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Fuck you, Black.

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"I love you!"

Blank. Numb.


Remus stared at Sirius blankly. His head was spinning and his ears filled with blood. Blood, laced with anger, fury, bubbling to the outside, crawling out of the deepest corner of his heart, making its way to his mouth.

"You. You love me. You love me?"

He let out a shallow laugh. It was humorless, dry. Pained.

"You fucking selfish bastard. When did you come to the conclusion, huh Sirius? Tell me, was it before or after I got together with him. Before or after I proposed. Huh? Was it before or after I asked you to be best man, before or after, Sirius?"

His voice was raising steadily. Red patches formed before his eyes, and before he knew it, he yelled.

"Fucking selfish arsehole, that's what you are! What did you think, eh? Telling me how you actually feel would change anything? Thought that I would break up with my fiancé just to be with you? On my wedding day? Six years, Sirius. Six goddamned years I was in love with you at Hogwarts, you didn't notice. To busy sleeping around the school, whoring yourself. What do you think, I wasn't jealous? My heart didn't ex-fucking-plode whenever someone exited our dorm or you came back, disheveled hair? Of course. But I wasn't selfish.

"Now you're here, telling me that you love me and that we can be together, after all those fucking years, Sirius. I fucking finally got over you, am about to marry, and here you are, destroying my life, destroying me again. Oh fuck you, Black. Fuck. You."

He turned around and left Sirius, fully well aware of tears streaming down his cheeks and fully well aware of Sirius's eyes, pained and hurt.

Fully aware of the ache in his chest.