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Rising Force, Rebellious Seed - The Foretelling

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Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Star Wars

Rising Force Rebellious Seed – The Foretelling

Before the cleansing of the galaxy


The downpour stops, abruptly.

Hot, sticky air permeates the dark muddy swamps on an unknown distant planet. Sun rays beam to chap Auset’s skin of a mid-tone brown complexion to a sepia-gold tone. She stands stoically to confront the Overseer and his whip knout to accept a  beating on behalf of her fellow slaves. It took her a long time for her to have the courage to fight for she had to grow up into it and learn to not fear. This time when he caught her, his instrument of punishment would be the Mandalorian iron knout and it causes her heart to explode inside her chest. Perhaps she should give into his wiles, her avoidance of him is wrong. But, this time she knew he was wrong by his overt swindle of the Corporation who own these Bombyx-Al-Qotn Swamp Patties. Wrong for his enslavement atrocities. Wrong for stealing money from the Corporation to pay his gambling debts. Wrong to blame the slaves for low production quotas. This day, the Force found its way back into Auset, and it told her to stand for what is right, for her fellow slaves, for justice. “This time, he’s gone too far, and I am more than this. I’m Korunnai from planet Haruun Kal. I’m a padawan, and this time it will change,” her mind recites her mantra.

Auset narrows her eyes as she tracks the Overseer’s movements as his henchmen yank her keloided scarred biceps from the  thorns on the Bombyx-Al Qotn swamp patties mangroves. She feels the tight, itchy rope bind her hands as a large, metal hook pokes into her rough hands and skin. She dangles high from the pillory as her chopped bare feet tip-toe on the soft-soupy gray mud with her back toward the Overseer.

The creepy old Overseer with boils on his scaly skin and huge hairs from his ears and with his skin Of flake pus pot marks pustules. His body odor smells sweaty rancid like sour vinegar. He wags his endemic hands as he spits at Auset with a flirt. He desires to bend her on his maggot filled desk to assuage his wildest sex fantasies as he admonishes her for hiding from him all this time. But Auset senses his lies. Lies he told the Corporation. Lies that reverberate in the dark side throughts in the Force though he cannot wield it. The Force flows through her as she sees how he lost a lot on his production quotas betting the farm for untold riches. How he blamed the slaves to the Corporation’s board of directors on hologram, exclaiming old slaves are too slow to pick enough bushels for quotas. The Overseer squanders what the Corporation gave him based on his lies with cooked books and false data.  Auset turns her face to avoid the stench of the Overseer's breath as he cozies up to her hung body and drags his warty hands to her private sacred spots over her butt and across her thigh. “I won’t whip you if you just come visit me in my office, Auset,” Her eyelids squeeze from the reek of illegal spice drug halitosis that wafts across her face.

But she dare not jerk from him and stares at her forearm scars ornate in pattern to calendar her time on this planet. Auset remembers when she first arrived at thirteen years old, a kidnapped child from independent operators of slaving pirates. Another mundane story in the galaxy. Only difference at that time, she was a Jedi padawan, and she had committed a crime in the Jedi Order. The Jedi Council ruled to punish and remand her into the service in the Jedi Agricultural Corps. She would never to be the rank of a Jedi. But, the Force decided to punish her differently and its punishment was to be forgotten by the Jedi, her family. She inhales in resolution to not dwell on pain of the past, her grief, or her loss. She decides to do the one thing the Jedi commanded her never to do — the one Force power that a Jedi never resorts to and that was to sever herself from the Force. She Force Severs, all her suffering and pain becomes numb; and for a moment, she has no Force powers or use of it. She feels no pain, except dizziness, and a Force paralysis. The Jedi taught pain is endurance, but avoid addiction to the pain for it is a path to the Dark Side of the Force.

”Does not Force Sever, while temporary, avoids the path of the Dark Side when your traumas are unbearable?” Child Auset would as the Council, but she only received silence from her elders.

Force Sever cheats the true meaning of the Force.

Throughout her ordeal on this planet, she severs herself from the Force. Her powers would return later. She lost count how fast they would return. She had her reasons to sever herself. She could tell the pirates were lying, but she was too small to fight them off and too doubtful of her abilities after the Council convicted her. Her rage engrossed in her bringing her to the Dark Side, when she learned a major Corporation bought her and dropped her off with the Overseer. She severs herself to overcome the humiliation from a rusty medical droid that labels her as excellent breeding stock for slaves. She severs herself to overcome the nasty flirtations by the Overseer who has warped delusions to create more slaves if he mates with her. She rebukes his musty hands and hide, but the Corporation erected a shield where she could not leave. As she got older, she would punch him, but that fist fight encourages him. His wanton lust consumes him. He would threaten to whip her, but he would get mysteriously busy with comm calls from the Corporation only to lie to them and forget his ire with her, temporarily.

