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Saving you from the darkness

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Mingyu had been wondering if he had done anything wrong for the past three years.

He still clearly remembered how the fans crazily loved the close interactions and interesting relationship between him and Wonwoo. Although the older male was quite savage and liked to push Mingyu away sometimes, everybody could see how playful and loving he was at those times. It was obvious that they had a lovely bond between each other, and Mingyu always loved to keep Wonwoo companied. He just loved Wonwoo. Despite being rejected or shoved away, Mingyu kept falling head over heels for the cold and aloof boy who was one of the quietest members of Seventeen. No matter how many years passed by, Mingyu’s heart never stopped fluttering, and Wonwoo remained the same perfect person Mingyu had met from the training days.

Nonetheless, things gradually changed from when he was not aware of. At the moment he eventually realized something was wrong, it seemed to be already too late.

When Wonwoo started to close off a little bit, just a little bit, Mingyu simply thought that perhaps his best friend was not feeling well that day. It was also understandable since their popularity was going up and it was reasonable for everyone to feel more exhausted while working under so much stress. However, Wonwoo’s bad days kept going on and on until one day Mingyu suddenly saw a hot topic on an online forum saying that he and Wonwoo did not seem to get along well anymore.

This was when the tallest member of the group registered that, perhaps he had messed up for the whole time. It was terrible, when even the fans could see the change in their relationship, because it meant Wonwoo was not trying to hide anything. The fact that they were not close anymore was not something the older man wanted to cover out of Carats’ eyes.

Mingyu did not understand anything. Once realization hit him hard, desperation set him on fire, and the man felt like he was turning crazier and crazier day by day. Following the fans’ doubts, in horror, Mingyu was forced to admit that there were some days in which Wonwoo did not even talk to him, if he did not try to initiate a talk with the older boy first. Mingyu could not figure out the case was the same for other members or not, since surely the other eleven people must talk to Wonwoo sometimes regardless of his mood or their mood. Moreover, Mingyu did not want to tell others about his and Wonwoo’s troubles. He knew how much Wonwoo hated it when other people got into his business unnecessarily.

This characteristic of Wonwoo gave Mingyu a slight hope. Maybe Wonwoo was overwhelmed by the attention he had got through their abnormal friendship? Maybe Wonwoo did not want the fans to consider him and Mingyu as a couple anymore? Or maybe Wonwoo did not love Mingyu as much as the younger man loved him? Mingyu thought that was probably the reason, although it was painful. He tried to come to terms with that possibility for almost a week with a battered heart, but it turned out that he was allowed to get rid of that silly thought pretty soon.

That was a very long day for the whole group as they were all crushed by hectic schedules and tiring performances. Consequently, the long way home in the cars was also a precious time for them to rest. As usual, they traveled back to the dorm in three cars, separated in accordance with their units, which meant Mingyu entered the same car as his crush. Being urged to come inside first by Seungcheol, Mingyu thought the leader would come in right after him, but Wonwoo became the one who sat next to him, and Seungcheol was the last one to get in the car, while Vernon was sitting in the front seat. The car engine soon started, and it took only a minute for Wonwoo to fall asleep without giving Mingyu even a chance to talk to him.

Nevertheless, Wonwoo did not sleep on his own. Instead of leaning backwards, he naturally rested his head on Mingyu’s shoulder and closed his eyes, sighing deeply before breathing steadily in his slumber, while the younger man stared at him in awe, and also in pain.

Looking at Wonwoo like this, Mingyu desperately just wanted to bring his crush to his lap, hugging him tightly and sweetly luring him into sleep, so that he could take care of Wonwoo, protect him, and not allow anyone to disturb his sleep even once. Mingyu’s poor shattered heart wanted to beam at the fact that Wonwoo did not seem to have difficulty in choosing between him and Seungcheol, but his said heart wanted to break down, too. Wonwoo’s face was completely pale and awful. He did not have any color left on his skin, although Mingyu had always thought it was the impression the sharp and cold features his face gave out. Wonwoo was literally colorless. If someone else asked Mingyu to describe exactly how unwell Wonwoo was, he was not sure how to give a proper answer, but the simple image of Wonwoo sleeping was enough to tell that he was not only physically under the weather but also mentally ill.

Mingyu was startled when the car encountered a bump on the road and made all of them jolt up, but fortunately, Wonwoo did not even stir, still sleeping like an unconscious man on the taller man’s shoulder. Shocked and worried at the same time, Mingyu could not help staring at his crush during the whole way long, and this act made him eventually see Seungcheol watching Wonwoo as well, worries filling his eyes. They shared a meaningful look with each other but no one said a word, as they both knew they should not risk talking about Wonwoo’s troubles when the said member was here. At least, without talking, they finally confirmed Mingyu was not the only one to see Wonwoo acting strangely recently. This was a slight relief for the tallest man, but it was much more of a bigger problem for everyone to think about.

Mingyu just wanted Wonwoo to be fine. He would do anything to make Wonwoo happy and healthy.

Yet, he wondered if Wonwoo would give him the opportunity to do so. Maybe Wonwoo was not in a good condition lately, but Mingyu could not help wondering whether his crush was having an issue with him, in spite of how clingy Wonwoo was being right now.

Receiving a nod of encouragement from Seungcheol, Mingyu carefully scooped Wonwoo up in his arms, letting the smaller male’s head rest on his right shoulder. Still sleeping soundly in complete exhaustion, Wonwoo seemed to have no idea about what was happening, making it easy for Mingyu to bring him upstairs. Other members glanced at them tiredly without saying anything, simply waving goodbye and helping the tallest man open the door into Wonwoo bedroom. Mingyu was not sharing the same room with Wonwoo now, so he just entered it in order to place his crush down on the bed and tuck him carefully under the blanket. Coming after him a few seconds later, Soonyoung patted Mingyu’s arm gently.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”

Mingyu desperately hoped so, but half of his heart did not believe those words.

Mingyu thought that Wonwoo acting coldly to him was the worst thing, but it turned out that he was completely wrong. Things were able to be even more terrible.

Since the whole group had been taking suppressants for so long, most of them barely remembered the matter of social ranking based on their second gender. All of them presented really late, due to the long use of suppressants, and the already presented members still hardly affected the other ones, as they kept on using those pills in order to keep the whole group function well and safely. Mingyu himself did not actually remember that not only Seungcheol but also Jeonghan was an alpha and Joshua was the only omega among the three oldest members.

Mingyu had no idea what he would be on the day he was woken up by the terrifying and loud scream of Soonyoung. Startled, Mingyu jumped out of his bed like a flash, seeing Jun – his roommate – doing the same thing with wide eyes.


That was all Mingyu heard from Soonyoung’s frantic and chaotic screams. The next second, he was already sprinting out of his own bedroom, heading straight towards the room of the said newly presented omega.

Having gone through only three episodes like this in the past, Seventeen was still a mess while dealing with a member’s first heat. It used to be quite calm with Seungcheol and Jeonghan, since they were both alphas, and there was no omega living together with them to trigger their instincts. In front of the boys who had not presented, the alphas were just harmless. For sure, they were mad, aggressive and horny, but they could control themselves instead of just grabbing someone and fucking them to oblivion. However, it was truly scary when Joshua’s first heat came, because both of the alphas had already had intense romantic feelings for the said member. Everyone struggled to get the two oldest males out of the dorm before they turned completely uncontrollable.

With a little bit of his mind left, Joshua had whined for Jeonghan and begged everyone to let the alpha come to help him. After putting a neck protector on the omega, they did let Jeonghan in, allowing him to bring Joshua through his heat while Seungcheol literally ran madly to the wood to vent out his disappointment, jealousy and anger. The whole grouped pitied their leader, but there was nothing else they could do. The omega’s choice must be prioritized at all cost, and they all knew Joshua and Jeonghan had mutual feelings for each other. This could not be wrong.

This time, it was much worse.

Before Mingyu could really register the situation, Soonyoung had already told him to help bring Seungcheol and Jeonghan out of the dorm, because Wonwoo wanted neither of them. Already sweating and shaking, Mingyu quickly asked if the omega asked for anyone particularly, silently wishing that his crush could be calling for him, despite him being just a beta right now. Nonetheless, Soonyoung just said that Wonwoo only shook his head vigorously when being asked about the two alphas. Consequently, Mingyu was forced to just bring the two alphas out, and waited to do other things later.

He had to admit, that his hyungs were seriously scary at this moment, but he had to do this job so as to protect Wonwoo. As a hungry alpha who had not ever had a taste of an omega in heat, Seungcheol was crazy and livid when he was prevented from approaching the omega’s room, yet Mingyu knew the leader was still successfully holding himself back. Apart from growling, snarling and glaring at everyone through red eyes, Seungcheol did not hit anyone, and actually did not fight back when Mingyu gripped his arms tightly and dragged him out while Jun helped him deal with Jeonghan. The second oldest member was actually much more of a trouble.

Jeonghan was the kind of alpha who was exceedingly over-protective over the pack members, and now Wonwoo had unfortunately became the omega who was struggling in heat without anyone helping him out yet. This fact pissed Jeonghan off awfully. He wanted to do nothing but to shove everyone out of his way so that he could reach the omega’s room and take care of him immediately. Mingyu was able to imagine that if Jeonghan really came to Wonwoo’s room now, he would softly coo to the omega and gently coaxed the younger boy into letting him help. On the other hand, Mingyu also knew this was not what Wonwoo wanted, no matter how tender or sweet the alpha could be.

Once getting rejected, Jeonghan would turn furious, and everyone knew things would not be peaceful or easy for the omega from then on. By all means, they had to get Jeonghan out of here.

Fortunately, Jeonghan was not a very physically strong person, so Jun could handle him quite easily, with the help of Joshua, who did not want his lover to hurt another member. Moreover, they were afraid Wonwoo’s heat could trigger Joshua’s one too, so they approved the idea of letting the couple leave together.

The dorm only got more peaceful and calmer once the alphas had left. It was not until now did Mingyu finally have time to really come to Wonwoo’s room and check what was happening. Only three members had been staying by the omega’s sides from the beginning, but Mingyu had not even known who they were.

For the first time of his life, Mingyu was dumbfounded to see hear Wonwoo’s scream. What was happening in the omega’s room was completely different than whatever the tallest man had ever imagined in his mind. He thought the members must be hugging a spooked and nervous Wonwoo, cuddling together in bed so as to provide him with some comfort of being surrounded by his pack members. Nonetheless, none of those things happened, because Wonwoo did not allow anyone to touch him.

Mingyu did not even see Wonwoo. All he saw was the shape of a person curling up under the thick blanket in the farthest corner of the bed. His screams were muffled, hoarse, and pained, but it was not difficult at all for Mingyu to figure out what his crush was begging everyone to do.

“Leave me alone! LEAVE ME ALONE! GET OUT! GET OUT!”

“Please calm down, Wonu hyung!” Seungkwan was trying to get closer to the bed, face contorted in distress. “We won’t hurt you! Just let us hug you and make you…”


When Wonwoo called this place “my room”, Mingyu eventually noticed how the omega’s bed did not look like a normal bed anymore. The boy in despair had built his own nest which made of all the members’ clothes and blankets from when nobody knew. Wonwoo must have done it not a very long while ago, when they were all sleeping soundly, and it was obvious that the omega had tried very hard to make everyone fail to notice anything happening. Mingyu recognized many pieces of his clothes around the mess of fabric on Wonwoo’s bed, which made his heart almost jump out of his ribcage, but another problem made his said heart stop beating.

Although Wonwoo was covering his whole body including his head with the blanket, Mingyu could still see the two pillows under the omega’s head. They were exactly the same as each other with the silly cat doodles all over the surface. In Seventeen, there were only two members who were deeply in love with cats, and those two boys had once brought a pair of two identical pillow covers.

And the amount of Jun’s clothes were almost on the same level as Mingyu’s. Just almost.

But that was already a lot, because Mingyu had always thought he himself had always been the one who was closest to Wonwoo among Seventeen, and everyone else was still far behind him.

Now, it was undeniable that Jun and Wonwoo were much closer to each other than what Mingyu had ever known. This fact sucked, because it made him know more clearly that, perhaps he was not someone that significant to Wonwoo anymore. What was Mingyu to Wonwoo? What was Jun to the omega?

Unable to think properly, Mingyu ran to the bed where his crush was lying. The sounds of his footsteps caught the omega’s attention instantly, causing him to peek out from the blanket in order to look. However, Mingyu was not the only one to approach Wonwoo, as Jun was furiously walking to the bed as well, but the taller man was able to tell, that the omega was only looking at him when he shrieked and screamed.


Hearing his own heart shattering into thousands of pieces, Mingyu froze on his spot, unable to move, or to even breathe. Wonwoo had kept on pleading everyone to leave, yet he had not called own anyone’s name particularly. Unfortunately, the first name came out of his mouth was no one but Mingyu only, even though Jun was still walking to the omega, closer, and closer, without being stopped by anyone or anything.

Not any different from the tallest man in pain, the other members were shocked to the utmost, since they had all thought that Mingyu would be fine for Wonwoo. They had been very close friends; they had assumed that Mingyu’s presence would calm the omega in heat down, but reality was just brutal. Wonwoo not only rejected Mingyu but also seemed to become more frightened and drown deeper into agony. He started to cry and sob extremely hard, as if Mingyu had just pushed a very wrong button and ruined everything.

Nevertheless, Jun was able to sit on the bed, getting into the nest without a trouble. Within three seconds, he had already pulled Wonwoo into his arms and hugged him tightly, whispering sweet words to his ears continuously in order to calm the omega down. At first, Wonwoo was startled, but his reaction changed so quickly that nobody could do anything except for gasping in shock.

“Don’t cry, Wonwon. Please don’t cry!” Jun hurriedly rubbed his friend’s back in a soothing manner. “It’s okay! Everyone just wants to help you. Don’t be scared, okay?”

Burying his own face into Jun’s chest, Wonwoo cried out between heavy sobs.

“I don’t need help! Please… don’t… I don’t need help…”

Although Jun was allowed to hug the omega, Wonwoo still consistently claimed that he did not need any kind of help. They offered to get him the professional service where they provide a well-trained alpha for him to get through his heat.


They offered to gently help him through his heat without fucking him for real.


They offered to give him some toys so that he could deal with this by himself but still find some pleasure and a much needed release.


The only hope they had left was Jun, since Wonwoo did not try to push the dancer away even once, deliberately clinging to Jun tightly and desperately. The scene left everyone confused, worried, and lost. They did not know what to do. It was surprising to see Jun being able to hold Wonwoo like that, but it did not look like Wonwoo would comfortably have sex with Jun at all. If the omega really wanted Jun, in this state of the first heat, Wonwoo would not be able to stay still like this. They should be frantically undressing each other now, if getting Jun’s dick inside himself was what Wonwoo wholeheartedly wanted.

Consequently, they all stared at Mingyu, slowly and silently feeling the pain their tallest member was going through. Nobody found a proper way to explain all of this, but they knew, it was wrong. Somehow, Mingyu’s and Wonwoo’s relationship had been twisted and deformed in an ugly way no one had ever expected. In bewilderment, they wondered if Mingyu had ever hurt Wonwoo so badly that the omega did not want to see him anymore. They wondered if the two of them had dated secretly and then broken up without anyone’s notice. Nothing seemed reasonable.

Wonwoo himself was not reasonable, either. As an omega in his first heat, he was undoubtedly scared, vulnerable, and needed a lot of affection from his beloved people. However, the omega’s reaction expressed nothing but pain, rejection, and misery. The further they tried to approach, the more Wonwoo shrunk into his own shelf, temporarily using Jun as his only shelter and protector. Why couldn’t it be Mingyu? Why did he vigorously try to stay away from Mingyu? Why did he only start to cry when Mingyu came here?

That night, they had no other choice but to leave Wonwoo in his bedroom with Jun, while Soonyoung came to sleep in Mingyu’s bedroom instead. The dorm was drowned back into darkness and silence again, like how it had been two hours ago (after all doors had been locked carefully) but hardly did they manage to fall asleep. Sighing deeply, Mingyu listened to the sound of Soonyoung’s tired breathing, and tried to find out any clue of Wonwoo and Jun having sex in another room of the dorm. Nothing came to his ears, except for the sounds of his own heart, still breaking, collapsing, and bleeding.

The question kept Mingyu awake for the whole night long, and many other nights after that day.

Mingyu had been wondering if he had done anything wrong to Wonwoo for the whole time.

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Mingyu got out of his bedroom very early, since he had not actually slept at all. As a member of the group was in heat, all of the group schedules were certainly canceled today, and only very few of them would have to participate in their solo activities. Mingyu guessed he should make use of this day off to make breakfast for everyone.

Even when in heat, Wonwoo still needed to eat something, right?

Mingyu did not know what happened to his mind, but part of his instinct was triggered, and he put a lot of effort in trying to cook an excellent meal for everyone. Chan, the youngest boy, was the second one to come to their kitchen, sitting silently by the dining table with a tired expression on his face, watching his hyung cook as if he had never seen Mingyu doing this before. The bigger man was fully aware of Chan’s constant stare on his back, but he did not really mind. Not in this state.

Mingyu would only start to fidget if Wonwoo or Jun came here and watched him like that.

However, Chan had his own way to catch Mingyu completely off guard.

“I think they didn’t have sex last night.”

Stopping whatever he was doing, Mingyu tried his best not to throw the pan on the counter before snapping his head towards the younger boy.

“What did you just say?”

Chan instantly palmed his face out of frustration and let out a quiet groan.

“I know you heard what I said. They didn’t have sex last night.

“How do you know?” Mingyu retorted, feeling irritated right when the younger boy snapped at him not so nicely. After a long night without proper sleep, of course both of them were not in a good condition.

Chan still looked annoyed, but he took in a deep breath to calm down before replying.

“My room is right next to Wonwoo hyung’s. All I could hear was his sobs and whispers.”

Mingyu frowned deeply, still agitated and highly uncomfortable.

“It can be his sobs of pleasure.”

“No, hyung! I believe those were sounds of him crying.”

“How could you hear them? You’ve always been dead asleep at night!”

“How the hell could I sleep last night, hyung?” Chan’s frown deepened more than ever as he tilted his head, standing up to walk towards Mingyu. “Especially after how hard Wonwoo hyung had cried like that? You think I’m such a heartless person?”

At this point, Mingyu had to surrender and admit that he had been wrong by talking to Chan so harshly and giving many unreasonable accusations. Huffing while turning back to the pan, picking it up, he muttered lowly.

“I’m sorry.”

The apology did not really seem sincere and the attitude Mingyu gave Chan made the younger boy felt like his hyung was still mad, but after all those years of knowing Mingyu, he knew the biggest man of the group only tried to avoid confrontation whenever his mind truly admitted his fault. If Mingyu was stubborn and angry like a wild animal, thing would be not this peaceful now. Wonwoo’s condition maybe had too powerful impact on Mingyu, and Chan guessed he himself had better not ask for too much from this frustrated hyung.

Agreeing to drop this matter, Chan slowly walked back to his chair, sitting with his shoulders slumping towards the table.

“I hope you believe that we all care about not only Wonwoo hyung but also you too. We all have eyes. We know you love Wonwoo hyung, and we even all thought Wonwoo hyung love you too. But…”

“We even all thought Wonwoo hyung love you too”


That meant now they no longer had such a stupid imagination anymore, like how Mingyu had finally opened his eyes last night. Biting his own lips harshly and tasting the bitter taste of being rejection right on his empty tongue, Mingyu stayed silent, but his actions were not the same. The further Chan spoke, the more noisy his cooking activities became. The younger boy believed his hyung was venting his anger on the pan and stove not very subtly.

“It’s a mess.” Chan sighed, standing up again, heading towards the refrigerator with the intention of looking for something to drink. “I think Wonwoo hyung is not accepting the fact that he had just presented as an omega very well. I don’t understand why or what he’s exactly thinking, but he has very strong rejection towards any method of getting help. You know how heats or ruts work. Without any help, his heat can last for a whole week and it will be very painful for him. It will be even worse if he keeps crying and pushing everyone away.”

“He isn’t pushing everyone away.” Mingyu suddenly retorted again, voice obviously furious. “He deliberately kept Jun by his sides! He wants Jun there!”

“It means nothing if he doesn’t let Jun hyung have sex with him, hyung.” Chan continued after pouring for himself a cup full of orange juice. “Has Jun hyung ever told you he’s been guessing that he will become an omega?”

“What???” This time, Mingyu literally threw the pan on the stove to turn around and face the maknae. “Jun? Become an omega? How do you know? How come he’s my best friend but he’s never told me about that but told you?”

Hastily putting the cup of juice down on the counter, Chan put up two hands in defeat.

“Hyung, you seriously need to calm down. You think Jun hyung is crazy? You’re obviously going to become an alpha. You think he will want to come to you and say, hey alpha I will become an omega and it will be so great since we’re sleeping in the same room? You really think that’s possible?”

“But why the hell did he tell you about that?”

“Because I told him I think I’m going to be an omega, and then he told me he thought he would be one, too. Among all of the potential omegas in our pack, Jun hyung is the closest one to Wonwoo hyung, so I guess they talked about this too.”

“So you mean Wonwoo already knew he would be an omega? Then why it’s so hard for him to accept this situation now?”

“I swear I will call Seungcheol hyung home right away if you don’t stop picking at every single word coming from my mouth now, hyung.” Chan bristled, groaning and whining at the same time. “Please don’t interrogate me as if I could know everything about everyone. I said that ‘I guess’. And please don’t make a fuss whenever I mention Jun-hyung. I know you’re jealous, but you don’t have to act like that. Our manager will kick you out of here if you behave like this to him or anyone talking about him now.”

Feeling even more upset, Mingyu huffed again and turned away, violently breaking an egg into the pan on the stove only to realize that he had not turned the thing on or even put any oil into the pan. His mumbles almost sounded like growls.

“I still don’t understand it. I have never known that Jun and Wonwoo are that close to each other. Jun is my best friend. Wonwoo used to be my best friend. Now they both dump me to be with each other?”

Chan abandoned his intention of drinking. Instead, he walked to the stove, taking the pan from his hyung in order to help, able to see that Mingyu was not capable of cooking a proper egg now.

“Mingyu-hyung, you have to know that Jun hyung is a few months older than Wonwoo-hyung. His time to present is coming soon, so he must be very sensitive towards alphas or anyone who seems to be very likely to become an alpha like you. It’s understandable if he didn’t tell something to you. You know nothing is stronger than an ally of omegas. Even if Jun hyung knows a lot about Wonwoo, he might still refuse to tell you. If Jun hyung really becomes an omega and you become an alpha, I’m sure you can never be Jun-hyung’s  or Wonwoo-hyung’s best of best friend. You can only come second.”

“This is fucking unfair!” Mingyu had never had the intention to curse in front of the maknae, but right now he just could not contain his anger anymore. “Why? Why does it have to be like this? Even if Wonwoo feels comfortable with Jun hyung simply because he’s going to be an omega too, then why the hell did Wonwoo only directly tell me to leave? Why? WHY???”

Fortunately, right when Mingyu started to lose control, other members walked into the kitchen just in time to witness how upset the biggest member was feeling. Jihoon, Minghao and Seokmin quickly persuaded Mingyu to sit down and talked to him gently, trying their best to calm him down. Meanwhile, the others took over his job of making breakfast and setting up the table. Mingyu could never tell that he could ever feel less heartbroken about Wonwoo, but temporarily the members managed to keep him sit still and not throw out harsh words any longer. Perhaps, Soonyoung was the one who gave him the most meaningful words which brought his mind back to sanity.

“Our eldest hyungs aren’t here already, so we have to stay strong and close together, Gyu. I’m the eldest here now, so listen to me, and do your job well, like how you’re always supposed to do. Losing your control will only do more damage to Wonwoo. Do you understand, Gyu?”

Defeated, Mingyu nodded and tried to breathe deeply, yet he still did not fail to hear Seungkwan’s soft announcement to the leader of performance team.

“Minghao-hyung and I will bring food to Wonwoo and ask Jun hyung if he wants to have breakfast with us.”

Despite having heard Chan’s assumption about Jun and Wonwoo, Mingyu still discreetly waited to see the glow on the older male when he stepped out of the omega’s bedroom. His heart failed to stop burning in extreme jealousy and anger. The angrier he felt, the more his heart bled. The more devastated Mingyu was, the more he hated anyone who might touch Wonwoo in such an intimate way. The cycle kept going on and on like that, although Mingyu knew clearly how wrong he had been in thinking about Wonwoo like that.

Who was he to hate people around Wonwoo? Mingyu literally did not have the right to do so, because he himself was not anything more than a normal friend to the omega.

Jun only walked out when everyone had already seated at the dining table, and all eyes were immediately on him. Nonetheless, they did not really expect to see what they were seeing now. The dancer looked as if he had just gone through several days without a second of sleep and someone seemed to have forced him to dance continuously for three days. Shoulders slump and back bent over, Jun heavily dragged himself to the table, flopping on the chair Minghao had kindly pulled out for him. Seeing how tired Jun was, the other Chinese member decided to stand up to get some juice for his friend.

Jun’s whole appearance was a mess, but it was easy for anyone to recognize that the clothes he was wearing was not any different from what he had worn last night. It seemed to have more wrinkles and his hair was messy, but there was no remnant of any possible sexual activities. In general, he looked too tired and depressed to be a person who had just had sex with someone else. It was even impossible to think that Wonwoo had pressed his friend into the mattress and ridden him like a sex maniac.

Receiving the glass of juice from Minghao, Jun rapidly drank it up within just a few seconds. Everybody thought that he would instantly start to eat crazily right after that, but in fact Jun just stared at the plate soullessly, not moving even a bit. Things began to get super awkward, since none of them knew it was appropriate to interrogate Jun about Wonwoo at this moment. Judging the dancer’s appearance, they felt like he temporarily needed to be taken care of as well. He just looked too tired.

“Can anyone think of another solution?” All of a sudden, Jun spoke, with his face buried in his two palms, voice hoarse and broken. “I can’t keep going on like this with Wonwoo. He never stops crying. His tears only stopped when he passed out in exhaustion, and now he’s just crying in his bedroom again. I don’t know what to do with him!!!”

Jun’s exhausting saying was ended with an exclamation out of exasperation. Next to him, Minghao and Seungkwan both came closer to the dancer in an attempt to hug and soothe him. Surprisingly, Jun, who had always been seeking for affection from everyone, now suddenly used his elbows to push the other two away, as if he did not want anyone to touch him at all. This abnormal behavior did not go unnoticed by anyone, and it only caused them to be on higher alert of the situation.

Given a concerned and meaningful look from Soonyoung, Jihoon stood up and hurriedly came to Jun, ignoring all kinds of rejection from the taller member and placing a palm on his forehead under the messy bang. Like a person who had just been shocked by electricity, Jihoon withdrew his hand in the blink of an eye and started to ramble a mantra of panicked words.

“Shit! We’ve been so stupid! We’re so stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

“What??? What’s wrong? What’s wrong Jihoonie?”

“What’s wrong hyung? What happened?”

“What’s going on? Is Jun-hyung okay?”

Under the rain of questions, Jihoon had to raise his voice to explain while pushing all of the younger members away from Jun.

“Why the hell did we ask Joshua-hyung to leave but forget about Junnie? He’s a few months older than Wonwoo. He should be about to present any time soon. I think Wonwoo’s heat is going to trigger Junnie’s heat. He’s already heating up. He can’t stay here anymore! We can’t handle having two omegas in heat in the same apartment!”

Many members gasped simultaneously, while Mingyu could do nothing but sitting there like a statue, staring at Jun as if the older member had just grown a second head. Not bothering the give any comment, Jun just kept on burying his face into his hands, which made everybody believe that the dance could feel his heat coming by himself too. Nonetheless, in the middle of the chaos where nobody knew what to do, a sob was heard, and Jun’s whole body began to tremble, telling everyone that his mind had eventually broken down after an overwhelming night, and he was just downright crying now.

Mingyu’s heart broke, for the one thousandth time in less than twenty four hours. His two best friends, somehow, had turned into omegas almost at the same time, while he himself would never become anything similar to that, and their relationship would never be the same anymore. They would be wary of him. They would be even scared of him, and it felt so wrong to think that Mingyu might have authority over the two of them just because they were omegas. If Mingyu was allowed to choose, if Wonwoo already did not want him during his heat like this, then Mingyu would be willing to become an omega like them, so that they could be best friends forever, and Wonwoo would never try to push him away anymore. Even if they were nothing more than just an ally of omegas, Mingyu was happy to be close to Wonwoo, to look after him in his ability, and to be someone Wonwoo could sometimes rely on, like how he had relied on Jun last night.

Nevertheless, things just got uglier as Jun now crumbled under the pressure and the heat of his own.

Before Mingyu could figure out how his heart should react or how his brain should function in the middle of this mess, someone had yanked his collar backwards and violently forced him to stand up. Mingyu nearly bristled and even growled in fury, not knowing why he was so angry at such action, but a strained grumble from nearby stopped his mind from exploding.

“What the hell are you doing, Gyu? Go soothe him! He’s your best friend! You’re going to sit there and watch him cry like that?”

However, the last sentence coming from Minghao made Mingyu’s blood boil immediately. Pushing the shorter member’s hand away, Mingyu snarled back.

“What the hell do you all want from me? You guys tell me I’m obviously going to be an alpha and now you also tell me to go soothe an omega in heat? Are you insane? Isn’t that enough?”

Minghao’s face went red in front of Mingyu’s reaction. He did not relent; in fact, the Chinese member went on dragging the biggest guy of the group towards Jun who was crying and resisting everyone’s physical contact.

“You’re overthinking, Gyu. Just fucking go there and help! Didn’t you run to Wonwoo’s bedroom last night? Why can’t you just do us a favor now and help Jun? We didn’t ask you to do anything difficult!”

Despite feeling angry for various reasons, Mingyu still took the few final steps towards his best friend. What he did not expect was to see everyone making the way for him to reach the dancer. In fact, Jun did not look much better than what Mingyu had seen in Wonwoo last night. The newly presented omega was shaking very hard and his sobs were getting louder and louder by second, which proved that his mind was a mess right now and he did not know what to do at all. Neither did Mingyu. The tallest man found himself useless and stupid in front of his best friend’s pain. The only thing he could do was to follow the only thought appearing in his mind. Without much hesitation, Mingyu bent down slightly, draping an arm over Jun’s trembling shoulders while the other arm reached out towards the hands that were covering his best friend’s face.

“Junnie, don’t cry! It’s okay. I…”

Mingyu did not have the chance to finish what he originally intended to say and his hand did not really have to push Jun’s ones away. The omega put his hands down right at the moment he felt Mingyu’s arm on his shoulders. Once the red and teary eyes caught the sight of the worried and puzzled man who had always been his best friend and his roommate for years, Jun collapsed immediately. Unable to hold back anything left, the omega flung himself out of the chair into Mingyu’s chest. Just by instincts, the bigger male quickly caught Jun in his arms, rapidly realizing that his friend did not have any strength left in his body. Without Mingyu catching him, Jun would definitely fall to the floor before he could reach somewhere to support his weight.

Wrapped tightly and securely in Mingyu’s arms, pressed into the taller man’s chest, Jun seemed content as he did not try to move anywhere further. Nonetheless, he kept crying while whimpering out his best friend’s name in despair.

“I’m sorry… Please tell Wonwoo I’m sorry...” Jun apologized uncontrollably, crying harder and harder. “Why… why now… I’m sorry… Please tell Wonwoo I’m sorry… I can’t stay by his side anymore…”

“What are you saying, Junnie? You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to say sorry!” Mingyu hurriedly stopped the mantra of apologies, hearing the other members around him saying the same thing.

However, Mingyu was more concerned about the burning skin under his hands. When he looked up to see everyone else, the tallest man could tell everyone was also worrying about the same thing.

“What should we do now? Can Wonwoo and Jun hyung help each other through their heats? They’re both omegas now. It should be no problem for them to stay together.”

“If Wonwoo agreed to have sex with Jun, he would have done that last night.” Soonyoung shook his head instantly, frowning in deep concentration. “Moreover, this place isn’t safe enough to keep two omegas in heat. The scents and pheromones will get out of the apartment and it’s dangerous. We have to move one of them somewhere else.”

“Move?” Mingyu asked incredulously, incredibly enraged with the idea of bringing an omega in heat out of his home. “Where? Where can he go in this state?”

“Calm down, Gyu.” Seokmin placed a hand on Mingyu’s tensed shoulder, not missing the way his friend almost shrugged him off. “You’re letting the situation get in your mind! You have to calm down! You’re really out of yourself. You know that?”

What Seokmin received was just a deep growl, and he knew he had better not point out Mingyu’s mistakes or problems anymore, because it seemed like everything could be a bad trigger to the bigger man now. It was true that although Mingyu was bigger and physically stronger than Seungcheol, he could never be the best leader of this pack, because Seungcheol just had the mental power of a great leader. Last night, their leader did not snap even once to anybody, and he did not try to get back home for any excuse.

“There is a kind of hotel which is exclusively used for serving omegas in heat or alphas in rut.” Minghao decided to ignore the burning anger on Mingyu’s face to start explaining something he thought his friend had already known. “Just pick the best one and bring Jun hyung there. He will be perfectly safe there.”

Mingyu instantly snapped his head towards the Chinese member, snarling again.

“But what about his feelings? It isn’t home. It has no scent of pheromones anywhere.”

“We don’t really have a choice, Gyu. Except for when you have a better idea, we have to do this.” Jihoon began to fidget in anger as well, voice getting louder and higher. “Especially when we’re having someone so hot-headed like you here, Mingyu-ssi. You are doing very least to help Junnie and Wonwoo. You know that?”

“Wonwoo’s distress will get into Jun as well.” Soonyoung added. “And I tell you again, Mingyu, this place isn’t safe to keep two omegas in heat. That was why we sent Joshua-hyung away. We’re worried that Wonwoo’s heat might trigger Shua hyung’s one.”

“If you don’t believe us, you can ask him.” It was Chan’s turn to talk, and he was now frustrated too. “You see how upset he is. Just ask him. Then you’ll know if he can endure his heat with Wonwoo hyung like that or not.”

It was not until now did Mingyu realize that there was one thing he had not cared about even a bit, and that was Jun’s actual opinion about this. Maybe the members were all right. Hot-headed and stupid and aggressive like this, Mingyu guessed he had ninety nine percent of becoming an alpha. With just two omegas in heat inside the apartment, he was triggered enough to act this protective and possessive. Mingyu could never use any words to fully express how angry he was towards this situation. It was frustrating and devastating enough for him to fail to help Wonwoo or even to figure out what his problems were, yet now fate decided to be cruel and made his best friend go into heat as well. However, it was uglier since Jun did not seem to have troubles like Wonwoo did, but now he was forced to leave his home.

With no choice left, Mingyu let out another growl before forcefully pushing Jun out of his chest. The action caused the omega in his arm to whimper loudly and thrash to get back to his safe position, yet the bigger man forced his best friend to look at him in the eyes while asking.

“Junnie, listen to me. They said we have to move you to the hotel for omegas in heat. Do you want to go there or stay here? It’s your choice.”

Luckily, Jun was evidently still sober enough to rapidly understand what Mingyu told him, although it seemed like he did not pay any attention to the conversation they had just had at all. Mingyu was able to hear the sounds of his own heart shattering into pieces when the flash of guilt and desperation appeared in Jun’s red eyes and his sobs sounded painfully constricted.

“I’m sorry… I can’t… I can’t stand… with Wonwoo like that… He… he never stops crying… I can’t… I can’t…”

“You hear him. We have to let him go. It’s nobody’s fault, but Wonwoo is too upset while Jun hyung is too sensitive to deal with that now.” Minghao angrily pried Mingyu’s arms away from Jun’s shoulders, not to take the omega away from the biggest man, but to stop Mingyu from holding Jun out of his chest. Not waiting any longer, once the hands were away from his shoulders, Jun dived back into Mingyu’s chest immediately, forcing his best friend to sit down on the chair and carry Jun’s whole weight on his lap.

“This is ridiculous! I don’t even know why we have to keep explaining this to a dick head!” Jihoon eventually growled and walked away. “I’m calling them to book a room for Junnie right now. Don’t you dare stop me! Channie, call our manager. We need to bring Junnie there right away!”

Mingyu was left there like an idiot while everyone moved away to make all of the preparation needed for Jun to leave. Without being told by anyone, Soonyoung, Minghao and Seokmin went to pack some stuff in a backpack for Jun, and when they came back, they threw a pair of jeans and a clean shirt to Mingyu, causing the man to growl again in utter annoyance. Mingyu wished they could stop making him angry, because Wonwoo perhaps was still crying in his room and Jun was not much better.

Or, Mingyu could say Jun was getting worse very quickly. The wetness was spreading quickly, causing the man to feel his pants damp by the omega’s slick. As a person who had not presented, Mingyu could not smell Jun’s scent or slick now, but he knew what the liquid he was feeling was. Mingyu had heard many times about how wet an omega in heat could be, and also heard that their body was actually preparing themselves for a knot during this vulnerable period. With the wetness Mingyu could feel right now, Jun was undoubtedly an omega who was very ready to get anything without any use of lube or…

“No.” Mingyu told himself. He had to stop thinking about this. It was not appropriate for him to think about how his best friend would take a dick in his heat. What he should think about currently was how to find a way to keep Jun safe and comfortable in the hotel neither of them had ever entered before. How would the hotel work? How could they make sure Jun would be able to deal with his own heat when he was there alone? Would the hotel provide any kind of special service? Was the owner of the hotel a bastard who opened it just to deceive the omegas and make use of them? Mingyu was enraged just by thinking of anyone who dared to touch Jun like that when he was in this state. An omega in heat needed to be taken care of. Mingyu used to feel agitated when Joshua came into heat before, and all of his instincts kept telling him to guard the apartment so that no invaders could come in.

Mingyu was not willing to leave Jun there alone at all. He could not, but nobody gave him any choice. Nobody fucking gave him any other solutions.

Without being told, Mingyu knew everyone wanted him to escort Jun to the hotel, so he get dressed, asking no questions. Nonetheless, the process of doing that was a literal hell for Minghao, since Jun was very upset to be away from Mingyu now. He thrashed, sobbed, cried and begged continuously, breaking everyone’s heart to the point that Jihoon had to threaten Mingyu to hurry up or he would chop his head off right away. Growling, again, Mingyu hastily finished buttoning his shirt before grabbing the biggest coat of his own and walked out of his bedroom.

The man just did not know that some of his stuff in the wardrobe was actually already missing.

Minghao seriously could not wait to carelessly give Jun back to Mingyu, earning another growl from the biggest member of the group but he did not care. Mingyu could growl as much as he wanted, but he would just never drop Jun no matter how violently anyone threw the omega to him. A little more patient, Seokmin helped Mingyu wrap the huge coat around Jun and cover his face with a mask in order to prevent unwanted attention. The task was difficult as hell, because Jun was clinging to Mingyu like a koala, yet nobody cared to ask him to be patient or calm down. Mingyu was angry with this fact, too, but he decided to ignore it, and just focus on his best friend, who needed to be the center of attention now.

In fact, Mingyu wanted someone else to be the center of his attention now, but fate did not allow him to do differently.

With a lot of help from the managers and a few members, Mingyu managed to bring Jun to the car without anyone else noticing. They could not all follow them, because there must be someone left at home to take care of Wonwoo, so only Minghao, Seokmin, Vernon and Jihoon got in the car with Mingyu.

If Mingyu had been the one who carried the backpack and spent more time observing it, he would have realized that the bag was suspiciously too big even though it was supposed to store some necessary things for Jun to use in a few short days. Too occupied with the crying omega in his arms, Mingyu just spent his whole time during the ride rubbing his best friend’s back, cooing soft words into Jun’s ears in an attempt to make him feel better, and also to force his own mind to ignore the fact that the wetness on his lap was getting extremely serious.

Wonwoo had been leaking crazily like this since last night, right?

Wonwoo must look so vulnerable like Jun right now, right?

Mingyu wondered, how it would feel to hold Wonwoo in his arms like this and try all he could to soothe him.

Perhaps, if he had been allowed to do that, things could be tremendously different now, in a much better way.

Meanwhile, back in their apartment, Seungkwan only waited until Mingyu disappeared out of the door to pull out a small folded piece of paper to the members who were still at home. Slowly unwrapping it, Seungkwan sighed with a solemn expression on his face, and then explained in a low voice.

“Wonwoo hyung secretly handed this to me when we came in to get Jun hyung out. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to tell you about this first, but… Minghao hyung’s already taken things into his own hands.”

Too impatient to wait for Seungkwan to read it to them, Soonyoung snatched the paper away to read it by himself, only to gasp and have his own mouth hung open.

“I texted Cheol hyung and asked him to go back home. I know Jun’s heat is coming and it’s all my fault. Please call Cheol hyung and only let him in after Mingyu leaves with Junnie.”

Chapter Text

Mingyu was in awe to see that the hotel had a huge garden surrounding the main building and it was obvious that nobody could go through the gate without being noticed by the intense security system. Their manager had to show his booking information on his phone to the security guard before they were allowed to enter the parking lot. Together with Mingyu and Jun, they all got out of the car and walked to the reception in order to complete the check-in process as Jun certainly could not do that on his own. However, Mingyu was a little bit upset as when he was forced to put Jun down on a sofa when the receptionists said they wanted to check if Jun was being brought here with his consent or not.


If Mingyu were able to see the expression full of anger on his own face, he would understand that anyone who had eyes would all suspect his actions.


Neither Jun nor Mingyu was willing to be separated. Consequently, the other members and also their manager had to spend a lot of time coaxing him into letting Mingyu go for just a short while. It was not really effective, because the omega still whimpered and cried very hard when he was not held by his best friend anymore, but at least he was not trying to chase after the bigger man. The sight broke Mingyu’s heart, and he could not bear to think how Jun would endure it when everyone left him here alone and went back home.


Minghao decided to calm Mingyu down by asking him to walk away for a few minutes instead of standing there and making the receptionists more skeptical. Mingyu did walk away, and he even walked around the huge main hall of the hotel furiously, but there was no second in which he did not keep his eyes on Jun. The heat Jun was enduring was literally making him sweat a lot, yet the omega constantly clutched tightly to the coat around his own body, not letting anyone take it away even when Jihoon thought that the piece of clothes was making it too hot for him.


Only waiting for a simple wave from Seokmin, Mingyu bolted like a flash back to the omega, instantly scooping him up in his arms while Jun clung to him desperately as well. Nonetheless, Mingyu could already see that the other members would no longer follow him because Jihoon had already handed the backpack to the hotel staff so that they could bring it to the booked room for Jun.


“You know… this is a hotel for omegas in heat. We can’t all go to his room together.” Minghao did not seem to be troubled by that matter when he explained to Mingyu. “It’s your job from here, Gyu. Just follow the staff. They will guide you to the room. It’s perfectly safe here, so don’t worry.”


Nodding hastily, Mingyu just wanted to go right away, thinking that putting Jun in a comfortable room would help him feel better, and he nearly bristled to see the cheesy farewell between the members and the omega. It was not until now did Jun finally allow other people to touch him again. They crowded around him and Mingyu, giving the omega thousands of sweet words and telling him not to worry about anything else, also reassuring him that Wonwoo would be fine and nothing was Jun’s fault. Jun nodded in tears, letting them pat his head and stroke his cheeks gently.


Mingyu did not recognize the problem until Minghao suddenly nudged him not very lightly, gritting his teeth in utter annoyance.


“Calm down, Gyu. You will scare him. Don’t growl constantly like that!”


Despite feeling enraged just by a nudge, Mingyu decided not to retort, silently trying to endure just a few more seconds of people touching Jun all over his body like that. With just a little calmness left, Mingyu stopped himself from growling, and instantly felt at ease when he finally followed the hotel staff into the elevator.


On the whole way to the room, Jun seemed to have got much calmer, perhaps because he knew he was in a safe place now and he did not feel like a burden to everyone anymore. Nevertheless, Mingyu was still concerned by his tears and quiet sniffles, which caused the bigger man to unconsciously tighten his arms even more. On the other hand, Mingyu also felt that his action actually made Jun cling to him further, and this heartbreaking fact let him know it would be incredibly painful to say goodbye later. Jun had never been good at staying alone. Mingyu had been able to be a good roommate and a besty friend of Jun for years because they were just as clingy and touchy as each other. Mingyu knew better than anyone that it would take a tremendous pain to separate Jun from him.


The hotel staff helped them open the door to the room and carefully placed the backpack next to a table in the corner. Before leaving, the staff did not forget to give instructions about how to lock the door properly from inside so that no one could enter without permission. Unfortunately, Mingyu was barely listening, too agitated by the omega in his arms, and he seriously just wanted to kick the staff outside so that Jun would be safe. Mingyu did not trust anyone else at this point, feeling very relieved and happy to see the shelf full of different types of sex toys ready to be used. This was clear now. Jun would not get any special service from the hotel. He would have to help himself only.


Letting out a sigh after seeing the staff walking out of the door, Mingyu knew his dreadful time was coming. Having no other choice, the big man brought his best friend to the giant bed in the middle of the room. The bed was round and covered with white sheets, looking wonderfully fluffy and comfortable, making Mingyu believe the omega would feel very comfortable there. He guessed there was particular reasons for not placing the bed right next to the wall, but what a pity, Jun would not get that in his first heat.


However, Mingyu had not expected Jun to panic even before he let go of the omega. Only feeling Mingyu’s arms loosening after placing him on the mattress, Jun frantically hugged his best friend extraordinarily tightly and shook his head vehemently. Even using his legs, the omegas tried to wrap all his limbs around the bigger man, burying his face into Mingyu’s neck and crying out loudly. Nonetheless, his cries were completely different from Wonwoo’s ones last night. If the sounds Wonwoo let out were full of panic, pain and misery, Jun’s ones almost sounded like mewls, somehow seductive, causing Mingyu to feel weird things in his heart.


The guilt quickly raised crazily in Mingyu’s mind for feeling about his best friend in such a way, but he really could not help it. Without hearing any pleas, he knew Jun wanted him to stay, which was slowly breaking his heart into pieces.


“Come on, Junnie. Lay down here. You will feel better.” Mingyu tried to coax, giving gentle strokes to the omega’s back to soothe him. “You have to stay here. I’m sorry but you can’t stay at home. We’ll come pick you up right when your heat is over.”


No matter how soft Mingyu tried to make himself sound, Jun still shook his head vigorously, whimpering and whining at the same time. The bigger problem was probably his leaking slick, as they were wetting the front of Mingyu’s pants in a very fast pace, because the omega was straddling his waist now. Mingyu guessed it must feel uncomfortable to be suddenly extremely horny but have no partner to get a good release and have no choice but to rely on those toys. This must be what Wonwoo had felt last night and probably was still feeling now. The constant comparison drove the big man crazier and drowned him further in utter guilt. The more guilty he felt, the worse he felt for Jun, which also meant the weaker his heart became.


Mingyu did not want Jun to be in pain at all. He was frustrated with this situation too, but Mingyu knew he did not have a way to make the discomfort disappear.


“Don’t be stubborn, Junnie. You will just lengthen the pain if you’re like this. Come one, lay down. There are many toys for you here.”


A little bit forcefully and violently, Mingyu lowered himself onto the bed, detaching the clingy arms and legs from his own body. Surprisingly, in front of such a strong resistance and rejection, Jun actually let himself be pushed away and obediently sat down on the bed. Unfortunately, right at the moment Mingyu was able to see Jun’s face, he was attacked by the evident display of sadness from his best friend. The bigger man could not understand why, but Jun’s eyes seemed to have the pain of a person getting rejected by his crush, and his whimpers only got louder when Mingyu tried to step away from the bed.


The big man had not intended to walk out yet; he just wanted to get the backpack for Jun, but the omega got the wrong understanding. Seeing Mingyu’s back turned towards him, Jun lost all of the calmness left in himself. Hearing the ruffling sounds from the bed, Mingyu knew his best friend was moving, yet before he could turn his head to watch, his action halted because of a pair of arms coming to wrap tightly around his waist. Freezing right on the spot, Mingyu went speechless to realize, Jun had just jumped out of the bed to hug him from behind, burying the whole face wet with tears into his back and sniffling pathetically.


In this state, Jun was actually too weak to keep Mingyu, and the bigger man definitely could break free and easily push the omega away if he wanted. However, Mingyu was so surprised that he could not force his brain to function or tell his body to move anymore. All of a sudden, this back hug, this silent but obvious plea for him to stay clicked in his mind, allowing him to realize all of the crying and clinging Jun had been doing from the minute his heat started to take a toll on him. It turned out that Mingyu was the person who had been misunderstanding from the beginning until now.


“Don’t go… Mingyu… Please…” The omega started to beg, voice broken between the sobs that had been getting louder and louder. “Please… please help me… Gyu… I need you!”


Mingyu was not dumb. Even if he had been too stupid to realize why Jun wanted him to be by his sides previously, now he eventually why the omega begged him to stay here. It literally could not mean anything else. For a split second, Mingyu thought his inner instincts really allowed him to stay here, because Jun needed help, comfort, and someone to be with him now. Nonetheless, the more rational part of Mingyu’s brain told him that he could not do this. No. He could not. Not with Jun.


Wonwoo was in heat too, and he was at home. Wonwoo rejected him, but that was not a reason for Mingyu to stay here and have sex with Jun, his best friend, and Wonwoo’s best friend too. It was wrong in so many ways that Mingyu’s brain could not even load all of the reasons for saying no to the desperate omega here. The more, more and even more intelligent part of Mingyu’s mind made the situation more dreadful for him to think that perhaps, Jun did not ask him to stay just for a random reason.


The statement was too horrifying for Mingyu to even think of, even just in his mind, yet it was still there, slowly growing, and starting to frighten him to death.


Mingyu was on the verge of losing his two best friends in just two days. What would happen after this? What would Mingyu have to do if after fucking Jun he realized that the omega wanted him simply because Jun loved him?


Jun was person who had lots of friends and was always super attractive to various types of people, but anyone who had had the chance to know Jun would know that he never slept around. Jun had never had a one-night stand, and maybe would never have one. Jun was the kind of person who would only open his heart to the people he felt comfortable with, and certainly would just give his body to the one he had feelings for.


Mingyu was not sure if it was true in this kind of condition where the omega was too vulnerable to resist any kinds of temptation for sexual intimacy.


With a mind that was just going to turn crazy and broken in seconds, Mingyu tried to detach the omega’s arms away from him again, but not to walk away. Instead, he turned around to face Jun, heartbroken by the pained expression on the face of the friend he had always adored. It was deadly wrong to say that Mingyu did not love Jun. Of course Mingyu loved Jun to death. Of course Mingyu never wished for Jun to be happy. However, that was not the same as the kind of love he had for Wonwoo. The thought of having sex with Jun had never crossed Mingyu’s mind once even in his wildest dream.


“Junnie… I… I can’t.” Mingyu tried not to stutter, yet it was too hard, since he was just puzzled and nearly lost, especially when no matter how hard he tried to wipe away the tears on Jun’s face, the omega kept crying more.


“Why can’t you?” He asked after a particularly loud sob. The words flew out of his mouth in a frantic speed while his both hands gripped Mingyu’s right arms tightly. “Please… please just help me, Gyu… I’m… I’m just an omega… I know you will be an alpha. You can have as many omegas as you want. I… I won’t mind. Please don’t go, Gyu! Please don’t! Please! I beg you…”


“But… no, Junnie. I can’t! I can’t do that to you! It’s unfair for you!” Mingyu exclaimed in despair, knowing nothing to do. He could not help, yet he was not cruel enough to push Jun hands away either. “You’re my best friend! I can do everything in this world to help you, but not this, Junnie! I don’t want to hurt you later. I can’t! I really can’t!”


“Don’t leave me here alone, Gyu! I beg you!” Jun repeated, eyes shedding tears continuously, head shaking countless times. “I don’t care what will happen later! Please don’t go! Please help me! There’s nothing… nothing bad for you here. You don’t want me? You… you think I’m not good enough for you?”


“It’s not like that, Junnie! No! I… I…”


Before Mingyu could come up with something better to tell the omega, Jun suddenly pulled himself away from the bigger man. Mingyu was relieved for a short second, thinking that his best friend gave up, but then reality proved him wrong very quickly. Without asking further, the omega began to unbutton his own shirt by trembling hands, causing Mingyu to immediately panic. Nonetheless, seeing Mingyu’s intention to interrupt, Jun hastily tore his own shirt apart, just pulling it down his both shoulders and then flinging himself towards the bigger man again.


Too scared of Jun falling onto the floor, once again, by instincts, Mingyu hurriedly caught his best friend safely in his arms, yet he had not expected that the omega would instantly take this chance to hold his face in both hands and kiss him.


Absolutely shocked and frightened, Mingyu’s first reaction was to try to push Jun away, but, one more time, the big man still had his heart too soft, too weak, and too easily broken for the member he loved just the second in Seventeen. How could Mingyu be brutal enough to violently push away Jun, who was an omega drowned in pain in his first heat? Jun was still crying even in his kiss, and the urgency and desperation in the way his lips moved on Mingyu’s ones were impossible to ignore. They had never kissed before. Mingyu had never known how Jun’s lips tasted like, yet everything was as clear as crystal to the taller man now.


He could taste nothing but pain, love, and helplessness on his best friend’s lips.


Jun was a few centimeters shorter than Mingyu, but that was not a problem to him now, because the omega had just voluntarily jumped up to straddle the taller man’s waist again. Too weak against his best friend, again, the further Mingyu slipped into this mistake, holding the omega securely in his arms, a thousand times afraid of dropping him onto the ground. Once Mingyu began to hold Jun, it eventually became impossible for him to push the smaller male away, even just for a centimeter. The less resistant Mingyu was, the bolder Jun got in his kisses, trying all his ability to part the closed lips of his best friend, repeatedly using his tongue to invite and tempt the big man.


Receiving not much of a reaction he wanted, Jun stopped the contact between their lips, breaking away just a little bit, enough for him to whisper lowly.


“I’m all yours to take, Mingyu… Please, don’t go…” The omega sniffled lightly, giving Mingyu another tender kiss before begging again. “Please don’t leave me alone… I know now you are not, but…”


Tearing his look away from those lips, Jun looked at his best friend in the eyes, sending thousands of unspoken messages. Despite getting a not very strong rejection now, Jun knew surely he would soon fail this battle if he could not come up with a better idea to beg Mingyu. Better than anyone else, Jun knew the feelings his two best friends had for each other, but the knowledge meant nothing to him at this moment anymore. Currently, Jun simply knew he could not endure this alone. He wanted nothing but to have Mingyu by his sides. Jun wanted no one but Mingyu and Mingyu only. Part of his brain told him that this was one of the most forbidden things he should never do, yet the other part was gone too far to care.


Wonwoo was in heat and heartbroken, then what? Wasn’t Jun an omega in heat too? Jun allowed himself to be vulnerable and weak, because he could not handle this anymore. He wanted Mingyu. He could not tell the taller man about this, but what was the point of holding onto Wonwoo after what had happened last night? What could go wrong with this? Why didn’t Mingyu just take what was being given directly to his hands?


For all of those reasons, for all of the protective and possessive behaviors Jun had seen this morning, he decided to push his luck to the furthest, sobbing one more time before sliding one hand down Mingyu’s chest, trying to open the buttons on his best friend’s shirt. His hand shook so much. His tears kept cascading down too much, blurring his view. His brain was scared of the consequences.


Nonetheless, his heart was more scared of losing Mingyu.


Still with his lips on Mingyu’s ones, staring into the eyes full of intense emotions and hesitation, Jun took in a deep yet shaky breath, and then tilted his head to a side, exposing the pulse, the scent gland and anything else possible, murmuring quietly.


“Alpha… Please don’t leave me. I’m scared.”


Although Jun was the one who had somehow expected what would come after this, he was startled by the sudden tightening of Mingyu’s grip on his body. The bigger male let out a sharp hiss which made the omega seriously scared now. His body jolted in shock as Mingyu’s teeth was suddenly on his neck, threatening to bite down at any moment, but a few seconds later, it seemed like the younger man was using this as the last warning for the omega.


“Don’t do this to me, Junnie!” Mingyu literally growled, sending shivers up and down Jun’s spines crazily. Mingyu did not intend to leave a mating mark, but he still bit down on Jun’s bare shoulder, causing the omega to whimper. Except for that, he really had no idea how to force down the burning feeling in chest. “I know you are a virgin, Junnie. Don’t ask for what you can’t take!


Jun did not care what he could or could not take. He only knew he could not let Mingyu leave.


“Everyone except for you knows how much I want you, Alpha.” The omega kept on whispering and burying his face into Mingyu’s shoulder, still baring his neck. “I’m yours, Alpha! Please! I will be good! I will be good for you only, Alpha!”


Mingyu had never known the word “alpha” could ever be this poisonous and destructive. It was taking his mind apart, driving him to the edge of getting insane, and perhaps he would never be able to go back from that. Perhaps people had always known Mingyu would be an alpha due to how his alpha instincts had been showing evidently in a not very short period of time, which meant it would not take much time until Mingyu presented. All he need was a trigger to finally snap.


Jun happened to go into heat today, and know what the trigger could be. The ideas he had been giving dug themselves into Mingyu’s more rapidly than anything the man had ever seen in his whole life. This omega was literally presenting to him, begging him to help. This omega was submitting so nicely and so willingly. This omega was so deadly gorgeous. This omega promised to be good, and he was clean. This omega was for him and him only.


Mingyu wanted to help, to end the pain for this omega. As an alpha, he was supposed to protect and take care of an omega in difficulty, especially when that omega was not a stranger. That was his best friend.


The only thing which might help Mingyu now was just his own thought of Wonwoo and his love for Wonwoo.


“But… Junnie… I have to go…” Mingyu had already turned almost breathless, teeth sinking further and further into Jun’s flesh, undoubtedly creating marks and bruise. “They’re waiting for me… I can’t…”


“I told them you would stay with me, Alpha.” Jun continued to sob, as he still had not been given the chance to believe that he had succeeded. His heart was racing insanely in the fear of losing Mingyu. He had never sounded this weak and fragile before. “Please, Alpha! Stay with me! Help me, please!”


Mingyu wished Jun could stop calling him “alpha”, yet such a thing would never happen, as that was what Jun deliberately did to trigger the reaction he truly wanted.


It was useless for Mingyu to try to think about Wonwoo or other matters, because no magic in this world could stop a person from presenting in a few seconds. Without warning, the sweet and delicious scent of peach suddenly attacked Mingyu’s nostrils, making him growl like a hungry wild animal. The tempting scent definitely came from nowhere but the submissive omega in his arms. The scent urged Mingyu to move his mouth closer to Jun’s neck, until his nose was pressed closely against the scent gland of the omega, causing him to whine and call out “alpha” again. Those little noises came down to the taller man’s dick right away, cruelly washing out all of the thoughts left in his shattered brain.


Mingyu did not know since when he had started to knead the omega’s ass and violently press him to the hard wall. Mingyu had no single resistance when he began to ravish the omega’s neck, as if he had just found one of the most delicious things in this world. It certainly was, because it was reeking the seductive and sweet scent of an omega in heat. How come a scent be this alluring?


Despite being busy marking up the omega’s neck with bites and kisses, Mingyu managed to find his way to the bed, placing Jun in the middle of it before pinning the omega down by his own body. Without hearing any further confirmation, Jun finally let go of the horrible fear in his heart and all of the other fear about anything else, only focusing his whole mind on the man above him. Sighing in relief and moaning quietly under the kisses on his sensitive neck, the omega reached out two arms, wanting to hug the alpha. Nonetheless, his wish was not granted, as Mingyu quickly caught his both wrists by only one hand, pinning them down above his head, and using the other hand to destroy the clothes covering the omega’s body.


Jun was shocked by Mingyu’s unexpected aggression, and this action made him feel so exposed and vulnerable under the alpha’s mercy. Unable to move his arms even a bit, the omega immediately felt helpless and knew that Mingyu would be the person in charge completely from now on. Jun’s only choice was to submit and be good. It might sound obscene, but he knew his body at this moment wanted nothing more than that. Mingyu would take care of him. Mingyu would make him feel good. Mingyu would help him through this heat thoroughly, and maybe give him more than what he really needed or really could handle. Nonetheless, there was nothing to complain about that, even when Jun barely saw the real Mingyu he had always known in the dark eyes of the feral alpha in front of him right now.


“I know you are a virgin, Junnie. Don’t ask for what you can’t take!”


Now Jun knew, his best friend had been right. Mingyu was never the person who would overestimate himself in matters like this. Through a deep look into the eyes of the predator, the omega understood he himself was promised to become a mess, or even just remnants of himself after the oblivion.


No one should ever trigger an alpha. An omega in heat should never beg a newly presented alpha to help, because it would mean no way back for neither of them. Jun knew he was the only one with half of his mind left. He knew no one should ever sleep with his best friend while that man loved his other best friend to death.


Jun could only think that much until Mingyu began to fuck him into the mattress, jackhammering with no mercy. The last thought about Wonwoo eventually flew out of the omega’s mind, and all he could do now was crying out the alpha’s name over and over again in ecstasy.

Chapter Text

Wonwoo nearly squeaked when hearing the sound of the door opening, because he knew it could not be Jun coming back to him anymore. Despite the fact that Wonwoo was the one who asked for help by himself, he kept on burying his face deeply into the pillow, sinking and shrinking further into the bed, curling under the thick blanket, having no intention of turning around to see the invader. He heard the door being locked, and then there were slow and gentle footsteps coming towards where he was lying. All of those were more dreadful than anything he had ever known in his whole life. That person was not his best friend Jun. That person was not his soft and tender hyung who was also an omega, Joshua. It was not the younger members in the group.


It was not Mingyu either.


At this moment, Wonwoo wanted nothing but to disappear from this world and not ever face anything like this again. Death would mean no misery. No heat. No suffering. No pain. No struggle. He would never be heartbroken or drowned in darkness. He would not feel the need to submit and be good anymore. Although Seungcheol had not said a word yet and the leader had not intended to do anything, Wonwoo was able to feel the striking pheromones of a strong and powerful alpha who was literally the leader of his pack. He knew Seungcheol not forcing him or Joshua to let him help through the heats was just a matter of choice. In fact, all leaders had the right to do that to any omegas in their pack, except for when the omegas were mated to another alphas in the pack. Once making the decision of calling Seungcheol to come here, Wonwoo no longer had a way back.


The omega hated himself, hated his own heat, hated everything in this world.


Wonwoo could never know how much tears he had shed from last night till this moment, but his eyes still somehow managed to give out even more tears at the knowledge of what was going to happen. Without looking, although soaked in sweat and slick already, he still could feel his hole shamelessly leaking more and more liquid due to the appearance of an alpha in his vicinity. Squeezing his eyes shut tightly, Wonwoo held his breath and bit his lips harshly while listening to the sounds of Seungcheol taking off his own clothes.


Wonwoo just wanted this to be over. He wanted everything to end. Why did it have to come to him? Why did he have to be an omega? Why did fate have to force him to suffer further? Why couldn’t he just endure this alone and get over this stupid heat with no one? Why would it last so much longer and hurt so much more if he did not try to seek for any sexual relief?


Only seeing the back of Wonwoo’s head, Seungcheol did not expect anything until he slowly and carefully got under the blanket and joined the omega in the bed. Coming into contact with bare skin, Seungcheol realized the omega had already got rid of all his clothes to prepare for this. However, it was heartbreaking to hear the muffled sobs and to feel the trembles of the omega once the alpha started to touch him. It was true that Seungcheol could not help feeling aroused and excited by the alluring scent of Wonwoo and the idea of getting a taste of an omega, but he seriously did not want to make Wonwoo more miserable. How could he act like an animal while the poor omega was crying so hard like this?


Sitting up to have a better view and better position for everything, Seungcheol gently stroked Wonwoo’s messy hair before whispering in a low voice.


“Don’t cry, Wonu. You’re okay.”


It was obvious that Wonwoo flinched under the alpha’s touch, but he was obedient and pliant now. Just feeling a slight nudge on his head, he struggle to turn around in order to lie with his back on the mattress and to face the leader. Wonwoo was not taken aback to see a shirtless Seungcheol, but his heart was softened by the sight of the sadness on the alpha’s face. His hand felt so gentle and loving when he stroked Wonwoo’s cheek, helping the omega feel a little bit safer, but just a little bit.


“It’s fine, Wonu. Don’t cry. I’m here.” Seungcheol tried to shush his sobs, but the omega just shook his head.


“It hurts… It hurts so bad, hyung…” Wonwoo croaked out, voice weak, broken and tiny.


“I know. I know.” Seungcheol lowered his voice even more, brushing the bang away from Wonwoo’s forehead. “I will help you end it. Okay?”


Although there was no willingness in Wonwoo’s eyes, the omega still nodded and let go of the blanket completely so that Seungcheol could pull it away, exposing the younger male’s body thoroughly. The exposure made Wonwoo’s heart ache more than what he had expected, but it also made himself understand more about the situation now. There was nothing he could do except for spreading his legs for the leader, wishing for this to end as soon as possible. He wanted it to end. He needed it to end.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo only knew he had been terribly wrong when Seungcheol took the space between his legs, dick rock hard and huge, but did not seem to have any intention of getting inside him soon.


Hovering above the omega, lowering himself until their bodies were pressed closely against each other, Seungcheol caged Wonwoo between his two arms before holding the omega’s face and kissing him deeply. Accepting defeat, it utter agony, Wonwoo swallowed the pain in his heart to part his lips, letting the leader do whatever he wanted. He was not in the position to reject anything from an alpha now. Wonwoo could only give himself to Seungcheol, no matter how much he wanted this.


He could only beg for one thing from the leader.


“Hyung…” Wonwoo tried to speak between the enthusiastic kisses Seungcheol was giving him, fortunately getting the alpha’s attention.


Seungcheol stopped to let him talk.


“What’s wrong, Wonu?” The leader kept on stroking his cheek, not knowing that this kind of action only caused more tears to stream down the younger’s face.


Wonwoo tried his best to hold back a sob.


“Please don’t be gentle to me…”


Seungcheol instantly frowned in confusion, like anyone should be in this situation. Facing a crying and upset Wonwoo like this, Seungcheol had originally thought he had better treat the omega carefully and tenderly so as not to hurt him any further, but it was difficult for him to believe that was the right way of thinking when Wonwoo begged him not to be gentle.


“You want me to go rough on you? Why?” The alpha temporarily delayed his intention of touching Wonwoo anywhere else because he had to clear this matter first. It was hard, since everything about the omega was too seductive for him to resist now, so the leader lost his composure as he kept giving kisses to the younger male despite Wonwoo’s struggle to speak.


It was not easy for Wonwoo to ignore the burning desire to touch and have the alpha inside him either, because what his body craved for much right now was still definitely an alpha’s touch, regardless of how much his mind hated this. Wonwoo was practically whimpering and sniffling into the kisses as he begged.


“Please fuck me until I don’t know anything except for you… Please…”


“Shh, don’t cry, baby.” Seungcheol held the omega into his arms, shushing him gently. The leader’s voice had never sounded this deep and dominant in Wonwoo’s ears, but somehow reliable and trustworthy. “I will take care of you. You will be good. Don’t worry and just be a good baby for me. Okay?”


Wonwoo had never been called “baby” by anyone in his life, and had never expected Seungcheol to the first one. The fact hurt him and made his inner omega whine at the same time. Nonetheless, Wonwoo could not and perhaps was not allowed to complain or have any other opinions anymore. Seungcheol soon sealed his lips completely one more time by heated kisses, hands soon starting to explore the smooth and unblemished skin of the omega in his arms.


Wonwoo knew all of the reaction he was having right now was purely physical and had nothing with emotional or mental feelings. Deep in his brain, in his heart, the omega knew how much he disgusted himself for this, yet he was helpless, and hopeless. Lying limp in the middle of the bed, Wonwoo could only let his tears keep falling while Seungcheol devoured his body thoroughly. The alpha’s hands wandered to touch every single inch of Wonwoo’s body, too much for what the omega’s mind to handle or to feel good, but he stayed still and acted submissive. Without a choice, Wonwoo let himself be manhandled into any positions Seungcheol saw fit, and let the alpha go down on him in all ways possible.


This was not what Wonwoo had expected to happen. He just wanted everything to end, but now what he could do was just blaming himself for his stupidity. Who was he to assume that the leader would just come in and fuck him then go? Who was he to tell an alpha what to do or not to do? Wonwoo did not want to infuriate an alpha who had just come in here with good intention after being called out for. Wonwoo forced himself to hold onto any tiny piece of bliss his brain could manage to find from his body, from the heat in his blood.


The sounds of his own moans when Seungcheol sucked his cock sounded disgusting even in Wonwoo’s ears.


The omega was ashamed of how he himself mewled and let out wanton moans as the leader stuck his face into his ass. The slurping noise coming from where they were being connected was just obscene. Wonwoo hated how the praise and compliment from the alpha made him blush in a deep shade of red, face burning in utter embarrassment and shame. Those sweet and nice words only caused Wonwoo to come faster and harder before Seungcheol even started fucking him. By the time the alpha used his fingers to check how open and loose his partner was, Wonwoo had already come three times, spilling cum all over the sheet and his own stomach. Some of it had already been swallowed by Seungcheol when the leader deep-throated his cock previously.


Wonwoo hated how the alpha was literally enjoying this wholeheartedly, taking time to give kisses and bites to everywhere on the omega’s skin. He wished to tell the leader to hurry up so that this could be over, yet the more Seungcheol adored his body, the more pleased Wonwoo’s inner omega felt. Seungcheol’s lips, tongue and teeth felt strangely hot on his sensitive skin, but they also magically alleviate the pain, causing Wonwoo to yearn for more. In spite of coming a few times already, the omega knew he would not feel enough until he finally got a knot inside.


“Omegas can’t get pregnant in first heat. Am I right?” Seungcheol asked in raspy voice, nibbling Wonwoo’s earlobe gently. He did not sound aggressive but definitely demanding, and that was the tone that did not allow the omega to refuse to answer.


“Yes… you’re right.” Wonwoo gulped nervously, knowing what the alpha was having in his mind.


Just as he had guessed, Seungcheol did not want to use a condom. Maybe it was not inappropriate to say that the alpha was taking advantage of this situation, but… could Wonwoo really blame him? Seungcheol was still a human, a young alpha with sexual needs that demanded being satiated. Instead of making their sex quick, sad and boring, why shouldn’t he find a way to make at least one of them enjoy it?


Nonetheless, would Seungcheol’s enjoyment mean misery for Wonwoo?


The omega was not sure yet, but at least he was grateful when the leader told him to get on all fours although it also meant he had to present himself to the alpha. Struggling to move his nearly exhausted body, Wonwoo was not able to push his upper body up on his arms. Instead, he could only bury his face into the thick and fluffy pillow, letting it give him some luxurious comfort while his knees kept his ass high up in the air. The soft material of the pillow absorbed Wonwoo’s tears, and swallowed his strained and painful moans as Seungcheol pushed in without warning and quickly bottomed out.


Wonwoo had not really paid much attention to Seungcheol’s dick during the whole process, but now he was definitely able to feel it too thick for himself to relax. Much as this was what his body was truly craving for, Wonwoo nearly panicked at the fact that his hole could not clench even a bit no matter how much he wanted to or tried to. Seungcheol stretched him to his best limit, seeming to even threaten to break him apart. If Wonwoo had been an omega for a long time, he would have known that as an omega, he was capable of taking this without enduring pain. Unfortunately, Wonwoo right now was not different from a broken omega who had just presented without the presence of the people he wanted by his sides. It scared him to death. It made him start to sob and wail into the pillow, feeling like he would be ripped apart, feeling like Seungcheol would have no mercy on him.


In fact, the leader had. As a good alpha, not a monster, Seungcheol soon registered that the omega was crying and releasing a very dreadful scent of fear and pain, he patiently waited, not moving right away. Wrapping two arms around Wonwoo’s torso, the alpha pulled the omega to sit up until his back was pressed against the front of the leader’s body. Giving kisses to the back of Wonwoo’s ears and along his neck, Seungcheol lowly whispered praise and compliment to the omega, telling him that he was doing good, and reassuring him that the pain would go away rapidly.


“You’re so tight, baby.”


“You’re taking me well. Good boy, don’t cry.”


“Breathe for me, okay? Alpha will take care of you, baby.”


Those lewd and sweet words turned Wonwoo on to no end and crashed his heart at the same time. No. He had never wanted to be Seungcheol’s “good boy” or “baby”. He had never wished to be commanded by the leader in this kind of situation. It was easy to realize that the alpha was using his commanding tone to have the best impact on Wonwoo and to get the reaction he desired. Under the commands of the alpha, the omega was completely helpless. His shameless hole gushed out even more slick to accommodate the giant dick, while Wonwoo’s cock twitched in excitement and his mouth moaned wantonly again as the alpha fingers played with his nipples to distract him from the pain.


At the moment Seungcheol began to thrust, he pushed Wonwoo back down on the bed. Once he started, he did not allow the omega to gain a breath any longer, yet this was actually what Wonwoo had asked for by himself. He was fucked mercilessly into the mattress. Seungcheol pounded into the omega with wild abandon, growling and grunting in pleasure as Wonwoo’s tight entrance took him better than whatever he had expected. Loosing himself was easy, especially when Seungcheol had actually been begged to do that. He could keep doing this for all day, and maybe he would not even feel enough. It was undeniable that Wonwoo was probably one of the most gorgeous omegas Seungcheol would ever know in his whole life. The alpha inside him did not allow him to miss this chance of taking good care of this boy and fill him up until his belly began to swell due to too much seeds inside.


It did not take much time for Wonwoo to come again. Nonetheless, Seungcheol had no care about that, and he kept on fucking the omega through his orgasm, ramming into the younger’s body with full force. The bed was squeaking loudly in protest and slamming into the wall continuously, but Seungcheol could never bring himself to care. He felt totally okay with breaking this bed and throwing out money to buy another one as long as he could satisfy his inner beast by doing what this omega had nicely begged him to do.


Everything was right and wrong at the same time. Seungcheol was not the one Wonwoo wanted, yet was undoubtedly the most reasonable person to help him end this. Wonwoo did not want to have sex with anyone apart from that one person only, but in the end, he was just an omega in heat, unable to help himself, and was stimulated cruelly by the presence of a virile alpha by his sides. As a result, Wonwoo desperately just wanted to satiate his own sexual desires the cursed heat brought to him by getting fucked until he had no idea about this world anymore. Wonwoo was so grateful to know that Seungcheol was doing exactly what he had asked for, but it was so painful for his own heart. In tears, in despair, the omega wished for more than this, yearning for a mind-blinding orgasm, or even a few of them. He would not mind even if Seungcheol used him like a fuck toy. Wonwoo wanted to be fucked until he was just a pile of limp body with the mind of an omega and all his primal instincts.


Perhaps it would be so good to lose all consciousness and stupidly let Seungcheol, an alpha, take care of him for a while. Maybe Wonwoo would not remember anything about it later, but at least for a while, maybe just an hour, he would be generously given the feeling of a vulnerable being pampered and spoilt by someone he could wholeheartedly trust.


No. Seungcheol had never been the one Wonwoo trusted with his whole heart and his whole life. Nevertheless, he did not have a choice anymore.


Wonwoo started to scream due to overstimulation. Even though he was in heat, he still needed a little time to recover after an orgasm to feel “normal”. Right now, rest was something too luxurious for him to have, and Seungcheol was not the kind of a patient man anymore. Pulling the omega up again, the alpha wrapped both arms around Wonwoo’s body, keeping him closely while thrusting his hips like a man possessed. Refusing to let a single spot of Wonwoo’s body to live in peace, the leader attacked the omega’s neck crazily again, hands brutally toying and pinching the puffy nipples, since he had already seen how sensitive and beautiful they were.


Soon, Wonwoo gave up counting the number of time he had cum, feeling more exhausted than ever, but Seungcheol was still a monster. The leader had also cum twice, yet he had no problems in continuing to fuck the omega senselessly. Certainly, the alpha had to put Wonwoo in positions where the omega did not have to use any energy because moving seemed impossible for his body now. There were times in which Seungcheol even fuck him in a face-to-face position, yet Wonwoo was already lost too far to complain. Consequently, the leader had to attack even more spots on the omega’s body and mark him fully, scattering red marks of kisses all over his chest. In the most obscene way, Seungcheol even used an index finger to scoop up some of Wonwoo’s cum on his stomach, bringing it to his mouth, sucking it dry, laughing lowly and darkly.


“You taste so good, so delicious, baby. Such a good omega for me! I will fuck you until you pass out, baby.”


Wonwoo had no idea how, but he somehow was highly aware of his belly being so full of the alpha’s cum now, and it was definitely a heavenly feeling. The moment Wonwoo forgot things around him was also the time he started to feel the base of Seungcheol’s dick beginning to swell, which meant a knot was about to form. In that moment of heat and craziness, Wonwoo suddenly wondered if he should have called Jeonghan and asked the alpha to come to help him too. With two alphas, perhaps Wonwoo would surely get what he wanted. He would be so fucked out that he could not remember his own name anymore. He would be at their mercy, especially Jeonghan, because that was a freaking possessive and crazy alpha.


They would take turn to knot him. Wonwoo would have no time to rest. He would have no time to think either. His thoughts were vague now, but he was evidently still thinking, even just a little bit. Wonwoo wanted to get lost completely. Maybe he should do that. Maybe after waking up when Seungcheol was done with him, he would call Jeonghan. The worst thing that might happen could only be the two alphas breaking Wonwoo for real, but, Wonwoo did not consider that a big problem.


What was wrong with breaking? He wanted to break.


With how loose Wonwoo had become after hours, and how mad Seungcheol was, the alpha had no resistance when thrusting the knot in and out of the omega’s hole. In the end, Wonwoo was pushed over the edge one more time at the moment Seungcheol fully popped a giant knot inside him and cum. This time, the seeds coming from the alpha was so much that Wonwoo could literally feel it spilling out like an insane fountain inside of him, and the knot grew impossible larger, making him think he would combust. It should be impossible for Wonwoo to clench his muscle around that monstrous thing, but under the effect of the intense orgasm, his body still did, which caused his climax to last even longer and longer. Wonwoo convulsed violently in Seungcheol’s arms, while the alpha grunted and growled aggressively behind him, holding him possessively and grinding into him slowly a few more times to lengthen the pleasure.


Wonwoo had no idea when or how Seungcheol had maneuvered both of them into a spooning position in the middle of the bed. He did not know why his orgasm seemed to last forever and would never end. It was not until a few minutes later did the omega slightly gained back some of his mind to realize his own cock was hard again, and was being wrapped tightly in Seungcheol’s calloused and rough fingers. The alpha was whispering absolute filth into his ears while one of his hands kept playing with Wonwoo’s oversensitive nipples which were on the verge of getting hurt. The other hand of the leader never ceased its cruel movements which were threatening to bring Wonwoo to another climax soon.


The better Wonwoo felt, the more his ass pathetically tried to clench. This action only caused Seungcheol to get crazier and pump more seeds into the omega. Wonwoo’s hole was gripping the alpha’s dick like a vice, and who the hell in this world could be calm in this situation? Seungcheol allowed himself to be a horny monster and keep pumping the omega’s red cock, making it squirt over and over again. Wonwoo never stopped trembling, and his mind was one hundred percent gone now. He let out nothing but wanton moans and whimpers, knowing nothing but the place where he was being tightly connected with the alpha and where he was receiving onslaught of pleasure.


Wonwoo was too lost to even know that eventually, he just passed out, or was already dead.

Chapter Text

Mingyu was woken up by an unexpectedly good feelings sent from somewhere to his cock. The pleasure made him stir, and even caused his dick to twitch in excitement. Mingyu rarely had a wet dream, but now he thought he was having one.


Hesitantly but also strangely eagerly, Mingyu opened his eyes, yet had to blink so many times in order to find a way to see things. His mind got lost in the darkness surrounding him, but it was also his time to start panicking. It could never be normal for him to be in a completely dark place because Mingyu had never had the habit of sleeping with all the lights off. He always made sure to turn on the lamp on the nightstand, unlike Jeonghan who never wanted any sight of light during his sleep. In a split second of getting more than half of his consciousness back, Mingyu was terrified by the foreign surroundings filled with the scents he had never known before, and by the movement of something on his own body.


With a thick and dense brain, the rapper hurriedly sat up and abruptly pushed whatever on his body out of himself, instinctively using all his strength to get rid of that thing. However, it was much harder to push than what he had expected. Moreover, right after successfully pushing that away, he felt something wrong. The heavy thing from his body left and simultaneously took away the nice feelings that had been enveloping his dick previously. The sensation of his cock sliding out of something smooth and tight made Mingyu involuntarily groan.


The thumping sound came right after that made the rapper freeze in his spot, and panic once again.


Scrambling to find the way to the nightstand in frantic, Mingyu rapidly turned the lamp on. Before it could light up the room, he was already taken aback by the familiar whimpers and cries of someone he had known so damn well.


When the room was finally lightened up, Mingyu got the opportunity to see what had been happening, and that was the moment his heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach. What he had just pushed out of the bed turned out to be no one but his best friend, Jun. In a few seconds, Mingyu was dumbfounded, wondering why Jun was sleeping on his bed instead of the the other bed. Nonetheless, after a few more seconds of forcing his brain to function, Mingyu eventually understood everything.


The truth came to him like a thunder.


On the floor, Jun was whimpering continuously due to the pain he had to endure after being violently shoved out of the bed. Unfortunately, once the physical pain went away, the omega was swallowed by another pain coming from his heart. Struggling to crawl towards the corner of the bed and the nightstand, Jun hugged his own knees closely to his chest, starting to cry his eyes out while casting a pained and fearful glance towards the alpha on the bed. Even if Mingyu were blind and could not see the kissing marks and dry cum on the omega’s body, he was definitely able to feel his own pheromones and scent coming from the older male.


How did Mingyu know what his pheromones or scent were like? It just came to his mind as an instinct, which was also screaming at him for his stupid action. What the hell he had just done? He had just pushed Jun out of the bed not gently at all, perhaps hurting the omega both physically and emotionally. His inner alpha roared and growled angrily, unknowingly cursing at himself while his body quickly jumped out of the bed to get a better view of the omega.


The omega inside Jun had no idea what to do with the alpha who had just shoved him away as if he were a piece of trash, useless and dirty. Jun felt nothing but rejected, hated and abandoned. His hazy mind understood nothing. This alpha had just knotted him a few hours ago and fucked him so enthusiastically, but now the same alpha had no mercy when pushing him out of the bed. Whimpering non-stop under the intense stare of the intimidating alpha, Jun unconsciously bared his neck and spread his legs to show submission.


If one of them was still having part of their mind left, it was only Mingyu, who was deadly silent as he watched the cum leaking out from Jun’s red and gaping entrance. The omega’s cock was hard, and Mingyu’s one was just on the same condition, perhaps even harder and bigger than whatever the alpha had known about his own size. Neither of them was wearing clothes. Mingyu was never a stupid man; right now, the instincts which were being alive to their fullest potential, were causing his mind to just get a grasp of the situation much faster. Without asking or seeking for more evidence, chewing his own lips harshly, Mingyu registered he was no longer a person with no scent, no pheromones and no ability to detect scents or pheromones coming from other people.


The alpha’s heart was attacked by powerful waves of not only guilt but also shock. Mingyu could not help spending time staring like a creep at all the bruises and red marks on Jun’s body, realizing how terribly rough he had been to the omega. Jun had always been a person with a fit and healthy body which proved his obvious strength and endurance. Jun was never an easy-to-break person. Surprisingly, Mingyu had somehow managed to scatter marks of his own touch all over that gorgeous body, making Jun look like he had been violated by some kind of monster. The omega’s hole was leaking cum like crazy, looking as if he was storing tons of Mingyu’s seeds inside.


Mingyu knew he had fucked his best friend senselessly, and knotted him for a not very short period of time. The sky was dark outside, which had been the reason why the whole room had been completely dark at the moment Mingyu woke up. How many times had they done it? And then, Mingyu had been an absolute bastard by kicking Jun out of the bed while he had been still inside the omega, stuffing him full and well bred.


In fact, omegas could not get pregnant during their first heats, but the alpha inside Mingyu could not think that rationally anymore, because his own first rut had never gone away. Not this early. It did not allow Mingyu to just look at Jun like this. He felt the strongest urge to embrace the omega in front of him, to use all of the sweetest words in this world to soothe Jun and to apologize to him. Having no resistance towards his own instincts, again, Mingyu rapidly moved closer. Letting out soft coos, he scooped Jun up from the floor, letting the omega straddle his waist.


Once being pulled into Mingyu’s embrace by no one but the said alpha, Jun wailed his name loudly and immediately clung to him desperately. Protective and possessive instincts took control over Mingyu thoroughly when the alpha stood up and started to rub Jun’s back in the most soothing way. There was a sweet and seductive aroma of peach coming from the omega and this scent made Mingyu mad. His mind cursed mentally, hating to see this sweet and vulnerable omega cry. Maybe Jun was not really small or much shorter than Mingyu, yet to alpha, this was the most fragile person in the world right now. Mingyu would kill anyone who dared to touch Jun or try to take the omega away from him. He had to take care of Jun.


The mantra of “Mingyu” and “alpha” by his ears definitely did not help even a bit. Jun was an incoherent mess which knew nothing but Mingyu and Mingyu only. It was evident that the older male was lost deeply in his omega space and perhaps would not come back to his mind soon. Mingyu could not judge him. Not in this state. His heart ached to see the bruises and hear the sobs. No wonder the omega in his arms dropped in subspace too deep to emerge back.


Soon, the room was filled with wanton moans and filthy sounds of flesh and skin slapping against each other again. Without putting the omega back on the bed, Mingyu just stood like that and entered him. Despite the desire to take care of Jun, the alpha went rough on him, again, and again, fucking Jun like a sex addict maniac. It just felt too comfortable inside the omega. Mingyu utterly desired to keep themselves connected like this forever, feeling the hot and wet walls gripping him tightly and sucking him back in frantically whenever he pulled out.


Somewhere in the back of Mingyu’s mind, a distant voice told him that Jun was his best friend, not his fuck buddy, or his crush, or his lover. Nonetheless, Mingyu of this moment could only pay his attention to the part which stated he was the closest person to this omega in this world. Jun had been crying out for him repeatedly. Mingyu wanted to fuck him. It was all that mattered. He would wring out as many orgasms from Jun as possible, and pump seeds into him until he burst. The sight of the omega crying and screaming lewdly on his cock was heavenly ecstatic. This omega was showing the best submission that kept urging the alpha to devour, to take and take.


What a good omega! The inner alpha of Mingyu kept complimenting. Taking his dick so well and looking so satisfied when being knotted by his giant weapon. Sharing their ruts with an omega in heat was the dream of every alpha in this universe, and Mingyu was literally living in that dream currently. He considered himself a good alpha as well for fucking this omega to oblivion, making him feel so good that he passed out in Mingyu’s embrace. With the knot connecting them together, Mingyu held Jun tightly in his arms, nibbling the omega’s neck to leave marks and his own scent everywhere on this body, hoping that the omega would be soaked in his pheromones for months, or forever.


Even when Jun was unconscious, Mingyu, as a thirsty alpha in rut, spent a lot of time kissing and sucking marks onto the omega’s skin, drinking in the delicious scent of peach. If the alpha were more sober, he would be worried since nothing could make Jun stir. No matter how hard Mingyu bit the omega’s shoulder or even played with his cock again, Jun still seemed to be deeply asleep. The older male was completely unaware of his body being used and fondled while he was unconscious, simply feeling peaceful and at ease thanks to all of the fucking and knots Mingyu had been giving him. Jun had been fed so much cum that his inner omega temporarily felt satisfied, and he was allowed some time to rest for real.


Unfortunately, a good rest was not something that lasted long in their situation.


The next time Mingyu woke up, he came back to his mind faster than previously. That was supposed to be a good thing, but it also meant the alpha was now capable of finally registering what the hell had happened and what he himself had done. In the pit dark room, Mingyu panicked one more time, sitting up in the blink of an eye and looking around frantically. This time, his mind was functioning so properly that Mingyu was able to even remember everything happening from the previous time he had woke up until now, and he was quite scared to find Jun not on the bed anymore. Where could the omega while it was still so dark like this? Why didn’t he turn on the lights?


If Mingyu had thought he had been fully awake, now he realized his brain only worked at its best ability when Jun’s heavy sobs came to his mind. The omega was obviously crying and talking to someone from somewhere in the room. Knowing that Jun could not risk letting anyone coming inside, he must be talking on the phone now. The alpha desperately just wanted to flick the nearest lamp on but he was afraid of spooking his best friend. Those sobs gave him the impression that Jun was considerably miserable right now, so interrupting the conversation between him and whoever that was did not seem to be a good idea at all.


Unexpected, Mingyu froze in his spot because of one more reason.


“He will hate me, Wonu. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I really didn’t do that on purpose! I didn’t know what the hell I was doing! What can I do now? He must hate me! I’m sorry, Wonu! I’m sorry!”


Mingyu found no more strength to move. Instead, he sat like a statue on the bed, holding his breath and listening to what Jun was sobbing to his best friend.


“No… Wonu, don’t say that! I’m sorry! I never meant to do that! He’ll hate me!” The omega was crying so hard that it was extremely difficult to really figure out the words coming from him. “I… I remember that he tried to leave… but I was too lost and I begged him to stay… I triggered his rut, Wonu! He will hate me forever! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


So, now Wonwoo already knew Mingyu had slept with Jun.


Perhaps the whole group knew, because the members coming with him to this hotel had come back home without him. It was impossible to think that there might be a chance of them not knowing what had happened. Even without Jun calling Wonwoo, everybody would still know.


However, Mingyu’s mind quickly turned to wonder how Wonwoo was doing now. He was having a phone call with Jun, so maybe the younger omega was a bit better? How? According to what Mingyu had learned about omegas at school, a heat without a partner could never become less horrible within such a short period of time. Or Wonwoo was struggling and also crying at the other end of the line? Mingyu could not hearing anything coming from the phone; all he heard was Jun wailing and his mantra of apologies.


Nonetheless, once again, Mingyu was torn between the two omegas, because no matter whom he had a crush on, he was literally in rut and locked in a room with an omega in heat. Moreover, that omega was his best friend. It was impossible for Mingyu not to care about Jun, especially when the omega was crying harder than he had ever done. Even at the moment he begged the alpha to stay with him, he seemed much calmer than this. The scent coming from the omega was absolutely dreadful and terrifyingly sour, alarming Mingyu of a panic attack, or at least a broken heart. If he wanted to make a comparison, the alpha would say that Jun was pretty much in the same condition as Wonwoo had been yesterday.


Mingyu wanted to tell Jun that he would never hate him, because the omega could not be at fault for begging someone who seemed to be about to become an alpha to stay with him and help him. If someone was to blame for this, it should be the members who had left Mingyu here and gone home without asking the hotel staff to do anything.


Why??? Now thinking about it, Mingyu could not help wondering why no one had done anything to prevent him from doing anything inappropriate to Jun. The hotel staff had helped bringing Jun’s luggage here and then left without saying anything further. That person did not stay to watch out for Mingyu, or urge him to leave soon. Mingyu could say this was a very inconsiderate and unthoughtful acts of such a prestigious hotel, but something in the back of his mind told something else.


It was overwhelming for Mingyu to think in this way, yet he had no choice but to believe that someone had intentionally set this up for them. Mingyu had literally been trapped. Judging by how depressed Jun was right now, he knew the omega was not responsible for that. As a result, Mingyu tried to check who could have come up with this cruel plan. Why? Just why? He thought everyone in Seventeen knew how much he loved Wonwoo. He thought everyone knew the three of them were best friends and this incident could ruin everything.


Talking about best friend, Mingyu’s heart sank, as he painfully admitted that currently, perhaps only Jun and Wonwoo were each other’s best friends. Although Jun had been weak and desperate due to his heat, the confession he had told Mingyu certainly could not have come out of nowhere. An omega who had lost his mind entirely would not be able to make up such a lie. The notion sounded extremely strange and weird in Mingyu’s mind, but he had to face the truth.


Jun loved him, not in the way of a friend like he had always thought.


And to mess things up even more, Mingyu had been triggered by everything, coming into rut, and fucking his best friend, taking his virginity, and destroying this friendship forever.


Hell no. They could not even share a room at the dorm anymore after this. If they continued to do that, it would literally mean Mingyu acknowledged his wish to take Jun as his own omega or they would become fuck buddies from now on. Nevertheless, Mingyu wanted to do neither of the two things above. The relationship he had with Wonwoo was already complicated; doing those things with Jun would make everything a hundred times worse and he would not even have the slightest chance with Wonwoo anymore. Wonwoo had always been a person who got the hearts of countless people. It would not be difficult at all for the omega to look for love and peace from someone other than Mingyu.


Before caring too much about his own complex troubles which could not be solved before he left his hotel, Mingyu heaved a long sigh and then decided to care about Jun first, since the alpha was not a bastard. Heartbroken by the state of his best friend, Mingyu trying to find a pair of pants somewhere on the floor around the bed, putting the first one he found on, and turning on the lamp on the nightstand. The sudden appearance of light in the dark room startled the omega immediately, making him jump from where he was sitting like a spooked animal.


It was not until now did Mingyu realize his best friend was sitting in the corner of the room, very close to the glass window looking outside but the omega seemed to have tried to hide himself into the dark corner. The light exposed the position of him, and the frightened omega hurriedly said “I need to hang up” before ending the phone call and carelessly throwing his own phone away. Once finishing his task with the phone, Jun began to stare at Mingyu through his red and wet eyes which obviously had been shedding so much tears, causing the alpha to feel his heart shatter.


Mingyu surely knew Jun used to be a child actor, and he was still capable of acting excellently now, but the scent could never lie. There was no fear in the omega’s aroma, but his distraught was clearer than anything else, almost overshadowing the sweet side of his scent which was supposed to be stronger than anything since Jun was still in heat. Jun evidently struggled to find some words to tell Mingyu, but he could not let out a single sound, looking utterly lost and horrified.


