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Not Alone

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Their date started as an absolute disaster according to V - Johnny was having the time of his life, much to V’s annoyance. You couldn’t see it from his chill rocker-boy persona, but V knew he was reveling in her suffering. The rogue Delamain wrecked yet another one of her cars, only this time, also causing damage to the front wall of Lizzie’s. Susie was not happy. Thankfully, Del said he would pay for all the damages and would also buy V a new Quadra Avenger if he couldn’t repair the wrecked one. Need to find that little fucker before he gets someone killed, V noted to herself.


With a wrench thrown into their plan, and V getting worked up about said plan being wrenched, Judy suggested walking to V’s apartment and pick some food up on the way. She also offhandedly said something about dessert, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. Which proceeded to make V mentally blue screen, only snapping out of it when Johnny snapped his fingers in front of her face. Muttering something about “useless lesbians” as he flickered away.


And so they started on their trek, Judy grabbing V’s hand, dragging her out of her still somewhat stunned state. They traded stories, intermingled with V pointing out various places, telling their stories and fun facts only someone who grew up here would know. Judy trying to see how flustered V can get, talking about her massive repertoire of BD smut - V swears she’s now scared for life. V also, tells stories of her more tame gigs - Judy’s favorite, so far, is about the “Flaming-Crotch Man”, as V dubbed him.


By the time they reach V’s apartment, food in hand, V is talking about her most recent Delamain mission.


“She kept talking about ‘tests’ and calling me a ‘monster’ of all fuckin’ things. I didn’t even do anything to her! She even sicked fuckin’ scavs on me, the sadistic bitch! Also, Johnny kept callin’ her Gladys or something, I dunno.”


She finishes her rant, sighing as she sits down on the couch a little dramatically, jostling Nibbles from where he was sleeping. He sends her an offended meow as he moves over to her bed, glaring at her as he makes himself comfortable. V gives him an apologetic smile before looking up to see both her girlfriend and her mental tag-along in a similar arms-crossed stance, looking absolutely affronted.


“Are you tellin’ me you know about Tetris, but not about fucking Portal?! It’s a fucking classic!” They both say in almost perfect sync.


V looks between the two, looking completely terrified. Johnny has taken his sunglasses off, looking at Judy, grinning like a fool - which scares V even more because he almost never smiles - looking like he was just given the best gift of his life. And Judy still looks slightly affronted, but mostly a mix of confusion and concern.


“What?” Judy asks, becoming more concerned at V’s state.


”If you don’t marry this woman right fuckin’ now-“


“I need a fuckin’ drink”, V says, interrupting Johnny as she gets up, goes over to her liquor stash, grabs a bottle of Centzon and starts to down the entire bottle.


“Woah Woah. V. Not on an empty stomach.” Judy chides, carefully taking the bottle from her hands.


“He promised he would behave”, she whines to Judy before turning to glare forward at Johnny, still standing by the couch, and points at him. “You promised to not be around to cause problems when it’s just me and Jude, and yet here you are, causing problems!”


”Hey, it’s not my fault I share a brain with someone who doesn’t know the classics. Which is why I said you should-“ He cuts himself off seeing V’s expression turn to one of murderous intent. He raises his hands in surrender, but not looking the least bit sorry.


Judy, who has been struggling to keep up with what’s been transpiring, figures she should interfere before something happens - she doesn’t know what, but it probably won’t be good. She places the bottle on the floor, moving in front of V to hopefully draw her attention away from him, and starts running her hands up and down V’s arms in a soothing motion.


She glances over her shoulder, “Johnny, if she wants you to be gone when it’s just the two of us, you best be fucking gone! She’s still her own person, so learn to respect her privacy. Now be a good little terrorist and delta the fuck out!”


”Sorry V, the mistress has spoken. Gotta jet.” Johnny has the audacity to reply before he, in classic Johnny Silverhand fashion, puts his glasses on and fizzles away just as he lights a cigarette.


Judy knows he said something because if looks could kill, V would have zeroed him ten times over.


“Hey”, she says softly, placing their heads together, looking into her eyes. “Breathe.”


V takes a deep breath and on the exhale murmurs, “I’m gonna murder that fuckin’ parasite.”


“And I’ll help you”, Judy laughs. “But we gotta get him out of your head first.” She places a kiss to her forehead to emphasize her point.


V smiles as her heart skips a beat at hearing her say “we”. She’s both parts amazed and relieved that Judy fucking Alvarez, the world’s best braindance specialist, wants to be with her, a dying, no-name mercenary.


