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The Golden Prince

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Warm, golden light streams in through the tall glass windows above Jeongguk’s lonely table in the castle library, casting a bright beam across his long blonde locks and the book he’s currently reading. Or well, trying to read. Frankly, Jeongguk’s mind is elsewhere. But still, as part of his princely duties, he’s supposed to be studying. He swears he’s trying. 


He can hear Seokjin, the librarian, moving around behind a bookshelf somewhere to his left. Occasionally there’s a quiet shuffle of feet, or a soft swish as a book is pulled from it’s spot on the shelf or replaced with another. Seokjin likes quiet in his library, and speaks very quickly and aggressively when he’s angry, so Jeongguk accepts this policy without argument. 


Jeongguk, at first, didn’t see how Seokjin and Yoongi could be friends. They just seemed like very different people; an assassin and a librarian make for a very unlikely duo. It wasn’t until Jeongguk crashed a castle staff party last month, one he never would have been invited to if it weren’t for his armoured assassin threatening everyone there to let him come, did he finally get to witness a loud Kim Seokjin. Apparently outside of the library, he enjoys a good laugh. And a good beer. Jeongguk never would have known. 


The truth is no one really wanted Jeongguk there at first. Rightfully so, he is the son of the most hated King in all of Terrestris history. A murderous tyrant, destroyer of all magic and fae bloodlines, and someone Jeongguk is not proud to have as a father. Most of the castle, and probably the entire country, assumes Jeongguk might one day be like him. He doesn’t want to be anything like that monster. He’s going to be a good and kind King. 


Jeongguk sits up, stretches his shoulders, and sighs. Focus, he tells himself. He tries to read the words on the page for the twentieth time. 


He misses Yoongi. He also misses Namjoon. He just saw the two of them last night, but just thinking of their time together makes his stomach overflow with butterflies, so he tries not to think about it. They still make him nervous. And happy. Oh so very happy. 


“What are you smiling about?” a slow voice suddenly drawls next to his right ear. 


Jeongguk jumps so violently his knees slam into the table, sending books flying and plummeting to the floor. Shit.


“PRINCE JEONGGUK, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING, MAKING A RACKET LIKE THAT?” Seokjin bellows from two rows over, quick footsteps getting louder as he heads over to scold the source of the sound. Jeongguk spins around in his chair, wide eyes looking at Yoongi in shock. He’s smirking. Of course he finds this funny.


“Yoongi, you know I hate it when you sneak up on me, please give me some sort of indication you’re there before making me jump out of my skin.” Jeongguk whines. “You’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days.” Jeongguk’s bottom lip juts out in a convincing pout.


Yoongi’s smirk grows bigger, if that’s even possible. 


“Now where’s the fun in that, my little star?”


Jeongguk flushes at the nickname and quickly glances back down to pick up his books and set them on the table again, cheeks red hot.


“Yah, Yoongi-ah, so it’s your fault.” Seokjin muses, crossing his arms when he halts in front of the pair. He’s fuming .


“Was not. It’s not my fault the golden Prince here is so jumpy.”


Seokjin narrows his eyes at Yoongi in a glare that would suggest murder, but Yoongi just sits down in the chair beside Jeongguk and leans back, fiddling with the blade strapped to his waist.


The librarian glances between the two of them and pauses, then sighs.


“Keep it down or I will kick you out, assassin. I don’t care if you’ve got that blade, I’ll gut you six ways to Sunday and leave you hanging like the laundry.” Seokjin threatens in a clear tone, and turns on his heel to move back over to his shelves.


Yoongi laughs quietly as he leaves, as if he finds Seokjin amusing and not utterly terrifying. 


Jeongguk glances over at Yoongi, not surprised to see the smaller man geared up for a mission. Anxiety starts to bubble in his throat. Yoongi’s job is dangerous, and Jeongguk lives in constant fear that one day he’ll leave and never return. 


“You’ve got another assignment from the King?” Jeongguk asks in a small voice. 


The assassin puts his chair back on all fours and reaches for the prince underneath the table, stroking his thumb along the back of his hand.


“Yeah. It’s not a particularly hard or dangerous one, Kookie. I’ll be home after sundown, I always am.”


Jeongguk looks up into his lover’s eyes. He wishes he could kiss him, but it’s not safe here in the library, where anyone could see. No one can know about Yoongi or Namjoon. If his father found out, they would be sentenced to death. The King’s prized assassin and head of the royal guard, the golden prince’s lovers. Hell, his father would probably murder Jeongguk as well. It wouldn’t be ideal, so they hide it, as they have done successfully for the past six months. 


It was early autumn when Yoongi came to the castle for the first time, rescued from prison where he was locked up for his hired assassinations throughout the kingdom. He was the best and most feared assassin in the entire country. His father made him a deal, and gave him a second chance, a rarity from the cruel man. Kill for the King, and he gets to live out his days in a state of somewhat freedom. He has his own room, all the riches he could ask for, food to eat, and all the weapons he could dream of. He just can’t leave the castle grounds except for missions. He traded one prison for another.


“And if you don’t return, it better be because you’re dead, or you’ll wish you were.” His father had said. Yoongi never doubted him for a second. He might be the best assassin in all of Terrestris, but even he couldn’t take on an army of the king’s men. 


“Promise me you’ll come back?” Jeongguk knows he won’t, he can’t, but he asks anyway.


Yoongi just smiles somewhat sadly and stands up. 


“Tell Namjoon about it for me at your lesson later? He’s training some new guards down at the range this morning and I don’t have time to stop by.”


“Okay,” the prince agrees, nodding stiffly.


He’ll be okay. Jeongguk thinks to himself as he watches Yoongi leave the library. He’s always careful. He’ll be fine.




Jeongguk however, is not fine. After a long morning of barely getting any studying done, and an even longer, uncomfortably silent lunch with his father, he’s not happy. 


