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I need you

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His sweaty body fell on top of me making a weird mix of cum and sweat between our bodies. Our heartbeats synchronized. My hands moved from his hips to his back, caressing him.  I tried to pull out of him but…

”Let’s stay like this for  a bit” He said and I felt the cum rushing out of him while I was in him.

“You’ll be sore tomorrow. I don’t want you to be in  pain, baby!” I sigh while stroking his black sweaty hair.

Team got used to me speaking sweetly to him so he didn’t mind.. Over the few months that we’ve been together he got braver to talk around me and I couldn’t be happier..

The answer that I received from him though was still unexpected

“How can you even say that, when I can clearly feel you getting hard in me all over again!” he said and without a warning he sat up straight and  bounced on my cock making us both moan in pleasure.

 I moaned loudly and grabbed his hips giving us a rhythm. He kept bouncing on my cock making himself harder and harder. I tried to grab his cock to jerk him out but he tossed my hand away!

“NO I wanna come only by your cock” He said while he kept doing his “job”

He continued like this for a while, it was getting harder and harder for me to maintain my orgasm from exploding

“P’Win! cu-cum with me!” he moaned and within a second I came in him and he came on my stomach..

“I love you!” he yelled and fell on top of me for the second time today.

I hugged him tightly and slowly pulled out of him trying not to hurt him

I stroked his back and turned us around so that I could free myself and get up to clean us up.

“Baby, I know that you are tired but we have to get cleaned and especially you!”

“Fine but you are caring me to the bathroom” he said and made a gesture for me to pick him up

“ whatever my baby wants” I picked him and took him to the bathroom leaving him on top of the toilet

“Uhhmm do you want some help?”

“I’m fine, Hia just close the door and come when I call you”

“ okay baby” I kissed him and closed the door.


I tried to distract myself by tidying the mess that we previous did. When I finished Team also opened the door and called to finally clean ourselves


“ you were so so good today! You did so good for me today baby! I hope you enjoyed yourself too!”

“ I did enjoyed more than you can imagine! I’ll  definitely be sore tomorrow but your more than worth it! I loved every second!”Team smiled and kissed me

“you know you said that loved me previously  in the most beautiful way! I love you!” he got red and didn’t say anything

We got out of the shower and after we dried I helped him put on his underwear

“Aghh I’m in pain…!”  he fake cried and death stared me!

“I ll go get us something to eat and some cream for you baby, get ready I’m going to massage you love!”

I kissed Team and he layed in bed and started playing his game

“I ll be back in a bit!”



While I was at the store I bought a bag of lays Team loves lays more than anything but is bad for his health so I don’t let him eat much as he used to...Today though is different, I just want to treat him with lays and I know for sure he’ll love them. I start walking back home and the weather decided that it is time to rain, I didn’t have an umbrella so I start to run. By the time I got home I was more than wet!!

“are you crazy I was worried to death!” he shouted and came running to me with a towel hugging me.

“Why didn’t you take an umbrella? Didn’t you see the weather? You’ll catch a cold, for gods sake!” he yelled at me and I laughed about how soft he can be when it’s just the two of us!

“I’m okay baby I’m here with you and I’m totally fine, now let’s eat and later I all massage you with the cream I got”

“you are going  to change clothes first, you ll get cold!”I nod and took off my clothes and my underwear while Team was looking at me with a shocked face!

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before” I laughed and grabbed an underwear.

“ I have but why in the world is it always hard?!”

“That happens when you are around”

“Hia! Now it’s different tho we are not doing it..” I laughed at him and he got even more red




“ come on let’s eat now!” I grabbed his hand and moved us to the table


After we ate Team started getting sleepy but I had to apply cream to him so he won’t be in a lot of pain tomorrow..!

“baby… I have to put cream on you don’t sleep yet.” I grabbed the cream from the table and pulled off Teams underwear.


I put some cream on my hands and starting massaging Teams back and butthole. A little moan escaped his mouth and I laughed.


“I’m not trying to get you horny baby, keep steady”

“P’Win, that’s enough come sleep now!”

I put his boxers on and washed my hands.

I opened the window and a cold air came in. I went to bed pulling Team ,that he was already asleep, on my  hug kissing the top of his head.

I know how he likes when I sweet talk to him, so I stroked his hair and start talking to him

“I love you so much, you make me so happy. I really don’t want to lose you, I can’t live without you. You ve become a part of me. I won’t ever let you go , I’ll come wherever you are. You are grumpy and I love it when you show your sweet and horny side only to me. You are so beautiful I can’t even explain how much I love you”

“I wanna marry you! I’m going to propose to you when you finish school! I love you sleep tight. I’m here so don’t be afraid of anything , I ll keep your monsters away!”



-The next day-


The next day came quickly and when I started to get my senses from sleep, I turned around to hug Team but I found nobody.Sobs were heard and I immediately jumb off the bed and into the bathroom


 “baby what happened why are you crying? Are you in pain? what happened? tell me please I’m worried’

“ P-P-P’Win-in please hold me” he said desperately crying.

I rushed to hug him bringing him to bed to lay down.

