held. However, after Heroes came to be and Villains like All For One or Destro came to power, their influence began waning.”

“ In other words, they might as well be a endangered species.” Spinner snickered.

“ A lot of the last ones to survive, like the Shimano or the Dojima, keep their heads down and stick to underground trades. We’ve had dealings before but Chisaki’s group seem to be the only ones who are still trying to be mainstream.” Ochako said with a shrug. “ Giran thinks it’s due to him having some kind of secret weapons. He has a good supply of Trigger as well, so certain groups rely on him after the Villain Factory went under.”

“ Trigger?” Izuku glanced at her. “ I’ve never heard of it.”

“ Ha. Now there’s a shock. You haven’t heard of something?” Tomura laughed. “ It’s a drug that boosts quirk performance past it’s limits. Some junkies take it to feel powerful. I’ve never tried it, but I hear it ain’t too addictive. Only real side effect is that it turns your tongue black.”

“ It’s high value for criminals or just druggies looking for the greatest high they can get.” Ochako told him. “ It’s not really well known about after the Villain Factory thanks to the Diet and the Commission working in tandem to bury it. Giran had to give me the entire history lesson just in case someone asked me what I was selling. So they feel reassured it ain’t a police sting or something like that, you know?”

“ A drug that enhances quirks?” Izuku mused. “ That could be dangerous. I’d rather not reach a point to have us rely on such a cheap trick for supremacy.”

“ Only a weakling uses cheat codes to make themselves stronger.” Tomura scoffed.

“ Not everyone can disintegrate buildings with a touch, you know?” The group looked up. Stepping through the door behind Twice was a man in a fur collared hood and a beak like mask. Tomura stood up to meet him. “ Let’s get this over with. It’s too dirty in this place. I wouldn’t have agreed, but I wanted to talk with you anyway. This saves me time.”

“ You wanted to talk with us?” Tomura asked.

“ Of course. The followers of the great All For One.” Overhaul put his gloved hands in his pockets. “ You caught my eye.”

“ What do you want?” Izuku asked, curious. Overhaul chuckled.

“ Izuku. Be careful.” Izuku heard Toru’s voice call from an earpiece. “ Other members of the Shie Hassaikai are nearby. What should we do?”

“ If they try to interrupt, stop them.” He whispered. Meanwhile, Overhaul continued his speech. 

“ All For One was an interesting man. This mythical dark emperor or whatever. By the time my generation was born, he was treated like an urban legend, like a Yokai designed to scare kids into not wandering around outside after dark. Even dead, he was feared. But then he came back and was put to bed. Right on national television. And with him, All Might was put out to pasture. Those who live in the light. Those who thrive in the dark. Neither has a leader now. See where I’m going with this?”

“ What?” Mina asked mockingly. “ You think you’re gonna be the next Boogeyman?”

“ Learn to temper you ambitions, you low level thug. That’s my role your looking at.” Tomura told him, annoyance in his tone. “ Or do you think someone like you can challenge me? Challenge everything I’m building?”

“ And what of a plan?”

“ A plan?”

“ A goal without a plan is nothing more than a delusion. You can’t do anything if you haven’t planned to get what you want.” Overhaul sighed. “ What are you going to do after you’ve gathered your forces? How are you even going to gather forces? Do you have any idea of a hierarchy? You got some good hits in against the hero industry, but you lost your biggest gun. Do you really think anyone will be willing to join you?”

“ We have plans in place.” Izuku told him. “ Will you join us if we tell you them?”

“ Do you really have a plan or just some ambitious scraps?” Overhaul raised a hand and slowly placed it against his chest. “ Because I have a plan. I don’t know or care what you wanted me to come here for but I never came here to join you.”

“ Then what did you come here for? To waste our time?” Tomura asked dryly. Overhaul shook his head.

“ I have a plan. To execute it, I need money. But you said so yourself. People think we Yakuza are low level thugs. Obsolete. No-one’s going to bite if I go asking without someone like you to increase my notoriety. Put yourself under me. I will show you the way forwards.” There was a brief silence as everyone took in what the Yakuza boss was suggesting. Then Izuku started laughing. “ Something funny?”

“ Oh. Sorry. Sorry. Were you serious?” Izuku asked. “ You really thought we’d go for such an insulting sales pitch? You remind me so much of a former pro hero I once met. So sure you know all the answers but in reality, you don’t know a thing about anyone here.”

“ You are pathetic.” Tomura sighed. “ Leave.” Magne launched forwards at Tomura’s command, already swinging the giant magnet in her hands. She activated her quirk on Overhaul, dragging him to her.

“ Sorry, Mister Yakuza. But we didn’t gather just to have someone like you collar us.” Magne pulled back her weapon and swung. “ We decide were we belong. Not you.” Izuku watched the attack. His eyes narrowed as he saw the Yakuza boss remove his glove. Remembering what Giran had told him about Overhaul’s quirk, he looked to Shoto.

“ Crucible! Wall!” With a nod, Shoto sent a wave of icicles across the floor. Hearing the order, Magne stopped herself as Overhaul pushed his hand forwards. He caught Magne’s bar as the ice wall cut him off. Magne growled in pain as the magnet exploded along with her right hand. With an annoyed look, Overhaul smashed through the wall on a second motion.

“ You all made the first move.” He muttered. He glanced over at Shoto as he jumped in. Shoto glared back, raising an arm. Flames burst from them. Then they stopped. Shoto recoiled. 

“ What the-” Shoto growled.

“ Filth. Don’t touch me.” Overhaul batted Shoto away. The boy raised his right arm in defense only for it to be erased in a touch. Shoto screamed in pain. However, this made an opening. Izuku leapt in the air and fired an air shot down on Chisaki to keep him in place as Tomura leapt in. Chisaki’s eyes widened as a slight metallic clunk echoed around the room. “ Shield!” Overhaul declared. Quickly, a man in a bird mask and a black t-shirt slid in front of Overhaul, blocking Tomura’s attack. However, it was the last thing that man ever did. Overhaul looked angry as Tomura reduced his shield to ash and dust. Spinner lunged forwards with his sword of blades.

“ Take this, you bastard! High Speed Cutter!” Spinner began spinning as he came down on Overhaul. The man raised his hands to block.

Suddenly, Spinner was stabbed from above by an arrow like blade.

Spinner’s eyes widened as his spin slowed. As his whole body slowed. Overhaul took this moment to push a hand forwards, swiping across Spinner’s snout with a finger. “ A life for a life.” He growled. Everyone looked on in shock as Spinner exploded into a shower of blood. Overhaul stepped back as the back wall broke down. A man in a white raincoat dropped down from above as a trio of bird masked men broke through.

" Kai. Are you alright?” Whitecoat asked, slightly panicked

“ Yeah. Appreciate the assist.”

“ Sorry. I missed a shot.”

“ Don’t worry about it.” Overhaul sighed, rubbing one of his blood stained arms. “ It’s hard making decisions like this. I understand that. Still, it’s unproductive to kill each other. I hate blood. It’s too filthy. Still, we’re even now. A death for a death.” He turned to leave. “ Call off the others. We’re leaving for now. I owe you people an arm and a hand.”

“ You bastard. I’ll kill you for this.” Twice seethed.

“ Don’t think you’re getting away!” Mina screamed. “ Izuku. Tomura. Let me melt them all!”

“ Go for-” Izuku started.

“ No.”

“Tomura?” Izuku looked surprised. Tomura narrowed his eyes.

“ No.”

“ Wise move.” Whitecoat said.

“ Do think carefully about my proposition, League of Villains.” Overhaul glanced over his shoulder, tossing a business card over to them. “ Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter when. Give me a call when you decided.” With that, the group left. Izuku growled. He began gathering air in his legs.

“ Izuku.” Tomura looked at him. “ No.”

“ I can’t let them just get away with this.” Izuku growled. “ It was my plan that brought him here. But now Spinner…” Izuku shook his head. “ I can’t let this slide.”

“ Izuku.” Tomura said again.

“ I’m gonna contact Toru and Shinso. Together, we’ll crush them.” Tomura sighed.

“ Magne. Put him to sleep.” Quickly, Izuku felt a heavy pain in his chest. He looked down to see the remorseful eyes of Magne.

“ Sorry, Izu. This is for the best.” Tomura closed his eyes until he heard Izuku’s body fall.

" Tomura! What the hell!” Mina shouted angrily.

“ That isn’t important right now.” He said. He raised a hand to his earpiece. “ Kurogiri. We need you.” He glanced down at Twice. “ How is Shoto?” Twice looked down at the boy in his arms.

“ Hey. Can you stand?”

“ Ugh. I’ll live.” Shoto said through gritted teeth. “ But… they did something. My quirk wouldn’t come out.” Mina screamed.

“ Tomura! Let me go! I’ll kill them all!”

“ No.” Tomura knelt down and placed a hand on Spinner’s sword, the last memory of the lizard man who had been their ally, making sure not to destroy it accidentally. He closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer.

“ Tomura?” Magne looked over at him. “ Are you… OK?”

“ Speak for yourself. Get yourself and Dabi’s brother to a doctor.” He took the hand off his face, giving everyone a look at his face, burning with rage. “ I’m not letting this go. We’ll crush them. But not tonight. We need a plan first. We need a way to destroy them without any way of letting them get away. When we get that, we’ll kill them all. That smug bastard who dares to think he has any right to my position. I expect a lot of repayment for this insult.” He looked over to Mina. “ When that time comes, then you can melt as much as you want. Himiko can cut them as much as she wants. Dabi can burn them as much as he wants. Everyone can kill them to their hearts content. They will pay for crossing me.”


Kyudai Garuki looked up at the familiar sound of the warping of space. “ Ah. Kurogiri. How can I help you?” He asked, straightening out the pile of paperwork on his desk and spinning on his chair.

“ We are in need of a doctor.” Kurogiri said. “ Quickly as possible.”

“ Hmm? What happened?” Kurogiri briefly explained Tomura and Overhaul’s disagreement. The doctor hummed. “ I see. How troublesome. To think the Yakuza would go so far.”

“ Will you aid us?”

“ No. Not personally. I still have a few tests I need to run. Call Tomura’s little bout with Shie Hassaikai one of them. Than being said…” Kyudai spun in his chair. “ Haru, my dear. Come hear a moment.” Kurogiri looked surprised. Slowly, a young woman entered the room. She had brown hair with silver highlights and a white doctors coat over a black top and jeans. From her visible hands, it was clear to see, while one was normal, the other one was shiny and white, plastic from her prosthetic arm. Her throat was scarred and she wore a mask over her mouth and nose, sleek and black yet clearly mechanical, two vents in mirror positions on either side of it to help her breath.

“ You called, Doctor?” She asked, her voice raspy and muffled from the mask.

“ Haru, you remember Kurogiri, yes?” She nodded. “ I’d like you to go help his group. They’re in need of a good doctor. I believe you fit the bill.”

“ Are you certain Doctor?”

“ The girl will be of great use to you, Kurogiri. Take her.” Slowly, he nodded. He opened a portal.

“ Go through. Tell Tomura Shigaraki who you are and that I sent you. I shall return shortly.” The young woman nodded, passing through without any other questions.


Tomura looked up at the sound of warping air. He raised an eyebrow as a young woman in a mask stepped through. “ Who the hell are you?”

“ Haru Garaki. I’m a Nurse. You needed a healer, right?”

“ We do. Is that supposed to be you?”

“ Yes.”

“ What’s with the get up?”

“ I’ll explain, if you really want me to. Show me to them first.” Tomura hummed. He was suspicious about the young woman, but if Kurogiri sent her, she must be of some use. With a sigh, he stood up and led them to the room they’d put Magne and Shoto in after they’d returned. Magne was fine. They’d stopped her bleeding with a tea towel for now. Shoto had passed out just before they returned. As they walked, the woman started talking.

“ When I was young, there was an accident. I lost my right arm and had some major damage to my throat and the right side of my upper torso. It was only due to surgery and luck I survived. My prosthetic is mostly just a replacement for my arm. The mask helps me breath.” She looked over to him. “ The Doctor who saved me adopted me. That’s what’s with the get up. I could ask the same about you. Your scratched all over. Was that self inflicted? It’s not quirk related. I know you from television. You disintegrate things, correct?”

“ Hmm. You’ve done your homework.” Tomura admitted. “ I scratch myself when I get antsy. Nervous or annoyed. It’s a bad habit.”

“ I can’t heal scars unfortunately.”

“ Clearly.” Tomura opened the door. Dabi looked up sharply.

“ Who’s the chick?”

“ She’s-”

“ Haru. Haru Garaki. I’m the nurse Kurogiri asked for.” She looked at Dabi with dull grey eyes. “ What’s the problem?”

“ Can’t you see? His whole fucking arms gone?” Dabi growled.

“ Let me see.” She walked over to Shoto and looked over his missing appendage. Meanwhile, Tomura stood against the wall, observing. Magne stood next to him.

“ She’s cute. Where’d you find her?”

“ You’ll have to ask Kurogiri when he gets back. He pulled her from under some rock.” The two watched as Haru brought her left hand to the remains of Shoto’s left arm. She placed all five finger tips to it. Tomura’s eyes widened as Shoto’s wound quickly closed. “ What the…”

“ My quirk is Repair.” She stated. “ When I place all five finger tips to a target, I can heal all their wounds, internal or external. Unfortunately, I can’t regrow limbs with it. He’ll have to figure something else out there.” She looked over at Magne. “ You there. Let me see your injury too.”

“ Right.” Magne outstretched her right arm. Haru placed a hand on it, closing the bleeding stump. Tomura narrowed his eyes. It bugged him how similar her quirk was to his. Down to the activation requirements and speed just entirely in reverse.

“ You have a dealer for weapons, right?”

“ Weapons and support items, yeah.” Tomura nodded.

“ Get him to get prosthetics. They work wonders. Take it from me.” Haru sat down in a chair in the make shift doctors office. “ If I understood the doctor’s request, I believe I’ll be staying with you for the time being. You need a Doctor, correct?”

“ I never signed off on that.” Tomura stated.

“ Unfortunate. Be quick about it.” Haru tipped her head and looked at Tomura in a way that he could tell she was smiling behind her mask. “ It’s nice to be working with you, Leader. I hope our partnership is fruitful.”


Kurogiri watched Haru leave, closing the portal behind her. He looked back to the Doctor. “ Are you sure that is wise?”

“ Relax, Kurogiri. It’ll be fine. I wouldn’t have said she could go if I didn’t think it would be.”

“ I am concerned about that. All For One was quite clear about what to do with her.”

“ Her memories won’t return.” Kyudai said, shaking her head. “ Even if they did, I doubt it would do much. She may be even more loyal to young Tomura. Who can say?” The doctor gave a cruel laugh. “ Mark my words, Kurogiri. Tenko will need that girl for the trials yet to come.”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to the door of his apartment locked and his key missing. On his bedside table, he found a note from Tomura. “ I locked the door so you wouldn’t run off like an idiot to deal with Overhaul yourself. Thank me later when I bring lunch.” Izuku huffed. He thought back to the events at the warehouse and immediately, the anger returned. He couldn’t believe everything went so wrong. Magne and Shoto got hurt really badly. And then there was Spinner. It was all his fault. He was the one who suggested they bring Overhaul to them, after all. He should have prepared more.

The slow opening of his door caught his attention. “ Hmm? Tomura?”

“ No. It’s me.” Looking up, he caught as Toru closed his door. “ Kurogiri gave me the key.”

“ What time is it?”

“ 10:30 in the morning.”

“ Did you come here that early just to see if I was alright?”

“ Actually, I never went home.” Toru answered nervously. “ I crashed with Himiko and Mina. Not that I got much sleep. They are really loud.”

“ Ha. Tell me about it. I can here them dancing around to their music down here sometimes.” Izuku scratched the back of his head.

 “ Are you doing OK? I heard Tomura knocked you out after… that.”

“ More like Magne did it for him.” Izuku sighed. “ Not that I blame her. He was right. I was letting my anger get the best of me again. Never thought that would happen when Katsuki wasn’t involved.” Izuku glanced over at her. “ Are you good?”

“ Yeah. Hitoshi got ambushed by some of those bird masked guys so I went to help him. Sorry I couldn’t be there.”

“ No, it’s not your fault.” Izuku looked up. “ It’s mine.”

“ What? No it isn’t!”

 “ I was the one who wanted to meet with Overhaul. I knew his group had a lot of resources but I just figured he was another Yakuza head. That I could do what everyone else does with them. Use them as foot soldiers. Whatever. But now…” Izuku paused.

“ Izu…”

“ Spinner’s dead, Toru. Shoto lost an arm. Magne lost a hand. I caused everyone so much pain.” Izuku sighed. “ It’s not just that either. After Yokohama, I’ve been way too cocky. Like we had a chance at doing anything. It’s as Overhaul said. All Might is gone. The Heroes lost their leader. I knew that and tried to capitalize. I acted so blase, raiding that license exam and meeting Overhaul with no safety precautions. I thought we were untouchable but now... It’s times like this I wish I’d taken Katsuki’s advice a year ago.”

“ Don’t speak like that!”

“ I know.” Izuku admitted. “I just feel awful. The League accepted me when I was at my lowest point and gave me purpose. I don’t want to fail here. I don’t want to go back to being what I was like before. I...” Toru grabbed Izuku and pulled him into a hug, cutting him off.

“ You shouldn’t feel that way. You helped us, remember?” Toru gave Izuku a small smile. “ You gave Shoto and Hitoshi a place to stay when there lives got to rough. Helped Denki and I with our quirks. We… I’ll always love you for that. You’re a lot of things, Izu. A failure’s not one of them.” Izuku gave her a surprised look. The he smiled, letting his worries go, before giving his girlfriend a kiss.

“ Thanks Toru. I’m lucky to have you.”


Walter angrily kicked a can as he passed around the busy crowds through the back streets, heading home from work. And what a crappy job it was. Walter was a member of the Shie Hassaikai. He came to Japan from America and hit hard times. Then he got drawn in by the glitz and glamour behind the historic name of the Yakuza. But it was all smoke and mirrors. He didn’t know until after he joined that no-one in Japan took the Yakuza seriously anymore. Even worse he got thrown under the bus and was stuck babysitting the bosses shitty niece he didn't even know existed until the day he met her. She never talked, was so difficult to work with and if the boss even thought he’d upset her, he’d kill him. He should’ve just stayed in his home country. His home neighborhood was a shit hole, but at least he wasn’t under threat of death every day.

“ Hey! Watch it!” He growled as he was bumped into by some dark, spikey haired guy in an ugly purple long coat and a scarf. The man stopped.

“ Hey. You.” He called back. “ You a member of the bird mafia pricks?”

“ Huh? Who?”

“ She Hissaki or something like that.”

“ Shie Hissaikai?”

“ Ah. So you are part of them. Good. That helps.” The man turned around. “ Where are they hiding?”

“ Ha. So what if I am?” Walter smirked, turning around to face the man. “ What’s a piece of gutter trash like you want with the Shie……” Walter trailed off. His blood ran cold. As the man turned, he pulled his scarf down slightly, giving Walter a good look at the scars covering his face and neck. He swallowed.

“ What’s the matter, dude. You look pale.” Dabi of the League of Villains grinned. “ Don’t tell me a piece of Gutter Trash like me is scaring you.”

“ M-M-Mister D-Dabi sir.” Walter stuttered. “ I-I-I didn’t mean-” Walter yelped as he was dragged into the shade of nearby underpass and slammed into the wall. Dabi’s eyes glowed with anger.

“ Tell me where Overhaul is.” Dabi growled.

“ I-I’m sorry but-”

“ You can’t. You’re the fifth member of Shie Hissaikai who’s told me that today.” Dabi growled. Fire flickered across his arm, slowly cooking Walter’s shoulder and casting Dabi in a demonic glow. “ That bastard stole my brother’s right arm. That’s why I’m hunting him down. So tell me. Where. Is. He.”

“ I… I don’t-” Walter was cut off by his own cries of pain.

“ Keep lying to me. I don’t care about killing you. I’ve done it four times today. I’m not too concerned. After all, Overhaul has a lot of extras he keep spare right? So here’s my bargain.” Walter screamed as blue flames engulfed his entire left arm. “ We’re gonna play hangman. Every time you lie to me, you lose a limb. First your arms. Then your legs. Then your torso. Finally your head.” Dabi smirked cruelly. “ Of course, you can’t say no. So get to talking.” Walter swallowed. He made a silent apology to his friends and family. If he never came to Japan, if he hadn’t been an idiot and got roped in to the wrong path maybe he could have told them he loved them all before he died. But now, he never could. He truly was an idiot.


Masao ran as fast as her legs could carry her, trying to tune out the psychotic giggling that seemed to echo all around her. “ Where are you going?” The voice of the psycho hunting her asked. “ We’re not done playing yet.” Masao tried not to scream as a knife stabbed into her back. She stumbled but she tried to keep running through the woods towards the Shie Hissaikai safe house. “ Keep running.” The voice sung cruelly. “ Maybe you’ll make it.”

“ Or maybe.” Masao’s eyes widened as a pink skinned girl with horns dropped from the trees in front of her. “ She should watch where she’s going.” The girl mocked before throwing several globs of a strange substance at her. Masao screamed in pain as a searing of pain stung her where she was hit with the quirk. She lost her footing, slipping and falling onto the forest floor, cutting her self on the twigs and rocks across it. She tried in a panic to struggle to her feet only to roughly get stomped on.

“ Tag. You lose.” Masao struggled to look up at the creepy, blond haired girl leering over her. “ Now then. Since you lost, tell us what you know.”

“ W-W-What do you-”

“ Where’s the bird masked fuckface you call Overhaul?” The horned girl asked.

“ W-What do you want with Mister Chisaki?” Masao asked nervously.

“ Simple really. Ever heard of the League of Villains?” Masao squeaked. That’s who these psychopaths were? She was so screwed. Why did her quirk have to be so weak?

“ P-Please. I’ll tell you everything.” She muttered in a panic. The blond League girl, Himiko Toga Masao realized, stomped on her hard again. “ Mister Setsuno. Save me.”

“ Oh. We know you will.” The horned girl said laughing. The searing pain from before spread across the back of her neck, earning a scream. “ It doesn’t matter how long we have to drag it out. You will tell us everything.”

“ I don't think you get it.” Himiko grinned manically. “ You people fucked with our friends. Now we getta fuck with you.” Masao looked up in fear. She wasn’t going to make it out of this alive, she realized. Tears pricked her eyes. She regretted not telling Setsuno her feelings for him while she could. 


Izuku leant back against his chair as Tomura and Momo gave him the run down of their current situation. It had been a few days since the meeting with Overhaul. Izuku had a long time to clear his head. Toru rarely left his side, just messaging her parents that she’d be staying with friends for a few days and that she’d be back before the new school term started. Tomura and the others just seemed happy Izuku was back to normal. 

With Dabi, Himiko and Mina looking into the Yakuza and messaging back their findings, they had a decent string of leads in Mustutafa and its surrounding cities. The three a also raided a Shie Hissaikai base with the help of Hitoshi and Mustard, so they had a decent amount of paper work to go through to figure out transactions and Overhaul’s orders. The place had been one of many places they had been storing Trigger, with the boss of the place able to create fakes of objects in their left hand if they were touching the original with their right and track the fake objects, allowing them to create a seemingly endless supply of the drugs, even if the fake Trigger had weakened effects. Izuku picked up a vial of the drug. “ This is Trigger then?”

“ Yeah.” Tomura nodded. “ The real shit. The fakes vanished after the human 3D printer died.”

“ I see.” Izuku looked over to Haru. “ Doctor. What are the health risks?”

“ The drug is a power enhancer, much like Steroids. The health risks are similar. High blood pressure and cholesterol, cancer and, in extreme cases, Liver failure. When taking the drug, people can be effected mentally with extreme bouts of anger, jealousy or even mental regression to that of a child. As with all drugs, it has addictive properties. Finally, most obviously, those who take the drug too much can see their tongue turn purple.” Haru told him. “ A single dose should be harmless, but repeated use will cause problems, if that was your line of reasoning, Midoriya.”

“ You’re not thinking of using it, are you Izuku?” Toru asked from her seat beside him. Izuku looked at the drug before shaking his head.

“ Too many variables. Relying on something like this is stupid.” Izuku admitted. “ Still, these things are too valuable to simply destroy. Doctor. I’ll leave them to you. You’re the best with drugs we have more than likely, so I’ll leave them in your care. No-one gets them without either my or Tomura’s say so.”

“ Understood.”

“ What’s next?” Tomura asked.