But this time it was different. Auset hangs from the pillory and severs herself from the Force, but the Force would not let her go. The Force did not feel Dark Sided or Light Sided, it feel powerful on the edge of severance, like an energy explosion in a vacuum, like a blackhole supernova in one. It feels stronger than before and she is numb to the pain. She enunciates to him. “Overseer, the backs of slaves will not be used to pay for your debts you owe to the Corporation!”

The Overseer roar-growls into her ear and turns to his vulnerable paltry audience. “See how she defies me? I will make her an example.” The Overseer leans in to mumble. “Last chance, baby. My office or my knout?” He flits out the shiny metal claws — five in total and drops it down from the leathery whip braid.

The slaves were a mash of humans and aliens, Twi’leks and Torgrutans. The Corporation brought child slaves to harvest the product because droids seem to rust quickly on this planet and malfunction. By the Corporation's estimation, their only drawback to the product harvested here are its low production values. The Corporation ignores this fact due to the lucrative nature and brands the product Bombyx-Al Qotn as boutique for sale to the ultra-wealthy. On this planet, this product is the only place of production. 

One of his henchmen voices concerns. “Boss, you sure that’s right? There’s talk she might be one of them Jedi. She screams, and they’ll find this planet.”

The Overseer unfurls his knout into the sticky mud. “She won’t say much after I’m done, especially if this witch doesn’t die!”

Another Henchman, “Boss, it is bad luck to do this! Who will heal the sick?”

The Overseer swings his whip and slices the henchman’s ear. “Better hope she can mend you.” His eyes glisten to a red rage, and his skin turns blood-orange. His smile exudes giddiness as his skin boils and vents on his prize unmated cow. “Let’s see how Jedi...this witch is! You have nowhere to hide Auset, not this time!”

His knout swirls in the wind and gains momentum as he throws it toward her. It lacerates her back as pieces of meat dislodge and plop into the mud. The elderly slaves stiffen and turn into hollow shells as the few child slaves whimper in horror.

The blow of the knout causes the body of Auset to jerk slightly. She blinks and grips her binders for his next onslaught. She stares to the evening sky as it’s orange clouds roll by for another squall of storm. The clouds light in light purple colors due to the inner ionic lightning disturbance. The thunderous sounds become closer as the wind rolls the clouds.  She is calm inside the Force as she bears the pain in her numbness.

Then a whisper in the Force speaks into her in her ear like a secret to share. Like the voice sounds of a small child. “Zhaelor! Hold still; your redemption is at hand.”

Her eyes close from the secret to open shortly only to see her warmblood ooze from her back from what seems like multiple lashes by the Overseer. She lost count of the number and slowly drifts back into unconsciousness from the dizziness to Force Sever only to snap back alert from the offal smell of the Overseer's halitosis yell.

Another one of the Overseer’s henchmen decried, “Boss! Please, stop! She set my bone when I broke my limb!”

The Overseer furious hands tremor as he realizes he cannot break the mighty Auset with his knout. He swings harder and more frequent. His whip frenzy exposes her sinews, but Auset never squeaks a cry. At that point, she saw the amount of blood below and she knew she would die. She has come to accept it in the Force as more purple lightning flies. Her mind reasons. “After all, for my crimes, it is the reason the Jedi Order expelled me.” But that never stopped her from wielding the Force. Soon, through the Force she realizes that her reasons for dying were righteous because it is for the justice of a lost and forgotten people.

Then the children susurrous louder in unison. “Your redemption is a hand. Glory be!”

Her head struggles to turn into the direction where she thought she heard the voices, but no one stood. The rain squalls returns as it washes her back and the dark black-red blood into a gully. Her trapezius muscles pulsate, and more warm blood drools down her naked body to flow into the waters from the rain. She inhales to regain her composure for another round by the Overseer.

His frustration becomes his arrogance as he gloats to his audience. “What? You want some of this? You? Your next there, buddy. I can tell you’ll die from this. I am the Overseer, and you will all fear me!”

