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Overwatch Imagines I Write Instead of Sleeping 2

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Hey! Just to get started, here are the rules if you want to request anything!

Rules for submitting a request:

  • I will not write anything NSFW
  • I will not write your OC’s
  • I have a right to reject a request if it makes me uncomfortable
  • No racist, sexist, or LGBTQA+ phobic requests
  • No inc*st or p*dophilia
  • I don’t write yanderes
  • I only write for playable characters
  • I will write poly relationships, but please specify if you want that.
  • There’s a limit of three characters per request (but you can send in mutiple similar requests for different characters)
  • Characters I will not take romantic requests for: Torbjorn, Bastion, Orisa, Winston, and Wrecking Ball. However I will do platonic/general requests for them!
  • Ships I won’t write: Sigma/Sombra, Reaper/Sombra, Reaper/McCree, Genji/Reaper, and Soldier: 76/McCree.
  • Please only send in one request/matchup per ask/comment, but feel free to send in as may of the asks/comments as you want! That just helps me organize better.
  • I will only write Soldier: 76 with male characters, and I will only write Tracer with female characters
  • My squicks (things I don’t write about) are needles and infidelity/cheating
  • I will also not write about any sucessful suicide attempts. I will write about suicidal characters being comforted, but nothing too explicit about suicide itself.
  • Always check rules before sending in a request, as I update them frequently. If I have written something in the past that breaks one of these rules, the request was sent in before I added said rule.

To submit a request, check to see if requests are open. If they are, you can leave one in the comments or yell at me on tumblr at

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me about them!