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Pandora's Payment

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"Do we have a deal?"

~ ~ ~


The one thing no one on this server can escape.

Immortality is not to be taken lightly. The few admins on the server have access to immortality due to their abilities, but no one has received the gift of immortality. Just immortality. No admin abilities. No responsibility. Eternal life, without the strings attached of an admin.

But soon, that will change.

With the completion of Pandora's Box, Sam will officially be the first and only immortal on the server. 

With an offer that tempting, well...Who could turn it down?

~ ~ ~

"Yes Dream. We do. I'll start construction tomorrow."

~ ~ ~

"Pandora's Box is coming along nicely."

"Pandora's Box?"

"That's what I named it."


There's a moment of silence as Sam joins Dream on the small dirt island to inspect his work.

"You...You haven't told anyone about the deal right?"

"What? No, of course not. I'm not looking to make myself a target. Besides, I doubt that this is something you give out lightly. I don't think you'd appreciate me advertising it."

Dream nods.

"If anyone asks, tell them I'm going to give you a stack of diamond blocks."

"I doubt anyone will, but I'll keep that in mind."

Dream starts to leave but turns to look it Sam.

"And Sam?"


"Speed it up. We're running on a tighter schedule than I originally planned."

"Oh, uh, alright. A week-ish from now should good?"

Dream nods before he turns away and leaves.

~ ~ ~ 

Sam looks at Pandora's Box from afar.

He watches as the guards escort the first, and maybe only, victim into the prison. They turn around and look at him. He can't tell what's in their gaze, and he doesn't intend to find out. 

He walks away. 

Pandora's Box.

What a fitting name.