He can’t help but worry about Yoongi. He knows there’s nothing he can do, the assassin has no choice in these missions for his father, but the prince still yearns for the day he can set his lover free. Truly free. The truth is, Yoongi is kind. And Jeongguk would never ask him to kill anyone for the sick, twisted reasons the King holds.


Jeongguk takes the long way to the range. He knows Namjoon doesn’t like waiting, but he needs a bit of a walk to clear his head. 


The castle walls are made of strong stone, and the arched doorways are cast in gold and marble. Tapestries of black and purple hang proudly in the long hallways. Vines crawl their way in through cracks and decorate the grey walls with life.


Down the next hall, some of the Lord’s daughters giggle profusely at something they’re watching through the open window. 


“Ah, Taehyung is so cute!” one blushes.


“But Hoseok is so strong and muscular,” the other sighs, dreamily. 


Jeongguk stops an almost obnoxious snort, and keeps walking past them, avoiding being noticed. The girls must be watching the guards training. The Prince likes Taehyung and Hoseok, they’re some of Namjoon’s best men, but those girls don’t stand a chance.


He winds his way down the staircase and walks into the bright courtyard. It’s late spring, almost summer, and the air smells like rain. He silently hopes Yoongi can make it home before it pours.


He sees Taehyung and Hoseok sparring together across the range, Namjoon watching their progress. Hoseok curses when Taehyung narrowly avoids hitting his ribs, and Namjoon throws his grey head of hair back in laughter, dimples showing.


Jeongguk’s heart lurches.


He makes his way over, announcing his arrival with a clearing of his throat.


Taehyung breaks his focus for a second and glances over at the Prince, and then Namjoon. Hoseok uses that to his advantage, lining his sword up with his opponent’s throat.


“I won!”


“That’s not fair! I was respecting our Prince by at least acknowledging his arrival, dumbass! Show some common courtesy.”


The two fall into an argument over who really won that round, walking towards the other side of the yard to put up their practice swords, bumping shoulders. Namjoon turns to Jeongguk.


“You’re late.” 


“I’m sorry, I wanted to take a walk.”


“Long day?” Namjoon asks, raising an eyebrow. He always reads Jeongguk so well.


“Yeah. Yoongi left this morning. Said he’ll be back after sundown.”


“Oh.” Namjoon has one physical tell when he’s upset or angry, and he’s doing it right now. His jaw is set in a very harsh line.


“He wanted to tell you himself, but you were busy training,” Jeongguk explains, sheepishly. 


Namjoon relaxes and sighs. 


“Okay. I understand. Let’s get started with your lesson, shall we?”


Jeongguk doesn’t think that’s the end of it, he knows Namjoon would have liked to have seen Yoongi before he left, but he drops the subject for now. They can talk about it later. 


If there’s one thing Jeongguk dislikes about sparring with Namjoon, it’s that he can’t jump his lover right here in the courtyard. Namjoon is tall, and broad, with big shoulders and muscular arms. And his chest, it’s a damn work of art. Jeongguk knows, he’s seen it up close. It’s incredibly infuriating having to participate through these lessons day after day, while his boyfriend exists just to tease him.


Jeongguk had always had a thing for Namjoon, ever since he moved to the castle from a little farming town outside of Terrestris to join the guard. It had taken Namjoon all of a year to prove himself as the best fighter. He rose through the ranks so fast that when the previous elder head of the royal guard fell ill and passed two years ago, it was no question in the King’s mind who would fill the position. Namjoon isn’t just a great fighter though, he’s smart, and he knows people. He’s also a natural born leader. He meets all the vital requirements for the job.


Jeongguk found him incredibly beautiful, and very intimidating. For months he spluttered and choked on his words anytime the man was within six feet of the Prince. His crush was so painfully obvious, he’s amazed it took as long as it did for Namjoon to see it. And well, Jeongguk guesses they kind of have Yoongi to thank for that. 


The King had suggested right around the same time that he brought Yoongi into the castle that it was time for Jeongguk to further his training, and by suggested, he means ordered. 


It was only their second day training, and Yoongi strolled into the range to watch. 


“Kid, you’re literally the worst fighter I’ve ever seen,” Yoongi said, smirking in the way that he does, at yet another failed attempt to block an attack from Namjoon.


“You should address him as Prince, assassin,” Namjoon replied, coolly.


Yoongi arched an eyebrow but didn’t respond. Instead he rolled his eyes and sat down crossing his legs on the grass.


“Uhmm…” Jeongguk flushed. The assassin also made him nervous. In addition to his stress of having to spar with his crush, the head of the royal guard, now this rumored dangerous assassin was going to sit and watch? Not to mention how pretty he is. Really. Are boys supposed to be that beautiful? Jeongguk is panicking right now.


Yoongi’s smirk grew bigger and his eyes flashed gold as he noticed Jeongguk staring at him. 


“Focus Prince Jeongguk, pretend he’s not even there,” Namjoon said with a huff.


“I- uh,” Jeongguk had stuttered, blushing even more darkly. “I thin-k I-I’m gonna go. Yeah. Uhm, I-I have something I forgot t-to do earlier. Yup. Uh huh.”


Namjoon gaped at him in disbelief as Jeongguk ran from the range. He couldn’t get far enough away before he heard the assassin’s comment.


“Well he was blushing darker than red wine. I’d say it was because of me, but the truth is he was already that color when I got here.”


“What are you talking about?” Namjoon asked.


“The kid’s got a crush on you, royal pain. Gods, are you that fucking dense?”


Jeongguk still feels embarrassed about how shy he was with Namjoon for so long. Yoongi had been their missing piece though, and the three of them fit together in a way Jeongguk had never known was possible. They make him feel loved, and that’s all he’s ever really needed.


