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The Vow-Erwin Smith

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"Penelope, we were supposed to get the packages today. Did you receive the package for disinfectants, oils, and bandages?"


"Yes Doctor,"


You cross the list of your clipboard, "Okay. How about Zofran, Motrin, Amoxicillin...?"


"Yes Doctor. All intact. Everything is in good condition,"


 "Good." You huff, "It has to be better than good Penelope. I'll be damned if I have to go through another attack without my supplies. This won't be like 5 years ago. Not again."

Penelope frowns after setting the crate of bandages aside, "It wasn't your fault, Doctor."


Back turned to her, you look outside your window. Two children play with wooden swords as a yellow butterfly passes by. You hoped no one would fall or get hurt.


You were just a recent graduate- two weeks barley settled into your office. Everything went according to plan, as you waited for a shipment of medications due in 3 days, wall Maria collapsed; costing the lives of many.


Three days. 3 days you managed your best to help the injured with little supplies you had.


How were you supposed to tell a 12 year old his mom wouldn't make it because you didn't have the proper medication?

Maybe you could've been prepared. Maybe just a bit more. You could've ordered that crate 2 weeks before. The day of your graduation. But instead, you decided to go out for drinks in 'celebration'.


Never in your life have you felt as selfish.



It was too late to go back.


"I know," you leaned against the window frame. The children continued to play nearby, their duel had grown intensely. This time though, the butterfly no longer stood on the wall where it once was. 
You frowned. 


"We can't change time. Only do our best to foresee any troubles in the near future to the best of our abilities,"

Penelope faintly smiled, "That's right Doctor,"



A/N: don't worry, I'll have Erwin introduced in the chapter or two. You can find my work (also) on Wattpad. Same user, same title. I originally and will always post there first (I'm used to wattpad-I've had t for like 6-7ish years now before). The work might be a bit different here v. there-I edit it a bit more here but I like Wattpad a bit more. 

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Title- "The Vow"