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Harry Potter's very Black plan

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Once again Harry woke up in the strange but very comfortable bed in the master suite. Only this time there where two anxious Elves staring at him with their big eyes, "What happend?" He asked groggily.

Kreacher and Dobby looked at each other before Dobby said, "Master Harry be doing a lot of serious magic in a short time. Master not be adult yet so Master Harry fainted. Master needs to rest for a bit longer so that Master Harry's core can recover and be full again."

Magical exaustion or at least close to it. That was what happend. Magical exaustion is a very serious thing to underage magicals. It could cause core fractures and stunted magical growth.

Dobby said, "Master Harry needs to be taking it easy. Kreacher made brunch for Master and Master better be eating it all! It be good for growing Wizards. Dobby be going now." and Dobby popped away to start with making the Town House liveable again for Wizards and Elves both.

Kreacher clicked his fingers and what looked like a big brunch appeared on a tray across Harry's lap. Suddenly he noticed he was starving which wasn't that strange since he came from the Dursley household and then spent about a day unconscious due to all the magic he did. He really needed to eat something.

"Thank you, Kreacher. It looks great!" Harry said as he attacked his food. The fresh bread and the scrambled eggs with golden brown crispy bacon were delicious and the milk and orange juice were great to drink again after a few weeks of only being allowed water.

When he was done he asked Kreacher if he could give him two books out the library about becoming a Animagus and about Runes. While he did not know a lot about them, he had heard from Hermione that there were a lot of offensive and defensive applications to runes. And after feeling the wardstone of Grimmauld Place he wanted to know more about them. Hermione would be so proud of him if she saw him now.

He also wanted to become an Animagus in honour of both Sirius and his Father. He knew it would be difficult and dangerous but he was determined to do it. It would be a good advantage to have and he was very curious what his inner animal would be. He just hoped that it would be something useful and not a fish or something.

Hermoine was like the big sister Harry really wished he had. He loved her but sometimes he just wished she would stop nagging him like she was his mother. But he supposed she did it out of love. It was not like she had any more experience with friendships and sibling interaction than he did. Perhaps they just needed to set a few more bounderies?

The book that popped up next to him was called 'Runes of the world and how to use them' and it looked ancient. He started reading and didn't stop until Dobby came to bring him a late lunch and to check him over. He learned already so much more about Runes after just reading a few chapters! He really wished that Hogwarts explained a bit more in the end second year about the extra classes they could have taken. Runes would have been so much better then Divination. Everything would have been better then Divination.

The other book was thinner and it looked like there were notes written in it. After taking a good look at the notes he realised that the notes were written by his Father and Sirius. It seemed like this was the book they used when they became Animagi themselves. Harry had never seen his Fathers handwriting before. It looked nice.

Dobby declared him healthy enough to wander around the Manor as long as he took it easy. And he would, he did not want to upset Dobby so he would take it easy for a little while. After a late lunch he was allowed to take a stroll in the manor and explore a bit.

Harry discovered that he was on the third floor where the Lord and Lady rooms were and the Heir room. The Lord and Lady room where two seperated bedrooms with each their own sitting room. The Heir room seemed strangely empty but Harry rememberd that Sirius's old room was on the second floor next to his brother Regulus his room.

He thought it strange that such a traditional pure-blooded family would leave their heir on the second floor where the guest rooms were.

Harry got to the second floor and went to Sirius his room. His room was red and gold with muggle pictures of girls, cars and motorcycles on the walls. On the desk was a pile of books with a letter on top adressed to Harry. He decided to read the letter first.

Dear Pup,

I hope you got my first letter and decided to do the blood-adoption. But if not then that is fine too. Do what makes you happy Harry.

I collected these books for you because I think they could help you in this war. At least I hope they will. But be careful with some of the books, Harry. They can be dangerous if you are not careful enough.

The first on the pile is a book that your father and I used when we were looking for a way to help Moony. I think you know what it will be about. Harry, I don't have to tell you how handy it can be to change in a animal. Especially when no one knows you can do it. But be very careful. It is illegal to not registrate your form. And that is not even mentioning the dangers of trying to transform without a Master of Transfiguration with you. So read the book and be very careful when you try it, Pup.

The mandrake leaf you will need is in the potion room. There are a few extra ones for the friends you are sure you can trust.

The other books are books about Defense, Charms, Runes, Wizarding culture and other handy stuff that could save you life. The last book is the Operations Manual of the Hit Wizards/Witches. Your father and I were Hit Wizards before everything happend and he had to go into hiding with your mum and later you. I don't know if you knew that or not but we were very good at our jobs for the short years we had them.

Hit Wizards go after the worst of the worst criminals and who fits that discription better then Voldemort? Your mum used to compare us to the muggle organisation FBI that were on telly shows or someone called Bond. I'm not sure about that but maybe it could help you understand the job a bit more.

In the book about our culture is more information about The House of Black, House of Potter and a lot over blood-adoption you need to know. If and after you did the blood-adoption, you need to get to Gringotts as soon as possible and claim the Head of House ring of House Black. It will offer you protection against mental attacts and harmful potions.

Be carefull with who you trust but don't forget to live your life Harry.

Study hard and know that your parents and I are proud of you.

Your loving [god]Father,

Siriusly Padfoot

Harry cleared his throat as he tried to held back the tears. He had cried enough. Sirius woudn't want him to be this sad about his death for long. He decided that when he was back at Hogwarts he would ask Fred and George for help to plan a prank in Sirius's honour. He already had a few ideas for what they could do. The last true Marauder, because where was Remus when you needed him? The man was supposed to be his Uncle Moony but instead he was a complete stranger until the end of his third year.

He just didn't understand the man.

After the years at Hogwarts Harry knew what he valued the most, loyalty. It was for this reason that Ron and he weren't as close anymore. In the life he led he needed people he could trust and depend on in his life. And that just wasn't Ron anymore. They were still friends but not as close as they were the first three years of Hogwarts. The tournament had broken something between them and while Harry had forgiven him, he did not trust him as much as he had before.

But enough wool-gathering about the past. The books that Sirius left for him looked interesting. It was nice if a bit sad that Sirius was the only adult in his sixteen years of life willing to help him get better. To help him protect himself. He now knew where the books about Runes and Animagi came from since the library was still closed off by Kreacher.

Harry would not disappoint Sirius. He will work harder then he ever did before, find people he can depend on to help him and find a way to be free of the people who think they can control him.

But first, dinner with his new family members.