I caressed his hair and left little kisses on his  head trying to calm him down.. The room was silent, nothing was heard except from Teams sobs…


Its been about 15 minutes but just now I felt Teams sobs starting to stop. There was my chance to ask him

“baby can you please tell me what’s wrong I’m starting to get worried!”

He took a deep breath and looked at me.

“I woke up in the morning and I opened my phone as always.. I saw that you were sleeping and I dint want to wake you up,I checked my messeges and I saw a huge text from my mum..She is coming to pick me up tomorrow..Someone took a picture of us holding hands in the mall and told her that we are together..I don’t want to leave Hia…”

“What?Who would that?”

“ I don’t know I don’t want to leave you!” he said and started crying again

“ I’m not gonna let anyone keep us apart! I won’t let anyone take you away.”

“Stop crying please you’ll get sick if you keep going like this. I’ll fix this,I’ll find a solution.” I kissed him lightly on the lips

“she said that I have 2 days to pack my stuff and she ll come and pick me up… Hiiaa…. I love you! Don’t let me go please!”

“shh…. Baby don’t worry, hia is here! I love you”

 He run off of my hug and rushed to the toilet to empty the inside of his stomach. I run behind him holding him steady and patting his back.

“Are you feeling better?”I asked him and I got a nod for an answer

“Come on, Ill help you have a bath”

 I helped him get in the shower cause he got dirty. I went outside and finally let the tears Ive been holding fall out…How can someone do this to us.. we didn’t hurt anyone…we love each other..Come on Win get a greep on yourself you got this! I took a deep breath, whipped my tears and start getting ready, picking clothes for Team too.

“come on lets go.Dean and Pharm are waiting for us.” I said and kissed his hand holding his face


~At Dean/Pharm place~

Pharm came running to Team and hugged him tightly as soon as he opened the door. Pharm took Team to the bedroom to talk and I went to the living room with Dean

“Bro, what happened Pharm couldn’t tell me unless he talked to Team first.”

I explain to him and  a tear escaped my eyes.

“I’m worried. You know i dont wanna loose him. He is my everything I love him as much as you love N’Pharm. I can’t lose him. I just can’t.”

“ don’t worry we’ll figure it out. We will help you. We are here. I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you nor Nong Team.”

Pharm came out and sat on Dean’s lap

“Team needs a moment he’ll be out in a minute” I nodded in understanding.


A few minutes past with me and the couple across me talking.

Team came and sat next to me holding my hand, I pulled him in my hug and kissed his hair.

“Are you okay baby?” he shook his head nodding yes.

“ Okay guys let’s talk seriously now!” Dean suggested and we looked at him


We have been talking for about 4 hours maybe more.. We found no solution until now.. some silly ideas were thrown here and there but nothing simmed to work.

“Its been many hours,should we order something Im hungry and I bet you are too.”Pharm said and got some brochures to decide what  to eat..


It didn’t take long for all 4 of us to decide to order Chinese

“Shoulds we go get wine?”Dean suggested and him and I went to the store


“You know I was thinking what if you tried long distance no one has to know except you and Nong Team! It’s not like they’re going to take his phone away I don’t think they are that cruel!”

“What If they take it? I don’t know men… I have to talk about it with Team..”

Dean looked at me

“I have another idea..What if..what if you run away, rent an apartment away from here and take online courses? He is an adult after all.. his parents cant really do anything.. legally I mean…he will do it with his will so.. I don’t think the ll be a problem”

“You know that cant happened Team won’t agree to this and running away it’s not a solution.!”

Dean patted my back and showed me the way.

“Come on let so home, we will figure it out I promise you” Dean told me and smiled

Pharm kissed Dean as soon as we entered the house. He took our jackets and the wines.

“Go wash your hands! I ll bring the wine and the other stuff go go!!”


We washed our hands and went to sit in the living room. I sat next to Team bringing him close to me, Pharm brought the food and we finally started eating.

“ You know I was thinking you could run away and take online classes!” Pharm suggested

”Baby I said the exact same thing!!”Dean smiled and locked eyes with Pharm, I swear to god they were ready to eat eachother

“Dude not the time”I stared Dean and looked back at Team

“ Don’t listen to them baby, we ll figure it out. I promise!” he smiled at signed me to hold his hand under the table

“Okay then how about trying long distance, keeping it only between you two. Like I said its not like they re gonna take Teams phone or in general his divices, he will need them for uni!”Dean suggested and looked both me and Team…

“Don’t listen to them baby they are dumb and they don’t know what hey are talking about. Just.. don’t mind them ill figure it out.”I spoke softly to Team looking angrily at the couple infront of me tho.

“Actually Hia.. that.. that sounds smart we could try long distance and if that doesn’t work we ll leave… if if you want to of course..!”

“I m willing to do anything if it means I can be with you”



After that we finished dinner and talked a bit more finally joking around so that we could get Team to relax a little.


“Hia…We should get going.. its midnight already and im pretty tired..”

“Sure, ill get our coats.”



Team holded my hand while walking back home. Its always those little things that makes the butterfly  community in my stomach go wild.

