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Back Door

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Babe 💗



Please comeback

I love you

Don't leave me





You saw my messages last night

I forgive you everything

Please come back

I'm hurting do much

Thinking everything could have been different




It's been more than a week and still no answer

Please tell me to fuck off at least

You were the one leaving but I'm the one hurting

I love you

Seeing you with him is killing me


[11:46 pm]

It's been more than two weeks now

You still didn't block my number

I saw you in the cafeteria his arms around you

It was like what we had never happened

Was it a dream ?

It must have been a nightmare for you

I still love you

Like crazy

Every little thing bring me back to you

I think I'm going mad

Please come back

I love you babe




Felix couldn't take it anymore, Jeongin had changed drastically since the break up with Hyunjin.


He didn't smile anymore, didn't laugh, his eyes didn't shine as much as usual, they always had that sad vibe now. He didn't eat properly and had lost hours of sleep.


He was a shadow of the old Yang Jeongin.


Felix had tried multiple times to make it understand it wasn't the end of the world. That love could be found somewhere else but Jeongin was stubborn.


He loved Hwang Hyunjin and Hwang Hyunjin only.


So Lee Felix had to take the matter into his hands, not wanting to see his best friend in such a state.


The answer to his problem was an app called "Back Door", he had got the idea from his room mate Changbin. The plan was simple, sign Jeongin up and get him to talk to a stranger to move on.


He didn't share the same dorm room as Jeongin unfortunately, but they still shared the same hallway.


After his last class of the day, a little after five, he decided it was time to invite himself over to the younger's room. Felix was kind of disappointed when he knocked on the door, Jeongin's roommate opened the door, a guy much taller than Felix himself, named Choi Beomgyu.


"Where is he ?" Felix asked, following Beomgyu inside. The Australian didn't have to wait much to have his answer.


Jeongin was sitting on his ugly brown couch, a large bag of Hot Cheetos nestled on his lap over the white blanket he was wrapped in. Felix internally winced, the white blaket didn't need those stupid staints.


"How long has he been like that ?"


"Since he came back from class, three hours ago." Beomgyu simply answered, he patted Felix's shoulder going back to his room, his work here was done.


Felix made his way in front of his friend, scoffing when he didn't even get a reaction. Jeongin was wearing a large black hoodie, surely one of Hwang Hyunjin. It made Felix's stomach hurt, he didn't like it one bit.


"Get up Yang Jeongin." He ordered with his scary deep voice.


Jeongin just ignored him, taking a handful of cheetos and shoving it in his mouth.


"Get off from this couch, take that stupid sweater off and let's go out." Felix tried again, naching the bag away from his hands.


Jeongin had his bottom lip between his teeth, he looked like he was ready to cry again.




"Hwang Hyunjin is a fucking asshole, he doesn't deserve your tears so stop it. Get his fucking sweater off of you and let's go out, Beomgyu is getting deperate seeing you like this and I agree with him."


"Fucking snitch." Jeongin laughed, tears in his eyes. "I love him Lix."


"I know bub." Felix signed, deciding to sit down next to his friend.


"He left me."


"He is a fucking idiot."


"He said he fell out of love." Jeongin was crying now, nuzzling the stupid sweater.


"Let it out bub." Felix encouraged.


"How did he manage to do that ? I still love him like crazy. I just wanna ask him how he did it so I don't feel like shit anymore. It hurts every time I see him with his new boyfriend."


"Innie, you are only 21 and Hwang Hyunjin was your first love, first means he isn't the last."


"I thought he was the last."


Felix didn't add anything, deciding on letting his younger friend eat his bag of snack and watch a Netflix show, still clutching the stupid sweater. Back Door long forgotten.




SeungMean 😉

So how did it go ?

With Innie ?


Any progress ?

He passed out crying in the asshole's sweater

So no

I'm going to beat him up

I'm so fucking mad 

Me too

Innie is broken

I don't even know where to start

Let's go clubbing

Let's take him out of his dorm and meet new people


Saturday night ?

Saturday night




"The Tortoise and the Hare" was a popular club in downtown, it was Felix, Seungmin and Jeongin favourite place to drink and have fun.


Jeongin was still moody, not even wanting to dress up but he eventually had to when Felix glared at him and pushed him inside his bathroom with an outfit he had chosen himself, a tight pair of leather pants with a sheer black shirt.


Jeongin already hated it.


