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How To Make Your Classmates Fall In Love

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It was not a secret that Aoyama was infatuated with everything bright and sparkling. Most of his attires consisted of little else than over-the-top ostentatious clothing, all of which reflected his equally extravagant personality. Thus, it was not a surprise to any of his classmates that his room was shining bright as the sun.

Beside Aoyama’s room was Tokoyami’s, which was dark and eerie to fit his cool exterior. The contrast between the two boys was almost laughable; one sparkling enough to make you blind, the other ominous enough to make you shiver.

“It’s kind of ironic the two of them would be placed beside each other”, Uraraka noted. It was the day after they had all moved into the dorms at UA, and some of the students of class 1-A sat in the living room, preoccupied with their own devices. “Aoyama and Tokoyami, I mean”, she clarified when she received questioning looks from her classmates.

“Yeah”, Yaoyorozu agreed. “It’s too bad, both of them seem sort of like loners. Perhaps they would’ve felt better if they were placed beside some friends.”

“Do they even hang out with anyone at all?” Kaminari questioned, and the group fell into quiet pondering. “I guess not”, he concluded after a silence too long for affirmative answers.

“That’s horrible!” Hagakure all but shrieked, and made the noise-sensitive Jirō flinch beside her. “We have to befriend them!”

“I’ve tried”, Kaminari admitted. “But I’m not too sure either of them want to. I think they both feel like outcasts in this class.” Everyone was quiet after that, solemnly agreeing.

“Then…“ Hagakure started, bringing a hand to her face to make an invisible gesture no one could identify. “What if we paired them up with each other?”

“Tokoyami and Aoyama?” Uraraka doubted. “Do you really think the two of them would make a good pair? They’re total opposites.”

“They’re like yin and yang!” Hagakure argued, and waved her arms frantically now, almost hitting Jirō in the face multiple times. “Besides, both of them are overly dramatic and use their quirks to bring attention to themselves, so they definitely have similarities. Don’t you see?”

“It’s true.” Yaoyorozu nodded slowly. “Opposites often make a good match. Even biologically, protons and electrons are both necessary to create electricity.”

“Yes! It’s even proven mathematically that the boys are made for each other!”

“Alright.” Uraraka grinned, convinced. “Then what’s your plan to get them together?”


The class had a few schedules that Iida had written regarding chores that needed to be done, as to avoid conflict and irritation. This evening, Kōda, Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami were the ones supposed to cook dinner. Before they began, Hagakure told a pair of ears her first plan.

Yaoyorozu and Hagakure hid behind a plant by the staircase leading down from the second floor. Although the invisible girl only wore a white shirt and quite easily blended in with the wall, she pressed her stomach against Yaoyorozu’s back expectantly.

“Any moment now, I hope”, she whispered.

“But what if he just stays in his room? Does he really have any business outside?” Yaoyorozu countered. “If so, he better hurry. I’m supposed to cook dinner anytime now.”

They heard the click of a door opening and closing, and quickly got into position, slowly walking up the stairs as if to go to their own rooms.

“Ah, my headache is killing me!” Yaoyorozu exclaimed loudly with an exaggerated gesture toward her head. “I really don’t think I have the energy to prepare dinner tonight!”

“Oh no!” Hagakure spoke just as loud. She, too, was being overly dramatic. “If only there was someone who could take your place!”

“Yaoyorozu?” Before them, the face they met was not the grinning face of Aoyama, but Midoriya’s worried one. “I hope you’re not about to get sick. Do you want me to make dinner instead of you?” He smiled cutely at her, and the girls had to refrain from shouting in exasperation. They got the wrong guy.

“Ah, that’s very kind of you”, Yaoyorozu began, “but no, that’s not-”

“Aoyama!” Hagakure shrieked from beside her, interrupting her awkward explanation to Midoriya. Further down the corridor, Aoyama walked out from the shower room. He wore nothing but a towel around his waist and one in a turban around his head. Upon hearing his name being called, he almost dropped them both when he jumped in surprise.

“Sorry”, Yaoyorozu said to a confused Midoriya as the girls ran toward Aoyama, who was wrapping the towel around himself again in panic. “Would you mind switching groups with me on the schedule?” she asked him, giving up on the theatrics Hagakure had carefully planned.