Mingyu could tell Jun had not managed to put any clothes on properly in the darkness and also in his agony. The omega was wearing not his but Mingyu’s shirt. It was understandable, and the alpha would not judge, yet he felt extremely bad for his best friend right now because Jun had unconsciously put on the wrong side of the shirt and the buttons had been all done wrongly. The poor crying omega was not wearing his pants or underwear, allowing Mingyu to see all the bruises and dried cum on his long legs. Jun only needed to squirm a little bit and then he would unintentionally smear the semen leaking from his hole all over the place.


The sight in front of his eyes told Mingyu that, he undoubtedly needed to take responsibility for this. Look how he had tainted the pure omega. Look how he had broken the childish omega who had always been considered the fake maknae of the pack. Screw anyone who set this up and trapped them in. Mingyu would temporarily not care about them. He had better just focus on Jun and state clearly that he would never hate his best friend just because they had had sex.


Seeing Mingyu walking rapidly towards him, Jun instantly grew considerably much more insecure and he started his mantra of apologies again, but not to Wonwoo anymore. This time, the omega focused on only Mingyu, practically begging for the alpha’s forgiveness. Was Mingyu just hallucinating or Jun did become more submissive now?


The bigger man just forgot that he had just become an alpha, while his best friend was an omega, and he was thinking that Mingyu must be incredibly mad.


“I’m sorry, Gyu… I swear I didn’t mean to do that! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Mingyu! Please… please…”


Mingyu did not what his best friend meant by that “please”, but he knew he could not stand this any longer. Only walking faster, the alpha crouched down once he eventually reached the spot where Jun was sitting. Mingyu in fact had never been the type of person who was good at hiding his true feelings, but due to the thick layer of tears, Jun found the man in front of him unreadable, which was more terrifying than anything.


“I’m sorry, Gyu… I swear if I had been sober I wouldn’t have begged you to stay… I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


“Shh, stop, Junnie!” Unknowingly, Mingyu shushed the omega by using his Alpha voice, giving out a direct command. “Don’t cry. It isn’t your fault.”


Nonetheless, still finding everything too new and too overwhelming, the alpha did not expect his best friend to actually shut his mouth and obey so quickly. Jun was sniffling yet he decided to seal his lips and follow the alpha’s order. On the other hand, Mingyu was able to read the distress in those watery eyes, knowing Jun had not genuinely believed his words yet, and there was nothing he could say to persuade the omega better than using meaningful actions. Mingyu had better prove that he was not mad. He had better do what he was supposed to do right now.


“How long have you been awake?” Mingyu asked, trying his best to stop himself from reaching out a hand to wipe the tears on his best friend’s face.


Why did this action suddenly seem to be so weird now? As close friends or even brothers living together for years, Mingyu and the other members had done this kind of behavior to one another so many times, but the alpha felt like it could bear the wrong meaning and wrong intention at this moment. The worse thing was that, Mingyu was not capable of enduring watching Jun struggling alone in agony either. The omega had always been so bright and energetic. Despite being Jun’s roommate for a very long time, Mingyu could not remember when the last time he witnessed his best friend crying was.


Trying to answer the question, Jun nervously looked around the room as if to find any clue about time. Lucky for him, there was a clock on the wall near the door, yet the time it was showing did not have much meaning either. Certainly, a panicked Jun had not checked what time it was when he woke up.


“A… About ten minutes?” The omega answered in tiny and shaky voice, but it sounded even like a question.


Mingyu could not believe he was this calm right now. The only thing he could not control was his own hands which eventually gave up on trying and just reached out to hold the omega’s face, gently wiping his long streams of tears.


“I think the first wave of your heat is gone. Maybe mine is, too. Perhaps we have two or three hours to rest. Let’s take a hot bath now. You will feel better.”


Jun had no nerves to disobey the alpha. Whatever Mingyu planned, he would follow right away, as long as he did not make the bigger man angrier. The omega was still so confused, so lost, and so worried that he was willing to do anything Mingyu asked, or maybe his heat was just affecting his brain too powerfully. Nodding to the alpha, Jun tried to stand up, but his effort was fruitless. His wobbly legs and sore lower body did not allow him to do anything like that anymore. The omega soon collapsed and fell. If it had not been for Mingyu holding him and letting him fall into his chest, Jun would have landed on the floor with his face first. Feeling extremely bad for bringing the discomfort and pain to his best friend’s body, Mingyu did not hesitate when bending down to scoop the omega up in his both arms.


It seemed like Mingyu’s strength had been tripled from before, or Jun had lost ten kilograms after a day in heat. The alpha did not have the slightest difficulty in bringing the older male to the bathroom. It was just too easy. The difficult part was actually the one when he had to put the omega down on the closed toilet to start running a bath. Mingyu hated this. Their instincts were having too much control over them, not allowing him to act like his normal self any longer.


Looking briefly around the bathroom, Mingyu was quickly able to realize this room had been purposefully built for the use of two people at the same time. The bathtub was obnoxiously large, as if the designer of this place had already planned to let their guests take a bath together. Trying to ignore the fact that he himself needed to wash too, Mingyu turned on the faucet and then walked out to get some clothes for Jun.


The alpha needed to turn on a few more lights to identify the location of the backpack. The moment he opened the zipper of the object, his blood instantly boiled as he realized a shocking truth. Mingyu had thought he would have to wear Jun’s clothes or even wear nothing, but it turned out that his own clothes had already been packed in the bag. It could not be a coincidence or the members had accidentally grabbed some of Mingyu’s clothes while taking Jun’s ones out of the wardrobe they shared. It was undeniable that whoever packed his bag had carefully counted the number of normal clothes and underwear for each of them.


After a quick fifteen seconds of counting, Mingyu realized there were enough clothes for him and Jun to wear in four days. Apart from Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua and Wonwoo, the only person who could be this thoughtful was no one but Minghao only. The Chinese member was also the one who had dragged Mingyu away from Jun when the hotel staff checked if the omega had been brought there with his consent. Now, the alpha started to doubt that Minghao had planned everything from the beginning until now. Perhaps the people coming with him had participated in this plan as well.


If Mingyu interrogated them about this now, perhaps one of them would answer, “Oh? We didn’t know. We waited for so long but you didn’t come back so we just thought you decided to stay with Jun-hyung.”


“Oh come on, your clothes were mixed together in the closet! How could I know which belonged to whom?”


Mingyu was only pulled out of his furious thought when he heard a loud thumping sound coming from the bathroom. Startled and instantly worried about the omega, he bolted back into the small room only to find Jun struggling to stand up from the floor. Jun was lying in about the middle of the way from the toilet he had sat to the bathtub which seemed to be filled to the brim within seconds. Between the tub and his best friend, Mingyu surely chose his best friend first. The alpha rushed to Jun and quickly brought the omega back to the closed toilet while Jun murmured a weak apology, looking down due to embarrassment.


“I’m sorry… I just intended to turn off the faucet.”


“Don’t worry. I’m the one who have to say sorry.” Mingyu made a quick check to see if Jun got injured by the fall, yet this turned out to be a very bad idea. The omega’s whole body was covered by so many red marks that it was impossible to recognize any new bruises.


Tearing his eyes away after making sure that Jun was sitting securely, Mingyu turned around to turn off the faucet, and then went out the second time to really get the clothes. He came back with not only Jun’s but also his own clothes, and the omega stared at them with wide eyes. Heaving a long sigh while hanging the clothes up on the hooks, Mingyu explained and complained at the same time.


“Someone had intentionally packed my clothes in your backpack too. I guess they really did set this up for us.”


The alpha had originally thought that Jun would enthusiastically (or angrily) talked about this matter further with him, but what he received was just utter silence and a swift of scent in the omega. Jun did nothing but shrink down further and duck his head until his chin touched his chest. What Mingyu said obviously stated that the alpha knew Jun was not at fault for anything, but the omega was still afraid to jump into conclusion. Someone might have trapped them, but… then what? Nothing could change the fact that they had sex. Sex was an end to the relationship of best friends. Even if they remained being best friends after this, things were undoubtedly not the same anymore.


They actually did not need to wait long to know it. This moment was already awkward and uncomfortable enough for Jun to feel suffocating. Having no courage to ask for anything else from Mingyu, Jun silently and clumsily took off the shirt he had put on wrongly. It was not until now did the omega realize he had been wearing Mingyu’s shirt instead of his own.


Watching the omega taking his shirt off, Mingyu wondered whether he should leave now, or why he was even watching now. Moreover, the alpha had even brought his clothes in at the same time. He was about to shower or take the bath with Jun or what? Mingyu was embarrassed of his own actions, but he felt bad as well while seeing the grimace and hint of guilt in Jun’s eyes when the omega sheepishly handed him the shirt and tried to cover his own body with the other hand.


“I’m sorry. I… I didn’t know it’s yours. I mean… I know now but at that time I didn’t look carefully.”


“It’s okay, Junnie.” Mingyu tried to reassure his best friend, yet he just could not do that without looking at his naked body.


No, Mingyu should not be looking anymore. Nonetheless, his eyes just could not stop. Even if they managed, he was still again put in a situation in which he had no choice but to stare at the omega regardless of his state. The intense gaze even caused Jun to shrink further until he got surprisingly small and made Mingyu feel his heart clenching brutally.


Knowing that Jun was unable to walk from the toilet to the bathtub, Mingyu knew what he had to do. Awkwardly, the alpha moved closer and closer, and Jun understood his intention right away. Biting his lips harshly in utter shame, the omega stretched his legs so that Mingyu could carry him to the tub. The alpha had to be extremely careful and gentle, since he could see a light jolt could already make the smaller male wince in pain. This was so wrong in a thousand ways. How was Jun supposed to go through his two more days in heat, or to be more exact, Mingyu’s two more days in rut?


Well, that was a whole different story to think about, but Mingyu thought he was overwhelmed enough with this bathroom problem now and he could not handle thinking much more. Consequently, he decided to just take care of Jun properly first, and then he would take other matters into consideration later.


As caring as always, the alpha asked his best friend to check the water temperature while holding him and kneeling on the floor right beside the tub. Although still sniffling lightly, Jun used a hand to check the water, nodding his agreement to Mingyu, and the alpha soon carefully put him into the bath. Since the tub was too full, the water spilled out right at the moment Jun was placed down, which made the alpha’s lower body almost fully soaked in water. Jun apologized again, and again, Mingyu told him “It’s okay.”


From that moment, the alpha did not know what to do anymore. Should he leave? Should he stay here to help Jun? Perhaps he should leave, right? It felt like he was a pervert if he stayed here to watch his best friend washing himself, but something inside the alpha did not allow him to walk out of this room either. The omega had been constantly so vulnerable and unstable from the moment he woke up until now. Mingyu could not feel relieved to leave Jun alone, and he even doubted his best friend’s ability to take care of himself currently. In the past ten minutes, the omega had not stopped crying even once. His sobs only subsided, but the pain in his eyes remained the same.


Mingyu felt awful and considered himself a bastard for leaving an omega in heat alone after trying so hard to assure him that nothing was his fault. Jun was not a random omega. He was Mingyu’s best friend, and they had already had sex. Jun was literally suffering because of him.


Nonetheless, Mingyu had never imagined that the omega was the first one to make a decision and take action. Eyes filled with tears and desperation, the smaller male grabbed one of Mingyu’s arms, gripping it tightly while begging in tiny but broken voice.


“Can you please… please don’t go, Mingyu? Please!”


Staring into those beautiful eyes, Mingyu knew Jun would break, collapse and forget all of the reassurance he had heard if he walked out of that door now. Mingyu simply had no chance to reason with himself anymore, because everything in reality told him that he had nothing better to do than getting into the bath with Jun. That was exactly what Jun meant too, right? Mingyu obviously needed to wash too. It would be unfair for the omega to get dressed nicely but then get into the bed with a dirty alpha. It would be even more awkward if Mingyu used the shower while Jun used the bathtub.


Everything was wrong.


Nothing seemed to be the best option.


The only “best” thing now was what brought the least discomfort to both of them. In this case, Mingyu believed his only choice was to undress, and step into this bathtub together with Jun, although it was something so intimate that best friends should never do to each other.


Mingyu knew it. Jun knew it too. Nevertheless, they both failed at this moment.


Getting rid of his clothes rapidly, throwing them into the laundry basket together with Jun’s ones, Mingyu got into the bathtub. He was supposed to know it was downright wrong for them when Jun automatically moved in order to give the alpha some space behind him. Without questioning or thinking further, Mingyu just naturally got into the water, sitting down behind the omega, and allowing their bodies to press closely against each other.


The hot water was so comfortable that Mingyu could not help letting out a long sigh, truly wishing this comfort to last as long as possible. In that nice feelings, the alpha did not mind wrapping his arms around Jun’s slim waist to pull the omega closer, making the older male lean completely against his chest. This time, it was Jun who let out a sigh of relief, and the omega closed his eyes instinctively, basking in the heavenly feelings brought by the warm water and also the temporary affection from Mingyu. The alpha was even hotter than the water, causing the omega to actually want to sink deeper and deeper to his embrace.


 Jun was only a few centimeters shorter than Mingyu, but right now, the omega felt himself tiny and safe in the arms of his best friend. Those huge arms held him firmly but gently at the same time, and his nose soon got addicted to the scent of cinnamon coming from the alpha. It smelled so nice and so warm that Jun only wanted to fall asleep on the chest of the man he loved. His head had already fallen to one side, allowing him to rest part of his face on the alpha’s chest and listen to his heartbeat. Those steady and quiet sounds kept the omega calm and contented, helping him dry his tears and ease out the sniffles until he was just a limp body against Mingyu.


“Don’t sleep, Junnie. We need to wash you clean.”


Jun vaguely heard the alpha telling him to stay awake, yet he could not open his eyes even a bit, only whining quietly and trying to nuzzle into Mingyu’s chest. This action caused him to unconsciously bare his neck to the alpha, making Mingyu fail again in the test of controlling himself. Drawn towards that neck by an invisible force, Mingyu bent down to nose at the sensitive skin covered in red hickeys, taking in deep breath of that intoxicatingly sweet scent. His action made the omega sigh and whine at the same time, but Jun did nothing to push him away, perhaps because he was enjoying it, too.


Jun thought he would fall asleep, but somehow his mind managed to obey Mingyu and stay awake. Nonetheless, no magic could make the omega move a finger. As a result, in his minutes of staying inside the bathtub, Jun could feel Mingyu’s hands all over his body, knowing that the alpha was trying to wash him and remove all the dried cum or stains of his slick. Those hands were large and calloused, but so tender at the same time that Jun did not even really register he was being washed or stroked anymore. No matter what it was, he felt comfortable and happy in a peaceful way.


Things only got less peaceful when Mingyu needed to and had to get all the semen out of Jun’s body, and there was only one way to do it. Feeling the alpha’s hand moving down and down, Jun automatically spread his legs a little more, moaning softly as he felt fingers sliding into his entrance. It was his instinct to clench around those fingers, trying to suck them in and keep them there, while Mingyu had a whole different plan. Groaning to himself, the alpha knew he could lose himself into this easily since his inner alpha was still not satiated yet. However, Mingyu tried to keep his mind sane, whispering encouragement to the omega in his arms, coaxing him into letting him do whatever he needed to do.


Mingyu did not know he was not really able to control his voice now, as he was still commanding Jun very intensely, not allowing the omega to do anything differently.


“Come on, Junnie. Let me get it out of you. You can’t keep them in for too long. Listen to me!


 Whimpering, the omega sadly tried to relax his muscles so that Mingyu’s job would be easier and faster. On the other hand, when Mingyu started to move easily without resistance, Jun became a bigger moaning mess and this moment could no longer stay innocent for him. Mingyu did not add more fingers during the whole process, yet that was already enough for the omega to get pleasure and leak more slick. The semen kept coming out, out, and out, making Mingyu wonder how the hell he could have so much seeds to pump into this omega. The scene was mesmerizing and poisonous, destroying his mind so fast and so brutally. Seeing Jun writhing in pleasure, Mingyu was unable to stop himself from moving his fingers in and out faster with so much more force.


In the middle of his struggle to find something to hold onto, the omega found Mingyu’s other hand, and he immediately clutched to it tightly. It was so easy and comfortable for him to reach an orgasm like this, even without the alpha’s cock in his hole. After his climax, Jun collapsed completely onto Mingyu, panting heavily and gasping for air, while the water was not clean enough for them to stay in anymore. Feeling strangely satisfied to have the omega blissed out like this, Mingyu planted a soft kiss on his cheek before whispering.


“Let’s get out. I need to give you a quick shower.”


While helping the omega out of the bathtub, Mingyu tried hard to keep his hard dick away from Jun’s round butt cheeks, too afraid of riling himself up even more. Growling to himself, the alpha desperately wished to keep it down, because right now his brain only wanted to help Jun, to take care of him, and then perhaps try to get some food for both of them before anything else happened. If he fucked Jun now, he was one hundred percent sure their next wave of heat and rut would hit them like a truck and not allow them even a second of rest.


Jun did open his eyes, whine and pout when Mingyu carried him out of the tub, but he obediently leaned against the wall with his eyes hooded, letting the alpha do all the job again. Observing his best friend, Mingyu had to admit that he thought everything he had done seemed to unintentionally push Jun into a kind of subspace in which the omega was incredibly pliant and submissive now. Even if Mingyu suddenly pushed him against the wall and rammed into him from behind, perhaps Jun would not even complain. Of course, part of Mingyu seriously wanted to do that, yet he managed to keep himself calm, and finish the task of washing Jun and his own body properly.


Knowing that he was in a better condition than Jun, Mingyu prioritized the omega and dried him first. It was easy, because Jun was very obedient now. Nonetheless, this kind of attitude and behavior also made him wonder whether Wonwoo could ever be like this with him, or even with someone else in this world. What was Wonwoo doing? Was he feeling any better? If he had been talking on the phone with Jun previously, he must have passed the first wave of his heat, right? What had happened to Wonwoo? Would the omega ever allow Mingyu to come close to him during his heat? Mingyu would be satisfied to be able just to sit next to Wonwoo and talk to him in those difficult times, so that he could check the omega’s condition, and tried everything he could to make the omega calm down.


It was surreal to imagine Jun as Wonwoo right now.


If the person in his hands now were Wonwoo, Mingyu would be living in heaven, ecstatic and fulfilled.


Nevertheless, he could not change the fact. The person staying with him right now was Jun, and they had already had sex. There was no way back. Nothing could erase what they had done together, and everyone already knew about this not-so-called secret.


After drying Jun, Mingyu put clothes on both of them, and then carried Jun to the bed with a towel in his hands. The alpha decided to spend more time drying his best friend’s hair, thinking that it was too wet. He tried using the dryer, but the noisy thing startled Jun and made the poor omega jump so badly. Without hesitation, Mingyu discarded the object to just use the towel instead. Needing no instruction or permission, already sitting on the alpha’s lap, Jun spread his own legs onto two sides of the bigger male, comfortably straddling his lap and leaning completely against the man’s torso. Resting his head on the firm shoulder, Jun closed his eyes in content, enjoying the feelings of Mingyu’s hands and the soft towel on his head.


From this moment onwards, Mingyu was again forced to admit that, no matter how guilty and awkward they both felt when their minds came back, neither of them would be able to leave this hotel without making love until the heat and rut were both over.


Mingyu would have to fuck his and Wonwoo’s best friend through his first rut just like someone had planned them to do.

Chapter Text

The first thing Wonwoo felt when waking up in the middle of the night was nothing but disgust.


He was not disgusted of Seungcheol. No. He was not that ungrateful to the man who had made the first violent wave of his heat go away. Wonwoo was only disgusted of himself, his own body, and even his own soul.


Memories of everything that had happened in the morning and the afternoon flooded his mind right after the first piece of consciousness came back to him. The omega did wake up once at noon, but he only had a few short minutes to go into the bathroom and drink a little water before giving his body to Seungcheol again. Wonwoo was not shocked to find himself still in bed. Through the small peek between the closed curtains, he was able to see the sky turning pink outside. Hearing nothing around him, in the first few seconds, Wonwoo thought he was alone, which would be a great relief he needed right now, but unfortunately, the omega realized the brutal truth very quickly.


Wonwoo was not being alone in any ways. The omega only squirmed a little before freezing right on the spot, instantly feeling the warmth radiated from another body behind him. Obviously, Wonwoo was being spooned with himself facing the empty side of the bed. From this position, the omega could see the alpha’s pieces of clothes scattered on the floor. Around his chest and his waist, Wonwoo took in a deep breath as he felt the muscular arms of the leader tightening a bit, as if the older man was trying to hug him closer.


“You’re awake?” Seungcheol asked quietly, voice quite raspy and deep, sending shivers up and down Wonwoo’s spine, but not in a good way.


Swallowing down his own disgust towards himself in exasperation, Wonwoo nodded slowly and soon resumed his task of squirming. The omega was trying his best to subtly tell Seungcheol that he wanted to move and get out of this spooning position, but it seemed like the alpha did not want to comply. His squirming only caused the leader to hold him more firmly, and Seungcheol whispered lowly to stop Wonwoo from whatever he was trying to do.


“It’s not time to go yet, Wonu.”


Biting his lips harshly, the omega instantly got what Seungcheol meant in that ambiguous statement. Wonwoo had just tried to pull himself away quite hastily and his body rapidly got consequences. He could not leave, not at all. His stupid movement of squirming away from the alpha had just unintentionally got the dick inside him dragged along his tight and sensitive walls. As the drag brought too much friction and made Wonwoo felt like he was about to be ripped apart, he had to admit that it was really not time to go yet. What was staying inside him was just not a cock; it was certainly a knot which had not fully deflated. If Wonwoo tried, maybe he could successfully pulled away, but the omega’s chaotic mind had a debate over whether to do that or not.


Especially when just a slight drag had caused him to almost let out a filthy moan.


The omega kept biting his lips in order to stop the sounds from coming out, but things were getting incredibly difficult when Seungcheol was attempting to fix their position until the omega was nicely nestled against his body. Thinking that Wonwoo was panicking after a short sleep and maybe did not really register the situation, the alpha gently rubbed the omega’s hip, trying to calm him down and soothe both his body and his mind. Nonetheless, that kind of physical touch was the last thing Wonwoo needed right now. His whole body was exposed to Seungcheol, still knotted, and perhaps currently his damn muscles down there were even gripping the leader tightly.


Wonwoo was on the brink of crying again, no matter how much he hated it. The feelings his hole was enjoying were sweet and ecstatic, but toxic and painful at the same time. Wonwoo had been so wrong about everything. He had never known that during his heat there would be times in which he was as lucid as this moment, having his full mind back to register everything single thing happening to his body. The pleasure he got down there was something related to nothing but pure sexual sensation, but Wonwoo felt like he could not blame the heat anymore.


No matter how hard he tried, he could never hide his true feelings away from Seungcheol. Not when they were being connected in this way. The alpha was having his mind concentrating on nobody but this omega only, and the slightest shift of the white tea aroma could never go unnoticed. Seungcheol could not ignore the way the flesh around his knot was starting to squeeze and slick up, which evidently proved the omega’s condition. Poor Wonwoo might be leaking slick again, but he would not admit it. Seungcheol knew this. He had been able to understand this way of acting in Wonwoo in the past hours, and he would not judge or ask any questions. Not now. Not in this vulnerable state of the poor boy.


“Don’t hold it back, Wonie. Just let it out. You’re in heat.” Seungcheol murmured, voice half sweet half demanding while he started to kiss Wonwoo’s ear, nibbling down to his neck.


Wonwoo shuddered at the pet name “Wonie”, remembering that the leader had called him like that in the morning as well, but it had not made him feel so ashamed of himself like how it did now. His inner omega was happy to be encouraged, but his rational brain felt the raising hatred for his own self. Wonwoo hated how the hand rubbing his hip was bringing him so much comfort, and absolutely hated how his brain seemed to break down again when that same hand reached down to hold his hard cock in a firm grip and started to stroke him.


After all of this, Wonwoo knew he would never be able to look at Seungcheol in the eyes again. Perhaps he could not even bare looking at the leader’s hands and thinking about how those hands had touched him and penetrated his body. Seungcheol would be the living symbol of the disgust Wonwoo had for his own body after this day. Wonwoo had never been able to predict that one day, when he became an omega, the first thing he felt about himself would be pure hatred and disgust. His mind just would not stop repeating this. He hated this. He hated himself. His body was dirty, maybe just like a whore.


Wonwoo considered himself to be a whore when he got excited so easily again although his first wave of heat had just gone away and he was supposed to be pretty conscious now. Would it be a blessing to just go back to that stupid state again? Wonwoo was not sure about anything anymore.


“Relax, Wonie. Relax.” Seungcheol kept whispering to the omega’s ear in a soothing way. “Don’t make it harder for yourself. You’re okay.”


Wonwoo had no idea how he could be okay after all of this. Seungcheol’s words did magically warmed his heart to know that the leader understood it and just wanted him to get through this comfortably. However, the warmth he got was also a new level of agony, because in Wonwoo’s mind, Seungcheol had never been the one to fit in this position to soothe him and calm him down during his heat. Like many other people, Wonwoo had already known he would present as an omega even before this day came, and he had always looked up to Seungcheol, the eldest alpha, the leader of the pack. Nonetheless, Seungcheol was simply a brother who made Wonwoo feel like he could rely on in difficult times and seek for help occasionally.


This was not the man whom Wonwoo would think of when he was drowned in agony and got lost in misery.


The fact that Seungcheol was whispering those words to him with a knot up in his ass was more painful and traumatizing than whatever Wonwoo had predicted. He had made a terrible choice. How stupid of him to ask the leader to help. Wonwoo had ruined their relationship forever. No matter how professionally Seungcheol could handle this afterwards, the omega would not be able to stop being haunted by this moment. Starting to shed tears already, Wonwoo desperately wanted to relax, to let Seungcheol take care of him, yet nothing ever seemed easy anymore.


Wonwoo only wanted one person. Just one particular man only, but somehow his brain, his soul, and his heart could not accept this. Nobody wanted to drag another person with them down to hell. People only wanted their beloved ones to join them in heaven. Wonwoo knew he was disgusting. He deserved no one. He was just a failure, a piece of trash, a dirty omega, a person drowning in hell without a single will of getting out. Who would want him? Who would be able to endure him after finding out how pathetic he was?


Wonwoo was scared to death just by thinking of the day that person would spit ugly words into his face and decide to break up with him because they could not bear his bullshit any longer.


Wonwoo was even afraid he could not go that long…


Seungcheol certainly could not read Wonwoo’s mind thoroughly, but through what they had done together from the early morning until now, the alpha knew vanilla sex and tender movements brought nothing good to the omega. Consequently, not wanting to make Wonwoo suffer further, the leader asked for permission, hands getting ready to pull himself up. Receiving a weak nod from Wonwoo, Seungcheol sat up while holding the omega tightly in his arms so as not to jolt his knot too much inside him. Slowly and carefully, the alpha put Wonwoo in a doggy position, almost. Since the omega had no energy left to keep his arms and head up, Seungcheol made sure to keep Wonwoo resting against the fluffy pillow.


Wonwoo actually did not care about what position he was in anymore. He just wanted this to be over.


With a knot that had nearly deflated fully, Seungcheol managed to pull out agonizingly slowly. The alpha could not help groaning and hissing fiercely due to the intense pleasure he was experiencing, wondering if Wonwoo would break if he kept going on like this. On the other hand, the omega was eventually moaning now, letting out high pitched sounds that boosted the alpha’s ego in an insane way. Knowing that this was making Wonwoo feel good, things became a hundred times harder for Seungcheol to control. Clenching his teeth, the alpha tried to fuck his partner slowly and gently.


In fact, it was not necessary to get rough, because simple movements of pulling out and pushing in were more than enough to make both of them shiver in pleasure. Seungcheol had not thought that an alpha out of rut like him would be able to keep up with an omega in heat and fuck him continuously like this, yet the truth seemed like Wonwoo was too seductive for his body to resist. It was just physical attraction and nothing more than that, but it was devastating enough to drive the man crazy and urge him to knot this gorgeous boy again.


To Wonwoo, things were still bad, no matter which position he was in. His mind was so bright, so straight, so normal now. He was completely aware of what he was doing, and what kind of filthy sounds his mouth was letting out. Physically, it did feel good, painfully good. Wonwoo wished it could be him. If that was him, the omega would allow himself to be fucked to death, judging how powerful that man had always been, according to what Wonwoo had always known about him. Wonwoo would not have worry about being abandoned or accused of being a pathetic whore after that, because he would be dead already. Once he was dead, perhaps that man would pity him, and feel bad for him instead of looking down on him or hating him for dragging him to go downhill together.


Wonwoo believed, that man could be so angry with him after everything that he ended up fucking the omega brutally with absolutely no mercy. That person would not be so gentle and careful like Seungcheol, because he just wanted to destroy Wonwoo, because Wonwoo was at fault for everything. Maybe Wonwoo did not even do anything wrong to that man; Wonwoo just loved him. What could he do wrong? Nonetheless, the omega believed he deserved being punished and hated, especially by the man he loved. Did he love Wonwoo too? Was it possible? Was it a dream for Wonwoo to ever think that a cheap excuse of existence like him could be loved by such a perfect human being?


Lost in the thoughts about that one and only man, Wonwoo did not know when he cum again, or when Seungcheol knotted him one more time. How many times had he taken the alpha’s knot today? Wonwoo had not counted, but he guessed his ass had spent most of his time getting penetrated by the giant knot of the leader. Wonwoo was not aware of what position Seungcheol had put them in when he knotted, or of the tears that were cascading down his cheeks until the alpha’s fingers came to his face.


Wonwoo did not know why he flinched, but he did flinch, right at the moment he saw hands so close to his own face. Once calming down, still panting and gasping, the omega saw Seungcheol observing him considerately, and thoughtfully. For a few seconds of hallucination, Wonwoo’s eyes mistook the leader as his man, and his heart almost fluttered, but his stupor went by so rapidly that Wonwoo felt a sharp pang in his chest. It was still Seungcheol. Just Seungcheol. The leader was so caring, so tender when he caressed Wonwoo’s cheeks and wiped away the tears, but Wonwoo desired rough and cruel love more than sweet lies.


Sweet lies.


Yes. This, was a sweet lie. The two of them together. Neither of them loved one another. Yet they were here, acting like a couple, having sex like horny animals over and over again. Wonwoo pretended that he would be fine while he knew so damn well he would not. He would never be fine.


Nonetheless, it gave both of them what they needed, in some ways. Wonwoo needed an alpha to take care of him through his heat. Seungcheol was the leader who had the rights and also the responsibility to fuck the omegas in his pack during their estrus. He was an unmated alpha without a lover. He had the need to release some sexual frustration. Wonwoo felt the ugly proud in his chest to know that at least he was useful to the leader of his pack.


Should Wonwoo ask Seungcheol to bite him so that he would never have to care about this anymore? As a powerful alpha, Seungcheol could take any omegas he wanted, but Wonwoo would let the rest of his life go by with no more changes or differences by becoming Seungcheol’s omega. No more thinking. No more wishing. Nothing. No alpha would want a mated omega. Wonwoo would just live the life he used to live before presenting, doing his job, working as an idol, and trying to be friends and family with every single one in Seventeen.


On the other hand, the omega was too exhausted now, both mentally and physically, to think that much. When Seungcheol maneuvered him to sit on his lap and straddle him while the alpha sat with his back against the headboard, Wonwoo vaguely guessed perhaps the older male wanted to talk or do something, yet he could not care. Completely limp, Wonwoo felt onto Seungcheol’s chest and let himself be moved like a ragdoll. As careful as always, Seungcheol one more time fixed Wonwoo’s position, letting the omega’s head rest on his shoulder. Instinctively, Wonwoo’s nose sought for the alpha’s scent gland on his neck and immediately pressed his face into that place, trying to get some little comfort for himself. Meanwhile, Seungcheol continued with his task, arranging Wonwoo’s legs and knees so that the omega would not get hurt after sitting like this for a long time.


Seungcheol smelled like mint. Wonwoo wondered what that man smelled like. Perhaps he would figure it out soon. Just not now. Would that man have a warm aroma or a cool one like Seungcheol’s? Wonwoo wished it to be something warm, so that he could feel warm whenever his lungs got filled by that scent, whenever that man was around him. Why was he getting more and more stupid like this? Wonwoo wanted to stop thinking about that man in the middle of his intimate time with Seungcheol, because it seriously hurt too much, but to no avail. His head was stupid. His heart was even more stupid.


Much as Wonwoo wished to be surrounded by that man’s scent, it was temporarily inadequately enough for him to have Seungcheol now. The alpha was evidently pushing out his pheromones in an attempt to soothe the omega, and it worked. Wonwoo was slowly regaining his breath and clear his mind, yet he actually did not want the latter to happen, because once he was fully conscious, things would be just awkward.


“Can you try to make this easier for you by trying to trust me, Wonie?” Seungcheol suddenly spoke, causing Wonwoo’s heart to halt in a second.


As the leader had expected, he got no reply, yet that was not the sign for him to stop. The alpha knew Wonwoo was listening. In this condition, he could detect every single change or reaction from the younger boy with no difficulty.


“Why is everything so difficult for you?” Seungcheol continued to whisper, voice low but tender, sounding like a melody. One of his hands stayed low on Wonwoo’s back, while the other one was stroking the omega’s hair with the same intention.


He just wanted Wonwoo to calm down.


“I don’t ever want to hurt you. Am I helping you or hurting you, Wonie?”


Accepting the fact that the omega would not answer him, Seungcheol talked without pausing, as if he were talking to himself and needing no response.


“You know I love you, Wonie. Not in that way, but enough to do anything for you. All you need to do is just ask. Is there anything I can do to make this less miserable for you?”


“Less miserable”


The alpha could see that Wonwoo was miserable. The omega wondered how he could turn out to be worse than this. His partner indirectly told him that he looked miserable during the whole time they fucked. Did Seungcheol feel angry? Was he already sick of this now?


Was Wonwoo making people sick of him that quickly?


“I can’t read your mind, but I know something must be going on.” Seungcheol continued, subconsciously looking for the omega’s scent gland and eventually nosing at it. “I just keep wondering… are we doing the wrongest thing and making everything just worse?”


Still, the omega remained silent, because he simply had no idea how to answer the alpha’s questions. Wonwoo was not sure about anything, including his own self. On the other hand, he was pretty certain about one thing, which was how grateful he felt towards the leader now. Seungcheol totally understood that Wonwoo did not love him in a romantic way. He knew he had been asked to do this because of no reason other than him being the leader of the pack. Wonwoo would be cursed if Seungcheol thought the omega had a crush on him or anything similar to that. He could not handle that. No. It would be a nightmare.


Hence, they were here now, cuddling in the most intimate way and basking in the scent of each other like a real couple in love.


“Some changes have to be done after this.” Sighing softly, Seungcheol kept talking, hands still stroking the omega in the gentlest manner. “You can’t stay in the same room with Soonyoung anymore. I think it’s the best to let Jun become your roommate. You two are already best friends.”


Surprisingly, Seungcheol got a response for this matter, even though he had not really asked any questions. What was even more astounding was that Wonwoo’s reaction was not a positive one. The younger boy whimpered quietly before shaking his head weakly, giving a non-verbal answer. Too surprised to form a quick reply, Seungcheol stayed silent, hoping for Wonwoo to give more explanation. Fortunately, the omega did.


“Junnie should stay with Mingyu.”


“Why?” The alpha asked immediately with a scowl.


It took a pretty long while to wait for Wonwoo to speak again, but Seungcheol was not impatient. They had so much time together anyways.


“Junnie loves Mingyu. They’re suitable to live together.”


“But what about Mingyu?” Seungcheol started to feel frustrated, and he had to push Wonwoo away from him a bit so as to look at the omega in the eyes. “What if Mingyu doesn’t love Jun?”


Watching the omega at this moment, the leader felt his heart extremely heavy, since Wonwoo was obviously shedding tears now. He was not sniffling or sobbing, but the tears kept steadily cascading down his cheeks, and he was trying his best to avoid Seungcheol’s eyes. No matter how hard the alpha tried, he could not initiate any eye contact with the omega, yet he did not have the heart to command Wonwoo now. The younger male looked strangely vulnerable while the soul in his wet eyes just looked dead.


“They’re best friends. Mingyu should love Junnie, too.”


“You’re your best friend too, Wonie.” Seungcheol shook the boy in his arms, hoping to force Wonwoo to look at him, but the omega resolutely refused to cooperate.


“I’m not like Junnie.” Wonwoo shook his head in the manner of a soulless person. “Junnie’s always sweet, bright, and cute. Anyone will love him.”


“You’ll kill everyone by that thought, Wonie.” Seungcheol frowned deeply, eventually gripping Wonwoo’s chin to make him look up.


However, the omega still looked away, and he only obeyed when the alpha let out a growl. Feeling scared all of a sudden, Wonwoo quickly looked into the leader’s eyes only to look away when seeing the frown. Nonetheless, he had to look back, because a growling alpha was never a good thing. Wonwoo did not want to mess with Seungcheol, especially when the older male was knotting him.


“Staying with Junnie or not is also Mingyu’s decision. You can’t decide for them.” Seungcheol stated firmly, strictly correcting Wonwoo’s way of thinking. “The only thing you can decide is where you will stay. But I have to say, we don’t have any extra rooms left here in our pack. You can’t stay with the kids because it will be very dangerous for you if they present as an alpha later. If you don’t stay with Junnie, we might have to split Jeonghan and Joshua so that you can room with Joshua. However, I know Jeonghan will go absolutely insane over this.”


Wonwoo blurted out without thinking.


“Can I live with you?”


What other choice did he have? Instead of becoming a burden of someone, perhaps it would be the best for him to be something like Seungcheol’s harlot. It could never be wrong for an omega to wish to be with the leader of the pack, because that man was simply the icon of power. Wonwoo could be safe. Seungcheol was older than him and better than him in all ways. They did not love each other. They would be good.


Seungcheol’s eyes narrowed right away.


“Do you know what you’re saying, Wonie? Do you understand the troubles of an alpha and an omega sharing the same room?”


“I know.” Wonwoo nodded, hating the fact that Seungcheol still forced eye contact, but he was not in the position to complain. Wonwoo was literally asking for something crazy now, and he knew all he could do was begging.


Uncomfortable under the intense gaze of the alpha, Wonwoo unconsciously squirmed, unintentionally creating friction at the place where he was being connected with the alpha. This incidence caused the leader to groan, hands instantly gripping Wonwoo’s hips in order to stop him from moving. Drowned in guilt and shame, Wonwoo collapsed right on Seungcheol’s shoulder, biting his own lips harshly, trying desperately to stifle a moan. His body loved the knot. His inner omega loved how the giant cock was stretching him so wonderfully. Meanwhile, nobody and nothing cared about how Wonwoo’s brain struggled and screamed at how slutty he himself was.


Wonwoo did not want to feel good, but he still did, as if it was something unavoidable, as if his resistance was useless, just like how the whole of himself was.


“You can’t expect me to keep my hands off you if we share the same room.” Seungcheol warned through his teeth, still trying to make sure Wonwoo knew what he was committing to. “You must know what will come with it.”


“I know.” Wonwoo hid his face in Seungcheol’s neck, not wanting to get out ever again. His voice came ten times weaker and lower, but still successfully came to the alpha’s ears. “Please…”


“Why do you have to do this?” Seungcheol continued asking, feeling the exhaustion of the body in his arms.


“I’m tired.” Wonwoo murmured weakly, his tears wetting the alpha’s skin. “Please help me… hyung… Please… I… I will submit to you completely.”


Like crazy, the omega fumbled to find Seungcheol’s right hand. Once finding it, Wonwoo clumsily brought it down to his cock, which was half hard and stuck between his and the alpha’s stomachs. Not waiting for any further encouragement, Seungcheol easily took the omega’s length in his hand and started caressing it slowly. Sweet and quiet moans after moans came out of Wonwoo’s mouth, and Seungcheol was able to see what the omega was trying to do now. Wonwoo was seriously baring his neck, which was a very dangerous invitation. If Seungcheol lost his mind, he might sink his teeth right into that unmarked skin immediately and claim this omega as his own forever.


Why did Wonwoo want this? Seungcheol could never understand. When an omega of his pack wanted his mark, his protection, his ownership, Seungcheol found it extremely hard to resist, because it was his instinct to protect and help the weak ones of his pack. Wonwoo was definitely one of them, and he was nicely asking for a mark.


Nonetheless, Seungcheol did not place his teeth right on the omega’s scent gland. He did dig his teeth into Wonwoo’s skin, but only to nibble his neck and kiss him sensually, eliciting more moans from the squirming boy.


“Okay.” Seungcheol whispered on the hot skin, the other hand squeezing one of Wonwoo’s butt cheeks tightly, making him yelp. “What do we call this? Friends with benefit, right?”


“Yes…” Wonwoo sighed, hissing when a good stroke of the alpha’s hand made his cock twitch. “You can have… whenever you want to…”


“You’re a natural sub or you want to ruin yourself, Wonie?” Seungcheol could not help asking when he gripped the omega’s chin again and claimed his lips. His words almost got lost in their passionate and erotic kisses which created absolutely filthy sounds.


“Don’t be gentle to me… Please…” Wonwoo begged again, feeling himself clenching around the knot like a vice, making his partner growl.


Seungcheol was growling again. Good.


Wonwoo wanted the alpha to fuck him angrily like a maniac.


“I can be rough to you, but don’t expect me to hurt you, baby.” The alpha was exactly devouring the omega while saying so, but the promise made the younger boy’s heart drop.


“Why?” He whined, out of breath but frustrated and disappointed.


“I don’t know what your intention is, but as far as I can read you, you aren’t into pain kink.”


“You don’t know about m…”


Before Wonwoo could finish his sentence, the omega was startled as he was pushed to lie back on the mattress. The bed was messy and there was dried cum everywhere, but neither of them really cared. Wonwoo did not know where his back had landed on; the only thing he could pay attention to was the way Seungcheol’s knot jolt again in his hole. Wonwoo felt like he was starting to lose his mind again, since pleasure kept coming back to his body over and over again. It was undeniable that Seungcheol definitely knew what he needed to do to stimulate an omega and drive them crazy. The alpha was so good at this that Wonwoo felt quite scared. Scared to know the effect Seungcheol could have on him. Scared of how the leader could turn him into mush although they had no romantic feelings for each other.


Was it just because of his heat? Or was Wonwoo a real whore, like how he had always thought?


Caging the omega in between his arms, Seungcheol trailed kisses down Wonwoo’s neck, attacking and giving him more hickeys on the pale skin.


“That’s why you can’t relax, Wonie. You chose me to help you but then refused to trust me. You don’t even trust yourself.” Seungcheol stopped kissing to look at his partner in the eyes, pleased to find Wonwoo dazed and lost in pleasure.


Slowly but deeply, the alpha grinded his hip into the omega’s tight heat, letting his knot press again the oversensitive prostate with more force. It was so warm, so comfortable and so hot to be inside Wonwoo. Seungcheol wondered how much of his semen would Wonwoo have in his body after all of this. However, the alpha could not avoid getting angry at how this omega still refused to trust him wholeheartedly, while that was what the omega should have done right at the moment he texted the leader on his phone.


“I… I…” Wonwoo did not know how to answer, and he kept stuttering continuously until his words were cut off by a high-pitched moans brought by the naughty fingers toying with his nipples.


“I’m not an asshole. You know that, Wonie.” Seungcheol stated, half sounding like growling while kissing the omega with such fierce movements of his lips that left the omega gasping for air. “You ask me to go rough on you, so you need to really submit and let go. Do you know how hard I have tried to put up with your ambiguous attitude?”


“I… I do…” Wonwoo struggled to reply, just wishing to get lost in his stupid heat right away and think no more. “Please… please… Alpha, fuck me to oblivion… I do trust you… You can do whatever you want.”


“Do you know I can just fuck you with this knot? Why do you have to keep provoking me?” Seungcheol was downright growling now, grinding a little more aggressively. “You really want me to destroy you, Omega?”


Wonwoo could not register what Seungcheol wanted to tell him through his words anymore. The omega only knew he wanted to lose his mind completely in this particular way. The leader might call him slutty. He would accept it. Seungcheol could call him a whore. Wonwoo would agree with that, because he knew there was nothing better about him. At this moment, he should be just a toy for the alpha to use so as to please his own sexual needs.


“Yes… please… Alpha… Please…” Wonwoo begged in tears, already feeling his orgasm approaching. “I… No safe word… Just… do whatever you want to me… Please…”




Wonwoo was not sure what had finally made the alpha snap. Maybe because he had begged so nicely. Maybe because the leader had lost his patience. Like what he had said, Seungcheol used his giant knot to fuck the omega, and the first thrust caused Wonwoo to reach climax in the blink of an eye. It was painful when the knot came out and then came back in with an inhuman force, but Wonwoo saw thousands of stars in front of his eyes, and his orgasm just seemed to last forever from that moment. Having no care, Seungcheol kept going on, pulling his dick out and the slamming back in, growling while relishing in the heavenly feelings of being squeezed incredibly tightly by the omega’s lithe body.


Wonwoo was unconsciously thrashing now due to the overbearing overstimulation, yet Seungcheol lived up to his words now. The alpha never stopped. No matter how hard the omega cried and screamed, Seungcheol just continued fucking him with wild abandon. Annoyed with the younger boy’s thrashing, the leader eventually grabbed both of Wonwoo’s wrists and held them over the omega’s head just by one hand. Wonwoo was too lost to even beg. He had no words or thoughts left in his mind. There was only an onslaught of blinding pleasure coming from his rubbed and stretched walls.


It seemed like Seungcheol had lost his mind, too.


Wonwoo felt absolutely like a true whore when the alpha brought him to in front of the long mirror. With two hands under the omega’s thighs, Seungcheol held Wonwoo up, folding him in the shape of an “M”, exposing the place where they were being connected to the mirror so that Wonwoo could see how he was unbelievably stretching to accommodate the red and pulsing knot. The sight was obscenely hot and erotic, and things were just made worse by the way Seungcheol fucked him from behind animalistically. Wonwoo was cumming dry at this point, having no more to let out, but the alpha still never stopped.




It could be so perfect if this was that man.


Yet, it could never be.


Wonwoo knew he never deserved love.


Nobody would love him.



The third time Wonwoo woke up, it was already night. The lamp on the nightstand was on, but he was not alone. It looked like he would never be alone until his heat was over. The truth hit him like a truck at the moment he opened his eyes and found himself lying with his head on Seungcheol’s chest. At first, the omega thought he was still being knotted, but this time he could actually squirm and move a little without jolting anything inside him. It was a great relief, although this over-intimate position brought no comfort to the omega, simply because Seungcheol had never been the man Wonwoo wanted.


Fortunately, Seungcheol knew the way to soothe the younger boy. Placing a tender kiss on the tip of Wonwoo’s head, the alpha rubbed his back gently and asked quietly, sounding too soft for the omega to overcome the pain in his chest.


“You’re awake now? Wanna sleep a bit more, Wonie?”


Without hesitation, Wonwoo shook his head, feeling strangely awake and really having no more desire for a sleep despite his exhausted body. Nonetheless, the omega sighed and shut his eyes again, melting into Seungcheol’s embrace, temporarily considering the leader as a shelter for him to hide away from this world. It was a legitimate shelter for him in some ways, because Seungcheol was the leader of the pack. No one could hurt or touch Wonwoo when he was being with the leader. Nevertheless, the omega forgot one important matter, which was that what he feared had never came from the outer.


Wonwoo got nothing but the monsters inside his mind. Only an angel who had the key into his heart could push those demons away to shine light into his soul.


Despite saying stating that he did not want to sleep more, Wonwoo constantly slipped in and out of consciousness, dozing off over and over again on Seungcheol’s chest while the alpha lazily scrolled through his phone. In the middle of those times, Wonwoo was once amazed to find out that he himself was actually fully dressed. It seemed like the alpha had done a lot of work while he had been sleeping like a log. The bed looked clean and the sheets looked all new. Wonwoo felt strangely fresh and comfortable, guessing that Seungcheol had magically washed him without him knowing as well. How could that happen? Wonwoo did not know, and did not want to ask either.


Eventually, at one point, Seungcheol decided that Wonwoo needed to wake up, so he tried his best to gently coax the omega into sitting up and getting ready for some food. It had been long since the last time Wonwoo swallowed down something into his stomach. Whining, the omega frowned like he had been offended, but obeyed the alpha anyways. Knowing how tired Wonwoo was, Seungcheol kindly helped him sit up against the headboard, telling the omega to wait for him so that he could come out to fetch a small table and a tray of food.


At that moment, Wonwoo wanted nothing but to clutch the alpha’s arms and beg him not to go. No matter what happened, he was still an omega in heat, and he definitely did not want the alpha who had been providing him with safety and comfort to leave his room. However, as stubborn as he had always been, Wonwoo just remained silent, not even watching the leader leaving the room.


Nonetheless, the most shocking things actually came to Wonwoo after Seungcheol had left.


It was not until now did the omega realize that he was not in his own bedroom anymore. The bed was fresh and tidy not because Seungcheol had cleaned it up. It was just not the bed Wonwoo had originally fallen asleep (or passed out) on. This place was undoubtedly Seungcheol’s bedroom, which was filled with the aroma of mint and drowned deeply in alpha pheromones. The omega was not even wearing his own clothes. All the T-shirt and the sweatpants he was having belonged to the man who had fucked him senselessly for the whole day. Sucking in a deep breath, Wonwoo felt overwhelmed at this new realization, although he was the one who had asked to room with the leader previously. The omega did not expect things to happen this quickly. Seungcheol seriously did not joke around even a bit.


No wonder why Wonwoo felt his eyelids so heavy and his mind so dazed. He just wanted to continue sleeping, and wanted to see the alpha coming back. An environment covered in an alpha’s scent and pheromones reduced an omega in heat like Wonwoo to a mess of submissive mush more powerfully than whatever he had known. The little pieces left of strength made Wonwoo think of his own phone. Looking around, he soon found the object on the nightstand, and it was surprisingly plugged in to charge.


At least for now, Wonwoo knew his life would not be too bad if he ended up becoming Seungcheol’s bitch forever.


Sighing, the omega picked up his own cellphone and decided to check if there were any new messages. However, he paused right at the moment his eyes caught the photo of his screen. For a very long long time, Wonwoo had had a lovely photo of him and Jun as the wallpaper for the main screen. Unfortunately, right now, the happy smiles of both him and his best friend in it brought him nothing but pure pain and misery.


Fighting with his own soul to stop the tears from falling again, Wonwoo bit his lips, immediately deleting that photo from the screen wallpaper section. Frantically scrolling through the folder of selfies, he tried to see if he had taken any ones with Seungcheol in the past few months. Luckily, there were actually a few of them, so he quickly chose randomly one to set as the phone wallpaper. Wonwoo did not spend time choosing, because they all looked the same to him currently. He had no heart and no mind to think which of them looked better, or why he had to do this.


What if someone saw this and thought that he was having a relationship with Seungcheol?


It did not matter, right?


Nothing would change if that person saw it.


Pushing those thoughts away with a pang in his chest, Wonwoo started checking new messages, and suddenly felt something warm in his heart now. There were really some new messages coming from his bandmates, all of whom said that they were worried from him and hoped that he would feel better when he saw their messages. Recalling what had happened in the first night, Wonwoo felt guilty to acknowledge that he had made everyone deadly worried. It was true that his reactions then were nothing but outrageous. Maybe he was still not less crazy now, but the guilt was eating him up.


He was really the best at becoming someone’s burden.


All of a sudden, Wonwoo was so startled that he jumped out of his skin when the phone in his hands buzzed and rang. The omega nearly dropped his phone, but luckily rapidly regained his composure and stared at the screen for more than he should have.


Jun was calling him.




Wonwoo understood that Jun wanted to talk to him but why? Why now? Wasn’t Jun being with Mingyu right now? Jun was in heat too; what did he have to say with a fellow omega in heat? Wasn’t Jun busy getting fucked now?


Wonwoo was scared of answering. For a whole minute long, he just let the phone ring and ring, doing nothing but staring at it and contemplating whether he should answer the call or not. Should he just ignore it and act like he didn’t know? Maybe his phone ran out of battery or he was just sleeping; those could be good reasons.


On the other hand, Jun did not stop after his first attempt failed. The Chinese omega called again, and Wonwoo really could not press the red button on the screen to make it stop. He had only choices; more than half of his heart wanted to do the second one, which meant he would just throw the phone to a side and ignore all of Jun’s calls. Nevertheless, his love for Jun did not allow him to do so. Wonwoo understood his best friend. Despite being on the phone all the time, Jun did not frequently text or call anyone except for when he really needed to contact other people. This might be one of those occasions. Wonwoo was afraid he might regret this moment in the future if he failed to keep in touch with Jun when his best friend needed him.


Hating his own weakness, Wonwoo pressed the green button and brought the phone to his ear. Instantly, Jun’s sobs and frantic words came to him, drowning him, overwhelming him, and killing his heart.


“Wonu I’m sorry… Please forgive me… I don’t… I don’t understand… I don’t really remember much but… but I… I… I think I was crazy… I’m sorry, Wonu… I couldn’t control myself when Mingyu brought me here… I begged him to stay and… and… and… I triggered Mingyu’s rut and we… we… I’m sorry, Wonu! Please forgive me! I’m sorry! Please… please Wonu… Please!!!”


So… his plan worked. It worked perfectly.


Wonwoo did not need Jun to fully state what Mingyu and he had done together. He knew they had sex. He had already known before, that Jun would not be able to resist the temptation of his crush once they were together in that special hotel. Of course Wonwoo knew. And for sure, with the sensitive instincts of an omega, he was able to feel Mingyu’s present time approaching. Wonwoo had been seventy percent certain that the younger male would be triggered easily when Jun lost his mind.


It could only be him or Jun. In the end, it was Jun.


Not Wonwoo.


Not him.


If Wonwoo had allowed Mingyu to stay with him last night, perhaps right now, he would be drowned in the scent and pheromones of the pack’s tallest member. The omega wondered how Mingyu smelled like right now. In two or three more days, he would know it, but it would be so much more painful if it turned out to be a kind of scent that Wonwoo liked.


No. In fact, Wonwoo knew, no matter what that scent was, even if Mingyu smelled like rotten tomatoes, he would just love it like a psycho.


Wonwoo barely registered what Jun told him, only vaguely acknowledging that his best friend was desperately and frantically apologizing him for sleeping with Mingyu, and it seemed like Jun would panic if Wonwoo did not show any signs of forgiving him. Since he was sincerely not mad at Jun even a bit, Wonwoo quickly started to talk to soothe his best friend.


“No… Don’t say so, Junnie. It isn’t your fault. Calm down, okay? It’s okay.”


There was an ugly and disgusting feeling in Wonwoo’s heart about this, yet he knew it was not him being mad or having any resentment towards Jun. If there was any, it was just his anger and hatred towards himself. He knew Mingyu and Jun would make a wonderful couple, and perhaps they would really continue to be roommates after this. Would Wonwoo still be Jun’s best friend after this? He did not know; perhaps there was a chance.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo knew there was no space left for him in Mingyu’s life anymore.


When Jun suddenly told him he needed to hang up and their call stopped without Wonwoo being able to say anything else, the omega could imagine Mingyu waking up and approaching Jun. Maybe they were going to fuck again. Or Jun was going to have a nice rest with Mingyu? The Chinese boy could make a phone call, so Wonwoo guessed the first wave of his heat must be gone. If that was the case, then Jun could have some nice resting time with his crush now. Wonwoo wondered how happy and ecstatic Jun must feel when doing all those things with Mingyu like that. Jun might be frightened now because he had done something so unexpectedly, yet Wonwoo believed there would be nothing but sweetness for Jun in the next few days.


Everyone knew how sweet and kind Mingyu was. He would be even extraordinarily sweet to his omega, right?


Wonwoo was dying to know.


Yet, all he could do was crying and hating himself. In that moment, again, the poor omega wished Seungcheol could come back quickly so that the leader would make him lose his mind and lose his control over everything one more time.

Chapter Text

Three days went by in a haze.


Jun was not really sure he went through it all with the extreme guilt and shame he had in his heart. Whenever the omega woke up, he was always in Mingyu’s arms, with or without a knot, but then his mind would always be sober enough to recall everything that had happened and start to fret about it. His panic would involve very intense crying and sobbing, to the point that Mingyu was woken up just five minutes after every time the omega panicked. The alpha was soon accustomed to the routine of soothing his best friend by reassuring him that everything was fine and it was not his fault.


The results were always the same. Jun felt heartbroken enough yet also loved Mingyu enough to fall right into subspace after receiving the sweet and affectionate treatment from the alpha. It could be tiring for the alpha, but not in this case, not when Mingyu was still in his rut and his heart was this weak for his best friend. Moreover, Jun was actually very obedient. Whatever Mingyu told him to do, he would easily obey without questioning, which was clearly an advantage of the subspace. Consequently, when Mingyu got familiar with this pattern, he could take care of Jun without getting tired or worried.


Fortunately, it was easy for Jun to fall asleep quickly, so Mingyu did not need to coax him into resting. Nonetheless, those times when the omega was dead to the world were also the times the alpha was drowned in his own world of fears and worries. What was happening at home? How was Wonwoo? How could he cope with his heat alone? Did the members tell him about Jun? How had he reacted?


Mingyu did text other members of the pack to check on Wonwoo’s condition, and they all told him Wonwoo was fine. None of them gave him details, even Seungkwan, Hoshi, or Seokmin, which was very strange and suspicious, because Mingyu knew how talkative those boys were. Consequently, their reactions caused the alpha to even feel more worried. He could not help thinking that perhaps something bad was going on. Was it possible that Wonwoo was still struggling and crying every day? At least everyone should have managed to persuade him to use some toys to help himself, right?


Wonwoo might be a very independent person, and even a stubborn one, but Mingyu did not think the omega could be so silly about his own situation. He could not have refused to use even the toys. They were just objects. They were harmless and they were born for this kind of purpose. Mingyu was one hundred percent sure no single one in Seventeen would judge him for asking for some good toys.


Unable to just wait till the day to come home, Mingyu made use of the time when Jun was sleeping to text Wonwoo.


“How are you now, Wonu? Are you getting any better?”

“Are you okay, Nunu? They said you were getting better but you still don’t reply to me. Are you really fine?”

“Wonu, what’s happening? Are you alright? Why don’t you reply to me?”

“Wonu, I’m really worried now. Can you please tell me what’s happening to you?”

“God damn it! Is Wonu really having his phone? Who the hell’s got this right now had better reply to me.”

“Wtf? I don’t understand this, Wonu. Can’t you answer me? Are you okay?”

“Wonu, a simple I’m fine won’t hurt. I can’t imagine what is happening to you while everyone else keeps telling me you’re fine.”

“Come on, Wonu. Just answer me once. Just once.”


The more messages Mingyu sent, the more frustrated he became. Even angry. He could not understand anything. It was obvious that in the first night Jun had talked to Wonwoo on the phone but now the said omega at home did not reply to his texts even once. Mingyu had reasons to believe that Wonwoo’s physical conditions could be good enough to use his phone, yet he found no reason for the omega to treat him in this way. Why? Just why? What had Mingyu done wrong? Why was Wonwoo suddenly giving him a cold shoulder? No matter how hard the alpha tried to recall the past, he still found absolutely no occasion in which he had accidentally pissed Wonwoo off.


Mingyu was severely enraged. If he were the usual Mingyu, the level of this fury could be somewhere around nine on the scale of ten. Unfortunately, Mingyu at this time could only feel his heart burning with rage and the desire to punch something. His anger probably went overboard already. Mingyu had tried extremely hard to force himself to calm down, afraid that he would freak Jun out while the omega did not do anything wrong. In fact, the alpha tried to check Jun’s phone as well.


However, unlike Mingyu, Jun was the one who had been fucked continuously like a fuck doll so there was almost no energy left in him. If he was not lost in subspace, he might pick up his phone and scroll through something for a while. Nonetheless, that “while” only lasted for about one minute before the object was dropped and nothing could be heard except for Jun’s steady breathing in his slumber. While the phone had not automatically locked yet, Mingyu sneakily checked whether there was any new message from Wonwoo or not.


The result was no. All of the alpha’s efforts were fruitless.


The more frustrated and angrier Mingyu got, the rougher he became, unintentionally.


In the end, Jun had to admit that perhaps his stupid inner omega should have listened Mingyu right from the first day they entered this hotel. Their libido did not match. Their heat and rut had started at almost the same time, but now, on the third night here, Jun was already having a sober mind while being fucked endlessly by the alpha.


It had felt good, and still felt good not, but Jun wondered when Mingyu would just stop, because he was already exhausted. The omega was currently just a limp body in the bed. Both of them were lying on their sides, with Mingyu on Jun’s left side, the alpha’s chest pressed against his back. The omega’s left thigh was held up in the air as Mingyu fucked into his very roughly from behind. As if still not feeling enough, the alpha turned his poor partner absolutely insane by gripping his red overused cock in his rough hand, tucking the back of his elbow under the back of Jun’s left knee.


The omega could have thrashed if it had not been for the alpha’s right hand that wrapped around his chest and kept him tightly in his hold. Jun could not do anything except for moaning and crying at the same time under the overwhelming pleasure. The omega wished Mingyu could have mercy for at least one part of his body, yet the alpha did not seem to have that intention even a bit. Mingyu kept his right hand busy as well by pinching and rubbing Jun’s nipples constantly. Being held too tightly and fucked too brutally, Jun could not hold onto anything except for the said alpha’s arm which were draped across his chest.


When his heat was already over, it was difficult to slip into subspace again.


The omega had never expected his first heat to be like this. Without a lover, Jun had always known heats would be hard times for him in the future, yet now, with an alpha right by his sides, things turned out to be so much harder than what he had imagined. He had never known Mingyu would be like this, like a crazy animal which knew nothing but to breed a weaker one to death. Jun knew he would not die or get seriously injured after all, but his heart was just scared and worn out. Jun was just not in the most suitable condition for this. The guilt he carried in his mind was overbearing enough, and Mingyu was just rubbing salt onto his wounds.


Jun could both smell and feel it – Mingyu’s anger. Being able to recall everything from the first day until now, the omega remembered the enthusiastic alpha he had been with, yet there was no memory about a monster in his mind. Something had triggered Mingyu even further than whatever stupid things Jun had done in his stupor of the first day. What was that? Jun did not understand. Maybe Mingyu was actually mad at him. The alpha had always been so sweet and caring whenever his mind came back, and he had always taken care of Jun wholeheartedly, repeatedly telling the omega that he was not at fault for anything.


Yet now, biting his own lips and sobbing pathetically, Jun guessed the alpha had lied to him for the whole time. Perhaps Mingyu just suppressed his own emotions and given Jun sweet lies. How couldn’t he get mad? Jun knew so damn well that the alpha loved Wonwoo. The fact that he himself was nothing more than a best friend had been torturing Jun’s heart for so much longer than the amount of time he expected his first heat to come. Maybe Mingyu hated him for being so shameless and dirty. Maybe Mingyu thought he had intentionally tricked the alpha into this. If the alpha asked him directly again, Jun would be willing and ready to drop to his knees immediately and beg the younger male to believe him. Jun never wanted to drive Mingyu and Wonwoo further away from each other. He was not a snake. He was not a bitch.


Nonetheless, everything was useless. Nothing could make Mingyu stop apart from the alpha’s satisfaction. It would only end when the alpha had enough. What would be enough for him? Jun could be coming again just because he was helpless in front of a strong and powerful alpha, and because he loved Mingyu blindly. However, the pain was there. Overstimulation was not something a person could take forever. Moreover, his abdomen was starting to slightly hurt due to how much he was storing inside.


It was definitely horrible and terrifying because Jun’s heat was over. Omegas could not get pregnant during their first heat. It was true, but nobody and no theory or fact had ever said that omegas could not conceive a baby right after the heat was gone.


And here, they were having sex with absolutely no protection. Jun had not had the chance to leave when his estrus finished. There was no spare time for him to actually get out of the bed by himself, wash up, and call one of the members in the pack to take him home. Jun could have got some help from the hotel through a call to the front desk, but fate did not generously given him the opportunity.


“Please don’t hate me…” Jun was not aware of himself begging the alpha while the tears cascaded down uncontrollably. “I’m sorry… Please… Alpha… I didn’t… I didn’t…”


All the omega got back was just fierce growls and inhumane movements the alpha behind him kept giving without a care. At this point, Jun could foresee his future. There was no way he would be able to get out of bed for a few days after returning to the dorm. Jun wished he would get someone to take care of him around that time, and not get fucked by Mingyu anymore. No more.


Jun was convinced, that Mingyu hated him, and was downright furious.



The last time Mingyu woke up in that hotel room, he no longer saw Jun sleeping in his embrace. The sun was starting to shine, allowing him to see the bare back of the omega who was lying at the edge of the bed and the distance between them had never been that wide. The sunlight was not very bright yet, but it was easy for Mingyu to recognize the red marks scattered all over Jun’s back, shoulders and arms, looking as if the omega had just returned from a battlefield. It seemed to be painful, and the Mingyu of this moment would try very hard not to add more discomfort to the boy in pain.


Thinking about pain, Mingyu began to lose his focus on Jun and think about Wonwoo again. No pain in this world could be compared with the mental pain Wonwoo was bringing to the alpha currently. No matter how hard Mingyu tried to push it away, it kept coming back, urging him to find out the answers, to ask more questions to find out what he truly wanted to know. Hastily reaching his arm towards the nightstand, Mingyu scrambled to find his own cellphone only to check whether Wonwoo had replied to him or not.


The answer was shockingly familiar: there was no new message from the said omega. There were actually a new one, but it came from Minghao.


“Your rut should be over today. Text us so that our manager can come and pick you two up. Okay?”


Mingyu’s blood boiled right at the moment his eyes saw the name Minghao. This person was the one who set this up. That was the one who trapped Mingyu and Jun here. The alpha was not sure whose the fuck plan it was, or it was purely just Minghao’s game, but he was very ready to interrogate the Chinese dancer about it, and he would not have mercy. Did they have any mercy on him when doing things he had not asked for? Did they think about his emotions and feelings when doing these? Of course not. Mingyu did not want to care about them either, especially Minghao. What the hell did Minghao know about him? Who did Minghao think he was? Who was he to decide things for Mingyu?


The alpha knew damn sure that Minghao could only turn into an omega or remain a beta forever. As a result, Mingyu had nothing to be scared of. If possible, he just wanted to teach Minghao a lesson so that the dancer would know not to interfere with other people’s business.


Mingyu was aware of the fact that he should never snap at anyone in his pack; as a pack, they should unite and treat one another nicely. Unfortunately, everything just made it impossible for the man to stay calm, especially when he still had no idea how the hell Wonwoo was doing now. Jun’s heat came after Wonwoo, so there could be a possibility that Wonwoo’s one was over too. On the other hand, it could still be going on since he supposed the omega at home had no one to help him. If that was the case, Mingyu would fight for the chance to jump into Wonwoo’s room and end it. He would do it even if he found out that Wonwoo would want him to be his fuck buddy instead of anything better later.


Talking about fuck buddy, Mingyu guessed he had better think of no one but Jun first. This omega was the closest one to become that right now, yet there were too many problems with this and his head hurt just by thinking about them. Things could have been fine without Jun begging him to stay and triggering his rut from the first day at this fucking hotel.


But then, Mingyu’s brain started to take another direction in his way of thinking.


Everybody in this world knew how close Jun and Minghao were. Mingyu could not make sure Wonwoo or Minghao was more important to the Chinese omega, but it was a fact that Jun and Minghao always had each other’s back. It would be very likely for Minghao to help Jun fulfill his wish of dragging Mingyu into trouble. They all knew how easy for Mingyu to feel burdened and responsible for anything he might be related to. In this case, he fucked Jun, took his virginity and ruined their friendship. The was a constant urge in his stomach to do something about this, not to make the omega feel dumped and hated after these three crazy days.


However, smiling bitterly and sarcastically to himself while staring at the omega’s back, Mingyu wondered if his kindness had been taken advantage of. If the alpha let himself suffer by taking responsibility for he had done to Jun, then the Chinese boy would be the one who got the best benefits after all. Since Wonwoo had already despised Mingyu, the alpha guessed Wonwoo would have no problem continuing to be friends with Jun later. Then, Jun would have not only his best friend but also the person he had a crush on.


Wasn’t that too perfect?


Why shouldn’t Mingyu doubt Jun? It was obvious who would benefit from this mess. While Mingyu was struggling and drowning in frustration with his chaotic thoughts, Jun was sleeping so peacefully as if nothing happened. Everybody kept asking Mingyu whether Jun was fine or not, yet nobody honestly told him about Wonwoo’s condition. The alpha knew everybody would kill him if he dared to hurt Jun’s feelings. They would all force him to take the omega as his own or at least date him while those things were not what he wanted even a bit.


Everybody loved Jun. Mingyu knew that. Jun must know that too. It was easy for a person with that many advantages to manipulate a situation.


Maybe part of Mingyu really wanted to believe this, which was why he had been angry since around the end of the second day until now. No. He had actually been angry because of Wonwoo’s silence first, and then the doubt about Jun added fuel to the flame in his mind. Mingyu thought he could burn if it kept going on like this. There was no word about Wonwoo and he was stuck here and had no choice but to take care of Jun.


In anger, Mingyu just wanted to take anything he could from Jun to compensate for the pain his heart was forced to endure because of these omegas.


Did Mingyu feel angry with Wonwoo? He surely was, but with a blinding love and no answer yet, the alpha still kept a hope in his heart, wishing to get a proper explanation from the omega he loved. There was not a single thing Mingyu could understand about Wonwoo from the first day of his heat until now. If Wonwoo then explained everything by a simple statement “I hate you”, Mingyu would never be convinced. It was just impossible to believe such a thing. There was no reason for Wonwoo to hate him while they used to be extremely close in the past and without them acting, all the fans believed they were in love.


On the other hand, Mingyu was enraged. Nothing could be powerful enough to put out the raging fire in his heart except for Wonwoo’s agony or Wonwoo’s love. The alpha would be satisfied to be told that his crush had been rejecting him due to a heartbreaking reason, or to be told “I love you” by the said omega. Unfortunately, it was also Mingyu who could not see those things happening in the near future. Wonwoo had been closing off for a pretty long while. There was no likelihood of the cold omega suddenly opening up after presenting.


All Mingyu could think of was to vent his anger on Jun, who was supposed to be nothing but his friend. Whether it was Jun’s plan to trick him or not should not matter to Mingyu. The alpha knew this problem was simple: it was Jun’s fault to let someone else know he had a crush on Mingyu. Why? How? Mingyu had not even known about it in the past, but someone else knew it and helped Jun carry out this plan to make Mingyu fuck his best friend. What was Jun’s plan in telling them? Why hadn’t he just straightforwardly told Mingyu so that they could solve this easily in peace?


With clenching teeth, the alpha texted back to Minghao and told his pack to send someone over here and take them home. The Chinese male soon replied with “We’ll be there at 7.”


Today, Mingyu was one hundred percent sober and out of his rut, and nothing coming from Jun was negatively affecting his mind anymore. The alpha got back his full control over his brain and body, yet that was also the time he unexpectedly lost his sanity forever.


Because the anger and pain of getting rejected had hurt him tremendously and ruined every piece of calmness left in his soul.


Not very gently, Mingyu shook Jun awake. Knowing how hard it had always been to make Jun wake up, the alpha did use quite much force in his hand, but he definitely did not think his act would cause the omega to hiss in pain and flinch. Snapping his eyes open, like a flash, Jun sat up to stare at Mingyu with wide eyes. However, that fast movement instantly made him whimper in pain and collapse back down on the mattress. Jun’s back hurt too much for him to move. He did not think he could even walk or sit with this body before getting some painkillers.


Mingyu was able to see the fear in Jun’s eyes, even though he had not really known why the omega had that kind of emotion. The alpha remembered himself having been very rough to Jun, but it was strikingly satisfied to eventually see the hint of pain, fear, and guilt in those eyes of the person who used to be his best friend. No. Jun should never think of using his mega status or his weakness to lure Mingyu anymore. Mingyu of this moment no longer pitied those pathetic appearance. His anger swallowed him wholly, and he could not care even a bit about the fact that Jun had got hurt severely.


“Let’s wash up and prepare to go home.” Mingyu said coldly while moving out of the bed, hating to see too much dried slick and cum on his own body. “They will pick us up at seven.”


Without giving Jun even a glance, the alpha took out some of his own clothes from the backpack before heading straight towards the bathroom, leaving the omega in the state of a total shock. Jun did not understand even a thing. Why did Mingyu suddenly treat him like this? The alpha had seemed to be angry and aggressive from yesterday already, but the omega had tried to convince himself that perhaps that was the feral Mingyu acting with his instincts only. Nevertheless, there was no use thinking of it in that way anymore. The man Jun was seeing right now was not an alpha in rut losing control of his thirst. This was the real Mingyu, the sober and normal Mingyu.


The sounds of his own heart shattering into pieces were a hundred times louder than Mingyu’s indifferent footsteps across the room. Jun’s pure and innocent mind was unable to process what was happening. He only knew that the pheromones and scent Mingyu was subconsciously giving out only made him want to run away. They were no longer what made him feel calm and safe like how they had been in the past three days.


Mingyu was supposed to knew very well that Jun’s body was too sore to walk on his own, yet right now the alpha was walking away as if Jun meant nothing to him. The poor omega had to beg for help by himself before Mingyu disappeared behind the bathroom door. A drop of tear was already rolling down the omega’s cheek.


“Can… can you please help me?” Jun croaked out in broken voice, knowing that in Mingyu’s mind now, he was nothing better than a pathetic bitch pleading for attention from his crush. “I… I can’t walk to the bathroom.”


Mingyu did come back to help, but not without a huff that showed his obvious annoyance. Jun’s self-esteem was hurt and ruined just by that small sound, and he did not know what could fix this. His heat was gone and he was not attractive or tempting to Mingyu anymore. Jun felt like a piece of trash that people threw away after finishing using all they could with it.


Mingyu filled the bath and got the clothes for Jun, but he did not get into the tub together with the omega anymore. Jun was left dealing with bruised and pained body alone, trying to get the semen out of his hole by himself. The omega hissed in pain when his two fingers came inside, since after Mingyu’s brutal fuck last night, his entrance was still red, swollen, and seemed like it would bleed if he had another intercourse. Choking out a sob as he had to repeat the movements of his fingers over and over again to wash properly, Jun knew his next few days would be nothing but agony. Without painkillers, he would never manage to overcome this.


Ignoring the omega’s struggle, Mingyu stepped into the shower to wash himself. Certainly, he got out much faster than Jun, and the omega was soon alone in the tub with streams of tears on his both cheeks. In desperation, Jun wished he could beg for Mingyu to help him with this again, but he was also deadly scared of getting hurt again by the alpha’s strength. Mingyu was so done with him now. Perhaps the alpha would not try to be gentle. Perhaps his “help” would even bring more pain as the bigger man only wanted to make this end rapidly.


It took Jun so much time to finish that he immediately flinched when seeing the harsh scowl on Mingyu’s face at the moment he limped out of the bathroom. Quickly averting his eyes to the floor, Jun bit his lips and took the phone Mingyu was handing him. The alpha had got dressed fully and even put on his shoes already, carrying the bag on his back and his phone in the other hand. Trying to swallow the tears, knowing that anyone who came to take them home would be very worried to see him crying, Jun moved on to putting on his shoes. The action hurt so much, because he needed to walk, and then bend down to get the shoes.


Eventually, Jun ended up dropping his whole body onto the floor because he could not bear the pain of standing up and bending down to wear his sneakers. And there, Mingyu just stood there and watched, and then answered to someone on the phone when it rang.


“Okay. We’ll come down right now.”


Jun nearly panicked because he had just put on one shoe at the time Mingyu finished that phone call. It seemed like the alpha ran out of patience, because he finally crouched down to help the omega wear the second shoe, which helped the process become much faster. However, the alpha did not offer any help again when Jun needed to stand up and walk.


On his own, Jun had to walk out of the room, heading to the elevator by himself. Mingyu cruelly walked too fast for the omega to catch up, but Jun could not speed up anymore. It hurt. Everything hurt too much. His maximum speed was walking like the fastest turtle walking on land. Jun knew Mingyu gave him nothing for than a glare of anger and irritation, so he did not dare to look up again, despite the fact that the alpha was actually younger than him. They should be at least equal, because Seventeen had always promised to treat one another with love and respect.


Right now, in shame and misery, Jun knew he was only an inferior omega in Mingyu’s eyes. With the constant pain going on like this, the omega knew he would by no means manage to stop his own tears when he met his pack and his manager.


As the elevator went “ding”, Mingyu walked straight out and headed right towards the reception desk to check out while Jun kept limping behind. Busy focusing on his own steps and trying to stop the tears, Jun did not hear the sounds of quick footsteps or feel the unfamiliar scents approaching him in an incredible speed. The omega had not managed to make up to five steps when he was enveloped in arms of someone so familiar that he could not help bursting into tears immediately.


When Jun finally recognized Jeonghan, he was already crying like a kid in the alpha’s arms.


“What’s wrong Junnie? What happened? Why are you crying?” Jeonghan demanded an answer but all Jun could do was cry and cling to his hyung like a koala, feeling relief and happiness washing over him like a powerful wave.


“Junnie, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Seungcheol’s voice came to the omega’s ears from somewhere very close to him. Jun could not see it, but he could feel the leader’s presence right by his sides.


Turning his face away from Jeonghan’s shoulder, Jun instantly met the worried looks of not only Seungcheol but also Joshua. At the moment, Jun was being surrounded by the three older members of the pack, and they were all showing deepest concern, which caused the young omega to want nothing but to melt into their arms and cry his eyes out.


“You smell so wrong, Junnie.” Joshua gently brushed away the messy bang covering Jun’s forehead, asking him with a sweet but nervous voice. “Tell me what’s wrong. We’re here. We’re going home. Don’t cry, Junnie.”


Darting his eyes towards the direction of Mingyu at the reception, Jun gulped when he met the alpha’s eyes staring back at him, looking just like he was sending a death glare that contained a threat.


Jun might not be aware of it, but Seungcheol could hear a faint whimper coming from the omega, which made him whip his head towards Mingyu as well. The leader’s eyes narrowed, yet he said nothing. Instead, Seungcheol looked back at the fragile omega in Jeonghan’s arms and tried to coax him. It also meant he was trying to control the situation and stop Jeonghan’s anger from combusting. The younger alpha might not be bigger than anyone but he was always overprotective whenever it came to the younger members in the pack. Furthermore, everyone knew he had a soft spot for Jun.


Wiping his eyes, Jun sniffled and whispered weakly, unable to figure out whether he wanted to look in the eyes of Seungcheol, Jeonghan or Joshua the most. His voice was so tiny that they almost missed his words.


“I just want to go home… I’m tired.”


The omega’s statement sounded too much alike a whimper of a wounded animal for the older alphas to stay calm. They both growled in anger, yet the sounds did not scare Jun or Joshua because the negative emotion was not directed towards them. They were not blind. They had seen Mingyu evidently walked away without caring about the omega limping behind him. Jun reeked of both Mingyu and pain so obviously that Joshua even felt his lungs starting to hurt. They could not understand why a caring person like Mingyu could be suddenly this oblivious and heartless to his best friend.


Nonetheless, this was not time for argument. Without asking further, Seungcheol scooped the omega up into his arms and walked straight out of the door to the place where their manager was waiting next to their van. Jun was startled but had not objection, only leaning into the leader completely and letting go of everything. His sigh of relief was audible while his shaky arms tried to close around Seungcheol’s shoulders to hug him. Thankfully, the hotel had a big garden and high walls outside its main building, so they did not have to worry about being seen by other people. The hotel had made sure to clear the place for them before they came. Consequently, Jun was safe now.


Seungcheol was the first one to enter the van, and he did not put Jun down after that. The alpha kept the omega on his lap, rubbing a soothing palm on his back to give him a considerable amount of comfort he had not expected to get. Jeonghan came in right next to Seungcheol and took the seat next to the leader. The longer he stared at Jun, the more furious he became, because now Jeonghan could really see the red marks and bruises on Jun’s skin where his clothes did not hide away. Everybody could tell the omega’s body must be sore and very uncomfortable. Was Mingyu blind or stupid?


Jun was exactly melting into Seungcheol’s embrace right now, and his eyes just closed so quickly. This was the first time for the poor omega to know how truly nice it was to be snuggled and protected by the alphas he loved and respected in his pack. Jun loved Mingyu, but Seungcheol and Jeonghan were different. They were his hyungs; they would never snap or hurt him in any ways. Right now, they – including Joshua – were pushing out their soothing scents and pheromones in an attempt to help easing Jun’s pain. Jun wanted to open his eyes, look at them and tell them how grateful he was, but he was too exhausted. The omega did not even want to think anymore.


Certainly, Mingyu did not expect to see everyone crowding around Jun after he got on the van. It was even more shocking for him to see Jun sitting on Seungcheol’s lap and looking like he was already falling asleep in the leader’s embrace. Jeonghan looked absolutely like the alpha was very ready to snatch Jun away from Seungcheol’s arms, yet he managed to stay calm and gave affection to the omega in some other ways. This scene did not look nice to Mingyu even a bit.


Why? Because in his mind, he was the only victim in this situation. Mingyu had been trapped. He was not the one who got into estrus first. Things would not have happened in this way if they had not stupidly asked him to bring Jun into the hotel. Why the fuck hadn’t they told Seungcheol – the leader – to come back home and take the responsibility of bringing Jun to the hotel? Mingyu had never been supposed to do that. Yet now, they were acting as if he had dragged Jun into this and made the omega suffer.


Jun had suffered? Really? Seriously?


Therefore, Mingyu was taken aback when Jeonghan all of a sudden glared at him and growled.


“Why the fuck didn’t you carry him, Gyu? He’s in pain!”


“He still can walk.” The youngest alpha replied nonchalantly, shrugging. “He didn’t ask me for it.”


“If you don’t have any good reason, then shut up, Mingyu.” Seungcheol mumbled, obviously losing patience and calmness already.


And Mingyu did close his mouth. He did not want to talk about this anyway. What he was dying to discuss was another problem, and he could not care about the fact that they were mad at him now. He just had to ask.


“How is Wonwoo? Is he okay now?”


Joshua inhaled deeply before giving an answer.


“Yeah, he’s fine. His heat was over yesterday.”


Although it was a good answer, the familiarity of it irked Mingyu to no end.


“Did anything happen to his phone? I can’t contact him at all. You all told me he was fine but I’m not really convinced.”


“Watch your tone, Mingyu.” Seungcheol turned his head around to look directly at Mingyu who was sitting at the back. The leader’s voice was firm as he gave out an order, a warning. “You don’t talk to Joshua like that. He’s your hyung. Understand?”


The harsh words brought another scowl to Mingyu’s face as he still had not seen the problem. He had been talking like this for days; it was not like he suddenly changed his voice after seeing them today. Or was he supposed to change the way he talked just because he presented as an alpha?


Feeling the tension between the two alphas glaring at each other, Joshua cleared his voice before explaining to the younger one, still calm and generous enough not to get mad. Nonetheless, Jeonghan still clenched his teeth as he noticed how his omega was being wary of his choice of words while Mingyu was literally a younger member.


“I guess you have just presented so you don’t know it yet. You’ve been constantly using your Alpha voice since we met, and you’re giving out very angry pheromones. You’re making Junnie and me very uncomfortable now.”


Mingyu was so shocked that he felt like he had just punched right into the face. The young alpha turned silent as he tried his best to recall what had happened in the past three days only to realize that Jun had always been extremely obedient under any circumstances. It was not until now did Mingyu understand that the omega had had no choice but to obey because he had been directly commanded by an alpha. No wonder everyone was so annoyed when he had just said a few words. In this case, Mingyu had to admit he was wrong. Perhaps he had let his instincts take over too much, or he was just too angry to really watch his tone.


“I’m sorry.” Mingyu muttered an apology. “I’ll try to fix it.”


“You had better be quick and cautious because I almost turned around to punch you when you talked to Joshua in that way.” Jeonghan warned without actually turning his head. “Guess you must have stressed Junnie out by talking to him like that in three days straight.”


“He asked for it by himself”, Mingyu thought, glaring at the top of the omega as much as he could see from the backseat. Mingyu remembered he had warned Jun not to ask for what he could not take. Mingyu knew he would not be a gentle person in the field where Jun asked him to help. Anything the Chinese omega was going through currently was literally what he had caused to himself. Mingyu no longer felt the need to take responsibility. He was tired enough and furious enough with Wonwoo. He did not want to take more burden.


Wonwoo. Mingyu just wanted to go back home quickly so that he could check on Wonwoo’s condition by himself. His heat had been gone, so it must be totally fine for them to face each other and have a proper talk, except for when Wonwoo deliberately avoided it.


In Seungcheol’s arms, Jun surely did hear all they had talked about, and he relaxed a little bit due to knowing that Mingyu had not intentionally commanded him. It was just that the young alpha was unaware of what he was capable of and how his inner alpha was driving him. Perhaps last night was just like that as well. Perhaps it was just Mingyu being unable to control his strength or his desire to breed. Perhaps this morning Mingyu was grumpy because he was not feeling well, or maybe the alpha was just too anxious of seeing Wonwoo again after three days of being apart.




The name of Jun’s best friend shattered his heart and caused him to shiver. Somehow, the omega had the feeling as if he had lost Mingyu forever. No matter what would happen later, Jun had already got his answer. Mingyu did not love him. Not in the way he wanted. And now everything was destroyed. They could not go back to being best friends anymore. Jun knew his own awkwardness. He would never be able to face the alpha without thinking about his own shame and guilt. They would not share a room any longer. Jun would have to move on by facing Mingyu every single day in his life and continuing to work as a team with the alpha as if there was nothing wrong between them.


They fucked, yet now he was nothing.


The pain of being abandoned was clearer than anything else Jun could feel right now. It had already started from the moment Mingyu walked away from the bed in their hotel room. Everything was just a hundred times clearer now. The alpha’s rut was gone, and Jun was just useless for him.


Rubbing his face into Seungcheol’s chest, in the middle of that agony, Jun was stunned to find an extremely familiar scent yet his mind failed to detect where or when he had ever got to know it. Jun had no words in his brain currently to tell the correct name for this aroma, but he knew it was sweet, quite enticing, and strangely comfortable his heart. Inhaling deeply, Jun tried to get more and more of the scent to fill his own lungs, wondering why Seungcheol had got this scent on his body. This obviously did not belong to the alpha. It was not Joshua’s or Jeonghan’s scent either.


Sharing a look of concern and also confusion, the two oldest alphas of the pack silently wondered why the tears never stopped streaming down Jun’s cheeks, and why the omega was frantically trying to get any kinds of comfort to he possibly find like this.


Trying not to sigh or show any sign of sadness because he wanted to stay strong for Jun to rely on, Seungcheol was afraid that Wonwoo had been wrong. The omega from the Hiphop Unit had confidently said that Mingyu would love Jun, yet at this moment, it was probably the least possible thing the leader could see in those two people.


It meant, they were dealing with a heartbroken Jun, an apparently angry Mingyu, and a lost Wonwoo who did not seem to have the soul left in his body. When holding Wonwoo, Seungcheol no longer felt the will to love, to believe, or to fight in the omega. When embracing Jun, the leader felt nothing but the poor boy’s body gradually collapsing together with his heart.

Chapter Text

Seungcheol continued to carry Jun even after they entered the pack’s apartment, since walking brought too much pain to the omega now and the leader seriously could not accept letting that happen in front of his eyes. The omega had stopped crying in the middle of the way back home, but right after getting into this place, he burst into tears again at the familiar surroundings and the familiar scents coming from everywhere. Jun had only been exposed to those scents and pheromones for a very short period of time but that was already enough for him to detect this combination of aromas as home and safety.


Every single member of the pack had already gathered in the living room before the door was opened. Despite having been told not to crowd Jun too much since the omega might be still very sensitive after his first heat, everyone failed to control their worries at the moment of seeing Jun being carried by their leader. Seungcheol was startled to see the boy in his arms crying again, and in a split second, the alpha started to growl with the intention of telling everyone to back off. However, Jun quickly gripped the older male’s shirt tightly and tugged, silently begging the leader to let him down.


Understanding, Seungcheol reluctantly placed the omega down on the floor very slowly and carefully, making sure to use his own body as a support for Jun from the back in case the boy fell down. Jihoon, Chan, Seungkwan and Minghao were the first ones to wrap Jun in their embrace, and it was actually impossible for the omega to fall now. He was enveloped in hugs and warm greetings from everyone, which was a complete contrast to what had happened in the hotel room in less than one hour ago. In that moment, he temporarily forgot about Mingyu’s existence or whatever pain the alpha had brought to him. Crying like a little kid, Jun frantically looked around the room, trying desperately to seek for one particular person whom he was dying to see.


He did not really know that the taller alpha coming inside after him was literally looking for the same person as well. Mingyu came in with barely anyone greeting him. They did give him some words and smiles, but everything faded fast after their eyes caught the tensed expression on the alpha’s face. Mingyu said nothing back to anyone, simply having nothing to say to the people who had been staying at home peacefully in the past three days. Meanwhile, Mingyu considered himself as a victim who had been pushed into this trap yet no one seemed to care. They were all wrapped around Jun’s finger as if the omega was the center of this universe, while Mingyu meant nothing. They had kept asking him about Jun’s condition, but no one asked even once whether the alpha himself was okay or not.


Maybe that was because he was an alpha. An alpha was never meant to be taken care of. Okay. Mingyu could take this, since he was capable of taking care of himself and believed in himself as a confident and independent man too. Nonetheless, no reason or excuse could help him forget the fact that those people had ignored his pleas for more information about Wonwoo.


The worst of all was definitely Wonwoo himself, the omega who had acted as if Mingyu were his enemy or someone not worth sparing a thought about.


With their outstanding heights, neither Mingyu nor Jun had difficulty in finding Wonwoo in the room crowded with people. The targeted omega was standing at the furthest corner of the living room, fidgeting on his feet and staring directly towards the main door direction. Except for the dark and heavy eye bags, Wonwoo looked normal as if nothing had ever happened; maybe he just had gone through a few days without much sleep. His eyes was still slightly swollen, but Mingyu found that no surprising. What actually irritated the alpha was the way Wonwoo hesitated at his spot, seeming to be about to run, but in the end he kept standing there, two hands gripping each other tightly and were starting to pull the grey shirt he was wearing. Wonwoo looked strangely anxious and lost, giving the impression that he was not sure what he should do now.


What caused Mingyu to combust in anger was the way Wonwoo’s eyes were fixated on no one but Jun and Jun only. There was no way the alpha could mistake this, because the crowd of the pack had already pushed Jun quite far away from Mingyu. Not a single cell in Mingyu’s brain was able to fool himself that Wonwoo cared about him even a bit.


That omega had picked up Jun’s call, yet paid no mind to Mingyu’s messages. That omega had his eyes glued on Jun, but giving Mingyu not even a quick glance.


And that same omega’s facial expression immediately changed drastically when Jun pulled himself through the crowd and ran towards his best friend. By some magical strength, Jun managed to force his sore body to move while he wailed and cried out for Wonwoo, and his broken voice was the last straw for the omega’s hesitation.


Unable to stand there any longer, Wonwoo also ran towards his best friend, successfully catching the crying boy right before he stumbled and almost fell onto the floor. Unfortunately, Wonwoo right now was not in a much better condition, because he obviously had just gone through an exhausting heat as well. The thin omega was not capable of supporting Jun’s weight on his own, and they both were on the brink of falling together. Mingyu’s first thought and first instinct were both to run towards Wonwoo and help.


Nevertheless, the other members of the pack, especially Seungcheol, were standing much closer to the two boys, so they reached Jun and Wonwoo just on time to keep them both standing up straight. With the proper support provided by Seungcheol and Jeonghan behind the two of them, the omegas hugged each other in a depressing frenzy that none could understand except for only them. Neither of the omegas said a word. Jun was sobbing loudly and painfully into Wonwoo’s shoulder now. The scene should not have bothered Mingyu if it had not been for the effect it had on Wonwoo, the man who rarely cried in front of other people.


Mingyu blamed Jun for the streams of tears cascading down Wonwoo’s cheeks.


Why? Why the hell did Jun cry harder after seeing Wonwoo? Why did Jun’s tears make Wonwoo cry too? They were both crying as if they were truly a couple in love and had been separated for three days straight. Did they really love each other that much? Was that why Wonwoo ignored Mingyu’s messages?


Feeling his blood boiling, the alpha started to wonder whether that was why Jun’s first reaction after having sex with him was to call Wonwoo and apologize to him frantically. Maybe the two of them seriously loved each other regardless of the fact that they were both omegas. Maybe this was also the reason why Wonwoo had been so upset when finding out he could not become an alpha for Jun. Right now, Mingyu could not think of anything else except for this, and he felt nothing but anger. Sympathy for the two omegas who both had been hurt? No. He absolutely felt nothing especially when they both had hurt him without a single care. Mingyu could never believe Wonwoo did not know his love for him, yet the omega just ignored him then and also now, totally focusing on Jun and not giving the alpha a short glance.


Mingyu himself had never done anything wrong, yet everything and everyone seemed to be against him. Even this moment, some of the members were concentrating on the tallest alpha’s face and started to nudge him, whispering questions to ask him what was wrong.


What was wrong? Mingyu could only get more furious at those stupid questions, because everything was wrong now due to the crazy plan they had put him in without asking him even once. They should know better than him about what had been wrong and was wrong.


“Get rid of that attitude.” Jeonghan confronted the young alpha, stepping right into the space in front of Mingyu’s eyes, blocking his view completely and forcing him to look at the older male only. Jeonghan’s voice was quiet but stern and clear. “You scare them. You’re giving out very aggressive pheromones and scent now, Mingyu.”


Before Mingyu could retort, Seungcheol’s voice had dragged him out of the conversation, making both of them turn towards the leader who was still standing behind Jun to support his weight.


“Can you bring Junnie to our room and help him wash?” His question was directed towards Wonwoo. “He still reeks of semen. I don’t think he washed himself clean enough.”


“Our room”?


