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The Definition Of Family

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The car park was dimly lit as she guided her car to the third level. The email she’d received had been confusing but her curiosity had gotten the better of her and that was the reason she was here.

Parking under a light she pulled out her phone fixing it so that she could dial the police instantly as well as use the attack alarm she’d been given at work a few months before when there’d been several attacks near the office. With a deep breath she got out of the car.

“Jeannie McKay?” a soft voice came from behind her.

Jeannie spun finding a woman standing there looking small and pale but hopeful.

“Who are you?” Jeannie got straight to the point, “And why the hell are we meeting here?”

The woman took a deep breath glancing around, “My name is Emily. I’m here to warn you.”

“About what?” Jeannie asked sharply.

The woman glanced furtively around again, “You’re searching for your brother. I’m telling you to let it go for now.”

“What?” Jeannie demanded angrily, “You sent me some secretive email dragging me out here in the middle of the night before demanding I stop looking for my brother? Who the hell do you think you are?”

Emily sighed, “I’ve been in your position, Jeannie. I’m not saying to let it go forever, I just…if you’re not careful the people who took him will come after you.”

Jeannie stared at her, “How do you know this?”

“Because they took my brothers too,” Emily sighed, “My whole family has been almost completely destroyed by them. I know he’s safe but you’re getting too close and they’re going to come after you.”

Jeannie stared at the young woman incredulously her anger melting as she saw the actual fear and concern in Emily’s eyes, “He is safe?”

“Yes,” Emily smiled, “My brother told me to let you know Rodney is safe, he’s happy and he has good friends. If they get you they have a way to get to him.”

Jeannie sighed before nodding, “Alright,” she rubbed her eyes, “I’ll stop but you have to promise me that if there is a way you’ll get him to contact me.”

Emily nodded, as she turned to leave a car screeched into the car park.

“Run,” Emily cried grabbing Jeannie’s arm.


The two women ran as fast as they could, Jeannie turned and could see three men in black suits chasing them. Her heart was thumping as Emily pulled her down the stairs.

“We have to split up,” Emily told her, “Be careful and don’t come back for your car.”

Jeannie nodded, “Be careful,” she squeezed the other woman’s hand before running in the opposite direction.

Jeannie knew if she could make it to the main road she could flag down a taxi. She could hear voices coming close and taking a deep breath started to run again.

A hand grabbed her arm and she was yanked back. Jeannie struggled against her captor but stopped as she heard the ominous click before a gun was pressed to her temple.

“Miss McKay,” the man holding her smiled charmingly when he turned her to him, “It is such a pleasure to meet you.”

“Let go of me,” she snarled, wincing as he pressed the gun harder.

He laughed, “I’m sorry. I should introduce myself. I am Mr Lyle and you do not need to worry, you will be reunited with your brother very soon.”


“Daniel,” Sam snapped as she watched her friend sorting through papers, “We are due at O’Malley’s in twenty minutes.”

“And?” Daniel asked absently.

“It takes forty to get there,” she replied dryly.

Daniel gave her a quick smile, “Two minutes.”

“Is that two minutes my time or yours?” Sam asked with a grin.

Before Daniel could answer his phone rang.

“Don’t,” Sam groaned as he grabbed it.

“Yeah,” Daniel answered the phone grinning at Sam, his face fell to become much more serious after a second, “Okay, I’ll do that. No, I’ll be there soon.”

“Daniel?” Sam asked worried.

He turned to her and gave a sad smile, “I’m going to have to cancel.”

Sam frowned at him, “You know Cameron’s going to annoy me all night since I promised you’d come.”

“Sorry, Sam,” Daniel told her, “But this is something I have to do.”

Sam nodded squeezing his shoulder, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Daniel caught her hand his blue eyes serious, “Couple of weeks but I’ll be back after that.”

“Daniel?” Sam asked worriedly.

He gave her a comforting smile, “Don’t worry; I’ve just got to go visit someone.”

Sam gave him a kiss on his cheek before going to join the others at the restaurant leaving Daniel sitting at his desk.

Daniel waited until he knew she was gone before maximising his email account, opening the email sitting waiting for him. Adding a few things he sent it on.

Daniel groaned knowing he now had to get to the control room where the General was talking with Atlantis; this was going to be the hard part.


Landry listened as Elizabeth Weir continued her report, frowning in confusion as Dr Jackson wandered into the control room hands stuffed in his pockets. Landry liked the young doctor but didn’t always agree with him. However, the recommendations from both Hammond and O’Neill were so high that he would be a fool not to listen to Jackson’s opinions.

