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Unbound Anthologies

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This is a collection of ficlets from my Tumblr at, curated and edited for AO3.

  • "Character & Character" indicates a general fic with these characters as the focus, romance is not implied.
  • "Character/Character" indicates a pairing, usually romantic in nature or with romantic undertones.
  • "General" are non-character specific, usually focusing more on scenarios and dynamics rather than a singular character.
  • "Character-specific" focuses on a specific character, usually a character study in the form of a ficlet.

Warnings will be placed in the author's note at the beginning of each chapter. Be sure to read them carefully before proceeding. Major issues such as character death will be indicated in the title. Below is a directory with a brief summary of the ficlets in question for easy navigation.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction & Directory
  • Chapter 2: Snowball Fight (General): Based off the Winter Wonderland screen animation
  • Chapter 3: Noise (General): Genji gets lectured by Hanzo
  • Chapter 4: Earthworm (General): Lucio and Orisa encounter an earthworm
  • Chapter 5: Among Us!AU (General): Character deaths. Among Us in the context of Overwatch
  • Chapter 6: Sentai Stereotype (General): Some of the Overwatch cast discussing what color sentai ranger they'd be
  • Chapter 7: Macule (General): Lúcio playing the atabaque
  • Chapter 8: Law of Robotics (General): Exploring omnics and the law of robotics
  • Chapter 9: From Behind (General): Character studies and how they handle being approached from behind

Reaper (Gabriel Reyes)

  • Chapter 10: Eat Your Heart Out (Gabriel Reyes/Reader): Hanahaki!AU with Reyes
  • Chapter 11: Missing (Gabriel Reyes/Reader): Reyes hiding from Ana and Morrison
  • Chapter 12: Kindness Borne From Nothing (Implied Gabriel Reyes/Reader):  Reyes getting angry for you
  • Chapter 13: We’ll All Be Okay (Gabriel Reyes/Reader): Hurt-comfort for reader who cannot walk
  • Chapter 14: Poison (Reaper/Reader): Reaper’s attention is caught by the reader’s make-up
  • Chapter 15: What is Love (Reaper/Reader): Acts of love between the reader, Gabriel Reyes, and Reaper
  • Chapter 16: All the Colors (Reaper/Reader): Reaper with a reader who loves crafting 
  • Chapter 17: Ashes to Nothing (Implied Reaper/Reader): Reaper character study about his mist ability
  • Chapter 18: Tucked Away (Reaper & Reader): Sharing a bed
  • Chapter 19: Second Chances (Reaper-centric): Reaper character study, inspired by McCree’s Undead skin

Genji Shimada

  • Chapter 20: Believe (Genji/Reader): Reader's first mission and crisis with Overwatch
  • Chapter 21: Heat-Exhaustion (Genji/Reader): Reader trying to recover from heat exhaustion
  • Chapter 22: Rubble (Genji/Reader): Reader trying to escape from a collapsed building
  • Chapter 23: Sew Me a New Skin (Genji & Reader): Genji receives a new outfit from the reader
  • Chapter 24: Tattoo (Genji & Reader): Genji reminisces about his tattoo artist
  • Chapter 25: Gates (Genji & Reader): Genji and reader discussing why the gates to Shimada castle are open
  • Chapter 26: Umbrella (Genji & Reader): Genji waiting out the rain
  • Chapter 27: On Guard (Genji & Reader): Reader as young Genji Shimada's bodyguard
  • Chapter 28: Good Night Light (Genji & Reader): Reader is afraid of the dark