Mingyu’s brain suddenly got stuck at those strange words. Our? Who the hell was Seungcheol talking about? Our??? Narrowing his eyes even further, Mingyu scanned not only the leader’s but also the omega’s face, trying to figure out what that could possibly mean, but their attention had been sucked away by Jun and no one seemed to care about Mingyu’s perplexed expression.


Although still sniffling slightly, Wonwoo nodded and whispered something to his best friend, receiving a nod instantly. Nonetheless, Jun instantly turned towards Joshua and gripped the omega’s sleeve very tightly. With no hesitation, Wonwoo grabbed Jun’s hand and walked away, but to a direction Mingyu had not expected. Even Jun was dumbfounded when Wonwoo walked past the room he shared with Soonyoung, yet the crying boy kept following his best friend instead of asking any questions.


To Mingyu’s bewilderment, Wonwoo opened Seungcheol’s bedroom and stepped in, pulling Jun inside together with him and then closing if, looking just like he had entered his own territory and nothing should be questioned. In the living room, Mingyu just froze like a statue, staring at the closed door for a much longer while before turning towards the leader. At this moment, Seungcheol was already staring at Mingyu, expecting his questions, knowing that the young alpha would be shocked by this change.


Mingyu was even more appalled by the fact that no one seemed surprised even a bit. In fact, they all tried to avoid his gaze, except for Seungcheol and Jeonghan. The leader sighed softly and announced.


“We’ll have a pack meeting in thirty minutes. There must be some changes in our place from today.”


“From today? Doesn’t look like it needs me to hear, right? You have done that already!” Mingyu really retorted this time, literally growling in fury. “What the hell is this? Hyung, are you going to tell me that Wonwoo lives with you now? What the fuck is that? Why? How? How can his happen? I don’t understand!”


Hating how Mingyu was acting, Jihoon took Joshua’s hand and led the omega out of the living room, so that the two eldest alphas could deal with a crazy Mingyu together without worrying about Joshua getting scared. The other members stayed there, inhaling deeply while waiting for the intense drama to come. They had already been able to predict this when Seungcheol moved Wonwoo to his own bedroom by himself. They had been all shocked then, but there was nothing they could do because it was really Wonwoo’s choice and Seungcheol had already agreed with the omega.


Seeming amazingly calm, Seungcheol talked to Mingyu in a clear and smooth voice but full of authority.


“Obviously Wonwoo can’t share a room with Soonyoung anymore, so I asked him how he wanted this to be. After a discussion, we came to a conclusion that Wonwoo stays in the same room with me from now on.”


“A discussion?” Mingyu asked incredulously, tilting his head and walking closer to the leader, totally in disbelief. “You mean that Wonwoo agrees with this himself?”


“Actually, it’s his idea.” Seungcheol calmly gave another piece of shocking news to the taller male. “But it can still change, because we have to make an arrangement for Junnie now. If Junnie wants to share a room with Wonu, I’m sure Wonu will be very happy to agree.”


“I don’t understand this! I can’t even believe what you’ve just said!” Mingyu shook his head many times, looking absolutely in denial. “You’re telling me that Wonwoo has just presented as an omega but he agreed to leave his roommate who hasn’t even presented yet to come to an alpha’s room? What kind of logic is this? Don’t you think it’s extremely ridiculous?”


“I’m sorry to interrupt but your attitude really sucks now, Mingyu.” Soonyoung all of a sudden spoke up, both hands on his hips. “We all know you love Wonu but that isn’t a reason for you to think you have the right to judge his decision or assume that Seungcheol-hyung is lying to you. None of us has to lie about this. There’s no point lying. Wonu is really Cheol-hyung’s roommate now. I know it doesn’t sound nice to you, but it’s the truth, so try to accept it.”


“If you don’t fix this kind of attitude, our manager will have to even kick you out of here, Gyu.” It was Minghao’s turn to intervene. “I don’t know what’s got into you but you’ve been very strange and aggressive from the moment you stepped into here. Please keep in mind that we have three omegas in our pack now, and you have your older hyungs to pay some respect to. You’re letting your instincts take over yourself.”


Mingyu was enraged right after the voice of Minghao came to his ears. Not everyone was able to sense the sudden combust of his anger except for Seungcheol and Jeonghan because they still had not presented yet. Seeing the young alpha snapped his head towards Minghao in an alarming speed, Seungcheol got ready to jump in and stop Mingyu from attacking his friend. Despite not being able to smell Mingyu, the Chinese dancer was definitely capable of seeing the flame in the alpha’s eyes.


“Talking about what’s got into me, I think I need to talk to you about why you didn’t try to do anything to drag me out of the hotel three days ago.”


“There’s nothing to talk about.” Minghao was unfazed, and his voice was still calm. “I didn’t drag you out because I knew Junnie wanted you to stay with him. That’s all.”


“Mingyu-hyung, don’t blame everything on Minghao-hyung like that!” Vernon stepped to stand next to the Chinese member. “Jihoon-hyung, Seokmin-hyung and I were there, too. But we…”


“I’m not stupid.” Mingyu cut him off instantly. “Minghao packed the bag for Jun. He put my clothes into it intentionally. I don’t believe you have the gut to do that, Vernon. I know only Minghao has, and he somehow persuaded you two to follow him and do those stupid things to trap me in your fucking plan.”


“Stupid? You call that stupid?” Now Minghao also became angry. “Why don’t you think about what might have happened if Junnie had been left there alone? He…”


“Stop it, Minghao! He won’t listen to you!” Jeonghan stepped over and gently but firmly grabbed Minghao’s arm, pulling him back before glaring at the tallest alpha. “We’ll greatly appreciate if you can try to talk calmly instead of yelling at everyone’s face like this. You won’t be able to solve anything in this state, Mingyu. You’re just messing up everything.”


“Jeonghan is right.” Seungcheol did not even more from his spot, only folding his arms while staring at the furious man. “You had better go back to your room, take a short break, and clear your mind. We will answer your questions during the meeting, but we would like you to respect everyone including our omegas. We will have to remove you out of this apartment to talk if you scare them later.”


Mingyu wanted to curse at how calm the leader appeared to be right now. He just wanted to punch the eldest alpha, especially when his mind kept spiraling down the thoughts about the fact that Seungcheol and Wonwoo now shared the same room. It was unreasonable and obscene. No matter how hard Mingyu tried to breathe, he miserably failed to stop the chaos circling around that issue in his mind.


“But what the hell do you mean Wonwoo is your roommate now? How is it possible? He’s an omega while you’re a fucking alpha!!!”


The sudden yelling of the alpha startled some of the members so badly that they reeled back, instantly wondering whether it was possible to carry out a pack meeting today or not. Mingyu had never been in such a horrible mental condition. This was definitely not the bright and loving Mingyu they had been familiar with. This was just a monster full of rage and losing control. The monster reminded them of how devastated Seungcheol used to be when Joshua presented as an omega and only cried out for Jeonghan repeatedly. Now thinking back about that, they were frightened to acknowledge than Mingyu was ten times worse than their leader.


At least, Seungcheol had ran away to calm himself down without being told by anyone. Meanwhile, Mingyu looked like he was about to attack the eldest man at any time.


It was at this moment that everything was clearer than it had ever been. It was easy to recognize who could potentially become an alpha or an omega in the near future. Jeonghan had already started to growl while Soonyoung and Vernon both stepped forward, getting ready to guard all of the other members, keeping their eyes on not only Mingyu but also Seungcheol, since they wanted to prevent the leader from getting pounced. Chan seriously just wanted to follow the omegas and leave this room, but he kept standing there watching the scene in fear.


Seungcheol, who had prepared himself for this to come from the moment he walked into Wonwoo’s bedroom three days ago, had the look of nothing but absolute calmness on his face when he answered.


“If you are asking whether Wonu and I had sex, then my answer is yes. He asked me to help him through his heat, and now we’re roommates.”


Jeonghan was the first one to react when Mingyu lunged forward. It happened so fast that the blow of the tallest alpha just missed Seungcheol’s face by half an inch. The leader managed to dodge it thanks to both his quick reflex and Jeonghan’s intervention. Instantly, Vernon, Soonyoung and Minghao hurriedly grabbed Mingyu from behind, caging him in their arms to stop the biggest male from moving any further. Roaring like a wild animal, Mingyu lost his mind completely, kicking and doing anything he could in an attempt to escape from the restraint.


In the end, Mingyu was shoved into his bedroom. The alpha’s fight was fruitless as he was outnumbered, and there was nothing he could do when they held him down and take the keys into the apartment and into this room out of his pocket. Jeonghan and Soonyoung kept Mingyu still on his bed while Vernon ran away to walk something. It was not until the younger boy returned did Mingyu realize they had just got a fucking door knob lock-out device. They put that thing around the door knob from inside the bedroom with the purpose of making it impossible for Mingyu to lock or unlock the door on his own. This also meant that they could literally lock Mingyu from the outside, keeping him in this bedroom as long as they wanted. The alpha’s eyes turned thoroughly red at the sight, and his blood kept boiling non-stop while everything everyone did around him seemed to add so much more fuel into his anger.


Sighing at the growling and thrashing alpha, Seungcheol coldly told him.


“Take your time and clear your head. We’ll only let you out after you cool down. We don’t care if it might take two or three hours. We won’t talk when you are completely out of control like this.”


“Give me a call when you’re ready.” Jeonghan gave him a snarl, and walked out.


Soon, the door was closed, leaving a livid Mingyu alone inside his room with no way to escape. The alpha could only scream and roar in vain, utterly helpless and devastated. Everybody in the apartment, or even the whole building, was able to hear the desperate sounds coming from a heartbroken man, and even was able to feel how intense and dreadful his pheromones were right now. The scents made Joshua sneeze over and over again, while Wonwoo and Jun kept cowering even though the alpha was not in their sight at all.


With the help of Joshua and Jihoon, the two new omegas had got a bath full of warm water, towels and some clothes for Jun to change later. Since no one wanted to come to Jun’s bedroom, they all agreed to let Jun wear Wonwoo’s clothes instead. However, surprisingly, the omega declined.


“Can I… can I borrow Seungcheol-hyung’s clothes?” He sheepishly asked, watery eyes pleading both Wonwoo and Joshua. “I… I need some scent…”


It was understandable when a heartbroken and scared omega wanted the scent of an alpha, especially when that alpha was the leader of the pack. As a result, they easily followed the omega’s wish and got Seungcheol’s clothes for him, hanging them on the rack in the bathroom. When the preparation was finished, Joshua and Jihoon intended to return to the eldest omega’s bedroom in order to give these two best friends some private time together.


However, before Joshua could leave, Jun suddenly gripped his hand and begged again, voice tiny and broken.


“Hyung… can you… can you please give me some painkillers and emergency contraceptive pills?”


Joshua immediately understood why Jun wanted some painkillers, but he was perplexed at the request for contraceptive pills. Holding the younger boy’s hands gently, Joshua tried to soothe him.


“Okay, I will give you some pills right away. But… don’t you know that omegas can’t get pregnant in their first heat, Junnie?”


At the mention of this, Jun all of a sudden choked out a louder sob.


“I know but… but…” The boy ducked his head and let out a small whimper, causing everyone to be deadly worried. “My heat ended before Mingyu’s rut… I couldn’t stop him…”


“Okay okay.” Joshua asked no more, finally knowing why Jun was bothered by this matter. “I will return in a second. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Okay?”


The young omega could never know he would ever be able to get “fine” or not, but he nodded to his hyung, feeling grateful for all the help and sweetness Joshua was giving him right now. The American boy left in a hurry with Jihoon trailing behind him, and so, for a short period of time, there were no one else except for the two newly presented omegas.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo found it hard to start talking when there were only him and Jun left in this small space. The omega struggled to look at his best friend in the eyes, feeling as if he had done something very wrong to Jun and even hurt him. Such a thing had never happened, but he failed to shake that feeling off his chest, letting it torture his heart constantly. It was even worse when Jun kept crying in silence like this and ducking his head, looking like he was drowning in shame and embarrassment.


Wonwoo cleared his voice awkwardly before speaking.


“Let me help you take your clothes off… Can I?”


With no hesitation, Jun nodded, giving his best friend some relief. In this state, Jun was ready to let anyone in his pack take care of him to make up for the pain and shame Mingyu had given. Who could be better than Wonwoo in this situation? Jun wished he could even beg for so much more from Wonwoo, but he did not dare to open his mouth and say those things anymore. He knew he was guilty. He knew Wonwoo must be heartbroken now. Did his best friend feel betrayed because Jun had slept with Mingyu? Would Wonwoo really forgive him and forget this incidence? Jun was not sure…


Wonwoo was terrified and heartbroken one more time at the moment Jun’s shirt was taken off fully. If it had not been for the omega’s hand quickly pressing to his mouth to stifle his sounds, he would have gasped loudly in shock. Wonwoo certainly knew there must be marks left on Jun’s body after three days of having sex continuously, but the older omega in fact looked like he had been assaulted. Wonwoo failed to imagine what kind of strength Mingyu had used when handling his best friend to leave those kinds of severely dark bruises all over Jun’s skin. The omega’s face was unhurt, but all other parts of his body had evidence of very intense and rough treatment Mingyu had left on him.


Mingyu’s rut could not be an excuse for this kind of roughness to Jun. As a person who had been close to Mingyu for years, Wonwoo had always thought that the alpha would also be gentle and caring in bed, because he had always seemed to be a man of sweetness and kindness. It was definitely unexpected to suddenly find out how brutal he could be to his partner in sex. It was obvious that Mingyu had let his instincts take over and control him thoroughly during his rut, which was why Jun currently looked like he had just come back from a battlefield. Those bruises would not bleed or leave scars, but Jun would be surely sore and have trouble in walking for days. Wonwoo had even asked the leader to be rough on him, but he was not enduring as much pain as what Jun was going through.


No wonder Jun barely walked and mostly just leaned against anyone who offered their help. No wonder why Seungcheol had had to carry him into the apartment.


But why wasn’t Mingyu the one to do this? Wonwoo had thought that after those three days, Mingyu would be the one taking care of Jun now, not their leader. Why? Why did Mingyu even seem to be indifferent to Jun? Was Wonwoo reading the mood wrong? Or there was something between the two of them he had not known yet?


Wonwoo helped Jun get into the tub with a lot of difficulty, because neither of them was capable of standing well when having to support another person. However, Wonwoo still kept trying, knowing that he could overcome his own pain since it was not serious anyways while Jun looked like he wanted to do nothing but lie down. Fortunately, the two omegas managed to let Jun sit down in the bath tub without creating a scene in the bathroom. Right after being engulfed in the warm water smelling like lavender with bubble soap everywhere, Jun sighed in relief and leaned back, but did not forget to find Wonwoo’s hand and hold it immediately.


“I’m sorry… Wonu…” He whispered, tears still cascading down, and his hand was trembling too badly in his best friend’s hold. “I… I really didn’t… I’m sorry…”


“Stop saying that!” Wonwoo shook his head and sat down completely on the floor right next to the bath tub, his chest touching the edge. “You aren’t at fault for anything.”


All of a sudden, Jun frowned in confusion as he inspected Wonwoo’s face.


“Why is your voice so hoarse? Did you…”


Trailing off in the middle of his sentence, Jun found no way to finish what he was about to say because a thing had caught his eyes’ attention and no words were able to get out anymore.


Seeing his best friend’s eyes widening, Wonwoo froze and startled, wondering what was wrong with himself, and the result came rapidly. With quivering lips, Jun shakily reached out his other hand towards Wonwoo, reluctantly pushing the younger omega’s collar to a side. Right at that moment, Wonwoo understood what Jun had just seen on him.


It was a huge red hickey on the left side of Wonwoo’s neck, very close to his scent gland. Better than anyone, Jun was one hundred percent sure this mark had not been there on the night he had been still here. Curious to the utmost, Jun even wanted to lean over in order to have a better look at the hickey, but Wonwoo had already pushed his hand away, action gently but showing enough determination to let Jun know that he did not wanted to be looked at right there.


Jun expected to hear anything from Wonwoo, but there was nothing eventually. The younger omega remained silent, turning away to grab the washcloth nearby to start help his best friend clean. On the other hand, Jun refused to leave this matter alone. He would not be able to even sit still without finding out what had happened.


“What… why… wh…” He did not even know how to ask. “Why do you have a hickey? What is it? Did you ask someone to… help you?”


Wonwoo replied without looking at the other male in the eyes, going straight to start washing.


“Your voice is awful too. Mine is just normal.”


“No, Wonwoo.” Already very nervous, Jun grabbed his friend’s wrists, hoping to stop him.


Unexpectedly, this action only brought him to another discovery. Wonwoo’s wrist was also covered with light bruises, seeming to have been grabbed and held tightly by someone. It looked more like someone’s fingers than something like a rope or handcuffs.


“Is it… is it…”


One more time, Wonwoo did not look like he was about to answer, but Jun’s mind was working on an unbelievable speed to solve this puzzle. Nevertheless, once he managed to connect the first dots together, it turned out that there was no difficulty in finding out the answer for this. Jun did not forget the fact that Wonwoo had brought him straight to Seungcheol’s bedroom and even got not only the alpha’s clothes but also his own ones out of the wardrobe in this room without having to ask anyone. The leader had been having his own room for a pretty long while, but now, looking around the bathroom, Jun registered that this room now must be used by two people.


This kind of drama was too bizarre for Jun to ever imagine that it would occur in his own pack one day, even to his own best friend.


“But… but…” Jun began stuttering as he sat up abruptly and frantically, grabbing both of Wonwoo’s hands. “But… why? I don’t understand! How… Why… I thought you love Mi…”


“No, Junnie. No.” Wonwoo firmly interrupted, not allowing Jun to finish, yet he still did not look up. “I don’t. This is what I chose. I’ll be here from now on, and there’s nothing else to worry about.”


“Are you serious?” Jun asked scandalously. “You… you’re really going to be Seungcheol-hyung’s roommate from now? But… but he’s an alpha! Don’t tell me that you mean you two are… are…”


“Yeah, I’m going to be his bitch.” Wonwoo confirmed without even batting his eyelash, as if this was something absolutely normal. “He’s already told me I couldn’t expect him to keep his hands off me if we shared a room, and I understand.”


“But… but why?” Jun emphasized hard on the last word, too shocked to comprehend anything. “Why do you have to do this? I get that your heat was too difficult and you needed help, but you don’t have to do this now, Wonu! Why? Why do you push yourself into this situation? You don’t even love Cheol-hyung!”


Wonwoo kept on speaking with the attitude that made goose bumps spread all over Jun’s skin.


“I know what I’m doing, Junnie. You don’t have to worry about me.”


“But I don’t understand, Wonu!” Jun still held his best friend’s hand, refusing to let go. “Why don’t we… why don’t we just share a room? We’re both omegas now. There is no danger between us, and everyone will understand. I’m sure Cheol-hyung will agree with this too!”


“Don’t you want to stay with Mingyu?” It was Wonwoo’s turn to ask, confusion filling his eyes like how it had been with Jun before. “How are things between you and Mingyu?”


Suddenly getting asked about the alpha, Jun became completely silent as he ducked his head again, tears streaming down in a much faster speed.


“No… Wonu… There’s no hope between us. I told you! He doesn’t like me! That I’m an omega now won’t change this fact! He doesn’t like me at all! Not in that way! He only wants you! He… he got so frustrated when you ignored his messages. I was there but all he thought of was you!”


“No, Junnie. It isn’t like that!” Wonwoo objected right away. “There must be some misunderstanding between you two now. But later…”


“No! You don’t know! You know nothing about this, Wonu!” Jun eventually got frustrated and raised his voice and the other omega. “I get it. I know I told you I love Mingyu, but he never says that he loves me! It will never happen! Stop assuming like you know everything, Wonu! You don’t know it! You don’t even know how much he loves you!”


All of a sudden, Joshua and Jihoon stormed into the bathroom Wonwoo had forgotten to lock just in time to interrupt the intense conversation. The two intruders knew it was quite rude of them to walk in without knocking or giving any announcement like this, but they were just afraid when hearing the sounds of what seemed like an argument between those two boys. Now they were faced with a crying Jun who turned his face away from Wonwoo while the latter had the look of a person who had just been taken aback. The tension was evident and undeniable, so Joshua hurriedly crouched down next to the bath tub.


Without saying anything, the eldest omega just placed a hand on Wonwoo’s tensed shoulder, talking through his eyes and silently telling the younger boy to go out for a while. Both of these young omegas seemed to be too lost to talk properly now, and Joshua believed they could discuss everything after Jun’s health was taken care of.


Sighing, Wonwoo nodded, giving his last words to his best friend.


“I… will go out for a while.”


Neither of them gave the other a second glance. At the door, Jihoon waited for Wonwoo to come out before closing the door, leaving Joshua to deal with Jun alone.


The American omega had come back with a glass of water and the pills Jun asked for. Given them, Jun swallowed them down immediately, murmuring a very weak but sincere “thank you” to his hyung. Taking the washcloth Wonwoo had discarded, Joshua began taking charge of helping cleaning the Chinese boy. Jun was much more relaxed now with Joshua, which came as a great surprise to the older omega. Jun did not protest either when Joshua wiped the tears on his cheeks in the manner of a mother wiping her little child’s tears.


“This might sound ugly, but you seriously don’t look good at all now, Junnie.” Joshua frowned in deep concern, voice tender and low. “What did Mingyu do to you? Was he rough?”


“It’s my fault.” Jun continued to sniffle, temporarily basking in the comfort of being doted on by his hyung. “He had already warned me about this, but… but I was stupid and didn’t listen to him… I begged him to stay… It’s my fault. I triggered his rut. This is entirely my fault.”


“It can’t be your fault, Junnie.” Joshua shushed him gently. “You weren’t able to control yourself in that state. You blame yourself for that. Everything’s okay. You’re safe at home now.”


“But… but I ruined everything… hyung…” The boy in despair stared at Joshua through teary eyes. “Wonu and Mingyu love each other, but I… I messed up it all by sleeping with Mingyu… and now Wonu is with Cheol-hyung… They… they won’t…”


“Shhh, calm down, Junnie.” The older male placed a finger of Jun’s lips to make him stop. “I understand that you think or know that they love each other, but that doesn’t mean you know exactly what is good for them. Wonu has never expressed that he wanted to be with Mingyu in the past years, right? You can’t assume that you ruined their relationship. They have never been anything except for friends.”


“But… but that sounds like I’m just creating excuses for myself!” Jun failed to listen or stay calm. “I… I… You have to see how frustrated and angry Mingyu’s been in the last day. He won’t ever forgive me! He only wants Wonu! He…”


“But Wonu chose to stay with Seungcheol by himself!” Joshua tried to remind Jun of this fact. “Nobody forces him to, and nobody manages to talk him out of this. I don’t understand either, but you having sex with Mingyu didn’t force Wonu into anything. Whether you did it or not won’t even affect this outcome. What you should worry about is thinking how you should deal with Mingyu from now on.”


This time, Jun grabbed Joshua’s hand and asked him in utter desperation.


“What should I do, hyung? I’ve said sorry many times, and he told me to stop, but then… then… since yesterday he’s been very angry… What should I do now? Does it mean he doesn’t forgive me? He will hate me forever, right?”


Joshua forced out a smile to soothe his favorite dongsaeng.


“No, Junnie… It might be not that bad. Perhaps Mingyu’s been just frustrated because Wonwoo’s been avoiding him. Maybe his anger has nothing to do with you at all. Let’s just think about that. You’re going nuts now because Mingyu’s been cold to you, so I guess you can imagine how frustrating it must be for him when Wonwoo’s been ignoring him constantly, right?”


The two omegas’ conversation went on and on around this topic and Joshua believed he must have repeated his points more than a hundred times until they finally seemed to sink in Jun’s head a little bit. The younger boy went through a whole insane roller coaster of emotions, sniffling at some point but then sobbing with full force at some other point again. Jun was still crying when Joshua helped him out of the tub and began the process of drying him. That was also the moment Wonwoo came back inside.


Jun almost managed to fling himself into Wonwoo’s arms if it had not been for the soreness all over his body. Fortunately, his best friend had been able to predict this reaction, so he was fast to lunge forward and catch the Chinese boy, wrapping him in a tight hug while listening to a chain of both apologies and confession.


And pleas, too.


“I’m sorry, Wonu… I love you… Please forgive me! Please… Don’t leave me!”


Jun had not put on any clothes yet, but neither of them minded, because Wonwoo’s intention of returning was also to apologize to his best friend and do everything he could to make Jun feel loved again, although they were not capable of giving the other one the kind of love they both truly desired. Hugging Jun tightly in his arms, Wonwoo buried his face into the crook of his best friend’s neck, soothing himself by the sweet scent of peach and allowing Jun to do the same thing.


“I’m sorry, Junnie. I’m sorry. I love you too. Please don’t cry! I’ll always love you no matter what.”


Crying on each other’s shoulders, the two boys shivered and shrank at the same time when hearing Mingyu’s growls and screams from somewhere else in the apartment. Nonetheless, they stuck together like that for a long while, just wanting to relish in this safe warmth forever instead of dealing with the bitterness of their lives. Jun just did not know that Wonwoo was ready to die if his death could erase all the pain he had unintentionally brought to the Chinese omega.


Wonwoo had never known his plan would bite them all so cruelly like this.


Jun crying tons of tears was not what Wonwoo had expected to see when begging Minghao to help him carry out this plan.


Biting his lips, Wonwoo tried to stop the pain in his heart from expressing its agony through whimpers and cries at the dreadful and heartbreaking sounds coming from the direction of Mingyu’s room. Without a doubt, he knew the alpha had found out everything, and the fact that Mingyu was enraged or drowned in hell now spoke more than any words. It was undeniable, that the alpha loved Wonwoo.


Yet, it was too late now. None of Wonwoo’s thoughts or actions could reverse this situation.


Furthermore, none of Mingyu’s plans could help dragging Wonwoo out of the darkness in his soul.


The omegas could only wait for the pack meeting that was about to take place. Wonwoo dreaded the moment he would be forced to sit in a small space together with Mingyu. There might be or might not be a place for him to hide himself, but Wonwoo guessed he would be fine. He would use Seungcheol as his shield, or even Jeonghan, if he really had to. Understanding them, the omega knew the two alphas’ overprotective nature would not allow Mingyu to make him or Jun too uncomfortable. Jeonghan might just protect Wonwoo on the level of an older brother, but Seungcheol was another story now.


Wonwoo was not even sure of his own motivation in all of this, yet at this moment he knew a sense of responsibility must be clear and heavy in the leader’s heart now. Seungcheol would never be able to ignore Wonwoo’s safety or comfort. There was nothing called romantic feelings between the two of them, but Wonwoo would make use of everything he could to prevent Mingyu from getting too close to him ever again.


Would it be possible for Jun to have a happy ending with Mingyu? Wonwoo did not dare to tell his best friend, but his heart truly believed that they still had a chance, because everyone considered Mingyu as a man with a giant heart, while Jun was the most gorgeous omega Wonwoo had ever seen in his whole life, and his heart was incredibly pure and sweet. Wonwoo thought Mingyu and Jun would make the best couple of the world, as they matched each other perfectly.


Unlike Wonwoo, whose soul was deformed, ugly and filled with demons.


Nobody deserved sharing this hell with him. Even Jun. Wonwoo would all his best to his dearest friend, because Jun should just receive all the best of this whole world.


Consequently, Wonwoo forced his distraught self to give Jun his sweetest and warmest smiles while helping Joshua drying the Chinese boy. Jun was too self-conscious now to feel comfortable with being naked in front of two people like this, but they also knew that he was not able to do this fast enough while being alone and he might catch a cold by standing here without clothes for too long. Wonwoo had been wondering if Joshua had questioned the bruises on Jun’s body or not, but now watching the constant scowl on the eldest omega’s face, he understood that Joshua was trying his best not to ask.


As expected of one of the eldest hyungs of the pack. Joshua seemed to sense that Jun would not be comfortable to answer questions about this matter, especially when he had just had an argument with Wonwoo half an hour before. Or, Joshua knew something Wonwoo did not know, because the American male had come to the hotel to bring both Jun and Mingyu home. Wonwoo was dying to get more information, even just a little bit, but he prioritized Jun’s comfort over his own curiosity and selfishness. They remained silent, only helping Jun get dressed and dry his hair thoroughly.


The Chinese omega sniffed the shirt he had just put on so desperately that the sight doomed everyone else in the room, including Jihoon. Joshua whispered a comment about Jeonghan who would fuss all over Jun if he saw this, but Wonwoo paid no attention to it, too consumed by his own chaos of thoughts and forbidden desires.


Nobody knew that Wonwoo was ready to exchange anything for an opportunity to bury his nose in the scent Jun had washed away from his body a moment ago. Wonwoo’s soul ached for it, yet the monsters did not allow him to seek for the slimmest chance.

Chapter Text

“I’m ready now.”


That was all Seungcheol received in a text from Mingyu one hour after they had locked the young alpha in his own bedroom. The leader dared to believe Mingyu, because the alpha had been quiet for a pretty long period of time and the apartment was no longer filled with the scent of rage and pain. Sighing, Seungcheol quickly typed an answer to reply.


“Wait a minute. I’ll come to you.”


The eldest alpha had no choice but to make Mingyu wait a little because it was obviously very difficult for him to leave his position currently. On his left side on the long couch, Jun was sleeping with his both legs on the couch and head resting against Jeonghan’s right shoulder. On Seungcheol’s right, there was nobody leaning against him, but Wonwoo was sitting there silently and staring at nothing. The omega was strangely stiff and quiet; it was true that Wonwoo was typically quiet but his silence at this moment added nothing but tension into the atmosphere in this living room. Everyone had already gathered in this small space, making it pretty crowded and causing Seungcheol to think that it might make Wonwoo more uncomfortable.


From time to time, Wonwoo turned his head extremely slowly to stare at his best friend without the slightest hint of an intention to check whether Jun was fine or not. Instead, Seungcheol felt as if Wonwoo wanted to take the place Jun had. Both of the omegas smelled sweet but dreadful, which made all the hyungs interpret this kind of behaviors as their instincts talking. Perhaps Wonwoo wanted more comfort or at least some sense of protection he could feel from the presence of two alphas by his sides. Nonetheless, all he could get now was an alpha on his left and Joshua - an omega - on the other side.


Seungcheol had no clue what to do with Wonwoo. Jun was a little better, because the Chinese omega still clung to anyone to seek for what he wanted. Meanwhile, Wonwoo relied on absolutely nobody and never told a single person about what he had in his mind. The fact that they had had sex and talked in those three days did not help or solve anything. In fact, it even brought the leader the impression that he had unintentionally dug a bigger hole in Wonwoo’s soul and added even more pain to the omega’s misery.


Wonwoo had no reaction to the sound of Seungcheol’s phone buzzing, but immediately looked up when the alpha stood up. Instantly, Jun snapped his eyes open and sat up as well, frantically looking around until he saw that Seungcheol was about to leave. Before the leader could open his mouth, everyone had already known what he was going to announce.


“I’m going to get Mingyu. Let’s prepare.”


They all wanted to prepare, yet had no idea what to do at all. As a result, they could only continue to sit in their spot with a more nervous face while Wonwoo chewed his lips in utter anxiety. The omega desperately wanted to grab the leader’s arm and pull him back so that he would not leave, and would not take Mingyu here. No, Wonwoo was not ready to face Mingyu like this. No. Wonwoo himself just wanted to exit this room and leave the whole upcoming conversation to the rest of his pack. His presence was not important anyways, because Wonwoo knew nothing would change his mind. He had told Seungcheol everything: if Mingyu really did not want to stay with Jun, then Wonwoo would be Jun’s roommate and then Seungcheol would be free to make any arrangement he liked to the younger alpha. What else should Wonwoo stay here to discuss?


Unfortunately, Wonwoo also knew he could not leave, because as a pack, he had to solve these problems together with everyone else. Wonwoo had no right or proper reason to excuse himself. Moreover, if he left, maybe Jun would think that he was mad at him and that was definitely not what Wonwoo wanted to happen. Sighing and sighing, Wonwoo tried to calm himself down, and wished for Seungcheol to come back rapidly. If possible, the omega even seriously wanted to jump to the other side of Jeonghan to be covered in more of the alpha’s pheromones while Seungcheol was not here. Nevertheless, Wonwoo’s stubbornness and embarrassment kept him in place. No, he would never do such an embarrassing thing. He would never act that pathetic. He did not want to make people think that he was weak or useless. He did not want anyone to scoff at him or secretly laugh at how ridiculous and disgusting he was.


Watching his best friend, Wonwoo could see that Jun did not want Seungcheol to leave either, but Jeonghan successfully soothed the boy by stroking his hair and gently pulling him to rest back on his shoulder. Something so ugly and so bitter twisted painfully in Wonwoo’s stomach, forcing him to look away immediately, making him unable to endure the scene of Jun getting pampered and taken care of. It was such an irony. Wonwoo partly understood it but still wondered why everyone was wrapped around Jun’s finger like that. Did his best friend always look not only lovable but also vulnerable in everyone’s eyes? Maybe because Wonwoo himself looked seemed to be so fine that nobody ever thought that perhaps he was not okay at all? Was it because Jun had never tried to hide his own weakness or sadness whenever he was hurt and heartbroken?


Or Wonwoo was so disgusting that everyone did not like cuddling with him or giving affection to him? He guessed that was true. Jun barely talked in group’s gatherings but nobody judged him since he was Chinese and he was a hundred of good and beautiful things Wonwoo failed to count. Whereas, Wonwoo was mostly quiet as well, but people took that as coldness and aloofness, thinking that he did not like communicating with anyone and they had better just let him be. Nobody would ask if Wonwoo was extremely silent. Nobody liked a person who had always looked strong to suddenly be weak. Wonwoo becoming an omega was already a mistake of nature.


Wonwoo believed that no one in this pack had ever really expected him to become an omega. He was too tall. He had worked out and had too much thick muscle. His voice was too deep. Even his own scent, white tea, was not supposed to be a beautiful and sweet aroma. It was not something as common and popular as the scent of peach. Peach aroma appeared in literally everything in this world. White tea? Wonwoo knew somebody had never heard of it or smelled it before.


Lost in his own thoughts, Wonwoo did not know when Seungcheol had sat back down next to him, or when Mingyu had taken the seat they had already arranged for the alpha previously. Right now, Mingyu was practically sitting on the opposite side of Wonwoo across the coffee table. Everyone had sat down as well on the couches, armchairs, or on the armrests of those. Obviously, Soonyoung and Vernon had been assigned to sit next to Mingyu in order to prevent anything bad from happening.


When Wonwoo skittishly looked at Mingyu’s face, the alpha instantly directed his eyes towards him, catching the omega off guard and frightening him at the same time. Shivers were sent up and down Wonwoo’s spine, making him tremble in a strange kind of terror he had never felt before. Mingyu looked scarily threatening although he was not frowning or scowling even a bit. Appalled by that vibe coming from the alpha, Wonwoo nervously looked back again only to look away faster than the previous time, but in a more discreet way.


Mingyu looked calm and mad at the same time, and even his sitting posture evidently told everyone that he was an alpha who demanded respect from the inferior people. Just looking at the alpha was enough for the omegas to feel uncomfortable. Mingyu was not even tensed; he in fact looked extremely relaxed in his seat, leaning against the back and placing his both arms on the armrests, seeming to be really ready to hear whatever everyone was about to tell him. Actually, Wonwoo felt like Mingyu was waiting for them to report to him.


Wonwoo wanted to stand up and exit this room right on the spot, yet his body seemed to be paralyzed already, doing nothing but sitting there and staring at the floor like a coward. The omega had never known that the hatred he had for himself was nothing in comparison with what he was feeling at this moment. No matter how many times Wonwoo looked up again to check Mingyu’s facial expression, he would still see the alpha staring back at him through those unreadable eyes. Nonetheless, it was evident that those dark eyes held some kind of power that sucked all the last energy left in Wonwoo out of his soul. Loathing himself more than ever, feeling as if Mingyu was boring holes into his face and his mind, the omega began fidgeting, wishing pathetically to find a place to hide, yet there was just nothing.


Wonwoo felt like he had just been stripped stark naked in front of the man he loved but never dared to get.


Certainly, Seungcheol was able to see Wonwoo rapidly getting much more uncomfortable from the second Mingyu appeared, but the leader could not come up with any idea about how to soothe the boy next to him. Seungcheol intended to use a hand to squeeze the omega’s shoulder to get his attention, yet Wonwoo instantly flinched without even looking at the alpha. Due to such strong rejection, the leader had no choice but to refrain from having physical contact with the younger boy. Instead, he tried to release more soothing pheromones, but was still not sure whether Wonwoo would appreciate that or find true comfort in them or not.


The result was that, Wonwoo did feel a bit better and safer, reminded that Mingyu would not be able to anything to him because the whole pack, including the eldest alphas of the pack, were here to provide the best protection. The omega might not realize it, but his scent was telling everyone how uncomfortable he was, which caused not only Jeonghan but also Joshua to push out more soothing pheromones in an attempt to calm both him and Jun down. Moreover, an atmosphere full of calming pheromones would do Mingyu good too, since no one wanted to provoke the alpha any further.


After everyone had already settled, Seungcheol started talking, not waiting any longer.


“First of all, I will talk about one thing that is related to all of our newly presented members. Whether you are alpha or omega, you will all have to visit the doctor tomorrow to get your own subscription for suppressants to take regularly. Jeonghan, Joshua and I have been taking special suppressants from our early day until now, and everyone else in this industry does the same so as to hide our true second gender. Consequently, I don’t want to hear any further questions about this matter. Okay?”


Everyone, including the members who had not presented yet, nodded silently. Wonwoo kept his eyes glued to the floor, while Jun still had the nerves to look at Mingyu. It was actually easy for him, because the alpha was not staring at him or giving him any attention. It was painful, yet less scary than what Wonwoo was going through. Even with his head ducked down, Wonwoo was able to feel eyes boring holes into the top of his head. Now, he even wanted to switch his seat with Seungcheol so that he could sit next to Jun now, snuggling with his best friend and taking the warmth from him. Only Jun could give out such a vibe. Only his innocent and bright Junnie would still hold some faith and hopes left in his soul in situations like this. Without a doubt, Wonwoo knew Jun would easily forgive Mingyu and forget anything sorrowful that had happened between the two of them in the past three days.


Lost in his thoughts again, Wonwoo did not know Seungcheol was talking about until his name was suddenly mentioned by the leader.


“We’ve discussed and concluded that Wonu is my roommate from now on, but as we have Junnie presenting as an omega too, we might reconsider this again if Junnie wants to share a room with Wonu.”


When Wonwoo looked up, he caught the leader looking at him as well. The eye contact did not last longer than three seconds, yet it gave him more sense of safety and protection.


Yes. Wonwoo should not be too worried. Everyone in the pack was here. He would be fine. Moreover, Mingyu could be mad but he was not a monster. There was no need for the omega to overreact about this.


However, right at the moment Wonwoo began thinking that everything could be just fine, he was thrown to another state of utter shock as Mingyu all of a sudden spoke up in a strangely calm manner, staring directly into Seungcheol’s eyes, totally looking as if the growling and screaming alpha of an hour ago had never existed.


“It’s okay. There’s no need to change anything.” The alpha said slowly and clearly. “I would like to have Junnie as my roommate.”


Although Jun was never a real cat, everyone in the room could literally see his imaginary cat ears and tail perked up immediately. His watery eyes which had been threatening to shed tears abruptly shone brightly now while all of the other members gasped and widened their eyes comically.


Sitting straight up, Jun asked back in shaky voice, eyes pleading for another confirmation.


“You… you still want me to be your roommate? Are you… are you sure?”


The omega was trying so hard to contain a smile which just wanted to spread across his face instantly. Nonetheless, Jun was too scared of jumping into conclusion after just one sentence of Mingyu. This was too shocking; it was impossible for him to dare to believe before asking the alpha one more time, to make sure that Mingyu had not accidentally made everyone misunderstand his intention.


Mingyu sat up, wanting to stand up, yet the alpha changed his mind quickly and remained sitting in the armchair, just leaning to the front and placing his elbows on his knees, eyes eventually staring at Jun’s now.


“Yes. I’ve thought about it, and this is my decision, if you don’t mind.”


“Don’t, Junnie!” Jeonghan gripped the omega’s arm right at the moment he sensed Jun starting to stand up and open his mouth to declare an agreement. “You can’t do this! You saw how he treated him just an hour ago. I don’t believe he can change this fast. Don’t you see how ridiculous this is?”


“But…” Jun stuttered, turning to look at Mingyu then looking back at Jeonghan again. “But… I really want to! What can be wrong?”


Unable to watch Jun making a wrong decision, Minghao felt the urge to speak up despite knowing how much Mingyu was still mad at him.


“I don’t know if anyone has told you yet but Mingyu almost punched Seungcheol-hyung before we locked him in his room. I get that he can calm down but it doesn’t sound right like this, Junnie.”


“That you can’t share a room with Jun doesn’t mean I can’t, Hao.” Mingyu turned to face the Chinese dancer in a challenging way. “If I don’t get the chance now, it doesn’t mean you can get it either.”


“Stop it, Gyu!” Snarling and gritting his teeth, Minghao bristled in anger. “Don’t drag me into this! This is only about you and Jun, and yes, I have the right to worry about him because everyone does worry about him and also about you!”


“You don’t have to worry this much, especially when I volunteer to take care of him already.” Mingyu crossed his arms, still not dropping his challenging attitude. “I don’t see any problem with this. Nobody forces me to, and Junnie is about to agree by himself. It’s not like I’m putting any kind of pressure on him.”


“I’m sorry for being rude, but let’s just… talk about this frankly. Don’t beat around the bush anymore.” Jihoon intervened, frustration all over his face. “Let’s just say it out. Everyone, including Jun, knows so well that Mingyu has been loving Wonwoo for so long. I’m sorry, but there’s no use lying about this, and most of us have seen that Mingyu nearly punched Seungcheol-hyung after knowing what happened between Cheol-hyung and Wonwoo. Yet now, Mingyu suddenly wants to continue sharing a room with Jun and also says about things like protecting him or taking care of him???”


Angry to the the utmost, Jihoon could not endure sitting there while talking any longer. He had to stand up, facing Mingyu directly, hands on his hips.


“Don’t you think your own words are ridiculous, Gyu? We all have seen how you took care of Jun just an hour ago. He was crying and limping so badly but you didn’t even bother to carry him! It isn’t like he’s too heavy you can’t carry him or anything! He’s shorter and thinner than you and you’re a fucking alpha! There’s no excuse for that! Okay, maybe you were eager to see Wonwoo or frustrated about something I don’t know, but nothing should be a reason for you to neglect Jun like that! Why was he limping? Wasn’t that because of you?”


“I don’t know what you trying to say, hyung.” Mingyu glared at the short man, talking very slowly and calmly, which was definitely not typical of Mingyu at all whenever he was frustrated or angry. “Isn’t it obvious that this is something between me and Junnie only? Why do you have to interfere? I want it, and Junnie wants it too. Then what’s the problem? Don’t you realize you’re trying to decide this for us? Don’t you think that’s unfair?”


“Hyung, you are really scary now. Do you know that?” Chan nervously spoke up in spite of his fear. “We’re confused. We don’t understand anything. That’s why we’re all worried now. Can you please explain it or do anything to help us comprehend your decision?”


In the middle of the battle between the members, Wonwoo was already dead inside, even though this was actually what he had expected to happen. Something seemed off, yet the omega could not figure out what it was, and nothing seemed reasonable. Jihoon’s arguments made sense from the beginning till the end. No one had told Wonwoo about Mingyu nearly punching Seungcheol after hearing about the truth, but even without that piece of information, the omega would still find this reaction from the tallest alpha strange and totally unpredictable. It would be normal if Mingyu still acted furious or upset or at least sulky, but now the alpha was incredibly abnormally calm.


“Calm” had never been an adjective used for describing Mingyu in situations like this. Wonwoo was baffled, dumbfounded, and scared. Something about the alpha was too scary, like what Chan had bravely stated. Even more than before, Wonwoo really wanted to flee from this room and hide himself in his bedroom only. This was also why he chose to live in Seungcheol’s room. No one was allowed to enter the leader’s space without permission. The head alpha of a pack was always the most respected person, and Seungcheol would be his perfect hiding place.


Just right when Wonwoo started to fidget and looked as if he wanted to run away, Seungcheol gripped the omega’s arm, successfully getting his full attention. Snapping his head towards the leader immediately, Wonwoo received an assuring nod and also a questioning look, as if the alpha wanted to ask if he was okay. “No”. That was the answer Wonwoo wanted to say out loud but got stuck in his throat. He did not want to face Mingyu any longer, especially when the alpha seemed to be passive-aggressive like how he was being currently.


The cinnamon scent coming from Mingyu was too bitter for Wonwoo’s liking, and he soon started to sneeze out of discomfort. After a few times of sneezing, the omega began to shrink and shake lightly, painfully understanding why people needed to learn how to control their scents and pheromones to live in this society. Wonwoo was not aware of when Mingyu had turned his attention towards him, because he was still ducking his head and concentrating on nothing but trying to breathe and calm himself down. Seungcheol’s hand quickly found his, and Wonwoo desperately took it right away, unconsciously or consciously, scooting closer to the source of warmth and comfort from next to him.


Wonwoo did not know that his actions caused Mingyu to narrow his eyes and glare at the tip of his head again. Mingyu’s eyes burnt just by watching the way Seungcheol was holding the omega’s hand while Wonwoo was obviously trying to seek for protection and whatever Mingyu did not know from their leader, which was an utterly annoying scene to see. On the other hand, the young alpha wanted to laugh sarcastically, wondering why Wonwoo was selling himself for this kind of advantage. Was this a trade between him and Seungcheol? Wonwoo gave his ass to the eldest alpha so that in return he could be doted on by the leader all the time and would not have to worry about Mingyu anymore?


Mingyu had tried so hard to register why Wonwoo had to avoid him, or why the omega hated him so much that he just wanted to do anything to stay away from all kinds of confrontation with Mingyu forever. The more Mingyu thought of it, the more serious his headache as well as his fury became, as there was definitely a limit to his endurance. What kind of game did Wonwoo want to play? Was the omega going to become Seungcheol’s mate one day? Mingyu guessed he would laugh at everyone and everything in this world if such a thing ever happened. Maybe it had already occurred without him knowing?


At that thought, Mingyu just wanted to destroy everything in this world, or at least, anything that could hurt Wonwoo as terribly and cruelly as how the omega had hurt him. Regardless of how people tried to convince him, Mingyu would still know that all these stupid things about Seungcheol had been done intentionally by Wonwoo, and the omega must know so well how severely his actions affected Mingyu and shattered his heart.


Meanwhile, Jun had already checked out of the debate between the pack and Mingyu because now he was busy dealing with a mad Jeonghan who resolutely objected to the idea of Mingyu sharing a room with Jun. In order to make his arguments stronger, the alpha boldly cut everyone off and raised his voice.


“Just stop this.” Jeonghan shook his head, voice very stern. “Mingyu, you can be Junnie’s roommate later, but not right now. I think the best option now is to let Jun stay with me and Shua for a while. You two should only stay together after everything is settled down and the suppressants take effect on you both. I don’t approve the idea of unmated alphas and omegas sleeping in the same room together.”


Smirking, Mingyu quirked an eyebrow.


“You don’t approve? Then you mean Cheol-hyung and Wonwoo are mated? Or are they a special exception?”


“It’s different, Gyu. Don’t pretend like you don’t understand.” Seungcheol had been quite for a short while, but now he started to speak clear and powerful words. “What we’re worried about here is Junnie. He’s obviously heartbroken now and I’m afraid you are going to take advantage of him or hurt him even more. Since Junnie loves you, he’ll surely agree, but he might not be aware of the problems he might face in the future.”


“You should take care of your omega only, hyung.” Mingyu turned his challenging look to the leader this time, crossing not only his arms but also his legs. “Junnie is an adult. He can decide on things by himself. You are our leader, but not our father. If you can share a room with Wonwoo and think that it’s totally fine, they I must have the right to do that with Jun too, especially when this has already got mutual agreement. Right?”


“Seriously… what’s wrong with you, hyung?” Vernon asked with worries all over his face and his voice. “I get that you want to keep Jun as your roommate but… there’s no need to attack Cheol-hyung and Wonu-hyung like that. You know they aren’t mated. You know it, right?”


To everyone’s bewilderment, Mingyu scoffed.


“Whatever. It doesn’t make any difference. I don’t need to ask to know what happens behind closed door.”


Wonwoo felt like his heart was being squeezed violently by an invisible hand which was just going to rip the poor thing out of his ribcage. Mingyu seemed to be brutal in his words now, yet the painful thing was that the alpha was not wrong at all. Whether Wonwoo had received Seungcheol’s bite or not did not make any difference, and even the dumbest person could still register what they would do together in their shared room. It was just something that everyone knew but never wanted to talk about. It was an extraordinarily sensitive subject which should not have been made sensitive like this from the first place.


Wonwoo felt like he was a criminal, a disgusting human being in Mingyu’s eyes now. There was no mercy left in the alpha’s words. Maybe they should just let Mingyu get what he wanted because that was what Jun wanted too?


Right when the thought about Jun appeared in Wonwoo’s mind, the Chinese omega suddenly spoke louder so that everyone other than Jeonghan could hear him as well.


“If I stay with Hannie-hyung and Shua-hyung for a few weeks, then… after that I can come back to my room with Mingyu, right?”


Mingyu could not stop being harsh and bitter in just a second as he interrupted again.


“Are you sure Jeonghan’s hyung won’t knot you and mark you while you’re sleeping, weak and defenseless? Don’t you think he will do it so that you’ll be his and can’t come to me anymore?”


Both Seungcheol and Jun hurriedly gripped the second-eldest alpha just in time before he pounced on Mingyu to kill him. Joshua, Seokmin and Minghao all helped calming Jeonghan down, persuading the enraged alpha to sit down while on the other side, Soonyoung had abruptly stood up and pointed at Mingyu who was unfazed by the outburst of Jeonghan’s anger.


“Hey, shut up, Gyu!” Soonyoung literally growled into the younger man’s face right now, not caring even a bit about the fact that Mingyu had already turned into a real alpha. “I’m having enough of you disrespecting our hyungs. What did Jeonghan-hyung do to you? You were mad because Cheol-hyung took Wonu but now you’re mad because Jeonghan-hyung wants to take care of Junnie too? Are you done?”


“I’m just stating facts.” Mingyu shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s possible. After all I can’t predict what’s going to happen anymore.”


“But you can’t be disrespectful like this! There are thousands of ways to say things politely! Your attitude really sucks!”


Under the storm that had just broken out in the living room, Wonwoo could not do anything except for curling up on the couch, staring at everyone in horror. Chan and Seungkwan were wondering why the omega did not move even a finger, yet they hardly knew how Wonwoo’s world was shaking and crumbling inside his chest. He did not know what to do, or what to think anymore. His brain did not want to continue working. He just wanted an escape. He wanted all of this to stop. If letting Jun stay with Mingyu could stop this whole mess and make both of them happy, then Wonwoo just wanted to tell everyone to let the alpha have his own way. Nevertheless, no words managed to get out of Wonwoo’s mouth and not even a drop of tear could fall out of the omega’s eyes.


It was horrifying that, although Jun was too tired to continue helping everybody hold Jeonghan back so he sat down, neither of the omegas felt the need to talk or to even look at each other. In this moment, an invisible wall had been put up between the two of them, even though there was nothing in between them apart from Seungcheol who actually could help them both and would not dump them for any reasons. Wonwoo was surrounded by darkness, coldness and loneliness in the living room full of lights, air-conditioner, and people.


“Stop, please just stop.”


Nobody heard his word. Even God never heard him.


Mingyu saw him. Seungcheol saw him. Yet, their thoughts and actions were completely different. While the young alpha’s growls only got fiercer and more stubborn, the leader raised his voice louder and firmer than any kinds of chaos in the room, successfully making everyone shut up just by one words.




The room went dead silent right after that, and without a word, everyone quietly sat down, dropping all arguments or quarrels. Jeonghan was the only one who still needed to be held carefully by Joshua and the omega did not dare to leave his mate anymore. As a result, Wonwoo had no one else on his right side, which caused him to feel awfully empty and insecure, as if he was lacking a piece of clothes on his own body. Wonwoo wished he could shrink into something so tiny, so insignificant that nobody could see him any longer.


Nonetheless, Seungcheol still saw him, and before Wonwoo could figure out what the leader was about to do when the alpha turned towards him, Wonwoo had been scooped up into Seungcheol’s arms. The omega yelped in shock, but did not put up any fight, already knowing that everything was really going to end. Seungcheol would help him end this. He just needed to hide. He just needed to use the leader as his shelter, his hiding spot, his escape, and then he would be fine. He should just stay still, listen, and let the alpha do everything else.


Wonwoo was not able to look at anything or anyone in that position. Even if he tried to, nothing came to his sight except for darkness and his ugly reflection in the shocked eyes of his pack members in the room.


Seungcheol did end it all and left no room for further arguments.


“Junnie will stay with Jeonghan and Joshua in the next two weeks. After that, he can come back to his room to join Mingyu or continue to stay where he has been. Clear?”


The leader patiently waited for Jun to sheepishly and reluctantly reply a “yes” before turning his heels and walking straight back to his room. The storm came back to the living room just as the head alpha disappeared behind his door, yet at least a decision had been made. No matter what they argued out there, Jun would not be allowed to go back to Mingyu’s room, because Seungcheol would make sure to contact their managers if the omega did so. It was not safe at all to let the Chinese boy sleep in the same room with Mingyu in this condition. Consequently, Seungcheol knew he had all the rights to interfere with extreme methods.


On the other hand, what would happen if Jun refused to take the help he offered? What should Seungcheol do if the Chinese boy was blinded by love and no longer understood what was good or bad for him anymore?


What should Seungcheol do with Wonwoo, who looked just like soulless person with a clearly opened wound oozing blood continuously? Was it possible to save Wonwoo, who seemed to have locked himself away from this world? Why did the omega not cry while Mingyu tried so hard to have Jun as his roommate? Was Wonwoo’s soul already dead?


Why didn’t the two newly presented omegas say a single word to each other while Joshua had said that the two boys hugged and cuddled a lot previously? Did their friendship just end?

Chapter Text

Only waiting to see the door closed behind Seungcheol’s back, Mingyu took the chance of the leader’s absence to stand up and walk towards Jun immediately. However, a protective Jeonghan stepped up to stand in front of the omega, shielding him away from the taller man right away, causing another confrontation between the two men. Jeonghan was shorter and smaller than Mingyu, yet these features did not make him any less intimidating than the younger alpha as he growled and bared his teeth.


“Did you hear him? Seungcheol said Junnie would stay with us in the next two weeks, not with you.”


Mingyu shrugged and smirked as if he had no care about anything and were being nonchalant about all that happened, but in this short distance, Jeonghan saw the obvious irritation and anger in those eyes. There were times in which normal Mingyu would look like a cute puppy, and there were other times when normal Mingyu showed all of his fierce and domineering characteristics typical of a real alpha. This moment was one of those when the young alpha did not seem to have any innocence or mercy left in his soul. Jeonghan had never loved to see this side of Mingyu, especially when they were not posing in front of the cameras or performing on stage.


“I want to talk to him, hyung. Nobody says I’m not allowed to talk to Junnie. Would you mind stepping away so that I can have a conversation with him?”


“Hannie, you have to let Gyu talk to Junnie.” Joshua came to his mate, holding Jeonghan’s arm gently in an attempt to calm him down. “They need to talk to sort things out. Please, Hannie!”


“I know you’re right, hyung, but I have to say I share the same feeling with Jeonghan-hyung.” Minghao crossed his arms, eyes glued to the tallest alpha. “I don’t feel comfortable with letting Junnie be alone with him now. I guess all of us have this kind of feeling.”


Mingyu snickered one more time, and then suddenly burst into laughter.


“Can you please stop acting like you’re his lover or something? Why so tense? Why so protective, huh? Don’t you see that he didn’t choose you? He chose me, right?”


Minghao had to grip the armrest of the armchair he was leaning against so hard that his knuckles turned white, but he knew there was no use fighting physically with Mingyu now. Nothing could be solved through violence. Moreover, as a newly presented alpha and with all the muscles he had currently, Mingyu would surely knock out anyone coming into battle with him.


Receiving no retort, Mingyu continued with his insult.


“Oh, I guess you know it already, because you’re the one who put my clothes into Junnie’s bag, obviously. Why, Hao? Care to explain to me why you pushed me towards Junnie then now try to push me away from him? Regretting it now? Or what kind of game are you playing?”


“Stop it, Gyu! Seriously, just stop it!” Soonyoung came to face the young alpha directly as well. “You can be mad, but don’t throw hurtful words into other people’s face like that. We haven’t made any assumptions about you, so please stop doing that to us. You’ve been talking nonsense and making everyone nervous about you.”


“Okay okay.” Mingyu nodded lazily, looking absolutely bored. “Is that enough? May I talk to Junnie now? I don’t think that’s your business. Right?”


Everybody knew a talk could not be an opportunity for Mingyu to harm Jun in any ways, yet they were still worried because of how flighty and naïve Jun seemed to be when it came to things related to Mingyu. They knew the omega loved this big and hot-headed alpha a lot, which proved to be a huge trouble at this moment. They were afraid Mingyu might lure Jun into something yet they were not there to stop the omega from making silly decisions.


In their opinion, Jun and Mingyu should be separated for a long time before they could miraculously become a couple or something like that after all of this. Two weeks were not even enough. Mingyu’s crush on Wonwoo had been alive for years, so everyone knew it would take at least months or even years for the alpha to forget his love.


Would this ever happen, actually?


In the end, no matter what, they had to allow Mingyu to have a talk with Jun, since there was obviously no reason or right for them to forbid the alpha from talking to his best friend. Nevertheless, they all held their breath and waited, watching Mingyu approaching Jun while the omega stared back at the taller male with innocent and anticipating eyes. They all sighed in relief when Mingyu eventually turned kind again and scooped Jun up from the couch, not forcing the older boy to force his sore body to walk. Being carried in front of everyone, the omega blushed so hard that he decided to hide his face into Mingyu’s chest, arms wrapping around the alpha’s shoulders tightly.


The scene made Jeonghan constantly growl deeply in his throat yet Mingyu never stopped throwing towards that challenging glance which only caused the older alpha to grit his teeth to hold back the desire to jump and tear that crazy man into pieces. Jeonghan seriously just wanted to follow the couple into Mingyu’s room so that he could supervise the conversation and make sure that Jun would not be hurt again, yet it was not something he could do. Mingyu had all the rights to have a private talk, especially when Jun had nothing against that decision.



Before Seungcheol could reach the bed, he had already felt the boy in his arms squirming and trying to break away from his hold, which only happened after the door was closed. Frowning in confusion, the leader did not allow Wonwoo to get away. The only way for the omega to get out of this was to wait until he was put nicely on the bed.


No. In fact, Seungcheol did not even feel enough after putting Wonwoo on his bed. The alpha only got satisfied after tucking the omega properly under the thick blanket, earning a scowl and a mumble of complaint from the younger boy.


“Thank you, but… I’m not sick.”


“Yeah, but your face is turning pale. Very pale.” Seungcheol remained sitting at the edge of the bed, an arm still resting on Wonwoo’s stomach outside the blanket. “You had better sleep for a while. Your heat’s just ended. It’s normal to feel tired.”


“Why did you do that?” As stubborn and as neglectful towards his own health like how he had always been, the omega asked back. “I don’t need to be carried.”


Seungcheol tried to look into Wonwoo’s soul through his dark eyes, yet nothing could be found there. Absolutely nothing.


Despite asking this, Wonwoo actually was not trying to push Seungcheol away at this moment. Living with Wonwoo was like a life full of questions, confusion and surprise. It had been just a few days, but the leader felt as if he was about to get insane already. The fact that they were in the same unit with Mingyu was even more insane and made Seungcheol wonder what kind of drama he had put himself into.


He could never ignore Wonwoo or get rid of the omega without a care, but doing this was just like declaring a war with Mingyu. What Wonwoo had been doing only worsened the situation, trapping Seungcheol in a condition where he looked just like the omega’s lover or at least friend with benefit.


They had not even worked that out together yet.


“You didn’t say so out there. You really want to let Mingyu see that, don’t you?”


Wonwoo did not answer. All the omega did was to look away, avoiding eye contact, avoiding all kinds of questions or confrontation, but he did not try to roll over to the other side of the bed. In front of this behavior, Seungcheol could not figure out what Wonwoo might be thinking in his mind at all. Everything about the omega had a thick layer of mystery covering it all, making the alpha wonder what Wonwoo was trying so hard to hide away from everybody. Did Seungcheol not see most of it already? The omega might have not done that intentionally, but his state in his heat in the past three days had revealed pretty much of his inner problems to the leader.


On the other hand, the alpha did not expected to be asked another question, which was actually just a rephrased version of the previous one.


“I didn’t… I didn’t ask you to help me get out of there.” Wonwoo murmured without looking at Seungcheol, only staring at the ceiling as if he were talking to himself.


“Your scent was literally screaming for help.” The alpha replied slowly. “I didn’t need to be asked to feel it.”


Wonwoo asked again, eyes still glued to the ceiling.


“That means other people might be able to feel it too, right?”


“Yeah. That’s why you need to take suppressants. Don’t worry. Things will get better quickly. Suppressants are safe and used by millions of people.”


“I’m not worried about that…” The younger male shook his head, voice lower and quieter. “Just…”


Without finishing his sentence, the omega stayed silent and bit his lips, going through the messy and chaotic thoughts on his own, but eventually, he turned his head to the other side where there was no Seungcheol. However, the alpha did not fail to notice that Wonwoo actually pressed half of his face quite hard into the pillow and took a deep inhale. That was the obvious evidence of the boy trying to breathe in Seungcheol’s scent in order to feel better.


The alpha did not understand why Wonwoo had to make himself look stronger than how he was like that. It was okay for every omega to seek for comfort from alphas in his pack, or even just from someone he felt comfortable with. Seungcheol would not judge him. Nobody else would. Yet, he did not need to really do that to know that Wonwoo would snap or shut down immediately once he stated correctly what kind of troubles the omega was facing.


“You should sleep a bit. I’ll wake you up when it’s time for lunch.” Seungcheol worriedly placed a palm on Wonwoo’s forehead, stroking gently towards the direction of the tip of the omega’s head.


Melting to see how the boy subtly leaning to the touch, Seungcheol repeated the action a few more times, satisfied to see that it was perhaps possible to lure Wonwoo into sleep by this kind of innocent affection. The omega sighed deeply before nodding, closing his eyes and seeming to relax his body, getting ready for a short nap. Not being told to stay away or anything, Seungcheol continued to sit there longer and longer, slowly and gently stroking the omega’s forehead and head constantly for over ten minutes, until he was one hundred percent sure that the younger boy had already fallen asleep.


Nevertheless, Seungcheol knew he had not done anything significant. It was just that Wonwoo was still suffering from the exhaustion resulted from his heat. In other days, the leader would undoubtedly have a lot of troubles in coaxing the omega into relaxing or even just staying still to be taken care of.


Seungcheol did not know whether it was a good thing for Wonwoo to be his roommate or not, yet he knew this was better than any other options they had at this time. The omega could not be fine if he continued to be Soonyoung’s roommate or started to share a room with Jun. A room of Wonwoo and Jun now could only be a disaster, a time ticking bomb, a storm waiting to break out at any time. Jun’s heart could get broken too easily, while Wonwoo would definitely try his best to act like he were tough and strong enough to protect and take care of his best friend.


In Seungcheol’s eyes, Wonwoo did not need any less protection. Honestly, the leader even believed that if he was only allowed to dote on only one of the two omegas, he would not hesitate to pick Wonwoo regardless of how the other members would consider him to be stupid and insane.


He might have seen things other people had never seen from Wonwoo.




Jun knew Mingyu’s act of carrying him into their bedroom resembled what Seungcheol had done to Wonwoo a few minutes ago, yet the omega’s heart desperately wished for the meaning of it to be different. He knew what Seungcheol had for his best friend was perhaps just the affection between the leader and the new omega of the pack, who was also the person he had helped through the first heat. Jun’s case with Mingyu was almost the same, but Wonwoo had never confessed to be in love with Seungcheol.


Jun had.


It should be extremely awkward, since as far as Jun knew until this moment, Mingyu did not love him in the same way as how he loved the alpha. It was supposed to be very weird between two people who were not on the same page of emotions. However, the omega was now dumbfounded as Mingyu was carrying him carefully, politely asking him to open the door in order that the bigger man could come in without putting him down. Jun was in awe at how gently Mingyu was when placing him on his bed, as if he was afraid the omega would break like a fragile flower. It did not make sense, because this same alpha had acted very indifferently towards Jun just two hours ago, but the omega could not help feeling his heart flutter.


That was why his heart had kept this love for Mingyu through all those years. It was not something that came and went away in one day. It had been lasting as long as Mingyu’s love for Wonwoo, which was also the reason why most of the pack knew about it, like how they all knew Mingyu loved Jun’s best friend. They did not talk to Mingyu about this since everyone knew how complicated this love triangle was, but now there was nothing to hide anymore between these three people.


No. Actually there was still one secret. Wonwoo had never told anyone that he loved Mingyu. Not even Jun. Jun had only found out this truth because he was extremely close to Wonwoo and paid so much attention to his best friend and his crush that it was easy for him to recognize the odd tension between them.


Nonetheless, it no longer matter now. Loving Mingyu or not, Wonwoo obviously did not choose to become a couple with the said alpha. Jun did not understand why, but he did not know what to do either. Did he want to persuade Wonwoo to be brave and confess to his love? Jun had. Yet not now. Not when Mingyu was acting like this to him and making Jun feel like he really had a chance. Mingyu was a man with a broken heart. Maybe he was ready to receive another love from another omega? Mingyu could easily accept this because they had already been best friends and roommates for a long time?


Jun was dying to know, and it felt like ages had passed as he waited for his biggest crush of his life to kneel down in front of him on one knee. The alpha had not said anything, yet Jun’s heart was already weak, and crumbling. The omega eyesight was bad since he was still very tired after long days in heat and too much crying, so it was extremely difficult to read Mingyu’s expression. On the other hand, he was very sensitive towards everything, which meant the alpha’s pheromones were telling a lot about how he was feeling. Jun had to admit that he could sense Mingyu’s anger very clearly, yet this fact did not make him lose his hope.


Everyone had just been very mad at Mingyu out there, and the alpha was bearing a broken heart. He definitely had the right to feel very furious and frustrated, right? Mingyu was angry but still appeared to be calm and normal. Should Jun take this as a good sign?


Nonetheless, Mingyu had already been angry before going home, but he had not tried to be nice to Jun even a bit. What made the alpha change his mind? Or that was what Mingyu was about to tell him here? Perhaps Jun should just calm down and wait. They were going to talk. There was no reason to fret. It would be fine. He had already talked to Wonwoo, and now was his opportunity to have a proper conversation with Mingyu about everything that had happened in the last three days. If Mingyu forgave him like how Wonwoo had done, Jun’s life would be fulfilled from now on and this nightmare would all of a sudden turn into a sweet and beautiful dream, although there were some flaws.


The chain of thoughts was interrupted as Jun suddenly felt his both hands being touched. The omega was taken aback to see his crush’s hands reaching up to hold his ones tenderly while the alpha was looking directly into his eyes. The look Mingyu gave him was not one of the sweetest ones the man had ever given to somebody, but it was something that never failed to get Jun’s attention and make his heart forget how to beat normally. Right at the moment Mingyu’s big and long fingers closed around his cold hands, the omega no longer remembered any worries he had had just a few seconds ago, as if nothing had ever happened.


“I’m sorry, Junnie.” Mingyu started with a voice that was softer and quieter than what he had used out there. “I know… I was very reckless, irrational and heartless this morning.  I know I made you suffer while I was supposed to take responsibility for what I had done. I didn’t, and I know I was an absolute douchebag then.”


Being reminded of this painful morning, the omega could not help shivering before nodding slowly and tearing his eyes away for a while, unable to endure staring at Mingyu while thinking about that. At the same time, the omega felt the thumbs on the back of his hands stroking gently, as if trying to soothe him and apologizing to him together with their owners. The tiny affection helped so much more than what Jun had expected, making him wonder why kind of other magic Mingyu would ever have on him.


The apology already felt like warm honey poured into his ears and healing his heart again although it felt surreal. Nevertheless, the hands holding his hands and the obvious presence of the alpha right in front of his eyes were certainly realer than all the dreams Jun had even had in his life. Which made it more real was that Mingyu was still here after saying out those apologies, and the alpha still had more to say.


“I know everyone is doubting my intention, but I don’t understand why the hell they are all like that.” Mingyu cocked his head to a side, frowning and mumbling, obviously very pissed off by everyone’s attitudes. “What can happen with us being roommates? They’re afraid we will fight constantly or something?”


“They’re just worried. You don’t need to mind them. Just let them be.” Jun shook his head, shyly putting force into his hands so that he could hold Mingyu’s ones. “When they see that nothing happens, they will stop being like that. You just need to wait.”


“So you trust me, right?” The alpha stared into Jun’s eyes, continuing to stroke his best friend’s hands. “You know we will be fine, right?”


“If… if you say so.” The omega replied and stuttered anxiously, unable to maintain eye contact with Mingyu for too long because he was shy. “I… I’m sorry, Mingyu. I know… I… I didn’t want it to happen but it’s true that I triggered you and put you in a difficult situation. I’m really sorry.”


“It’s okay. I don’t need you to apologize anymore. It wasn’t your fault.” Mingyu shushed the older male gently, using a hand to cup the omega’s face, melting his heart one more time. “Everything is going to be okay. Nothing will change. We will be still roommates. I’m not mad at you. That’s perfect, right?”


“Really? You aren’t mad at me? At all?” Jun still asked with shaking voice, trying his best to stop his hasty smile of happiness to spread across his face.


Mingyu chuckled as if talking to a silly kid.


“I’m not mad. Why should I insist on keeping you with me? I wouldn’t do that if I were angry, Junnie.”


“But… then what’s this now… between us?” The omega struggled to believe how real this whole dream was, wondering how his crush could possibly turn out to be his lover in this way. “I need to know the truth, Mingyu. I can’t stand just being roommate with you anymore! Please let me know! Please, Gyu!”


Jun knew he sounded like the most pathetic bitch in this world. He should care but he did not. Not when everything had become this between him and his crush. There was no way he could live in peace again without a proper confirmation. Even if it was a rejection, Jun was desperate to receive it so that there would be no more confusion or conflict between the two of them. Even if it hurt, Jun would gladly let go of Mingyu in peace, and then, he would have no problem with Wonwoo, not even a bit. They would be still best friends, two lazy cats who loved to chill around together.


“It is what you want it to be, Junnie.” Mingyu now used both hands to tenderly caress the omega’s cheeks, making the boy feel as if he was being treasured, adored, and taken care of. “How can it be different from that? If I wanted anything else, I wouldn’t fight with everyone to make you my roommate, Junnie.”


Jun had never known he would burst into tears right at this moment due to nothing but overwhelming happiness. Without thinking, the omega flung himself into Mingyu’s embrace. Just as what he had expected, the alpha easily caught him in his strong arms, squeezing the older boy tightly into his chest. The overemotional omega was not only sobbing but also laughing like a silly boy, yet nobody outside had the urge to run into the room to rescue him. The reason was that, the scent he was giving out had just reached the peak of sweetness within seconds.


In fact, everybody outside was even startled and wondered whether Jun was about to get into his heat again, even though this was absolutely impossible. Sighing in both relief and worries, they gave one another meaningful glances, and slowly walked back into their own rooms, deciding to stop this argument for now. At present, Mingyu seemed strangely nice and calm, so they had no choice but to wait and see. It would be unfair and unreasonable to keep questioning and putting pressure on someone who seemed to have nothing but good intentions. Mingyu had been rude during the pack meeting, yet they had to admit the alpha had not done or said anything to Wonwoo, and he was being a responsible person to Jun currently.


“Let’s just wait and see. Jun’s going to be with Jeonghan and Joshua anyways.” That was how all of them convinced themselves in order to feel less concerned of the whole picture about the seemingly new couple.




Wonwoo was woken up by Seungcheol when it was time for lunch, like how the leader had promised. For a split second, the omega thought he had just closed his eyes for a few minutes because the sight was still too familiar. He was still in bed with Seungcheol sitting right by his side, a hand gently stroking his hair and his forehead. The action felt so nice and so soothing that he considered skipping lunch so as to continue being pampered and falling back into his slumber in this comfy bed.


However, when his brain came back to functioning properly, he knew Seungcheol would not be here with him forever, and it would not be nice of him to continuously ask for this affection greedily while he had not really done anything to earn it. He had no right to ask for anything. All of a sudden feeling extremely heavy just by his own thoughts, the omega dragged his body out of bed, slowly following his roommate into the kitchen.


Wonwoo met several members on the way there, and they all asked him if he had rested well. To be honest, he knew he would never consider any kinds of rest to be enough for his body and his mind, but he still nodded and smiled to everyone, which earned him back a sweet smile from each of his pack mates.


Nobody had ever got a designated seat at the table, but they had always been used to taking a particular position as their own seat and just sat there all the time. Nonetheless, such a thing did not seem to exist in Wonwoo’s mind. Mindlessly, the omega just tagged along whom he had already been following from the bedroom to the table, and then naturally sat down on the nearest chair. Seungcheol as usual took the chair at the head of the long table while Jeonghan sat on his right side and Soonyoung took the seat on his left side.


Today, the performance unit leader stared at Wonwoo in awe as the omega stole his chair without even giving him a glance, as if it had always been Wonwoo’s original position. This behavior caught everyone’s attention but no one pointed out a thing, knowing that whatever happened between Wonwoo and Seungcheol had already baffled all of them enough and Wonwoo obviously never wanted to talk about it. Grabbing Soonyoung’s arm, Jihoon strongly pulled the taller man to the chair where Wonwoo had often sat on in the past, giving him the glare that said “You have to swap chairs with Wonwoo from now on. No more argument.”


No matter how hard they tried to improve the atmosphere, lunch time was still awfully awkward and tense. There was an extremely strange tension between Wonwoo, Mingyu and also Jun, although it had looked like they had managed to sort out their problems together. All three of them remained silent while Mingyu and Jun used to be very talkative during group meals.


Wonwoo noticed Mingyu’s eyes boring holes into his face sometimes, yet he just resolutely ignored and acted as if he had not known anything, only eating and listening to whatever anyone said. This atmosphere was undoubtedly so bad, so so so bad, but Wonwoo believed it could get better soon, regarding the glow radiating from Jun’s whole appearance. The Chinese omega was oddly quiet and had a solemn expression on his face, but he clearly had stopped crying for a long while and it did not seem like he was about to cry again. Without asking, Wonwoo knew things between his best friend and Mingyu had been nice, even though things were a bit different from his original plan. Nevertheless, this was fine. It was good enough for Wonwoo to feel relieved and happy, knowing that eventually his best of best friend could have the person he loved. Nothing promised that they would be a couple forever, yet Wonwoo found this present enough for himself to be happy and contented, for now.


And he would not have to care about anything further.


Unfortunately, Wonwoo’s little happiness was cut short by Seungcheol’s reminder.


“Wonu, Junnie, Gyu, you guys remember that you have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon, right?”


The answer came to Wonwoo’s mind was “No”, but he followed the other two and replied “Yes” to their leader. The omega wanted to spend more time sleeping so as to get back to his normal health quickly, yet perhaps his sleep had to wait.


In the afternoon, all of the newly presented members were brought to the hospital in a van together with the older men in the pack and one of their managers. The three omegas sat together on one row while the three alphas took the back one. Jun took this chance to stick to Wonwoo like how he had always done, chatting quietly with his best friend during the whole way to the hospital. The Chinese boy’s heart got back its normal beats as he received both replies and questions from Wonwoo, who sounded just as genuine as usual and made Jun eventually believe that everything could be just fine. Wonwoo was not mad. Wonwoo was still his best friend. Jun’s life was really fulfilled.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the back bench was not that peaceful although nobody let out a word. Mingyu was stuck between the two older alphas, saying nothing and just scrolling through his phone languidly, both Seungcheol and Jeonghan felt something off. The smell of anger was still very thick in the air, but Mingyu somehow managed to put up a façade that made people almost believe he was calmer than ever. This fact of knowing something was wrong but having no idea what to do seriously pissed Jeonghan off, whereas Seungcheol started to be afraid someone would be about to get hurt sooner or later.


Mingyu was mad. Something needed to happen to ease the young alpha’s fury or Mingyu needed something to vent out his anger. If the biggest alpha decided to keep all the pain and madness to himself, it would be dangerous as well, because nobody could predict what might happen when Mingyu was pushed to his limit of endurance.


No matter what, Seungcheol was determined that he would never leave Wonwoo and Mingyu to be together without anyone else around. What was missing now was a proper confrontation between the two of them, but Seungcheol could already see that was the last thing Wonwoo wanted to happen. This boy evidently was trying to run away from something or desperately hiding something from everyone else.



The task of getting his health checked was much easier and faster than what Wonwoo had expected. Consequently, they went home early, and there was in fact still time for him to rest a bit before having dinner. There was also time for him to sit down in front of Seungcheol’s computer to play games prior to thinking of taking a shower. It was undeniable that the leader had a PC that was much more powerful than Wonwoo’s one, and it was just super convenient for him to sit down and use that monster device without even asking. Seungcheol was not playing anyway.


The leader did not have any wish to complain when he walked in and saw Wonwoo using his PC, but the sight did take him aback a little. Sharing PCs was something extremely normal between gamers like him and Wonwoo, but the alpha had never imagined there would be one day in which he would step into his room and see an omega using his computer as normal as if they were something. It was oddly satisfyingly domestic and heartwarming, completely contrast to the cold and empty room Seungcheol was used to walking into every day.


If Wonwoo was not concentrating too much on his game, he would say something to the leader, but whenever the younger boy’s mind was drowned deep in the game, he barely noticed the alpha entering the room, like how he was now. Chuckling, Seungcheol threw himself onto the bed and took out his phone from his own pocket. It was not until now did Wonwoo finally register that someone had joined him in this small space, which caused him to immediately turn around. The alpha was a little surprised to see how startled Wonwoo seemed to be now.


“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” Seungcheol quickly explained. “You seem to be so focused on the game so I didn’t say anything.”


“No… It’s… It’s okay.” Wonwoo mumbled and looked away from the alpha. “You don’t have to say sorry.”


Seungcheol was not really convinced that the omega was totally fine, yet he did not pressure the boy to speak more about this matter. Instead, he checked the time before telling Wonwoo.


“Don’t play games for too long, Wonu. You need to rest. Have you showered yet?”


The omega just wanted to groan, hating the fact that he had not expected to live under Seungcheol’s supervision like this. With an attentive leader by his sides every day, Wonwoo would always be reminded to take care of himself and do things he had never done without being told to. It was actually not a bad thing, but for the omega, it was frustrating, annoying, and something else he had not understood yet. A strange feeling kept Wonwoo itching and fidgeting for a long while, yet he knew nothing but his own stubbornness and irritation. He wanted peace. He wanted a dark place all for himself only, yet that was impossible in this apartment full of people.


Wonwoo mumbled “I’ll play for twenty more minutes” like a petulant kid with a pout that Seungcheol could not see, but the leader was wondering whether the omega had already known what he had signed up for before deciding to become his roommate or not. This was one of the clearest indications which showed Wonwoo had not expected to be dictated. Spending a few more minutes thinking, Seungcheol concluded that he himself could not be at fault in this matter. As a leader, and as an alpha, he had all the rights and responsibility to care about whether Wonwoo was taking care of himself or not. Moreover, he had talked very nicely and politely, not giving any harsh orders or using commanding tone at all.


The best thing about this was that Wonwoo was about person who kept his words. After exactly twenty minutes, the omega turned off the computer and went to get some clothes. Darting his eyes away from his cellphone screen, Seungcheol followed the younger boy’s movements, suddenly feeling curious to see what Wonwoo would take out from the wardrobe.


It came as no surprise when the omega got a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants which both belonged to Seungcheol. The only thing Wonwoo got from his own possession was his underwear, and the leader smoothly returned his attention to the phone screen just one second before Wonwoo turned around to look at the alpha. Nonetheless, the omega said nothing, just heading straight to the bathroom.


Seungcheol muttered a “fuck” right after the door was closed, regretting how he had easily agreed to let the omega to sleep in his bedroom. As the eldest alpha of the group, the leader of this pack, Seungcheol was supposed to know that an unmated and an unmated omega should never share a room except for when they were lovers, or when they gained benefits from each other. According to what they had discussed during Wonwoo’s heat, Seungcheol should have his benefits from this, but the leader seriously was not sure at all. They had not talked any further about this problem, and the alpha had to wonder whether he would unintentionally hurt Wonwoo or not if he asked for what had been offered to him?


Seungcheol had never known that dealing with Wonwoo could be this difficult.


The sweet aroma of white tea was still lingering in Seungcheol’s mind, lungs, and heart, and perhaps it would never went away, as long as the owner of that scent was still here with him to leave it in every single corner of this room to drive the alpha insane.


As a result, when Wonwoo stepped out of the bathroom, Seungcheol had already got his clothes in hands, impatiently waiting for his turn to shower. Startled by the serious expression on the leader’s face, the omega could not help asking nervously, a hand using the big towel to dry his messy hair.


“Is there anything wrong, hyung? Was I inside too long?”


“No. I’m just thinking about something. No big deal.” Seungcheol shook his head but stood up more abruptly than how he should. “Dry your hair carefully and sleep early. Don’t play games anymore.”


Wonwoo nodded without understanding what had caused the leader to have this attitude. Nevertheless, he shook it off rapidly, focusing on drying his hair like how the alpha had told him to. Again, Wonwoo cursed this unfair fate, hating how now he had to exactly follow an alpha’s orders. Ruffling his own hair a bit too violently, Wonwoo groaned again and then walked around to look for his dryer, wondering where he had put it when moving his own belongings into this bedroom.


Wonwoo remembered spending a lot of time making sure his hair was completely dry before lying down on the fluffy bed, yet there was still pretty much time for him to scroll through his phone alone until the bathroom door opened again. The omega had even thought that Seungcheol could probably had slipped and fallen down inside, so now it was a relief that the leader was still walking normally on his own. Nonetheless, just after one short glance at the alpha, Wonwoo’s eyes failed to focus on his phone and soon returned to the grumpy man who was drying his hair with definitely excessive force as if the hair had offended him in some way.


In fact, Seungcheol’s face looked exactly like he had been offended, but it was not difficult for Wonwoo to realize what might have caused the leader to feel uncomfortable and irritated. The omega must have been blind if he had not been able to see the tightness on the front of Seungcheol’s pants even though the leader had already soon turned to face another direction instead of letting it be shown towards Wonwoo.


The leader turned off the light and only left the small lamp on with the sole intention of going to sleep, but Wonwoo just took this time to suddenly slip out of the bed, putting his phone on the nightstand. Wondering what the omega was about to do, Seungcheol’s eyes greedily followed the omega’s movements only to be shocked when the boy took off his pants along with his underwear, leaving himself completely naked and exposed to the hungry eyes of the only alpha in the room.


Without saying anything or looking at Seungcheol, Wonwoo silently got back onto the bed on all fours, resting his head on one of the pillows and pushing his ass up in the air in the perfect position of presenting. His movements had no intention of seducing and were too fast to be considered alluring and tempting, yet Seungcheol needed none of those. The only thing he cared about was the fact that Wonwoo was presenting for him, waiting and anticipating to be fucked, while the alpha had not even asked.


Without any words, they simply understood what the other wanted. Now, Seungcheol eventually believed that Wonwoo knew most of what he was about to face and deal with in his life of sharing a room with an alpha. It was not typical of Wonwoo at all to present for an alpha this easily, yet Seungcheol knew the last thing he wanted to do was to reject this gorgeous boy who was offering his own body to him without a complaint. The leader admitted his fault for letting Wonwoo realize how hard he was currently, but he knew the embarrassed omega would feel even worse if Seungcheol declined the offer right now.


In utter silence, Wonwoo anxiously waited for the alpha to just pounce and fuck his ass immediately to satisfy his rock hard dick. Not stupid or oblivious, Wonwoo knew this must be coming and would happen over and over again, wondering what he might be feeling in this moment. The omega was not sure about a single thing in this world, or even just in his own mind, but perhaps the clearest thing he knew was his strong wish for the leader not to have mercy on him, not to let him feel loved or cherished in any form of love, because he did not deserve it.


“Are you sure you are okay with this, Wonie?” Seungcheol’s voice came to the omega’s ears from the back at the same time with a hand placed on his tailbone, making him shiver.


Wonwoo sucked in a deep breathe, knowing that he was not being hard or producing any slick yet to ease the upcoming sex, yet the boy still nodded and urged breathlessly, voice partly muffled by the pillow under his right cheek.


“I am. Just use me as you want.”


Seungcheol was strangely quiet for a minute, but when Wonwoo finally felt the hand on his tailbone starting to move, it did not seem like the alpha’s dick was being guided towards his entrance. Not at all. Instead, Wonwoo felt a pair of hands caressing the back of his thighs, fondling and kneading his butt cheeks, and roaming all over his naked back. Being caught off guard, the omega shuddered visibly and involuntarily moaned feebly, voice shaking.


“You… you don’t have to do that… hyung…”


“Shh.” Seungcheol shushed his partner by a tender kiss on one of Wonwoo’s cheeks, too close to his crack for him not to shiver. “I want to do this.”


Not giving the omega any chance to protest or prepare, Seungcheol went ahead with his thirst and desires, deciding that this should be fine, as long as he himself wanted this, and Wonwoo would not be hurt any further.


Without warning, Wonwoo felt a broad tongue licking over his entrance, which made him loose his power on his knees immediately and his throat choked out a filthy moan out of shock and pleasure. Before the omega collapsed down on the bed, the alpha’s hands had already kept him in place, and kept his face being stuck into the younger boy’s ass to eat him out thoroughly.

Chapter Text

Without the haze of his heat, Wonwoo thought that there would be no reason for him to enjoy having sex with Seungcheol, yet it turned out that he was completely wrong.


The omega had his first orgasm just by the alpha eating him out intensely and eagerly. It was utterly obscene to see how happy, excited and greedy Seungcheol was as he licked and slurped all the sweet slick coming out of the omega. Wonwoo could not see, but he could definitely feel his partner chasing every drop of the nice liquid, and this fact made him blush in an extreme embarrassment, although his heart was warm and full of the feeling of being adored and wanted. If Wonwoo had an equal relationship, he would surely never allow his boyfriend to fuck him by the tongue because it would be too embarrassing. However, the omega could not have any opinions against Seungcheol, so he could only let the leader do whatever he wanted without having a words.


Wonwoo had never known he would find intense pleasure from embarrassment until now.


After just one orgasm, the omega collapsed on the bed, lying there and just wishing to sleep immediately, feeling light and tired already, but he knew Seungcheol must have not finished yet. Nonetheless, Wonwoo had no idea how much time had passed by or what the alpha had been doing, but when he felt hands on his body again, he was flipped to lie on his back, and to face the leader. Grinning in a way Wonwoo was not accustomed to, Seungcheol quickly captured the younger boy’s lips in his own and started making out with him, as if they were true lovers.


In bewilderment, Wonwoo realized the leader tasted like mint, not the authentic peppermint scent coming from his true self. In fact, it tasted like mint flavor of mouthwash, and the omega’s heart just took this reason to flutter again. It was evident that Seungcheol had just left for a short while to wash his mouth as an act of pure politeness and respect after having his face stuck to Wonwoo’s ass. Consequently, the omega did not wince or hesitate in even a split second when kissing Seungcheol back, although he was lying limp on the mattress, feeling too tired to move.


With the comfort brought by the alpha’s respect and tenderness, Wonwoo guessed he felt okay to continue with whatever they had not finished. As a result, he was not reluctant to give his answer when Seungcheol asked him.


“May I continue, Wonie?”


“Yes… Go on, hyung…”


Again, Wonwoo had not expected to become a moaning mess again when the alpha scattered kisses all over his body. It was not supposed to be something tremendous; those were just kisses and some nibbles on several sensitive spots, but his body reacted as if it did not belonged to him anymore. Wonwoo could not even stay still, squirming and writhing continuously, especially when Seungcheol started to stroke his cock with the sole purpose of giving him even more stimulation. Without looking, Wonwoo knew he was leaking out a copious amount of slick, and this perhaps was also Seungcheol’s intention. Maybe the alpha wanted to make him really ready for their intercourse to come, so that there would be no discomfort on the receiver’s end.


Wonwoo had never expected to be treasured or anything like this. He was not ready at all. This was actually too much for his body and his mind to handle. The only thought the omega had ever had in his mind was how much he deserved to be ruined and punished for his existence. Unexpectedly, Seungcheol made him lose his mind and stole his consciousness by his gentle touch instead of being rough and trying to push him into subspace like how Wonwoo had asked the leader to do by himself last time. Tonight, the omega happened to forget to tell the alpha to do the same thing, assuming that Seungcheol had already known it, but the leader took matter into his own hands and treated Wonwoo as he saw fit.

In a sudden second of having a clear mind, Wonwoo thought that he might get hurt because the bruise had not faded away yet, but such a thing did not happen even once. Somehow, Seungcheol managed to leave his own scent and marks everywhere on the younger boy’s skin without reminding him of how hurt those bruises could be when being touched. Even when the leader’s fingers entered Wonwoo and tried to stretch him open, it only stung a little, soon making the omega yearn for more instead of making him wriggle out of pain and discomfort.


What was going on? Why was him reacting to Seungcheol like a slut? Wasn’t he supposed to feel uncomfortable because this was not what he really craved for? Wonwoo understood nothing, and there was not time for him to figure out what the problem was either, since air was already knocked out of his lungs when the alpha filled him and left no space to even breathe.


From the first time until now, Wonwoo still had the impression of Seungcheol being gigantic, as it never failed to shock him to see how stretched out he was and how it was seriously impossible for him to clench around the massive weapon. Nonetheless, it did not hurt too much, and the sting only got fader and fader while Seungcheol scattered more kisses on his face, his shoulders, his neck, his chest, gentling biting and sucking his nipples to distract him from the pain.


“It’s okay, Wonie. Don’t be scared. You’re okay. It won’t hurt.”


It really did not hurt even a bit.


Wonwoo was so confused, so lost, and so overwhelmed that his brain automatically checked out, leaving only his heart and his body to deal with these all, drowned in the wide sea of nothing but pleasure. The omega was soon forced to stop thinking whether he deserved this or that, because he got lost so much faster than how he had been during his heat. Maybe because this incidence came out of plan. Maybe because he had not really prepared himself to become Seungcheol’s roommate with benefits. Furthermore, he had not prepared himself to acknowledge the leader could be both gentle and domineering at the same time.


The only thing Wonwoo disliked about tonight’s sex was the compulsory use of condoms. They could get rid of it later when the contraceptive pills Wonwoo took started to be efficient, but surely not tonight. It was not until now did the omega realize how much he hated not being filled by Seungcheol’s seeds after the knot inflated wholly. Whining and whimpering for various reasons, Wonwoo involuntarily squirmed around, trying in vain to get what his body expected to have. Seungcheol had already put his partner in the position of spooning, so right now he could easily wrap his arms tightly around the younger boy to restrain his movements, cooing softly into his ear.


“Shh, Wonie. It’s okay. It’s okay.”


At first, Seungcheol thought that his knot was hurting the omega and Wonwoo was instinctively trying to escape. This fact caused the alpha to feel extremely bad, thinking that he might have made the wrong decision by knotting Wonwoo out of his heat. It was true that whenever sensing the coming of a knot, the omega’s body would naturally produce more slick to ease everything for his own good, yet Seungcheol was still worried about how hard the boy’s hole was clenching and clenching around him, as if provoking his knot to grow bigger or trying to milk him thoroughly. Growling, Seungcheol grinded deeply and slowly into the omega’s ass, one hand cupping Wonwoo’s abdomen while letting the other arm being hugged and held tightly by the boy’s two arms.


Seungcheol only recognized the truth when his nostrils detected the scent Wonwoo was letting out. Instead of being satisfied or hurt, the omega strangely seemed to be… sad and disappointed, and he was still trying to squirm feebly but to no avail. Seungcheol was holding him too tightly for him to move an inch, and all the omega could do was whimpering softly into the bicep of the arm he was holding. Struck by a wave of adoration and weakness for the omega in his embrace, Seungcheol quickly pressed a kiss to the scent gland on Wonwoo’s neck, still stunned and amazed to see this kind of reaction.


“I’m sorry Wonie. Next time will be better. I promise. It’s okay, baby.”


Feeling the slim body in his arms shivering right under the kiss, Seungcheol got the hint and quickly dived in to put a little into his teeth as he bit Wonwoo gently right on that scent gland where a mating mark would be formed if someone bit harder in this situation. Surprisingly, despite being not Wonwoo’s lover or mate or anything similar to that, Seungcheol somehow magically shut the boy’s whimpers and stop his squirming. Instead, Wonwoo choked out a tiny moan before turning quietly completely, melting and melting into Seungcheol’s chest until he was just like a lifeless body.


In shock and pain, during the silence of both of them trying to regain their breath, Seungcheol realized any smallest impressions of being loved and cherished could melt and soften Wonwoo’s soul more effectively and more quickly than how the omega had ever thought. According to what the omega had told him previously during his heat, it was obvious that Wonwoo thought he deserved nothing. It turned out that he wanted to be treated roughly because his stubborn and darkly clouded mind did not allow him to believe he desired love more than anyone else in this world. This fact had been proved this morning, when Seungcheol patted and stroked the omega’s head gently and received no rejection. Under that affection, the younger boy had no protest, and fell asleep so rapidly, so peacefully.


At this moment, it did not seem like the said boy wanted to leave this position soon or dislike the position they were being in. Therefore, Seungcheol had no problem with it either, still keeping the omega firmly and possessively, allowing the boy to hug his arm as long and tightly as he wanted to. The only things Seungcheol kept doing were pushing out his soothing pheromones, kissing the scent gland tenderly, and humming softly a random melody in an attempt to increase the comfort he could bring to the boy he was trying his best to take care of.


