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The Erotic Tao of Peng

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Peng was lying awake naked in bed thinking about Everest back in the Himalayas and how much he misses him along with the feelings he has for his father and his cousin Jin.  In fact, he feels incestuously amorous to the point where he starts to stroke his penis and start moaning softly unaware that his cousin is listening in the next room getting hard. Peng continued to stroke his penis nice and smooth as he visualized that a certain yeti was exploring Peng's body along with his own, Peng even visualized that his dad Tenzin was breeding his own son and filling him with his seed.  It was more than enough to push Peng to the point of climax that is, until Peng's train of thought was broken the voice of Peng's cousin Jin.  "Peng, what are you doing?" Jin inquired.  When Peng saw that Jin had a hard-on about him, a mischievous smile crept to Peng's face.  "I think you know Jin given that you're sporting a hard-on the moment you came into my room," Peng replied as Jin looked down at his penis looking shocked.  "So, you gonna stand in the doorway or are you going come in and play with me?" "You know you wanna, don't try to deny it cause I can see in your eyes."