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Die for love

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I snap my eyes open, standing right in front of my father.

— How could you be so irresponsible, Sabrina?" Go to the angels to save a bunch of witches and witchers! You could have destroyed them all at once, but you got yourself killed! Say thank you that I took your place and dealt with everything! How can you act so recklessly?! You didn't even consult me! I'm nothing to you?! You are my only daughter and heir, Sabrina! What would I do if you died? I barely managed to save your girls from being burned alive!

My father was getting more and more angry, and I didn't even dare interrupt him. He's right about everything. I should have told him what was going on, but I felt such a wave of panic for my sisters that I couldn't even think straight. If I'd just focused, this wreath wouldn't have hurt.

— I'm sorry, Father. I really didn't even think about it then. I acted on my emotions and now I'm dead, but at least they're all alive...

— What makes you think you're dead? Or rather, you're dead. Say thank you to me for resurrecting you, and now you're alive and just passed out. Well, that's thanks to me. I used too much of your powers, but I gave you mine in return, so now all your abilities as Lucifer's daughter are open. Congratulations, you're almost a God.

— Fine, - I said sarcastically, then froze, - What do you mean I'm alive? But they're all worried! And Ambrose is dying! I have to help them all. Kick me out of my sleep, Dad. We'll talk when I've dealt with the chaos on Earth.

— I think I'll have to show up today and announce that you're my daughter. I'll get your cousin out of prison, too.

— You... what are you going to do? Come there and tell them I'm your daughter? Dad, maybe you shouldn't...?

— You can't even use your powers to the fullest when you need to, so I just have to scare everyone you know." And girls, too.

— They're not my girls, Dad!

- All right, we'll talk tonight. Just in time for your Aunt Zelda and Blackwood to return. It's time to change the head of the coven. - He waves his hand, and before I can say anything, I wake up in my own body. The arrows in me made it clear that I was where I needed to be.

Opening my eyes, I look around and my gaze stops at the Prophetic sisters sitting next to my bed. Prudence's hand is holding mine, but everyone is listening intently to what Aunt Hilda is saying. Ambrose! Now it's definitely time to show that I'm up. I carefully move my hand to pull it out and see Prudence's eyes are directed directly at me. At this point, she sobs and the other Prophetic Sisters look in my direction. I give them a reassuring smile and stand up, pulling the arrows out of me.

— I can help. - All eyes are on me, a mixture of shock and awe. I limp past Nicholas and Harvey to Ambrose's bed. I sigh heavily, hold my hands directly over my cousin, and kneel down in front of the bed. - Ambrose... Ambrose, listen to me. You're healthy... - his cousin's breathing calms and begins to level out. - You have a strong heart, your body heals itself, and your wounds heal themselves. - A heavy half-wheeze-half-sigh escapes Ambrose, but I keep muttering, - It's going to be very good.

Aunt Hilda gently leans over him as soon as his breathing calms down. She looks at all the places where there were wounds and finds none of them. Power and truth in full measure now in front of me. I smile contentedly and get up from my knees.

as Delayed... but... it doesn't happen that way. - My aunt barely says, but I just put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

— Go away, redneck. - Nick says roughly, and I approach them, rolling my eyes. Nick's rudeness will soon cross all boundaries.

— I'm not leaving...

— Nick's right, Harvey. You'd better go. In the Academy, mortals are in danger, the more witches know you're here, the worse it will be for you.

— Sabrina...! - He starts to say, but I cut him off, not wanting to listen.

— I'll see you out." - We enter from the dorm and before that I gently and quickly squeeze the hands of the Prophetic sisters, as if to say that everything is fine and we will talk soon. — What did you see, Harvey?

— You looked like the Dark Phoenix from X-Men.

— Are you seriously talking to me about comics right now?

— Jean Grey was a powerful mutant. And when she was on the verge of death, something saved her. Some kind of cosmic entity. Brina, when you were floating, you didn't even look like yourself. What was that? I freeze, not knowing what to say to him. He can't find out who my father is right now. Then... I'll gather my friends and tell them all at once. Maybe I'll even be able to help Rose with opened before the end of the power?

— I don't know, Harvey. Truth. I'll see you at school tomorrow... and thank you for coming for me... and that you caught me... you always pick me up. - I lean down and give him a quick kiss on the cheek, feeling the presence of the Prophetic Sisters behind me, but I don't turn around for the first few seconds, taking a deep breath.