He watched as Jackson grabbed a seat at the computer talking softly to Walter who grinned and headed to get some coffee for himself. Landry then watched Jackson drum his fingers against the keyboard for a few minutes before he got annoyed.

“Are you wanting to speak with Weir?” he asked, making the other man look at him a little shocked at being addressed.

“What?” Jackson pulled his hands away from the desk, “No, I’m here to see you.”

Landry nodded, “Dr Weir, I’m afraid I have some things to finish. It was good to hear from you and Colonel Caldwell will be bringing what you asked for on his next trip to Atlantis.”

“Thank you, General,” Weir replied, “Talk to you next month.”

“Of course, Dr,” Landry said nodding to Walter who had by now returned, “Terminate the connection.”

“Yes, sir,” Walter nodded.

Landry turned to Jackson who had moved to lean against the stairs, he was sure the other man deliberately acted as non-military as possible around him just to be annoying, which according to Jack was very likely.

“Dr Jackson,” Landry motioned him to walk, “What can I do for you?”

“I need two weeks off,” Jackson told him, straight to the point, “I have some personal business to attend to.”

Landry frowned, according to Jackson’s file he very rarely asked for time off, in fact there were several instances of forced vacation time so the request was surprising.

“It’s two weeks that I’m owed,” Jackson said sounding annoyed, “It’s not like we have much going on at the moment.”

Landry stopped, “You automatically assume I’m refusing your leave request.”

“Vacation,” Jackson rolled his eyes, “I’m not military.”

Landry laughed, “I’ll see you in two weeks, Dr.”

Jackson nodded to him before disappearing.


John was standing at the entrance to Rodney’s lab watching the other man as he sat on the floor with his eyes closed, his legs crossed and hands resting on his knees while he breathed deeply.

“What are you doing standing there, John?” Rodney asked without opening his eyes.

“Wondering what you’re doing sitting there,” John replied, stepping inside properly as his friend jumped up and took a seat on the stool, “What if it wasn't me?”

“I’d have known,” Rodney laughed, “I’ve been practicing.”

“Practicing what?” John asked leaning against the nearest wall.

“Sensing people,” Rodney’s eyes lit up with enthusiasm, “I didn’t do it for a long time but now I can and I’ve been making sure I can do it.”

John smiled slightly, “Just be careful, Rodney.”

His friend shrugged with another smile, “Why are you here anyway? I thought you were running exercises today.”

“Ronon joined in,” John grinned, “After that…let’s just say Carson had a few patients he wasn't expecting.”

Rodney laughed turning as his computer beeped announcing the arrival of an email, he tapped a key to open it freezing as he read the text.

“Rodney?” John felt a shiver slide along his spine at his friend’s reaction.

“I have to go to Earth,” Rodney breathed before he started to run towards the control room.


“Rodney, you can’t do this,” John snapped following his friend around his room as he packed quickly, “This is a trap.”

“And you don’t think I know this?” Rodney said softly, not bothering to look at John, “This is my sister, John.”

“You don’t know that,” John growled, annoyed at his friend.

Rodney stopped and turned to John, “Look, the message came from Jarod. There’s an underlying signal in the email that can’t be faked. I have to help her.”

“I thought you hated your family?” John tried his last ditch effort to stop his friend doing what he thought was a huge mistake.

“I hate my parents,” Rodney replied, his voice soft, “But Jeannie’s ten months younger than I am; she wasn't a part of what they did,” he looked into his friend’s eyes, “I miss her.”

John winced at the anguish in his friend’s voice, “Promise me that you’ll be careful.”

“Worried about me, Colonel?” Rodney asked amused.

“Don’t want to lose our resident genius,” John replied with a smirk, “Kavanagh might try to take your place on the team.”

“He wouldn’t last the day,” Rodney threw over his shoulder as he zipped up his bag.

John grabbed his arm as Rodney walked past, “Look after yourself.”

“I’ll be fine,” Rodney told him, clapping his friend’s shoulder, “Just keep Zelenka in line while I’m gone.”


Rodney took a deep breath and stepped through the open wormhole heading down the ramp instantly when his feet hit the metal.

“General,” he greeted Landry sharply slipping into Dr McKay easily; “I’m assuming I need to go to the infirmary then I have to leave quickly.”

“Dr Weir asked that we arrange transport,” Landry replied just as brusquely, “It’s waiting for you.”

“Thank you,” Rodney turned and headed to the infirmary.

He sat through the routine medical worrying about the email, about his sister and about what they were going to do. He forced himself to remain calm until he was able to leave the mountain. He drove until he was at a hotel where he took a room and connected his computer up.