“Ah, mademoiselle, I apologize for my improper appearance. I believed I would not get ambushed in our own corridor.” He winked at the two of them, but held an arm across his chest as if avoiding to show too much skin.

“Our bad!” Hagakure spoke light-heartedly, probably not apologetic at all.

“It’s just that I, uh, wanted to be with…“ Yaoyorozu tried desperately to think of who were in Aoyama’s group, but found she had no idea. “Iida”, she said the first name that came to mind. “So, I thought we could switch groups?”

“Oui, of course”, Aoyama beamed his trademark grin. “Though, I do believe he is not in my arranged group.”

Damn it, Yaoyorozu cursed at herself, but kept smiling at the boy.

“Ah, no, I know.” She bit her lip and tried to think of an excuse. Quick! “But Iida is with Mina, and she wanted to be with Kaminari, who in turn is in group with Sato, so they needed to switch with someone, and since I would like to be with Jirō, we thought we could all change groups with each other, but then there would be one left, and so I thought that perhaps you could change with me.”

It was a good thing her training involved a lot of breathing exercises, since she hadn’t been able to take a breath during all of her rambling. When she looked up, Hagakure and Aoyama both looked at her with gaping mouths. Or, she figured the girl gaped at her through the invisibility. Then, Hagakure leaned toward her and whispered; “that didn’t make any sense at all.”

Aoyama seemed to agree, but he smiled anyway and reached an arm up to stand in a dramatic pose. “What kind of man would I be to neglect such a call for help? Certainly, I shall switch positions with you. Je vous en prie, mon dear friend.”

He looked down at himself then, and his eyebrow twitched slightly.

“I will prepare dinner in your place, after I put on a suitable attire.”

When he ran into his room, Yaoyorozu let out a deep breath and slouched her shoulders. Hagakure put a reassuring hand on her back.

“You may have looked like a fool, but at least my plan worked!”


In the kitchen, Hagakure gave herself the mission to spy on the two boys’ interactions. She was naked apart from the socks she wore to avoid freezing on the cold floor, so they would not notice her easily. After studying them for some time, she retreated to a corner of the common room where the others were already gathered to reveal her intel.

“You won’t believe how cute they are together!” she squealed when she sat down beside Uraraka on the couch.

“Are you naked?” Jirō asked, but the invisible girl ignored her.

“Okay, so both Kōta and Tokoyami are usually very quiet, right? So Aoyama spoke without ever seeming to stop, without any answer. He didn’t seem to mind it, though, until he joked about Dark Shadow being afraid of him because of his sparkling. When Tokoyami still didn’t answer, he seemed really worried and asked if it was true. And guess what!”

“What?” Kaminari answered her rhetorical question, seemingly very much into her story.

“Tokoyami said ‘no, he’s a part of me, and I would never be afraid of you.’” She used a darker voice to imitate the boy, and received joyous gasps when she finished.

“Wow, was that actual flirting from Tokoyami?” Uraraka asked.

“At least he doesn’t want to make Aoyama worried”, Kaminari agreed.

“Good job, Hagakure.” Yaoyorozu complimented her. “So, what’s the next step?”


The next day, during their English lesson, Hagakure never took her eyes off Aoyama. It was no problem; Present Mic had no idea in which direction her head was looking, and since they were in the same row, she had a clear view of the boy.

Thus, when they all rose from their chairs to walk around and speak English with each other as a training exercise, she was out of her seat quicker than lightning and had perhaps received a record in the quickest stolen pencil case in the world, if such a price existed. She hid Aoyama’s pencil case in her bag, and reminded herself to give it back after class. Then, she strode up to Tokoyami.

“Hello, birdman”, she greeted in English. It was during an exercise, after all.

“Hi”, he answered wearily. “Do not call me this.”

“Sorry.” Hagakure had a hard time understanding the boy; none of them spoke very eloquently, and both had a very ragged dialect which was hard to hear. She quickly gave up and continued in Japanese. “I think Aoyama lost his pencils”, she said.

Tokoyami’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Uh-huh?”