When finally hearing Wonwoo breathing normally and steadily, Seungcheol whispered to the omega.


“Tell me if you want to change position or something, okay?”


Not saying a word, Wonwoo just nodded and kept his eyes closed, feeling so happy and tired after all. He did not want to move or change anything; this was just fine and perhaps he would fall asleep soon like this. The minutes of silence turned out to be more relaxing and sweeter than what Wonwoo had expected. Basking in the nice scent and pheromones Seungcheol was trying to envelope him thoroughly by, the omega vaguely guessed it would be okay for him to indulge himself in this luxurious comfort. Against Wonwoo’s rational brain, his inner omega was struggling to keep itself alive and vocal in yearning for the care and protection of an alpha, while Seungcheol was giving everything to him unconditionally.


Despite saying nothing, Wonwoo was highly aware of where Seungcheol’s hands and feet were, knowing their legs were being tangled together regardless of all the sticky things Wonwoo had scattered all over the place. Seungcheol did not seem to mind, and neither did the omega. The alpha’s left arm was draped over his chest and the hand just happened to land on a wide area of skin, covering his right nipple. Wonwoo was not really sure he wanted Seungcheol to touch it or not; maybe no, because he was tired now. Another round did not seem to be a good decision.


Whereas, Seungcheol’s right hand was placed flat on Wonwoo’s belly, making the omega a little shy and embarrassed, as he could see how possessive and primal this kind of behavior was. With the condom, the alpha surely could not breed Wonwoo, but Seungcheol was holding him in the way that made the omega feel as if his partner was expecting him to conceive a baby. Was it possible that Seungcheol could feel the bulge on Wonwoo’s belly? If that was the case, Wonwoo felt even worse about everything, hiding his face into the warm and thick bicep to escape from embarrassment.


This scent of peppermint had started to get so familiar so quickly that Wonwoo shivered just by how relieved he felt when taking a deep breath and filling his lungs with it.


However, he was not happy even a bit when Seungcheol seemed to think this was a good opportunity to talk.


“Do you usually have bad dreams when sleeping?” Fortunately, the alpha’s voice was sweet enough for Wonwoo to think that they were just talking casually instead of the leader interrogate him.


Nonetheless, this was not something the omega really wanted to talk about. It was true that he had unpleasant dreams yet it did not mean he wanted to let anyone else know about them. What could other people do for him? Why would Seungcheol want to know?


What was even more unfortunate for Wonwoo was that, his one second of hesitation was enough to make the leader confirm that his partner did not want to provide details. In this case, the answer could only be that Wonwoo himself knew he had bad dreams occasionally, or even frequently.


“You whimpered and twitched in your sleep, many times.” The alpha continued talking on his own, right hand rubbing circles slowly on the omega’s abdomen. “At first I thought your heat made you uncomfortable but today… you’re still like that.”


Wonwoo scoffed at himself, starting to get a little irritated.


“Soonyoung has never told me about that.”


Seungcheol instantly sighed, seeing how the omega was reacting towards this.


“He always sleeps like a log. I don’t sleep like that.” Giving a soft kiss on the nape of the omega, the alpha tried to soothe and ease him. “Just… tell me if you think there’s something I can do for you. Okay?”


Nevertheless, Wonwoo was still extraordinarily stubborn. Without seeing his face, Seungcheol could already know the younger boy was regretting this knot just by listening to him talk.


“Why do you have to do something for me? My dreams don’t belong to a leader’s responsibility.”


“I have never known about your dreams until these days, when I became your roommate. Consider this as how I care about my roommate, okay?” Seungcheol held the boy closer into his chest, unintentionally creating some movements that made Wonwoo yelp. Immediately, the leader murmured apologies and pulled the blanket to cover both of them.


“You’ve been nagging everyone about everything enough. You don’t need to care about me.” Wonwoo tried to fight against the desire to melt ultimately into the warmth radiating from the body behind him, biting his lip and letting out words he did not really want to say. “I’m not someone you need to worry about.”


Not giving up, Seungcheol continued with any ways he could come up with.


“Why have you never allowed me to take care of you, Wonie?”


The alpha could feel Wonwoo gulping thanks to the bicep he was having right at the omega’s face.


“I told you. I have nothing for you to worry about.”


“Why not? Everyone has problems. I have the rights to worry about anyone I care, especially the person I share my bed with.”


The omega could not help shuddering at these words, because they made him feel as if he were Seungcheol’s lover or omega, while they were in fact just teammates with some other benefits. Actually, the fact that they were bickering over this matter while Seungcheol was just having his huge cock up in Wonwoo’s ass just made the situation worse. It was supposed to be an awkward moment of them who had been supposed to be brothers. They should just both keep their mouths shut and stay silent until the knot deflated and Seungcheol could pull it out.


It was too late for Wonwoo to regret it. Asking Seungcheol to share his room literally meant asking the alpha to step into his life. From that point, the leader would just advance further and further, especially with his protective personality.


Obviously, Seungcheol was not treating Wonwoo like a child who needed his attention. All of the things the leader was doing were what could give an omega hopes and belief that he was being loved, cared, and wanted. Meanwhile, those were what Wonwoo had been running away from continuously and desperately. On the other hand, the omega himself was not aware of the fact that he was still hugging Seungcheol’s arm as if his life depended on it.


Or maybe it did, or at least the warm presence of the strong and thick arm offered to him and holding him at the same time was giving Wonwoo something he had never known he needed.


“You can talk to me, you know.” Seungcheol gave another kiss to the scent gland on the omega’s neck, as if he was already addicted to it. This scent of white tea was quite sharp, but it was undoubtedly intoxicating, and the leader did not think he would ever manage to get it out of his mind.


Certainly, Wonwoo could feel Seungcheol’s nose nuzzling into his sensitive scent gland over and over again. The omega used to hear someone say that the scariest thing in the world was what they could usually get used to without knowing. This whole thing happening between them could somehow become a thing familiar with both of them. Right now, Wonwoo was already feeling no discomfort or annoyance at the touch on that important spot. The alpha’s lips on it just made him moan feebly from time to time, and twitch lightly. Seungcheol hesitated a few times, trying to determine whether Wonwoo was whimpering in pain or moaning in slight pleasure, and fortunately, the latter was the answer.


The omega did not reply to Seungcheol’s previous statement, and the leader knew this could be the end of their conversation today. Nonetheless, the alpha believed that was adequate. It was not good to push Wonwoo to speak, since he did not want the younger boy to become even more defensive and stubborn. It was strange to realize Wonwoo could be even more stubborn than Jeonghan, and persuading him could be one of the hardest things Seungcheol would ever face in his life. They had spent four days together and the alpha had tried several times to talk, but he barely harvested anything from this broken boy.


Maybe, what he had got was the knowledge of Wonwoo being broken. Not everyone in the pack knew this, and Wonwoo evidently did not want other people to know. Sighing into the nape of the omega, Seungcheol wondered whether something had made Wonwoo sad, or the boy truly had what people would call “mental health issue”.


Whatever it was, Seungcheol had the powerful urge in his mind to find out and heal his poor omega.


Not exactly his, but… even the leader was not any less confused than Wonwoo. If Wonwoo was not his omega, then what was he? Were they just friends with benefits? What were friends with benefits supposed to do in situations like this? Why was it so easy to cross and break the boundaries?


Before Seungcheol could untangle one of the messes in his mind, Wonwoo had already fallen asleep in that same position. If possible, Seungcheol wanted to stay like this with the omega in his arms until the sun rose tomorrow. Closing his eyes and relaxing into the body in his embrace, the alpha pressed his nose to the scent gland giving off the scent he had started to like, hoping to get a peaceful sleep and wishing not to hear Wonwoo whimper again tonight.


Perhaps, if he never pulled out and just kept it there, the omega would sleep soundly straight to the morning.


Seungcheol intentionally had not told Wonwoo that the younger boy seemed to sleep very well whenever being knotted.




While Wonwoo was being quite comfortable, Jun was downright lost and clueless, overwhelmed by the sudden move into Jeonghan’s and Joshua’s bedroom. Since he would only stay there for two weeks, the omega did not need to bring a lot of clothes with him and he actually could always return to Mingyu’s place to get things. However, Jeonghan kept urging him to get more things, and the alpha even walked straight into Mingyu’s bedroom together with Jun and a huge bag, stuffing everything he could into it. Doing something with his laptop on the bed, Mingyu glanced at the older alpha and scoffed, obviously not hesitating to trigger another war with Jeonghan but the second eldest alpha ignored it this time.


Unable to do anything, Jun just helplessly trailed behind Jeonghan and looked towards Mingyu, having no idea what to tell either of them. Meanwhile, Jeonghan was determined to get more than half of Jun’s wardrobe into the bad he was carrying, and only left when there was barely anything left behind. Holding the omega’s hand, he wanted to take the boy with him as well, but Jun resolutely stayed back and shook his head, sheepishly pushing Jeonghan’s hand away.


“Hyung… I want to talk to Mingyu a bit. I’ll be back to you later. Can I?”


Immediately growling in anger, Jeonghan snapped his head towards Mingyu who was smirking arrogantly at him from the bed and then darted his eyes towards Jun, who was cowering in fear due to the sudden aggression. As an omega that had just presented and had not taken suppressants yet, Jun was still extremely sensitive towards alphas, so he definitely felt nothing good with the tension between the two alphas in this small space. Jeonghan might usually look angelic and gentle, yet whenever he turned angry, he could be scarier than anyone, and his scent even revealed his emotions more powerfully than his facial expression. Jun was not used to this at all; he cowered and ducked his head until his chin touched his chest, unable to meet the alpha’s intense gaze. Wriggling his arm weakly, Jun just wanted to run towards his alpha instantly.


Folding his laptop and putting it to one side, Mingyu eventually spoke up, still keeping that relaxing posture and a smug grin on his face.


“Hyung, you’re scaring Junnie. What’s wrong? He’s not allowed to talk? Are you his alpha or what?”


In utter annoyance and fury, Jeonghan seriously just wanted to pounce and break Mingyu’s nose right on the spot. The alpha felt like he would never be satisfied until he could see blood oozing out of Mingyu, because he was one thousand percent sure this smug guy was intentionally trying to provoke him and planning something very suspicious with Jun. It was insane to think that Jeonghan had already had all those thoughts in his mind but still failed to protect the omega from this dangerous Mingyu. He could not believe why it could be so difficult to convince Jun that this was not the Mingyu he loved. This person was something a heartbroken Mingyu had turned into.


For real, how could Jun believe that Mingyu could accept him that easily after being rejected by Wonwoo? Mingyu might have a huge empty space in his heart, but it did not mean Jun should be the one used for replacement. Not so soon. Not so hastily.


“I’ll be waiting for you.” Jeonghan mumbled through gritted teeth. “If you don’t come back before ten, I’ll come here to get you. Okay, Junnie?”


The omega had no choice but to compromise, knowing that as an omega, he was not in the position to protest against an older alpha’s request, especially when it was not exactly a bad thing. After all, Jun still knew Jeonghan had no indecent intentions towards him.


After receiving Jun’s nod, Jeonghan left the room and closed the door not very gently, creating a pretty loud sound that made the omega jump slightly. However, Jun calmed down and softened right away as he heard Mingyu’s voice calling his name.


“Come here with me, Junnie.”


Without hesitation, Jun smiled sheepishly and walked straight to where Mingyu was sitting, getting onto the bed and scooting into the open arms that were being stretched out towards his direction. This foreign and dreamlike scene felt so surreal to Jun, but when his body was enveloped fully in Mingyu’s warmth and he himself was allowed to straddle the alpha’s lap, everything turned out to be realer than anything in this world. Sighing in relief and contentment, Jun sat down completely on Mingyu’s lap, relaxing into the alpha’s chest and letting himself bask in the dream that had finally come true.


Mingyu was not really as gentle as Jun had expected, but it was fine, since the omega knew it could be hard for the newly presented alphas to control their strength and maybe Mingyu had not known how to handle an omega properly yet. It was enough for Jun to feel happy and satisfied when his crush guided his head to rest on the firm shoulder. Taking this chance, Jun pressed his face into the warm skin exposed on a side of Mingyu’s neck, trying to breathe in the scent of the man he loved. The aroma of cinnamon smelled strikingly warm and masculine, making Jun’s inner omega weak and submissive without being commanded or dominated by and kinds of words or actions. It was weird to see how much power Mingyu had over him even though Jun was actually one year older than him.


Nevertheless, Jun adored this difference. He wanted to thank his fate for making him an omega, while his crush just became an alpha. If fate was even more generous to him, perhaps this man would be his and only his alpha forever.


In a few seconds of wondering how magic had happened, Jun was attacked by a devastating wave of profound guilt, since the omega knew what he had right now would never come if it had not been for Wonwoo’s sacrifice. Throughout this whole day, Jun had spent time trying extremely hard asking himself why Wonwoo had intentionally pushed Mingyu away despite the love he had for the alpha. His best friend had never told him why. Wonwoo had never explained anything. Wonwoo had never told him anything beforehand. Jun only knew his best friend had no intention of fighting for Mingyu or begging for the tallest member’s attention even during his most vulnerable moments. Jun wondered if he would ever be allowed to ask anymore. Magic did happen again as his friendship with Wonwoo had not been ruined by this complicated relationship, but Jun doubted his chance of asking further ever again.


Would it be right to just push whatever had happened between Wonwoo and Mingyu into the long gone past? Would it be right for Jun to just take what he was given and ignore all the questions torturing his mind? Maybe Jun would manage to do it, if the person who obviously had always adored Mingyu so much was not his best friend. Jun had never wanted to lose Wonwoo. He had never tried to confess his feelings to Mingyu although they had been roommates for a very long time. The time he had done that on the first day of his heat was a real accident. Jun was ready to kneel down and swear to God a thousand times that he had never lied to neither of his closest friends.


“What are you thinking, Junnie?”


The sudden question startled Jun and successfully dragged him out of his thoughts in the blink of an eye. Realizing he had been spacing out and staying quiet for a few minutes, Jun shook his head, embarrassed and shy as he nuzzled into Mingyu’s neck, loving the hands that were going up and down on his back.


“Nothing. I’m just tired. Almost doze off.”


“Poor my Junnie.” Mingyu hummed low and soft to the omega’s ear, making him almost whine. “Try to stay with them for two weeks. Then you can sleep with me like this. Okay?”


Smiling just by thinking of the beautiful future, Jun nodded, closing his arms around the alpha’s torso and intertwining his fingers together at the lower end of Mingyu’s back. In fact, the omega had never had the intention of talking about anything to the alpha. All he wished was to have some private minutes with Mingyu. Jeonghan and Joshua had been keeping him away from the younger alpha all day long, as if they were afraid Mingyu would eat him alive at any times. Shyly, Jun admitted to himself that Mingyu actually had already eaten him alive thoroughly, so what was the point of them worrying over him now?


“Jeonghan-hyung is seriously too annoying.” Mingyu groaned while complaining, startling Jun a little.


Why was he so skittish? Jun guessed he was not supposed to be scared of Mingyu, but he could not help it. Whenever the alpha expressed any hostile attitude, the omega was helplessly frightened and only calmed down as the hands on his back kept moving tenderly.


“Don’t be mad.” Jun smoothed his right hand over Mingyu’s chest, pushing himself up to look at the alpha in the eyes. “He’s just worried for me. You told me this morning. We just need to try to go through everything in two weeks and then they will not interfere with us anymore.”


Mingyu huffed, seeming to have re-considered his own words. Mingyu’s facial features had always been sharp and prominent but they were strangely even a hundred times more powerful in expressing his anger when the man frowned and talked without moving his lips very much.


“He’s acting as if he is trying to make you become his omega. You’d better be careful, Junnie. He’s obviously planning something with you.”


“Jeonghan-hyung isn’t like that, Gyu. It’ll be fine.” Jun tried to reassure the alpha, placing both hands on his chest. “Maybe… maybe he wants to do something but definitely not in an evil way. Jeonghan-hyung is a nice person. He won’t harm me.”


“Do you really understand what I mean, Junnie?” The knit between Mingyu’s brows deepened and he tilted his head slightly, eyes boring holes into the omega’s soul and making him reel back a little. “I hate the idea of letting you sleep in the same bed with another alpha. Jisoo-hyung will be there but I doubt there will be any difference. They both have shown a lot of fondness for you. They might be planning to get you as theirs forever.”


“What they are planning won’t matter. Don’t worry, Gyu.” Feeling his heart warm and fluttering to see Mingyu acting possessive and jealous, Jun smiled and placed his chin on the middle of the alpha’s chest, looking up at his crush’s handsome face. “I won’t be affected by anything. You know it.”


Smirking, Mingyu reached up one hand to cup the omega’s face, thumb rubbing circles on Jun’s cheek slowly. The touch was gentle and dominant at the same time, because Jun could feel that he was unable to move his head due to the strength Mingyu had in his hand.


“How do I know? You just confessed to me three days ago.”


Immediately, the omega’s heart dropped and his face fell. Mingyu was right. He had just confessed three days ago. How could Mingyu trust him fully through nothing but his words only? However, Jun had no idea how to prove it either, unless he made the alpha wait for two weeks and then he would let Mingyu know how much he loved him and paid no attention to Jeonghan’s effort of courting.


Honestly, Jun did not even believe Jeonghan was courting him but Mingyu said so. Anyways, he would believe what his alpha told him.


Or was Mingyu hinting at something for him to do?


“Relax, silly boy.” All of a sudden, the alpha chuckled and pinched his cheek, but his hand went back to grip the omega’s chin and showed his dominance again. “I’m just worried someone might try to steal you away from me. I’m not sure I can stay calm again.”


“What can I do?” The omega pouted sadly and whispered a question. “I know such a thing won’t happen, but I don’t know how to make you believe that.”


Still having that seductive smile of a person holding control on his face, Mingyu hummed, the deep sound vibrating through Jun’s chest in a pleasant way.


“I have nothing to ask you to do either. We can only wait. But I guess I’m quite restless today.”


“Restless?” Jun cocked his head in confusion. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”


“No. Not like that.” Shaking his head, Mingyu traced a thumb along the omega’s plump lower lip. “But maybe I need your help.”


Still getting no hint from the alpha’s ambiguous words, Jun could only stare back and wait for more information, hoping that Mingyu would just say it out. Otherwise, the alpha had better stop touching his lips like that if he wanted Jun to come up with any idea.


Fortunately, Mingyu eventually did it. He clearly stated what he was asking for from the omega.


“Can you put your mouth into good use and help me, baby?”


The request made Jun blush like tomato, but it was undeniable that this question sounded like something which could only happen in Jun’s dream. Despite being roommates, they both had been careful enough not to ever run into one another jerking themselves off. Being directly asked to suck Mingyu’s dick was what Jun had dreamt of before, during his long days of having his tremendous crush on the younger member. If this was the case of Mingyu being restless, then Jun was more ready than ever to help, wondering why the alpha had to be so slow and discreet in his way of asking this.


Thinking that the alpha was worried about his reaction, Jun could only smiled and slowly slide off Mingyu’s lap.


Humming his satisfaction, Mingyu spread his legs slightly in order to accommodate the boy kneeling in between. With clumsy and shaking hands, Jun felt relieved to see the alpha wearing sweatpants, because he did not think he was calm enough to undo some belt and zipper. It was not until now did Jun realize he had been so dumb for being unable to detect the scent of arousal extremely thick in the air. Maybe this was the reason why Jeonghan had been so pissed off and did not want to leave Jun behind with Mingyu.


The alpha’s rock hard dick came to full view in front of Jun’s eyes and immediately made him drool. It was probably every omega’s dream to have a taste of such a beautifully massive cock. It was unlikely to fit in Jun’s mouth and the omega did not believe he could do a deep-throat for his alpha either, but he was already happy to have a chance to please his alpha. His inner omega was jumping in happiness as Mingyu let out a groan at the first tiny lick he gave to the head of the monstrous dick.


With all the purity of an omega who had just lost his virginity to Mingyu only, Jun curiously and eagerly licked the cock in his hands, enjoying how it felt and how it tasted like on the tip of his tongue, wondering whether his alpha liked what he was doing or not. However, once seeing the slightest hint of anger in Mingyu’s eyes, Jun hurriedly quit licking and opened his mouth widely so as to take the whole length in right away, trying his best to suck properly.


Luckily, now Mingyu seemed to be satisfied with how the omega was obediently sucking him without a complaint. On the contrary, Mingyu was even able to smell Jun’s slick oozing out of the omega, which evidently proved Jun was also turned on by this whole thing. Smirking, Mingyu reached out a hand to stroke the hair of the older boy serving him, murmuring sweetly.


“Such a good boy, Junnie. I will reward you later if you do well. Okay?”


Motivated, Jun tried harder and harder to please his alpha, thinking that perhaps this could be what Mingyu had implied. This was one of the ways for him to prove his love to Mingyu. Whatever the alpha wanted, Jun would give it to him, as long as it could make Mingyu content and trust his love. Jun had never done anything like this to anyone else in his life. Consequently, this kind of lewd act could be adequate for a measurement of his love. Moreover, it was a good thing to do, because it was not too difficult, and it would not bring any harm to Jun. What was reason for him not to do it as requested?


If they wanted to be lovers, they were supposed to do things like this for each other.


Jun’s inner omega beamed in utter happiness and pride when his alpha finally came in his mouth minutes later. Eager to please Mingyu to the utmost, Jun happily swallowed everything down his throat, sucking and licking the alpha dry to last drop, making sure not to waste even a drop. His method might be terrible, but Jun guessed in the next time he would make improvement and be a better boy for his alpha. Even now, Mingyu had no complaint at all. The alpha even smiled sweetly at him, using his sleeve to clean the mess of spit on the omega’s chin before suddenly switching their position.


Jun could only shriek in shock and let Mingyu do whatever he wanted. When his soul came back after the shock, the omega was lying on his back with his alpha hovering above him and caging him in between huge and muscular arms. The close distance between their faces and the contact between the two bodies with the smaller boy being pressed down onto the mattress, Jun was overwhelmed by how intimate they were with each other, and drowned by the scent of his alpha overshadowing everything else in his mind. There was nothing the omega could do or say before his love leaned over and sealed his lips, invading his mouth thoroughly and giving him the hottest making out session he had ever witnessed in his whole life.

The alpha’s passion was as wild as the one Mingyu had while he was still in rut. The showcase of authority and dominance caused Jun to whine and whimper continuously, baring his neck in submission to his superior partner. Not missing this chance, Mingyu quickly moved to devour the omega’s neck and shoulders, giving him more and more hickeys all over his skin. Moaning feebly and squirming under the kisses and bites, Jun tried to wrap his arms around Mingyu’s shoulders and hug him, wishing to bring the alpha even closer to his hungry body. It was so strange to see Mingyu like this: wild and enthusiastic in taking everything of the omega for himself, as if he had been craving for Jun in a very long time. Jun knew this impression was far from the truth, but it still made him crazy, and triggered him to be even more desperate to please his alpha.


Surprisingly, Mingyu did not allow Jun to hug him or touch him anymore. Grabbing the omega’s both wrists, the alpha held them in one hand before reaching towards the nightstand to grab the belt Jun had not seen previously. In bewilderment, the omega stared at Mingyu, starting to panic as the alpha tied his wrists to the headboard, restricting Jun from moving his arms or moving anywhere further. Right when the omega opened his mouth to ask, Mingyu shushed him by an index finger on the omega’s lips. The soft hum coming from the alpha sounded assuring and soothing enough for Jun to calm down a little, and his heart just flipped again at the small kiss Mingyu gave to his cheek.


“Shh, baby. Let me do it all for you. You can’t be loud this time because everyone will be mad if they know we do this. Understand?”


Again, Jun was overwhelmed by the amount of information Mingyu had just told him and reminded him of. Nevertheless, the omega was so wrecked that he mostly just paid attention to his alpha’s promise of doing it all for him. Before he could whine and let his needy self voice out more sounds of desperation, Jun was shocked again when a piece of cloth - seeming to be a clean handkerchief - was stuffed into his mouth. Currently, the omega was unable to move or to speak any longer, as Mingyu had taken away all rights of control from him. The writhing boy could only stare at his alpha pleadingly and waited for what to come.


“Don’t worry, Junnie.” Mingyu whispered still with that same smirk, pecking Jun one more time, hands already pushing the omega’s shirt up to reveal his torso. “I will take care of you. You’ll only feel good.


Everything after that was like a dream to Jun, literally making him feel like floating on cloud nine or getting lost in an imaginary world. Mingyu took the lead of everything, making use of the one hour Jeonghan had given them to suck hundreds of hickeys on the omega’s skin, maybe making no difference because Jun’s whole body was already decorated with scattered red marks and bruises. Those spots hurt as Mingyu’s teeth dug into them or as the alpha sucked too hard, but the pleasure was undeniable, so Jun kept wishing for more, more, and more. However, he was not allowed to beg or to get the alpha’s dick in his hold by himself, just lying there to take what Mingyu wanted to give.


Jun was amazed at how his alpha’s thirst seemed to be insatiable, as if Mingyu had not eaten enough after those three days. The alpha sucked Jun’s nipples and swallowed the omega’s red cock with the fever of a wild animal wishing to devour Jun’s soul and body wholly. Mingyu had no care about the thing called overstimulation, deliberately forcing his partner to go through it without asking him in advance or allowing him to do anything to show his disagreement. Jun could only writhe harder and whine louder as oversensitive cock kept being sucked from an orgasm to another one, whimpering at a particularly harsh pinch of the alpha’s rough fingers on his nipples.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, Jun vaguely recognized the faint aroma of white tea in the air, which made him a little more aroused. This notion caused the omega to believe his best friend was having some steamy moments too. It was evident that those boys who had not taken suppressants or used scent-blocker were flooding the apartment with their heady scents and pheromones. Perhaps in this way, what Mingyu and Jun were doing could be covered and hidden behind the thick and tense arousal created by the pheromones of the leader of the pack and Wonwoo’s bittersweet white tea scent.


This fact, however, caused Mingyu to suddenly growl and snarl. Jun was scared for a split second, but the alpha brainwashed him rapidly by pushing the omega’s legs up to his chest and stuck his face right into the place where slick was gushing out crazily. With no mercy, Mingyu drank and sucked everything he could, leaving Jun panting and gasping for air under the overwhelming euphoric feelings. The force Mingyu’s hands, mouth, and jaws were using did hurt Jun a little, but the omega ignored them and indulged in nothing but the happiness of being pleasured by his crush, his alpha, his lover.


Jeonghan would be livid if he found out about this, but for now, Jun could not care about anyone except for Mingyu and Mingyu only.

Chapter Text

Unfortunately for Jun, Jeonghan becoming livid was actually what happened in the next minute.


Without Mingyu locking the door before their steamy session, anyone from the outside could storm into the room without warning. The limit time for Jun to leave had not come yet, but Jeonghan did not need that much to decide that he ought to interfere. The omega was deadly mortified when the door swung open and the second oldest alpha of the pack rushed to the bed, knocking Mingyu off the bed immediately. Without fighting back, Mingyu just slowly got up from the floor, wiping the spit dripping down his chin while smirking at the sight of Jeonghan hurriedly untying Jun’s wrists. Running after Jeonghan, Joshua came in with an extremely confused expression on his face. The eldest omega’s eyes moved from Jun to Jeonghan and to Mingyu, trying to figure out what had just happened, so Mingyu took this chance to explain while fixing his clothes, still with a smirk.


“I don’t understand why he has to be like this, hyung. Is he always this jealous? Are you sure he isn’t going to dump you for Junnie, hyung?”


This question did not go unheard by Jeonghan, and it only made the older alpha angrier. Joshua had to use all his strength to hold his mate back on more time, struggling to stop Jeonghan from tearing Mingyu apart. The new alpha obviously knew how to push all of Jeonghan’s buttons and he seriously had done that too many times today. Not wanting to see a fight breaking out because of him, Jun rapidly fixed his clothes and then ran to Mingyu, urging his crush to cool down.


“Why did you say that, Gyu? He’s just worried for me. Please don’t be so mean to Jeonghan-hyung!”


“Junnie is right, Gyu.” Joshua added after making sure that his mate would not pounce. “Jeonghan hasn’t insulted you, but you keep attacking him by those ridiculous words. No wonder he’s angry.”


Mingyu snickered.


“I’m just stating the truth, hyung. Jeonghan-hyung is the one who has to see he’s doing a ridiculous thing which is separating me and Junnie.”


“Why can’t I do so? Who are you to keep him to yourself?” Jeonghan snarled, hands fisting tightly. “This is Seungcheol’s decision. No more argument. I’m just following his orders and making sure Junnie isn’t harmed by you.”


“Who should be concerned by that? You? Seriously?” Mingyu asked and then burst into laughter, shocking the couple. “Are you kidding, hyung? I am the one who should be worried another dude will do something to my boyfriend.”


Not only Jeonghan and Joshua but also Jun was shocked to hear the word “boyfriend” coming out directly from Mingyu’s mouth. Gaping, the young omega snapped his head to stare at his crush with wide eyes, unable to believe Mingyu had just confirmed their status to be boyfriends now. However, this fact did not sit well with Jeonghan at all, even making the alpha more furious. He did not attack, but he was gritting his teeth and giving out the pheromones that mad Jun cower and hide himself behind Mingyu.


Jeonghan was aware of himself scaring the younger boy, but he could not stop being mad at Mingyu. Not this easily. Not when this newly presented omega was so silly and naïve towards this suspicious guy who kept claiming the rights he was not supposed to have.


“That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.” Jeonghan seethed, quickly switching his attention to Jun who was peeking out from behind Mingyu’s shoulder. “Junnie, you can’t be this naïve. Do you even understand what happened between the three of you? Mingyu’s heart has just been broken by your best friend but now you are dating him? Don’t you think there’s something that needs to be discussed more and waited for longer, Junnie?”


“I… I…” Jun stammered, feeling nervous in front of an angry alpha. “Wonu said he… he supported me… Wonu said he was okay with everything. And… and Mingyu said the same thing… I… I just… I just want to be happy…”


“This isn’t the way, Junnie. You’ve been waiting for so long. Why can’t you wait a little longer?” Jeonghan nearly yelled in utter frustration, pointing a finger at the taller alpha’s face. “He can’t change his heart this quickly. You had better reconsider this, Junnie. This isn’t right. It’s not right at all!”


“Enough lecturing, hyung.” Again, Mingyu snorted and mocked his hyung. “You don’t have to teach us how to love. We’re adults, and you aren’t the leader. I have already surrendered and let you keep Junnie for two weeks. Am I not the generous and forgiving one here? Why don’t you just mind your business from now on? Don’t you and Joshua-hyung have sex? Do you want someone else to tell you what to do with your omega?”


“I don’t tie him up and stuff things into his mouth like that!” Jeonghan continued to growl, face getting redder and redder. “Junnie’s bruises haven’t even started to fade but now you’re doing this to him? Is this love? Ridiculous! If you truly care about him, you should never do things like that to him while what he really needs is to rest and heal. Presenting is a big thing. It doesn’t mean a process of him turning into something you can use at your own wish, Mingyu!”


Despite feeling scared, Jun still tried to speak up and defend his crush.


“H-hyung… it… it’s not like he forced me to do that… It… It was okay. I had no problem with that. He’s helped me out too!”


“That’s far from helping!” Jeonghan barely managed to contain his emotion, on the verge of exploding. “He’s supposed to help without hurting you any further! There are hundreds of ways to do that without worsening your condition, Junnie!”


“Jeonghan is right, Junnie.” Joshua tried to convince the younger omega as well, but his manner was much softer and calmer than his mate. “You shouldn’t just…”


Nevertheless, the pack’s eldest omega was taken aback by the sudden retort and scoff Mingyu gave him. The omega could not help reeling back in front of a furious alpha who was now pointing his anger directly at him.


“Oh come on! Not you too, Shua-hyung. Now you want to argue about this too?”


This kind of reaction from Mingyu caused Jeonghan to combust and bristle in the blink of an eye.


“How dare you talk to Joshua like that? I’ve already warned you about this, Kim Mingyu!”



In the middle of his sleep, Wonwoo was startled awake by the attack of angry pheromones spreading all over the apartment. Without hearing any sounds, the omega was sure there were at least two alphas fighting with each other out there. As someone who had just presented for a few days, Wonwoo was not accustomed to his pack’s scents and pheromones enough to detect which belonged to whom, but he was pretty sure those sharp and overwhelming scents belonged to no one but Jeonghan and Mingyu. The atmosphere between them had been extremely intense from the morning. It was so easy for a quarrel to be triggered by trivial things again.


No matter what the reason for their fight was, Wonwoo was immensely uncomfortable to be surrounded by the air filled with their powerful pheromones, and this fact just made him hate his status of being an omega so much more. As if he had not been pathetic enough, fate decided to be crueler by making him have the secondary gender of the lowest rank in the hierarchy. This presenting was not something he had not managed to sense before the day came, but the truth still crushed down on him too hard and too harshly. Wonwoo was not used to this condition of being controlled and affected by everything the alphas did at all. He loathed being scared of the people who used to be simply his pack mates and band mates. Now things were not the same anymore. He had to watch out for the alphas and keep himself from getting into troubles with those men.


This was also why being with Seungcheol was the best choice in this situation, because the leader was definitely the one with the most authority in the pack to protect Wonwoo against everything. The omega had no idea how things would be in the future or how he would manage to find a mate without Seungcheol’s protection yet for now, Wonwoo could convince himself that even if a war was started out there, he would be still okay here.


On the other hand, the omega was unaware of the sounds he was subconsciously letting out due to the discomfort he was suffering from. Wonwoo was only dragged into the reality of his own weakness by the soft coos of Seungcheol by his left ear, where the alpha was giving little kisses and blowing warm breath into.


“Shh, it’s okay, Wonie. Don’t be scared. They’re not going to hurt you.”


It was not until now did Wonwoo finally realize he had been whimpering and shaking in the leader’s arms. Utterly embarrassed, the omega wanted to control his sounds and stop them from coming out, but he actually did not need to do so. It was not really easy for Wonwoo to tell what Seungcheol had just done, but the omega felt instantly better. It was the coo, or the soothing pheromones, or the warm scent, or the gentle hand rubbing circles on his belly? Wonwoo could not find out, but he soon found it extremely difficult to ignore how calm and relaxed he felt under the affection, as if Seungcheol was melting him bit by bit, turning him into mush just by those little things.


Annoyed at himself, Wonwoo tried to ignore the way Seungcheol was soothing him, but it was just impossible. Despite all of the omega’s struggles, his body and soul were going against his will to melt further into Seungcheol’s embrace, as if the alpha literally had magic in his presence. Wonwoo did not feel anything negative with the hand rubbing on his bare skin either. Instead, his inner omega cared more about how nice and tender that action was. The leader’s other hand was placed right above his heart to efficiently calm him down, and that arm was still there for Wonwoo to hold and cling to if he wanted to find support, which was what the omega really did then.


Humming in satisfaction at the relaxing body in his embrace, Seungcheol kept giving sweet words to the omega, knowing a newly presented person like Wonwoo was super sensitive towards everything in his environment. Unable to help his own desire to protect and take care of this boy, the leader scattered kisses from Wonwoo’s nape to the side of his neck, again. A particular kiss right on the scent gland of his neck caused the omega to shiver and whine. Nonetheless, this small movement was also what caught Wonwoo off guard, eyes opened widely.


Feeling his face burning in embarrassment, the omega figured out that they were still connected to each other in all ways. There was not too much thickness inside him anymore, which probably meant the knot had deflated fully, yet his inside was certainly stuffed full by Seungcheol’s cock. The alpha had not pulled out and did not seem to have the intention of doing that either.


However, the worst decision of Wonwoo was to experimentally clench around the thick shaft only to get startled by the wave of a sensation he had not expected. Another whine escaped his mouth and shocked him to the utmost, but one more time, the leader cooed to the younger boy, grinding very slowly and gently, the hand on Wonwoo’s belly seeming to push the omega towards him even closer although there was no more distance between the two of them.


Wonwoo’s mind was not able to process this whole thing of cock-warming someone who was not even his lover or his crush. The feeling turned out to be so much comforting and so much better than whatever he had known before. There was a light and constant pleasure spreading from the place where they were being connected to every other organs of his body. Nevertheless, the pleasure was not intense enough to bring sexual stimulation. Instead, Wonwoo simply felt sleepier and sleepier, as if he had totally forgotten why he had been suddenly woken up in the middle of the night.


Seungcheol was stunned to see how rapidly Wonwoo fell back asleep, as if nothing had happened. As the whimpers stopped and the omega’s scent turned back to normal, the leader was at ease and relieved to relax himself as well, but he did not stop rubbing Wonwoo’s belly. Burying his face into the side of the omega’s neck, Seungcheol kept his nose pressed right against the scent gland giving off a sweet and alluring aroma of white tea, wondering why he was already so familiar with this whole thing. Closing his eyes and only letting himself enjoy Wonwoo’s presence by their connection, their skin on skin contact, the omega’s steady breathing sounds, and the scent that told exactly who Wonwoo was. In comparison with Jun’s peach scent and Joshua’s rose one, this white tea aroma was sharper, just like how bolder and stronger of a person Wonwoo was than the other two omegas. Nonetheless, white tea was also a sweet scent, stating firmly that no matter what, Wonwoo was still an omega, who could still be weak, vulnerable, and maybe need to be protected and taken care of.


Seungcheol knew his brain had been spiraling down a circle of these thoughts too many times already, but it was unstoppable. The leader knew if things got worse outside, he would have to step out to detach Jeonghan and Mingyu from one another. However, Seungcheol seriously wished such a thing would not occur, since his heart genuinely wanted to remain indulging in this sweet moment in his own bed. Perhaps he was just an alpha who had been lonely for too long. Perhaps he was also a person who used to be heartbroken on the day Joshua presented as an omega and only demanded Jeonghan’s presence by his sides. There had been no other omega claiming their existence in Seungcheol’s life until Wonwoo stepped in.


Fortunately, after a few minutes, the atmosphere was clear and peaceful again, letting Seungcheol know they had somehow managed to settle down out there. Sighing in relief, the leader squeezed the younger boy more tightly into his chest, trying to sleep but also spending time wondering how he should wake Wonwoo up tomorrow. Half of his heart wanted to just sleep until the omega had enough and woke up by himself, but the other half told him it would be very irresponsible of a leader to wake up late while there were still so many things to deal with in the pack. Moreover, Wonwoo should be left sleeping till any time he liked, because the omega needed a lot of rest to get better anyway.


Before Seungcheol managed to find out what the best thing to do was, he had already fallen asleep, and the next day came like a flash. Waking up, the alpha mentally groaned and cursed to himself, hating how short his sleep had been, wondering whether it was because he and Wonwoo had spent too much time having sex or not, or it was just because he wanted to enjoy this companion longer. Without opening his eyes, the alpha was able to feel the warmth, the scent, and the weight of Wonwoo on his own body, and his sense just welcomed the presence of the omega delightedly.


When Seungcheol’s eyes captured the sight in front of them, his heart immediately softened, and the urge to croon was insane. Like what he had expected, magically, Wonwoo was still sleeping soundly, lying on his belly on top of Seungcheol’s body and using the alpha’s chest as a pillow for his face to press onto. Without spending much time thinking or doing anything, Seungcheol could feel the warmth enveloping his cock, which caused a wave of pride and satisfaction to wash through his heart. His little Wonwoo had been a good boy who cockwarmed him through the whole night long, and showing no discomfort or whatsoever with this level of intimacy. It was marvelous to see how they still stayed stuck to each other after so many hours, and Seungcheol could not help thinking that perhaps Wonwoo really enjoyed this as well.




The leader could not find out the answer, but if what they wanted and enjoyed was the same, Seungcheol was pleased and honored to do it again, again, and again. The alpha was not sure whether he was imagining unrealistic things or not, but part of his mind believed his cock must have slipped out at some time, and one of them must have woken up to put it back inside without remembering. It would be very surprising if what Seungcheol assumed was correct, yet it would be satisfying and wonderful as well. If Wonwoo could relax gradually when being with him like this, Seungcheol guessed the omega definitely could slowly get better.


Still loving the sensation of being cockwarmed and holding Wonwoo in his embrace, Seungcheol did not leave the bed so soon. Relaxing under the dimmed light of the rising sun, the alpha used his both hands to stroke Wonwoo’s hair and back. The boy had no reaction at all, just sleeping like he had never slept for years. Smiling to himself, Seungcheol actually loved the fact that Wonwoo had no reaction towards his touch, because it also meant he did not need to stop. Seungcheol might be greedy or being a jerk for touching and caressing Wonwoo’s skin in this way, but the leader’s hands could not resist it.


Seungcheol could not help wondering if becoming an omega would in fact benefit Wonwoo a lot. It seemed to be difficult for the younger boy to accept his fate currently, but it was undeniable that nobody would judge an omega for being weak and vulnerable. In Seungcheol’s opinions, everyone had the rights to be weak, but when it was already this hard for a person like Wonwoo to express his true feelings and his true self, it was so much better for him to be an omega. This might sound like an excuse for a person’s weakness, but the leader thought maybe Wonwoo just needed it. Or, maybe he could just say that nature had already created Wonwoo as an omega, not suddenly made him turn into the weakest of all kinds.


The longer Seungcheol stayed there, the more he thought he needed to talk to Wonwoo. They surely had already had a lot of discussion over this whole weird relationship, but the alpha was nowhere near feeling satisfied. They did not seem to have reached any final confirmation of the whole picture, and things would only get more complicated if they delayed this longer. Seungcheol was pretty sure the idea of them being friends with benefits did not sit well with the whole pack, especially when Wonwoo had just presented while Seungcheol was the leader. It sounded bad it all ways, and it would make the relationship among him, Wonwoo, and Mingyu terrible. They would not even be able to look at each other in the eyes anymore.


The worse thing was that they were in the same unit, having so many songs and performances to do together, and sitting in the same car to work every day. That would be a total torture for Vernon who had to endure the tension among the other three members of his unit.


After fifteen minutes, very carefully and gently, Seungcheol pulled his dick out of Wonwoo, trying to make his movement as slow as possible, hoping not to wake the omega up. Right from the beginning of the process, Wonwoo started to whine and scrunch his face, startling the leader. Seungcheol tried to coo to his partner and keep moving at the same time, until his dick slipped free out of the younger boy. Wonwoo whined in utter distress, making grabby hands as if searching for something, or maybe just blindly trying to find the stick back.


Heartbroken by the frantic movements of the boy’s hands and his distressing whines, Seungcheol hurriedly held Wonwoo’s right hand in his own and continued to coo quietly, using the other hand to pat the omega’s back soothingly. Wonwoo squirmed quite hard for nearly a minute, but he eventually seemed to calm down when squeezing Seungcheol’s hand and melting under the hand on his back. Nonetheless, this caused the leader to get stuck again, because now he was afraid Wonwoo would whine and express his disagreement again if he let go of the boy’s cold bony hand.


In the end, Seungcheol struggled again to set himself free from Wonwoo, and the whines were just unavoidable. The omega kept squirming, tossing and turning continuously in an attempt to look for the source of warmth subconsciously. Forcing himself to use all of his determination, the alpha pulled the blanket to cover the omega’s body wholly and pressed his palm to the boy’s forehead, stroking his hair again like how he had done yesterday, still remembering how it had nicely affected the younger male. Luckily, the effect was the same today, as Wonwoo’s movements slowly subsided until the omega was defeated and just stayed pliantly under the gentle hand of the leader.


It was surprising to see that despite all of these reactions, Wonwoo still did not wake up even once. This fact also caused Seungcheol to know that this omega definitely needed a lot of rest, and maybe both Mingyu and Jun needed it too. They might not realize it, but it would take a little time before they could go back to work normally. Consequently, Seungcheol had absolutely no intention of waking Wonwoo up at any time. He would let the omega sleep as much as he wanted. The best Seungcheol could do now was to help the other members of the group to prepare food for everyone, including the newly presented members so that they would always have something to eat once they woke up.


However, Seungcheol was awestruck when he stepped out of the bathroom, fresh, clean, and ready for a new day. What the leader was not ready to face was the sight of an omega in his bed. Furthermore, this omega was having no clothes on. It would be a blatant lie if Seungcheol said he did not feel like having a lover on his bed after their wild night. The feeling was stranger than anything else he had ever known, but the most ridiculous thing was that it made him smile and have a wave of warmth flooding through all his veins.


This was utterly crazy, because Seungcheol knew he was not supposed to feel this way. He knew Wonwoo would certainly freak out if he knew what his roommate had been thinking, but Seungcheol was also aware of how much his heart loved this whole affair. Wonwoo was like his lover, but the boy was also like a mistress, a secret boyfriend, or his sugar baby as well. What the leader was one hundred percent sure about was that right now, his mind did not see Wonwoo as a friend with benefit even a bit. The desire to take care of a partner should not be involved in this kind of relationship.


Seungcheol’s instincts of a pack leader were just too powerful or his heart had actually fucked up somewhere?


With an aching head, Seungcheol left the bedroom, not forgetting to lock the door carefully before heading to the kitchen. It was just seven o’clock then, and there were not many people making breakfast in the kitchen. It was normal to see Jihoon and Seungkwan here at this time, but the leader did not expect to see Mingyu helping the other boys. What was even more weird was that they were not talking to each other. Silence was thick and tense in the small room, and it was only broken as they recognized Seungcheol coming and greeted him.


However, Mingyu did not just greet. The younger alpha glanced at the leader up and down before smirking and gritting his teeth.


“You’re glowing hyung. Had a great sex last night?”


“Hey, Mingyu!” Jihoon was the first to act with a harsh scowl. “That’s not polite at all!”


Not turning away from the pan with the bacon he was working on, Mingyu laughed obnoxiously.


“I didn’t say anything, hyung. It was just a compliment. Did I say anything bad about him or his partner?”


“If you say so, then thank you.” Seungcheol tried his best to ignore how bitter Mingyu’s previous comment sounded like, acting nonchalantly. “Glad to know I’m glowing.”


“So the sex was really good, huh?” Mingyu strangely kept pressing on this matter, which obviously pushed Seungkwan’s wrong buttons.


“What’s your point? Or what you’re purpose?” The youngest boy turned to Mingyu with hands on his hips, face showing obvious irritation. “That’s too much of asking. What Cheol-hyung does in his bedroom is none of your business.”


“You guys are too sensitive. What’s that for, huh?” Mingyu continued to snicker with an ambiguous smile on his face. Everybody knew the alpha was not smiling in delight or happiness, because the scent he gave off was far from pleasant. “Am I not allowed to ask my friend how was his sex with his new omega?”


“We’re annoyed because you’re asking things you shouldn’t, Mingyu.” Jihoon now fully turned to the young alpha as well. “Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about boundaries. Don’t you think it will be easier for you to feel at ease if you let go of everything? You are stabbing your own wounds every day by doing this.”


“Don’t teach me what to do, hyung.” Mingyu turned to face the shorter male, stubbornly keeping that smile and that attitude with himself. “I’m not supposed to live the life you guys want me to live.”


Right before Jihoon could retort, Seungcheol had already tapped his shoulder and squeezed it gently in an attempt to calm him down.


“Don’t worry, Jihoon. Give him some time. He will eventually cool down.”


Only after making sure Jihoon and Seungkwan would not scold Mingyu any further, Seungcheol kept his composure to act as calm as possible while starting with the process of making breakfast and answering Mingyu’s question at the same time.


“If you really want to know, then let me tell you the answer. Yeah, it was good. Or wonderful, I should say. I think we all should let Wonwoo sleep; he’s tired. Don’t wake him up too early.”


Although everyone did not approve of the way Mingyu acted towards anything related to Jun, Seungcheol, and Wonwoo, they were shocked to know what was happening between their leader and Wonwoo as well. Staring at each other with wide eyes, Jihoon and Seungkwan could not believe Seungcheol really had just admitted having sex with Wonwoo last night, even emphasizing that it was wonderful, while everyone was supposed to know how much this piece of information could piss Mingyu off. There was another bigger problem about Seungcheol which was that the eldest alpha was usually a very assertive leader. However, right now it seemed like a competition had emerged between him and the pack’s tallest alpha when it came to Wonwoo.


This was abnormal. This was out of control already. As far as they knew, Seungcheol and Wonwoo had never seemed to have romantic feelings for one another, but now the leader was acting as if he did not want to hide the special contact he had with Wonwoo at all. Even if the two alphas had not fought and would not fight, it was obvious that Seungcheol had already won.


Mingyu got nothing while the leader had all Wonwoo for himself.


“Hmm.” Again, the young alpha snickered, turning away, but the sound his throat let out was somehow distressing to hear. “Seems like you two are enjoying this. Is he now your omega or what? Or you guys are fucking each other for fun? Hmm. I didn’t know the company approve of something like this.”


This time, nobody replied to Mingyu’s question. Even Seungkwan and Jihoon said nothing, as they knew only Seungcheol could give an answer to it, but the leader remained silent, because he had nothing to say either. This was what Wonwoo and he had not managed to come to a conclusion. There was nothing official between them, while Mingyu had already gone ahead of them by claiming Jun as his boyfriend now. No matter how outrageous it seemed to be, Mingyu’s situation made more sense, and nobody should have a voice in their relationship if they both announced their status. Nonetheless, Seungcheol and Wonwoo could make everyone feel like they were a joke.


The leader seriously never wanted to let anyone consider Wonwoo as a joke, a bitch, or a whore. The omega’s whole person and personality should never be judged through what they did behind closed doors at night.


Breakfast continued to be awkward as hell due to the unresolvable tension between Jeonghan and Mingyu. Everyone had expected the situation to get better after both of the alphas had a good rest through a long night, but Jeonghan’s face had already darkened at the moment Jun skipped towards his crush and chirped Mingyu’s name happily like a puppy. Smirking and flashing his prominent canine, the tallest alpha just worsened everything by bending down and squeezing Jun harshly into his chest, shocking the omega by capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. Chan let out a long exclamation of “ewwww” while Jihoon and Seungkwan just instantly looked away.


It could even get more difficult to watch the scene when Mingyu nuzzled against Jun’s scent gland and evidently trying to both sniff and scent-mark the omega.


“Hmm, glad to see you still for me only, baby. I just hate your smell now.”


“Don’t be like that, Gyu!” Jun whispered and slapped the alpha’s chest gently, shyly pushing the alpha out of his neck. “I still want to sleep now but I’m okay. Did you sleep well?”


“Definitely not. I’m not used to sleeping in our room without you.” Mingyu had no hesitation in showing his affection towards Jun right in front of everyone by casually squeezing the omega’s butt cheeks while leading him to the table.


Embarrassed to the utmost, Jun pushed his crush’s hand away immediately, but did not scold the younger male. Jeonghan nearly combusted one more time if it had not been for his omega trying to calm him down and telling him to ignore it. However, once Jun sat down and had time to scan the room, he asked questions right away, voice nervous.


“Where’s Wonu? Isn’t he awake yet? Is he still tired?”


Mingyu took the chair next to the omega, smirking.


“Yeah, he’s sleeping, baby. Cheol-hyung fucked him too hard yesterday so he can’t get up early enough for breakfast today.”


“Mingyu-ya, that’s too much unnecessary information.” Seokmin nudged his friend from the other side of the alpha. “Didn’t Jun-hyung say he’s tired too? Maybe Wonu-hyung is the same. You all are tired and need to sleep more.”


Nonetheless, Jun did not care much about whether Seungcheol had fucked his best friend or not. What he mostly paid attention to was the fact that Wonwoo was tired and was about to sleep past breakfast, which was not typical of his bestie at all. As a result, the worried omega snapped his head towards Seungcheol instantly, nearly giving himself a whiplash.


“Can I go check on him, hyung?”


“You should eat first and do it later.” The leader smiled warmly. “If you’re still tired, you can go to sleep together with Wonu. You need some more rest too, Junnie.”


Beaming happily, Jun excitedly clapped like a seal.


“Thanks, hyung! What a brilliant idea! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to…”


All of a sudden, Mingyu cut his “boyfriend” off.


“Why don’t you come to my room, Junnie? Don’t wanna stay with your boyfriend?”


Jihoon made a harsh scowl as he whispered “Disgusting!” to Soonyoung.


Meanwhile, Jun was literally taken aback by the question, and the omega’s face fell immediately. This was also the moment Jeonghan could not endure this attitude from Mingyu any longer. Everybody surely knew this relationship was new and strikingly vulnerable; Jun must be walking on eggshells around Mingyu since the omega had been having a huge crush on the younger male for a long time before suddenly getting accepted. A question like this from Mingyu could shatter the omega’s confidence in this relationship and made him anxious instantly. Jeonghan would never believe Mingyu did not know what he was doing or what kind of impact he was having on his so-called boyfriend.


This was practically mind-manipulation. If they did not interfere, Mingyu would soon control Jun thoroughly and nothing would be able to drag the omega back to sanity anymore. Mingyu was not even trying to act like he was just joking. His face was deadly serious and showing his disapproval of Jun’s decision. The longer the omega stared at his crush, the more he began to cower, as if realizing he had just done something against his lover’s wish.


Growling angrily, Jeonghan shot a death glare directly to the younger alpha’s face.


“Shut up, Mingyu! You don’t have the right to scold Junnie for sleeping with his best friend. What the hell is wrong with you?”


“Why are you so nosy now, Jeonghan-hyung?” Mingyu glared back at the older one, not smiling or smirking even a bit. “This is none of your business.”


“Stop it.” Seungcheol firmly ordered, successfully making both of them close their mouths at look at him right away. “The two of you seriously need to stop acting like this. Jeonghan, I know you’re worried, but please calm down. You won’t be able to guide Mingyu through anything if you aren’t patient with him. And you too, Mingyu. I understand it is difficult for you now since you have just presented and things aren’t favorable on your side, but at least you have to try. Jeonghan and I will start helping you on controlling your instincts and other stuff as an alpha from today.”


“I prefer asking for another service.” Mingyu declared with no hesitation, leaving absolutely no room for argument. “I called our manager yesterday. He’s already arranged some appointments for me with the service. So, you two don’t need to care about that.”


All heads snapped towards Mingyu in the blink of an eye as everyone was completely shocked. Usually, the older alphas of a pack would help the new and younger one learn how to cope with various things related to their secondary gender. In some occasions, some people had no one to seek for help from, so they would have to pay for a service to get this kind of assistance. Therefore, Mingyu’s decision was just appalling, but it was not like nobody understood his reasons for doing this.


Consequently, no one said a single word over this matter. A thick layer of uncomfortable silence suddenly enveloped the whole kitchen. It was at this moment that they all knew, they had fucked up everything. This was the first but also the most obvious sign of Mingyu’s first step of drifting further away from them, while the young alpha literally had not done anything from the beginning to make all these things happen.


It felt like the air had been sucked out of the kitchen while everyone could do nothing but poking at their food. Putting his utensil down, Seungcheol lowered his voice in the final effort of dragging Mingyu back.


“I think it’s still better if you learn with us, Gyu. You’re a member of our pack. We’re supposed to help you and we’ll try our best to do that.”


Both Seungcheol and Jeonghan had thought that they would have to try hard or at least give a lot of soft words to cool Mingyu down and make the young alpha change his mind. However, such a thing did not happen. Mingyu continued to shock them in a more intense level by smirking at the leader’s kind offer.


“I will do that under one condition.”


“What is it?” Minghao narrowed his eyes, already knowing that this was heading to nothing positive.


Nobody could understand what Mingyu found satisfied at, because the alpha kept having a smug and severely annoying smirk on his face, which caused everyone to just want to slap the hell out of him instantly. His shocking announcement had made everyone pity him for a few seconds, but now the alpha had successfully made everyone irritated at him without stating his condition yet. After all Mingyu had done from yesterday until now, they knew he would not ask for anything good.


Crossing his arms, Mingy finally dropped the smirk to show his serious face, which appeared to be scarier than ever.


“I want Junnie back in my room, and no one is allowed to storm into our private space without my permission anymore.”


Certainly, this demand was too outrageous for Jeonghan who had not been able to put up with Mingyu’s attitude from the moment the young alpha came back from the hotel. Right at the moment Jeonghan stood up and his enraged pheromones exploded, Joshua instantly stood up, but not to stop his angry mate. Instead, the eldest omega came to take Jun’s hand. The action was just in time because the young omega had just been frightened to death by the anger of his hyung and his boyfriend who had barely learnt to contain his emotions. Jun did not want to get involved in this kind of fight at all, since omegas had never had the instincts to endure battles. Gripping Joshua’s firm hand, the Chinese omega hurriedly got out of his chair to follow him.


Seungcheol handed Joshua the key into his room without any discussion. Taking it and asking nothing either, the omega led Jun straight to their leader’s room, and then locked it carefully after both of them had entered the safest place in the apartment.


Despite all the equality they had always claimed to give one another, the omegas themselves still knew they would have no voice over these fights and problems. Moreover, Joshua knew Jun was still too new and too exhausted for this whole war Mingyu had triggered constantly. The sight of a sleeping Wonwoo was suddenly extremely soothing and heavenly for them both. Without thinking, Jun climbed onto the bed, sneaking under the blanket to come as close as possible to his best friend.


The Chinese boy was quite shocked at first to realize Wonwoo was having no clothes on, but he quickly let that go, because it really did not matter. Since Wonwoo was lying on his left side in the middle of the bed, Jun took the side in front of his best friend’s face before waving his hand, beckoning Joshua to come over as well. Sighing because of no clear reason, Joshua walked to the bed, getting under the blanket to join the other two omegas, creating a temporary nest full of sweet, soothing scents they gave off to assure each other.


Squeezed between the two older omegas, Wonwoo continued to sleep soundly, having no idea of what was happening outside his safe nest. As the oldest one, Joshua was trying to do his job to push out his scent and soothing pheromones as much as possible, hoping to keep his younger brothers at ease. The American omega struggle to get Wonwoo’s head under his bicep peacefully, but he surely succeeded in the end, while Jun just disappeared under the blanket so as to bury his face into his best friend’s chest, wondering how and why Wonwoo had not woken up under their movements.


Perhaps, not waking up was actually a good thing. Nobody was in the mood to talk. Sighing again, Joshua tried to relax and stay calm but still held the younger boy more tightly, wondering how everyone was handling the battle between his mate and Mingyu out there. Whereas, Jun wanted nothing but to enjoy the days of chilling and relaxing like a lazy cat with his best friend who also resembled a cat like how they had always done in the past.


Things had changed, which went along with Jun’s dreams and wishes, yet the omega could not help thinking hard about why this moment was actually the sweetest and most peaceful one he had had from the day he presented as an omega. More than ever, Jun suddenly realized why Wonwoo had always been his best friend. Wonwoo was the source of calmness, of peace and tranquility that Jun’s personality needed to hold onto. Wonwoo was quiet. Wonwoo was the kindest human being. Wonwoo was the sweetest of the sweetest Jun knew. Wonwoo never judged him. Wonwoo did not get mad even once after Jun had slept with the man he secretly loved.


Pressing his face deeper and deeper into Wonwoo’s chest, Jun desperately wished that when he woke up, every trouble had already been sorted out, and there would just be no more fight, quarrel, or harsh words thrown to everyone in the pack by his crush, his current boyfriend.


Closing his eyes and fighting against the tears threatening to spill, Jun refused to understand why his heart kept referring to Mingyu as his crush.

Chapter Text

Wonwoo woke up feeling incredibly warm and relaxed, as if he had just slept for years without a care of the world. The omega was so lightheaded that he even thought he had already died and now was just floating in a surreal heaven. However, after a few seconds of consciousness, Wonwoo was mentally reminded of his own bad dreams, which certainly did not make him feel nice at all. Shivering at his own memories, the omega tried his best to shake those dreams away, and started to open his eyes to see why he was feeling strangely warm.


There was a certain amount of disappointment as the omega’s eyes could not see Seungcheol anywhere, but his heart was calmed down instantly by the scent of the alpha still lingering everywhere in the room. In fact, his own body reeked of Seungcheol too, since they had been literally glued to each other for the whole night. Wonwoo’s face burned at the reminder of their incredibly long cockwarming session, and the omega desperately tried to brush it off right away, knowing that he should never let such a thing bother him too much. No, he should not. Definitely not. They were just friends with benefits. He was just an omega giving away his body to seek for the protection, the shield from the leader of his pack. It would do them no good if Wonwoo kept allowing himself to pay too much attention to those matters.


Wonwoo wanted Seungcheol’s presence simply because the leader was a powerful and kind alpha, while Wonwoo himself was an omega, who was new, confused, and sensitive to his environment. The omega convinced himself that was all he needed to know.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo’s heart softened immediately when he eventually registered what position he was in and why he had been feeling so warm. The omega was not familiar with all scents yet, but something in his instincts let him recognize the owner of the rose aroma in the air. Without a doubt, Wonwoo knew Joshua was behind him, spooning him just like how Seungcheol had done last night. Despite being an omega as well, Joshua was letting his arm be used as Wonwoo’s pillow. The younger omega was worried he might hurt his hyung’s arm if he stayed like this for too long, but the warmth radiated from the older omega’s whole vibe and affection was just irresistible.


Why was Joshua so kind to him? Wonwoo thought he had never managed to do anything significant to the American male, and Joshua should pay more attention to Jun right now. There was nothing for anyone to feel worried about Wonwoo - that was what Wonwoo knew and wanted to tell the world. Joshua was taking care of him in the way that reminded him of his mother, of a brother, causing him to acknowledge the motherly vibe he felt from Joshua. His arm was not as thick or strong as Seungcheol’s, but giving out enough love to melt Wonwoo’s heart in spite of his attempt of fighting against the weak spots in his heart.


Unfortunately for Wonwoo, his heart could only felt weaker when he recognized that his best friend was sleeping soundly in his arms. Jun was completely hidden under the blanket, but made his existence known by pressing his face into Wonwoo’s chest, breathing warm air onto his skin and arms clinging to him like a koala. In a split second, Wonwoo was frightened to think that maybe he had been moved to Joshua’s and Jeonghan’s bedroom for some reasons, but then reality came back to the omega’s mind. A quick look around the room confirmed that this was surely no one but Seungcheol’s bedroom only. It was his bedroom too.


Realization continued to dawn on Wonwoo as his mind became clearer and sober after seconds. Although the door was closed and the two omegas around him were giving off very sweet and comforting scents, Wonwoo still vaguely detected the smell of aggression and anger coming from somewhere in the apartment. Someone must be fighting. With the presence of both Joshua and Jun here, Wonwoo instantly guessed there must be a fight or at least a quarrel between Jeonghan and Mingyu, again.


It was difficult to imagine which reason had just made those two alphas argue again, yet Wonwoo was now starting to get worried and confused about Mingyu. Without hearing the obnoxious conversations Mingyu had had with Jeonghan and Seungcheol, Wonwoo still wondered what had caused the young alpha to act in this way. If Mingyu sincerely wanted to have Jun, there should never be so much tension between him and Jeonghan. The Mingyu they all knew was not someone who would keep picking on a fight, unless Mingyu was absolutely mad about something.


Gulping, Wonwoo hated to admit that he guessed Mingyu was mad at him right now. Was that possible? Was he hallucinating and overestimating himself in the alpha’s heart? Maybe he was not that important to Mingyu. Maybe Mingyu was just hotheaded because he had just presented and was unable to control his emotions well. Maybe Mingyu’s sexual needs were high because his rut had just gone away and he needed Jun to satiate himself but Jeonghan was too overprotective to let a bruised and tired Jun be used in that way. Maybe that was all.


Wonwoo did not believe he mattered too much in anyone’s mind. Why should he be considered as someone important? He had nothing similar to the attractive or even the basic omegas society always assumed. Mingyu used to love him. That was what Wonwoo assumed. Currently, he did not believe Mingyu still loved him anymore, because he knew Mingyu was a man with a tremendous pride in his own self, an overwhelmingly attractive human being, a heavenly handsome and surreally wonderful man. A person like that was not supposed to care too much about someone like Wonwoo, as there were already numerous people swooning over Mingyu every single day. Mingyu would always easily find someone who loved him and treasured him. The alpha even did not have to look for anyone far away. There was already Jun here who had been loving Mingyu for years and wishing nothing but to be the alpha’s lover.


For a person who not only wanted but also deserved so much attention like Mingyu, Jun was the perfect lover for him, as the said omega would always be willing to devote himself to any extent. Wonwoo knew they were a perfect match made from heaven. There could not be anyone better for Mingyu. Nobody could ever love him much more than how Jun had already done. Even if they just dated each other for a long time, Wonwoo still believed that was a perfect ending for Jun’s pining story. At least they had had a chance together. At least Jun would never regret having no opportunity of becoming his crush’s boyfriend. If things went well, Wonwoo would happily swallow his own agony forever in order to clap and smile on the day Jun walked down the aisle towards Mingyu.


However, Wonwoo was also worried about the fact that Mingyu had seemed like he was on the verge of doing something or just exploding since the moment he came back from the hotel. Wonwoo had not been able to look at the alpha in the eyes from then, but he could always feel the abnormal vibe Mingyu was giving off. The omega wondered whether Jun felt the same, and this did matter a lot because if Jun was going to be Mingyu’s lover, he would have to deal with the alpha’s attitude constantly. Wonwoo had Seungcheol to protect him, but if Jun returned to being Mingyu’s roommate, there would be no place for the Chinese boy to hide. Wonwoo was always willing to open his arms to Jun whenever his best friend needed, but his effort would be all fruitless unless Jun tried to help himself.


A few seconds after that thought, Wonwoo scoffed at his own stupidity. Who was he to talk about someone trying to help themselves while he literally failed to mind his own business? Who could a pathetic existence like Wonwoo manage to help? He had better know that he was already a burden by making himself Seungcheol’s bitch. Did his presence bother the leader too much? It was true that he was giving his body away for free and allowing the alpha to do whatever he wanted, but Wonwoo felt his heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach at the painful realization of how kind, caring, and thoughtful Seungcheol was. He had been treating Wonwoo too tenderly, too gently for the omega’s liking. Whenever his heart melted, an invisible stabbed or sliced that deformed heart, turning it into the ugliest thing Wonwoo had ever known in his whole life.


Sighing and trying to shake those thoughts away, Wonwoo intended to continue sleeping, but his bladder annoyingly screamed and asked for his attention, demanding to be taken care of. The omega had no choice but to wriggle himself out of the other two omegas in utter frustration and groan loudly. Woken up by the movements, Joshua used the free hand to rub his eyes lazily, asking Wonwoo after a long yawn.


“You’re awake now, Wonu?”


“I need to go to the bathroom.” The youngest omega complained, voice grumpy and hoarse. “I seriously just want to sleep.”


“Go and then come back to sleep.” Joshua patted Wonwoo’s hip gently in a way that made the younger boy’s heart swell in affection. His voice reeked of sleep not any better than Wonwoo’s. “I’m not going to leave soon.”


“But why are you sleeping in my bed?” Wonwoo could not help asking out of curiosity, not annoyance.


Luckily, Joshua understood it well. The eldest omega yawned again before replying.


“It’s complicated, but go first. I don’t want to help you change the sheets.”


Understanding the implication, Wonwoo elbowed the male behind him, earning a soft chuckle. It was not until now did Jun eventually open his eyes and stare at the other two like a lost puppy. It took the Chinese boy five seconds to recall why he was sleeping with Wonwoo. Once the realization came, he whined like a petulant kid.


“Where are you going, Wonu?”


Wonwoo was turning red due to how Jun was trying to cling to him tightly and nuzzling into his chest which was not being covered by anything. In fact, Wonwoo’s whole body was hidden by nothing but the blanket, and he suddenly felt seriously aware of the situation, face burning in embarrassment when realizing Joshua and Jun had been cuddling with him while he was stark naked. The other two omegas did not seem to mind, but an insecure Wonwoo certainly minded it and did not feel okay even a bit.


As a result, Jun pouted with a hurt expression on his face when Wonwoo pushed him away and continued to wriggle harder in a desperate attempt of getting out of the bed.


“I need to go to the bathroom, Junnie.”


“Hurry and come back to me!” The Chinese omega continued to whine, keeping his pout on as he pleaded Wonwoo through his eyes. “It’s nice to sleep while cuddling with you! We should have done this more often!”


“Discuss later. Let him go now, Junnie.” Joshua soothed the whiny boy by a gentle pat on his head right after Wonwoo sat up.


“I just… Oof!!! Wonu!!!!!!”


Wonwoo ignored the loud whine and the gasp Joshua let out when he resolutely pulled the blanket out of the two older omegas’ grip so as to get the thing all to himself. Wrapping it around his own body like a coat, Wonwoo walked away without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.


“I need it. You two don’t need a blanket.”


Joshua huffed while turning to lie on his stomach, closing his eyes as he mumbled.


“We didn’t plan to ogle you, Wonu. You’re such a prude.”


“Uhm… you didn’t, but I did.” Jun suddenly blurted out as if he had no shame over that, literally saying he wanted to see his best friend’s naked form. “We’ve already promised that if one of us presented as an alpha then we would mate!”


Joshua sat up abruptly, eyes wide and mouth hung open.


“Are you serious? You two have gone that far? Really? You aren’t joking, right?”


“Don’t listen to him, hyung!” Wonwoo whined and waddled towards the bathroom. “We did promise, but things didn’t work out in that way between us. We couldn’t do it, and fate doesn’t let us do that either.”


However, Joshua still refused to let the matter go easily.


“What do you mean by ‘things didn’t work out’? You two dated? Already?”


“No!!!” It was Jun’s turn to exclaim and defend themselves, and Wonwoo just took this chance to run towards the bathroom and closed the door quickly, leaving the whole situation for Jun to deal with. “We were so close, so good together that we once thought whether it would be possible for us to be… you know… do more than normal things between friends. As you can see, nothing worked. We can only continue to be best friends and no more.”


“And you have just said you wanted to see his body without clothes.” Joshua narrowed his eyes, staring at the younger boy suspiciously. “Are you sure you didn’t mean anything?”


“I…” Jun seemed to be eager to explain at first, but his enthusiasm and passion died down rapidly as soon as confusion took over. “I… I… I don’t know… I just… think… I might want to see him.”


“That isn’t what I will call friendship.” Joshua shook his head before dropping himself back onto the mattress. “You aren’t supposed to have the slightest wish to ogle your best friend, Junnie.”


“I know, but…” Whining and sulking, Jun lied down together with his hyung, snuggling with Joshua instead of Wonwoo during the time waiting for the omega. “I just… I don’t know. Wonwoo is… he’s my best friend. I guess we’re just so close that I want to know everything about him? But not enough to have sex? I mean… on the night he presented, we didn’t fuck at all. He was crying relentlessly and it made me heartbroken to see him like that. Neither of us wanted to take off our clothes.”


“You’re so weird.” Joshua mumbled a conclusion to the squirming boy in his arms. “It seems like you’re confused about many things, baby.”


“I’m just… just quite confused about this. Nothing else.” Jun sulked harder although he was clinging to Joshua in a childish way. “I mean… I know for sure I don’t want to have sex with Wonwoo but… but with… with Mingyu.”


Despite the slight tension between him and the said alpha recently, Joshua still could not help crooning at how cute his shy Junnie was. The aroma of peaches had just been intensified in an adorable way due to the younger omega’s shyness and embarrassment. Hearing the sounds his hyung let out, Jun desperately tried to hide his blushing cheeks into the older boy’s chest, whining and squirming even harder. Giggling, Joshua hugged the Chinese male tightly and did not press more, guessing that he had got quite enough information to understand a bit more about the three of them. Although he had the impression that Jun was confused about his own feelings for Mingyu too, Joshua did not point it out, only waiting for Wonwoo to come back.


When the owner of the room returned, he was fully dressed in a purple pair of pajamas. Walking very sluggishly and lazily, Wonwoo plopped himself back down on the mattress, feeling too exhausted to think of doing anything else, deciding not to care about how the fight between the alphas out there had been currently. Joshua and Jun gladly welcomed Wonwoo back to the bed, squeezing him in between, but Jun was the one who offered his arm to his best friend this time. Joshua did not bury his face into Wonwoo’s chest like how Jun had done, but still pressed himself as close as possible to the younger boy.


The blanket was discarded as it was not needed any longer. The three of them were enough for one another to share the warmth. Just as tired as Wonwoo since he had just been through a heat as well, Jun soon fell asleep and snored quietly, while his best friend was still puzzled by some other problems.


“Why do you two sleep here, hyung?” Wonwoo asked the same question again, aiming at Joshua. “What happened outside?”


Briefly, Joshua told Wonwoo the story about the argument between Mingyu and the other two alphas, causing the younger omega to have an even more perplexed expression on his face. After hearing the story, Wonwoo did not know what to say at all, staying completely silent and letting the questions running around his mind crazily. Mingyu was just acting more and more strangely. The alpha had a shocking amount of determination in getting Jun back to himself, although this was actually not what Mingyu should be worried about. Since Jun loved Mingyu so much, two weeks of staying with Jeonghan and Joshua would mean nothing to the Chinese omega. Nonetheless, Mingyu did not seem to have this kind of belief. Perhaps, Mingyu did not trust anyone among this pack anymore.


A sharp pang in his chest made Wonwoo grimace out of his control, as a part of his rational brain told him this was all his fault. He was the one who caused everything to happen, but Wonwoo swore he had never tried to trigger Jun’s heat to come. Moreover, after a minute of battling with himself, Wonwoo convinced his brain that Mingyu actually had had a choice. Nobody had ever forced him to take Jun as his boyfriend. Nobody asked Mingyu to make a decision. Mingyu himself was the one who suddenly made up his mind so abruptly that no one managed to find it normal. Mingyu was allowed to give himself time to contemplate whether he wanted Jun to become his lover or not. The hyungs had also offered him the opportunity by keeping the new omega safe and away from him in Jeonghan’s and Joshua’s bedroom.


Wonwoo did not know why everyone could easily trust Jeonghan and Joshua but Mingyu could not. The only reason the omega could think of was that maybe Mingyu was picking up a fight with them on purpose. Gulping and closing his eyes, Wonwoo was attacked by another wave of tremendous guilt and devastation, one more time drowned in the accusation of him bringing pain and frustration to Mingyu.


However, Wonwoo knew for sure that if Mingyu got stuck with a person like him, there would be nothing good for him either. There was absolutely nothing Wonwoo could give the alpha. Wonwoo was constantly too mentally tired to keep up with the energy Mingyu always had. Wonwoo was too slow and too normal for an excellent alpha who was the greatest of everything like Mingyu. Wonwoo was too exhausted to even think of trying to do something, not to mention becoming a perfect lover to live up to Mingyu’s expectations. The best thing a pathetic human being like Wonwoo could do was giving anything he already had to anyone who was willing to take advantage of him and asked for no more. Wonwoo knew he did not have the ability or capacity of anything. He knew he was better than no one.


The omega knew he was not good enough for Seungcheol, either. A toy? Maybe that was the best description for him in the relationship he shared with the leader currently. Wonwoo would not mind if the eldest alpha degraded him or called him by the ugliest words and names, because he knew he deserved that. Seungcheol had all the rights to hate him, to be mad at him, like how Mingyu was feeling right now. If Mingyu wanted to yell at him, Wonwoo would just listen with his head low, and then let everything go. Mingyu would forget him. Mingyu would move on with someone so much better, and Jun would probably be the first and best option.


“What’s wrong, Wonu?”


Wonwoo was startled and dragged out of his thoughts by the sudden touch on his face. The omega’s first reaction was to flinch, but he quickly regretted it, because it was nothing harmful but Joshua’s gentle hand touching his face in a comforting way. The older omega was surprised by Wonwoo’s reaction, but he did not turn mad or upset. Instead, Joshua was even more worried about the boy who he considered as a younger brother. He did not need to be a super caring person to realize Wonwoo had been battling with so many conflicts inside his head from the moment he presented until now. Joshua had extreme difficulties in figuring out what Wonwoo might be thinking, but he was observant enough to know his brother was not fine.


“Nothing.” Wonwoo shook his head, unconsciously melting under the hand on his cheek. “I just… zoned out.”


“Liar!” Joshua accused without even blinking his eyes, taking Wonwoo aback completely. “You are a very bad liar, Wonu.”


“I’m sorry.” There was nothing else he could think of to say.


“Just tell me if you have any problems, okay?” Joshua sighed, moving his hand to stroke the younger boy’s hair. “I’m here to help both you and Junnie. Things must be very difficult now for you, and it’s overwhelming when our three alphas keep fighting and arguing like that. So, just tell me if you want something, okay?”


“I know I need to learn things but…” Wonwoo lowered his voice, not wanting to wake Jun up, and also because he strangely had the need to talk quietly to his hyung, as if they were telling secrets to each other. “I don’t understand exactly what those things are.”


“Don’t worry. It’s okay to be confused. I didn’t know anything when I presented either.” Joshua gave an assuring smile. “But I think we should leave that for later. You’re still tired, so this isn’t the suitable time to learn yet.”


However, Wonwoo kept asking for more information even though he was truly tired and sleepy.


“So… Jeonghan-hyung and Cheol-hyung will help Mingyu? Do you think they accept Mingyu’s condition?”


The older omega sighed again, putting his hand down and began to fiddle with the front of Wonwoo’s shirt.


“I guess they do. We can’t lose Mingyu. No matter what happens, he should be taught and guided by the older alphas in our pack. You weren’t present at the times Mingyu irked Jeonghan yesterday, so maybe you haven’t really known it, but I can say Mingyu is drifting away from us. We cannot let this go any further before we lose our grip on him completely.”


“Why is he like that?” Wonwoo asked, much more to himself than to Joshua. “Jeonghan-hyung hasn’t done anything to him.”


“I feel like Mingyu thinks we are all against him, which is surely not true at all. But… he barely listens to anyone.”


Since Joshua had been escorted out of the apartment right on the night Wonwoo presented, the older omega did not really know what had happened on the next day. If Joshua had known it, maybe now he and Jeonghan would turn absolutely mad. Luckily for Wonwoo, Minghao had never revealed the truth to anyone, although Wonwoo knew some people might be able to figure it out by themselves. Yet, Mingyu was not one of them.


How would the alpha react if one day he realized Wonwoo was the one behind the whole plan of pushing him to Jun?


Nonetheless, Wonwoo wanted to defend himself, that he had not known or managed to imagine Jun’s condition would somehow trigger Mingyu’s rut to come and make him present early. It was completely out of his control. In his desperation, Wonwoo had spent a lot of time wondering whether it could have happened differently if Minghao had not listened to his plea. Maybe Mingyu would still bring Jun to the hotel room, because they were close friends and Jun would trust Mingyu most. Maybe Jun would still lose control and beg Mingyu to stay with him. Maybe before the members who came to the hotel together with them could reach the room after waiting Mingyu for too long, Mingyu would have been triggered and allowed no one to drag him away.


If things had happened in that way, perhaps right now Jun would be happy by Mingyu’s sides. If the alpha had not realized he had been fooled, Wonwoo was pretty sure Mingyu would feel like he had responsibilities towards Jun and would treat the Chinese omega nicely, since the whole incident was nobody’s fault.


“That’s right!!!” Wonwoo told himself, feeling his heart flutter in the slightest joy he had just found after months, or years. “They couldn’t reach the room on time even if they wanted to interfere! Nobody would separate an alpha and an omega when they are already glued to each other! No matter what, it would still happen in this way.”


“You are zoning out again, Wonu!” Joshua scared the hell out of Wonwoo again by suddenly chuckling and pinching the younger boy’s cheek. “Why do you keep thinking so hard? What is bothering you?”


Wonwoo was being asked, but strangely, this time it did not make him feel like being interrogated at all. Joshua had been constantly showing so much affection that Wonwoo went from getting shocked to being dumbfounded. Without a doubt, Wonwoo knew Joshua had never had romantic feelings for him, yet he had never expected the older boy to shower him with attention and love like this. Temporarily, Wonwoo was unable to process anything. He could only stare at Joshua unblinkingly instead of answering, as if the American omega had grown a second head.


Surprised by Wonwoo’s whole confusion, Joshua grinned adorably before moving even closer, keeping his hand on the younger male’s cheek to stroke it tenderly.


“You have no idea how happy I am when both you and Junnie become omegas, Wonu.” Joshua whispered shyly but sincerely. “I know this sounds not only childish but also selfish of me because I should never interfere or have any thoughts about your status, but… I just wish to have more omegas in the pack so that we can share various things together, and so that I can get easily closer to you.”


“Get closer to me?” Wonwoo finally successfully made his mouth work to ask a question. “Why do you say so, hyung? We are… fine?”


Right after finishing the last sentence, Wonwoo hated himself for making it sound almost one hundred percent like a question, while he was definitely not supposed to do so. What the hell had Joshua done to him? Why was he revealing so much confusion and weakness to the older omega like this?


“You have never allowed anyone to take care of you, Wonu.” Joshua lowered his voice, making it sound utterly soft and sweet. “I used to think that you would become an alpha, and I really dreaded that. I would never be able to get any closer to you if you were an alpha. You would just give me one harsh glare and I would never dare to ask any questions again.”


“You make it sound like I would be a jerk if I were an alpha.” Wonwoo mumbled, wondering whether Joshua was unintentionally implying that he was cold and rude or not.


Unfortunately, Joshua confirmed his thought by a nod and a hum, hands returning to play with the front of Wonwoo’s shirt.


“I used to consider you a jerk, for real. You always look seriously offended whenever someone tries to take care of you. You know… as the eldest omega of our pack, I want to take care of everyone, but you… you are a pain in the ass for always closing off and pushing me away. Today is a miracle, because I’m lying here cuddling with you and talking to you. It’s like the omega hormones have kicked in and changed you. I can’t be more glad.”


Although Wonwoo was not acting like an asshole right now, not pushing Joshua away or showing any irritation, he had already started to hate where this conversation was heading to. Loathing fate for making him presenting as an omega, Wonwoo could not bear the idea of himself turning softer and weaker under the exploding hormones of omegas in his own body. It was pathetic, disgustingly pathetic. As if he had not been pathetic enough, fate even had to make Joshua say everything out like that, even though the American boy surely did not mean anything bad. In fact, Wonwoo understood that Joshua loved him a lot, but his ugly and wronged stubbornness refused to take this as an “opportunity” to rely on his hyung.


Wonwoo did not deserve Joshua.


He believed the older omega should spend his time taking care of people who needed it. For instance, he had better give Jun more time instead of killing his precious time by talking to Wonwoo, because no matter what he said, it would just slowly kill the cold and broken omega day by day, causing him to hate himself more and more. Wonwoo hated everything, and hated his own self most, for disappointing every single person he loved in this world, including all his family, his whole pack, and his fans.


Everyone was disappointed by Wonwoo turning into an omega. Joshua was not, but Wonwoo did not convince himself to believe it, even though he did not want to think Joshua had just lied to him in an attempt to gain his love. Maybe, Joshua wanted Wonwoo to be an omega not because of good things for Wonwoo, but for Joshua only. More omegas, more people for the alphas to use. More omegas, more people to share and split the responsibilities. More omegas, more fun for the eldest one available.


Joshua would never have to worry about Seungcheol, who had been devastated and heartbroken when the American boy presented as an omega and called out for only Jeonghan. At present, Wonwoo was naturally assigned to take care of Seungcheol’s ruts and maybe Joshua would not have to feel bad for his best friend anymore.


Wonwoo knew, he had nothing to be loved. People just wanted him for what they needed.


Nevertheless, what Wonwoo had in his mind and what he had in his heart were just two different things. Despite the doubts and insecurity, he remained quiet, not retorting to Joshua and letting the older omega smother him with affection. Under Joshua’s tender hands, Wonwoo felt as if he had an older brother, while Joshua had literally waited for a very long time to finally get the chance to take care of Wonwoo. The newly presented omega simply had no power to resist the temptation of the sweet voice and gentle strokes Joshua gave him. It felt like a mom was trying to lure him into sleep, which was undoubtedly not the same as what Seungcheol had given him yesterday at all.


Wonwoo did not know when his eyes closed again. His slumber was enveloped wholly in a thick layer of sweet aromas coming from the two omegas on his both sides. The omega was certainly unaware of the whimpers he occasionally let out during his sleep, or of the soft coos and strokes on the hair Joshua and Jun gave him from time to time. They might have not managed to make him feel better, but they were all trying, and loved him a lot.




Many hours later, Wonwoo was woken up by a squirming Jun who was hugging him and shaking him at the same time. Right after opening his eyes, the omega could not help feeling his heart soften as he saw how cute and sweet his best friend was. Jun had always been like this, acting like a clingy little kitty who would do anything to bother Wonwoo and get his attention. Nonetheless, Wonwoo could never get mad, because he just loved Jun unconditionally. He was just startled when being told that it was three o’clock in the afternoon already.


“Why didn’t anyone wake me up for lunch?” Wonwoo asked in shock, voice soulless as if he had slept through an important schedule of his life.


“Everyone told me to let you sleep!” Jun pouted and quickly defended himself. “They said you could always eat as much as you like but if you were in the mood for sleeping then we had better just let you sleep well. I agree with them too!!!”


“How about you?” Wonwoo ruffled his hair and then rubbed his eyes, still feeling like he had been sleep deprived for decades. “I guess you ate, right?”


“Yeah, but I came back here right after lunch to sleep with you.” Jun yawned yet he was pulling his best friend to sit up. “I didn’t intend to wake you up this early but your stomach growls too much I can’t sleep anymore!”


Cheeks burning in embarrassment, Wonwoo spent a few seconds thinking, and quickly realizing his stomach was truly letting out ugly sounds and screaming for food. Without Jun hearing it, perhaps he would continue to sleep until the growls could be heard outside the apartment. Temporarily, Wonwoo did not feel anything good after an abnormally long slumber, but he guessed he would feel it later. The most urgent thing to take care of now was his grumbling stomach.


Nonetheless, during the whole time brushing his teeth, Wonwoo started to recollect what he had heard hours ago in order to figure out what could be possibly happening out there. Even without finding out, Wonwoo was already stunned by the fact that Jun had slept with him from the morning till the afternoon, which gave him a lot of confusion. Wonwoo wanted to ask someone whether the older alphas had compromised with Mingyu’s conditions or not. If they had, Jun should be extraordinarily excited and happy with the outcome of him sharing a room with his boyfriend now. The Chinese omega should at least spend his nap time in Mingyu’s bed instead of Wonwoo’s. If Jun had been here all the time, where the hell had Seungcheol been?


Instantly, Wonwoo felt extremely bad for bringing the burden to the leader, knowing that Seungcheol would lose the personal and private space of his own bedroom if it had not been for Wonwoo. Once getting out, the omega was determined to find the said alpha, at least trying to check whether the man was mad or annoyed. Wonwoo had never managed to imagine that Seungcheol would allow Jun to sleep inside here like that, and it made the omega felt like there was no change in his life. Jun was still his beloved best friend who usually came to his bedroom to share a bed with him and spend their free time relaxing together.


That was too kind and too generous of Seungcheol. Wonwoo was attacked by his own guilt and embarrassment.


When Wonwoo walked out of the bathroom, Jun was no longer there, and the Chinese boy was not in the kitchen either. Nonetheless, Wonwoo did not have much time to think about Jun because he was smothered by questions coming from anyone he met on his way. Never had Wonwoo ever felt this lucky for having a room that located on the opposite direction with Mingyu’s one. There were two small hallways in the apartment and the kitchen was in between. Wonwoo was relieved not to have to walk by the alpha’s room and come across the young alpha. As a result, the omega reached the kitchen in peace. As Jihoon was currently the only one there with him right now, Wonwoo intended to ask his friend what he could eat now but the short boy took him aback by suddenly screaming across the hall.


“Cheol-hyung, Wonwoo is up! He’s in the kitchen!”


“Hey, what’s that for?” Wonwoo nudged Jihoon in utter shock. “I’m not a kid! Why do you have to scream for him like that?”


“I thought you want to find him?” Jihoon asked back incredulously, raising an eyebrow.


“What? No!” Wonwoo objected with a scowl, voice still hoarse due to his sleep. “I just want some food!”


“Really? Oh?” Jihoon shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t know! You looked obviously like you were looking for someone, and you looked so lost that I thought you were searching for Cheol-hyung.”


“I’m fine, Jihoon. I’m at home. I’m not lost.” Wonwoo shook his head and palmed his face after taking a seat at the dining table.


“You did look lost, Wonu.” Jihoon corrected him, too stubborn to let this go. He even sat down on the opposite side of the table, facing Wonwoo. “I’m just dying to ask you about this… What is it between you and Cheol-hyung now? I really don’t understand it. Are you two dating? Why so suddenly? Are you guys going to give us any announcement? Because we’re all freaking confused and surprised now.”


Wonwoo had no idea how to explain things to Jihoon, because he himself was not sure about the whole situation either. Of course, he knew he and Seungcheol were not dating, but it would be difficult to convince the other members unless they both agreed on one particular reasonable way to explain this. Otherwise, everyone would continue to doubt and ask questions. Wonwoo seriously needed to talk to Seungcheol right after appeasing his stomach. Therefore, he could only shook his head and ruffled his hair in frustration.


“I… I need to eat first, Jihoon. I’m too hungry to do anything else.”


Fortunately, Jihoon rapidly understood, knowing that Wonwoo had not eaten anything for too long, so he did not press any further. Instead, he got up and began to reheat the food they had intentionally left for Wonwoo. It was still early so no one had started making dinner yet, which was a huge relief for the omega since he was fearful getting stuck in this room with Mingyu, who was usually responsible for cooking. This find of fear was actually an extremely bad thing because sooner or later Wonwoo would have to literally face the said alpha every day, especially when they were in the same unit.


To be more exact, he should be worried about the fact that all three of them were in the same unit.


While waiting for Jihoon to reheat the food, Wonwoo got some milk for himself, feeling his body healthier after a long sleep. Meanwhile, the shorter boy asked him questions about his conditions today. Everything was calm and nice as if no chaos had ever happened among this pack. Jihoon told him some of the members had gone out, and some were having their personal schedule. Wonwoo was dying to ask where Mingyu and Seungcheol were, since his nose had already clogged up after spending the whole day rolling in the leader’s bed and hugging Jun. He smelled both of them everywhere he went, unable to detect anything else.


Eventually, Jihoon told the important piece of news he had been expecting to hear. Nonetheless, it was not exactly what made him feel happy or satisfied.


“Cheol-hyung and Jeonghan-hyung are teaching Gyu things in the living room.” Jihoon sighed after placing the small pot of kimchi stew down in front of Wonwoo. “Hell. I don’t dare to imagine how the three of them are dealing with this. Mingyu’s been so nasty since yesterday. It’s a miracle they haven’t fought again once the lessons started.”


So, Mingyu’s condition had been approved, which meant from tonight, Jun would return to the bedroom he and Mingyu had shared together for years. However, Wonwoo was suddenly uncertain of whether he should feel excited or relieved for his best friend or anyone or not. The hyungs had had reasons for not letting Mingyu have Jun all to himself during the first weeks after their present, but now they had broken everything so as just to keep Mingyu in the pack, not wanting to push the young alpha any further. Keeping Mingyu among the pack’s circle and treating him like family was undoubtedly a necessary thing to do, yet Wonwoo had a bit of concern in his heart about why Mingyu had to be this determined to get Jun back as soon as possible.


Wonwoo’s chain of thoughts was only interrupted when there came the voice that had lured him into sleep last night.


“Hey, Wonu! Finally awake! How was your sleep?”


As the omega turned around to see the alpha who was walking towards him, Seungcheol was already having a shining smile on his face, showing all his teeth and gum despite the slight hint of tiredness and frustration in his eyes.

Chapter Text

Wonwoo did not know what to do except for smiling slightly.


“I slept well. Thank you. But… I’m sorry. Junnie came in and stole your bed completely…”


Seungcheol shook his head right away, still grinning.


“Oh, don’t worry. I don’t take a nap today anyway. You know, I’ve been busy with teaching.”


“How was the tutor, hyung?” Jihoon asked curiously, and then looked behind the leader’s shoulders so as to check whether Mingyu had followed into the kitchen or not. Realizing that the alpha was out of sight, he continued but with a smaller and lower voice. “Did Mingyu do anything to you again?”


“No, he didn’t.” Seungcheol calmly replied and sat down on the chair that was the closest to Wonwoo, on his left side. “He’s a quick leaner, fortunately. I’m just afraid there are things he isn’t very sure about but doesn’t want to ask us.”


“Guess we will find out soon. He doesn’t seem to manage to control his emotions well these days.” Jihoon clicked his tongue and shook his head, eyeing the way Seungcheol sat down so close to Wonwoo without giving any comment. “But how is Jeonghan-hyung? Is he still with Mingyu now?”




After just a few seconds of sitting, Seungcheol stood up to get a drink for himself, seeming to still have a lot of negative energy he needed to get rid of. The leader only returned after getting two apples, a knife, and a plate. Taking the seat he had left again, Seungcheol began to peel the fruit, unaware of the gasp from Jihoon.


“Why do you leave them alone? They’ve been so tense with each other from yesterday.”


“I have nothing to worry about Jeonghan. He won’t do anything to Mingyu unless Gyu attacked him first.” Seungcheol was answering Jihoon’s questions only but he kept darting his eyes back and forth between both of the younger boys, trying to keep Wonwoo involved in the conversation despite his silence.


Wonwoo was not sure he appreciated this or not, because he had always been accustomed to being the invisible person. However, this kind of interaction helped him feel less awkward, because Seungcheol was obviously trying to make it look like nothing changed in their dynamic. It was true that Wonwoo could feel the alpha taking care of him more intensely than before, yet it was not exactly overwhelming. To this extent, he could still take it, especially when the leader was doing such a nice thing which was cutting some fruit and putting it into a plate on the table for him to eat.


Wonwoo was not stupid. He knew the plate of apples was for him, not for Jihoon. The shorter boy was not even invited or encouraged to eat although the plate was placed in the middle of the table.


Meanwhile, Jihoon was still waiting for more explanation of the situation between Jeonghan and Mingyu. Soon realizing what the younger boy was waiting for, Seungcheol sighed and added.


“The atmosphere between me and Gyu is much more intense, Jihoon. He always smells like he’s going to shatter me into pieces. Now he’s getting Jun back to himself. He has no more trouble with Jeonghan.”