Rodney paced as he waited jumping as the computer beeped at him finally.

“What are you doing here?” Jarod demanded when Rodney answered.

Fixing the web cam Rodney frowned, “Your message.”

Jarod shook his head, “I didn’t send you any message. Rodney, you’ve put yourself in danger.”

Rodney grimaced, “What about Jeannie? The message said she’d been captured by the Centre.”

“She has,” Jarod replied, “Along with my sister Emily. I’ve been working on a way to get them out.”

“Then I’m coming,” Rodney told him, “Where will I meet you?”


Tim had worked in the Centre for several years and knew the sound that he was hearing was the warning signal for danger.

The sharp clicking of high heels on the floor was the herald that Miss Parker was on her way and by the ferociousness of the footsteps he knew he should find a place to hide because if she was in a bad mood then he wanted to be nowhere near her.


“What the hell is going on?” Parker snapped as she marched into her father’s office.

“Angel,” Mr Parker smiled at her, the woman before him the absolute image of his wife, “What’s wrong?”

“Wrong?” she snapped, “I have just heard that my…brother,” she grimaced in distaste, “Is holding the sisters of both Jarod and Rodney.”

Mr Parker smiled proudly, “Grabbed them last night.”

“And why wasn't I informed of this,” she demanded crossing her arms, “Daddy, I have been chasing Jarod for you for…”

“I know, Angel,” Parker placated, “I was waiting for you to come in this morning.”

“Well I’m in,” she replied.

Mr Parker laughed softly, “They’re being held in one of our safe houses. Lyle made sure it was leaked so that Jarod will come after them.”

“And Rodney?” Parker asked.

“We have people working within the SGC,” Mr Parker reminded her, “However it’s not the easiest thing to do sending a message through to Atlantis without anyone noticing it.”

“When do we expect Jarod to come after them?” Miss Parker asked her mind noting the last sentence.

Mr Parker shrugged, “You know Jarod, Angel, when you least expect him.”


Parker swore under her breath as she marched to her own office. This was not going to be easy, working with Lyle while making sure Jarod got both women out of there and making it look like she was trying to capture him.

“Parker,” the soft accented voice of Sydney made her look up to the door where he stood, “You seem annoyed.”

“That weasel who is my brother has Jarod’s sister,” Parker told him, “As well as Rodney’s. I’m going to help keep him in line.”

“Your affection for them both divides your loyalties,” Sydney told her.

Parker gave him a hard stare, “I’m not the one who blew up Raines to stop him shooting my prize project.”

“Touché,” Sydney moved over to her, “Lyle is very dangerous especially where Jarod is concerned.”

“I’m touched by your concern, Syd,” she rolled her eyes, “Keep Broots working on Jarod’s last lair.”

With that she grabbed her coat and headed out the door.


Jeannie was curled against the wall as Emily paced the small room obviously waiting for something to happen.

“I thought he was dead,” Jeannie spoke up, making Emily turn to her.

“What?” Emily asked confused.

“Rodney,” Jeannie clarified, “My parents told me he’d died and we went through a whole memorial service for him. I cried for days that my big brother was gone,” she stopped sighing, “Damn them, they made me think he was dead.”

“How did you find out he wasn’t?” Emily asked her voice soft filled with empathy.

Jeannie looked up at her sadly, “My parent’s after years and years of arguing finally divorced. I was cleaning out some things for my mother as she refuses to go near our old house even if my Dad is on a different continent. I fell over the letters between them and the people who took Rodney.”

Jeannie fell into silence for a few minutes, “They sold him,” Jeannie let out a soft snort, “Can you believe it that? My parents sold their only son!!!!”

Emily sat beside her, “The Centre stole Jarod and Kyle. I never knew them. I only met Jarod a few months ago but I never got to meet Kyle before he was killed.”

“I’m sorry,” Jeannie sighed, “I…em…I started looking and suddenly you contact me to tell me not to look for him. This is so strange.”

“I’m sorry about this,” Emily whispered, “Jarod told me to get you off the trail for a while.”

“He knows where Rodney is?” Jeannie asked carefully.

Emily pressed her tongue against her top lip, “I don’t know. He just emailed me to talk to you.”

Jeannie stared at the other woman, “I don’t get this, I don’t understand why this is happening.”

Emily sighed and gently squeezed the other woman’s shoulder, “Because our brothers are geniuses with abilities that these people want to use to make a lot of money. And we’re the pawns they’re using to get to them.”

Jeannie rubbed her face trying to find something to say. All she could think of was, “Swell.”