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I Wish I was Dreaming

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"Hold on! It's going to get messy!" Five yelled over the swirling blue vortex he was forming.

Luther tightened his grip on both Five and Allison as the blue energy enveloped his siblings.

He felt the familiar feeling of his stomach dropping as he was pulled backward through time, but this felt different.

Unlike the times he and Five used the briefcase, this felt, rocky and unstable. It was as if Luther was being tossed about in a cyclone!

He tried pulling Allison closer to him, but his hand curled shut over empty air. Before Luther could fully comprehend that she wasn't beside him anymore, the blue energy started to recede from his vision to reveal a grey, wet sky,

"Oh shit!" Luther felt the wind whip past his face as the swirling vortex spat him out.

A dull bang resounded around him as he landed on something hard. Luther squinted up into the rain, watching in shock and disbelief as Five's vortex closed shut.

But, what about the others?

Did they already fall through? 

Luther sat up, sliding of the dumpster he'd landed on and looked around and with a sinking feeling in his stomach realized there was no one in sight,

"Five! Diego! Allison!" There was no response to his calls, "Allison! Allison! Alli-" "ALLISON!" Luther jerked his head towards the man beside him, watching in disbelief as he continued shouting Allison's name,

"ALLLLLLLLIIIIIIISSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!" Luther shook his head and turned back to the alley.

There was no one there. 

Luther walked back to where he landed, looking around, trying to find some clue that signified his siblings had arrived.

But there was nothing.

No indication that they made it through.

Luther was the only one.

He was alone.

It had almost been a year since the day Five dropped him in that alley behind Commerce and Knox.

A year since the apocalypse.

A year since he'd seen any of the others. Well, in person at least.

Jack had shown him an article in the newspaper last month about a deranged man with multiple knives on him being taken to Halbrook Asylum. Luther's boss had shaken his head, stating that things were going to hell in a hand basket and Luther could only give a distracted nod as he stared at the mugshot on the paper.

Of his brother.

For the first time since falling in that alley, Luther had news about his family. Diego had been found and thrown into an asylum.

But Luther didn't go to see him.

The news article was kept in the drawer of his small dresser with a note with the asylum's address attached to it, but he never looked at it. Luther knew that he was the last person Diego wanted to see.

Call him a coward, but in that month after finding out Diego was in Dallas, Luther avoided that area of town like the plague. But now he was sitting in the parking lot, watching as the sun began to peak through the clouds while waiting for visiting hours to start.

He drummed the car's steering wheel with nervous fingers while watching the remaining staff head into the building and glanced at the clock. There were still a few hours until the doors opened.

A sigh escaped him as he turned to look at the two-week old newspaper laying in the passenger seat. The whole reason why he had come to see his brother.

Luther had begun paying more attention to the news after finding out about Diego, listening closely to the radio while flipping diligently through the papers, hoping to find some clue as to where the rest of his family was.

If they were even here.

Eventually, after weeks of looking, Luther found something.

He'd been looking at the ads, scanning through the missing persons on the off chance someone matching his sibling's descriptions had been found. Then, he saw it.

It wasn't an ad for someone who was missing, but for someone who had been found.

Someone searching for her family.

The ad didn't give a name, but there was a description.

A woman about thirty years old.

Five feet tall.

And a bad leg.

Luther read it over and over again, knowing who it most likely was.

He'd stood in front of the phone, hand hovering over the buttons for a good ten minutes before he hesitantly tapped in the number provided by the add.

Luther listened as it rang before the phone was answered, "Hello?" He paused at the man's voice before saying,

"Uh, hi?" There was a moment of silence before he was asked,

"There something I can help you with, son?"

"Yeah! Sorry I just-" Luther cut himself off, took a deep breath and said, "I found your ad in the paper and I-" "You're calling about the ad?!?"


"Well hot damn! Sissy! Sissy!" Luther heard a woman on the other end ask what was going on, "He's calling about the ad!"

"What?" There was some more talking, but Luther couldn't make out what was being said until,

"Alright! I'll ask!" He heard a sigh before the man said, "The person you're looking for, what's her name?"


"The name of the person you're calling 'bout! What is it!"

"I- Vanya," He said, "I think she may be my sister Vanya,"

There was a beat of silence before the man let out something like a victory cheer before talking to someone on the end with him, "He said Vanya, Sis! He's calling about Vanya! Go get her!" The man let out a laugh before speaking with Luther again, "Just a sec, my wife's gone to get her! Oh man! She- What'd you say your name was?"

"Luther-" "Well Luther, Vanya's gonna be damn happy to hear from you! We've been leaving ads in different papers for the past week and she was starting to think no one would call!" He listened to the man (Who at some point introduced himself as Carl Cooper.) ramble on about what they'd been doing to help Vanya find him, when he said something that made Luther freeze, "-and with her amnesia, she'd been-" "Wait!" Carl's speech halted,


There was a sigh on the other end, "Yeah. There was an accident before Vanya came to stay with us. Now, she doesn't have any memory of herself or anything before that," Carl began explaining what had happened, but the words were all fuzzy in Luther's head.

Vanya, didn't remember anything?

The apocalypse?

Her powers?

What Anders and Michelson did?

What he did?

"Speak of the devil! Here she is-" "Wait! No!" Luther swallowed thickly while Carl asked what was wrong,

"I- If she doesn't remember anything, I'm not the best person for her to talk to-" "What does that-" "I can't help her with her memories! I can't help her. I'm sorry for wasting your time,"

"Now hold on-" Luther hung up, the conversation ringing through his head.

Vanya, didn't remember anything. Had no clue who she was.

Luther didn't know how to help her.

Didn't know if he could help her.

The ad was shoved into a drawer and Luther tried to move on with the life he'd built. He threw himself into his work, not taking a day off between fights, trying to find someway to quell the turmoil in his head.

His friend Autumn noticed something was troubling him, but Luther brushed off her concern and insisted he was fine. But she didn't let it drop, growing tired at his attempts to tell her he was fine and went to Jack Ruby himself.

Jack cornered him one day and forced Luther to take a few days off stating, "I can't have my number one guy gettin' overworked, now can I?"

So Luther had a few free days on his hands. 

He tried filling the time by rearranging his meager possessions, but stopped when he opened the top drawer of his dresser.

Both newspapers stared up at Luther and he sighed.

There were no more excuses he could use. He needed to talk to Diego.

So now, two weeks after the phone call to Vanya, Luther sat outside the asylum.

He looked at the clock on the dashboard, realizing visiting hours had already started. It was now or never. Luther slowly exited the car and headed inside.

Luther told the nurse at the front desk who he was there to see, signed in, and was then led to a small room a few halls away. He sat awkwardly in the small chair as the minutes ticked by while waiting for his brother to be brought in while his mind raced.

How would Diego respond to seeing him?

How does he explain Vanya's situation?

Footsteps sounded outside in the hall, snapping Luther from his thoughts. He looked up in time to see one of the orderlies lead in Diego.

His brother stopped short in the doorway at the sight of Luther and was shoved harshly into the room.  Diego glared at the man behind him before sitting down across from Luther with a huff and an angry glare,

"So, you made it through,"