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I need you

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His sweaty body fell on top of me making a weird mix of cum and sweat between our bodies. Our heartbeats synchronized. My hands moved from his hips to his back, caressing him.  I tried to pull out of him but…

”Let’s stay like this for  a bit” He said and I felt the cum rushing out of him while I was in him.

“You’ll be sore tomorrow. I don’t want you to be in  pain, baby!” I sigh while stroking his black sweaty hair.

Team got used to me speaking sweetly to him so he didn’t mind.. Over the few months that we’ve been together he got braver to talk around me and I couldn’t be happier..

The answer that I received from him though was still unexpected

“How can you even say that, when I can clearly feel you getting hard in me all over again!” he said and without a warning he sat up straight and  bounced on my cock making us both moan in pleasure.

 I moaned loudly and grabbed his hips giving us a rhythm. He kept bouncing on my cock making himself harder and harder. I tried to grab his cock to jerk him out but he tossed my hand away!

“NO I wanna come only by your cock” He said while he kept doing his “job”

He continued like this for a while, it was getting harder and harder for me to maintain my orgasm from exploding

“P’Win! cu-cum with me!” he moaned and within a second I came in him and he came on my stomach..

“I love you!” he yelled and fell on top of me for the second time today.

I hugged him tightly and slowly pulled out of him trying not to hurt him

I stroked his back and turned us around so that I could free myself and get up to clean us up.

“Baby, I know that you are tired but we have to get cleaned and especially you!”

“Fine but you are caring me to the bathroom” he said and made a gesture for me to pick him up

“ whatever my baby wants” I picked him and took him to the bathroom leaving him on top of the toilet

“Uhhmm do you want some help?”

“I’m fine, Hia just close the door and come when I call you”

“ okay baby” I kissed him and closed the door.


I tried to distract myself by tidying the mess that we previous did. When I finished Team also opened the door and called to finally clean ourselves


“ you were so so good today! You did so good for me today baby! I hope you enjoyed yourself too!”

“ I did enjoyed more than you can imagine! I’ll  definitely be sore tomorrow but your more than worth it! I loved every second!”Team smiled and kissed me

“you know you said that loved me previously  in the most beautiful way! I love you!” he got red and didn’t say anything

We got out of the shower and after we dried I helped him put on his underwear

“Aghh I’m in pain…!”  he fake cried and death stared me!

“I ll go get us something to eat and some cream for you baby, get ready I’m going to massage you love!”

I kissed Team and he layed in bed and started playing his game

“I ll be back in a bit!”



While I was at the store I bought a bag of lays Team loves lays more than anything but is bad for his health so I don’t let him eat much as he used to...Today though is different, I just want to treat him with lays and I know for sure he’ll love them. I start walking back home and the weather decided that it is time to rain, I didn’t have an umbrella so I start to run. By the time I got home I was more than wet!!

“are you crazy I was worried to death!” he shouted and came running to me with a towel hugging me.

“Why didn’t you take an umbrella? Didn’t you see the weather? You’ll catch a cold, for gods sake!” he yelled at me and I laughed about how soft he can be when it’s just the two of us!

“I’m okay baby I’m here with you and I’m totally fine, now let’s eat and later I all massage you with the cream I got”

“you are going  to change clothes first, you ll get cold!”I nod and took off my clothes and my underwear while Team was looking at me with a shocked face!

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before” I laughed and grabbed an underwear.

“ I have but why in the world is it always hard?!”

“That happens when you are around”

“Hia! Now it’s different tho we are not doing it..” I laughed at him and he got even more red




“ come on let’s eat now!” I grabbed his hand and moved us to the table


After we ate Team started getting sleepy but I had to apply cream to him so he won’t be in a lot of pain tomorrow..!

“baby… I have to put cream on you don’t sleep yet.” I grabbed the cream from the table and pulled off Teams underwear.


I put some cream on my hands and starting massaging Teams back and butthole. A little moan escaped his mouth and I laughed.


“I’m not trying to get you horny baby, keep steady”

“P’Win, that’s enough come sleep now!”

I put his boxers on and washed my hands.

I opened the window and a cold air came in. I went to bed pulling Team ,that he was already asleep, on my  hug kissing the top of his head.

I know how he likes when I sweet talk to him, so I stroked his hair and start talking to him

“I love you so much, you make me so happy. I really don’t want to lose you, I can’t live without you. You ve become a part of me. I won’t ever let you go , I’ll come wherever you are. You are grumpy and I love it when you show your sweet and horny side only to me. You are so beautiful I can’t even explain how much I love you”

“I wanna marry you! I’m going to propose to you when you finish school! I love you sleep tight. I’m here so don’t be afraid of anything , I ll keep your monsters away!”



-The next day-


The next day came quickly and when I started to get my senses from sleep, I turned around to hug Team but I found nobody.Sobs were heard and I immediately jumb off the bed and into the bathroom


 “baby what happened why are you crying? Are you in pain? what happened? tell me please I’m worried’

“ P-P-P’Win-in please hold me” he said desperately crying.

I rushed to hug him bringing him to bed to lay down.