Until this point, Wonwoo suddenly felt tremendously guilty for putting Seungcheol in this kind of condition. From the beginning, the omega had thought that Mingyu would give up quickly when seeing that Wonwoo obviously did not want him. The omega had thought the pack’s tallest member would only take a short amount of time to get over his crush and then everything would be back to normal. Unfortunately for him, now Seungcheol was stuck in the middle of this mess as well, and Mingyu evidently loathed the leader.


However, Jihoon was still confused. The boy spent a whole minute in silence thinking, but then still had to ask.


“If he’s that angry… why doesn’t Wonwoo feel anything? I thought he’s super sensitive towards scents and pheromones now.”


“Uhm…” Seungcheol cleared his throat awkwardly. “There’s too much of my scent on him, so…”


Without the leader finishing the sentence, Wonwoo was already killed by his own embarrassment, astounded to know how heavily and strikingly some intimate moments could affect his whole feelings towards the whole world. It was not until now did the omega realize his senses towards other people had been temporarily muted due to the heavy scent of peppermint he had on his own body.


Jihoon only helped him understand the severity of this situation by pointing out more troubles.


“Then Mingyu must be livid when he smells Wonwoo.”


Chewing his own lips nervously and forgetting to eat, the omega was anxious to think whether there was a way for him to give Mingyu fewer reasons to hate him and Seungcheol or not. Less hatred, less tension, and less frustration for the tallest alpha. Mingyu being furious was not good for anybody in the pack.


Nonetheless, Seungcheol did not seem to be trying to find the same solution.


“It can’t be helped.” The leader shook his head, picking up a small piece of apple for himself. “We’re all going to wear scent-blockers to make everything less intense, but I doubt that Mingyu will be still able to smell my scent on Wonwoo. I can’t do anything about it then.”


Staring at the alpha with wide eyes, Jihoon put up two hands in defeat, standing up and backing away.


“I’m done with this! I guess I understand now. But hey, I have to say that I feel bad for Mingyu, you know. Can you two at least… tone it down for a while so as not to break his heart any further? I’m sorry for saying this, but you should know it’s very cruel to make a man smell another man on his crush, right?”


Without waiting for the reply, Jihoon exited the kitchen, returning to his room which was now also Soonyoung’s place. Wonwoo and Seungcheol were left in an awkward space of silence, neither of them knowing what to do or to say, as if they had just been told for the first time how cruel they were towards the newly presented alpha, who was also currently the youngest alpha of the pack.


All of a sudden, Wonwoo was not able to continue eating anymore, as he had just been struck by the brutal reality of whatever he had done from the beginning till this moment. While Minghao had helped him without asking a single question, Jihoon pointed out directly that Wonwoo and Seungcheol were at fault for hurting Mingyu’s feelings.


The couple sat there in long minutes of silence that seemed to last forever. Wonwoo tried his best to eat, while Seungcheol looked like he was lost in deep thoughts and had no intention of what to do next or whatsoever.


“You can still fix everything now, Wonu.” Seungcheol eventually spoke up first right after Wonwoo dropped his chopsticks.


Not waiting for the omega to turn towards him, the leader turned Wonwoo’s chair so that now the omega was sitting face to face with him. Yet, Wonwoo refused to look at Seungcheol in the eye, only staring at his own hands in his lap, not feeling okay with making eye contact with anyone. He did not want to ask what the leader meant either.


However, Seungcheol saw that as a chance for him to keep asking.


“Things haven’t gone too far now. You can still fix this, by talking to Mingyu.”


The stubborn and broken omega did not want to give an answer, or to explain to Seungcheol why he had been doing this until now. He did not want to even talk to anyone about anything related to Mingyu, although his dying heart just desperately wished to know more about the said alpha in every second. A single mention of that name was already overbearing for the omega, making him feel like the air had just been sucked out of his lungs. Once again, the name of the most beautiful and perfect man he knew in this world only reminded Wonwoo of how pathetic and disgusting of a human he was, telling him that he could never deserve Mingyu. Everything in this world could change, but Wonwoo knew this fact would never be any different.


He did not deserve Mingyu. He was too pathetic to be with someone as wonderful as Mingyu, who had been nothing but perfection.


There was no reason for him to take back or fix what he had done. Wonwoo might not have fully understood the weight of his actions, but he knew his ugly self better than anyone else. What Wonwoo was aware of more than everyone was that, Mingyu’s life could just be better without his existence. Jun would be good enough for the alpha. They would be good for each other, without Wonwoo being a burden in between. Everything should only happen in this way.


“There’s nothing to be fixed.” Wonwoo shook his head lightly after successfully forcing himself to reply to Seungcheol. His voice was low, tiny, and hoarse. “But I think Jihoon is right. We should stop doing… that for a while. I’m sorry for not thinking about it sooner.”


“Why are you blaming yourself?” Seungcheol heaved a long sigh, trying to bend down a little so as to look at the omega’s eyes. “I’m the one who asked for it. I’m even the leader of this pack. I should have thought better than that. You definitely didn’t do anything wrong. I can agree with Jihoon but I can’t agree you’re wrong. You need to stop blaming yourself, because I’m involved in this now. If something happens, I’m partly to blame for it.”


Wonwoo’s eyes instantly widened.


“But that…”


“No more protest, Wonu!” The leader firmly stated, not allowing the omega to keep on talking. “If you don’t want to change anything, that’s fine. From now on, let’s just stop doing that, like you said, but if Mingyu still gets mad when you smell like me every day, I really can’t do anything different. We shouldn’t rub the fact that we do… things into his face, but he also has to get used to the fact that you live in my room now, so it’s perfectly normal for you to smell like me and vice versa.”


“Did he say anything about that?” Wonwoo sheepishly asked, noticing how agitated Seungcheol seemed to be right now. “Did he… comment on your scent?”


“Yes. Many times.” The leader sighed audibly, looking away as he ruffled his own hair. “You won’t want me to repeat those words. They’re nothing good.”


Wonwoo actually wanted to ask what exactly Mingyu had said, but Seungcheol’s face and voice were both stern enough to make him know that there was no point in asking the leader to say. Seungcheol would not give in at any cost, so the omega’s only choice was to listen and comply, nodding his head in understanding. Seungcheol was not wrong at all, in fact. Even if they tried to be nice and stopped having sex until the alpha became happier, there were still things they could not do anything to control and Mingyu must force himself to deal with that. Today was still too soon, so Wonwoo guessed he himself had better just eat quickly and then take a shower before Mingyu had the chance to talk about his scent if they came across each other.


Of course they would run into each other. This was just a small apartment, not a mansion where two people could avoid confrontation.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo did not have to turn his attention back to his food, because Seungcheol had done that by himself. The leader turned the omega’s chair in one swift movement, making Wonwoo face the pot of kimchi stew and the bowl of rice he had not finished.


“Please eat them all, Wonu. You haven’t had anything today. At least you must finish these.” Seungcheol encouraged with a soft smile. “Nothing can be solved with an empty stomach. And I know Jun will sulk and stomp his foot if he knows you don’t eat enough.”


At the mention of his adorable best friend, Wonwoo could not help smiling, and he agreed with the description and imagination Seungcheol had just shared. Having the appetite to eat had been impossible to Wonwoo for years, but he bit his lips and tried, reluctantly picking up the spoon and force-feeding himself as if he loathed the food. Certainly, the leader was able to see the real struggle of his roommate, so he made sure to watch and continue sitting there, making use of this opportunity to talk. It was a situation in which Wonwoo seriously could not run away.


“While you’re eating, please let me say something. Okay, Wonu?” Seungcheol asked, nicely but still showing authority, causing the omega to feel goose bumps all over his body. This was the kind of question that made the speaker sound nice but it actually did not mean he had a choice anyway.


As a result, Wonwoo just nodded, staring at nothing but his bowl, unconsciously poking at his food again. It was extraordinarily difficult to try to eat while focusing on whatever the leader was about to say at the same time. Wonwoo wished he could push the bowl and the pot away, stopping this for good so as to just listen, but after a very short and quick glance at the alpha, the omega instantly tensed, realizing that Seungcheol was waiting for him to eat at least one spoon before saying anything. The leader was staring with the eyes of the predator who waited for the prey to eat and get fatter prior to the attack.


Perhaps Wonwoo was thinking of Seungcheol too negatively, yet the goose bumps on his body urged him to rapidly resume eating. Whatever the matter was, he should know that Seungcheol had all the rights to force him to have his meal.


“Fuck!” Wonwoo cursed at himself when his eyes darted to the plate in the middle of the table. He had apples to eat, too.


Satisfied to see Wonwoo acting obedient despite being slightly irritated, Seungcheol began to speak out what he had been thinking about for half of the day.


“I know you probably don’t want to deal with this, but the members have been asking all day, Wonu.” The alpha lowered his voice to the point no one could hear him except for Wonwoo who was sitting very close to him. “They want to know what we are, but I haven’t answered yet. I can’t tell them exactly what we are before you tell me.”


Freezing, again, Wonwoo was shocked and also not shocked by the request. Seungcheol was obviously downright asking for a label of this relationship, while it was something Wonwoo had expected the alpha to call it whatever he liked. The omega had never considered himself a person who should have a voice over this matter, because he had pretty much begged the leader to take him. Seungcheol had already been given the right to use Wonwoo in any ways he wished to. Had he not made it clear about that? How should he re-state it more evidently?


“It’s… up to you.” The omega responded quietly, not looking at his roommate. “I don’t mind.”


“You should mind, Wonu.” Seungcheol calmly replied as if he had already expected that answer to come previously. “This isn’t just about you and me. Our whole pack is going to talk about it and I know nobody can sit well with the fact that we’re acting like fuck buddies or anything like that.”


“But… we can, right?” Wonwoo asked, still refusing to look at the leader. “I heard other packs’ leaders doing whatever they want with the omegas, and no one has the right to judge their leader.”


“But do you really want me to treat you in that way? Are you sure, Wonu? Because I’m not sure at all.” Seungcheol’s voice suddenly got firmer as he gripped the omega’s left wrist which was not currently busy feeding him. The grip was not tight enough to hurt but enough to get his all attention and Wonwoo could not pretend to be eating anymore. “We haven’t talked enough about this, and I seriously need to hear more from you. I have already committed myself to helping you and keeping whatever you tell me as a secret, so can you please at least let me know what you accept and can’t accept from me?”


When Wonwoo finally looked at the alpha, he was stunned to see the serious but pleading eyes the leader was giving him, as if Seungcheol was really desperate for an explanation. This was not the kind of interaction or reaction Wonwoo had expected to get when he had asked Seungcheol to let him move into his room. It was not until now did the omega figure out his partner had actually thought about this so much more carefully and cautiously than him, but Seungcheol was also the person who had accepted his request so easily and quickly.


Wonwoo was suddenly puzzled and triggered when wondering if the one who asked Seungcheol for all of this had been someone else, how the alpha would have reacted. The whole situation was just that Seungcheol’s heart was big enough to welcome anyone into his arms of protection or there was something else?


Yet, why the hell did Wonwoo think he needed to care what “something else” could be? Why was he taking on this stupid path of thinking and making things overcomplicated than how they had already been?


One more time, very typical of who he was, Wonwoo looked away from the leader so as just to eat eagerly again.


“Can we… talk about this later? Maybe… in our room.” Fortunately, he was still sheepish enough to make his voice tinier, not too stubborn. “I… I really can’t think of that while eating like this.”


Seungcheol immediately sighed in utter exasperation, but did not press any further. Instead, the alpha only sat there silently for a long while, just watching Wonwoo eat without saying a word, and the omega could only take this chance to try his best to finish the meal. He himself was not sure when would be a better time to talk about their issue, but part of his heart only felt safe to talk about such things in his new bedroom now. The kitchen made him feel too vulnerable to take such a sensitive and complicated matter. There was a risk of someone walking in on them at any time, and that person could be even Mingyu whom Wonwoo dreaded facing nowadays. He wanted to hide. He wanted to just escape back into his new bedroom.


Seungcheol was unaware of the whole complex thoughts chain inside the omega’s mind, but he was sensible enough to feel the discomfort in Wonwoo, so he trusted the omega’s words, believing that Wonwoo would eventually talk to him when he felt better in their bedroom. Having more patience and compassion than anyone else for the quiet and hard-to-understand boy, Seungcheol just waited, and waited, only encouraging the younger male to eat his whole portion and drink milk, then force-feeding him some apple.


Fortunately, Wonwoo did not want to eat but he was not a disobedient boy. The omega ate all his food and drank all his glass of milk, unknowingly making Seungcheol suddenly feel proud. It was easy for an alpha’s ego to be stroked by himself managing to take care of an omega in the pack properly. Wonwoo was not any omega. He was Seungcheol’s roommate, his fuck buddy. If someone asked the leader, he would honestly say he did not like that label even a bit, even though it was the closest to their current relationship status. Such a label seemed to degrade Wonwoo, and degrade their relationship as well. Besides, the omega claimed that Seungcheol had the rights to do whatever he wanted with him. There were moments in which the leader seriously wanted to take advantage of this statement, but his conscience did not allow him to be so stupid.


Wonwoo might think it was the right thing to do, yet Seungcheol could only consider it as a thing that could hurt the omega even more tremendously. Wonwoo seemed to desperately desire for someone or something to hurt him and punish him for whatever only he understood. The best thing Seungcheol could do to comply was to go rough on his partner. Except for that part, he just could not force himself to actually hurt Wonwoo at all.


“Let me clean everything up for you.” The leader stood up with a smile of satisfaction, starting to pick up the plate, bowl, pot, and glass. “You think rest a bit more.”


“What about my learning with Shua-hyung?” Wonwoo asked, genuinely not wanting to stand up because he was full, and tired. “A day has almost passed and I… haven’t learnt a single thing.”


“Don’t worry. Joshua told me there isn’t much for him to teach you two.” Seungcheol answered while his back had been turned towards the younger boy. “Omegas’ pheromones in general aren’t as powerful as alphas. Therefore, you don’t have to work on trying to suppress yourself. He will only teach you how to use scent-blockers properly and efficiently. Then, he’ll help you two to practice how to ignore and fight against the commands and dominance of alphas. Both you and Junnie are actually strong. I don’t think you will have difficulty in learning that.”


“So how many more days off do I have?” Wonwoo had tried to recall this piece of information but failed, so he seriously had to ask. “Because I don’t feel like I can work soon at all.”


Seungcheol smiled sheepishly, feeling lucky that in this position, Wonwoo was not able to see the way his cheeks turned red.


“All three of you are allowed to rest till the end of this week. That must be… five more days. But I know, this is my fault too. It’s also why we should really tone it down. No! It’s me who has to seriously tone it down.” The alpha scratched his nape as he stared at the sink. “I need to stop making you… more tired and sore. This is really my fault.”


Wonwoo nearly protested and said that Seungcheol was not at fault for anything. The omega kept feeling like he owed the leader a lot, so there was no reason for him to blame Seungcheol for anything. Nonetheless, after one more second of thinking, the younger boy had to admit that his fatigue and sore ass were certainly caused by no one but Seungcheol. Was there any other way for him to please the alpha without using his ass?


Maybe Seungcheol was just correct. They needed to tone it down, and stop having sex like maniac. Wonwoo swore he had no idea how many times he had come last night, simply guessing it must be a number than was larger than three. As an omega, he was supposed to be able to have multiple orgasms in a short period of time, even coming dry with no problem. Nevertheless, his own ass was another trouble.


Wonwoo did not dare to tell Seungcheol that he had never had sex with anyone before, even just a blowjob, handjob, or anything close to that. The only person who used to touch Wonwoo to bring him sexual pleasure was no one but himself. Of course, he had never had time to date or to even just hook up with someone for a night. 


When Seungcheol finished cleaning up, he was occupied again as Chan skipped into the room and asked for some help. Wonwoo had not really heard what the maknae said, but he knew his heart suddenly swelled when Chan skipped happily to him and greeted him with a bright grin.


“Hyung, it’s not normal at all for me not to see you for half a day.” Chan hugged his hyung tightly like a kid clinging to his beloved older brother. “Glad to see you now. How are you? Do you feel better? Is there any trouble? Do you still need to sleep more?”


Seungcheol laughed at the cute maknae, patting the youngest boy’s head gently.


“Don’t bombard him with questions like that, Channie! Have you just forgotten you came here to ask me for help? I’m feeling neglected now.”


“Oh!” Chan gasped, making Wonwoo know the boy had just forgotten it for real. “Shit! I just saw Wonu-hyung and I forgot everything!”


The whole interaction between Wonwoo and Chan was short, but indeed heartwarming and it melted the omega’s heart uncontrollably, causing him to curse the omega’s hormones for making him such an emotional person like this. It was not supposed to happen in this way, yet Wonwoo found himself talking sweetly back to the lovely maknae before Chan went away with Seungcheol and a pout. Seeing nothing else to do alone in the kitchen, Wonwoo stood up and waddled back to the leader room, unaware of the way the said alpha stared at his waddling movements. If the omega did turn back to see once, he would just see two heart replacing Seungcheol’s eyes and radiating too much love for a person not to blush.


Or, not to get furious.


Unfortunately, Wonwoo bumped right into the person who got livid by the way Seungcheol looked at him, or even the whole way they had just communicated right before the omega walked away. Maybe he had not been watching carefully, or maybe he had been thinking about too many things, including Seungcheol, so he did not see Mingyu walking into the kitchen from the living room door. The bump was so harsh that Wonwoo reeled back, even almost losing his balance, but the omega luckily held himself back and quickly looked up. His mouth started apologizing before the eyes recognized the person.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t se…”


It was not until now did Wonwoo realize he had just almost been knocked to the floor by Mingyu’s giant body. Once realizing him, the omega could not finish his sentence anymore. Despite his heart screaming for him not to look at the alpha, Wonwoo still failed to stop his reaction of looking up to see the person in front of him. The feeling he received was anything but pleasant, because Mingyu was narrowing his eyes and shooting flames directly at Wonwoo’s face. It was difficult to tell the taller man was being sad or angry. His whole presence was just yelling anyone to let them know he was utterly upset and irritated, especially at the shorter male staring up at him right now.


Wonwoo had not been able to smell or sense Mingyu’s angry pheromones previously, but now everything was as clear as day. The alpha was giving out the kind of pheromones that caused Wonwoo to only want to stay away from him as far as possible. His mind instantly considered this kind pheromones a potential source of danger. He had better just find an excuse and walk away, before Mingyu chose something to get mad about.


Maybe he would not get mad, in fact, yet Wonwoo barely doubted his instincts were wrong.


Unfortunately, Mingyu was faster and opened his mouth before Wonwoo managed to come up with a good idea. The alpha put on the kind of smirk that looked even more annoying that his saying, even though the content of his words was even more worth getting angry at.


“Busy thinking of your boyfriend, huh?”


Wonwoo was shocked by the question, wanting to retaliate immediately, but his mouth only opened and then shut down on its own, finding no word to say. What should he tell Mingyu? Of course the alpha was absolutely wrong. Wonwoo bumping into him was purely a mistake out of carelessness. Yet, eighty percent of the omega’s mind had no strength or motivation left in himself to explain it. He only wanted to escape from this kind of passive aggression from the bigger man, and find his peace in his bedroom again. Everything between him and Mingyu should be just over from now on. He had never confessed to Mingyu or even flirted with him. Wonwoo was convinced he had all the rights to back away from this without making a fuss.


“I’m sorry.”


Just muttering a simple word, Wonwoo moved out of Mingyu’s way and headed straight to Seungcheol’s bedroom without looking back one more time, thinking that he had been polite enough and an apology should be accepted. However, Mingyu did not seem to have the same thought in his mind. With the speed of a young and strong alpha, the taller man gripped Wonwoo’s right wrist in the blink of an eye, pulling the omega back to the position in front of him without sweating.


Wonwoo stumbled on his feet and nearly fell down on the floor if it had not been for the extraordinarily tight grip around his wrist. It was lucky he did not fall, but the alpha’s hand rapidly hurt him and made him squirm. The omega tried very hard to yank his hand back but to no avail. Mingyu had always been stronger than him, and stronger than many members of this pack. If neither of them had presented, perhaps right now Wonwoo would fight and throw ugly words into Mingyu’s face so as to make him let go, but in this condition, Wonwoo’s inner omega did not allow him to get rough with an alpha. Such an action would do him no good, while Mingyu was obviously growing angrier and angrier.


There were fire in his eyes and a smell of fury and hatred coming from everywhere on his body as he glared into the omega’s eyes, bending down to narrow the little distance between their faces, looking more threatening than ever. Mingyu was not talking. He was growling and snarling.


“You ignored me completely for three days. Now you want to continue to keep silent? Really, Jeon Wonwoo?”


Not expecting any of these words or attitudes, Wonwoo was appalled to the utmost by what he had just heard and seen. Starting to shake in fear, the omega forced his brain to work and help him find an escape, or at least a way to make Mingyu less furious, but nothing seemed to work. The omega had never known that the aura of an angry alpha could be this terrifying, especially when the man’s anger was directed towards him and there was hardly any distance between them like this. Furthermore, the pain on his wrist was increasing in an alarming speed, making him feel as if it would break if Mingyu did not stop holding him quickly.


For the first time ever in his life, Wonwoo was truly scared of Mingyu and wished for Seungcheol to come to rescue him as fast as possible. His inner omega was shaking, or his whole physical body was trembling in terror.

Chapter Text

Wonwoo had absolutely no idea how to respond to Mingyu properly, because if he had known, he would have already talked to the alpha previously, not waiting for this to happen. Nonetheless, a bitter part of the omega’s mind could not understand why Mingyu could not just let it go. Was it not obvious that Wonwoo wanted nothing to do with the younger male? The omega had never promised to date him or anything similarly. Mingyu actually had no right to demand anything from him. The more the alpha kept forcing on this, the more difficult it would be for them to be just friends later.


No matter what, the future was the future. What Wonwoo had to concentrate on now was the anger he was facing. Every single cell in his body was shaking under the alpha’s fierce gaze regardless of the bold front he was desperately trying to put up. Having never dealt with the said alpha’s rage before since Mingyu had always been so sweet and kind to him, Wonwoo was not sure how far this anger would go. What he did not know added more fear into the trembling heart that had been heavily affected by the striking pheromones and scent of an enraged alpha.


Swallowing hard, Wonwoo tried to speak after just opening his mouth and then closing it a few times like a dying fish on land.


“If you’re talking about me not replying to you in those three days, then it was because I was in my heat too. I wasn’t free.” Wonwoo forced himself to act like he was confident and knew what he was thinking or saying. Staring back into Mingyu’s eyes were hard because his inner omega did not allow him to comfortably do such a thing towards an alpha who was supposed to be superior. “Now I’m still resting while you’re minding your own business. I don’t understand why you’re so angry about this.”


“Uh huh, resting, right?” Mingyu laughed dryly and snorted, eyes narrowing even more dangerously and the smirk on his face just looked psychotic. “Are you having sex therapy or something? The therapy was so intense that you couldn’t pick up the phone to just say ‘I’m okay’? Or a simple ‘How are you’ after I came back would mean a lot, hyung. I clearly saw Jun talking on the phone with you. Don’t you dare lie to me!”


Wonwoo instantly felt mocked by the strange way Mingyu emphasized on the word “hyung”. It was a stab into his already shattered confidence, and also a stab into his wounded heart. Mingyu was evidently commanding him. Despite being a newly presented omega, Wonwoo still managed to recognize this because the alpha’s last sentence held the invisible power that made him just want to kneel down and beg for forgiveness. His mouth almost spilled out the truth if it had not been for his stubborn soul trying frantically to hold back.


“He… Junnie is my best friend…” Wonwoo replied by the first thing that appeared in his brain. “I had to spend some time for him.”


Unfortunately, this statement only pushed Mingyu further into the state of being heartbroken, and devastated.


Half of the anger in the alpha’s eyes suddenly turned completely into pure pain which sucked out all the air in Wonwoo’s lungs, making it hard for him to breathe while staring into those red eyes. They did not shed tears, but gave the omega the pain he had never known he would have to endure in his life.


Mingyu’s next question came in a tone that was contrast to everything he had spoken just a few seconds ago. His volume dropped down to the level which could only be heard by the omega standing right in front of him.


“I am not your best friend too, Wonu?”


At that moment, Wonwoo nearly lost, because his tears which had been threatening to burst, finally came to the surface and made his eyes wet. The omega knew the reason he had just given to Mingyu was unacceptable since all three of them had been best friends for a long long long time. He had just hurt Mingyu even further by claiming Jun as his best friend while considering the alpha as nothing.


“I…” Wonwoo began to stutter, losing more and more calmness by seconds. “I mean… Yes, you’re my best friend too. I’m sorry. Maybe I was lucid at the time he called me but then I… I wasn’t in my good state anymore when you tried to contact me…”


The omega was instantly startled by the loud laughter Mingyu let out, and there was no single hint of amusement in that obnoxious sound.


“Do you know you’ve been acting and speaking very stupid, hyung? You think I don’t know that you’re lying and making excuses for yourself?”


“Then what the hell do you want?” Drowned deeply in too much pain, Wonwoo eventually retorted. “You want an answer. I have just told you already, but you think I’m lying to you. Then fine. If you can’t accept whatever I say, then maybe I should just stop speaking because you won’t trust me no matter what.”


“I want the truth!” Mingyu stated sternly and snarled, making the omega reel back. “Don’t you tell me you dare to swear to God that all you’ve told me was true! Everything you said was just ridiculous!”


“I really don’t understand you, Kim Mingyu.” Wonwoo had lost most of his mind now, due to both fear and pain - physical and emotional. “I’ve never promised to do anything for you. What do I have to explain? You want to know why I didn’t ask you to fuck me through my heat? Is that what you’re asking about?”


The questions only irritated Mingyu more severely, and the new alpha instincts inside him could not accept an omega talking to him in this way, especially that same omega had been treating him poorly and cruelly for days.


“Are you joking with me, Jeon Wonwoo?” Mingyu’s eyes narrowed again, threatening the omega without tightening his grip. The glare was actually scarier than the grip he was holding. “Why the fuck do you insist on keeping the truth away from me? I don’t believe you’re so stupid that you can’t understand what I want to know.”


“Fine!” Wonwoo growled. Even though his own sound could not be as threatening as Mingyu, it was also a clear sign of him getting angry and devastated. “I don’t want to say it like this, but you keep forcing me to say, so let me tell you. I don’t love you, Kim Mingyu. Yes, you’re my best friend, and I consider you as a brother. That’s why I didn’t and I won’t ever ask you to help me through my heat! Junnie is my best friend too, and I didn’t ask him to help me either. Is it clear?”


Mingyu bent down even closer and killed the distance between their faces, making his own only an inch away from Wonwoo’s.


“Then what the hell is Choi Seungcheol? Is he your fucking boyfriend now? Why did you let him fuck you? Do you know right now you smell like nothing but him?”


This was not okay, not at all. Mingyu was so angry that he was showing his aggression towards Seungcheol, being very hostile and fierce. If the alpha could even cross the limit of the pack’s leader, the he probably could do everything, even the most outrageous thing. In this situation, Wonwoo could not help feeling his safety being threatened despite the fact that he was being in the apartment of his pack, which was supposed to be the safest location for him.


“Have some respect for your leader, Mingyu!” Wonwoo tried to scold in the role of an older member, but certainly did not forget to defend for himself. His first priority was to protect himself, and then to follow what he had done from the beginning until now. There was no way he could back out now. He could not let Mingyu kept any thoughts or doubts about him loving Mingyu. The young alpha must believe that Wonwoo did not love him. “He’s… Yes, I love Seungcheol. That’s why I slept with him. This is all I can tell you. Enough?”


“Stupid! Neither of you have ever shown any love towards each other!” Mingyu almost spat right into Wonwoo’s face as his anger combust in an extremely dangerous level. His face literally turned red and the heavy scent made it difficult for Wonwoo to breathe. “Seungcheol has just got over his love with Joshua. You think I’m that stupid? You think I don’t know it? You think I can believe that you and Seungcheol are in love with each other?”


Right now, Wonwoo seriously wished for someone to come and save him out of this argument with Mingyu. The conversation was evidently not heading to anything favourable for him, and Mingyu only got angrier and angrier. The alpha simply refused to trust what Wonwoo said, as if what Mingyu expected was for Wonwoo to apologize and tell him “I love you. Let’s redo this. I’ll get rid of Seungcheol and you should dump Jun too, then we will be together.”


Of course such a thing would never happen.


“Believe or not, our relationship is none of your business. What the hell do you want us to do?” Wonwoo tried to step back but to no avail. Mingyu was too strong in comparison with the omega. Even if they both presented as alphas, Mingyu would still be the stronger one thanks to his already built and well-formed muscles and power. “We’re roommates now. We can do whatever we want in our room. We don’t have to ask for your permission to have sex.”


The mention of Wonwoo having sex with Seungcheol turned out to be a trigger for the rage in Mingyu to burst. The omega was frightened to see the alpha’s other hand raised, and his first reaction by instincts was to dodge and turn away, thinking that Mingyu was going to slap him or hit him. After all he had done to the alpha, Wonwoo believed he had hurt Mingyu enough to push the alpha towards this kind of hostility. If Seungcheol had almost been hit as well, then the next one to receive the punch must be Wonwoo himself.


Fortunately for the omega, no pain or damage came to him, and the hand that had been holding his wrist was also detached from him too. Surprised to the utmost, Wonwoo looked back only to see one of the most unexpected people shoving Mingyu away and making himself a shield in front of the omega.


Wonwoo had never expected himself to be rescued by Jeonghan, but the alpha right now was just randomly the one standing closest to the two of them when the fight almost broke out. Being the person who had saved Seungcheol from the punch, Jeonghan managed to see how this was going to be, and he knew he could not let them have a private talk anymore, or Wonwoo was going to be hurt. However, this time, the second oldest alpha was not very lucky anymore.


Seungcheol and Joshua had been drawn towards where the angry pheromones were spreading out, but no one was close enough to help Jeonghan as fast as possible. While Wonwoo was still in a state of bewilderment, Mingyu’s anger had been fed by the appearance of the alpha who had been getting on his nerves since yesterday. Jeonghan succeeded in saving Wonwoo, but failed to protect himself from the second punch that Mingyu threw towards him. Jeonghan was knocked down by a merciless hit, falling down.


In that fast moment, Wonwoo was able to see something escaping the alpha’s mouth. He knew, that could only be one of two things - his blood or his tooth.


Startled, Wonwoo hurriedly used himself as the shield instead, putting his own body in front of Jeonghan in order to stop the older alpha from receiving more hit from Mingyu. That was the only thing Wonwoo could do, because he knew he could never be strong enough to stifle Mingyu’s movements, and he had never had the rights to hit the alpha. After all, he deserved to get hit. Nobody else deserved getting this for him.


“Now you’re saving him too, Jeon Wonwoo?” Mingyu laughed dryly and madly at the scene in front of him. “Another alpha? Are you going to be like Junnie protecting and loving everything this asshole says? Isn’t Seungcheol enough for you? And what about you, Yoon Jeonghan? You aren’t satisfied with Joshua already? Or you love to mess with other people’s omegas? You lost Junnie so now you change your target to Wonwoo?”


“Are you insane, Mingyu?” The omega asked incredulously, finally exploding. “What is wrong with you? We are never supposed to fight! I have never said anything bad about you. Why do you have to keep attacking us like that? Jeonghan-hyung hasn’t even hit you. He just saved me but you punched him right in the face and now you’re blaming him for being an asshole?”


“Do you know this bastard’s been trying to get Junnie in his room and prevent me from having him?” Mingyu snickered like a mad man, but at least temporarily it did not seem like he was about to throw another fist. His hand just pointed wildly at the alpha on the ground, and then at himself. “What is good about him? Why do both Junnie and you try to defend him? Why do you both trust him? Isn’t he the trickster? What the hell am I? Am I nothing compared to him? Why? WHY?”


Wonwoo was not sure whether he should look after the injured member or watch out for the enraged alpha who might turn violent again. Luckily, right at that moment, Joshua had reached the chaotic site, rushing to his mate to check whether Jeonghan was in serious trouble. That also meant Wonwoo finally could take his eyes off the older alpha and stop worrying about him. His attention was all drawn towards Mingyu now, but it turned out that he was not facing the angry man alone anymore.


Another person had made himself a shield to protect Wonwoo, in spite of not being taller than any of them. Nonetheless, that man’s presence was domineering, and he was surely giving off the overpowering pheromones of an alpha who demanded respect and clearly stated his disapproval.


“You’re going too far, Mingyu.” Seungcheol growled, voice stern and whole body tense. “Go back to your room, right now. There’s nothing else for you to talk with Wonwoo. I don’t allow you to talk to my omega in that way. Understand?”


Wonwoo could literally hear the cracking sounds coming from Mingyu’s fists, and smell the drastic change in the young alpha’s scent which had just become even sharper and more threatening. Facing the tension between the two alphas like this, Wonwoo’s instincts screamed for him to run away instantly, but his mind was still rational enough to keep his body in place, knowing that he did not have the rights to escape this so soon. Even if he did run, Mingyu perhaps would do anything to stop him right away.


It would cause even more chaos to come.


However, the tension between Seungcheol and Mingyu was so thick, so overbearing and terrifying that Wonwoo just trembled harder as he tried to hide behind the leader. If he were just a beta who never felt any pheromones or smelled any scents, he would never have the need to hide behind someone for protection. Yet, Wonwoo was not that lucky. Fate made him an omega, so this kind of atmosphere only harmed his heart and caused everything to be frightening for him to witness. Wonwoo felt like his chest was being crushed, triggering a very loud whimper to come out. The effort the omega put into controlling his own sounds was so tremendous that he did hear Jeonghan urging Joshua to leave. The eldest omega refused to, claiming that he would not leave until everything was solved and his mate got away from this with no more injury.


Wonwoo had thought his difficulty in breathing was just a sign of how his body was affected by the alphas’ anger, but it quickly seemed like everything could turn even worse. It just got harder and harder by seconds, despite any kinds of efforts. Wonwoo wanted to control his breathing, but all he could get into his lungs was more and more of the alphas’ striking scents which were too sharp, too fierce for his mind to endure. Around him, other members had obviously flooded into the kitchen, saying things Wonwoo did not manage to hear at all. He only there were too many sounds rushing to his ears at the same time, yet he could not listen anymore.


Wonwoo genuinely wanted to run and escape now.  This was not supposed to happen. The omega had never prepared himself for this confrontation with Mingyu. He had never wanted to do this. Never. He was not ready. He was not ready for anything related to Mingyu, including admitting his own feelings, emotions, or his guilt towards the said alpha who was now evidently mad at him, hated him, and wanted him to explain the hell out of everything.


“You are too good for me but I can’t give you anything! I can’t live up to anyone’s expectation!”


Wonwoo swore to himself he would never say it out, because it would also become a confession in which he admitted his love for Mingyu. The alpha would never let it go once he found out their feelings were actually mutual. Wonwoo was not ready to face that, not capable of giving anything to anyone except for throwing himself away like rubbish.


Mingyu did not deserve rubbish. He deserved so much better, yet no matter how hard he tried, Wonwoo did not seem to know how to convince the alpha. The omega did not understand, that Mingyu only wanted him.


Not only the tension was horrifying, the two alphas’ silence was long, and excruciating, although neither of them had spat out any hurtful words. Seungcheol was the first one to move after a whole minute, grabbing Wonwoo’s hand and pushing the omega to stand behind him thoroughly without breaking his eye contact with Mingyu, obviously non-verbally stating that “Don’t you dare touch my omega.”


If Wonwoo had told him that he would not mind Seungcheol doing anything to him, then this was Seungcheol’s answer. He was willing, and ready to claim this boy as his omega in front of everyone, regardless of the fact that Wonwoo bore no bite on his neck, or perhaps would never receive one from Seungcheol. Shaken by the whole incidence, Wonwoo had not managed to think about the words coming out of the leader’s mouth yet, but he knew the only protection he could cling to right now was nothing but the eldest alpha only.


“You must stop this whole thing immediately, Mingyu.” Seungcheol firmly repeated, slowly and clearly. “You can’t punch another member in your own pack just because your crush doesn’t love you. This is inappropriate and unacceptable, Mingyu. Understand?”


“Ridiculous!” Mingyu growled back, voice deep and low, sounding exactly like a wounded wild animal. His eyes were completely red and feral, whole body shaking in the effort to stop himself from eating everyone alive right on the spot. “Fuck you all! This is all your fault, Jeon Wonwoo! If someone gets hurt, it’s all your fault, Wonwoo!”


“Just get over it, Mingyu!” Soonyoung, who had appeared right next to Mingyu since when nobody knew, told the young alpha, sounding exasperated. “Just accept that Wonwoo doesn’t love you. Your life is still long. He isn’t the only in this world you can like. Just don’t care anymore. Can’t you do that for the sake of yourself?”


One more time, Mingyu snickered, and burst into laughter. He was obnoxiously loud, and looked even more dangerous than how he had been while staring intensely at Wonwoo or the leader previously. They all thought the young alpha would stop laughing in just a few seconds, but Mingyu kept laughing, laughing, and laughing into their faces, showing absolutely no humor or amusement in his sounds, or his facial expression. All Wonwoo could see in him was hurt, pain, anger, and agony.


The longer Mingyu laughed, the more brutally Wonwoo’s heart was shattered, and the more tortured his soul was.


“Right… Nobody understands it…” Mingyu laughed and muttered at the same time, pointing his finger at everyone in the room. “It sounds so easy to you, huh? I guess you all don’t understand how it feels like when you think you’ve been loved but then realize you’ve been fooled all the time and everything’s been just stupid. You don’t understand! YOU DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND, JEON WONWOO!!!”


“Please stop it, Gyu! Please!” Having just appeared in the kitchen, Jun ran like a flash to his boyfriend within a second, gripping the alpha’s arm tightly. “You’re scaring Wonwoo. Please don’t do this! This isn’t the right way!”


“Then you tell me what is right, Jun!” Mingyu suddenly snapped at the Chinese omega, startling him. “Maybe you can think more wisely than us. You’re the one who benefit the most out of us, so tell me. What is right, huh?”


“See, I told you, Junnie!” Jeonghan was not standing up right next to Seungcheol, pointing an accusing finger at Mingyu. “This bastard isn’t sincere to you! This isn’t the way to talk to someone he really loves! Wake up and think, Junnie!”


“Bastard? Who is the bastard here?” Mingyu violently pushed Jun away from him, yanking his arm back to swing it towards Jeonghan, grabbing his collar in a very aggressive manner. “Who is the alpha that keeps trying to get another into bed while he’s already mated? Who is that? WHO IS THAT?”


In front of the sight of Jeonghan being harassed, Joshua was the first one to see red although Seungcheol and Soonyoung were the fastest one to try to stop Mingyu from getting more volatile. The American omega had been putting up with Mingyu’s attitude from the beginning but now he seriously could not stand this any longer. Alphas’ or omegas’ business, he did not care. He simply knew this man had been attacking his mate repeatedly in just two days. The force Joshua used in pushing Mingyu away was even greater than what the other two alphas had used, due to his frustration and anger.


“Get off, Kim Mingyu! You aren’t allowed to treat him like…”


“You have no right to interfere!”


Jun had already pushed by Mingyu a few seconds ago, but the omega had not fallen down. Nonetheless, Joshua was not that lucky. The enraged alpha had just literally growled directly into his face and threw him across the hall with no mercy with the same amount of power he had used to punch Jeonghan’s face previously. Joshua fell hard, letting out gasps and whimpers of pain which became the last straw for everyone else’s patience. No matter who had been right or wrong in the beginning of this whole issue, now the whole pack could only see that Mingyu had just been unacceptably disrespectful and exceedingly violent towards other pack members.


The most serious thing was that, Mingyu had just violated the most sensitive rule of every single pack. Despite being an omega, Joshua was two years older than Mingyu, and the alpha was never allowed to give any orders or show any authority towards the older but weaker boy.


Joshua’s fall was the only thing that managed to drag Wonwoo out of his own cage in the blink of an eye, since this was obviously the evidence of someone else in pack getting hurt for what Wonwoo had done. Half of the pack hurried to crowd around Joshua, trying to check whether he was fine or not, while the other half struggled to keep Mingyu and Jeonghan away from each other. This was supposed to be the war between Mingyu and Wonwoo only, but maybe Mingyu and Seungcheol, but it somehow always ended up a fight between Mingyu and Jeonghan. It practically meant everything had gone too far out of Wonwoo’s control.


“Stop, Jeonghan!” Seungcheol sternly told his friend, pulling him backwards. “You take care of Joshua. I’ll drag Mingyu out!!”


It was not clear whether Jeonghan did listen to Seungcheol or not, but when Mingyu was really dragged out of the apartment, Jeonghan was not out there. Only the leader, Soonyoung, Dokyeom, Hoshi, Jihoon, and Vernon were there with the feral alphas. Seungcheol slammed the door closed and growled, baring his teeth after a very strong push to Mingyu’s chest. The young alpha stood only two meters away from Seungcheol, shoulders squared up and tense, face purple and eyes red in extreme fury.


“This is fucking enough! You have to see our manager right now, Mingyu!” The eldest alpha could not stand this anymore, especially when Mingyu refused to listen to anyone and just kept acting stupid. “We’ve been trying to endure your anger but it seems like you don’t want to deal with this peacefully. Okay. If you don’t want peace, let’s just see our manager, and I swear this is no good for you Mingyu!”


“Then this bastard has to go too!!!” Suddenly, Mingyu averted his eyes to Minghao and gritted his teeth. “It’s literally his fault!”


“Fine!” Minghao retorted, not any less angry. “If you want to do this, then fine. Let’s go, Mingyu. I have no fucking problem with this.”


“What the hell is wrong with you all?” Jihoon exclaimed in a deafeningly loud voice. “We should never bring things inside our pack to talk with other people or even at where we’re standing right here but what the hell are you doing? Why do you have to suggest that, hyung? Why do you have to agree with him, Mingyu?”


“I didn’t do anything wrong, so if he wants to do it this way, let’s go. I have nothing to fear.” Mingyu replied with a growl, unable to stop showing his hostility towards anyone.


The shortest boy among them was just on the verge of combusting.


“Think about it, Mingyu! Think! This isn’t going to be good for you! I won’t help you solve anything except for bringing more burden to you! Do you even know how bad it is for the company to get involved in our pack’s problems? Aren’t you aware this is going to be the first warning to you? It isn’t supposed to happen like this at all!!! You should just calm down and slow the hell down!”


“I don’t care!” Mingyu yelled at the shorter male before storming away, giving Seokmin a tap on the shoulder.


Nonetheless, Seokmin was not even sure that was a tap or a slap because it hurt like hell.


“Call me when our director arrives. I need some fucking fresh air!”


“…Okay, but… You shouldn’t go, Gyu! You have just presented! It isn’t safe!”


“I know how to fucking care for myself!” Mingyu yelled back from the stairs at the end of the hallway. It was noticeable that the alpha was taking the stairs, not the elevator. “Screw you all!”


Despite what the alpha had just stated, Seokmin still ran after him, trying to catch up with his friend, while not only Jihoon but also Soonyoung snapped their heads towards Seungcheol, who was trying his best to gain back his normal breathing and calm down.


“What the hell, hyung? You’re really going to call the managers?” Soonyoung asked incredulously. “What are you going to tell them?”


“Whatever happens here.” Seungcheol had no intention of arguing about this. His right hand was already in his pocket, taking out the cellphone. “Mingyu doesn’t listen to us, especially me and Jeonghan. He’s lost control. He needs some warning.”


“But… is it really okay? Are we pushing him too far?” Jihoon worriedly asked, still seriously doubting Seungcheol’s decision. “I feel like we’re walking backwards. We managed to get him to stay in the pack to learn, but now we push him away by calling the managers to deal with this…”


“Mingyu’s been pushing me too far too!” Seungcheol growled once realizing Jihoon was opposing against him. “Maybe because the one Mingyu insulted and hurt was not you two so you don’t understand. I’ve had fucking enough of him accusing at Jeonghan for ridiculous things, mocking Wonwoo, and now even acting violent to Joshua!”


“Are you taking this personally, Cheol-hyung?” Soonyoung narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “Is it because Mingyu messes with your Wonwoo so you can’t stand it anymore?”


Seungcheol only got madder now as he glared at the performance team’s leader, gritting his teeth.


“Then what? Isn’t he supposed to know the limits? Why does he have to do that to someone who obviously doesn’t belong to him and wants nothing to do with him? Are you taking Mingyu’s sides and saying that it’s been my, Jeonghan’s and Wonwoo’s faults as well?”


“Jeonghan-hyung and Shua-hyung weren’t here that day, so they didn’t know, but we fucking know it, hyung!” Jihoon rumbled in fury. “We know Wonwoo himself asked us to put Mingyu into that hotel with Junnie. We were just too stupid to know things would end up so badly. Wonwoo is the one who…”


“If you didn’t manage to see the results either, then now you have no right to accuse Wonwoo or blame him, because you fucking knew it but did nothing to stop it.” Seungcheol cut Jihoon off and stated the obvious thing in the voice that could scare and hurt anyone hearing him. “Our managers will talk to not only Mingyu, but also Minghao, me, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Wonwoo too, and even Jun if necessary. This is my decision!”


Storming back into the apartment, Seungcheol saw Joshua sitting with Jeonghan by the dining table. The omega was actually fine, and he was even taking care of his mate, dealing with the bruised cheek of the alpha. Jun was trying to look after both of them as well, looking tremendously guilty as if he felt like he had to be responsible for what his boyfriend had done even though Jeonghan repeatedly told him it was not his fault at all. Everyone soon crowded Seungcheol to ask questions about Mingyu, perplexed to see the young alpha not walking back inside. Jun was definitely the first one to freak out, and the omega instantly stood up to run outside to find his crush. Nevertheless, Jeonghan certainly did not allow the younger boy to go. In spit of being injured, the alpha was still fast enough to grip Jun's arm and ordered him to sit down, sternly stating that an omega who had not started using scent-blockers properly should never leave the house on their own. Jun was deadly worried and restless, but unlike Mingyu, and even unlike Wonwoo, he obeyed Jeonghan's words, and sat back down defeatedly.


Each a person had a different opinion over the leader’s decision of calling the managers to come here and solve the problems. Busy explaining his points, Seungcheol still looked around the whole place, yet Wonwoo was nowhere to be found.


Knowing that the omega must have just tried to escape due to feeling overwhelmed again, Seungcheol only waited for everyone to stop asking more questions, and then bolted towards his own bedroom. His heart genuinely did not want to make Wonwoo sit in a meeting with the managers and Mingyu even a bit, but as a leader, Seungcheol was forced to stay rational. He must put the omega into that meeting no matter what, because nothing could be solved if Mingyu was stuck in that meeting without the presence of the person who had caused everything to happen.


Sucking in a deep breath, Seungcheol opened the door, desperately wishing not to see the already broken omega breaking down inside their private space.


Nonetheless, the scent hitting him in the face had told him the bad news.

Chapter Text

Inside the bedroom, Wonwoo was sitting like a statue on the bed, back facing the entrance. It was not possible for Seungcheol to see what the omega was doing, so the alpha quickly walked to a better position until he could figure out. With crossed legs, Wonwoo was staring at nothing and not moving an arm or a leg. He was completely stiff and silent, seeming to be anything but normal. If the omega was holding a cellphone in his hand, then Seungcheol might think he was just paying too much attention to his own phone. Unfortunately, the boy was obviously doing nothing except for sitting there and breathing a little bit heavily. The omega did not even seem to realize someone else had entered the room until the bed dip at the moment the leader sat down on the same surface.


This incidence turned out to hurt Seungcheol more than whatever he had expected. Wonwoo was startled as if someone had just caught him red handed doing something illegal. However, after two more seconds, the omega suddenly turned offended, making Seungcheol feel like he had just abruptly interrupted someone’s private moment and annoyed them. It was not until now did Seungcheol register that Wonwoo wanted to be alone, and it was also a sign of him not feeling okay at all. Despite knowing so, Seungcheol had no intention of leaving Wonwoo alone now, because there were things he must tell the omega.


Living in this pack and working in this environment, the omega definitely could never expect to be left alone peacefully, no matter how uncomfortable he seemed to be right now.


“You have to prepare yourself to see our managers, Wonu.” Seungcheol announced slowly, sitting face to face with Wonwoo and also crossing his legs. “They’ll come here to talk about everything that happened. All you, Mingyu, Jun, Minghao, Jeonghan, and I will attend the meeting.”


While Seungcheol thought the omega would complain and ask why such a thing had to occur, Wonwoo asked the unexpected question.


“Why Minghao?”


“Mingyu accused him of being related to this as well, and Minghao agreed.” The leader said with a slight frown. “Is it true, Wonu? Is there anything you haven’t told me?”


“Not really?” The younger boy answered in a tone that just sounded like he was questioning the alpha.


“Today I realize that I have never actually fully understood what happened on the day you called me back here.” Seungcheol shook his head in disbelief and heaved a long sigh. “Before we come into the meeting, I need you to honestly tell me everything, Wonu. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help you in anything. If our words contrast with each other, this mess will be even more serious.”


The severity in the words Seungcheol had spoken out sounded way more serious than what Wonwoo had already considered everything to be. The alpha successfully made him believe he was going to get into something as fatal as getting kicked out of Seventeen. The thought wrecked through the boy’s whole body and made him tremble unconsciously, voice quivering.


“I… Minghao didn’t do anything wrong.” Wonwoo exclaimed in despair as he really believed the Chinese dancer had never done anything wrong. “When Minghao came to my room to ask Jun to come out for breakfast, I held him back to talk. I told him I could sense Jun’s heat coming because he was starting to smell sweet, and I begged Minghao to help me get Mingyu into the same room with Jun in the hotel. As long as no one came up to get Mingyu out of the room, he would end up staying there with Junnie and helping him through his heat.”


Seungcheol narrowed his eyes, asking more questions.


“And what did Minghao do? Just did it because you asked him to?”


“Yes. He agreed.” Wonwoo nodded vigorously, but did not forget to add more information. “I gave a note to everyone to let them know you were going back home so they knew they had better not let Mingyu return to the apartment.”


“Then it means the whole pack followed your plan and tricked Mingyu into having sex with Jun?” Seungcheol asked incredulously, eyes wide but also red. “And now you don’t even care to give him an explanation.”


“What the hell should I tell him? Can you show me? What the fuck can I do now?” Wonwoo lost his mind as he snapped and snarled at the leader who was supposed to support him. No. In fact Seungcheol was not supposed to be on his side, but the alpha had been doing that from the beginning until now. It did not make sense at all if he decided to betray Wonwoo from now on. “I told him everything I can. It’s him who refuses to understand.”

Something inside Seungcheol growled in anger at the omega’s attitude, but his brain managed to keep his body in place, trying to stay calm. The only display of his anger was the pheromones that were getting heavier and sharper. Thanks to the use of some little scent-blocker, he did not smell as scary as Mingyu could be.


“Because it’s almost impossible to make him believe that you don’t love him at all. It’s very difficult for a quiet and cold person like you to lie. You’ve been extremely close to only Junnie and Mingyu but now you claim that you’re in a relationship. Of course Mingyu doesn’t believe you!”


“Now you want to teach me what I should or shouldn’t do?” Wonwoo retorted again in higher voice, eyes glowing with both hurt and anger. “Why? Are you getting on Mingyu’s side too? Why are you doing this? Why didn’t you ask anything from the beginning but then now you decide to question me about everything and criticize me? If you find what I’ve done unreasonable, why didn’t you stop me from the beginning? Why did you even try to discuss this… relationship with me? What the hell do you want? Are you becoming like Mingyu, wanting to get something in particular from me? Why? WHY? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”


The chain of questions and the outburst of emotions caused Seungcheol to quickly realize Wonwoo was having a total mental meltdown. The omega had been very calm out there, or at least acting like he had been successful in handling his emotions, yet currently there did not seem to be any restraint left in the younger boy. He was raising his voice, but the worse thing was the tears that were threatening to stream down his cheeks. Furiously blinking back the tears, Wonwoo abruptly turned away and violently wiped his own face but it did not seem to work. The tears still fell, and his eyes were obviously red, taking Seungcheol aback thoroughly.


It was not until then did Seungcheol figure out he was completely screwed.


Groaning to himself in anger, the leader was forced to admit he had just been not any less unreasonable than Wonwoo. Seungcheol was trying to do too many things at the same time. He were attempting to fulfill his role as the leader of the pack by worrying about everyone including all Wonwoo, Minghao, Mingyu, and anyone who was not related to this matter. Meanwhile, he even wanted to take care of Wonwoo and protect the omega from the consequences that came after his stupid plan.


It was absolutely outrageous for a leader to take sides and support someone who evidently had done something ridiculous and hurt some other members, but Seungcheol was literally failing. He failed to come up with a brilliant idea. If the leader had been taking a neutral position from the beginning, it could be easy for him to solve this now, and he could just blame everything on Wonwoo who had originally made the mess happen and then force the omega to fix it by admitting his love for Mingyu. This kind of confession would certainly cool the alpha down immediately, regardless of how Wonwoo explained his actions later.


Too bad, Seungcheol was now drowned deep in his own desires of keeping Wonwoo away from further pain and harm from this drama. The desires were thick and tremendous enough to block the sunlight from reaching the alpha’s sight, blinding his eyes and urging him to jump right after the omega down the cliff into hell and darkness.


“I’m sorry, Wonu.” Seungcheol was sorry and not sorry as well, conflicted in his own thoughts and actions. He wanted to reach out and pulled the omega into his embrace, but also knew Wonwoo would slap his arms away instantly since the boy was evidently disappointed and upset with him. “I just… I really can’t understand this either… I’m sorry I questioned you just because I really don’t understand. Nobody understands it, Wonu. I can’t think of anything to defend you effectively if you don’t explain and open my eyes.”


“Why do you need me to explain?” The omega directed his look to a side instead of staring at the person in front of him, continuing to wipe his face with so much violence that made Seungcheol’s skin itch. His voice was bitter and low. “Why can’t you just keep telling them I’m your omega now? Isn’t that done? Isn’t it the easiest way? You’re the leader of the pack, even our fans know that. You’re always allowed to have as many omegas as you like. Adding me to one of them won’t hurt you. I don’t ask for any privileges from that.”


“But why can’t you tell me the reasons?” Unable to endure it any longer, the leader grabbed Wonwoo’s hands and held them tightly, forcing the boy to look at him through watery eyes. Seungcheol was literally pleading, throwing away the anger he had had a minute ago in order just to beg the omega to open his heart once. “I’m asking this not because I’m going to tell anyone. If you have agreed that we’re on the same boat now, why can’t you just let me know? I swear I don’t demand anything from you except for this truth, Wonu. Mingyu is desperate. I am desperate too. What is the reason that makes you hurt him so much? Is there going to be a day you treat me in the same way and hurt me as well, Wonu?”


“I have never planned to hurt Mingyu…” Wonwoo was openly crying now, failing to stop his tears from wetting his face. “I just… want the best for him… and for Junnie…”


“You don’t understand anything about love.” Seungcheol shook his head again in despair. “What Mingyu wants is you. He doesn’t want anything or anyone else. Now Junnie is happy but then what? Do you think Mingyu is sincere in his relationship with Junnie now? You didn’t see him kissing Junnie and calling him his boyfriend right in the kitchen, in front of everyone. Is that what you really want to happen?”


“Yes…” The omega bit his own lips harshly and ducked his head down, trembling hands digging nails into Seungcheol’s palms. “I don’t… don’t want to be… be in that position…”


“That position?”


Yanking his own hands back, Wonwoo one more time tried in vain to wipe away the tears, seeming to be unable to accept the fact that there was nothing he could do to make he look like he was not crying.


“I don’t want it….” The boy choked out in broken voice.


Seungcheol was utterly confused by what that statement meant.


“What is it, Wonu?” The alpha tried again to hold the omega’s hands in his own ones, scooting closer and bending down lower so as to look into the eyes of the boy who kept ducking his head. “What don’t you want?”


It was just a simple question of what Wonwoo did not want to have or to happen to himself, yet the omega kept struggling to answer, shaking his head and biting his lips over and over again. Seungcheol was so worried that the boy was going to bleed soon if he did not stop torturing his lips. Wonwoo was doing a terrible job in controlling his own emotions and actions, ignoring whatever the leader was trying to make him do. It was even more frustrating to see how stubborn the omega was, as he evidently did not want to express what he truly felt and thought although Seungcheol had stated firmly he needed to know the truth in order to help the boy.


The leader realized, Wonwoo might have implied that there were things he was scared of. What he stated as things he did not want, was just what his soul was terrified of. The reasons were a great mystery, yet for now the alpha eventually understood what looked like the core of Wonwoo’s trouble.


“I don’t want anything.” The omega sniffled, trying very hard again to take back his hands, changing to hug his knees closely into his chest, refusing eye contact or skinship with the other man. “I don’t want it… I can’t do anything for anyone… I don’t want to be asked… I don’t want anything…”


The mantra came out of Wonwoo’s mouth in the way that reminded Seungcheol of a crazy person who was having major difficulty in conveying his own ideas and opinions. The boy kept repeating those sentences without helping them make sense any better. Nonetheless, the tremble in not only his body but also his voice was like a sharp knife stabbing through Seungcheol’s heart. How long had Wonwoo been like this? Why had never any of them known about the turmoil in his soul? Seungcheol used to doubt it once, but he still failed to imagine that the trouble could be this tremendous and the pain Wonwoo was enduring could be this intense. He used to just think the omega’s mood was constantly doomed and negative.


Lowering his voice to the softest and calmest tone, Seungcheol shushed the younger boy and eventually could not resist his own desire to pull Wonwoo into his embrace anymore.


“It’s okay. It’s okay, Wonu. I understand. No one will ask further. That’s enough. That’s okay.”


The omega stared at the leader with wide eyes as if he had just discovered a kind of monster in this world. His look almost gave Seungcheol the feeling of being offended since Wonwoo obviously was doubting his words and even his kind affection. Nonetheless, the alpha knew better than just judging Wonwoo through what his appearance told everyone. Once committing himself into this, Seungcheol had literally forced himself into another life of watching Wonwoo in a completely different way. If he thought of the omega in the same way Mingy considered Wonwoo, he would just hurt the omega more terribly, which was the opposite of what he wished to happen.


The only kind of power Seungcheol used in front of Wonwoo was forcing the omega to stay put in his arms, pulling the boy and making his face be buried into the middle of the alpha’s chest. His tears quickly wet the leader’s shirt and his both hands fisted on the sides of it, as if being about to push the man away. Nevertheless, Seungcheol was still an alpha who could let out the kind of pheromones that demanded obedience from an omega. In this state of distraught, Wonwoo was unable to fight against it. He could only whimper and sniffle into Seungcheol’s chest pathetically, while the man cooed softly to him and started to rub his back in a soothing manner.


Seungcheol knew Wonwoo guiltily loved this kind of innocent affection. As long as he made the omega believe he did not love him romantically, everything would be just fine.


“I’ve just thought of a way to deal with this. You have to stay calm, listen to me, and stick to our plan. If we’ve already started this, we have to follow till the end. Okay, Wonu?”


As soon as Seungcheol finished the sentence, Wonwoo squirmed very hard and instantly, the leader knew exactly what the younger boy was going to retort. As a result, the stronger man held the omega even more tightly than before, determined not to let a small fight to break out between the two of them again.


“I know. I’m sorry. I won’t be like that again. I’m really sorry.” Seungcheol sincerely apologized, but he knew Wonwoo was not the only one who needed to hear this. “I just… lost control for a second. I couldn’t understand anything so I didn’t know how to react at all. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out why you have done all those things.”


“I don’t need you to feel pity for me!” Wonwoo bitterly replied, still trying to squirm but to no avail. “I…”


“That isn’t pity, Wonu.” Seungcheol sternly cut the omega off and corrected him. “If only you could understand how difficult it is to understand even just a little bit of you. I’m not going to tell me what you are doing is right or wrong anymore, but you have to have some trust in me if you want this to work. If you want me to take you as mine, you must try to trust me. Understand, Wonu?”


In fact, until now, Seungcheol still could not understand more than half of the omega who sometimes acted very submissive and soft, but sometimes tended to be extremely defiant and incredibly stubborn. It was understandable that as an omega, Wonwoo must have some soft and pliant moments while his soul was actually a tough and strong one. On the other hand, Seungcheol could not help getting the impression that Wonwoo could not convince himself to accept that both sides could exist in him at the same time. Of course, this was undoubtedly just one small part of the omega’s problems yet it was troublesome enough to give the leader a headache.


It was like playing with a time-ticking bomb. Seungcheol had to deal with the fact that Wonwoo could snap at him at any time and he could do absolutely nothing to prevent such a thing from happening.


Or could he?


Was it possible for him to find a way to persuade Wonwoo to seek for professional treatment? Would the omega snap for real if he was told he had mental issue?




Mingyu had no particular intention of where to go to release his frustration. He simply knew his exploding mind needed some fucking fresh air where no one would be around to nag and complain about his attitude or behavior, or where he did not have to fucking smell Seungcheol on his crush or the annoying Jeonghan. It was time-consuming and tiring to go up by using the stairs, but getting locked inside the elevator did no good to Mingyu’s mind now so he deliberately took the stairs, ignoring completely the sounds of Seokmin calling for his name and running behind him. He did not care if the beta failed to catch up. The alpha did not want anyone to be with him at all.


Mingyu was not walking out of the building of his dormitory, so every single people he walked by was someone he at least acquainted. Nonetheless, everyone tried their best to walk as far as possible from the alpha, since they could smell and feel very clearly how angry the dangerous alpha was right now. Even the people who had not presented yet could see the fury on his face as well, so they made sure not to get involved in anything related to this man. It could be considered as a temporary bliss for Mingyu currently, yet the alpha had literally no care. What he cared about was people who seemed to have no care for him and did not know how to fucking stay out of his way or to make anything better.


Violently kicking open the door leading to the terrace, Mingyu successfully made a few people available at the space leave immediately without saying a word. Seokmin was the only one who went on the opposite direction and kept following the alpha to the furthest corner of the terrace. Seeing Mingyu stop right by the railings, Seokmin was relieved as he thought he finally did not have to run after the alpha anymore, but the taller man suddenly turned around and glared, shooting flames directly into his face.


“What the fuck is wrong with you, Seokmin? Don’t you see I need to be alone?”


“It isn’t safe for you to be alone here, Mingyu. You know it.” The singer answered genuinely, voicing out his worries. “I understand you need some air but… at least I think someone needs to be here with you. At least I haven’t presented yet. So I have no scent or pheromones to irritate you.”


“I’m not a fucking baby!” Mingyu snarled, abruptly cutting the distance between him and Seokmin, imposing a threat at the beta by his close presence. “I don’t fucking need a babysitter! You can just go back there and leave me alone!”


“I swear you are going to hurt someone sooner or later if you keep acting like this, Gyu.” Seokmin sighed and lowered his voice, getting ready to be mad at, because he knew he was not good at consoling anyone. “If you hate my presence, then fine. Just do your own things while I’m here making sure that no one will approach you and ask questions out of kindness.”


“Out of kindness?” Mingyu snorted and snickered in bewilderment, voice getting obnoxiously loud. “Are you fucking kidding me? Out of kindness? Does anyone seem to be kind to me right now? Does anyone seem to speak any good or sweet things to me? No! You all just keep telling me to do ridiculous things and believe in the stupid things you guys told me!”


Seokmin put up two hands in defeat, trying to make himself harmless and proving that he did not have any bad intentions.


“You need to calm down, Gyu. Nobody is forcing you to do anything except for asking you to calm down. You can’t solve anything if you keep yelling at us like that. Why can’t you just… give up Wonwoo-hyung now and just focus on Jun-hyung? Didn’t you claim Jun-hyung as your lover?”


Unfortunately, Mingyu saw nothing good in all Seokmin had just told him. The alpha only saw red and started to growl, pointing a finger right into the middle of the shorter male’s chest.


“Don’t act like you’re so innocent, Seokmin. You came to the hotel with me and Jun on that day too, and don’t you dare assume that I don’t know you all planned that together. None of you showed up and tried to take me out of that room! Minghao couldn’t have done that alone without you bastards helping him!”


The accusation did not faze Seokmin, because although Mingyu was angry, the beta had never thought he had made the wrong decision.


“My reasons at that time were very simple. Wonwoo-hyung had already informed us he had called Seungcheol-hyung back home to help, and even told us that we should only let Cheol-hyung in after you were gone. Just think about it. Do you really want to be at home while Seungcheol-hyung was doing that to Wonwoo-hyung? Isn’t it clear that you would get livid and horribly jealous? I swear it could have been so much worse than this. Jun-hyung would have been left alone in the hotel, and you know he never handles loneliness well, especially in that vulnerable condition. You would have been at home, and your rut had not been triggered, but who knows what you might have done to Cheol-hyung? How could Wonwoo-hyung go through his first heat peacefully when you acted furious and yelled at everyone at home? Things were already hard enough for him, Gyu. Even if you had been there, nothing changed. Wonwoo-hyung still chose Cheol-hyung, and you would be still angry and hurt.


“I don’t believe his reasons!” Mingyu continued to snarl and expressed his anger in every single thing about himself. “I don’t believe he loves Seungcheol. It’s stupid! Nobody can…”


“What do you want him to say?” Seokmin asked back even before the alpha could finish his sentence. “You want Wonwoo-hyung to say he loves you or what? You think it’s really possible? Really? It would be even more ridiculous than what you are considering things to be now! What’s wrong with accepting that he didn’t choose you? The reasons don’t matter, Gyu! He just doesn’t want to be with you! Things sometimes happen like that! We can’t always expect to be loved by our crush! I can’t understand what is so difficult for you to understand!”


“You really think Wonwoo loves Seungcheol, huh? Do you even have eyes to witness whatever has happened in our group?” Mingyu growled loudly and furiously, shoving Seokmin’s shoulder quite violently. He was definitely mad. Absolutely enraged now. “Don’t fucking lie to yourself! I know you all don’t believe it either.”


“It isn’t important!” Seokmin re-stated, losing his balance a little but he did not give up. “You have already claimed Jun as your boyfriend, and I don’t think it is any less ridiculous than Wonwoo-hyung falling in love with Cheol-hyung! Why don’t you focus on your boyfriend now? You chose to do it, Gyu! Nobody forces you to have a romantic relationship with him, but you insist on doing it! You must have responsibility for him now and you should never question anything like Wonwoo’s love for you if you keep claiming yourself Jun-hyung’s boyfriend! You shoved him and he almost fell, remember? Why the hell are you doing to him? If you don’t love him, then don’t do it! Don’t make him think you love him! You’re going downhill too far! I swear Wonwoo will loath you to death and drown in distraught if you hurt Jun-hyung!”


Mingyu’s eyes only went redder and scarier at the final sentence of his friend. Seokmin felt like he was being threatened by a wounded wild animal which was ready to tear anyone into pieces.


“Hurt Jun? Why the fuck does he care about that? Isn’t he the one who hurts me?”


“Mingyu, I understand you love Wonwoo-hyung a lot, but there are things you have to understand! You have never seen how much Wonwoo-hyung and Jun-hyung love each other? Don’t you know Wonu-hyung has his own rankings of priority? If you claim you love him so much, at least you must understand how much he adores Jun-hyung. It’s as clear as day. Didn’t he ask Jun-hyung to stay with him on his first day in heat? I’m sure Wonu-hyung has never intended to hurt you. You must have misunderstood something somewhere. Please don’t make this mess bigger, Gyu!”


Sighing in exasperation, Seokmin tried his best to let out a soothing and calm voice.


“Think of yourself, Gyu. We’re all young and have a long way ahead. Wonwoo isn’t everything of your life, and now you have your chance with Jun too. Don’t you love him? I think you do, since he’s still your best friend anyways, right? Why do you have to keep holding onto someone who doesn’t want you? It will just hurt yourself more. Please, Gyu!”


Seokmin was baffled to see that his mention of Jun did not seem to do anything good to the angry alpha. When seeing Mingyu fighting for the chance to get Jun back in his bedroom, the beta had hoped that perhaps Mingyu still had a huge soft spot for the Chinese omega, and Mingyu’s big heart could not stand letting his best friend go without taking some responsibility. Seokmin had thought the alpha truly agreed to give Jun a chance.


Yet right now, the taller man abruptly turned away and snorted before cursing and growling again.


Get the fuck out of here! I don’t need you to lecture me! Don’t ever dare to think you have the right to do that! If you bastard want to make yourself useful, then you had better get Jun here for me!”


The curse did hurt a lot more than the shove, but Seokmin tried to stay calm, knowing that showing his own emotions could not affect Mingyu in any ways, because the alpha did not seem to care anymore. Seokmin’s only hope to calm the bigger man down was to give him what he wanted. Maybe there was a special reason why Mingyu wanted to keep Jun for himself. Maybe Mingyu did have some feelings for Jun. Maybe their love could slowly develop later. Maybe Jun could do something to magically cool the alpha down, because they were lovers now, anyways.


Maybe the members would allow Jun to come up here if Seokmin escorted him to the destination. They were still in the dormitory building. It was not dangerous actually. Moreover, Jun would be definitely the sweetest of them all when it came to the act of soothing the enraged alpha. It puzzled Seokmin to register why Jun could always be so sweet, caring, and loving to Mingyu like that regardless of how brutal the alpha seemed to be towards him. If Seokmin were Jun, he would be extremely upset and hurt to be pushed away recklessly and violently like how the alpha had done previously.


“Okay.” The beta sighed in defeat, slowly stepping backwards. “I’m not sure I can get him out for you or not, but I’ll try. If you wait for ten minutes and still see nothing… then you understand.”


Mingyu did not reply or spare him even a glance, just continuing to stare at the huge city while placing his hands on the railings and gripping them tightly as if he was about to break them soon. Seokmin did not like this attitude at all, but he did not say anything, knowing that reasoning with the alpha about it meant nothing now. Instead, the beta quickly returned to his apartment, only to be bombarded by questions right after entering the door.


“How is Mingyu? Where is he?”


“Is he cooling down a bit? What did you say to him?”


“I still can smell his anger sticking to your body.” Jeonghan commented with a harsh glare, sending shivers down Seokmin’s spine even though he was still a beta who could not feel alphas’ pheromones.


“He’s actually on the terrace now… And he wants to see Jun-hyung.”


“No!” Jeonghan answered with a hiss before anyone else could react. “Why the hell should we send a new omega to an angry alpha. Ridiculous!”


“But… where is Cheol-hyung?” Seokmin could not help looking out for the leader’s help, hoping that the eldest alpha could be more open-minded than Jeonghan. “Maybe… should we ask him?”


“He’s with Wonu.” Jun replied, already standing up and looking extremely eager to just run out of the door. “Wonu isn’t feeling well so… We shouldn’t bother them.”


Now it was the omega’s turn to be glared at by Jeonghan, whose pheromones had just combust in fury again.


“Didn’t you listen to me, Junnie? Are you really thinking you can go to Mingyu while he’s angry like that? He shoved you without a care! He didn’t hesitate to hurt you!”


The poor boy stuttered and struggled to defend his crush.


“Maybe… maybe he was just too angry then… I just got in the middle of you two’s fight so he…”


“I don’t want to take sides but I think Jeonghan-hyung is right this time, Junnie.” Jihoon commented from his position on the couch. “It’s true you got in the middle of the fight, but if he really considers you as his boyfriend, then your presence should have managed to stop him and calm him down. In fact, he even snapped at you and mocked you. Don’t you remember?”


“He… he’s just too angry and frustrated.” Jun continued desperately, face contorted in both confusion and mental struggles. “I know he still has feelings for Wonwoo, so it… it should be normal for him to be… that upset.”


“Why do you have to make yourself that desperate and pathetic?” Jeonghan really could not endure this calmly. His brain failed to understand why or how Jun could be this naïve and flighty when it came to Mingyu. “I’ve already told you, you should give Mingyu some time to think and calm down before jumping into that relationship with him! I wish you could hear yourself talking! You don’t even sound sure of what you’re speaking!”


All of a sudden, Jun jumped right into the place in front of where Jeonghan was sitting, ruffling his own hair furiously and combusting into an epic meltdown. The omega’s face was severely contorted in frustration and despair as he threw a fit at the alpha.


“Stop telling me what to do, hyung!” Instead of getting as angry and volatile as Mingyu had been, Jun started to tear up and sniffle when he voiced out his heart. “Why do you have to keep doubting Mingyu like that? I understand you’re worried for me, but can you just stop? I’m tired of this! I just want to be with him or even to just sleep comfortably with him in our own room. Why do you have to keep making it more difficult? I am his boyfriend! When he’s so upset like this, I’m supposed to be with him and help him cool down!!!”


The questions definitely irked Jeonghan and made him angry. He had been doing everything in order to just protect Jun from any harm this apparently toxic relationship might give him, but now his obedient boy was standing up against him to protect that guy who had shoved him and treated him like nothing. Now Jun was even crying due to not being allowed to see his lover, making Jeonghan feel as if he had been a villain from the beginning until now.


The alpha did not retort or yell at Jun, yet everyone in the room was able to see how Jeonghan’s face turned purple and how his hands gripped the table tightly, threatening to break it. Worried of another smaller fight breaking out, Seungkwan and Chan hurriedly came to Jun to soothe the omega, while Joshua, Seokmin and Jihoon tried to talk to Jeonghan and extinguish the flame in his heart. At this moment, Jun was not any different from a kid throwing a tantrum in an attempt to fight against his parent’s decision which had been imposed on him. The sight of Jun crying and wiping his tears by the sleeve of his hoodie had never been something Jeonghan wanted to see at all, yet it turned out he - directly or indirectly - made the boy cry just like how Mingyu had done.


It was utterly ironic and heartbreaking.


Surprisingly, Minghao was the first one to break the intense silence in the kitchen as he walked closer towards Jeonghan. His face was deadly serious, and there was a slight hint of anger in his voice but he looked generally acceptably calm.


“I think we should let him go, hyung. I don’t think Mingyu can hurt him or something… Maybe Jun can say something to make him cool down. No matter what, they are still officially dating now. Right?”


“I think he’s right!” Jihoon added with a nod, after quite much contemplation. “If you can assume Cheol-hyung’s and Wonwoo’s relationship as something normal, then you should allow Junnie to be with Mingyu too.”


“I have never said I thought what the hell happens between Seungcheol and Wonwoo was normal.” Jeonghan frowned harshly, still keeping the chunk of ice wrapped in a towel on his face to soothe the pain of the punch. “I just can’t talk to Wonwoo yet because he’s been constantly inside Seungcheol’s room.”


Jihoon snorted instantly, earning a sharp glare from the alpha.


“Well, if you said that was the reason for you not stopping Wonu from getting into a romantic relationship with Cheol-hyung, then I have to doubt the reason why you have been trying so hard to get Jun out of Mingyu’s hands, hyung.”


“Yeah, this is really fishy, hyung.” Soonyoung could not help agreeing with Jihoon’s idea, moving to take another chair that was closer to Jeonghan. “Are you letting your… desires to protect, or, your overprotectiveness, get out of control? You seriously looked like you were going to break our necks when we dragged you out on the night Wonwoo presented, and now you’re trying too hard to keep Junnie away from Mingyu. If I were Mingyu, I guess I would be angry with you too, because I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do at all.”


Before Jeonghan could snap at Soonyoung or have any kinds of reaction towards what the younger member had just said, Jun had had enough. Thrashing and getting away from anyone who was soothing him, the omega squealed and then ran directly to the door, putting on his slippers and turning the doorknob in the blink of an eye. That was too much of fighting already for just an afternoon. Jun did not want to deal with anything anymore, except for looking for Mingyu and checking out how the alpha was right now. Regardless of whatever the members wanted him to do, or whether Jeonghan really wanted the best for him or not, Jun no longer wanted to care. His heart was screaming for him to look for his love and take care of him only.


Jun did not want to be controlled by anyone at all. His wishes were always simple. His simple heart right now just desired some peaceful minutes with Mingyu, who was doing what nobody knew on the terrace. Jun ran and ran, ignoring everyone he passed by, or the weird eyes people gave him. Nothing could stop him on his way to Mingyu. The only factor that could ever change Jun’s mind was Wonwoo, yet his best friend had already given him everything he needed to give his own heart the peace of believing that he was supported by approved by the person he needed most in his life.


“I will go with him!” Minghao talked and ran to the door faster than anyone else. “Maybe he’ll be fine but I’ll check to make sure nothing happens to him before he sees Mingyu.”


“I’ll go with you!” Both Seokmin and Jihoon announced at the same time, deadly worried of letting a newly presented omega with zero scent-blocker on run out of the pack’s apartment.


Jeonghan bolted out of his chair as well, but Joshua and Seungkwan had held him back, reminding him of how bad it could turn out to be if he met Mingyu again and had another fight with the younger alpha out there.

Chapter Text

Jun wanted to be fast, to meet Mingyu as soon as possible, but his body did not allow him to use that much strength. The omega’s body was still extremely sore and exhausted; running was definitely not an ideal thing for him to do after not enough rest like this. The omega was already breathing hard when he reached the elevator and waited for it, knowing that there was no way he could go to the terrace by the stairs. However, the long wait was a lot of time for Jihoon, Minghao and Seokmin to catch up with him. Seeing the three betas approaching and having only a few meters of distance left from him, Jun scrambled to run, but the his fellow Chinese dancer called out for him loudly.


“Wait for us, Junnie! We’re going with you!”


Realizing that they were not trying to stop him, Jun instantly sighed in relief, standing still to wait for his friends. Jihoon added more explanation.


“We’re worried for you. It’s not safe for you to go out like this, so we will follow you until you see Mingyu up there.”


Jun knew he should have thanked them following him and caring about his safety, but right now his brain could not focus on anything except for the fact that his boyfriend was furious and alone on the terrace waiting for him to come. The alpha’s intention remained unclear, but Jun believed it was his responsibility to even just be there and give some solace to the man he loved. Maybe Mingyu’s purpose and expectation were the same. Jun could not think of any other reasons for the alpha to find him.


At this moment, Jun had completely blocked out whatever everybody tried to plant into his mind, too sick of their advice about him abandoning Mingyu and not trusting the alpha. If there were some people who could make him listen, they could only be Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Wonwoo. Generally, Jeonghan was always the one to have the most opinions over this matter, but now Jun seriously did not want to hear that alpha talk anymore. His mind had already started to think that his hyung despised Mingyu for some mysterious reasons. What was the point of ruining the relationship between him and Mingyu? Until now, Jun had eventually lost his patience, unable to keep convincing himself that Jeonghan actually just wanted to help.


What Jeonghan had been doing did nothing but sabotaging their relationship. Thinking about it, the omega could not help shedding tears again, feeling severely hurt by the thought that his beloved hyung might have been trying to control and manipulate him, like how Mingyu had told him. Right from the beginning, Mingyu had told him that Jeonghan meant nothing well, and that the older alpha must have something for Jun. The Chinese boy, with his pure heart and his never-ending love and respect for his Jeonghan-hyung, had not trusted those things even the slightest. Nonetheless, now his faith collapsed, and he desperately wanted to apologize to Mingyu, to abandon whatever he had had with Jeonghan so as to be with his love only.


Seeing Jun cry, nobody could keep on telling him to be careful of Mingyu anymore. Understanding the bond between him and Jeonghan, they could sympathize, knowing how painful and difficult it must be for Jun to break away from his hyung’s commands and stand up for his lover. Rubbing a hand along the omega’s back, Jihoon soothed him gently, his heart getting soft for the innocent friend who had not done anything wrong at all.


“Don’t cry, Junnie. It’s okay. We’re all losing our control and temper. Things will be fine. Jeonghan-hyung will re-consider his actions. I swear he isn’t mad at you or anything. You know how much our hyungs love you, right?”


Jun only nodded without giving a verbal answer. After an outrageous outburst of Mingyu’s attitude, everyone could not help feeling bad for the omega who was supposed to rest and go through only sweet days after his intense first heat. Jun had not done anything wrong, but now he had to go through so much, and deal with someone as unpredictable as Mingyu. The only thing they could do was to wish that the alpha would not do anything more stressful towards the omega, because they seriously had no idea how to stop Jun anymore.


The omega was drowned deep in love. Wonwoo did not try to stop him from running to Mingyu. Jeonghan failed to stop him. Consequently, they knew they were utterly hopeless in this case. The only people who had the most power on Jun had already failed in what they were supposed to do. Nobody thought they could endure the process of convincing Wonwoo to think that he needed to persuade Jun not to trust Mingyu anymore.


It did not take them much time to reach the terrace. Right at the moment the elevator door opened, Jun instinctively reeled back because of the intense scent and pheromones attacking him from outside. The omega was not able to stop himself from whimpering under the powerful effect of the angry pheromones coming from twenty meters away, and his foot just refused to walk. However, his brain forced his body to obey very quickly. The other members did not notice the delay in his movement, but everyone heard the whimpers he had let out. Nonetheless, before anyone could ask any questions, Jun had already bolted towards his boyfriend who was standing at the railings on the edge of the terrace.


Mingyu turned around just after two or three footsteps of Jun, but nobody had expected the alpha to actually run towards his lover’s direction. Everyone was literally shocked to the utmost as they watched the alpha moving like a flash towards Jun, ignoring everyone’s presence and just focusing on wrapping Jun tightly in his arms. The scene should have looked sweet and domestic, but they could only grimace and feel something sick in their stomach. It was just wrong to watch, especially when they all had heard how Mingyu mocked Jun previously. No matter how hard they tried, nobody could understand this kind of “love” the alpha had for his boyfriend.


“Are you okay, Gyu?” Jun was the first to ask nervously, voice muffled by the alpha’s shoulder. “I’m sorry I should have come here with you earlier. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


“I’m okay.” Mingyu replied, squeezing the omega tightly into his arms, but glaring at the other members at the same time. “You don’t need to apologize. It’s okay. It’s that bastard who keeps you back there.”


Jihoon had the urge to scold Mingyu for calling Jeonghan a “bastard”, but he tried to hold back his anger, telling himself that this furious alpha would not listen to his words in this state. He could not smell or feel Mingyu’s pheromones, but the alpha’s eyes had already revealed how angry he still was currently. The negative emotion was directed towards the three betas immediately.


“What the hell are you three doing here? I said I wanted Junnie, not any of you.” Mingyu growled and bared his teeth, making them begin to feel scared. Without the smell, the alpha was still showing his hostility and rage evidently through every expression which was deadly visible to anyone that was not blind.


“We come with Jun-hyung to make sure nothing happens on his way here.” Minghao answered, sounding highly defensive and irritated. “No need to thank. We’ll leave now, and call you back when our managers arrive.”


Of course everyone knew Mingyu would certainly not say “thank you” or anything similar to that, so they did not wait any longer, rapidly retreating back and getting out of the terrace. Jihoon told them to be careful outside the apartment one last time before leaving with Seokmin and Minghao, although no one really felt safe to let Jun stay here with Mingyu. The alpha might be acting very possessive towards his boyfriend, which was a normal thing for a romantic relationship between an alpha and an omega, yet Mingyu’s words and actions sometimes contradicted with each other so tremendously that the word “toxic” had begun to appear in the other members’ mind.


Nevertheless, nobody knew what to do now. Nobody had a newer and better idea before the managers came and talked to Mingyu, although this method might not work either. They all walked away with a heavy heart and a great amount of concern in their chest, but tried to cheer themselves up by the fact that at the last time they turned around to look, Mingyu was still hugging Jun tightly in his embrace.


Jun himself was also stunned by how long his crush kept holding him, as if they alpha was really holding onto him so as to seek for solace for his rough and broken soul. Feeling hurt for the man he loved, the omega gently rubbed the bigger man’s back, pressing a little kiss to Mingyu’s neck as he whispered.


“Are you okay, Gyu? Do you want to sit down to talk? Is there anything that can make you feel better?”


“I don’t want to talk.” The alpha replied with no hesitation. His voice was suddenly so stern, so firm, and so rough that Jun could not help thinking that Mingyu was in deed extremely fine. The alpha obviously knew what he wanted and was going to do. The younger man’s tone turned ten times deeper and huskier when he pressed his lips to Jun’s ear and murmured in an ambiguous voice. “There’s one thing you can do to help me. That’s why I need you. Only you can.”


“What is it?” The naïve boy asked quietly, feeling goose bumps spreading from the spot where his crush’s lips touched his skin. “Tell me, Gyu. I’m here and will be here with you. Nobody will stop me again.”


“Follow me!”


Before Jun’s brain could process the order, his right hand had already been held by the alpha’s left one. Without giving detailed explanation, Mingyu straightforwardly began to walk in a strangely fast speed towards the direction of the rooms located in the same area as the stairs and elevator. Jun could only innocently follow his boyfriend without a clue of what the alpha intended to do, but he was not really worried. At first, the Chinese boy had been worried that his lover might ask him to fight against Jeonghan or choose one side completely, which was something he knew he could never do, because no matter what happened, Jeonghan was still one of the three members Jun loved most in his pack. Consequently, as he was not asked to do such an unacceptable thing, the omega guessed everything should be just fine.


Since there was a large garden with some benches on the terrace, it was understandable when there was a large and nice restroom up there. This place was not supposed to be this empty if it had not been for Mingyu’s presence that caused everyone to leave. Nonetheless, Jun was ill puzzled to be taken to the restroom, guessing that maybe Mingyu wanted a more private place to talk, but the omega deemed this terrace private enough to do so. The stairs were very far from where they had stood previously, and no one should be able to hear the conversation. Yet, he obediently followed his boyfriend’s footsteps, standing there like a deer while waiting for the alpha to close the door.


Mingyu even locked it with a simple click.


Having never liked to come out much, Jun had never walked into this restroom, so now he was stunned to realize it was much nicer and cleaner than any other washrooms in the company building, which was probably caused by the small amount of people coming to the terrace. There was only one stall and one sink in the whole room, reeking of some lavender aroma and cleaning chemicals. It was not exactly a romantic place or a beautiful environment to do something romantically, but the omega had no complaint or rejection when Mingyu pushed him to the wall not very gently and sealed the shorter boy’s lips by his own.


The sudden make-out session came as a huge shock to Jun, making him unable to catch up with the feverish pace Mingyu had in devouring his lips and mouth thoroughly. It was a real kiss, but did not feel like a kiss at the same time, but more like the omega being eaten alive or having his soul sucked out by a wild animal. Mingyu was greedy in letting his tongue invade the shorter boy’s mouth within seconds, licking every corner insides and sucking Jun’s tongue so roughly that the omega struggled to tell himself to keep breathing.


Everything about Mingyu, from his rough hands gripping Jun’s hips, to his feral lips biting the older boy, and even the taste of his tongue, reeked of nothing but anger. Through every inch of contact between the two bodies, Jun was able to feel his lover transmitting his rage, fury, frustration, and hatred into him, venting them all on him, as if he had personally offended the alpha in some ways he did not know. Those were not the kind of rough kisses that gave the recipient the chance to enjoy anything. Furthermore, Jun had never liked being treated roughly under any circumstances, which was something the whole pack had known already.


Mingyu was doing this all for himself.


Jun could not help yelping and whimpering in pain when Mingyu bit his lower lip violently enough to make it finally bleed. Unconsciously gripping the back of the alpha’s shirt tightly, Jun tried to push his lover away to stop the constant pain pressing on his hurt lip, but the man continued to suck right on that bleeding spot, as if he had turned into a thirsty vampire trying to drink all the blood he could get from the omega. Jun stood no chance of fighting against his crush. Mingyu was now an invincible man who could easily do anything to the omega, and he would only be able to stay there and receive it.


All of a sudden, Mingyu grabbed Jun’s wrist and violently pulled him into the empty stall, shoving the omega against the wall and having no care about closing the door. Not letting his boyfriend catch a breath or ask any question, the alpha rapidly took off the peach-colored hoodie the smaller boy was wearing, throwing it recklessly onto the floor. Gasping in shock at the realization of what Mingyu was going to do, Jun wanted to protest, to tell him that they should not have sex in such a public place.


Unfortunately, Mingyu was not in the mood for listening to any kinds of protest or complaints. In an easy and quick movement, the alpha flipped his boyfriend and pinned him to the wall, having no care about Jun’s feeling as the contact was strong enough to create a loud thumping sound. Jun was trapped and bound by the wall in front and Mingyu’s body pressing to his back, while his both wrists were held tightly in the man’s left hand.


“Why… why don’t we go back to our apartment?” Jun stuttered a question, trembling in fear under the rough treatment. “Isn’t it safer than here? Why do we…”


“Yeah, it’s safer, but I’m free here, baby!” Not allowing the omega to finish his sentence, Mingyu pressed his lips to the older boy’s ear again and growled. “You think they would let we do this in peace? I want to have you all for myself only, sweetie. And I don’t allow anyone to interrupt this.”


“But… but…” Regardless of what Mingyu had just said, Jun still found hundreds of problems in this abrupt decision, yet he was unable to voice out his opinions probably, due to both his fear towards the alpha, and the fact that the bigger man had already started it.


Not wasting any time, Mingyu dived in to devour the delicious boy in his control, leaving marks and remnants of his tongue, his teeth, and his lips on all over Jun’s nape and shoulders. The omega’s hands were soon released but still could not help changing the situation even a bit as Mingyu gripped his hip by one hand while using the other hand to slide into the older boy’s sweatpants, sneaking even into his boxer. The alpha’s calloused hand shocked Jun and made him jump in vain. It was unbelievable to feel his cock slowly getting hard under the constant strokes of the searing hot fingers and palm of his lover, while Jun’s whole shoulders and neck were soon coated by a thin layer of Mingyu’s saliva, as if the alpha wanted to tell the whole world that this omega belonged to him only.


Unable to move, Jun were sandwiched between the wall and his boyfriend to the point of feeling the evidently large and rock hard cock pressing against his ass. Soon, his sweatpants and underwear were both pulled down, revealing his lower body fully to the cool air, and also to the eyes of the fierce alpha. Scared and embarrassed, Jun whimpered feebly and pathetically while Mingyu began to fondle his butt cheeks, slapping them, and teasing his leaking hole with the tip of his massive dick. Despite his fear, Jun’s body was reacting very positively towards all the touch and stimulation, producing more and more slick during the whole process.


“Good boy.” Rough voice whispered into his left ear as a finger teased his entrance by pushing in slightly but then retreating quickly. The movement was repeated over and over again, causing the poor boy to start whining in despair. However, this reaction only made Mingyu chuckle lewdly. “So eager to please your alpha, huh? Look how wet you are. I bed your sweet juicy ass will serve my dick so well.”


When did Mingyu turn out to be a man with this level of dirty talk? The couple had had sex during their heat and rut, but Jun had never heard his crush talking to him in this way. Right now, this Mingyu had nothing similar to the Mingyu Jun used to know, but those words of dominance and authority left the omega weak and helpless, causing him to whimper even more, because Jun knew he had to submit to the alpha who was having total control over his body. Rejecting did not make sense and would not help him either, since no matter how embarrassed and scared he was, Jun was forced to acknowledge his boner, and his stream of slick making a long line of fluid from his ass to his feet. 


When the omega was flipped to face his boyfriend directly, things only got more serious, and he was aggressively fed with more and more of arousal pheromones and the sharp scent of an alpha who was not only horny but also angry. At this moment, Mingyu was not different from a ferocious beast that was going to tear Jun into pieces. The scared boy had no choice but to remain submissive and pliant, letting Mingyu do whatever he wanted. He let his lips be bit and sucked maniacally, letting his body be touched as if it were being violated and assaulted.


Until now, there was nothing to doubt about this anymore. Jun realized his boyfriend wanted to vent anger on him, to use his body for satiating his need of a release, to release his inner beast and free his frustrated soul. Trembling in both emotional pain and bewilderment, the omega felt his tears swelling up in his eyes at the realization of his crush using him as a punching bag. It had turned out to be obvious that Mingyu wanted no one but him because the man did not want to curse or fight.


The alpha simply wanted a doll to fuck, and no one else in this world would be silly enough to serve him and please him like this innocent boy who loved him do death.


Biting his lips, Jun thought he was able to do this. Having sex was just fine, because if he wanted to be Mingyu’s boyfriend, was this not something he was supposed to do with the alpha as well? Maybe it was just Mingyu’s style and character to be rough. The bigger man had never been gentle to him during sex actually, and Jun should have known this already before agreeing to date him. There was no need for him to be shocked or frightened now. Mingyu had the rights to blame him or get mad at him if he really did that. The last thing Jun wanted to happen was to lose the man he had thought would never belong to him.


As a result, Jun continued to be a docile boy who stopped caring about his clothes on the floor and just followed Mingyu’s command “Present for me”, slowly getting onto the close toilet inside the stall. Jun guessed it would be so much less humiliating to kneel on the floor instead, but he kept reminding himself to strictly follow the order, climbing on the place which his alpha had pointed at.


There was not enough space for Jun to get on all fours on the closed lid, so he had no choice but to place his two upper arms on the wall, pushing his hips up and exposing his whole rear to the man behind. The poor Chinese boy’s cheeks turned deeply red owing to the position he was in. The boy was highly aware of the hungry eyes glued to his bottom and his dangling cock, knowing that Mingyu was watching intently as the man’s hands started to caress his cheeks and knead them so as to have a better view of his wet and red hole.


Barely did Jun know, that the sweet combination of embarrassment, shyness, sadness, and arousal in his peach scent only added more fuel into the flame in Mingyu’s soul, awakening his inner beast and screaming at him to take and own everything.


With no warning, Mingyu pushed three thick fingers right into the omega’s wet hole until his knuckles hit the boy’s supple flesh of his cheeks. At the sudden intrusion and abrupt stretch, Jun had no capability of stopping himself from crying out loud in pain, hips trying to move away from the alpha’s hand immediately. Nevertheless, he forgot that one of Mingyu’s hands had already been holding his hip on the right side very tightly, so the alpha had no difficulty in forcing the smaller boy to stay in place and take the fingers. Having no mercy in front of Jun’s cries, Mingyu let go of the omega’s hip in order just to slap Jun’s cheeks twice, creating the sounds that were even louder than the boy’s whimpers.


“Behave, omega! Do you want other people to hear you? Want them to come here and watch how your ass is filled with my fingers?”