Jeongguk has also made great improvements in his fighting abilities since that day six months ago. Which is good, except for the fact that Namjoon still serves as a convincing distraction. At least Jeongguk is a little bit less shy.


“Jeongguk, you’re not focusing,” Namjoon huffs, breathing hard from the workout, deflecting the Prince’s half-hearted attack with graceful ease.


“I’m trying,” he replies, blocking Namjoon’s forward thrust and counter attacking, somewhat awkwardly. “I can’t help it when you look like that.”


Namjoon smirks, but blocks his attack again, arm muscles flexing tastefully. When he swings forward this time, their swords crash into each other, the deafening clash of metal on metal echoing through the range. 


Both of them are leaning close, almost nose to nose. They lower their voices to almost whispers.


“Like what?”


“You know what.”


“Mm, but I like to hear you say it.”


“I’d be on my knees for you right now if we weren’t in the range.”


Namjoon groans and pushes on his sword, sending Jeongguk back a few steps.


“I guess I asked for it, didn’t I?” he laughs.


Jeongguk smiles and when Namjoon moves to attack again, the Prince easily dodges his blade and brings the pommel of his sword up to Namjoon’s chin. He doesn’t actually hit him with it, but he’d have been knocked in the face if he had. 


“I win,” Jeongguk repeats Hoseok’s line from earlier, still grinning.


“Yes, you did,” Namjoon admits, relaxing in defeat. “We can leave it here for today.”


They walk across the yard still breathing heavily, and move to put up their practice weapons. Namjoon straps his own trusty sword back to his hip, and leans back against the grey stone wall of the castle, closing his eyes. There’s a bead of sweat dripping down his neck, and Jeongguk wants to run his tongue along it, as gross as it kind of sounds.


“I just wish he had said goodbye,” Namjoon confides, softly, after a moment.


Jeongguk feels his heart melt. 


“I know,” the Prince whispers.


“He always comes back, he does, but it doesn’t make me worry any less each time he has to leave,” Namjoon sighs, voice hushed. “I can’t help but wonder if this time…”


He doesn’t finish the sentence but the Prince understands what he means. What if this is the time he doesn’t return? How could they go on without him?


“I’m worried too. You know I always worry,” Jeongguk breathes out. “One day, I’ll be King and I’ll never send him away ever again. We’re going to be fine. We have to be. I don’t know what I would do if I lost either of you.”


Namjoon meets the Prince’s eyes and smiles softly. 


“You’re going to be a great King.”


He says it with such certainty, as if he knows for sure. And maybe he does. Jeongguk knows there’s no one else in this world that knows his heart better than the man standing in front of him. Yoongi too.


“Only because I have you.”


Jeongguk hates not being able to kiss Namjoon right now. His heart aches for it. It’s so unfair, and cruel, and twisted that he can’t just openly love them. When he’s King, this place is going to be much happier. When he’s King, he’s going to be better than his father. And Jeongguk guesses that counts for something.


Before he can stop to think about it, Jeongguk glances around the range, finding it completely deserted. Scanning the windows of the castle quickly, he doesn’t see anyone there either. The window that was open before is now tightly closed shut.


They’re completely alone out here.


Fuck it. Jeongguk leans forward and brushes his lips against Namjoon’s, fitting his bottom lip between his own. Jeongguk’s stomach swoops. It’s a quick kiss, a soft kiss, but the two melt into each other anyway. Namjoon pulls away first, always the most rational one, glances around, and sighs.


“My little Prince,” he murmurs. 


“I know. But I had to.”


“I love you.”


They look at each other for a few moments, and Jeongguk smiles.


“And I, you,” he replies, feeling Namjoon stroking his jaw softly. 


They stay there for a bit longer in silence, a mutual understanding, but eventually the sun moves lower in the sky, and Namjoon has to leave to go do his job. Jeongguk knows it’s time for supper, so they leave and go their separate ways.


“I’ll meet you in your chambers later,” Namjoon promises. “We’ll wait for him together.”


Jeongguk is so in love it hurts.




“Now strip, Prince,” Jimin giggles.


Jeongguk rolls his eyes but does as the man says. Jimin is Jeongguk’s personal hand. He’s gone and drawn up a bath for the Prince after dinner, like he does every night. It’s their routine.


The water smells nice and floral, but it’s not overwhelming. Yoongi and Namjoon always comment on him smelling nice, so he guesses they like it. Jeongguk likes it too if he’s honest. It makes him feel pretty to smell good.


Jimin turns around out of courtesy to allow Jeongguk to step into the water, and the Prince immediately feels his body relax when he sinks into the warm water.


“So how was your day?” Jimin inquires, moving to bustle around the washroom attached to Jeongguk’s personal chambers, gathering supplies and tidying up. The room is extravagant, just like the rest of the castle. Gold and marble cover the walls.


“It was fine,” Jeongguk muses.


“You’re such a bad liar.”


Jeongguk smiles. Jimin is his hand, but he’s also his friend. He’s one of the only people in the castle that doesn’t avoid him like the plague. 


“Yah, it was shit, is that what you wanted to hear?” the Prince jests.


“If you keep worrying your pretty head about things outside of your control, you’re going to end up with wrinkles, and then I would have to fix them. We can’t have an ugly Prince, now can we?” Jimin turns to him with a bright smile, carrying a pair of lavender silk pants and a matching tunic.


“I can’t help but worry about these things, Jimin,” the Prince says, sinking lower into the water, pouting.


“What’s meant to be will be, my Prince. What’s yours is yours, and what belongs to you will always find its way to you in the end. You’ll just make yourself sick if you think about it too much.”


Jeongguk sometimes wonders if Jimin knows. The hand is known for knowing secrets he shouldn’t, but he quickly drops that thought. There’s no way he could know. They’re too careful. 


“Thanks, Jimin. I’ll try.”


The hand smiles softly at the Prince and pats him on the head. 


“Let’s get you cleaned up.”