— We heard right, Spellman, when we heard your declaration of love to the three of us?

— I was hoping that I would die without having to explain myself to the three of you.

— Are you serious right now, Lucifer you guys?! - Agatha exclaimed angrily, and I quickly moved closer to them. They were really worried about me. I smile gently at them, trying to calm them down.

— I've already heard about my stupidity from Lucifer, thank you.

— What? From Lucifer? - Dorcas asked in a low voice, to which I simply nodded.

— How are you connected to him? We've already heard that you're the Dark Lord's sword, but how...? You're a half-breed and generally against all Lucifer's ideas.

— How can I tell you? I was against his ideas a week before my sixteenth birthday, but then... how can I be against my father's traditions? The three of them froze, looking at me in shock, trying to make sense of what they were saying.

— What do you mean, your father? Lucifer is your father? This can't be happening! - They began to talk, and I just frowned.

— I know for a fact that I was absolutely against the Feast of Feasts, first of all, it really is a meaningless thing, because my father doesn't care about it. Second, Prudence could have died. More precisely, she should have died. Well, third, I then loved to rebel against my father, because he then behaved as carefully as possible with me.

I smile at their faces, which are still in complete shock, and lean forward. Each gets a neat kiss on the cheek from me and I pass my hand over their heads to clean up the blood and various headaches.

— I love you. All of you. I never used you because I just couldn't do it. - I look each of them firmly in the eye and smile softly.

— We love you too... - quietly drops Agatha and if not for the complete silence, I would not even hear her. They all take turns kissing me on the cheek, repeating my action.

— I think we should discuss all this tonight? Blackwood and Aunt Zelda are on their way back, and my father wants to talk to you three and the others.

— The Dark Lord wants to talk to us? - Dorcas's voice sounds too high and I just smile at it.

— He won't kill you. At least because I asked him not to touch you. Now I'm going to go home and take a bath. You can purify the blood with a spell, but I need Aunt Hilda's soothing foam bath right away.


When I put it in the bathroom, Salem comes running in, meowing loudly.

— It's all right, Salem. A short death and thanks to my father for it. - He meowed in confirmation and slumped in a chair by the tub. I just smiled at eta and relaxed. Tomorrow will be the day of justice, and today you can rest.


As far as I know, Blackwood and the Council went back to school, so I was called in for questioning.

— Maybe you shouldn't open the box..? - leaning over Blackwood's desk, I said, and he angrily began to get up from his seat. He's always so nervous that you always want to make him lose his temper.

— Is that a threat? - Blackwood hissed angrily, and I just smiled. Naturally, but I can't tell him that, can I?

— You should say thank you to my daughter. - My father's voice at my side makes everyone jump and look at him in shock. He now appeared before everyone in the true form of the Dark Lord, as they had always seen him.

Everyone in the room knelt down and said a word of greeting. I stay where I am, looking around at everyone.

— Hey, Dad. - I say with a smile, but he doesn't even look at me. Still kind of upset that I died?

— Blackwood. You have disobeyed all my warnings. I not only disown you from the Church of the Night, but I also dethrone you from your position as antipope. You are unworthy! I advise you to get out of here as soon as possible. Your coven was attacked, my daughter almost died, as did many of your students! More precisely, two died! I was surprised when you put Ambrose Spellman in jail for something he didn't do. Decided to frame your own?! This goes against all the foundations and traditions of the Church of the Night! I banish you and deprive you of the strength you gain from submitting to me! I don't need them. - His father's snarling, angry voice made everyone in the room turn pale. Even me, although I usually calmly accept his anger, but it seems that he is not angry at me in full force and controls himself.

Father Blackwood immediately fell off his face and immediately aged many years. It was obvious that he wanted to start making excuses, but his father wouldn't even listen. A quick wave of his hand and he was gone. I exhale in relief as the pressure disappears and look around again. Many are afraid to take an extra breath and keep their heads incredibly low to the floor.

— Sabrina, Nicholas, you can go. Just like you, Ambrose. Officially, you're no longer a breeder. - My father said, and we immediately left the office.


In the dining room, I had a plan to make a small speech, because many people were afraid of my strength, which my father showed in the Church. Alas, it was interrupted by the Prophetic Sisters who entered the room.

