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Ordinary Hogwarts teachers days

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• Jongwoon. Graduated from the Hufflepuff. Now he is a Potions Teacher. Among the students, he has the nickname "vampire", because at thirty-six he looks twenty, sometimes people get confused and think that he is one of the pupils. And yes, he really has a lot of female fans among his students.

• Hyukjae. Graduated from the Ravenclaw. Now he is a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. A favorite of all students, because although difficult his lessons are always very interesting and exciting, however, after such lessons, some of the students end up in a hospital bed. Sometimes, it's Hyukjae himself who ends up in the hospital wing.

• Leeteuk. The Headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the strongest wizards of this generation. He is the only one able to cope with the chaos that is happening at Hogwarts (it's not just about the students, the teachers here are also a bit chaotic and energetic).

• Heechul is his right-hand man and substitute teacher. He appears at school infrequently, but always very effectively. Almost all pupils are afraid of him because of his image, but actually Heechul is good in all disciplines and calmly replaces teachers when they are sick.

• Shindong. The Care of Magical Creatures professor. He has a good relationship with all the students and teachers, but with Hyukjae he has a special bond. Jongwoon thinks it's because Hyuk is a monkey, and Shindong has had mutual love with animals.

• Donghae. The Broomstick Flying teacher, helps with Quidditch training. Hyukjae's best friend since high school. Basically, became a teacher because of his bbf. He often gets into trouble, but always get away with it (because he is the Headmaster’s favorite, and who can be mad at this cutie with puppy eyes?)

• Ryeowook. Became a Herbology teacher because he always loved to tinker with plants. At first glance, he is the sweetest person in the world, but make no mistake about him. At any moment, he can repulse a person with just one sentence. Hits rarely, but right on target. However, with friends Ryeowook is really a sweetest cutie, especially with his two best friends: Jongwoon and Kyuhyun.

• Kyuhyun. Became a Divination teacher because the boy always drawn to everything unknown and mysterious. He has the gift of foresight, which he inherited from his grandmother. Don’t make him angry, otherwise he will predict the most terrible future for you. Best friend with Jongwoon and Ryeowook. He always asks Kim to make him a firewhiskey, but the elder is already tired of telling Kyu that he doesn't do such things. Still Jongwoon prepares a hangover potion for the younger every time, because those who seek shall find and Cho finds his alcohol at Siwon’s.

• Siwon. The Healing spells teacher. Helps a healer at the hospital wing. Annoyed by Hyukjae and Donghae because their students always end up in a hospital bed. Due to his good nature, he can never refuse alcoKyu. Although Choi doesn’t drink much, but he has endless stocks of alcoholic beverages. No, this is not alcohol from the hospital. Siwon just is the richer one, and apparently, because of his image he constantly receives alcohol as a gift. Due to different personalities, Siwon always quarrels with Ryowook, Kyuhyun reconciles them and after that, these drunken boys always go to Jongwoon’s place.

“Here is a drunkard, I’ll not give you any more potion against a hangover, suffer. It's your own fault!”

“But it was for a good cause. See, hyung, they're best friends again!”

Sometimes Hyukjae would come with them. The boy drank rarely, but memorably.

In fact, Hyukjae and Jongwoon had a pretty interesting relationship as well. In ordinary life, Hyukjae is a serious person. He was Ravenclaw prefect when he studied at Hogwarts and is now head of Ravenclaw house. Nevertheless, next to Jongwoon, he becomes a child and always teases the older boy. Kim himself is a very quiet person, but Hyukjae knows how to piss off anyone, even the calmest wizard. By the way, without understanding how, Jongwoon became head of Hufflepuff house. No wonder the competition between these houses erupted in earnest. All because of their competitive and ever-arguing heads.

“Please tell your students to stop sending me love potions. I am too old for them and I would like to date someone without using magic.”

“But you yourself teach them how to make these potions!”

“I have to teach them how to make these potions, it's in the curriculum, idiot.”

“And after that, you still ask for my help.”

“You're just jealous that you don’t receive any love potions.”