“ Here.” Momo leant into her coat pocket.“ I took this after Tomura threatened to dust it.” She said. “ I thought you might want to see it.” Momo passed the card to Izuku.

“ I see. So after all of that, he still expects us to call him.” Izuku scoffed. “ Well, he certainly has the ego for the supreme leader of evil position down.”

“ Maybe if we get him to monologue, he’ll spill all his plans to us.” Tomura joked.

“ I don’t think we need to go that far for him to do that.” Izuku mused. “ He wants us to join his gang, right?”

“ Where are you going with this?” Momo asked. Izuku smirked.

“ I say we give him what he wants.” He said.


Tomura didn’t want to meet with Overhaul again. He wanted to reach his hand out to the bird man’s face and turn him to dust. However, he also knew that he couldn’t. Not yet. Before the heroes invasion of their bases in Yokohama, he had a strategy meeting. Just him, Izuku and Sensei. He understood what they needed to this. In the end, not many people knew they endgame of this stage of the plan. Currently active in the League, only he, Izuku and Toru knew the full extent. Why they were even trying to curry favour with Yakuza to begin with. But that wasn’t what this was anymore.

Tomura and Overhaul sat in a small meeting room in the mafia groups base. To one side was the bastard with the white raincoat who’d used his quirk on Spinner resulting in his death. On the other was the foul mouthed midget that lead the cavalry that day. Overhaul leant over the glass table. “ I have to admit. I’m glad you decided to meet again. After what happened at the Warehouse, I thought our relations were spoiled.”

“ Water under the bridge.” Tomura lied, shrugging.

“ Good. I’d have brought a Shogi board but I didn’t know if you played.”

“ Usagi tried teaching me once. I don’t have the patience for it.”

“ Shame. It might help you see the bigger picture.” Overhaul loosened his tie slightly. “ It’s an interesting game since it let’s you use pieces you take from your opponent unlike Chess where you just simply reclaim your own lost pieces.” Overhaul leant back in his seat. “ If you want this alliance to work, I need something from you.”

“ Go on.”

“ Give us Kurogiri or Shinso, Toga and maybe Bubaigawara too.” He said. Tomura scratched at his neck. He tried not to give away the annoyance he felt at such a nobody was trying to steal his pieces. “ My apologies, but if you move too freely, it would put us at a disadvantage.”

“ They’re useful to us. Trying to restrict our actions, eh?” Tomura grumbled. “ You expect too much. Why would I give you so many of my men?”

“ Call it a trust building exercise. After the Warehouse incident, there’s too much ill will between our two groups.” Overhaul shrugged.

“ And who do I get in return?”

“ Huh?”

“ You said it yourself. This is a trust building exercise. I’m not about to share my toys if you won’t share yours. You want trust then I expect you giving some in exchange.”

“ Hey!” The short man shouted. “ Watch what your saying, gutter trash! You’re not in the place to demand-”

“ Who do you have in mind?”

“ Boss?!” Tomura smirked. He leant back, thinking to the list of people Izuku had talked him through. He’d put Overhaul’s top officers in a list. It was just a simple from appearances thing, but it was something Tomura decided to work with.

“ Shinso, Toga and Twice for Rappa and Setsuno.” Tomura stated.

“ Rappa and Tengai.”

“ I’ll happily trade Toga and Twice for just Rappa.”

“ No deal.” Tomura clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“ Fine. We’ll play by your rules then. Shinso, Toga and Twice for Rappa and Tengai.”

“ Deal.”

“ Kai, are you sure about this?” The White coat asked. Overhaul tilted his head slightly.

“ The Boss once told me you won’t get anything for nothing. Not resources and not people.” Overhaul said simply. “ However, I must ask. What is your plans?” Tomura chuckled.

“ We simply want to expand the League into a full, underground organisation. For that, we need man power, connections and resources. Once we’re established, we can strike whenever we want, where ever we want.”

“ You want power for the sake of power? That boy, Midoriya, seemed to belief he had a true plan but it seems it is just a goal with no road to reach it.” Overhaul shrugged. “ You need me and I need you. Let me guide you.”

“ We haven’t agreed to that quite yet. Call this a mutual partnership.” Tomura told him. “ You haven’t even told me your scheme yet.”

“ Believe me.” Overhaul stated confidently. “ You’ll learn in time.”


“ That was the results of the meeting.” Tomura leant back in his seat, sipping from his glass. “ Shinso. Toga. Twice. In three days time, you’ll be working with Overhaul’s Yakzua directly.”

“ We’re WORKING with the Yakuza?!” Mina shouted. “ You can’t be serious!”

“ Don’t make me repeat myself.” Tomura said annoyed. “ It was either you three or Kurogiri and I prefer not letting them have our escape route.”

“ But why me?” Toga grumbled. “ I don’t wanna do this.”

“ This is an unfunny joke. This sounds really interesting. Can’t wait.” Twice said bitterly.

“ That’s enough you two.” Hitoshi said. “ I’m not happy either, but it’s to progress our plans.”

“ Do you even know what our plans even are?” Toga asked. “ I like this place. It’s comfortable. The people here are nice, like Izu, Chako and Bestie. If this world becomes one I can do what I want and live real easy with all my friends by my side, it’ll be bliss. But I don’t know why I’m being forced to do something that sounds hard and that I don’t wanna do. And that annoys me.”

“ Shuichi died because of these clowns.” Mustard added from his corner of the room. “ Working with shitheads like that. Do you expect us to just blindly follow that order?”

“ I trust Izuku.” Shoto said simply, folding an arm over his ice crafted prosthetic. “ Whatever happens, it’ll work out.”

“ Guys, come on. We shouldn’t fight like this.” Toru pleaded.

“ No. It’s fine.” Izuku said, slowly standing up. “ I get it. You guys don’t know what we’re up to. It’d make me nervous if I didn’t know what I was working for too.”

“ Izuku?” Mina raised an eyebrow.

“ Teaming up with the Yakuza probably is baffling for everyone. Especially after what happened. But believe me. This isn’t us helping them.” Izuku gave everyone a serious look. “ This about crushing them in the most beneficial way for us.”

“ Beneficial?” Magne asked skeptically.

“ If we joined the Yakuza’s band wagon like Overhaul thinks we are, Izuku figured they’d likely try to limit us in some way.” Momo said. “They can’t do it with spies since our use of Kurogiri’s teleportation and Twice’s clones makes it hard to tell where out actual base is.”

“ So they’d ask for people.” Tomura finished the thought. “ They limit our movements and can win you guys over to their cause in the process. For them, it’s win-win. That’s why we asked for a trade. It’s not like the Yakuza are known for their absolute loyalty, after all.”

“ You will infiltrate their base and find their weak point. Toru will be going with you since she can move around freely while you pretend to play friendly.” Izuku told them. “ In the mean time, we’ll try and turn the Precept members we get to our side. I wanted Rappa and Setsuno since I figured they’d be the most likely to turn on them. Tengai could be an issue in that plan. I don’t peg him as the disloyal type.”

“ So you’re saying…” Toga started.

“ I don’t want you to join them. That’s not what this is.” Tomura grinned. “ I want you to be the Trojan Horse. They aren’t our equals. They aren’t our allies. They are our number one enemies. I trust you all. So do what you do best.” The group looked at Tomura with a surprised look.

For the League, there were two figureheads. Tomura Shigaraki, the groups formal leader, and Izuku Midoriya, the groups strategist. Where Tomura was aloof, got annoyed rather easily and had a chip on his shoulder even greater than the rest of them, Izuku was intelligent, considerate and charismatic. Everyone knew Izuku trusted them to do their part in his schemes and everyone trusted him in return. However, there were times when Izuku and Tomura’s personalities seemed almost to switch. That day at the Sports Festival, everyone saw Izuku’s brutality when he was angry. When Overhaul wronged them, Tomura proved he could be level headed. The two had a brotherly bond that seemed to help the other. Izuku became more confident in his abilities. Tomura had moved past wearing the creepy hands everywhere, only now donning them when he got serious instead during his day to day life.

So, for everyone to hear Tomura saying that he trusted them with the same serious faced expression when he told a hero he’d kill them, it was both a shock and a relief. Because something about the statement alleviated their doubts. About the Mission. About the League. About their position as Villains in a society run by Heroes. Tomura Shigaraki, they realised, was a man worth following.


Kai Chisaki leant back in his seat, watching Hojo and Setsuno escort Shigaraki from the facility. “ I don’t understand, Kai.” Hari asked, taking off his mask and hood. “ Why just hand over Rappa and Tengai to them like that?”

“ Look at the big picture, Chrono.” Kai said simply.

“ Hmm?”

“ These are the people that All For One brought together for whatever vague goal he has in mind. However, they’ve already made five successful attacks on the heroes. The attack UA’s USJ Facility, Hosu, the Wild Wild Pussycat’s little playground, Yokohama and that Hero License Exam Facility. It’s clear they have something up their sleeves.”

“ So, the rats have something planned eh?” Joi asked.

“ Izuku Midoriya I’d reckon is their most dangerous piece. A decent strategist is always annoying to deal with. I imagine the request for Rappa and Setsuno came straight from him. He’s going to try and do what we’re trying to do with Shinso, Toga and Bubaigawara.”

“ So you sent Rappa’s handler to keep the big guy in check. I see.” Joi chuckled. “ So, we’ve entered a Cold War then.”

“ In a sense.” Overhaul eyed Hari. “ I want you to make sure someone keeps an eye on those three at all time when they’re here. They’ll likely be doing the same thing I’m sending Tengai to the League to do.”

“ Of course, Kai.”

“ Joi. Make sure everyone knows what’s happening.”

“ Right. Right.” With a stretch, Joi emerged from his doll form. Rolling his shoulder, he stepped out of the office.

“ We definitely can’t trust the league.” Hari said. Overhaul nodded in agreement.

“ Whatever happens, they can’t find out about Her.” Kai said. “ If they find out our true plan and how it’s done, that could cause a lot of problems in the future.”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi, Himiko and Twice were led through the Yakuza base the early morning they arrived by a bald man in a black shirt and sunken eyes who ignored Himiko’s attempts at making pleasant talk. Hitoshi assumed that the man was being careful in case Hitoshi tripped him up after Himiko got him into a talking mood. Either that or he wasn’t a big talker. He couldn’t be sure. They were led into a meeting room. Already waiting was Overhaul, the birdman in the white coat and a third bird masked man in a black cloak and a hat. “ Greetings. Shinso. Toga. Bubaigawara. Welcome to the Shie Hassaikai.”

“ You requested our aid, Overhaul. It would be a problem if we couldn’t trust each other, right?” Hitoshi asked. Overhaul didn’t respond. “ Don’t worry. I won’t use my quirk on you.”

“ I’d prefer one of the others talk.” Overhaul said. “ No offence to you, Shinso, but It’s a safety precaution.” Hitoshi gave the man a cold glare before nodding at Himiko. This man was going to get it one of these day, Hitoshi swore.

“ Tomu said we’re joining you, so here we are. We’ll obey, so no worries.” Himiko said simply. “ Even if we don’t like you.”

“ I’m glad.” Overhaul nodded. “ For now, you’ll be our temp squad. You’ll handle some odd jobs under the oversight of Nemoto.”

“ That would be me.” The cloaked man, Nemoto, stepped forwards. “ Before we begin, a question. Are you under orders to betray the Shie Hassaikai?” Hitoshi felt a strange power fall on him. He remembered what Izuku had told him about the information on Shie Hassaikai he bought from Giran. This was Shin Nemoto’s quirk, Confession. Hitoshi thought back on the orders Izuku gave him and, with smirk beneath his own masked, answered truthfully, as the quirk forced him to.

“ No.” He said.

“ Nope.” Himiko shook her head.

“ Not at all. Of course. ” Twice shrugged. Izuku had planned for this ahead of time. So, last night, he gave them their orders. They weren’t here to betray Overhaul. After all, you can’t betray someone you aren’t allied with in the first place. What happened while they infiltrated the Yakuza was up to them. Nemoto hummed. He looked over to Overhaul. Overhaul seemed convinced and nodded.

“ Come on. I’ll introduce you to the rest of my team. You’ll be working alongside them for the foreseeable future.” Nemoto opened the door.

“ I trust you to do your best for our partnership.” Overhaul told the group.

“ Of course.” Hitoshi stated. “ We’ll do our job. I promise you that.”

" Don’t worry about us, birdman. We’re good at what we do.” Himiko gave the man a wave

" Trust us. We’ll get the job done.” Twice nodded. As they stepped from the room, Hitoshi would have laughed if he wasn’t still on the job. Overhaul was going to learn that they do their jobs well. Hitoshi’s only wish is that he was there when he realised what that really meant.


Izuku smiled, leaning back against Kurogiri’s bar as Kendo Rappa and Heikiji Tengai entered the room curtesy of Kurogiri’s warp gate, the smoke faced bartender appearing back behind his bar. “ Greetings you two. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Izuku Midoriya, code name Usagi. The League’s Second in command and head strategist. Do you fancy a drink?” 

“ Don’t mind if I-”

“ No. That’s quite alright.” Tengai cut Rappa off. The larger man turned his face slightly, gritting his teeth before turning back to face Izuku.

" You can take the masks off. This is just an informal conversation right now, after all. No need for costumes.”

“ That’s alright as well. We’ll keep them on.” Tengai stepped forwards. “ May I sit?”

“ You may.” Tengai nodded, pulling out a chair and sitting opposite Izuku. He looked around.

“ Are you sure it’s wise to meet us with just the two of you?”

“ I don’t want to bother people with a friendly meeting like this. Besides, some of us have our own jobs to do even so early in the morning.”

“ Is this about how you were able to get such accurate information out of UA?”

“ Ah. Curious about that huh? Well, I suppose I can let slip that one. We are friends after all.” Izuku smirked. “ As I’m sure you know if you watched the broadcast from the Sports Festival, I am, or was I suppose, the UA traitor.”

“ I saw that.” Rappa spoke up. “ You’re a fierce fighter. I wouldn’t mind testing your skills one of these days in the ring.”

“ Oh? Are you a boxer, Rappa?”

“ Former MMA. I used to fight in a place where everything was allowed. No regulation on quirk usage or moves.” Rappa laughed. “ It was a good rush. I’m sure you’d love it.”

“ Rappa.” Tengai glared over at the man. “ Apologies. He runs his mouth like that sometimes.”

“ No worries. I don’t mind.” Izuku smiled. “ I know the type. Himiko and Mina enjoy a bit of blood as well. Freedom’s one of our core values here, so I don’t mind them letting loose either.” This seemed to catch Rappa’s attention but he kept quiet.

“ So, what do you want from us?”

“ You’ll be replacing the cogs your boss is using from our machine. With Himiko and Twice gone, Rappa will be handling any front line combat affairs. I wanted Setsuno to replace Hitoshi but I suppose I’ll have you working alongside Hiiro as support and to cover our escape.”

“ I’d prefer working closely with Rappa. It’s what we’re used to.”

 “ So I’ve heard. You two are like a two man army, right? Sword and Shield or whatever. It’s impressive but I want to see what you can do individually before trying something I know works.”

“ The way you speak. What do you have planned?” Izuku shrugged.

“ Nothing too major. No worries.” He said. “ It won’t happen til tomorrow anyway, so you have time to meet everyone else.” Tengai narrowed his eyes.

“ And, if I may, where is Tomura Shigaraki? He is your boss, is he not?”

“ He is, but alas, his personality isn’t as… business like as me or Overhaul, so he tends to put me in charge of these matters.”

 “ Tomura means well.” Kurogiri mused from behind him, placing a glass on the counter. “ He simply wishes to make the first steps correctly. He can be a bit rude and callous, so I apologize for him on that front.”

" I’m not sure how you do things in the Yakuza, but here we’re a lot less rigid. Please. Relax. We have time to discuss business when everyone is gathered. So, I’ll ask again. Would you like a drink?” Tengai sighed at Izuku’s behaviour before reluctantly nodding. Rappa grinned, taking off his mask and heading for the bar, bumping past Tengai’s shoulder as he went.

“ So, kid.” He asked. “ What’s with the bandages over your eye? When I saw you on TV, you had ‘em both.”

“ You saw what happened to it on TV.”

“ Ha. Really? Must’ve been a hell of a blow.”

“ It hurt even worse than it looked.” Izuku admitted. “ Still, I can take a good hit. I wouldn’t be in this industry if I couldn’t.” Rappa laughed heartily.

“ Too true.” Izuku chuckled. He had a feeling him and Rappa were going to get along well.


While all eyes were on Hitoshi’s team, Toru was free to move around the base, paying attention to where all the cameras and security systems were in the building. Toru’s Ghost suit, as she had come to calling it, had been upgraded by the person that Giran called Alchemy in recent weeks and she was thankful for it. It was a lot less embarrassing to were now, a bit bulkier and more defensive, while now hiding a number of fancy toys. Remote hacking equipment, devices to hide body heat from sensors, the works. She was thankful Giran was both nice enough to give them a discount and that the funds left behind from Sensei were enough to handle whatever they seemed to need.

She found out after a bit of snooping that the main Shie Hissaikai base had some kind of underground lab built into it, something she found out after she spied some men slippin underground in one of the secret passages built into the base. The entire complex seemed massive and sprawling, far more than the normal complex of buildings above ground would lead people to believe. She found a lot of machines, science labs, testing grounds. Everything someone would need to make their own equipment without having to rely on a broker like Giran and test it without anyone being alerted to it.

She couldn’t open doors without being found out but she managed to get into select labs when people left doors open for her, allowing her to see the sorts of things they were trying to find. Most of these things were simple. Weapons. Drugs. Support items. The usual sort of underground equipment that a criminal organisation trying to get a lot of money would be peddling.

Then there was the experimental, quirk erasing bullets. Those were a surprise. She swiped a sample for Izuku and used the camera’s in her mask to record her findings. When he tried to attack Overhaul, Shoto mentioned that his quirk wouldn’t come out at some point. According to these reports, the bullets she found could temporarily stop a quirk from being used. Reports seemed to be building up to the creation of a bullet that could remove one permanently. The prospect of the Yakuza having the means to both increase the power of their own quirks while simultaneously rendering anyone else quirkless was a worrying concept.

While investigating further, however, she found something that worried her even more. In the deepest part of the facility, past many layers of security was a room. And what she found in that room disgusted her. The deepest room of Yakuza facility housed a small girl with a single horn dressed in a hospital gown and covered in bandages. She thought back to the reports, how the bullets seemed to use level of human DNA, utilising someone's quirk to remove other people. Now she knew who’s quirk they were using. Overhaul was using a child as a lab rat.

She knew she shouldn’t, but that didn’t stop her forcing a loop with the camera feed outside the girls room and stepping inside. There wasn’t any cameras or security in the room, so Toru was free to act as she wished now. “ Hey.” She spoke softly. The little girl jumped, looking around like frightened field mouse. Toru slowly uncloaked, taking off her mask so she didn’t startle the girl. “ Easy. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“ W-Who are you?”

“ I’m Toru. Toru Hagakure. I’m a friend.”

“ They all say that. B-But mister Kai’s people are n-never friendly.”

“ I’m not one of Chisaki’s men. Trust me. He’s a bas… a big jerk.”

“ How… did you get in here?”

" Ha. I can get anywhere I want.” Toru said confidently. She sat down so she was closer to Eri’s eye level. “What’s your name, by the way?”

“...Eri.” She said hesitantly.

“ It’s cute. I like your horn.”

“ You shouldn’t.”

“ Why not? My friend has horns.” Toru smiled. Maybe Mina wasn’t exactly a good example of what this girl should strive to be though.

“ Because. It means I’m a bad girl. Just like my quirk. I’m cursed.”

“ And who told you that?” Eri looked down. “ I thought my quirk was a curse once too, you know? There was a time where I couldn’t turn my invisibility off.”

“ Huh?”

“ But I met someone. A… dear friend. He taught me that every quirk is a gift. A power you and you alone can control. Sometimes it’s a bit broken and sometimes it breaks us. But in the end, it is our power. Sometimes all we need is a helping hand. Someone to help us understand it and how to use it properly.”

“ I don’t think that applies to me.”

“ It totally does.” Toru reassured her. “ What’s your quirk?”

“ I… rewind the state of things.” She said nervously.

“ That sounds awesome.” Toru smiled. She did her best to channel her inner Izuku, wracking her brains for how a rewind quirk could be used. “ It sounds like the perfect quirk for… uh… oh, a doctor. You can rewind peoples bodies to a state to where they weren’t injured.”

“ I… don’t wat to be a doctor.” She said looking down. The panicked look in her eyes said all it needed too. The doctors in Overhaul’s employ probably hurt this girl. She wanted to stab them. A disturbance behind the door distracted the two. “ O-Oh no. It’s him. Y-You can’t be here. If he sees you he’ll kill you.”

“ Don’t worry about me. He won’t find me.” Toru smirked before putting her mask back on. “ And if anyone asks who you were talking too, call me your imaginary friend.” Toru activated her quirk just in time for Overhaul and a few other men to enter the room. Toru took the opportunity to leave. She wanted to save her. She desperately wanted that. But she couldn’t do it alone. Izuku needed to know about this first. And then? Maybe she’d get her wish.


Izuku excused himself in the evening to do something he described as a chore. In reality, he considered what he was doing far from that. He sat opposite Toru in a café known for its ties to various villains in the underground, asking the kind looking old lady, a former villain who had terrorised a number of cities known as Maelstrom, for a back room so they wouldn’t be interrupted or spied on. Toru looked pissed when Izuku arrived, worrying him. She handed Izuku over a pen drive containing the footage she recorded when she scouting out Overhauls place as well as the samples and paperwork she stole. “ Quirk erasing bullets?” Izuku asked.

“ Yeah.” Toru growled. “ The way they get it is fucking sickening too.”

“ Is this why you’re so mad?”

“ Obviously.” Toru sighed. “ Sorry, I don’t mean to sound mad at you. It’s just… she’s a child.”

“ She?”

“ The papers. They get the component to destroy quirks from a person. Well, her quirk. And… she can’t be older than six or seven.” Izuku was taken aback by this. “ She’s just stuck in a room in the back of Overhaul’s lab. Alone. It’s…”

“ Barbaric.” Izuku’s nails dug into his palms. Izuku knew what it was like to suffer as a child. As a quirkless boy bullied and tormented relentlessly for ten long years of his life, he knew suffering. But this girl. He trusted Toru. And if she was telling the truth, which he knew she was… “ I’m toppling Overhaul’s regime. And, when I do, we’re saving her. You and I.”

“ Really?”

“ If Overhaul is experimenting on a little girl, that girl must know suffering. Just like you and I do. I can’t abandon someone like that.” Izuku said firmly.

“ I’m glad.”

“ Still, we can't just go attack the place haphazardly.” Izuku hummed. “ I'll go scout the area around Overhaul’s base while the others have their hands full with the little test we have for Rappa and Tengai.”

“ What even is that?” Izuku smirked.

“ I hear UA’s starting their internships.” Izuku said. “ I don’t want my classmates to just be wandering around dusty streets, now do I. That would be awfully boring, don’t you think?” He gave Toru a wink. Toru burst out laughing/

“ You are cruel, you know that?”

“ Maybe.” Izuku shrugged. “ But he deserves it.”


It had been a while since he’d been on the street but Katsuki was happy to return. He didn’t know why, but something about being in the open, making a difference, made him happier than being stuck training. He wasn’t back with Best Jeanist like he had been for the initial internships back when Iida had gone and made a scene in Hosu, however he honestly didn’t mind. Best Jeanist and him hadn’t really gotten a long well. While the man had taught Katsuki some good lesson about being a hero, he was far too straight laced for his liking. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have been able to go back anyway since he was still recovering from his fight with All For One. So that’s why he was here.

The rank number 8 Pro Hero, Mirko, was notorious for being loud mouthed, brash and fierce in battle. In other words, Katsuki’s perfect match. The second he’d arrived for his interview for an internship, Mirko and Katsuki’s combined personalities quickly turned the meeting into a snark off which ended in them moving to Mirko’s training grounds for a brawl. Though he was handily beaten, Mirko liked his spunk so here he was.

Mirko stretched, holding back a yawn, as they patrolled. “ So, you’re saying that you wanna be a hero to find a friend?”

“ Yep.”

“ And that friend is Izuku Midoriya, the League’s supposed second?”

“ Yeah.”

“ That’s crazy.” The Rabbit hero laughed.