Hanzo Shimada

  • Chapter 29: Hand-Holding (Hanzo/Reader): Simple hand holding
  • Chapter 30: Trying to Sleep (Hanzo/Reader): Hanzo having late night thoughts
  • Chapter 31: Carry (Hanzo/Reader): Hanzo carries you around
  • Chapter 32: Down with the Sickness (Hanzo/Reader): Hanzo is sick and needs some TLC
  • Chapter 33: Burden of Duty (Hanzo/Reader): Close call with Hanzo and Reader
  • Chapter 34: Blue Skies, Dark Eyes (Hanzo/Reader): Another close call
  • Chapter 35: Kiss the Cook (Hanzo/Reader): Chef!reader receives a gift from Hanzo
  • Chapter 36: Ways to Say 'I love you' (Hanzo/Reader): Not all affirmations of love are verbal
  • Chapter 37: Heart Rate (Hanzo/Reader): Inspired by tweet about a couple and one of them is hooked to a heart rate monitor
  • Chapter 38: Infection (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo recounting his reasons for killing Genji
  • Chapter 39: Letting Go (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo faces his tattoo artist
  • Chapter 40: Trash Talk (Hanzo & Reader): Vague character study based off Hanzo's voice-lines
  • Chapter 41: Sharp (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo observes and discusses some knives with the chef
  • Chapter 42: Fish Rot (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo and reader discusses power and corruption
  • Chapter 43: Hair Washing (Hanzo & Reader): As Hanzo finds out, there are designated barbers for Overwatch
  • Chapter 44: Punc(h)ture (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo runs away from a doctor who punches people
  • Chapter 45: Five Times (Hanzo & Reader): Five times Hanzo catches you sleeping on the couch, and one time he joins
  • Chapter 46: Miracle (Hanzo & Reader): Hanzo shares some cake with Chef!reader
  • Chapter 47: Success (Hanzo-centric): Hanzo briefly discusses his philosophy on success and failure

Jesse McCree

  • Chapter 48: Sun Kiss (McCree/Reader): Appreciation for McCree's freckles
  • Chapter 49: Accompaniment (McCree/Reader): Reader is a medic who joins Blackwatch on missions
  • Chapter 50: My Heart Beats for You (McCree/Reader): Death-fic. Sequel to Accompaniment.
  • Chapter 51: April Fools (Implied McCree/Reader): Companion fic to My Heart Beats for You.
  • Chapter 52: Disguises (McCree/Reader): Reader known for disguises joins Overwatch.
  • Chapter 53: Midnight Snack (McCree & Reader): Chef!reader makes a snack for a nightmare-ridden
  • Chapter 54: Civics (McCree & Reader): McCree has a new job

Soldier: 76 (Jack Morrison)

  • Chapter 55: Stitch (Soldier: 76/Reader): Soldier has a problem with you embroidering
  • Chapter 56: Apples (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Grocery shopping with Solider: 76
  • Chapter 57: Past Encounters (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Soldier: 76 briefly reunites with a reader from the Soldier Enhancement project
  • Chapter 58: Two Sugars (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Reader makes coffee for Soldier: 76
  • Chapter 59: Call Me (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Reader drops off Soldier: 76
  • Chapter 60: Mermaid (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Soldier: 76 is caught by a mermaid
  • Chapter 61: Heroes (Soldier: 76 & Reader): Discussing what a hero is
  • Chapter 62: Chaste (Jack Morrison/Reader): A soft moment between Jack Morrison and the reader
  • Chapter 63: Flora (Jack Morrison & Reader): Jack at a flower shop
  • Chapter 64: To the Grave (Jack Morrison & Reader): Soldier: 76 reminisces about a coroner’s sacrifice


  • Chapter 65: Bygone Era (Reinhardt-centric): Brief character study about Reinhardt
  • Chapter 66: Theseus (Widowmaker-centric): Widowmaker sometimes gets moments of clarity
  • Chapter 67: Legacy Code (Sombra-centric): Sombra discovers some legacy code while hacking
  • Chapter 68: Repeat (Baptiste-centric): Baptiste talking to Tracer about Overwatch
  • Chapter 69: Poor Planning (Shimada brothers-centric): Both Shimadas try to smuggle alcohol
  • Chapter 70: Imploration (Sojiro Shimada & Gabriel Reyes): Companion and prequel to “Chapter 26: On Guard”, premise leading up to the mission
  • Chapter 71: Take Care (Zarya & Reader): Zarya provides some advice about self-care
  • Chapter 72: Fire (Lucio & Reader): Lucio enters the roda and plays a game with the reader
  • Chapter 73: Grass is Greener (Lucio & Reader): Colorblind!reader receives a pair of correction glasses
  • Chapter 74: Flawless (Zarya & Reader): Complimenting Zarya
  • Chapter 75: Offer (Winston & Reader): Winston trying to convince the reader to join Overwatch
  • Chapter 76: Like Your Laugh (Pharah & Reader): Complimenting Pharah
  • Chapter 77: Irreparable (Shimada brothers & Reader): The Shimada brothers visit a swordsmith for a favor
  • Chapter 78: Dressing (Shimada brothers & Reader): The Shimada brothers dress the reader in a kimono
  • Chapter 79: Tranquility (Zenyatta & Reader): Zenyatta providing some comfort
  • Chapter 80: Pit Stop (McCree & Mei): McCree and Mei enjoying a short pit stop