Jimin helps Jeongguk wash and dry his pretty blonde hair. It’s getting long. His father will want him to cut it, but Yoongi mentioned just yesterday how well it suits him. Jeongguk thinks he’ll keep it like this for a while.


He climbs into his night clothes as Jimin drains the tub, and turns to the smaller man.


“Really, Jimin, thank you. You’re a good friend.”


“There’s nothing to thank me for, Prince, that’s what friends are for,” he says with a nod. “I’ll be leaving now. Try and get some rest.”


Jeongguk follows Jimin into his bedroom and shuts the door behind him after he leaves. Turning, Jeongguk scans his chambers. It’s a bit of a mess right now, and Jeongguk crinkles his nose up in disgust. 


He reaches over and starts to pile up his books on the shelf in a neat fashion. Jeongguk has read every single book on this shelf more than once, but Namjoon has recently taken a liking to sifting through them when he’s here. 


Now that he thinks about it, his room is full of them. 


The sofa by the fireplace is where Yoongi sometimes likes to lay down after a long mission and pretend he’s not sleeping. His soft snores say otherwise.


A knife Namjoon made for him for his birthday sits on his side table. Yoongi insisted he leave it there.


“You never know when you’ll need it, Kookie. What if an assassin breaks in and tries to murder you?” Yoongi had teased, poking the Prince's cheek.


“Well then I’ll have my assassin boyfriend here to protect me, won’t I?” Jeongguk had smiled.


Jeongguk sighs, and moves about, finishing up his tidying. When he gets to the balcony doors, he slides the lock to open them just a crack. Yoongi will come in this way, like always. Something about it being discrete, but Jeongguk just thinks he likes to scale the wall.


He hears the chamber door behind him creak open, and then swish closed. Jeongguk turns around and sees Namjoon, in all his rugged handsomeness. 


“Hey,” he says in a deep voice.


Jeongguk is across the room and throwing his arms around his lover in less than a second. 


Namjoon chuckles lightly and wraps his arms around the smaller Prince, placing a kiss to the top of his head. 


Safe. That’s how he feels in Namjoon’s arms. Before he can stop them, tears well up in his eyes, and he buries his face further in Namjoon’s neck.


They stand there for a moment, embracing, until Jeongguk gives a small sniffle and Namjoon moves to grab onto the Prince’s cheeks to get him to look at him.


“Hey, baby, look at me, don’t cry. I’m here,” Namjoon shushes him, gazing into his eyes, face full of concern. “And Yoongi is going to be here soon. It’s sundown, he shouldn’t be long now.”


Jeongguk sniffs again and nods his head, grabbing onto Namjoon’s wrists still holding his face. He feels embarrassed for crying, but the stress of the day has finally taken its toll. More tears roll down his cheeks before he can stop them, but Namjoon just leans forward and kisses his cheeks, first the left, then his right, so very softly. He kisses his nose, then his forehead, and finally brings his lips to Jeongguk’s. It’s sweet, and Jeongguk can taste his tears. 


“Let’s move you to the bed, okay? We can cuddle while we wait,” he murmurs against the Prince’s lips, giving him one more kiss and wrapping his arms around him again.


They collapse together on his four poster, and Jeongguk lays his head down on Namjoon’s chest. He can hear his heartbeat, strong and steady. Breathing in deeply, Jeongguk knows he smells like pine, and sweat, and something very much Namjoon. He’s addicted to the way Namjoon smells. 


He’s stopped crying now, tiredness seeping into his limbs.


Jeongguk yawns.


“Sleep my little Prince. I’ll wake you when Yoongi arrives.”


“Don’t wanna,” Jeongguk grumbles, voice giving his tiredness away. “Wanna stay up with you.”


“Sleep, Kookie. You look like you need it.”


Jeongguk doesn’t argue, because he’s already asleep. Soft and steady breathing fills the silence of his bedroom, and Namjoon’s hand continues to stroke his hair. 




“Wake up, star.”


Jeongguk is roused from his sleep by the sound of Yoongi’s baritone voice.


Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he opens them to see the dark haired assassin has climbed up in the bed and is smiling softly down at him. Namjoon still has his arms wrapped around Jeongguk’s waist.


“Yoongi,” he sighs happily. “What time is it?” Jeongguk asks.


Yoongi glances at Namjoon, who Jeongguk also spares a look at and notices his jaw is set in a sharp line again. There’s a slight tension in the room he didn’t sense in his sleepy haze. Suddenly he’s wide awake. He looks back at Yoongi.


“Uhm, I’m a little late. It’s nearly 3 in the morning.”


Ah. Yeah, Namjoon is upset.


“But you’re back. You made it back, and that’s what really matters, right?” Jeongguk says, grabbing Namjoon’s hand and looking at him in question, brows furrowed.


Namjoon sinks. Yoongi looks sad.


“You didn’t even say goodbye,” he says in a small voice, smaller than Jeongguk’s ever heard him sound. “And as the night went on I got more and more worried. What if you hadn’t come back and you never said goodbye?”


Yoongi reaches for Namjoon’s other hand and holds it, squeezing tightly.


“I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to say goodbye from now on. I didn’t really think about it like that, and I didn’t want to bother you while you were training this morning.”


“You’re never a bother, Yoongi.”


Yoongi look down at their hands. 


“Why were you late?” Jeongguk asks, after a pause.


“Ah, that. I actually have a gift for you, little star.”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen. Yoongi can be a bit complex with his feelings at times. He’s not as vocal about his love as Namjoon or Jeongguk are, but he shows it in the little things. The way he leaves notes for Jeongguk where others won’t find them. The way he thinks of him always.


“But I also have something to tell you both,” Yoongi looks nervous now. “I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but it’s not something easy to admit.”


The assassin looks small now. Jeongguk forgets sometimes, with how much his boyfriends baby him and how bigger than life they can seem, Yoongi is actually a bit smaller than him in stature. 


