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[Script Offer] [F4M] The Church of Fertility [Cum Donation] [Cum Fetish] [Multiple Orgasms] [Penis Milking] [Handjob] [Sex as Religion] [Sexual Threats] [Gentle Femdom] turning to [Harsh Femdom] [JOI] [Surrender Your Cock] [A Lifetime of Sex] [Rape]

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Welcome to the Temple of Fertility. I'm [NAME], a priestess here at the Temple. I'm told you'd like to donate your cum to our temple? Oh, very good. How long do you have? As long as I want? Well, since it's your first time here, we'll only milk out a dozen orgasms or so from you. Let's get started.

I'll be milking you with my hands and making you cum into this jug. There's no point trying to hold back your orgasms - you'll enjoy this far more if you give in and cum as much as you can.

There you go~ look at you, letting that first load out already~ *giggles* don't feel bad, sweetie - I'm _very_ good at making men cum, I can have any man cumming in seconds just using my hands. Now let's get started on that second load~

Collecting semen donations from volunteers is part of my job here at the Temple, and I _love_ my job~ Trust me when I say that you'll be leaving here today with your balls _fully_ drained.

Ah, not bad for a second load~ let it all out, relax, stare at my body as much as you want~ Our attire is designed to stimulate male arousal and entice men to donate. You won't get to see me naked...not yet, anyway ❤️ I'm saving that to push you over the edge later~

Good boy, cumming again? Keep going sweetie, fill up that jar for me. Hm? Why do we need your cum? We use it for our ceremonies - we shower and bathe our priestesses in fresh cum every day, which means we need lots of men like you to donate their sperm~

Halfway there~ you're really enjoying this, aren't you? *Giggles* don't be shy, I'm enjoying it too ❤️ you know, we have a little incentive program here at the Temple...if you come back tomorrow and let me milk you again, I'll suck you off~ twenty minutes, completely uninterrupted, with plenty of tongue and deepthroat~ my blowjobs average three orgasms per session, but you're so sensitive you'll easily reach four or five~ you won't have any cum left to shoot into my throat after I milk you, of course, but trust me, that just makes the orgasms feel more intense~

Wow, you really like that idea, huh? You just kept spurting and spurting the entire time I was talking about sucking you off... Wanna hear something even better? If you visit me every day of this week, I'll let you have sex with me. Or rather, I'll have sex with you - you'll be too tired to move, but trust me when I say you'll be in good hands~ taking cock is my religion, and you would not _believe_ the things a girl can do after a few years of training. Officially, I'm yours for an hour, but really, I'm yours until you pass out. No man has ever lasted the full hour, and you... _definitely_ won't.

Keep cumming, that's it~ you've almost filled up this jug, which means our time together is almost up. Aw, don't make that face. Let me tell you a little secret. If you visit me every day, on the last day of the month, you'll be invited to take part in our worship ceremony - that means two priestesses, worshipping your cock, for a full day.


What's that? You want that now? You can't wait a full month for it? Sorry sweetie, we only open worship ceremonies to the public once a month.

...well, yes, we have nightly worship ceremonies, but that's only for the males that live here at the Temple.

What? You want to convert? Sweetie, this is a _lifetime_ position. Males that join become subservient to the priestesses at the Temple for _life_, to be used, milked and worshipped at every hour of the day and night. You'd be surrendering your cock to be freely used by every woman at the Temple.

... you're sure you want that? Then so be it - you belong to me now. I'm officially welcoming you to our Order, and you're going to give me proof of your submission.

Jerk off to me.

Stroke that sore, tired cock for me. Force out another load from those balls. When your cum touches my body, your initiation will be complete, and I'll be taking your cock to do as I please.

Harder. This is the last time in your life you'll ever get to jerk yourself off - after this, our priestesses will be milking you day and night. You'll never get another erection to yourself.

Gonna edge a little bit, hm? Make this one last fap session last while you can?

Come on, jerk off harder. This is the last orgasm you ever get to give yourself, don't you want it to feel good? Don't you properly want to coat me with your cum? Don't you want to paint my body white with your submission before I take your cock in my mouth and suck you dry?

Oh, you can jerk off to me all day if you want. But I know you won't. You can't wait to blow your load all over me. You can't wait to give me your cock. You already belong to me. I'm giving you ten seconds. And when those ten seconds are up, you'll surrender your cum to me. It's going to feel so incredibly good to give yourself up and let me do what I want - I'm going to spend _days_ drinking your cum before I let you walk out of here.

What, too much? Too late to complain now. Ten.


Eight - oh, fuck it.

Cum, right _now_. Blow your load so I can take your cock and drink your cum. Jerk off _harder_ - if your cum doesn't hit my chest, I'm going to jerk you off myself until every inch of my skin is painted white.

More. Do it more. Cum more. Your cock belongs to me now, and you'll do as I say. Jerk it all out, don't you _dare_ slow down. Show me how much you need this. Show me how much you want to give me every last drop of cum you have.

That's it...

There you go...

Good enough. Hands off your cock. You're mine now, and I get to be the first girl to ravage you while you're still fresh. It's been so long since I've gotten to break in a new toy...

Welcome to your new life~

[Sounds of sucking, slurping, moaning and sex start playing as audio fades out, implying hours and hours of subsequent sex.]