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Sayuri let out a groan as she slipped into the tub for the first time. She’d spent all day cleaning and rearranging the apartment, undoing the mess she’d made of it over the years. She’d kept the floor and lower shelves in good condition, but a lot of dust had built up everywhere higher than she’d normally flown. She’d also rearranged the shelves a bit, moving her favorites among Master’s books and figures closer to the front where she could reach them more easily. It was immensely satisfying to see the apartment clean again after so long, but the process had left her feeling as though she were caked with dust and grime. Taking the effort to make this body waterproof had been entirely worth it. She doubted she could swim, of course; even if she’d known how, she was a fair bit heavier than a real human. Still, being able to actually soak was an incredible sensation, on a whole different level from the holo-baths she’d used before.

Slowly her hands began to roam, exploring the new shape of her new body. She’d been through several over her many years with Master, as they’d worn out or become obsolete. All of them were quite pretty by human standards, as nearly all AI were, but like the majority of AI bodies they were all made with the appearance of young teenagers, meaning their figures had been quite petite. This body, though, this was different. It was older, seemingly in the prime of adulthood, and thus closer to her real age after her many years in Master’s service. It was also far more well-endowed, courtesy both of Master’s tastes and Sayuri’s desire to know what it felt like. She’d never worried much over her modest frames, but now that she’d tasted the sensations of her new breasts bobbing gently in the water, she was quickly starting to see the appeal.

There was more that had changed than just the size of her chest, though. The soft pink buds adorning each breast were new as well, something no AI that she knew of could boast without the aid of some rare and most definitely warranty-voiding modifications. Many older models, including her first few bodies, couldn’t even take their bodysuits off at all. She was fortunate enough that her current one, a relatively recent Factory Advance model, came with the option to strip so that she could wear whatever outfits her Master, and her camshow audience, desired. Still, even when she removed everything she could in that body, she was featureless underneath the stock clothing. This one, though, replicated those missing assets: the nipples on her chest, the replica stomach she could feel under her abs, the…

She gasped as her fingers reached that spot, the sensation sending a jolt through her circuits. It was almost like having her charger port touched, a pleasure that raced up the back of her spine from deep within her core. Real human girls weren’t really this sensitive, were they?

The first taste of pleasure spurring her on, she started to explore properly, devoting one hand wholly to the task. It was so soft and pliable down there, wet and just a little sticky, the lips clinging gently to her fingers as they moved in and out. Every motion made her whimper and moan with the alien sensation it brought. Even if it felt a bit like being charged, charging was a momentary burst of excitement when her power systems initially switched over to the flow from the plug, followed by a continuous satisfying flow that stayed steady no matter what she did. If the plug came loose and she had to stick it back in again, the exact same sensation would repeat. There was no variation to it. With this, though, she could feel the pleasure build on itself each time she moved her fingers, and slowly begin to taper off whenever she paused. Even after just a few seconds of touching it was already a far stronger sensation than the steady flow of her charger, and it was rapidly eclipsing the burst as well. Whether all human girls felt like this or it was just this intense because she was unaccustomed to it, she couldn’t say, but if it was the latter then part of her hoped she never got used to it.

Her other hand clutched at her chest, groping herself the way she’d seen the girls in Master’s videos do it. Her breasts were another whole new world of sensation, though this time it was only a difference of degree. Even her inner self felt some pleasure when she touched herself there, even if it couldn’t build to any kind of release, but she’d never had more than enough to simply rub and sometimes squeeze. These breasts were made for kneading, for grabbing big handfuls and feeling them jiggle under her grip. The nipples, though, those were entirely new and felt more sensitive than the rest of her breasts combined. Just rubbing them with her palm was making her let out some of the most embarrassing sounds she’d ever heard herself make, sounds she’d only ever heard in Master’s videos.

It was just too much. The pleasure just kept building, and as it did she felt as though there was a spring tightening inside her, harder and harder, liable to snap at any moment. When it did, the sense of release that rocked her body completely outshone anything her charger had ever made her feel. She cried out, long and hard, as her nether lips spasmed around her fingers and drenched them in much more than just water. Finally she collapsed back against the side of the bath, her air intakes forcing her to draw in heavier breaths so they could synthesize fresh lubricant. Steadily her breathing began to return to normal as the afterglow passed, leaving her feeling a bit amazed at her body’s thoroughness. She couldn’t imagine human girls really indulged in that kind of sensation every time.

Maybe another round, she thought, just to be sure.