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Figuring Things Out on Accident

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It was a completely typical Tuesday afternoon in Kamurocho, which meant that in the span of five hours Kiryu had:

Spent an hour in a runaround trying to get someone a specific UFO Catcher Prize.

Fought Majima behind the Poppo.

Helped a woman pick out the perfect gift for her date.

Got ambushed by Majima while said woman was on her date.

Had lunch and then immediately after got roped into a scheme with the head chef about...honestly he wasn’t even sure anymore. It might have been drugs?

Received an email from Nishida about a “suspicious parking lot” that only Kiryu could look into because Majima was too busy.

Won another race at the Pocket Circuit Arena.

It was after the racing that Kiryu remembered to check into this parking lot business. Did he realize that this was just another hair brained scheme to fight? Definitely. However his only alternative was to wait for Majima to pop up somewhere, and then fight. At least this way there was a specific place to go, and he didn’t have to worry about the suspense of wondering where the other man would be this time.

As he made his way over to the area that Nishida had instructed him to go, Kiryu started to feel that this was a The ads for bars and hostess clubs had shifted to places more...seedy. Sex shops with big windows showing off bondage items, a video store telling him that for just 1000 yen, he could watch a total of five movies instead of the normal two. Not that Kiryu knew anything about that…

He finally came to the address he’d been given and snorted. Majima had never been someone he would call ‘tactful’, but this was kind of obvious, even for him.

It took only a minute of him standing there for Majima to arrive, slinking from the shadows of a nearby alleyway with a large grin.

“Oh ho ho, Kiryu-chan~ I see you took my bait,” he teased. The clack of his steel tipped shoes grew louder as he approached.

“I suppose I did, Majima-san.” Kiryu couldn’t help but smirk. “I didn’t think you’d be much for romance, but even this is a bit much. Don’t you think?” He honestly didn’t mind if this had been Majima’s plan. Fighting between them had always felt like foreplay, especially when Majima would flutter his lashes as he teased him for not ‘getting rough’ with him. Kiryu knew he was an idiot sometimes, but even he could notice how dark Majima’s eye would become when he’d been pinned during their altercations.

Majima tilted his head like a dog perking up its ear at the sound of a car driving by. "Huh? Whaddya mean, Kiryu-chan?"

"You don't have to keep playing coy, Majima-san. I can guess why you'd have me show up here." The love hotel wasn't the worst he'd seen in Kamurocho, but that was like comparing Poppo brand beers. At the end of the day, it was still convenience store garbage. It was something he could expect from Majima, though it was interesting that he’d involved Nishida in this...plan.

Majima glanced over at the building, seeming to finally notice the glaring pink neon of the sign. "Ah. Well, that’s…" He seemed to slouch further into himself. A red flush went across his face, blending into the darkness of his facial hair.

Kiryu frowned. "Did you not mean to bring me here?" It wasn't often that even Majima seemed confused by his own plans. And if he'd been trying to seduce him, well, Kiryu didn't know why he thought it was needed.

"Well, ‘course I did. An out of the way place like this is perfect for a fight!" Majima swung his tanto around as he spoke, the knife glinting in the fading sunlight. His stance had changed to his normal pose when they were about to fight, but his movement was awkward, hesitant. Kiryu had obviously thrown him off guard if he was getting this sloppy.

" you aren't trying to fuck me."

"No! Well, yes. I just -" Majima seemed to stumble over his words before blowing out a frustrated breath. "Didn't know you'd wanna do that kinda stuff, Kiryu-chan."

That startled Kiryu enough to make him freeze. Had he been reading all of this wrong? The innuendo thrown at him, the almost groping of his body during fights, the heated looks. Majima...wasn't doing that on purpose? Had Kiryu just been projecting onto him? His cheeks burned, guilt bubbling like acid in his stomach.

"Nii-san…" Kiryu bowed his head slightly, his gaze firm upon the pavement. "I'm sorry, I'd, it doesn't matter what I thought." He shook his head before moving into his stance, fists held up in front of his face. “I’ll fight you, Majima -”

“Wait!” Majima tucked away the tanto into his belt and held up his hands. “Look, no weapon, fighting, Kiryu-chan.” Kiryu gave a few confused blinks before straightening himself back up, fists still clenched at his sides as Majima stepped closer to him.

