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Abundance of givings

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"Hange we can't do this here" i exclaimed as she laughed, her calloused hands held firmly onto my waist and she burrowed her head into my shoulder.

"You're so mean Diane" she whispered, "i can't believe i was the only one feeling alone, guess you're just as cold as levi huh?" Although she smiled into my nape i felt a pang of guilt, i knew her nights were longer and harder than mine and our time was always bittersweet.

"Don't say that stupid" i turned around to look at her sternly in the eye. She chuckled before ghosting my lips with a kiss.

"Allright captain Lockhart" she kissed me again, this time desperately, deeply. She whispered, her fingers undoing my thigh harness. "Any other commands, captain?" She smiled before kissing my jaw and trailing her kisses south without waiting for an answer.

"Hange im being serious we can do this somewhere else, someone might come in and thi-"

"I'd be glad if someone walked in, then i wouldn't have to worry about someone taking you away from my dead hands after i become some titans meal" the death of my several innocent soilders reeling into my mind as i pushed her off me, she looked at me in suprise. "..I'm sorry" she started as she saw my eyes glistening with tears.

"Shut the fuck up" i grabbed her by the lapel of jacket before sweeping her off her feet and bringing her to the ground, before she could offer any more apologies i straddled her "after this i promise you, you can die and no one will even try to touch me"

"Hey calm d-" i gripped her throat tightly, her eyes widened as she instinctively grasped onto my arm. I kissed her with vigour that surpassed what she was used to. My spare hand ripped her blouse and tugged her harnesses off. "Fuck. Wait, stop" she pried me off before holding me. "What's wrong" she gasped. I didn't answer, couldn't answer. I held onto her fiercely, sobs about to burst from me without warning. "Im so sorry princess" she kissed the top of my head while i burrowed myself further into her chest. We sat on the floor, me in her lap as she held me while i cried my frustration out. As i pulled away from her she kissed my now red eyes and nose.

"Don't say that again, i will never let you die on me- understand" i huffed while drying my eyes. Hange looked at me with remorse.

"Yes captain".

I got up off her lap before realizing i really had torn her shirt as many buttons of her blouse seemed to no longer be present revealing her bra and toned skin. "Your shirt. Sorry" i blushed before helping her up.

"You really showed me huh" she laughed before continuing "we should continue this so you could show me the extent of your dominance" she said while wiping the stray tear making it's way down my cheek.

"Stop" i sighed before trying to salvage her shirt enough so no one would question her state when we would eventually walk to her room.

"I mean you choked me and straddled me, with such a fierce look in your eyes, i can't help feeling like this you know?" She pulled my hair back forcing me to look at her "i can't help feeling like this so you better finish this off captain Molly Lockhart, unless of course you wish to be reprimanded" she smiled.

I smacked her forehead

"Uhh Commander Hange..." called out Nifta before seeing the state of my face and excusing herself.

By the time we had reached Hange's room it already seemed to have hit dusk and it was supper time by the lack of noise from cadets and soilders. Hange seemed to have changed out of her uniform and settled into her relaxed clothes which weren't anything special. "I have spare clothes if you want to wear them" hanji called out.

"It's fine I'll go change in my room after supper" i replied softly.

"Hmm? Who said you're going to be going back to your room? Oh and forget about supper, your not going to be getting any till tomorrow"

"Shut up, im hungry and i have paperwork i don't need my ear twisted by Erwin" i got up to walk to the door, the realization of the pilling paperwork grating on my nerves, i turned the knob to realize she had locked the door, "Han-" i called to only be interrupted by her slamming her hand agaist the wall.

"Didn't i tell you you're not going to be leaving tonight" she whispered in my ear. I felt a tug on my hair before realizing she had undone my braid.

"Hange" i turned around to find her centimeters from my face suprising me enough that i took a step back only for me to collide against the door.

"Yes?" she smiled, to which she got no answer. "..." she whispered something under her breath too quite for me to hear but before i could question her she seemed to have lifted me up and placed me on the edge of her bed "don't get cold feet on me now" she smiled up from below me.