“Can I stay at your place today?” Team questioned me and I stopped

“You are obviously going to stay at my place today, ev en if you didn’t want to, I would make you.Hihi!”

“okay..” he smiled shyly.

I swear to god im going to marry this boy!!


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“So what do you want you want to do?” I asked Team once we sat on my couch.

“Hmm.. I don’t know..”

“Do you want to watch a movie or  play video games or cuddle…do you want to sleep?” I suggested and Team looked me shyly

“What is it baby you know you can tell me anything..”

“You know… I was thinking.. since.. this is our last day together for god knows how long…I want to-if you want to obviously…I don’t want this to be our last time, but if it has to be I want you in me all night long!” he looked at me and moved to sit on my lap

“I like that!” I said and grabbed his neck to kiss him

“We’ll stick to that but lets move to the bed” I suggested and I got up with Team on my hug


Our clothes were on the floor in no time Team and I were kissing like crazy until Team sat up and tried to shove my dick in him

“Team.. stop baby  you’ll hurt yourself, I know you want this and believe me I want it as much as you want it but-” Team looked at me with tears in his eyes

“Come here baby stop crying let Hia make you feel good” I caressed his hair, grabbed the lube to put some on my fingers and immediately one finger in Team

The plesent sound that I so much love was heard from Teams lips and I pushed in one more finger. Two then three and now I can only hear

“Hia, Hia please, I'm- I’m ready please!”Team was crying in  my hug

“Okay baby I hear you okay…” I put some lube on my cock an pushed in  him still hugging him on top of me

Team and I barely used condoms since we both got tested and both  of us love the feel without anything keeping us apart..

“Uuhmm!Yes!” he screamed and hugged me tighter. I waited a bit and when I felt Team moving a bit I started moving in him!

He started crying in my hug and I couldn’t  do anything  I stopped but he kept moving! I felt his eyes on me and later he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately

“Hia.. I love you! I love you so much!” He said when he was ready to cum

A few pushes later and both of us cum together.

“Team..” I said still panting from before

“I want to give you something” I moved a bit still inside him

“Later you’ll give it later, we have less than 24 hours together lets continue!”

“Round 2 it is then” I said  and kissed him.



The night continued like this we did it again and again again…Many different positions, always ending in each others hands.




The time is 6.30 Team is sniggling in my hands, I can feel my heart beating and his breath hitting my chest. I was stroking his hair and he was making circles on my chest with his fingers.

“That was…. Amazing.. that was wow…”he smiled shyly and closed his eyes

“Come on let’s get cleaned, ill massage you in the bath” we got up to take a bath and Team was almost limping.




Its almost 7.35 and Team is asleep on my hug.. I’m trying really hard not to cry and wake him up.. but eventually tears came running from my eyes and it’s getting harder to keep my breath steady so Team won’t wake up.

“Please don’t cry…!”Team whispered and I kissed the top of his hair

“I’m not crying baby don’t worry! I just want a minute and I’ll be fine. Come on lets go back to sleep”


•In the morning•


Teams still curled up in my hug looking all cute! For a moment I forgot everything and just focused on Team. A few moments later tho he opened his eyes and looked at me

“Good mornig baby” a kiss landed on his head

“Hi..” Team stood up and walked to the bathroom with shaky legs, I laughed at the sight and admired my boyfriend

They were scratches all over his body, hickeys, bruices. I smiled with the thoughts of what happened a few hours ago.

Teams voice got me out of my thought who was asking me to help him dress and pack his staff.

“Of course baby, here let me help you!” I helped him get ready dressed and we went to his condo to pack.


The process of packing was silent. Neither of us wanted to say anything we just kept packing and packing...


“I’m going to grab something from downstairs and I'll be back!” he nod to me and I run to my condo searching everywhere for the ring.

When I took Team to meet my mum she gave me this ring and said that she'll be happy if I have someone by me like Team. My mum loves Team so much and he loves her too.


When I finally found the ring, I grabbed 3 of Teams favorite t-shirts of mine and two hoodies, I sprayed them with my cologne and put them in a bag with the ring inside one of the pockets.

When I got upstairs Team had already packed everything.

“I ordered Chinese, I’m starving, hope you don’t mind.” He informed me

“No, not at all. I was actually craving Chinese… I- Team baby this is for you..” I handed him the bag he smiled shyly

“Don’t open it until you get home and be alone.” He nodded and his smile disappeared, I opened my arms he started crying.

“Hey hey hey don’t cry baby.. we'll make it work. I promise. I’ll come visit you whenever I can and you'll just sneak out and we will have fun. okay? Now don’t cry..! come on lets lay down for a bit..”


We didn’t actually had the chance to lay down cause our take out came and we started eating.

After eating Team and I cuddle and watched a movie,  we didn’t leave each other’s hug. Once again who knows how long it’ll be until we can do this just cuddle with each other.



It’s about 8 in the afternoon and in half an hour teams mother will be here. Dean, Pharm and Manow are here to send him off, we decided that it'll be better if his mother doesn’t see me.


I kissed him and tried to memorize his touch and the way he feels…!

15 minutes before his mother arrives we are in the lobby. I kissed him one last time and wiped his tears.