Namjoon looks curious now too, sitting up in the bed with Jeongguk, anger long forgotten.


“Whatever it is, you know you’re safe with us,” he says in a consoling tone, easing the tension in Yoongi’s shoulders a bit. 


“Yeah. I do,” Yoongi breathes in a deep breath, and exhales. “It’ll be easier to show you.”


Jeongguk and Namjoon share a curious look, and watch as Yoongi pulls a small snow globe out of his bag. There’s a tiny willow tree set in the centerpiece. 


“I didn’t share this with you sooner because I’m terrified. I've lived the majority of my life in fear of anyone finding out this secret.”


Namjoon suddenly reaches forward and grabs Yoongi’s wrist. 


Jungkook doesn’t know what to think when Yoongi raises the hand holding the snow globe slowly, making sure to not shake it, eyes shut tight.


For a moment, the trio is still.


Then, suddenly, the snow in the globe starts to swirl. Slowly at first, then quickly, as if a tiny tornado has taken over the glass sphere.


Jeongguk’s jaw drops in awe as he watches the beautiful sight.


Then his stomach drops in fear.


Yoongi has magic.


And the King would murder him for it if he knew. Jeongguk feels his face pale and his heartbeat quicken. 


“Yoongi,” he whispers, voice suddenly shaking.


Namjoon is looking at Yoongi, but not in surprise. He has a sympathetic look on his face.


“I thought so,” he murmurs.


Yoongi snaps open his eyes to look at Namjoon in shock, and Jeongguk also turns to him, mouth gaping. 


“You look like magic,” he explains. “Sometimes,” he adds, seeing Yoongi’s look of alarm. “I can see it in your eyes. They flash when you look at us, like they’re glowing. At first I thought I was imagining it, but it’s hard to convince myself of that when it happens right in front of my face. You’re only a small part fae, aren’t you? You’d look more like them if you had more of their blood.”


Jeongguk has noticed the flash in Yoongi’s eyes before, but he always brushed it off as a trick of the light. 


“Yeah, my great grandmother was fae,” Yoongi whispers. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”


“You obviously didn’t want us to know. And I don’t blame you, because you’d be sentenced to death for it. I figured if you were ever going to decide to tell us, then you would. And if you didn’t, I was going to pretend I didn’t know anything. It’s your secret to keep.”


They’re all silent for a while. 


“Kookie? Are you alright?”


Jeongguk looks up from his hands to look Yoongi in the eyes. 


Nothing has changed. Jeongguk thinks. Not really. I still love him. 


“Yeah. I’m okay,” he replies, reaching out to run his fingers through Yoongi’s hair. “I’m just thinking about how I’m going to protect you now.”


Yoongi then smiles wide, a bright gummy smile. He throws his head back in laughter.


“Protecting you is our job,” Namjoon laughs along with the assassin.


“Yeah, for now, but I’m going to be King one day,” Jeongguk states, face still serious. “And no one is going to hurt either of you ever again.”


Yoongi stops laughing, and smiles as he leans forward to suddenly press his lips to the Prince’s.


Jeongguk gasps in surprise but kisses back, slowly. Languidly. 


No matter how long they’ve been together, or for how long hereafter, Jeongguk will never get tired of the feeling of the assassin’s lips on his. 


It’s always soft and sweet, the way their lips move like a beautifully composed song. Their tongues dancing together to the music of their synced heartbeats.


Jeongguk’s breathing speeds up when he feels Yoongi’s hand run through his hair and tug the ends in a lazy grip. Jeongguk lets out a soft gasp as Yoongi nips at his bottom lip teasingly. He pulls back and smirks at the flushed face of the Prince.


“Come on, baby, one kiss and you’re already so flustered?” He looks over to an equally smug Namjoon. “What will we do about this Joonie?” 


Namjoon shuffles closer to the other two and reaches up to run his hand over Jeongguk’s face. He holds the Prince’s chin in his hand and runs his thumb over the younger boy’s bottom lip. 


Namjoon thinks about the first time they were in this exact same position, Yoongi hovering over a flustered, wide-eyed Jeongguk looking back up at them with a mix of love and lust in his eyes. 


He slips the tip of his thumb further into Jeongguk’s mouth, feeling his wet tongue swirl around it in response.


“We’ll give him what he wants, assassin,” his voice drips, like honey. 


In one swift motion, Jeongguk is manhandled and placed so he is sitting on top of Namjoon. Yoongi presses up against the Prince’s back, his knees on either side of Namjoon’s thighs, both men seated on his legs.


Jeongguk lets out a gasp as Namjoon’s lips crash into his hard, tongue licking the roof of his mouth. Yoongi’s cold hands trail under the back of his shirt, making him shiver. He starts pressing open mouthed kisses along Jeongguk’s neck.


A shiver runs up the Prince’s spine from the contrast of Yoongi’s cold hands against his warm back, goosebumps rising across the expanse of his tan skin. His heart skips a beat as he feels Yoongi press closer to his back, the dagger still sheathed on his belt digging into his skin.


Jeongguk whimpers against Namjoon’s lips, grinding his hips forward and then back, feeling both of them on each side of him. He feels small between the two men, Namjoon’s chest pressed to his, Yoongi’s against his back. He feels trapped, in the best way possible.


Yoongi licks a long stripe from Jeongguk’s shoulder blade up to his ear, lightly nipping at it. 


“Tell us what you want, my little star.” Yoongi’s deep voice whispers to him. Jeongguk feels another shiver go up his spine as Yoongi’s breath hits his neck. He lets out a low, cut off moan as he detaches his lips from Namjoon’s kiss swollen ones. 


“P-please..” He chokes out.


“Please what, my Prince?” Namjoon questions, placing kisses along his exposed collarbone now.