“ Shut up, March Hare!” Katsuki shouted. “ He just-”

“ He knows exactly what he’s doing, you dumbass Pomeranian.” Mirko said. “ I don’t think you just accidentally mastermind the plans behind various attacks on hero society.” Katsuki growled. “ Still, he is trouble. If you could bring him in easy, it’d help us. If you find him, I’ll see what I can do. But right now, let’s just help any idiot who crosses our path, yeah?”

“ Sounds like a plan, I guess.”

“ Come in all local heroes.” A speaker on Mirko’s costume suddenly came to life. “ I repeat, are there any nearby heroes?”

“ This is Mirko. What’s up?”

“ Hawks here.” A second voice called. “ Problem officer?”

“ We’re under attack by a small group of Villains. Two of them are confirmed members of the League of Villains. I repeat. We are under attack by the League.”

“ The League?” Mirko’s eyes became serious.

“ Izuku.” Katsuki muttered under his breath.

“ What’s your location?”

“ The Art Museum.”

“ The one on 5th?” Hawks’ voice echoed.

“ Yes.” Mirko nodded to Katsuki before taking off, the boy hot on her bushy tail.

“ Mirko. How far from ‘em are you? En route now.” Hawks asked

“ 7 minutes, depending on foot traffic.”

“ I’m 12 minutes, adding on time for my new partner to get used to the roof tops. Can you hold ‘em off for that long?”

“ We have injured, but we should be fine.” 

“ Who are the League members?” Katsuki asked. The line was silent.

“ You heard the kid. Who’ve you got on your ass?”

“ Uh, We can see Forge, Crucible and an unknown assailant. However, we’ve reports of an odd gas nearby that’s preventing reinforcements from getting to us.”

“ That bastard from the Forest.” Katsuki growled.

“ So there’s likely hidden enemies. Great. Just great.” A smirk appeared on Mirko’s face. “ Yo kid. Ready for a challenge?” Bakugo laughed.

“ First day on the job and I’m already busting heads. This is gonna be a blast.”

Chapter Text

Shoto watched as Rappa unleashed a barrage of punches, absolutely smashing through an overturned cop car that was being used by the police as cover, laughing like a madman as he did. “ Now this is entertainment!” He shouted. “ Come on, you pigs! Fight me!”

“ He’s certainly impressive.” Momo mused from beside him.

“ And a wild card. Let’s hope Izuku can get him on our side.” Shoto rolled his shoulder. " How goes the calculations?"

" Ugh. Please don't talk about that. They have so much dirty secrets, it's taking us forever to sort it all."

" You're good at this. You'll get it done. I trust you." Shoto smiled at her before turning back to the fight. “ Well, we’ve waited long enough.”

“ Are you sure you can fight?” Momo asked. Shoto simply nodded.

“ My new arm is a support item.” Shoto said. “ It generates sub zero temperatures that can enhance my ice creation. I’m covering it with ice, but it still works like that. I have to admit. Alchemy is gifted.”

“ I prefer home made.”

“ You crafted that yourself, right? Don’t you ever want to try someone elses work?”

“ Call me paranoid, but I prefer knowing where everything I use comes from.”

“ Hmm. Fair. Your stuff always works perfectly. You do good work.”

“ Ha. I appreciate the compliment.” Momo smirked. “ You’re not bad yourself.”

“ Ugh. If you two are done flirting, you’ve got incoming.” Mustard snarked over comms.

" We are not flirting.” Shoto said defensively.

“ Weren’t you supposed to be stopping incoming?” Momo asked.

“ You wanted heroes in right? Moon Rabbit. Incoming. That bird is in the distance too. Good luck with that jackass.”

“ Alright.” Momo looked up. “ Rappa. Incoming.”

“ Eh?” As the man looked up, a shadow crossed the sky. At blistering speeds, Mirko crashed down. Rappa raised an arm to block. Mirko looked surprised before hopping back to the police line.

“ Rapper?” Mirko asked. “ The fuck are you doing here? I thought you were a prize fighter in Osaka.”

“ Those ears. Ha. I see. Tiger Bunny.” Rappa grinned. “ Ha ha. So you really did become a Hero after all. Small world.”

“ March Hare.” Mirko was joined by Bakugo. “ Who the fuck is that big, bird masked ass hole.”

“ The Rapper. He was a MMA fighter but I guess he’s a League member now.”

“ Not exactly.” Rappa admitted. “ But let’s save story time for another day, shall we Tiger Bunny?”

“ It’s Mirko now.” The rabbit hero told him, rolling her shoulder. “ You were a tough motherfucker ten years ago. Got any stronger?”

“ Wanna find out?” Rappa raised his fists, ready to fight. 

“ Hey guys. Tengan won’t shut up about getting Rappa to retreat. Says he’ll probably bring down the building if left unchecked. Wants to step in.”

“ Tell him to stick to the plan.” Momo told Mustard.

“ I did but he’s just complaining now.”

“ Then tell him to stop whining.” Momo stated. “ Just don’t put him to sleep. We need him.”

“ Tch. Fine. I’ll put up with it. Somehow.”

“ Blasty. Defend the cops. I’ll hold off the Rapper until reinforcements get here.” Without waiting for a retort, Mirko leapt into action against Rappam dodging around his fierce flurry of punches with her incredible agility. Bakugo growled. He turned his head to the cops behind him.

“ You heard the bunny bitch. Get your asses inside. I’ll cover you.” Bakugo snapped. Momo gave Bakugo a look of confusion mixed with some mild amusement.

“ What? Big bad Bakugo not jumping at the chance to blow our brains out? Is it going to rain literal cats and dogs tomorrow?” She snarked.

“ Fuck off, you crafty bitch. If you wanna see a fight, tell Izuku to stop being such a damn coward and face me.”

“ He’s busy.” Shoto said simply.

“ I don’t see you fuckers doing any legwork.”

“ Rappa’s got this.” Shoto replied again, shrugging. “ Besides, see the ice? I’ve done my job.” Bakugo growled as he eyed the ice spikes jutting from the ground around the art museum’s entrance. Rappa slid back against the tarmac as Mirko delivered a powerful kick to the Yakuza’s chest. He rolled his shoulder.

“ Glad to see you’ve still got it, Rapper.” Mirko said, grinning.

“ Ha. Same to you. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

“ Sorry to interrupt it then.” The Villains looked up sharply. Slowly descending from the sky, like an angel ready to smite the enemies of God, was Hawks, a cocky smile on his face. “ Howdy Mirko. Mind if we cut in?”

“ Heh. The more the merrier, right Rapper?”

“ Ha ha ha. Come on, Fly Boy. I’ll ground you.” Rappa announced.

“ Oooh. Spitfire, ain’t we?” Hawks laughed. “ So, what’s the situation, Rabbit?”

“ Three combatants. Crucible and Forge haven’t moved much since we got here but the Rapper’s been giving us a hard time. As to be expected of him.”

“ Rapper?”

" His quirk allows him to punch really fast.”

“ Dunno what that has to do with rapping, but sure.” Hawks smirked, facing down his opponents.

“ Rappa. Mind if we make this a team match.” Shoto spoke up, stepping forwards. Rappa glanced over to him.

“ I can take ‘em both.”

“ True, but I can help keep the pigeon grounded so you can strike him out.”

" Keep him in my range so I can go all out, eh? Heh. You’re a great guy.”

“ Sounds like a fun idea, right Mirko?” Hawks asked.

“ Ha ha ha. Don’t hold be back, you flying rat.” Mirko grinned.

“ Yo, Tsukuyomi. I’ll leave escorting the cops to you kids.” Behind him, his own intern, Tokoyami nodded. He and Bakugo shared a look before getting to work. With a sigh, Momo decided to finally step into battle, leaving Shoto and Rappa to their battle as she faced down Bakugo and Tokoyami.

“ Been a while, huh?” She mused.

“ Yaoyorozu.” Tokoyami narrowed his eyes. “ Are you sure about this?”

“ I didn’t come this far and sacrifice this much just to surrender to my old class mates.” Momo pulled a bat from her arm, slipping another tool into the tool belt around her waste. “ Steel yourselves, heroes. Show me your worthy of that name.”

“ C’mon, bird brain.” Bakugo raised his fists. “ Let’s crush her.”

“ Hmm. Very well. Fight well, my fellow saviour of the holy light. We cannot let this villain escape.”

“ He said ‘let’s do this thing’.” Dark Shadow said, emerging from Tokoyami’s cloak. Momo took a deep breath. It was now or never. No regrets. Momo waited for Bakugo to charge her before making her move.


With the others were busy, Izuku decided to act on his own. While Momo’s team distracted the police and the heroes, Toru, Mina and Compress were currently rummaging through the evidence locker and computers of head detectives, most notably Head Detective Tsukauchi and Police Chief Tsuragamae, for information on the Shie Hassaikai, removing any data on any investigation into them that was useful after the attack on Yokohama and stealing any weapons they could. Izuku, on the other hand, was scouting out the main base of the Shie Hassaikai from the outside, trying to spot any openings he could exploit for an eventual raid.

“ West, East and North entrances are locked down tighter than I expected.” Izuku muttered, looking down at a map of the area as he stepped out onto a busy street half a mile north of the compound. “ Hmm. This is going to be tricky.”

“ Can I help you, sir? You seem troubled.” He heard an overly cheerful voice ask.

“ That’s quite alright. I’m just looking for something is all.”

“ What are you trying to find?”

“ Nothing important.”

“ I could help.”

“ No point bothering.” Izuku shrugged. “ I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than helping a stranger with directions. Please, don’t let me bother you.”

“ It’s no bother. Helping people is a hobby of mine. Ha ha. Let me see if I can guess what your looking for.”

“ Do what makes you happy.” Izuku tried to tune him out as he looked over the plans. He hadn’t checked the south entrance yet nor the nearby buildings to get an easy way over or below the base.

“ Let me guess, judging by where you are and what’s nearby…” According to Toru, the entrance to the underground lab she found on the exterior was around the back, so Izuku doubted the south side would be viable. “ It’s probably not a café at this time in the afternoon. A shop? No, you don’t seem to carrying much on you for a shopping spree.” Overhaul also seemed like a meticulous planner. There was likely no obvious holes in his bases defences to use. He wouldn’t be surprised if he purchased the surrounding buildings as a landlord just to keep an eye on things. “ Ah. I know. Ha ha. I should have guessed. Sorry for being slow.”

“ Really. It’s-”

“ Are you working with Kai Chisaki now, Usagi?” Izuku gasped in shock, immediately leaping backwards just in time for a fist to swing forwards at him, tearing through his map. Izuku looked up. He cursed internally for not paying attention to his surroundings. Dress in a large red cape and hero attire with the number 1,000,000 across his chest stood Mirio Togata, also known as the hero in training Lemillion. Someone far more dangerous than most knew. He raised his fists.

“ Is school out already, Togata?” Izuku asked bitterly.

“ He may be out of commission for now, but I’m still an intern at Sir’s hero agency. I wasn’t going to leave the area unmanned.”

“ First of all, that agency doesn’t exist anymore. Secondly, isn’t this a bit far from that jurisdiction?”

“ No place is too far for a hero.”

“ Set patrols say otherwise.”

“ And what is the League’s chief strategist doing wandering around here?” Izuku chuckled, charging air in his legs.

" You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” The two stared each other down. Izuku beant his knees, ready to charge. “ Sorry, Togata. But I’m not going to let myself get caught today.”

“ I can’t let you escape, Usagi.” Togata raised his hands. “ For Sir’s sake, I will catch you here.”


Momo was blown backwards by the force of Bakugo’s explosion, the shield on her arm breaking in the impact. Momo was glad that the tag team she was facing was this manageable. Thanks to Bakugo’s quirk, neither could afford to follow up on another’s openings lest Dark Shadow be rendered unusable for a few seconds. Momo creating mirrors on the shield she created to deal with Bakugo was not helping that problem, as the light reflected all over the place, stopping Tokoyami from moving. Even so, Bakugo alone was beginning to overwhelm her, even with her exploiting his weakness to the cold to slow his sweat production.

On the other side, Rappa and Shoto were doing much better. As per usual, Izuku’s analysis was right on the mark about Hawks. Shoto’s flames proved to weaken a lot of what he could do. Trying to use his feathers to weaken Rappa’s barrage of punches was met by Shoto burning through them. Any attempt for Mirko to try and go for Shoto was cut off by Rappa’s quick movements. If one of them tried to get Rappa in one of the openings between his barrages, Shoto’s ice caught them off guard and was something Rappa did not care about as he smashed straight through it to reach their foes. While Momo was on the back foot against her opponents, the actual battle was being won by her team mates.

“ Yaomomo. Sho. Hiiro. You guys read me?”

“ They’re a little busy, but I’ve got you Mina.” Mustard spoke up.

“ We’re done with our mission and are heading back to base. You guys might wanna rap it up.”

“ You idiots hear her?”

“ On it.” Momo glanced over to Shoto, who nodded.

“ We’re done here.”

“ Really?” Rappa asked. “ Can’t we keep going? I’m having fun.”

“ Remember our agreement.” Shoto said simply. “ You can have more fun later. Just fall back for now.”

“ Ugh. Fine.” Rappa growled, disappointed. “ You’ve been a decent fight partner, so I suppose I can let this one slide.”

“ I’m throwing.” Momo called. The two nodded, closing their eyes. Momo pulled a trio of flash grenades from her belt and unleashed them. The resulting blinding light allowed the three to get a good distance from the heroes.

“ Running away?” Mirko sneered. “ Like I’d let you!” The Rabbit hero was quick to close the distance, charging forwards and kicking. However, it was blocked by a powerful barrier. Momo saw as Tengai stood just behind them, eyes closed as he concentrated. Mirko grit her teeth. However, before she could try again, Bakugo leapt forwards, propelling himself through the air with his explosions, spinning as he approached them.

“ DIE!” He declared. “ HOWITZER IMPACT!” He unleashed his power on Tengai’s shield. The barrier cracked and shattered at the force of the explosion, blowing everyone on both sides backwards.

“ He broke it?” Tengai said, surprised. Beside him, Rappa burst out laughing

“ What a great brat! Hey, Tiger Bunny! That kid has potential! Train him well!”

“ Count on it.” Mirko said, prideful of her apprentice. A cloud of white fog began encroaching on the art museum.

“ If you guys are done playing house, we need to leave.” Mustard called, approaching from within the fog and joining up with the group.

“ You’re right.” Momo agreed. “ Kurogiri. Gate.” Black mist began circling around the group as the heroes retreated to not get caught in Mustard’s death fog. Rappa grinned satisfied. Tengai looked annoyed. Overall, with their mission complete, she counted this as victory.


“ I can’t let you escape, Usagi.” Togata raised his hands. “ For Sir’s sake, I will catch you here.” The two got ready to charge. Civilians began running to a safe distance at the sign of the battle starting. However, they were stopped by a sound. Tiny feet and a slight panting quickly tapping from the alleyway between the two. The two stopped in shock as a young girl burst into the light, panting. A girl with a horn dressed in white. Izuku powered down. Noticing this, Togata lowered his hands. “ Hey. Are you-”

“ Eri.” Izuku froze. The girl looked panicked, freezing up. “ You shouldn’t run off like that.”

“ Chisaki.” Izuku cursed under his breath. Stepping into the light from the shadows, bird beaked mask replaced with a black medical mask, was indeed Kai Chisaki. He looked between the two. His eyes paused on Izuku, his eyes briefly becoming annoyed before returning to cold and calm. 

“ Are we interrupting something?”

“ No. You aren’t.” Togata said cautiously.

“ I’m glad. I’m not a fan of interrupting working Heroes. But I couldn’t just let a girl this young run off on her own. You understand.”

“ Absolutely.” Togata nodded. “ Being a guardian of someone so young must be hard. Is she your daughter?”

“ Cousin. I’m a bit too young for kids.” Overhaul rubbed the back of his neck. “ I’m looking after her while my uncle is away on business. As you can see, she is a bit prone to… accidents. Apologies.” Overhaul turned to leave. “ Let’s go, Eri.” The girl glances between the two, Hero and Villain, with eyes filled with fear and desperation. Overhaul’s hand grabbing her arm, causing her to flinch, and leading her away. Izuku took a step forwards, his hand going for the knife in his pocket, before tensing up and stopping himself. He had to save her. But he couldn’t right now. That bastard hero was in the way. If he attacked Chisaki now, he had no doubt they’d get in his way. If he failed, then all the League’s plans to get back at Overhaul would fail. But he couldn’t just do nothing. Not when someone like her was standing right there, eyes begging for help. He just needed to wait for the perfect moment to strike.

“ By the way, are you with the Hassaikai, sir? They’re a bit of a legend around here.” Overhaul glanced back. “ I hear they all wear some sort of mask, so I was just curious.

“ I am. I’m just returning home from there actually with my cousin.” He nodded. “ You’re one the UA students right? Working for a nearby agency? I haven’t seen you around before.”

“ Of course. I’m gaining experience before I graduate this year.”

“ I see. Good luck with that. It’s becoming a bit scary world for heroes.”

“ Speaking of scary, your cousin seems a bit scared.” Togata looked serious. “ She also looks to be missing footwear.”

“ She’s just upset I couldn’t buy her a toy and I had to scold her. Her shoes fell off while she was running away. A friend of mine said he’d finish in the store we were in and is bringing them. I wanted to make sure she was safe first.”

“ Ah. I see. That’s quite understandable. Sorry. As a hero-”

" You want to make sure a scared child is fine. I understand.” Overhaul nodded. “ If you’ll excuse us.” He glanced back to Izuku. “ We have business to attend to.” Izuku tightened his hand around the handle of his knife. If he wasn’t being watched, this man would already be dead. But Overhaul was a strong opponent. His quirk could kill him in an instant. He wracked his brain for an answer. He couldn’t just let him walk away. Not with her. Not when he knew fine well what he was doing with her. All he needed was one solid opening and he could act. One moment of weakness from that bird masked bastard. He glanced over to Togata. The hero just gave him a stern glare and a slight shake of his head as Chisaki turned to leave again. He knew what he was thinking. He had to see what was going on with Eri. Why wasn't he ding anything? “ Keep up the good work, hero.” He said, giving them a backhanded wave. There. His back was turned. If he was going to act, now would be the time. Izuku drew the knife from his jacket and tried to rush down the alleyway after him. A sudden hand grabbing his arm stopped him. He looked up. Togata shook his head. Izuku and Togata waited for him to be completely gone.

“ Why?” Izuku said quietly. “ Why?!”

“ Hmm?”

“ WHY!” Izuku shouted, roughly tugging his arm from Togata's grasp. “ YOU! IF YOU WEREN’T HERE, I COULD HAVE-”

“ Woah. Slow down and breathe for a moment.” Izuku wasn't listening.

“ That girl. I could have saved her now without any need for any extra planning. If you weren’t in the way!”

“ Saved that girl?” Togata raised an eyebrow. Izuku sighed.

“ You really don’t have a clue, do you? Bandages around her body. Hospital gown. No shoes. Running, scared for dear life. Scared to death of that man. Are you fucking blind?! She was-”

" I know.” Togata said, far too calmly for Izuku’s liking. “ She’s being abused by him.”

“ You know? YOU KNOW?!" Izuku asked angrily, slamming his foot into the pavement and sending a shockwave from the excess wind still caught in his leg from Bound. “ YOU KNOW AND YOU STOOD BY SMILING AS SHE GOT LEAD AWAY?! YOU KNOW AND YOU STOPPED ME FROM SAVING HER FROM MORE TORTURE AND PAIN?!”

“ Oh. That... sounded bad, huh?" Togata winced. " Listen Usagi, I had no choice.”

“ You could have done your job, hero.”

“ I couldn’t.”

“ Of course you could. But you just stood around like an idiot because there was nothing in it for you if you helped. No glory. No money. So you let her go”

“ Hey, I don’t care about money or fame. If I could have, I would have.” Togata looked annoyed at the accusation. “ Besides, with you here, I-”

“ Do NOT turn this around on me.” Izuku snarled. He angrily pointed his knife at the hero in training. “ I WILL save her. You don’t understand suffering, hero. I do. And that girl? She’s suffering. I’ll do what you can’t. What your kind didn’t do for me and my friends and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of my way.”

“ You’ll save her, huh?” Togata asked. Then he smiled. “ I like it.”

“ What?” Izuku was taken aback, losing his posture for a second. If Togata noticed, he never acted on it, just looking down at him with that ridiculous grin. A grin that reminded him too much of All Might. “ Are you-”

“ No. I’m mocking you. I think it’s noble. And I want to save her too.” Togata closed his eyes. His tone changed, becoming a lot less happy go lucky. Izuku tightened his grip. “ I couldn’t do it there. I couldn’t ruin what Sir has been planning for months. If it weren’t for that, without a second thought, I’d have grabbed her and ran.” He opened them, deathly serious. “ Come with me. I want to talk with you about the Shie Hassaikai. I won’t hand you in or attack you. Call it a temporary cease fire.” Izuku looked the hero in the eyes. He saw a lot of things. Most of it was anger, both at himself, a little aimed at Izuku and a lot more at Chisaki. But there was also truthful willingness in there too. He wasn’t lying. At least, not from what Izuku saw. He sighed, slowing putting his knife away.

“ I’ll give you two hours.” He said. “ If I even think you’ve lied, I’m gone.”

“ Fair. Come on. I need to get changed first.” Izuku nodded, following the hero from a safe distance. He wasn’t sure he could trust Mirio Togata. But right now, he was a source of information that he might be able to use. For that, he’d put himself on the line.

Chapter Text

Izuku was not expecting Togata to bring him to a familiar cafe he frequented with Toru to talk. He also didn’t expect him to be so friendly with the owner, who seemed just as confused to see a promising hero hopeful and the second in command of the League of Villains walk in the door together. “ Good Afternoon, Tsubaki.” Mirio said, cheerfully.

“ Mirio. It’s been a while. Is Sir Nighteye recovering well?”

“ Yup. The doctors say he just needs to wake up and he’ll be golden.”

“ That’s nice to hear.” The old lady laughed. “ So, the usual?”

“ Of course.”

“ Can we have the back room, Tsubaki?” Izuku asked. The old woman nodded.

“ I understand the situation is dire. I’ll not let anyone but myself intrude.”

“ Thanks.” Izuku and Togata were led to the furthest back room in the cafe, Mirio collapsed onto the leather seat with a sigh.

“ I wasn’t aware you knew Tsubaki.”

“ This place isn’t exactly the most legal place. It’s good for something to eat. I can’t exactly just drop buy a normal restaurant anymore after all.”

“ Ha. I suppose. Sir brought me here on our first mission together. Taught me that sometimes these back alley places are the best place to get information.” Togata leaned forwards. “ But that’s not why we’re here.”

“ You have 45 minutes left.” Izuku said. Togata nodded.

“ I’ll start then.” Togata placed a hand on his chest. “ First of all, it’s nice to formally meet you. I am Mirio Togata, the Pro Hero in Training Lemillion, an intern of Sir Nighteye.” His face became serious. “ I can’t forgive what the league did to him. Know that before we begin.”

“ All Might is a hypocrite and a liar. Know that it wasn’t the League’s plan to destroy everything about him in this city. It was mine.” Izuku narrowed his eyes. “ I didn’t expect Sir Nighteye to get caught in the explosion but I’m not going to apologize.”

“ One day, I will capture you. But it won’t be today.” He placed his hands together and leant forwards. “ Tell me. What are your plans with the Shie Hassaikai?”

" You first. I’ve got more to lose.”

“ Ha. Fair I suppose.” Togata smirked. “ Alright. I guess I’ll start. Over the last few months, the Shie Hassaikai as been slowly expanding its operations, buying out or cutting down hostile operations and taking them over. They’ve been up to something and Sir has been very interested in learning what that is. After he got hospitalised, Bubble Girl and I kept going with the investigation under Rock Lock and his agency. We’ve marked over a hundred Shie Hassaikai work spaces nation wide.”

“ Over ninety nine.” Izuku mumbled.

“ So that was you that destroyed the base off of Musutafu. We wondered who destroyed that.”

“ He wronged us. We wronged him back.”

“ That’s strange. Because the last thing we found out about Shie Hassaikai is that they met with you.”

“ That he did. I was there.”

“ So now it’s your turn.”

“ I suppose.” Izuku sat back. “ First, let me make something clear. The League and Hassaikai are not friends. That meeting you mentioned ended with that bird beaked bastard murdering Spinner, a close friend of ours, as well as injuring two others in our group. After that, we started planning on getting back at them. We have a few in place. Right now, we’re biding our time by playing nice with a personnel trade. That’s how I already knew about Eri.”