Extremely obedient, Jun brought up one hand to cover his mouth, desperately trying to stifle his own whimpers. However, it really hurt him to be stretched by three fingers all at once, because Mingyu should have slowly opened him one by one, not like this. Unfortunately, Jun did not think he was in the position to complain, since he knew Mingyu was still angry, and his heart was scared that if he complained or voiced his own opinions too much, the alpha would not be happy. In this fragile relationship that felt like only half a dream that came true, Jun was constantly anxious of being abandoned if he was not good enough for his boyfriend. Mingyu wanted an obedient omega. Maybe this was something Jun could give him while Wonwoo could not? Maybe Mingyu had agreed to date him so quickly and easily because he was much more pliant and submissive than his best friend?


Jun’s effort paid off, as Mingyu soon seemed to be satisfied with how good and docile his boy was. His chuckle was so dark and lewd that it prickled Jun’s skin, but the alpha’s praise came after that turned him into mush.


“Good boy! Presenting for me and taking my fingers so well!” Mingyu thrust his three fingers in and out, setting a fast pace right from the beginning while his free hand continued to create bruises on the older boy’s hip. “Your mouth is still red but still so tight down here, baby. And you still smell so much like me.”


Jun’s inner omega desperately urged him to let it whine and whimper under Mingyu’s touch and words, but the omega’s brain knew he had better keep his mouth shut so as to make his boyfriend happy. Mingyu was obviously very amused by his reaction, and the movement of his hands only got more brutal within seconds. Jun was not sure he was being prepared for an intercourse or Mingyu was going to make him cum with just his fingers anymore. Easily finding the prostate, the alpha rapidly began his cruel attack on the sensitive spot, stabbing it over and over again for a whole minute long. Under the stimulation, Jun could not keep himself on hundred percent silent, but Mingyu did not seem to mind anymore. He kept abusing the omega’s prostate continuously until Jun’s whole body trembled violently under the effect of his first orgasm approaching in an alarming speed.


It was not until then did Mingyu abruptly withdraw his fingers completely, leaving the older boy with a climax he failed to reach, and a strung body that shook uncontrollably. Jun could not help whining loudly at the loss in his hole, but this behavior only caused him to receive a few more slaps in the ass, which absolutely stung much more than the first time. The omega squealed loudly, yet the next thing Mingyu did without a warning - again - led him to voice out a choked and broken scream.


Jun had never been able to predict that Mingyu would all of a sudden want to have sex with him and then shoved his dick right into his entrance without proper preparation or any words like this. The alpha asked no question and made no announcement of what he was going to do, only thrusting harshly into the older boy and starting to fuck him in a brutal pace immediately, regardless of Jun’s breathless cries and whimpers. It hurt so much to be fucked by a gigantic dick of a muscular and powerful alpha like Mingyu, especially when Jun had never been someone who was experience in this field. He wished his boyfriend could care more about the fact that Jun’s body had never been used by anyone except for Mingyu only, which meant the omega was completely clean and fresh for the said alpha to take everything.


Yet, it seemed like Mingyu only took him for granted.


Obviously, the alpha was enraged by the fact that Jun had just disobeyed him and screamed too loudly. The poor boy barely managed to register what was happening when he was manhandled by his partner. Taking advantage of his strong and powerful arms that were capable of lifting hundreds of kilos, the alpha pulled out, and within the span of three seconds, he fixed Jun’s position until the omega was stuffed by his dick again, whole body supported by nothing but the alpha’s arms and hands. Frightened by the position that made him feel more vulnerable than ever, Jun frantically tried to wrap his arms around Mingyu’s shoulders, searching for support, but in fact the alpha had already held him tightly enough not to ever let him fall. It was just so much worse as right now the massive cock was able to go deeper into the Chinese boy’s ass, and the fact that he felt his whole body weighing down on that monster did not help anything better.


Once Mingyu started pounding, he did not stop ever again, even when his hands took turn to slap the omega’s butt cheeks, punishing him for screaming previously. Being hit and growled at by the angry alpha, the scared boy could only bite his lips and let out nothing except for pathetic whimpers, whispering weak apologies to his lover. Hearing the “I’m sorry” for over ten times, Mingyu eventually decided the punishment had been enough, so then he began to concentrate on nothing but wrecking Jun havoc. Shocked by the sudden increase of the speed that had already been brutal, Jun tried his best to stop himself from screaming again by pressing a palm firmly over his mouth, or burying his face into Mingyu’s shoulder, muffling his own broken voice by the alpha’s sweaty skin. Mingyu’s scent and pheromones currently were bitter and sharp enough to make Jun’s nose sting, but it was still less painful than getting spanked one more time.


Jun understood that the anger and frustration had accumulated in the alpha’s mind and caused him to have such an intense arousal and such a desperate need for a release, but the omega still found it shocking to figure out his lover could be this rough. The boy felt as if he were coming back to the last day of his heat, the day in which Mingyu had been a beast taking everything he could from Jun relentlessly without a care of the omega’s feelings. It had been understandable then, but at this moment, Jun failed to ignore the pain rising in his chest, despite the pleasure his ass was slowly getting from the rough assault it had been receiving.


Jun did not feel loved. He only felt used, and punished, as if the alpha had never stopped feeling mad at him, hating him, and wanting to torture him for whatever reason the boy could not understand.


“Fuck! So fucking good, omega!” Mingyu growled and cursed in his hoarse, low and domineering voice. The words and the tone were not any less powerful than his actions. They got Jun weak, shaking, and scared, but also fluttered because they still could be considered as compliment. “So good for your daddy, huh? Such a nice ass! You want to squeeze me to death? You know how to be good for your daddy?”


Jun’s breath hitched instantly at the kinky word, but his brain wisely knew he did not have time to wonder whether he enjoyed this kind of kink or not. Once Mingyu wanted it, he had better give it to the alpha, so that no punishment would come. Jun never wanted to ruin his fragile love in this surreal relationship with his crush. More desperate than anyone else in this world, Jun just wanted to please Mingyu and make the man love him in all ways. His own comfort was just a small sacrifice in this situation.


“Ye-yes… daddy… daddy…” Jun whispered breathlessly while panting and gasping for air, struggling to make his words audible while his body kept getting jolted up by Mingyu’s feral thrusts. “I… I’m yours… yours…”


Growling in satisfaction, Mingyu smirked and laughed manically. The sounds were partially sexy and attractive in Jun’s ears, but partially scary as well. Nonetheless, it should not matter anymore, because Jun in fact had never had the wish to run away, since he knew this was his only chance. No matter what Mingyu wanted, the omega would give it, as long as he could be loved and could stay as close as possible to his crush. Rough sex was quite painful, but Jun still found his sinful pleasure in it, and the roughness could give him the impression of being strongly desired and wanted by his alpha.


As a result, his whimpers slowly turned into moans. It felt so helpless to be carried on the alpha’s arms like this, yet perhaps it was something that turned the omega on too, especially when the alpha kept getting more and more possessive. His hands roamed everywhere on everything he could touch, and another harsh slap on the omega’s butt cheek sent him to his first orgasm. Smirking smugly at the white cum painting his and Jun’s stomach, Mingyu whispered more filthy praise to the older boy, relentlessly fucking the omega through his intense orgasm, through the whole way of overstimulation.


It was uncomfortable, but right at the moment Jun began to voice it out by a whimper, he immediately regretted it, because two harsh slaps landed on his cheeks right away. This time, it hurt so bad that he jumped, yet the orgasm of one minute ago had turned him to be too exhausted to scream like how he had done before. Consequently, Jun could only cry into Mingyu’s shoulder as the alpha bit his neck by his sharp canines and growled fiercely.


“I’m not done yet! Don’t wanna be good for your daddy? Are you a good omega for your alpha, huh?”


“I am! I am!” Jun frantically cried out, too scared of being considered as a “bad omega”. “I am your… your good omega… I… I…”


Unfortunately, two more slaps came, and Mingyu coldly reprimanded the boy before Jun’s mind could register what he might have done wrong.


“Good or bad is my decision, not yours, omega.” Temporarily stopping his thrust, Mingyu used his left hand to roughly grabbed Jun’s hair and pulled backwards, causing the crying boy to let out another louder sound of pain. Yet, the alpha had no care, only glaring into his lover’s face. “What do you say to your alpha when you’re bad? Tell me, omega!”


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, alpha… daddy…” Jun wailed in tears, shaking and trembling in fear as he did not really know which name would be the better to call Mingyu. “I’m sorry… Please… I’m sorry… Ah-”


The poor omega yelped when the pounding was resumed, but now he did not dare to let his reactions get out of control anymore. The overstimulation still did not do him good,


“You should be grateful.” The alpha continued to growl while biting the omega’s neck not very gently, sending shivers down the older boy’s spine. “You know you love this! Didn’t you cum so hard on my dick? Isn’t your slutty ass still so wet for me and squeezing me so tightly? Don’t lie to yourself, honey! You know you love it! You know you just love me to fuck you until you can’t remember your name anymore! And you won’t ever be able to have a good sex with anyone else ever again!


Until now, Jun was not sure whether he was supposed to enjoy this or not anymore, since the discomfort kept lasting longer and longer, while Mingyu had no sign of being close to his finish. Sobbing, Jun tried to use all his brain power to seek for something enjoyable, some kind of painful pleasure from the animalistic pounding his boyfriend gave him. However, the bad thing was that Jun had lost his full control over his body, which caused him to unconsciously thrash although his rational brain was drowned deeply in the fear of disobeying the alpha. The more Jun thrashed, the rougher Mingyu became, and the more slaps he gave the boy, making the soft flesh down there become brightly red. It hurt so badly, so horribly that the omega ended up loathing his own body for getting hard again.


And, Jun came, one more time, squirting his white cum onto his and Mingyu’s stomach, earning another devilish smirk from the monstrous alpha who had no intention of stopping. In front of Jun’s cries, he only continued to spank, growling filthy words and commands that had the ultimate power of brain-washing the omega, making his poor silly heart believe that no matter what happened, he should try his best to endure this so as to please his boyfriend. This was a public place; Jun should be able to free himself by screaming for help. If he did so, it would be very likely for someone to hear him and come to rescue.


Nevertheless, Mingyu had already known so damn well that Jun would never do anything against him up to that level. The omega might thrash, whimper, and cry, but it was so easy to beat him to submission, since this body was obviously blindly in love with Mingyu. Throwing the omega onto the ground right on the pile of clothes, the alpha fucked Jun into the cold and hard floor, allowing the older boy to clutch onto anything or grip anything to ground himself, but the thrusts remained as brutal as they had been from the beginning.


So naïve. So pathetic. So stupid. Mingyu snickered to himself, thinking that it was so ironically funny to see someone acting this pliant and submissive towards him, while literally nobody else in the pack wanted to compromise or surrender to him even just a little bit. Nonetheless, this kind of miserable behavior caused the enraged alpha to feel no sympathy in his heart. Instead, what he could feel in his chest, smell in his lungs, and tasted on his tongue was the desire to destroy and ruin everything. Jun wanted to be his boyfriend? That was so easy now, the alpha smirked to himself. As long as the omega kept being this good and obedient, acting like a nice fuck doll for him to use, then he was willing to give this silly omega any labels he wanted.


This was just what Jun had asked for by himself from the beginning. Without knowing what the outcome might be, Jun had begged Mingyu to stay with him, to use him, to fuck him, so now the alpha would comply and fulfill all his wishes. If Jun wanted him this much, then Mingyu would gladly annihilate this omega until nobody else could use his battered body ever again. Mingyu would show Jun off to his pack, to the whole world, and let everyone know this was his omega, and he could just do whatever the fucking hell he wanted to his baby. Nobody had the rights to interfere. Nobody was allowed to take Jun away from him. Nobody should ever try to save Jun, because Mingyu would make sure to make that person suffer as much as what he planned to do to his omega.


Fucked into the rough ground with his legs spread wide open, letting his tears fall freely and helplessly, Jun rapidly became too exhausted to move a finger. He just continued to cry and whimper weakly like a dying animal while Mingyu never stopped his assault. The thrusts came together without countless spanks, and from time to time, some more bites would come to numerous parts of his body, marking him up completely by Mingyu’s saliva, biting marks, hickeys, and bruises. The crying boy gave up thinking, and his body gave up fighting for good, since it did not have any power left. The only tiny thought and hope he still had in the bottom of his heart was a weak and desperate wish for Mingyu to love him, and care about him one day. Maybe right now, it was still too much to ask for those things from the alpha, but Jun begged fate to make his dreams come true, wishing that after all he could do for Mingyu, the alpha would change both his mind, and his heart.


Jun knew Mingyu had never done anything wrong. Maybe the alpha was right. Jun was the one who got the most benefits of them all after their heats and rut incidence. The omega now had a boyfriend, who used to be his crush, and a star he had thought he would never be able to reach and hold in his own arms.


Unable to endure the excruciatingly rough sex, and unable to get hard again or at least just wait until Mingyu finished, Jun passed out on the ground, lying limply right on his own clothes. Meanwhile, the crazy alpha kept taking more, more, and more, without a care of the fact that his partner was now temporarily dead to the world.

Chapter Text

Wonwoo was unable to do anything except for sitting on the bed and staring at nothing while waiting for the managers to come. Seungcheol had been trying to make him relax, but his efforts were just fruitless. The omega showed no emotion on his face, and said nothing either, but the leader knew his roommate must be having a lot of thoughts in his mind. The only thing Seungcheol managed to convince Wonwoo to do was drinking some water. Thinking that the omega would be fine sitting alone in their bedroom, the alpha did go out to check everyone else only to find out that Jun had got out to follow Mingyu. Before Seungcheol could protest and scold his packmates for such decision, they had already tried to persuade.


“I think it’s okay, hyung. The terrace is clear. Even if someone comes up there, I think they will just leave. Mingyu’s pheromones have already scared everyone away.” Jihoon explained briefly, but he failed to make the older man trust the possible peaceful outcome of this incidence.


“It means his pheromones can scare Junnie too.” Seungcheol stated sternly. “That’s one of the reasons why we don’t want to let Junnie share a room with Mingyu before both of them finish learning how to control their instincts.”


“I think Gyu needs someone to talk to him, hyung.” Seokmin added with a hopeful voice. “I mean… Jun-hyung must be the most suitable one, because none of us love Mingyu like the way he does. I guess he can calm Mingyu down, so that you guys can talk normally when our managers arrive.”


“I really doubt that.” Seungcheol palmed his face and rubbed his temples, struggling to think of what Mingyu might be doing currently. “It doesn’t seem like Jun has the ability to talk some sense into Gyu’s mind. Even if they wanna talk, they should talk inside our apartment, not out there.”


“No offense to you, but…” Jihoon suddenly snorted, getting everyone’s attention. “Do you really think they can talk here? Because I know someone will immediately barge into their room if he senses some angry pheromones in the air!”


The atmosphere in the living room instantly turned intense as Jeonghan glared at Jihoon harshly. The younger male did not have to say any proper names to let everyone understand that he must be talking about no one but Jeonghan only. Seeing another fight being about to break out again, Seungcheol quickly stopped it before it could even begin.


“Jeonghan has proper reasons to be wary of Mingyu. Although Mingyu and Junnie both claim to be dating each other right now, we still have to keep in mind that Mingyu is dangerous, since he hasn’t been taking our training very well. You guys don’t understand it because you all haven’t presented yet.” Seungcheol explained firmly and watched Jihoon slowly showed some signs of defeat. What the leader said was not wrong even a bit. The other members barely understood why the older ones were so worried of Mingyu because they still had no idea how it felt like to be controlled by instincts. “You guys had to take all me, Jeonghan, and Joshua out of here when Wonwoo presented. Remember? It isn’t simple, guys.”


“So… should we get them back?” Seokmin hesitantly asked, very ready to stand up and walk out again. “I can go up there and ask them to come inside.”


Nonetheless, Soonyoung had not given up yet, and the performance unit leader just pushed Seokmin to sit back down before turning to Seungcheol.


“But I don’t agree with you, hyung. We had to be careful then because Wonwoo was in heat. Everyone knows how dangerous it is when an omega in heat is surrounded by alphas who aren’t his mate or lover.” Soonyoung sounded so much madder than they expected him to be. “Is Junnie in heat now? No! They’re even fucking dating and having sex! They are adults, hyung! Especially Jeonghan hyung! You can’t control Junnie and tell him what to do like this. It’s his relationship. His business, not yours! Don’t you have any trust in Mingyu? Why do you two keep talking like Mingyu is a bastard who will surely do something bad to Junnie?”


Unable to stay calm any longer, Jeonghan stood up with his face turning purple in anger, but Joshua tried to hold him back again while Seungcheol also used an arm to push his friend back.


“You’re talking as if you didn’t see Mingyu push Jun just half an hour ago.” The leader retorted, voice even more stern. “And he hurt Joshua too. None of us has laid a finger on him but he keeps disrespecting us and showing aggression. He literally doesn’t give us reasons to stop being wary of him. What might happen if we let him do whatever he wants? All Mingyu, Jun, and Wonwoo seriously need time to rest and learn things but Mingyu isn’t giving us the time to do any of those.”


“Talking about Wonwoo, it’s a whole different matter.” Now it was Jihoon’s turn to interfere again, as if the mention of Wonwoo had reminded him of another source of his frustration. “What the fuck is going on, hyung? I really don’t understand what it is between you and him. Mingyu doesn’t understand, and neither do I. I bet our whole pack doesn’t understand either.”


“I’m sorry, Cheol, but I don’t get it either.” Jeonghan told his friend in voice that was calm but also showed his confusion. “Can you please give us one official explanation? I’m sure our managers are going to ask the same question soon.”


At this moment, Seungcheol could see that everyone was highly perplexed by the whole situation and they were just dying to get even just a little bit of understanding in something. There was nothing they could expect to get from Mingyu, but Wonwoo’s relationship with the leader was even more intriguing and suspicious. They assumed that they should be told about something going on here, especially when one particular member of the pack was severely triggered by whatever happening between the two of them.


Waiting for everyone to calm down and sit down, Seungcheol also took his seat in the armchair before giving a brief confirmation.


“Yes. Wonwoo and I are dating. We’re not mated yet, but dating. So, I certainly don’t want Mingyu to ever interrogate my boyfriend about this again, because it is very inappropriate. It’s almost the same as me trying to ask Joshua why he chose Jeonghan instead of me. I bet you guys would all go nuts if I did the same thing. What I want to state is that, my anger and frustration for Mingyu is reasonable and qualified.”


“Doesn’t make sense at all.” Jihoon shook his head instantly, crossing his arms with a harsh scowl on his face. “I bet we all know that Wonwoo’s been close to only Junnie and Mingyu. He’s started to close off towards all of us, yeah, from some time but we’re sure he’s never seemed to be… close or intimate to you, hyung.”


“You guys can see Wonwoo isn’t accepting his identity now very well.” Seungcheol calmly replied, following the plan he had set up in his mind. “He had seen his own signs of becoming an omega for a quite long time, and it was also the reason for him to close off. I think he’s been scared and many things else. Then, we just slowly got closer to each other through his difficult period.”


“I still don’t get it. How didn’t any of us see anything going on?” Seungkwan looked completely lost now. “I have always believed that if someone in our pack is dating, I will recognize it right away.”


“Wonwoo’s been sad, scared, and confused, Kwannie.” The leader gave a smooth explanation, having known that everyone would keep questioning this matter. “You also know how quiet he’s been in the past year. He doesn’t want to show his condition, feelings, or thoughts to anyone. I just happened to pick up on his troubles since I’m the leader. It’s just natural that we clicked and got closer day by day.”


“This is still super weird to me.” Soonyoung bit his lips while trying to think hard.


“It’s actually not too weird, hyung. They’re in the same unit anyways.” Vernon added some words.


Seokmin took this chance to ask more questions immediately.


“Then what did you see, Vernonie? Did they have anything abnormal?”


“I mean… Wonwoo-hyung’s never been an easy-going or open person but I guess he trust Cheol-hyung. They seem fine.” The younger boy shrugged. “I mean… why do you guys have to keep asking how or why they love each other? Aren’t we being quite… impolite by asking these questions? I think it’s wrong to doubt someone’s relationship like this.”


Seungcheol seriously just wanted to squeeze Vernon into his arms and shower him with love. The young boy definitely mad a lot of sense, and Chan later proved that he had the same opinion as well.


“I think he’s right. We shouldn’t ask more. Cheol-hyung and Wonwoo-hyung are in love, but they kept it discreet until they couldn’t do that anymore, and that was when Wonwoo-hyung was in heat. Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t you guys think Mingyu-hyung is the one who’s acting weird and making things worse? He can’t recklessly accuse Wonwoo-hyung and Cheol-hyung of faking their relationship just because he doesn’t like it. We shouldn’t do that either.”


“This is suspicious because Wonwoo did try to set Mingyu up with Jun.” Jihoon restated the problem. “Vernon, you were there too.”


“That part isn’t very suspicious, hyung. Everyone knows Mingyu loves Wonwoo-hyung, right?” Minghao had to speak up, unable to endure this frustration. “Of course Wonwoo-hyung knows it too. How could he want to keep an angry alpha in this apartment while he was in heat and having sex with Cheol-hyung? At that time, Junnie was struggling too. It’s very normal for Wonwoo-hyung to want Junnie to be helped and want Mingyu to be away from here. I don’t understand why you guys have to make a fuss over this.”


“I will highly appreciate it if you can stop questioning our relationship, especially to Wonwoo.” Seungcheol sternly warned his whole pack. “Mingyu isn’t an exception. I’m happy when you care about us, but interfering in our relationship isn’t the right thing to do. Wonwoo is stressed out enough, and I have been putting up with Mingyu enough. Please don’t force me to be aggressive to you all. Okay?”


The conversation drifted away after that, but the confusion kept lingering for longer and longer among a few members in the pack. Nevertheless, there were also few members who did not question anything further, easily accepting the fact that one member of the pack was dating their leader, and it should be a normal thing. Seungcheol was glad that Joshua and Chan were still the kind and sweet boys who wanted to come to check Wonwoo and soothe him, but the leader had to tell them that the omega desired to be alone now.


The alpha could only wish he could tell Wonwoo how much other people loved him later.


Even when the managers rang the bell on their door, Mingyu and Jun were still nowhere to be seen. They had no choice but to call them and notify them of the managers’ arrival. While waiting for the couple to return, they made further discussion on whether the whole pack should be involved in the meeting or not. In the end, it was concluded that only Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun, Jeonghan, and Minghao needed to stay in the living room. During that time, the other members could just go out or go back to their rooms.


Seungcheol tried his best to cheer Wonwoo up when getting the boy out of his bedroom. The alpha was shocked to see his roommate still sitting in the original spot and position with the same blank facial expression he had already had before. Wonwoo showed no emotion either as the leader announced him of the managers’ arrival, but he all of a sudden walked to the wardrobe, rummaging through the clothes until he pulled out an oversized brown hoodie that obviously belonged to Seungcheol. As if doing something extremely normal, the omega wore the hoodie outside the T-shirt he was already having on, making the alpha feel his heart flutter and squeeze at the same time.


Why did Wonwoo do that? Was the boy trying to push Mingyu further away from him? However, after a better look, Seungcheol realized that the hoodie did a great job in covering the hickeys on the omega’s neck while the T-shirt barely managed to do so. When standing next to Wonwoo, Seungcheol could not smell much of the boy anymore, because his own scent of peppermint lingering on his clothes had already covered everything.


The omega was caught off guard when the leader suddenly sneaked an arm around his waist and held his hip, but he did not try to push the older male away. The touch did not feel uncomfortable. It was just soothing and assuring, especially when the alpha talked to him in a calm and low voice.


“Just follow my plan. Everything will be fine. I promise, Wonu.”


At this point, Wonwoo had no other choice but to listen to Seungcheol and forced himself to put up a calm appearance. When begging the members to help him keep Mingyu in the hotel with Jun, the omega had never been able to imagine that things could turn out to be this horrible and burdensome. It felt extraordinarily stressful to see their three managers sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for all the necessary people to show up for the important conversation. Things should never be like this, because Wonwoo literally never wanted to bring troubles to his beloved pack of the people he adored. The poor omega had simply wished for a happy ending of his two best friends without caring about himself, but now he ended up being the source of all unpleasant incidents going on in this apartment.


Wonwoo was aware of the curious look one of the managers gave him, perhaps because that person somehow remembered whom this hoodie belonged to. All the managers were betas, which was safe for the group since they could not impose any threat or authority towards the omegas in Seventeen, but now Wonwoo was afraid that the betas could not really understand the anger and frustration simmering in this place, especially in Mingyu. The alpha and Jun had not come back yet, but Wonwoo did not think he expected to see a calm and relaxed Mingyu before, during, or after this discussion.


According to what Wonwoo knew about the young alpha, he knew Mingyu could calm down after being enraged enough to punch Jeonghan and shove Joshua in such a short period of time. What could be the ending of this? Wonwoo was dying to know, shaking in extreme worry and fear, wondering whether the managers could be so cruel that they would tell him to just stop all these stupid things and become Mingyu’s omega. It was true that the young and handsome alpha had always been the precious idol that the company doted on and always gave extra attention to, thanks to the outstanding appearance and the great popularity he had in comparison to other members in the group.


In the middle of the chaos in his mind, Wonwoo was startled one more time to feel a hand snaking around his waist to form a light hug. Seungcheol had put it down when they stepped into the living room and sat down, but now the leader suddenly used that same hand to pull the omega closer to his side again, and the action definitely did not go unnoticed by the managers. The three of them stared at them intensely, while Wonwoo shifted uncomfortably in his seat, wondering how to react. His body did not feel uncomfortable, but he was highly wary of the blush creeping up on his face.


Well, this was not a suitable time to get embarrassed and flustered but his body still decided to get so shaken by the leader’s intimate act. Nonetheless, Wonwoo tried to make himself continue to stay calm, understanding that he had to make it really look like he was having a normal relationship with Seungcheol. Otherwise, people would realize they had been lying, or even worse, they would think that Seungcheol had taken advantage of his own position to force him into doing this. Moreover, Wonwoo believed he was having cold sweat due to the presence of Jeonghan on his other side on the couch, as the alpha was also watching him attentively, obviously still very confused and curious of this relationship.


Wonwoo knew Jeonghan could be considered as Seungcheol’s best friend, and the alpha was a very trustworthy and reliable person, but he could not help feeling exceedingly anxious. Wonwoo did not have the tendency to trust people. It was already not typical of him at all to trust Seungcheol like this. The leader was perhaps the first and the last exception he would ever have.


On the other side of Seungcheol, Minghao was sitting calmly, chilling as if there was nothing worth worrying about. The beta scrolled through his phone while waiting, evidently not thinking much at all about this situation. It was in fact not related to him, but he was willing to be here because Mingyu wanted him to, and the Chinese dancer knew he had never done anything wrong, so there was just nothing to worry about.


Nevertheless, the wait for Mingyu and Jun was surprisingly longer than what they had expected, and everyone soon turned restless, especially Wonwoo and Jeonghan. The second eldest alpha had volunteered to come out and look for them right before the door got unlocked and opened. What unveiled in front of their eyes was just baffling and outrageous.


Even without the ability to smell scents and feel the pheromones, Minghao still got as much agitated as the other members in the room when seeing Jun walking in. In fact, the Chinese omega struggled to limp into the living room with tremendous difficulty, and his face just screamed for help. The boy was obviously in urgent need of sitting down or lying down immediately, but he kept trying to walk inside while his hand was held tightly and led by the big alpha walking in front of him. Wonwoo was able to see that someone had tried to brush Jun’s hair by hands, but it was still a huge mess that must have been created by some rough treatment.


Wonwoo and Jeonghan stood up simultaneously, and they both ran to the omega who kept looking down. Jun got startled by the sudden footsteps of those who rushed to his side, and his first reaction was to hide behind Mingyu instantly, which undoubtedly shatter both Jeonghan’s and Wonwoo’s hearts right away. In the close distance, Wonwoo was finally able to see the puffy and red eyes of his best friend when the Chinese boy eventually looked up to stare at him in the eyes. Immediately, Jun looked as if he was on the verge of bursting into tears and running into Wonwoo’s embrace with no hesitation, but a sudden strong tug of Mingyu’s hand got the omega’s attention back to the alpha again. Whipping his head towards his boyfriend in the blink of an eye, Jun quickly looked down again, stumbling to continue following the alpha’s footsteps towards an empty couch in the room.


Jeonghan was downright furious and enraged. Despite the very short amount of time he had in watching Jun closely, the alpha was able to see the omega’s puffy and red eyes, which obviously had shed a lot of tears. The managers and Minghao could not feel this, but all the other members who had presented smelled the intense and powerful scent of sex all over the couple. They barely smelled Jun anymore, because Mingyu’s aroma had overshadowed everything else. This was not a good thing at all, since a normal couple after sex should smell equally like each other, not just in one way like this.


It was easier for them to doubt the omega’s condition and question what Mingyu might have done previously. Why had they had sex on the terrace? How? Why did Jun turn out like this? Why had the boy cried? Why did he not even look up? They were not able to detect fear in his scent, since they could not smell him anyways, but it was almost as clear as day that Jun looked scared and in agony. Even the way the omega sat down was not normal even a bit, as he was extremely slow and cautious, seeming to try not to make things more difficult for his sore body. He seriously winced when his bottom came into contact with the soft surface of the couch.


It was not easy for Jeonghan to let this go. The alpha turned angry almost instantly, only managing to stop himself from physically attacking Mingyu.


“What the hell did you do, Kim Mingyu?” Jeonghan growled and gritted his teeth, fierce eyes glued to the face of the younger alpha. “Why does Junnie smell like that?”


“What does he smell like?” One of the managers asked immediately with a lot of concern, since he could not smell it by himself.


“They smell like sex.” Seungcheol answered, narrowing his eyes as he tried to observe the Chinese omega who kept ducking his head. “You guys had sex out there? On the terrace? Or where?”


“It’s none of your business, hyung.” Mingyu smirked smugly, comfortably leaning backwards. “But if you’re that curious, then fine. We had sex in the washroom of the terrace. Satisfied now?”


“The problem isn’t just that, Mingyu.” Jeonghan continued to speak through his gritted teeth, while Wonwoo also refused to sit down right next to him. “Why did he cry? He’s obviously in pain now, and you still didn’t fucking bother to carry him!”


One more time, Mingyu chuckled and showed the face that looked like he desired to be punched by Jeonghan.


“You’re overacting. He didn’t ask me to. I’m sure he can handle it. Isn’t Wonwoo still walking normally now?”


Now Jeonghan was not the only one who was angry anymore. The reaction Mingyu got from everyone was simultaneous, as both Jeonghan and Seungcheol jumped at the youngest alpha, while Wonwoo was just astounded to be suddenly mocked, and Jun stared at his boyfriend with wide eyes, reacting completely too slow to the attack of the other two alphas. Nobody was sure whether Seungcheol was trying to stop Jeonghan or attempting to kill Mingyu as well, but the managers and Minghao fortunately succeeded in detaching the attacking alphas away from the person who had triggered them.


In disbelief, Wonwoo could not believe what he had just heard from Mingyu. Some other members had warned him about how nasty the alpha had been since yesterday, but Wonwoo had not been there to witness things by himself. It was not until now did he realize that everyone’s words were true, and the alpha did not hesitate to mock not only Jun but also him. Wonwoo had not even said a word yet Mingyu had already had reasons to verbally attack him and made his skin itch in utter discomfort.


Perhaps now Mingyu had turned to despise him. There was no love left. Just hatred, like what Wonwoo deserved to get from him.


On the other hand, the omega was shocked by another thing, which was that his best friend did not dare to look at him in the eyes or defend him even once like how he had done previously. Jun got startled by Mingyu’s saying in a few seconds, and he looked like he was about to protest, yet that attitude faded away very rapidly. Just after five seconds, Jun was reduced to just sitting silently by his lover, looking down and fiddling with his own hoodie, which was seriously different what everyone knew about him. Jun had always loved Wonwoo and jumped to greet him every time they met. Wonwoo did not dare to imagine what might have changed his best friend’s attitude so drastically in a short amount of time.


Unfortunately, Wonwoo currently could not do anything except for listening to the managers’ command. He was forced to sit back down between Jeonghan and Seungcheol, while the second oldest alpha continued to glare at Mingyu and check Jun’s condition at the same time. His stare was long and intense enough to bore holes into the omega’s face and to enrage Mingyu as well. Mingyu gave out a warning by growling, eyes glowing red as he let out feral sounds to tell the older alpha not to look at his boyfriend anymore. Stuck in between the two angry men, Jun only shrunk further and tried to stay closer to Mingyu despite his obvious fear towards the bigger man. The scent of distress coming from him slowly began to get clearer and clearer together with the smell of both physical and mental pain.


Wonwoo got alarmed right at the first tiny sound of whimper coming out from his best friend, but Mingyu suddenly shushed the omega by just changing the direction of his eyes to the Chinese boy. The big alpha continued to growl, this time towards Jun directly, and the omega instantly shook in terror before biting his lips and stifling his own sounds totally.


The pain rose up in Wonwoo’s chest and threatened to tear his heart apart faster and more cruelly than whatever he had managed to imagine. His best friend was evidently so frightened of Mingyu that the alpha did not need to even use words to control him. Desperately, Wonwoo just wished something could tell him that what he guessed was not true, because according to what he saw right now, it was apparent that Mingyu had had sex with Jun brutally out there. Whether the Chinese omega had given consent or not was a mystery, but Wonwoo was puzzled and scared of the fact that Jun was not letting anyone know the truth. If he was seeking for a good opportunity to do so, this was definitely the best time, because not only the pack but also the managers were here to protect him.


 Unfortunately, Wonwoo was terrified by how his best friend answered the managers’ questions. Jun did not look up even once, constantly staring at the coffee table while the managers took turn to ask various questions. The omega’s voice was awfully hoarse, tiny, and shaky, which just proved one more time that he must have cried a lot. Jun’s hands were trembling, but Mingyu soon took those in his own hands, holding them in the way that prickled Wonwoo’s skin and send shivers up and down his spine. Mingyu did not have the face of a person trying to soothe his boyfriend. He had the expression of a bastard who was controlling what the poor shaking boy was about so say, no matter how affectionate the holding hands gesture seemed to be.


“Jun, did you and Mingyu have sex in the washroom on the terrace like Mingyu said?”


“Yes. We did.”


“Why did you cry, Jun? Did Mingyu hurt you?”


“No, he didn’t. I only cried because of… pleasure.”


“You mean he was like… rough to you? Did he do that with your full consent?”


“Yes… he was… and he did. I gave my consent.”


“Why did you come to the terrace with him? Why do you two suddenly have sex outside this apartment? Do you know that was very dangerous for both of you?”


“We know but… Mingyu said he hoped I could help calming him down.”


“But why not here but up there?”


“Because Mingyu said if we had sex in here, Jeonghan-hyung would barge into our room and interrupt us.”


Wonwoo could literally feel Jeonghan using all his will-power not to jump and kill Mingyu right on the spot. The alpha was shaking in fury, emitting the striking scent and pheromones that made Wonwoo unconsciously scoot closer to Seungcheol. The omega’s worries and pain for Jun were strong enough to make him ignore everything else, but his body refused to let go of the fact that there was an existing threat right next to him on his left. The couch where Mingyu and Jun were sitting was on the left side as well, which meant there was a huge source of tense pheromones and scents coming from that way.


Wonwoo wanted to take Jun’s hands and run immediately, so as to escape from the alphas, to get out of this suffocating place and stop their suffering. This was wrong. Nothing was right. Wonwoo felt sick just by listening to his best friend, knowing for sure that Mingyu must have told him to stick to a particular script. Wonwoo knew Jun never liked being treated roughly, and the Chinese boy definitely did not like rough sex either. The scent Jun gave out was getting too sour for anyone to believe that he might have cried because of pleasure. However, it was tragic that the managers were all betas. None of them could smell the omega, and they had no evidence to accuse Mingyu of having hurt his boyfriend.


Jeonghan had had enough.


“This doesn’t work.” The alpha interrupted the chain of questions, voice stern and fierce. “I’m sorry but the truth is that you guys can’t smell Junnie, but I can. He isn’t fine at all. His body is in pain, and he’s scared. You can’t just conclude things based on his words.”


“Didn’t you hear what Junnie said, hyung?” Mingyu asked with a smirk again. “What matters here is that we did it consensually. I didn’t force him into anything, and it is a truth. People aren’t judged through their scents. You don’t trust me, and now you don’t trust your beloved Junnie either?”


“Stop it, Mingyu.” The manager scolded him, successfully making the youngest alpha stop speaking, but did not manage to make him get rid of that irritating smirk. “Jeonghan does make sense here. Mingyu, you have to know you and Jun have done something very abnormal and reckless, and now Jun look so depressed like this, so we have reasons to doubt whether you had his consent or not. It’s a legitimate concern.”


“I’m… I’m fine… You shouldn’t be concerned about me…” The Chinese omega stuttered, finally looking up but only to look at the managers through pleading eyes. His speech was frantic and contained so much anxiety that it was painful to hear. “There’s really nothing wrong with me. You can go on to another matter. We had sex consensually. Mingyu was rough, but that’s… that’s because we both like it. I’m totally fine.”


“That you both like it doesn’t mean you should do it.” Seungcheol voiced his opinion, voice gentle when he was talking to Jun, but it changed instantly as he turned to Mingyu. “You two are idols, Gyu. This isn’t something you should do so harshly like this, especially when Junnie has just presented for a few days and needs a lot of rest.”


The biggest alpha chuckled and faked a long sigh.


“He will be fine. Don’t keep overacting like that, hyung. You should worry about your omega only instead of being nosy.”


“We’re all trying to mind our own business but you haven’t fucking allowed us to do so, Mingyu!” Jeonghan continued to snarl. “Just right when things started to calm down, you initiated another fight again. Why don’t you just let go of Wonwoo and let everyone live in peace?”


Suddenly, Mingyu burst into laughter, being obnoxiously loud and annoying in the way he laughed at the older alpha directly in the face.


“I think I’m the one who should say that to you. Why don’t you move on and give up on Junnie? He’s mine. He will never be yours. Don’t you get that?”


“See? That’s how he keeps riling everyone up and creating fights!” Minghao groaned to the managers, face showing obvious sickness towards his friend. “I don’t get why the hell Mingyu thinks he’s entitled to all of these attitudes and ridiculous actions. Please talk some senses into his mind, or talk the bullshit out of his brain.”


Mingyu decided to get on everyone’s nerves by continuing to snicker.


“You’re the one who is at fault too, Minghao! Don’t pretend to be a saint!”


“Okay, stop. That’s enough.” The oldest manager of them all raised a hand and gave an order. “We want to hear the whole story from all of you, one by one. Can we now start with Minghao? We will come to a conclusion after hearing you all talk.”


Looking already so done with Mingyu, Minghao eagerly started his story right away without any hesitation. The beta told the real story in the exact way Wonwoo had witnessed things happen. He believed nothing could ever be different from the truth, but Mingyu’s eyes just kept narrowing during the whole time Minghao told the story. Moreover, the omega could not help shivering when noticing how the big alpha also stared at how Seungcheol was holding Wonwoo’s hip with flames in his eyes. The leader had never put his hand down even once, as if proving his ownership over the boy, wanting to claim in front of the world that this omega was his.


Mingyu had stated the same thing by himself, so Seungcheol was ready to keep playing along with this game.


The leader had originally thought he would have to act like a real actor. Nonetheless, it turned out that he did not even have to get into character. Naturally as if this was how things had always been supposed to be, Seungcheol had no intention of taking his hand away, resting there comfortably during the whole time he listened to Minghao, and also during his own speech. Mingyu’s face only got darker and darker by seconds, while Jun also stared at the hand the leader had on his best friend as well. The more they stared, the more determined Seungcheol was to let his possessiveness be shown in all possible ways.


Despite somehow feeling bad for Mingyu since their situations were similar to each other to some extent, Seungcheol lost control over his instincts from the moment he heard the younger alpha mock Wonwoo and saw him stare at the omega in that way. Not reluctant to stare back with his chin high up, Seungcheol re-told the story he had already told his pack. The eldest alpha was able to feel Wonwoo tensing up under his hand, but the omega was still doing a very good job in pretending to be normal. His poker face was now suddenly a huge advantage for them, since nobody could really read his mind through his facial expression.


The only one thing that made Wonwoo feel glad was the fact that he had decided to put on Seungcheol’s hoodie, as the piece of clothing seemed to be effective in hiding his real scent which might be very sour and ugly now. The omega had no problem with what the leader told everyone, but he was so tired of the repetition of this whole story. Every time they argued in literally no more than two days, everyone had been saying the same things over and over again, but it seemed that nothing worked. Mingyu never understood, or he just refused to accept the truth. Wonwoo seriously could not understand the purpose and intention of the alpha in causing the chaos among their pack.


Why did Mingyu have to keep hurting himself like this for so long? Wonwoo knew he himself was not worth anything. He did not deserve Mingyu. He should not be a reason for Mingyu to suffer, especially when the alpha was having so many better things and better people in his life. Wonwoo was just a minor loss. If someone gave the omega a wish now, he would undoubtedly wish for Mingyu’s happiness, which practically meant wishing for the alpha to forget him completely.


Yet, now Wonwoo was not given the choice of ignoring Mingyu, because Jun had been hurt, and was being controlled. Wonwoo would rather die instead of believing that nothing wrong had happened between the couple. The omega could not take his eyes off his Chinese best friend, regardless of knowing that this kind of behavior was irking Mingyu to no end. Wonwoo was able to feel anger and hatred through the way the alpha glared towards this couch, but he could not stop. If Seungcheol had not held Wonwoo carefully, the omega would have jumped towards Jun and snatched him away from Mingyu.


The story itself sounded horrible and stupid and tasted bitter when Wonwoo told it by himself. It was the story that he had created and then unintentionally messed up, but it was also a story that was spiced up and ruined further by no one but Mingyu, who was supposed to be the victim of everything. At this moment, Wonwoo could not really convince himself that Mingyu was a victim anymore, because the longer he looked at Jun, the more pain Wonwoo could feel in his heart, sniff through his nostrils, and taste on his tongue. Things had never been supposed to happen in this way if Mingyu had been less stubborn and lived for himself instead of trying to hold onto Wonwoo who had already stated very clearly that their relationship would forever be just friendship and nothing more.


Now with all the spices and materials Seungcheol had added into the story, it seemed even hilarious to Wonwoo, since he knew how weird and stupid it really was. This kind of story surely could never fool someone like Mingyu, but it was the only thing they could think of. As long as both Wonwoo and Seungcheol claimed to love each other, nobody had the right to separate them, and they believed the managers would have to take measures to stop Mingyu from intervening in their relationship.


What Wonwoo anticipated for right now was not Mingyu’s, but Jun’s turn to talk, because he was not sure whether his best friend would tell the truth or the Chinese boy would say something Mingyu had told him to say. At this point, Wonwoo felt his trust for Mingyu slipping away. Trying to hide a grimace that threatened to appear on his face, trying to fight against the pang in his chest, Wonwoo knew Mingyu must feel the same thing about him, or even worse than that, but the omega seriously could not put any faith in someone who evidently had hurt Jun. In this circumstance, Wonwoo even thought he had to take Jeonghan’s sides, because although the alpha seemed suspicious, he was genuinely worried for Jun and would not do anything to harm to the younger boy.


The pressure of being stared at by everyone else in the room seemed to be too much for Jun to handle in this state. The poor omega visibly trembled as he nervously glanced around, hands gripping Mingyu’s ones tightly while his mouth kept repeating the cycle of opening and closing, as if it was too difficult to force the words out. However, Mingyu was doing nothing to soothe or help the omega. Instead, Wonwoo even believed the alpha was making it even harder and more stressful by using that kind of look full of hostility to stare at Jun from such a close distance. Meanwhile, Jeonghan barely managed to control his anger, as the cracking sounds of the bones and joints in his fists could be heard easily.


When Jun finally managed to speak after so much effort, his voice was just as awful as how it had been a few minutes ago, and he had never spoken this slowly in his whole life.


“When Wonwoo got into heat, I was there with him the whole night... But the next day, my heat came too, so everyone took me to the hotel, and Mingyu carried me to the room. He… he wanted to leave… but I begged him to stay and tried to hold him back… so… so he was triggered, and his rut came right away. After three days, we returned home, and Mingyu asked me to be his boyfriend.”


After Jun’s very few sentences, everyone held their breath and eagerly waited for more to come out from the omega, but the boy just had nothing more to say, just whispering sheepishly “That’s all”. Instantly, Jeonghan looked like he was just two seconds away from flipping the coffee table and strangling Mingyu. Jun dared to give Wonwoo a very quick glance but did not have the nerves to look at Jeonghan anymore, knowing that his most beloved hyung was angry, frustrated, and disappointed at him so much. Nevertheless, Jun had no other choice, and he could only duck his head while streams of tears began to cascade down his cheeks.


“My… my turn is done. Can I go back to my room? I want to sleep.”


“Yeah, Junnie is tired. We should let him rest now.” Mingyu gave his boyfriend a soft peck which just looked so wrong that Wonwoo was not even sure how he was feeling about it.


Jeonghan just scoffed.


“Wow, Kim Mingyu. I can’t believe you can go this far. This is insane. Junnie is obviously under your control now. There’s no way he can finish the story like that!”


Without warning, the alpha suddenly gripped Jun’s wrist, startling the omega and even everyone else around them. The Chinese omega literally jumped at the touch, and he was forced to have direct eye contact with Jeonghan immediately, which did not seem to be something he wanted to do at all. The worse thing was that Jun winced in obvious pain although the alpha did not use much force in his hand. Shocked by the reaction, Jeonghan only turned more furious and started to lose his patience.


“You don’t have to be scared, Junnie. Everyone is here with you. You’re protected. All you need to do is to speak out. Nobody can risk your safety by letting you stay with Mingyu after you reveal his crime.”


“No… I… I had nothing to say…” Frantically shaking his head, Jun tried to pull his hand back, squirming and looking just downright frightened. “I’ve already told all I know… That’s all…"


“I don’t believe it either, Junnie.” In spite of being a person who hated getting in trouble, Wonwoo could never stand watching his best friend suffer. “What’s wrong? What happened out there? Do you know you changed drastically after coming back? Nobody can believe this is normal. You have to tell us what Mingyu have done to you, Junnie. You have to…”


Unexpectedly, Mingyu cut Wonwoo off, rather harshly.


“Excuse me, Jeon Wonwoo. What I have done to him? Well, let me remind you, this meeting occurs because of what you have done to us.”


“Mingyu!” The manager instantly scolded him. “Wonwoo is your hyung. Talk with respect.”


“Bullshit!” Mingyu did not comply. “I bet he didn’t think that much when causing all this mess to happen!”


“Then tell your story instead of giving accusations like that, Mingyu.” The manager tried to remain calm when dealing with the hot-headed alpha. “And again, I don’t allow you to disrespect your hyungs. Nobody has called you names or anything. You must respect them if you want to talk properly without hearing people getting mad at you.”


Wonwoo was not sure whether the manager’s words were effective or not, but at least the man succeeded in making Mingyu silent, for a while. Once seeing that Mingyu would not retort again, the managers turned their attention back to Jun.


“Jun, I understand that you’re tired, but can you please try to stay here a little longer? This whole ordeal involves you, so it’s necessary for us to have you here. It won’t be fair if we solve things without your presence.”


“There’s nothing to so-solve…” Jun stuttered again, making a chaotic mess of meaningless hand gestures. “I… I didn’t know why they call you all to come here, but there isn’t anything to solve. Mingyu also says that he doesn’t know why everyone is pointing fingers at him while he isn’t the problem.”


The three managers instantly turned to Seungcheol with wide eyes, and after one more second, they all squinted in extreme confusion.


“What does that mean, Cheol?”


“What do you mean, Mingyu?” Seungcheol sat straight up in alert, narrowing his eyes when directing them towards the big alpha. “You’re going to blame us for everything after hurting so many people in your own pack? Are you going to be this thick-skinned? Excuse me, Wonwoo had already apologized to you and answered all of your questions, but then you kept pushing him to give you the particular you want. Let me tell you. It isn’t going to happen anytime, no matter what you do now!”


“So what?” Mingyu shrugged, speaking in a light tone that prickled Wonwoo’s skin. “Okay. I want the answer from Wonwoo, but I’m done now. I haven’t tried to ask him anything from the moment I walked back here, right?”


“The only way I can accept this is that you apologize to Jeonghan and Joshua.” Seungcheol sternly warned, deadly serious. “You might not need to apologize to Wonwoo, but you need to do that to Jeonghan and Joshua. They didn’t do a single to you, but you hurt and disrespected them both.”


“Yeah I can apologize to Joshua-ssi if you want, but isn’t Jeonghan-ssi the center of this whole chaos? I don’t think there’s any problem with me.” Mingyu shrugged nonchalantly again as if he had never done anything wrong, which obviously irritated Jeonghan to death. “I’m now dating with Junnie. My problem is solved, but it seems like Jeonghan-ssi here can’t accept the fact that my Junnie is out of his reach.”


“You see? That is the problem.” Minghao exclaimed in anger. “Do you hear the way he talks? Moreover, before you all came here, Mingyu had literally interrogated Wonwoo-hyung, punched Jeonghan-hyung, and shoved Joshua-hyung, and now he’s blaming everyone as if he’s an angel who got hurt by us.”


At this point, Wonwoo was unable to imagine how and when this whole situation could come to a peaceful ending, because it was obvious that Mingyu would never stop acting in this way. The alpha was too stubborn. Although Mingyu seemed to let go of Wonwoo now, the omega was baffled by the way he began accusing Jeonghan of being nosy for no proper reasons and trying so hard to claim his ownership over Jun, as if he genuinely loved the Chinese boy so much. It was tiring, frustrating, and almost irresolvable. Seeing the hostile hatred Mingyu had in his eyes whenever he stared at Wonwoo, the omega vaguely predicted that he was apparently despised by the alpha. No matter what he said or did later, the alpha would still hate him, hate him, and hate him.


So, what was the way to solve this trouble? How to save Jun? How to make Mingyu stop? Wonwoo was so clueless, helpless, and hopeless. When looking at Seungcheol and seeking for any solution from the leader, the omega was given a sense of being protected, knowing that he was now safe by Seungcheol’s side, but the eldest alpha did not seem to know how to deal with Mingyu properly either.


Perhaps Mingyu had stopped caring about Wonwoo not, yet the omega realized he felt no relief in his heart. All his attention now was drawn towards Jun, who seemed to be receiving all the worst and most brutal of everything, even though the Chinese boy was supposed to be the one who got the most benefits in Wonwoo’s plan, just like how Mingyu had stated previously.


Staring at his best friend in terror, Wonwoo almost burst into tears, almost standing up and grabbing his beloved Junnie to run out of the door, to run away from this cruel world forever.

Chapter Text

“What did Mingyu interrogate you about, Wonwoo?” The managers directed their gaze towards the said omega. “Did you feel like you were interrogated, like Minghao said?”


Wonwoo refused to confirm whether the Chinese beta’s saying was true or not, only focusing on the content of the conversation he had had with Mingyu previously.


“He kept questioning the relationship between me and Seungcheol. I told him we’re dating now but he didn’t believe me, but I think… he doesn’t care anymore now. I mean… he just said that his problem was solved.”


“Maybe he feels like it’s done, but I want one more thing to be done.” Seungcheol slowly stated his opinion, resolutely directing his whole attention towards Mingyu. “I want Mingyu to fully understand that if he thinks we are being too nosy when trying to interfere with his and Junnie’s relationship, then he’s just doing the same thing by causing difficulty to me and Wonu over and over again.  I want him to get rid of that kind of attitude and get over it. Wonu is mine, not his. There should be no more discussion over this matter.”


“Then what about Jeonghan-ssi?” Mingyu pulled Jun into his chest not very gently, startling the omega and making him wince at the same time, causing Jeonghan to bristle just again.


“Can’t you be more careful to him? I swear to God, if you continue to hurt him, I will…”


“Do what?” Mingyu challenged the older alpha, even cutting him off. “Junnie hasn’t even complained even once. Why do you have so many opinions? It’s time to move on, Jeonghan-ssi.”


“Quiet, Mingyu. Can’t you calm down in just a second?” The manager scolded the biggest alpha one more time, starting to lose patience. “It does make sense when everyone is concerned about Junnie, because he always looks so wrecked and abnormal after every time he had sex with you. Of course, we have to be worried about him. Moreover, both you and Junnie have just presented. Neither of you know how to control your own instincts or known about your new identity well. Meanwhile, Seungcheol’s been a stable and good alpha for a year, and so is Jeonghan. We have enough reasons to trust Seungcheol in the way he deals with Wonwoo and treats him now. However, you aren’t the same case, Mingyu. We’re all worried because we all keep in mind that you’re a new alpha. There’s no reason to be pissed about that. If the one who had just presented three days ago was anyone else but not you, we would still do the same. It is the best to separate two newly presented alpha and omega. We only give you the permission to have him because we don’t want you to leave the lessons your hyungs are supposed to give you. It isn’t like no one has ever listened to you, Gyu. Think about it. If no one cared about you or everyone just wanted to do things in their own ways, they would have just let you seek for help and lessons from outside.”


“So you basically take their side.” Mingyu concluded in a voice that showed obviously no words had adsorbed into his head. “And you will do nothing to stop Jeonghan-ssi from doing all the ridiculous things he’s been doing to me and Junnie.”


“I haven’t finished yet, Gyu.” The manager continued, heaving a quite long sigh but still looking pretty calm. “You have to listen to me first, because Jeonghan’s reactions towards you have reasons. I’m one hundred percent sure our agency doesn’t approve of you hurting Jun and making him look this awful after every time you two have sex. Don’t forget that you’re idols, and Jun is supposed to make us of this time to rest and get used to being an omega. If you keep wearing him out and hurting him more like this, it will take so much time for him to get back to normal state, and it will affect not only his performance but also the whole group’s work. Is that how you really want everyone to look at your boyfriend? You want everyone to criticize him for always looking tired and doubt that he is a sex addict who can’t stop getting fucked? Then, people will surely think someone’s been abusing him, Gyu.”


“So fucking annoying.” The youngest alpha complained, still with the look of a person who did not understand a single word. “So it’s all my fault? Don’t you guys ever think Junnie wants it too? Why are you all lecturing me? You think I can really do it without his consent, huh?”


“It’s fucking obvious!” Jeonghan gritted his teeth. “Junnie looks too scared to have given consent to you, Kim Mingyu.”


“That isn’t valid evidence, Jeonghan-ssi.” Mingyu snorted, stroking his boyfriend’s hair. “How can you judge his feelings just by his face? Do you think you really understand him? Ah, I guess there’s one thing you definitely don’t understand. It is that he loves me, not you, Jeonghan-ssi.”


Now, the whole thing turned about to be a battle between Mingyu and Jeonghan, while Wonwoo had originally assumed that the topic of this talk would surely involve him. All of a sudden, Mingyu had claimed he had no more trouble to deal with Wonwoo, as if the alpha had magically made his love for the omega vanish in the past hour. Certainly, the boy wished for Mingyu to find a new happiness and forgive him, but he could not help getting skeptical about the way the alpha changed his attitude so drastically. It could be normal if Mingyu decided to live a happy single life, yet, the man chose to become strangely possessive of Jun now, and Jun suddenly turned into a super quiet and submissive omega.


Wonwoo swore no one could find this normal. He seriously could relate Jeonghan for feeling so frustrated with Mingyu’s attitude. Having the same worries towards the same person as the second eldest alpha, Wonwoo strongly disliked letting Jun be with Mingyu currently. However, Jun was not less strange than his boyfriend with this attitude which had never existed before. The worst thing was that, the managers were not trying to take the Chinese omega away from Mingyu. They were only trying to tame the alpha and make him change his behavior a little bit.


“Okay, okay. I understand what you mean, Mingyu. We will have to talk to Jun about this too, but are you already clear now?” The managers looked so done, as if they only wanted things to be solved as fast as possible. “I don’t want to see Jun looking like someone has assaulted him ever again. It might be not your fault only, but you’re definitely the one who can decide whether it let it happen or not. Understand, Mingyu?”


The young alpha nonchalantly shrugged.


“No promise. I’m a man with a weak heart, anyways. Let’s see whether I can resist Junnie’s wish or not.”


Jeonghan was very ready to give the younger male another punch again if it had not been for Seungcheol gripping his arm and holding him back from starting an attack. Whereas, Jun just continued to shrink further into Mingyu’s chest without saying anything to defend himself, as if Mingyu was his representative now who would speak on behalf of him. It was utterly ridiculous and unacceptable, especially to Jeonghan and Wonwoo, yet both of them were able to see they were losing this battle. The managers were obviously giving Jun to Mingyu by asking for only a few conditions in return, but they had no faith in believing that the young alpha would change. He did not even seem apologetic even a bit.


Yet, when the word “apologetic” popped up in Wonwoo’s mind, the omega could not help shivering, knowing that “unapologetic”  was perhaps a word Mingyu was using to describe him right now. The shame of a person who had done something wrong did not allow Wonwoo to look at the alpha in the face for too long, or to retaliate against what the man had been saying. What was happening right now was the consequence of what Wonwoo had done to Mingyu previously, as the alpha would not have any reasons to drag Jun into this mess if Wonwoo had not pushed his two best friends towards each other now.


Or was it possible that even if Mingyu had not been in rut and had not helped Jun through his heat, the alpha would still take his revenge on the Chinese boy? Was this something Mingyu was doing with the purpose of hurting Jun who had made him present way too early? Or was this really a revenge Mingyu planned to target at Wonwoo with the strategy of hurting someone Wonwoo loved most? Or was Wonwoo just overthinking about everything? Did he have the right to judge Mingyu now? Maybe there was nothing wrong between Mingyu and Jun? Maybe they were just both as kinky as each other and mutually enjoyed crazily rough sex?


Despite ducking his head, Wonwoo was able to feel the eyes boring holes through his head right into his skull, and even his soul, as if someone was trying to read his mind and figure out what he was thinking. Nonetheless, Wonwoo was too frightened and overwhelmed of everything to ever let anyone know about the chaos in his mind. He wanted everything to stop. Despite hating what was happening to Jun now, and despite the wish to take Jun and run away, Wonwoo’s deepest and strongest desire currently was to escape from this situation and bring himself into a corner where there was nothing else to worry about. There was too much for a day already. A day full of schedules and performances could never be as exhausting as this ordeal, and he just wanted to faint. He wanted to run, to go back to his bedroom, to hide in a corner and not ever come out again.


Staring at nothing but the coffee table and his omega best friend from time to time, Wonwoo barely registered what everyone was talking around him. His mind automatically shut down on its own, leaving him sitting there like a soulless body. Jun was almost in the same condition, saying no word and looking at no one, as if someone had already stolen away his energetic and cheerful soul. In spite of being the center of the trouble, both of the two omegas were too tired to continue dealing with this, since they were supposed to be resting at this time, not to get involved in more drama. Wonwoo wished he could at least ask for a chance to sleep with Jun, so that they could snuggle together while taking a nap.


Nonetheless, Wonwoo’s hope was shattered when Mingyu scooped Jun up from the couch right after the managers dismissed them. They told the alpha to stay in the living room for one more private conversation with them, but they alpha insisted on bringing Jun back to his bedroom before doing anything else. Although this kind of action made it look like the alpha was caring about Jun and wanted him to rest, Wonwoo still felt as if Mingyu’s intention was not to give him any opportunity to be with Jun. Why did he feel like the younger alpha was sabotaging the relationship between him and Jun? Mentally wanting to slap himself in the face, Wonwoo told his own mind to stop doubting Mingyu because he had no right to do so, yet his brain refused to shake off the image of Jun staring of him one last time before turning away and pressing his own face into his boyfriend’s chest. Streams of tears could easily be seen on the Chinese boy’s cheeks, and the sour scent of him kept lingering longer and longer in Wonwoo’s nostrils.


Wonwoo did not even know when or how Seungcheol had taken his hand and led him back into their bedroom. He followed the leader like a doll getting dragged across the small hallway. Only when pushed to sit down on the edge of the bed, the omega was shaken awake by the alpha who were observing him with so much concern in his eyes. Wonwoo was startled for a second by the way Seungcheol shook his shoulders, but his whole body immediately softened as he felt the gentle hands squeezing his shoulder and stroking his hair. The image of a powerful and stern Seungcheol out there had vanished completely, giving space for the presence of a worried and gentle man who was trying his best to check Wonwoo’s condition thoroughly.


“Are you okay, Wonu? You’ve been spacing out a lot.” Very nervous of the boy’s health, the leader used a palm to check his temperature on not only his forehead, but also on his cheeks. His voice was completely contrast to the harsh and cocky tone of Mingyu Wonwoo had been forced to listen to out there. It felt as if the two men he knew today were no longer the older two men of the past. “It’s done. Our managers will only talk to Mingyu now. You can rest. No one will force you to talk anymore. I told you everything would be okay if you followed my plan, right? Now everything is fine. Don’t worry anymore, okay?”


Looking around mindlessly, Wonwoo did not even know what he was thinking or how he was feeling, suddenly so empty and heavy at the same time. He did not even want to talk to Seungcheol, or to think of Mingyu anymore. Unfortunately, it was a thing his brain could never manage to do, and the thoughts about the young alpha and his Chinese best friend could only continue to wear him out constantly in the most brutal way. Consequently, the omega just spaced out again, seeming to be looking at Seungcheol yet he in fact did not see the leader. His mind was stuck in the circle of thoughts about Mingyu and Jun. How could he save Jun? How many percent of Mingyu’s words were true? Should he trust the alpha, or force himself to believe that Mingyu had been so enraged and heartbroken at him that he ended up venting his all anger on the poor boy?


Wonwoo did not shake, cry, or breathe hard, simply sitting there without reacting to Seungcheol’s words and action. Agitated by this weird state, literally having never seen the omega like this, the leader sat down next to his roommate, using a soothing hand to rub the younger boy’s back, whispering comforting words to his ears, trying to convince him that everything would be fine. It was not until now did Seungcheol realize why none of them had ever managed to see something wrong with Wonwoo’s mental health. The omega had never had the tendency of telling anyone about his emotions in the past, so it was not noticeable when he turned even more quiet and had no reaction to what other people said. Perhaps this kind of thing had happened in front of Seungcheol’s eyes and even their fans’ eyes so many times. All they had thought was that Wonwoo had started to close off. Nobody doubted a thing. Nobody saw the cracks in his soul.


Until now, Seungcheol accidentally stepped right into the omega’s life and saw through almost everything. The leader wished he could once tell Mingyu that Wonwoo was too broken to love or be loved in the way Mingyu expected, and that Mingyu should do nothing but to give the omega some peace to calm down, but the eldest alpha also knew this kind of information could only drive Mingyu more insane, and the hot-headed alpha would practically refuse to leave poor Wonwoo alone for even a second. As a person who had been directly ask to ruin Wonwoo, Seungcheol understood the omega would riot if he mentioned the idea of him getting professional help for his mental health again.


Wonwoo only slowly began to vaguely feel the presence of Seungcheol by his sides again thanks to the constant gentle hand on his back. The longer they sat, they less the alpha spoke, until all that came to Wonwoo’s scent was the tender feeling of a hand stroking his back softly and the soothing scent which a particular alpha intentionally pushed out so as to help him cool down. Reluctantly turning his head to look at Seungcheol, Wonwoo was caught off guard again by the leader’s smile, which all of a sudden made the omega feel as if he was really having someone standing on his side.


“From now on, just try to rest, and then when we go back to work, let’s try to act as normal as possible. I know you’re worried for Junnie, but please try to stay calm and take care of yourself first. You can’t think of any solution if your health is terrible, right?”


Heaving a long sigh with the look of a defeated person, Wonwoo knew Seungcheol was right, but it was tremendously difficult to follow his suggestion. Once the omega let go of the thoughts about his best friend in pain, he would immediately get drowned in guilt again, which was not any less terrifying than the worries he had already had in his heart. Currently, it was obvious that Wonwoo could not get the best of both worlds. His brain failed to think of any good solution for Jun, for Mingyu, or even for himself. Rubbing his temple in exhaustion, the omega tried to obey Seungcheol, but he kept failing, failing, and failing. The only comfort he got right now was the hand that had not stopped rubbing his back gently in even a second.


“You should rest. There’s still a lot of time before dinner.” The leader tried to persuade. “Do you want to sleep? The better you rest, the sooner you will have the energy back to do things like normal. Wanna sleep now, Wonie?”


Something about the word “Wonie” always broke part of Wonwoo’s heart every time he heard it, as if it was a name he wanted to hear but did not want to hear either. Whenever Seungcheol shifted to call him in that way, the atmosphere instantly became so much more private and intimate. The boy surely noticed that Seungcheol never called him “Wonie” when there were other members around them. It was a thing between them only, which Wonwoo was not sure he really expected or wanted to happen or not. Domesticity was like a poison that always held the power to spread quickly, devastatingly, and ruined his thoughts faster than whatever he had known in his life.


“I don’t know…” Wonwoo sighed again, ruffling his hair in frustration. “I’m tired, but I don’t think I want to sleep.”


“Then you might just lay down and rest, or maybe watch something. It’s still better than doing anything else.”


Complying, Wonwoo soon spread himself across the bed, taking most of the space, and only lazily moving himself a little bit to give Seungcheol some room when the alpha wanted to sit. Holding a tablet in his hand and watching the boy rolling around without closing his eyes, Seungcheol could not help finding the similarity between Wonwoo and Jun. They were both just incredibly alike lazy cats at times like this, and it was strange to see Wonwoo being this restless. Sometimes, Jun could be rolling around in their living room as well, but it was usually due to the Chinese boy’s weirdly energetic personality. Meanwhile, Wonwoo was just unable to let his mind rest no matter how hard he tried to.


Seungcheol knew he should not peek at the omega’s phone screen, but he managed to see his roommate texting Jun. Wonwoo had sent his best friend numerous messages yet what he received was just nothing. Seungcheol wanted to tell Wonwoo that with that wrecked state, Jun was probably sleeping like a log now and he should not be expected to answer texts. However, knowing that Wonwoo would not appreciate him staring at his phone screen, the alpha had no choice but to stay silent. He wanted to mind his own business, but failed terribly, especially when the omega in his bed seemed to be in need of care and help.


Certainly, Wonwoo would never say he needed to be helped or taken care of, but Seungcheol knew his stupid self was whipped enough to constantly view the omega as someone he needed to observe and look after carefully. His heart just could not accept letting Wonwoo struggle alone while an idea had suddenly appeared in his mind, telling him that there might be a special method that helped the boy relax.


On the other hand, it could backfire as well, because Seungcheol was worried he might make Wonwoo pissed by suggesting this idea, even though the man thought it should be a good thing for his roommate.


Not long after that, while Wonwoo was burying half of his face into the pillow and staring at nothing again, Seungcheol temporarily put his tablet down, using a free hand to stroke the omega’s hair. Wonwoo flinched at first, but then he quickly relaxed under the touch and had no complaint, although he looked up to stare at the leader with a perplexed expression.


“You really can’t sleep, Wonie?” The alpha asked through a whisper, making the atmosphere suddenly more intimate than how Wonwoo thought it should be.


Nodding slowly, the omega soon took his eyes away from the leader, and continued to stare at the air in front of him. Wonwoo was trying to sleep, following what Seungcheol had told him before, but to no avail. The caressing hand on his head gave him a considerable amount of comfort, but right now it could only ease out half of his thoughts and concern. The other half was tremendous and annoying enough to still keep him awake, no matter how comfortable and peaceful this bed and this whole environment seemed to be.


The scent filling his lungs was still so nice, actually, and the bed was definitely where the same aroma was the most powerful. Perhaps it was just something about instincts that made him attracted towards the alpha’s scent, but currently Wonwoo could not care too much anymore. Despite having told Seungcheol to destroy him several times, when his brain failed to function properly and handed over the control to not only his instincts but also his heart, Wonwoo subconsciously stuck himself onto the source of comfort. He did not want to leave this bed. He did not want to change the hoodie he had been wearing either, because it was not his.


Maybe it was so much better because it was not Wonwoo’s. He did not even want to smell himself, and Seungcheol’s scent was just even strong enough to overshadow everything.


Wonwoo was surprised at first when Seungcheol leaned over to whisper something into his ears, and he was caught off guard again by the alpha’s suggestion. He could not help staring at the leader skeptically, trying to contemplate whether this could be a good idea or not, yet unaware of his ears turning red. The boy was recalling his own feelings of those times doing the quite similar thing with Seungcheol only to feel ashamed of himself for actually enjoying it. At other times, it might be possible for Wonwoo to try to act calm and cold, but at this moment, he was just a dying fish seeking for even just a tiny bit of water.


Consequently, Wonwoo eventually sat up. Too embarrassed to do it, the omega could only bit his lips and sit there anxiously, not knowing how to continue anything. Fortunately, Seungcheol did not need any words. The leader had such a good way of soothing Wonwoo’s nerves by giving him a long and deep kiss, something the omega had not expected to happen out of their sexual moments. Yet, the boy tried to remind himself, that this was supposed to be considered as a sensual moment as well. Besides, Seungcheol was just slow, tender, and careful, asking questions he had never thought he would be asked before.


“You told me you want me to take you as my omega, or at least… we’re friends with benefits, right?” The leader murmured on his roommate’s lips, a hand gently caressing Wonwoo’s chin and jawline.


Gulping, Wonwoo mentally admitted this was not what he had expected to happen when telling Seungcheol those things, but now there was no other choice except for accepting everything the leader wanted. Nodding hesitantly, already overwhelmed by the kiss and touch from the alpha, Wonwoo was just clueless about what to do now, and could only rely on Seungcheol for whatever about to happen.


Smiling that intoxicating smile to Wonwoo, Seungcheol gave his lips one more kiss before whispering again, just with a deeper and warmer voice.


“Then just let me take care of you in that way.”


Wonwoo had never thought he himself could turn red during situations like this, yet it turned out that he could even feel how red it was right now, as if something in his mind had been broken and caused him to suddenly feel so embarrassed currently. Nevertheless, the omega continued to be a pliant boy when he let the alpha took his pants and underwear off. Now, it was a hundred times more embarrassing for Wonwoo to realize that he was the only one to get undressed here, because it was obvious that Seungcheol only intended to take what he needed out of his pants.


Trying to hold back a growl at the sight of Wonwoo’s slender legs, pale skin, and his small but gorgeously curvy butt, Seungcheol tried his best not to stare, not wanting to rile himself up too much, yet it was incredibly hard to ignore how pink and seductive the omega’s entrance seemed to be. The image he had just seen on the boy’s naked lower body was a considerably huge contrast in comparison with the cold and aloof expression Wonwoo usually had on his face. It did nothing good to Seungcheol, only constantly reminding him that no matter how strong Wonwoo might look like, the boy was still an omega with a fragile heart and a soul that needed to be protected.


Seungcheol did not want to be a people who consider all omegas as weak creatures, but in this world, and in this particular case of him being roommate with an omega, it was so easy to get addicted to the thought that this boy needed so much love, care, and protection.


Sitting with his back against the headboard, Seungcheol held Wonwoo’s hand and led him to sit on his lap, straddling his waist. The poor omega was too shy to move quickly, very clumsy to find a good position for his legs, and extremely reluctant to sit his bare ass down on the alpha. It did not look like Wonwoo was about to stop this. The omega looked like he was desperately trying a way to escape his embarrassment.


Again, Seungcheol mentally slapped himself and forced back a growl, wishing he would stop seeing Wonwoo unfairly cute constantly like this.


Wonwoo definitely did not expected to be pulled into another string of deep kisses one more time right after he put his whole weight on the alpha’s lap completely. With the hoodie still on, the omega was temporarily covered from shoulder to somewhere near the middle of his thighs, but it was still just easy for Seungcheol to slide his hands along the smooth and thin thighs, slowly inching his way up until they met the omega’s rear. It was unbelievably embarrassing, again, for Wonwoo to feel Seungcheol’s hands stroking and squeezing his butt cheeks, and this time his feeling came out as a tiny moan that drove the leader insane instantly.


And more moans just came naturally when the alpha began to tease his partner’s closed entrance by his thick and calloused fingers, stimulating the sensitive place and encouraging it to let some slick come out. In a split second, Seungcheol wished he could just stick his face into Wonwoo’s ass like how he had done yesterday, but the alpha soon decided against it, knowing that he was trying to help the omega relax, not to make him get multiple orgasms and feel exhausted again. Being roommates, they would have so much time, and so many opportunities to do whatever they wanted in their shared nights together. There was no need to rush, or to risk. They could just be calm, slow, relaxing, and everything would just be fine.


Gripping Seungcheol’s biceps, Wonwoo tried to be quiet, biting his lips and not allowing the moans to come out again. Certainly, he was aware of the excitement in his body and he would not deny it, yet the omega just wanted to save his face, to stop feeling this embarrassed. Nonetheless, thoughts in his mind rapidly faded away from the moment Seungcheol began to kiss and lick the scent gland on the omega’s neck. That was also the time in which the leader started pushing a finger into his partner’s wet entrance, opening him properly. Embarrassed or not, from then on, Wonwoo could not really care anymore, as the feelings of getting licked and drenched by the alpha’s saliva and scent right on his sensitive gland just turned his insides into mush, and made him feel belonged.


Wonwoo would be covered thickly in Seungcheol’s scent afterwards if he kept allowing the man to lick his scent gland so vigorously in such a long amount of time. Yet, the omega allowed him to continue, absolutely unaware of the possessive flame flaring up in the alpha’s heart. Unlike Wonwoo who wanted comfort to forget his own life, Seungcheol unconsciously wanted more, more, more and even more than what he had already got.


Thanks to Seungcheol’s tenderness and caution, the first finger slid in when Wonwoo was just adequately enough to feel no pain. The omega was confused by the smooth movement, wondering why now things were so different from his own expectations. Being treated tenderly and carefully by the leader had never been what he anticipated when jumping into this kind of relationship. Wonwoo wanted the alpha to use him regardless of anything, and it still seemed pretty obvious that Seungcheol was still enjoying a lot of benefits from this ambiguous relationship. However, Wonwoo was not used to being handled with so much care like this at all. Seungcheol always had the attitude of a person who was worried the omega in his arms might break and get hurt if he was not careful enough. Wonwoo did not know whether he should feel pissed or moved at the man’s soft and marvelous heart.


Why did Seungcheol have to care or worry about him? What had Wonwoo done to be worthy of such a thing? The boy failed to figure out why or how a great alpha like Seungcheol could find something sweet or beautiful in an omega like him. Wonwoo had never had those characteristics to be an ideal omega for anyone. He did not know how to love, and did not know how to respond to Seungcheol either.


On the other hand, the omega did not have to do anything. Even without facing Wonwoo, Seungcheol was able to sense the boy’s overall confusion. As a result, still gently but firmly, the alpha used his left hand to push Wonwoo’s torso closer to his chest, rubbing the omega’s back constantly, and whispering soothing words. Through the layer of clothes, Seungcheol could still tell Wonwoo was getting harder, not too much, but perhaps enough for both of them to enjoy this in a sweet and relaxing way. It was pleasant for the alpha to realize how responsive his partner was towards his stimulation all the time, yet it was sad as well to see Wonwoo struggling to hold back various reactions whenever part of his mind was still available.


With the experience he had slowly gained through their days of being together, Seungcheol today successfully coaxed his omega to moaning softly instead of trying to be quiet. Sighing, gasping, and moaning feebly into the alpha’s neck, Wonwoo slowly began to enjoy the feeling of being penetrated and fucked slowly by a few fingers. It was not much to drive him towards an orgasm, but enough to keep his pleasure last longer and longer, and make him yearn for it to continue. Without knowing, the boy just naturally stuck his nose to his partner’s neck and breathed in the scent of Seungcheol, feeling more and more lightheaded by seconds. Perhaps this could be a really good idea. Perhaps he would really relax and feel comfortable with this.



It did not take much time for Wonwoo to relax, and eventually fell asleep peacefully.


Seungcheol made himself busy by watching a movie on his tablet, but nothing could really distract him from the sleeping boy on his lap. From time to time, the leader would take his eyes away from the screen in order just to watch Wonwoo breathing steadily. The omega was not a small boy, but thanks to being an alpha with years of having done martial art, Seungcheol had no problem with letting Wonwoo sleep in this position for hours. It even felt comfortable to sit on his own bed with his omega sleeping like a log on his lap, leaning completely against his torso, and cock-warming him so nicely down there as if they had done this so many times.


Without an idea of the reason, Seungcheol just kept his left hand on the omega’s back, moving or not moving at all. It was still possible to somehow watch a movie properly, even though at first the alpha had wondered how he would manage to ignore the feeling of his cock getting buried deep inside Wonwoo. His brain was constantly reminded of a sweet pleasure, but it did not drive him insane. Seungcheol could both entertain himself and even think about Mingyu, Jun, and Jeonghan without feeling too stressed out. Feeling strangely satisfied and contented, Seungcheol guessed at least he had achieved one of the biggest goals, which was to keep Wonwoo safe by his sides.


If their next days could pass by in this way, Seungcheol thought his new life with this new roommate would be just a nice and sweet change. The storm was still raging out there and there was still a chaos in the leader’s head, but he adored this moment and suddenly got the self-aware of his own selfishness.


There was no way Seungcheol could give Wonwoo back to Mingyu or anyone. Literally no one. Consequently, no matter how volatile and outrageous the youngest alpha could become, the leader would not surrender. Seungcheol used to think if he later found out that Wonwoo only gave up his love for Mingyu due to some stupid reasons that could be resolved, he would willingly try his best to fix their relationship and bring them together. Nonetheless, from now on, Seungcheol promised to himself, that as long as Wonwoo did not want to come back to Mingyu at his own will, the leader would never let it happen at all cost.


This relationship might end in the future, if it did not work, or Wonwoo did not want to continue, yet it would surely not end up being broken by Seungcheol.


With a fixed mindset, the eldest alpha of the pack just felt calmer and more at ease to relax and to think. Even when seeing their manager’s number appearing on the screen, Seungcheol did not freak out, just slowly bringing the phone to his ear.


The manager sounded terribly tired, even exasperated.


“Hey, Cheol! I think we need to talk a little. We had better have a small meeting in the office.”


“Sorry, I’m quite occupied now.” The alpha answered without hesitation, a hand steadily rubbing Wonwoo’s back. “Wonu isn’t feeling well. I need to stay here with him. I really don’t want to risk letting him at home alone while Mingyu is still like that.”


“Understood.” The manager sighed, but did not bristle. “I don’t want to, either. Both Mingyu and Jun are just… incredibly stubborn and… weird. Especially Jun. His words and Mingyu’s words are just insanely identical in every single way, as if he’s speaking exactly what Mingyu has made him learn by heart. I really don’t believe he’s been honest. You know Jun. He can’t speak the same as Mingyu.”


“What do you need to tell me? Please just say through the phone.” Seungcheol instantly knew there was more the manager wanted to talk about Mingyu and Jun. “Wonu is asleep. I can talk to you.”


“Oh, he’s sleeping? Well, that’s good!” The manager seemed to be brightened up a little. “I hope Jun is doing the same, but… From now on, please keep an eye on Jun, okay? I will tell all of the other members to do the same, no matter what opinions they have over this. If Jun continues to look that terrible, even if he denies everything, we will take strict measures to stop it right away.”


“What measures do you have?” Seungcheol was attracted by the manager’s promising plan immediately. “How are you going to separate them?”


“When things are dangerous for Jun, we can fight to get a role for him or for Mingyu in a drama, or at least in a long TV show in China. In that way, they must be separated and Mingyu won’t have a voice in anything. I believe he won’t risk his career for that.”


“But how do you manage to get a role for them? Why do you sound like it’s an easy thing to do?”


“Well, of course it’s not easy.” One more time, the manager sighed. “But in emergency, we have to do anything we can to have one. Right when Mingyu isn’t beside Jun anymore, we can start trying to make him talk, again. I believe things can be solved more easily once they are separated.”


“That sounds good, but… what about now?” Seungcheol could not stop being worried yet, knowing that the core of the trouble was still so huge and serious. “Did Mingyu make any promise like stop picking up fights or provoking everyone? Even if he does nothing, with the attitude he’s been putting out recently, Jeonghan and Mingyu will definitely fight again. Mingyu has the tendency to vent his anger on even Joshua and Minghao, or anyone who doesn’t take his side.”


“Like I said, it depends on how much Mingyu desires to keep his career going up and secure. The more he hurts his bandmates, the more dangerous it was for his position in the industry. Even if we do nothing to him, other people outside might figure out Jun is hurt too. I ordered him to stay alone in his room for a month, while Jun stays with Joshua, and Jeonghan volunteers to join Seokmin and Minghao’s room for a while.”


“How did you manage to make Mingyu agree to let go of Jun?” Seungcheol asked in bewilderment. “We’ve tried so hard but he gets all ways to make us change our mind over and over again!”


The manager scoffed, sounding suddenly arrogant.


“Don’t forget we’re your agency, Cheol. That’s why you call us to interfere. And like I just said, Mingyu had better be worried of his career. He’s surely famous and has his own talents, but no one can make sure he can be this famous when working solo. Moreover, I’m sure he isn’t over Wonwoo yet. No matter what the reason is, he won’t let himself be kicked out of Seventeen easily.”


“You can also see that?” The leader asked again, still feeling quite shocked at how things turned out to be. “Yet, Mingyu did manage to still have sex with Jun and hurt him outside their bedroom. I mean… I have the feeling he might be furious enough to do something extremely outrageous once for all. It can be something so severe that we can’t fix anymore!”


One more time, the manager sighed, but this time Seungcheol felt like the older man was tired of him, not of Mingyu.


“There’s nothing we can do except for being careful, Cheol. If Mingyu does something like that, I believe it still won’t kill anyone. As long as Jun and Wonwoo are still alive, they are still victims, and their reputation won’t be hurt. The only one who suffers the consequences will be Mingyu only.”


It was true that Seungcheol also believed Mingyu would never kill anyone or make someone lose an arm or a leg, yet the way their manager reasoned things made shiver run down his spine. Without this conversation, the leader would not know how cold and merciless the agency could be towards them. Although Mingyu did not and would not kill anyone, Jun was already hurt, and Seungcheol believed the wound in the Chinese omega’s heart must be more tremendous than what they saw through their eyes. What if nothing could fix him? What if he lost his cheerful personality forever due to the misery Mingyu gave him? Moreover, Wonwoo was already broken. If Mingyu did something to him, the omega might be destroyed forever.


It was a deadly scary scenario Seungcheol never wanted to think of.


On the other hand, the manager had no more to tell him, and the call was soon ended, leaving so many questions unanswered and various troubles unsolved. Throwing the phone to a sigh, leaning back against the headboard and letting out a long sigh of exasperation, Seungcheol wished magic could happen, so that the next day, when they woke up, Mingyu would finally calm down and start to act in a better way. Unfortunately, even Seungcheol himself did not think he should dream of something like that, as he had already seen how stubborn Mingyu was, especially when his love for Wonwoo had lasted for years. Years. Not months, days, or hours.


Mingyu had always been a man with a great heart that contained so much more love than whatever everyone could know, but once that heart got shattered, there was no single container left for love in the said alpha’s soul. Enveloping his arms around the sleeping omega, Seungcheol had no choice but to admit Wonwoo had cruelly ruined that beautiful crystal heart and took the main role in creating today’s Mingyu.


Yet, Seungcheol had already sworn to God, that he would not let Wonwoo get hurt any further.

Chapter Text

Still holding a small bag of ice and pressing it against his cheek, Jeonghan was annoyed to have to knock on the door into his own room. He knew neither Joshua nor Jun would mind him entering without warning, but there were other members around him on the hallway and they had already whispering things about his attitude towards Jun. Him sleeping in another room would mean nothing to them if now he barged into this room without knocking first. Jeonghan could not believe how the direction of attention could be shifted from Mingyu to him simply because he had been trying to protect Jun from getting hurt and to treat him nicely.


There was no need to ask more questions. Through the way they stared at him, the alpha knew he was being heavily judged and estimated, as if him showing special affection towards Jun was something that was supposed to change his prestige completely. Jeonghan had had Jun in his bed on night and literally nothing had happened during that time, and Jun had never badmouthed him even once, but now some of the members acted like he was partly at fault for this. It was seriously fucked up but Jeonghan gritted his teeth and patiently waited for the door to be opened.


The alpha had no idea what his lover might be doing but it took quite an amount of time for him to wait. As a result, Jeonghan got the chance to be more irritated by the members who gave him the unfriendly look when passing by. None of them had really accused him of anything, but the fact that they were all starting to doubt seriously irritated Jeonghan to the utmost. Minghao was perhaps the best person currently, because he did not seem to have any slightest change in his view towards the second eldest alpha. Nonetheless, both Jihoon and Soonyoung were skeptical, which resulted in making Seokmin and Seungkwan doubt it too. Meanwhile, Vernon and Chan seemed to be trying to figure out why and how everyone had these kinds of thoughts.


Jeonghan’s chain of thoughts was only cut off when the door in front of him moved. Joshua did not have to open it fully to recognize who was standing outside. Without hesitation, the omega grabbed his mate’s hand and pulled him inside immediately, locking the door carefully behind his back. Instantly, Jeonghan’s heart was softened and weakened by the sight of his sad boyfriend, who was looking all worried, agitated, and slightly scared. The way he asked numerous questions in a short amount of time was enough for the alpha to tell how frustrated he was.


“What is going on, Hannie? How can they separate us? Why? Why do they have to do this? You didn’t do anything to Junnie! Why do they have to kick you out of your own room? And now you have to knock? Why???”


 “It’s fine, Shua. Calm down and listen to me, okay?” Sighing, Jeonghan pulled the omega into his embrace, squeezing Joshua in his embrace and whispering gently after seeing that Jun was sleeping in their bed. “This is the only way to temporarily get Junnie out of Mingyu’s hands now. We can’t do anything else. I promise it’s just a temporary things. I will soon come back when things are better. Okay?”


However, Joshua still looked extremely irritated by the arrangement as he pulled Jeonghan to the bed, helping the alpha hold the bag of ice.


“You are even injured but I can’t be there to take care of you!”


“It’s okay, baby. This is just minor injury. I can take care of myself. Don’t worry. We need to focus more on Junnie. He’s the one in trouble now.”


Hearing the mention of the younger omega, Joshua could not help heaving a long sight, turning to look at the sleeping boy.


“He didn’t say a single word to me, only took a shower then walked straight to bed to sleep. I tried to ask him many things but he just kept shaking his head. He didn’t even put his phone on the nightstand. It’s on our desk. He’s really weird, Hannie! It seems like he doesn’t want to communicate with anyone.”


This kind of strange Wen Junhui was something that could be easily seen by not only Joshua and Jeonghan but also the whole pack, yet Mingyu only proved himself to be even more suspicious by claiming that the omega was perfectly normal. Together, the couple quietly and carefully moved to sit on the edge of the bed, right next to Jun who was curling up like a shrimp. The Chinese boy was lying on his side facing the edge, burying half of his face into the pillow that belonged to no one but Jeonghan. It was not difficult at all for them to realize the omega was enjoying breathing in the scent of his most beloved hyung. The sight might look powerfully soft and sweet to melt anyone’s heart, but it was also heartbreaking, because normal omegas were never supposed to be so desperate for alpha’s scent except for when they were in a really bad condition.


Hardly could they think that Jun was enjoying his slumber right now.


Although Jun had already showered, the scent of Mingyu lingering on his body was still astounding and annoyed Jeonghan to the utmost. The alpha loathed the fact that he was smelling that crazy and out of control Mingyu in his own bedroom, especially in his own bed. The urge to scent Joshua and cover the omega in his own scent before this disgusting smell got stuck to his body was overbearing, and Jeonghan could only throw the bag of ice to a side and bring Joshua to his lap immediately. The American boy was shocked for a second, but quickly understood his boyfriend’s intention. Consequently, he obediently tilted his head, giving the alpha a better access to his scent gland, so that Jeonghan could do whatever he wanted.


Holding Joshua tightly in his arms, nosing his neck and licking his scent gland like maniac, Jeonghan never managed to stop wondering whether this decision of letting Jun stay with Joshua was a good idea or not. All of a sudden, the alpha struggled to register if Mingyu was not hurting Jun due to his anger and hatred towards the Chinese boy, or due to his fury, frustration, and unrequited love towards Wonwoo. If Mingyu had the tendency of taking all out on someone whenever he was enraged by someone else, then Joshua was not definitely in danger, since Jeonghan could evidently see Mingyu and he were not on good terms with each other even a bit. It was quite strange to see a matter between Mingyu and Wonwoo suddenly turned out to be an issue between Mingyu and Jeonghan, but the second eldest alpha thought he had better be careful rather than risking it and failing to protect his boyfriend.


“If Mingyu ever comes here, you have to make sure that the door is always opened. Okay?” Jeonghan reminded his lover carefully. “I don’t want to think Mingyu can do something like this, but please never let yourself and him be in the same room without anyone else nearby. Can you do that, Shua?”


Nodding, Joshua tried to soothe his boyfriend by rubbing his chest tenderly.


“Don’t worry, Hannie. I… I don’t think Mingyu can be that bad. Now he’s alone in his room, so I guess he will calm down.”


“He might be mad enough to do something reckless again before his brain manages to calm down.” Jeonghan commented with a harsh scowl, glancing towards Jun. “I didn’t think he would do something like that to Junnie either. But now… it’s already too late.”


“I don’t know how Junnie will react to you but… he let me cuddle with him before you came.” Joshua also turned to watch the sleeping boy. “I was actually cuddling with him when you knocked. Sorry, that’s why I was slow to come to the door.”


“He cuddled with you but didn’t say anything?” Jeonghan asked again in slight disbelief. “Not even a word?”


“Not even a word.” Joshua echoed. Once realizing his boyfriend had finished the scenting process, the omega moved back down to the mattress and scooted until his hand could gently caress Jun’s hair. “He avoided eye contact but seemed to relax when I hugged him.”


The short story only brought another long sigh out of Jeonghan who was visibly struggling to even just recall how Jun had talked to him before the Chinese boy ran away to follow Mingyu. No matter what happened, no matter how Jeonghan’s mind tried to defend himself, it was undeniable that he had made Jun cry, which was just unacceptable in all ways. Jeonghan hated himself for having not been wiser and more sensitive in handling the omega. He should not have kept using his position as an alpha and an older hyung to make Jun follow his decision. That incidence had been like the last straw for Jun and pushed the omega away from him into the hands of the devil. If Jeonghan could rewind the time, he swore he would not let Jun run away from him ever again.


Knowing what his boyfriend might be feeling and thinking, Joshua considerately moved away to give Jeonghan room, so that it was now possible for the alpha to lean over, have a better look of Jun’s sleeping face, and even touch his soft fluffy hair. Not any different from his lover, Joshua wished both of them now could just lie down with Jun in between them, and sandwich the boy between their bodies so as to warm him, protect him, and make him feel loved. Joshua had never blamed and would never blame Wonwoo for anything, but he knew the forever truth was that Jun had never done anything wrong in this whole mess.


Jun had begged Mingyu to stay with him and unintentionally triggered the alpha’s rut, but then what? The Chinese boy was just a scared and hurt omega in his first heat then. What was he supposed to do? Act wisely like a normal person? Joshua knew that was the thoughts that only people who had never been an omega could think of.


Deep in his slumber, Jun had no idea about the tender hand on his hair, just sleeping through everything and looking obviously exhausted after all. He did not even stir when Jeonghan’s hand moved to his face and gently caressed his cheek. If anything happened, Joshua even believed he saw the younger boy slightly leaning into the touch. Trusting himself, the omega whispered an encouragement to his lover, causing Jeonghan to have enough confidence to sneak his right hand into between Jun’s cheek and the pillow.


Fortunately, just like what Joshua had predicted, the Chinese boy subconsciously comfortably nuzzled into the hand like a little kitten, melting his hyungs’ hearts to the utmost. Feeling warm and happy by the sweet scene in front of his eyes, Joshua voluntarily brought a chair to the bed, guiding his boyfriend to sit on the chair instead of leaning over in that uncomfortable position. Watching Jun continuing to sleep like a log with one of Jeonghan’s hands under his cheek and the alpha’s other hand tenderly placed above his hand on the mattress, Joshua wished someone had called him and Jeonghan back then when Jun’s heat came.


Things could have been different if Jeonghan had been here and volunteered to help. Maybe Jun could have accepted him. Maybe Jun could have easily agreed to let the person he trusted and respected most in the pack to help him through his heat. Unfortunately, nothing could change what had already happened, and they now could only wallow in guilt and regret while watching Jun slipping away from them without really knowing what to stop the disaster from coming.


In the end, everything in the mess had been initially caused by no one but Wonwoo, but the couple did not have the hearts to blame the poor omega. The only person they were scared of and irritated of the most now was the one and only Kim Mingyu.


Nonetheless, the peace did not last long, as Jun suddenly stirred and woke up, seeming to be about to change his position, and slowly opening his eyes. The omega looked lost for a second, but then he rubbed his eyes, realizing one of his hands had been under Jeonghan’s one, and the alpha’s other hand had been under his cheek for a while. All the realization dawned on him, and the emotion that flashed through his eyes was nothing but pure panic.


The couple’s hearts were shattered into thousands of pieces when Jun abruptly sat up and frantically scooted away to the furthest corner of the bed, staying as far as possible from Jeonghan although the alpha had never done anything wrong to him. Before the couple could move or come up with a word to say, Jun had started crying again, curling up and hugging his own knees into his chest. In between the broken sniffles, his words got out in a hoarse and awful voice that only came from people who had already cried for hours.


“Please don’t do that!” Despite crying, the omega’s words were strangely coherent and clear. “Mingyu… doesn’t like that! No… no touching me! I’m his! Not…not y-yours!”


“Junnie, I just…” Heartbroken, Jeonghan stuttered, desperately trying to soothe the omega. “I’m sorry. Did I just scare you? I’m sorry, Junnie. I just want to make sure you sleep well and…”


“Don’t touch me! Don’t!” Jun repeated without looking at the alpha, burying half of his face into his arms. “You aren’t supposed to be here! Mingyu doesn’t like it! He will be mad! Please get out of here!”


