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Harry Potter's very Black plan

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Harry woke up feeling tingly all over. He looked around him and saw that he was laying on a very big bed in a very big and very luxurious looking room. He was laying on a soft matrass in a kingsize bed. The bed had black velvet hangings with what looked like glimmering stars stitched on them and the sheets seemed to be made from a dark green silk.

The bedroom itself was bigger then the four bedrooms on Privet Drive put together and was tastefully decorated if a bit posh. The colours seem to be black, silver, a dark forest green and lot of dark wood.

Harry tried to get up and out of bed but he was dizzy and something seemed very strange. He walked on shaking Bambi legs to the giant three part mirror and stopped and stared at himself.

He looked...

He looked like Sirius. Oh there was still a lot of his birth parents in there but now he had Sirius his cheekbones and a fuller mouth then he used to have and his hair was a very dark kind of black now just like Sirius. Like a Black.

His face was more angular then the round face he had before. He still had the same green eyes as his mother but they shined like Sirius his eyes did. Like the stars the Blacks are named after.

He still had the messy Potter hair and the same tanned skin tone but he seemed to have grown a few inches, filled out a bit. He was alos surprised to notice that he was able see without having to put on his glasses.

He might finally be taller than Hermione! This is so weird. He hoped there weren't any other weird consequences from his impulsive decision to drink the blood-adoption potion. He really needed to start thinking before acting.

Harry looked around him and walked to the closet in the corner and pulled out a black suit looking thing with a over robe. It looked too fancy for a normal day but looking in the closet Harry saw that it was this outfit or something way more fancy. As he put it on it seemed to re-size to fit him perfectly. He looked in the mirror again and noticed that he looked a bit like a fairy tale prince from Dudley's old books. He laughed at that. Who would have thought that he would go from having Dudley's old oversized clothes to this?

He wonderd how he got in this grand looking bedroom and decided to call Kreacher to him, maybe he would know more. "Kreacher!" Harry said and Kreacher popped up in front of him.

"What can Kreacher do for new Master Black?" The house elf asked. Harry noticed the new and much more respectful form of adres but disregarded it after a moment.

"What can you tell me about the changes that happend to me? Do you know how I got here? And where am I exactly?" Harry coudn't stop the questions from coming but strangely enough Kreacher didn't seem annoyed at the so-called bumbeling half-blood in front of him. Wait a minute, is Harry even a Half-blood anymore?

Kreacher seemed a bit confused as he said "New Master Black is now a Black. I be putting you in old Master Orion his rooms. It be the master suite. You be Master." He said like it was obvious.

Old Master Orion? Wasn't he Sirius's Father and the last Lord Black before his death when Sirius was still young?

But Harry just said "Ah yes of course. Thank you Kreacher." While trying to look like he knew what was happening. Like, why was this his life. Like really.

Kreacher bowed while saying "Master be kind to old Kreacher. Kreacher just do I's job." And he popped away.

Meanwhile Harry rememberd his promise to Kreacher to look for help around the old manor and he just happend to know the Elf for the job. And so he called, "Dobby!" And the colorful elf appeared with all his unique colored hats and socks on.

... Was that a pink sparkly unicorn on his socks?

"The Great and Kind Mister Harry Potter Sir be calling for Dobby, Sir?" The Elf asked excitingly.

"Hello Dobby, how are you doing? Are you still liking your freedom and your work at Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"Mister Harry Potter be kind to ask after Dobby! Dobby be good with his job but other Elves not be understanding Dobby wanting pay." He said with his ears dropping. His friend looked sad and Harry was kind of scared he would start crying.

"Oh that is too bad. I do hope that they aren't mean to you?" Harry asked. He really hoped he woudn't have to go and have a talk with the House Elves of Hogwarts about being mean to his friend.

"Dobby be new to other Elves so other Elves not be knowing what to do with Dobby. But Dobby be strong so Elves still be polite to I's." But Dobby didn't seem happy about it. Harry felt a bit awkward asking him but he promised Kreacher and there wasn't a Elf he liked or trusted more then Dobby.

"Say Dobby, would you maybe like to work for me? This old manor can use some extra help and it would be nice to live with a friend. I will pay you a sickle a week and you can pick any of the unused rooms that you want! Would you like that?" Harry babbled.

Meanwhile Dobby seemed the vibrate from happiness, "The great Master Harry Potter Sir be serious? He would be Dobby's new family? Dobby accepts the terms!" And Dobby started forward and grabbed Harry's hand. He could feel a sting traveling up his hand and both Dobby and Harry seemed to glow silver for a little bit.

"Whoa, that was a rush. Is that normal, Dobby?" Harry asked.

Dobby standing on his toes as jumped around, "Yes Master Harry Potter Sir! That be sign of a healthy House Elf bond. That be meaning we be honest and loyal in our bond. It be good sign!"

Harry laughed, relieved and said, " You may just call me Harry, Dobby, as we are family now. Or if you are more comfortable with Master then Master Harry is also alright, if you must. Master Harry Potter Sir is such a mouth full don't you agree?"

"Dobby be calling you Master Harry then Master Harry!"

Harry nodded and decided to ask what was on his mind, "Alright Dobby, now I have a few questions for you if you don't mind? I was wondering if I had to bond like this with the other House Elf here too? His name is Kreacher and he is a Black family Elf. He has to obey me now since Sirius is gone but would it be better for him to bond like we did?"

Dobby had tears in his eyes as he said, "Master Harry be a kind and good master. It be a honour to Elves to be truly bonded to master. It be good and healthy for House Elves."

"Okay, then I will call him and I will ask if he wants to bond with me. And then you and he can meet each other. I do hope you and Kreacher will get along, Dobby. He is a bit cranky in his old age but I hope that with some company around the manor will help him get better again." Harry explained.

Dobby nodded and said, "Dobby be on his best behavior for Master Harry!"

"Kreacher!" He called.

There was a pop and there was Kreacher. Harry decided to introduce the Elves firs to each other, "Kreacher this is Dobby. Dobby has agreed to be my Elf and to help you take care of this Manor. I also wanted to ask you is you would like to personally bond to me? Dobby said it was healthy for Elves to bond to a wizard. Would you like that?"

Kreacher seemed speechless for a moment before he said, "Kreacher be happy there be help for Black Manor. Kreacher also be honored to be bonded to Master Black. What be your terms for bond?"

Harry smiled and Dobby also seemed happy when Harry said, "I ask the same of you as I did yesterday. I want your loyalty and honesty. I want you to be helpful and respectful. And in exchange I promise I will never hurt you or expect you to punish yourself. If you did something wrong you will come to talk to me about it. Either of you, alright?"

"Kreacher agrees!" And so Kreacher started forward as Dobby before him and grabbed his hand. The sting was less painful this time but the silver glow was just as bright. Unfortunately all this magic from the bonding seemed too much for Harry after the blood-adoption and he fainted like the poncy fairytale prince he now looked like.