Her peripheral vision catches a glint of light that bounces from one body to several large bodies that rise in jerky anger. These transparent bodies feel like vacuum of holes in the Force. Her brow furrows as she senses their emotional stinging rage that turns wrath from what they see of the miscreant Overseer yurodivy. Auset can sense their emotional shock of desecration of an idol held in high esteem by the Overseer. These emotions Auset senses scare her as her body jerks into a fit. The Force is back as pain sears through her body as she clenches to the rope that binds her hand. She sees these light refractions move carefully into the open area near the Overseer who rants.

“Look at me and all I have, and then look at your savior,"  His perceived mockery of his bosses at the Corporate Sector. "You think she is a Jedi? She is nothing but a slave. She is a foolish WITCH,” He boasts as he wound his knout in the torrential rains as the metal claws whine their sacred warped song. His wrist lifts high into the air to sling the knout into her body again as he hopes these last few lashings would be the final, fatal blow for Auset.

Out of her peripheral vision, an enormous hand decloaks from the transparent bent light and grasps the Overseer's forearm. The Overseer rises a meter off the ground. The knout limps and drops into the mud as it follows a small eddy into the gully. He faces the alien with fluorescent green eyes as his entire hulking body decloaks. The being snarls in the Overseer's face with rage.

Suddenly, several of the other aliens decloak and are as hulky as the first one. They carry odd living weapons, like snakes and dogs that hiss and growl. They surround the slaves. One member of the squad spoke a strange garbled language. “Belek tiu? Ukla-na shel Yun Shuno?”

Through the Force, Auset understands it to mean: "Command me? Is this infidel the goddess Yun Shuno Incarnate?"

The sizeable shadowy figure broke the Overseer's forearm into two pieces and dropped him. He replies in the unfamiliar language with the authority of a leader, a commander. “Hurr.” As translated through the Force, "Perhaps."

She feels his eyes on her body, but does not fear him or his gaze. What she senses as his emotions are his amazement and wonder. These aliens were absent in the Force, and yet, Auset connects to their emotions and feelings. She felt their astonishment like they have seen a sign from their gods. She senses that they feel as if they witnessed a miracle, and this galaxy is the promise land.

The alien squad reveres her, and then their ire turns to the Overseer who squeals and cowers on the ground. The squad chants “Tiz’Sh’rip” or "The Seed."

“Yun Shuno Khattazz,” the towering shadow figure would call her as he confirms she is alive. He turns to the Overseer and growls at him in disgust. He spits in broken basic. “Rise brenzlit infidel and yield to sacrifice for your sacrilege.”

The Overseer yelps in pain. His mind processes that no military intervenes in a Corporation project unless they were mercenaries hired to collect his debts. But their strange black armor on their bodies moves like crabs and suggest that they were not mercenaries. In his slimy mind, he could cut a deal with his profits in the small-time operation. “Well, yah broke my arm, uh…what are you?” His blood-orange colored rage returns when the Commander’s warriors unshackle Auset. “Hey. She belongs to me. She is my slave! My gift. I’m meant to breed with her. Look, you can’t take her.”

The Commander growls at the insipid Overseer. “Brenzlit kane a bar infidel. You defile the gods.” One swift move and his snake-like weapon straighten then flips to impale the Overseer through his abdomen. It traverses to his back as pieces of organs emerge from him the puncture wound. The lustful ire of the Overseer’s eyes wane, and his body becomes flaccid. The Commander made his offering to the gods. He sacrificed a blasphemer to cleanse this galaxy for his people.




The Commander barks orders to his men as he scoops Auset into his arms and carries her to his monstrous ship. It had eyes with horns and bubble-tubes that glow blue-green. Its black skin has an iridescent sheen that shines. In his arms, she sees they enter a mouth. There is no metal or landing plank. Auset attempts to understand more, but the stride of the Commander is brisk, and she scowls in pain from the Overseer's knout. She senses the worry from the aliens that she could die and their noble holy quest ends in failure.

The closer they got to the ship, the more the Force felt fuzzy, discolored - can the Force be inaccurate? Then she felt their humbleness. “No warrior culture in the galaxy has devout and strong beliefs in deities. These warriors seem Far-Outside this galaxy.”

Her pain stretches down her back as she contorts to sever herself from the Force.  After a few minutes, her pain ceases, and dizziness ensues as she recalls the Jedi Code not to use Force Sever and move through and past her pain. The Force is a gift until she hears the aliens speak, and her blurred vision notices them racing to treat her like medics on the battlefield. Her paralysis stops her from speaking.

“You will heal her long enough to live through interrogation?” The Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Commander Czulkang Lah asks the Shaper Initiate or paramedic.