At this point, Jeonghan was downright livid for what Mingyu probably had installed into the poor omega’s mind. It was shockingly evident that the young alpha had brainwashed Jun and put some particular words into his brain, which resulted in Jun saying nothing but what he had been taught. However, it could also be interpreted in another way, in which perhaps Jun was really speaking his own words now out of extreme fear for Mingyu. The boy kept repeating the mantra of “Mingyu doesn’t like this!” over and over again, as if his first priority of this life was to please Mingyu and not to make the alpha angry ever again. No one in this world could convince Jeonghan that Jun had not been abused. In his opinion, the Chinese boy currently deserved to press charges against Mingyu and ask for legal protection for himself against Mingyu.


Also sad and shocked by the reaction, Joshua climbed onto the bed, crawling over to pull Jun into his embrace. Nonetheless, it turned out that his touch made the younger boy flinch and jump so badly that he almost fell out of the bed. Yet, after three more seconds of realizing who had just come to him, Jun eventually relaxed a little bit and allowed himself to be squeezed in Joshua’s arms. Unfortunately, he only sobbed harder once he was able to smell his omega hyung.


“Why do you smell like him? Mingyu doesn’t like this! He will hate it! He will hate it!


“If he hates this, then he’s absolutely ridiculous and unreasonable, Junnie!” Jeonghan could not hold back anymore as he seethed. “If he’s really like that, he won’t be allowed to be near you ever again. Junnie, you don’t have to be scared! Now you’re here with Joshua, you’re safe. You don’t have to…”


“You don’t understand! You don’t understand!” Jun exclaimed in tears, hiding his face into Joshua’s chest completely. “You can’t do that to Mingyu! We will… we will be together! I don’t want to make him mad! I want to be happy with him! You don’t understand!”


Jeonghan was too mad to control his growling and snarling.


“No, Junnie! You can’t be with him again! He is no good for you. Don’t you see that? He hurt you, Junnie! He’s hurting you by making you so scared of him like this!”


“I’m sorry, hyung! I’m sorry!” Jun choked and apologized in a voice full of pain and desperation, yet resolutely refusing to look at his beloved hyung. “I’m sorry… Please go away! Please go! Mingyu doesn’t like this! Go away!”


“I don’t think Junnie is fine enough to talk now, Hannie.” With a solemn face, Joshua had no choice but to convince his boyfriend. “Maybe we can try later. I think you need to leave temporarily.”


Despite hating this situation to death, after taking in deep breath a few times, Jeonghan was forced to admit that Joshua was right. Jun only continued to cry and shrink into the American omega’s embrace, not giving Jeonghan a chance to look into his eyes or touching him anymore. It even seemed that the boy did not want to listen to what he said either, because all he could remember now was “Mingyu doesn’t like this”. In front of their eyes, right in their bedroom, right on their own bed, the couple had to watch Jun crumble and cry his eyes out although the Chinese boy was actually in a situation where he could be saved. Nevertheless, Jun did not give himself any chance to be rescued, only pushing other people away so as to sink deeper and deeper into the devil’s trap.


Jeonghan stormed out of the room with a heavy heart and a sharp glare that was thrown towards anyone who dared to stare at him through eyes which said “this man looks suspicious”. Everyone silently walked back into their own room, leaving the hallway scarily quiet and empty. The only sounds left in Jeonghan’s ears were the sobs and sniffles of Jun before the door finally closed completely behind his back. The whole atmosphere was cold, and suffocating. It might look like a peaceful afternoon when everyone in the pack preferred sleeping or resting in their own room instead of playing and running around the apartment. Yet, when Jeonghan looked around, he felt nothing, but just cold, cold, and cold.




At the moment Wonwoo woke up and realized his own position, his face literally burned in utter embarrassment. His face was turned to the correct direction to see the sky of sunset outside the glass window, but this kind of image only made him more embarrassed, since it made caused him to know he had been sleeping on Seungcheol’s dick for a few hours. It should be normal now because he literally had slept with the alpha’s knot inside his ass several times already, but Wonwoo could not help feeling this time different. They did not even have sex. He was just cock-warming Seungcheol like a good omega to keep his dick hard and pleasured in a relaxing way.


The omega did not have any particular reason in his mind when he moved his hips a little, squirming slightly in the alpha’s embrace, but this action unfortunately brought another wave of embarrassment into the boy’s heart. Biting his lips harshly, Wonwoo fought extremely hard against a moan that was threatening to escape his throat, ashamed to find himself getting riled up so easily. The omega should not blame himself, especially when he was already in such a sensitive position with Seungcheol’s dick inside his body and his own cock being rubbed between their torsos. Moreover, one of the leader’s hands was being placed on a very low place of his back, and Wonwoo just suddenly realized his lower back was more sensitive than what he had thought.


All of a sudden, the omega was caught off guard as the alpha growled by his eyes, transmitting the vibration through his chest and making the omega shiver.


“Don’t move, Wonie. We’re trying not to do it. Remember?”


“I’m sorry.” The omega murmured in tiny voice, feeling both guilty and embarrassed. “I’m just… Nothing.”


“Do you want to sleep more? It’s still early.” Seungcheol gently tapped on Wonwoo’s back, right on the spot the omega wished he would not touch anymore.


Consequently, the omega squirmed and whined one more time, causing a whole chain of reactions to his own body. The movement did nothing good, as it only urged the boy’s entrance to leak out some little slick that just made everything easier and more comfortable. Nonetheless, Wonwoo did not really want to tell the leader to stop touching him in this way, since it felt strangely intimate and affectionate, especially when Seungcheol never hesitated to give him some kisses on his hair, his neck, or his cheek.


“You seriously need to stay still, Wonie.” The leader growled deeply one more time, putting his own phone away to hold the boy’s hips firmly. “You’re making this difficult for me.”


“I’m sorry!” Wonwoo was profoundly guilty and embarrassed, pressing his face and hiding it thoroughly in Seungcheol’s neck. “I… I didn’t mean to.”


Chuckling at the voice which effortlessly showed all of Wonwoo’s embarrassment, Seungcheol just found the younger boy cute, and his heart could not help melting more severely. Of course he could not be mad. He would perhaps never be mad at Wonwoo, especially when the omega unconsciously made himself cuter and cuter day by day by acting so aloof but getting flustered easily whenever he was treated with love and care. Willingly soothing the omega by rubbing his back, Seungcheol gave him one more kiss on the crown of his head.


“Try not to move, okay?” His voice was dropped ten times deeper and quieter, turning the atmosphere into something even more intimate. “I hate forcing myself to hold back like this but we need to. Shouldn’t give Mingyu more reasons to get enraged before he calms down.”


Wonwoo was like a ball that deflated all at once due to the mention of Mingyu. Suddenly having no energy left in his body, the omega could only slump against Seungcheol, sighing deeply and tiredly. Certainly, he remembered what they had planned to do together, knowing that they had better refrain from having sex for a while. This was a scenario Wonwoo had never managed to imagine in his wildest dream. Was it because of the new hormones that were still foreign to him? Was it because his body was not accustomed to its new state of being an omega yet? Was it because his newborn, innocent, and stupid inner omega was constantly triggered by the presence of a powerful alpha nearby? It did not make sense to be easily riled up and get horny like this at all. Wonwoo was frustrated, angry, and irritated at himself, without knowing a single way to deal with it.


Perhaps cock-warming was actually a bad idea, although it did help him forget his worries and have a nice sleep for a few hours. Why did it help? How could it help? Wonwoo could never understand the logic of this thing, but it was true that he had fallen asleep within three minutes after sitting down on Seungcheol’s cock. Did he pass out? Did the leader do something else to make him sleep? No matter how hard he tried to think, the omega could not come up with any answers, still completely lost and clueless about everything.


Seungcheol was not able to see Wonwoo’s face, but the omega’s silence let him know the boy must be having a lot of thoughts in his mind again. Nonetheless, it was not a bad thing, because he could still feel Wonwoo’s body relaxing and leaning against him wholly, seeming not to have the intention of moving away soon. Getting the hint that perhaps Wonwoo was still very tired, the leader continued to stroke his hair and pat his back, persuading him to sleep more until dinner came. The boy did not voice his opinion, only letting out a long sigh before asking another question.


“I’m… curious about one thing.”


“Hmm?” Seungcheol hummed to his boy, enjoying listening to the deep voice of Wonwoo’s coming to his ear in such a close distance.


“What do we do after this?” Wonwoo sounded utterly confused and curious, not hiding his true emotions. “I mean… you’re… now hard…”


The more he said, he tinier his voice became, which made Seungcheol fail to hold back his chuckle. In fact, that was a good question, because it seemed like the leader had created a whole hell for himself to jump in. It was so wrong, cruel, and outrageous for him to have Wonwoo cockwarm him sweetly for hours and then get nothing in the end. They had already been told not to have sex like horny bunnies so as to stop triggering Mingyu further. Moreover, they had even told each other the same thing too. What were they going to do to end this without leaving Seungcheol frustrated enough to snap at anyone he met later?


“I can deal with it myself.” The alpha whispered, faking his certainty. “I can help getting you off without fucking you, too.”


“We shouldn’t have done this from the beginning.” Wonwoo murmured a complaint, but seeming to hate himself rather than blaming the leader. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made it more difficult like this.”


“Don’t say sorry, Wonie. I’m the one who asked you to.” Seungcheol corrected him, running a soothing hand across the younger boy’s back. “We did this because you couldn’t sleep, remember?”


Sighing, sighing, and sighing, Wonwoo closed his eyes, trying to inhale deeply and take in the alpha’s scent as much as possible. He had never stopped feeling exhausted both mentally and physically since the moment he had presented, and the efforts in thinking about a solution for this only hurt his head and stole his energy away again. Wonwoo wished he could just let everything go and let life carry him away, but fate never seemed to be that easy. He had no idea what to do, feeling as if he was born for nothing but trouble and suffer, and his soul did not deserve any bit of peace. It had been sweet, relaxing, and warm to be with Jun, and to be connected to Seungcheol like he really belonged to the alpha.


Wonwoo had initially thought he would not have to care about anything ever again once he gave himself away to an alpha to own and use freely.  Unluckily for him, even the wish to get destroyed and wrecked to the point of not remembering anything else in this world was even out of reach.


“What if I can’t sleep again?” The omega continued to ask in his low volume. “I’m tired.”


“We can do this again during bedtime, baby.” Without a clear intention, Seungcheol sneaked a hand under Wonwoo’s hoodie, roaming a hand all over the boy’s back, maybe to soothe him, or maybe to drive him crazy. “Don’t worry about me. I’m all fine. This is comfortable for me too, you know. And I can take care of myself later.”


“But what should I do?” The boy’s voice turned smaller and smaller through every word. “I… I don’t know…”


In awe, Seungcheol had to push Wonwoo away from him slightly, allowing himself to see the boy’s face, but what he got was a whine of frustration, as the omega was just relishing in breathing in his scent of peppermint. The sudden push was still gentle, yet Wonwoo was drowned in extreme embarrassment again due to the burning eyes staring at his face intensely. With a hand on his back and a hand on his hip, Seungcheol was able to move Wonwoo everywhere he wanted, but he did not force the younger boy to look at him in the eyes. Instead, the alpha left a soft kiss on the lips of his partner.


“You have never masturbated before?”


Ducking his head until the chin touched his chest, Wonwoo could not voice out any reply or even shake his head, too ashamed to admit it. At this point, he believed the alpha would find out the truth about him having been a virgin before their first time soon. If he wished for the leader to ruin and use him, he should never let the alpha know such kinds of information, especially when the alpha had already shown signs of being a person with a big and sweet heart.


“I don’t force you to deal with it by yourself, Wonie.” Gripping Wonwoo’s chin by the hand that had been on his hip previously, Seungcheol slowly lifted the boy’s face, forcing him to have direct eye contact. Also, the man wanted to give his roommate another kiss again, but deeper and longer this time, and did not pull himself away from those tempting lips as he spoke. “I told you, I can help, without fucking you. And I… can break the promise for you, too.”


“Promise? Break it?” Wonwoo asked back in a hazed mind. “What promise?”


“Like Jihoon said. Tone it down so as not to trigger Mingyu.” Seungcheol continued to give Wonwoo one more kiss, one more, and one more. “But I have my priority. I will break it for you, baby.”


“But… Jihoon was right…” The omega struggled to keep a sane mind and to speak in between the kisses. “We will make Mingyu angrier and sadder if he can smell… this…”


“Sometimes I think… why do we have to tone it down for him, if we have already claimed to be dating and in love, Wonie?” The leader moved his hand to the omega’s neck, holding it to support the boy’s face, and also to apply some strength onto the soft and sensitive area, showcasing his power and dominance. “I can’t help thinking that, maybe I have to make him understand you’re no longer available for him or anyone else!


Despite being the one who had asked Seungcheol to take him, Wonwoo could not help shivering at the dark words coming from the alpha’s mouth. Seungcheol had been saying nothing but truth, yet the words slowly gave the omega more and more understanding into his own fate, his own request earlier. The truth was that, Wonwoo had no choice to get out of this, having already given himself into Seungcheol’s hands. In short, what Seungcheol wanted, Seungcheol got. Wonwoo did not have a voice in anything, as he had made himself this kind of person, and as his inner omega kept telling him the same thing, regardless of how much he hated it.


Wonwoo felt his will-power slipping away as the alpha’s calloused hands slowly moved down to hold his waist under the hoodie, touching his bare skin in a way that was not enough to bring any pleasure, but enough to bring up the intimacy to another level.


“A good shower will wash away most of it.” Seungcheol moved his lips to the boy’s scent gland, scenting it while continuing to whisper ambiguous words. “Do you want to take a shower now, Wonie?”


Wonwoo’s face expressed a tremendous amount of hesitation and even confusion. It was also the time in which Seungcheol knew he had better take action before the boy could change his mind or torture himself by more doubts and complicated thoughts.


Without being given a verbal answer, the leader knew Wonwoo was obviously losing this battle by judging the way the omega squirmed again and bit his lips as the two hands moved down to knead his soft and slightly plump flesh of the cheeks. Powerfully wrapping Wonwoo’s legs around his waist and standing up in one smooth movement, Seungcheol caught his partner off guard by the sudden change of position, yet poor helpless Wonwoo could not do anything except for clinging to the alpha in the fear of being dropped down onto the floor. Certainly, Seungcheol would never allow such a thing to happen, and he would just drive his hard dick deeper into the omega through every step towards the bathroom.


“Enough of this sweet torture.” Holding Wonwoo possessively in his arms, the alpha had no care about clothes or anything else that he might need to bring into the restroom. There was no need to care anymore, because this whole place was their area, where they could literally do anything to each other without a care about anyone else. In front of Wonwoo, Seungcheol now did not want to care about other people any longer. “Now let me show you how I take care of my omega, Wonie.”


Without anyone stopping him, Wonwoo could only slip further and further into sin, knowing absolutely no way to hold himself back. Was this good or bad? Would the shower be able to wash away the scent of sex like what Seungcheol had just stated? Was this a normal thing to do when he was a newly presented omega? Was this really what was supposed to happen when he started this kind of relationship with Seungcheol? Was this really mutual benefit for the two of them? Wonwoo was not sure about a single thing, and had once thought that, as the eldest member with experience, Seungcheol would perfectly know all the necessary things.


At this moment, Wonwoo had no idea what to do apart from following Seungcheol’s wishes, which happened to be identical to his inner omega’s wishes right now.




Just like breakfast, dinner was insanely awkward and suffocating, although Mingyu did not show much attitude anymore. Like before, Wonwoo took the chair on the left of Seungcheol’s head position. Although the omega did look at Jun longingly, he actually did not think his best friend would really jump right into the chair next to him like how they had usually done. Jun actually limped towards Wonwoo and winced in pain, but nothing could hide the excitement in his eyes, as if nothing could ever change their fondness for each other. Nonetheless, Wonwoo continued to feel devastated at how tired Jun looked, and how red his eyes were. It was hard to tell how long the Chinese boy had been crying, but when Jun smiled at him, Wonwoo felt as if he himself was on the verge of bursting into tears right on the spot.


Afraid that Mingyu would take the chair on the other side of Jun, Joshua hurriedly put himself into that place, which literally messed up the whole fixed order of their pack table. However, no one pointed out anything. They all quietly sat down, finding their own comfortable seat, and Mingyu sat down between Seokmin and Vernon on the other side of the table after giving an exaggerated smack on the tip of the Chinese omega’s head and ruffled his head lovingly. Glaring at the way Jun flinched and did not have any gesture in return to his boyfriend, Jeonghan tried his best not to grimace or bristle, forcing himself to remain calm.


The fact that Mingyu had been extremely bitter in the morning but now brightly smiley while chatting to the betas was an outrageous sight to see. Although everyone sincerely hoped for the young alpha to get over the pain of getting heartbroken by Wonwoo, they were all stunned by the drastic change of Mingyu. Within two days, the alpha’s attitude had switched too many times for anyone to find normal. The smell of anger was still clearer than anything else in the air, and the people who had already presented were one hundred percent sure Mingyu’s scent spiked when he walked into the kitchen and could not smell Wonwoo anywhere although the omega was really right there. Nevertheless, they all chose to just observe in silence, carefully watching the alpha’s words and actions.


Wonwoo did not reek of sex. He simply smelled exactly like Seungcheol, like the way Joshua was fully covered by Jeonghan’s scent. Jun was the only one to have a mixture of aromas on his body thanks to having slept in the bed that used to be occupied by not only Joshua but also Jeonghan. The young betas could not understand the severity of the scents telling too many stories than the words coming from their mouth, and the lack of knowledge caused them to be anxious. The more they watched, the less they dared to interfere. Except for Mingyu, the ones who had presented were all the older members of the pack.


As a result, in spite of Mingyu’s change, the atmosphere was just as uncomfortable as how it had been in the morning.


Having no nerves to look at the alpha’s direction even once, Wonwoo found peace in their plan of having a small “learning time” with Joshua later in the said omega’s room. Without a doubt, Wonwoo knew it would be peaceful, and sweet to be with his best friend and Joshua who truly cared about both of them and sincerely wanted to help. Maybe he would be able to make use of that time to talk to Jun and try to figure out what had truly happened to his best friend. Without the presence of Mingyu and other powerful and dominant people, Jun might have more courage to speak out the truth.


On the other hand, in shame, Wonwoo knew he did not deserve Joshua at all.

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After dinner, Wonwoo was seriously so sleepy that he just wanted to throw himself onto the bed when he stepped out of the bathroom, finishing brushing his teeth. It was not until now did he fully registered how much energy the heat had taken away from him, and the company definitely had not been wrong at all when giving them pretty much time to rest. However, the omega was even more worried of his best friend, knowing that Jun must be feeling a hundred times worse. Wonwoo had not learnt details about scents and pheromones, but his instincts told him that Jun’s health condition was really bad currently. The Chinese boy’s bruises were even visible to normal eyes, which proved evidently that he must be feeling not good even a bit.


If it had not been for Jun, Wonwoo thought he would just cancel this lesson and tell Joshua he wanted to sleep instead of learning. Trying to fight against his fatigue, the omega dragged himself from the bathroom door to the one leading out of his bedroom. The sight was caught by Seungcheol who had just entered, and the leader could not help stroking his roommate’s hair before giving a kiss on his temple, deciding to ignore whether Wonwoo liked this or not.


“Joshua won’t keep you too long, don’t worry. And you’re smart, Wonie. It won’t be hard for him to teach you many things in a short amount of time.”


“You have to teach Mingyu tonight, too?” Wonwoo asked while rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Yeah. That will definitely take a lot of time. I think I will come back much later than you.” The leader comfortably fixed his partner’s clothes and hair. “Don’t play games while I’m not here, okay? You need to sleep.”


Wonwoo almost snarled at the older man but he managed to cool himself down and just nodded instead, seriously wanting to just throttle Seungcheol for controlling his gaming time. However, after taking deep breaths, Wonwoo also admitted he had better sleep instead of doing anything else. He was just not used to this kind of lifestyle, especially when Soonyoung had hardly ever told him to do something.


Seungcheol was able to see that his roommate was upset, but the leader was never the man who was ready to back down. As long as he knew it was a good thing for Wonwoo to do, he would just make the omega do it. Temporarily, Wonwoo was still being a good boy who did not talk back and only sulked a bit while walking away after receiving one more kiss on his forehead. The omega did not seem to mind, but never seemed to have the intention of kissing back either, but that was fine. Seungcheol understood it, and would patiently wait. It was good enough when the boy did not try to dodge or avoid his touch.


Wonwoo’s walk to Joshua’s bedroom had no problem, but he saw the eldest omega and his mate talking outside the room, which caused him to suddenly feel bad. Jeonghan should be allowed to talk to his lover inside his own room, but now he had to talk outside as if he was a criminal being supervised while the alpha literally had never done anything wrong. At least in Wonwoo’s mind, the second eldest had only tried to do the best for Jun. Wonwoo had to admit that Jeonghan actually had been caring about Jun much more than even Seungcheol, who was supposed to take control over everything as a leader. Without Jeonghan’s strong and determined interference, it was hard to tell what Mingyu might be doing to Jun now.


In general, Wonwoo was able to see the nature of wishing to protect the pack was powerful in Jeonghan’s mind, and the omega himself had been saved by him once this afternoon. Unfortunately, this fact only kept triggering Mingyu further and further. Wonwoo was one hundred percent sure there was nothing wrong between him and Jeonghan, but in this kind of mood, perhaps Mingyu would turn mad as well to see any kinds of interaction between him and the older alpha. Yet, Wonwoo knew he himself would feel a hundred times worse if he did not thank Jeonghan for having successfully saved him from a punch previously. This should be a perfect chance to do it, since he would not have to go anywhere to look for the alpha, and Joshua’s presence made everything easier and more comfortable.


“No problem, Wonu.” Jeonghan smiled, although there was a hint of bitterness in his face, as if the omega’s words reminded him of the blow he had received. “I must have been a jerk if I had seen him throwing a fist at you but had done nothing.”


The alpha was silent for a few seconds before his face became even more serious.


“You had better avoid being alone with Mingyu. I told Junnie the same. He isn’t likely to listen to whatever I tell him now but I think you should, Wonu. Mingyu almost hit you once. He will probably do something similarly again if you accidentally piss him off.”


Shuddering at the thought of really getting hit by an alpha that possessed the strength of Mingyu, Wonwoo knew he had better take Jeonghan’s advice seriously if he wanted to live in peace. However, in might be a difficult thing to do, because they were in the same unit. Other people might think it was extremely easy for a crowded group like Seventeen to be always packed together, but Wonwoo just found it astoundingly easy to get alone with only one member of his unit, and the fact that Seungcheol’s scent was all over him would not help in that case.


It would just annoy Mingyu to the utmost.


After just one more minute, Jeonghan let out a long sigh and said goodbye to his lover, dragging his heavy food towards the living room, about to join the lesson with Seungcheol and Mingyu. Not wanting to think of how intense the atmosphere must be over there, Wonwoo resolutely tried his best to push away the thoughts about Mingyu and just stepped into the bedroom with Joshua, telling himself to focus on no one but Jun now.


A pang came to hit Wonwoo right in his heart and in the face as the sight of Jun came to his eyes. The Chinese boy was sitting at the makeup table, obviously trying very hard to do some skincare routine but his face was so tired that he looked as if he was about to fall asleep at any time. It was not much different from watching a zombie applying cosmetic onto their face, and Wonwoo could see that Jun was trying his best to refrain from moving his wrists too much. Alarmed instantly, he could not help thinking that Jun was hurt badly on both wrists, yet the long sleeves of the pajamas did not allow him to see any wounds.


Hearing, sensing and seeing Wonwoo’s arrival, Jun immediately brightened up. This sight was another pain for Wonwoo, as his best friend jumped right out of the chair to run towards him, although the action made him wince and hiss sharply in agony. Realizing Jun would fall before he could reach him, Wonwoo hurriedly walked to his best friend as well. Both of them stumbled and nearly fell since Wonwoo was slightly in pain and tired as well, but they managed to sit down on the bed before reaching anywhere else.


“Hey, are you two kids or something?” Joshua kindheartedly scolded them with a soft smile. “You shouldn’t run. Neither of you is in a good condition now.”


The usual Jun that Wonwoo knew would instantly whine and pout in this situation, defending himself and saying that he had not run. Unfortunately, Jun did not respond even a word to smile to Joshua even once. The Chinese boy only began to cling to Wonwoo, hugging his arms and abandoning the cosmetic products on the makeup table for good, seeming to be ready to start his lesson now. Wonwoo was perplexed by the quiet Jun who usually only appeared during TV shows or occasions where there were too many strangers around. Currently, there were only three of them here with no cameras around, but Jun was acting extremely weird and brought a lot of confusion to not only Wonwoo but also Joshua.


The older omega had been dealing this quiet Jun for a long while, but he had not stopped feeling shocked yet. Nonetheless, Joshua did not try to ask anymore. Instead, the eldest omega only made a quick rearrangement to his makeup table before joining the two boys on his bed, sitting in front of them. Both Wonwoo and Joshua eyed the way Jun clung to his best friend like a koala, and for a second, Wonwoo was taken aback by how sweet and gentle Joshua was when he caressed Jun’s hair, and his best friend seemed to just want to close his eyes under the affection.


“This won’t take long. I know both of you are tired, and we actually don’t have much to learn.” As Jun avoided eye contact, Joshua darted his eyes towards Wonwoo wholly. “Alphas are the ones who have to learn how to behave, not us. So… our lesson will be short and simple. We can even just skip the lesson today, so that we can have time to chat or share something. There’s plenty of time left in the next upcoming days.”


Evidently, Joshua was opening up a huge opportunity for Jun to speak up and tell them what had happened between him and Mingyu. Wonwoo instantly felt profoundly grateful for the eldest omega’s action, but Jun did not seem to have the same feeling. The Chinese boy began to squirm uncomfortably and only became more determined to avoid everyone’s eyes, looking at nothing but the mattress.


At the second Jun brought his hand to his mouth and started chewing his nails, Wonwoo was frightened, and the image reminded him of nothing and no one but only Mingyu. It should be a disbelief to see someone as perfect as Mingyu having the habit of chewing his nails unconsciously, while literally no one else in the pack had ever had this bad habit. On the other hand, Jun all of a sudden started doing this now, even in a very violent and anxious manner that made anyone who witnessed it easily think he would bite them off soon.


Another serious thing was that Jun did not seem like he wanted to say anything about himself at all. The fact that all eyes were on him only brought more invisible pressure onto the omega’s shoulder and caused his scent to turn sourer. While Wonwoo was lost and unable to come up with any idea, Joshua had already scooted closer to Jun, using a gentle hand to pry the Chinese boy’s hand away from his mouth, holding it while the other one continued to stroke his hair.


“Wonu is here with you. Hyung is here with you too, Junnie. Do you want to tell us something?” Joshua tried to coax in a sweet and low voice, hand moving to caress Jun’s cheek. “Everything will be fine, Junnie! Hyungs and Wonu will protect you. You don’t have to be scared!”


Stubbornly refusing to look at the eldest omega’s face, Jun shook his head vehemently, scooting into the space between Wonwoo’s legs, and pressing his whole curled up body into his best friend’s torso. Jun was not any different from skittish cat trying to hide himself away from this world, looking even worse than Wonwoo although the Chinese boy had originally looked much healthier than Wonwoo.


“I have nothing to say.” Surprisingly, Jun eventually opened his mouth, murmuring in a tiny volume. “Please stop that. You’re making me tired.”


Joshua was visibly taken aback to hear the complaint, and his eyes only got wider as Jun continued to mumble in Wonwoo’s chest.


“Please be quick. I want to sleep.”


Without asking, Wonwoo was sure Joshua had been trying to make Jun speak and admit Mingyu had done something wrong to him during the whole afternoon until now, but Jun had had enough of it. Words did not seem to be effective on the boy at all, only tiring him out and making him feel even annoyed. In disbelief, Wonwoo did not dare to imagine what Mingyu had exactly done to successfully brainwash Jun to this level. If this were the normal Jun, he would definitely make use of this period of time to be Joshua’s baby. Nonetheless, Jun of this moment looked like he just wanted the two weeks to end in a flash so that he could go back to Mingyu’s room and end the irritation of being asked the same questions over and over again.


Seeing the pleading look Joshua gave him, Wonwoo gulped, knowing that he himself needed to try as well, although he had already seen the results, and was scared of making his best friend mad at him too.


“Junnie…” Wonwoo stuttered, hesitating when hugging the Chinese omega. “You are obviously in a lot of pain… I have never heard of you being into this kind of… kink. If Mingyu forced you to do it, please tell us, Junnie. He can’t hurt you again.”


Jun shook his head vigorously and let out an extraordinarily long sigh.


“No, he didn’t. You have never had sex with me, so of course you don’t know.” Again, Jun was strangely coherent regardless of how hoarse his voice was. “Can we just start out lesson? If you don’t want to teach, can I sleep now? I’m tired.”


The last part of his saying was definitely directed towards Joshua but Wonwoo still felt horrible to see his friend trying his best to avoid talking about himself or Mingyu. Maybe Jun was being extremely honest when stating he was too tired, but this attitude made Wonwoo unable to stop wallowing in guilt. There was nothing he could do except for watching his best friend suffer in extreme exhaustion yet closing off towards literally everyone in the pack. In the past, if there had been something Jun could not tell the other members, he would definitely tell Wonwoo, or maybe Jeonghan, since the Chinese boy had always been incredibly close to his beloved hyung. However, currently Wonwoo was not allowed to provide Jun with anything except for some physical comfort by his presence and his embrace.


Jun did not even want to hear him talk.


On the other hand, Wonwoo suddenly understood the irritation his best friend had just felt as Joshua directed his attention towards him, eyes full of concern and the kind of care that made his stomach twist uncomfortably.


“I’m sorry but… Wonu ah, do you have anything to say? I know you have stated that… you and Cheol are dating, but, if there is something wrong with that, you can tell me at any time, and everyone can help you. Okay?”


Immediately, Wonwoo became highly defensive and triggered. Losing the little comfort he had gained when stepping into this room, the omega now was not sure what he was supposed to think of Joshua anymore. It turned out that Joshua and Jeonghan did doubt Seungcheol too, although they had never shown it and always acted as if they fully supported the leader. Wonwoo did not know why, but he was seriously uneasy with anyone who wanted to interfere with his life and decisions despite knowing that his decision-making skills were worse than any other skills he had ever acquired. Wonwoo did not want anyone to care about him. Seungcheol was enough, or even too much. Wonwoo could not handle more, even just one more person, and he wished for nothing but for Joshua to stop this.


“Just stop it, hyung!” The omega frankly stated what he thought, finally understanding why Jun was this exhausted. Wonwoo now just wanted to flee. “I agree with Junnie. If you don’t want to teach anything tonight, then please just let us sleep. We’re tired. Stop asking us questions like that, okay?”


One more time, Joshua was in bewilderment to receive this kind of mildly aggressive answers. Besides, Wonwoo was stubborn, but he was strikingly different from Jun in his ways of avoiding the matter. Instead of looking away like how Jun had been doing, Wonwoo still looked directly into Joshua’s eyes, yet those completely lacked the kindness, warmth, and even the soul that the American boy thought he used to see in the rapper. Their eye contact did not last long, as Wonwoo soon looked away. The two younger omegas took each other’s hands in their own ones, and glued their eyes to nothing but their hands in Jun’s lap.


Jun was right, Wonwoo thought. They were both just too tired. They only wanted this to be over, so that they could sleep and forget this world. Wonwoo did not want to be asked, or to talk anymore.


Reluctantly, Joshua started his lesson in a quite awkward manner. It was not until now did the two boys eventually looked up at him, but stayed glued to each other, and did not ask a single question during the whole process. The lesson turned out to be just as tense as what Joshua had imagined about the one among Jeonghan, Seungcheol, and Mingyu. However, in this particular case, Joshua suddenly felt like he was the villain, the troublemaker whom these two boys tried to avoid. It did hurt his feelings, but it also helped him confirmed that neither of them was normal. Wonwoo was perhaps not in an abusive relationship like Jun, but he was stubborn, and horribly difficult to deal with, especially when Wonwoo had always refused to be taken care of.


Seeing the exhaustion that was shown with no filter on his students’ face, Joshua could not help ending his lesson even earlier than the original plan. However, when he nervously asked whether Wonwoo wanted to sleep here tonight or not, the younger boy did nod his agreement after a few seconds of hesitation. The omega intended to walk out to announce to Seungcheol, but his mind quickly decided against it, knowing that he had better not show up in front of Mingyu’s eyes to do something like “hey Cheollie can I not sleep with you tonight”. Moreover, Joshua also agreed that Wonwoo should only text Seungcheol to let the leader know.


Fortunately for Wonwoo, his roommate was a very considerate and understanding alpha who easily agreed without asking anything. The omega actually sent a text to ask for permission, “May I sleep at Shua hyung’s room tonight? I wanna be with Junnie”, since he knew he was not really in an equal relationship with this man, but Seungcheol replied much more kindly than what Wonwoo had expected.


“You don’t have to ask, Wonie. Just tell me. It’s fine, baby. Are you going to sleep now?”


Feeling like some weight had been taken off his shoulders, Wonwoo lied down on the bed together with his best friend who was eventually brightened up to be able to sleep with Wonwoo. Enjoying having Jun still clinging to his arms on one side while Joshua was also lying down on the other side of the Chinese omega, Wonwoo typed a quick reply to his alpha, not really expecting to receive such a long message with one question.


“Yeah. Shua hyung ended early.”


After a few more seconds of consideration, Wonwoo added a question before sending.


“Have you finished?”


The omega seriously did not want to be rude, but he almost groaned when Seungcheol texted back quite rapidly with a pretty long message. Wonwoo had never enjoyed having someone stepping into his life, and the leader was definitely going further and further beyond his control. At this point, Seungcheol was downright acting as if they were truly dating. For sure, no one in the pack would continue to doubt this relationship if Seungcheol’s act of affection kept accelerating.


“I’m giving Mingyu a break. He’s done strangely well, although he smelled angry. May I drop by the door for a second?”


Mentally palming his face, Wonwoo hoped this would be the last message he had to send.


“Please hurry. I’m sleepy.”


Jun whined loudly like a petulant kid when Wonwoo wriggled out of his arms and got off the bed, but the rapper seriously had no other choice. As a person who was living under Seungcheol’s guardian, he was forced to agree to whatever the alpha wanted, especially when this was what Wonwoo had signed up for by himself. Coaxing his best friend by reassuring him that he would come back soon, Wonwoo dragged heavy feet towards the door, reaching it just right at the time three knocking sounds came to his ears.


Joshua was surprised, but did not bother to stand up, guessing that Wonwoo had already known who it was. Consequently, the eldest omega spent his time coaxing Jun into waiting obediently, telling him that Wonwoo would return soon. The Chinese boy mumbled his complaints but stayed still, darting his eyes curiously towards the door only to see Seungcheol standing outside.


“What’s wrong, hyung?” Wonwoo asked quietly, trying to hold back a yawn, thinking that Seungcheol wanted to tell him something.


On the other hand, the leader just smiled softly.


“Nothing, Wonie. I come just to say goodnight to you.” Very comfortably and naturally, the alpha grabbed one of Wonwoo’s arms, pulling him closer and pressing a kiss onto the omega’s forehead. The boy was so stunned that he could only be pulled and kissed with a whole face full of confusion. Yet, the alpha’s whisper by his ear soon explained the whole situation. “Just wanna make everyone believe we’re dating and you’re mine, Wonie.”


Understanding the leader’s intention now, Wonwoo let out a small “oh” before being let go. The omega actually had never expected Seungcheol to care about this even more than himself in their plan of faking this relationship. At this point, the eldest alpha was making it way too real as he sealed Wonwoo’s lips by his own, kissing the boy goodnight in a profoundly intimate and passionate way. To be honest, Wonwoo felt highly embarrassed and shy to be kissed in front of the other two omegas’ eyes, and he was one hundred percent sure both of them were watching intensely. Nonetheless, the more the watched, the more necessary it was for Wonwoo to continue acting, because he really did not want to be asked about this relationship ever again.


The poor omega had never known everyone would care that much. He had initially thought Seungcheol could do anything to him without anyone noticing.


“Do you need to bring your pillow here?” The alpha asked, not trying to peek inside even once, only staring at Wonwoo’s face from the beginning, and something in this look made the omega feel truly anxious, weak, and even more embarrassed.


Like Jun, Wonwoo did not exactly enjoy attention now, but Seungcheol had been giving him a lot, and there was no way for him to get out of it. It was similar to continuing to receive stimulation right after an orgasm, like what he had been through in his heat, or literally just every time they had sex. Wonwoo’s brain screamed “enough” but the alpha would keep going on, giving him a pain and discomfort of being unable to stop the overstimulation, yet later it was also his own self that did not want the whole thing to end, willing to let his body be used further and further until being left in ruins.


What did Wonwoo want in this case? He had no idea.


“N-no…” The omega unknowingly stuttered, hands starting to grip his pajamas nervously. “Shua hyung has extra pillows. It’s… it’s fine.”


“Good.” Seungcheol nodded, seeming to be satisfied. “I honestly don’t like you to be away from me but you staying with Shua and Jun is good. If you don’t want to be woken up early, just tell him in advance, okay?”


Nodding awkwardly, Wonwoo received one more kiss on his cheek before the leader eventually left, stating that he had to continue lecturing Mingyu. When the omega came back to the bed, his best friend instantly clung to him one more time, but no one asked any question, which caused Wonwoo to feel nicely comfortable and somehow at ease.


In the bed that was pretty small for three fully grown men, the three omegas still snuggled closely to each other and fell asleep. The atmosphere was actually not very peaceful. Both Wonwoo and Jun were agitated by the scent of Jeonghan embed everywhere on everything on the bed, but they still somehow found peace and sense of safety from each other’s presence. Things might be a little better for Jun because he had actually slept here the day before, unlike Wonwoo who was only accustomed to the aroma of one and only Seungcheol.


From Jun’s body, with the dancer in his arms, Wonwoo could clearly smell Mingyu. The combination of scents were suffocating and insane, bringing too many different emotions to the omega’s mind and making it hard for him to sleep. For minutes, Wonwoo doubted his decision of staying here, but at the sight of his sleeping best friend, the rapper could not help feeling his heart soften again. If this was one of the very rare ways to make Jun feel better, Wonwoo was ready to devote himself. His own life was not worthwhile, but Jun was, so Wonwoo was willing to do everything in his ability to help things turn out to be better for his beloved best friend.


There were twice in which the combust of angry pheromones and alphas’ scents made all three omegas wake up. They were startled so badly that Joshua literally jump while Jun began to whimper right at the moment he sat up. Wonwoo did not react in the way the other two boys did, but the discomfort in his chest just exploded in the blink of an eye and urged him to hide under the blanket, running away from everything forever, all of a sudden highly aware of the fact that he himself was something available in Mingyu’s mind during those moments of rage and frustration.


Burying his face into the pillow, Wonwoo painfully forced his lungs to take in the scent of Jeonghan instead of tormenting his own heart by getting surrounded by the frightening scent of anger coming from Mingyu and Seungcheol. Jeonghan must be angry out there as well, but Wonwoo was too desperate and frightened to care much, only clutching onto what he could find at this moment. Squeezing and pressing tightly against each other, the three omegas tried to get back to their sleep, helplessly trying to look for a way to bring their weak nature through the fury of those alphas outside.


Wonwoo guessed Joshua had been right. They did not have much to learn. The alphas were the ones who had to learn how to behave.




If Wonwoo was someone who could live with only his instincts and temporarily abandon his rationality, it would be nice for him to sleep in the bed reeking of an alpha in his pack. Unfortunately, the omega was just a stubborn person who loathed himself for being pathetic whenever the scent hit all the wrong spots in his mind. It was so difficult to sleep when every inhale made him mad, because the scent forced part of his body to turn soft while the other half of himself was driven crazy and tense at the same time.


That was bad, certainly, but there was even something worse in this bed. Wonwoo seriously just wanted to hug his best friend tightly and sleep, but Jun severely smelled just like Mingyu, because they had had sex. The omega was not sure if the Chinese boy could smell Seungcheol on him or not, but currently Wonwoo was accidentally tortured by the mixture of cinnamon and peaches aromas. It did not hurt his lungs, yet hurt his whole chest, and his whole soul. However, he knew he had no right to complain, to voice out his discomfort, because he had chosen this by himself.


Mentally groaning to himself, Wonwoo carefully pried Jun off himself, waiting quietly until he was sure the dancer was still sleeping soundly. Very naturally, Jun turned to the other side to cuddle with Joshua, giving Wonwoo the temporary freedom to get out of the bed. Still very cautious and slowly, the rapper got out of the bedroom and headed straight to the kitchen without turning on the lights. He had remembered his own apartment enough to walk in the dark environment, and even managed to see the time on the watch on his own wrist. It was already one o’clock in the morning, and the whole pack was still enjoying a night off doing nothing except for sleeping. The apartment was rarely this quiet and peaceful, but right now Wonwoo relished in this kind of atmosphere, wishing to spend his next days of break like this instead of dealing with more chaos and drama.


Sighing again, Wonwoo guessed he should not complain, because he was the one who had caused everything to happen. Now it was time to pay for what he had done.


Wonwoo had no intention except for drinking a little water from the fridge, so he just stood there with the fridge door opened to sip from the water bottle. The cold liquid cooled his throat and even his soul, making Wonwoo feel more comfortable, and in a minute, he was lost in staring at everything in the refrigerator without thinking about anything, just drinking, drinking and drinking. That was why he had no idea someone had stepped into the kitchen as well, and the omega was startled half to death when he closed the fridge, turned around and saw a huge figure standing right behind him with only twenty centimeters of distance in between.


Wonwoo swore he could never believe how unlucky his fucked up fate was, because within a day, he was just forced to run into Mingyu not once, but twice, both at the times when there was no one around. The omega only spent one second looking at Mingyu’s face, but his heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach right away, because rage was clearer than anything else in the alpha’s eyes despite the dark surroundings. Those eyes were shining with flames which threatened to kill Wonwoo at any time and stole away any courage the omega had ever had in his mind. The fact that Mingyu only stood there without saying a single word or creating any sounds was even scarier than his domineering presence.


Since he had not done anything wrong anyway, Wonwoo tried to act like there was nothing worth minding, and just tried to switch to another direction - to the right - to move away from the refrigerator and returned to Joshua’s bedroom. With his head low, Wonwoo wished Mingyu would just let him go, wishing that the alpha only came here to grab a drink or something and was too sleepy to care about him now. Nevertheless, his prayers had not been heard or replied.


Wonwoo did not have the chance to finish even one step. A hand violently grabbed his left shoulder and pulled him back. The force of the hand was strong enough to give pain directly to the omega’s shoulder and made him wince, but it turned out that the pain of being slammed against the fridge door was considerably worse. Moreover, Wonwoo’s body currently was not suitable at all for abrupt movements, as no matter how gentle Seungcheol was sometimes, he was still overall sore a bruised. In pain, Wonwoo’s first reaction was to yelp and grimace, but what shocked him further was that he was even able to let out any sounds, because a fierce and direct command got his mind haywire immediately.


“Be quiet, omega! Don’t you dare let other people hear you!”


Absolutely horrified, Wonwoo could not stay calm even a bit, starting to squirm in an attempt to break free, but Mingyu now did not seem to be the man he used to know anymore. There was nothing the alpha did not dare to do. In this case, he had no problem in pressing his right palm to Wonwoo’s mouth while the other hand continued to gripped the omega’s shoulder tightly, keeping him in place and stifling any sounds being about to come out from his mouth. Still having his hands free, Wonwoo began to try pushing, yet as a young, healthy, big, and powerful alpha now, Mingyu was just invincible in comparison with the pained and scared omega. His efforts were all fruitless. Only his fear kept increasing in an alarming speed when Mingyu pressed him thoroughly against the surface of the fridge, leaving no space between their bodies. The more trapped he became, the more terrified Wonwoo was, yet Mingyu just snickered annoyingly and leaned over closer, closer, and closer, pressing his nose right onto Wonwoo’s scent gland.


While Seungcheol had brought him not only stimulation but also some little comfort by doing this, Mingyu now was only sending cold shivers down Wonwoo’s spine and pushed all the wrong buttons. Hating this to the utmost for hundreds of reasons, the omega tried to thrash and push the bigger man away but to no avail. Mingyu was too strong, and he kept sniffing in a very offensive way that made Wonwoo felt invaded and attacked. Things only felt worse when the alpha opened his mouth to speak right into his ear.


“Hmm, you wear Seungcheol’s clothes? And now you even have that Jeonghan bastard’s scent all over you too, huh? Why, Jeon Wonwoo?” Mingyu was obviously antagonizing Wonwoo by the light tone which still showed evident anger. “Why? Didn’t you say you are dating Seungcheol now? Isn’t he enough for you?”


Ending his question, Mingyu set Wonwoo’s mouth free and allowed him to speak, seeming to already know the omega would not dare to scream for help or make any loud noise. Nonetheless, he was just oblivious to the pain the older male was suffering from because of those words. Wonwoo wished it could just end already, yet somehow Mingyu only kept poking the wound over and over again, not letting anyone get rid of this trouble although the longer it became, the more devastated Mingyu himself would be. Shaking his head vehemently, Wonwoo hurriedly explained for himself, despite not being sure whether the truth would make the taller man less angry or not.


“I slept there with Junnie and Shua-hyung. I didn’t…”


Wonwoo was not given the opportunity to complete his sentence, because Mingyu suddenly aggressively choked him. Immediately frightened, the omega felt his heart pounding insanely and threatening to jump out of his ribcage while Mingyu literally bared his teeth and growled like a wild animal, visibly and audibly scary and feral.


“I can’t believe you have the nerves to still sleep in the same bed with Junnie. Aren’t you ashamed, Jeon Wonwoo? You tortured your naïve best friend, lied to him, and now just sleep with him as if nothing happened? Really? You’re really shameless!”


Wonwoo wanted to speak and to defend himself again, but it was just impossible. Mingyu did not loosen his hand anymore, resolutely not letting Wonwoo speak, as if the alpha’s intention was just to torment the omega instead of trying to get some information he wanted from the older boy again. The grip around Wonwoo’s neck was not enough to kill him, but it blocked his airway tremendously and forced him to struggle extremely hard to breathe, which caused the fright and fear to keep increasing. However, Mingyu seemed to enjoy the scent of terror coming from Wonwoo, because he continued to stick his nose to the omega’s scent gland.


Wonwoo wanted to scream, thrash, kick, and cry, as he did not want to be touched there at all. Not there. It felt too much violated to be sniffed at his scent gland without his consent, and it just felt worse when the intruder was doing that to take in his aroma of utter fear, as if the man was craving for his submission or defeat.


“Why? Uncomfortable?” Mingyu snickered again, glancing at the tears streaming down Wonwoo’s face. His voice sounded pitiful, yet his eyes were just demonic. “What did you feel when Seungcheol sniffed and bit you here? What a big hickey it is! Why don’t you look so confident anymore? You looked so honest, so firm when telling our managers your heartwarming love story with Seungcheol, acting as if I had been an idiot all those years! Too scared when your alpha isn’t around to protect your ass now, hmm?”


Just as suddenly as how he had restrained Wonwoo, Mingyu abruptly set the omega free completely, even violently throwing the older boy to a side as if he was nothing. Wonwoo almost fell with his face first on the floor, but he luckily gained back some balance, only stumbling a little. Breathing frantically, Wonwoo thought he had better run when Mingyu allowed him to, so he tried to make his legs work and run out of the kitchen. However, the truth was that the alpha had not allowed him to escape yet. In a flash, Wonwoo’s wrist was grabbed again by Mingyu’s powerful left hand which applied enough force to make the omega wince and yelp in pain.


One more time, Wonwoo nearly fell as he was pulled too fast and too violently, almost falling right into Mingyu’s chest but somehow he managed to stop it from happening. Nonetheless, the situation was still horrifying, and Wonwoo was frozen by the sharp and cold eyes displayed in front of him by the alpha who was giving out the extraordinarily spicy and bitter scent of anger. The smirk on his face seemed to hide a hint of pain behind it, but he seriously looked psychotic.


“You are a coward, Jeon Wonwoo. Always running away! Are you going to run and cry to your alpha? So now he’s your fucking guardian angel, huh? Your peace is exchanged by your body. Am I right?”


Before Wonwoo managed to come up with something to retort or force his mouth to work properly, he had been pushed and thrown away again. This time, the omega failed to rescue himself and just ended up falling onto the floor. No major pain or injury was created, but his whole shaken body was sore and screaming for help, but the omega had no one to help him apart from himself. While Wonwoo was struggling to overcome his pain and tried to stand up, Mingyu indifferently grabbed a glass, putting it on the dining table and took out the water bottle from the fridge. The alpha just filled his glass and drank it as if there was no Wonwoo on the floor, but the omega actually did not have the nerves to pay much attention to the alpha either. He only wanted to get up and run away, regardless of the fact that Mingyu perhaps would just call him “a coward” again.


The moment Wonwoo successfully stood up on his own feet was also the time Mingyu finished emptying his cup. The omega’s hope of escaping rapidly was smashed again as another command was thrown towards him in a deadly cold tone.


“Stay there, Jeon Wonwoo!”


Freezing right on the spot, Wonwoo had no choice but to turn around and face the person he dreaded seeing most. The omega was unaware of when or why his tears started to roll down both cheeks quickly as if a floodgate had just been opened, only knowing that through the blurred layer of tears, the sight of a dreadfully enraged and pained Mingyu was as clear as day, and scarier than whatever Wonwoo had ever witnessed in his life. Every single word of him was like a sharp knife stabbing right into the omega’s heart, ripping it apart slowly but brutally.


“You will have to pay for what you’ve done, Wonwoo.”


Just to emphasize his threat, the alpha squeezed and slammed the glass in his hand down onto the table, smashing it into pieces and creating horrible sounds which shot another arrow into Wonwoo’s broken heart. In the end, the person who had been keeping him back turned out to be the first to leave, while Wonwoo himself was unable to move even a finger, only standing there like a statue, staring at the blood scattered all over the shattered pieces of glass.


Mingyu had just literally imposed a threat on Wonwoo, without even a bit of mercy, downright cruel and frightening, turning the omega’s whole body and soul into jelly. Never had Wonwoo imagined that his action could result in something this ugly, twisted, and devastating. Having already known Mingyu, Wonwoo knew the alpha definitely meant what he had just said, and would do whatever he could to achieve his goal. The omega had originally thought he simply tried to get the best for the people he loved, but his action had unintentionally unleashed a wounded enraged beast that was eager to demolish the person who had caused it to be in this state.


Wonwoo barely cared about the direction when he ran away from the living room, spending no time looking at the door he frantically tried to open by his terribly shaking hands. Nevertheless, the boy did not know the door was eventually opened by the person inside, not him, because the source of the scent he had just run towards had also been able to smell his distress and was just about to run outside to check.


Wonwoo did not even see Seungcheol as he frantically ran through the opened door into the room, accidentally bumping right into the alpha’s chest. Nonetheless, the alpha just took advantage of that to quickly envelope Wonwoo wholly in his arms, securing the sobbing boy in his embrace, holding him still and stopping him from moving any further. It was easy for the leader to realize Wonwoo was panicking by judging the way the younger boy was startled and scared by the hug. The omega thrashed, trying so desperately to break free, having no idea who had just got him, but Seungcheol had realized what he could do to help instantly. Guiding the omega’s head towards his scent gland, the leader began to coo softly and whisper into his roommate’s ear, yet his arms were strong and determined.


“Hey, Wonie! It’s me! I’m Cheol! You’re okay, my Wonie!”


Wrapped in the familiar arms of the person who had been holding him in the past four days, and breathing in the atmosphere filled with the soothing scent that same man was trying his best to push out, Wonwoo finally let go of everything and broke down. The omega openly cried and sobbed in panic, losing control over everything and having no idea what he was thinking or wanting to do any longer. He only knew everything hurt, and his soul all of a sudden could not find any ray of light in this world anymore. What held him back from collapsing and falling into hell was the only man hugging him, supporting his whole weight on his own body, and constantly murmuring soothing words to him, telling him that he was safe, and promising no one could ever hurt him.


Wonwoo only wanted to die and end everything.

Chapter Text

Without trying, Seungcheol was able to smell the scent of the alpha he probably disliked most all over the omega. Even if Wonwoo were not crying now, the leader would be still enraged by the scent of anger lingering on his omega’s body. Some harassment must have happened to get that aroma stuck on Wonwoo and cause the boy to seem both scared and heartbroken. After days of being together with the omega, Seungcheol had understood him enough to know how harsh things must have been to bring him into this state. Wonwoo said absolutely no words and stopped moving for good after Seungcheol reassured him of his presence. The omega shed tears in dreadful silence, frantically sniffing on the leader’s scent gland yet showing no signs of getting better or rejecting what he was being offered.


In fury with boiling blood, Seungcheol had the powerful desires to storm out of the room and break Mingyu’s neck immediately, but the lifeless body in his arms did not allow him to move anywhere away from this broken boy. Although Mingyu needed to be taught a lesson, in Seungcheol’s opinions, but Wonwoo was a thousand times more important at this moment, especially when the leader dreaded seeing his roommate breaking further to the incurable point. Only able to tremble and let out low rumbling sounds in anger, Seungcheol held himself back from making terrible decisions and turned to just lock the door. However, a knock came to his ears right before his click.


Having no fear of facing anyone and being ready to initiate a fight with Mingyu if necessary, Seungcheol opened the door only to see a peaceful appearance. Joshua was standing there with a deadly serious expression on his face, and fears were written all over his eyes, but the eldest omega had the opportunity to sigh in relief right after seeing Wonwoo in Seungcheol’s arms.


“Oh thank God!” Joshua held a hand on his chest. “I was woken up by Mingyu’s angry scent but I didn’t see Wonwoo anywhere! I thought something happened to him!”


“It did happen.” Seungcheol answered lowly, pushing the door wider as a gesture to invite the omega to come in and get closer to Wonwoo if he wanted. “He ran to me crying and smelling like Mingyu. It’s obvious that…”


Although Wonwoo was acting slowly, he finally realized that there was now someone else part from him and Seungcheol in the room. Agitated by the presence of a new person immediately, Wonwoo suddenly pushed himself out of Seungcheol’s embrace, using much more force than whatever the alpha might have expected. Resolutely breaking himself free from the hold, Wonwoo made the other two stare at him in utter disbelief as he frantically wiped his tears away from his pale face. It was not until now did Seungcheol realize how big of a mistake he had made in letting Joshua in. Wonwoo had never been comfortable with showing his weakness and vulnerable side to anyone. The boy had only started to turn less resistant towards Seungcheol just a little bit, but now the leader considered himself stupid enough to let Joshua in such a crucial moment.


“I’m… I’m fine. Sorry, hyung.” Wonwoo blatantly lied, as if his face and his shaking hands were not telling everyone how frightened and broken he was. “There’s nothing wrong. I’m just… fine.”


Only getting more heartbroken at the sight of the painfully stubborn and silly boy, Joshua nearly cooed, and instantly stepped forward with the intention of pulling Wonwoo into his arms. Unfortunately, Wonwoo understood it too quickly, and recoiled visibly, while Seungcheol shook his head and gave the older omega a meaningful look that stated “no” firmly. Despite being shocked by the rejection, Joshua still decided to comply and stopped his movements, only fidgeting on his spot in extreme worries for the younger omega. The shell Wonwoo carried to hide his true self was too hard to break, regardless of how sweet and caring Joshua had been to him. Barely did the American boy know that the more he tried to approach, the more Wonwoo would try to close off and run away.


Seungcheol was the only different one, since he stripped the omega completely bare and took him wholly inside out, leaving Wonwoo with nothing and nowhere left to hide. It was useless to try to escape from Seungcheol’s treatment, care, and intrusion. The alpha’s presence was something that kept Wonwoo safe, but scared him as well.


On the other hand, Joshua did not give up yet. The eldest omega kept his voice soft and sweet when asking questions, still hoping to get a chance to be with the boy he considered as his younger brother.


“Do you want to go back to my room, Wonu? Or do you want to stay here with Cheol? It’s all up to you. Junnie is worried about you too, but he doesn’t dare to come out.”


As expected, the mention of Jun easily succeeded in getting Wonwoo’s whole attention right away. The omega had been trying to avoid Joshua’s eye contact, but now he looked up in the blink of an eye, asking in quivering voice. The chain of questions came out frantically, while the omega himself even walked forward to get closer to Joshua.


“What’s wrong with Junnie? Is he okay? Where is he? You should come back! What if Mingyu comes in when you aren’t there?”


“Calm down, Wonie!” Seungcheol gently placed a hand on the omega’s shoulder but still made him flinch. Unfortunately for them, Joshua observed them carefully enough to notice that reaction, and he did not even bother to refrain from frowning. Seeing that this was not heading to the right direction, Seungcheol quickly made up his mind that he had to keep Wonwoo here tonight, no matter what the omega wanted.


If they were truly lovers, Wonwoo was supposed to prefer staying at Seungcheol’s room instead of Joshua’s. Yet, the leader was genuinely afraid his position in the omega’s heart was too much smaller than Jun’s. Seungcheol knew Joshua and Jeonghan would not take Mingyu’s side just because of this, but he knew the couple would not leave this matter alone if they found out they were faking this relationship and Wonwoo was feeling uncomfortable.


The problem was that, even without this relationship, Wonwoo was already uncomfortable. Seungcheol had not created this mess to bring more burden to Wonwoo. It was just incredibly difficult to make everyone understand that they were both doing this with full consent. Wonwoo asked him, and Seungcheol was willing to comply. So far, no one had been harmed in this relationship, so it should be deemed fine and healthy.


Nonetheless, stopping Wonwoo from choosing Joshua’s room would make Seungcheol look like a controller and an abuser. The desires to control and take care of everything on behalf of Wonwoo were powerful, but the leader bit his own lips, gripping his own greed to hold it back from getting triggered. As a result, instead of pressing Wonwoo to choose, Seungcheol asked more questions about Jun.


“How is Junnie? He’s really that scared? Did you tell you why?”


“No.” Joshua sighed audibly. “I’m just sure that he realized it was Mingyu’s scent of anger very quickly, and he got even more startled when seeing that Wonwoo wasn’t around. I thought he would go out to check with me but he hid under the blanket and refused to come out at all cost.”


At this point, there was not even a tiny doubt about whether Mingyu had hurt Jun or not. It was freaking obvious that the young alpha had done it, carving a terrifying memory deeply into the Chinese boy’s soul. Wonwoo had never seen his best friend hiding under the blanket for any reasons. It was even so much worse that Jun was actually scared to death of somebody he claimed to be his boyfriend. In spite of saying “Mingyu did nothing wrong” and “it was consensual”, Jun was unconsciously proving that he had been lying thoroughly through his suspicious actions and attitude towards the said alpha.


Struggling in agony, feeling the horrible pain rising in his chest because of his best friend, Wonwoo wanted to bolt to Jun instantly, so as to check him, and to hug him, so that they could comfort each other like how they had always done. Nevertheless, Wonwoo miserably failed to stop even his own tears from rolling down his cheeks, even though he kept wiping them furiously. Moreover, his whole body never ceased trembling. Wonwoo desperately wished someone could just hold him, support him, and keep him warm, because nothing felt okay even a bit. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself that everything should be fine, his soul continuously spiraled down into hell. The longer he stood there alone, the more everything hurt.


“You are a coward, Jeon Wonwoo.”


Perhaps Mingyu was right. Wonwoo was just a coward who did not even dare to walk out of this room to run towards his best friend although Jun’s conditions were so much worse than him. Who was Wonwoo to think of himself in this situation? Why did he dare to think he should value himself over Jun? What did he do to deserve being prioritized? He should just take care of Jun only, because he had pushed the Chinese boy into this mess. He should not be selfish now. Wonwoo needed to go. Jun would feel so sad without him, and maybe think that Wonwoo did not love him anymore. Otherwise, the Chinese boy could turn worried to death at thinking that Mingyu had hurt Wonwoo tremendously and broken him beyond imagination.


Unable to let Jun suffer in this way because of him, Wonwoo decided that he must be there for his best friend. The brain told his foot to start running, but for some reasons, they did not move even an inch, completely ignoring every single command coming from his head. It was not until now did Wonwoo realize he had not been staring at anything or anyone except for his own foot on the ground. The omega’s chest was heaving heavily but he barely paid any attention to it. Wonwoo’s body failed his mind completely by refusing to move a finger. The best thing it was good at was hyperventilating like a dying fish on land. Joshua was startled and immediately rushed to Wonwoo, but Seungcheol quickly gestured for him not to do so.


One more time, the rejection hurt the American boy but it was true that Wonwoo stepped back right away when realizing Joshua was trying to approach him, although it was also him who had failed to move previously. Seungcheol was the only one to manage to wrap the omega into his arms without getting any objection. The leader felt as if he had succeeded in catching Wonwoo just in time before the omega collapsed, as Wonwoo obviously did not stand on his own foot any longer.


“I’m sorry, Shua. I think you should go back to Junnie. Wonu isn’t feeling okay. He should stay here.” The leader explained briefly to the nervous omega. “Can you please soothe Junnie? You may call Seungkwan or Channie. Wonwoo seriously can’t go now.”


Much as he was deeply concerned about Jun, Joshua thoroughly understood that Wonwoo was not capable of stepping out of this room tonight, and it was obvious that Seungcheol was the only one having the ability to bring some sense of comfort to the poor boy. Hurriedly nodding to the leader, Joshua quickly left without touching Wonwoo although he deadly wanted to give the boy a hug or a pat on his head. As a considerate person as he had always been, Joshua clicked the door before leaving, so that right after he shut it, the door was completely locked from the inside and Seungcheol would not have to worry about anyone interrupting them anymore.


Not hesitating even a bit, the leader rapidly scooped Wonwoo up from the floor, getting on his own bed and keeping the omega on his lap securely. However, Seungcheol did not really hug Wonwoo now. Instead, he helped the younger boy sit up in order to breathe and calm down, using a hand to rub Wonwoo’s back. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. The omega continued to shake and struggle to breathe while tears rolled down in an alarming speed. Seungcheol was not able to tell whether his roommate was scared or heartbroken anymore. Despite not knowing anything about panic attacks, Seungcheol was almost positive Wonwoo was going through a serious one and had absolutely no idea how to deal with it either.


In this kind of situation, Seungcheol had to stay calm for the sake of the boy he wanted to protect and take care of, but a frantic Wonwoo was the source of all misery and tragic. The leader helped him lie down and tried to coax him into resting without caring about anything else. Wonwoo could hear all the sweet and soothing words the alpha was constantly giving him, and could feel the tender hands stroking his hair, his forehead, and his arms, all in an attempt to calm him down in the end. Nonetheless, all the touch did anything but calming Wonwoo down, because it only caused him to be more frightened to realize how much he needed Seungcheol at this moment. The desperate omega thought he was seeking for something to satisfy his own insatiable thirst he had never managed to understand, yet it turned out just that perhaps he only wanted Seungcheol.


It did hurt a bit when Wonwoo gripped Seungcheol’s arms too tightly as the omega was losing control quickly and trying to clutch onto anything he could to ground himself. The leader could not fully understand what his partner wanted from him, or what he could offer to make Wonwoo feel better, but his heart ached to see the endless streams of tears that kept flowing on the face of the person who had always acted cold in front of other people.


Too desperate and too frantic to convey his wishes properly, Wonwoo only became more frustrated and cried harder at his own helplessness. At first, Seungcheol tried to keep the younger boy in place when Wonwoo began to thrash and seemed like he wanted to pull the leader down. Nonetheless, the alpha gave it up immediately once he realized Wonwoo wanted to close the distance between them. It was even more shocking for him to see that right after he got rid of his resistance, the omega tilted his head to expose his neck. The timing was just perfect for Seungcheol to have his face be pressed right against the omega’s neck. Growling in frustration, the leader thought Wonwoo had turned too insane to understand his own actions, but the omega straightforwardly stated the exact thing his behavior meant to be.


His voice was wrecked and awfully hoarse, broken into pieces by his relentless sobs.


“Please… please do it… please hyung… please… Just like the first time… Anything you like. Please! Please!”


“No, Wonu!” Seungcheol growled back fiercely. “This is not the time to do it! I can’t! You are having a panic att-“


“Please just do it! Please! I beg you, Alpha! Please, Alpha! Please take me! I’m yours! Please! Please!” The omega cried out in agony, literally begging the leader and using all the poor little strength left in his trembling body to keep the man as close as possible. In his mind, he was not scared of making Seungcheol mad anymore. What was the point? If Seungcheol got angry enough, perhaps Wonwoo would get what he wanted even more easily. The leader would punish him, and destroy him like what he had asked for right from their first time together. Wonwoo did not need Seungcheol to love him. He just wanted to be ruined completely.


Growling again and again, the leader was definitely enraged and triggered, as Wonwoo had pressed all the wrong buttons and tugged all the wrong strings in his mind. The boy was acting like a submissive omega, calling him “alpha” and begging him repeatedly, but also misbehaving by cutting him off and ignoring his words. It was not until now did the leader register why and how Jun had triggered Mingyu’s rut to come this early. An omega in heat must have been as desperate as an omega losing his mind. Without a doubt, Seungcheol knew Jun must have begged Mingyu and tried to keep the young alpha by his sides, just the same as what Wonwoo was doing currently.


At this moment, Wonwoo’s behaviors enraged not only Seungcheol’s possessiveness but also his big ego of an alpha. The fact that Wonwoo wanted this did not mean it would be fine for the leader to wreck him further. However, the more determined Seungcheol became in rejecting, the more devastated Wonwoo became. At this point, if someone suddenly stormed into the room, it would look exactly like Seungcheol was the one who was bullying the omega by refusing to do whatever they omega had been pleading him to do. Moreover, the leader was even trying to stifle Wonwoo’s movement and stop him from pulling the man into his neck again. This was evidently the behavior of an omega begging to be taken and owned, but it would be a blatant lie if Seungcheol said he did not want to take Wonwoo as his own immediately.


In the end, neither of them succeeded in making their intentions and wishes come true. Seungcheol failed to make Wonwoo calm down or understand the negativity of having sex now, while the omega loathed himself even further and hated everything in this world. Mingyu threatened him. Jun got hurt because of him. Then, now Seungcheol was furiously rejecting him as well, and Wonwoo had nothing to hold onto any longer. Scrambling out of the bed, despite sobbing hard, the omega struggled to drag his body towards the door with the determination of leaving this room for good.


Certainly, Seungcheol saw red when his roommate wanted to leave with eyes full of tears and hurt. Wonwoo was frantically wiping tears like what he had done when Joshua tried to approach him, but again, nothing worked. No matter how hard he tried, even hurting his face, the tears just kept rolling down. Wonwoo’s weakened body barely allowed him to do anything but he still fought hard to yank his own hand away from Seungcheol’s grip, throwing words of pain into the leader’s face.


“Let me go! I don’t want to see you! LET ME GO!”


“What the hell are you doing, Wonu?” The alpha was on the verge of getting absolutely mad, gritting his teeth and glaring into the omega’s wet eyes. “Where are you going? Just stay here! I didn’t tell you to go anywhere!”


“You don’t keep your promise!” Wonwoo forced back a choke to let his broken words out. “This… this isn’t what we said! If you… if you don’t want to help… and don’t want me… then don’t… please don’t make me think you would be… be… willing to help!”


Seungcheol seriously could not recall himself promising to help Wonwoo in this way at all. He did promise to protect and take care of the boy as his own omega, but the leader was one hundred percent sure he had never said he would fuck Wonwoo whenever the boy asked for it. Unfortunately, he obviously had somehow mistakenly caused the omega to think that he would be always willing to do it. As a result, now the omega was tremendously shocked and hurt terribly by the brutal rejection given to him with no resistance.


Having his heart shattered into thousands of pieces, Seungcheol wished he could magically make Wonwoo understand that he was actually trying desperately hard to help the omega in the way he deemed good and acceptable. However, it seemed like there was no possibility of matching their expectations with each other. Wonwoo was drowned deep in panic with no idea of how to make himself better. Something in his mind had weirdly made him think that what he wanted now was to get fucked to death by Seungcheol while the leader could never fully understand this logic. Instead, the alpha wanted to hold the omega, soothe him, and become the biggest support for his life.


Yet, this situation did not really allow Seungcheol to think wisely anymore. The crying boy in front of him was still crying his eyes out and weakly fighting to escape fruitlessly. Even if the leader successfully kept his roommate here, the omega would just continue to cry harder due to not getting what he wanted. Eventually, during that long minute of staring at Wonwoo in agony, Seungcheol remembered that the omega had always just wanted to forget.


Wonwoo always wanted Seungcheol to wreck him so hard that he could not feel or think of anything else anymore, which was downright a sick coping mechanism. Nonetheless, Seungcheol found his will power slipping away by seconds, as the crying omega continued to plead through his red eyes, and part of his inner alpha told him this was the only chance for him to strengthen the bond and claim his presence in the omega’s life. Wonwoo needed him, and was not even trying to hide it. With him, Wonwoo had been broken down into ashes not just once, so it must be terrifying as hell for the boy to get rejected by someone that had already known all about him.


Seungcheol of the next day might just want to punch and kill the Seungcheol of this night, but the leader could not stand watching Wonwoo suffer anymore.


The alpha had never stopped feeling stunned by the omega’s state of being torn apart by agony and lust whenever they did this, although Wonwoo was the one who asked for it by himself. It had looked perfectly consensual and pleasant in Seungcheol’s eyes, because, again, their expectations were just always strikingly different. As the alpha forcefully pulled Wonwoo back into his arms and sealed the boy’s lips, he considered this as a gesture to signal he had given up now. Yet, it was not what Wonwoo exactly wanted to happen, and the omega continued to shed tears while his lips were devoured by the older male. This behavior only caused him to look even more pliant and submissive to his alpha, breaking all the remaining power in Seungcheol’s mind to fight against his instincts.


Despite knowing the danger of doing this without a proper safe word, the man only proceeded, aware of the fact that even if he tried to ask, Wonwoo would not give the answer. It was easy for Seungcheol to bring the boy who had lost all hopes and strength in his life back to the bed, and it was even easier to undress the boy who was willing to give away everything. Yet, it was difficult to treasure the thin and pale body as Seungcheol wanted to, because his tender touch only seemed to provoke some kind of excruciating pain inside Wonwoo’s heart and make him cry harder.


Placing a hand on the omega’s chest, the alpha worriedly whispered, using the other hand to stroke his hair gently.


“We will do it, but you have to breathe. Okay? Alpha can’t do it if baby look like you’re dying. Understand, Wonie?”


The sentence and request were spoken out of pure concern, but the kinky pet name somehow miraculously did wonder to Wonwoo. It broke Seungcheol’s heart immediately to finally understand the omega genuinely wanted to give up everything. Wonwoo did not want to have a single bit of control over anything about himself. Consequently, this kind of desire caused him to be even more desperate to be good for Seungcheol, or else he would not be able to get what he wanted from the alpha. No matter what the leader wanted, Wonwoo would obey. Right now, he was obviously trying to breathe, in spite of the relentless tears and broken sobs.


Trying to take advantage of this mindset in the omega, Seungcheol once again attempted to make this ordeal safer for Wonwoo. Kissing the boy deeply and slowly, maybe too slowly for the omega’s wish of being destroyed, the leader repeated a question from somewhere around their first time together.


“If baby is good, Alpha will give you all you want. You hear me, Wonie?”


Seungcheol might be unaware of it, but he was truly the person reigning Wonwoo’s mind at this moment. It turned out that things would work in this way. As long as Seungcheol was willing to fulfill all of Wonwoo’s unhealthy desires, the boy would be the most obedient kitten in this world to get ruined. Biting his lips to hold back the feral sounds of his inner alpha growling, Seungcheol greedily licked anything he could reach on the omega’s neck, doing it as a way to cope with his desire to bite.


“Tell me your safe word, Wonie. I won’t start before you give it.”


“No!!!” The omega cried out and sobbed loudly, evidently in distress. “No… please… please just… just…”


“You’re not being good right now, Wonie.” Seungcheol lowered his voice threateningly as his right hand sneaked down to grab the omega’s dick in his hand.


Wonwoo thought this was the time to feel relieved, but he was definitely wrong. Seungcheol simply grabbed it and held it tightly in his palm without providing any real stimulation, bringing even more frustration and desperation to the crying omega. Wonwoo began to thrash and whimpered, but to no avail. There was nothing he could get when the alpha did not want to give. Seungcheol had not even taken off his own clothes yet, and was determined to get the safe word from his partner this time.


“You are making this harder for yourself, Wonie!” Seungcheol scolded him softly but dangerously, mouth nibbling the omega’s earlobe. “Just give me the safe word. That’s all, baby. Then you will get all you want. Isn’t it easy?”


As expected, Wonwoo was unable to be stubborn for long in this condition. Choking out a sob, he gasped out a simple word.




Needing no more than that, Seungcheol was temporarily satisfied when he stopped the short torture to completely devour the omega’s lips one more time. This time, nothing could stop them ever again, and Wonwoo eventually got the lust and relief his body had been aching for.


It did not take long for the omega to start feeling Seungcheol’s hands all over his body, touching his bare skin on all the most private and sensitive spots. This kind of intimate encounter should be already familiar now, but the boy continued to shiver at the touch, biting his lips harshly to stifle the embarrassing sounds, yet Seungcheol was having none of it. A whisper “Let me hear you” and a soft bite on the scent gland were all needed to make Wonwoo instantly comply and let go of himself one more time to drown deeper together with the alpha.


“That’s right, baby!” The deep, husky and hoarse voice whispered filth into Wonwoo’s ears just right when the fingers began to move mercilessly. “That’s how you’re supposed to sound when clenching around my fingers like this, Wonie! Let Alpha know how good you feel, hmm?”


With this kind of movement, Wonwoo was certain Seungcheol wanted him to reach his first orgasm on those thick and long fingers, but the omega seriously could not care. Even if he did care, there was nothing he could do either. His body naturally reacted to the intense stimulation right against his prostate by arching his back off the bed, but Seungcheol did not even allow him to do so. The alpha’s other hand held him down tightly against the mattress, causing Wonwoo to get completely helpless.


Seungcheol only wrapped his lips around the omega’s cock when he sensed the boy’s orgasm coming. Therefore, when he cum, everything was shot down into the alpha’s throat, and the man just made use of this to keep sucking hard to drive Wonwoo insane through the overstimulation. Although it was truly uncomfortable, the omega did not beg for his partner to stop, sickly finding the relief of getting tortured and punished like this. He wanted Seungcheol to keep going on, on, and on until he broke. There should be no mercy for him, because Wonwoo knew he did not deserve it.


It was also the reason why the omega begged to be tied when Seungcheol flipped him to lie on his stomach. The alpha was taken aback by the request in three seconds, but he soon left the bed to look for something, leaving the boy with a sudden wave of anxiety in his chest. The boy did want to be tied, but making Seungcheol leave his sides had never been what he wanted. Almost whimpering pathetically, the boy tried to keep his eyes on the alpha’s movement, wishing for him to come back immediately, because it felt so unsafe and terrifying to be left naked and exposed on the big bed. Wonwoo needed Seungcheol to feel secure. Wonwoo wanted the leader to return to him as soon as possible.


Fortunately for the omega, Seungcheol soon found things he could use. Wonwoo did not have the mind to really recognize what his partner was using, only knowing that the things that wrapped around his wrists and tied him to the two bedposts were soft, tight enough to keep him in place, but not enough to hurt him. In this position, Wonwoo could not see Seungcheol or anything except for the headboard and the pillow under his head. His arms were forced to stretch nearly straight, giving him no chance to touch himself. Seungcheol had just cruel enough to tie the omega’s wrists on a pretty high position which did not allow him to touch the mattress. Consequently, Wonwoo felt incredibly more vulnerable like this, unable to grip or hold onto anything to ground himself. The only thing he could rely on was the man behind his back without being able to see him.


Not leaving Wonwoo waiting for too long, Seungcheol stuffed his ass full again by his four fingers, roughly fingering the omega again regardless of how oversensitive he was still being. Burying his face into the mattress and whimpering pathetically, Wonwoo was already feeling overwhelmed to be unable to do a single thing. His hips wanted to squirm away from the cruel thrusts of the fingers yet Seungcheol’s other hand was giving him bruises by holding him in place tightly. There was a domineering presence of the alpha’s hand on his ass, and Wonwoo in fact did not want to misbehave. He was the one who asked for this. Seungcheol was giving him exactly what he wanted, and Wonwoo thought deep in his heart, he wished for it to keep going for longer, longer, and longer.


Hardly did Wonwoo had any idea about the breathtaking view he was giving Seungcheol. It could be so sick, possessive, and obsessive of him, but the alpha genuinely got thirsty and felt like starving when staring at the gorgeous body of the boy in his hands. It was a sickeningly feeling to acknowledge the fact that this omega was all his, and he was free to do whatever he wanted to this lithe body. The submissive boy had begged to be fucked, and then begged to be tied, willingly giving all control to Seungcheol. If this was what Wonwoo truly wanted, the alpha wished to fulfill his own hunger by fucking this omega until he passed out, just like what they had done during his heat. Out of the heat, Wonwoo probably would be exhausted and give up much more quickly, but out of the heat, it also meant everything would be much more overwhelming for the boy.


Seungcheol had to keep wondering whether it was sick of him to be eager to hear Wonwoo beg for mercy, but his heart was already aching for that, wishing for the omega to plead him to stop even just once. This time, with a proper safe word discussed beforehand, Seungcheol would be able to keep going without fighting against his instincts too hard to be attentive to his partner. As long as the word did not come out of Wonwoo’s mouth, he would never stop. Maybe Wonwoo would beg so much, but Seungcheol would keep going on and on, making him cum several more times, dry, and eventually losing consciousness.


Wonwoo’s cries were broken at his second orgasm, and his body trembled even after Seungcheol took his hands away. Nonetheless, the alpha had no intention of giving him any time to rest or regain his breath. The alpha manhandled his partner into a position of presenting, ass up and face in the pillow. The exposure was too much for Wonwoo’s pride to consume easily, but he only continued to whimper and cry into the fabric, sniffling as the tip of Seungcheol’s hard dick began to tease his red entrance. All of a sudden, the omega’s breath hitched as he realized, there seemed to be nothing covering the beast.


Seungcheol chose that exact time to bend over and bit Wonwoo’s neck not very gently, eliciting a moan from the younger boy.


“I asked, and they said it’s safe to fuck you raw now, baby. I will stuff you full with my seeds and then keep them in there for so long with my knot. Like that, Wonie?”


Without any hesitation, Wonwoo frantically nodded and tried to wriggle his hips again, desperately wanting to get the dick inside immediately. It was so pathetic of him to crave for a dick like a slutty bitch, but if Wonwoo could help himself, none of this would ever happen. Something in everything Seungcheol had been doing seemed wrong but seemed to press all the right buttons at the same time, turning Wonwoo weaker and weaker by seconds. It did not feel wrong anymore when the alpha pushed inside him and filled him thoroughly by his monstrous dick which started a punishing pace right from the beginning. Without the alpha’s chest pressed against his back, Wonwoo felt more vulnerable and less safe, but such a thing did not really matter anymore. His thoughts were all cut off by the powerful thrusts that kept slamming against his prostate, forcing another orgasm to threaten to come within minutes.


In the middle of fucking Wonwoo to oblivion, Seungcheol hated himself for comparing his own self to Mingyu, continuously wondering if he was making the same mistake as the young alpha. It was true that Mingyu had done it due to anger and Jun obviously had not given consent, while Seungcheol did this because Wonwoo asked him to, yet the guilt continued to linger in his mind. The devastating thought just had to come to his brain and evilly told him that, in this way, perhaps Mingyu and Wonwoo were perfect for each other. With the burning rage in his heart, Mingyu would just wreck the omega every day, while Wonwoo hated himself enough to willingly get destroyed and killed by the man he loved.


Nonetheless, by thought and the imagination caused Seungcheol to get angry and furious. No matter how suitable those two might be for each other, the leader could not accept it, unable to allow anyone except for himself to be this intimate to Wonwoo. Moreover, what was Mingyu’s motivation? It was definitely no good for Wonwoo, especially after they were done. The omega’s rational mind would go back and let him know Mingyu expressed no love or respect during the whole process. This kind of relationship would only break the omega further and further, while Seungcheol had sworn to God that he would not hurt Wonwoo even once. He was doing cautiously with care and extra attention. He should not be compared to Mingyu, right? Seungcheol was not venting his anger on anyone. He was not forcing anyone to do this. It should be fine, right?


 After this whole night, Wonwoo would understand that Seungcheol held no bit of grudge against him, and know that the leader never wanted to hurt him. Was the alpha being stupid in putting his belief in the mind of such a broken omega? Was he unknowingly ruining his relationship with Wonwoo? Perhaps they would not be able to look at each other’s face anymore when one day the omega got some proper treatment and escaped from this horrible condition of illness. Maybe in the future, Seungcheol would be the only one stuck in the past while everyone moved on and lived a new life after some effective treatment. Whenever seeing Seungcheol, the image associated with his past, the omega would just be reminded of his ultimately dark and painful days.


When Wonwoo’s third orgasm hit, the leader unceremoniously pushed him flat against the mattress, pressing his whole body against the omega’s back to continue fucking him in this more intimate position. The poor boy now began to thrash and whimper more loudly as the overstimulation was getting so much more uncomfortable and overbearing. Wonwoo was crying and sobbing into the pillow now, but Seungcheol kept snapping his hips like maniac, mouthing at the younger boy’s neck and leaving his saliva, his scent, and his hickeys everywhere. The omega’s hole gripped so hard that Seungcheol thought he was about to be squeezed deeper and deeper inside, which just caused the boy to moan extraordinarily when the alpha painted his insides with white semen.


Certainly, a release meant nothing to Seungcheol. He could not be as feral as an alpha in heat, but his own thirst for Wonwoo was almost insatiable, and it was always possible for him to keep wrecking the boy. The omega’s body was not willing to let Seungcheol’s dick to thrust in and out anymore, yet the alpha ignored it all and continued to ravish his own weapon in the unmatched pleasure of being snuggled by the warm, wet, and tight flesh. This should be illegal, but Wonwoo’s body responded so well, gushing out so much slick to ease every movement as if it genuinely wanted more. The poor boy murmured broken “no” and “stop” quite many times, but Seungcheol decided to let them flow from one ear to the other.


It was true that Wonwoo’s tolerance now was much weaker than how it had been during his heat. The boy was already whimpering and begging for the alpha to stop after his fifth time, which had been definitely a dry one. However, the omega did not want to say his safe word, regardless of how weak and frightened his inner omega was feeling in front of the power this alpha had on him. Wonwoo guessed he was really a slut that deserved hatred and punishment, since he obviously had voluntarily asked Seungcheol to fuck him, and it was difficult to remember exactly how many rounds they had been through together today. Joshua had told him it was normal for a new omega to feel constantly horny in a few days after his first heat because the hormones in the body were still a mess, but Wonwoo failed to keep it in his mind.


He felt dirty, pathetic, and did not deserve the sudden “I love you” Seungcheol gave him directly in his ear. The words sent Wonwoo’s wrecked body through another broken orgasm and ruined his mind further. The omega was so scared of those words, so his mind kept telling him Seungcheol had just said that in order to drive him insane without any proper meaning behind. Yet, it just felt so intimate afterwards, especially when the alpha purposefully turned his face to a side and kissed him roughly. Their whole bodies were pressed tightly and connected thoroughly, all of a sudden making Wonwoo feel as if he was having sex with his lover, not a friend with benefits or a random alpha.


It felt surreal, but too real at the same time.


“Stop… Cheol… Stop…” Wonwoo whimpered feebly between the kisses, tears falling down like a rain. The words were just spoken out of his control due to how overwhelmed his mind and body were feeling. “I can’t… I can’t… please… no… no…”


“You can, baby! Don’t you feel it? You’re gripping me so tightly! Let’s do this till the morning, yeah?” Seungcheol invaded the boy’s mouth and played with his tongue mercilessly, having no care about the fact that he was causing Wonwoo to drool messily. “You’re mine, Wonie! Nobody is allowed to do this to you! You will only ever let me fuck you like this, right?”


“Yes… yes…” The omega replied submissively, struggling to breathe. “Alpha… alpha… please…”


“Not so soon, baby!”



Wonwoo was slipping in and out of consciousness when he felt gentle hands and something like soft wet towel cleaning his body. The touch did not really bother him, and he was not really sure if he was sleeping or not either. Nonetheless, in Seungcheol’s eyes, the omega was not different from sleeping already, so he tried his best to be careful and tender, knowing that the boy would not like more burden or any kind of stimulation to come. The alpha could only thank himself for having put a box of wet tissue on the nightstand when being conscious, because now he could not go anywhere to get anything for the boy in his arms. Having Wonwoo lying on his front, chest to chest, the leader could not clean up every necessary spot, yet he was temporarily satisfied. They might take a bath later in the next morning to clean up properly, as Seungcheol was certain there would be a huge mess again once he took his knot out of the boy.


No more crying, sobbing, or running away. Wonwoo soon drifted to his dreamland and gave off a neutral scent in his slumber, completely unaware of the world around. Seungcheol had no idea how long it had been since they started, but the sky was still dark outside, so there was supposed to be nothing to worry about. The room now was filled with a calm and sweet atmosphere where Seungcheol did not have to do anything except for snuggling with Wonwoo under the thick blanket. This peacefully sleeping boy was strikingly contrast to the boy out of control previously, bringing a sense of both relief and achievement to the alpha’s heart.


The leader was genuinely sleepy too, since Wonwoo obviously had woken him up in the middle of the night and they had been at it for quite long, but somehow he decided to look through his phone. It turned out that there were a good amount of complaints sent to him from no one but only Jeonghan.


“Yah, bastard I’m not with my Joshuji but you have to those scents around the place? Wtf?”

“Istg I will kill you tomorrow!”

“Why? JUST WHY?”

“I miss my room”

“I miss my Joshuji”

“Hey Junnie smells scared and sad! What does he think to smell you two like that?”

“You had better explain this tomorrow, Choi Seungcheol!”

“Can’t you keep your hands off your omega for a night?”

“I know it’s hard to resist your lover but you can’t do this!”

“Somebody needs to talk some sense into Wonu’s mind”

“Hey how long has it been? Aren’t you two going to sleep?”

“Please let me sleep”

“just please”

“Stop it”

“I wish I could come to my baby”

“and Junnie too”

“Fuck you Choi Seungcheol”

“I hate you”

“Can’t believe Wonu lets you do this to him”

“Or are you forcing him to?”

“Maybe, huh?”


Seungcheol almost burst into laughter numerous times while reading the messages. Jeonghan seemed so annoyed and angry but the leader understood that his friend had always been a light sleeper and perhaps everything happening today made it even more difficult for him to sleep properly. Moreover, Jeonghan was always caring towards all members in the pack. He might seem to have special interest and love for Jun but Seungcheol knew Jeonghan would be ready to break his neck if he hurt Wonwoo as well.


Feeling his heart suddenly warm at the messages, the leader wished he could magically make Wonwoo understand everyone in the pack loved him so much, no matter whether he was an omega, or an alpha, or a beta. As long as he was Wonwoo, everyone was eager and happy to protect him at all cost.


“Sorry. I didn’t know what else to do to help Wonie. Did you come to check Junnie?” Seungcheol sent a text to Jeonghan, hoping for the fellow alpha to accept his apology.


The annoyed alpha turned out to be surprised in his next message.


“Wonie? You two are really a couple now? Never heard anyone in our pack calling Wonu like that before.”


The leader almost snorted at the doubt, seriously hoping what he had been doing would contribute to making this relationship look more legitimate in other people’s eyes.


“Of course we are. Did you check Junnie? Wonu ran to me so crying a lot and looking really scared. Did anyone happen to see what Mingyu did to him?”


“I checked everywhere. There’s a broken glass and some blood in the kitchen. If it’s not Wonwoo then it’s surely Mingyu’s. Junnie allowed Channie and Seungkwan to come in but yelled at me to leave right when I reached the door. Shua later texted me that Mingyu doesn’t allow him to be close to any other alphas.”


Jeonghan gave so much information in a short amount of time that Seungcheol had to read the message a few times before thoroughly understanding and digesting what his friend had just told him. The alpha had inspected Wonwoo’s body carefully but now he just checked one more time to make sure the omega was not injured even a bit. Thankfully, Wonwoo was perfectly fine, so the leader had enough reasons to believe the blood Jeonghan found in the kitchen belonged to Mingyu only. It was quite surprising and also scary to know that the young alpha had been enraged enough to make himself bleed while scaring the hell out of Wonwoo.


Seungcheol wished to be able to ask his omega what had really happened, but nothing was possible at this moment. Wonwoo was dead asleep, and even unlikely to talk about the encounter with Mingyu after waking up. Jun was not any better than his best friend, seeming to have broken completely. It did hurt even the leader to see that the omega who used to be so close to Jeonghan almost look just like Jeonghan’s baby now became so distant to the said alpha. It was easy to foresee that there were various things for them to observe and be attentive to in the next days so as to keep not only Jun but also Wonwoo safe. Even if Mingyu did not cause any physical harm to Wonwoo, Seungcheol never wanted such a thing to happen again.


Mental pain could be just as bad as physical one, or even worse.


In Jun’s case, the poor boy had received both, and closed himself off even more severely than Wonwoo who had been slowly and secretly doing it without anyone’s notice. Sighing while stroking the hair of the omega on his chest, Seungcheol knew he had broken the principle twice in just a day. His brain knew so well that having sex with Wonwoo during this sensitive period of time only angered Mingyu further but he had done it not only once with the said omega today, giving Mingyu more reasons to get triggered and mad. If Jeonghan was able to smell the aroma of sex and arousal, then the young wounded wolf must have smelled it as well.


Sighing one more time and trying to close his eyes, Seungcheol was forced to admit he should never dream of peace again before solving Wonwoo’s problems properly. It could only end with the omega getting the treatment he needed and Mingyu calming down to realize he should not have vented his anger on Jun for someone else’s mistakes. There was no other possible outcome for this drama, because Seungcheol never agreed to let anything else happen.


If the agency favored Mingyu enough, they might force Wonwoo to try dating with the young alpha so as to tame his anger and satisfy his thirst for the omega. It sounded bizarre and outrageous for an agency to be this cruel, but since Wonwoo was an omega, Seungcheol was frightened to know such a thing could definitely happen if the company decided to act like an ass and consider powerful, young, and handsome alpha Mingyu to be more significant than a broken omega Wonwoo.


Through the nights spent together with the omega, Seungcheol knew, Wonwoo would be broken for good after one and only one sexual encounter with Mingyu if neither of them managed to change their ways of thinking and acting. On the other hand, if Jun kept getting hurt and abused like this, nobody knew what Wonwoo could be willing to do to save his best friend from agony.


Tragedy was threateningly creeping into the pack to ruin three people’s lives completely.

Chapter Text

Seungcheol got up to join the rest of the pack without waking Wonwoo up, as he knew the omega certainly had no energy to get out of the bed this early. Moreover, the main reason of these days off was to let the newly presented omegas rest. It was definitely understandable for Wonwoo to sleep even till the afternoon. Jun must be feeling not any better than his best friend, so the leader did not expect to see the Chinese omega at the dining room.


Since it was early, the kitchen only had a few members busy preparing breakfast with different dishes. Seungcheol narrowed his eyes at the sight of Mingyu, all of a sudden getting attacked by the anger he had managed to push down to the bottom of his stomach last night. In a split second, the leader was on the verge of chopping Mingyu’s head off, but in the next second, he forced himself to calm down, even thinking of trying to act like nothing happened. However, just one second later, Seungcheol had to wonder, why the hell did have to pretend like Mingyu had not hurt Wonwoo last night? Whatever the younger alpha’s reason was, he obviously had scared the hell out of Wonwoo and made him cry hard. As Wonwoo’s alpha, Seungcheol believed he had all the rights to get mad at Mingyu, and it should be ridiculous if he remained absolutely calm in this situation.


If the eldest alpha lived with his true emotions, he would storm into the kitchen and break Mingyu’s nose immediately, because the younger alpha deserved it. Fortunately, as Wonwoo’s alpha but also as the pack leader, Seungcheol stood at the hall for a longer while before entering the kitchen, inhaling deeply to calm himself down, hoping not to create a bigger mess in the apartment since everything was obviously chaotic enough. Consequently, the eldest alpha managed to step in without attacking anyone like a mad dog.


Instead, Seungcheol chose to stay silent, not trying to be friendly or anything and not doing anything to provoke the younger man either. Nevertheless, his appearance still caused Mingyu to snap his head towards the door and frown instantly. Seungcheol was not surprised, know that Wonwoo’s scent was all over him and he probably reeked of nothing but sex. The alpha did clean up, but with the amount of sex they had done yesterday, the smell surely lingered for a long period of time. One more time, this was certainly a great trigger which would annoy Mingyu to the utmost, but Seungcheol simply challenged the younger alpha to say or do anything about it.


Who was him to interfere with his and Wonwoo’s relationship? The leader wanted Mingyu to forever understand and remember that Wonwoo was taken.


Sometimes Seungcheol all of a sudden even wished he could leave a bite on Wonwoo’s neck so that the omega would officially belong to him in all ways possible.


Trying not to make himself madder, Seungcheol avoided looking towards Mingyu’s direction too much, but his eyes still managed to catch the sight of the tall man’s wounded hand which seemed to have been cut by glasses. Seungkwan had been nagging the alpha to wrap the wounds in bandages or wear the gloves while cooking. Mingyu rolled his eyes and groaned loudly, but eventually complied and put on the gloves, but not without glaring directly at the leader.


As a result, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Jihoon, who were busy preparing food, got stuck in the extremely weird and tense atmosphere created by the two alphas in the room. They surely could not feel the pheromones or smell the alphas’ scent, but their attitudes were already enough to make it suffocating. Vernon could not help watching the situation carefully and thinking of his own future, because he would be definitely stuck with those alphas who seemed to be rivals of each other now. This sudden change was still outrageous bizarre and unbelievable to most of them.


