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Rey wiped her brow, exhausted after a 12-hour shift in the E.R.

“Dr. Johnson,” a nurse said, peaking their head through the door. “One last patient for you in 211.”

Rey bit back a groan. “Can you get someone else on it? I’m about to clock out.”

The nurse shrugged. “Sorry, Dr. Erso asked me to get you, specifically.”

Rey plastered a fake smile on her face. “Okay, thanks. I’ll head there now.” She grabbed the clipboard from the nurse and walked to the room, looking over the chart. An Alpha, great, was in with a suspected sprained wrist and lacerations along the cheek bone. Probably a bar fight with another Alpha. Neanderthals.

She opened the door, eyes on the papers on the clip board. “Hello, I’m Dr. Johnson. How can I help you, Mister—” She gasped, hand frozen on the door as his scent attacked her. “Solo,” she choked out. Her eyes flicked to the tall gorgeous Alpha lounging comfortably in the hospital bed. She glared. “Ben. What are you doing here?”

He was completely at ease. Amused even. “I’m here to see a doctor,” he said, mocking.

His scent completely surrounded her, and she clapped a hand over her mouth and nose, anything to keep that scent from rendering her useless, like it usually did.

“I can’t… I-I’m going to find you a different doctor,” she choked, walking out of the room.  And ran straight into her boss.

“Rey,” Dr. Erso said. “You’re finished with your patient?”

“Well, no,” she sputtered. “That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I can’t treat him.”

Erso frowned. “You can’t treat your patient?” Rey shook her head. “Then I have no need for you at this hospital.”

Rey’s jaw nearly hit the floor. “No, you don’t understand—”

“Dr. Johnson, I’ve had a long day. Treat your patient or find another job.” Rey stared, mouth agape as her boss walked away. Reluctantly, she walked back into Ben’s room, slamming the door a little too hard to be professional.

Ben smirked at her.

She sighed. “What do you want from me?”

He gave her a comically innocent look that contradicted everything about him, then held up his ‘injured’ arm.

Rey rolled her eyes. “And you just happened to end up at my hospital, during my shift when no other doctors could treat you?”

He pursed his lips. “Rey, how very conceited of you to think I’d do something like that.”

“You’ve done worse.”

He didn’t deny it. “Are you going to help me or not?”

“Why should I?”

“Um, it’s your job. I could get an infection and die.” Dramatic as always.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she huffed. He ignored the jab, much too used to them already.

He gave her a knowing look. “We both know that wouldn’t be good for you.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. He was right, of course, but it didn’t mean she didn’t fantasize about it.

“You could have gone to any hospital.”

“But I’m here. We may as well make the best of it.” She ignored his implications. Acknowledging them would make her unable to treat him. She hated him.

Trying her best to hold her breath, she approached his bedside, which he was much too big for. “May I?” He nodded, giving her his hand. When her fingertips brushed his skin, they both sucked in a breath.

Which was a bad idea.

Because Ben Solo smelled even better than she remembered. It was the best thing she’d ever scented, and it made her whole body tense up.

She shook her head, banishing any degenerate thoughts before they could form. Medically only, of course, she let her hands roam over his wrist.

“What happened?” She hated that she cared.

He shrugged. “Bar fight.”

She huffed. Of course. Typical Alpha. “Glad to know you’re still as impulsive as you were when we were kids,” she said darkly. He didn’t miss the disgust in her voice. It hurt, even if it was deserved.

She turned his hand over, running her thumbs over his knuckles.

“Does this feel okay?” she asked. When she made eye contact, he was already staring at her, eyes dark.

“Feels great.”

And for a moment, nothing in the world mattered except him and his smell and they way he was looking at her that made her want to straddle him on the hospital bed. His scent was driving her wild. And based on his look, she had the same effect on him.

She pulled back, nodding and writing something on the clipboard. “Okay, good. Not broken.” He heard her say something under her breath that sounded like ‘pity’.

“What about my cheek?”

