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Sk8ed Mates

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Reki wished he could skate. Technically he could , he had the ability to, but when it came to participating in races or events, it wasn’t allowed. Omegas were banned from skating events due to a recent incident that hospitalized an omega and cost a popular skater his win. In reality, it was just a cover for the rest of society to exclude omegas in yet another way. 

Reki was honestly getting pretty tired of the discrimination. Outward aggression towards omegas was frowned upon, but subtle acts of discrimination made their way into everyday life. Alphas loved to push the boundaries, see just how much they could get away with before they got reprimanded. Reki was ready to turn towards illegal cover-up methods if it meant he could pass even as a Beta. However, the consequences for anyone—especially Omegas—hiding their second gender were severe enough that it was seldom done. 

They were quite severe, yet Reki didn’t care if it let him skate as much as he wanted. If life was a trip to hell and skating was the fast, fun way to get there, what else would he be doing than skating? 

These thoughts raced through Reki’s mind as he crept through the back alleyways of town. The rough brick scraped against his palm, stinging the open cuts on his hand. He clutched his sticker as if it was a lifeline, and honestly it kind of was. Without that small piece of paper, all his efforts leading up to tonight would be for naught. 

The large gates were guarded by big, beefy men with tattoos running up their arms. Reki gulped as one of them flexed their muscles, knowing he’d be snapped like a twig if he got caught. He thanked his past self for investing in the pricey contraband scent blockers so that he could fly under the radar as a Beta. 

He flashed his sticker to one of the bodyguards and adjusted the skateboard on his back. The guard squinted in the dim lighting, eyes narrowing as he took a deep whiff of Reki’s scent. Deeming him permissible for admission, the bouncer nodded sharply and opened the creaky wire gate.

The sharp, overwhelming alpha pheromones permeated his nostrils, causing his stomach to turn. It took every ounce of his being not to whimper and crumple right then and there. Reki steeled himself and marched through the crowd, feeling very much like he was running the gauntlet what with the appraising eyes of the competition following his every move. 

His opponent stood in front of him, a rotund alpha who sneered at Reki’s lanky frame with an evil glint in his eye. “You’re one toothpick of a Beta, kid.”

Reki mustered as scathing of a glare as he could at the alpha. “Suck my skinny ass, fat man!” 

A woman gave a loud whoop in response to Reki’s flaming comeback. Reki smirked triumphantly, biting back a laugh as his opponent went purple with rage. He turned away from the fuming alpha and took a deep breath to shake off the taunts of the other man. 

The referee started counting down from five while Reki hopped onto his skateboard. Breathe in, breathe out . Reki drowned out the sounds of the roaring crowd, the scream of girls he knew had to be Omegas, claimed property of the Alphas who were observing the race. Breathe in, breathe out .


Stay calm. He can do this.


He’s been skating since he was born, this was easy.


At the shrill shriek of the whistle, Reki kicked off of the ground and found his balance on his board. He launched ahead of Shadow who was flinging curses at him left and right. He swooped deftly around a curve, grinning at the indignant growl the older man released at his success. Wind whipped through Reki’s fiery hair as the familiar feeling of freedom and elation that came from flying down inclines at breakneck speed returned. 

Approaching another bend in the treacherous downhill course, Reki shifted his weight accordingly as he skated smoothly around the inside of the track. He felt the bottom of the board scrape across the rough cliffside as he skated along it, bending his knees to help absorb the impact. Reki threw a quick glance over his shoulder and spotted Shadow gaining ground at an alarming speed. 

Shit, he thought, gritting his teeth and turning his attention away from his opponent’s cackle. Freaking fucking shit-shat-shart, if he gets any FLIPPING closer I’m gonna commit flipping fucking freaking ARSON! Reki grit his teeth and threw his weight towards the front of his board, urging himself to speed up. 

Shadow grinned as he cut off Reki and zipped by, sticking up a middle finger to gloat. Take that, you fricking-freak!   A frustrated snarl escaped Reki at the sight of the man’s back. 

The stench of rusted metal filled the air when they reached the warehouse. He looked around for a faster way down, noticing a thin railing that led straight to the floor. Quickly weighing the risk and the benefit in his head, Reki threw his weight to the right side of his board and hooked a sharp turn. The metal screeched his wheels, shooting sparks beneath him. 

He flew past Shadow, ducking to avoid being punched by the man as he shot ahead, crossing the finish line and slowing down in a smooth arc. The crowd murmured as Shadow skidded to a halt just seconds later. Reki smiled despite the ample amount of sweat rolling down his face and the heat pooling in his stomach. 

As he claimed his prize, a flash of shocking blue caught his eye from the sidelines. In the shadow of the warehouse, Reki saw a tall figure leaning against the graffitied wall. He knew that shoulder-length cerulean hair, that icy, calculating gaze. Fuck

It was Langa.