The Shaper Initiate bows. “Yes, Supreme Commander.”

The warriors whisper in unison. “Goddess Yun Shuno! Behold the Avatar of Yun Shuno!” They rush to bring cocoon transport for Auset.

Czulkang wore living armor, which eyes peer at Auset, and retract into the body armor. “Am I hallucinating?” Blurry images of male aliens and beasts hover over her in amazement. She survived torture without anesthetic and did not wail from her pain. Only a goddess could do that, and she incarnated herself in new beings of this galaxy.

A crimson cloaked priest, Sa’pahki meets Czulkang and his men. The priest has protection from specialized beasts that flock around his head like a camp of albino bats. He blurts in concise Galactic Basic Standard language. “Supreme Commander, you know this is blasphemy. The Shaper Caste is not ordained to expand the protocols to any infidel. There are no liturgical references that can assess the gravity of this discovery phenomenon you call a miracle.”

“We do not know that, priest, and Master Shaper Dal has the final word on what happened here,” Czulkang spoke irritably with the snobbery of the priest while on a battlefield.

In the Yuuzhan Vong holy language, Sa’pahki recites a short prayerful recitation of Czulkang's arrogance and explains his knowledge again. “I cannot recommend this course of action. The Priest Caste interprets the Great Doctrine from the incarnation of Chief Deity Yun Yuuzhan and stands before the Supreme Overlord Asul Esh! If I bless this act, it would be heresy, and I could be shamed.”

Czulkang snatches Sa’pahki out of his perch and by his throat. He sneers at the weasel who whines, “And what, you would report me to be shamed, instead? Never in the history of  Domain Lah has any of us been shamed!”

“Supreme Commander Czulkang Lah. No shaming here. We all can give testimony of this thaumaturgy. An infidel from this galaxy transfigured? We must believe that this galaxy has been promised to us and not because of fabricated miracles that the Warrior Castes thinks it has discovered. I will not give a blessing, but as Supreme Commander, you are required to give the benediction.”

Czulkang felt cold rain course through his living-armor, and it was thirsty for a drink. Sa’pahki was right, as the leader of his company, it was his sworn duty to give a benediction under normal circumstances. But what he and his squad witness is a miracle. He turns to gazes on the suffering human that withstood the ultimate in pain, and he chose to save her. For that act, it would be his shame and damnation out of his powerful Domain Lah family. He was no priest, but his devotion and prayers to the gods are his rank and station. He complies with the priest's order and mutters in disgust of the haughty ne'er do well. “If I am to be shamed, and ripped away from my Domain, it would be because of caste infighting grasping for power, not because of faith or feckless taboo.”

“Apologies, Supreme Commander, I did not hear you?” Sa’pahki arrogance in his tone to force warriors to bend to his will. Warriors confuse him, and he hates to serve under the ships. But he serves as a priest with warriors for escalation into the higher ranks of his Priest Caste.

Czulkang heard the lies of the Priest Caste many times, but the Yuuzhan Vong had not agreed to cleanse this galaxy or bypass it. Still under debate as thousands of their fleet on Worldships that swim in the Void between the galaxies starve. He had to bide his time for retaliation against the priests. He thought it better to give the benediction than to leave traces of his people, the Yuuzhan Vong, and their holy quest and righteous expeditions to cleanse this galaxy for their own. Reservedly he lowered prayerful voice speaks. “May the blessings of Yun Yammka baptize this sacrilegious planet by fire.”

He glares at the priest's smirk on his face and sees his men wait for his command of absolution. “Release the firebreathers and sliviliths. Leave nothing but the Tiz’Sh’rip alive.” He enunciated "the seed" to watch the priest's shock when he decides to let her live.

His squad salutes and releases the living beasts headed for the destruction of the land by his blessing.

“Priest, the goddess Yun Ne'Shel will save this woman’s life. It is divine intervention. But if you pursue the liturgical analysis and falsify your report on my holy quest and expedition which could cause the children of Yun Yuuzhan to bypass this galaxy when our bioships fleets are at the end of life stages to death, I assure you, there will be holy war between the castes,” Czulkang bores into Sa’pahki as if to melt his cobweb robes.

Sa'pahki cowers under the warrior as he scrambles atop his beast and races aboard the bioship while he watches Auset in pain. He feels nothing toward her as if she were a heathen animal slated for euthanasia along with the rest of the heathens. Then he scurries to his lair as the supreme commander with his men enters the bioship.