I caressed his hair and left little kisses on his  head trying to calm him down.. The room was silent, nothing was heard except from Teams sobs…


Its been about 15 minutes but just now I felt Teams sobs starting to stop. There was my chance to ask him

“baby can you please tell me what’s wrong I’m starting to get worried!”

He took a deep breath and looked at me.

“I woke up in the morning and I opened my phone as always.. I saw that you were sleeping and I dint want to wake you up,I checked my messeges and I saw a huge text from my mum..She is coming to pick me up tomorrow..Someone took a picture of us holding hands in the mall and told her that we are together..I don’t want to leave Hia…”

“What?Who would that?”

“ I don’t know I don’t want to leave you!” he said and started crying again

“ I’m not gonna let anyone keep us apart! I won’t let anyone take you away.”

“Stop crying please you’ll get sick if you keep going like this. I’ll fix this,I’ll find a solution.” I kissed him lightly on the lips

“she said that I have 2 days to pack my stuff and she ll come and pick me up… Hiiaa…. I love you! Don’t let me go please!”

“shh…. Baby don’t worry, hia is here! I love you”

 He run off of my hug and rushed to the toilet to empty the inside of his stomach. I run behind him holding him steady and patting his back.

“Are you feeling better?”I asked him and I got a nod for an answer

“Come on, Ill help you have a bath”

 I helped him get in the shower cause he got dirty. I went outside and finally let the tears Ive been holding fall out…How can someone do this to us.. we didn’t hurt anyone…we love each other..Come on Win get a greep on yourself you got this! I took a deep breath, whipped my tears and start getting ready, picking clothes for Team too.

“come on lets go.Dean and Pharm are waiting for us.” I said and kissed his hand holding his face


~At Dean/Pharm place~

Pharm came running to Team and hugged him tightly as soon as he opened the door. Pharm took Team to the bedroom to talk and I went to the living room with Dean

“Bro, what happened Pharm couldn’t tell me unless he talked to Team first.”

I explain to him and  a tear escaped my eyes.

“I’m worried. You know i dont wanna loose him. He is my everything I love him as much as you love N’Pharm. I can’t lose him. I just can’t.”

“ don’t worry we’ll figure it out. We will help you. We are here. I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you nor Nong Team.”

Pharm came out and sat on Dean’s lap

“Team needs a moment he’ll be out in a minute” I nodded in understanding.


A few minutes past with me and the couple across me talking.

Team came and sat next to me holding my hand, I pulled him in my hug and kissed his hair.

“Are you okay baby?” he shook his head nodding yes.

“ Okay guys let’s talk seriously now!” Dean suggested and we looked at him


We have been talking for about 4 hours maybe more.. We found no solution until now.. some silly ideas were thrown here and there but nothing simmed to work.

“Its been many hours,should we order something Im hungry and I bet you are too.”Pharm said and got some brochures to decide what  to eat..


It didn’t take long for all 4 of us to decide to order Chinese

“Shoulds we go get wine?”Dean suggested and him and I went to the store


“You know I was thinking what if you tried long distance no one has to know except you and Nong Team! It’s not like they’re going to take his phone away I don’t think they are that cruel!”

“What If they take it? I don’t know men… I have to talk about it with Team..”

Dean looked at me

“I have another idea..What if..what if you run away, rent an apartment away from here and take online courses? He is an adult after all.. his parents cant really do anything.. legally I mean…he will do it with his will so.. I don’t think the ll be a problem”

“You know that cant happened Team won’t agree to this and running away it’s not a solution.!”

Dean patted my back and showed me the way.

“Come on let so home, we will figure it out I promise you” Dean told me and smiled

Pharm kissed Dean as soon as we entered the house. He took our jackets and the wines.

“Go wash your hands! I ll bring the wine and the other stuff go go!!”


We washed our hands and went to sit in the living room. I sat next to Team bringing him close to me, Pharm brought the food and we finally started eating.

“ You know I was thinking you could run away and take online classes!” Pharm suggested

”Baby I said the exact same thing!!”Dean smiled and locked eyes with Pharm, I swear to god they were ready to eat eachother

“Dude not the time”I stared Dean and looked back at Team

“ Don’t listen to them baby, we ll figure it out. I promise!” he smiled at signed me to hold his hand under the table

“Okay then how about trying long distance, keeping it only between you two. Like I said its not like they re gonna take Teams phone or in general his divices, he will need them for uni!”Dean suggested and looked both me and Team…

“Don’t listen to them baby they are dumb and they don’t know what hey are talking about. Just.. don’t mind them ill figure it out.”I spoke softly to Team looking angrily at the couple infront of me tho.

“Actually Hia.. that.. that sounds smart we could try long distance and if that doesn’t work we ll leave… if if you want to of course..!”

“I m willing to do anything if it means I can be with you”



After that we finished dinner and talked a bit more finally joking around so that we could get Team to relax a little.


“Hia…We should get going.. its midnight already and im pretty tired..”

“Sure, ill get our coats.”



Team holded my hand while walking back home. Its always those little things that makes the butterfly  community in my stomach go wild.

“Can I stay at your place today?” Team questioned me and I stopped

“You are obviously going to stay at my place today, ev en if you didn’t want to, I would make you.Hihi!”

“okay..” he smiled shyly.

I swear to god im going to marry this boy!!