“ Chisaki’s cousin?”

“ Yeah.” Izuku dug his nails into his palm. “ They keep her in Overhaul’s underground lab, experimenting on her. Her quirk allows her to rewind things. They’re making quirk erasing bullets out of it.”

“ What?!”

“ My spy found it out. That’s just another reason why we’re going to bury the Shie Hassaikai. Call it Revenge with a side of a Rescue Mission.”

“ You mentioned you know suffering.” Izuku looked away.

“ And so does she. I won’t let a girl like that suffer like we did.” He looked back, hatred in his eyes. “ Unlike you heroes, we look out for our own.”

“ What happened to you to make you so bitter?” Togata asked. Izuku grit his teeth.

“ Bullying.” He answered simply. “ And being rejected by a certain Hero.”

“ A certain Hero?”

“ You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“ Try me.” Izuku sighed.

" All Might.” He admitted. “ I met All Might when I was a lowly, Quirkless kid. He saved me from a Villain. You might recall the Sludge Villain Incident.”

“ That wasn’t you. That was Bakugo from 1-A.”

“ Before that, it tried to attack me in a secluded area. All Might leapt across the city, dragging me along with him, and he dropped the Villain after trapping it in several jars. He landed on a rooftop and I asked him if I could be a Hero without a Quirk. And he laughed at me and told me to be more reasonable.”

“ He has his reasons to believe such a thing.”

“ Like his injury?” Izuku asked mockingly. Togata narrowed his gaze. “ Yes, I know about that little tidbit of information. Then again, so does all of the world now so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. But do you know how he got it?.

“ A battle with All For One Six years ago. Sir told me all about it.”

“ Yeah. Suppose I shouldn’t be surprised you know that either. After all, you do have his quirk now, don’t you?” Mirio froze.

“ How do you…”

“ Know? It wasn’t why we raided Nighteye’s agency but it was a very interesting find.” Izuku’s face grew angry. “ Though to think he had the means to give me a chance to be a hero…” Izuku grit his teeth in annoyance. “ Oh, how different things could have been. Maybe I’d be the favourite of the heroes like you are right now. World at my fingertips. Then again, I’d also still be naively believing that whole lie about Heroes and Justice.” Izuku pouted slightly. He leant back in his chair, simply watching Mirio with an analytical stare. “ Maybe I should be grateful. But in the end, I never can be. Not to him. You know something though, Togata? He actually told me about that little secret of his that day.”

“ He told you?”

 “ Yep. But I don’t think he even knows we ever met before I actually became a threat, you know? He only remembers big things. Never that he ruined the dreams of a child that had already been stomped into the dirt by the society he tries so hard to protect as the Symbol of Peace.” Izuku made a mocking pose, raising his left fist like All Might was known for. He scoffed as he lowered it. “ After that, I met Kurogiri and he brought me to Sensei, that is All For One. He gave my life meaning.”

“ He tricked you. Used your hatred to turn you into a Villain. You proved already you have such potential. Your skills could have saved so many as a hero.”

“ See? Now people like you respect me? Because I’m a threat. Without a quirk, no-one took me seriously. I was easy pickings for bullies and teachers didn’t bother stopping them. I don’t care if it was a trick. Sensei gave me power, purpose and a place to belong. I’m happier now than I ever was before. You don’t deserve to question that.”

“ You’re happy now?”

“ Yes.”

“ Then why have I never seen you smile.” Izuku stopped.

“ Excuse me?”

“ I watched the entire Sports Festival, you know. I know what you can do. And you smirk. You smirk a lot. But it’s always with those dull, hollow eyes that makes it look so forced and fake. I saw you on campus a few times and you never looked happy. Same today.” Togata looked at him with concerned eyes. “ Those aren’t the eyes of someone who’s happy, Izuku.”

“ Stop that. I know what you’re doing.”

“ You know what kind of eyes they are?”

“ Stop. It.”

“ Those are they eyes of someone who wants to be saved.” Izuku twitched.

“ Saved?” Izuku asked quietly. He glared at Togata “Of course. I wanted to be saved. For years, I wanted to be saved. I wanted a hero to step in and tell me everything would be OK.” He snarled. “ But no-one did. Not a hero. Not a teacher. Certainly not All Might. They all left me to suffer because I wasn’t worth it. I’ve suffered SO much. I wanted saving. So I saved myself. I saved myself then I saved others and next, I’m going to save her.”

“ With that mind set, I think you could have been an amazing hero. Quirkless or not”

“ Tell that to All Might.”

“ Maybe I will.” Togata folded his arms and grinned brightly. “ In the mean time, I’ll save her too.”

“ What?”

“ I am going to save Eri too.” He repeated. “ You’re right. She’s suffering. Lemillion stands for the Million lives I’m going to save. She’ll be one of them.” Togata stared Izuku down. “ And so will you.” Izuku raised an eyebrow. “ Deep down, that boy who wants to be saved is still waiting. So I’ll save him too. I promise you, Izuku. I will definitely save you.”

“ You’ll save me?” Izuku asked.

“ Yes.” Togata looked so serious. Izuku burst out laughing, cold and bitterly.

“ You’ll save me.” He repeated. He laughed. “ Why do you people keep insisting I need saving?” He shook his head. “Alright then, Hero. Try and save me. It won’t work but it’ll be god damn hilarious to see you try. Save someone even All Might refused to save. Save all of us while you're at it. Shoto, who Endeavour abused on a daily basis. Mina, who the world treated as walking biohazard. Hitoshi, whose father was killed by heroes. Momo, who was lied to all these years by people protecting the vile acts you people do daily. Save us, Hero.” Izuku glared at him. “ I’ll watch you die trying.” The two went silent. Then Togata’s phone started buzzing. Izuku sighed. “ You left your phone on?”

“ Ah ha ha. S-Sorry.” Togata took the phone from his pocket. “ Hey. It’s Mirio. Oh, All Might, sir. Yeah, sorry about missing… what? WHAT? O-Ok. I’ll be right there.” Mirio quickly got up.

“ Problem with you idol, hero?”

“ No. Ha. I suppose it’s only fair for you to hear this, being that you put him there in the first place.” Mirio grinned. “ Sir Nighteye woke up.”


When she found her, Eri was balled up in her room, crying. Toru uncloaked herself and gently touched her shoulder. “ Eri?” The girl screamed, violently shrugging Toru’s shoulder off. “ Easy. It’s just me again.”

“ H-Huh.” Eri glanced over to her. “ Y-You’re alive?”

“ Obviously.”

“ I… I thought he got you. He gets everyone who get close to me.” Eri whimpered.

“ Don’t worry, Eri. He’ll never get me. I promise.” Tears formed in Eri’s eyes. She suddenly lurched forwards, grabbing tight hold of her suit. Toru looked surprised then smiled slightly, bring the girl into a small hug. “ You’re alright.”

“ I’m sorry.” She sniffed. “ I’m sorry.”

“ It’s fine. Don’t worry.” Toru smiled.

“ I-It’s not. I… I did a bad thing t-today.” Eri said sadly. “ I escaped. I ran and ran b-but he still found me. T-There was a guy there. A big g-guy in a weird outfit. I-I wanted to a-ask for his help b-but I couldn’t… couldn’t speak. S-So he didn’t.” Toru’s face fell. A guy in a weird outfit. A Hero. She ran into a hero and the hero did nothing. The idea made her sick and angry. “ W-Why? I… I thought p-people like him were s-supposed to help. I-Is it.. Is it cause I’m a b-bad girl.”

“ You’re not a bad girl, Eri. Chisaki’s just a bad man. You don’t deserve this.”

“ I do. I’m… I’m a-”

“ Don’t talk like that.” Toru said sharply. “ You’re not evil, Eri. That hero who refused to save you is.” Toru didn’t want to let the young girl go. She wanted to save her. Save this young girl like Izuku had saved her. One day, Toru thought. One day, she would do what the heroes refused to do.  One day, she would rescue this girl.


Mirio crashed in through the door of Sir Nighteye’s room. “ Sir!” He shouted.

“ Mirio.” Sir Nighteye said. “ Loud as ever I see.”

“ Of course. I learned from the best.” Beside Sir Nigheye’s bed, All Might smiled.

“ Young Togata. I’m sorry for calling you in on such short notice. Were you busy?”

“ I was just finishing up anyway. No worries.” He looked down slightly. “ I was following up on a lead for the Shie Hassaikai investigation.”

“ You shouldn’t be worrying yourself about that, Mirio.” Nighteye sighed.

“ I want to help. Especially after what I found out today. But that’s not why I’m here. Are you alright, Sir?”

“ I’m fine, Mirio. Thanks for asking.”

“ The doctors say he can go home tomorrow if he can walk.” All Might told him. “ I don’t think he should though.”

“ I’m fine, Toshinori. I have work to do.”

“ Wasn’t it you who tried to stop me working when I was in this condition, Mirai?”

“ It’s nowhere near the same and you know it. You had just lost a lung and half your stomach. I was just out cold for a month and a half, in which time all my injuries have healed.” Nighteye sighed.

“ That’s not true, Mirai, and you know it. The bones in your left leg are still frail. They’ll take time to-” Nighteye raised his hand.

“ It’s fine Toshinori. If you can live without a lung for six years, I can live a few months with a few brittle bones.” He sat back in his hospital bed “ Still, I was surprised. I never expected the League to attack us in the way they did. I will have to start dealing with the League more seriously after we’ve dealt with the Shie Hassaikai. For the anti gravity girl to get the jump on me so easily and to destroy my agency alongside my one of a kind anniversary tapestry, it would be disgraceful if I did not. Admittedly, I didn’t see a future I survived that fall.”

“ Singularity was the one who attacked you. Hmm.” All Might frowned.

“ Enough about me. Mirio. Report. What have we learned about the Yakuza since I was away.”

“ Ha. You say away like it was a holiday.” Mirio smiled and nodded before relaying what he had learned from Izuku. He wasn’t dumb enough to give the name of his contact to him either. Sir never asked. It was a lesson Mirio learned well from Nighteye. If your source shouldn’t be stated, for legal reasons or for the witnesses own protection, leave their name out of your report. Both heroes however seemed alarmed by the news.

“ A young girl used in such a heinous way?” All Might gasped. “ I can’t believe it.”

“ So that’s what Chisaki has been up to. That’s disturbing.” Nighteye hummed. “ Mirio. You and Bubble Girl are with Rock Lock now, yes?”

“ Until your agency can be recompleted, yes.”

“ Tell him that I’ll be needing his place for a meeting. We can’t let this go on much longer.”

“ You’re not seriously going to get involved so quickly, are you Mirai?”

“ I’m not like you, Toshinori. I won’t get that much involved. Don't worry. But I still want to oversee the mission itself..” Nighteye looked serious. " I didn't plan this for months just for something like this to stop me."

“ I’ll get on it, Sir. Leave it to me.”

“ Good.” Nighteye groaned. “ Right now though, I need to rest. I’m sorry.”

“ No. Don’t worry. Rest up, old friend.” All Might smiled. “ Come on, Young Togata. Let’s leave him to it.”

“ Of course. Get well soon, Sir.” Mirio waved before stepping outside with All Might. The forer number one let out a sigh.

“ I’m happy he’s safe.” He admitted. “ I’m sure you know this, but Mirai and I. Our friendship was going through a rough patch. I was a stubborn fool. It wasn’t til he almost died that I realised I may not get a chance to make amends if I didn’t apologize. Funny thing was, he said sorry first. Ha ha.”

“ I’m glad you and Sir are speaking again. You’ve both looked after me well these last few years.” Mirio said. Even so, his smile wavered. Now they were alone, his mind returned to something he’d been told. “ Hmm? Are you alright, my boy? You seem troubled.”

“ It’s… well.” he looked up. “ All Might. Did you meet Izuku Midoriya before?”

“ The League’s strategist? I met him in UA when he was pretending to be a hero applicant.”

“ And before then?”

" Before. Hmm. All For One asked something similar. But why bring this up all of a sudden?”

“ Promise not to be angry.” All Might nodded. “ I met Midoriya today. I caught him while I was scoping out the Shie Hassaikai’s main base today. We were about to fight but that’s when that girl, Eri, appeared. After that, we traded notes on the Shie Hassaikai.”

“ Young Togata…”

“ I know. He’s a major enemy. I should have brought him in. But… it’s his eyes. He wants to be saved. I know it. He and Eri. They were the same.” Mirio looked up at his mentor.

“ When you gave me One For All, you said it was because of my drive to save everyone. I want to save everyone who needs saving. Even if they don’t think they need it, I want to do it.  I think he deserves a chance to be saved. But, when I asked why he became a Villain, he said you put him on that path.”

“ Me?”

“ He said he met you once. You saved him from that Sludge Villain.”

“ That was-”

“ Bakugo. I know. I said as much. But he said you saved him from the Sludge Villain before hand. And that you told him he couldn’t be a hero because he didn’t have a quirk. That and you showed him your injury.”

“ What? I would… never… do…” All Might trailed off. His expression slowly became horrified. “ No…”

“ All Might?”

“ Oh my god. I remember now. There was a Quirkless boy who asked if he could become a Hero without a quirk. He grabbed onto me when I tried to make a quick get away and I transformed in front of him. So I let him in on my secret to try and prove that it was too dangerous. I did it with the best of intentions. I… remember what it’s like to be treated as powerless. I wanted to spare him that. But it seems he took it the wrong way.” All Might held his face in his hands. “ All For One. He was able to corrupt that boy because of my mistake Curse him.”

“ Sir…” Mirio frowned. Then he grinned widely. “ There’s still time. I know there is. I believe Izuku isn’t beyond saving. We can make this right.”

“ Ha. Your belief in people will make you a great hero, Young Togata.” All Might laughed. “ If you can fix this old man’s mistake, then I wish you all the best. I can’t do that anymore. I don’t have enough strength. So go, young Togata. Take One For All and save him. Save him and as many other people that you can. I’m rooting for you, my boy.” Mirio grinned.

" Thanks All Might. I’ve gotta go and talk to Rock Lock about that meeting. Still up for training tomorrow.”

“ Of course. I’ll see you then, my boy.” Mirio nodded before heading out of the hospital. When he stepped into the night air, he looked up.

“ He remembers you.”

“ He didn’t before.” Izuku said, standing against the hospital wall, the hood of his jacket raised. “ What did you say?”

" Just what you told me.” Mirio admitted. “ He mentioned All For One said something similar and remembered. He regrets it. Letting All for One turn you into what you’ve become.”

" Ha. So he’s blaming Sensei so he doesn’t have to blame himself?” Izuku looked slightly disappointed. Like he was expecting something more. “ Well whatever. Too late for regrets.”

“ Are you talking about his actions or yours?” Izuku went quiet. “ I know you’re not going to give yourself up that easily, Izuku. I don’t expect you too.”

“ Good.”

“ In a few days, Sir is gonna plan something with a group of heroes. We’ll begin the raid of Shie Hassaikai’s main branch after that I imagine.” Mirio looked over at him. “ Will you help us?” Izuku remained quiet. He walked away from the wall.

 “ I’ll save Eri and crush Overhaul. If the actions of you heroes helps me achieve that goal, you can work alongside us. Just stay out of our way.” Izuku walked off. “ Call this a treaty between you and I. Until we save Eri.”

“ Until we save Eri.” Mirio repeated. Internally, he added something else. And until, one day, I can save you.


Tomura looked up as Izuku arrived. He sat down at the bar and ordered his usual from Kurogiri. As Kurogiri served it, he glanced over at the sound of a glass hitting the bar counter heavily to see Rappa and Kenji drinking. “ Who’s winning?”

“ Oh. Hey, Izuku.” Kenji waved. “ Sorry. Didn’t see you come back.”

“ And she is.” Rappa admitted. “ Ugh. How can you have such an iron liver?”

“ It’s a talent.” Kenji admitted. 

“ Where have you been?” Tomura interrupted. He hummed thoughtfully before taking a sip of his drink.

“ I’ll tell you later.” Izuku said vaguely. “ How’d everything else go?”

“ All the information we need has been obtained.” Izuku smiled.

“ Good. That I suppose it’s about time we start getting serious with this.” 

“ Oh. Right. Sorry.”

“ We got a message from Overhaul. He wants to meet you. Know why?”

“ You know the thing we found out about earlier?” Tomura nodded. “ I found it. He probably wants to know how.” From off to the side, Tengai looked up. Izuku knew he was paying attention to what he was saying. Probably reporting back to Overhaul too somehow. That’s why he was keeping things vague. “ I’ll call him in the morning and get it settled. Don’t worry.”

“ What’s our next plan?” Izuku hummed.

“ I found some things out. I’ll tell you later.” Izuku said again. “ Just know. Soon, we’ll be able to pull it off. Until then, we’ve just gotta be patient.” Izuku leant back in his seat. The scared face of Eri surfaced in his memories. He narrowed his eyebrows. He’d save her. He just needed time. And for the heroes to finally do their damn jobs and give them the opening he needed. Til then, he’d force himself to be patient. He couldn’t beat Overhaul with out it.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat in Overhaul’s meeting room early the next afternoon, sitting across from Overhaul as he placed a shogi board between them, setting up the pieces. “ You know how to play right? Shigaraki said you tried teaching him when he was here.”

“ I’m no expert.” Izuku said. “ But I can play.”

“ It’s fine. I like the game because of its concept. There are better players than me at it though. I only play casually.” Overhaul moved the first piece. “ I suppose you know why you’re here.”

“ Is this about yesterday?” Izuku asked, moving his first piece. “ Your cousin?”

“ Her name is Eri. I’ve been looking after her while my uncle is away on business. I try to keep her as secret as possible. If my enemies knew I had someone like that I was looking after…” Overhaul made his move. “ You understand, yes?”

“ She looked pretty beat up.” Izuku moved.

" She’s clumsy. I wasn’t lying about that. I’m still not sure how to deal with children. They’re like another sentient life form entirely.” Overhaul made his move. “ I usually have someone else look after here, but her last carer, Walter, went missing and I’ve been a little too busy to replace him.” Izuku wasn’t buying it. He wondered if Overhaul thought he was. Still, he played the fool.

“ It’s a shame that a hero spotted you.” Izuku made his move.

“ He spotted you too. What were you doing around here yesterday?” Overhaul took one of Izuku’s pieces. “ I heard you were doing something over in Shibuya.”

“ My people were, yes. We used it as a distraction to get into the police network to check what they had on us.” Izuku countered, taking one of Overhaul’s pieces.

“ Using Rappa like that is dangerous. He’s hard to control.”

“ He did well. Though Tengai was apparently a chore to deal with, according to Mustard.”

“ He’s a trained monk. He doesn’t take change well. Give him time. He’ll get used to it.” Overhaul made his move. “ But you never answered my question.”

“ I wasn’t looking into you if that’s what your asking.” Izuku took a piece. “ I was investigating one of the hero agencies near you. Rock Lock.”

“ The idiot has been snooping around my area for a while.” Overhaul admitted. “ They’re probably trying to find some excuse to raid my place.”

“ They’re pests, huh? Always trying to get in the way of men like us, thinking they have all the cards.” Izuku shook his head.

“ And a dying breed. If you all stick by me, I’ll make sure they never bother the League again.” Overhaul made a move.

“ Oh? And hows that?” Izuku made a move.

“ I can’t say right now. Not until I know it will work. But when I’m certain, trust me. I’ll explain everything.”

“ Sounds interesting.” Izuku nodded as Overhaul made his move.

“ And that’s Checkmate.” Overhaul said. “ You play a good game, Midoriya.”

“ Not as good as yours, I’m afraid.” Izuku stretched. “ I’ll have to practise before we play again. Is Tengai good?”

“ Neither he and Rappa are interested in board games, unfortunately.” Overhaul stood up. “ I trust you to keep what I told you a secret. If news about my cousin got out…”

“ No worries, Chisaki. I won’t tell anyone.” Izuku gave him a friendly smile. It’s not that it would be news to anyone in the League anyway. Even it were, it wouldn’t matter. She’d be away from him soon enough. That he promised.


Shota hummed in concern as he entered Rock Lock’s hero agency. He’d been among the heroes that had been gathered by the recently awakened Sir Nighteye for this top secret meeting. He didn’t even know what it was about. All he knew is that he had been asked for. He brought along Hizashi and Emi. When he heard from Bubble Girl, he mentioned he’d be bringing friends, to which she said the more the merrier to.

Since the License Exam a few weeks ago, the three had met up regularly to follow up leads. However, the League was annoyingly illusive. They appeared where ever they wanted to appear, wrecked havoc and left with barely any evidence left in their wake. They also weren’t officially allowed access to Nedzu or Tsukauchi’s files on the group, so any leads they had, they went from scratch and most of them came from places that weren’t entirely reliable or the Underground Network, a place inhabited by Underground heroes like him, yes, but also all other types of people, villains included. But that partnership was still important. That’s why Aizawa brought them. He knew, in some way, that this was about the League. After Nighteye’s run in with them and their recent attack on police in Tokyo, it made too much sense.

 What worried him though was how many people were here. Obviously, Sir Nighteye and Rock Lock were there, along with Mirio Togata and Bubble Girl from Nighteye’s agency. Fat Gum was there alongside his interns, Tamaki Amijiki and Eijiro Kirishima. Ryukyu was in the corner talking to Centipeder. Her interns, Neijire Hado and Tsuyu Asui, were around the room talking to their classmates. Most interestingly, Mirko and Hawks were there, alongside Katsuki Bakugo and Fumikage Tokoyami. He supposed that made sense, seeing as they were involved in the League’s attack in Shibuya. Other heroes and their sidekicks were present too, like Gran Torino and Mr Brave. It bugged Shota just how many of his kids were there.

“ Looks like we’ve been invited to a party, huh Shota.” Emi said with a smile.

“ The number 3 and number 8 heroes are both here. This is a serious deal.” Hizashi mused. 

“ Sir?” Shota looked down to see Katsuki and Eirijo walk over to him. “ You’re here too?” Eijiro asked.

“ Hey there, listeners. Enjoying your internships?” Hizashi asked happily.

“ Yeah.” Eijiro nodded enthusiastically. “ It feels super manly to help people for real.”

“ Don’t it just.”

“ Why are we here, Sir?” Bakugo asked Shota. He hummed. 

“ I don’t know the full details. You’ll have to wait and see.” Shota answered truthfully. Bakugo didn’t seem to like the answer but accepted it nonetheless. After a while, with some late arrivals, the group was led into a meeting room. Nighteye sat at the top of the table. Aizawa noticed minor scarring on his hands and face that disappeared under his clothes. The long, metal cane that leant next to him was also hard to miss. Shota wondered if Nighteye was rushing his recovery for this mission. That his near death experience made him belief that he was being too patient with whatever he had planned.

“ Thank you all for coming on such short notice.” Nighteye began. “ I understand how hard it is for some of us to be here. Especially you Hawks.”

“ Hey. I was already in the area for another mission. Kyushu has other heroes to look after it.” Hawks said, laughing lightly. Nighteye nodded.

“ Bubble Girl.”

“ Right. Let’s get started.” The girl looked down to a tablet in her hand. Shota had to wonder if she had been given a script with how scatter brained Nighteye’s sidekick usually seemed. “ Over the last few months, the Nighteye Agency has been doing some investigations into a villain group known as the Shie Hassaikai.”

“ Shie Hassaikai?” Mirko asked.

“ They’re a Yakuza group.” Nighteye said. Mirko laughed.

“ Yakuza? You’ve been wasting time watching a group of thugs?”

“ Over the last couple of months, since leadership changed hands, the Shie Hassaikai has been growing more bold. They’ve been taking over competition and amassing money and resources for an unknown purpose.” Nighteye stated.

“ While Sir’s been out of action, we at the Rock Lock Agency kept the investigation going,” Rock Lock stated. “ There are points that bugged me, so I agreed to it.”

“ There’s more to it.” Centipeder spoke up. Emi choked slightly on hearing the heroes high pitched voice. Centipeder brought an image up on the back wall. Aizawa grit his teeth. “ A week and a half ago, we found this out. The leader of the Shie Hassaikai, Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul, coming in contact with the League of Villains. We could not discern where they were heading however we can confirm some kind of altercation took place between the two groups.”

“ So that’s why you contacted us, yes?” Gran Torino asked. “ Because the League is involved?”

“ It is.” Centipeder nodded. “ We would like your aid with the knowledge you have, seeing as you have been looking into them.”

“ Of course.”

“ So those bastards have a hand in this as well, do they?” Bakugo growled. “ Seems like they have a hand in everything these days. Fucking Deku making my life hell.”