Jeongguk stays silent for a moment, just simply enjoying the feeling of being between the two men he loves the most in this world. Lips and hands skate across his skin, his breathing labored as he tries to focus on one thing at a time. He lets out a pathetic whine.


Please... f-fuck me. ”  The words come out in a hushed, needy whisper, but it sounds like it reverberates through the chamber. The other two pause.


Yoongi lets out a hiss from behind him, moving his strong, calloused hands to grip Jeongguk’s waist as he latches his teeth to the Prince’s neck, sucking a blooming mark into his skin. Namjoon groans and bucks his hips up into Jeongguk, grinding their clothed cocks against each other.


Namjoon, growing tired of all of the clothes between them, starts to busy himself with undoing Jeongguk’s tunic, revealing more skin, which he immediately covers with his lips. Yoongi, from behind, helps Jeongguk slip his arms out and the top is discarded somewhere on the floor. They’re too preoccupied to make sure the Prince’s bedroom stays clean at the moment.


In a flurry of quick motions, the other two rid themselves of their top layers of clothing, leaving the three of them in just their pants. Yoongi still has his weapons belt on. By the time Jeongguk has their undivided attention again, he has a slight pout on his face, pretty doe eyes wide. 


“Well, looks like someone’s needy,” Namjoon teases. “Can’t be patient for more than two seconds, my Prince?” 


It’s not like Jeongguk has anywhere to be. It’s almost four in the morning now, and the only thing on his mind is being absolutely ruined by the two men he has in his bed. Yes, he’s needy, but can you really blame him? No. Not when he has the two sexiest men in the kingdom willing and ready to fuck him whenever he asks for it. 


With as much confidence and finesse he can muster, Jeongguk moves one of his hands behind him and the other in front of him, placing both of them on each of his boyfriends’ cocks through their pants. He presses into them at the same time, drawing out a long groan from Namjoon and a strangled hiss from Yoongi.


He smiles, shyly. “Is there a problem with me being needy?” The comment barely leaves his mouth before he’s shoved down from behind. 


Yoongi pushes him completely forward, something almost akin to magic with how strong the force is, knocking the air out of his lungs. Jeongguk is completely hovering over Namjoon at this point, looking down at him. Yoongi covers his whole back with his body, running his hands harshly down his sides.


“Don’t tease me, darling, I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you if you push me too far.” For added emphasis, Yoongi bites into Jeongguk’s shoulder blade, scraping his teeth harshly against his skin.


Jeongguk lets out a shaky moan, clenching his fists, which are now resting on either side of Namjoon. The man is gazing up at Jeongguk with heavy lidded eyes. He reaches up and runs a hand through the Prince’s blonde hair, tugging at the ends and making his head tilt to the side. 


“Are you just going to let him push you into me like that? After he got home so late, and made us worry all day and night? You’re not a pushover, Prince Jeongguk,” Namjoon says smoothly, raising an eyebrow at the boy. Yoongi lets out a huff. 


“What? Come on, you know he likes that kind of thing, Joonie,” his voice rings. 


Namjoon nods at Jeongguk and he smiles back, getting the memo. He knows what they have to do. They’re going to teach their boyfriend a lesson for being late, and for not saying goodbye to Namjoon that previous morning.


As Yoongi is distracted by Namjoon’s charming smirk over Jeongguk’s shoulder, the Prince swings his leg up and over Namjoon, positioning himself beside the two of them. Yoongi gapes at him in surprise, either from the surprising flexibility with which he got off of Namjoon, or because he was fast enough to do it and not get caught by the stealthy assassin.


Namjoon smirks up at Yoongi, who is looking down at him from his seat on his thighs, glaring at him in distrust. Jeongguk maneuvers on the bed as slowly and quietly as possible, and positions himself behind Yoongi.


In one quick motion, with Namjoon’s help of course, Jeongguk lifts Yoongi up and off the grey haired man so that he is positioned on his back. The Prince straddles his chest, knees on both of his shoulders, successfully pinning him down. 


Yoongi is helpless, unable to move, as the more muscular Prince positions himself in a way so his upper body has absolutely no leverage to push him off.  


“What do you think you’re doing?” Yoongi spits out between clenched teeth. 


Namjoon stays in his line of sight as he replies, voice full of authority, “What do you think we are doing? Do you think you can just come home to us so late and not be punished for it, assassin?” 


Namjoon disappears behind Jeongguk, out of Yoongi’s sight, causing the assassin to grow nervous about what he is planning. He feels the man undo his weapons belt and hears him set it carefully on the side table. A gasp leaves his mouth as he feels a sudden rush of cold air hit his lower half.


Namjoon positions himself between Yoongi’s bare legs, spreading them apart just enough to fit himself between. The assassin lets out a gasp as he feels warm, rough hands run up his pale thighs and teasingly brush against his half hard cock, making it jump. He sighs in frustration.


From above, Jeongguk runs his fingers through Yoongi’s hair with one hand, and rubs himself through his pants with the other. Yoongi lets out a choked moan as Jeongguk grips his hair and forces his face forward, pushing his nose and open mouth into the Prince’s crotch.


Jeongguk lets out a sigh, feeling the front of his pants and the shaft of his cock get wet as Yoongi mouths at his bulge. The grip in his hair tightens and Yoongi lets out another moan, sending vibrations through Jeongguk’s cock.


Meanwhile, Namjoon is dragging his blunt nails across the inside of Yoongi’s thighs, chills running up his spine. Every time he gets close to the place Yoongi’s body is begging to be touched, he skirts around it, lightly brushing his cock in passing. 


The combination of sensations start to over stimulate his brain. Not knowing what Namjoon is going to do next and having no control over what Jeongguk is doing, has him relaxing and melting into the bed. He lets them do whatever they want to him, willingly submitting to his two boyfriends. It’s not often that he lets them have complete control over him.