Reluctantly, she looked at his face. As much as she hated him, he was the most attractive person she’d ever seen—even dirty and bloody. And it wasn’t just because he was an Alpha and she was a lonely Omega. It had been about a year since she’d seen him, and somehow, she always forgets how hot he is. And every time she sees him, it takes her breath away.

She reached out. They both tensed in anticipation, and when her thumb brushed his cheek, they both shivered.

“Looks good,” she barely breathed out. The room was charged with electricity.

He stared up at her. “I’ve missed you.”

“I hate you,” she reminded him, pulling her hand back. But he snatched her wrist before she got far. He tugged the inside of her wrist to his nose and inhaled deeply. She gasped at his crude gesture. She could smell his scent spike into something excited. And aroused.

She tugged again, but he didn’t let her budge. He just ran his nose over her scent gland, and she fought the urge to moan. His tongue peeked out, lapping the gland lightly, and this time she did moan, eyes rolling back. He tensed, watching her every move with lust clear in his eyes.

This time when she pulled her hand back, he let it go. “Don’t do that,” she snapped, scratching the scarred mating gland in the crook of her neck, which was now red and inflamed, like it only was when he was around.

His nostrils flared, eyes fixed on that gland. “You’re starting your heat.” It didn’t take him smelling her for him to know she was starting her heat. His rut and her heat have been synchronized down to the hour for years.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Yes, it is. I’m your mate.”

She glared. “You are not my fucking mate! A stupid bite mark doesn't mean anything.” And maybe it was Ben’s pheromones flooding her senses, or just the fact that she hated him for ruining her life, or the fact that he used that word, but her hand pulled back and—

His hand caught hers an inch before it could make contact with his good cheek. His fingers gripped her wrist with bruising strength. He growled, face pinched as he tried to control his anger.

“Aren’t we passed physical assault at this point?” His voice was shaking with rage.

She stared up at him, unafraid. “You started it!” she retorted. “Years ago,” she added more quietly. Almost sad. “You ruined my life, Ben Solo.”

His face softened, and his grip on her wrist loosened slightly. “I’m sorry, Rey. I’m trying to make it better.”

She wanted so badly to give into those gorgeous, honey tinted eyes. Why was she fighting against him?

Oh. Right. Remembering what happened and why she hated him, she pushed away from him, glaring. His jaw clenched. He was not surprised, but it didn’t make him any less mad about it.

“What, by fucking me?” she scoffed, but her voice was too breathy to be intimidating. He stood up, and she took a scared step back, needing to escape his all-encompassing scent.

“Rey, come on, don’t be like that. We should be together this week.”

“I can’t imagine anything worse.”

His fists clenched, but his face was perfectly calm. “We both know you want me.”

“I-I don’t.”

He cocked his head. “The smell of slick dripping down your thighs says differently.”

She gasped, offended. “How dare you!”

He rolled his eyes. “You can play the righteous, pure saint later. But this week, your body’s going to want one thing.” His eyes darkened. She was shaking. “My knot.”

Her inner Omega preened at the thought, but Rey couldn’t have felt any more disgust if she tried.

Gritting her teeth, she glared at him with an intensity no other Omegas could manage. “Need I remind you; I’m great with a scalpel now, and if your knot comes anywhere near me, I’m slicing it off and letting you bleed out!”

She stormed through the door, slamming it in his face.


Rey Johnson hated that she was an Omega. Hated how people looked at her like she was weak. Hated how she had to work twice as hard as any Alphas or Betas. Hated how people expected her to eventually be barefoot and pregnant with some Alpha. But mostly, she hated the fact that any chance of having her happy every after with an Alpha she loved was taken from her when she was six years old.

Well, not taken. Bitten out of her neck.

Every day after that day had been misery. The scar on her neck was a reminder that she would never belong to herself. She never even had the choice.

Since she was technically mated already, when her heats would come around, the thought of any Alpha besides hers made her cringe. But the thought of her own Alpha made her absolutely sick. It disgusted her enough that spending every single heat of her life alone was the best-case scenario. She would spend the whole week writhing in lonely agony, feeling sorry for herself. But mostly, she usually spent the whole week cursing Ben Solo.