“ What’s a Deku?” Hawks asked, interested.

“ He’s talking about Midoriya. They have history.” Mirko told him.

“ Shut up, March Hare.”

“ You know Izuku? Like, personally?” Mirio asked.

“ I used to.”

“ Can we get back to the point?” Rock Lock said, annoyed. “ These kids are gonna drag this out forever.”

“ Hey! Some of these kids are important to the matter at hand!” Fat Gum shouted. “ Just because they’re from UA-”

“ I wasn’t talking about all of ‘em. And I wasn’t just talking about the kids from UA either.” Rock Lock eyed Hawks and Mirko. Mirko raised her middle finger.

“ That’s enough!” Gran growled. “ You are not helping matters here, Takagi.”

“ Right. Right. Moving on.” Rock Lock sighed.

“ We suspect that one of the Hassaikai’s main income sources comes from the selling of the illegal drug, Trigger. This is why I requested Fat Gum come. I believe he and his interns have history with the drug.” Nighteye explained.

“ Hey there. I’m Fat Gum, for those of you who don’t know.” The large hero said. “ Thanks for having me, Nighteye.” Nighteye nodded. “ Two nights ago, me and these two were patrolling and we ran into some thugs. Some of ‘em got hopped up on Trigger to fight. Luckily, thanks to Red Riot here, no-one got to hurt.” Eijiro looked down embarrassed.

“ We ran into some users of Trigger as well.” Ryukyu spoke up. “ I was surprised. I thought, with the destruction of the Villain Factory, it was supposed to be gone.”

“ Not gone.” Shota spoke up. “ It was never going to be that easy. But with Number Six in Tartarus and the Villain Factory disbanded, we were able to stem the flow. But some still exists. And i imagine, assuming they are the dealer we’re looking for, that the Shie Hassaikai has the lion’s share of it.”

“ However, there was more.” The rooms attention was brought back to Fat Gum. “A second kind of drug. One someone put into a bullet. It was this drug that was shot into Tamaki and it stopped his quirk completely.” There was a few gasps at that. Mirio leant forwards.

“ Tamaki. Are you alright?”

“ Yeah.” The nervous boy nodded. “ My quirk came back after a few hours. See?” To demonstrate, Tamaki raised his arm, transforming his hand into a cows hoof. Mirio breathed a sigh of relief, sitting back down.

“ It’s good you can recover and all, but it’s still a pretty big deal if someone can just steal a listeners quirk like that.” Hizashi pointed out.

“ So, it stops quirks itself, huh?” Shota hummed. “ That’s different from my quirk. I can only prevent a quirk from activating. It sounds like this drug attacks the genes directly.”

“ That’s scary.” Emi admitted. “ Do we know what it was that was injected into Amijiki?”

“ We do.” Nighteye confirmed.

“ Yeah, thanks to Kirishima.” Fat Gum confirmed. “ He stopped one of the bullets with his quirk.”

“ Woah? I did?” Eijiro looked surprised.

“ Well done, Kirishima.” Tsuyu smiled at him.

“ You did good, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki admitted. Eijiro gave an aloof smile and a nervous laugh.

“ According to medical reports, the bullet only damaged his quirk. Like a forced injection.” Fat Gum explained. “ But the contents of the bullet. It’s sickening.”

“ Sickening how exactly?” Mirko asked. “ This whole concept seems pretty fucked to me. I don’t see how it could get any worse.”

“ Hold that thought, Mirko.” Hawks frowned.

“ Yeah, it gets a lot worse. Inside the bullets was human DNA. Blood.” Everyone in the room froze at that. Shota was shocked by the news. Human DNA?

“ Someone is harvesting someone else's quirk to use as a weapon.” He said in disbelief. 

“ Oh my god.” Ryukyu exclaimed. Emi held her hands over her mouth. Hizashi looked somewhere between enraged and shocked. “ So, it’s a quirk that destroys other peoples quirks? How is that possible?”

“ Wait a moment. How do we know the Yakuza did all of this? It could have been someone else.” Hawks pointed out. “ Hell, the League’s already known to be doing some creepy shit with those Nomu. This could be then.”

“ It isn’t.” Mirio stated firmly. “ Because I know exactly who’s quirk is being used.” The room turned to Mirio. Nighteye nodded for him to continue. “ Chisaki has a cousin. He called her Eri. She’s a young girl, however when I encountered her, she was covered in bandages and clothed only in a hospital gown.”

“ We know Chisaki’s quirk is called Overhaul. It allows him to break apart and fix anything he touches at will.”  Nighteye stated. “ From Mirio’s investigation, he found out that this girl’s quirk can rewind any object the user wishes. As such, its extremely likely that Chisaki is using this young girl to make these bullets.”

“ What?!” Mirko shouted, slamming her hands down on the table. “ That fuckers abusing a kid for this shit?!”

“ Welcome to the world of quirks.” Gran Torino said sadly. “ If something can be done, it’s probable that someone will try. No matter what they have to do to who. I’ve seen a lot of messed up things in my long life. However, this is easily in the top five.”

“ That bastard.” Hawks growled. “ Why aren’t we doing anything then?”

“ So, if you ran into this child, why not just take her?” Rock Lock asked. Mirio tensed up, looking down annoyed.

" I...I just..." Shota closed his eyes.

“ It was a difficult decision.” He said. “ You shouldn’t blame Togata for it. I’m sure the kids already taking it hard enough as is.”

“ I will save her!” Mirio announced. “ You can count on that. I have already made that promise!”

“ Of course.” Nighteye nodded. “ That is our top priority. Chisaki cannot succeed in manufacturing these bullets, no matter what. We must save this young girl before his plan reaches its completion.”

“ That’s a nice sentiment.” Rock Lock admitted. “ But the fact Togata ran into her was a freak accident. A flaw in Overhaul’s planning. The guy obviously wants this kid hidden and, with a hero spotting her, he’ll likely go out of his way to make sure that she doesn’t get out again. We don’t even know where-”

" A secret lab underneath Chisaki’s household.” Mirio spoke.

“ What?”

“ There’s an underground complex where Chisaki makes all of this under the Hassaikai’s main base. That’s where she is.”

“ And how do you know that?”

“ An informant.” He said.

“ Who?”

“ For their own protection, I can’t tell you. I’m sorry.”

“ The hell is that supposed to mean? If Nighteye brought us together, everyone in this room has to be trustworthy. We won’t snitch. Why won’t you tell us?”

“ Sorry, but I can’t say.”

“ But-”

“ It doesn’t matter.” Nighteye spoke up. “ We’re not going to invade the Yakuza’s head base immediately anyway. We need to make sure Chisaki has no where to run should our main assault go wrong. We have one chance to bring their entire operation down.” Nighteye brought up a map in the projector screen. “ There are eight major Shie Hassaikai facilities nation wide. We’re going to take them all down.”

“ That will take to long.” Fat Gum shouted. “ We should charge in their and rescue this girl before-”

“ We cannot become All Might. We have to be logical about this, take it one piece at a time until our opponent is in Check Mate.” Sir Nighteye said sternly.

“ He’s right, Toyomitsu.” Gran Torino spoke up. “ If we make too big a deal out of this, Chisaki will take the girl and vanish. We need to be smart about this. We cannot afford another Hosu at this stage.”

“ If we’re swift, he won’t have time to run. You’re thinking too hard about this.” Shota hummed.

“ Nighteye. A Question.”

“ Yes, Eraserhead?”

“ How about you just read our futures. We can see any incoming dangers inside the mafia’s base. I dunno if it works like that, but it would be better than going into this entire thing blind.”

“ I can’t. I’m sorry. My quirk requires certain time restraints. 1 hour per 1 person each day. It’s also seen like a flashback. A film of someone's life from their perspective. What I see is almost certain to happen. If someone were to die, for example…”

“ Hmm. I see. I imagine how seeing such a thing could be painful. Still, it could help.”

“ My apologies Eraser.” Nighteye said through gritted teeth

“ It’s fine.” Shoto sighed. “ We simply need to remove Chisaki’s options, correct?”

“ Correct.” Nighteye nodded. “ We need to make sure the girl is where Mirio’s informant says she is, remove Chisaki’s pieces one by one and take the girl into our protection. We can’t predict how the League will react but we know they are at least involved in this someway. Whether they take advantage of the chaos to try something like they did in Shibuya or they stay out of it, they are not a player we can predict. We must remain vigilant. Both from the Hassaikai’s actions and from the League. I’m counting on all of you for your assistance.” Nighteye bowed his head. Shoto looked to his friends. They looked back, serious yet determined to help. He nodded to them. What a mess they’d gotten into. But it was mess he’d gladly help get out of. He never did like seeing kids get hurt.


“ Hey. Tintin.” Mirio looked back.

“ Bakugo? What’s wrong?” He asked. Bakugo looked serious

“ Why did you mention him?”

“ Huh?”

“ When I mentioned Izuku. You seemed surprised I knew him. Like you knew him.” Mirio remained silent. “ He was your informant. Wasn’t he.”

“ I can’t tell you that.” Mirio said.

“ Like fuck you can’t. He’s my oldest friend.” Bakugo growled. “ I’m bringing him home So if you know something about him, you’ll fucking tell me Tintin. Before I beat it out of you.” Mirio hummed.

“ Your oldest friend, huh?” Mirio laughed lightly. He smiled. Mirio hadn't been sure if Izuku still had people left for him outside the League. He seemed like the type of guy who’d give up because he lost everything. But it seemed he really did have someone left who deeply cared. If only Izuku knew that. Mirio nodded. “ You’re right.”

“ I knew it.”

" Your friend is interesting. His eyes are so sad.” Mirio smiled. “ I want to save him.”

“ Join the back of the fucking cue, Tintin. That’s my job. His mother told me to bring him home. So I’m bringing him home. No questions.”

“ That’s admirable.” Mirio admits. “ However, I promised Izuku I’d save him.”

“ You did what?” Bakugo cracked up slightly. “ Did you say that to his face?”

“ I did. He didn’t believe me.” Bakugo laughed.

“ I bet he told you to go shove it. I totally would do the same. Ha ha ha.” Bakugo smiled. “ You’re mad, Tintin.”

“ I have been told that before.” Mirio admitted, chuckling. “ However, I’m sincere. When I see someone who needs to be saved, no matter whether they want to be saved themselves or not, I have to do it. Lemillion means that I’m going to save 1 million people. That’s my vow. And that’s just the beginning. Eri. Izuku. Anyone else. I will save them.” Mirio looked down at Bakugo. “ So please. Let me help you.” Bakugo looked at Mirio in shock. Then he just shook his head.

“ I don’t get people like you and All Might. I’ll never be as selfless as you idiots.” He admitted. “ But, if you’re so adamant on doing it, then I guess I’ve not right to stop you. If you wanna help, I’ll let you. Just don’t get inz my way.” With that, Bakugo walked to the buildings entrance, meeting up with Kirishima and leaving. Mirio smiled.

“ That was that our explody underclassman from 1-A, right Mirio.” Tamaki asked as he approached. “ What did he want?” Mirio smiled.

“ He wants to save someone.” He answered simply. “ And I’m going to help him do it.”

Chapter Text

Mei walked into Giran’s newest hideout, probably better known as his apartment, cases in both her hands full of new babies that had been required. “ Knock knock.” She called. Giran looked up from the paper work he was doing on his living room table.

“ Ah. Mei. Glad you didn’t have much trouble finding this place. With the usual place getting ruined by the spat the League and the Yakuza had, well...” Giran shook his head. “ No. No. That’s not important. How have you been?”

“ Busy this last week. This stuff was really short notice.” Mei placed the cases down just in time to see Ochako emerging from the back rooms. She smiled happily.

“ I thought I heard you. Hey Mei.”

“ Chako. Sup. Studying?”

“ Working too hard to do that. Me and Mina went on another demolition job for my folks in the weekend. Mina said she needed to blow off some steam.”

“ The League busy?”   

“ Yeah. Fucking Yakuza started a fucking gang war.” Ochako sighed. “ Usagi’s planning to bring them down. Shoto loves the arm, by the way.”

“ Ha. I’m glad. Took a while to configure the cooling system to let his ice… Ah, you probably don’t care about that.” Mei smiled. “ So. Shie Hassaikai, right?” She asked. Ochako nodded. “I heard from the underground network that they’ve been on the rise as of late. Thanks for tuning me into that, by the way Giran.”

“ Hey. Where else are you gonna get the information to stay on top of the game?” Giran shrugged. “ Pretty much all undergrounders use it, be it brokers, inventors, some villains and even some heroes.” He leaned forwards in his chair. “ So. Bring the toys I asked for?”

“ Yup. My babies are primed and ready.” Mei grinned. “ A lot of them were just enhanced versions of crap I already made. Still, making an eye was an interesting experience.”

“ You finally finished that?”

“ Yeah. Sorry it took so long.” Mei rubbed the back of her neck. “ I had to consult a few people. The underground is pretty cool place once they know you’re not a spy from the government, the commission, the Americans, China, Britain, the NWO and Space.” Giran laughed.

“ Some of ‘em are nutters, but as I said. We help our own. Like it or loath it, kid, you’re one of us now.” He slowly got up. “ Anyway, let’s see what you’ve got for me.” Mei smirked and got to work. Just another successful trade.


Hawks perched a top a building in midtown, eating fast food while watching the cars fly by in the evening light. It was something he got used to doing in Kyushu, but finding a new perch in Tokyo was a work in progress. A slight rustling from behind distracted him. “ Thought I spotted your avian ass up here, Kei.” Rumi said, sitting down beside him, a box of Takoyaki in her hand. “ Why do you always have to find the most annoying high places to sit?”

“ Just seeing the sights, Land Dweller.” Keigo joked. His friend playfully punched his arm. “ So. Been a pretty wild couple of days, eh?”

“ Yeah. From the Rapper showing up again and this crap about Hassaikai making bullets from a kid. Yeah, it’s been a bit fucked.”

“ How’d you meet that crazy asshole anyway?”

“ Who? Rapper? Osaka. Eight years ago. I was a hero trainee and I caught wind of a tournament going down and dropped in. Bought a Luchador mask and went around yelling I was Tiger Bunny, the greatest warrior of all time.” She laughed at the memory. “ Though, the place came under attack by All for One of all people, of course I only learned that from O’Clock a few years after the fact. Me, O’Clock and Rapper fended off this hooded guy. It was a real mess.”

“ O’Clock?”

“ He’s some guy with a speed quirk. I think he lost it to All For One and retired. Tough bastard though.” Rumi grinned. “ I call that moment my hero debut even though I was still just a second year. It was a blast.” Rumi looked over to Keigo. “ So, Kei. Why are you in Tokyo? Isn’t Kyushu your main stomping… er… flying grounds.”

“ Yeah, but the Commission wanted me up here after All Might retired. Needed some more folks to keep the peace til everything settled back down. I ain’t the only powerhouse in Kyushu, but I’m notorious enough that my name means something up here.” Keigo sighed. “ They think I’ll scare them into keeping hiding. Like I’ll make a difference. Endeavour’s out of action and All Might’s retired. It’s a criminals wet dream. You’ve seen what the Leagues doing. Ballsy enough to attack an official Commission event and have a fire fight in the middle of the day. With Chisaki’s group supplying Trigger and quirk removers, you can only bet it’s about to get a lot worse.”

“ That’s why we’re here. To nip it in the bud before it gets that far.”

“ Amen to that.” Keigo laughed. “ You sure it’s alright for our interns to be involved though? They’re just kids.”

“ Uh, who do you think we are?” Rumi asked, pointing her stick at Hawks. “ Rock Lock had a point. You and I are some of the youngest heroes in the business. You especially.”

“ Man, I’m only three years younger than you. Don’t talk like you’re some wizened old lady in comparison to me.”

“ Either way, I don’t think we have any right to be calling others kids.” Rumi looked up at the rising moon. “ And besides. I couldn’t stop mine even if I wanted too. That guy. He has convictions and a drive to see ‘em through. He’s brash, overconfident, stupid yet… I like him.”

“ Cause he’s just like you?” Rumi smacked Keigo in the back of the head. “ Hey!”

“ I’m just saying. He’s just a UA first year, but I don’t think that’ll stop him from making his mark. Might even break your records, Fly boy. He’s aiming for the top. Unlike others, I think he can reach it.”

“ Ha. Is that so?” Hawks smirked. “ Katsuki Bakugo right? His fight with Usagi was one hell of a highlight in Sports Festival. He’s strong. But, if loses control of his power like he did then…”

“ He’s worked with Jeanist since then, you know?”

“ What? Really? That kid?”

“ It doesn’t suit a guy like him to work with a guy so tight laced, but I think it helped him bring things into perspective. He ain’t gonna change outwardly, but he’s totally different from what I expected from the footage I had of him when he applied.” Mirko smirked. “ But that’s just what makes the brat so interesting.”

" Interesting guy.” Hawks agreed. “ This new generation, both heroes and villains. They’re already making their mark.”

“ Better make sure we aren’t left in the dust then, eh?” Keigo laughed.

“ Yeah. We got this raid thing as an opportunity. Let’s show ‘em what some of the top ten can do.”


King Explosion Murder: You fuckers there?

Runnin: Bakugo. Hello.

Queen of England: Good Afternoon

Daisy: What up

LOUD NOISES!: What is the matter?

King Explosion Murder: How many of you bastards are doing internships?

Ninjago: I am focusing on my studies

Queen of England: The same as Shin, I’m afraid.

Daisy: I’m tagging with Gang Orca alongside Tatami

LOUD NOISES!: I am not allowed due to my age unfortunately.

LOUD NOISES!: However, Nagamasa from the Second year has invited me to help out with something.

Ninjago: Something?

LOUD NOISES!: I am not sure what

King Explosion Murder: I know.

Runnin: You do? What?


“ Bakubro, who are you texting?” Bakugo cursed as Eijiro sat down opposite him with his lunch.

“ None of your fucking business.”

“ Oh come on. Don’t be like that.” Eijiro gave a fake look of being sad.


Daisy: Is it a secret?

Ninjago: Come now. We are allies aren’t we? Don’t leave us hanging.

King Explosion Murder: Sir Nighteye called some heroes together. I’m working with Mirko, so I was there too. They’re doin a country wide raid on some Yakuza group


Queen of England: The Yakuza. They used to be an impressive number of criminal groups pre-quirks. However, now a days, they struggle to survive with Villains taking more prominence. Most act as generic hired goons for larger groups.

Daisy: So why are we going after them?


“ Dude. That’s supposed to be a secret.” Eijiro hissed. Bakugo flinched. Distracted by the group chat, he didn’t notice his friend look over his shoulder. “ What even is this anyway?”

“ If you must know, some extras from the License exam made a group chat. Me and Glasses joined it.”

“ Can I join?”

“ No.”

“ Can’t you at least ask?”

“ We decided it would be small so the League couldn’t find out about it. In case of other traitors, you know?”

" So you don’t trust me?” Katsuki looked away, slightly guilty. 

“ I mean, yeah. I do. But I ain’t sure if the others would.” Katsuki admitted.


Queen of England: According to the HN, A lot of heroes are mobilizing on a secret mission next week. And, according the you UN, a certain Yakuza group has become to big for it’s britches, so to speak.

Runnin: UN?

Queen of England:  The Underground Network. During my week long internship in my second year with Marksman, she showed it too me. It’s a place where Underground Heroes, traders and others from all walks of life share information. Naught to expensive, however.

Daisy: So who are these Yakuza then?

King Explosion Murder: The Shie Hassaikai

Queen of England: Precisely.

Ninjago: So these Hassaikai have made themselves an enemy of heroics?

King Explosion Murder: They’re armed with quirk enhancement drugs and bullets that can fucking erase quirks.

Queen of England: What?

Runnin: Erase Quirks?

LOUD NOISES!: Impossible

King Explosion Murder: Heroes country wide are focused on erasing them.

Daisy: And the League?

King Explosion Murder: Can’t find their dumb asses. But they do seem to be somehow involved in all this

Ninjago: That isn’t a surprise somehow


“ So, these guys are gonna help us, right?” Eijiro asked, taking a bit of his lunch. Katsuki nodded.

“ We’ve been working out a way to track down those League fuckers and Izuku.”

“ Cool. What’s the HN?”

“ Hero Network. Some shitty place heroes share info you can access with a license. Jeanist showed it too me. It’s useful but I ain’t gonna rely on it even if I can access it now. I leave that to Tea Queen.”

“ You’re gonna have to give me a run down of who these people are later. I can only guess you, Iida and I’m fairly sure Loud Noises is that first year from Shiketsu with the wind powers.”

“ Yeah, that’s right.” Bakugo admitted. “ I’ll fill you in later on everything later.”


Queen of England: I wish everybody involved luck out there. This seems to be a troublesome affair.

Ninjago: If you need extra assistance, I shall do what I can.

Daisy: We’ve got this. Maybe we can get something out f them to do with those League bastards.

King Explosion Murder: We can only hope. Good luck you fucking extras. We’ll all need it.


Izuku woke up with his head pounding. “ Don’t move.” Haru told him sharply. “ Your body needs time to recover. It will take a few minutes.” It took him a few moments to remember where he was as the anaesthetic left his system. Ochako had brought a new assortment of tools that had been requested from Alchemy late the night before. Of that, one included something Izuku had been waiting one for about two months now. A replacement for something his old friend had stolen from him during the Sports Festival. Haru had been the one to install it.

“ So… is it done?”

“ It is. I bandaged it back up however just to give it time to settle.” Haru turned to face him. “ I’ll admit. I’ve replaced an eye before, however that robotic one was a bit odd. I apologize if I made any errors in it’s installation.”

“ Don’t worry about it.” Izuku told her. “ You did your best. As long as my depth perception is back to normal. That was getting annoying after a while.”

“ You should be safe to move now.” She told him. “ If you have any troubles, come see me. I’ll do my best to aid you, as I was asked to.” Izuku nodded to her, getting off the makeshift operating table and put his hooded jumper make on. He checked his phone and paused.

“ When did this message come through?”

“ About a half hour ago. I didn’t read it.”

“ It’s fine if you had.” Izuku smiled. “ I need to gather everyone. We’re finally on.” Izuku typed in a message to the League’s group chat. He waited until later in the afternoon, after Denki and Ochako could get away from UA and into a place Kurogiri could easily pick them up from. Everyone gathered in Kurogiri’s bar on the ground level of their apartment complex. Izuku sat in front of everyone, fighting hard to keep a smile off his face. He eyed Tengai and Rappa while everyone gathered. Once everyone had, Tomura spoke up.

“ So. What’s this about, Izuku?” He said. “ You dragged us all here. It better be for a good reason.”

“ Tomura. When have I ever wasted anyone’s time?” Izuku asked playfully. “ Outside when I mess with you in fighting games.”

“ Then get on with it.” Tomura sighed.

“ Of course.” Izuku leant his elbows resting against the bar as he rocked slightly on his bar stool. “ So, to preface this, I’ll admit that I met with a Hero a few days ago.” There was a few surprised looks at this.

“ You did what?” Mustard exclaimed.

“ You had a good reason, right kid?” Dabi asked.

“ Of course. We were about to fight when I was doing... errands but ran into Overhaul.” He glanced up at Tengai. “ And his cousin, Eri.” The former monk tensed up. Rappa scratched his head.

“ I didn’t know Overhaul had a cousin.” He admitted.

“ He keeps her well hidden.” Tengai told him. “ Not a lot of our members know. I believe from the leading members only Chronostatis, Mimic, myself and Nemoto know about her. We were told for it to remain a secret on pain of death.”

“ Indeed. Do you know what Overhaul is doing with her?” Izuku asked. Tengai’s eye twitched. “ According to information I received, Overhaul has a secret underground lab where he creates his weapon and equipment.”

“ I suppose Shinso found that one out, did he.” Tengai asked.

“ Now now, Tengai. We’re all friends here. Your secrets are our secrets and all that.” Izuku winked at the man. “ Now, the hero in question mentioned a fun thing. That his agency had been looking in to the Shie Hassaikai. That they were planning a raid on the Shie Hassaikai. On all sectors, barring the main base. A raid that started about…” Izuku looked at his phone. “ 2 hours ago by my count.”

“ Why didn’t you tell us?!” Tengai asked, slamming his hands down on the table. Izuku grinned, reveling in the calm monk’s anger. He shrugged.

“ I believe it’s finally time I share with you both the true meaning of our alliance with your little group.” Izuku said. “ Overhaul killed one of our own. And he never paid back that arm and hand he owed us. We never were about to kowtow down to him after all this.”