Not knowing what to say, V pulls her into a deep kiss, trying to pour as much love into it as she can. Wrapping her arms around Judy’s waist, as Judy’s go around her neck.


They pull apart with lingering pecks, resting their heads together.


It’s Judy who breaks the silence, “Not that I’m complaining. But what was that for?”


“I love you.” V says as she kisses her again.


Judy hums as she smiles into the kiss.


“I love you, too.” She says before pecking a kiss to the corner of V’s lips and untangling themselves from the embrace, guiding them back to the couch so they can eat their dinner.


“So”, Judy continues, “you gonna fill me in on what all that was about? You looked like you saw a ghost - and not like the one that lives in your head.” She adds to her point by poking the side of her head. Both laughing as V swats at the offending hand.


“Um”, V pauses to laugh, realizing how funny the situation was. Judy smiles, still confused, but happy that V’s able to laugh about it.


“So there I was!” V starts, gesturing dramatically. Such a gonk, Judy thinks. “Regaling a tale of my latest adventure to my beautiful girlfriend, whom I will love and cherish, forever.” Sending a wink to Judy and leaning in to peck a kiss to her cheek, making her blush a deep red.


“Don’t make promises you can’t keep”, Judy says, mentally high-fiving herself that she was able to keep her voice steady. Then she catches the double meaning behind the statement. Oh shit. Don’t catch it, V. Please, don’t catch it.


“Quiet, you! Let me finish!” V chastises playfully, either refusing to acknowledge or oblivious to the double meaning and Judy’s inner turmoil.


Thank fuck, Judy feels like she can breathe again.


“Anyways”, V continues with her dramatics. “I was finishing my tale to my girlfriend, whom I will love and cherish, for-e-ver.” She emphasizes again leaning in, staring at her, like she’s waiting for something. Either she’s being an oblivious gonk and daring her to interrupt her again, or she heard the double meaning and is trying to subtly-not-so-subtly comfort her. Judy’s not sure which, but she latches on to the latter, falling in love a little more with her adorable gonk.


“After that,” V continues, pulling Judy out of her thoughts, “I made an off-handed comment, that was apparently about some old game.”


“Ok! Portal is not just ‘some old game’.” Judy interrupts.


“What did I just say?!” V playfully scolds, pulling the techie into her lap holding her close, but loose enough for her to move if she wanted. Judy snuggles up, resting her head on V’s shoulder and fingers tracing the shoulder strap of her tank-top on the other side.


V smiles softly down at her before continuing, “Then, after sitting down, I look up. And before me is my aforementioned, beautiful girlfriend alongside my neurological roommate, mirroring each other, standing in the exact same stance with the exact same expression saying the exact same thing at the exact same time!” For added emphasis, she slaps a hand down on the couch cushion as she finishes her explanation.


“Nuh-uh. No fuckin’ way. You’re shitting me right now.”


“I wish I was, my love.” V says, still laying on the dramatics, cupping Judy’s cheek with mock fear. “It was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life.”


She proceeds to break character, falling into a fit of giggles, hiding her head in Judy’s shoulder, who laughs right along with her.


“You’re such a fuckin’ gonk.” Judy says affectionately.


V lifts her head smiling. “Your gonk.” She says before giving her a kiss.


“Can I ask what he said that made you so mad?” Judy asks cautiously.


“Uhh...” V awkwardly stalls for time, quickly trying to think of what to say. “Basically he was ecstatic over the whole scenario and now approves of you and our relationship. It sounds nice with me saying it right now, but the way he said it was...” she trails off with a blushing grimace, shaking her head.


“Alright, mi calabacita, you can keep your secrets... For now. But eventually, I want deets.” Judy says as she sits up, but doesn’t leave V’s lap, and grabs for their food containers. V begins repositioning them to the curved section of the couch, so they can both sit comfortably and be able to use both their hands at the same time while being able to stay close.


Dinner continues in companionable silence. Some small talk here, some lingering kisses there... ok, a lot of lingering kisses.


They eventually place their empty containers on the coffee table, reclining back with V propping her feet up on the table, wrapping her arms around Judy as she curls into the merc’s side beginning to trace random patterns across her chest. Nibbles gets jealous and joins them in their little cuddle pile, settling in between the two. They both laugh at the cat’s antics, glancing toward each other, smiling. Happy to just... be.