In all honesty, nobody had ever seen Seungcheol acting affectionately towards Wonwoo even once. They understood that Wonwoo would like to keep things secret if a relationship had not grown strong enough to gain a label, but the level of hiding in this case was just extreme. Moreover, there was one thing they definitely had not missed. Seungcheol had got triggered by Wonwoo’s first heat, which was undeniable, but the alpha had controlled himself very well back then. It was not like they expected the alpha to have lost himself, but they thought an alpha who had a crush on another boy was supposed to have stronger reactions. Furthermore, if Seungcheol had already been in love with Wonwoo then, the leader should have worried very much about Mingyu’s presence in the apartment.


Nobody could understand why Mingyu acted friendly and normal to all the betas except for Minghao. In fact, they guessed they would feel more at ease the see the tallest member acting indifferent and angry to everyone in the pack. During the whole breakfast, Mingyu never talked to or mentioned the older alphas or Joshua, and he did not ask about his boyfriend or Wonwoo either. Nonetheless, everyone definitely saw him shooting flames towards Minghao at the moment the Chinese boy asked about the two omegas.


Joshua’s answer surprised nobody. Jun was sleeping, and Mingyu did not really seem to care. Literally gritting his teeth, Jeonghan hated this attitude to death but his lover held his hand and tried to calm him down, successfully stopping the alpha from starting a fight again. Fortunately, thanks to everyone’s effort in staying calm, breakfast went by peacefully without an argument.


Nothing happened during the lesson of the three alphas later either, although the atmosphere was tense enough to scare any omega away from the living room. Seungcheol guessed they were seriously lucky to finally make some progress and go through their plans without fighting again. It had been tiring in the last few days, and things should come to an end. Certainly, Seungcheol knew Mingyu would take pretty much time to get over Wonwoo, but he wished the young alpha would learn to cope with it and react in a more harmless way. Hence, after Mingyu calmed down, they had one more problem to solve, and it was not about Wonwoo anymore. It was Jun, who had got nothing positive after this chaotic ordeal.


At this point, Seungcheol only wanted Jeonghan to take Jun completely so that Mingyu would not have any chances.


As usual, there was a break in the middle of the morning so that all of the three alphas could stay sane till the end of the training session. Mingyu took out his phone and started scrolling right after the break was announced, while Jeonghan just walked out of the apartment. Seungcheol decided to go check on Wonwoo, wondering whether the omega had woken up or not, but he ended up needing to go not further than kitchen, because the boy was already there.


Standing like a statue at the doorway, the leader was suddenly stunned and mesmerized by the scene in front of his eyes, although there was no glamour or special visual effect on anything. It was just Wonwoo dressed in his clothes – again- and standing in front of the opened refrigerator. The omega had changed out of his pajamas to wear a thin white T-shirt and a random loose white shirt outside. Both of them had so many wrinkles that the whole look was definitely not typical of Wonwoo at all, but it fit well with the slightly messy hair he had poorly fixed and the pair of shorts he was wearing.


At least, it was enough to take Seungcheol’s soul away and make him stare like an idiot.


Even though Wonwoo had changed his clothes, the leader was pretty sure the omega would go back to sleep too, as his face looked incredibly tired while he chewed on whatever he found in the fridge. There was no one else in the kitchen, so the sleepy boy struggled alone through the whole process of looking for something to eat, which turned out to be too cute for the alpha to handle. The image of last night temporarily flew out of his mind to give space for this adorable one.


Maybe Wonwoo was still too tired and sleepy to do anything effectively, so he soon gave up on the fridge and dropped himself onto a chair by the dining table with only an apple in his hand. The omega looked very disappointed while biting the apple and chewing it lazily. Holding back a chuckle, Seungcheol decided to step in for a rescue, knowing that he needed to feed Wonwoo something better.


The omega was not startled at all, and attempted to make a tiny greeting by nodding his head. However, after a few more seconds of observing, Seungcheol eventually saw the tint on pink on the omega’s cheeks, and his heart just turned soft again. They should have been familiar with each other now, after all the intense sexual activities they had done together. However, Wonwoo now was still trying to hide his shyness by his poker face, yet the effort was not very successfully because his cheeks had betrayed him.


“Are you hungry?” Seungcheol walked straight to the refrigerator but kept his eyes on the omega. “An apple isn’t enough. We have some cereal and yogurt! Do you want to eat some?”


Wonwoo did not spend much time thinking before nodding. The usual Wonwoo the alpha knew would stand up to at least get a bowl and a spoon, but Wonwoo today only sat there and watched the leader go around the kitchen to fetch all the necessary things. Eventually, it took the alpha two minutes to remember that Wonwoo must be feeling sore right now and did not want to move anywhere if he did not really need to. Feeling a bit guilty, Seungcheol was even more ready to serve all kinds of food to the omega. Making an omega’s body sore and ache after an intense night of sex was unavoidable, but the leader still wished things could have been better for the younger boy, and even wondered if he had been too rough or not. Maybe, if he had been more gentle, Wonwoo would suffer less now.


Putting the big bowl on the table in front of the omega after finishing putting everything into it, Seungcheol took the chair on the opposite side, satisfied to hear the low “thank you” and watch Wonwoo eat his food. This kind of quiet and peaceful moment was something the alpha definitely treasured, and it was such a wonderful break after the stressful lesson he had given to Mingyu. Seriously, Seungcheol could not find any reasons to blame Wonwoo from this point. The omega had made a silly mistake at the beginning by trapping Mingyu in the hotel with Jun, but afterwards, the boy did not create any further drama or tension in the pack. Mingyu was the one who made the unchangeable things become a hundred times more complicated and severe.


Seungcheol could not understand what Mingyu wanted. The young alpha intended to take revenge on Wonwoo or on Jun? Or both of them? And for what? Did Mingyu understand he could never have Wonwoo in this way? They were still young, and if Seungcheol tried his best to be positive and objective, he would say that Mingyu still had the opportunities to try chasing after Wonwoo in the future if they managed to keep this friendship. Nonetheless, Mingyu was destroying all the remaining things, while Seungcheol was determined not to let the omega get stuck in the hole of grudge and fury Mingyu wished to bury them both in.


Holding back a sigh, Seungcheol forced the negative thoughts about Mingyu go away, so that he could wholly focus on the boy in front of his eyes. Despite keeping his head down and constantly staring at the bowl, Wonwoo was definitely aware of the eyes on him, which made the pink on his cheeks get clearer gradually. Seungcheol was not sure if he was being a creep staring at the omega continuously like this, but he sometimes seriously wanted to slap his own face for rapidly forgetting all the boundaries that used to exist between them. Just a few days before, when Wonwoo had asked him to be his alpha and take him as a roommate so as to make everything easy, Seungcheol had thought it would be complicated to deal with, or their relationship would be purely sexual and nothing else.


On the other hand, it had been almost five days and Seungcheol found his heart on the floor, pounding frantically and creeping like maniac towards the said omega. What the leader thought of when seeing Wonwoo was not sex, although it was what he was supposed and promised to get from the beginning. Currently, sex was just an added benefit and one of the means to get closer to the omega’s heart. What Seungcheol enjoyed most in this ambiguous relationship he had was the opportunity to do every intimate and affectionate action he wanted to Wonwoo, especially when there were many people around them, because the younger boy also wanted everyone to believe they were dating.


Seungcheol honestly just wanted to scoop the omega up and let him eat on his lap right here, right now. Nonetheless, he refrained himself from this kind of wish, knowing that Wonwoo might comply but it did not mean the omega would enjoy it. This was where the situation got the most difficult. Seungcheol had to force his brain to work extremely hard to always stay calm to evaluate whether Wonwoo would like this or that or not. Last night had been an example for him, letting him know how hard it would be for him to really help Wonwoo get over the darkness in his mind. Sometimes Seungcheol did things that he thought might help the omega, but Wonwoo did not consider it in the same way. The leader guessed he had better try whenever the younger boy was sane and lucid, for instance right now, although talking about it might make Wonwoo uncomfortable and unhappy.


Nevertheless, Seungcheol did not have the chance to do so, because he was startled by the sudden exclaim of Jihoon who appeared out of nowhere and walked straight towards Wonwoo. Holding back a groan, the leader could not believe why Jihoon always had to appear at the wrong timing like that. Without hearing, Seungcheol could already know the shortest boy of the pack was about to scold them.


And he could never be wrong.


“Jesus, I can’t believe you two! Especially you, Wonu!” Jihoon complained harshly with a scowl on his face, hand almost slapping Wonwoo’s shoulder but he quickly changed his mind. “How could you let him do that? You’re going to ask me why I know, right? Yeah, of course I can’t smell you two, but I have fucking ears and I heard you two last night! What’s happening? Are you guys on a honeymoon or what? Do you see what you have done to him, hyung?” Jihoon snapped at Seungcheol with no warning. “Don’t you see how tired Wonu is? Why can’t you just keep your dick to yourself and be patient?”


If the situation were currently less intense and more comfortable in the pack, Seungcheol would sulk and pout due to being blamed for something he had not done intentionally. If it had not been for Wonwoo begging him and almost walking out, the leader would not have fucked him half to death last night. However, since everything was already complicated and insane enough, Seungcheol did not want to do anything except for taking all the blame to give Wonwoo some peace. Keeping his composure and an aloof face, the leader spoke in monotone, casually scrolling through his phone.


“Oh yeah, we’re on our honeymoon then what? Isn’t it correct?”


“But what did I tell you two?” Jihoon’s frown got deeper, and he was whisper-yelling now. “Can’t you just reduce it so as to just make Mingyu less mad?”


“Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.” Seungcheol shrugged, totally determined to deal with this annoyance from Jihoon and not to make Wonwoo be bothered by it. “He has to understand it too, Jihoon. Wonwoo and I are dating now, like Jeonghan and Joshua. So, we fully have all rights to do things like that without asking for anyone’s permission.”


Wonwoo intended to speak up and explain a few times, but after realizing Seungcheol was taking everything for him, the omega threw away his tiny efforts and just concentrated on eating, as he hated answering this kind of questions. Moreover, it was embarrassing to talk about this. Why did Jihoon want him to explain why he had had sex with Seungcheol? Did the short boy expect him to say the leader had forced him to do it? Therefore, all of a sudden, Wonwoo felt annoyed so much that he did not want to look at Jihoon anymore. Temporarily shutting his mind down, the omega just let Seungcheol do everything as he wanted.


Jihoon was baffled by Wonwoo’s silence, but it was also obvious that nothing he said could make the omega have any reactions. Jihoon always believed they had better refrain from having too much sex so as to give Mingyu some fresh air. However, now it seemed like it was useless to talk to the couple about this.


“You know what might happen if you keep doing this!” The short boy did not give up soon, lowering his volume to the utmost, worried that the alpha in the living room might accidentally hear something. “Did you see Junnie? I don’t want to see Mingyu getting any angrier than this!”


“He’d fucking scared Wonwoo before we even started it!” Angered by the constant questions and warning, Seungcheol finally snapped and growled, gritting his teeth. “And I haven’t even managed to ask Wonwoo what the fuck Mingyu had done to him last night. You saw the wounds on Mingyu’s hands? After Wonwoo ran back to my room last night, Jeonghan found broken glasses and blood here. Shouldn’t I make it as clear as possible to him that Wonwoo is mine and untouchable now?”


“Oh my God!!! He broke a glass? Really??? Why??? How did it happen?” Jihoon gasped loudly, staring back and forth between the alpha and the omega. “Nobody told me anything! I saw the wounds on his hand but I thought he was just clumsy again!”


“So stop telling me what to do if you don’t know everything, Jihoon!” Seungcheol continued to growl, directly using the commanding tone that always worked on all omegas and betas. “I don’t want to forgive anyone who messes with my omega and I don’t accept detaching myself away from Wonwoo just because of someone who doesn’t mind crossing the line over and over again. Mingyu is the one who has to behave here! Do you understand now?”


Jihoon visibly cowered at the sudden aggressive commands and feral growls. Without fully progressing what the leader had just said, the beta nodded quickly and gave in for good. Wonwoo did flinch once when the alpha started using his powerful tone of an alpha, but the knowledge of being protected rapidly kicked in and took away Wonwoo’s fear completely. There was nothing to worry about when Seungcheol was seriously doing what he had promised to do. At this moment, the eldest alpha was truly defending Wonwoo from everyone’s words and actions in this pack, and the omega guessed this was really what he wanted.


Eventually there was someone for him to rely on thoroughly although the exchange for this kind of shield was never cheap.


“You are a coward, Jeon Wonwoo. Always running away! Are you going to run and cry to your alpha? So now he’s your fucking guardian angel, huh? Your peace is exchanged by your body. Am I right?”


Mingyu had not been wrong, surprisingly, despite his words being more harsh and spiteful than whatever Wonwoo had expected. Perhaps he was truly an awkward. Wonwoo only wanted to run away from this world, and desperately wished for someone to deal with all the troubles for him forever, which was an utterly unrealistic and impossible dream he should never have dreamed of. Deep in his heart, Wonwoo understood how unhealthy it was to have this kind of wish, yet if he had ever managed to talk himself out of this, he would not be in this position now, and would not willingly walked back to Seungcheol’s bedroom after finishing his food.


The omega did not go there alone, as the leader was holding his hand and leading him through the hall way. Everything was getting more real and more frustrating to see how easy it was right now. Wonwoo mindlessly brushed his teeth with the bathroom door opened while Seungcheol laid on their bed and continued to scroll his phone. Yet, the alpha’s eyes were definitely glued on the younger boy most of the time, and his break time for Mingyu just stretched out without a limit. When Wonwoo stepped out of the bathroom, he immediately dropped himself back onto the bed, sinking into the mattress and Seungcheol just took this chance to tuck his omega in carefully.


Wonwoo rejected to none of the affection, and fell asleep in the blink of an eye like how he had done previously when Seungcheol gently stroked his hair and lured him into sleep. The leader’s desperation of taking care of his boy was satisfied as Wonwoo slept under his caressing hand, as if this was just another normal day of their life being a couple in love. Nothing felt abnormal. Nothing felt wrong. Wonwoo had never declared any special feelings, which Seungcheol totally understood, and had no problem with at all. Things could be just fine like this. They did not need to do anything complicated. Seungcheol only needed Wonwoo to allow him to take care of the younger boy in the way he truly wanted.


Was it too soon to think that perhaps his way of nurturing and loving was compatible with the desires Wonwoo had never known he had?


Before returning to the living room, Seungcheol passed by Joshua’s room to ask how Jun had been. The older omega replied that Jun was still sleeping like a log, and through Joshua’s shoulders, the leader really could see the Chinese boy taking up the whole bed’s space, stretching his limbs everywhere with half of his face buried in a pillow. Quite taken aback, Seungcheol had originally thought that Jun would not feel comfortable to sleep in a room he had never been to before, especially when there was the scent of an alpha who was not his boyfriend everywhere. The truth turned out to be the total opposite. Jun did not seem to mind even a thing while being in that bed, looking as if he was just being him in his own bed on any usual day.


Again, Seungcheol desperately wished Jun could forget Mingyu and seriously understood what the young alpha had for him was not “love”. The leader could not be sure how Jun thought about Jeonghan, but this level of comfort the omega was feeling gave Seungcheol the impression that it could finally work. While being awake, Jun might be awkward and try to stay away from Jeonghan due to his fear for Mingyu, but in the middle of this slumber, Jun was unable to hide his true self anymore.


Seungcheol bet Jeonghan would be ecstatic to see Jun sleeping peacefully in his bed like this.


As if being able to read the leader’s mind, Joshua spoke warily, voice still low and soft so as not to wake up the sleeping omega.


“Please don’t ever say anything about what you’ve just seen to Jun! At least… not in a careless way! He will freak out immediately.”


“Was everything hard last night?” Seungcheol wanted to talk about the panic attack caused by Mingyu.


“He was already exhausted, so we were lucky that he fell asleep quite quickly. But then he woke up again and just lied there thinking for very long.”


“Why did he wake up? Did he talk to you?”


The eldest omega suddenly scoffed with a hint of annoyance on his face.


“Yeah, screw you, Seungcheol! You don’t know why? Of course it was you and Wonwoo having sex! We all know it. The scents were too much, and the pheromones were horrible. I couldn’t sleep either!”


Startled to hear the light scold of the American boy, Seungcheol stared back with wide eyes, since he had thought Jeonghan had only been overdramatic.


“Was it… that bad?”


Joshua frowned with a hand on his hip and the other arm on the doorframe.


“Thank God the walls are good enough and my room is far enough to block the sounds! But I smelled you two, and I was away from my boyfriend, so of course I was extremely uncomfortable! Thank you rubbing salt onto the wounds, Cheol!”


“Hey, I didn’t mean to!” The leader immediately protested. “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was that bad! But… but I thought Jeonghan hasn’t bitten you yet? Why are you two so anxious when being separated? You still live in the same apartment!”


Rolling his eyes, the omega let out an exaggerated sigh.


“You don’t know anything! It’s very easy to create the connection between an omega and someone they are close with, especially when they frequently do intimate things together. One day you will understand the suffer when Wonwoo is somewhere else.”


Flabbergasted by the news, Seungcheol asked curiously.


“How long does it take us to start feeling this way?”


“It depends.” Joshua shrugged, occasionally checking if Jun was still sleeping soundly. “But last night he completely forgot everything else and just ran to you… so I guess it won’t take much time. You two will get stuck to each other soon.”


It was not until now did Seungcheol realize that Wonwoo had run straight to him instead of Joshua and Jun after the incident between him and Mingyu. Moreover, the omega had eventually preferred staying at Seungcheol’s room too. Was the leader delusional to think that this must mean something special? Or Wonwoo had simply run to the leader of the pack, thinking that this would be the most powerful man to protect him at that moment?

Or what Seungcheol had been feeling until now was just the connection they were talking about?


Was it possible for something like that to bloom in a person’s heart this quickly and easily? Seungcheol found no ways for himself to stop these emotions from blooming and expanding in his chest, no matter what happened.


On the other hand, Wonwoo was oblivious to all the battles, confusion, and questions that were torturing the leader’s mind and squeezing his heard to death. Somehow, their thoughts failed to meet even at the times Wonwoo woke up without opening his eyes and felt the familiar hand on his head. After the lesson with Mingyu ended, Seungcheol spent time sitting on the bed just to watch the omega sleep, while Wonwoo simply thought the leader was doing something else and mindlessly stroking his hair without any particular intention. The poor boy’s broken heart was just shaken a little when Seungcheol kissed his forehead to wake him up from the slumber, telling him that it was time for lunch.


Part of Wonwoo’s mind told him this was the kind of sweet voice he had never heard from the leader who usually produced low, deep and rough sounds that made their fans fall for. The omega was simply aware of one fact, which was that perhaps this was nice. He literally did not have to care about anything, because Seungcheol would always be there to wake him up, to remind him to eat, to protect him from danger. If felt selfish not to care about himself but demand someone else to do it, yet Wonwoo was conflicted between letting it go and protesting against the leader. Wasn’t it true that he had never asked Seungcheol to take care of him? Wonwoo simply wanted to use Seungcheol as a shield, and the alpha had done everything on his own without being asked to. Maybe letting the alpha be was the best way to show his gratefulness and be a good omega for the person who had done so much for him.


The benefits were truly mutual, and Wonwoo’s biggest benefit among all was to be able to let go of himself completely. Seungcheol might try to keep him alive if the leader wanted, but on Wonwoo’s side himself, he did not care anymore. Dying might be difficult, but letting life carry him away on an invisible path was the easiest thing ever.


Wonwoo did not understand why. He used to be so scared of this, so torn apart by different wishes and fears, but now he felt nothing. Just no more. His face, his eyes, and his movements were all lifeless as he walked to the kitchen and sat down next to Seungcheol. Everyone watched him limp across the hall, but Wonwoo paid no attention. The last person he cared in this world was only Jun, the Chinese boy who struggled to move faster towards his best friend and hugged him like a clingy little kid. Trying to protect the young omegas again, Joshua quickly took the chair on the other side of Jun, hoping that they could sit like this forever, so that both Jun and Wonwoo could be kept away from Mingyu forever.


Jun looked absolutely horrible, with dark circles around his eyes as if he had been awake through the whole night, but Mingyu asked no question, only repeated the action of walking over to give a smack to the omega’s forehead like yesterday. Not only Jun but also Wonwoo flinched as the man walked by, and Wonwoo felt shivers down his spine to just see Mingyu in such a close distance. There were countless reasons for this kind of feelings, and it hurt so badly, so awfully, but the omega was now eventually too scared to look at Mingyu again, in spite of feeling the alpha’s burning gaze on the tip of his head. Did Mingyu hate him now? What was the alpha thinking in his mind? What did Mingyu mean when saying he would make Wonwoo pay for what he had done? Should he just come to the alpha to talk directly one more time and apologize? Would Mingyu take it? Would it make the alpha less angry, or would it be another mistake since the younger man now hated him too much to listen to him again?


The more Wonwoo thought about it, the more hopeless he felt, and the more he realized that nothing could ever save the relationship between him and Mingyu. The friendship would be broken forever. It was so painful and brutal of fate to let Wonwoo know how much Mingyu loved him in this way, after everything had been ruined. The thought did cross the omega’s mind, making him wonder whether Mingyu could love him enough to handle the darkness in his soul and accept all the deformed sides of Wonwoo. The more he thought, the more his head hurt, and Wonwoo almost forgot he had been brushing his teeth for more than five minutes and Seungcheol was staring at him attentively from their bed.


Too exhausted by his own chaotic thoughts, the omega closed his eyes right after his back touched the mattress. The answer for his questions was probably “no”, because, again, Wonwoo knew he deserved no one’s love. If they became lovers, Mingyu would be pressured and burdened by the responsibilities over his omega boyfriend. Meanwhile, Seungcheol was currently not constricted in anything called “love”. Wonwoo partially felt like he owed the leader, but partially felt he owed nothing at all, because he had paid it all by offering his body. Maybe he was just cheap, filthy, ugly, and imperfect in all ways, but perhaps it would be enough for a while.


Maybe until Mingyu forgot him completely.


Tired and drowned in the desires of detaching himself from the world ultimately, Wonwoo pretended to be sleeping like a log when hearing Jun coming to his room and asking for permission to sleep with him. Before Seungcheol could answer, Wonwoo heard Joshua gently telling the Chinese boy that he should not do so, and explaining that Wonwoo should be with his alphas when he was feeling unwell like this. The phrase “his alpha” sounded strikingly weird and unfamiliar, but shockingly safe and assuring, as if it one more time confirmed that Wonwoo was not alone. He had a shield. A protector. Everybody assumed that he wanted to be with Seungcheol and Seungcheol wanted to be with him too. It should be a blessing, because Wonwoo did not want to take care of anyone else either.


Apart from Wonwoo and Jun, everyone else in the part could clearly see that these two boys actually should not spend too much time together currently, because they were too weak to care for one another. Being a burden of each other would just tired them out more quickly than anything else in this world and do harm to their health eventually.


The conversation gave Wonwoo the impression that Jun came here regardless of the fact that Jun had told him not to do. However, in front of a concerned Joshua who tried to talk him out of the plan and a slightly triggered Seungcheol who explained more than twice that Wonwoo had already fallen asleep and the leader had lost his bed yesterday already, the Chinese boy had no choice but to comply. Sulking sadly, the defeated omega had to walk back to Joshua’s room, but not without the American omega’s promise of being with him as much as he liked.


Seriously, Seungcheol thought he would combust if someone took Wonwoo out of his room or forced him to give his bed away today, since his omega looked clearly unhealthy enough to do anything. Once his boy was feeling unwell, Seungcheol only wanted to be with him, and do everything he knew he needed to keep this boy safe. If the leader was honest, he would say that he did not trust Jun in handling Wonwoo’s emotions these days at all, especially when it seemed like Wonwoo excellently hid his turmoil whenever he was with Jun and only cared about Jun at those moments. Saying that Jun was incredibly innocent and naïve after all was certainly not an understatement.


Having nothing to do in the afternoon, Seungcheol decided to take his nap with Wonwoo, carefully pulling the boy into his arms without knowing that the omega was aware of what he was doing. Yet, Wonwoo did not move or say anything, sinking deep in his slumber again without admitting how nice it felt to sleep in this way. With the air-conditioner on, it was perfect for them to just sleep and enjoy this peaceful moment as if they were a true couple.


In the afternoon, Wonwoo continued to sleep, while Seungcheol woke up just to start playing games on his phone. Very gently and carefully, the leader moved the omega’s head to his lap, and the boy did not even stir once. However, he was startled for a second when waking up, but after going to the bathroom, the omega put his own head back on Seungcheol’s lap and continued to sleep, seeming to mind nothing at all.


The leader only woke Wonwoo up when he thought their dinner was coming in one more hour and that the omega should take a shower first. Nonetheless, after seeing the boy being extraordinarily lazy and tired, Seungcheol came up with the idea of giving Wonwoo a bath instead, telling the boy that it could help him relax and feel much better afterwards. Wonwoo spent a lot of time staring at the alpha and rubbing his eyes, saying no words. Seeing that this would lead them to nowhere, the alpha voluntarily filled the bath, checking the temperature and showing the boy the little collections of things he had to put into the bath. Wonwoo looked through Seungcheol’s small box through sleepy eyes, but eventually chose the lavender essential oil.


Although they had had sex together numerous times, the leader knew his boy was still too shy to undress himself in front of him. Therefore, the man walked out to look for the new clothes in order to give Wonwoo some little time. When he came back, his roommate was already inside the bath tub, eyes almost shut and moaning softly at how nice it felt to put his sore body into the adequately hot water. Satisfied to see that, Seungcheol hung their clothes on the hook before getting rid of the ones he was having, and stepped in to join his omega.


Wonwoo seemed surprised for a very short second, and then just closed his eyes in relaxation again when Seungcheol fit himself into the bath tub. The leader was genuinely stunned at how receptive Wonwoo was towards him, wondering whether the omega truly felt okay with this or he was just to go along with whatever Seungcheol wanted due to their deal. Nonetheless, whatever the reason was, the alpha now acknowledged his advantage of this whole situation, deciding to make us of it so as just to bring himself closer and closer to Wonwoo. It had been impossible in the past, but right now, it felt right and fine for him to sit in the tub behind Wonwoo, pulling the younger boy to lean against his chest, and wrapping his arms around the omega’s torso without getting any rejection.


Just like before, the day continued to pass by peacefully with Wonwoo being tenderly cleaned and snuggled by the person he had never expected to take care of him so thoroughly and gently in this way. Without opening his eyes, Wonwoo could feel the leader trying to massage some tense muscles on his shoulders and hips, which was a very welcomed gesture, since Wonwoo thought he had not stopped feeling sore from the first time they had sex together. Yet, what he did not expect was to hear the apologies by his ear.


“I’m sorry for making you like this, Wonie. I’m sorry. It will get better soon. I promise!”


Keeping his eyes closed and still relaxing in the alpha’s embrace, Wonwoo feebly mumbled his answer.


“Don’t say so… It wasn’t your fault.”


“It is!” Seungcheol as determined to take his responsibility, giving an assuring kiss to the omega’s ear. “We have to find out some ways to make it hurt less later. You can’t work if I make you feel this way.”


It was in fact incredibly embarrassing for Wonwoo to admit he felt very sore after all the times having sex with Seungcheol, and he almost felt the urge to ask Joshua whether it was normal to struggle like this after sex. However, half of the boy did not want to ask, or maybe did not want this condition to even stop, which turned out to conflict with his own embarrassment. The soreness just surprisingly gave him a very natural reason to stay in bed, to avoid doing everything and meeting everyone as he had always wanted to. Wonwoo was a man with responsibility and a career he never wanted to ruin, but sometimes it was seriously overbearing.


Like right now, Wonwoo did not want to reply to Seungcheol anymore, wanting to let it go completely so that he could get something he considered as peace. The leader was now already familiar with the way Wonwoo avoided solving everything in this world, as if they would disappear as long as he did not talk about them. This behavior was utterly frustrating to deal with, but for now Seungcheol was temporarily satisfied, since at least Wonwoo was not trying to push him away. Nonetheless, the way Wonwoo did not try a single bit to improve the situation truly worried Seungcheol and made him fail to stop his mind from imagining the worst scenarios.


Things were never good when someone was on the verge of giving up, which looked exactly like what was happening in Wonwoo’s mind at present. Sometimes, Seungcheol just felt like failing, as if he would not be able to detect the moment when Wonwoo slipped away from his grip completely. Would it work if Seungcheol tried to show the omega how much he truly cared about him? And then, he would slowly help the boy see that there were so many people who wanted all the best for him and were always willing to help him through the worst hardship.


Seungcheol was not sure what his partner was thinking, but the omega had no rejection when the alpha slightly turned his head to a side and kissed his lips. Wonwoo did not need to lift his head or sit up; he simply continued to sit with the weight of his torso leaning against the leader completely. They made out like something called “a couple in love”, or a stupid pair of “friends with benefits”. “Friends with benefits” should never have this much snuggles and cuddles. A fake “couple in love” should never have so many moments which made Seungcheol felt nothing but in love, wrecked, and drunk. Boundaries slowly got blurred and broken so many times, and the alpha did not know why he had initiated the kisses either, only knowing that it was what he wanted to do with Wonwoo, to make this moment more special, more intimate, and sweeter for both of them.


Seungcheol did not know, in that hazy moment, there were more than one time in which Wonwoo’s brain decided to trick him and gave him the illusion of being with the person he truly wanted. Would it be so much sweeter and more heavenly to be wrapped in Mingyu’s arms in this way? Wonwoo would never mind spending his days kissing and cuddling in the tub with the man he loved. Nonetheless, in fact the omega would never have a single chance to know how it could really feel like, because he knew Mingyu never belonged to him, and nothing could fix it to return to the original state ever again.


Wonwoo knew he was not good enough for Mingyu. He knew he was nothing but a thing for someone to use and play with, like how he had devoted himself to Seungcheol. Perhaps, Wonwoo knew he did not deserve the leader either, because the alpha had always been so kindhearted, so loving, and caring towards him, as if Seungcheol was taking care of him like a real lover. The thought gave him shivers up and down his spine, but the alpha never seemed to have a care about adjusting anything in this relationship. Everything just came in its natural flow, and something made them both feel as if it was normal and just fine to kiss like this.


Lost in the kisses, Wonwoo was no longer able to distinguish black and white, unable to figure out what he was feeling at the moment. Things just got simpler when the boy’s body shuddered in a strange sensation that seemed to be a combination of thrill and relief as Seungcheol’s hands wandered across his body. Yet, not satisfied with this position, Seungcheol abruptly broke the kisses, leaving Wonwoo flabbergasted so as just to turn the omega around. In the blink of an eye, the boy was not straddling Seungcheol’s lap, and the alpha was quick enough to push his partner to sink down on his cock without asking.


Gasping in shock, Wonwoo was startled by his own moan, as the sudden penetration triggered his sensitive walls, especially when the alpha did not finger him open beforehand. However, the omega was still loose enough to take his partner rock hard dick with no pain. Everything just felt tight and intense, and Wonwoo genuinely felt worried in a second. Nonetheless, Seungcheol demolished his fear quickly just by pulling him for a passionate chain of kisses one more time, obviously having no intention of moving or forcing the younger boy to ride him.


Why was he doing this? Wonwoo failed to get the answers from anywhere – his own reckless mind, his uncontrollable body, or his unpredictable roommate, but the omega found himself closing his arms around Seungcheol’s shoulders, hugging him and kissing him back. The leader’s hands were everywhere on his body, burning every inch they roamed over, and triggering feeble moans to come out of the younger boy’s mouth whenever they kneaded and fondled some special parts.


At the moment Seungcheol’s right hand wrapped around Wonwoo’s red hard cock and started to stroke with purpose, the omega sighed softly with no complaint or discomfort. It should be incomprehensible for the omega to see himself reacting so positively to this when his heat was already over, and it should be even more inexplicable for him to feel himself getting horny and ruined in every single time of having sex with the man he actually had never considered to be more than a close brother whom he looked up to. Maybe just because Seungcheol was good at this. Maybe just because Wonwoo was defeated by his own instincts and the heady pheromones their bodies both produced out of their control.


As long as it would always be him and Seungcheol like this, perhaps it would be just fine.


Maybe because Wonwoo had told himself to consider Seungcheol as his home, everything felt right, safe, and comfortable.


Bath time became a steamy moment for the couple, and the leader today eventually found his way to make Wonwoo go through a few good orgasms without fucking him again. The omega was not sure whether to appreciate this or not, since his instincts seriously loved to get fucked by his alpha’s dick more than anything else. Nonetheless, the atmosphere effortlessly dripped honey and left a taste of sugar on his tongue when the boy collapsed on top of Seungcheol, panting heavily after an intense orgasm that had caused him to tremble hard. The alpha gently rubbed his partner’s back, chuckling in a low but soft voice as he whispered, transmitting warm and soothing words into the omega’ ears.


“I got you, baby! I got you!”


Putting all his faith in those words and in the embrace of the man holding him, Wonwoo nodded weakly and remained leaning against his alpha, trying to gain back his normal breathing, but at least for now, there was nothing to worry about. Wonwoo knew Seungcheol would protect him, and take care of him, no matter what the reasons could be.


The comforting and sweet bath helped Wonwoo feel a little more refreshed afterwards, and it felt all natural again when Seungcheol kissed his cheeks after getting dressed properly. They were both standing in front of the mirror of the large wardrobe as the alpha wrapped his arms around Wonwoo’s waist from the back, forming a loose but warm backhug. It was a bit ticklish to feel the man’s breath on his neck, but Wonwoo relaxed again to feel a kiss coming to his scent gland, guessing that perhaps his body had already started to get familiar with the leader.


“Everything will be alright. I promise!”


Taken aback by the promise, Wonwoo could only stare at the reflection of the alpha unblinkingly, while the man showed nothing but determination and assurance. The words and the promise were emphasized and strengthened in a unique way when the omega felt his back being pressed against the mirror, and his alpha was all over him again to kiss his lips slowly but deeply. Seungcheol’s hands on the boy’s hips were like a strong confirmation of the alpha being here for him and him only, providing a strange sense of protection and assurance Wonwoo had never known in his life. The kisses this time were just sweet and soft, leading to nothing intense or sexual, but it felt truly like a couple in love, especially when they were both startled by the knock and yell of Seungkwan from outside.


“Hey Cheol-hyung! Don’t you want to eat? What are you doing to Wonwoo-hyung again? Just come out here and let him live in peace?”


Groaning in annoyance, Seungcheol pulled away longingly, all of a sudden making Wonwoo embarrassed to death by the fierce look of anger in his eyes. It was obvious that the alpha was very unhappy to be interrupted, but they surely had no other choice. Seungcheol’s eyes were fierce when he glared at the door, yet turned all gentle and loving again when they were directed at the blushing boy.


“Let’s go, Wonie! Dinner time!”


Nodding in embarrassment, Wonwoo let the alpha hold his hand and take him out of their bedroom, heading towards their own pack without worrying about how everyone would think about this relationship.

Chapter Text

The next days went by so abnormally uneventful that Wonwoo could not help feeling weird.


In order to prevent something like that night from happening again, the omega always prepared a bottle of water in his own bedroom before sleeping, so that he would not have to come out at the time when there was nobody else around. Moreover, Wonwoo also tried his best to avoid running into Mingyu alone, still clearly remembering the alpha’s threat of making him pay for what he had done. The boy could never imagine the exact thing Mingyu wanted to do to take a revenge on him, but being cautious was always better.


As the lessons kept going on and on, and the suppressants gradually became effective on their bodies, Mingyu’s scent of anger subsided, and there was not too much tension in the air anymore. Once the young alpha seemed to be less furious, the other two alphas could finally put down some of their guards and pressure. Nonetheless, they kept being extraordinarily cautious, and Jeonghan continued to glare at Mingyu whenever the younger alpha greeted Jun by a kiss on the forehead every time they met. It was usually at meal time, and Jun flinched in every single time it happened. Wonwoo knew he should not feel scared because Mingyu was not touching him or doing anything to him, yet the omega failed to shake off the feeling of being watched and preyed upon. Something in the alpha’s vibe was effortlessly constantly scary, which had never stopped reminding Wonwoo of what the man had told him.


“You’re a coward, Jeon Wonwoo!”


The accusation echoed in the omega’s head whenever their distance was closed like this.


On the other hands, things seemed to be fine if Wonwoo managed to stay away from Mingyu and his anger. Seeing the alpha while the whole pack was around was already stressful enough. The peaceful times Wonwoo enjoyed the most every day were the lessons he had with Joshua and his sleep time in his bedroom, which was, in fact, Seungcheol’s bedroom. As the leader had said, the lessons for the newly presented omegas were nothing tremendous, so Joshua only had to teach the younger boys in a very relaxing manners.


Wonwoo guessed his best friend was the one who enjoyed those lessons the most, as the Chinese boy always held his arm tightly and snuggled with him through the whole period of learning. Joshua never stopped them from being so clingy to each other, only smiling fondly at them and there was once in which the American omega all of a sudden made Wonwoo blush by ruffling his hair. The usually cold omega was so taken aback that he knew nothing to do but staring at Joshua unblinkingly before turning away with pink cheeks. Unfortunately for him, Jun could never let go of such a moment easily.


Cooing at his best friend exaggeratingly, he wrapped his two arms around Wonwoo and hugged him tightly.


“Ahhh, Wonuuuu, why are you like that? Awww, isn’t he so cute, hyung? I bet you find him cute too, right? Who the hell doesn’t think Wonu is cute? Don’t be shy!!!!”


At times like this, Wonwoo seriously just wanted to throttle Jun or cut this friendship forever because of his relentless teasing. Wonwoo knew he was not cut, and he was not better than anyone, especially in comparison with gorgeous and sweet omegas like Jun and Joshua. Wonwoo knew Joshua cared for him as an older brother, but his mind had never been at ease while thinking of letting the older omega take care of him or do anything for him. He usually avoided Joshua’s hug and touch, but in this only particular time, the action came too suddenly for him to react properly on time. Wonwoo regretted this so much, but in the end, he said nothing else about it, giving Jun no chance to keep going on with his tease either.


Apart from that time, all the lessons were peaceful and comfortable, and Wonwoo actually slept in that bedroom two more times with the two other omegas. Usually, they put Jun in the middle, but the Chinese boy always moved a lot in his sleep, so there were occasions when Wonwoo woke up seeing himself lying on his belly with an arm draped over his back, while Jun was subconsciously trying to move into his chest as close as possible. Sandwiched between the two omegas, Wonwoo was overwhelmed by their touch and cuddles, wondering why they had to do this over and over again. Was it not good enough for Joshua to do that to Jun only? Why did he always have to drag Wonwoo into this?


Wonwoo knew he did not deserve love, and he did not want anyone to sympathize him either. Sighing quietly, consuming the pain in his chest, the omega knew if someone asked him whether he loved Joshua, or anyone else in the pack, or not, his answer would definitely be “yes”. Nonetheless, there was a great gap, a huge difference between loving someone and being loved by that same person. In those sweetest and kindest people’s embrace, Wonwoo felt nothing but ashamed of himself, ashamed of his own broken state, and his own ugliness.


The only time Wonwoo felt comfortable with any kinds of cuddles was when he was in his bedroom. The omega did not know how Seungcheol was viewing him now, or what his own heart considered the alpha to be either, as labelling was too tiring and complicated. Wonwoo guessed they were simply friends with benefits now, since he felt pretty nice and warm in Seungcheol’s arms, while the alpha strangely seemed to excessively enjoy enveloping the omega in his arms wholly. Until this day, Wonwoo fully understood why Joshua almost smelled the same as Jeonghan.


The omega did not know much about alphas’ instincts, but Seungcheol looked like he was obsessed with the younger boy’s scent or with marking him completely. Even out of their sexual moments, the leader always tended to kiss, bite, and nibble right on Wonwoo’s scent gland. Sometimes, the contact of his lips and teeth on the boy’s sensitive skin jolted him in shock, but something else in those kisses turned him into mush. The slight discomfort disappear quickly, replaced by some tingling sensation and sense of protection.


Slowly becoming less exhausted, Wonwoo had more time to spend playing games in his room, and Seungcheol had to remind him not to play too much more often. Seriously, the omega was annoyed to be nagged at, hating it when someone tried to control his life, while he himself did not even care that much. On the other hand, the boy instantly cooled down when Seungcheol’s words came together with a small kiss on the tip of his head, and a light tap on his shoulder. If the leader simply scolded him, it would be just like any other days of any other members, but with just a kiss, everything was different, and Wonwoo was highly aware of the fact that Seungcheol only did this to him. Yet, the omega barely noticed or knew why he always obeyed easily, and the alpha just had the urgent need to pacify him by giving him a gentle squeeze into his chest or maybe a little make-out session which the boy never said no to.


As the days of heat became a further past, Wonwoo was relieved to find himself needing less sex to satiate his inner omega, perhaps which was the sign that said he was finally going to be in a normal and stable state. Consequently, he and Seungcheol did not have sex like horny bunnies anymore. However, they still did it, even in the last day of the break. Wonwoo did ask the leader to be rough on him as usual, but somehow today the leader refused to comply, only doing it slowly, sensually and intimately today. The omega was pinned down into the mattress again with the alpha fucking him from behind, but instead of giving fast and brutal thrusts like before, Seungcheol only languidly fucked his partner, comfortably enjoying the pleasure of lengthening this moment as much as possible.


Wonwoo was stuck in a position in which he was not able to do anything except for whining, but the leader was determined to make this all sweet for the two of them. Sometimes it was frustrating, because Seungcheol stopped his movements right when sensing Wonwoo’s climax coming, which caused the boy to whimper, but the man soothed him by kisses and low whispers on his lips. The omega guessed he heard praises, but had no idea why a person like him deserved something nice in this moment, while he literally did nothing for Seungcheol or anyone else. Nonetheless, all the arguments inside his head were useless, as nothing could stop the alpha from holding his body tightly and fucking him slowly but powerfully and precisely to make the ecstasy to last almost forever.


Wonwoo felt unbelievably vulnerable like this, even more than the times when Seungcheol had sex with him roughly. This felt too intimate, as if the leader was turning him inside out, and exploring every single corner deep inside him, so Wonwoo felt like he had nothing left and nowhere else to hide. Seungcheol had had too much of him now, literally everything, and the omega was suddenly scared of this fact. Maybe the leader would guide him somewhere. Maybe Seungcheol would start taking control of the life Wonwoo had nearly let go of. He did not know. He was too lost to analyze everything properly, but it definitely felt as if Seungcheol wanted them to melt into each other at this particular moment.


It had become a pattern now, and Wonwoo always knew he eventually could reach his orgasm when the leader bit his scent gland harshly, digging his teeth in with purpose. The bite was never strong enough to form a real mating mark, only enough to leave some hollow mark, bruises, and red color, but it always sent Wonwoo to somewhere beyond his imagination. He felt like flailing and losing control at those times, moaning brokenly under the showcase of power and dominance, feeling completely owned and taken. And, Seungcheol just always loved to fuck him raw, maybe because Wonwoo wanted it as well, especially when he could never feel safe or have something to hold onto without getting knotted and filled with the alpha’s seeds.


Seungcheol was always stunned to see Wonwoo crying while clenching around his massive knot, for whatever reasons he could never know. At those moments, the alpha would humped or gyrated his hips slowly to give some more stimulation to the boy who was already overstimulated in his arms. It never made Wonwoo stop crying, but like an addict, Seungcheol pressed his nose onto the omega’s scent gland and inhaled repeatedly, smelling no pain or fear from his partner. Sensing the complicated emotions in the boy’s head, Seungcheol sneaked a hand under Wonwoo’s belly to push the omega’s lower body even closer to his own, using his other hand to hold the boy’s ones while whispering assuring words into his ear again.


“Don’t cry, baby! It’s okay! I’m here! It will be good. I promise.”


Wonwoo knew the alpha was right, because it actually felt good, warm, and satisfied to the utmost, but something inside the omega’s heart was scared more than ever. The influence Seungcheol had on him was unmatched, and it could only get worse day by day with how they were getting incredibly closer and closer to each other. The boy did hear Joshua talk about something related to an omega and an alpha becoming familiar without being mated. His soul was genuinely scared of this, simply frightened of the idea of being attached to someone forever, especially when he had originally only asked that person to use him and consider him as a friend with benefits. As the weaker one, and as the dependent one, Wonwoo was terrified of the prospect of himself holding a dream which he was the only one dreaming of.


The feeling of getting knotted changed after each time they did this. Wonwoo knew he was not crying because of pain, since it did not hurt at all. He only felt like melting into the embrace of the man who was holding him tightly, and right of this moment, Wonwoo knew he would never be okay if one day Seungcheol just finished inside him and then left without the need of knotting or keeping them connected anymore. Getting satisfaction from storing his alpha’s seeds and getting knotted were just a thing about his instincts, which Wonwoo should have loathed and taught himself not to ever get accustomed to, but somehow he had failed pathetically, reducing his own self into this crying mess of chaotic thoughts and emotions.


Without the ability of reading someone’s mind, Seungcheol was clueless about Wonwoo’s inner turmoil, but the tears and tiny whimpers physically hurt him on a level the alpha thought nothing had ever reached before. Although this was not the first time, and Wonwoo’s scent obviously said “I’m not hurt”, the alpha still could not help apologizing over and over again, delivering more and more kisses onto his partner’s scent gland. Everything successfully brought Wonwoo to another release again, and it eventually worn out all the energy left in the boy. Nonetheless, there was nothing for him to worry about, because Seungcheol was still right there behind him, hugging him securely and assuring him “I’m here”.


Not waiting until Wonwoo stopped crying completely, Seungcheol rolled over and flipped the boy, manhandling his partner until the boy was lying on top of him. The movement certainly caused the knot to rotate inside Wonwoo, making him whimper and shudder in another wave of overstimulation. Thanks to the leader’s carefulness, the discomfort soon vanished, and Wonwoo soon found himself still lying on his belly, but his body was not in contact with the mattress anymore.


With their height and their state of being connected to each other, it was impossible for Seungcheol to let the boy’s face rest on his chest regardless of how much he wanted to do so. The leader could only let his omega share part of the pillow with him, but it seemed like Wonwoo did not actually want to fluffy thing. Half of the boy’s face was pressed into the pillow but Wonwoo was searching for something else. Fortunately, in this position, it did not take him long to finally find Seungcheol’s scent gland which was giving out the aroma he needed most at this moment.


Despite getting butterflies in his stomach due to Wonwoo’s effort of inhaling his scent as much as possible, Seungcheol was still heartbroken to see the omega in this condition. If the leader had not agreed to get into this kind of relationship with omega, he would never know how the boy had been constantly struggling every day, and how brutal it could be whenever Wonwoo mentally collapsed. Until now, Seungcheol pretty much believed his roommate was already near his breaking point, because the amount of pain and agony he witnessed in this boy in the span of one week was outrageous.


With profound regrets, Seungcheol wished he had managed to see the fact that Wonwoo needed help sooner. He should have known something serious must have been going on from the day the omega showed evident signs of closing himself off from everyone else. If Seungcheol had interfered earlier and convinced the omega to get some help back then, things could be solved much more easily. Now, since too much time had been wasted, Seungcheol was not sure how he could talk to Wonwoo about this anymore. As a person who had always put up a tough and aloof front, Wonwoo certainly did not appreciate anyone telling directly into his face that he was weak, pathetic, and broken, although the leader was quite sure Wonwoo did think of himself in that way. What he knew the best was that he had to try everything he could to take care of the omega, and give him whatever he could so as to feel even just a little bit better.


“Don’t cry, Wonie! You’re fine! Believe me, okay?” Seungcheol whispered slowly in his deep but warm voice, hands gently rubbing his partner’s back. “If you dislike something I have done to you, please tell me.”


Wonwoo shook his head, but the leader was not sure he should trust this answer or not, because the omega might just deliberately let him do the things he disliked in order just to punish himself. At moments like this, Seungcheol desperately desired to sink his teeth into the boy’s neck and claim him as his own forever, as something in his heart told him that in this way, Wonwoo would feel owned and taken, which would also mean he never had to worry about anything anymore because his alpha was here for him. Swallowing the bitter taste on the tip of his tongue, Seungcheol was forced to admit that his stupid mind truly considered Wonwoo as his omega, but the younger boy perhaps only thought of him as a shelter, a protector, a provider.


Maybe that was the reasons why despite having exposed almost everything of himself to the leader, Wonwoo still refused to open his heart for even just some words to come out.


“I really can’t do this again, Wonie.” Seungcheol murmured quietly to the omega once he had stopped sniffling and seemed to be more sober. “This isn’t right. I think we should give you some time to think about this, baby.”


Something constricted in Wonwoo’s chest, bringing him pain when he asked back, voice awfully hoarse and low.




“It can’t be fine when you always cry after every time we have sex like this.” Seungcheol stated slowly but clearly. “Maybe you don’t realize it, but it does hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt you, Wonie.”


“I’m not hurt.” Wonwoo stubbornly shook his head, although he was still pressed his nose right onto the leader’s scent gland to breathe in the scent of peppermint he had never known when he had started to enjoy. “I’m fine.”


“Then tell me, why did you cry?” Seungcheol tried to remain calm, keeping his voice low and warm while pressing a kiss to Wonwoo’s forehead. “It does hurt me a lot to see you like this. Is there a way to make this more comfortable for you?”


Still extremely stubborn beyond the alpha’s imagination, Wonwoo gave a very short answer.


“I’m fine.”


Sighing in exasperation, Seungcheol used a hand to grip the omega’s chin, using a little force to make the boy lift his head up and look at him in the eyes. Wonwoo looked quite annoyed to be moved this way, but he voiced out no complaint, only trying to dart his eyes away from the alpha’s intense stare in such a close distance. Seungcheol had the kind of look which was both intimidating piercing into the other person’s soul, so Wonwoo temporarily did not have enough courage to look into those dark eyes, despite being fully aware of the fact that he had already exposed how weak and pathetic he was to this man.


“If you’re really fine, then next time, please don’t cry anymore. Can you?” Seungcheol asked, voice slow and tender but still made Wonwoo feel like he was given a command. The only thing that reminded the omega he was not being ordered was the eyes which spoke something even more tremendous that plea and adoration.


Adoration? No. Wonwoo shook that thought away immediately. There could not be anything like “adoration” in the way Seungcheol looked at him. It could be just himself mistaking the sympathy or excessive kindness of the reader.


“It’s painful for me to watch you like this. I don’t want to keep hurting you, even if that’s what you ask me to do. Do you understand, Wonie?”


Wonwoo did not know how to explain to the leader, because from the beginning until now, Seungcheol had always been too kind to hurt the omega. The knot did hurt a little, yet the pain was never great enough to make him shed tears. Nonetheless, Wonwoo could not promise he would not cry again either. Right at this moment, when the streams of tears had stopped, the boy was already embarrassed of his own silly and ridiculous crying a few minutes ago. At this moment, everything was still overwhelming, but something had dried his tears. Something had made him feel warm, in a way he failed to understand.


Suddenly getting flipped and maneuvered, Wonwoo was startled so badly that he yelped audibly, and even moaned as the knot was jolted inside him again. Seungcheol had just moved them again, so this time, the omega was lying with on his back while the alpha was above him and pinning him down into the mattress. Before the boy started to wonder what Seungcheol was going to do, the alpha had begun to slowly scatter kisses all over his face, from his forehead, to his nose bridge, his cheeks, his jaw, and even his chin. The leader had kisses him a lot previously, for sure, but Wonwoo did not know why he got so flustered this time, blushing and having no idea what to do, while his partner was whispering sweet words on his skin, planting more and more of his scent into the omega’s body.


“Don’t cry anymore, please, baby!” Giving a kiss that lingered longer on the omega’s lips, Seungcheol continued to stare deeply into his partner’s eyes. “If I don’t hurt you, please don’t cry. I’m here with you. You’re fine, Wonie!”


Wonwoo could not count or remember how many times Seungcheol had told him those same things, so they all sounded familiar now. The boy was too lost and confused to ever know whether he truly have the alpha supporting him fully and wholly or not, but everything sounded sweet and warm as they flowed out of the leaders’ mouth naturally and slowly like this. Wonwoo wondered whether Seungcheol had had many sexual partners in the past, and whether the alpha had been this gentle and understanding to everyone. What did Wonwoo do to him to earn this kind of treatment? The omega understood nothing, having no clue to understand an understanding person, so he had no idea what to do except for receiving the kisses and timidly kissing the alpha back.


In the first few minutes, Wonwoo did not know what to do with his hands or arms, although part of his mind knew it might be good to hug the alpha, or anything related to touching the man. Nevertheless, every worries vanished into thin air as Seungcheol intertwined his fingers together with Wonwoo’s ones, connecting them together on the sides of the omega. There was nothing else the boy needed to do apart from getting kissed and having his hands held loosely and tenderly. Despite the fact that they were literally connected in his most private spot, Wonwoo one more time got flustered and shy by how intimate it seemed to be when they held hands and exchanged kisses like a real couple in love.


Their bodies were messy due to different kinds of fluids created after sex, but neither of them cared, just gluing to each other as if they had not had enough, or there would be no tomorrow to do this anymore. The knot took too long to deflate, so Wonwoo had already fallen asleep before it did. Seungcheol guessed his omega was sleeping pretty well, as his act of pulling out did not make him stir even a bit. Smiling fondly as the boy, the alpha got up and cleaned up everything by himself. Obviously, they could not spend time changing the sheets over and over again, so a large towel had been prepared in advanced so as to protect the bed. Consequently, the only thing that took most of his time was the process of cleaning Wonwoo up properly without waking the boy up. Fortunately, Seungcheol was proud of himself for doing a good job, and soon joined his omega under the blanket, wrapping the younger male into his arms tightly just like how he had always done every day in the last week.


In the end, Wonwoo’s last day of rest went by peacefully, and the omega even slept early thanks to Seungcheol stopping him from playing games too much and having sex in a decent and healthy amount of time. Unfortunately, it was not the same for the other omega, who had also just got his first heat, and was struggling through his last day of this precious break.


Jun seriously could not sleep at all, despite the sweet and soothing aroma Joshua had been trying to push out for him. The Chinese boy literally had been hiding in this bedroom for days after that incident, and he really had never been in the same room with Mingyu with other members around even once. However, when their schedules got resumed, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to keep them separated. As members of the same pack and the same group, they always easily bumped into one another, especially when Jun was afraid that Mingyu would be the one reaching out for him, because Jun had already known the alpha was not someone who could let go of things quickly.


Tossing and turning in bed, Jun was partially worried of the next days, but was also curious of how everything would turn out to be. Having not much contact with Mingyu except for receiving kisses at the dining table and messages in his phone, the omega was deadly concerned of what the alpha was really thinking about him currently.


Everyone had been trying so hard to stop Mingyu from touching Jun physically, even not wanting to see them talking to each other during meals or anything, but they all had forgotten one important thing. Both Jun and Mingyu were adults who owned their own smart phone, and it was just extremely simple for the alpha to keep in touch with Jun through texting. Before this whole mess, Jun had already spent so much time on his phone that these days nobody paid attention to him anticipating a new message from Mingyu and staring at the screen for hours.


The content of the messages was never complicated, but definitely not platonic either.


“Does it still hurt, Junnie? Guess it’s getting better, like I told you before, right?”

“Miss you, babe~ Are you eager to return to our room? I am, honey”

“I’m going to purchase a double bed. We surely can’t continue to sleep on two different beds, right?”

“Do you want to pick the bed, baby? Or Daddy will just pick it for you?”

“Wish that two weeks could go by faster. Missing you now, Junnie”

“I hate that you don’t have my scent on you at all. I know you’ve been feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with that. Don’t worry, honey. Things will change soon.”

“I can’t wait to get you back! You’re mine, Junnie.”

“Don’t be scared, baby. Jeonghan and Joshua can’t control what you text. You can tell me anything without worrying about them. Who are they to control you, huh?”

“They know nothing about us, babe! Only you and I know!”

“Really miss you, Junnie! Wanna see me in the living room midnight?”


Jun had been constantly receiving the same invitation from Mingyu for the last days, which gave him the impression that the alpha did not sleep much at night and always got out of his room around twelve o’clock. Itching and squirming in bed at those messages, Jun ached to get out of bed and come to the said destination immediately so that he could see his crush and have some private time with Mingyu there. However, the memories about the day on the terrace were still too fresh, too new, and they never stopped making the boy shiver.


What if Mingyu was still angry? What if the alpha was being normal but got angry after seeing Jun again? Without talking directly, the omega still could know that his crush had never stopped being angry since the day they came back from the hotel. In spite of having spent days sleeping in Joshua’s and Jeonghan’s bed, Jun still felt as if he was able to smell Mingyu everywhere on his body, while he was supposed to smell mostly like Jeonghan at this point. About this problem, the omega was even more anxious, knowing that Mingyu would be extremely upset at him having the smell of another alpha all over his body. Jun swore he was absolutely innocent and had never done any ambiguous or intimate things with Jeonghan or Joshua even once. It was true that Joshua had cuddled with him a lot in the past few days, but since the American male was an omega, Jun guessed Mingyu would not mind.


The biggest problem between them was Jeonghan, which was why Jun was always terrified to death whenever the second eldest alpha tried to approach him. Jun knew it was unfair for Jeonghan to be disallowed to walk into his own bedroom, but Jun seriously could not risk his own peace by feeling bad for his beloved hyung. Avoiding Jeonghan’s eyes was more difficult and heartbreaking than whatever Jun had imagined, yet he had no other choice. Resolutely avoiding him or facing Mingyu’s fury? The omega wanted to hold onto his last hope of pleasing Mingyu.


At that day, both of them had just finished their estrus, so maybe it was reasonable for the young alpha to get triggered that easily, and Jun believed he had not done well enough to make the alpha trust his loyalty. It was Jun’s fault when he had been too obedient towards Jeonghan and never stood up against the alpha’s words although Jeonghan had been continuously against Mingyu in the past few days. As a result, Jun believed his crush had enough reasons and rights to be angry.


Until now, Jun still failed to fully understand how Wonwoo and Seungcheol could become a couple so suddenly, but after watching the two of them for a pretty long while, the Chinese boy could not help feeling jealous at their dynamic. Jun was not blind, so he could clearly see the fondness in Seungcheol’s eyes whenever the leader stared at Wonwoo. Besides, Jun thought his best friend must have been a very good omega for the leader, and it perhaps was why the eldest alpha treated him so sweetly and nicely. Jun not only wanted to be a good omega for Mingyu, but also wanted the recognition from everyone else in their pack.


The dancer had never dared to voice his wish, but he actually desired to sit next to Mingyu at their dining table, wishing that one day Joshua would understand this and stop resolutely taking the chair by his side. Was it too greedy of him to want both Mingyu and Wonwoo at the same time? Besides, Jun wanted Jeonghan and Joshua either, since they had been the hyungs he loved most from the first days of being here, and he knew he loved them too. The boy did not really think Jeonghan loved him in way Mingyu had accused him of, but Jun had been spoilt by the second eldest alpha enough to be aware of the fact that Jeonghan had a soft spot for him in his heart. Was it possible for him to make Mingyu view this in a simpler and more innocent way? Jun was never a person who was good at being on his own under any circumstances. Right at this moment, despite sharing the same bed with Joshua, Jun felt nothing but lonely and isolated, because there were too many things he was not allowed to do.


If things kept going in this way, he would only be allowed to choose Mingyu or Jeonghan, just one of them. Scared of disappointing Jeonghan, the omega was even more frightened of making Mingyu mad, because Mingyu’s rage meant punishment, and Jun had already known how terrible it could be. It would be definitely extremely stupid of Jun to earn it by himself one more time.


Again, his phone screen lightened up due to a new message coming from the person he anticipated more than anyone else.


“Miss you, Junnie. Wanna see me in the living room? Waiting for you, baby”


This was not the first, and definitely not the last time. Gripping his phone tightly and holding it into his chest, the omega bit his own lips while thinking hard, battling with himself in the debate of whether he should just come out and follow his heart or not. Having been Mingyu’s roommate for too long, making use of that advantage to be right by his crush’s side. Nonetheless, it also meant Jun was not accustomed to being away from Mingyu for too long, especially when the alpha kept tempting him by messages with this kind of content. It made him feel as if they were having a secret relationship which was forbidden by Jun’s parents, while Mingyu was just too bold and confident to get intimidated by the older people’s threat.


“Does he really miss me?”


Curling near the edge of the bed, still holding the phone in his chest, Jun recalled the beautiful days in which he had been still hiding himself under the shelf of being Mingyu’s best friend. They were truly best friend back then, and Jun remembered clearly how sad and whiny Mingyu used to be at the times he had had to return to China. When Jun came back to Korea, he always took advantage of their excitement and happiness to fake his confidence and ask for the younger male if he could sleep in the same bed with him. It was what Jun had done in the days he felt awfully homesick or unwell, knowing that Mingyu was too kind to refuse. Perhaps, the precious Mingyu of that time simply did not have the wish to say “no” even a bit. Jun knew Mingyu was that kind of man, a man with a big heart, a warm personality, and tremendous generosity.


They had never been lovers, but Mingyu was a clingy man, never stopping Jun from cuddling with him in bed. Maybe that was why the alpha hated him now. Jun guessed, his crush now truly understood why he had acted like that in the past, and maybe regretted having given him so much priority and advantage. Jun thought he had always been subtle, thinking that he had successfully hid his love for Mingyu because he knew Mingyu and Wonwoo loved each other and there was no space for him in between. Unfortunately, somehow he had failed to keep this secret away from his best friend, and perhaps from some other members in the pack as well. Mingyu was the only one oblivious to his feelings until his heat.


Jun guessed Mingyu felt betrayed. Jun guessed Mingyu disliked him having acted as the alpha’s best friend for too long before getting revealed.


On the other hand, the biggest question in his mind was that, did Mingyu love him, or maybe even just like him, now? Trying to be more sane and wiser, Jun disallowed himself from thinking of the word “love”, admitting that he would feel enough with being liked by his crush. Maybe Mingyu was truly giving him a chance since the alpha knew he evidently had no opportunity with Wonwoo anymore? If Mingyu did not have any feelings for him, there should not be any reasons for him to keep telling Jun “I miss you” like that.


Recalling the sex in the terrace restroom, Jun felt a wave of tremor wrecking through his body, seriously frightened to think of being treated so roughly and violently like that again. However, the poor omega was perplexed and lost again, wondering why Mingyu only acted like that during sex while the alpha was generally sweet and gentle to him at other times. Maybe it was just the alpha’s style of having sex? Maybe Mingyu did not hold any hard feelings for him. The alpha simply loved to make love roughly, which had also happened during his heat, and Mingyu had warned him from the beginning as well. Jun guessed what the alpha had tried to tell him at this time was that “I will have no mercy for you but I know you don’t like anything rough and you should be aware that you aren’t capable of taking it”.


Nonetheless, thinking about it was already too late now, as Jun had not been conscious enough at that time to put Mingyu’s words into consideration. The omega only knew he wanted Mingyu, and nothing in this world could stop him from begging his crush to stay with him.


Again, again, and again, for the one millionth time in the past week, Jun’s head was filled with countless “maybe” he made up on his own. Maybe Jun could slowly get used to Mingyu’s style and pace, since he had not been with anyone before the said alpha. Maybe Jun was just overwhelmed by everything while it was in fact not too horrible. Mingyu did not slap him or cut into his skin or make him bleed anywhere. The alpha only gave him some dark bruises, soreness for quite a few days, too much overstimulation for one session, and maybe paying no attention to his pleas. Yet, Jun guessed this was understandable, because Mingyu was an alpha while he was indeed an omega. It should always be normal for the alphas to expect their omega to be good for them, and Jun believed he had not been good enough.


Between getting hurt by Mingyu again and never staying close to Mingyu again, Jun undoubtedly chose to be hurt again. It certainly would not be just once. Maybe when they got their private space in their own bedroom back, the alpha would teach him how to be a good omega the man loved, so they could be on the same page then and Jun would finally understand how to please his sadistic boyfriend. No matter what, Mingyu seriously got the upper hand in this relationship, and Jun could only try everything he could to gain the alpha’s love and affection. This was Jun’s only chance, and the chance was really grand, with Mingyu sending him texts and continuously inviting him to see the alpha in the living room every night like this despite the fact that some particular members in the pack would get absolutely mad if they caught them red-handed.


Jun had been in love with Mingyu for too long. It must be stupid to let his only opportunity be wasted just because of his fear. Currently, Jun blamed himself for being a virgin for ridiculously too long, for having not been prepared enough for the day he finally got his shot with the biggest crush of his life. If this love could be let go so easily, Jun would not have stubbornly longed for the man his best of best friend loved for years.


Gathering all of his courage, Jun inhaled deeply before sitting up slowly, carefully, and quietly slid out of the bed where Joshua was soundly asleep. His body was still a little sore while walking, but Jun was determined now. Fixing his hair a bit, the omega took a deep breath again and headed towards the door, secretly sneaking out of the bedroom right at midnight to see his boyfriend in the living room, hoping he would not be unlucky enough to run into Jeonghan or Seungcheol somewhere in the hall or around the kitchen.


Wearing his fluffy white kitty slipper, Jun tried his best not to make any noise as he walked tiny steps through the hall into the kitchen, sighing in relief to see nobody around, and hoping that no one would suddenly barge into the living room later. The poor eager boy’s heart pounded so violently that he believed his heartbeat sounded even louder than his footsteps and could wake anyone up. Jun thought he had never been this both excited and scared to see Mingyu like right now, although he was not even sure why he was scared. Barely containing his heart, the omega opened the last door into the living room.


As expected, Mingyu was really there, sitting in the armchair, relaxing or thinking with a glass of wine in his arm. The bottle was on the coffee table, and the man had just finished a sip before Jun peeked his head in. Although Mingyu was literally the reason for him to come out here, the omega jumped as his eyes caught the man’s figure, and even jumped one more time when Mingyu’s glance landed on him. Instantly, Jun lost his heartbeat and his mind went blank, legs turning into jelly and he currently had second thoughts about this whole thing. Maybe he should just return to bed. Maybe this was a bad decision, because Mingyu’s face actually did not look relaxed at all. Jun was able to feel the tension in spite of standing five meters away from the intimidating man.


Unfortunately, Jun had already failed all kinds of battles that could probably exist between him and Mingyu, since the alpha obviously had the upper hand and the tremendous power control over everything. Jun was frozen in his spot, unable to move or look anywhere else except for the alpha in the armchair, who smirked at his appearance.


“Ah, Junnie!” The way Mingyu quietly called out his name made Jun’s heart jump one more time, but he surely felt the venom exuded from that low and raspy voice. “Finally here. Come here, baby!”


With all the messages of “I miss you” sent previously, Mingyu was supposed to be the one walking towards Jun and taking the omega into his embrace. If Jun were wiser, he would have to recognize this, but the boy blinded by love currently just followed his silly heart and followed the command to make his feet move. Carefully closing the door behind, Jun worriedly took hesitant and tiny steps towards his crush, who had just put the glass down on the coffee table and opened his arms as an inviting gesture. There was no evidence of Mingyu acting nice or possibly pulling Jun into his chest right after the Chinese boy approached him, but Jun was already too desperate to stay wise. His mind decided to pink up on the tiny detail and cling to the little sign of Mingyu maybe willing to love him and treat him like a lover tonight.


Getting invisible motivation produced by his own head, Jun walked a bit faster, but immediately got flustered when he was only a meter away from Mingyu, having no idea what to do next. However, the alpha did not make him think hard, as the man’s big and rough hand quickly reached out to grab Jun’s wrist. There was not much force in the grip, but just in the blink of an eye, Jun was pulled hard and fell right onto Mingyu’s lap. The omega was startled, letting out smell yelps, scrambling to find a better position but it turned out Mingyu had not allowed him to move yet. Taking control of the older boy’s body completely, the alpha maneuvered the smaller male until Jun was straddling his crush’s lap and sitting face to face with Mingyu, chest to chest.


It was seriously impossible for the omega to remain calm in this position where all the distance had been killed. The Chinese boy’s heart palpitated and threatened to jump out of his chest, while his eyes frantically tried to decide where he should look. Mingyu was too intimidating and scary for Jun to look directly into his eyes, so the omega tried to avert his gaze, and struggled to find a support for his arms and hands as well. Nonetheless, it seemed that there was nowhere else for them to rest on except for Mingyu’s broad chest and shoulder. Jun did not even know why his own body was so afraid of touching Mingyu as if the alpha had ever told him he would be punished for doing that.


In the end, Jun had no choice but to rest his arms on Mingyu’s chest and looked directly into the alpha’s eyes, but not without a whine threatening to escape his throat under the power of the alpha. If there was something else the boy could do to make himself seem smaller and more submissive, perhaps he would do it right on the spot without being asked to. The tension coming from the bigger man was only intensified once Jun got in this position, and he felt truly suffocated. The omega barely dared to breathe while Mingyu stared back into his eyes, piercing through his soul, hands holding the older boy’s waist pretty tightly. It should feel intimate, but Jun continued to find a tremendous amount of fear mixed in his excitement.


Mingyu could not be preparing to hurt Jun or get mad at him in this position, right?


Before any further guess or answer came to the omega’s mind, he had soon lost the little confidence his poor self had just gathered a minute ago and looked away again. However, this time Mingyu did not approve that behavior again. Jun’s heart skipped a few heartbeats when the man’s left hand moved away from his waist in order just to grip his chin and lifted his face up. The hold was tighter than how it should be, stealing the omega breath away in fear and stupid exhilaration. Mingyu’s eyes remained dark and dangerous like how it had been since the day they returned, and there was no hint of excitement or happiness in them at all. Jun was unable to describe what he found in there, yet definitely knew it was something he never wanted to mess with.


The omega was taken aback completely when his crush’s thumb moved up to touch his lower lip and began to stroke slowly, even sensually. The alpha’s eyes followed the small movements of his own thumb, glued to the shivering boy’s lips, and only stared back into his eyes one more time at the moment he eventually spoke.


“Long time no see, baby!”

Chapter Text

Gulping, Jun really did not know how to reply, unable to come up with anything to tell Mingyu at all although he had longed for this moment so much. Unfortunately, the way the alpha stared into his eyes told the omega that he was actually waiting for an answer, which Jun had failed to give after more than a minute. It was impossible to stay calm in this position, which was both intimate and terrifying, and it seemed like Mingyu had already got the fullest control of him.


“Cat got your tongue, baby?” The chuckle came out of the alpha sent shivers straight down the omega’s spine, and he actually shuddered uncontrollably due to the thumb that did not stop stroking his lower lip in such a sensual way.


Knowing that he was not allowed to be quiet, Jun sucked in a deep breath before stuttering, still struggling to maintain the eye contact his alpha demanded.


“M-Mingyu… I… I…”


Having no chance to finish his sentence, Jun was frightened as the hand on his waist tightened its hold and the hand on his chin gripped more tightly as well. They did not heart, but were both downright threatening especially when Mingyu’s voice dropped ten times lower.


“What do you call me? Do I allow you to call my name?”


“N-no!” Jun answered rapidly in fright, quickly realizing his mistake. “I-I’m sorry, d-daddy. I’m sorry!”


“Hmm.” Mingyu snickered, and that was all Jun needed to feel even more afraid. “Don’t wanna hear that mistake again. Understand, omega?”


At this point, Jun felt as if he was being looked down on and controlled completely by the younger male who was using his Alpha voice with no restraint at all. Without the commanding tone, Jun was already desperate enough to do everything to please the alpha. Now, under the obvious and powerful showcase of dominance, Jun fought hard to swallow his own tears, because he felt humiliated and degraded. The omega had originally thought that Mingyu would just act like this during their sexual activities, but now he was convinced the alpha would always make him be a submissive lover. What was the reason? Or Mingyu simply liked it? Nevertheless, Jun knew he was not allowed to ask or do anything except for following what he was asked to do.


The only thing the omega thought he could do was asking for more details about this kind of relationship in order to do it in a right way.


“What… what about when everyone is around?” He could not stop stuttering uncontrollably, even though the question did not seem harmful.


“Only except for when the cameras and fans are around.” Mingyu coldly replied, but got Jun distracted by slowly slipping a hand under his shirt and slowly moving up his back. “Remember who you are, Junnie?”


Shivering under the slow movement of the rough hand that held more strength than whatever Jun could fight against, the poor omega weakly whispered his answer.


“I’m… I’m your omega, daddy.”


“It’s easy to be a good boy, right?” Smirking, the younger male seemed to know very well about the effect he had on the omega when stroking his back directly under the fabric layer. “Does Junnie want to have your reward?”


The innocent boy’s poor heart fluttered immediately at the word “reward”, and his eyes just twinkled brightly at the possibility of getting something actually positive and sweet from his boyfriend. This was all what he had been waiting for, and it was literally the whole point of this relationship and of what he had been trying to do. Eagerly nodding to his alpha, Jun did not forget to speak out his answer.

“Yes, I do.” All of a sudden, he did not stutter anymore, since this was what he knew the best. Jun was dying for his reward which he had never received yet.


That day, in the restroom on the terrace, Mingyu had also told him the same thing.


When Jun got his conscious back, he was still on the floor, in the same position. Nonetheless, what he was receiving was not feral pounding or harsh slaps on his butt cheeks anymore. Instead, the pain had been upgraded to another level of being stretched beyond his limit, and the cruel monster on his back did not stop rocking his hips into him slowly. It hurt too bad to endure, but Jun was not able to scream even a bit, since a palm had already been pressed tightly onto his mouth and blocked all the sounds from coming out. The only thing could be heard from the omega was pathetic whimpers, but Mingyu had no care.


In the haze of extreme pain and fright brought by the pheromones of a highly aroused and livid alpha who was controlling his fate, Jun barely thought of anything except for using his whole life to please this man so as not to ever receive this kind of treatment again. Something about him must have made Mingyu mad. Jun knew he had not been good enough for his alpha, or he had been too weak and too incompetent to please his boyfriend, while this was supposed to be what he had to do. What was the point of being an alpha’s “lover” without the ability of helping his man get some release he needed? Jun kept thinking that everything would be better later, once he got used to sex, or got used to his alpha’s outstanding size and kinks. Yet, nothing could overshadow the fact that Jun was just terrified to death.


It did not feel good at all when Mingyu threatened to bite him, despite it being what he had dreamed of so many times in his wildest dreams. The alpha’s canines had already dug into his flesh, but the force was still not enough to create anything except for dark bruises and immense fear in the poor boy’s heart.


“If baby is good to Daddy, Daddy will reward you a bite, right here, while I’m knotting you and knocking you up with my seeds.” Mingyu mumbled into the omega’s purple skin, teeth grazing the sensitive area of skin, hand loosening enough to let him speak. “Wanna be mine, baby?”


“Yes… yes I do… I… I want to…” In this condition, Jun practically could not answer anything else regardless of whether it was what he truly wanted or not. “I’m… I’m sorry… Min... Al-… Da-daddy… I’m sorry…”


“Shhh!!!” The demon shushed him by placing a tender kiss on his scent gland, as if he was not cruelly tearing the omega apart down there. “When we go back, you’re going to tell everyone that this is what you asked me to do by yourself, which is true, because you really want it and like it. Am I correct, baby?”


Just adding one more threat into his sweet sentences, Mingyu gave a particularly harsh and hard thrust, and successfully stopped the boy from screaming by covering his mouth one more time. Beaten to complete submission with no will left to fight, the omega could only nod frantically and agree with whatever his alpha wanted.


“If you dare to betray me, I will make sure to keep you suffering and getting stuck with me forever.” The monster growled and moved his teeth to the omega’s shoulder, biting down harshly to emphasize even more strongly on the message he was giving out. “Understand, baby?”


Just like before, Jun’s mouth was always covered by a rough hand whenever he wanted to scream in pain, but that same hand always went away at the suitable moment so as to let him frantically answer. It was evident that Jun was not allow to voice out anything except for what Mingyu wanted him to.


“I swear, daddy… I swear… I swear…”


Hardly did Jun know whether Mingyu told him any other things or not. The omega’s mind lost its sense of time totally, and his eyes only seemed to see things again when he was placed to sit on top of the large surface of the sink. The contact between his bottom and the rough object brought so much pain that he could not help hissing loudly. In fact, his whole body was so sore that it nearly gave up sitting right away, falling uncontrollably to various directions no matter how many times the other man pushed him back. A frustrated growl scared the poor boy to death, but he had no strength left to keep his body up straight. Jun barely saw anything through his red and swollen eyes, as tears never stopped streaming down although the assault had stopped.


At the moment Jun got part of his mind back to himself, he realized Mingyu had finished dressing himself and was putting clothes on his limp body. The alpha had no restraint in any single movement of his big and rough hands, continuously bringing even more pain to the older boy’s battered body. When the last button was done, the omega thought a kiss on the forehead from his crush would somehow magically soothe him and give his broken heart a little luxury comfort. Yet, it turned out to be just frightening and make him tremble.


Mingyu’s voice might be dripping honey, but the cold air blown into Jun’s ear through the whispers of the alpha broke him further to another level.


“Be good to Daddy, and receive your reward later. Are you clear, Junnie?”


Nodding vigorously, Jun was eventually beaten thoroughly to submission.


That was the first time the notion of “reward” had been ever mentioned.


Yet, it was not until now did the omega really dare to think that such a thing actually existed. Too scared of overthinking and overestimating himself, Jun tried not to have too high expectations, knowing that such things would only kill his heart over and over again, but now one of the dreams finally came true.


When getting out of Joshua’s bed, the omega definitely had no idea what was going to happen out here, or what he would have to do to please his boyfriend. Nonetheless, currently, Jun did not have to do anything except for parting his lips so as to let the alpha invade his mouth, and kissing the bigger man back while their bodies were glued to each other. The kisses were searing hot and intense, as Mingyu had set an insane pace with an abnormal amount of passion right from the beginning, even actively putting the omega’s arms on his shoulders, urging Jun to hug him and allowing the omega’s fingers to run through his hair. Given the permission, the Chinese boy frantically tried to grasp the opportunity he might never receive again, fighting to prove to his alpha that he loved him, wanted him, and was ready to give.


It was surreal and felt like a sweet dream, which suddenly washed away Jun’s memories of whatever had happened in that morning. Mingyu now was not hurting him at all. Perhaps this was truly the reward? Was it similar to the way Seungcheol treated Wonwoo? Maybe his best friend had received all these things earlier because he had always been so good to the leader? Jun could not remember Wonwoo saying any bad things about the eldest alpha or doing anything against the leader’s opinions even once. Jun guessed he had learned his precious lessons. In the end, the sweet and affectionate reward made everything else worthy and easy.


Right. Jun now confirmed he had been bad. He should have been more determined and stronger in standing against other people so as to chase his dreams of being with Mingyu. Maybe he had been too obedient towards Seungcheol and Jeonghan, which was the perfect reason for Mingyu to be angry. Some members had questioned Wonwoo about his relationship with the leader too, but his best friend had never been fazed even once. Maybe he should be the same. Maybe from now on Jun would fix everything by doing everything he could to showcase his sincerity to Mingyu. His alpha obviously had been hurt by Wonwoo, so Jun thought it was understandable if the man needed more reasons and evidence to trust his love.


Consequently, Jun did not have much reluctance when Mingyu carried him into the nearest bathroom and locked the door. His breath did hitch at the similar setting, but things turned out to be easier this time, because the alpha put him down, and gave out the command of “On your knees”. Not hesitating even a bit, in a split second, Jun was already kneeling on the floor. He had never done this in his life, but the omega was wise enough to know what Mingyu was expecting him to do. However, the boy was slightly confused whether he should actively start it or wait for his alpha’s permission and guidance. Therefore, his naïve and innocent eyes only looked up at the taller man, anticipating for any commands to come, which seemed to perfectly please Mingyu’s psychotic ego.


“Good boy. So obedient, huh?” Gripping the omega’s chin again, the man smirked as his finger stroked his partner’s lower lip, intentionally pushing his thumb inside so as to make Jun open his mouth. “Show me what your pretty mouth can do. Since you are hurt, Daddy will be lenient to you this time. Clear?”


Nodding and relieved to receive the command, Jun hurriedly started to work with his shaking hands, not only eager but also deadly nervous and embarrassed to be ordered to do such a thing. The omega did not have time to wonder if he himself liked doing this or not, and soon found his own lips wrapping around Mingyu’s engorged dick before more shame managed to creep in and made him have second-thought about the whole situation.

Fortunately, Jun’s confidence rapidly go boosted thanks to the low groans his alpha let out, and the short praise coming together with those rough sounds. Eager and excited, Jun tried to do everything he had ever heard of, seen and read anywhere. The lack of experience brought tremendous difficulty, as Jun was unable to know what he could not do or what might make his partner feel good either. As a result, despite the grunts of approval, he was still highly anxious and worried, desperately sucking hard, which created loudly lewd sounds, making it look as if he was a kid enjoying his lollipop to the utmost.


Submissively and obediently, Jun sat still on the floor when Mingyu grabbed the back of his head pretty harshly. Part of his hair was tugged uncomfortably, but the omega tried to ignore it all, only forcing his mouth to relax and his throat to open up as his superior partner began to fuck his mouth. It was not until now did Jun realize that he had not swallowed his alpha’s cock deep enough, and the monstrous thing began to make him gag right when it started to move vigorously. The gagging sound was alarmingly loud as the tip of Mingyu’s cock hit the back of Jun’s throat, but lucky for him, nothing happened. It was definitely more uncomfortable than what the omega had expected, but he endured it, being a pliant omega for his alpha to use. At least, Mingyu of this moment was a hundred times more gentle than the demon on the terrace that day.


It was not surprising for Jun to be forced to swallow his alpha’s cum, or he might even admit that his heart truly yearned for this. The intense and pheromones of the alpha above him were too overwhelming for him to really taste the liquid, yet Jun was certainly not disgusted even a bit. Just highly clingy and desperate to please, the boy tried to suck till the last drop, swallowing whatever he could get and even gave kitten licks to clean his alpha up thoroughly. Feeling the hand letting go of his head and starting to stroke his hair, Jun’s inner omega nearly whined at the affection, finally getting the hint that he was a good boy. Kneeling on the floor for too long seriously hurt his knees, but Jun guessed this price was cheap.


Getting Mingyu’s approval and praise was the main goal of his life right now.


Too eager and excited to service his boyfriend, the omega did not notice that he had just somehow managed to keep his alpha hard although the orgasm had already gone a few minutes ago. The heady pheromones subsided in a short moment before getting heavy and powerful again, urging him to submit over and over again, but this time things were turning uncomfortable for Jun. Too focused on Mingyu’s dick, barely did Jun recognize that his own pants were already soaked with slick, but his alpha had not been blind. A smirk appeared on the taller man’s face before the omega got lifted from the floor and nearly thrown onto the sink.


Under the rough manhandle and the incredible speed of undressing, Jun felt dizzy and suddenly scared again, already able to predict what Mingyu was about to do to him. Shaking in fear, the boy wanted to ask his alpha to slow down a bit, but his tongue was just frozen and immobile, eyes simply staring at his own pants and underwear being thrown onto the floor recklessly just like that day. Literally turned into a statue by his own fear, the omega did not dare to ask questions or beg, tear eyes staring at his alpha unblinkingly, but all Mingyu gave him was just a smirk.


The next second, Jun’s lips were once again sealed by his boyfriend’s ones in the kind of kisses that left the weaker boy panting and gasping for air. Luckily, Mingyu soon stopped the make-out, giving Jun the chance to take in some oxygen, but it was also at this time that he began moaning loudly. Locking his heels behind Mingyu’s back, trying to push the alpha closer to himself, Jun lost the control over his voice, gasping again and moaning wantonly when his partner’s big hand wrapped around their cocks and stroked them together in his fist. That was too much already, but Jun was also even attacked on his neck, shoulders, and chest, where Mingyu was manically scattering kisses and nibbles.


Shocked by his own arousal and his partner’s passion, Jun wondered how this could probably happen, because his brain had never registered that Mingyu could ever love him this much. This could not be the kind of sex that was created by profound love and long-hidden crave the alpha had for him. It should be the other way only, but Jun thought he would not even bite and lick his crush in the way Mingyu was doing to him currently. The alpha was like a mad dog trying to mark its territory furiously and aggressively, not leaving any inch of Jun’s skin untouched or uncovered by his saliva.


As if reading the omega’s mind, Mingyu seethed into his skin, teeth grazing the sensitive scent gland.


“I hate this scent on you. Always smell like Jeonghan, Joshua, or Wonwoo. Where is mine, huh?”


“I’m sorry!” Jun could not think of anything else to say, writhing and moaning in both pleasure in fear. “I… I want your… your scent… on me…”


“Now you really know how to be a good omega for your alpha, huh?” Mingyu chuckled lowly, all of a sudden using the free hand to grip Jun’s chin hard, forcing eye contact. “I can’t wait for two weeks to go by so that I can claim you as mine completely!”


Shivering from head to toes, Jun was not really sure what Mingyu meant by that. Would the alpha bite him? Or did he just mean that he would get everything about him embed on the omega so clearly that no one could ever mistake whom the boy belonged to. If that was truly what Mingyu wanted, Jun was always willing and ready to devote himself, even wishing the alpha to kiss every inch of his skin and get his body soaked in this cinnamon aroma for weeks. Joshua would not like this. Jeonghan would not like this either. In fact, nobody in the pack would like this, but Jun could not bring himself to care anymore, especially when Mingyu easily made him have his first orgasm just by stroking their dicks and kissing him furiously.


When the first piece of the Chinese boy’s mind came back, he was startled to acknowledge that he had just made a huge mess on Mingyu’s hand and stomach. However, just right when he scrambled to apologize, the alpha suddenly kneeled down and took the omega’s oversensitive cock into his mouth. Writhing in overstimulation, Jun wished his boyfriend would stop, but did not dare to say a word, only whimpering and feeling his own body trembling even more badly. Nonetheless, what he did not expect was a chain of questions that sounded a hundred times more brutal that how the words looked like. Mingyu’s voice was painfully strained and hoarse, as if he was nothing different from a wounded animal growling in both agony and rage.


“Why the fuck do you smell like him? Why? Tell me why, Moon Junhwi! Why is it only you? Why? Why?


The tears came down uncontrollably, and Jun did not know since when he started to thrash and cried out loudly either.


Yet Mingyu never relented. Mingyu never had mercy, just like no one had ever done anything for him either. Applying everything wholly and fully on the fragile body and broken heart of the Chinese omega, Mingyu ruined his heart by kissing him again, and wrecked his body one more time by shoving four fingers into his slicked entrance. Crying in the combination of shame and pleasure, Jun hurt for his identity of a replacement, or a resemblance. He had never had anything of Mingyu, and perhaps would never have, unless Jun turned himself into Jeon Wonwoo forever.


It turned out, what Mingyu had been seeking for on him was just remnants and unintentionally marks of Wonwoo, the person that had literally rejected the alpha without looking back. Jun could never understand it, forever unable to figure out a person who loved and desired to give everything like him could never be compared to a long lost love.


Their sexual session ended without Jun getting a dick in his ass. Whatever the reason was, Jun did not want to think of, because trying to swallow the tears was already hard enough to make his mind occupied. Wiping the tears over and over again, the omega tried to make it look like he had just cry out of ecstasy, so that his alpha would not hate him any further. Maybe Mingyu himself did not know how much he actually hurt Jun at all. Or maybe Mingyu knew it, but that was also his intention and plan. Whatever the reason could be, the omega found himself crying pathetically while his alpha turned away and finished the last steps of getting dressed.


The most luxurious thing Jun got tonight was being carried back to the door of Joshua’s bedroom on Mingyu’s hands. The alpha did not forget to give Jun another kiss before saying goodbye, a kiss that felt almost the same as the one he gave his boyfriend every morning at their dining table. Ducking his head in shame, Jun used all the strength left in his body so as not to collapse right here right now, eventually forced to admit the fact that Mingyu had no care about the tears on his face.


The alpha just walked away into the darkness, leaving him here shaking and crying without a word, or a simple act of friendliness.


Dragging his shaking form towards the bed, Jun bit his own lips harshly enough to make the blood come out, but his brain no longer cared. The omega just wanted to bury himself into the mattress, the blanket, and cry until his exhaustion carried him away, so that his heart would not feel anything anymore. Yet fate was just so unfair for him right now, because right at the moment his body made contact with the bed, Joshua suddenly flew out of the place right away, as if someone had used electricity to shock him. A crying omega dropped himself into the mess of blankets and pillows, while the other one jumped away in utter fear and alert.


The eldest omega ran straight to the door before finally turning around. The dip on the bed startled Joshua, but the attack of a strong and bitter scent that obviously belonged to an alpha scared him to death. Frightened to smell it in such a close distance inside his own bedroom, the omega’s first reaction was to run away as fast as possible. However, as soon as Joshua turned around, he was taken aback one more time by the sight of no one but his beloved Junnie curling on the edge of the bed and sniffling into the pillow.


Forgetting his own fear completely, Joshua rushed back to the bed to sit on the side where Jun was turning towards. Not waiting for Joshua to say anything, Jun frantically at up and scrambled to crawl towards the older omega. Heartbroken to the utmost, Joshua rapidly opened his arms and took the younger boy into his chest, quickly shushing him gently and rubbing his back. Nonetheless, the American boy got startled again when Jun’s bottom touched his thighs which had spread further apart to accommodate the crying boy in between. Alarmed by the wetness, Joshua hurriedly turned on the lamp on the nightstand, but relief luckily soon washed through his mind. Jun was not bleeding, and Joshua only needed to sniff the air a bit more carefully to realize that the younger omega only slick and semen.


Nevertheless, Joshua questioned nothing, focusing on nothing but soothing the Chinese boy and trying to make him stop crying. It had been almost a week in which they shared this room and this bed together, but this was the first time for Jun to actually cry his eyes out in front of Joshua and desperately holding onto the older boy while frantically seeking for comfort and warmth like this. Unexpectedly, Jun still spoke out what Joshua never wanted to hear again.


“It’s not… it’s not his fault… It’s not…” Shrinking and shrinking into the smallest size possible, Jun croaked out from his hyung’s chest, voice broken and awfully hoarse. “Please don’t blame him… It’s not him… Not him…”


Joshua could not say he trust this, although he was not surprised at all. It had already become a routine of Jun crying and looking horrible while reeking of nothing but only Mingyu. No matter how hard Joshua tried to have an open mind, he failed to believe Mingyu had not been at fault even a bit for the Chinese boy’s tears. The only thing he managed to do was to stop himself from running to find Jeonghan immediately. Forcing his terrified inner omega to stifle the whimpers that threatened to get out due to the thick scent of Mingyu lingering everywhere on Jun, Joshua tried to concentrate on the younger boy, hopelessly pushing out more of his sweet and soothing scent to calm the boy down.


“So what happened, Junnie? Where did you just go? Why are you crying?”


“I swear it’s not Mingyu’s fault!” Jun frantically held both of Joshua’s hands tightly, pleading eyes staring directly into the older omega’s ones. “Please believe me, hyung! He didn’t do anything! It’s not Mingyu! I swear!”


“Okay okay, I know, Junnie! You don’t smell like you’re hurt! I know he didn’t physically hurt you!” Joshua had to add “physically” since he had already seen so well how successful Mingyu could be in hurting people by using other ways. “But do you want to share why you are crying, Junnie? You might feel better if…”


The American boy did not have the chance to finish his sentence before Jun shook his head vehemently and buried his face back into the older male’s chest. Jun might be naïve, innocent, and vulnerable, but he could be one of the most stubborn people Joshua had ever known in his life.


Painfully, the truth was that all Jun, Wonwoo, and Mingyu were just stubborn beyond his imagination and endurance. No one had seemed to manage to talk some sense into Mingyu’s mind, but then, if they thought about it more carefully, they would realize that no one had succeeded in doing the same thing to Jun and Wonwoo either. Both of the omegas shut down whenever someone asked them questions, and Jun always refused to ever speak out a word that could be unfavorable for his boyfriend. No matter how hard he tried to, Joshua could not understand this logic. He did not need to know what Mingyu’s reasons were. He simply knew the young alpha had repeatedly hurt Jun and broke his heart in various ways, yet nothing could magically make the Chinese omega give up this hopeless love.


They must have had sex. Joshua certainly knew that, but also knew there was no intercourse, because the smell of sex on Jun was not as intense as usual, and he was not in pain either. How did Mingyu lure Jun to leave this room at midnight? Why could Jun do something sexual with Mingyu without being haunted and terrified by the ugly memories? Those were mysteries Joshua needed to find out.


Sighing, and giving in, Joshua just sat there and held the crying boy in his arms without asking further questions. The only things he let out were gentle coos and sweet words that might somehow miraculously soothe Jun’s heart and coax him into sleeping at some point. This was already the last day of their break, so Joshua definitely wanted Jun to turn up at work with swollen eyes and eyelids that could not be lifted properly. The first day of coming back to work could be already hard for a healthy omega after their first heat. Resolutely ignoring himself, Joshua decided that he had better let his voice be awful tomorrow instead of letting Jun walk like a zombie later.


Nonetheless, in the end, Jun was completely oblivious to the mental struggles he had put both of them through. Under the care and affection of one of the hyungs he loved most, the Chinese boy cried himself to sleep, unaware of when or how his eyes fell shut and did not open again anymore. Unfortunately, Jun falling asleep was just the breaking point for Joshua, as the older omega could not hold himself strong anymore. Nothing in this world could feel more threatening and frightening than the scent of an angry and aroused alpha, but Joshua was not given any choice except for holding the source of that smell in his own arms, torturing his own self while all he wanted was just to flee and find his alpha right away.


Joshua knew he could not, because if he left, then who would take care of Jun? No other alpha was allowed to enter this room, and he knew too well how hurt and apologetic Jun would feel if the Chinese boy realized the scent on his body scared his hyung away. Never had they registered how useless omegas were in soothing each other, because the cruel fate would always make them crave for an alpha, and an alpha could ruin literally everything forever.


Crying alone in the darkness, Joshua hated himself for wishing to throw Jun out of this room in the blink of an eye.