“I don’t understand,” he admitted. “What exactly are you -” Kiryu was interrupted again, this time by Majima’s lips pressing to his own.

The handful of times Kiryu had let himself imagine kissing Majima, awkward was never one of the words to describe it. Their teeth clacked together almost angrily, mouths pressing together too rough to feel pleasant, and a flat tongue moving at the roof of his mouth in an almost gross way. It was like Majima was actively trying to invade his mouth, he thought with an unpleasant shudder. Honestly, it was surprising how downright awful Majima was at kissing him, it was almost as if he’d -

Kiryu’s thoughts came together with an almost audible click as he pulled away from Majima’s mouth. “Majima-san,” he panted out. “You’ve never kissed someone?” It was only a question to be polite.

The click he heard in answer was the sound of Majima’s teeth snapping together as he shut his mouth. His eye was wide, hesitantly glancing around them, searching. Kiryu recognized it as Majima planning to run away. “Dunno where ya got that idea, Kiryu-chan!” His eyebrows waggled comically as he continued to look around for a quick exit. “Guess you’re just not used to how ol’ Majima operates.”

“Nii-san...” he sighed. Kiryu moved a hand underneath Majima’s tacky jacket and placed it on his hip, tugging him close until their noses almost bumped. A pink tinge came to Majima’s cheeks as their gazes met, turning darker as Kiryu moved his free hand up to cup his jaw. This time, he was the one who interrupted Majima.

Using the hand on his jaw Kiryu led Majima into a slow, careful kiss, pressing their lips together in soft pecks until the older man’s eye began to flutter shut almost nervously under the touch. Kiryu felt almost smug with satisfaction at that, managing to get the Mad Dog to calm down with just a few gentle touches. He shut his own eyes as he deepened the kiss, earning a low noise from Majima that he swallowed with his own mouth as he carefully moved his tongue into his mouth. Majima moved closer until Kiryu was pressed back against the wall of the hotel, a content sigh leaving him as he began to move his tongue again. Luckily this time he seemed to be following Kiryu’s own movements instead of trying to shove his tongue directly into Kiryu’s back molars.

The door to the hotel suddenly opened a few feet away, letting light out into the lot and startling the both of them out of their embrace. A man stumbled out, obviously drunk but carefree as he whistled on his way across the street. Majima took a step away, letting Kiryu’s hand fall off his face. Kiryu waited for a quip, a dumb one liner, a leer and a grope of his chest as Majima laughed. He didn’t receive any of them.

“So, uh…” Majima trailed off as he rubbed a hand against the cheek that Kiryu had been holding. His eye flickered to the door of the hotel nervously before he turned back to look at Kiryu. “We go in there?”

Kiryu blinked. “Do you...want to go in there?” He’d been to a few places like this in the past, but that had been when he was younger and less sure about what he wanted with men. One night stands that he didn’t have to worry about impressing, guys who didn’t know who he was in this city.

Majima glared and stabbed a finger into his chest, nail sharp against his skin even through the fabric of glove and shirt. “I asked you first,” he sneered. “Do you wanna fuck or not, Kiryu-chan?” Majima showed his teeth like a wild animal about to bite and rip through his neck if he wasn’t careful. Afraid.

Years of knowing him had Kiryu thinking carefully over this. It was obvious - well, to him at least, and only now - that Majima had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t realize how much his tone, his body language, was telling Kiryu. That he’d been showing interest in Kiryu this entire time, and didn’t realize? Majima didn’t have a single clue about it apparently.

Kiryu took the hand that was pointing into his chest and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, startling a flinch out of Majima. “Not here, I don’t want that for your - for our first time together.”

Majima, luckily, didn’t seem to catch onto his slip of tongue. He gave a sharp grin and bounced on his feet. “Well, let’s get movin’ to my place then!” Kiryu could only chuckle.

“Lead the way, Majima-san.”