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Dear Diary

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Prologue to The Play

Dear Diary,

It's not exactly enticing to start with bad news; but hopefully it's not bad luck, I can't imagine things being worse. We had the funeral for my dad today, things have changed a lot since he died. It hasn't been that long but my older brother, his name's Oliver, he's already changed a lot of things. He sent our other brother, Jaques, to boarding school where he'll be living for a while. Dad left a thousand crowns in his will for my education and upbringing, but Oliver says I won't be going to school... or getting the money. I'm not sure what to do. I miss dad, but I can't stop thinking about myself and what I'm going to do.  Does that make me a horrible son?

I'm going to have to live with Oliver.  I have no money and nowhere to go; I don't even have companions aside from my father's servant, Adam. Maybe I'll figure something out. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.