However, it turned out that Jongwoon was wrong. The next day he had to save the poor man from a strong love potion that one of the students mixed into Hyukjae's drink. All because this idiot drags into his mouth everything that comes to hand, especially his favorite strawberry milk, which perfectly disguises the love potion. By the way, what did she find in this fool?

“You're such a dummy when you're in love with someone. Your pickup lines at the kindergarten level.”

“Hyung, I was under the influence of the potion, it doesn't count”

“As his best friend, I confirm that even without the effect of the potion, he is talking the same nonsense!” Donghae stepped into the conversation, getting an annoyed look from Hyukjae. Donghae was Jongwoon's favorite for a reason.


Jongwoon and Hyukjae were in the headmaster's office. Leeteuk stared at their guilty faces for a long time and then sighed heavily. He had enough problems with his students, why did he also have to look after the teachers.

“Both of you, explain yourself. Why did you start a food battle in the dining room in front of your students, who looking at you also started throwing food? What example do you set for the younger generation? Why did I even make you heads of your houses? No, not like this. Why did I even hire you as teachers?”

“He started it!” Jongwoon jabbed a finger in Hyukjae's side, knowing well that he was acting like a child, but he couldn't help himself. Magically, whenever Kim was around Lee, he lost his adequacy every time.

“Why on earth is it my fault? Actually, it was Donghae who accidentally threw an orange at you” Hyukjae objected.

“But in truth he was aiming at you!” Jongwoon did not calm down. “And you giggled so annoyingly that I could not resist. You deserve to be hit by an apple on your stupid head.”

The two could have argued forever, but then a cheerful Heechul entered the room.

“Teukie, you won't believe what happened in the dining room! Hyukie and Jongwoon once again got into a hassle that turned into an epic food battle. Fortunately, I stood at the exit and quickly left this chaos. But you should have seen Jongwoon's indignant face at the start of the battle, such a cutie.”

Heechul finally stopped, noticing three displeased glances directed at him.

“Oh, so you're already in the know.”

“Heechul, you were supposed to stop the mess, not leave it!” Leeteuk lamented.

“And dirty my beautiful outfit? No thanks. By the way, who won?”

“Heechul, it doesn't matter!” Leeteuk protested again. What wrong did he do to deserve all this? “Both of you, punished! No Hogsmeade this week.”

“But we are already adults,” Jongwoon and Hyukjae began to resent together, but Leeteuk was adamant.

As the boys left the office, it suddenly dawned on Hyukjae.

“If you think about it, Donghae started this whole mess and he is the one to be punished, not us.”

“That's right, he get away with it again.” Jongwoon sighed, and suddenly he had an interesting idea.

“Do you want to help me punish this little villain? I was just planning to test a new potion, but I didn't know on whom.”

“Deal,” Hyukjae smiled conspiratorially.

After a couple of hours, Jongwoon and Hyukjae were back in the headmaster's office.

“Please explain why is Donghae barking instead of talking? I can't even understand what he is saying.”

“Wow, now Donghae not only has a puppy look, but speech,” Hyukjae chuckled. Jongwoon honestly tried to hide his smile, but it turned out pretty badly.

“I know this is your trick.” Leeteuk glared at a couple. Seriously, they were all over thirty and they behave worse than first years.

“Do you have any proof?” Hyukjae raised an eyebrow, not afraid at all of the director's anger.

“Just disenchant him,” Leeteuk sighed. “He still has lessons to teach. If Donghae speaks like a human again within half an hour, I’ll annul your punishment.”

“I certainly don't know how my beloved friend managed to get into such a funny situation, but as a good hyung, I will help him. I have one antidote, just for such a case,” Jongwoon smirked mysteriously, not noticing the admiring look from his partner in prank and annoyed from the director.

“Just don't get involved in any more trouble, please. At least until the end of this week. I've had enough of the students' hassle.” Leeteuk wearily returned to his chair.

“We'll try,” Jongwoon assured him.

“But we can't promise anything,” Hyukjae added cheekily. Fortunately, Jongwoon saved him from Leeteuk's anger, quickly dragging the youngest out of the room, professionally blocking the enraged director's spell. Kim already had one boy that needed to be disenchanted, he didn’t want to deal with his dummy friend.

“Hyung, it was fun,” Lee smiled as they left the Leeteuk’s office. “It turns out you’re not such a bore.”