— Preaching, Spellman? - Prudence said with a grin. I didn't answer her, but a slow smile of anticipation spread across my face, and I closed my eyes and wished that rose petals would start falling from the ceiling. Lifting her glass of juice, she took a quick sip and looked up. Immediately, petals filled the area. Rising from the bench, she went straight to the Prophetic Sisters, still smiling.

— I love you. - As I say this, I pull Prudence to me and kiss her on the lips.

— And we..? - came Dorcas's mock-offended voice.

— How could I have forgotten about you? - With a gentle smile, I kiss each of them just as Prudence had done before.

— Don't you want some privacy? - Prudence's hot whisper burns my ear.

— With you? - I hug the three of them and move us in a whirlwind of flame to my room.

Agatha's hand immediately pushes me toward the bed and I fall right on top of her. I get up on my elbows and Prudence is almost immediately behind me, running her tongue along the back of my neck. Agatha's hand, sitting on my lap, tightens around my throat, making me moan. My heart started to beat faster from the adrenaline rush and lack of air. Dorcas's hand had already reached under her skirt and found her clit. I slowly began to gasp and Agatha loosened her grip on my neck, kissing every piece of skin where her fingers were. Taking a deep breath, I immediately groaned at the feel of his hands on all parts of my body.

Agatha's hands quickly began to unbutton her shirt and pull it off. As soon as she did, she unbuttoned her dress with its perfect white collar, which slowly slid off her, exposing her body to me, covered only by black underwear. Dorcas moved to one side of me and took my lips. Her eyes were bright and lustful, and when she pulled away, she bit her lip before Prudence could take her mouth.

Agatha approached me and removed the bottom of my clothes, leaving me in my underwear, which didn't last long. A slight movement of Agatha's fingers and I felt my nipples tighten. A moan escaped her lips, which was covered by a kiss.

To our side, Prudence and Dorcas were already fully undressed and caressing each other. Agatha's hand went back to her neck, squeezing it, forcing me to look at her.

— Do you like what you see?This is what you've wanted all along.Tell me, how long have you wanted to see us naked in front of you? - Agatha whispered in my ear, burning it. I try to breathe, but the strong hand on my neck won't let me.

Agatha's free hand went down to her clit and began massaging it, drawing moans from me. Prudence and Dorcas caressing each other, Agatha's hands and the magic in the room were incredibly oppressive and in a few seconds I came with a loud moan.

The dark-haired woman moves to sit me on her lap, spreading my legs wide, still moving her fingers. The hand from my neck disappeared and was next to mine, squeezing it gently. Agatha leaned over my shoulder and bit it, making me groan and arch my back in pain that bordered on pleasure.

— You're incredibly beautiful, Sabrina, - my name came out of Agatha's mouth and was so attractive that I couldn't help but turn and kiss her. She quickened her movements with her fingers, filling me with more and more every second. And when Agatha's thumb began to draw rapid circles on her clit, the sensations became so acute that I thought that in another second I would explode.

The dark-haired girl controlled everything, and a second later I felt Prudence and Dorcas's hands join us. Their lips and hands were everywhere, which didn't help at all to prolong the pleasure.

— Let it go, Sabrina, - Prudence whispered hotly against my lips and kissed me. A small cry escapes my throat, my vision blurs, and my whole body convulses.

In the silence of the room, only our heavy breathing can be heard. After a few minutes, we all start to move slowly, lying down under the blanket. Dorcas snuggled up to one side of me, her head resting on my chest. Agatha was lying next to her, leaving a kiss in my hair, and on the other side Prudence was holding me tightly by the waist. I don't know how long we lie there, but I muster the courage to speak first.

— All right... I wanted to talk to you, - I feel that they are listening to me, so I sigh heavily and continue , - I know how free you are in relationships. But I just want to say that I only want the three of you. That is... You love having these orgies and so much more, but if we're in a relationship, then I don't want to share you. You are only mine. - Oh, I definitely got that from my father. He, too, always makes sure that everything that is his is only his.

— We have nothing against it. We want to be in a real relationship with you... - Prudence begins.

— Like girls. - Dorcas finishes after her, and then Agatha speaks up.

— Only then are you ours. Only ours.

I smile contentedly and close my eyes.

— I love you.

— And we love you.

They say it together and I start to fall asleep. My last thought was that I was feeling happy for the first time in a while.