When he stared at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but ask himself if Hyunjin would have liked this look.


Felix took his sweet time, putting foundation and concealer trying to erase all his sleepless nights and crying sessions. He had to admit his friend was a real sunshine, doing everything to cheer him up all week. Jeongin could try putting on a smile for him at least.


"It's really pretty Felix." He complimented once his make up was over.


The older thanked him with one of his famous smiles and it was time to go.


The club was busy tonight. It seemed like every student in Seoul had the same idea to go out tonight. Felix, Seungmin and Jeongin were at the bar, ordering their drink. Jeongin liked sweet cocktails, he could get drunk easily and liked the fruity taste.


Jeongin got his drink while the bartender was trying to score Felix's number, failing miserably without surprise.


Felix wasn't easy to get by when he didn't let you.


Jeongin was on the dancefloor, two drinks in, already feeling the effects of it when he saw him.


Hwang Hyunjin.


He was here laughing with his friends, sitting at a table with his new boyfriend on his lap. Jeongin felt his heart break one more time. 


It should have been him.


Jeongin didn't know where his friends were but he needed to get out of here fast before he made a mistake. His breathing started to become irregular, he pushed through the crowd of people making his anxiety spike and made his way to the balcony.


Jeongin's grip on the railing made his knuckles turn white, it hurt.


His heart was bleeding and he was having a panic attack alone on the balcony of a stupid night club, he wanted to laugh at himself.


"Are you ok ?" He heard from his left, he turned his head. A man dressed in black, shirt open almost all the way and looking like a sin, smoking his cigarette.


Was he ok ? He didn't even have that answer.


"I do-n't k-now."


Sexy man let his cigarette fall on the ground, stepped on it and made his way to Jeongin. "Breath slowly. No need to rush."


Jeongin took a deep breath then another, trying to breath in a more regular pattern. He succeeded, letting go of the railing and looking at the stranger once again.


"Thanks." He smiled gratefully.


The stranger was really breathtaking, he looked so handsome under the moonlight.


"You're welcome."


He seemed like he wanted to add something but Jeongin was already gone, rushing to find Felix or Seungmin but almost lost his balance when he crashed into someone.


"I'm sor- Oh, Jeongin." 


Great, he had crashed into Hwang Hyunjin.


Jeongin didn't even try to talk, choosing to talk to him already walking away, Hyunjin stopped him gripping his arm.


"Please wait." He begged and oh, he was drunk.


"Let go." Jeongin said, trying to stay strong.


"Honey please."


"Get your hand off."




"I think he said to take your hand off." And here he was, the sexy man from the balcony.


The man took Jeongin's hand in making him stand behind him.


Hyunjin looked furious, he had no right to. He was the one who threw him away, breaking his heart so why was he acting like this.


"Get the fuck away dude." Hyunjin said, gripping the man's collar.


The man only scoffed. "He doesn't want to talk to you so give up."


Jeongin's drunk state was making it difficult to keep up. He didn't want to talk with Hyunjin.


"Innie !" He heard someone call.


Jeongin rushed into Felix's arms, breaking the fight. "Let's go home please." He didn't want to be here anymore.


"Hwang Hyunjin what the fuck." Seungmin groaned close behind Felix. "Are you fucking insane ?"


Jeongin gripped Seungmin's hand. "Don't pick up a fight, I just want to go home."


Seungmin feeling his friend wasn't comfortable didn't push it further.






Jeongin woke up with a hell of a headache.


He didn't remember much from the night before after his second drink plus the soju they drank once they got back from the club before passing out on the floor of his own dorm room.


"Hi sleepy head." Beomgyu greeted him from their small kitchen, sipping on his coffee mug.


"My head." Jeongin whined, pulling himself up from the floor.


Beomgyu like the angel is he gave him some water and pain medicine. "Your welcome."


"Where are Lix and Min ?" He asked after taking the white pill.


"They went home a little while ago, Felix has classes in the afternoon."


"Oh right." Jeongin still had schedule difficulties. "I'm going to take my shower."


He went to his bedroom, his body aching everywhere and found his phone charging on his bedside table.  


One new e-mail !


To : inyang

Thank you for joining us ! Your profile matched with our admin Chris ! You can take a look at his profile and message him now !

Hope to see you soon on Back Door !


Jeongin stared at the message during a long time, wondering what the hell was Back Door and more inportantly what did he fucking do last night.


He didn't even have a single clue.