“ You bird brained fucks are so simple minded. This wasn’t an alliance. It was an infiltration.” Tomura gloated. 

“ And now that balls rolling in our favour, we can finally drop the act.” Mina giggled in her seat.

“ Which leads me to my next question.” Izuku stood up and faced the two Shie Hassaikai members. “ You Yakuza are a dying breed. Soon, Overhaul will be gone. Your group buried in the annals of history. But if you join us, you can be so much more. We can provide whatever you need. Money. Power. You don’t have to fade away as some Yakuza thugs. You can join us and become true legends. What do you say?”

“ Are you crazy?” Tengai hissed. “ We would never betray-”

“ If I joined you, could I fight?” Rappa asked calmly. Izuku smiled.

“ Of course. A group like us is inevitably going to run into people who oppose our ideals, be it the police, the commission, heroes or even other villain groups. I can promise you all the fights you want, Rappa. You’d be our spear that shatters the enemy line.”

“ Rappa!”

“ And you can promise worthy opponents?”

“ All Might isn’t the only strong hero. All For One isn’t the only strong Villain. There are much more on their level. We’d need all the help we can get for facing them.”

“ Rappa! Stop! You can’t be serious here!” Tengai shouted. Rappa huffed, glaring at him.

“ I joined your little clubhouse cause Overjerk forced me too. I joined so I could become strong enough to defeat him. And you know how many serious fights he had me do? I can count them all on one fucking hand and when I do finally hit the field, he always has your ass holding me back. It’s been two years, Monk. Two years and I’ve hated every god damned second of it.” Rappa shouted. “ But these guys? They let me loose for the first time in ages. Against the likes of Hawks and Tiger Bunny. They respect my strength. I don’t give a crap about the Hassaikai. I wanna fight til my body gives out. Like hell and I gonna get that with you.”

“ How dare you!”

“ Tengai.” Izuku spoke up. “ A question.”

“ What?”

“ That girl, Eri.” He said, emotionlessly. “ Do you know what Overhaul has been doing with her?” The monk went quiet.

" Hmm? I know you and Toru have been whispering about some girl for a week or so now, but what’s she got to do with the mafia’s plans?” Mina asked, confused. Izuku looked at Tengai.

“ Do you want to tell them or should I?”

“ There’s no way you know.” Tengai challenged him.

“ So, you do know.” Izuku stated. Tengai didn’t answer.  Anger burned in Izuku’s eyes. “ The Shie Hassaikai are selling bullets that erase a persons quirk for a few hours. Of course, selling an imperfect product is rudimentary. It’s possible they have a more permanent version stashed somewhere in case of emergency.” Tengai’s eyes widened. “ And the way they make these bullets is-”

“ Silence!” Tengai shouted. Izuku glared at him. Wind channelled into his left leg before he fired a powerful blast of wind directly at the man, sending him into the bar wall before he even had a chance to raise a barrier.

“ After what you’ve done, you don’t get to order anything from me.” Izuku growled angrily.

“ I don’t get it. What’s happening?” Denki asked.

“ Talking about a quirk erasing bullet after transitioning from talking about a young girl.” Momo said thoughtfully. She gasped in horror. “ You can’t mean that. That’s inhumane!”

“ What are you all talking about?” Rappa asked. “ Is Overfuck up to some illicit shit? That should be expected.”

“ No man worth the name would do such a thing. You’d have to lack a heart.” Mustard reasoned.

“ What? What is happening?” Mina looked around the room. “ Just say it?” Anger grew in Tomura’s expression. Dabi clenched his fist, glaring daggers at Tengai as the Yakuza member held his chest in pain. Ice built up on Shoto’s prosthetic. Ochako pulled a long dagger from her coat pocket and floated it.

“ They are suggesting that Overhaul is using his quirk to turn a child into these quirk erasing bullets.” Kurogiri finally stated in a low, threatening tone. The room went silent. All eyes turned to the injured Tengai. Beside Izuku, Toru uncloaked.

“ And that’s why we’re going to save her.” She said firmly.

" Tengai.” Rappa growled. “ Is that true? Is this what you had me defending that fucking lab 24/7 for?”

“ How… did you find out?” Tengai growled. “ No-one from your group… should have been able… to get that information.”

“ Hello. My name is Toru Hagakure, also known as the Villain Violet though I think the heroes call me Ghost.” Toru waved. She slowly sauntered her way over to him. “ It’s all the same to me really. My quirk is Invisibility. It renders my skin completely see through. Of course, thanks to Sensei, I was able to acquire a second quirk.” She lowered her hand to her back pocket. “ It allows me to negate my quirk and the quirk of those I touch. It’s so strong it even renders certain Mutant quirks like mine null, hence why I can turn invisible and not invisible again.” As she reached him, with speed and strength most in the room didn’t even know she was capable off, Toru pinned Tengai’s arm to the wall, applying a crushing grip that caused the man to slightly groan in discomfort. “ I met Eri. She’s a good kid. She doesn’t deserve anything you’ve done to her. People like you? Who do nothing but cause pain to someone as innocent as that? You are worse than garbage.” She pulled back the hand behind her back. Tengai’s eyes went wide as she saw what she was carrying.

“ No. Don’t-”

“ Don’t what?” Toru drove the knife into the man’s chest. “ Hurt you? Why shouldn’t I?” Izuku watched Toru from afar. He’d never seen someone usually so calm and somewhat skittish be driven to such pure, bloody anger before. Her green eyes practically glowed as she stabbed Tengai again. The other League members watched silently. Some watched with slight concern, never having seen Toru so angry before. Others watched with utter enjoyment of the girl’s blood lust. “ She’s so scared. You’ve destroyed any chance she has at being happy.” Toru growled. “ You hurt her. So why? Why shouldn’t I hurt you?” The last four words were emphasized by fresh stab wounds.

“ Toru.” Izuku carefully placed a hand on Toru’s shoulder. She angrily swung her knife at him. Izuku dodged to the side, before grabbing her and pulling her close. Toru sobbed, the knife making a dull clatter as it hit the ground. Tengai’s lifeless body hit the ground, but neither even noticed.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ I know.”

“ I… I just want to protect her.”

“ I know.” Izuku held her close for a few minutes. They both shared the same feeling. Izuku knew it. Toru knew it. And everyone watching knew how much the Hassaikai deserved it. Izuku finally let Toru go, giving her a warm smile before turning back to the others. Pulling the bandages around his newly installed eye free, He smirked. “ Tomorrow at 9am, the Heroes raid Overhaul’s Villa. We’ll be there to show Overhaul what it means to cross us and to save Eri.” Izuku glanced back at Tengai’s corpse. “ And Kurogiri? Please clean up the trash.”

Chapter Text

Shota and Emi were assigned to the raid of Chisaki’s main base. Shota would have liked Mic to be there but we, alongside Gran Torino and Gang Orca, headed up the Shie Hassaikai base close by to make sure they’d have a place to ambush Chisaki if he escaped. Over the last week, they’d slowly been closing the ring in on Overhaul, taking out bases furthest away and closing inwards. Today was the end of that. Shota glanced around at the task force. Their heaviest hitters were gathered. The highest ranks, Ryukyu, Mirko and Hawks, alongside Rock Lock, Fat Gum and, surprisingly, Sir Nighteye, Mirio standing proudly next to him.

“ Nighteye?” Shota asked. “ Are you sure you should be here?”

“ Ha. Don’t worry, Eraser. I won’t be going in.” He reassured him. “ However, I still wish to oversee this venture. I started this investigation. I wish to see it finished. I can deal with Villains on the outside with the police and then wait for results. I wouldn’t want to get in the way with my injuries.”

“ You wouldn’t get in the way, Sir!” Mirio reassured him.

“ Ha. I appreciate your kind words, Mirio, but I’d rather let you focus.”

“ I guess you SEE your best role in this battle, eh? Eh?” Emi nudged Shota. Mirio laughed.

“ I’m sorry. She’s awful.”

“ Damn straight she is.” Hawks agreed as he and Mirko approached the group. “Everything's ready to go, Nighteye. Cops are armed. Heroes are primed. The enemy probably won’t see us coming.”

“ We’re ready to kick ass, take names and arrest avian assholes.” Mirko announced. “ No offence to our own avian asshole, of course.”

“ Thanks for confirming you were insulting me, Moon Rabbit.” Hawks chuckled. “ Anyway, we’re just waiting on your word.” Sir Nighteye smiled.

“ I’ll admit. It’s nice to be counted on again. I haven’t done something this big since I worked alongside All Might.” Nighteye exhaled, calming his nerves. “ Everyone into position.”

“ Right!” Shota and Emi looked at each other before joining the rest of the heroes. Shota looked around. He spotted his kids. Bakugo doing squats to warm himself up. Kirishima nervously conversing with Fat Gum and Tamaki. Asui looking ahead with an unnaturally steely eyed glare from the girl. Tokoyami seemed calm as always outwardly but inwardly, Shoto couldn’t tell.

“ They’ll be fine, Shota.” Emi reassured him, catching his darting eyes. “ Trust them.”

“ I’m trying.” He admitted. “ But as their teacher, I can’t help but worry. I don’t trust myself not to try and protect them recklessly. Can I ask you to have my back, Emi?” Emi smiled lightly.

“ You’re my friend, Shota. I’d be an idiot not to.”

" Thanks. That puts my mind at ease.” 

“ Everyone!” Shota and Emi quickly got ready at Nighteye’s voice. “ You know what we must do. Our prime target is a rescue mission. We must save the niece of the leader of the Shie Hassaikai whose name we believe is Eri Chisaki. We’ll likely face a lot of resistance. They may be Yakuza, but they have an array of equipment that makes them possibly deadly. Don’t lose heart. We must stop them here.” The group nodded before beginning their advance on the facility, warrant in hand. Today would be the day the Hassaikai fell.


An explosion from above shook the building. “ Man, sounds like Rikiya is getting right to work.” Setsuno laughed. “ Hey, Temp Squad. You hearing this shit?”

“ I don’t understand why they had to do this so early in the morning.” Himiko complained, rubbing her eyes. “ I’m so sleepy.”

“ Same. I’m so tired. I’m super energetic today. Wide Awake. ” Twice exclaimed. Hitoshi simply rolled a shoulder, eyeing the mafia trio they’d been stuck with. Setsuno, Tabe and Hojo. Also known by the moniker of the trash trio. Not the most flattering of names, but they considered themselves that and had pride as that.

 Hitoshi, of course, had been briefed by Toru of the plan a day in advance. While the heroes attacked, Izuku and a few others would slip in and rescue the young girl trapped in this base for themselves. Hitoshi had known about her for a while now, ever since Toru found her. He wanted to save her quick, but knew he couldn’t. Either way, he’d been searching for holes in the Shie Hassaikai’s defences.

On the grounds of a possible internal rebellion, he learned that would never happen. Of all the Shie Hassaikai, the henchmen feared the new boss while also being too loyal to the old boss, who was still being held in the building in a coma, to run off. The Eight Precepts, alongside Chronostasis and Mimic, were too loyal to Chisaki. Like Izuku, Chisaki had saved them all personally. Izuku wondered if he had better luck with the two he got a hold of. Toru forgot to say. Either way, it was his time.

“ Hey.” Hitoshi spoke up. “ I know this is a bad time, but about that offer you gave us before.”

“ Hmm?” Setsuno looked up at him.

“ I’d like to accept it. It may be a bad time, but I’d like you to know you can trust us to have your back.”

“ Woah? Seriously?” Setsuno asked, surprised. “ You’ve decided to ditch that loser Shaggy Rocky?” 

“ Duh.” Himiko said with a smile. “ We wanna play with the strongest people. You guys are way more fun than that dusty dude.”

“ We were going to tell Chisaki the next time we met, but it seems as though that might not be until after this mess is sorted out. It would be better if you didn’t have to watch your back, wondering if were going to turn on you, right?” Hitoshi put his hand out towards Hojo.

“ I am glad you have made the right decision.” Hojo said, shaking Hitoshi’s hand. Setsuno threw his arm around the purple haired boys shoulder.

“ Nice to have you guys on board.” Setsuno said chuckling. Tabe nodded excitedly

“ We play to win. I am the best loser. Twice said with a shrug. Hitoshi slowly moved Setsuno’s arm off his shoulder.

“ So then. Hojo. Setsuno. You never said. How does your quirks work?” Hitoshi asked, looking down at his hand, massaging his wrist. “ If I know, we can work around them better. You know ours but we don’t know yours.”

" Yeah, that’s fair.” Setsuno nodded. “ Mines called Larceny. I can steal shit that's in other peoples hands.”

“ Like, you walk up and make ‘em hand it over?”

“ Nope. It’s like a attractive force. I just will it and it comes to me.”

“ Man, that would make so much things so easy.” Himiko said, sounding amazed. “ You could just yoink guns and stuff from gangsters and cops.”

" And yours Hojo?” Hitoshi asked, pacing.

“ Crystallise. I can grow blue crystals across my body from my skin. They are very durable.”

“ Charge time?”

“ None.”

“ I see. “ Hitoshi stopped next to Tabe. He looked up, smirking as he raised his fist. “ Like this right?” Blue crystals pushed out all over Hitoshi’s fist before he brought it down, smashing the crystal coated arm down on top of Tabe’s head, sending the Yakuza sprawling to the ground, knocked out with blood staining his mask. Hojo and Setsuno froze in shock.

“ T-That’s not your quirk! That's mine!” Hojo exclaimed. “ How!” Himiko burst out laughing. 

“ Jinny! Toshi! Look at their faces!” Himiko said between fits of giggles. Hitoshi shook his head, returning to the other League members and raising the voice modulator around his collar “ They thought we were serious! Ah ha ha! What morons!”

“ You people are so stupid. Did you really think we’d ever betray Tomura and Izuku and join you filth?” Hitoshi asked. Setsuno growled angrily. He reached to his side, pulling a gun from it’s holster.

" You bastards!” Hitoshi held his hand out, pulling the gun from his grip across the room. He caught it, looking over it.

“ You’re right. This is quite useful.” Hitoshi chuckled. “ 1 minute has passed.”

“ 4 minutes to go, huh? Heh. We’ll be done in half the time.” Himiko giggled, pulling her knives out.

“ Come on. Let’s crush ‘em.” Twice said, pulling some of his tape from his costume. Hojo covered his body with his quirk. Setsuno got ready to fight himself, drawing a knife. Hitoshi smiled, expanding his voice modulator to the full helmet, coating his arms in Hojo’s crystals using Copy. Hitoshi was glad he finally got to stop pretending to like the creeps in the Yakuza. He was going to enjoy this.


Eri flinched at the commission above, trying to quiet all the noise by pulling a pillow over her head. She hated loud noises. It brought back bad memories. Her mother screaming at her and hitting her for being a cursed child after she rewound her father. The loud machinery used by Chisaki. Of being torn apart and stitched back together over and over and over and-

“ Eri?” Eri bolted up at the voice. Her heart calmed slightly as Toru took her mask off, smiling at her kindly. She knelt down to her eye level, speaking calmly. Soothingly. “ Hey. Are you alright?” Eri wasn’t sure how she kept managing to get away from Chisaki, but over the last few weeks, the invisible woman had become a welcome sight. Calming. Nothing like anyone else she’d met. Eri slowly clambered off her bed and slowly stepped towards Toru only for another loud bang to sound above her, causing her to flinch and trip over her hospital gown. Toru caught her.

“ M-Miss Toru?” Eri asked nervously. “ W-What’s going on?”

“ We’re getting you out of here. That’s what.”

“ N-No!” Eri squeaked. “ I-If you do that… he’ll find you and… and he’ll…”

“ He won’t hurt you or anyone again. Don’t worry me and my friends will make sure of that.” Toru held Eri close. “ We’ll save you. I promised that. Now I’ll fulfil it. Please. Trust me.”

“ I… I…” Eri didn’t want to hope anymore. She’d done that before and it had always ended in tragedy. But no-one like Toru had ever existed in Eri’s life. She was different. Warm. Kind. Strong enough to even evade Chisaki. She’d tried escaping on her own and no-one came for her. Even when she ran into a hero, he did nothing. She didn’t want to suffer anymore. Maybe, finally, she could get away. “ Save me.” She sobbed.

 “ Of course.” Toru told her, determined. “ Come on. Let’s get you to safety.” Once again, Eri left the safety of her room- her cell. This time, she wasn’t coming back. 


Mirio ran through the underground base dodging moving walls and corridors as the entire building shifted around them. Ryukyu and Hawks had stayed above after they had been assaulted by one of Chisaki’s Eight Precepts above ground, giving everyone else the go ahead to move onwards. As they entered the place however, the underground started moving wildly. Aizawa theorised it was on of the higher ups of the Shie Hassaikai, Mimic, using Trigger to keep them back from Chisaki. “ This is taking too long.” Mirio said through gritted teeth. The ceiling above him pushed downwards, threatening to crush them. It was met by a powerful explosion, clearing it away.

“ Get your ass in line, Tintin!” Bakugo shouted at him.

“ He’s right Mirio. You can’t fight if you’re this distracted.” Tamaki told him as they ran.

“ Sorry.” Mirio told them. “ I’m just worried about her, y’know?”

“ Mirko.” Aizawa spoke up. “ We won’t get anywhere if we’re all together like this. Don’t wait for us. Take Lemillion, Dynamight and Red Riot and push onwards. We’ll handle things here. Find the girl and Chisaki.”

“ You sure?” Mirko asked, glancing back at him.

“ He likely can’t focus on two groups at once.” He told her. “ Leave Mimic to Rock Lock, Ms Joke and I. You and Fat Gum can push on and deal with Chisaki. We’ll catch up later.”

“ Are you certain, Eraser?” Aizawa nodded.

“ He’s likely trying to push back the biggest threats. As the one who can erase quirks without resorting to bullets, he’ll likely keep targeting me.”

“ We’ll play decoy.” Ms Joke said confidently. “ Leave this guy to us. Just get that little girl.”

“ Hmm. It’s a good enough plan.” Rock Lock nodded. “ Fine. I’m in.”

“ But if you do this, you’re putting yourself at risk.” Fat Gum stated. “ I can’t just let you-”

“ Keep your personal feelings out of this, Fat Gum.” Aizawa said sharply. “ It’s not rational. We’re here to protect kids. So protect kids.” The two caught each other’s eye. Fat Gum caught the hidden message in that statement. So did Mirio. Aizawa wanted him and Mirko to protect him, Kirishima and Bakugo as well as Eri. Mirio smiled. For as scary as his reputation made him out to be, Eraserhead was really a good man. Mirio wouldn’t let him go.

“ Let’s move.” He stated.

“ I’m with the kid.” Mirko agreed. “ You’re welcome to stay if you don’t think you can keep up, big man.”

“ Hey. Just cause I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m slow.” Fat Gum growled. With one last look at Aizawa, he turned back to the corridor. “ Riot. Eater. You guys ready?”

“ Always.” Kirishima said confidently. Tamaki simply nodded. Bakugo punched a hand in his fist.

“ Let’s stop waiting around then. Let’s go!”

“ Right.” Mirio nodded. “ Stay safe, guys.”

“ Quit worrying about us. We’ve bee in this business longer than you realise.” Rock Lock sneered. “ A living corridor won’t be enough to kill us.”

“ Good luck, everyone.” Ms Joke smiled. Aizawa simply nodded. Without another word, Mirko took off, Mirio and Bakugo hot on her tail, Tamaki, Kirishima and Fat Gum taking the rear. After a while, the corridor calmed and straightened out, letting them freely enter the very depths of the lab. Seems Aizawa’s gamble paid off. Now there was nothing to stop him. Mirio stared dead ahead, ready to make up for past mistakes. Then the floor opened up beneath him.


“ 4 minutes have passed.” Hitoshi said, jumping back to avoid a heavy blow from Hojo. Intercepting the crystalline man, Twice made a clone of Rikiya and put it to work. On the far side of the room, Himiko and Setsuno danced. Himiko had long since lost her knives to the man but she was able to still put up a fight with her fancy footwork and dance like motions Hitoshi was almost certain she’d picked up from living alongside Mina for so long, alongside the injection devices that shot out at awkward angles, keeping the thieving Yakuza on his toes.

“ Careful, Toshi.” Twice pushed him back as the Rikiya clone smashed passed them, dissolving against a newly formed crater in the back wall. “ Y’know, for trash they’re taking their time to go down.”

“ Trash we may be.” Hojo bellowed. “ However, Overhaul decided that we pieces of trash had worth. For him, we shall fight fiercely.”

“ Even trash… has pride.” Setsuno announced leaping back to Hojo’s sides after escaping a furious serious of blows from Himiko. Both sides panted, taking a slight moment to breath.

“ Five minutes is up.” Hitoshi muttered. “ Twice.”

“ Got it.” Twice removed the glove of his suit and moved to high five Hitoshi. However, as he moved, so did Hojo. In a quick motion, he went to deliver a crystal infused punch to Hitoshi’s head. Twice pushed Hitoshi down, taking the blow directly to the chest, getting pushed across the room.

“ JIN!” Himiko screamed.

“ Twice!” Hitoshi growled. His hand shot out, grabbing Hojo by the arm. Hitoshi grew crystals on his arms again and delivered a series of brutal blows to the bald man. Hojo deftly dodged away from the attacks. Hitoshi glanced backwards“ Is he…” Himiko reached down to check Twice’s pulse. Then, Twice laughed.

“ You… hurt me.” He breathed as he sat up. “ You broke… my fucking ribs! And I’m still here!” Then he laughed again. Then he coughed. " Man, that hurts..."

“ What?” Hojo looked shocked.

“ This guys lost his last marble me thinks.” Setsuno muttered. Twice pushed himself to his feet. He tore the mask from his face and coughed up blood before breathing heavily.

“ Sorry… Sorry. Let me… compose myself.” He chuckled. “ Here’s a fun piece of trivia about me, Yakuza bastards. I once used clones of myself for everything. Thought all I needed was me, myself and I. Then, all the clones fought and killed each other off cause we didn’t know who was the real deal anymore. It’s how I got this scar.” Twice slowly put his mask back on. “And I never knew. Not 100%. Couldn’t tell if I was the real deal. Not until today. That force woulda destroyed a clone. But I’m still standing. Know what that means, friendo?” Around Twice, a number of clones appeared. All of them Twice. They laughed before stating in unison. “ In a word, it means you’re fucked.”

Hitoshi and Himiko watched in awe as Twice got to work. Clones spawned clones that spawned clones and all of them charged forwards the two Yakuza men. The real Twice stood between the two, arms folded and watching the spectacle unfold. Hojo and Setsuno started out quickly dispatching clone by clone but as one replaced another over and over, they couldn’t with stand the tide. By the end of Twice’s assault of clones, both were on the ground, bloody and half dead. Twice watched as, at a thought, the clones fell apart.

“ Twice. Are you alright?” Hitsohi asked.

“ All this time, I wondered if I really had the right to think myself as real.” Twice answered wistfully. “ Now I know. I was always the real one. Honestly. It’s a weight off my back.” He looked up at the two. “ Toshi. Himiko. Thanks for being there for me.”

" Aw. Jinny.” Himiko brought her good friend into a hug. Hitoshi was caught by surprised as she dragged Hitoshi into it as well. “ We’re in this together. Us. Mina. Everyone. Let’s find a place where we can all be happy and free, right?”

“ Ha. Right.” Twice said happily. Hitoshi let out a laugh.

“ Right. Let’s crush these Yakuza bastards. Then we can meet up with the others.” Hitoshi stated. Himiko did not let go. “ Himiko.”

“ Just a little longer, Toshi?” Hitoshi sighed. But he relented. This was his family now. He could let himself indulge in that fact for a little while longer.


Mirio crash landed somewhere in the facility, the voices of Tamaki echoing down after him briefly before the hole closed up. He groaned in annoyance for letting himself get caught by such an obvious trick. Seemed that Mimic wasn’t so blind after all. Mirio got up off the ground and looked around. He could be anywhere now, with all the twisting a turning the corridors had been doing. Further down. Back on the surface. Across the area. He didn’t knew. He decided waiting around wouldn’t solve anything and got moving.

Nothing happened for about fifteen minutes. Just him running through the halls, passing through the odd wall or two and thanking his costume designers for letting his costume make the trip with unlike his regular clothes. He listened for the sounds of the ongoing battle. The roof shook sometimes, sending dust down from above. Mimic must still be going. He hoped everyone was alright. A distant cry echoed through the tunnels. Mirio tried not to let his minds make voices he knew out of them.