Then, as if they timed it perfectly, Jeongguk takes his cock out of his pants, letting it fall against the side of Yoongi’s face. At the same exact time, Namjoon licks up the length of Yoongi’s cock. That action alone makes him try to throw his head back in ecstasy, only to be held up by Jeongguk’s hand in his hair. Pain shoots through his head as his hair is yanked, forcing his head back up to the perfect position for Jeongguk to run the tip of his cock over Yoongi’s lips.


Namjoon keeps his grip on Yoongi’s thighs as he teases the tip of his cock with his lips. He swirls his tongue around the head and licks the slit, tasting his salty-sweet pre-cum. He trails one hand up his thigh and grips the base of his cock to keep it steady, starting to suck on it softly.


Namjoon slowly lowers his mouth onto his cock, unable to take all of it. Yoongi’s still the best of the three of them at deep throating. He starts to bob his head at a relaxed pace, just fast enough to have a steady rhythm.


On the other hand, Jeongguk is toying with Yoongi’s mouth, swiping the tip across his lips, teasingly pushing it into his mouth and taking it out, just enough for Yoongi to want more of it.


The Prince tilts his head to the side as he looks down at the hazy eyed assassin under him. 


“Let me fuck your mouth, Yoongi.” Jeongguk whispers, his voice husky from the lust coursing through his body. 


The only thing Yoongi is able to do is nod in confirmation. 


Prince Jeongguk, the son of a terrifying King and the future ruler of Terrestris, pushes the tip of his cock between the lips of his father’s personal assassin. He smirks at the thought, though he knows that if they were actually caught, they would all be fucked. It still turns him on despite the risk though, the thought of going behind his father’s back like this.


He slowly eases the tip of his cock down Yoongi’s throat, feeling it contract around him, forcing a moan from his lips. He throws his head back and starts to thrust into his mouth, picking up speed as Yoongi gets accustomed to being used.  


Yoongi’s hands clench at his sides while Jeongguk continues to thrust into his throat. At the same time, Namjoon swallows around his cock. He’s on the verge of cumming already. The two men know Yoongi like the back of their hands, and every twitch of his cock and whimper that slips out of his mouth tells them what is about to happen.


Namjoon and Jeongguk are in sync again. They push Yoongi and wait for him to reach the edge, whimpering loudly, and then simultaneously stop what they are doing. Jeongguk takes his cock out of his mouth at the same time that Namjoon pulls off of him. Yoongi is left panting and groaning, feeling empty.


Namjoon moves into view again, his lips puffy from overuse and glistening with spit. He smirks, taking Jeongguk’s face in his hands. He kisses him deeply, desperately, forcing Yoongi to watch, helpless from his still trapped position under Jeongguk. 


Jeongguk can taste Yoongi on Namjoon’s tongue. He sucks it into his mouth, greedily taking all he can get. Yoongi, frustrated, starts to thrust into the air, trying to find some way to get friction on his hard cock, or to buck Jeongguk off and take back control. 


Of course his fighting is for nothing. Namjoon breaks his kiss with Jeongguk and looks down at Yoongi. 


“Don’t move. Maybe, if you’re good this time, I’ll let you cum. Sound good, baby?” Namjoon instructs, with no room for opposition.


Yoongi looks up at him, eyes glassy, and gives in. He nods his head, making Namjoon let out a low chuckle. 


“No, no, love, I wanna hear you say it.” His voice is strong.


“Yes… s-sir,” Yoongi utters through clenched teeth. The assassin loves to submit to his beautiful and dominant boyfriend, but he still likes to put up a fight every now and then.


Jeongguk finally climbs off Yoongi’s chest and shimmies his way down his body to position himself on his hands and knees, mouth directly in front of Yoongi’s cock. The black haired assassin lifts himself up onto his elbows to have a good view of what is happening. Namjoon moves to pull Jeongguk’s pants off completely, making him at home behind the young Prince.


Jeongguk’s eyes grow hazy as he feels Namjoon start to run his hands over his round ass. He keeps his eyes locked on Yoongi’s and starts to slowly jerk the assassin’s cock.


The grey haired man takes his time, as he always does, teasing his Prince’s ass. Jeongguk hears a hum come from Namjoon behind him. He lets out a choked whine when he feels his boyfriend lick a stripe from his perineum to his tailbone, achingly slow.


Jeongguk lets out a high pitched moan as Namjoon starts to lick and tease his hole, slowly pushing in and swirling the tip around on the way out. Namjoon does his best to work Jeongguk up, stretching him as much as he can with just his tongue.


When he starts to tire, jaw aching, he takes a minute to bite at Jeongguk’s left ass cheek, and uses his index finger to start fucking him.


Meanwhile, Prince Jeongguk is resilient, trying to keep his eyes locked on Yoongi’s. However, they suddenly roll to the back of his head and his mouth opens in a silent scream as Namjoon finds his prostate. Yoongi’s eyes widen and flash gold as he pants at the scene in front of him. He can just barely see Namjoon’s hair over Jeongguk’s arching back. 


Jeongguk gasps when he sees the gold fade in his boyfriend’s eyes, finally recognizing the magic in him. He let out a low curse, moving his hand back to grip Yoongi’s cock.


Namjoon, unable to fit another finger into Jeongguk without lubrication, gets up and quickly grabs the oil Jeongguk stores in his side table.


When he returns, he slides off his own pants and scrambles back onto the bed behind Jeongguk, all three of them completely exposed now. He gets himself comfortable and pours some oil onto his fingers, pressing two of them into Jeongguk. He works them in slowly, carefully, scissoring them and turning his wrist to get a better angle.


Jeongguk tries his best to stay focused as he is worked open from behind. He leans forward to mouth at the head of Yoongi’s cock, staccato ah ’s slipping out of his mouth with each thrust of Namjoon’s long fingers.