“Baby, we talked about it. Its better if she doesn’t see me. I love you” a peck on his lips

“Now go.. I love you!”

“I love you!” he said and gave me a paper bag that said ‘open alone’

We kissed again and Dean called him signing that the time came and Team had to leave. Team left with Pharm outside and Dean followed me upstairs.


“I know buddy it’s not easy!” he said and I cracked, tears falling off my eyes, in the middle of the stairs. Dean pulled me in a hug and patted my back

“It’s okay…it’s okay…We will get you back together I promise! Now you got to get up and go to your room.”    



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~3 days later~

Team and I talked everyday late at night, that was the only time he could actually escape form his parents eyes, at night when they were asleep.


Today marched our 2 year anniversary, it was extra hard not being able to hug him, touch him, kiss him, fall asleep with him..

We decided to open our bags together the bags that we gave to each other.


“Hello baby!” I said and smiled as soon as I saw his face

“Hi...” he answered sad trying to cover his face

“What’s wrong baby?”  Team slowly turned his face and looked at me.. a huge bruise was all over his left eye..

“What the hell Team! Who did this to you?! I’m going to kil-“

“My dad.. he-he said that he won’t stand having a gay in his family! He says that beating me is going to turn me into a real men!” He told me and I tried to hold my tears back..

“Team.. baby.. I-I’ll come and save you! I won’t stand anyone beating you! I’ll come tom-“

“Hia! Let’s just forget about it for now. You are the only thing that brings me happiness and I really wanna see your reaction to my gift” He smiled at me and he gave me courage something that I was supposed to be doing. Every time he smiles I remember why I fell for him.



I grabbed the bag and opened it

“What is this?” I asked and took a little photo album out of the bag..

“What.. oh my..” I can’t speak I swear he is driving me crazy

“How, when, wow..!” Inside the album were naked photos of Team *naked*

“There are so many.. look so beautiful!” I finally found the words to say

“There’s something more. Open the drawer on my side.”

I did as he said and found  one of teams shirts and a necklace

“I hope you like it!”

“ I love it..I love you”

“You were so cheesy but now you are even more!” We laughed and once again I admired his beautiful face


“Okay okay now open yours!” I said excited and clapped my hands

Team reached in the bag and pulled out the hoodies and then the T-shirts

“I love that smell.. it smells like you, like home”

He said and took his shirt off to wear one of mine

“How do I- what’s this?” He said and took out the ring”

“Team my beautiful Team, you know how much my mum loves you, she gave me this ring when we met, she wants to see us together for the rest of our lives! So would you like to stay with me for the rest of your life?”

“Are you proposing to me, via FaceTime..?.... of course I’ll stay with you for ever, look it fits perfectly!” He smiled and showed me his hand with the finger on


We kept talking for almost 3 hours until Team fell asleep..

“I love you goodnight!” I said and ended the call.



Days and weeks passed with me and Team talking on the phone every night. Everyday is harder every day is a new bruise and painful words. It’s been almost 2 months... still I got no chance to see him.


3 weeks ago we attempted to meet. Team told his parents that he would go for groceries and they believed him at first but when his mum overheard him speaking to me his dad beat him up. I remember that night like it was yesterday


*flash back*


“Hiaa.. let’s try again I wanna see you.. I miss you .. hiaa..” he told me on the phone crying.. I was only a few blocks away from him my heart ached

“Baby please don’t do this. We can’t, if he catches you again.. Team baby..I’m so sorry that you have to go through this!”  The only thing that was heard was his crying and my name leaving his mouth whispering

“, pleasee”


If it wasn’t for Dean and Pharm I would probably be in jail now and Team bitten up

“Come on Win we got to go!” Dean dragged me of my feet to move to the car.

The whole way back Pharm spoke with Team and I cried silently on the back sit.



*end of flashback*




Some days we’ll talk and he’ll just stare at me waiting to tell something to get his mind of, he will just look at me.


“Dean he is getting worse! I got to do something! Please I have to!” I said looking at my best friend and his boyfriend. I’ve been spending many days with them.. they help me a lot.


“Hang in there buddy! I have something in mind but I can’t tell you until I know I can make it!”

I just nodded way to exhausted to even get enthusiastic about it.

“Phi, why don’t you crush here today, it’s late and you’ve drunk a lot!” Pharm suggested while I was finishing my, honestly don’t know which glass, of wine this is..

“No no I got to go back I have to talk to Team!”

“You are staying here in the guest room, the walls are pretty thick we won’t hear anything! Come one I’ll give you clothes to change” he said and guided me to the bathroom while His boyfriend went to make my bed for the night


“Thank you so much guys..!”

“Always here! If you need anything just knock on our door!” Dean said and closed my door



My phone rang and I picked up to see Team

“Hello Hia!” He greeted me and I smiled through the pain. I honestly feel so selfish, he is going through hell and I’m here crying doing nothing

“Hello love! How are you today, I see most of the bruise have fade away!”

“Yes they’re almost gone, the don’t even hurt anymore... Hia.. where are you?”