“This is a very dubious compliment,” Jongwoon shook his head, pulling out a flask of potion from his bag. “Give it to your friend. And tell him that if next time he misses the target again, I have many other potions that I will definitely try on him without hesitation.”

“Wow, hyung, you're so cool when you threaten someone. Keep this up and you will definitely win my heart.” Hyukjae took the potion from Jongwoon's hands and smiled brightly, then waved goodbye and left confused boy with an incomprehensible trembling in his chest. Damn, Jongwoon had a problem.

“Wait hyung, did I hear you correctly? Do you really wanna get drunk tonight?” Kyuhyun looked at his friend in surprise.

“That's right, I need to relax and think about something,” Jongwoon replied as if nothing had happened. “Call Ryeowook, I need him for moral support.”


“It's been a long time since we were all three together,” Ryeowook smiled, hugging his best friends. They decided to arrange a booze in Jongwoon's office; anyway, they would come here for a hangover potion after.

"Spit it out." Kyuhyun opened the first bottle of firewhiskey and expertly poured it into three glasses. Actually, it’s better for Jongwoon not to drink at all, because his tolerance for alcohol was very low, but only in this way he could gather all his courage and confess to friends, but most importantly to himself in his feelings.

“I think I like Hyukjae,” Jongwoon muttered quietly, expecting surprised exclamations from his best friends, but they just shrugged and grinned.

“Congratulations! Finally, you figured it out,” Kyuhyun chuckled, clinking glasses with a smiling Ryeowook.

“Not even twenty years have passed.”

“Hey! What are you speaking about?” Jongwoon looked irritated at his friends.

“Hyung, admit it, you and Hyukjae have crush on each other since high school, but instead of confessing your feelings, you decided to bicker with each other like two first years.” Kyuhyun shook his head.

“I didn't like him at school,” Jongwoon started to object, but Ryeowook stopped him.

“Remember how you were always lost in Hogwarts corridors, and Hyukjae, as the prefect, constantly accompanied you to your room?”

“You know that I have problems with orientation in space. Hogwarts is always changing the path to the Hufflepuff tower,” Jongwoon muttered embarrassedly.

“I assume that at first you were really lost, but admit that later you began to “lost” on purpose, just to spend more time with Hyukjae.”

“Okay, there’s some truth in that,” Jongwoon surrendered, taking another sip of firewhiskey.

“Then I see no problem, just confess your feelings to Hyukjae and you two can finally be a really cute couple. Also, most likely, the love potions from the students will finally stop bothering you,” smiled Ryeowook.

“But Hyukjae doesn't like me,” Jongwoon sighed.

“Are you blind? Trust me Hyukjae is so whipped on you.” Kyu shook his head. “Why do you think he accompanied you to room every time during our high school and constantly tease you now?”

“Because he was the prefect and now he is the head of rival house?” suggested Kim.

“He was the prefect of Ravenclaw and your house is Hufflepuff, you bastard. He could easily leave you to your prefect,” Ryeowook rolled his eyes, “but he still helped you himself, because he wanted it.”

“They are right, I wanted it,” suddenly another voice interrupted their conversation. Jongwoon looked up to see Hyukjae standing in the doorway of his office.

“What are you doing here?”

“Oops, sorry hyung, I completely forgot that I invited Hyukjae hyung to join our booze,” Kyuhyun said. “In my defense, I didn’t know we were going to discuss your feelings for him.”

“Well, maybe it's fate. I think you two have something to talk about.” Ryeowook smiled. Ignoring his panicking best friend, he grabbed his second best friend and headed for the exit of the room, leaving Jongwoon and Hyukjae alone.

“I knew that in our school years you pretended to be lost. You did it too often, very suspiciously,” Lee smirked as he sat down next to the embarrassed hyung.

“Please don’t tease me,” Jongwoon pouted, taking another swig of firewhiskey.

“But teasing you has already become a habit for so many years,” Hyukjae smiled kindly and then sharply became serious.

“Hyung, what you said is true? Did you really like me before?”

“Yes,” Jongwoon confirmed, realizing that it was pointless to deny the obvious, alcohol really made him a little braver. “Actually I like you very much now as well.”