“Yeah. Someone must’ve stolen all of them. A real tragedy, eh?”

“Why are you telling me this? Did you steal them?” He eyed her, now quite suspiciously.

Whaaat ?” she drawled, in English, since Present Mic made his way across the room and now stood only some seat away. “I would never!” Hagakure touched her heart, mocking offense by his statement. Then, she leaned in close enough that their teacher wouldn’t hear her speaking Japanese again. “I’m merely suggesting that you should offer him one. You know, as a friendly gesture.” She winked, and although he had no way of seeing it, she hoped he would understand the flirtatious undertones of it.

She walked to speak with someone else, but watched as Tokoyami hesitated for some time, before he started rummaging his bag and drew out a pencil. He brought it to Aoyama who looked at it questioningly, before he received a hug from the flamboyant boy. Hagakure couldn’t force down the squeal that escaped her throat, and everyone around her stopped speaking to instead look at her. It didn’t matter, she reasoned. A hug between two boys was basically a declaration of love, was it not?


Later that same day, class 1-A gathered in one of the school’s many training grounds to improve their respective quirks, much similar to what they had done during the training camp they went to during the summer. Before the villains had attacked them, of course.

“Yaoyorozu and Sato.” Aizawa spoke with the same monotonous voice as usual. “You will both eat carbohydrates by the station over here so that you can reach your quirks’ limits.”

Uraraka had already been informed of her training, but would wait until their teacher had finished speaking to run off. But when he said that Tokoyami would train in the darkness of one of the caves, and that Aoyama would face one of the walls and unleash his laser, she got an idea and raised her hand.

“Wouldn’t it be good for Tokoyami and Aoyama to train together in the cave?” she asked without receiving the word. Aizawa’s deathly gaze made her blood run cold, and she immediately regretted opening her mouth.

“Yes!” Yaoyorozu came to her rescue. “Instead of letting Tokoyami battle with Dark Shadow on his own, he could train his ability to focus his quirk on not attacking allies.”

“And if things get nasty, Aoyama can just use his laser to scare Dark Shadow with the light”, Kaminari agreed.

“That means Aoyama also has to train on aiming to avoid damaging anyone on our team during conflict!” Hagakure concluded.

The class looked at the four students with raised brows. Aizawa looked quite confused, as well. After a silence their teacher would usually call ‘a waste of time’, he cleared his throat to speak.

“I’m glad your knowledge in quirk analysis has improved. Especially yours, Kaminari.” It was a hint at his low score during their last semester’s end exams. “And I don’t see why not, if you are alright with that?” He looked toward the boys in question, who both seemed confused but nodded.

“Oui, I will treat him fairly”, Aoyama flicked his cape over his shoulder, and Tokoyami rolled his eyes. Although, that might almost have been an affectionate gesture. 


“I swear i heard laughter from that cave”, Kaminari said later that evening in the common room.

“Do you think they got along so well?” Hagakure asked excitedly. “Ah! My matchmaking skills are incredible!”

“I must admit”, Uraraka said, “that they look quite familiar with each other.”

Across the room, another group of students from their class was sitting by the TV, whereas Tokoyami and Aoyoma sat beside each other, Tokoyami with his arm slung over the headrest behind the blonde. Although they weren’t exactly touching each other, it was not far from it.

“Match made!” Hagakure exclaimed, perhaps too loudly, because everyone in the room turned their heads toward her. But she and her friends merely laughed, proud of themselves from bringing two people happiness in each other’s company.


Aoyama turned his head to meet Tokoyami’s gaze, and put an arm around his shoulder. When he heard squeals from the corner of the room, he leaned in closer to the feathery face.

“Should we inform them that the both of us have been courting for some weeks now?” he asked in the other’s ear. They had heard them plotting these last few days, but had found it too hilarious to inform them of the truth. Whereas their classmates thought Tokoyami and Aoyama were locked in their own rooms rather than hanging in the common room, they were actually in each other’s rooms, hanging out with each other.

“Nah”, Tokoyami answered. “It’s good for them to raise their spirits now and then. Let them believe they did the work.”

When he leaned down to rest his head on Aoyama’s shoulder, the squeals from the corner were almost deafening.