“Oh yeah I forgot I’m sorry, I’m at Deans and Pharms we had some drinks and they won’t let me go home alone!” I explained and told him about my day and so did he

But then there was a long pause

“I miss you so much Hia” he confessed

“I miss you to baby”


“Hia, I can’t take it anymore, i miss you so much, at nights I’m afraid to sleep.. I feel like a human sack box, beating me won’t get the ‘gay’ out of me!” He said and tears came running from his eyes


“Give me a few more days, I know it’s a lot to ask but I promise you, by the end of the week you’ll be in my arms.I promise, calm down ha..” I caressed his cheek through the screen

“I’m 19 a legal adult I can make my own decision, I’d rather loose ‘my family’ than going through this and loosing you!”

“I know love I know! We’ll be together soon I promise!”

“P win, I-I haven’t slept in piece in days, maybe weeks.. I always get scared in the middle of the night and wake up...I don’t want to bother you so I’m-“

“Whatever time it is, for the most stupid reason. You call me! Understand that?”

“Yes I will I promise!”

“By the end of the week we’ll be together okay?” He nodded and layed down.. we talked a bit more but Team was exhausted so he fell asleep really quick. After I assured his was sleeping I ended the call and went to Deans room.


“Get up!”

Chapter Text

“Get up!” I said and opened aggressively the door to Dean and pharms bedroom

“What-what happened? Are you okay?” The looked at me worried

“We got to talk we got to find a solution..NOW! Pharm call Manow she’ll be helpful too!” I said and looked at them

“I’ll go make coffee and tea!” Pharm smiled and Dean showed me to the balcony

“We’ll figure it out!” He said patting my back while I was looking aggressively into my pockets


“Win don’t do this!” Dean scolded me and I smiled at him

“Just this one I promise!” I said and put the cigarette between my lips lighting it up

The smoke came out of my lips relaxing me... Dean looked disappointed yet understanding..

“Manow will be here in a bit, here’s your coffee P’Dean and P’Win here’s yours I don’t know how you drink it so here’s some sugar and milk”

Pharm smiled and left the coffee on the table in-front of me.

“I just wanna say thank you, for taking care of me and thinking of me, for helping Team and I... I owe you some much!” I confessed to them and they both smiled at my assuring me that no matter what they’ll be with me and Team until the end


~2 hours later~

Manaow, Dean , Pharm and I finally found some solutions

“Guys, thank you so much!” I looked at them exhausted and let a tear fall of my eye.

“We are here for you P’Win we want to see you  back together too!” Manow stated

“It’s almost 4 in the morning let’s go to sleep now.Manow come with me I’ll open the couch for you” Pharm said and within a few minutes everyone was laying in their bed and almost asleep.



My thoughts were everywhere, will our plan work will we be able to be back together.. I miss him.. how is he doing is he okay..

I stared at the ceiling while I kept thinking everything that we talked about before. My thought were cut off by my ringing phone.

Teams name showed up and I quickly picked it up

“Hi baby..”

“Hi..” Team looked tired and afraid his eyes red and his lips swollen

“Was it a nightmare?” I slight nod gave me the answer

“Do you want me to talk to you? You’ll be back asleep in no time”

“Yes please..” Team said softly and I started talking to him. I talked about the day things that he already heard a few hours ago, I talked about the future and how much I miss him..he was back asleep in 5 minutes but I emptied my heart to him just because I need it to..

I was talking for about an hour until I felt my eyes closing too.. once again I made sure he was asleep and I ended the call going to sleep.



~3 days later~



The past three days everything’s been going great, Team is better he looks calmer and in 2 days I’ll finally get to hold him.. I’m now in my room I just finished showering and I sat down to eat dinner, Chinese, Teams and I favorite food.

It’s pretty late so in a bit I will calm Team I thought and looked around me.

My room is a mess.. I got to clean it up...

“I hate cleaning! But it needs to be done.!” Im talking to myself now great.. I grabbed some clothes from the floor and start cleaning.


“Finally, now I get to call Team.. and eat, I’m starving!” I told myself what’s wrong with me...


1 ring 2 rings and nothing Team didn’t pick up so I started getting anxious...until I got a message from him


Team 💛

Hia I’m with me parents, I can’t talk


I looked at the message and the stress left my body... I guess I’ll eat dinner alone.. I put on my favourite show and start eating


The time is 2.04 I’ve put on my pj’s and layed in bed finally relaxed after many hours, I was scrolling through Instagram when I got a message from Team


Team 💛

I can’t talk tonight sorry!

I miss you ❤️

I love you ❤️



It’s okay baby

If anything happens call me immediately


Team 💛

I will!



I love you too ❤️

I miss you too ❤️


I placed my phone on the table next to me and closed my eyes.. the feeling of excitement start rising in me... the quicker I sleep the quicker time will pass and quicker Team will be here.


~Teams POV~

Today my parents were all over my ass, they made me come with them to this fancy restaurant to have dinner ‘as a family’ .