Mirio stopped. The sudden sound of a pair of boots running down the corridor. Mirio quietly crept, listening as the running got closer and closer. He held his breath and held against the wall. A figure burst out from a side corridor. “ M-Miss Toru!”

“ Don’t worry. We’re almost there.”

“ No! Behind us!” The figure gasped, spinning on her heel. Mirio cursed under his breath before stepping forwards. He noticed her as the figure put her down.

“ Get behind me.” They said. The figure in question was dressed in a bulky, white stealth suit with an odd, almost skull like mask. There voice was distorted by their mask, making it hard to tell their gender. They pulled two daggers from their belt. But the young girl behind her interested him more.

“ Eri!” Mirio exclaimed. The girl recoiled at the sound of her name, hiding herself behind the mysterious figure. 

“ Stay away from her, Hero.” The last word came full of mocking and venom. It was very familiar.

“ You’re not a part of the mafia, are you.” The figure didn’t answer. “ Are you with Izuku?” This got their attention. “ I’m Lemillion. Me and him made a deal.”

“ I see. So you’re Usagi’s hero contact.” The figure relented, putting their knives away. “ Call me Violet.”

“ Violet? Ah. One of the mysterious villains we don’t know the identity of. From the outfit, I’m going to guess Ghost”

“ If that’s what you want to call me, fine.” Ghost told him bluntly. “ So then, Hero. Are you gonna do your job or stand here talking?”

“ Oh. You’re right. We should get moving.” Mirio crouched down, looking at Eri from her hiding spot behind Ghost. “ I’m going to get you out of here, OK?” Eri looked back at him with a look of fear and distrust. She shuffled slightly, moving closer to Ghost and clumsily grasping at their gloved hand with her own. Mirio tried not to outwardly express the hurt he felt in his heart. That this young girl would trust a Villain of the League more than a hero like himself. Then again, he supposed, maybe it wasn’t that surprising. He stood up. “ Do you know of a way out?”

“ Assuming the doll like moron hasn’t messed the corridors up too much, it should be straight down here.” Ghost gestured to the winding corridor Mirio had just come down. “ Lead the way, Hero.” Mirio didn’t like the mocking tone Ghost had everytime they said the word hero. He guessed Izuku wasn’t the only one who needed help in the League but that sentiment could wait. He nodded.

“ Follow me.” Ghost picked Eri back up into her arms and nodded before joining Mirio in running down the corridors. The League. Eri. People like them who didn’t trust heroes. Mirio didn’t know what happened in their lives but he knew one thing. He wanted to help them. To start, he’d have to make up for his mistakes. He’d save them all. One person at a time.

Chapter Text

Joi Irinaka groaned as he emerged from the wall, watching as it twisted back to normal. His boost had worn off but the heroes were still active. He’d dispatched the loud UA brat by dropping him into the lower levels were he knew Hojo and his group were, backed by the Leagues reinforcements. Hopefully they’d be able to take him down. He’d tried dropping more but that bitch of a rabbit got the others out of the way. The other heroes had been annoyingly resilient. If Rappa and Tengai had still been around, he’d have shoved them away to have them crush them. As it stood though, he had to deal with them. But with Rock Lock stopping his movements and Joke and Eraserhead’s deft movements, pinning them down was near impossible. Eventually, they just timed him out.

Joi pulled himself up. He couldn’t stop yet. He needed to find Kai and Hari and get out of here. This place was done for. He was sure of that. But they had other bases. They could rebuild. As long as Kai escaped, the Shie Hassaikai could live on. They could- “ Joi. Are you alright?” Joi perked up.

“ Kai! You-” Then he froze. If he could speak, he would be screaming curses right now. From the shadows, Brainstorm steps out. He removes the mask to let Joi see his demented smirk.

“ Easy as always.”

“ Good work, Hitoshi.” Joi’s eyes would have widened if he wasn't under Brainstorm’s control. Standing before him now, pulling at the sleeves of his coat, was Usagi. He smiled. “ How’s it going, Joi? You look like you wore yourself ragged trying to deal with teach and his pals.” He leant his back against the wall. “ Now, I’m going to ask you a few questions.”

“ You will answer truthfully to anything you are asked.” Brainstorm commanded.

“ Now then. Did you manage to create any bullets that could permanently remove someone's quirk?” Usagi asked. As he answered, Joi apologised to Kai internally. He knew trusting the League was a mistake.


Mirio and Ghost burst out of the complex into a large room. Mirio saw the numerous crates and equipment, immediately recognising it as a storage warehouse. They must have came out a few streets away from the actually main building. Sir’s theory was right. Seems Chisaki really did own the nearby buildings for his own nefarious purposes. Seemed like they just came through some kind of access point for any heavy cargo to get transported into the lab proper without arousing any suspicion.

“ Through here.” Ghost said. “ If we get outside, we’ll be set. I can have Kurogiri pick Eri and I up.”

“ Woah woah woah.” Mirio stopped. “Eri is not going with the League.” 

“ You’d rather she go with you?” Ghost asked. “ You heroes have already failed people like her and me far too many times. No. She comes with me.”

“ I can’t let that happen. Who knows what the League will-”

“ What? You think we’re going to do what Chisaki did?” Ghost glared at him. “ Don’t be absurd. I… We didn’t come all this way just to further abuse someone like that. You heroes know more about abusing kids than we do anyway.”

“ And what’s that supposed to mean.”

“ Endeavour.” She answered bluntly. “ I highly doubt he’s the only one so fixated on one goal that he tortures his family in his journey to become the best.” Mirio grimaced at that. After the battle in Kamino and the appearance of Crucible and Dabi in the League’s attack on the hero license exam, rumors about the true identities of the two villains appeared everywhere online. Social media. Leaks to the media. Forum posts. Everywhere. It was hard not to know the theory that Endeavour’s missing children, Touya and Shoto Todoroki, were the villains known as Dabi and Crucible. Some believed it and wanted answered but they were a minority at this stage.

“ Is that rumour true?” Mirio asked.

“ That Endeavours kids are with us? Yes.” Ghost confirmed. “ And that’s just the tipping point  You don’t know what we’ve been through. So don’t you dare insinuate we would ever do anything to hurt her.” Mirio didn’t know what to say about that. He knew not all heroes were good people after that. Sir had done his own investigations into the victims of Stain and Forge, so he understood that. He wondered what the other members had been through. He wondered how he could best try and help. Wondered if he even could at this point. Either way, he had a priority today.

 “ You’ve made your point. But I still won’t let you take her.”

“ You don’t have a choice.” Ghost told him before she began walking.

“ Stop right there and let her go. Before I stop you by force.” Mirio warned. She sighed

“ Is now really the time for this? Think for once, Hero. We need too get out of here before-”

“ Eri.” The voice echoing from where they emerged from caused all three to freeze. Mirio noticed as Eri dug her nails into Ghost’s shoulder. “ There you are.”

“ No.” She whimpered. “ I’ve killed us. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She repeated under her breath. Mirio turned to face the voice. Flanked by three other men in similar, bird shaped masks, Kai Chisaki emerged from the tunnel.

“ I was worried when I couldn’t find my dear cousin. To think some wannabe heroes were kidnapping her.” Chisaki sneered.

“ Call us Child Protective Services.” Ghost snarked. “ I hear there was a warrant.”

“ We will not let you keep abusing this girl, Chisaki.” Mirio shouted.

“ Abusing? Such petty words to throw around without evidence.”

“ Your entire lab counts as evidence.” Ghost said.

“ And your reluctance to comply with our warrant gives us legal right to take her to safety.” Mirio said. “ As for you, your under arrest for illegal drug trafficking and the unregulated making of weapons and support items. Come quietly or I will be forced to use force.” Chisaki sighed.

“ So, you know your legal rights, do you? Very well.” Chisaki snapped his fingers At it, the cloaked bird mask and the long haired bird mask moved between him and the duo threatening him. Ghost slowly let Eri down.

“ Eri. Hide.” She told her.

“ B-But-”

“ We’ll be fine.” Mirio tried to reassure her. “ If you make it outside, you’ll-”

“ You’ll find a guy with a gas mask and a smoke like face.” Ghost quickly cut him off. “They answer to Mustard and Kurogiri. They’ll get you to safety.” Mirio grimaced but decided not to correct her. Too much information would confuse her in this situation. He just hoped Hawks or someone else on the outside would find her before the villains could spirit her away. The girl nervously stumbled backwards. As the long haired man charged, Mirio intercepted him, his limbs crackling with electricity.

“ Go. We’ll be right behind you.” He reassured her. Ghost pulled her knives from her belt. Eri screwed her eyes shut, nodded slightly and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.

“ Don’t let her get away.” Chisaki ordered. Chronostasis ran after her only for Ghost to appear quite literally in his path and swing at him with her weapons.

“ You don’t get away. Not after you helped kill Spinner.” The man in the white raincoat clicked his teeth jumping back. Both Ghost and Mirio held their grounds between the Yakuza and the back door Eri was sprinting through. Overhaul growled, stepping forwards.

“ Fine. Heroes. League. I don’t care anymore.” Chisaki’s gloves vanished. “ You die now.”


Hiiro sighed, swinging his legs over the legs of a discarded fork lift. “ Why are we here again?”

“ This is where Toru said she’d come out.” Shoto told him from his place standing below. Kurogiri nodded.

“ Why don’t we meet her at some other point? Or better yet, why doesn’t she call you, Kuro? That’s usually what we do.”

“ Because, the sensors work on signal similar to a mobile phones. It’s to send certain signals out to certain receivers and, as such, it doesn’t work underground unless those receivers are implemented.” Kurogiri explained.

“ If only Usagi thought to plant one of those receivers in a bear or something for Toru to gift to the brat.” Hiiro said.

“ Maybe you should have suggested that before today.” Shoto told him. Hiiro clicked his tongue. He turned his attention back to the warehouse. The fighting a few streets away echoed in the background. The heroes trying to deal with the mooks of the Shie Hassaikai. In the confusion, they managed to dump the bird monk’s body in the Yakuza’s backyard before coming here. Rappa and Dabi stayed behind to see how many people they could gather to join the League. He didn’t know why, but Tomura and Izuku seemed almost single minded in their goal of getting a lot of numbers and Hiiro had no clue why. Kurogiri, Toru and that doctor chick seemed to know but he wasn’t getting answers out of them. Either way, he doubted the bird man group would just give up and side with them if Overhaul was any example.

All this fighting. It reminded him of home. Hiiro was a smart kid, especially when it came to equations and calculus. But in his home, that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter how much he tried, he was always the cursed son. His sister. She was the golden child. She knew she could get away with anything. But him? He always seemed to end up with all the punishment for her mistakes. Physical or not. But there was two things he had that she didn’t. He was better at maths than her and he found a gun. And when he accidentally shot her in the arm, he found out how much more powerful it made him. His sister left him alone that.  He liked his gun. It made him feel safe. His quirk was also powerful. He refused to let her beat him just because she had a safer quirk. That’s why he joined the league. To prove to everyone he could do something amazing. He refused to stay in the shadow of less deserving people like he had his entire life. But the League. These people acknowledged his strength. Some of them, like Denki and Shuichi, actually wanted to be friends. He felt the knife at his side, on the opposite side of his costume than where he kept his favourite tool. Since his friend was taken from him, he’d pay the Yakuza back tenfold. 

He was distracted from his thoughts by movement. A small flash of white escaping the warehouse. “ Yo. We’ve got incoming.”

“ Who is it?”

“ Small figure in white. Ain’t Toru. Let’s see. Long hair. Covered in…” Hiiro lurched forwards. “ Holy shit it’s the girl. She’s alone.”

" No Toru?”

“ Dude, you’re asking me if I can see the invisible chick. How the hell am I supposed to know?” Mustard hoped down from the Forklift just as the little girl rounded the corner. She looked up at him before tripping. Hiiro caught her before she hit the ground. “ Easy, kid. Easy.”

“ A-A-A-Are y-you Ms T-Toru’s f-friends?” She asked, panicked. 

“ I wouldn’t exactly call us friends but-”

“ That’s right.” Shoto nodded, cutting Hiiro off. “ Where is she?”

“ P-Please. She and m-mister Hero. T-They’re fighting M-Mister Kai but… they’ll d-die.” This caught the threes attention.

“ Where?” Shoto asked. The girl just sheepishly pointed at the Warehouse.

“ Kuro!” Hiiro shouted. The mist man nodded.

“ I shall take her to safety. Go.”

“ No! I don’t want to leave them!”

“ Too bad.” Hiiro handed the girl off to Kurogiri. “ Sho.”

“ We’ll get Toru and regroup. Kurogiri, get her out of here.” Before waiting for a response, the two headed into the gray, Shoto heading through the main entrance and Hiiro heading for the roof, pulling his revolver from it’s holster. As he climbed the ladder however, he was almost blown off it as something smashed into the Warehouse. He growled, regaining his footing.

“ Now what the hell is happening?”


Toru drove a knife into the long haired Yakuza’s back as he was distracted trying to get eyes on Lemillion, pushing the man down before delivering a swift kick to his temple, knocking him out cold. Lemillion, for his credit, was faring quite well. He was fast, strong and his quirk made him nearly untouchable. Toru phased back into invisibility, letting the hero take the Yakuza’s aggression. 

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t quite reach Chisaki. The man had resorted to reshaping the ground around them and he had annoyingly good senses. Whenever she moved to strike him, he turned the ground around him into spikes of stone, forcing her on the back foot. As such, she decided to change her targets, dealing with his henchmen first. As long as Nemoto couldn’t target her, he couldn’t force her to speak. As long as she didn’t give away her movements, Kurono couldn’t slow her down. And not giving away her movements is something she’d practised by sneaking into UA and other places time and time again.

“ This is becoming troublesome.” Nemoto admitted. “ The student is one thing but the League’s phantom is a threat.”

“ I can’t hit what I can’t see.” Chronostasis called back.

“ Just because we can’t see them doesn’t make them unhittable.” Nemoto mused. “ Move.” Chronostasis moved to join Overhaul before a wall erupted between them. Nemoto pulled both guns out and spun firing. Toru weaved around a few shots before getting caught in the shoulder, grunting from the recoil.

“ There.” The ground beneath her rumbled before erupting. Toru cursed as an earthen spike pierced her left arm as she moved to dodge, pinning her down. Overhaul hummed as he slowly walked over to her. “ Hmm. So even after taking such heavy damage, you remain invisible. It must be your natural state then. Which means you coming back into focus is a trick. Or just you showing off.” Overhaul placed another hand to the ground, causing it to rumble as he reshaped it. One burst from either side of the on that had her pinned down. Toru screamed as an earthen spike pierced through her side. “ There you are.”

“ CHISAKI!” Overhaul looked sharply to the left, leaning down as Mirio emerged from the ground, swinging a leg at his head before propelling himself over Overhaul and destroying the pillars with a punch. Toru dropped to the ground panting.

“ Are you alright?”

“ Don’t you pity me.” Toru growled. She tried to get up but screamed as her leg failed to move, dropping her back to the ground. “ Shit… I can’t stop here.” A mask appeared from the air, bouncing across the warehouse floor. Her form flickered like unfocused static as she forced herself to retain her visible form. “ I… am not… giving up… yet.”

“ Your body is beyond its limits.” Lemillion told her.

“ Don’t you dare... try and pity me. You don’t… understand what that girl has… been through. You don’t get… what it’s like to… to fear and hate your quirk. For it to… drive you insane because… try as you might… you can’t control it.” Toru slowly got her footing back, rising on shaking legs to her feet.

“ Ah. I see.” Overhaul looked at Toru’s glitching form, shuddering from invisible to appearing as a staticky mess, her hateful eyes staring daggers into him. “ So, you’re cursed too.”

“ I… WE… aren’t cursed…” Toru grunted. She was down one arm and her knives were somewhere under rubble but Toru didn’t need them. She would choke the life out of this detestable man with her bare hands. She slowly pulled something from her belt. “ Hero… Get down… below the surface.” Lemillion looked at her and nodded. With all she could muster, Toru raised her damaged arm with the object in her unbroken one.

“ What are you planning?” Nemoto shouted at her. Toru smirked as She turned invisble, stretching her damage arm out as best she could.

“ Blinding you fuckers.”

On the day she met him, Izuku asked her a barrage of questions. Back then, Toru was somewhat intimidated by Izuku. He was incredibly smart and knew a lot of things. He had a mind like an open trap but he seemed almost scared to express any knowledge he held. Over the months, however, she saw how he improved. He got stronger, smarter and more confidant. After a while, Toru began to love him. However, she also felt like she was falling behind. When Izuku got severely injured in the Sports Festival, she decided she didn’t want to be weak anymore. For his sake. So she trained. Hard. Beyond hard. So she’d never fail him again. And part of the training stemmed from one question.

“ If I shine a flashlight through my hand, I can change how the light... reflects as it passes through my body.” She said. “ Dazzling Flash.” Light refracted in a massive, blinding flash through her arm, causing the three men to recoil from it. “ In the end, I may be weak. I can only rely on ambushes to do anything in a fight. But what I can do is support the people I care about. You’re an organization, Chisaki. But the League? We’re family. People like us. Maybe we’re broken, but we… We can be fixed.” Toru smiled as she saw Mirio pop out of the ground and smash Chisaki in the face. “ There's no such thing... as a cursed quirk.”

“ You’re both… ridiculous.” Chisaki growled. His hand moved to his shirt pocket. As he got struck, he threw something to Nemoto. “ Fire at will.” Toru looked at the man in surprise as he caught the bullet and loaded it into his gun as the blindness wore off. “ Of course quirks are cursed.” He spat as he pulled himself off the ground. “ Cursed by giving blind men dreams far above their station. It’s like a disease and you’re all infected. Heroes and Villains. I’ll cleanse you all.” Toru looked in horror as the cloaked bird man took aim at her. Her body failed her. She couldn’t move. Toru closed her eyes, ready for impact.

Then the ceiling burst open.


Izuku and Hitoshi entered the room just in time to see the titanic body of Rikiya Katsumake slammed into the ground by Ryukyu. A sudden wave of ice was the next to enter the room as Chronostasis was frozen solid by Shoto as he entered from around back. Izuku’s eyes darted around at the chaos in the room. Hawks was joining Rukyu now alongside Froppy and Tsukuyomi. Lemillion was falling back as Overhaul broke the ground open. Sakaki was down for the count. That only left… “ TORU!” Izuku shouted, bursting through the chaos.

“ Izu...ku…” Toru collapsed in his arms, the last of her strength giving way blood covering her clothes and body as she slowly faded into static as she returned invisible. He handed her over to Hitoshi.

“ Get her to safety. I’ll handle the rest.”

“ Right.” Hitoshi nodded, rushing off. Izuku turned to face Overhaul.

“ Chisaki! How dare you?!” He shouted. The man glanced over at him and growled.

“ You.” Overhaul narrowed his eyes. “I should have known you’d be here. This is what I get for trusting outsiders. No matter. I’ll clean you up like I will the rest of you filth and get her back.”

“ Usagi?” Lemillion retreated to Izuku’s position.

“ Back?” Izuku questioned. He glanced over to Lemillion. “Where’s Eri?”

“ She got out. That friend of yours, Ghost. They told her to find Kurogiri.” Izuku breathed a sigh of relief.

“ Enough of this. Nemoto.” Izuku looked shocked. He hadn’t seen Nemoto in his looking around the room. He did another brief scouting only to hear a gun shot.

“ Gah.” Izuku turned sharply. Nemoto staggered back, holding his hand as blood seeped from it.

“ Tsk tsk.” From above, Mustard waggled his finger before leaping down to ground level and quickly sending a plume of gas into Nemoto’s face. The mask did little to filter the effect as the man crashed to the ground unconscious. Mustard picked up Nemoto’s pistol. “ Shoddy thing this.”

“ Nice assist, Mustard.” Izuku smiled.

“ You. You. YOU!” Overhaul shouted. He grabbed at his mask, destroying it in his anger. “ How dare you ruin my plans! USAGI!”

“ I’m not the one you should be thanking. Violet. Brainstorm. Himiko. Twice. You should be thanking them all.” Behind his mask, Izuku smirked. “ But in the end, it was your naivety and ego that tricked you. Imagine thinking we were equals. It’s laughable.”

“ But those three. They said you had no plans of betraying us.”

“ Of course. You can’t betray someone you were never allied with, after all.” Chisaki grit his teeth. Wing beats sounded above them.

“ Well now. Thought I heard a hell of a commotion over here. Now, this is a pretty sight. The League fighting the Yakuza.” Hawks snarked. “ What are we going to do about that.”

“ I’ve already called a truce with Lemillion until after this whole thing is dealt with. You can fight us later.” Izuku said dismissively. Hawks laughed.

“ Well, we do only have enough firepower to deal with one of you at the moment. I suppose it can’t be helped.” Izuku noticed the stress in Overhaul’s face now. Not only was he facing down Lemillion, one of UA’s big three, but three members of the League of Villains and the number three hero with more on the way. “ Unless this lesser bird will surrender.”

“ Surrender? Surrender!? Is that what you want?” Overhaul twitched. He slammed his hands down. The ground around them burst open. Quickly channelling Bound, Izuku leapt between the pillars. Shoto made a wall of ice around him and Mustard to shield them from the attack. Mirio passed through the pillars, pushing forwards towards Overhaul. Hawks flew up overhead. Chisaki used the opening to grab the nearby Chronostasis by the hand. The area around him exploded. 

“ What in the hell?” Hawks shouted.

“ I’m not done yet.” Chisaki growled. When the smoke cleared, Izuku saw that Chisaki had changed. Another set of arms floated near him, each wrapped in an arrow shaped scarf of metal. “ I won’t be done until I cleanse you diseased filth from this earth. Then I’m going to get Eri back and do the same to everyone of your putrid kind. Heroes. Villains. I’ll erase them all.”

“ He used his quirk to merge himself with Kurono.” Izuku shouted. “ The arrow’s will slow you down if they scratch you.”

“ When was it stated he could cheat like that?” Mustard asked, dumbfounded.

“ I should have known he could reshape other people after he dismantled Spinner in a touch. I didn’t know he could use it on himself though.” Izuku called back.

“ He’s crazy.” Hawks said. “ Lemillion. Get the others and get out of here. I’ll deal with this guy.”

“ Hawks?”

“ I’m the top hero here. So I’ll be the one to take the top threat. He’s a danger to everyone here.” Hawks looked back. “ Usagi. I know I shouldn’t be asking for favours from my enemy, but can you help everyone to safety. I’ll call ahead. Tell Nighteye about our truce.”

“ No. I have a stake in this fight. I’m bringing him down.”

“ Izuku?” Shoto asked, alarmed.

“ He killed Spinner. He almost killed To… Violet. I have to pay him back for that.” Izuku looked down at Mustard. “ We need to take him down fast.”

“ Heh. Don’t breath.” Mustard smirked. “ Hey heroes. Let me get into position. I’ll bring this guy down.” Hawks sighed.

“ Ryukyu.” He called. “ Is everything secured?”

“ Getting there.” The dragon hero called back. “ Katsukame is putting up too much of a fight.”

“ Damn it.” Hawks grit his teeth. “ Fine then, Usagi. Do what you need to.” Usagi nodded

“ Mustard. We’ll cover you Do your thing.” Mustard nodded, rushing into cover.

“ Tsukuyomi. Cover Mustard.” Hawks shouted. He sent a wave of feathers down at the Villain. Chisaki covered himself by causing the ground to shatter at alarming speed. His focus on Hawks however allowed Shoto to cover ground, he send a stream of flames directly at Chisaki. Chisaki blocked with two of his arms. The minute hand shot forth from a third. Izuku leapt in next, kicking the hand to the ground before bounding of it into the air. Lemillion phased out of the ground, launching Chisaki into the air with an uppercut. Izuku was waiting in midair, slamming him back down to earth with a powerful kick before landing. He noticed Mustard reaching the second floor, aided by Dark Shadow knocking away the odd piece of rubble flying his way.

“ Now or never.” Izuku shouted. He charged wind into his legs and fired it out in one, powerful jet of air. Shoto dent forwards a torrent of ice. Hawks use Izuku’s his feathers to shred Chisaki’s defences. Lightning coursed across Mirio’s arm before he punched hard, sending a ripple of power straight through the warehouse. With a feral shout, Overhaul slammed his hands into the ground, breaking it open all around him. Above, Mustard laughed.

“ Checkmate, bastard.” Mustard opened all the vents on the arms of his costume, flooding beneath him with his gas. Izuku panted, waiting with bated breath.