Namjoon adds a third, stretching Jeongguk even wider. The Prince lets out a loud moan, lifting his mouth off of Yoongi for a second.


“P-Please, please just fuck me, Joonie,” he whimpers. “I’m ready now,” He squirms and pushes his ass back into Namjoon, greedy for more. Jeongguk’s hand tightens around Yoongi’s cock, making him groan.


Namjoon leaves a mark with his teeth on Jeongguk’s ass one more time before settling upright onto his knees. He covers his cock with the oil and moves to position himself behind the Prince, teasing Jeongguk’s hole with his tip.


“Anything for you, little Prince,” Namjoon voices, as he pushes into Jeongguk in one steady motion, bottoming out.


Jeongguk lets out a deep drawn out moan as he adjusts to his size, feeling so incredibly full. Namjoon starts to carefully thrust into him, pulling his cock out so just the tip is inside, and slowly pushing back in again. Jeongguk is trying his hardest to keep his mouth on Yoongi, sucking him off distractedly, moans spilling out of his throat and pausing every now and then to catch his breath.


Yoongi pulls Jeongguk off his cock and sits up on his knees quickly, taking Jeongguk’s long hair into his hands. The Prince looks up at him, eyes glistening with unshed tears, mouth gaping and spit rolling down his chin. Yoongi carefully guides Jeongguk’s head back to his cock. Jeongguk simply opens wider for him and takes it into his mouth.


“That’s it, star, you’re always so good for us, baby. Making us feel so good,” the assassin praises, pushing Jeongguk’s hair out of his face and tucking it behind his ear.


Jeongguk submits and lets the assassin fuck his mouth, Namjoon still thrusting into him from behind. Yoongi picks up speed, throwing his head back and groaning as Jeongguk takes his cock like he was made for it. Maybe he was.


Namjoon grunts deep in his chest while keeping his eyes on Yoongi, firmly pushing on the arch of Jeongguk’s back and feeling it curve and dip lower. He lets out a puff of air as he sees Yoongi’s hips stutter, thrusts getting sloppier. He clears his throat, and their eyes lock.


“Don’t cum until I say you can, assassin,” he demands. Yoongi’s eyes glow in response.


The assassin grunts but nods his head anyway, begrudgingly listening to the order. He slows his thrusts and looks down at Jeongguk, tears threatening to escape the Prince’s eyes. 


It only takes one harsh thrust from Namjoon for the first tear to slip down Jeongguk’s cheek. Yoongi swipes it away with his thumb and caresses his beautiful boyfriend. Loud whimpers spill out of the Prince’s throat with each push of Namjoon’s cock now, his sensitivity peaking. Yoongi thinks he looks perfect.


Namjoon continues to meet Jeongguk’s hips, picking up speed as he feels himself getting closer to the edge. Jeongguk is clenching tightly around him now, telling him that he’s getting closer too. He glances back up at Yoongi, and notices his teeth are clenched tightly and his thrusts are getting sloppy again. Namjoon knows he's teetering on the edge of a cliff right now, trying so hard to be good and listen to Namjoon. 


Namjoon’s grip tightens on Jeongguk’s waist now, pulling him roughly back onto his cock in time with Yoongi’s thrusts. Jeongguk lets out a choked noise and a loud moan around the assassin. Namjoon feels him clench around his cock tightly, and the Prince’s whole body shutters.


“Come on, Kookie, you’ve been so good. Cum for me, baby,” Namjoon stutters out and delivers one more hard thrust. Jeongguk finally cums between them, shaking and gasping hard, body going limp. He’s clenching so hard around Namjoon it almost hurts, and he finishes as well, releasing deep inside Jeongguk.


Namjoon looks up at Yoongi to see a gold ring around his eyes, desperation seeping out of him, face and chest flushed with the effort of holding himself back. Namjoon thrusts one more time into Jeongguk. 


“You can cum, Yoongi. You were good too.” 


All it takes is three more thrusts into Jeongguk’s mouth before Yoongi cums down his throat. The Prince takes it all, looking up at him with teary eyes, glassy and wide. When Yoongi pulls out, Jeongguk swallows hard and smiles, satisfied. The assassin caresses his face and wipes the last tear away.


“Such a good boy, my star. You take us both so well. I’m so proud of you,” Yoongi mumbles, helping move Jeongguk over to lay on his back and rest his head on a pillow. 


As Yoongi softly exchanges kisses with Jeongguk, Namjoon steps away to grab a wet cloth to clean them up. When he gets back, his boyfriends are laying next to each other in the bed, Yoongi running his fingers through Jeongguk’s long locks. Namjoon climbs up onto the four poster and softly runs the cloth over their stomachs and between Jeongguk’s legs. The younger Prince has his eyes closed and a soft smile on his face.


“I love you.”


Jeongguk says it softly, just as he did the first time he uttered those words. 


Yoongi and Namjoon’s eyes meet. 


Despite everything, despite the world his father had attempted to destroy, despite the darkness that has seeped into every corner of Terrestris, Jeongguk’s heart is bursting with love. He’s everything the King is not. He’s kind and genuine. 


He’s good.


“And us, you, my little Prince,” Namjoon confirms.


“We love you more than you know, star,” Yoongi agrees. 


“I meant what I said,” Jeongguk continues, when Namjoon lays down and wraps his arms around the Prince and the assassin, pulling them closer and wrapping a blanket around the trio, “when I said I would protect you. No one in this Kingdom is ever going to be hurt at all, ever again. Not if I can do something about it.”


Namjoon places a kiss to the top of his head in response. 


“We’ll worry about that when we get there, my tiny star,” Yoongi mumbles, voice already thick with tiredness. 


It’s nearly five in the morning now, and Jeongguk opens his eyes to see that the sun must be starting to rise soon, for the sky outside is turning from black to a faint blue. 


A new dawn is coming for Terrestris, and Jeongguk will be there to greet it when it does.