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Harry Potter's very Black plan

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The next morning Harry had come up with a plan. When Aunt Petunia would take him with her so she could go get her nails done on his birthday, he would do the groceries as always. Only this time he would take the money she would give him so he could buy a train ticket to London and a cab to the London town house of the Black family. This was the perfect day to do it, he hoped, because all the owls his friends would send him for his birthday would be underway to him. They would not expect him to respond for another few days after.

Harry would only take his most important possessions with him as otherwise he would have to drag his trunk with him and that would be way to noticable. So only his cloak, photo album, the map, his Gringotts key and his wand would go with him. Luckily Dudley's old clothes have big pockets.

First decided to write a list of what he needed to do this summer:

1. Go to the Black town house

2. Claim the Black heirship officially

3. Talk to some portraits who are sane for information

4. Find a wand that works for me

5. Study like Hermione before the end of year exams

6. Practice magic with the untracable wand

He also decided to write a letter for his Aunt and another one for the Headmaster for when the professor would come looking for him.

Aunt Petunia,

You and your family have never treated me like a normal family would treat their orphaned nephew, so I decided to leave you to your abnormal ways. I will not come back to this house. For the sake of my mother, your sister, I will warn you: The Dark Lord Voldemort has returned from the dead and has declared war on Britain. If you value your life you will be better off in another country far away from here. I hope to never see you and your family again and I am sure that the feeling is mutual. May we never meet again.

Your nephew,

Harry James Potter

PS. Included is a message for the Headmaster for when he comes looking for me. And he will.

He wished he could see his Aunts face when she read his letter. He bet she would purse her lips so hard they would disappear and he kinda hoped that uncle Vernon would turn so red he would explode. He hoped that they would finally understand that what they did to the innocent child in their care was wrong.

He wasn't quite sure what to write in Dumbledore's letter. On one hand he knew what Harry his homelife was like and he still didn't try to find him something better, not to mention the highly dangerous school years since Harry came to Hogwarts. On the other hand Dumbledore is a powerful wizard who's help he might need in the future against Voldemort.

So he decides to try and be mature but cunning in his letter to the Headmaster. The Professor did not need to know everything after all.

Professor Dumbledore,

I know that leaving like this will not make you and the Order think that I am capable of behaving like an adult but you forget one thing: You kept making me go to a house you admitted yourself was not a good place for a child. And you were right professor, the Dursley family is not good for 'freaks' like me. So now that there was another safe option, I left.

Sirius and I had made plans for a safehouse and now that he is gone I will live there. Being alone is better then living with the Dursleys after all, professor. Number 4 Privet Drive is not my home. It never was.

I can and will not tell you where the safe house is. But it is as safe as we could make it and no one but Sirius and I know where it is. I will board the train as usual on the 1st of September.

Hope you have a nice summer,

Harry James Potter

He hoped that there is enough misdirection in the letter that it will take a while for the Headmaster to find him. At least long enough for Harry to get to the Black Town House and reset the wards so that no one could get in but Harry and those he felt he could trust.

Harry grabbed his possessions and hid them in his baggy clothes. He opened Hedwigs cage and told her to go to London and find him there as soon as she could. When he got downstairs he got some money shoved in his hands for the groceries. He knew he was in luck, Mundungus Fletcher was his guard today. He would have been in trouble if it was Moody or Remus but Mundungus was too lazy to follow him seriously. Lucky him.

He had just laid the letters on a noticeable place in Dudley's second bedroom when his aunt calls for him, "Boy, get down here! You need to get the groceries and I have a appointment in the nail salon in a few minutes. And you know what you have to do for today, don't you boy?" As Harry walked down the stairs he answered his Aunt.

"Yes Aunt Petunia. My chores for today are grocery shopping, cleaning the house and de-weeding the garden so that I'm not a burden for you and Uncle Vernon on my birthday."

Aunt Petunia looked at him, nodded her head once and quickly walked to the car so she could get to her nail appointment. As always, Harry had to walk to the shopping centre. It was only a fifteen minute walk but the less time spent with his relatives the better and that went both ways.

Harry knew he had about a hour and a half before his aunt would be back at Privet Drive and so he went to the public bathrooms in the shopping centre so he could change his appearance a bit and then wait for a big group of people to come by so he could disappear between them.

A few minutes later and it was time. A group of teens walked by and Harry took his chance. He coudn't believe it was so easy but a while later he walked right of the shopping centre without anyone noticing him!

After that he ran quickly to the train station and bought a ticket to London, and only when the train started moving he dared to breathe and finally relax. Who knew it would be this nerve-wrecking to make his own choices for his own life?

He knew the London Town House was close but he still had to get a cab just to be sure he woudn't be seen walking London on his own. So when the train stopped in London he got out as quickly as he could and went to rent a cab.

Ten minutes later he finally stood in front of Number 12, Grimmauld Place. He walked to the door and put his hand on the doorknob. He felt the doorknob growing warm and the air around him vibrate as he said, "My name is Harry, Son of Potter, Heir of Black and I demand entrance to this manor!" He felt silly when saying the words Sirius told him to say but he also felt the power of the words as he said them.

He felt the powerful magic going through him, felt the acceptance before he heard the click of the door opening.