Auset squirms under the Czulkang's gaze. Her purple irises aflame while she turns to witness the reptilian dogs maul and shred the Overseer’s henchmen. Czulkang's men impale the slaves with their snake-like weapons as the three-legged firebreathers rose 500 meters in height and their proboscises incinerate the Al Qotn swamp patties. The waters boiled to steam that fries all living creatures, except those corralled by the aliens. The flying beasts, called sliviliths, darkened the air with a fine mist of fungi to kill the surrounding trees and plants. The firebreathers blew fire on the fungal mists that cause the area to explode in synchrony.

The Yuuzhan Vong process of erasing their presence was methodical. They made it appear to be as if a small space object, such as a meteorite that hit the ground and incinerates the entire slave encampment and several kilometers around it. The effect made it look natural destruction.

Auset's Force powers return as she watches the slaves die by impalement and incineration. She senses that the sliviliths drop huge beetle-roach like insects filled with acid for blood to further melt the bones from the bodies. Her eyes drop a tear from the grief of what use to be her home for so long. These aliens wiped her home off the planet, and an entire piece of land lay desiccant by their "divine judgment".

Czulkang Lah turns from her upon their completion and then confirms that his squad consecrates their prayerful task as the ship closes, and leaves the planet's atmosphere and enters lightspeed to the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong bioship fleet resting in the Void.




As his men secure Auset in the cocoon, he retreats to his quarters and squeezes his communication device, called a villip organ. He calls the headquarters on a living ship called the Worldship to his boss, Warmaster Jamaane in a bow. “O Fearsome One, Warmaster Jamaane, request for synod between the Priest and Shaper Castes upon my arrival.”

Warmaster Jamaane’s scarred face appears in a hologram with a deep breath. Jamaane became Warmaster by killing his opponent from his battles in the deadly domain arena fights. He scans Czulkang with his security villip aboard his family's Worldship or domain. However, Priest Sa’pahki transmitted his report before Czulkang could acknowledge his event. Jamaane being a warrior, spoke to the other warrior plaintively. “I see. Will the current Shaper Caste Initiates heal this heathen for intervention?”

Czulkang conceals his surprise if Jamaane's revelation. “Yes, Fearsome One. She is expected to survive.”

“Good. I shall speak to the Elites on behalf of the Domain Lah.”

“Fearsome One, the burden of proof is upon me, not my entire Domain!”

“Yes and this political game the Priest Caste dances to includes the goddess Yun Harla and her Deception Sect. You know they bend the ears of half-truths," Jamaane no longer hides the disgust of his knowledge of Sa'pahki's report. "Do you mean to tell me that an infidel survives a lash of a knout, and relishes in pain? Do you believe it is a gift from the supreme being, Yun Yuuzhan? That an infidel is the messenger sent long ago to welcome us into this unclean galaxy?” He pauses with disbelief and does not permit Czulkang to respond. “And you claim she is the avatar or the shamed goddess Yun Shuno Incarnate? Do you have lawful interpretive skills or divination abilities to make such liturgical claim? So, yes, Commander, your claim does rest on your entire family domain." Jamaane leans into the view-eye of the villip and says quietly. "If this is the galaxy of promise as foretold in the Great Doctrine, perhaps your ‘Seed Mother’ will cause longevity for the Domain Lah for eons.”

Czulkang bows in humility. “Yes, O Fearsome One. If this must shame my Domain, then we are all shamed for the truth and glory to the gods.”

Warmaster Jamaane is from an influential domain that has Priests, Master Shapers and Warriors. In general, each caste believes in one god in the pantheon and the will of the chief deity, Yun Yuuzhan. Domain Jamaane knew of the liturgical risks that plague Domain Lah, Czulkang's domain. As a warrior, Jamaane supports Domain Lah, but as a member of Domain Jamaane, he saw it as foolish politicking to edge Domain Lah above his own. He can hear the fear in Czulkang's answers, but there was more that he did not have time for interrogation regarding the incident. “Vinim’hok, your domain will bring you closer to the gods. I will see to it personally.” To close this meeting, he utters the deep guttural battle cry. “DO RO-IK VONG PRATTE!”

Czulkang salutes. “DO RO-IK VONG PRATTE! BELEK TIU!”

His villip inverts his men whisper in a sung hymnal. “She is the one called the Goddess Yun Shuno Incarnate. She did as Yun Yuuzhan commanded. Exalt her. Exalt her for the glory to the gods. Zhaelor.”