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I need you

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The morning came quick Team and I made breakfast and coffee and we sat on the table


“So I was thinking, we could start with IKEA and then go to the mall, shopping will cheer her up and then we can go to the super market for our groceries and for women products she might need” I suggested making a plan on my head

“Literally, I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I don’t want my little sister to go through what I went through. Thank you Hia” Team said and he came to sit on my lap kissing my lips

“Baby your sister is my sister too. She needs us baby and I won’t let her struggle..!” I kissed him back


“I should wake her up or else we won’t make it in time” I said and walked to her bedroom.



“Good morning, lovely” I whispered and caressed her hair.


-Jane came to  visit us 3 months after Team came to live with me. She is a lovely kid and I really love her and feel like she is my sister I never had.-


She opened her eyes and looked at me

“Good morning P’Win” she smiled and slowly got up

“Let’s go have breakfast, then we’ll go shopping ok? I’ll wait in the kitchen” I told her and went back to the kitchen



“So I was thinking..” I said once I stepped inside the kitchen

“There is a high school not far away from here, we should transfer Jane here!” Team smiled and nodded his head


Jane got in the table and after we all ate breakfast we got ready and left for IKEA




~3months later~


Jane transfered to the school next to us and she is really happy, she has her own space in the house a really nice bedroom and she actually brings a lot of joy into the house.


Right now Team and I are getting ready to leave for the weekend leaving Jane alone in the house..we’ll actually not completely alone but Team doesn’t know that.



“Okay Jane, lock the doors, If anything happens you call us.. have fun, don’t do anything you don’t want to, umm and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Okay that’s it love you kiddo!”

“Thank you Phi! Have fun!” Jane said and I kissed her head closing the door behind me


Jane invited her girlfriend Sammy to spend the night with her. They are teenagers and that’s the first time they are having time alone like completely alone. I trust her we both do we also met Sammy she is a really nice girl and if she hurts my little girl I know where she lives



“Are you ready baby?” I got into the car and Team smiled and me

“Don you think she’ll be fine.. maybe we should stay, I don’t want to leave her alone..” he said worried

“Baby ... she is old enough to take care of herself, now let’s go and have fun too!” Team smiles and I started the engine..





Team and I got married  5 years later and moved into a bigger house, with extra rooms one for Jane and one for the twins we were going to adopt soon. Although Jane moved out cause of university she always has her room ready when she wants to, she is living with Sammy and they are going to the same uni, the come every year for holidays.

Teams parents never spoke to either Team nor Jane but both of them were completely fine with it.

Right now we are eating dinner Team and I, Jane and Sammy, Dean and Pharm, Manow couldn’t make it cause sister was in labor... but these people right in front of me that are laughing and having fun these people are my family I love them all and I wouldn’t change them for anything



“I love you” I said to Team

He grabbed my hand under the table and smiled

“I love you too” a kissed landed on my lips