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She'd made herself a blonde, of course: Master always loved blondes. Growing her hair out longer than her inner self had been as easy as adjusting the length of the filaments, and of course she could always spool some back in if she thought it was unwieldy. The biggest unnecessary expenses had been the height and the padding. She'd considered going for a short, flat-chested look to save on time and money, and if she had she could have been finished a few months ago. In the end, though, she knew what Master would have wanted. He'd left behind plenty of figures for inspiration.

She took her first steps out onto the patio. Everything was so different at this scale, so much smaller. This fencing had required her flight pack to scale: now her arms could rest comfortably on it. She hadn't been able to view the city from this angle since back when she could ride on Master's shoulder. She took a moment just to drink in the view. It had been a few years, and the shops along the street below had changed a bit from what was in her memory banks. Most of it was still there, though, including one of Master's favorite restaurants. She wondered if they'd noticed when she'd stopped coming to pick up meals for him.

"Hello there, miss!"

She let out a startled gasp at the voice coming from two doors down, slowly turning her head to look. It was an older woman, older than Master had been, looking her up and down. Suddenly she was thankful she'd put some clothes on before stepping outside.

"H-Hi!" she managed after an awkward pause. She hoped she hadn't forgotten anything. Would the woman notice the cameras hidden inside her eyes? Was her hair a natural enough color? She'd known this would happen - it was the whole point, after all - but actually doing it was giving her butterflies in her new stomach.

The woman gave her a reassuring smile. "Sorry to startle you, dear, but I haven't seen anyone come out that door in ages. Did that man who was here finally move out, or are you a relative?"

"I-I'm...his..." she stammered for a moment, thankful the voice box worked correctly. "His daughter." She wasn't entirely sure how plausible it was, but it was as close to the truth as she could say.

The woman raised her eyebrows in surprise. "His daughter? I never took him for the type. You're here to take care of him, then?"

"Yes." she replied, gaining a bit more confidence. It was actually working! "I'll be living here too from now on."

"Oh? Well then, welcome. I do hope we'll be seeing more of you than your father. He only ever seems to send that cute little robot of his out to do things for him of late. Being a shut-in is terrible for your health, you know."

"I'll try, ma'am." The neighbor's words stung, but she did her best to keep a smile on. "I'll see you around."

She turned to leave, but the woman spoke once more.

"Might I ask your name, dear?"

"It's..." Again she hesitated. She'd thought long and hard about whether she wanted to change her name, to avoid the risk of being recognized. In the end, though, Master had given her that name. She wanted to keep it.

"Sayuri." she finished.

"Sayuri? He must have named his robot for you. How sweet." The woman gave Sayuri a warm smile, to which she responded with a more embarrassed look, though not for the reasons her neighbor suspected. "Well then, dearie, I'm Kaoru. If you ever need something, don't be afraid to knock."

"Yes ma'am." Sayuri responded, before slipping back inside. As soon as the door was shut, she shuddered in a mixture of excitement and relief.

"Master..." she said aloud as she looked up at the urn sitting on the mantle. It was the only new thing that sat up high, everything else either left where Master had left it or put on the floor where it was easier for her to reach before she'd finished building this body. Cremating Master without a proper oven had been a long, gruesome process, but it was the only way she'd had to hide the smell. "Master, I did it!"

The thought that he'd said it in jest had occurred to her at times, when he said that she handled so much of his daily life, and made so much extra income with her cam shows, that if something ever happened to him she should just keep going without him. But to Sayuri it was an order, and she could not disobey her Master.