Win called me when I was with them so obviously I couldn’t answer but I got a small chance to go the bathroom and snuck my phone in to send him a message informing him about today’s plan.
My parents are the worst they hate everything about me... thank god my little sister is a little angel she’s still 14 but she’s nicer and more understanding than them...

when I first got here, my dad took my phone away but cause of my sister I got it back,she asked for my phone ‘for personal use’ but she came late at night in my room and gave it to me. Without her... I wouldn’t make it..I told her about Win and every day she asks when she’ll meet him.


After 2 hours of my parents talking and talking about their happiness and how happy they are together, we finally left and I was thinking that I would be able to talk to Win once we got home.

But no they made me stay in the living room with them to watch a movie... again I got a small chance and went to the bathroom to send Hia a message that I won’t be able to talk with him tonight. That’s the first night that we won’t talk... fuck... I went back  and sat on the couch like nothing happened.



~Wins POV~

I woke up form the annoying sound of my alarm

“Shut up!” I turned off the alarm and grabbed my phone to send Team a good morning text



Good morning love 🧡

1 more day

I love you ❤️



I finally got off bed and went to the shower.

The water was making my body relax more than it was already . If only Team was here,I would make love to him right now I’d kiss him everywhere..! All these thoughts made me hard, my hand slowly went to my cock and I started slowly jerking off


If only he was here!

“Team..!” I moaned his name wishing that my hand was replaced by his... I came all over the wall.. I cleaned up and got out of the shower.


I had to meet Dean in 30 minutes to make sure everything is ready for tomorrows trip.

“Dean!Pharm brought us lunch, he is outside and he said he wants to talk to you” Dean nodded and head out to his boyfriend

I layed the food out on the table when my phone ringed and I rushed to pick it up when Teams name popped up.

“Hello baby, how come an early call?”

“Hi Hia, I called to tell you that my parents agreed to let me come to the swim trip” Team said excited

“Yes! That’s great news baby!”

“I miss you!”

“I know I miss you too, but only a few hours left and we will together!”I assured him and smiled to myself

“I know I know, I got to go now I’ll go pack!”

“Okay baby! Talk at night?”

“Aha” he said excited and we hang up



The hours passed so freaking slow, I did so many thing and still it looked like I’ve only been throw a few minutes. Thank god it’s finally night and I can go home.

Today I did so many things I cleaned the pool with Dean and checked everything for our trip, I cleaned my room and went grocery shopping, I went to buy floors and condoms (*~*)


And finally now I’m home laying in bed and waiting for Team to call me.


“Hello baby! Open the camera I haven’t seen you in a while!” I said jokingly

“Can we talk like this today, my lights are off and I don’t want to turn them on..”

“Ehmm.. yeah sure.. no worries.. so did You pack?”

“Yeah yeah I just finished” he sad trying not to sound sad

“Baby is everything all right?” I asked really concerned

“Yeah.. don’t worry Hia I’m- I’m just tired that’s all it was a full day!” He said

“Okay... we’ll in less that 12 hours we will be together.. so thats exciting!” I said all happy hoping to cheer him up.


We didn’t talk a lot because we won’t to sleep to have a lot of strength for the day.

Dean assured me that the trip was only an excuse for Team to come home to us, we wouldn’t actually participate in any competition.


~Teams POV~


The bruises this time where even more big my ribs were bruised and I was in terrible pain.I really had false hopes that they would magically disappear until tomorrow...but that don’t happen


I woke up at 3 at grabbed my suitcase moving to my sisters room

“Jane, hi baby girl.. I know it’s late but Teams leaving okay, I won’t come back.. I’ll be happy if you promise me to be happy too. If anything happens you can call me on this number okay..? I’ll come and pick you up no matter what okay, just call me if you need anything! Goodbye!” I said and kissed her forehead

She hugged me tightly and kissed her head


“I got to go now, go back to sleep okay?” She nodded and moved back to her bed while I went outside where my taxi was waiting


“Hello Phi, take me to this university please!” I asked the driver and once we were far enough form my parents I let out a huge sigh of relief.

The ride wasn’t that long but it certainly looked like hell to me.

“We are almost there, in five minutes will be there!” He informed me and I smile..

Finally I can see Hia, he doesn’t know that I’m coming this early, the plan was that he would come and take me from the bus station but Dean Pharm and I had different plans.


“Thank you very much” I said once I paid the driver, he helped me with my luggage and when he finally left I looked around and walked inside to call the elevator

I got Wins dorm key out and waited until I reached his floor

This feels nice... Finally home

I start walking and I finally got in front of Wins dorm I put the key in and turn it to open the door


That smells like home~~





Chapter Text

I opened the door and in front of me a saw a sleeping Hia, curled up with a blanket.

I pushed my luggage inside the room and closed the door behind me as soundless as i could. I took a deep breath getting all of Wins perfume in me. I kept looking at him sleeping so peacefully. I walked next to the bed and slowly opened the blanket to lay next to him.

“Hiaa..” I kissed lightly his lip

“Team??” Win opened his eyes and stared at me,but before I could speak his lips was on mine and his tongue in my mouth. He kept pulling me closer, hugging me tighter while tears run from both of our eyes

“What the hell?!?” He said once we stopped kissing

“How are you here? What time is it? I missed you baby..!” He said in one breath and pulled me even closer

“I got the chance to leave earlier, so I came to surprise you, it’s 5.35 and I missed you too” I answered him


He pulled me down to lay on the bed and I got comfortable on his chest.