She made quick work of removing my jacket and blouse and easily had me out of my harnesses, every swipe her fingers made against my bare skin had me feeling electrified, almost as if we hadn't done this before. By the time i was left in my trousers alone Hange had already begun to pepper kisses onto my scarred abdomen, and because she was situated between my thighs it was almost impossible to get out of her grip, unless i wanted to grapple her which itself seemed impossible as i felt increasingly weak from her fingers which caressed my inner thighs and her lips, oh her lips which had now made themselves home on my chest. I looked down at her and she gazed back at me while placing an umpteenth hickey. "Hange please" i tried my best to sound stern but my voice came out as a desperate plea for more, almost a pathetic moan which fueled her, evidently by her grin.

"Lie down" she grinned and i obeyed clumsily. As her deft fingers stripped me from my trousers aswell leaving me naked except for my lingerie. "Matching set huh?" She laughed and i felt my face burn all the way to my neck.

"Shut up" i tried to kick her but she held onto both of my legs while still chuckling.

"You're too adorable, it's almost a sin" i could feel her smiling as she kissed the top of my foot then the inner part of my knee before reaching my thigh, i felt her teeth against my flesh and i squeaked instinctively earing another snicker from her.

"That's enough Hange" I looked down wearily to find and erotic scene of her leaving pink bruises on my inner thigh which sent wild fire through my veins. I knew she could tell the effect she had on me as my hips jerked, almost as if they were begging for more.

"Your body is alot more honest than you"

"Hange, supper is probably almost over and we both have paperwork, we can-" my hand flew to my mouth as i felt her nip at the inner most part of my thigh, impossibly close to an ache i knew she could soothe, my thighs wrapped around her as i clutched her hair, she finally pulled off the bottom half of my lingerie. And though i tried to squeeze my thighs shut she pried them open.

"Hange stop" at this point i was sitting up again tears once again in my eyes. My arms between my legs, embarrassment could barely explain what i felt. Her hands rested on my knees as she looked at me earnestly.

"What's wrong princess"

"It hurts" she paused before asking

"What does? Was i too rough?" I shook my head, i couldn't explain it, i wanted it but it felt so unbelievably embarrassing i didn't know what to say.

"It doesn't matter, i don't know what's wrong with me" i turned my head down so i could curtain my face with my hair but she pushed it back.

"It matters to me, we can go slower, or we don't have to do this if you don't want you know that".

"But i want it" i whimpered behind a sob.

"Nervous?" I nodded

"It's embarrassing" i sniffed. I felt her stand up, i looked up at her and she cupped my face kissing me rapidly all over my face as i laughed in protest "Hange you idiot stop"

"You had me worried for a second, geez" she got back to her knees and looked up to me before smiling. "I love you soo much and you know that, and you're allowed to be nervous and that's normal, but if you don't want anything or aren't ready tell me okay?"


She smiled before sitting besides me, she leaned in closer before whispering "Kiss me" and i did, she pulled me closer and i could feel the heat radiating from her body onto me, her hand trailing over my exposed skin before reaching my legs again. She rested her forehead against mine "can i?" I made a hum of agreement and she kissed me again with tongue and teeth before her hand slipped between my thighs, my hands gripped her hair as i felt her thumb between my thighs moving at a pace that wasn't fast enough.

I pulled away desperately, the embarrassment never seemed to leave but i wanted this, i wanted this more than ever more than the want to curl up or runaway. "More, Hange i need more please". I felt her hand pull away and i felt like crying no. But before any of that was possible she was on her knees again.

"Then open your legs like a good girl". I covered my face which had started to burn hotter than fire itself, i could feel her breath between my core and it throbbed with want so badly i couldn't tell if she could feel it or not. I felt her hum and that vibration in itself had my veins turning electric.

"Hange, hurry please" she looked up at me and i finally understood why levi called it a 'shit eating grin'