“Are you serious?” Hyukjae asked again, not believing what he heard.

“How many times do I have to say it again so that you get it?” Kim looked irritably at the confused youngest. “I like you, dummy, apparently, since high school, but I stubbornly denied it, thinking that you would never like me romantically, because you constantly teased me before and keep doing it now.”

“You say it because you really think so, not because you are drunk, right, hyung?” The younger still doubted.

“I haven't had time to get drunk yet. Unfortunately. But if you continue to evade answering my confession, I will definitely get drunk. Or I'll get drunk with grief when you reject my feelings,” Jongwoon muttered, reaching out for the bottle, but the youngest got ahead of him.

“If I say that your feelings are mutual, will you get drunk too?” Lee asked, taking a sip of the drink straight from the bottle.

“Hey, that's my alcohol!” Kim protested, trying to realize where the younger was leading.

“Then come and get it," Hyukjae smiled insolently, challenging Jongwoon.

If he didn't have alcohol in his blood, Kim likely would have escaped from that room long ago, but Jongwoon couldn’t back down from the challenge, not when Lee Hyukjae challenged him. Jongwoon approached the younger boy and immediately kissed him. Apparently, Lee didn’t expect such persistence from the elder, but of course he kissed him back. To be honest, Hyukjae had long dreamed about it. God, they were such idiots and wasted so much time.

"Mine," Jongwoon mumbled against Hyukjae’s lips, taking the bottle of firewhiskey from his hands.

“Me or alcohol?” the younger asked cheerfully, licking his lips.

“Do you want to be mine?” Jongwoon asked uncertainly.

“Hyung, I really like you since high school, honestly. Do you remember the last time I walked you to Hufflepuff tower? Actually I tried to kiss you, but we were interrupted, and then you started avoiding me,” Hyukjae said.

“I panicked then, I thought I was wishful thinking. My feelings for you suddenly hit me, and I thought you would hate me for them,” Jongwoon admitted, recalling his school days.

“Well, instead, I hated the fact that you ignored me, which is why I began to tease you, in order to somehow get your attention back, and then I just couldn’t stop, because you are very cute, when you are angry. And I got at least a little of your attention again. Hyung, we are such fools, why didn't we confess to each other right away?”

“We were young and stupid,” Jongwoon sighed.

“We are old now and still stupid,” Hyukjae chuckled, hugging the embarrassed boy.

“I'm not old yet. Thirty-six is the prime of youth,” pouted Kim.

“Are you actually thirty-six? I heard that everyone calls you a vampire. Maybe you are actually three hundred years old.”

“Vampires don't exist and you know it very well.”

“Then how to explain the fact that you are so beautiful?” Hyukjae asked innocently.

"God, Donghae was right, you flirt terribly even without a love potion,” Jongwoon laughed. Hyukjae pouted.

“By the way, I hope the girls will stop sending you love potions when they find out that their beautiful "vampire" is dating now.

“I told you a long time ago to scold your kids. I don’t know why Ravenclaws are sending more of these potions.” Jongwoon shook his head with a smile.

“Well, I can't even blame them for that, you have a special influence on Ravenclaws,” Hyukjae muttered. “You always have.”

“Then I really should upset your house because I only need one,” Jongwoon grinned, looking at the younger's lips.

“I hope you're talking about their head,” Hyukjae said innocently.

“Unfortunately, you're right,” Kim sighed faked, but when he saw the younger’s indignant face, he immediately laughed and kissed the younger on his pouting cute lips.

The next morning, Jongwoon will still suffer from a hangover, because he shouldn't have been drinking so much firewhiskey. Still his mood didn’t deteriorate from this, because he finally started dating Hyukjae. None of the teaching staff were surprised by the news. It turned out that everyone had long made a bet about when these fools would come together. Surprisingly Leeteuk won this bet, truly an amazing wizard! But if Leeteuk thought that after that the couple would stop getting into trouble, he was deeply mistaken. Instead of squabbling with each other, they decided to join forces against others, and now the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses began to compete with Gryffindor and Slytherin houses. Leeteuk definitely didn't deserve all this mess and chaos.