“ Not yet.” Chisaki growled, his voice sounding groggy. His entire barrier exploded into rubbled, scattering all over the room. Izuku dived to the ground to try and avoid the blast. Shoto created a wall of ice. Lemillion leapt behind it. Hawks was caught and was send plummeting from the sky. Above, Mustard cried out in pain and a spike of earth tore through his foot. Ryukyu, finally able to subdue the unruly Rikiya, howled as spikes drove into her hide while she covered Froppy. When the dust settled, Chisaki staggered forwards, disposing of Chronostasis’s body on the ground. “Not… yet. You… haven’t beaten me… yet.” Izuku’s eyes widened as he saw where he was going. He tried to channel his quirk but faltered. Overhaul placed a hand on Rikiya’s arm. “ Rikiya. I need your aid.”

“ Anything… you need.” The large man stated.

“ Good.” Overhaul placed a hand on himself. “ Then let’s show these fools the true power of the Shie Hassakai.” Suddenly, everything fell apart.

Chapter Text

Mirio knocked on Nedzu’s office and let himself in. It was the beginning of his final year in UA. Next year, he’d officially be instated in the agency of Sir Nighteye, the man who had seen potential in him all the way back in his first year. Since then, he’d become so much stronger. He had great respect for Sir but wanted to prove to him something. Sir didn’t believe the future could be changed. That, some day, a Villain powerful enough to kill All Might would appear and, when that day came, all of hero kind would be threatened. Mirio wanted to prove to him that he could defeat such a threat and make sure the people had an icon they could believe in even after All Might. To that end, he pushed forwards.

When he was called to Nedzu’s office on the first day, he was confused. He was even more confused to see Sir Nighteye and All Might there with the principal. “ Uh. Sir? All Might? What’s going on? Am I in trouble?”

“ No, my boy.” All Might said. “ Of course not. I simply wished to meet with the brightest talent in UA.”

“ Ha ha. You flatter me, All Might Sir.” Mirio beamed.

“ Please, Mirio. Sit down.” Nedzu invited him in. “ We were just talking about you.” Mirio nodded, sitting down. That day he learned a lot. That All Might truly was dying. That he could only use his quirk for only three hours per day and even then, that time was going down. He learned about his quirk, One for All, a quirk passed down through person to person. About how All Might was looking for a successor. And how Sir Nighteye had suggested him.

“ Your answer to why you wish to be a hero. Your actions while interning with Nighteye. You’ve already proven you have what it takes to take my mantle, Young Togata.” All Might looked at him, determined. “ I want you to take One for All and become better than me. To become a hero that can save everyone with a smile. My boy, I want you to become my successor. Will you do it?” Mirio smiled.

“ If you think I’m worthy, I’ll do it.” Mirio nodded. “ I want to save as many people as I can. I will become worthy of your mantle, All Might. I’ll make you and Sir proud. Just watch me.” Mirio placed a hand on his heart. “ I will become a great hero.”


Kai Chisaki broke through the Warehouse roof, towering above the street level in his new form. Everyone looked up, frozen. “ Heroes! Villains! I will cure all of you of the disease you call ambition!” He bellowed, his voice echoing from above. Izuku rose to his feet. His mind span, quickly searching every recess for a plan. A way to escape this. Across the room, Mirio looked up. He tried to move but found himself frozen, his energy drained from the already long fight. Everyone else was too injured or too in shock to move. “Die!” Izuku winced.

“ HELL DYNAMO!” A powerful explosion rocked through the air as Chisaki was pushed back. Katsuki landed. “ What the hell are you idiots waiting for?! Get up and fight already!”

“ Dynamight!” Mirio exclaimed

" Katsuki?” Izuku looked up in shock. Then he slapped his cheeks. What the hell was he doing? He wasn’t done yet. He had no time to panic or be scared. Compared to the damage Katsuki inflicted to him, Overhaul was nothing. He raised his head. Cross the room, Mirio did the same.

“ You’re right. I have someone to save. If I can’t defeat one man, what good am I to her?” He announced.

“ I can’t believe you of all people caught me slipping.” Izuku muttered. “ Embarrassing.”

“ What the hell?” Mirko stepped into the room, Fat Gum, Eraserhead and Ms Joke beside her. “ What happened here?”

“ Hey… Rabbit.” Hawks groaned, pushing himself up. “ We just… had a bit… of an issue. Big ugly over there… is being difficult.”

“ Jesus, Keigo.” She said, eyes wide.

“ Everyone, can you hear me?” Izuku flinched back as a voice entered his ear.

“ Sir Nighteye?” He exclaimed.

“ You must be Usagi. Good. So it worked.” He said. “ Brainstorm let me in. I knew we had a bit of an arrangement from listening in. Hope you don’t mind.”

“ Doesn’t matter right now.” He’d have to change his frequency, but that would come later.

“ This situation is dire. Everyone who can walk, get the injured out. Leave this to Mirio.”

“ Mirio?” Mirko exclaimed. “ You mean Lemillion?”

“ What’s your game, Nighteye?” Aizawa asked, annoyed.

“ Trust me. He’s the only one who can do it.”

“ What future did you see, Sir?” Mirio asked. Nighteye went silent.

“ I’m trying to avoid it but… everyone dies here. Everyone but you.” The room went silent. Overhaul reached back for a second attack. “ So get out of there. We can get far enough away. We just need time to-”

“ No.”

“ Izuku?” Katsuki looked up at him.

“ I refuse to back down now. Eri. To… Violet. Mustard. Magne. Crucible. Spinner. He’s hurt too many of my friends to let me back off from this now.” Izuku channeled wind in his legs. “ I’ll crush him. You heroes do what you do best and run away and hide.” Before Izuku could be retorted he leap forwards. He drove a leg into the fist that Overhaul threw. However, he was soon joined by two other figures. Mirio and Katsuki both delivered a powerful blow, pushing the monster back. “ What?”

“ I won’t let you fight this alone. This is a heroes job.” Mirio announced.

“ Get off your high horse, idiot.” Katsuki told him. “ I won’t let your dumbass die to that colossal piece of crap. I’m bringing you home after this, so you better stay alive.” Izuku looked at them, shocked. Then he sighed, shaking his head.

“ Bakubro. Are you crazy?” Kirishima shouted.

“ Just get your ass out of here, Shitty Hair. They’ll need all the help they can get in evac.”

“ You idiots.” Izuku shook his head. In their ears, Nighteye let out an exasperated sigh.

“ Change of plans then. Mirko, Eraserhead. I’ll leave you in charge of getting everyone out of there. Usagi, Dynamight, Lemillion. Hold him back. We’ll assist you when we know everyone is clear.”

“ Shoto. Give them a hand.” Izuku spoke. From his place behind his wall of ice, Shoto nodded. “ This truce lasts until we deal with this guy and both sides walk free. If you break that deal, I’ll kill you Nighteye.”

“ I understand. If you aid us, I can put your atonement on hold. Briefly.” Nighteye told him. “ You have your orders. Go Beyond!”

“ Right.” There was a resounding cry. Izuku sighed as he burst forwards. How did he keep getting into situations like this?


Shoto was quick to carry Mustard out of the building and towards the safe area as the titanic Chisaki roared overhead as he fought off his three attackers. He was assisted most of the way by the bird boy Tsukuyomi until he met up with Kurogiri who took his place. “ What a problematic affair.” Kurogiri sighed.

“ Where’s everyone else?”

“ Hitoshi is with Toru. Everyone else has escaped in the confusion.” Kurogiri looked over at Shoto. Despite appearing fine, Shoto had once again lost his arm, his prosthetic torn apart by Chisaki’s explosive desperate attack. He ignored the pain from the gash in his side. It was nothing Haru couldn’t fix.

“ Don’t worry about me.” Shoto told him. “ How are you, Hiiro?”

“ Oh. Just peachy.” He complained. “ I’ve got a rock splitting my fucking foot open. How do you think I am?”

“ You seem fine if you can complain like that.”

“ Funny man.” Kurogiri led the duo into a section set up just for them, Nighteye deciding it would be best to separate the two. There, Brainstorm was waiting, sitting over the heavily injured Toru. Shoto widened his eyes.

“ Eri?” He gasped. The young girl was kneeling next to who he assumed was Toru, the invisible girl wrapped in red stained blankets so the medics knew where she was, tears dripping from her eyes. “ Why is she here?”

“ She refused to leave. I didn’t want to force anything on her.” Kurogiri stated. Shoto carefully let Hiiro down and carefully approached Toru. 

“ How is she?” Hitoshi shook his head.

“ She’s taken a heavy beating. Her arms been torn apart and her right side’s pretty much gone. I… I don’t even think Haru can heal everything.” Hitoshi looked down. “ She… probably won’t survive.”

“ No.” Shoto’s eyes widened.

“ It’s all my fault.” Eri whimpered. “ She’s going to die. She’s going to die and it’s all my fault. I’m cursed. All I do is get people killed.”

“ Eri…” Hitoshi looked down at the girl. “ That’s not.”

 “ She was the only person to show me kindness. True kindness. And she’s dead because of me.” Eri said sadly. “ I’m sorry. All of this. It’s my fault. I’m a bad girl. I don’t deserve to live.”

“ Don’t… say that…” The group looked up. Toru rose an arm slowly, a faint flicker of static making her slowly shift in and out of being visible. “ You… aren’t cursed. Even.. if we’re broken… we can… be fixed. So please… don’t cry. Live on.” Toru gave Eri a pained smile. Eri sniffed. She shot forwards, wrapping around Toru’s neck in a hug.

" Please. Miss Toru. Don’t die. I don’t want you to go.” Eri begged. The horn on her head started to glow. “ Please. Don’t. I… I want to stay with you. So please… don’t.” Shoto watched in awe. As Eri continued hugging Toru, her body quickly reappeared and knitted itself back together. The hole in her arm healed. The tear in her side closed, her destroyed internal organ bring themselves back together. Toru reached up with new found strength, holding the young girl in her hands. The second she touched Eri, her horn stopped glowing. Toru smiled.

“ Eri.” She said calmly. “ Open your eyes.”

“ Huh?” Eri’s eyes flickered open. Toru slowly sat up. “ M-Miss Toru? I don’t… How did you…”

“ That’s your power, Eri.” Toru told her, smiling. “ See? You’re not cursed. You saved me.”

“ I… I did?”

“ Yes. You did. You’re not cursed, Eri. Your quirk is amazing.”

“ You did admirably.” Kurogiri nodded. “ Congratulations, little miss.”

“ I… saved you?” Eri still seemed to be in disbelief that her accursed quirk had helped someone. Shoto smiled at her.

“ Now then, may I suggest we go some place more comfortable.” Kurogiri suggested. “ This place is both cold and dangerous. If you would like, we can return to our place of residence. I promise you that we shall be safe there.” Eri looked up at the man. She looked over to Toru, as if asking permission. She gave her a slight nod.

“ O-OK.” She said nervously.

“ Good.” Hiiro groaned. “ Maybe I can get Haru to get this fu-”

“ Hiiro!” Toru hissed.

“ FLIPPING rock out of my foot.” He huffed. Kurogiri nodded, preparing for departure. Shoto took one last look over to the hulking shape of Chisaki.

“ Go. I’ll make sure Izuku get’s out safely.”

“ Of course. I wish you luck, Shoto.” Kurogiri nodded. Kurogiri expanded his quirk. By the time the medics returned to treat Shoto and Mustard, the entire league had vanished, Eri along with them.


Izuku pushed himself out of the way of Chisaki’s attack with Air Walk before landing on his mountainous hand, Katsuki and Mirio landing next to him. “ How many arms is this now. I’ve lost count.” Bakugo grumbled.

“ Seven. There was only six when we started but he keeps regrowing them and we are getting no closer to his head then when there were only six.” Izuku said. “ Who’s bright idea was this?”

“ Sorry.” Mirio laughed. “ I though if we disarmed him, we’d get somewhere faster than we currently are.” Izuku sighed.

“ I don’t hear you coming up with a better plan Dek…” Bakugo paused. Izuku shot him a hateful glare.

" Don’t.” Izuku warned him. One day, he wanted Katsuki to die. He truly did. But he wanted it to be on his terms, not he terms of some mutated Yakuza thug with a big ego. For that goal, he’d allow anything just this once. Even working with his so called old friend. He steeled himself when the fight began, doing his damndest to tune out and not flinch at any of Katsuki’s explosions. He still hated himself for that flaw. “ Call me by my name, Katsuki. If your pride can handle it.”

“ So, then. Izuku.” Katsuki tested the waters. Seeing Izuku not retort him, he continued. “ Your plan?”

“ That depends.” Izuku mused. “ His main body is at the head but if go for it, his defence is too much to blow through even for Mirio. So, we need to weaken it so he can get through.” He glanced over to Katsuki. “ You can do a multi explosion shot now, right?”

“ Yeah. I can.” He nodded. “ How the hell did you know?”

“ You used it in your fight against Rappa, Shoto and Momo.” Izuku lied. “ If we can lure out his arms in defence, you can blow one back with that and I should be able to use the rubble to smash through the other. Mirio, you can get him with that opening, right?”

“ Yeah. I should be able to.”

“ Good. That good with you, Katsuki?”

“ Better than what we’ve been doing I suppose.” Katsuki raised his hand. “ Don’t just stand there. Go.” Izuku chuckled, shaking his head. Same old Kacchan. Impatient as all hell. Izuku leapt forwards towards Chisaki’s main body. Chisaki raised two of his massive arms in defence. At the last moment, Izuku bounced to the side with surprising speed, allowing Bakugo a free shot. “ Take this, jack ass! AP Shot: Auto Cannon!” Shots of explosive force blasted apart the front arm Overhaul used to defend himself with. As it did, Izuku bounded around the air before sending a powerful Air Shot at the falling rubble, smashing it into the second to tear it apart. Mirio, lighting crackling over his body, launched forwards, using Permeation to pass through the rubble, pulling back his fist to strike forth.

“ Worthless!” Chisaki decreed. The area around his head exploded into rocky spikes, blasting Mirio away, flying through the air. Izuku gritted his teeth. He’d have caught him but he ran out of Air Walk rebounds, forcing him back to his starting point. Both Izuku and Bakugo could only watch as Mirio hurtled through the air, threatening to smash into the ground. The blond haired boy scrunched his eyes up.

“ No. Not like this. I won’t lose like this.” He growled. Then, all of a sudden, he came to a stop in the air.

“ What in the hell?” Bakugo gasped, looking in awe at his upperclassman suspended in the air a few feet above Overhaul. Izuku’s eyes widened.

“ He’s flying.”


Shota and Emi set Ryukyu down. “ She’s the last one out.” He told one of the medical team rushing around.

" SHOTAAAAA!!!! EEEEEMIIIII!!!!” Shota and Emi turned to see Hizashi crashing into them, bringing them both into a hug. “ You’re alright.”

“ Of course we are.” Shota told him, slowly patting him on the back.

“ You’re a big softy, huh Mic?” Emi laughed. Mic let the two go.

“ I saw that big idiot on the ride over and saw all the medical personnel. What’s happening?” Shota gave Hizashi a brief run down of everything that happened in the Shie Hassaikai base. “ Wait, that thing is Chisaki?” Mic looked in shock.

“ Yeah. He fused with Katsukame and became that.” Shota told him.

“ Young Mirio is fighting that thing, is he?” Shota glanced over. Gran Torino and Gang Orca had also arrived from subduing the other Shie Hassaikai base in the city. Mirko and Nighteye were also there, watching the fight. Gran hummed. “ This is troublesome. If this goes on too long, he could cause major damage.”

“ Fat Gum and his agency is leading the evacuation effort. The other heroes, sidekicks and police are sweeping the area with emergency evacuation orders.” Nighteye explained, drumming his hand on his own cane. “ I hope they can deal with this quickly.” The ground watched in awe as flashes of light struck forwards. A blue and red blur shot forwards only to get blown away.

“ Hey. Ain’t that-” Mirko exclaimed.

“ Mirio!” Nighteye’s eyes widened in shock. “ No!” The group watched helplessly as Mirio flew through the air. Then, just as suddenly, he stopped.

“ What?” Emi said in surprise. “ He’s just… stopped?”

“ It’s like he’s suspended in the air. Is that a part of his quirk?” Gang Orca asked. “ What is the boys quirk anyway?”

“ That power.” Gran said quietly. “ Nana? Are you protecting the boy from in there?”

" What are you talking about now, Gran?” Shota asked.

“ Nothing.” He shook his head. “ It’s… impossible.”

“ Yo! Why are we waiting here!” Mic shouted. “ We’ve got to help them!”

“ The Loud Bastard’s right. Who cares if one of ‘em’s a Villain? They’re kids fighting our fight.” Mirko declared. Nighteye hummed.

“ Sir Nighteye?” Emi asked.

“ In my vision, everyone died with the exception of Mirio who was left heavily injured.” He explained. “ However, I didn’t see Gang Orca, Gran Torino or Present Mic. Nor did I see this power of Mirio’s manifest. That future has changed somehow. And if this future has changed...”

“ You’re the grand commander of this venture, Mirai.” Gran told him. “ Your orders.” Nighteye looked up determined.

“ All Might could defeat this foe easily if he used 100% of his power. But he isn’t here. We need to make up for that and use 100% of our collective power and defeat Overhaul here and now. Perhaps we All can reach that One together. Everyone. Join forces. Bring him down.” Nighteye declared.

“ Ha. Go Beyond, right Shota?” Mic grinned. Shota sighed.

“ Plus Ultra.”


“ How in the hell are you doing that, Tintin?” Katsuki shouted.

“ I have no idea.” He admitted. “ I just felt determined not to give up and suddenly I started floating. And I don’t know how to stop.”

“ Well, stay up there. We can strike him all at once from three sides.” Izuku spoke up. “ Three blows from us at full power to this bastards head should stop him.”

“ And how the hell are we gonna do that?”

“ I don’t know. I’ll think of-” Izuku and Katsuki flinched as the ground started to shake.

“ BAKUGO!” A voice called from beneath. Katsuki looked over the edge.

“ Daisy? What the fuck are you doing here, you earth shaking ass? Weren’t you working with Gang Orca?” Yo Shindo looked up at him while using his quirk to shake the ground.

“ He’s here too. We’re here to help.”

“ OOOOOOH OOOOOOOVEEEEEERHAAAAAUL!” Mic’s voice sounded, using his quirk to blast the giant with sound. “ OOOOOOOOOOVER HEEEEEEERE!” Overhaul growled, turning his body. As he did however, the ground, weakened by Shindo’s quirk, he faltered, sinking into the Warehouse floor.

“ What in the-” Overhaul gasped.

“ Now!” Nighteye shouted. Immediately, Mirko, Gang Orca and Gran Torino shot to life. With an immense amount of power, the three hero smashed through three of the monsters arms, leaving him with one free.

“ Not enough.” The rocks paused in mid air as Overhaul started to reform his destroyed arms. Then, they fell. Eraserhead looked up at him, hair and scarf flying around.

“ I won’t let you!” He growled.

“ Why you-”

“ Hey Overhaul.” Ms Joke got close to the large body. “ What do you and the first sinner have in common? You’re Beat Abel.”

“ Ha… What sort of a… ha ha…” Overhaul burst out laughing. “ What did you… ha ha ha… do to me?”

“ You three. Now.” Emi yelled up at the trio. Izuku took the distraction, gathering as much wind power as he could. Bakugo leapt in the air, taking of with his explosions and spinning. Mirio’s right arm began to glow with electrical energy.

“ NO.. ha… You won’t stop… ha ha… me! I will… ha ha… reclaim Eri!” Overhaul tried to regain his footing, pulling a giant leg out of the weakened earth only to find it frozen in place.

“ No escape.” Shoto called up to him as ice climbed up Overhaul’s giant legs. “ You owe me an arm, remember?” The man growled. He tried using his last remaining arm just as Izuku blasted off it, moving to swing it at Mirio. However, it was blown to pieces. Nighteye had pulled his arm back and launched his cane at it. It travelled at high speeds, made from the same material as his high density weights, and easily broke the lower arm off the structure.

“ Go Mirio. Become a worthy successor.” He said quietly. The three roared.

“ GRAND TEMPEST!” Izuku launched a heavy blow with the wind energy gathered in his right leg, sending a typhoon forced Air Shot at Overhaul’s main body, blowing himself down to ground level.

“ HOWITZER IMPACT!” Katsuki released all its power into a massive explosion, crashing into Overhaul’s main body alongside Izuku’s power. The recoil of both sent the head of his bestial construct into the air, directly into the path of Mirio.

“ PHANTOM SMASHER!” Mirio passed stright through the head of the beast before delivering a powerful smash right onto Overhaul’s head, smashing the weight of the best directly into the ground. The construct broke apart, revealing an unconscious Overhaul and his henchmen behind him. The dust had settled. The battle was won. Izuku glared down at Overhaul. He pulled a knife from his suit. It was a bit longer than a regular knife. A bit thinner too. Izuku had pulled it from the mass of blades Spinner used to build up his sword. He raised his hand.

“ Wait.” Izuku paused. Katsuki stood behind him. “ Don’t do it.”

“ Do you know how much pain this man caused?” Izuku asked, his voice shaking. “ He killed my friend. He hurt a lot of my other friends. All of this carnage? It’s his fault. And that’s not even getting into what he did to Eri. Can you say he doesn’t deserve to die here and now?”

“ This isn’t you.” He said. “ You’re not a killer.”

“ I wasn’t. You’re right. I wasn’t a Villain either.”

“ Please. I’m sorry. I was an idiot. You have every right to hate me. When I thought you were dead… I blamed myself. I knew it was my fault. I worked hard to try and become a hero you’d be proud of.” Katsuki told him. “ Don’t cross that line. He’s not worth it.”

“ I’m sorry. But I’ve already crossed that line.” Izuku admitted spitefully. “ There’s not a person in the League who hasn’t stained their hands with someone's blood at this point. Directly or otherwise. We are Villains after all.” He looked back at Katsuki. “ And you’re not wrong. It was your fault. You just weren’t the main reason. Second highest, but not the highest. Not that it makes me hate you any less. But, if it makes you feel any better, you weren’t the trigger. That was All Might laughing in my face when I asked him if someone quirkless could be a hero. Ask him about it. Apparently, he actually remembers me these days.” Izuku sighed, turning back to Overhaul. “ But you’re right.” Izuku put Spinner’s knife away. “ He doesn’t deserve it. He deserves so much worse. Lock him up. Throw away the key. Make him regret every moment of his life but refuse him death. Death is a mercy for scum like him.” Katsuki tried to get closer to him

“ Izuku-” He was cut off as he was struck by a heavy blast of wind. Izuku glared back at him.

“ Don’t. Just don’t.” He said. Then he sighed, looking up at the bright sky as the dust settled and frowned. “ I… I can’t come home, Katsuki. Not anymore. ” He sighed, a small pang of pain in his heart. “ Tell Mom I love her.” Izuku channelled wind in his legs and launched away.

“ Izuku! Wait!” Katsuki cried feebly. Izuku didn’t look back.

Chapter Text

Tomura hummed. “ So. Is that it then?” He asked. Kurogiri nodded, serving him a drink.

“ Overhaul will be shipped to Tartarus later today. Compress is watching for the moment to strike.”

“ I’m surprised Izuku didn’t kill the bastard.”

“ He told me that he didn’t deserve death. That you could deliver a fate far worse than that.” Tomura grinned at Kurogiri’s words.

“ Oh. So that’s the brats ploy is it. I see. Very clever.” He laughed. “ So Izuku’s letting me have my fun. Very good. I’ll have to make a quick plan of just how to torture him the most.”

“ Atsuhiro is watching the heroes. They’re still cleaning up after the fight.” Kurogiri told him. 

“ What of Dabi’s mission?” 

“ From what he reported, Rappa managed to get around 20 Shie Hassaikai members to a safe house far enough away from their main base they won’t be found. Dabi’s making his return shortly but Rappa has decided to stay with them until everything can be sorted out.” Tomura nodded. He grit his teeth as a Haru stepped into the room, straightening out her mask. Kurogiri nodded a greeting as she pulled up a stool. Tomura narrowed his eyes, staring down at his drink. “ Haru. How is Hiiro?”

“ Healed up and being forced to rest. Hitoshi, Himiko and Shoto only had minor scrapes in comparison. Jin is a bit more problematic. I can’t heal broken bones, but his ribs didn’t seem all that bad. Still, I’ll follow up with the Doctor to see what the best course of action is.” 

“ Doctor?” Tomura asked.

“ My carer.” She clarified. Tomura hummed. It didn’t really answer his question, but he left it alone for now. “I wis