“Finally your in my hands..I missed that so much, that’s a really nice way to wake up.. but you should have called me I would have come and pick you up myself”

“It would be a surprise then!” Win smiled and kissed my lips...

The silence was so peaceful and soon enough I fell asleep in Wins arms


~Wins POV~


Team’s asleep in my hands and I finally can hear his breath while sleeping..

I stroked his hair and kissed his the top of his head.I missed my baby so much, I can’t believe he is finally back.. I can’t stand the thought of him leaving again, but unfortunately he’ll have to.. but I’ll just relax now and enjoy the moment. I thought to myself and fell asleep too.





Team was shaking next to me shaking and crying  waking me up, he was swearing and crying for help..

“! Don’t do this anymore please, it hurts..! No more..!” He cried out

“Team, baby please wake up! I’m here no one is going to hurt you..I’m here”  I took Team in my arms and lightly shook him so that he wakes up

“Hia..!” He screamed and tightly grabbed my arm

“I’m here baby, I’m here.. shh..shh” Team woke up cried in my arms.



Team cried for almost 30minutes.. He need it that so I let him cry his eyes out while a was holding him and caressing his hair.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked him and he turned to look at me looking for my kiss

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked calmly and left a kiss on his lips

“No... maybe another time..not now..” he said and pushed me to kiss him more

“Okay baby..okay..”

“Hia..kiss me!” He said and I immediately pushed my lips on to his.. our lips have such a great connection and so does our tongues and bodies..

Team got on top of me and kissed me harder

“Team.. I-I don’t think we should do that right now..”I said trying to catch my breath and convince myself that this is the right thing to do

“Ha?! Why? Don’t you want me?” He said with a broken voice

“Of course not baby, I want you so freaking much..but you just got here you must be so tired and we have plenty of time together, I don’t want to push you..” he looked at me and smirked..

“I don’t think you are pushing me for anything, I’m on top of you ready for us to do everything right now, so get naked! Hia we haven’t touch each other for almost 3 months..for gods sake I haven’t touch myself for 3 months...” he said and I could feel me getting harder..

“What do you mean..?”

“Hia... the last time that I felt good and that I had an orgasm was the day I left to go to my parents.. I didn’t touch myself.. I wanted to be you how makes me cum..” he whispered and now I’m on full hard mode.

With a move a turned us around and kissed Team...

“My baby... you are soo good you didn’t touch yourself for 3 whole months.. I got to reward you don’t I?”

“Please..” Team loved being praised...

I strip Team of his clothes and when I took his shirt off I was shocked

“Team baby.. I’m so sorry...” I said an felt tears in my eyes

“ Hia it’s okay... I’m fine now look the don’t even hurt... I’m fine..” he said swiped my tears..And I kissed his hands and later on his bruised ribs

“Hia.. make love to me..” Team said and I couldn’t resist

I got myself out of my clothes and turned Team around  looked at his round butt and massage it for a few seconds before I pushed my tongue on his hole

“Ahhh” Team was moaning trying to calm himself.


He lost himself once I put a finger in him and then later on I worked up to 3 finger until he was begging me

“Hia.!!, for the love of god if you don’t-“

“Did you say anything baby” I asked while turning him around and putting his legs on my shoulders

“Are you ready?” I asked once more and he nodded excited

I pushed myself slowly into Team and the sight informs of me was the best.. Teams messy hair rolling his eyes, bitting his lips and moaning.. yes that’s what I wanted to see my baby loosing control

“Shit baby.. you are so beautiful, you feel so nice around are so tight”I moved slowly and then picked up the pace making Team moan so loud

“Hia.. Hia ...aghh..! I’m gonna-“ Team didn’t finish his sentence as he cummed all over his self.

A few more pushes and a felt myself cumming too..

“I- I missed inside me.. your ...cum inside me” he said and hide his face on my neck while I kissed his neck..

“I missed you too baby” I said a kissed his neck again..


I got out of him and Team whined with the feeling of emptiness

“ I think that’s enough for today...” I kissed Team forehead and tried to get up

“I want more! Come on Hia don’t tell me you are tired”

“I’m not baby but I don’t want to hurt you.. you are parents will understand.. we don’t want that..”I said and kissed him again trying once more to get up but getting stoped again

“Hia.. I’m I’m not leaving,all my clothes and belongings are in that suitcase. I was actually hoping I could stay here for a couple of days until I can find a place. But if- why are you crying!”

“You are staying? I thought I was gonna loose you again. How did you convince your parents?” Team whipped my tears and pulled me in his hug

“I- I left them a letter. I’m old enough to do what we I want... if the want to disown me.. I don’t care I have you and Pharm and Manow and PDean and all of our friends.. if they try to do anything I’ll take lawyer!”

I smiled and hold him tighter

“You are so brave! I’m so proud of you!” Team smiled

“Come on let’s go take a shower and then we can order breakfast” I told him and we went to take a shower



~a few days later~



Team got a letter from his parents threading him to go back and become straight or they won’t talk to him ever again.. Team decided not to answer and also made the decision to stay with me..



~A year late~


Team and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary a week ago. We moved in together in a new  house, he took the decision to not speak to his parents ever again and my parents treat him like their own son.. sometimes I think my mum loves him more than she loves me... I wouldn’t blame her..

Right now we are ready to eat. I cooked today and Team made the table.


“Babe, is food ready? I’m dying!” He whined form the kitchen table

“Stop complain-“ my words got cut off by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Team asked me and I went to open the door

“Hi..”the little girl said crying in front of me

“Babe who is it?” Team came running to the door and was shocked he saw the person on our door.

“Jane?! What in the world what are you doing here?!” He asked and hugged her bringing her inside the house.

I took the suitcase from behind her and closed the door.

We all sat on the table and I put an extra plate in front of Jane.

“Why are you here baby..? What did they do?” Team was furious while Jane kept crying

“Love,let  her calm. Jane do you want to take a bath or anything? We are here for you whenever you want to talk” I calmly said and kissed the top of her head while she hugged me


“Mu-mum and dad they found out that.. me and Sammy are in a relationship.. P Team, P Win I- I think I’m bi.. mum said that I should live with them and kicked me out.. I didn’t know where to go.. so I got on the bus and came here.. I’m sorry for disturbing you!” She said and start crying again.

“Sweetheart you are always welcome here.” I said while Team came and hugged her with me.


“Come on let’s eat it’ll get cold” I said and patted her hair

After Jane ate she took a bath and Team got the bed ready for her


“I won’t stay long I promise..I won’t bother you!”

“Jane.. don’t say silly stuff you are part of our family, your brother is my fiancé, you’ll stay with us until you and only you decide that you want to leave. Am I being understood?” I told her and she smiled

“Yes..” i tacked her in bed and kissed her head

“Goodnight lovely, sweet dreams” I said and closed the light


I went to take a shower while Team went to talk to his sister


“I think we should go shopping tomorrow, we should make Jane feel home, we can paint the room and buy new furniture” I suggested while cuddling Team

“Thank you! Thank you for taking care of my sister, it means a lot!”


Team kissed me and we hugged tighter while falling asleep

Chapter Text

The morning came quick Team and I made breakfast and coffee and we sat on the table


“So I was thinking, we could start with IKEA and then go to the mall, shopping will cheer her up and then we can go to the super market for our groceries and for women products she might need” I suggested making a plan on my head

“Literally, I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I don’t want my little sister to go through what I went through. Thank you Hia” Team said and he came to sit on my lap kissing my lips

“Baby your sister is my sister too. She needs us baby and I won’t let her struggle..!” I kissed him back


“I should wake her up or else we won’t make it in time” I said and walked to her bedroom.



“Good morning, lovely” I whispered and caressed her hair.


-Jane came to  visit us 3 months after Team came to live with me. She is a lovely kid and I really love her and feel like she is my sister I never had.-


She opened her eyes and looked at me

“Good morning P’Win” she smiled and slowly got up

“Let’s go have breakfast, then we’ll go shopping ok? I’ll wait in the kitchen” I told her and went back to the kitchen



“So I was thinking..” I said once I stepped inside the kitchen

“There is a high school not far away from here, we should transfer Jane here!” Team smiled and nodded his head


Jane got in the table and after we all ate breakfast we got ready and left for IKEA




~3months later~


Jane transfered to the school next to us and she is really happy, she has her own space in the house a really nice bedroom and she actually brings a lot of joy into the house.


Right now Team and I are getting ready to leave for the weekend leaving Jane alone in the house..we’ll actually not completely alone but Team doesn’t know that.



“Okay Jane, lock the doors, If anything happens you call us.. have fun, don’t do anything you don’t want to, umm and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Okay that’s it love you kiddo!”

“Thank you Phi! Have fun!” Jane said and I kissed her head closing the door behind me


Jane invited her girlfriend Sammy to spend the night with her. They are teenagers and that’s the first time they are having time alone like completely alone. I trust her we both do we also met Sammy she is a really nice girl and if she hurts my little girl I know where she lives



“Are you ready baby?” I got into the car and Team smiled and me

“Don you think she’ll be fine.. maybe we should stay, I don’t want to leave her alone..” he said worried

“Baby ... she is old enough to take care of herself, now let’s go and have fun too!” Team smiles and I started the engine..





Team and I got married  5 years later and moved into a bigger house, with extra rooms one for Jane and one for the twins we were going to adopt soon. Although Jane moved out cause of university she always has her room ready when she wants to, she is living with Sammy and they are going to the same uni, the come every year for holidays.

Teams parents never spoke to either Team nor Jane but both of them were completely fine with it.

Right now we are eating dinner Team and I, Jane and Sammy, Dean and Pharm, Manow couldn’t make it cause sister was in labor... but these people right in front of me that are laughing and having fun these people are my family I love them all and I wouldn’t change them for anything



“I love you” I said to Team

He grabbed my hand under the table and smiled

“I love you too” a kissed landed on my lips